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Dolce Hayes Mansion in San Jose, CA

Dolce Hayes Mansion in San Jose, CA


The Dolce Hayes Mansion is an exquisite fusion of turn-of-the century luxury and high tech convenience. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the meticulously renovated Spanish Colonial Revival-style manor is as opulent as ever. This quiet haven, complete with sweeping mountain views, offers the perfect venue for business meetings, special events, weddings or relaxing getaways - just 15 minutes from San Jose International Airport and 45 minutes from San Francisco and Monterey. Nearby, wineries, nightlife and championship golf beckon. Stunning décor, fine dining and unparalleled guest service have made the Dolce Hayes Mansion an award-winning legend once again.

33,000 Sq. Ft. IACC Approved Function Space

26 Specially Designed Conference Rooms
214 Guest Rooms and Suites
Free Wireless in Guest Rooms
WiFi throughout Hotel-Resort
2 Restaurants and 1 Lounge with New American Cuisine
Day Spa, Fitness Center, Outdoor Pool & Tennis


Established in 1996.

Once a lavish private estate, the Hayes Mansion stands as one of the South Bay's most impressive and distinctive historical structures. Surrounded by lush, emerald green lawns, accented with gardens of vibrant, colorful flowers and guarded by towering palm trees, the 100-year old estate has been refurbished, upgraded and transformed into a luxurious hotel, conference center, resort and spa.  Steeped in tradition and rich in history, the mansion provides visitors with an extraordinary experience.


Company Info:

Rating: 3.54

Address: 200 Edenvale Ave, San Jose, CA, 95136

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    Comments (242):

    1. huong d.
    rain or shine, this is a great place to have brunch.
    my entourage and i had New Year's Day brunch at this beautiful setting.

    we almost put the place out of business in the 75 minutes that we were there.  wonderful aroma of maple syrup in the air sitting right next to yummy waffles, fresh strawberries, and whipped cream.  

    apparently the eggs benedict are awesome...i think my friend was going for a personal best of 5!  

    great selection of breakfast items, build your own omelets, seafood, and lunch menu.  free flowing mimosas throughout our meal.

    definitely one of the better places for brunch...wonderful setting too :)

    07/02/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. R. E.
    Scheduled a Women's event here, been here twice before 5 stars + both times. Scheduled the event with a really nice guy and then 5 months later he was no longer working there. That's when the issues began. Our event doubled and FEW requests were met with positive responses - the story is long so I won't bore you - The ADD that Say's Hassle Free Planning is just not true. They did nickle and dime us for every little thing and we finally gave up some extras to stay on our original budget. Now that being said once we arrived the staff was amazing! We had a few issues and the manager on duty Erika made sure we were taken care of. The event was hassle free so we considered going back - for a fourth time UNTIL they hit us with over a 25% increase. Guess they are not interested in repeat business. In the past Hayes event planning staff made you feel special and important to them. NOT so now it is changing at the top hope it doesn't filter down to their Hotel and Catering staff. So sad if it does. They are why people come back - Unfortunately we will not be going back!

    29/06/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    3. Hao L.
    I REALLY wanted the Being Spa to be a great place...and it so was not. My girlfriends and I spent our annual spa day there in January, and, well, we definitely won't be going back.

    First, they ran late on almost everyone's appts. We had all booked for 75 min services, and 4 out of 6 of the treatments only lasted 60 mins! What up with that! They weren't even apologetic about it. They DID give us discounts since the services ran short, but still not cool.

    We had been there about an hour and decided to go into the steam room. It hadn't even been turned on.

    This place was truly disappointing. Based on their Website, you expect one thing, and get somethig very different. It's too bad.

    10/02/07 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    4. Lucy L.
    Based on the reviews I'd seen in this forum, I booked my office brunch at this facility.    As I had a party of 8, I expect to be charged a certain percentage as a gratuity.  However, 20% when the service is in fact horrendous is unacceptable.

    The food was mediocre, although presented attractively.   What was most noticeable was how hard it was to get coffee, silverware and refills on any beverage.   After asking twice, I had to get up to find my own fork (at which point my food was cold) and after the 3rd time asking, I finally gave up and went in search of my own coffee.        It's bad enough that one has to get up to get their food , but to retrieve their own beverages is a bit to ask when you're tacking on 20% gratuity.

    10/12/06 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    5. Tiffany T.
    I booked the Hayes Mansion for two nights last summer around June.  I easily reserved a room online and check in was a breeze.  The rooms are located on the south end of the mansion.  I found there to be ample parking although the parking lot was a bit dark.  My room was huge with a small attached sitting room that had a stereo system and a sink.  The bath tub was huge and deep which is essential to me and I found the room was clean, quiet and exactly what I needed.  Hayes Mansion has a full service spa and restaurant and they also host a lovely Mother's Day brunch.  It is located right in the middle of a residential neighborhood although a shopping mall and several restaurants are within driving distance.

    21/02/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Denise M.
    DONT HAVE YOUR COMPANY XMAS PARTY HERE! OH MY GOD. This was such a problem last year. 1st off they charged another companies party to our bill $10,000. Had I not notice it we probably would have paid twice! The facility itself is very beautiful, but they are soooo overrated its not even funny. The spot that we got cost over $10,000 and the appetizers would been enough food as is. The main course was good and the dessert,  I could have bought at Albertsons and served there cheesecake instead. Everything was over priced and overrated. Skip this place like the plague! Too many mistakes and too pricey for nothing. The party went well, but we sure as hell won't be back.

    02/08/07 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    7. Andee A.
    BEING SPA----
    I went to the Being Spa with about 9 of my friends to celebrate some birthdays.  For our group, they gave everyone $20 off, plus the complimentary spa pass (which i will get back to later in this review), plus complimentary service for the organizer of the event.  Thats a huge savings, expecially for the 75 minute massage.  Out of the 9 girs in our party, only 1 girl did not receive the whole 75 minutes.  The facility is small in comparison to other spas such as Burke Williams, and the ammenities a lot of the "wow" factors that Burke has.  However, i DO like the free wine in the "relaxation room."  Although its Trader Joe's two-buck-Chuck, its still free, as well as a small variety of finger foods.  The relaxation room is pretty cute, but I would hardly call it a place to relax--its kinda hard to relax when total strangers are in there relaxing with you.  
    Now for their so-called "spa pass"---its a good thing they gave this to us complimentary because it is NOT worth $30.  All it entitles you to is use of the Jacuzzi and pool (but its winter, who the hell is gonna go swimming?) and their fitness facility (like i'm going to work out when i came there for a massage).  Don't go to this spa if they make you pay for the damn "spa pass."
    Now for the massage--I actually REALLY enjoyed my massage.  I liked it so much that I came back the following week w/my boyfriend--and we got a couples massage.  The 75 minutes makes such a difference compared to the usual 50 minutes from other spas.  My massage therapists (both sessions) were great, and they really got the knots out.  
    Now for the customer service.  Holy MOLY the receptionist was SOOO not friendly.  She had a hard time doing the math to give us the promised discounts, and inadvertantly gave us a guilt trip for being such a large party.  

    To summarize:
    Facility= 3 stars
    MASSAGE= 5+ STARS!!!
    Customer Service=2 stars

    12/02/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    8. Chris F.
    I went here for a conference and man was it a nice place. You'd think you weren't in San Jose after stepping into the grounds. The place looks posh, the mansion itself is beautiful and nicely maintained.

    01/08/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    9. G C.
    i'm basing this review on the Bridal Event they had last spring.

    i love it! they had numerous vendors
    -make up artists
    -hair stylists
    -Margaret's French Bakery (red velvet, yuuum!)

    it was all there. i absolutely fell in love with the venue! i never knew it was there... the people were so helpful and my future cousin-in-law one a prize from a raffle.

    i can't wait to plan MY wedding!

    25/10/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    10. Paula H.
    What a little jewel, who would of thought off the main street you would find this beautiful grand hotel. A wonderful place to stay. Service, rooms, food, price, everything was great. It takes you back in time and you feel special. Will go back, again and again and again. Wish I could give it 10 stars

    28/02/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    11. Erin J.
    My cousin had her wedding here and I can say that the hayes mansion didn't make the day any easier or run more smoothly.

    First of all I totally agree with Vicky L., the pictures make this place look so much nicer than it actually is. My boyfriend and I had a room with a king bed in it and the room was really small, dark and in the same building as the ball room, so during the wedding the hallways became crowded with caters, food, trays and carts ( must have been irritating to other guests!) And as a warning to other people, for some weird reason all of the single rooms were in the conference center while the double rooms are in the other buildings. So we had to keep going from building to building when trying to meet up with other family members. And due to their security measures you needed to be staying IN that building in order to get into it (our keycard would only open doors inside the building that our room was in). And when the reservation was made, neighboring rooms were requested and the hotel said it was fine. They forgot to mention that single rooms aren't even in the same building as double rooms!! Needless to say it was really annoying!!

    Also, the bridal party was getting ready (hair, makeup) in the room the bride stayed in the night before. But the staff kicked us out around 12:30 because check out was noon and the bride only reserved the room for the previous night. I couldn't understand why the hotel couldn't be more flexible on this one room for the bride ON HER WEDDING DAY!! Clearly we were all still getting ready so it was a complete pain to have to migrate to another room in yet ANOTHER building.

    And I know this seems silly but they don't give you instructions on room-to-room calling. You can't just dial the room number, and the instructions in the info book do not say this. This was completely annoying when trying to call various rooms and even the front desk. (just FYI, you dial 3 then the room number!). To complicate matters cell phone service was patchy and you almost didn't get any inside the rooms. So in order to talk you had to go outside...which as previously mention in order to get back INSIDE the building you needed at least 4 different keycards....the most annoying thing ever!

    Further, room service completely sucks. They messed up several orders, added items onto bills that weren't ours and they stopped serving at 11pm. We tried calling at 11:02 and no one would pick up the phone...what the heck?! Most places at least have a "midnight menu" Also what hotel puts the groom and groomsmen ON THE SAME FLOOR AS THE BRIDE! We kept having to dodge around and make runs for it in fear of being by guests or by the groom. Absolutely ridiculous!

    However, there were aspects of the wedding which the hotel should get credit for. The food was actually pretty darn good! And they served the bridal party first which was nice so the bride and groom could actually eat. The bartenders were generous and the food spread at the cocktail hour was nice (although I'm not such a fan of oysters). The wedding coordinator was fun and they made sure the bride didn't have to deal with wedding day drama so she could completely enjoy her day.

    Overall, I warn future brides and bridal parties that this place is good for pictures and thats about it. And people looking to stay here?? I wouldn't!!! You can find other places that have an "historic feel" (and know that only the main building is historic and they only have suites and conference rooms in it) but with better service and not as much aggravation.

    Oh and P.S., Sunday brunch was nice! I'm not sure how much they charge but the quality of the food was surprisingly good!

    02/06/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    12. maryann z.
    This is such a beautiful palce.  We have been to an outside wedding there, gorgeous and the food was awesome.  We have been to brunch many times...Easter time is so much fun.  Being Spa is a terrific place to go for a massage or facial.

    27/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    13. Reina M.
    5 stars for my best friend's wedding which was held here.

    however, i give the hotel, its staff and organization only 2.5 stars.

    even though we were supposed to have adjoining suite rooms with the bride and groom, we were checked into the wrong room that had a dirty bathrobe on the floor.  when we finally got checked into the right room, we found it to be old and no better than a hotel you would pay $80/night for.

    many other guests, including the father of the bride (!!!), got checked into the wrong room, and usually, into rooms that were of not the same quality reserved.

    we (and many other guests) weren't given our welcome bags upon check-in, as planned.

    on the day of the wedding, the makeup artist and hairdresser were let into the wrong room (still occupied by someone else!) by hotel staff (unattended).

    the pool is small, with only about 6 lounge chairs.

    being spa, on site, was nice and had good amenities, but the services, for the price, were nothing special.  i even had a $100 mani/pedi that was no better than a mani/pedi i could get in my local nail salon.

    i personally have no need to go back to hayes mansion, but it was still a great weekend and a fabulous wedding.

    19/05/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    14. Tiffany M.
    Champagne Brunch at Hayes Mansion is the 7th wonder of San Jose! As I rolled in the main gates, I felt I was stepping right into a big pool of luxury-- plush lawns, a stately mansion, and an all you can eat and drink champagne brunch. The displays are food are artfully done and include every brunch item imaginable, pasta, eggs, omelets, meats, fruit, fish, desserts... To be honest, I was enjoying the limitless mimosas so much that I don't remember what else they had, but it was all yummy. Our server, Viet, was an absolute doll! He was very attentive to our needs and didn't make us feel rushed at all. After several hours of drinking and eating, we floated out the door for a leisurely stroll around the premises before heading back to reality.

    27/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    15. eric k.
    I went by here for a conference today.  Pretty impressive place.

    Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to wander around for the self-guided tour, but the grounds looked really nice... somewhere I'll definitely need to go back and check out.   Kinda a time warp to a different place and a different time.  

    This place was built in 1908 and has 60 rooms or something like that.  Go figure.. .60 rooms is already huge, but imagine what the surrounding landscape must have been 100 years ago... crazyness.

    12/06/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    16. Rose F.
    the staff are very good and makes you feel special.  very friendly and accomodating.  you will feel very much at home with them...  we'll be back!

    27/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    17. Evelyn D.
    This has been our second stay at this hotel.  This time we brought the children, who enjoyed the grounds and hotel as well.  Front desk staff are professional and attentive.  Upon check in, there was a couple with newborn and one of the staff members offered his assistance to the gentleman with their luggage.  Pool and outdoor spa were clean and deck chairs were replenished with clean towels often. Our room was very clean. There was an adequate size fridge.  Internet service was fast in our room and complimentary.  We had a maintenance problem in our room but they sent a congenial worker quickly to fix.  There was ample parking.  Only complaints were: each time we called Presidents Lounge, phone rang endlessly, this happened last visit too.  When we went to indoor spa, it was dirty with soiled linens from night before and hot tub was dirty too.  But in their defense, we were there at 9am and didn't notice sign that said spa opens at 10am.  We may have arrived before they had time to clean?  The only thing I would suggest is that they keep luggage carts at different buildings.  You have to go to main building to get one.  Quite inconvenient to carry your luggage into room, takes several trips.  But I'm sure they would be happy to help, should you need assistance.  We will most definitely stay again.

    13/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    18. Phuong H.
    The mansion looks beautiful outside.  However, the room is very small and you can hear everything from the outside noise to the neighbor next door.  The tv has limited channels.

    17/03/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    19. Kimberly C.
    Where do I begin. . . .
    I have planned several small meetings at this hotel and my attendees always had a great experience. They enjoyed the location, grounds and the food.
    This year we hosted a company holiday party here and the staff was very hard to get a hold of even stood us up when we came to finalize the event layout. The staff the night of the event was argumentative about everything. The food was defiantly frozen food defrosted and warmed up for the event.
    The room I stayed in was OK. Nothing to get all excited about.
    This hotel does not offer 4 star service. I was not offered help with my luggage on the way to my room.
    I don't think I will be back until the hotel has a change in management or a remodel.

    20/12/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    20. Judy T.
    My girlfriends and I decided to treat ourselves to a spa day and booked at the Being Spa.  We had high expectations (from the website) and were disappointed.  The receptionist was not friendly or helpful (no tour of facilities when we arrived).  There were no robes or slippers and only a few towels.  We were told they were doing a load of laundry and would be out in half an hour.  I never got a robe.

    While the jacuzzi and sauna was very nice, the steamroom is scary!  It is completely tiled with mildew.  When one of my friends pressed the button to start the steam, this gray water started oozing from this vent hole in the steamroom.  Of course we just hightailed it outta there!

    They were behind on their scheduling of services which is kind of alright as long we got what we paid for.  But when they are running 15 minutes late and no one comes to tell you....and you are just waiting....

    When we finished, we didn't want to go searching for a place to eat so we decided to eat in the hotel.  The Presidential Lounge overlooks the front of the hotel and it cozier than their dining room.  The food was great and not unreasonable!  This was my favorite part of the experience.

    17/08/06 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    21. Me Y.
    The best brunch money can buy! Took my mom n family for her bday and was good! Loved the service, too friendly! It's pricey but if you stay long enough and drink all the damn mimosas its all worth it...Get early reservations because around 11 the crowd starts to come in. Other wise its a pretty great place!

    19/10/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    22. Natasha L.
    This is a review for the brunch - overall it was a great brunch.
    Staff: mostly attentive in a way that is neither pushy nor annoying, but just enough to give you what you need.

    Atmosphere: not the most modern or high end, but comfortable and decent and clean.

    Food: quite tasty and great variety. We all stayed away from the stuff that was easy enough to make at home (like the omelette, pancakes, waffles and there were croissants, bagels and pastries but they didn't look fresh and that part was very continental breakfast like). They have a great fruit spread with fresh whipped cream (the real stuff). Nice raw oysters (very fresh and tasty), smoked salmon and all the fixings for those. Beef was very tasty with horseradish. 3 different types of leafy salad, plus 2 others which were tasty (tomato and mozzarella and a pear/endive with carmelized onions).
    The hot section was also really great with this stuffed pork, a rice pilaf, roasted veggies and some other items I didn't get but smelled nice. The cheese spread is pretty great with at least 10 or 15 cheeses.
    One of my favorites were the fresh blintzes.
    Mimosa's were tasty too and coffee was a little strong but tasty. They do give you real cream (none of the fake stuff that is shelf stable-blah!) which was a plus.

    01/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    23. Zak P.
    My boyfriend and I stayed at the Dolce Hayes Mansion recently on a trip to San Jose. We were extremely disappointed. The rooms are nice and clean and do have  a lot of amenities. However the guest service here is horrible. When we approached the front entrance there was a man staring at us through the window,  instead of opening the door and greeting us he just stood still. We came in and asked a young lady where we check in. She rudely replied in the front with that guy, pointing to the man who was staring at us.  He checked us in and sent us on our way. The down side to the room was the fact it was in the convention center wing so it was loud and had many drunken people falling down everywhere.  The next day we went out and when we returned to our room our key didn't work. Again had to talk to the front desk, who made no apologies and claimed the key cards must have been demagnetize... even though they worked on the elevators to let us in. In summary nice rooms, bad service and parking that is far from the rooms makes a stay at any Best Western look luxurious by comparison.

    15/05/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    24. TM A.
    All in all, it's a very lovely place, and not overly pricey.

    I suppose it's just a nit, but we had scheduled time with their onsite planner a few weeks ago and expected to tour the whole place and sit down and crunch some numbers over a coffee with her.
    She was rushed, only gave us about 15 minutes, only showed us 2 rooms, and didn't seem very interested in making the 'sale'. Now I know that my wedding is most important, well, to me, but people in sales need to make you feel important (especially if someone is going to spend 10k). . . .and I didn't. I had expected to get a folder with info and history and pricing, nothing. We had to forage around in the business center for promotional literature.
    We wound up wandering around the place ourselves, making notes on rooms we thought would work better for us.
    She didn't seem interested or as well put together and upbeat as we would have expected.
    The site is really lovely though, and I would recommend it as it is a decent price for an event. Be aware that there are minimums on banquet rooms, as usual, and there may be room minimums for a wedding.
    I would recommend you going onsite and seeing if it was the right place for you though.

    Shameless Promotion:
    We wound up choosing the Silicon Valley Capital Club as we are members and get the rental fees waived and discount per guest, excellent coordinator (Jenna Torres), and excellent top quality service and gourmet food from a former White House Chef, in a penthouse venue. Tell Jenna I sent you!

    31/01/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    25. John G.
    Great place to schedule a function.  I had an office meeting set up there with drinks and Hors d'Oeuvres The place was remodeled and it is really nice and stately looking inside.  Wonderful decorations and paintings. They have various room sizes from small to very large. Outside has nice flowing lawns and is landscaped well.

    The appetizers were great, and the drinks kept coming nicely.  The HM staff was especially friendly, and a good time was had by all.

    Highly recommended for that special event of yours.

    30/10/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    26. Robert C.
    I spoke with the GM and guess what he apologized, took notes and took action. Amazing....I will stay there again!

    16/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    27. carole c.
    We had a nice comfortable room, when we found it.

    Apparently we were double booked into the same room with the lady that checked in moments before we did. Luckily we found out before we had gotten into our room. The front desk fellow gave crummy directions to the room and so - both people that he directed to the room ended up in the wrong building laughing about the fact that we were
    a) lost and
    b)sharing a room (I'm sorry do I know you?) =D

    We got it straightened out. Had a great room in the Ballroom building. Even when they were having Christmas parties downstairs, it was quiet and private up in the lodging areas.

    If you can get the AAA B&B package, do so. the breakfast is great, right there on premise & is a nice fresh normal breakfast.. Great wait staff too.

    Feel a little brave? Drive a little North on Montery and find "just Breakfast" Its on the West side of the street. Great pancakes, south of the border specialties & homemade salsa.

    03/03/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    28. Jamie R.
    Man Accused Of Sexual Assault In San Jose Spa
    Kiet Do, Reporting
    SAN JOSE (CBS 5)  One man has been arrested and accused of a sexual assault of a bridesmaid inside a spa at the historic Hayes Mansion in San Jose.

    The bride-to-be told CBS 5 their group of six women were getting massages at the Being Spa on Saturday, when the bride's sister came out of a massage room distraught and crying. The sister said the masseuse, 56-year-old Vasile Luca, had sexually assaulted her towards the end of the session.

    The bride told CBS 5 the suspect made her sister feel uncomfortable and was aggressive. She also said that she had to call police herself, because hotel management took too long to respond.

    Hotel officials said they have a highly trained dedicated security team. Officials say they learned of the alleged attack more than an hour after it happened and called police shortly thereafter.

    In a written statement, the hotel said "The property is working closely with authorities, the Being Spa is managed and run by Being Spa Inc. and has leased space from the mansion since 2005 and is recognized as the best resort spa (in) the Silicon Valley."


    12/12/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    29. Mai H.
    FINALLY! It was about time I rated this place! This is such a wonderful place for any sort of event! My event was Valentine's Day!

    My boyfriend is the best bf EVARRRRR!
    I told him that I've always wanted to go to Hayes Mansion because of the raving, hollering and rumors about how amazing it is. He asked me, why do you want to stay in San Jose when we live 10 minutes away! I said, because it'll feel like vacation! He said NO! aww how sad!

    Anyway, I had to work the night before Valentine's day AND Valentine's day... doesn't give the bf much to work with if I am super busy and consumed in the restaurant business! He surprised me to Hayes Mansion for a FANTASTIC Pre-Valentine's and Magnificent Valentine's Day Brunch! This place is a gem and I LOVED every single moment of it. The rooms are little on the older side for my taste, but the bed was comfy, the shower was a little awkward, but the amenities were awesome! Great shampoo and soap, not your average holiday inn type of cheap soap or shampoo! Enough about the rooms!

    I really enjoyed the Mansion and I loved the Brunch.... Why do I love the brunch so much? BOTTOMLESS MiMOSAs =] amazing, I tell you! Our server was outstanding!!! My flute was never empty because she made sure I was a happy happy women and YES, she made me a happy happy women! *Ms. Guzman, you are awesome*

    Would I recommend this place for couples? Yes! Wedding Yes! Familiy... ehhh not so much, it would be too boring for the kids!

    25/02/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    30. Shana W.
    My cousin got married at the Mansion a few years ago, so I thought it would be a nice getaway.  I stayed here this past weekend with my bf and daughter and I was disappointed with the room.  Let's just say that I had better service and room at the Best Western in Monterey than at the Hayes Mansion.  I was scooping out the room when we first got there.  The comforters had dirty stains on it from food or to some sort.  It looked like they didn't bother to change the cover to the comforter from the last person who stayed there.  They didn't have any hand soap for us to wash our hands with, we ended up going to Walgreens to purchase our own soap.  What also bothered me, I had called the front desk so they could have housekeeping deliver some face towels to our room.  The front desk person was a bit rude, we never got our face towels.

    15/06/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    31. Cristina G.
    I love Dolce Hayes Mansion! I placed a bid on priceline for $60 at a 3.5 or 4 star hotel and Dolce accepted my bid and I am so glad that they did. Normally the room I stayed in would cost about $99. Me and My husband stayed in a Deluxe King room and we loved it. The hotel was quiet and beautiful. It had a very antique but elegant feel to it. Definitely worth staying at. The staff were polite and friendly. The only reason I didnt give them 5 stars was because they didnt have flat screen TVs in the room like the photos on their website insinuate. Loved it!

    18/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    32. Shawn T.
    Our first stay at the Hayes Mansion.  Arrived 8/20 for four nights.
    My Husband had a conference there. We were very impressed from the beginning to end. We were warmly greeted as we checked in, a bell man brought our luggage in and parked our car for us. It was 1:30 in the afternoon and we were hot, tired and hungry.  What an oasis...
    we went to their restaurant, sat at a cozy table overlooking the pool, and had a delish lunch, nice bottle of wine, and lovely service.
    Our suite was a pleasant surprise, very large and beautiful balcony with chairs and table.
    I used their work out facilities which I found to be quite adequate, along with jogs outside the property, and felt VERY safe in the bordering neighborhood.  My car was brought to me each day that I ventured out to the local attractions, and parked for me when I returned.  We dined
    at Orlos Friday, Sat., food and service fantastic.
    My husband was equally pleased with his conference facilities and breakfast/lunch that was included.
    I've had the good fortune of staying at 5 star properties around the world, and feel that relatively speaking, Hayes Mansion Hotel in San Jose is charming and unique.

    30/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    33. Gina A.
    I surprised my bf with a stay here for Valentine's Day and we both loved it. The rooms, like reviewed, are nothing to rave about, but cozy and clean enough. Also, free wi-fi!! I didn't have a room preference, but next time I would ask to be in the inner buildings, away from the busy Edenvale Ave. The mansion is BEAUTIFUL...so nice to be able to escape somewhere in SJ that's not too far. It felt like visiting the Winchester Mystery House, just less creepy and you're able to walk around, dine, sit in the library, enjoy a drink in the lounge or other amenities! We will likely return for another visit...maybe in the summertime.

    28/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    34. Eugene F.
    As another Yelper said, I would NEVER have known this place was in San Jose.  It's location made me feel that I wasn't in San Jose anymore ... maybe it's because I don't venture past King Road off of 101.  I don't know.  

    The facilities seemed to be newly renovated and the rooms were adequate.  We also had the champagne brunch on Sunday morning, and I was impressed on how large the spread was.  It's a better deal if you get the champagne brunch included when you are making your hotel reservation.  Brunch runs $35-40 per person, whereas in the room reservation it was only $30 for the two of us on top of the hotel.  (Thank God for the AAA discount.)

    My other half went back to the room after 30 minutes at the brunch; I stayed for 30 minutes more to get my money's worth.  ;-)

    28/09/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    35. Hilary K.
    Beautiful grounds and buildings.  The rooms were nice, if getting a bit run down. The hotel could use some sprucing up!  Front desk staff not very helpful at all. Room service was a ripoff; we ordered 3 OJ's and 3 waters and received treetop OJ for 26.00!!!

    29/11/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    36. Sara O.
    The Dolce Hayes Mansion is one of the places we checked out for our wedding.  I'm sorry to say, it looks way better in pictures than it does in person.  It's in kind of a strange area--right in the middle of a residential neighborhood.  But it has a ton of parking and has really spacious grounds.

    --Kyla Naegle, the event coordinator, is really knowledgeable and experienced.  She seems to have a lot of ideas on how to manipulate the different rooms for different effects.  She also had a lot of ideas on the best locations for the ceremony based on how they'd look in photos, which I totally hadn't thought of.  My boyfriend and I both really liked her.  If you had your wedding here, she'd definitely be in control and would make the day run smoothly.
    --The grounds are really pretty.  That is, the outside of the mansion, all the flowers, and the lawns.  Super pretty.

    --This is not a private place to have a wedding.  People you don't know are going to be everywhere all the time.  Ick.
    --The hotel itself is pretty run-down.  Basically, it's old.  The carpets are ugly, and the rooms aren't very classy looking.  I highly doubt that the guest rooms are nice, either, but we didn't see them.
    --The grounds are very confusing.  I had no idea where we were at any given time--your guests could very easily get lost.
    --It's just not unique.  Maybe you aren't looking for unique--if not, check it out.

    27/05/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    37. Lisa H.
    Meals: Tasty!  Love their desserts, try the pear chocolate.  Their salads were great!  Wait staff great about getting you ice tea!  However, they were not attentive about cleaning up your salad plate.

    Conference Rooms: not modern, but lighting good!  Sound mics good.

    Conference Breakfast:  Always kept them filled to the brim.  Happy conferencer as I always need a tea break.  Fruits, pastries, and bagels  were decent

    Bathrooms: clean!

    Hotel Room:  Bed very comfortable.  Like the Westin's Heavenly Bed!

    Housekeeping:  Talking on their cell phone, not very professional.  Also my front door had newspaper fingerprints.  Shower curtain had blood.  Yuck!

    Room Service: Took them 30 minutes to deliver an ethernet cable.  Slow!

    Security: good, need a hotel card key to get in to building

    Parking: ample

    28/01/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    38. Mark P.
    For a 4-Star hotel/resort, this place is not *Fabulous* at all. For the Bed & Breakfast price of $106 is fair but the room is very small about 200 sqft. Typical bathroom, no larger than the on my first floor at home. Clean, but needs work on all the grout on the tiles. TV is whack, small, and old. Plus is the Bed, large and very comfortable as everyone claims. Other than that the room sucks in general.

    The breakfast buffet is a good thing to add to the comment and highly recommended with the room. Eggs, pancakes, hash browns, pastries, and etc.

    We tried to tour the Mansion, but was unable to due to wedding going on. The whole mansion was pretty much closed. So out with that idea. Oddly placed mansion, smack in the middle of a bunch of trailer parks and apartments?!?!?!? wth?

    Would not stay ever again and will not recommend for anyone to stay or even have wedding at. The only thing its good for is the view in front. You guys can come her for wedding photos and thats it.

    16/02/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    39. Vicky L.
    This place is super hard to find and the pictures make it look so much nicer than it actually is! Went to a meeting here awhile ago and it was hard to get around. The layout was slightly confusing and their pool was extremely small. They tend to overstate their ammenities. Wedding pictures here generally look amazing due to post processing.....

    17/01/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    40. Cassandra T.
    The bf and I took our moms here for Mother's Day Brunch. It is a beautiful building and all of the staff were extremely friendly.
    Everybody really enjoyed the food and they had a wide, high-quality selection. BONUS: unlimited champagne in addition to the unlimited food (obv).
    Parking wasn't too bad even though it was super busy. Our drink-man was very sweet and had no problem with my abuse of their unlimited refill policy on the mimosas.
    No other reason for 4 stars instead of 5 other than there weren't many vegan options. Not that I'd expect that from a Mother's Day Brunch.

    04/06/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    41. Steve G.
    I enjoyed this hotel... =D The ambiance was super cool because it is in an old mansion...  it had great customer service... the breakfast and lunches were excellent...  the rooms were very comfortable...    =D

    01/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    42. Valerie C.
    this is review specifically for mother's day brunch. the food was alright, nothing out of this world. the service was sub-par because my mother and i were seating way off in some corner of the mansion where no one noticed us. they had very little food and way to many people. what made me the most upset is that on a regular day they charge 40$ a person, but for mothers day/holidays they charge 65$?! thats absolutely ridiculous. their service and their food is not worth 65 at all. if anything i would have very much appreciated a notice of the higher prices. i was really disappointed that they dont tell you about the higher prices until the bill comes. very rude.

    14/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    43. XO X.
    I had a HORRIBLE experience with Hayes Mansion. i took a very rushed tour and then found out they were charging $100 a person for crappy food and a pretty plain, dull room. The facility is not bad, but i would never pay that much money when Hayes Mansion is in the ghetto between a mobile home park.

    They have got to be kidding.

    Never had a follow up call, was not treated well, and you can believe I was not about to spend a $30,000 min. when they are not willing to give me a proper tour.

    29/06/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    44. Randy M.
    Great Room. Even Better Bed. Horrible Food!

    01/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    45. Hey U.
    We came into SJ for a wedding in Hollister but also to visit friends in S. San Jose.  For the location it was perfect, although the neighborhood near by is just ok.
    Somewhat confusing on where to check in and park but not too bad.  Service at the front desk was acceptable but not special.  We had booked a king size room and after hauling our luggage to a room discovered it was 2 queens.  We called down and they fixed but I had to run down to the lobby and get the room keys then got to the old room and haul it all the way to the new room in a separate building. Also they only gave me 1 room key which I had to go back again for a second later that evening.  Again, just not exceptional in anyway.
    The photos on line are nice but in person the mansion lacks.  The pool is ok but what got me was how dirty everything way. Not filth but just smudged - look at the doors, the hallways in and outside the rooms and the place was a mess.  Beyond what a Mr Clean eraser can take care of it needs a fresh coat of paint everywhere.
    Brunch on Friday morning was ok.  Nothing special, eggs were cold, waffles hot (how you can manage hot waffles and cold eggs...crazy).  Staff worked on tables loudly next to us.  Not real customer oriented.
    For the price it absolutely was not worth it, we'll stay downtown next time.

    04/11/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    46. Linda B.
    Wonderful Sunday brunch!  Lots of fresh seafood.  The fresh oysters are to die for!  Shrimp, crab, mussels. Omletes cooked to order.  waffels, eggs benedict, prime rib, and much much more.  The deserts are pretty much melt in your mouth stuff!  Wonderful service, lovely mimosas!   It's our go to "special occasion brunch place!"

    07/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    47. Nicole T.
    My fiance and I were looking for a wedding/ reception venue so we checked out Hayes manion. The grounds and rooms are beautiful. I've heard the food is amazing.

    The coordinator, Kyla, on the other hand leaves much to be desired. Communication was confusing with one of her assistants just to find a day we could meet with Kyla but once we did find a day, I was the one who called to confirm our meeting. I never received a call back so we went on faith that she would be there.

    At the first meeting she seemed very organized so we set up a second meeting to draw up a contract. She confused us with another couple so she wasn't there. While a sales rep tried to find her there was another guy there who said he was fed up trying to find her to close accounts after an event so he was meeting with her superior. We gave Kyla another chance since her assistant and a sales rep stepped up to answer questions in her absence. Kyla also sent an apologetic email explaining what had happened.

    However, nothing got better. It took us a week to receive our contract which came without a total (we had to add everything on our own to figure out what the final number would be) and also had some seriously incorrect numbers that needed fixing. It took three drafts and numerous emails/ phone calls for them to finally make everything look right. That concerned me since a great coordinator/ planner pays attention to details.

    We got fed up at that point since we didn't feel they really wanted our business. We found another place instead that was very organized, beautiful, and a lot more affordable. After I sent an email saying thank you so much but we wouldn't be using their facilities after all, I never received a response back. Clearly, they weren't worried about losing someone who was going to pay at least $30,000 for a wedding day.

    They may be shorthanded, which would explain a longer time between responses but nothing excuses the lack of attention to details for someone's big day. Since then, I've talked to various people who work in the wedding industry and they said they've heard similar things from other people. So, if you want your planning to be organized and run smoothly, don't go to Hayes.

    21/01/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    48. Leilani H.
    I had such high hopes for this hotel. Sigh.

    It is gorgeous. It was close to the wedding venue. The price was extremely reasonable (found $99 a night on Priceline). The staff was very responsive and accommodating of our needs (we needed to change rooms in the middle of the night). And I enjoyed the nearby park that allowed me to get in a run before the wedding festivities began.


    1) No maintenance staff at night - this is a problem when your toilet won't stop running and it's way too freakin' loud to be considered "white noise" and ignore it and try to sleep. Especially when it stops working, period.
    2) Creaky floors - you hear EVERYTHING above you. Stay on the top floor.
    3) You're in bumfuck south San Jose in the middle of a residential area so there's pretty much nothing around you.
    4) "B" Squad staff - I'm accustomed to staying at larger hotels. I'm used to there being someone at the front desk at all times, and not seeing signs on the desk at 12:30 am that say "press 0 for the operator to request service" next to the phone. I'm used to calling the operator and getting a quick transfer to the appropriate department, not "This needs to be transferred to security....um... security...." before I get to speak to the appropriate person. I don't know, I feel like I should be put on hold rather than have to hear your ineptitude when it comes to operating the switchboard.

    And my biggest gripe of all which adds on to #4, but I really just need to vent about this (if you're still reading, bear with me). I lost my beloved Garmin GPS watch over the weekend and I'm 99% sure it was left in the room after I took it off after my run. I called yesterday to inquire about my watch and was transferred to security, and was told he would check in with housekeeping and call me back. I had to call HIM back today to ask for an update. When I inquired as to why I didn't get a call back yesterday like he said he would do, his response was "Oh I got busy and then I was just waiting to hear back from housekeeping, I was hoping it would show up." Maybe I'm just too used to good customer service, maybe I shouldn't have expected at least a follow up call saying that you didn't receive an update but you're still in the process of trying to find out information. Hm, no. I think I'll just stick with the Hiltons and Westins from now on.

    21/07/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    49. Laura P.
    We booked this place for our softball team and loved it. Great pool, awesome brunch included, excellent service!
    Definitely will come back!
    Our other softball team just came back from the Dolce Hayes and also enjoyed their stay. They especially loved the breakfast. Glad we referred this place.

    26/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    50. Leo C.
    My wife took me here for father's day weekend. I truly enjoyed my stay here, the rooms are not huge but they are very well layed out and have useful items for families, items such as a fridge and two sinks rather than one. The sorrounding area is nice too, the have a huge park and some trails near by. The room comes with a free breakfast buffet which is super super super yummy, the eggs and the bacon are so deliciuos.

    21/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    51. Linzy N.
    very nice place... (loved the At Home Cozy Feeling)
    we had 3 rooms total ( reserved to be near each other)
    Layout of rooms were very neat.
    awesome amenities !!!
    (refrigerator in room)
    (IN- Room service available for food..dry cleaning.. etc...)
    minus my Noisy room ... must of been AC unit or something ?
    sort of  had a hard time falling asleep.
    i made a complaint and Hotel Mgr is suppose to call me
    soon to talk about it. ( update: Mgr replied to my email and reiterated to staff on challenges) Very appreciative they responded in a Timely Matter ,Great Customer service will bring us back.
    However my Party that Joined had no issues.
    WE had such a Blast , We cant wait to go back, I'd like to return for another stay..
    I was sad I didn't get a chance to try out the swimming pool /hot tub
    massage services .. I will definitely want to  return soon =P

    11/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    52. Betty J.
    Hello, I am a local in San Jose, I have not stayed at this hotel but I have eaten here!  I made reservations for 8 adults 1 & 1/2 kids for Sunday brunch for my mom's birthday.  Brunch is beautiful & amazing at $40pp (adults includes champagne) and the kids were $12, under 5 was free (Yay we have one of those!)

    If you want to go for an early dinner you can catch up on the prime rib, salmon or chicken early bird special dinner for only $15pp!  Or you can always order from the main menu which is amazing!

    I have found the staff, especially Inga, to be very nice & helpful.  I reccommend this place to local friends who have out of town guests or just need some R&R at the spa.  So far I have gotten no complaints from anyone who has been here.

    10/07/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    53. Melanie L.
    I ate here for Easter Brunch.  First time.  $55 per person.  I wasn't impressed.  I don't mind paying more when it's a holiday spread, but I expect the food to be tasty.   I'm a vegetarian and it sounded like they would have lots of goodies for us, but it turns out only the ham, roast beef, and oysters were delish (according to a relative).  The omlette station was alright, but everything else was so Costco style or looked like it was ordered in.  The bread selection was terrible, they had a cheese plate without crackers, and the eggs, potatoes, etc.  were barely edible.  Oh my god, the sushi was so nasty after I ate one roll, I desperately wanted to spit it out, but I had to swallow because it would have been too rude to retract it.  
         They have special events for children, but we don't have kids in our party, so I came here solely for the food.  Thumbs down.

    12/04/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    54. Michelle R.
    Stayed in the hotel after a night attending our Holiday Party there. Specail "shout out" to Jo Ann Danna the event planner who helped us coordinate the party-great job Jo Ann!.   The rooms were great, the food at the event was great and the breakfast buffet the next morning was also very good.  This hotel tucked within a residential area is a hidden jewel in San Jose.  Would love to go back there again just to go the restaurant or lounge/bar area.  Will be back!

    09/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    55. Ron G.
    I am giving this 4 stars as a place for a business meeting, seminar or small conference. As a hotel for personal travel I wouldn't give it more than 3.

    On the plus side, the meeting room we had was spacious, comfortable, and everything worked properly (wireless, projector, phone setup). Refreshments during the day were good. We really liked the lunch buffet arrangement as we could eat in a more spacious and attractive room and everyone got a choice of food. It is a shared meal space with other groups but it wasn't crowded and the "other" folks didn't feel intrusive.

    My hotel room, at least, was pretty small and definitely lacking in comfort/usability. For example, there was only one rigid/straightbacked desk chair in the whole room. The desk for working was too low for the height of the chair - my legs couldn't fit up under the desk while sitting on the chair. Really poor. There was a small round table in the room but no additional chair for it. There are no ice machines nor is there a "pantry" area such as is very popular (and useful) these days.

    The room was clean but definitely felt like I was staying at grandma's unrennovated house. The room didn't manage to be "retro" or homey, just old feeling.

    The hotel is adjacent to a park so if you have free time (we didn't) that could be an advantage.

    08/11/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    56. G R.
    I've been coming here for years and its a great escape from a traditional hotel.  I serve on a nonprofit board and for the past several years we have met at the Hayes rather than a downtown hotel and you really feel like you got away but with all the amenities a fine 4 star hotel has.

    The rooms are comfy, the meeting rooms are not those stale meeting rooms you find at the larger "chain" hotel, you really are in a mansion and the staff make you feel like you are a VIP.

    17/01/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    57. Arturo L.
    I really enjoyed the history of this beautiful Mansion/Hotel.

    10/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    58. Lane A.
    We went for the Easter Brunch. Parking was a bit of a mess, but we found a spot in self park when the valets got too far behind. Had to wait for 15 minutes outside before they called our name - even with a reservation for a small party of 3. Weather was fine so now big deal.

    We are escorted by a student volunteer to wait in another line outside the dining room. Very nice young lady, but kind of a strange situation.

    I thought the food was quite good, especially the eggs benedict and various smoked fish. Unlimited champagne was a big plus! Would have given 4 stars for the food and champagne.

    On the downside, I was disappointed with the deserts. No chocolate desert during our time at the buffet, although supposedly they brought something out later. I mean its Easter after all. I expect chocolate.

    We were also told they'd have an Easter egg hunt at 2 PM, and headed out at 1:55PM and it was clearly well underway already. Most of the kids weren't finding anything. My son was somewhat upset and I made some sort of comment that I was sorry and we'd do our own egg hunt at home. I guess the lady running the event overheard me and apologized saying they did have 800 eggs, but people were just going out and getting them before the hunt.

    No big deal to me, but make sure each kids gets a stupid 25 cent plastic egg even if you have to hand it to them.

    13/04/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    59. Connie C.
    The hotel rooms could use a major face lift and there's no AMC (we missed Mad Men), but the beds are super comfy. As long as I can get a good night's sleep on a bed that's more comfortable than my own, I'm happy!

    Wish there were more pools in a picturesque outdoor setting like theirs!

    16/09/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    60. Jenna L.
    We had our wedding at the Hayes Mansion and it was a mixture between historic and classic with a touch of today.  The front desk staff was so sweet and answered all of my questions (which was A LOT) with little hesitation and no irritation.  They were so willing to help and did everything they could to make me happy.

    For the wedding itself Jo Ann Dana, the wedding planner, was perfect for my fiancée and I.  She was perfect for me because she is so organized and is willing to answer my weekly questions, along with providing us with a great amount of detail so I would not worry.  I am very detail oriented and paranoid about the outcome of things I plan and she made me feel at ease, welcome, and comfortable.  Jo Ann was able to keep me calm and collected the day of the wedding and was present but hidden during the ceremony.  Heather took over for the reception, I saw her once, but she did an amazing job making sure everything with the wait staff happened as planned; I just wish I had seen her to say Thank You for all that she did.  The wait staff was SO SWEET and so was the clean up crew.  I did feel like they started breaking everything down the second the lights turned on - I would have appreciated a little more time to say goodbye to family without them in the background, however, they were all so sweet it was hard to be irritated.

    The only other concern I had was the fact that our food was slightly different than originally agreed upon - the filet was wrapped in bacon and had regular mashed potatoes instead of no bacon and pesto mashed potatoes and the chicken had a different sauce, and the kid's meal was chicken nuggets instead of pizza.  However, the kids were way happier with that instead of pizza and everyone said the food was amazing it just would have been nice to know of the changes.

    OVERALL, this place is worth every penny and we now consider Jo Ann part of the family.  She did everything in her power to make this perfect for us and she did more then succeed.  We are old souls and the history and romance of the Mansion was beyond perfect for us.

    We had the best wedding ever and are very thankful to Jo Ann, Heather, and the staff at the Dolce Hayes Mansion.

    05/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    61. Jennifer B.
    Stayed here for one night as a vendor for the International Wedding Festival last weekend.  Upon first glance this place is gorgeous.  Beautiful manicured grounds and stunning architecture!  I would have preferred a closer parking spot to our room as it was pouring down rain and freezing cold.  We were soaked by the time we got to our room.  The room was super maintained and clean.  We enjoyed the buffet style breakfast very much.  Even though it wasn't located in a "business district" the hotel is still very close to everything you could need and GPS got us where we needed to be in the surrounding areas.  The cell phone service throughout the hotel is very hit and miss and I felt that was the only drawback.  I would definitely stay again if in the area.

    26/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    62. Boryana D.
    We came here to celebrate our 2 year anniversary w/ brunch on Sunday.
    Everything was good [the food, the service, the bottomless mimosas] however, the loud party that was going on ruined the mood.

    This place is good to come w/ a group. Not so much for a romantic occasion.

    + Food
    + Yummy mimosas
    + Service

    - Too loud
    - $$$! :)

    Overall, nice to try out but probably not coming back.

    24/04/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    63. Abbey Q.
    Stayed the night for the first time for my BF's b-day. I booked the spa/brunch package

    Spa: See my review under "Being Spa"

    Hotel: Checked in early and went very smooth, lady at the front desk was friendly. I booked the spa/brunch package and we did not get our vouchers for either, but it worked out in the end. The whole staff is very friendly and helpful. Our room was nice, pretty standard room. Bed is average, but then again we both don't sleep well in other beds (we are spoiled with our temper-pedic)

    Room Service: Needed a snack before dinner, so we ordered the garlic pesto fries which were awesome. Came about 10-15 minutes after ordering, but are awesome fries worth $15??? No......but again it's room service, room service is never cheap.

    Bar: we decided to eat dinner in the bar, food is just ok, probably wouldn't go back for their dinner and way too over priced, but again it's hotel food. Bartender was nice.

    Brunch: ALL YOU CAN DRINK MIMOSAS....well it is a champagne brunch after all, but they keep them coming. Once your glass is half empty no fear they will be there to refill it and refill it and refill it. The food was pretty good, much better then their dinner food, but still not mind blowing. Don't think it's quite worth the price, but it was good and we enjoyed it.

    Overall our experience was pretty good and we will at least be back for the spa and maybe brunch sometime too!

    18/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    64. Joel S.
    **This review is for my May 8, 2011 Mother's Day Brunch Experience Only**

    The Good: Some good items at the buffet. Some very nice servers. Very nice hotel.

    The Bad: Didn't feel I got my money's worth. Some food tasted old. Some servers not helpful.

    The Review: Expectations can kill an experience sometimes. I've heard so much about Hayes Mansion going into this Mother's Day, and unfortunately, the experience did not live up to the hype.  We made reservations for 2:00pm (the brunch ended at 3:00pm) we get there and there's a wait. Understandable, it is a popular holiday.  It gave us a chance to admire the beautiful setting we were about to dine in.  They had some classy touches like the professional photographer.  Instead of being seated inside of the Mansion we were seated in the ballroom.  We were promised that the food selection was the same as inside.  The buffet was plentiful, they had an omelet station, bacon, sausages, blintzes (yum!), pancakes, roast beef, prime rib, leg of lamb, shrimp, oysters, and a lot of other stuff.  The problem was some of the items tasted like they've been sitting out for quite some time.  Other than that the food was very good.

    Still I don't think we got our money's worth.  First of all sitting in the ballroom, although it accommodated us more quickly, didn't have the same ambiance as the regular dining area.  There was supposed to be a live band, but because it was close to 3:00pm they were not playing.  The food, while well prepared, didn't blow me awhile.  At $60 a plate I was expecting a lot more.  Unfortunately the experience at Hayes Mansion did not deliver, but we still had a good time, and most importantly my mom enjoyed herself.

    11/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    65. Kyrie S.
    I fell in love with Dolce Hayes Mansion when I viewed their website link on a wedding venue site I was looking at for my wedding. I looked at all of the reviews, the menus, the venue pricing, everything! It was my number 1 choice when I started calling around to set up viewing appointments......until I got on the phone with a consultant.

    At first I think I called the wrong extension because I was transferred 3 times, which I didn't mind. BUT the tone that the consultant took with me during my VERY VERY brief conversation with her was a very big issue.

    Her name escapes me at the moment Ithink it was joann or christina but I'm not sure so don't quote me. She asked me when my wedding date was, looked it up and it was available. She asked me where I heard about them, I told her the website that gave me the link to their website. She asked my email and I gave it. I was told she was emailing me a copy of their updated information packet.....and then she tried to get off the phone with me.

    I quickly stopped her and told her "Well I would like to set up an appointment to veiw the venue-" and I was cut short with this statement which is a direct quote "Well why don't you take a look at the information packet, make we are in your price range, and then give us a call back." Imagine that statement with much more attitude than text can insert.

    1. It was rude to interrupt me
    2. If I had not been interrupted I would have been able to tell her that I had already viewed their prices and was pretty much ready to make up my mind after viewing the venue in person.
    3. I already know Dolce Hayes is in my price range, or else I woudn't call to set up an appointment, Its actually on the lower side of my budget for venues.
    4. Money is already a touchy subject for brides and even the general population, that fact that I was told I had to go back and MAKE SURE that they were in my price range before I could make an appointment did not give me much confidence in how I would be treated in person

    I am so disappointed in my phone conversation and the attitude that was conveyed to me, I almost want to call back just to let the consultant know that THEY ARE IN MY PRICE RANGE, but I think it will be a waste of my time. I feel really sad, because with it being my number 1 pick I will have to find a new venue, but on the up side, I won't have to take the 2.5 hour drive from Sacramento County, to view the venue, although it would have been beautiful. :(

    19/02/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    66. Satnam B.
    Stayed at the Hayes Mansion for 3 nights

    -Nice, clean, comfortable & safe
    -Big pool
    -Good fitness center
    -Nice garden, walkable distance to Edenvale Park (Tennis, Volleyball & Basketball hoop) with a trail
    -Room decor is good and nice carpets
    -Free Parking
    -Mini refrigerator in room
    -Coffee maker and free coffee, tea
    -Housekeeping does a great job with cleaning rooms and general upkeep of mansion is very good.

    -Expensive to eat at the Hayes Mansion restaurants
    -No microwave in room
    -No newspaper delivered to room, there is "one" in the Presidents Lounge which also serves coffee and tea till 11am
    -Parking can be a problem behind the mansion if your room is located there

    09/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    67. Ahmed S.
    I went here for a friend's wedding. The venue is gorgeous. The place was easy to find, a little hidden away from the freeways and busy streets. The ceremony was on the lawn and the wedding in the dining room. The dining room is large, enough to fit the entire party. Dance floor is spacious too.

    I also stayed in the hotel for the weekend, was a special promotion buy Friday get Saturday night free, for under $100 for both nights. Room was clean, a little old though. They have been redone, but the decor was a little too outdated. Most annoying thing, they put me on the top floor right underneath some piece of equipment which continued to vibrate all night. I called and they offered to change rooms, but they wanted me to completely move out of the current room at 1 am. I did not have the energy so just dealt with it.

    4.5 stars for the wedding venue. 2 stars for the room. 3 for hotel and price.

    05/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    68. May L.
    Dolce Hayes is really nice! It's kind of "hidden" luxurious hotel in San Jose. I stayed at here for over 5 days in 2006-- I know it's really long times ago. But I decided to review it anyway since I've been there to eat few times as well. Most things were very perfect, but I'm taking one star off because when I had tiny issues with credit card charges and room's cleanness, I had a hard time :( well, the management handled properly at the end so I'm willing to return and stay there again.
    There's not much around the hotel, so if you are new to San Jose area, be sure to plan where you are going to eat/shop/etc.

    12/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    69. Elena S.
    After being 30 minutes late to my own birthday, a fight in a parking lot with a foul mouthed lady over MY parking spot and a phone call saying that I AM NOT going to get a massage at the SPA because it is Easter all I wanted is someone to scream at. Anybody! I had a great variety of people to chose from: waiters, valet parking boy ( who was missing from his post), hostess, random children in bunny ears... I marched into Dolce Hayes with a hope of someone messing up on their job! No such luck! those people can smell trouble a mile away, it seems. I opened my mouth to bark 'hello" and in 10 minutes I had a room with a balcony, a pin code to the pool, coffee, bathrobes and a DISCOUNT! To top everything of, when we got to the pool with my birthday party, there was a waiter asking us what we want. Two mimosas later I forgot why I lost any hope of yelling at someone.. The mansion is gorgeous. The location is ideal. the rooms are everything a girl needs. It is an old style hotel, so if you like modern surroundings then it is not for you. the property lay out is open courtyard style so you feel like you are always in the center of the world ;). the service is great.

    Things to try while you are here:
    - Just a pool day with girls.
    - Spa is open during weekdays, so you can run in and out of it as you please
    - Lunch by the pool
    - Definitely walk around the property to take pictures and to enjoy the building
    - there are many attractions near by: Santana Row, horse ranch, some wineries.

    Not a good idea if you won't have a car in the area though, everything is close by but requires a short drive.

    I hear Sunday brunch is amazing at the Mansion. We didn't have a chance to try it during our visit.

    28/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    70. Joanne W.
    I went there for dinner last night which I was very disappointed.  I would like to mention that the server was nice and kind, but I cut my lip on their silverware.  The spoon must of went through the dish washer and had   a lip cutting my lip when I went to taste their soup.  The soup did not taste well anyhow.  Then when the main dish came out (chicken) it was raw in the inside.  Not good tasting either.  The vegetables were spicy...I didn't realize vegetables were cooked with spices that burned your mouth.  I did not eat anything because the other side dish on the plate was potatoes and I don't eat potatoes.  Very poor food and still hungry after I left.  Went to dinner and left hungry with a big bill....Never go back.........

    01/10/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    71. Jessica B.
    The perfect spot for our mini-getaway! Seriously awesome service, comfy beds and wonderful food.

    The shower didn't drain well - which I hate, but I'm willing to overlook that due to the stellar service we received at the front desk and through the waitstaff! We got a great room rate through Travelzoo - but would've gladly paid more to stay here. Gorgeous. Rooms were nice, and though decor was not contemporary, it was lovely - fit the historic feel of the place.

    Felt like a central location to our weekend, which included downtown San Jose (HP Pavilion, etc). Easy to get to and from this hotel.

    09/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    72. Michael H.
    Today I got to take part in a brief tour of the Hayes Mansion.

    I had been here in the past for a previous employer's Team Building all day seminar, but I've never stayed overnight here. While I have explored their meeting facilities and dining areas before I have never really walked through this historical and unique place.

    The food I had, and what I have had in the past, is the serve yourself assortment, though they have enough variety to rival any buffet style restaurant. I tried some cheese and tomato ravioli's, a half Ruben sandwich, a little bit of salad with cottage cheese, and some type of pasta with artichoke hearts. It was all very good and I washed it down with some iced tea.

    After eating I was walked through the lower meeting rooms which are under the main entrance/mansion area and led towards the spa. A heavy door opened to a small room with various items for purchase and then another door lead into a dimly lit relaxation room with fragrance and cushioned seating. The next area was then the treatment rooms, followed by a co-ed spa hot tub. This room then led into the men's and women's locker rooms.

    The locker rooms were pretty typical, though they included a sauna area and these rooms led into the gym, which was impressive for the small size of the room.

    I still haven't been able to see what the rooms look like, though I live down the street from the mansion and while I would take my dog to the park area here and obviously I currently attend functions here, I don't think I'd ever stay the night.

    29/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    73. Marvin N.
    For my work we had our Board Retreat here and other then a few minor issues, not their fault, we had a great event.  We planned a meeting and then a reception following and I can't tell you how good the staff where, they were on time, on target and really on the ball.  The food and the wine where both excellent, considering this was the first time I used them for an event I wasn't sure what to expect and truly they did an amazing job.  The event planner was in contact with me on a regular bases checking and rechecking if our needs changed, which I was thankful for, because it keep me on target for the meeting.  

    They do charge for every little thing you request, which can be annoying, but I don't blame them and they don't force you into anything.  No hard sales here.  The other thing that I didn't like was they forgot to post our sign on their board to direct people, but they did offer to have a person stand at the door to direct folks, which more then made up for it.

    Back to the food, we did a selection of passed hot Hor d'oeurve and then a cheese display, veggie display and dessert display and man it all looked great and tasted even better, we had more then enough food so that was another plus; better to have too much then not enough.  I wish I could have taken the extra with me but there was no way that was going to work, but I did manage to get the unopened bottle of wines that we bought, so it worked out.  If you want to have a good event go here, they know what they are doing and are very helpful.

    24/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    74. Irene B.
    I was extremely satisfied with our over night stay with Dolce Hotel in December of last year. It was my third year wedding anniversary, and Richard Johnson was the type of person that showed superb customer service. He accommodated our concerns, and "went out of his way" for us on our special weekend.
    The mansion was extremely over expressed by other yelpers when noted that; it was filthy and smelly. Rather, very clean and historically beautiful.
    Additionally, the Sunday brunch is exactly what they say, "Excellent"

    If you are looking for a weekend getaway, or a hotel in the San Jose area,
    Dolce Hotel and Mansion is in my professional and personal opinion a "great choice."

    18/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    75. Sempro S.
    Dank, dark and set amidst a trailer park but the wireless is free (sometimes).

    Room cleanliness is spotty and there is not much (amenities, restaurants, attractions) nearby, except the trailer park.

    16/05/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    76. Smarty Pants P.
    After 3 hours of our spa treatment, my friend I decided to have lunch at Dolce.  What a pleasant surprise!  Their menu was really good and because we were there at 3:00 we go to order from early bird special.  
    A salad, entree, and dessert for $14.95.  I got the salmon and my friend got the prime rib.. They were equally delicious... Service was also excellent... We'll be sure to dine there again after our next spa day.

    20/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    77. James J.
    Beautiful place, hidden among the city! :-)
    We started a  5 day vacation here... and it was a grand kick off. The king size beds are wonderful and comfortable.
    Not sure on pricing, but the grounds would be beautiful for any event!

    At least worth a tour!

    25/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    78. Susan P.
    I stayed here for the weekend on my anniversary and loved it. Lots of noise late at night.

    20/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    79. Tara D.
    So my friend Summer and I had our first "Fierce Women of the Bay" kick off event at the Hayes Mansion. We had about 21 ladies show up and we had a blast.

    I will say this, the FIRST people to greet us (the hostess) were (IMO) not very friendly, but once we all got to our tables, our waiter VIET was the BOMB!! He knew exactly how to work with a large crowd, so he would be part of our group, but was able to not disrupt the flow. He was awesome and he kept the mimosa's flowing.

    The food at HAYES was incredible. Since I was playing hostess, I didn't get to eat as much as I wanted to haha but what I had was delicious.l would certainly go back again, and then the manager came out, spoke to myself and Summer about our group and showed us around the dining area.

    All in all, I had a FANTASTIC experience at Hayes, and we will certainly be going back for a brunch again!!

    15/11/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    80. Rosemarie P.
    Awesome champagne buffet brunch at a beautiful location.
    $40 per person.  Be sure to make reservations.

    03/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    81. Stephanie H.
    Came here for a little family getaway and booked a parlor suite for a decent price. When we got there to check in (Friday night) we were told that all the suites were taken and that we'd have to get upgraded to stay in the President's suite. What's the President's suite? Well it includes:

    -2 bedrooms
    -Living room area with T.V
    -Own balcony with view of the property
    -Separate sitting area next to living room with table
    -Dining area that seats 6 people
    -Computer desk area
    -Master bedroom complete with HUGE tub/shower separate
    -Kitchen w Microwave/coffee maker
    -Own wing of the hotel where we can make as many noises as we can (This worked out perfect with 4 kids)

    Did someone say mansion party? Oh and don't forget to wear your Dolce Hayes robe and slippers (quite comfortable) around while you peruse the rest of the property.

    To boot, if you are not afraid of the dark and/or creepy things, there a little doors (much like the little door in Coraline that leads to another parallel world) locked of course, but the kids got a kick of them nonetheless as did we parents. The 'wing' we stayed in was gorgeous, spacious, and we were oh so thankful of the sporadic upgrade the manager gave us. The pool on the property is lovely and we spent the weekend by it. It wasn't too crowded either.

    Housekeeping is great and the staff are friendly. there is also a bar/lounge area as well as a restaurant, but we didn't go.

    Love this place and can't wait to throw another mansion party at the Dolce Hayes.

    12/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    82. Norm M.
    My wife and I made our first visit to the Dolce Hayes Mansion two weekends ago for a friend's wedding.  The drive there was a bit tricky, but eventually we found our way there.  Upon entering the grounds we were immediately transported back in time to an era circa 1910-1920.  Our friends' wedding was in the theme "Rolling 20's, and the entire wedding party dressed the part, including the men's sharp baggy suits complete with bowler hats.  The cars parked in the front of the Mansion were models from the 20's.  It was an amazing and nostalgic sight.  I wasn't alive during these years but there is just something overwhelmingly romantic and comforting about it and the Hayes Mansion was a perfect backdrop for this wedding's theme.  

    The Hayes Mansion exudes an elegant, romantic, luxurious aura.   This aura made our experience somewhat surreal.  My wife and I took the self guided tour (picked up the free brochure at the front desk).  Walking the hallways and viewing the rooms, I recalled rumors of the Mansion being haunted.  Two of the hanging framed photos, including the one of Mary Hayes (was a healer with the "Gift" according to lore), stared at us as we walked by!  The staff assured us that the Mansion isn't haunted but we had our doubts.   We just felt something and it just added the special feeling we got while taking the tour.  

    The attentive staff treated us like royalty, a smile and kind word from each and every one.  The grounds were impeccable and the landscaping finely manicured...the lit up palm trees and Birds of Paradise throughout the property.  The Mansion, constructed in the year 1904, is one of the most striking and beautiful buildings in SJ.  We saw several folks not involved with the wedding taking photos and two young ladies even drawing the structure, they said for an architecture class.  

    After the wedding ceremony, we were treated to an amazing feast, with drink and music perfectly suited for the time period we were visiting for the moment.  After a night of celebration, we retired to our guest room. The room was cozy, a bit small, but very romantic, complete with flat screen TV, hidden fridge, etc and most importantly the most comfortable hotel bed we have ever enjoyed.  The next day we rolled out of bed around noon and made our way to the dining room where the friendly staff greeted us and and were seated immediately.  The grand array of goodies coupled with all you can drink champagne, delighted us all.  We all agreed that we would have to "Yelp" the Mansion and its staff after our wonderful experience.  I understand they have the highest rating spa in Santa Clara and hope to come back for that experience soon.  

    I highly recommend this hidden treasure, the historic Dolce Hayes Mansion, to anyone who desires to be taken back to a time when elegance, class, opulent accommodations, excellent food, drink and  especially SERVICE were valued.  There is no other place like it!  Thank you Hayes Mansion for an experience we will treasure for a lifetime.  We'll be back soon!

    22/02/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    83. Jeremy P.
    Hidden right in the middle of residential sprawl, Hayes Mansion is a great weekend getaway spot for couples. The rooms are clean and beautiful, the service superb, and the amenities top-notch. The pricing is fairly reasonable, especially compared to like hotels in the bay area.

    The only issue is that there is nothing nearby. If you want to skip the expensive (but fantastic!) Orlo's Restaurant in the hotel, you will have to drive a bit, and the options drop down in class pretty quick.

    This is me and my wife's favorite in-town spot, and I'm sure we'll be back many times.

    11/04/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    84. Inigo M.
    Beautiful grounds and venue.

    03/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    85. Duke L.
    This hotel has beautiful grounds and decent rooms.  I was going to give it 4 stars until I saw the stain on the comforter.  I am a frequent traveler and this is my biggest fear when visiting hotels.  Also, the shower had a strong mildew smell.  The bathroom had no fan, which I found strange for a hotel in this price range.

    20/02/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    86. Chris P.
    I had the pleasure of staying at "The Mansion" when my company sent me there for some training.  I found the staff extremely friendly and very customer oriented.  The room I stayed in was nice and the grounds were extremely well maintained.  The food at the bar was good as well.  Overall I would stay here again and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a hotel to host a large meeting that requires overnight stay.

    20/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    87. Audrey L.
    Sorry Lei, I guess I was a bit liberal with my stars, but I still give it a 3 for the location and architecture.  I re-neg on my 1/2 star haha for the small rooms and maintenance.- xo

    Dolce Hayes Mansion is a historic beauty with its quirks and unique character. My good friend got married this weekend and we stayed here to get ready the day of.

    3.0 stars: beautiful landscape, historic and nostalgic preservation giving the guests an idea of what the Mansion was really like. I loved the various parlor rooms and libraries. The rooms are cozy and quaint, if you are staying for more than a night or 2 you might want to upgrade to a suite.

    The hotel staff was friendly and extremely accommodating.  We had to switch rooms due to the old pipes creaking and the horrendous noise from the toilet that would not stop running. They moved us right away.  

    If I could rate the guests that were staying there, I would give 1 star. Kids were running around banging hockey sticks on doors keeping my friend, the Bride to Be up all night before the wedding day.

    18/07/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    88. Roni J.
    Very nice hotel to stay at....Only a few problems during my stay..

    1. My room had to be moved at 10pm because our neighbors were having a party....It was a pain to move when I was already in bed...But, they did move me to a quiet room.

    2. THE TOILET PAPER IS 1 PLY............This is such a fancy dancy place and I was shocked to see cheap toilet paper......

    Overall it is a very nice place to stay.....I even got two free breakfast buffets  when I booked my room.....The buffet was very nice and the food was very good.......

    11/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    89. Keri S.
    A Family favorite.

    Great rooms, nice relaxing atmoshpere, good food for breakfast.

    We've been 3 times, going again soon.

    30/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    90. kristin k.
    My fiancé and I went on an impromptu tour of the Dolce Hayes Mansion, at 7:30 pm on a Friday, in order to determine whether or not we wanted to inquire further about having our wedding ceremony and reception there. The outside and inside is beautiful. Although it is very large, with many hallways and stairs, it feels cozy and welcoming. As we were poking around, we happened to pass Yves in the hallway. He gave us a wonderful tour of all of the rooms that would be suitable for our ceremony. He acted like we had set up an appointment, instead of being put off that we sprung on him probably as he was about to go home, and was very gracious and courteous.
    He also showed us what one of the suites looks like. It had a beautiful antique four poster bed and a separate living room space that was decorated to look like you were at home rather than in a typical corporate room. He showed us pictures of how other couples in the past have decorated the rooms for a reception. He even said that we could reserve three separate rooms in order to create a smooth transition from the ceremony to dinner and then the party after. He gave us a pamphlet, his card, and his event coordinator's card.  He then suggested that we enjoy the outdoor lounge and provided us with a complimentary glass of wine and beer (my fiancé doesn't care for wine). Then unexpectedly our server, who was very attentive and kind, brought us a pizza, also on the house. The artesian pesto flatbread pizza was delicious. Sitting outside in the warm summer evening watching the sun set, the planes fly over, and sipping on a nice glass of white wine, I felt like I had stepped onto a destination resort very far away from home (I live in downtown SJ).  
    Not only was everyone that I came in contact with very professional, nice, and courteous, but the service, smiles, and experience helped me make the decision to hold my ceremony there.

    23/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    91. Jenny T.
    Lovely grounds, nice rooms. The service is only mediocre. They messed up my reservation but didn't offer any type of upgrade or to make up for it in any way.

    03/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    92. Eddy N.
    Beautiful mansion, with old world feel. Rooms are nice, and good normal size. Staff is nice and helpful. Prices are decent as well. Not really close to anything of interest though other than some golf clubs.

    Only slight problem is the communication is a little with reservation staff. Responses delayed and not complete.

    21/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    93. Kelsey P.
    Gorgeous grounds, gorgeous rooms, amazing memories. I've now stayed at Dolce Hayes Mansion 3 times; all of which I had great experiences. Yes, the rates are a little high, but you get what you pay for. The beds are the most comfortable thing I've ever laid on, everything is clean and quiet. The hayes mansion provides a quick getaway without the hassle of traveling. The front desk staff has always been kind and accommodating. The pool and hot tub are amazing and rarely crowded. People have said that the mansion is haunted, but i like the old antique-y feeling. One weird thing...you may have to walk near/through a convention/wedding if you stay in a certain wing. It was kind of odd walking in our swimsuits through a whole bunch of old people in suits. Oh well! I would definitely recommend this hotel. If not for the hotel, take a day trip and walk around the park!

    21/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    94. Michael B.
    Stay away from this hotel! First, there is no valet parking. Second, it's old, supposedly it's someone's old home. Third, customer service is HORRIBLE!!!  My CEO, myself, and an associate came in late for an over lighter, we we're told we can get a roll away twice over the phone. When we got there we were called liars to our face. They then promised a second room if I could get my CEO down to request it, once he came over, the manager changes his story in front of my boss, made himself look bad in front of his colleagues. I called him out. It wasn't about the money...just accommodate a second room because you screwed up. I wasn't about to sleep in the same bed as a co worker.  They gave us a "suite" which was tinny and the pull out bed and roll away we're REALLY uncomfortable! Just pay extra and stay somewhere nice where they know how to treat a customer. The only good thing was their bar...they had a TV. Don't do it!

    07/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    95. Dharma K.
    Just stayed one night. Pretty cool place. I didn't go swimming or anything or eat at the restaurant but the rooms were comfortable, clean, and nice. I like the grounds: located in a quiet suburban neighbore hood and is just pretty cool to stay in a giant old mansion.

    02/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    96. Tom G.
    I saw mixed reviews of this hotel including some that said rooms need updating...I thought it was great. Fully satisfactory room, a reading chair, decent lighting (some hotels think that people do nothing but watch TV) good desk and desk chair, excellent wifi. Breakfast buffet was huge and everything was good...great wine list and a good Scotch list. The grounds are beautiful and if you are missing a dog you can watch them romp in the park next door. Only drawback is it is a little isolated, but that's not a problem if you have a car.

    06/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    97. Bob L.
    Nice clean rooms beautiful grounds and area. Well worth a visit.

    06/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    98. Cui C.
    Nice place and great service... Great for training

    29/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    99. Sheila R.
    We stayed here again on business and we noticed a dramatic improvement in service. It also appeared that they renovated some areas. We really loved their new outdoor seating area. It's a gorgeous hotel and is definitely a hidden gem in San Jose - we'll definitely stay here again! It's a staff favorite and a nice change from the usual chains that we stay at for business; we travel A LOT! Keep up the great work!

    06/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    100. Jason N.
    The grounds are gorgeous and truly has a history to it.  The guest hall seemed nicely maintained.  The rooms were nice and generally clean, but obvious that housekeeping /maintenance was amiss.  The heat wouldn't consistently turn on.  The curtains were broken.  The bathtub sink was sloooow to drain. We even got a bath mat that was dirty.   How do you miss all these things upon final prep of the room for next guest????

    The front desk wasn't apologetic and sounded like they had heard this kind of stuff all too often.

    28/02/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    101. Kevin L.
    Hotel pictures on the website is definitely they say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Well in this case it might have worth a lot more when you check this place out in person.  The room I can't complain with inexpensive price.  I was kinda disappointed I didn't get an upgrade when it was offered on the website.  For $30 more a night I could get the Mansion suite.  But it was fine.  

    The pool is way smaller than it seems in the picture.  It was very cloudy too, I had goggles luckily because I wouldn't have wanted to stick my head underwater seeing it was cloudy and also had hair??  Yeah but the worst was pool service. Where the hell was the servers?  There was 50 menus and zero servers.  I had to walk back inside the building to the bar with just my swim trunks on dripping wet to ask for a pitcher of margarita.  The guy finally brought it over but didn't seem to happy about having to come to the pool saying that he was involved with the wedding and he is about to get off work?  Really?  I gave him an extra tip on top of the service charge to cheer him up.  But I don't think it work because I went back in to order for beers and he brought it out again and was like "okay, you have to wait until 4pm until the other guy comes to relief me"  Uh...that's an hour.  Wow service not so good.  Weather was nice in the high 80's had a few hours of swimming and relaxing at the pool.  So overall, made it a good outing.

    Front desk guy was friendly and nice.  It started off well...?

    10/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    102. Jackson N.
    Mother's Day Brunch Review:

    We brought two moms to what we thought would be a great brunch for Mother's Day because of all the reviews we've read but instead it felt like a big birthday party for a 5 year-old. They accepted so many reservations (1400 people from my conversation with the omelette girl) that a large group had to be seated in the ballroom instead of the actual mansion. The ballroom was so tacky with their multi-colored balloons and ugly red chairs. It also took them 20 min past our reservation time to seat us only to walk into a huge room only half-filled!

    The presentation of the buffet was just as tacky as the room's decor. The food was about a B-. Majority of the food was cold or barely warm. The only thing that was decent from the seafood bar was the shrimp, covered in cocktail sauce. Fresh fruits should have been allowed to ripen a little more. Dessert was OK with the red bean cake being the only good thing there. Hot food didn't stand out, except for the bacon. But how can you f-up bacon, right? Overall, I'm pretty sure I would have preferred a buffet at Embassy Suites.

    For $55, it's seriously a 1 star. For $40, maybe it would have earned another star. After taking the tour, we realized it could have been so much better. But unfortunately, we were seated in the ballroom where they didn't really give a shit. It was a clear case of quantity over quality.

    11/05/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    103. Vy N.
    My husband and I stayed there for my birthday.  The room was very clean and the service was good.  

    The grounds are beautiful!!  No wonder so many people want to get married there.  

    Being in the middle of a suburb was a little awkward but didn't bother me as much.

    We got the breakfast buffet included in our room and it was a very good buffet.  My daughter loved the fresh squeezed orange juice.

    22/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    104. Janette W.
    If you're looking for a place to have a friend/relative stay in the South Bay, this is the best option.

    Warning, they will be concerned when they drive up and see the neighborhood, but once you turn into the grounds, a surprise awaits. They've done a lot with the remodeling and it feels comfy and like a big name hotel. All of the exterior doors are secure which goes over well with said nervous mom guests. The dining room looked promising too!

    02/03/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    105. Mason J.
    If you have high expectations, don't.

    The grounds and the history of the Hayes Mansion are remarkable. We stayed in the guest rooms that have 2 king beds looking onto the pool.  We were supposed to have a parlor suite but were bumped due to a judges' conference at the mansion.  Thankfully I have friends in town that I was able to stay with until midweek when one of the folks in our party was leaving.

    Turns out I was fortunate enough not to stay at the mansion for half of the week. The air conditioning in the room was broken. Maintenance came to our room 3x before offering us a different room on our last night there. We declined to change rooms on the last night, so instead, they brought us a fan.

    Besides sweating bullets in bed every night, my mother got flashed by an older guest at the pool as he put his robe on and took his bathing suit off to wring it out while facing our windows. Now I'm certain he didn't think anyone was watching since that it was 7am, but seriously?

    Guest services was friendly and responsive, housekeeping did a great job, but had zero memory. We had to ask for two extra mugs daily so that each of us could have coffee. I have been at motels that remember such things after the first request.

    Overall, the stay was no better, and in some ways worse, than a stay at any basic hotel. For all the talk of elegance and and service it fell sorely short. I would not recommend staying here. Just stop by, take a couple of pictures and move on. Really.

    06/08/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    106. Bryan J.
    I have been here twice already. Both for training for my company. This timesent  around I have been given one of the worst customer service in a hotel. I complained earlier around 8:30 that my room airconditioning wasn't working. Its now 10:30 and nobody has checked my room, nor anybody has called back to give me status. Its warm as summer in Miami in my room. I called the front desk again and he said nobody has gotten back to him. Ok, so i told him I can't sleep this way. The front desk guy just told me to wait until tomorrow. Wth? He didn't offer a room change? So I asked to have my room changed and he transferred me to another person. This one sent a maintenance person in less than five minutes. What is going on here? I might not be the one paying for my room, but I am still a client nonetheless. This not good. Lets see how the next three days pan out, if I can give them credit for better service or a 1 star and a longer detailed review here.

    PS the maintenance guy is nice.

    11/06/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    107. Celza O.
    My husband and I come here for quick getaways even though its only 8 min away from our home! It feels like your at a mission in a far away town so the setting is very relaxing. The lounge patio area is perfect at nite, we love to order a bunch of appetizers a pot of their bomb coffee and relax on the couches under a blanket staring at the stars. Just perfect. It's very old world but we love antique vs modern so just out style. Request Viet as your server he's great on the patio or restaurant. Their filet mignon is of the hook too!

    17/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    108. Paul K.
    Very pretty grounds. Lots of flowers in bloom. Good service thus far.  Great place for meetings or to sit a the Palm Plaza Lounge and do nothing but enjoy some music and a glass of wine.

    28/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    109. Flor D.
    ****This review is based solely on a wedding I was lucky to attend*****

    The breeze of a chilly summer day swept me to an elegant place.  A place I had once visited, some time before.  Coming from my very own recognizable frenzied state, I was magically transported to a beautifully decadent euphoria.  Not  apparent to the naked eye, Dolce Hayes' "hidden" nature was a spectacular choice for a  certain couple's recent nuptials.

    She was a shimmering pearl, while he was a newly tuned guitar.  They exchanged vows on lush greens surrounded by "their" blue stars.  Making my way through the sun, I managed to plop on one of the many nicely aligned white chairs close to the front.  Immediate excitement filled my being.  My cousin was getting married, and he had found his other half.

    The ceremony began between the mansion and the large reception hall. It paused momentarily for a kiss, an announcement, a song sung by relatives, and a stroll as husband and wife.  Luckily for us, the love ceremony never concluded.  It lasted the whole night, and I truly hope the magic continues for the rest of their lives.
    As the day turned to a lovely dusk, I noticed the hunger spiking from the crowd. Frilly drinks and crunchy appetizers sustained, but would not be enough for this rowdy rowdy bunch. Some final flashing lights and a proud smile by the couple signaled the ushers.  Within a short time, we were all "moving and shaking" to our seats. Trying to find the D's, I hurried to find my name in a sea of white glasses.  Once I had champagne flute, favor, and my name in hand, I quickly proceeded through to the reception hall.  The room was dimly lit, with a hue of blue.  Tables were decorated with lovely centerpieces that alternated from short to tall, showcasing a variety of white flowers.  Breathtaking and fresh, it was all so new.  My feelings, my excitement, THEM.  They were new. Love was new, and the union of two families was new.  Everyone mingled, and all was right "with the new."

    What was to follow, was like something I had experienced before.  However, on this occasion, it was something monumental to two very important people in this world, on this day, at this very second, and for this very brief wrinkle in time.  The room roared with the announcement of the bridal party, and the entry of the newly married couple.  Dancing, flower and garter tossing, food, dancing, cake cutting, and more  dancing filled my evening.  I couldn't help noticing the glow that transferred as the couple moved from family table to friend table.  "Sure, no problem" followed by a gracious smile, was the main response to picture requests.   They were celebrities, and this was their night.

    To make transitions smoother, the couple displayed various examples of love via a slide show. First shot was the couple sky diving, and it was nothing like the dive they had just taken!  No one ever gives you a safety nets or instruction manuals after getting married.  

    Funny, but I am not sure who was happier...the couple or their proud parents.  

    The place:
    If you ask me about the staff, the catering, and overall service...all I will tell you was that they were chill.  They were behind the scenes, and I don't remember them, so you can take that any way you like it...but I see them as being respectful. Only downer, i wanted more coffee with my cake..and I couldn't find any.  Either way, It didn't matter, I was still happy and am a full sap for weddings!

    01/08/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    110. Tellis H.
    The Hayes Mansion was a great stay. Returning from my Hearst Castle day trip with my wife and the grounds are beautiful, historic buildings and manicured landscaping. Reception service was great, full alcohol bar, spa treatment services, pool and restaurant dinning with a wonderful champagne brunch, Sunday's only for $39.99.

    We paid around $100 for a small king size room, nothing too fancy but definitely clean and comfortable. The bathroom had a wall mounted shower gel, hair conditioner and shampoo feature in the shower with his & her bath robes and slippers. Safe night sleep, nice bed, 40" flat screen TV, decent furniture to lounge around on. The room also has free wifi, and a mini-fridge, which is a plus. I would give this hotel 4 stars if this was the everyday price per room charge because this was a special I took advantage of from hotels.com , it's alot more expensive to stay here compared to other hotels in the silicon valley and distance, late check-out is 1:00pm.

    03/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    111. Ehsan N.
    Perfect hotel in that area. I have stayed in multiple hotels in San Jose area (see my other reviews) and this was my best so far. Definitely will stay there next time I'm visiting.

    Staff were nice and helpful. In my opinion, it didn't look "haunted" as some had said. They have maintained it very well even though it has been around for a while ;) I enjoyed our stay.

    20/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    112. Jaci R.
    awesome summer night!!

    05/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    113. Brian L.
    I went here with my family for Thanksgiving while they were visiting in town. So they were going here solely for accomodations not the spa or restaurant.

    The outside appearance is gorgeous, beautifully landscaped but inside is a different story. First off when you walk in you're overwhelmed by a very musty or musky smell, hard to explain but trust me it stinks. The smell is continued into the room as well.

    Once in the room we noticed an ant on the wall, then another and then we realized they were all in the bed and bed sheets and all over the wall. We called the front desk at 11:30 pm the time we discovered the ants and they literally said "we can send someone in to spray the ants" really dude? yeah that will be nice, send someone in and spray and we can inhale the pesticide fumes the rest of the night, who knows it might even make the musty/musky odor go away or seem more tolerable. We brought this up to the front desk and they said they didn't have any more rooms available that they could switch us to (understandable cause it was a holiday). They apologized, we checked out and they verified with Travelocity that we did check out and we got our refund.

    Just a pretty bad experience over all, if you're considering staying here I highly suggest walking in the building and inhaling deep to make sure your nose is up for the challenge.

    04/03/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    114. Steve B.
    I attended an event on 6/21/2012; it was a catered reception on the lawn area.  When I arrived a number of the guests from my group were running back to their cars in the parking lot to retrieve valuables.  One of the cars from an attendee from our group had their window smashed-in.  The security detail at this hotel is pathetic; they couldn't even get a guard to patrol the parking lot.  Latter that evening when I left the event and walked to my car I noticed broken glass from numerous smash and grab attacks.  I strongly encourage avoiding this venue due to security risks.  There is a public park adjacent to the parking lot with mulitiple entrances from the parking lot.

    22/06/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    115. Leah H.
    First, I want to say, I don't write reviews. But, I feel I need to review this place. My family and I stayed here while visiting other family members in San Jose. I found this hotel online. I am so happy I chose the Hayes Mansion. The hotel was excellent from check in at 8:30 pm with my sleeping baby, to easy check out by calling in. The room was clean, I loved the pool and hot tub, and we had a great buffet breakfast with a wonderful waitress. I would recommend this place to anyone. Enjoy!

    07/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    116. Jess H.
    Viet was an amazing hostess and the atmosphere is amazing!!

    05/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    117. Tim K.
    My wife and I stayed here on the way back to Reno from Laguna Seca (MotoGP) in 2009.

    Very, very quiet on July 4th wkend so felt like we had the entire place to ourselves.

    Settled in to the room then mozied down to the Presidential Lounge. Had a nice chat with bartender, Ron Williams, who suggested the double cut chop for dinner. It was great as was Ron's recanting of the home/mansion.

    Definitely recommend staying here and dining in the Presidential Lounge.

    It is located in a somewhat unusual area-unusual in the mainly residential area-but that is what this place was a one time so dont let you eyes override Garmin's directions.

    22/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    118. Ruthie V.
    Now you can enjoy a drink outdoors with a new addittion of furniture, tables and fire heaters.  We came here last night and enjoyed sitting outside with wonderful views and cozy atmosphere.  I could have totally curled up on the sofa and fallen asleep after two glasses of wine!  You need to come here and check it out for yourself.  Cocktail server will bring your drinks and you can order appetizers or food if you like.  I've been coming here for almost four years now and trust me, if you've never been here, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the beautiful grounds and architecture.  Walk around and check out the pool area.  If you're lucky, you'll see a wedding going on right in the middle of the front lawn - enjoy!

    30/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    119. Joe F.
    The Hayes Mansion is great. Beautiful grounds, buildings and landscaping. There is a lot of dark wood paneling, reception, stairs, bar, etc. The whole place is straight out of a Poirot novel. Some reviews said haunted? Plus.

    I also like that it's not a mega chain.

    I have stayed at 10 or so hotels in the San Jose area. This one is not the cushiest, but it's the best by far, especially given the price. We paid around $100 for a king size room, nothing too fancy but definitely clean and comfortable. Nice bed, new TV, the furniture is a bit Ethan Allen but definitely doable. The room also has a free wifi, and a mini-fridge, if that's a plus for you.

    The Peninsula does not have a lot of good business hotels, this is the best I've found so far. I would probably come back here if I were in San Jose for pleasure (lol).

    The Santa Clara Hyatt Regency probably has the leg up when it comes to amenities, but the same room would have cost $200 a night more. Save yourself time and aggravation and don't stay at 9 other places before this one.

    07/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    120. Jamie Z.
    The boyfriend and I stayed here in mid-May, 2011 and it was AMAZING! We were already lamenting having to leave and planning a return trip shortly after checking in.

    We are very easy going people and don't bitch about 1-ply toilet paper, so I guess you have to keep that in mind when reading my review. I also love historic buildings and appreciate the stories their architecture and sometimes "musty smells" tell. Though I didn't notice any off-putting scents about this place. You can almost feel the rich history when you drive up to the mansion.

    Our room was very clean and very comfortable. We slept better in that Dolce Hayes bed than we have in any other bed together, EVER. SO cozy and plenty of pillows! I like pillows.

    We had drinks and dinner in the Presidential Lounge and the food was delicious. I also appreciated that my drinks actually had liquor in them! I was shocked. $9.50 for a cocktail and it was well worth it.

    There was a prom going on in the ballroom downstairs (we were on the 3rd floor, they were on the 1st) and the bass in the music was a little rumbly, but nothing to complain about. It's not like we had trouble sleeping, but the concierge mentioned they have a lot of proms there, so you may want to keep that in mind if you're a light sleeper and planning a trip in late spring.

    Sunday morning we opened up the windows and got quite a bit of noise from the workers putting up the tables and chairs in the courtyard downstairs, but we were awake and it wasn't a nuisance.

    Like I said before, we'd totally go back and I've already recommended the Dolce Hayes to everyone I know!

    24/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    121. Candace A.
    I have to say I was very disappointed. I stayed here on my anniversary thinking my husband and I could have a nice peaceful night away from our kids. When I came to check in at 2:30pm (check in is 3pm), I was told that there were no rooms available. I was told to come back at 7pm! Did they ever compensate me for those hours? Hell no!!! When I finally got to the room around 8pm, I called to requested for a dvd/vcr which clearly stated on the room description that it was available upon request. The front desk person told me since they update to the new flat screen, they no longer offer those items. Obviously they also forgot to update their website as well. They told me to order the movies through them...OMG, it cost between $9.99 - $20.00. What a rip off!!!

    To top everything off, they neighbors directly above us was stomping their feet all night long. Didn't get much sleep that night. When I finally got some shut eye, the freakin housekeepers were yelling in the hallway. What the HECK! I received a complimentary break buffet with the room and never got a chance to use it. TOO TIRED. There's no doubt that the grounds are beautiful but it you are thinking about wooing your love one, DON'T. I've experienced better. I will never stay here again even though the manager offer me a 10% discount for the next time around. What is 10% gonna do for me? I could fart that out...

    06/03/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    122. Cassie P.
    Spent the night here last night o try something different in SJ.  Booked it through Expedia for $99.00 and it included a free breakfast buffet.
    Pretty "mansion" stuck in the middle of residential SJ.  Kinda weird.
    Room:  Decent size, not the cleanest but not the dirtiest.  We are on the third floor corner and there must be a fan in the hallway that blows all night right near our room #1324.  NOISY...kept me awake the better part of the night.  Trains, planes...pretty noisy area.
    Pretty decent for free!  Huge strawberries and good oatmeal!

    I probably wouldn't stay here again because it is just too far fro everything.  But, if I were having a wedding, it could be pretty.

    14/05/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    123. Anna P.
    What an unbelievable RIP OFF!!!!  

    I spent $340 including tip for a group of 5 on Sunday for Mother's Day Brunch. The food was nothing over the top. It was just fancy looking buffet tasting food. Service was far from stellar for that price! The wait was 40 minutes even w/ a reservation, and they weren't very busy at all, because I had a late reservation.

    The mansion is pretty and grounds are well kept. My brother was definitely happy about the 'all you can eat buffet'. (pretty weird that you have the view of a trailer park from the parking lot, classy!).

    WON"T COME HERE AGAIN FOR ANY BRUNCH. Maybe a wedding or private party that's already paid for........ I said maybe.

    10/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    124. Joe G.
    Went here for an anniversary brunch.  Food was ok, nothing special at all.  Had your standard food found at most decent brunch buffets such as crab legs and prime rib.  A little pricey for what you get at $45 a head but kids are much cheaper. The atmosphere is very nice and most people at least dress up.  The building and grounds are maintained beautifully.  The wait service was attentive.  The one negative I saw was that there was a lack of service around the food stations and members that were running around weren't to happy to stop and help you.

    31/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    125. Anna K.
    My husband made reservations for our family to have Easter brunch at Hayes Mansion. I was impressed by how beautiful the property looked driving up. There was an area for kids to take pictures with the Easter bunny, face painting and tables & chairs set up for waiting families. Valet was FREE :)

    We didn't wait long to be seated at all. The dinning room was nicely decorated. There was live music, lots of good food and deserts. Yum.

    - Eggs benedict: 1 word YUMMY.
    - Tropical fruit crepe with sour cream & kiwi-mango coulis: My FAVE!
    - House made Vietnamese shrimp & vegetable rolls: OK
    - House made assorted sushi rolls: Dry and lacking in flavor :\
    - Seasonal fresh sliced fruit: YUMMY.
    - Furikaki spiced portobello mushroom salad: Good.
    - Bacon wrapped pork tenderloin medallions: Pork was on the dry side
    - Five Spice cranberry glazed free range chicken breast: Good.
    - Delta brown rice pilaf, sweet corn & toasted almonds: OK

    My husband and boys ate a lot of the seafood. Hubby said the oysters were fresh.

    Service was good. The atmosphere was nice but I don't know if I'd come back again during a holiday. $55 adults, $45 seniors and $20 for kids. I'm not much of a buffet person. I don't eat enough and I can't eat $55 worth of food. Their Sunday brunches are $35 adults & $12 kids. I'll have to think about that one and will write an update after we come back... IF we come back.

    27/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    126. Lisa N.
    We came here for our anniversary a few years back..or maybe about 5 years ago.

    From what I remember, I had the Filet Mignon and it was superb! I can't recall what my fiance had, but his dish was also very good.

    We had the entire place to ourselves!

    Overall a very nice and cozy experience.

    The bill for two was about $130.

    15/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    127. Dani D.
    Attended Easter brunch with my family. I think for the cost it is a good value. The grounds and the property are pretty. It was a bit disorganized. There was another event we went in and they told us to look for a balloon that apparently had popped. At first I wasn't happy to be seated then have to go to a seperate space for food but it wasn't far, and  not a big deal. I really, really wish they had more dessert selection. The dessert table was mediocre. I think this would be especially good if you have small children.

    11/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    128. Malay V.
    Very pretty! The rooms were a bit small but had a nice stay here with a great deal. The kids had a blast trying on their comfy robe.

    17/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    129. Kari C.
    This was hotel #5 on the great bed bug escape.  I stayed here for 15 days after fleeing my bed bug infested apartment.  Don't worry, I was bug free by then. :)

    The Mansion looks awesome when you're first driving in.  Great landscaping, impressive buildings.  Like most hotels, the common areas are in better condition than the rooms.  Check in was easy and I drove around to the back where my room was.  The room wasn't that impressive.  Upon closer inspection, I found the grout in the bathroom floor to be stained and filthy.  There were many obvious stains on the wall paper.  The bed looked clean, so I stayed one evening and mentioned this to the front desk staff the next day.  He apologized and quickly changed my room.  

    The new room was a definite improvement.  This one had a flat panel TV and a nicer coffee maker.  However, as others mentioned, this place is in dire need of a remodel.  The carpet and the curtains look dated.

    The bathroom looked cleaner in my new room, but the sink was dripping slightly underneath.  The shower curtain looked clean, but it smelled a bit moldy.  The toilet flush latch became unhinged on the inside after a few uses.  The mechanism to pull the drapes closed was broken.  I asked the housekeeping guy and he fixed it.

    The beds are comfy and sheets are nice.  However, they do have some small holes.  Noise level is not bad on the second floor.  You can hear people talking outside your room.  Yes, you will hear some planes flying overhead.  The hotel is packed Thursdays-Sundays and parking can be difficult.  Parking is free.

    I didn't eat any meals here, so I can't comment on their food.  They have a mini-fridge in the room, but no microwave.  The exercise room seemed decent.  I didn't use any of their spa services.  They have a sauna connected to the exercise room that you can use for free.

    There is a lot of shopping within driving distance.  Wal Mart, Safeway, McDonald's, Panda Express, Michael's, and a dollar store are nearby.  There is also a really nice library close by, the San Jose Edenvale branch on Branham.

    This place is NOT worth $100+ a night.  I got a killer deal through Priceline for about half of that.  Select South San Jose area and check 3 stars or higher.  This does NOT include breakfast, though.  Keep in mind that traffic heading south on 101 can get very congested in this area in the afternoons.  Also, they do NOT allow pets.  However, a manager said "maybe" for an additional fee per night.  I decided to leave my dog with a friend instead.

    08/06/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    130. Miguel G.
    Such a classy place. I love it.

    The only draw back: sometimes there are huge parties like weddings, proms, corporate events. And at 2-4 in the morning the drunks get loud and out of hand, make too much noise. Ear plugs have fixed that problem for me.

    Other than that I love the place. It's a great place to relax.

    27/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    131. Brian F.
    We came here a while back for an event, and had a great time.  The mansion/hotel/place is beautiful.  Picturesque in every way, as if built for weddings and anniversaries.  Very photographer friendly.  We stayed above the event all on the third floor.  

    The room was nice, or as I might say "quaint".  It was a little more floral than I can appreciate.  Also, it was on a hot sun-facing side of the building.  The air conditioner quality was poor, as it was very small and probably added in the past.  Had it on full blast even at night.  

    But enough of the doubts, let's get on to the great parts.  We stayed here for one night only, as we were hotel jumping around town.  The staff in the front office were extremely friendly and made every effort to ensure out stay was a pleasant one.  I believe the main guy was Mike, and we do appreciate his service.

    If the price were a little more friendly, then I'd definately stay again.  It was a tad expensive for what you get.  That, and it's in the wierdest place, as somebody prior had written.  I felt like I was in the wrong place as I was driving through a housing track, then there it was.  Odd.

    16/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    132. Erin O.
    If you want to treat yourself or company to a great brunch in the South Bay, Dolce at Hayes Mansion really has no competition. It's a quality buffet brunch that doesn't really exist elsewhere any more. (There were more options in San Jose when I was younger, but no more.)

    For $40 without tip and tax, you get a champagne brunch that delivers both quality and quantity and service. Our mimosas and coffee and juices were refilled continuously, and our plates were whisked away before we moved on to the next round.

    The buffet includes items such as:
    --Omelet bar (made to order)
    --Eggs Benedict
    --Scrambled eggs
    --Large prawns with cocktail sauce
    --Fresh fruit
    --Vegetable salad bar
    --Variety of muffins, sweet rolls, croissants, etc.
    --All the makings for lox and bagels: Mini bagels, fresh salmon, cream cheese, capers, chopped onion, crumbled hard-boiled egg
    --Blintzes with berries
    --Pancakes with syrup
    --Variety of fish and meat dishes
    --Variety of potato and pasta dishes
    --Dessert table (carrot cake, fruit tarts, chocolate mousse cups, etc.)
    --and more...

    I've been to this Sunday brunch at least 8 times and it never fails to deliver. Great place for special occasions or occasional treat.

    18/10/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    133. Mary C.
    its nostalgic... reminds me of the Philippines.... Has a very eccentric feel to it....

    10/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    134. Liz M.
    Upon arrival the outside looks beautiful, even the surrounding areas look nice and peaceful.  Hotel room was decent, they provide you with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, & hand soap so no need to bring your own.

    Why such a low rating? When we first checked in one employee mentioned that b/c we're staying at the hotel and the wedding we're attending is at another location they would provide shuttle service to and from the hotel. Fast forward to 3:30 and we get to the lobby only to hear that the shuttle service was only provided for the wedding party.  WOW misinformation much!?!?! I also overheard other guests requesting for the same shuttle service, and were also denied. Employees really need to get their information straightened out b/c of this we had to wait about 20-30mins for taxis, which wouldn't have been a problem if we had known earlier.  

    After the wedding we arrive back at the hotel and have a box of ice cream with us that we got from the reception, so we asked the staff if they could keep it in the freezer for us.  The next day when we were checking out we asked for our ice cream, and I was super excited for my choco taco b/c I didn't want to mix ice cream and alcohol at the wedding. My first bite into the choco taco and I was drinking ice cream soup!!!! What did they do put the ice cream in the fridge????? Who does that!

    We did have the brunch breakfast for $12.99 which was also decent and consisted of: scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, cold cereal, oatmeal, blueberry pancakes, fruit and yogurt.

    And lastly a shoutout to Ron driver for shuttle/front desk employee. We asked for a shuttle to the airport for 5 ppl, and he asked what time our flight was. We said it's at 12:35 (it was already 11:30 btw) and he responds with, "oh you guys should leave now." And do we leave right away, No! He decides to lag and take his time while we're all ready to go and in front of the hotel. Luckily we made it in time for our flight. But you can tell he was stressed, he was tailgating and cutting ppl off.

    11/10/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    135. Chloé N.
    Going to Hayes Mansion on a sunny Sunday for a champagne brunch, and have a walk around the mansion feels soooooooo good!

    Though it is kinda early to start drink already in the morning, I like their mix of champagne and orange juice (I think they call it Mosa?).  Food is very diversified--cocktail shrimp, oysters, crab, breakfast stuff, steak, grilled chicken, potato, dessert...fresh and tasty, definitely worth the money!

    Outside area of Hayes Mansion is really beautiful and relaxing. I can imagine a lot of people come here for wedding pictures. The reason I don't give it five star is that we tried to take some pictures there, with tripod, the manager came to ask us to register with the front desk, and tried to charge us $50...blah! -- Thought we did forget to mention that we ate brunch there. :P Oh well, we still took some good shots there already!

    02/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    136. Jessica W.
    What gorgeous grounds they have here!  This was our first year hosting my Annual Holiday Brunch here and a girlfriend of mine stayed voer the night before and just lvoed it.  When we arrived for the brunch one of the workers recognized her and asked how the rest of her night was.  

    Such excellent customer service here!

    I had called several times to ask questions about the grounds and how kid friendly the property was and never once did I feel like I was a bother (even though I knew I had to be).  

    I am impressed and will most definitely have them in mind for group events and getaways in the future!

    16/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    137. lindsey d.
    We stayed at this hellhole Dec 5th-12th 2009 and to sum it up: would never stay here again!

    Why is this review so late? I intended to do it much sooner but life happened. I came across our trip blog and my memories of this place are still so bitter that I had to share. So anyway, my husband's mom traded a week of her timeshare for us and wow what a disappointment. The grounds look nice but the actual rooms? Dingy, smelly, old, broken. Our first room had a broken tv and a broken ethernet port so we asked to be moved. Our second room had a messed up tv (guy had to come and fix it) and broken ethernet port. It also had a plastic bag over the smoke detector and a crappy thermostat. It was also very easy to get trapped in the bathroom since the door would stick. The best part is the sink leaked a ton of water onto the floor. By that point we had already unpacked so we didn't end up switching rooms yet again; the next day we told staff about the leak and asked if they could fix it. Never happened!

    We were able to use the courtesy shuttle to get to a nearby lightrail station. We tried to use the shuttle again a few days later after staying in the city for a conference and were told there was no shuttle available today because "they did not have a bell hop scheduled to work this week." Note that we had mentioned we would need the shuttle again sunday when we had left and they told us it was available until 10pm. After a cell phone screaming match (yeah I was po'd) with various people I was told that the manager himself would pick us up. Yes, that was a fun ride back but at least we didn't have to pay for a taxi.

    Other annoyances included running into people milling around for events- most likely holiday parties. The music was loud but thank goodness we were staying in a corner far away from it.

    Lastly we were amused at checkout that no one asked how our stay was because oh boy, they would have had an earful. Seemed pretty typical of the apathetic staff, though.

    29/01/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    138. Tala P.
    My husband and I had our Wedding at the Dolce Hayes Mansion and this rating is for wedding locations. I'm giving this place a 4 because we had the time of our lives! Its a beautiful place, service is great (very helpful) and most importantly everything is clean. Our wedding was beautiful (but we couldn't have our ceremony outside because it was so windy). Our photos came out so beautiful.

    The food was GREAT! The Filet Mignon was the best (Even though my husband and I only had 1 bite - We hardly ate at our wedding). I have to give it up to the service, the bell boys, etc... The workers are wonderful and so very helpful, you dont get that kind of service now a days. With the wedding package you choose you also get a free wedding cake from Margaret's French Bakery (SO YUMMMMAY). Make sure to schedule cake tasting!

    Now the reason why I didn't give Dolce Hayes a 5 star is because they charge an arm, a leg and your liver! =P The wedding planner has a bit of an attitude and at times it felt as if she didn't really want to help. Its a very pricey place and remember you must give 2 weeks before the wedding day for no shows or they charge.

    29/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    139. Theresa L.
    Time To Chill..

    I went here with the family for mother's day brunch and all I can say is I wish I either had another stomach or tupperware to take some food home. When we first arrived and waited for the rest of our party to arrive they had a great fairy face painter for the kids. When we were escorted to our table. The coffee was strong, the mimosas were a never-ending story and the food was a hole in one. The variety  of crab and shrimp were fresh the omelets were made to order and the eggs benedict mad me fall in love. They had fresh fruit and freshly grilled asparagus in which I probably ate two bundles.  One would think that a buffet isn't fresh and by far good, but I would have to debate on this one. I would definitely go back and actually look forward to doing so.

    18/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    140. Julie W.
    We just came back from a girlfriends 30th birthday dinner here, and had a great time! We had cocktail hour in a courtyard, before sitting in one of their smaller banquet rooms for dinner! The food and drinks were amazing! There were about 50 of us, so the fact that we got to order off a preselcted menu, people food came out ontime and hot... I was very impressed!
    Heather Moggia, is one of the event coordinators at the Mansion, and did a great job of ensuring everyone was happy. The bar tenders were also great and very accomodating.
    We sat outside on their patio and had a few more beverages before heading home. The atmosphere out there was very inviting and comfortable.
    I look forward to my next even at the Dolce Hayes Mansion.

    24/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    141. JÅred C.
    I planned an early Valentines Day getaway for my girlfriend and I this past weekend.  I can't begin to tell you how impressed I was with the service that we received during our stay. I will break it down into sections:

    The room: The room was amazing and we received a king size bed (that was so comfy) and a balcony. It was very clean and relatively spacious for being a hotel room. We arrived and quickly ordered a cheese and cracker platter that would go with the Chardonnay that we had purchased on our way in from a local winery.  We received everything we asked for faster than I expected.  

    Silver Creek Dining: We had dinner at the dinner at the Silver Creek Dinning Room. I was able to get into contact with Amber Russell who is the food and beverage manager. She was able to set up a very romantic inner for the two of us. I was even able to have rose's ordered and placed on the table before we arrived. She even arranged for us to have a special 3-course meal made for us (it was amazing) and the $20 cork fee isn't bad since we had purchased a bottle of red wine at the winery. The next morning we had reservations for the Sunday brunch. The food was definitely worth the price with jump shrimp, oysters, crab legs, omelet bar, eggs benedict, and many other delicious items.  Plus, it's all you can drink mimosas, which they are not stingy on because they came around and filled up as soon as I finished it (if not just to top me off). Unfortunately, we were driving home right after breakfast so I couldn't drink as many as I wanted to.

    Grounds: After dinner we ordered another bottle of wine and walked around the hotel enjoying some of the other amenities such as checkers in the library, a game of pool in the billiards room and also a dip in the Jacuzzi! We checked out the fitness center, which was a little small, but made up for it with the type of equipment they had.  The keep the hotel very clean and the landscape is gorgeous. I would have loved to sit on the patio and enjoy drinks if the weather wasn't so cold. I would have liked to have a fire pit, but to each there own! I would also recommend visiting the Testarossa Winery in Los Gatos. They don't list it on there local wineries list, but the place is like 20 minutes away and an amazing setting and great wines.

    Overall I would highly recommend staying here. You definitely get what you pay for and I will be coming back again sometime in the near future.

    11/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    142. cali c.
    I stayed at Hayes Mansion the same night as the below mentioned Company Party on December 9th... what can I say, FML. The room was fine, the grounds were fine, but was not fine was the bass-ed out music blasting from the party until midnight. Along with the late night of pounding music was the apparent bar that also stayed open until 12am.

    I CALLED FRONT DESK SECURITY 3 TIMES BETWEEN 12 AND 2:30AM. Here's a sample of what I hear unfolding form my 3rd floor window:  "Bitch, I am from the Hood-- I will fuck you up".  There were at least 3 separate instances of altercations outside as the party was wrapping up. Once when I called the front desk, the gal let out a sigh and said, is the fight outside the building or in the parking lot again?" This doesn't even include the drama that stared as the party-goers came up to their rooms. One lady was so wasted, she kept screaming "Fuuckkk yOU! No, FFFFuck you, I hate you" to her date. I was like, wtf? Who acts like that??

    I was SO disappointed in the experience that I couldn't even go to the front to discuss it the following morning. We went to Hayes for a stay-cation, as we're pregnant and wanted to get away. Im sure it would have been a great experience, but I question the judgement to allow the party to go so late, like 7pm-midnight?? what good will come from serving people alcohol for 5 hours?? It felt like Hayes Mansion just wanted to book the party so bad, there was no regard for the other guests at the hotel. I'm furious about it!

    17/12/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    143. Mark S.
    Very rustic and old, liked it! However I was put by the pool and all I heard was "KIDS SCREAMING"

    This is more of a family and couple's, not really conducive to one person stay. The bar food was great and the outdoor seating rocked it. But just way too many KIDS for me.

    24/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    144. Connie W.
    After 6+ glorious hours in the b*tch seat on a sold-out flight and waiting at the car rental counter with a zillion other travelers, unwinding at Dolce Hayes was the perfect remedy.

    Staff is very polite and checking-in and -out was a breeze. We stayed in a clean and spacious, double-bed room on the ground floor. Fellow neat freaks and germaphobes need not worry. Although it was mostly quiet, I suggest requesting a second floor room because my efforts to sleep-in were thwarted by the guests above us clomping around in the morning.

    Speaking of sleep, the beds here are SO comfortable! Ultra-soft sheets and lots of lofty down pillows.. [dreamy sigh]. The bathroom was stocked with fluffy towels, shampoo, shower gel, cotton balls, etc. that I ended up not using much of my own toiletries. Cell phone signal is terribly weak in the room. The hotel provides complimentary wifi, and an Ethernet cable is available in the desk drawer for wired connection.

    Our stay was short so we didn't get to take advantage of all the hotel amenities, but the pool is really lovely and clean. Several heated outdoor seating areas for chatting and sharing drinks. Edenvale Park is right across from the hotel, where we enjoyed a blissful morning walk. Parking is plentiful and free.

    I definitely won't be worrying about hotel accommodations the next time I visit San Jose because it'll be with Dolce Hayes.

    07/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    145. Shirley M.
    Sunday Brunch is excellent here! So much variety of oyster bar and shrimp. Hot foods, variety of desserts and salads, olives, smoked salmon and so much more....Fresh made eggs.

    The customer service is excellent, professional and courteous people. Relaxing atmosphere. Clean rooms, the waiter comes by filling mimosas and fresh coffee without asking. You get value for money for $39.99. Its nice to go treat yourself for brunch or a birthday or anniversary.

    22/11/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    146. Birdy H.
    What a beautiful place! I've been wanting to write a review for this place since my company Christmas party (2011) but keep forgetting.  The grounds were and architecture was beautiful.  

    I actually attended another Christmas party at this very same place the following weekend after my company's except it was held on the bigger side of the Mansion.  Sadly, I lived close enough to drive home so did not book a room but from what I hear from friends and work associates, the rooms were nice!

    The inside decors was also very nice.

    I wouldn't mind returning for drinks or lunch some time soon.

    19/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    147. Lien T.
    I attended a friend's wedding here a couple of weekends ago and it was beautiful! The ceremony was done outdoor, located right in front of the mansion's elegant ballroom. Outdoor weddings can be nerve-wrecking and risky, but the weather was perfect for the occasion!

    Following the ceremony, there was a brief intermission where there were a few open bars--perfect for singles who hate attending weddings! There was also a cheese and vegetable bar for self-serving. I took the opportunity to enjoy my gin and tonic, as I mingled with the other guests. Three drinks later, it was time for the reception. I walked into the ballroom's foyer and looked for my seating arrangement. The ballroom wasn't too big, so I didn't have much difficulty finding my table. Both the foyer and ballroom were clean and very spacious. I especially liked the effects of the high ceilings. It's a great location for a small, intimate wedding.

    The food ( yelp.com/biz_photos/HDyE… ) was A-OK. I don't think I've ever had fantastic wedding food before. Unless the chef was Robert Irvine from food network's Dinner: Impossible show, I wouldn't expect the quality and taste of food to be super good.

    I would have given them 4 stars, but the white chairs used for the guests during the ceremony were flimsy and dirty. Weddings require a lot of preparation and anything as minute as dirty white chairs will be noticed.

    16/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    148. Tony T.
    It's hidden away in San Jose, in fact I was never aware of this place had it not been pointed out by my friend.  It's a beautiful place, casual and mellow but there are folks who dress up more than we did.  We wore jeans and just dressed warmly for the cold, rainy day.

    My friend, who is very thorough made reservations in which they couldn't find it when we arrived, however they were cordial about seating us nonetheless.  The waiter was quick to get our beverages, always removing our plates when they were cleared.  He kept on top of things, even got hot chocolate for my friend who requested it.

    There's a huge spread, from the typical eggs, pancakes and bagels, but also oysters, desserts and salads to spare.  I think I sampled most of the food and was thoroughly stuffed.  I had mimosas for a while as well.  The meal itself is $40 per person, which isn't bad because service and food is good.  It was a nice way to spend a Sunday with some friends and enjoying each other's company before I headed home from my weekend getaway.  Good food and good friends.  No complaints here!

    25/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    149. Sam K.
    I've been here 3-4 times now, can't remember exactly.I like the feel of this place. The scenery is nice...if you're not on the side of the hotel that has a view of the street. Then you're looking at a barren lot, which isn't all that appealing. Anyway, the service is nice, albeit a bit on the slow side. The rooms are nice and clean. I did have a problem with the card key access to the building and elevators, though. Still, it wasn't all that inconvenient and didn't put a damper on my weekend getaway.

    20/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    150. Kristi R.
    I like this mansion. It was just so nice and everything was clean. Plus the staff was so friendly I will definitely be back again. Hopefully to plan my wedding there.

    25/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    151. Lorrie M.
    This is a picture perfect location for a wedding with great negotiable rates for your guests if you decide to book your wedding here. The outdoors area of the Dolce Hayes Mansion is just breathtaking and most definitely will come out looking fantastic in the pictures after the fact.

    The rooms are a little average, but nothing that the open bar won't fix for your wedding night. The staff tends to be a little scatter-brained though since they tend to lose reservations, forget details or fail to inform you of certain critical things, but generally speaking this happens mostly all the time at many places.

    19/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    152. M E.
    Hayes mansion is beautiful!  We attended a wedding reception here.  It started out in the courtyard with pupus and drinks and moved its way into one of the banquet rooms which was beautifully decorated.  The only thing I didn't like was how the bathrooms were downstairs.  I was looking around for the little boy on his trike and waiting to hear "red rum red rum"!  Spooky area.  Take a friend along.......

    My husband and I booked a suite here also.  It was super clean and cozy.  Staff is great!  We like this place so much we booked 2 suites for our daughter's bday.  One for us and one for her and her friends.....

    15/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    153. Cassandra B.
    I recently stayed here for 3 nights while visiting San Jose on a business trip. I found the service to be very friendly and the hotel was beautiful. I loved the little fireplace in the bar and that they had many teas and fresh fruit-spiked water set out during cocktail hour (I don't drink so I really appreciated that).

    I was very much looking forward to the steam room but it was closed for repairs. :( I did sit in the sauna (dry heat really isn't my thing), and I very much enjoyed a dip in the hot tub. The facilities were very clean and I am surprised that more people weren't taking advantage of it.

    I had breakfast at the hotel one morning and went with the buffet. I am vegan so I was disappointed to find that most offerings were meat, eggs, and dairy-centered, but this is the case with many hotels. The hostess (a short young lady with glasses) was very friendly and spoke with the omelette maker to have him go get tofu to make for me. Very thoughtful. The guy pan-fried the tofu with the veggies of my choice and brought it to me. I can't say it was the best tofu I have ever had but I know this guy probably rarely cooks tofu so I appreciated the effort. The hostess said she would speak to the chef so he could prepare some vegan pancakes for me in the morning. I was looking forward to this but I realized that if you don't know how to make vegan pancakes, you will either simply leave out the eggs (ruining the texture), or you will have to look up a special recipe online and I didn't think the chef would do that. As such, I decided to have breakfast and the rest of my meals elsewhere, as delicious vegan food (Vietnamese is my favorite in the area) is very affordable and easy to find in San Jose.

    06/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    154. Clay M.
    This place is beautiful and I want to give it higher marks, but I need to be real. My room situation was strange in that it was as if someone borrowed it before I got there, for a shower and, I'm guessing, some action. There were two towels used and hung up home style, and the trash was full of Gatorade bottles and takeout boxes. Everything else was move-in ready. Didn't look like anyone laid pipe on the bed so I'm not sure what to think other than they must have handled everything in the shower. Due to bumper to bumper traffic on the 17 (at 9pm - CA is so cool like that!) I arrived late (11 pm) and was fully unpacked and in bed before I figured out that the air conditioning didn't work. I called the front desk and they offered to send a security guard to try to operate the control panel. I figured I had comparable wits to the security guard and declined the offer. It's two buttons...

    It's the details that could set this place on another level...broken stopper rolling around in the sink (room 143), the garbage, curlies on the used towels, etc.   this is all a bit weird, but I was pot committed to the room and traveling with my two year old for fathers day.  The free WIFI was a nice surprise, but it didn't work.

    I hope they get it together here - the place has the potential to be great.

    21/06/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    155. Rosie P.
    My husband and I spent one weekday night here to celebrate the end of our vacation and our 1st year wedding anniversary. I was born and raised in SJ and didn't even know this place existed! Granted, SJ is huger than huge of a city, so that's expected.

    The hotel-mansion is nestled in suburbia, so when we finally reached Dolce Hayes, I was pretty impressed with this grandeur. The inside is very well kept. Here are my reviews of the amenities we experienced:

    Front desk: Very friendly; it being a weekday and thus not very busy, we got an early check-in! Awesome. Thank you for not being stingy.

    Pool: Surprisingly small. Not for doing laps or much of anything but standing in it. But, it was very clean and warm for an outdoor pool, so that was nice. The lounge chairs were very comfy cozy.

    Outdoor lounge: Very well decorated! The seating was so plush and comfy. The happy hour cocktail menu was fab. Loved the raspberry lemon drop and the strawberry basil mojito (great combo!!). There was a graduation party at the same time we were lounging there before dinner, and a group of Silicon Valley techies for some conference, and only one server. That was a bit odd. I am assuming the hotel knew both [large] groups were in attendance... had to wait for a bit to be served and checked up on. But it was well worth it... the atmosphere was so relaxing!

    Our room: Clean, plush king size bed. Flowers on the shower curtain, carpet and window drapes were a little English-inn-matronly-like, but that wasn't a deal breaker. I just would not have pictured such flowery decor, since the rest of the grounds are so clean and not flowery gross. Even with the logo design of Dolce Hayes, it should be a bit more modern inside the rooms. The rooms were a bit loud, though. It was warm out (this trip was at the end of May), and the air conditioning in the building sounded like we were on a steamboat or the Titanic in steerage. I got over it, because, well, it was our first anniversary and there was little that could ruin it! But it was a very comfortable room.

    Dinner: Fabulous. For the price, you get a LOT of food, which I was so surprised by, but pleasantly surprised! Cooked well.

    Post-Dinner Lounge: Our server was soooooo nice and brought us over a complimentary dessert since it was our first wedding anniversary!! So sweet!!! That really made the evening. :o) Thank you!!!

    All in all, I would recommend this place. I'd like to see how hoppin' it is on a weekend.

    04/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    156. Cindy Y.
    I booked this hotel thru HotelTonight.com . When I arrived at around 10p, the hotel took over 30 min to check us in because they were overbooked.  After extensive search, the hotel rep advised that all rooms were booked except for one, but it may require cleaning.  He offered to send me and another family to another hotel if we'd like, but I declined because I drove over 6 hours to get to the hotel and I was tired.  The hotel rep offered my mom and I free breakfast for our inconvenience.

    But what he had failed to tell us was that there was a wedding near our hotel room that night.  The music was thumping all night until 1am.  If I had known that it was going to be that noisy, we would have gone with the other option, stay at a different hotel.  On top of that, our room was not completely clean/ready.  Someone had used the soap and towels but housekeeping had failed to change those out before we arrived.

    Other than that, the hotel is fairly nice with pretty landscape all around.  I was very disappointed that the hotel manager didn't comp me for the miserable night I had due to the party nearby.  He offered me 25% discount if I were to rebook directly thru the hotel on future visits.  That is if I ever visit the area again....

    01/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    157. Dalenna K.
    This is such a beautiful place to visit. I loved   Walking around the green luscious grounds. This place is very relaxing. The staff are professional and friendly. We held a 3 day event here and everything was very well set up. My only complaint would have to be there communication with banquettes to make sure coffee and hot water were always fresh and filled for our students. Once I got ahold of one of the manager's, Daniel things went very smooth. I highly recommend coming here. My room is also a get away delight. Very peaceful place to get away from the hustle and Bustle.

    19/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    158. Chi N.
    My friend and I booked a room here recently for our staycation. We got a great rate from Hotel Tonight and wanted to check out this hotel since we use to walk our dogs by here often.

    The room was decent but by no means luxurious as described on Hotel Tonight. The bed was big and comfortable and the balcony was a nice touch. Hayes Mansion has a lot of history and is a landmark but it reminds me of The Shining and it's a bit too creepy for me to host an event there.

    15/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    159. Abe L.

    09/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    160. Dan N.
    This is a review of Brunch.

    I've been here a couple times for brunch and each time it's  pretty much the same experience.

    It's buffet style. There's a small but good selection of different types of food ranging from seafood to breakfast food including oysters, smoked salmon, fruits, omelet bar, dessert table etc.

    You also get different type of drinks like mimosa, coffee, tea, etc.

    The service is excellent, very professional and attentive.

    However, I think the price here is a bit high for the limited selection. THe food quality is good but it's not great. This is more of a experience if you want to go to brunch at a fancy country club. Other then that it's not that special.

    I would recommend this for families or large groups.

    26/11/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    161. Dale D.
    This review is for Mothers Day brunch only.  With a reservation we still had to wait 45 min to be seated. Now this is a day were there are a bunch of old lady's and young inpatient kids having to wait in the sun on a hot day. Not good.

    Once we finally got seated all the food looked picked over and old.  Believe it or not the food tasted just as bad as it looked. After waiting another 40 min for them to get a prime rib I will admit it was good.  Problem was by that point I was full.

    We sat around and chatted for a few more min and decided get desert and head out. 2:15 pm at a brunch that goes till 3pm and they were all but out of deserts.

    Over $400 later I feel like I waisted hard earned money on this place. Never taking my family here again!  

    One extra star for the wait staff. Very helpful and attentive.

    12/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    162. Tamara R.
    I stayed here as it was the closest hotel to friends I was visiting in San Jose.  It's beautiful, the service is excellent and the rooms and bathrooms are spacious and clean.  The check-in is the fastest I have ever experienced, and I've been at even more luxurious properties.  I didn't try the brunch (we got up too late) but it was included in my room rate.

    29/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    163. Hang T.
    I went to this place because someone had suggested it as a good wedding venue. I saw the pictures and thought "why not give it a try?" since it could accommodate 400+ people.

    If you look at the pictures, you see that they have a beautiful front lawn, perfect for outside ceremonies. However, the more I looked at the lawn, the more disappointed I was. The mansion or the property was not very big or elaborate so you won't get a good variety of pictures. There is the lawn, the main entrance way, and the fountain. That is about it. Don't expect your pictures to turn out that great unless you have an awesome photographer.

    The main building is dated and old-fashioned. Not really something I wanted. If I was going to go for a more traditional look, I would have gone more rustic and cultural. There was wood everywhere and ugly green carpeting with flowers on it.

    When I looked at the grand ballroom, I was again disappointed. It was very plain and looked like you would need a lot of decorations to make it beautiful. It was pretty much bare bones.

    When I talked to their wedding coordinator, I could tell that I probably wouldn't get along with her. She is very animated and vocal. She was also older and did not seem very informed about the current trends. I also didn't like the fact that when I made an appointment with her, she forgot about it.

    To me, this place does not have a feel that is worthy of the word "mansion".

    21/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    164. Gokool M.
    Came here for our annual easter brunch and egg hunt.
    Best Easter brunch in the Bay area.

    Egghunts are included with the brunch and they have one at 11am and 1pm.
    The price is $$$ but it is worth it, if your still eating during the egghunt time you can go egghunt then comeback and finish up.
    They had face painters on location, and refreshing water with fruit inside.

    No valet this year, not a big deal as there is plenty of parking.

    The food selection was great and consisted of:
    Oysters, muscles, dungeness crab legs, shrimp, ribeye, lamb, turkey, omelet station, various salads, cheese, crackers, bagels, fruit, and many other gourmet dishes.

    Seems like im rambling, so just try it, they also have a Mothers day brunch but be sure to reserve a few weeks in advance.

    4-Stars  ****

    02/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    165. Eric G.
    Very quiet location. The room is not very large but cosy and very clean and comfortable. We arrived late in the evening and had difficulties to find out the reception desk as this hotel is a collevction of buildings and the direction is not clear.
    Globally this hotel is a good one

    08/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    166. Jolie P.
    This review is for the hotel's restaurant. Came here for brunch with a party of 19 on a Sunday afternoon. The staff was attentive and friendly from the moment we arrived. I loved that they kept the mimosas flowing and that they did not skimp on the champagne ;)! But the food left much to be desired when it came to temperature- my eggs benedict (which had just came out of the kitchen) and crab legs were both cold! I was pretty disappointed. I did enjoy the rest of the experience and would give it 3 1/2 stars if Yelp allowed.

    14/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    167. Christina W.
    I went for Sunday Brunch with some ladies. It took a bit of a walk and a few questions, but we finally found the restaurant: Dolce. Here's the way brunch works: You are seated and notified that it is an all-inclusive buffet. Bottomless mimosas and coffee, and endless trips to get food.
    Our waiter was Viet and we LOVED the service! Our mimosas were never empty and coffee was offered constantly.
    The food was delicious and there was a great variety. I saw seafood (oysters on the half-shell, crab legs, shrimp), eggs benedict, fruit, pancakes, omelet bar, and cakes.
    It was all SO tasty. I loved everything I put on my plate.
    I can't wait to return with my husband.

    10/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    168. Veronica H.
    I went here for a teacher retirement party. The place is very pretty, gorgeous well-kept grounds. The inside was also nice as well. It would be a lovely venue for weddings, parties, etc. I gave it only 3 stars because the food was just okay. I did not care for the antipasto tray - I felt that the meats were very stung. The brushetta was okay but I felt that he bread was very hard which made it hard to take a bite. The fruit skewers looked like they had been sitting out all day, it did not really look that fresh. They did do a great job of refilling the food when it got low and the bartender was very nice. I probably would not want to book an event here based on the small sample of food that I had but the place itself is very beautiful.

    30/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    169. Cindy D.
    After searching  for hotels near by for my anniversary I couldn't find one for a decent price and the luxury I wanted, lucky for me a friend refered me to hayes mansion which is about 3 miles from my house (first time away from our toddler so we wanted to be close) the staff was so helpful they even put together fruit, cheese and crackers and champagne with two beautiful glasses before we got to our room! Thank you Alan Anderson! We also had dinner at the palm plaza lounge which is at the hotel, which made it super convenient!  We opted to sit outside near the heating lamps and it was cold but beautiful.  When the waiter saw we were a little chilly he brought a light cover for our lap and even brought us out a cake with a candle in honor of our anniversary. wow! Exceptional service! We stayed at the parlor suit and let me tell ya everything was classic and beautiful just what I loved. The sauna was right outside our door, loved that! Breakfast in the morning was fast and oh soo good! Everything was great! I recommend anyone to go and book with hayes mansion you won't regret it!

    26/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    170. Dorcas K.
    Great location for meetings / training sessions where folks need to come in from out of town. Much better than an impersonal chain hotel!

    Our training room was spacious and well set up. They provided snack food "buffet" all day long - including breakfast burritos, fruit, cookies, veggies and dip plus coffee, teas, soda - an excellent selection, on top of the 3 meals we had in their dining facility. The dining room food was a bit heavier on cream sauces and starches but they had different proteins and a salad bar available.

    I didn't stay overnight but the folks who did said that the rooms were comfortable. They had a nice bar, comfy lounge with couches, great grounds for walking around. Plus space for groups to work outside and enjoy the fresh air.

    There weren't any other events going on at the time but there were several other groups in training / meeting sessions. I would recommend this place for training / meeting sessions.

    02/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    171. Knapweed L.
    Beautiful Architecture, Historical with Modern Facilities

    Love the historical Mediterranean architecture, beautiful and lush landscaping. It has a character.

    Cozy, sizable room with beautiful traditional decor and modern facilities.

    Nice, spacious bathroom with great amenities.

    Convenient location.

    30/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    172. Caroline B.
    I spent 5 days here for a family gathering and we had a great experience.  We organized a luncheon for my grandmothers 90th birthday and the staff was so great in helping with everything and continually checked in to make sure everything was going well.  The grounds are beautiful as are the buildings, and cocktail lounge area outside.  It's a gem nestled in a suburban neighborhood.  

    My only complaint would be the pool, it was so warm!  It was like getting into a bath, but it was great at night when the temps dropped.  

    My room (2 queen beds) was spacious and clean, I love that there is a vanity area outside the bathroom which is convenient when there are multiple people staying in the room.  The decor is a little dated (flowery), but everything was clean and did not feel dingy or grimy.  

    I felt my overall experience was on par with the price of the hotel.

    02/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    173. Veda F.
    I had a very pleasant experience at the Hayes Mansion.  I attended a #LWVC League of Women Voters of California convention in May 2013.  The setting was beautiful and the staff accommodating.  I spent 3 days at the Mansion and I was happy to see how the architects preserved the old mansion and married the new convention center.  The historic mansion is filled with beautiful hard wood and marble.   I had a pleasant experience and the convention turned out great with the help of the staff at the Hayes Mansion.

    22/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    174. Bert K.
    Attending here for a project management training, four day classes.

    In the Rose room; nice a/c and ok chairs.  Loud pop music blared in the outside garden and there was nothing we could do about it; our proctor even asked management.

    9/29/12 :Breakfast fruits and coffee bar are very nice.

    Lunch: late, wrong orders for a few of us. The supervisor came out and looked the other way and said, we are a little late. They totally forgot our desserts.

    9/30/12: at 7:40 am, the old food from the previous day was still there. I tried the coffee and it was luke warm, must have been yesterday's coffee. By 8 am, we still did'nt have the breakfast foods/drinks setup.

    29/09/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    175. Lauren B.
    We stayed here after our wedding, before heading off to the honeymoon. What a wonderful way to cap off an extraordinary day. The mansion itself has so much charm--beautiful architecture with JUST the right amount of 'haunted mansion' aspect. The room we stayed in was amazing and the breakfast the next day was great! Definitely a 'cut above' typical hotel breakfasts. I couldn't recommend this place more.

    09/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    176. Shanitte N.
    cute place. had dessert at the restaurant, pretty good!

    26/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    177. Jessica H.
    I am so unbelievably disappointed with their MOTHER'S DAY BRUNCH.  While this place is beautiful, it is absolutely NOT WORTH $148.00 for two people on Mother's Day.  I have never in my life spent $148.00 for my husband and I to eat out, and although I understand that Mother's Day is a special event, for what they offered, and the hideous room they sat us in, it should have been no more than $30 per person max!  

    Despite making our reservations for 6 over a month in advance so that we could request seating in their special dining room, they "had no availability" on the day of.  Strike 1.  Then, the buffet was lackluster, the desired items were always out of stock, and the room we were sat in was nothing more than a freezing cold makeshift indoor patio -Strike OUT.  Not to mention the fact that the food was gross - even my husband complained and he normally goes with the flow for all things food.

    Then to top it all off, we get our bill and our share (for just the two of us) was $148.00 dollars.  I had to hide the check from my husband and didn't tell him until after we left because I was terrified of him learning of how exorbitant the prices were.  

    As we were leaving they had photo booths and face painting, which of course were at your cost.  Geeze, for such ridiculous prices, they could have included something more - all we received in addition to their horrible food was a lame long-stemmed carnation.  I was so mad I left mine on the table.  

    Next time, I will eat at Village in Santana Row - by far the best brunch, ambiance, and service I've ever had for brunch.  Do not waste your time, money, or hungry belly on this place.  

    Very very disappointed.  My wallet hurts.  Never ever coming here again.

    23/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    178. Nate E.
    The Dolce Hayes Mansion is beautiful. The grounds are buildings are elegant and we'll kept. The mansion has an interesting history, which the hotel pamphlet doesn't hesitate to educate you on. The breakfast buffet is delicious, but a bit pricey, as is the a la carte food from the restaurant and bar. The pool is small, but nice. This hotel has a better fitness center than most that I have been to, and they definitely get big us points for having free weights. Hayes Mansion also has indoor/outdoor jacuzzis, saunas, full locker room, and full service spa. I didn't bother with Sunday's Champagne brunch, but it's supposed to be great if you can afford it. The staff was more than accomodating and very quick to help. This hotel understand the meaning of customer service. There is a beautiful jogging path opposite the main entrance which connects to a cool little playground, which was great for my significant other's 5 year old daughter. The rooms are spacious, clean, and very nice. I had a great wireless connection on my laptop. The Queen rooms didn't have floor space for a roll away mattress for the kid, so they upgraded our room free of charge. The stay here was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I was sad to head home to reality. If you are headed to the San Jose area, don't hesitate to check this place out.

    27/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    179. Redvirgo C.
    I had a lot of pros and cons with Hayes. Yes it's beautiful, but not as well kept inside as out. We went to book a room for a wedding and after being shown the room were told it was booked the day we needed it --even though they knew our day beforehand -- but the ballroom was available and we would get a discount (bait and switch). They failed to mention it would cost an arm and leg to decorate and you can't know these things in advance. The vendors they recommend are very expensive and not all of them are worth it. The woman we began to work with left Hayes shortly after we booked the room and she left no notes on our two extensive planning sessions. We had to start from scratch with the new people more or less; and none of them returned calls in a timely manner. The catering the day of was excellent and the gal in charge that night did a great job (Veronica, I think), but the "endless" wine was not being served --they were waiting to be asked for it by the guests!-- and we had to stall the toast. The carpet in the ballroom is very old and the walls need some real cleaning and general tlc. We did get a room free for babysitting just below the ballroom. The guest rooms we used were nice overall but had curtains that were in terrible need of simply being cleaned and rehung. Parking near the rooms is non existent after 9pm but one of the cleaning staff actually gave me their parking space! The Honeymoon suite is small and strange and there was someone else's lingerie under the bed. Also while it was promised at 11am we didn't get it until after 3pm, the groom and men were supposed to get ready in there and spent an hour shuffling around and finally being given a dif room to use. The wedding and reception were amazing but I would do it differently next time. The menu selections Hayes offers are pricey but the food was excellent as was the service the night of, and overall the staff were friendly and VERY helpful. The photo ops are fabulous here. My advice to anyone new to throwing a wedding is: Get someone experienced to help you find the best deals, don't let your in-laws and Hayes tell you to do it yourself. There is no way to know what you're doing by researching and reading magazines, and if you're booking at a place like Hayes, throw in the extra 5k up front for an organizer and save yourself from being taken for a ride because of your lack of experience.

    16/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    180. Bruce H.
    As the groom, I paid for 5 rooms for the bridal party, and was assured by the manager on duty that a late checkout of 2 pm was not a problem, as the wedding was at 3 pm about a mile away.  My bride, the bridesmaids and the makeup/hairdresser were ordered to check out at noon by the maid, and when they went to the front desk to discuss this problem, the maid locked them out of the room.  They were unable to get anyone to let them back into the room until after 1, and then only to retrieve their property including hair styling equipment and makeup.  Why?  Perhaps because the bridal party was Asian?  The bride and her party had to finish dressing, makeup and hair at the church, which delayed the wedding by over an hour.  So by all means, if you want your wedding screwed up royally and your bride a basket case of stress, by all means go to the Hayes Mansion!!

    01/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    181. Melissa E.
    I really, really, REALLY wanted to love this place.
    Came here on a Sunday for happy hour (4pm-6pm) with a group of 7. The outside patio area is gorgeous, and you feel as if you're no longer in San Jose. The atmosphere is very mellow and relaxing. My kind of place for a Sunday afternoon.
    The grounds of the mansion are beautiful, and the interior looks newly renovated but still true to its time. Very vintage, which I LOVE.
    Gorgeous area to have a wedding.

    So why only 3 stars? Their Happy Hour menu has some flaws. At the bottom, it reads 1/2 off selected HH appetizers or entrees, $5 signature libations, and $6 glass of wine.
    What a steal?! Right?!
    WRONG. Myself and 2 others ordered some glasses of wine. 2 of us chose the David Bruce Pinot Noir which clocks in at (GASP!) $16 per glass. I could get 3 cocktails for that price! But I figure since it's HH, why not? Come to find out when we receive our check, it's $6 for the HOUSE glass of wine. I wish we were told this upon ordering our drinks. I ordered 2 glasses of the Pinot. :(
    Let's just say that I wasn't so happy after that hour. Our waitress was still nice, but the menu is quite deceiving. Might return for the ambiance, but for sure.. I'll just stray away from the wines.

    07/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    182. Peggy B.
    Just spent 3 nights at Dolce Hayes Mansion and were so impressed with the hotel, architecture, service, food and grounds.  It is the most positive experience we have ever had at a hotel. Plush towels, beautiful comforter on bed and even a Keurig coffee maker in our room.  Would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone visiting San Jose.

    09/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    183. Jackie C.
    I have been here several times and it is always so pleasant. Nice rooms, cute pool, The brunch buffet is sooooo good and they have mimosas, sold. They offer a spa and facial treatments and I had my mom get some and she enjoyed it so much! Cute getaway, mother-daughter weekend, or just a lazy weekend by the pool with breakfast and dinner right next door!

    20/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    184. DanThu D.
    This review is actually for Jo Ann Dana, Senior Catering Manager, at Dolce Hayes Mansion. We just had our wedding at Hayes Mansion last month, and everything turned out very well and beautiful. Thanks to Jo Ann. We met Jo Ann on our second appointment at Hayes Mansion, and ever since then we started to work directly with her.

    Jo Ann has been very professional, helpful, and extremely nice. She has always quickly responded to any email/ any concern that we had. If she was out of office, she would have her assistant, Liberty, get back to us right away. Honestly, we feel very grateful to have Jo Ann help us plan our very important day. She has showed us a lot of ideas for our wedding. She has always been very patient to listen to what we wanted, and at the same time she also shared with us her suggestions based on what we wanted.

    Jo Ann treated us like her children. She was always very sweet and very warm. We felt like she was the bridge of making our dream come true. As stressful as it was to plan a wedding and to try to make everything perfect, Jo Ann has made us feel like home every time we came to Hayes Mansion to meet with her. She truly made my life (as a the bride-to-be at the time :D) much easier. That explained why we came to see her sooo many times before our wedding. When my fiance' at the time was out of town for his bachelor's party, I came to Jo Ann's office and stayed there for hours. I always felt so happy and excited when we met Jo Ann. She had a lot of ideas, and I had a lot of ideas, too, but the difference between us was that she knows how to turn those ideas into actions, and I did not. Every time I told her an idea, she got a solution for me. She showed me where to get sparklers. That's how we had a beautiful grand exit where the guests sent us off with lighting sparklers. We told her that we wanted to jump into the pool at the end of the night. Yes, it sounds crazy, isn't it? When we brought it up to her, I thought she would say no right away, but instead, she asked if we were sure and she would try to see what she could do. She had to send emails out to upper managers to explain and ask for permission. And guess what? We did jump off into the pool with our dress and tux on. The best thing was that they heated up the pool in advance so we wouldn't get cold. Yup, Jo Ann got us taken cared of very well.

    During the wedding week, everyday we came to drop off our stuff at her office. All we needed to do was dropping them off, and she got everything displayed or ready on the day of perfectly. I got a surprised painting of us (for the groom). Jo Ann helped me hide it well until the day of. I really like the fact that Jo Ann got to know us very well. She did things according to our interests, our personalities. She always asked us what we wanted, what we liked. She never tried to do anything that she might like but we might not agree. It made it so much easier to plan your wedding when the planner respected your personalities and interests and tried to help you with ideas based on who you are and what you like.

    Moreover, Jo Ann tried to help us with every little concern we had. She arranged so that we had the bridal suite and also extra rooms to get changed near the ballroom. She actually reserved a conference room with a lot of windows for me and my bridesmaids to have our hair and make-up done. She was so thoughtful and helpful.

    On my wedding day, I didn't have to worry about anything. Jo Ann took care of everything. She took good care my vendors very well, too. I hired a vocalist/guitarist and coconut/fruit bar from outside for cocktail hour. Jo Ann arranged them perfectly, and she assisted them with everything they needed.  

    Yes, Jo Ann and her staff got a big trust from us. And they never disappointed us. They have done more and beyond to make sure we had our dream wedding and everything turned out amazingly beautiful. Everybody loved our wedding. Being Vietnamese and having untraditional wedding, we know a lot of adults in the family weren't too happy about it. However, we changed their minds after our wedding. They had to admit that our wedding was fun, beautiful and very well-planned, very organized. We owed Jo Ann and her staff big time for this. We were truly happy and blessed to have Jo Ann and her staff part of our big day.  

    Thank You Very Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    29/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    185. JAN I.
    Came here with BF for Easter Brunch. The buffet was great... We wanted to avoid driving to the city and away from hotel brunches. The buffet was actually not expensive.... All you can eat crab legs, oysters, mussels, and shrimp.  The prime rib was awesome and they also served pork loin and lamb chops. Desserts was so pretty and uniquely decorated.  Property is located in the middle of a residential area...off the beaten path.... Totally would come here again for brunch

    30/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    186. Tara B.
    Small but very pleasant rooms. The grounds are beautiful. The food is amazing! Pool is heated

    12/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    187. Adrian E.
    I was part of a corporate team of about 200 which had training for a week at the Hotel. I'll start off with saying that the room accommodations and food were fairly good. However, the cons of this location far outweighed the good:

    1. The room card keys are fickle - they work, they don't work and you have to try multiple times before your card is read and your hotel door is open. Multiple other co-workers experienced the exact same issue.

    2. Laundry - in order for laundry to be picked up you must have your laundry bag outside. That to me seems ridiculous, what stops some random person from picking you other people's laundry - not that this was my main concern, but I am a little taken aback that laundry can't be left in room for pick up.

    3. CELL PHONE RECEPTION - Ok here is where I completely draw the line. There was absolutely no cell phone reception in the entire hotel. I understand this tower locations are outside of management's control, but there are amplifiers that can be placed in order to enhance cell phone service. I am beyond upset that I don't have reception - I have ATT, but ALL other participants experienced the same thing with ALL carriers. I have also commented the same to our company, as this in unacceptable given we have clients that need to reach us.

    4. Not a big deal, but the gym is small, the treadmills make noises (not normal) dating them back more than a few years. If you are a "mansion" your gym accommodations must be at par.

    5. WiFi  - Experience with WiFi was mixed as we experienced moments of absolute snail like speeds and then they would normalize. i wasn't a fan, but this alone wouldn't have matter. This in combination with the above will guarantee I never return.

    24/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    188. Jeffrey C.
    Pretty enjoyable mother's day brunch. It was nice to see the staff being so attentive to refreshing the buffet as that can really be a make or break. We were in a large party (which I realized had a 20% tip included) and the service was almost close to too attentive. The lox, eggs benedict, breakfast potatoes and cold cut selections were very good. The oysters and lamb were so so. Hayes is always a go to for brunch and will be returning again soon.

    11/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    189. Stefany M.
    This is one of many beautiful places I had a great time partying, excellent ambiance, $$$$$ looking for  wedding locations. Please make a reservation any time you want to have a private party.

    04/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    190. Naomi P.
    My co workers and i got to stay here on the weekend of August 1st. We checked in on Friday and had dinner at the hotel. The rooms were amazing, very comfortable and staff was very friendly. It was our first stay at the mansion and we all look forward to staying there again soon.

    10/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    191. Adriana H.
    Great hotel book through Expedia don't order a drink pool side watered down Margarita was a whopping 13$ geez LoL staff was friendly rooms clean goose down comforter will be back nice added touch with the HBO I might say !!!!!!

    07/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    192. Jamie S.
    I was here on a business event and spent the night.  Parking was a city block from the front desk which was totally unmarked and you had to guess which entrance to go into.  Upon checking in my coworker was checking in and I was standing there to check in and another front desk staff member just stood there looking at me.  I had to wait for her to finish and then I was assisted.  This should have been clue number one. There was another company there at the mansion as well.  The bar area had been taken over by them and there was no room for anyone else. After checking in our room was way in another building and you used a map to find it.  I did not realize this was a treasure hunt to find a hotel room?  The room was nothing special, you can only polish a turd so much.  Beds and linens, nothing more than any more than your low level hotel.  They try to dress up the room with fancy draperies and fancy carpeting that looked dirty.  The chair at the table had stains on the fabric and I would not want to guess where those came from.  The single cup Keurig coffee maker was a surprise till I tried to use it the next morning.  BROKEN.  The food that was served to us was absolutely horrible and I would not serve to my most hated enemy.  I am not sure of the food that would be served outside of the banquet areas, but if it compares to this I would stay clear.  Television channel choices were lacking as well.  I have had nicer stays back in the days when I was in college and broke and staying in lower end hotels.  I would not recommend staying here if you did not have to especially if you are paying.  They idea of staying somewhere historical is awesome, but they definitely have some work to do for their quality standards.

    16/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    193. John C.
    Absolutely disappointed.   Not sure how the service level could be so bad.  One hour plus wait for dinner.   Main restaurant was closed, so guest needed to order from lobby bar.   After bad dinner and service, I try to get to sleep only to discover that I have this horrendous air conditioning unit on the roof above my room!   Do not take a room on the third floor.   Front desk offered little help, advised that I must be a light sleeper!   Marvelous to know.   I wish yelp offered a microphone so that I could record the AC unit!

    20/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    194. Deb D.
    This place deserves zero stars.  It has been one of the most horrible experiences of my entire life.  Do not go here!  Do not stay here!  Do not eat here!  EVERYONE at this place is rude, inconsiderate and downright snotty!   The website is deceiving - no restaurants are open, there is nothing luxurious about this place!  The "lounge" can seat about 15 people, has only 1 puny TV that's too orange, has the most unfriendly bartender we've encountered and the food from the "restaurant" was awful.  Will NEVER go back here nor recommend it to anyone.  Do yourself a favor, go somewhere else.

    13/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    195. Bonny M.
    I attended a scrapbooking crop by
    Scrapbook U. I couldn't have been happier with the room which was clean Lush & cozy.

    The meeting rooms were spacious with Great chairs.

    The gardens and landscape were beautiful with plenty of parking.  

    The beautiful hotel is amazing. Everything looked crisp and clean. Beautiful updates to this old mansion are well done. There is lots of crown molding, really beautify wood banisters and great food

    I'll definitely will return. 5 star hotel.

    22/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    196. Patricia W.
    This place is AMAZING! Such a beautiful get away. As soon as I walked in I was welcomed with smiles and greetings. The rates were reasonable and the rooms were simple, relaxing, and had tons of goodies such as robes, hair dryers, and irons. The beds are super comfortable and sheets are fresh and smooth. As we were adventuring and exploring the mansion we got curious and asked an extraordinary employee named Nick to show us around. He kindly gave us a tour and some insight to the history of the landmark. He was awesome! Everything from the spa to dining is great. I definitely recommend staying here. :)

    27/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    197. Cassandra C.
    I spent 3 days here while speaking at a conference.  It is  a lovely facility and I can't wait to have another good reason to use this venue.  

    The facilities are beautiful and well maintained, they provide free WiFi (something many other venues charge for) and the staff is wonderful.

    This place is pricey but if that isn't a barrier, you will be happy here.

    26/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    198. Kyle Y.
    My review is solely based on the Brunch here (Mother's Day). Essentially it went downhill within the first few minutes. We walked in up to the desk where we thought it was a check in for brunch. So we asked, "Is this where we check in?" There were 4 employees standing there (two of which were probably PMSing based on their attitude) and after a long pause, one of them told us it was outside.  While we saw other parties arriving after us and getting seated before, one of the people in our group had to ask a few times when we were going to get seated. She said our table wasn't ready yet. Later on it turned out that we were seated in a different room downstairs vs. the people who were seated before us. The hostess could have mentioned that so my cousin didn't have to keep asking them what was going on.

    The food was alright, (definitely not worth $60/person). Have eaten at much better brunch buffets at a fraction of the price. Service was slow in terms of refilling juice/coffee,etc.

    To top it off it is still TBD what gender our server was.

    Hayes Mansion needs to screen better for hiring instead of the worthless college-aged infants we had to deal with on Mother's Day.

    Wouldn't rule out returning to Hayes again because the previous experience we had hosting a party in one of the banquet rooms was more favorable but as for Mother's Day, HE** No

    22/10/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    199. Sana K.
    Made a reservation last minute when we couldn't make it to our other hotel on time. Couldn't have been a better accident. This place is very nice and we got way more than expected. The grounds are huge and well maintained. The rooms are very nice and comfortable. The beds are a DREAM. SO COMFORTABLE. The shower was nice. There is a giant pool and gym, as well as a spa downstairs. The staff was kind and professional. Check out took less than a minute. By being a AAA member, we got two tickets to the breakfast buffet in the restaurant. The buffet was delicious and had lots of options, including French toast, fresh fruit, and an omelette bar. Overall this hotel exceeded our expectations. We will definitely be returning in the future.

    03/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    200. Tiffany J.
    The room was pretty old looking. We asked if we could have a microwave brought to our room they said no and didn't have one we could use at the property. The room was very clean but I wouldn't stay here again. It was about 25 minutes away from the mall and Santana row.

    18/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    201. Susan Y.
    I grew up in the area and remember seeing the signs to the "Historic Hayes Mansion" while we were out & about, maybe on our way to Frontier Village (yep, I'm old!) but for some reason have never visited -- not even on a school field trip?  Anyway, we recently had a big family reunion here, which in itself was wonderful, but I am a little sorry that I didn't spend some extra time exploring the grounds.  It is a beautiful site kind of tucked away in suburban San Jose.  Will have to keep it in mind for a future visit.

    20/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    202. Amy H.
    You will absolutely love it here.

    02/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    203. Melodie K.
    A group of girlfriends and I had been going to the Fairmont after the holidays to exchange gifts & catch up.   We knew the manager, several of the waiters and what was on the buffet, didn't change very much over the years (although the 3 with sweet tooths were really sorry when they stopped the Chocolate Waterfall).   Anyway, the price was pretty high and a few years ago I suggested we try to find someplace else, but I was voted down.    Until 2013's brunch when we found out the manager, (who comped us a bottle of champagne for the past several years), had left and our favorite waiter was retiring, so I tried to find a comparable substitute and came up with Hayes Mansion.

    We had brunch yesterday and I was nervous I'd be hearing "I like the Fairmont better", or "their Eggs Benedict isn't as good", "the other place had better desserts", etc.   But nooo, a good time was had by all.

    Of course, we couldn't help ourselves in comparing the two and each of us had different opinions -- Terri had a perfectly cooked Eggs Benedict with a runny yolk and based on her oohing & ahhing, I got one, but it was too overdone for me to eat.    I was thrilled with the shrimp and crab legs - I got my money's worth with that alone!  In fact, except for 1 slice of beef (we all agreed that was deelish) and a tiny fruit tart, that was ALL I had, so I can't comment on the rest, but the girls enjoyed what they had.

    We all liked the fact that mimosas were included (which they are not at the Fairmont); even the mostly non-drinker in the group - at least she could have a glass without paying $10 for it.

    Our server was wonderful and very attentive without fawning all over us and all of the other employees were all smiles and helpful.

    20/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    204. Colin B.
    It was like staying at a haunted mansion, or being sent back in time. beautiful grounds and awesome place to spend your Honeymoon Night.

    we got a lovely suite with honeymoon package, champagne to enjoy in our suite, giant bathroom with tub and shower and big comfortable bed, that in the morning, had the sun rising into our bedroom.

    Complimentary breakfast the next day, plenty to eat.

    Definitely recommended!

    29/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    205. Rubi W.
    I loved staying at this hotel. My husband brought me as a mini road trip for my bday. It is nice, clean, good atmosphere and the food is delicious. We had the sunday brunch buffet and everything we tried was really good.

    29/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    206. P T.
    Had an awesome Anniversary weekend getaway here.  

    The Pros:

    1.  Loved the ambiance.  Kind of felt like we traveled back in time.
    2.  Beautiful room with all the modern amenities.
    3.  Good customer service.
    4.  Yummy food at their restaurant.
    5.  Quiet and peaceful location.
    6.  Fitness Center and Pool are fine.
    7.  Pretty grounds.

    The Negatives:

    1.  My wife was not crazy about the spa.

    Other than that, we had a wonderful memorable weekend anniversary getaway.  

    Tip:  Look out for specials online.  We found a Dolce Hayes Mansion package deal that was great.  If not for that deal, we would never had been able to come here and have a fabulous experience.

    19/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    207. Lori M.
    The grounds and buildings are beautiful. Staff is very friendly. We stayed for the Sunday brunch which was beautiful.  My only recommendation to management is they were understaffed for Sunday morning so perhaps a little more help would've made it perfect.

    21/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    208. Enjella L.
    Due to the sprawling greens, it definitely makes this place an ideal environment for nice outdoor events.  Short of that, I have no reason why I would want to stay here again.

    We happened to go when there was a wedding going on and could hear the festivities all night.  Plus, we had to walk through the lobby to get to the elevator and walk through their wedding lobby area.  It was awkward and uncomfortable because I felt like we were encroaching but there was no other way up to our room.  

    The rooms definitely need a facelift.  It is old and the rooms are small.  I'm sure you can imagine the bathrooms. All in all, they keep it as neat as old can look.

    Brunch was probably the highlight of the stay.  Not that it was all that great but compared to the quality of the room, the brunch seemed like an upgrade. There was a nice spread of muffins, danishes (although most stale), bagels, fruits, scrambled eggs, omelette station, bacon, sausage, pre-made french toast & pancakes, and cereal.  Coffee comes out hot too, which is always appreciated by me.

    Parking: free ample parking lot

    05/01/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    209. Kathleen T.
    Took my mom here for her birthday; she really loved it, but I wasn't a huge fan. We booked the room through hotwire.com as one of their mystery deals, so we got a fair price on the room. I want to say it was around $120-140 with taxes included, but I can't remember exactly. It's located in the middle of a neighborhood. It was sized like a resort, but doesn't have resort activities (as far as I know).

    We were stationed above the ballroom (thankfully, there were no events going on when we stayed!). The room was a little bit small compared to other placed I've stayed and been to. The air conditioning in the room was extremely loud when it turned on, the television took a long time just to change channels, and there was a old pair of socks and hair clip left in our room on the floor (was it cleaned?!)

    The cool parts about the mansion are the nice quality furniture and sheets. The "lobby" with the study and hallways are pretty cool to see, also (definitely a "creep" factor).

    Probably wouldn't stay again if it were up to me!

    03/10/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    210. Taryn R.
    I don't even know if I can truly give this place 2 stars.

    It's beautiful and I'll give it that much. Very friendly staff. And very accommodating.

    So let's start about the food. It was good- not great. Buffet style food. A lot of the food was out when walking through the different stations. The eggs Benedict was gone on the 3 trips to breakfast portion. The ravioli was empty as well. The crab legs and cocktail sauce were both empty.

    Also it was so busy that the 2 person wait staff was overwhelmed when it came to the amount of people sitting in their sections. It took over 30 minutes to get coffee, and mimosas. We sat without water for close to an hour. So generally the service and the food are lousy.

    A positive is when it's stocked properly, they have a great variety of foods. And the bottomless mimosas don't hurt either. It made getting the bill a lot nicer.

    So general pricing is 39$ a person. On Easter Sunday it was 69$ a person! Not worth this price at all! I wish I would of known that there was such a great mark up on the brunch and we would of made out own at home. Bringing my in-laws and grandmother who all eat like birds doesn't justify a 70$ per person bill.

    I'd maybe come back to try it on a day that wasn't a holiday and so busy.

    20/04/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    211. Farand K.
    If I could give less than 1 star I would.

    I was supposed to stay here for a wedding in June. I had booked my stay through their website a few months in advance, but when I arrived, they couldn't find my reservation, even after I showed them the confirmation email on my phone. I was annoyed by their service (not even an apology - they just offered to book me another room) so I decided to just drive back home to SF after the wedding instead of staying at the hotel.

    A month later, I'm looking at my credit card statement and the reservation that they supposedly couldn't find was charged to my credit card. I never gave them my credit card when I arrived, so this had to be from my "missing" reservation that I had made online. I was able to dispute the charge through my credit card though. I'm really glad I didn't have to deal with their customer service again.

    09/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    212. Stephanie R.
    What. A. Joke.
    My fiancé and I originally wanted to stay here for three days and when we pulled up to the hotel we thought it looked great. We decided on the mansion to be the place where we spent our last getaway before our baby comes (I'm in my last stretch of pregnancy). Walking into the lobby, we were greeted by a bunch of friendly faces and smiles, which was lovely. But that's where the problems started.
    While the staff was never rude to us, they weren't coordinated whatsoever. We ended up wasting a good 15-20 min while they ran around making sure our room was ready (even though we were checking in on time and had been booked since early that morning). The housekeeping staff was being unresponsive after several phone calls, so one of the guys at the front desk had actually physically run up two flights of stairs to make sure the room was ready for us. Finally we got confirmation and were able to check in, but the issues didn't stop there. We had booked the second nicest suite available in the hotel (or so we were told), called Eucalyptus. Here we were thinking we were going to get a really beautiful room for the very large sum of money we paid for it. Wrong. The room was a JOKE. Walking in, you were greeted by the smell of old wood and dust. The ceilings were lower in some areas than others, you had to watch your head to make sure you didn't smack it on a door frame somewhere. It clearly had been a converted attic and not an actual room. No bathrobes, no special amenities that you'd expect to see in a four star hotel. There was barely any furniture, all uncoordinated and the room had no character/theme. The actual "decorations" (if you could even call the random items around the room that) were cheap and not even vintage, with the price tags still attached (this hotel really goes big at the dollar store). Lighting was terrible and the AC/ventilation was just as horrid. The towel racks and rails in the bathroom were lose and junk, my fiancé could've pulled them off the wall if he pulled a little harder than average. And DO NOT get me started on the bed. Now, my fiancé and I are not big people. Even being close to my due date I haven't had any issues with bed size or space. But when you pay a ridiculous amount of money for a room, you expect to get a bed that matches the price tag, at least a king or queen. Well...not this time. The bed looked like a child's bed, barely a full. We couldn't stretch out without one of our limbs hanging off of the bed. Moving on, the room had no view and barely any sunlight. The windows were tiny and the glass so warped you couldn't even see anything outside. Overall, it was just appalling. Enraged, I sent my fiancé to go demand our money back because there was no way we were wasting a single dollar on a room I expected to see in a one star hotel. The night manager, Nick, understood our plight (something tells me he's dealt with this before) and convinced us not to walk out by giving us one of the normal rooms with the promise that the manager in the morning would handle our refund the next day. He was very sweet and understanding and tried his hardest to make it right with what he was allowed to do. We ended up having to walk all the way to the other side of the hotel to our new room, and what I saw shocked me. The rooms you pay less for are WAY better than the suite we dropped close to $1000 on. You get the beautiful vintage decorations, appropriately sized rooms, bathrobes/goodies, etc...there were even chocolates on the bed waiting for us. The beds were still the same full size, but it's not like you were paying more for different at that point. Everything I expected to see in our "deluxe suite" ended up being available to people who paid half or even less than what we were about to pay staying in the other rooms. Completely ridiculous. We still have to deal with management tomorrow in regards to the terrible room and the refund, but I expect to get my full money back for this attempted sham. I will never stay here again nor will I ever recommend this place to anyone ever again. You're better off staying somewhere else with better value and more to offer.

    19/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    213. Michael R.
    I spent the night here as my friend and I explored the Garlic festival.
    The place is something out of the movies the "Dolce Hayes Mansion" is located just 15 minutes from the San Jose International Airport, and looks like it could be a place
    for Luigi would explore. ;)

    The place has different mansion suites to standard guest rooms,
    looks like it would be a dream place for a wedding with with the overall decor of this great historic estate. Marble and hand-carved woods set the tone and texture of a design that flows into private space.

    The place is in a residency area, but the place is very lavish and lush.
    The staff are professional and friendly. I would love to have my wedding here or
    plan something amazing on these grounds.

    30/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    214. Elizabeth S.
    Stayed there as a surprise from my hubby for belated anniversary celebration. We got there late after the surprise dinner. We went to the lounge and ordered drinks which were pretty good. My Hayes Paloma was tasty and had good flavor.  I ear hustled the bartender talk to other patrons and he sounded very knowledgeable on drinks. The room itself was clean and ample; the bed was also comfy. The grounds were well kept and green. Didn't make it on time for breakfast but it looked good. Overall it was a nice stay and I would recommend it for a nice romantic night.

    10/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    215. Robbin J.
    Many of the guest rooms wrap around a large ballroom.  The night we stayed, the music was so loud in the ballroom that our room literally vibrated.  We were not forewarned and we not able to sleep until the music stopped at midnight.  We also had a leak in our room that caused the carpet to be soaked on one side of the bed.  The front desk staff did not offer a rate reduction and were less than gracious when asked for a late checkout from another party with us so that they could utilize the spa services.  The food at our banquet was so/so and was partially cold.  The rest of the staff we encountered were great and the facility is beautiful.

    30/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    216. Jonas O.
    We came to this place to have Sunday brunch. There was no occasion we just wanted to go to Sunday brunch with the whole family . We wanted to avoid the big crowds so we went there at 11 a.m. Right when it opened.

    As always the food was good and the bottomless mimosas were even better. Everything was perfectly cooked and the jumbo shrimps they had were humongous. My favorite was the omelette Station where you could make your own omelette.

    The only thing I was disappointed with was the cheesecake. It was not there with the desserts. I don't know what happened but they used to have cheesecake that was light and fluffy to the point where when it touches your tongue it's simply melts. This in no way forces me to give it a four star rating. It still received the highest marks just because of the service and the quality of the food.

    I should make it a point to go to this place more often.

    23/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    217. L G.
    The neighborhood really brings this place down because one begins to second-guess their GPS.  The place is pretty.  The brunch is good, and the bar attendant is awesome as she was very attentive and made sure our drinks were endless.  Would love to see Liquid Therapy have this venue be an option.

    05/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    218. Bob E.
    Was here while I was training @ IBM.

    I had been staying at the Extended Stay hotel down the street, which was a filthy itchy flea bitten hotel for 2 nights (co-worker made that call)

    After voicing my displeasure about Extended Stay, we came here and it was comfortable, inviting, and relaxing.

    Fluffy clean sheets, beautiful decor, I was in heaven after spending 2 nights in hell.

    Had a few drinks, soaked in the old ambiance, and I left feeling refreshed.

    Oh, and it only cost a few bucks more than that Extended Stay place. I'm making the calls. Idiot coworker...

    21/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    219. LaDarian D.
    This place is superb. The staff is friendly, the appearance in overwhelming in a good way. The grounds are well keep & the room is absolutely spotless. We'll be staying here EVERYTIME for now on.

    24/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    220. D W.
    I see the bad reviews here and my experience here has been 5 stars. Beautiful buildings, great friendly helpful staff, great bar and bar staff (fun!), terrific modern classy rooms with all the amenities. It is big and you do get lost in it. That's the only negative in my 4 day stay here. Well and it's not near anything so come here to be here or be ok with 15 minute + drive to downtown SJ or other local downtowns like Willow Glen or Los Gatos. Loved it.

    I also got it for $70 a night using Hotwire.

    23/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    221. Robert R.
    Beautiful setting, took an hour to wander through the original 104-year old house. It was mot busy and we had a seasoned staff show us about and tell us stories. I'm still thinking about the once existent Toy Room. Lastly the hotel room was very comfey.

    22/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    222. Stephanie D.
    This is for their Mother's Day brunch, I don't have experience with their regular service.  

    Obviously MDB at a popular location is set up to be a circus, but they had a great system down, the staff worked well together, and there was virtually no wait at all.  We had a large table near a window and close enough to the food.  

    We were immediately greeted with a service of coffee, mimosas, and water.  The buffet itself was great also, everything was warm or cool where it should have been.  High lights for me were the mushroom ravioli, and the squash potato dish.  There was more than enough for everyone, and even though our reservation wasn't until 1, hours after service had started, everything was fresh and ready to go.  

    There was a 20% gratuity added for our large party which seemed a bit steep but it was a busy day and the service was very attentive so I had no complaint about that.

    12/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    223. Jason D.
    We recently held a function here for almost 500 people that included a dinner.

    1. It's a beautiful property, every part of it. Picturesque and gorgeous.
    2. Very nice staff members. All listened to every single problem that arose on our part and tried to fix it quickly.
    3. Food was excellent. Prime rib was awesome and I cleaned my plate. Desserts were great as well.

    1. The wait staff just couldn't keep up with lemonade/ice water out in the lobby. My kids were wandering around trying to cool down from dancing for quite a while.

    Overall, it was a good time and I'd certainly do it again there. The hassle of organizing almost 500 people's dinners (getting them to pick their dinner selection, counting them up, etc) was a pain in the butt, but that's not Hayes' fault at all.

    They don't do events without a dinner. If they did overlook this, I'd be FAR more willing to rebook in the years to come.

    All in all, it was a nice event and I'd do it again there, especially if dinner was overlooked in booking it. :)

    21/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    224. Tiffany P.
    We stayed at Dolce Hayes Mansion on June 27th, 2014 for my Mother's wedding... My Mom has never had a GRAND wedding in her life so we try our very best to plan a fairytale one for her. We selected Dolce Hayes Mansion to give her part of what it feels like to be a Queen. Needless to say, it contributed to a disaster on my Mom's wedding.

    What would you do when you are in the middle of getting ready for your BIG DAY and asked to leave the premises by HOUSEKEEPING? This is with a notice on your check-in that you will require a LATE CHECK-OUT at the time you checked in. Needless to say, due diligence was not done on the Manager's end.

    OUR MOTHER'S WEDDING WAS RUINED! The make-up artist was rushed and our make-ups did not last through the entire wedding, this is due to rushing us and not all the bridesmaid's make-up was finished, the bride was hysterical because she has to rush and tell us we were getting kicked-out, the photographer did not take enough pictures as we were being rushed, we got delayed leaving the premises and cost extra fee for the limo.

    It was a mistake staying at this establishment... Instructions were not properly followed and it led to disaster. They don't even deserve a 1 Star for based on what we have to pay out of pocket to fix the problem on our end. I am forced to add a 1 star or my post will not be accepted.

    06/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    225. Thomas C.
    Wow, who would of known a place like this exists in a random neighborhood in south San Jose?

    This place is charming and has a lot of nice craftsmenship through out their building.

    The bar was quite small but offered an undated lounge area in front of the bar and off to the side by the fire place was a nice seating area with two sofas and a coffee table.

    The property, overall, is amazing and most definitely should be visited atleast once.

    Drinks were the average price and they have a few new concoctions which I have not tried, one was the Strawberry Moscow Mule.. sounded interesting but I stuck with my tried and true Ginger Ale and Tequila.


    14/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    226. Melissa C.
    Cute place, but serious issues with our key card not working. We had it reset over 5 times, and our room is completely the farthest away from the front desk it could be.  Fitness area is awesome; pool area is ok, and the park is ok, but a little scary by yourself; but tons of dogs on leashes in park. Overall an ok stay, but there might be better places.

    16/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    227. Kayla M.
    Haunted Mansion? You decide. Found this using the Hotel Tonight App after another hotel gave up my reservation. It was 30 minutes away from where I was working, but it saved my behind on a night where everything was sold out. And surprisingly their pricing was good!

    I reserved my room online and then called the hotel to make sure they really had my reservation. I didn't want to drive all the way there unless my reservation was secured. It was 11:30 pm by the time I arrived. The property was stunning the way they have it lit up at night! A main building, large grassy areas, and 2 other large separate buildings all on the same property.

    I walked in the main house and it was eerily quiet. Not that I'd expect many people to be roaming around at that hour, but there was no one up front and with early 1900's decor and architecture it felt like I walked into a dream or something. I rang the phone and a gal came up to check me in. She was very pleasant, she said I got the last available room and that it was one of only 2 rooms in the main house. No wonder it was so quiet, no one was staying in that building! I went down a few hallways past a couple of banquet rooms, etc. and up a very small and tight flight of stairs to the 3rd floor (no elevator to the 3rd floor). The craftsmanship of the wood, the reading nook and fireplace in the corner, the study off the entry way were all a site to behold!

    The balcony to my room was very narrow but I was able to get my luggage and get in to my room with no problem. Turned out my room was a suite, a large living area with old fashioned decor, a small kitchenette, a large bathroom with freestanding tub in the middle of the room, and a small bedroom with a cute little four poster bed and built in bookcase. After seeing the room I was sad I was only staying the one night, it had such charm! I picked up a pamphlet about the property and learned it was built in 1903 after the original estate burned to the ground. I also learned that the room I was staying in, along with the one next door (the only two in that building), were the living quarters of the Mary Chynoweth, widow of Anson Hayes - mother of the house.

    The strange thing about the place was that although it was cute and had a ton of character, I couldn't help but feel like this was totally what I'd imagine a haunted mansion looking and feeling like. There was a tiny little closet not higher than my waist with a very old lock on it in the living room. I had to wonder what was kept in there. There was another creepy small closet in the bathroom near the foot of the tub. I quite frankly was too scared to try to open either of them as they reminded me of the kind of closets and locks that require skeleton keys that I've seen in far too many scary movies. LOL (Check out my pictures and see what you think.)

    I avoided reading any more about the place until after my stay, because I was sleeping there alone and didn't want to creep myself out. Apparently there are some review that claim this place is in fact haunted. I cannot confirm or deny, but for the record, I slept  with several lights on... I would totally stay here again for the experience - and you should too!

    26/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    228. Amy O.
    Hmmm. Tons of potential. Lunch not served past certain hour.

    The spa...great treatments, but the actual spa. Eh. Ho hum. Nothing luxurious. Was actually quite awkward of an experience.

    16/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    229. Vee V.
    Tucked away in a small street, easily missed if driven too fast. I like it like that, privacy!
    Once you pulled into the gateway and see the magnificent structure, it's pretty amazing. Clean and serene!
    Once checked in, park you car close to your building/entrance. I must say, it is difficult to find your entrance, there aren't big signs so you will have to search(not the greatest when it's 85 degree outside)
    We got the standard room, it's not huge but it's clean and 'cute'. AC works well and that's the main thing.
    Pool is clean and has plenty of seatings. We ordered food to eat and service was great and fast. Tasty. I love the old fashion feel to the mansion, with loads of photos. Their library is awesome (dark), you can take a nap there or play chess =)

    Sunday Seafood buffet! Can't beat the price. Reservation at 12 and stayed till 2pm. Loads of crab legs/large cocktail shrimp, salmon and prime rib. Endless desserts AND bottomless mimosa. What is there to complain about? Our server "Viet" was great, kept our glasses full and making sure we were well taken care of.

    Bringing my gfs here in couple of weeks to eat eat eat!!!

    02/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    230. Alex I.
    We purchased a two night stay for my Brother-in-law and his new new bride for December 19-20th.  
    They had a less than wonderful time.  A mouse ran over the bride in bed.  In the morning the newlyweds found copious droppings on the bed sheets and blankets.  When I called and spoke to a front desk clerk, he was nonplussed.  I asked for a manager, he assured me Yves, the general manager, would be calling me back.  
    Two hours later, no call.  A follow-up telephone call found another front desk clerk who advised: since the hotel was shutting down for two weeks, the general manager was probably occupied with important matters.  (I don't know what could be more important...)  I advised I would sit down and start writing a Yelp review and that if the manager got back to me before I was done we could discuss my concerns.  Five minutes later I received a call from Yves.  
    Although I did receive an apology, Yves did do a fair amount of blaming the bride and groom (for possibly leaving the doors to the balcony open!  WTF!?)
    Yves kept pressuring me to tell him what I wanted to resolve the situation.  I insisted that he must take responsibility for making the situation right.  Finally he said all he could do was offer a full refund.  I told him I would be certain to include that information in my review.  
    The bride and groom, upon arriving at our house also advised the front desk assured them that I would be getting a full refund.  They were also offered a free night, which they (as you've probably guessed,) refused!  They reported the staff seemed uncaring and poorly trained.  
    To date, NO REFUND!!  
    Stay AWAY from this "hotel!"
    And now... Some photos for your viewing pleasure.

    Update:  01/06/14.  I called again, was told by a clerk that he personally credited my card on 12/20/14.  Said he would email me my "portfolio."  When I received the email it clearly showed the credit was applied on 1/06/15.  Credit showed up today, 01/08.

    Today, 01/09, Yelp notified me the photos I posted of rodent droppings all over the bedclothes have been removed.  I guess this business pays Yelp's monthly extortion fees to remove/suppress negative feedback.  It's a good business model.

    30/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    231. Nora N.
    The beautiful grounds and main building are deceptive. The rooms are mildew smelling, cramped and very out dated.

    18/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    232. Loosey B.
    I wrote a review about the Sunday Brunch and posted it here, when it should have been posted under the restaurant's Yelp entry.

    Unfortunately Yelp does not seem to let you delete reviews, so I'm giving Hayes Mansion a 4 star review, even though I've never stayed there, but because I do not want to bring their rating down, and it IS a really beautiful place!

    Thanks to Dixon T. for showing me the error of my original posting!

    18/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    233. Lauren E.
    Came here for Sunday brunch with my family. Group of 20 of us!! You should call and get a reservation BEFORE going, days in advance. We made a reservation 5 days in advance and still had to wait on our table.

    Price was pretty pricy, about $50 a head. Weird that they still charge gratuity for groups larger than 6. Oh well.

    Food was good, and bottomless Mimosas were on point!! Wait staff was really good. Its a buffet but they walk around with champagne and orange juice and on it when your glass is empty!!

    My sister also orderer a double espresso and our water actually brought the milk nice and foamy on side side in a little metal tea pot.

    Would def come again, but for another celebration.

    29/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    234. Henrik C.
    Went here for a meeting function. The place is a bit secluded and has beautiful grounds. The place is ideal for meeting functions and has a great cafe. However the rooms and the meeting functions are all middle of the road. The rooms have nothing special. This is like a 3 star hotel facility - OK but not exciting. The grounds are beautiful. The service is bland they do not seem to be trying very hard.

    14/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    235. Malia W.
    I've always been in awe of the beautiful grounds. When I was planning my wedding, Hayes and Montalvo were on the top of my list but were also out of my budget. So to finally be invited to a wedding here I was overly excited.

    Parking is abundant and a short walk to the grounds. The ceremony was held outside on the corner of the mansion. The wedding party had a pretty long walk to go from the reception area to the ceremony. The grass area was definitely not high heel friendly but when is it ever really!

    The cocktail hour was just lovely. Usually its hard to find a place to sit but there were plenty of tables outside and a few inside. There was a cheese and olive platter which I assume was an option with the package. And this wedding had an open bar which was AWE-SOME!

    The reception was grand. Lots of room to fit and do almost anything you want. Another bar was set up by the doors. Food was ok. I didn't finish much of the salad or salmon. My husband had the filet mignon and said it was more rare then he would have liked. Not sure if cake was included but that was awesome! Bathrooms are downstairs. By the time I had to use the restroom, stairs were a scary thing (did I mention open bar?!). But they were clean with a bunch of stalls.

    Overall it was a beautiful experience. If your fortunate to afford Dolce Hayes for your wedding its a great and memorable option.

    29/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    236. R F.
    For the price you are paying for the outside of this place.  Outside 4 star look, inside rooms 2 star for old (not old in the sense of turn of the century), old as in "not updated." The cheap and horrifying furniture you can find at a used warehouse for hotels/restaurants. No amenities except for coffee.  I've had better stays in terms of looks/modernity at an extended stay, best western, etc for 50% the price to include many amenities. Also pool heater broken (for price everything should work)-

    They either need to update or change the decor to really reflect turn of the century. More than anything whoever runs/owns this place needs to travel around the US and then they will see what a "close to dump" this place is internally.

    Holes in the walls, lack of luster bathrooms.
    Old carpet/fixtures

    Sorry I wasted my money-

    29/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    237. Yarden K.
    The room was not totally clean and the front desk was negligent in resolving the issue professionally. I had to continually call back to get it handled

    07/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    238. Julie K.
    My company recently held a big event at the Dolce Hayes Mansion and I was very impressed with the high level of care and attentiveness of the staff. My company has extremely high standards for events, and Dolce Hayes has earned our stamp of approval. I can not say enough good things about this venue. They were very pleasant to work with and went above and beyond to fulfill our needs. They acted very quickly upon each one of our very many requests throughout the week and it was a pleasure to work with them. They are very knowledgable and experienced and are very well managed. Thank you!

    13/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    239. Leo M.
    Why am I posting my favorite secret place?
    Everything is at this mansion. It's been years since I been to their spa which used to be called BeingSpa. I liked how they had steam sauna whirlpool and swimming pool access. Hope it's good nowadays.
    I recommend the daily buffet because the Sunday brunch is a more expensive version and they're both delish anyhow.
    My favorite secret is Palm Plaza to get a drink and chill in the mansion patio all to myself. I haven't seen it overcrowded. They have good Salmon Sliders, comes with chips and cute little condiments in little glass containers. Staff is always wonderful.
    5 stars

    28/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    240. Mitch M.
    Easter brunch for the fifth year.  This was a bad uear. Price went up and food and service went was any diwn.  

    If a place wants to set high expectations then they should be able to meet them.  The deserts were away less this year.  If you like eggs this is a good buffet because about 30% of the option is egg, but no pancakes or waffles for kids.

    Probably will not return next year.

    05/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    241. M D.
    When my relative the Iraq war vet had an event here, it was my chance to finally see the inside after driving by many times before.

    Hayes is a beautiful site and the old mansion looks great inside and out. A great place for any venue this mansion is now routinely used for.

    Oddly, when the we were all let into the pool room and bar during a waiting period, the pool cues were all locked away and the bar useless, so everybody sat around not knowing what to do with themselves.

    The mansion itself is beautiful.

    10/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    242. Omar N.
    totally hidden gem type place!

    recently did a Mothers Day getaway for my gf and she loved it here!
    *a lil old skool, partly upscaly, mixed with the feel of a Napa B&B

    room was clean, classic, comfy, NICE!

    staff was very welcoming and helpful

    breakfast had a nice presentation, nothin fancy except the dining room but better breakfast than most hotels

    rates are are affordable, mansion is easy to get to location

    stacks of anemities for guests i.e. gym, lounge areas, pool, jaccuzi, bar, restaurants, room service, conference rooms, formal occassions banquet room

    definitely going to make an effort to do another weekend in the future

    11/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0