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Caravelle Inn in San Jose, CA

Caravelle Inn in San Jose, CA


Caravelle Inn & Suites is an unique economy business class hotel, conveniently located within minutes from San Jose International Airport, just north of San Jose's ambience downtown district near the Civic Center, we offers convenience with a quiet, tranquil atmosphere. Ideally situated on the light rail system, guests are within minutes from the San Jose Convention Center, Center for the Performing Arts, San Jose Sports Arena, the Tech Museum, Imax Theater, Paramount's Great America theme park, trendy Santana Row and shopping center, world's famous hitech companies and more.  Loaded with comforts and amenities, the Caravelle Inn & Suites of San Jose Airport is not only the right choice for your comfort, it is an outstanding value.

**Daily complimentary breakfast
**Complimentary coffee lounge
**Complimentary T1 liked speed WI-FI
**Pool & Spa
**Airport Shuttle Available
**PARK, SLEEP & FLY Package


Established in 2011.

Under new management, we took over this business since July 2011 - Since then, we transformed this hotel into one of the better and preferred "economy business class" hotel within the San Jose Airport area.

Please come visit and stay with us to experience the differences.


Company Info:

Rating: 1.66

Address: 1310 N 1st St, San Jose, CA, 95112
  • Mon: Open 24 hours
  • Tue: Open 24 hours
  • Wed: Open 24 hours
  • Thu: Open 24 hours
  • Fri: Open 24 hours
  • Sat: Open 24 hours
  • Sun: Open 24 hours

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Comments (38):

1. Gary G.
Great place. Great staff. Yes it's had better days but haven't we all. Worth every penny. Large room. Large screen tv. Plus you can leave your car with them and take a five minute shuttle to airport. I'll be back

29/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
2. Denise L.
Do not, I repeat DO NOT stay here. The park and ride is a joke ! On our pick up from the airport they sent us to the entire end of the airport to get a taxi and the desk clerk was impatient and rude when we questioned why a shuttle wasn't picking us up.  A bad end to a perfect trip

12/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
3. Ellary C.
I would NEVER EVER stay here again!!!!

The way they handle there security issues is scary. There were a couple very sketchy people wandering around the premises late at night. I arrived around 1 am, later than I was hoping, but there was a man outside that pretended he worked there. He said he would help me, but when he didn't follow me into the front desk area I knew something was wrong. This man harassed me, asking if he could stay with me. I told the front desk at Caravelle Inn that I do not know who this man is and that he kept following me and harassing me. I knew he would bother me again, but the front desk didn't care.

The man at the front desk gave me my key and sent me through the office, a secret way to the back of the hotel. I was looking for my room, when this man followed me again. I started running and he had followed me!

The front desk man heard me screaming to the man, telling him to get away. He told the man to leave me alone. He threatened to call the police in the beginning of the situation and once again, after he had followed me.

The man took a while before he left the premises. The front desk person did NOTHING to help me or call the police OR get him to leave me alone.

I am very upset with the way this situation was handled! I was unable to sleep after this escapade and was frightened by all the outside noises I heard all night!

The staff of Caravelle Inn did not help me in this scary situation, and do not handle problems correctly. I was not even compensated in any way...and had to pay $75 dollars to be stalked and harassed.


17/09/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
4. Jennifer M.
DO NOT STAY HERE!!!  not only do they NOT have security locks inside the room, their housekeeping dept took my mother's necklace that I left beside the bed and the front desk HUNG UP ON ME!!!  Rude and ghetto, don't waste your money!!!

21/01/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
5. Kellie C.
The insides of the rooms were absolutely disgusting, considering it cost $90. Carpet was threadbare and completely detached from the walls. The walls themselves looked like they had smoke and/or water damage. Ironically the bathroom was the cleanest part of the room. The free wifi only worked in the lobby. Not the best part of town, all restaurants and bars were closed by 9 p.m. They offered us a free night stay but I would never go back.

15/06/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
6. Cory S.
The lady at the front counter was real rude. Then when check out came. We saw A fight break out in the parking lot. For the price there are a lot better alternatives.

28/08/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
7. Raymond J.
Don't be discouraged by some of the negative comments you may find written about the Caravelle Inn in San Jose. As a businessman who has stayed here on many occasions over the last several months, I have found this hotel to be very accommodating to my needs, both from the Front Desk staff, the Housekeepers and the Maintenance man.

First of all, the rooms that I have stayed in have always been very CLEAN, the bed and bath linen are always FRESH and CLEAN and on many occasions by looking at the labels are brand new in my opinion. The shower water is HOT; there is a microwave and mini-fridge in the room as well.

YES, this is not a brand new hotel, but it is very well maintained. They have a guy who spends a lot of time keeping the parking lot and trash bins clean, taking care of the lawn and plants and even washing the sidewalks down at night.

YES, this is NOT A PARTY HOTEL, but that's great, because if you are looking for a safe, secure, quiet place to stay where you don't have to worry about people disrupting your stay, or if you have kids and don't want to worry about  their safety, THIS IS AN EXCELLENT choice. It is next to the light rail transportation system, there are restaurants right across and down the street and they even provide a shuttle to and from the airport which is less than 10-minutes away!

Perhaps some of the negative comments are from people who wanted to stay there for the wrong reasons, or obviously don't stay at hotels on a frequent basis, otherwise they would understand that almost all hotels, big and small have policies on smoking and partying. I think all non-smokers such as myself appreciate the fact that when checking into a non-smoking room, it doesn't smell like smoke or marijuana. I have NEVER HAD A BAD EXPERIENCE with a room's condition at this hotel, nor have I had any other issues there. Again, for me as a businessman, this is very important to me, and this is why I keep returning to the Caravelle Inn when I am in San Jose.

After all, isn't it all about the service and the room? They also provide a complimentary self-serve breakfast in the mornings, free internet and great cable TV with a new flat screen in my last room.

BOTTOM LINE, great hotel, great location, great prices. It's a good fit for me, probably would be for you too.

07/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. Beth B.
The room was adequate.  The spa was broken.  There was no fruit of any kind at the continental breakfast.  My two kids and I were staying in the room and only two towels were in the bathroom.  I asked the front desk for more and were told that they did not have any.  I did a park and fly, that was just fine, no problems.

20/09/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
9. Cameron E.
My poor grandma stayed at this place and they gave her nothing but trouble.  Apparently there are only certain times of the day when you are allowed to pay.  She went back to the office in the morning and paid.  When she came back to her room in the evening they had locked her out of the room.  The office lady spent half an hour trying to find a key to unlock her room.  When she finally got back into her room she found that the hotel people had taken all her belonging from the room and stuffed them in her suitcase because they had decided she abandoned the room.

There are lots of better places in the area, I would never recommend this place.

20/10/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
10. Malea G.
We booked our reservation through their booking website booking.com , that held the funds.  When we got there and they chared our card, it did not go through.  So we had to go down the street and pay for another hotel.  Where (funny, not!) our card was accepted.  Then we noticed on our account the next day that they charged us anyway.  They have refused to send us a refund.  They stole from me! and by other posts I have now read, seems like they have done this tomany others.  Please report them
to the better business bureau, the IRS, the local police and the Attorney General.

10/08/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
11. T K.
the WORST motel i have ever stayed at. (have stayed in about 50+ cheap motels on the west coast btw)
for the price (which was $180 for two nights, such a rip off), the quality of the room was just...bad. terrible, the kind of place which made me feel dirty just being in the room. "free wifi"=i could not get online for more than 5 min due to the slow connection and probably because my room was far from the lobby/people were using it (every room was filled with guests when i stayed)

ok so i understand what comes with a cheap motel, i didnt expect much but if im paying over $80+ a night, and the photos I found on hotels.com , i thought it was bearable... the carpets were stained/super dirty/had holes, ants everyweher in the bathrrom complete with ant traps thhe at did not work and filled the air with chemical scent, dirty tile floors in the bathroom, there was food-trash near the mini fridge which is disgusting, the bed/sheets reeked of tobacco (no smoking room), and i understood the motel was located in a bad neighborhood but in person, it wasnt so bad, but there were many people loitering (looks wise, gangster wannabes druggies/high on pot construction workers on break, etc, that just "hung" out at the small parking lot/peeping into windows, ugh and this motel has so many secuirty cameras that they "monitor" in the lobby, yet nothing was done. also, the main manager man was very rude/didnt seem to care about customer satisfaction. the lady manager was more cheerful, but ive been to cheaper motels with way better service.

all in all i totally regret staying at this shithole and would NOT reccommend staying here to anyone unless they want to pay $$ and hang out with losers and insects.

27/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
12. Placido S.
Beat down, dirty parking lot.  Old decor....blah!
Front desk will have you sign a doc stating that you will not smoke or party, or disturb other guests.  Won't go back.  Other reviewers gave favorable reviews...maybe relatives of owners?
On a positive note, good wi-fi, front desk staff pretty cordial.

24/02/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
13. Michelle A.
Can I please get a negative 5! Where do I start.. I was trying to be optimistic and ignore the negative reviews but I should have listened.

This place is a joke. The female at the front desh RAQUEL is SOOO rude and not professional at all.  I got there on Thursday evening and while checking in I asked the front desk for extra towels, They never came... The room says non smoking but smelled like ash tray. The pictures they provide of the actual room is a LIE! The bathroom sink was just that a sink, no counter space for anything, the shower was dirty and the walls in the bathroom looked like a 10 year old was let loose to paint the walls. In the picture of the hotel it shows a nice flat screen TV and later I asked the wonderful Raquel, and she said none of the rooms have flat screen TV's. The TV was very fuzzy and blurry. They only give you 3 flat small pillows for a king size bed.

In the morning I needed to do my hair and I bring my own blowdryer, Mind you there is no real light in the room and it is dark and the couple lamps they had gave no light. The outlet in the bathroom did not work. I tried to plug my dryer and the phone charger and nothing. I finally found a plug and started to dry my hair and then POOF, the dryer stopped and also the lamp that was plugged in there went out too.  So, none of the outlets worked.  I had to go to work with my hair wet and frustrated.

When I got to work I called the wonderful RAQUEL (around 8:15) and she was less than pleasant. I was letting her know my concerns and everything that has happaned. She said I will need to call later and talk to TIM, the manager.  I asked when he will be in and she said she didnt know with her attitude. I then called around 9:30 and she said he was not in and will give him my number and message. I tried again at 10:30 and she then said he came in and he left real quick, I asked if she relayed the message and she said Yes, and she said he would call me.  I called again  at 11:30 (mind you check out is 11am) She said he is at lunch and he will call me later.  During this whole time I had been asking her if I can cancel the rest of my stay and she said No, I cannot cancel and if I do I will be charged for the whole weekend.

At this time I left and went there in person. I get there and RAQUEL was just as rude in person as she was over the phone. I let her know my concerns and she said "WOW" sarcastically, then I asked how can he come in and not call me back, she said I gave him the message, I cannot make him call.  I asked her if she let him know I had been calling to cancel and get out of staying here, She said I dont know.  She was looking thru the mail while I was talking to her and I asked her to pay attention, She said "I CAN multitask", So I was real mad... Then I asked her to call him now and let him know I am here waiting, and she said I can't, I said yes you can. She finally went into the back room to call him, at first she asked If I can switch rooms, I was willing to try but, I would like a room with a better TV and more light. She said none of the rooms have a flat scrren TV.  I asked then why is it on their site and asked if it was a Prop.  She told me I will have to talk to t he manager about that. I reminded her than I have been trying all day.  She tried to put my in another room 122 and at the time the housekeeping had come in and said that 122 had  no blankets, they bathroom shower was broken and the tv didnt work. I looked at RAQUEL and told her to call the manager again and let me know so I can talk to him. She asked him if I can get out of being there. She finally got the answer saying Yes. I then said, "See you could have one that a LONG TIME ago and you were too busy. She said please lower my voice I then said, Well... can't you multi task.  She, gave me a receipt and let me know that is I keep the room ket that will be an extra $16.00 added to my account. I went grabbed my stuff and left.  She was SO rude and that manager TIM is very unprofessional.  I found out that the Yelp user TM is him and of course he gave his place an excellent review.  tisk tisk. Never go here. Please remember Raquel & the hotel from hell.  PS. I am still waiting for Tim to call.

17/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
14. Kevin V.
When I looked at the previous yelp reviews for Caravelle Inn, I had my reservations with the location.  But I am glad to say I was pleasantly surprised with my stay.

At first I thought the price was too good to be true, but my stay was one of the best for the price!

The staff was friendly, the room was comfortable, the Wi-Fi was up to par and its always nice to get a free breakfast with my stay.  The next time I need a night to stay in San Jose I will not pause to go back to Caravelle Inn.

16/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
15. Kyle E.
The Caravelle Inn is an insult to all the sense. The putrid smell that lingers within every crevasse is one that would rival an outhouse at Burning Man. The lingering feel of grime will layer itself upon you as you attempt to find a clean molecule within the living quarters. The cigarette taste will follow you wherever you may travel, wether it may be the broken jacuzzi, the-much-to-be-desired breakfast, or the annoyed staff. The constant view of broken appliances, cracked sidewalks and stray cats can be irritating at first, but by this point, your expectations are so low, they are below dinosaurs. Lastly, the sounds of pissed off employees are the most foreboding. The front desk is rude and is ok with you knowing it. The night time front desk staff will complain till your ears bleed. You can also expect calls on your cell phone with staff complaining for having two family members visiting for the evening. So if you haven't noticed, I had a terrible time at the Caravelle Inn. Avoid it at all costs. The End.
P.S. The wifi works great and the maids are fine

14/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
16. Hlee A.
Horrible wifi service, so slow and always going in and out of connection.  Good thing we stayed for one night only and will never stay there anymore.  There was construction across the street so if you want some sleep in the morning, do not stay here.

17/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
17. Todd H.
For the safety and health of yourself and your family don't stay here. This place is unbelievably dirty and unsanitary. My phone cord was ripped out of the wall so I was without a phone in the room. My TV only had Spanish and Chinese as a language with English Subtitles. My room stunk of cigarettes and weed. When I called to speak with the manager TIM who was not in when I left the inn. I was told he was busy for days on end. No return emails or phone calls. So thanks for avoiding me TIM! I asked the front desk lady if TIM even existed?! She told me she could help me. When I told her about my terrible stay she offered me 10 off my next stay. As if I was ever going to return to this cockroach of a motel. Stay away at all costs!!!!!!!!!!!!

16/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
18. Kevin S.
This hotel under-sells itself on its own web site. The room had a refrigerator, microwave oven, and coffee maker. The hotel has seen better days, but it's better maintained that most older motels of its class. The king bed was not uncomfortable. There was sufficient water pressure. The television had a full selection of cable channels, rather than the tiny subset you usually find, particularly at pricier hotels. The wi-fi worked well (I'm using it to post this review) and could stream video.

Drawbacks: the floor was noisy. There's only one chair in the room (and it's not really high enough to use the work desk comfortably). Even though it's a king-bed room, with only one chair it's not really comfortable for more than one person to use at at time. The shower curtain leaked a little, and they would be better off installing the new curved shower curtain rods that give the user more room in the shower.

Overall, however, I'd say this is a decent value-for-money proposition in San Jose -- and I've stayed within a couple of blocks of this hotel in both higher and lower end hotels, so I have a fair comparison of the string of North First Street motels here. It's not the Ritz, but it's also not the No-tell Mo-tel.

20/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
19. Lou G.
Well, it's cheap ! AAA card got me $70/night. The bed was lumpy, couldn't sleep much that night. Missed breakfast by a minute, I swear ! So I only had coffee. And the front staff acted like they didn't want you there. I had 3 nights res but left after the first night and stayed at the Holiday Inn Express just down the street. Aahhh... Much better.

22/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
20. Bria S.
Me and my friends( 4 total)  booked this hotel for Fanime and it was a terrible mistake. Our room had a two (Gross) Queen sized beds, a bathroom with an annoying loud fan that came on every time you turned on the light, a mini fridge and coffee maker (that was nice) and a tv with basic cable (eh didnt use it much). One thing that i still cant get over is the disgusting carpet. me and my friends HAD to have floor socks and bed socks just because of how filthy this carpet was. The bed seemed cleanish but after what we went through with the floor we weren't taking any chances. we covered the pillows when we slept and tried to sleep with the comforter off. Now, on to their customer service. It was terrible. There was a nice younger lady who was more helpful to us while complaining about an incident with one of their employees the night before. ( A spider was crawling on my pillow and i was laying down on it, i did not scream but did make squealing noises while getting off the bed suuuuper fast and going outside. almost immediately a guy comes up the stairs and yells at us that he will kick us out immediately if we don't stop having a party up there because we signed an agreement to no parties). Also asked for towels and didnt receive them for 3 hours until i went down there myself and got some (i still had to wait a couple mins for them). Over all i would never recommend anyone to stay at this hotel. Just like another person said, just spend the extra money for somewhere else. We would of left that hotel the first night for the holiday inn right next to us if we could of gotten a refund.

07/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
21. Rick L.
I chose the Caravelle Inn based on price and proximity to the airport. I was only planning staying one night and needed little more than a place to sleep for a few hours. When I subsequently read the reviews, I almost cancelled. I didn't and I'm quite pleased I didn't.

Although old and somewhat patched up, I had a very pleasant stay. When I first arrived it was around 1:00 and Raquel, the Front Desk Clerk, informed me there were no rooms that were quite ready, since checkout time had just passed. She suggested several restaurants within easy walking distance and I chose one to have a late lunch at. I returned around 2:00 and asked if I could sit in their modest breakfast room and charge my phone while getting a little work done with my iPad. No problem.

No sooner did I set myself up when Raquel informed they had a room ready for me. Checking in was a breeze and I drove around to the opposite side of the building, parked, and found a spacious, clean room to relax in for a couple of hours prior to heading out for a book launch party in San Carlos. Wifi worked just fine and later on I used the TV to lull me to sleep. I slept very well and did not encounter any bed bugs or the like.

I can imagine a place like this has its share of problems and difficulties. It's clearly quite old and these are somewhat trying times, economically. I have a feeling a lot of those who had a bad experience either unreasonably expected a five-star experience for the price of a two-star property, or they're assholes themselves and helped screw up their own situation. Just a guess.

My stay was quite pleasant, and just about what I would expect for the price. Raquel was very sweet and helpful.

09/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
22. Kristin H.
I was very disappointed in my experience at this place.  The people are very nice, I will say that, staff is friendly and they try to do their best but thats it.  Room was not great, bed was very uncomfortable and pillows were- cheap target probably.  The shower had that awful thing where the shower curtain blows in and sticks to your legs while you are trying to shower and thats always a pain.  Bath products were very lame at best.  Its not quiet either.  I think the man upstairs had OCD and had to walk back and forth across his room about 100 times before he could stop and it was so loud.
Parking was fine but upon our return on a Sunday we waited well over 1/2 hour from when I called to when someone actually came.  I waited till we had our luggage as the suggested.  I should have called while still on plane.  That was a pain in the butt after a long day of travel.  They said they did not have shuttle on Sunday so they contract with a taxi service, however the taxi service is not at their beck and call and that is why we had to wait so long.
I won't stay here again.

19/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
23. Toni A.
Got this nasty rat-trap thru Booking.com  Shame on you, Booking.com for putting your name behind such a deplorable establishment.

If ever there was a way to give negative stars, this would be the place.  It REAKS worse than any old folks home you've ever stepped into.  And they claim to be a 2 star property.  ARe you kidding me?  The health department needs to step in and shut this place down.  I'm afraid of contracting some funky disease after just stepping into the room.  I left and the worthless manager kept my money.  BEWARE!  BEWARE! BEWARE!!!

11/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
24. Desiree M.
Both nights I stayed at this motel were terrible. I wish I had known what I was walking into when my travel agent booked this place for their park-and-ride service to the airport. My first night was accompanied by another tenant's full blast all-night television.

My second night was WORSE! Especially because of the late night flight into town. All night there were a group of men yelling back and forth at each other, which ended in someone emphatically shouting "I wanna go f**k somebody." I got NO rest at all.

05/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
25. Tom M.
We got scammed for $310 by this place. We gave the key to an employee and then they claimed to have lost the key and the room was smoked in. All not true. The room was run down and no cold water in the sink. The cable tv did not work. We are disputing the false charges on our card and in touch with the police about their scammers. Not a good experience! Suggest you avoid this place if you can find any other options.

25/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
26. Mario H.
Rent & got a room found out that the TV didn't work water didn't work. When I complained to the staff or front desk girl she was awfully rude & said I had to wait till the morning because maintenance wasn't available. I told her I want my money back & this was 30 minutes in the room & she said no money back. She didn't give me a receipt when I checked in. I went in there & handed her the key told her "I wasn't gonna stay there & wanted my money back" she simply said "I Hope you didn't get anything because I have your credit card in file" stay away from this Nasty Hotel

07/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
27. Ellene Y.
Literally completely disregarded their yelp offer and when asked if they were lying about it they told me they were deleting it today!! They should be ashamed of their dishonest service!

20/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
28. Jazmin I.
Ants all over the place between the sheets of the bed, bathtub, sink, night stand; everywhere. I never reccomend anyone to go here. I checked out early and didn't even stay the night, I purchased another room at another hotel.
I'm very disappointed with the services over all. It was cheap and I didn't expect much, but I expected it not to be disgusting.

23/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
29. Sarah M.
Had some things going on in the San Jose area and I found myself needing a room. I usually go through hotels.com and look for both a reasonably priced  room at a decent location. I usually stay at The Clarion but this one had a better deal this time around and looked decent so I booked it. Ok I am going to break this down.

Customer Service: The service was good. The person who checked me in and the person who checked me out was very friendly. My TV did not have a very clear picture and he came in right away and fixed it and was polite when he did it. So overall the customer service was good.

Location- This is a bit of an issue for me. There is a lot of shady looking people in that area and it is not quiet. if you looking for some peace and quiet at night you wont get it here. You can hear everything going on outside and it is alot.

Room: The room had its pros and cons. It was a decent size. I was surprised by how big the room actually was. The bathroom however was lacking. There was no real vanity area to put anything! The had this glass thing that was supposed to serve as somewhere to put your stuff attached to the mirror but it was slanted so your stuff would not stay on it. The few towels I was provided were dingy and rough. The shower was constantly dripping and was dirty. I did not use it. The bed was large and comfortable. The comforter they use feels amazing. My only gripe was the pillows were not soft and there was only three for that large bed.

Overall I would say this hotel is just ok. I give it three stars but I feel like the overall comfort  is not good and I honestly won't be going back. I would rather stay at my usual place.

27/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
30. Danielle R.
I would give this hotel no stars if I could. They make you pay an additional deposit even though the room was paid for in advance by credit card. The booking confirmation said that a roll away bed was available directly under the confirmation that said I had booked a double bed, and when questioned about it, she turned incredibly rude and nasty. I wouldn't book here EVER again and I definitely wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

09/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
31. Yanmei G.
What a horrible hotel! We have a group of people stayed in there for 4 days. The bed looked clean, but some of us were bite by the bed bugs. When we told this truth to the front desk, the guy said it was impossible. And he said we might got bite somewhere else. The service was worse than the room. Please don't stay in this hotel unless u wanna sleep with the bed bugs!!!

01/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
32. Nurse R.
As someone else on yelp said if there were negative stars this place should get ALL of them!!!! What a horrible, disgusting place! We stayed for a total of 15 minutes in the room before we noticed our first disgusting creepy crawly thing on the walls!!! Then we proceeded to check out and go to a better hotel just next door.  
Customer service was worse than the room if that is possible. We were accused of bringing the roach into the room and were not refunded our money.
I cannot say in my 52 years that I have ever been in a worse hotel in my life. How can the management continue to operate such a disgusting and filthy place with substandard living conditions.


24/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
33. Rico R.
It's a budget hotel so we were not expecting much.
The room was OK, clean enough and did not have any funny smells.
The towels were decent quality and clean.
The bed linen was clean.

We saw that Yelp offered a 10% discount for first timers so we asked the clerk for it, but she did not honor it and said she will take it up with the manager - we never heard for her again. I hope YELP sees this and takes it up with the establishment.

25/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
34. Ryan T.
Worst hotel experience of my many years of travel. This place tricked my family into booking a room there by telling us they had cribs. We were traveling with a 16 month old, we obviously needed one. When we go to check in, they said there might be one in the room already. Well there wasn't, and when I went to ask for one, the guy shrugged and said "we don't have cribs". I was stunned, I told them they said that when I made the reservation, to put a note on the booking that we needed a crib. The guy said he doesn't know anything about that. Here's where the conversation went.

Me: I talked to Zal.
Staff: I'm Zal, and I don't remember you calling.
Me: I called two weeks ago. I obviously did, how did I get your name?
Zal: I don't know when you called or who you talked to.
Me: Here look at my phone, there's the day I called and the conversation lasted for 6 minutes. I called to make sure you had cribs before we booked a room here.
Zal: I don't knot what to tell you, we don't have cribs. Plus you booked with hotels.com , so you need to complain to them.
Me: I need to talk to the manager now.

Meanwhile my brother in law come in to see what was taking so long. He was flabbergasted as well, and told Zal he had also informed him that the inn had cribs.  

The manager or owner had obviously been listening in the other room and quickly came out. He glared at us and said they didn't have cribs, and we were being unreasonable and needed to leave. I said we weren't being unreasonable, because Zal had lied to us. I didn't lie, he said!

I complained to hotels.com and got the reservation cancelled and refunded. Crap part was, we had no place to stay, and had to pay full room rate at the Holiday Inn next door, almost $200. I was in a position to save a bundle by booking in advance, if Caravelle Inn hadn't tricked us into booking there. Screw this place.

15/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
35. Mona U.
I've stayed here on 2 separate occasions, both times for about a week. Both times we had ants crawling in the bathroom. Price was decent for the length we stayed there, though.

22/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
36. William M.

Its next door to a liquor store. Male and female transients hanging out every where. One family had the pleasue of watching one of the females urinating out in public.

This place is a dive. The Asian desk girl has the typical  don't bother me attitude. Everyhing in the rooms are worn out and everthing is mickey mouse repaired. I will never stay here again.  We booked a large group of people and they all had the same complaints.

11/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
37. Lauren R.
HOTEL DESERVES ZERO STARS. This hotel is absolutely unsanitary. Checked into hotel to get key then go to dinner. After dinner I arrive to my room with a friend. We open the door and already smell some old moldy smell. Bed linens were not clean, or on the bed all the way. Crinkled like someone's been in them. The funky red chair was next to the door beside the bed... No where near a desk. Awkward. One bar of soap and a pube hair on the toilet seat near the back. The wall paper was old and peeling. The tv had one channel and wifi does not work.

My friend and I thought this was a joke so we immediately went on here and of all things read a review about BED BUGS in the last month. We immediately went down stairs and asked to leave without paying for such an unsanitary place. The man at the front desk told me that I signed a policy which I did that only said contact front desk within 15 minutes if the room smelled like smoke. Which it didn't but it didn't smell clean. His response that "15 min for anything you see wrong" which is not clearly stated and now I have a copy of the policy after asking for one since you don't get copies of what you sign.

I will be getting my money back.

13/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
38. Kris H.
This is a 2 star hotel but for the cheap price we paid to stay the night here I give them 5 stars. The staff was so helpful. Soledad checked us in and was very friendly. We wanted to leave our car there for 10 days while on our vacation and Mike accommodated to us and gave us the price we saw online. Very friendly and helpful! The shuttle to the airport and back was free and when we landed I called the hotel letting them know that we were ready to be picked up and they had a shuttle there to meet us within 10min!

The location of the hotel is in a pretty ghetto area but we never felt unsafe. The room was simple but clean. There's cereal, muffins and toast as part of a complementary breakfast along with coffee and juice.

If you travel on a budget, this is a great place to stay.

23/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0