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City Center Motel in San Jose, CA

City Center Motel in San Jose, CA

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Company Info:

Rating: 2.40

Address: 45 E Reed St, San Jose, CA, 95112

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    Comments (5):

    1. theresa c.
    originally was going to stay at this motel for 4 nights, left after just 2.  this place is incredibly disgusting and in a terrible part of town.  the room was dirty everywhere and unsafe for anyone to stay in. the fire alarm was removed from the ceiling with the wires exposed and the alarm itself was just set down on top of the tv hutch.  there was a lamp with no bulb and mold all over the walls. one of my friends put his clothes in one of the drawers and after we decided to leave for good put on some pants, reached into his pocket and found silverfish in there!!  the absolute worst part was the ungodly smell in our room that radiated from the bathroom.  the smell was incredibly bad and wouldn't leave no matter how much we tried to air it out. (a friend who also stayed at the hotel said she saw someone go into our room after we left and used the bathroom for a long time and left, so god knows what else they could've done to our belongings!).  This place is gross and should be shut down by the health department!! STAY AWAY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!

    11/06/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Evan F.
    I had stayed here once before, so I knew what to expect from the room for the most part. This second time I stayed was a new low: the sink leaked all over the bathroom, there were stains on the sheets, and what could only be identified as a booger on the wall. Gross.. whatever. I woke up at about 10:30, and called down to see if I could get a late checkout (as in, I Googled the motel and called from my cell because there is no phone OR anything with their number in the room). They answered with their persistent, unprofessional "Hello", making you wonder every time if you actually called the motel. I was told checkout was 11 and I could absolutely NOT have a late checkout. Whatever. I start getting ready to leave and the manager was AT MY ROOM AT 10:59 KNOCKING to make sure I didn't stay a second over what I paid for. I made my irritation notable, and attempted to ask the woman why she was more concerned with having empty rooms than satisfied customers. She would absolutely NOT have a conversation with me, and when I told her I would NEVER stay there again, she told me that doesn't matter to her because "different people come back." Do yourself a favor and do not even drive by this pathetic excuse for motel.

    17/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    3. Desi D.
    This place was wonderful. After a night of motel hell the night before, this place was a haven. The lady at the front desk was very friendly, unlike MANY of the surrounding hotel desk clerks.

    We stayed in room #17, which she gave us due to it being the best room for WIFI which was very important to us. It was the best WIFI connection I've ever had at a motel--very streamlined and never had any disconnect issues. The room itself was really huge. I was surprised for the price that the room was so large. It had 2 queen sized beds separated into their own rooms almost, and it had a little dining table, TV, microwave and refrigerator. Everything was really clean and the beds were actually comfortable, which I've never experienced at a motel.

    The only weird thing was the toilet. It appeared normal and functioning, but it sort of wasn't. It would flush just fine, but five minutes later the toilet paper you flushed would magically appear again. It was the strangest thing. I kept thinking that my sister wasn't flushing the toilet and I was ready to yell at her for being disgusting when I realized that she was flushing and the toilet was trying to turn us against one another.

    Overall, I had a great experience with the staff, the room, and the WIFI. I would definitely recommend staying here especially if you need to be close to the airport. It's about a 7 minute drive.

    29/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    4. Kayla P.
    My friends and I needed somewhere to stay for the night and this motel was the closest walking distance and the cheapest one close to a night club downtown. You get what you pay for. I believe it was 95$ for a one room, two double sized beds. Very strict policies than most.. No visitors, no pets, no refunds, check out is at 11AM... And I forget the rest. Inside the room me and my friends had purchased there was no phone, no wifi password, there was cable but it only played music channels. I believe it was family owned.. There wasn't so much customer service at all just a lady telling us what to sign and when checkout is. The following morning another lady asked us for the room key tapping on the desk impatiently. I guess I expected more of this motel since they can afford a bunch of cameras to fill the premises and can afford a brand new corvette parked right next to the front desk. (Knowing it's owned by one of the people that own the place.) Probably won't check in here again but definitely did earn a star for having just a decent bed to sleep in. I will pay more to sleep in a better hotel/motel next time.

    30/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    5. Jesper S.
    Decent place, bed was nice and soft.
    It was not super clean, but acceptable.
    As I was staying on my own, I found the $60 USD a night to be a bit pricy, but if you are two people it would be perfect.
    Good location, I was there without a car, and could walk to most places in San Jose.

    28/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0