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DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel San Jose in San Jose, CA


We specialize in the art of hospitality, providing our traveling guests with the comfort of that home away from home feel. Especially when we give them that warm chocolate chip cookie at check in!  Our 48,000 sq. ft. of meeting space also hosts many meetings, events, and social affairs from day to day.  We pride ourselves on offering superior service and attention to detail to keep things running smoothly.  To book your next stay or event with us visit our website www.sanjose.doubletree.com


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Rating: 2.71

Address: 2050 Gateway Pl, San Jose, CA, 95110
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Comments (272):

1. Jenny W.
Just used DoubleTree Hotel for their airport parking service.  They run an economical, hassle-free airport shuttle service.  If you reserve airport parking service on-line, it is only $8/day.  The hotel is literally 5 minutes from SJC.  I highly recommend to use this hotel if you are interested in short or long-term parking near the airport.

12/06/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
2. Philly P.
This isn't a bad establishment. I've stayed here a couple of times before, and the rooms are nice. You get a cookie when you check in (it's really good) and the staff is really friendly. They're kind of on this conserving water kick (which for the most part is a good thing) so if u stay for a while, u have the option to reuse ur towels and unless you request differently, sheets get changed after every 3 days. Only problem is, when guest change, they may not wash the sheets. Last trip not only were the sheets not washed, but the little egg carton like pad underneath the sheets had been soiled and not cleaned or replaced. That left a very hard spot that could easily be felt. Nice hotel, decent prices, just double check to make sure it's clean.

25/05/06 | Link | Rating: 3.0
3. Edwyn A.
With a location less than 5 mins by car - you can practically walk to SJC. A big plus if you don't want to worry about travel time when returning to your destination. You can get a great view of the airport or the bayshore freeway. Plus upon check-in you'll get a great cookie - too bad you don't get a fresh cookie everyday. Staff here appears friendly. They have lots of conventions due to their location. Decent rooms - seems like they recently upgraded.

15/07/05 | Link | Rating: 3.0
4. Carl S.
I've worked conventions here in the past and it's always been a very nice and accommodating hotel. It's location near the airport is helpful, and it's on-site restaurants are good.

21/09/06 | Link | Rating: 3.0
5. Dan Y.
Typical Doubletree but recently renovated. Rooms are very nice and the beds are some of the best I've found. Seems like I can always get a great rate here ($40-$50) through Priceline. The restaurants have improved recently and are a good choice if you don't feel like going out. Location is ideal for the airport,downtown or the Great America area. I guess it's not The Best hotel in San Jose but if you book on Priceline you can't beat it.

20/02/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
6. Aspasia S.
if Sushi Groove South in SOMA was my first date place of the last two years ... Doubtree in SJose's Coffee Garden Breakfast is my job interview first_date_crib of the last couple of years ..

(btw, isn't the dating and job hunting process so alike in some ways? ..)

last year, had a lunch interview here (hence, am back in big_company at the moment) ... since it was a job interview, i ordered a shrimp caesar's thinking I would simply pick on the plate as I talked my way through the lunch hour.  The Caesar's lunch plate was a super_sized me salad ...

if you want to fool yourself into dieting .. this is the place to pretend you are having a mere salad, as you chew, swallow and let 'em pieces flow into your narrow esophagus pipes into the eagerly anticipating gluttonous stomach organs that gleefully store those chunks of gigantic bites, in between your monologue on your employment experience deliberations.

today it was breakfast at 8 ... we had the breakfast buffet .. thank god!  i had the control of serving myself a small sausage, a digestible serving of scrambled eggs and a single miniature croissant ...

breakfast was generic, and lunch was too ...

ambience was very Silicon Valley ... mostly geeks in golf shirts with their respective embroidered company logo proudly embedded on the upper_left ..

service was great, not intrusive, almost like the servers are trained to speak the minimum when required as time is of the essence for us Valley_Geeks ...

overall .. three star ..

i need to give it a minus one today ... after a year, i noticed, this hotel in SAN JOSE (or should I say, MAN Jose?) ... now CHARGES for parking ... hello?  so unheard of in Silicon Valley!  It was almost insulting for a city_geek as I ...

before I parked myself, I drove around the block looking for street parking (as I am used to my rock_star SF city parking) .. to no avail, the doubletree is surrounded by RED ZONES!  ... HELLO?  where am I?

oh well, i guess, sign that possibly (and hopefully) the high tech industry is now picking up momentum? I hope so!  

my breakfast interview ran a bit over an hour, it cost me four bucks of parking .. in bloody MAN Jose!  My sweet interviewer offered to pay for parking, nah, that's fine, after all, all is fair in love and jobs ...

but city of San Jose, (metered parking, metered parking!)

common!  get real!

01/02/06 | Link | Rating: 3.0
7. T N.
A cousin and I decided to reserve a room Saturday night to end our lovely girl's/bridal shower night.  Even though check-in isn't typically until later we gave it a shot and came in at noon to see if we can check-in early to set the room up for the bridal shower.  We were immediately given a room and a warm cookie.  Score!  The room was so spacious and overlooking the pool.  I loved that there was a balcony.  Every staff member we encountered was so friendly and helpful.  I had one employee direct me to the ice machine and as I got closer to the end of the hall another employee followed up and made sure I was going in the right direction.  How nice!   The decor was decent but nothing to be negative about.  The beds were WONDERFUL!  They had this cute throw pillow on each bed that said "Sweet Dreams" and boy was it sweet!  I was so comfy and the pillows were so fluffy.  We ordered a breakfast of oatmeal, juice, tea, bacon, eggs, hash brown, and toast.  The food was not wonderful but not bad.  I wished it was a little bit hotter but it's understandable that we probably weren't the only room service being delivered.  The only downside is that self-parking is $18 (apparently it went up $3 from when the other reviewers stayed there) and valet is $21.  I think this is the only hotel outside of San Francisco that I've been to where you have to pay to park!

19/10/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. Aman A.
Stay away!!! At first when me and my family arrived, it looked nice. Then we got to our room. Guess what our amazing view was. A park? Nope. The gorgeous highway! Yay a bunch of cars!!!   But the big problem was the elevators weren't working.  That was just the day after the night we arrived.  Yesterday.  Also yesterday, we ordered a car with the hotel to SFO. There wasn't a car, so they told us they would look and call back to confirm. 5 hrs later, still august 16 (yesterday) no call. We call back. They ask what we r talking about, and say no. We talked to them, and they said they'd try harder.  This morning, we wake up and call the front desk to make sure we got a car, they say no. We call a company ourselves. Big problem No. 2, we got no car :D. We get a van from the company, and we go down to eat breakfast. Here comes No. 3, breakfast, a few bagles and eggs cost us $80!!!!! Our van arrives, we load our stuff and then another taxi shows up sayin the hotel called him. Big problem No. 4, they didn't call us to confirm. WTF!!!!!!! We tell the other car to take it up with the hotel.  We leave, and the hotel calls us. They talked to my mom, I'm not sure what they said. We hang up. Never ever stay at the hotel unless u absolutely love horrible service, and yummy cookies.

17/08/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
9. Matt D.
A convention I go to is held here each year, so I've visited this hotel once each year for the past 4 years. Lately I've noticed it seems they don't care so much about the appearance of the hotel or upkeep, as the elevators appear just as broken (the mirrors) as the previous year I was there. The staff, however seems to be extremely nice and forgiving including if there was a screw up on their part with a reservation. Quite roomy, however the restaurant inside the hotel sucks quite badly... the food is just awful. Makes me a bit queasy to my stomach if I eat there. The 4th star is honestly for their staff performance. They're great, helpful, friendly, and almost constantly smiling! Oh, and the beds are SOOOO comfy.

21/02/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
10. L B.
Two thumbs down:
 $189/night + $11 internet + $15 parking + free cookie, plenty of places in the area for half the price and all the freebees.   Hotel is in so-so to poor condition.

25/09/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
11. Ell B.
I can't complain. I realize the Doubletree is an airport/conference middle-of-the-road hotel but I've been there as staff on a few large conferences and I have yet to have a negative experience with any of the hotel staff -- everyone is helpful and friendly, and those cookies they give you when you check in are indeed to die for. Rooms are comfortable, bathrooms are flatteringly lit, and that wacky tiger-stripe carpeting in the suites haunts my dreams. I'm happy to call the San Jose Doubletree home for a weekend a year.

21/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
12. elizabeth w.
We stayed one night. The staff was nice, the cookies great! The room is nice a little worn but clean and comfortable. Parking is a pain if you come in late. The parking is $ 9-21 depending on using Valet parking or self park. The high-speed internet was$13. It is not cheap to eat here either. But there was a mini fridge, and coffee in the room. As a whole it is quiet, clean and well run. Great for business  travelers and families. We liked the beds a lot! Oh check for the best deals on the internet we got the room for $80...good price.

13/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
13. ChuVan E.
I stayed in an executive suite (upgraded from a standard room for an extra $19 which included free breakfast on Floor 10 (I don't know if this is standard practice or a one-time thing).

The hotel needs some renovations done.  The carpet has a harsh feel (like it's been worn down). The shower needs better water pressure, but the bed was "almost" as good as the ones at the Marriott - but pillows weren't very comfortable here.

The heated pool was absolutely wonderful, but the hours are only from 8am-11pm, which makes morning swimming tough if you're on business. The on-site gym is also pretty small (and busy in the mornings) which also makes it tough to sneak in a good workout.

Chocolate chip cookie - wonderful as always.

Very close to the airport - which is always a plus.

Pleasant stay, but not a memorable one.

24/08/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
14. tim e.
good music good vibe good looking people

30/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
15. Ian M.
This is one of my favorite hotels to stay at.  I go to a yearly convention in January and I've been staying at this, the host hotel, for the past four years.  Its rooms are impeccable and the staff is extremely accommodating to even the most strange-seeming people (some of them even manage to get in on the fun and attend the events after their shifts end).  There's a great free shuttle service to and from the airport and two great restaurants located inside.  What more could you want from a hotel?

09/03/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
16. Caroline C.
I'm no hotel expert, but I liked this place. Very clean, very quiet. Not a lot of people around. Checking in was easy peasy. I didn't eat the "welcome" warm cookie (too nervous - that's a whole different story) but the staff were cool, courteous and efficient. The room was large, clean and modern. Comfortable bed; generous amount of towels. Nice bathroom too. I was too hung-over to check out, just left the key cards in the room, and drove to SF. I have no complaints at all. Recommended. Oh, and there are plenty of restaurants nearby if you don't want to eat at the hotel. (Denny's ftw!!)

27/04/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
17. Olma M.
I'm here at least once a year during the Annual San Jose Tahiti Fete held here (Solo eliminations) and at the San Jose Event Center (Solo Finals and Group, Music competitions).  Aside from the fact that it's just plain convenient to be in the same hotel as the competition, service is prompt and personable, rooms are relatively spacious, and they give free cookies at check in!

Additionally, the hotel is conveniently located right off of Highway 101 and they have a great outdoor pool/jacuzzi area with plenty of seating.  Dining could be better - the one restaurant with buffets can get sparse very fast.  The cafe serves up great espresso drinks, but I just wish they had more pastries.

Everytime we've been here, there's either a wedding or some type of big reception.  So, in addition, to all the competitors that all stay at the sponsoring hotel, there always seems to be a huge variety of entertainment spilling over into the open lounging area and adjacent ballrooms.

Their business center makes it really easy to get on the internet and/or print up, fax things on the road.  (They provide access in the rooms, also.  But, I usually don't want to bother with a laptop during our stay).

The group rates are super for the budget conscious.  And even when we've checked in on the day of the event, they've still honored the group rate, despite the fact that they don't have to.

There's no Tahiti Fete next year, since it's always held on 4th of July weekend - and 2007's 4th of July lands on a Wednesday;  But, hopefully, if all goes as planned, we'll be in Tahiti competing and experiencing an international hotel!

I highly recommend DoubleTree Hotel in San Jose, even for last minute overnight trips to the South Bay.

07/09/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
18. Katelyn A.
The doubletree needs a major face lift, it seems like the hotel is stuck in the 70's or 80's, as in it wasn't cleaned since then.  Rooms are unimpressive, and it's too bad they kicked baycon out, boo!

18/07/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
19. M. A.
The hotel rooms over all are ok. Nice size, clean, comfy..but the customer service is not great at all.... I went there once and will not go again..maybe for the room but thats it... The girls at the reception were just rude, the "valet parking" took for ever...bleh.I've been to better places.

02/04/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
20. Deb N.
Forgot about this hotel til a friend stayed there for a tech conference.  Always the free warm cookies are good from a long day.  

The lobby is open but from my past experience, the front desk is slow and had huge lines at check out and check in.  My friend said the same.  So it doesn't seem to have changed over the years.

The rooms are small but decent.  The Ballroom had a nice lobby outside of the main ballroom but is limited in space in the ballroom.  Couldn't more then out 800 person event.

The hotel is near the San Jose Airport.  I stay in the parking lot when waiting for my friends to land, so I don't have to driver around the airport.

10/02/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
21. matt k.
Great staff (except for tabitha) and a good, but old hotel, but the plus side is, the pool is GREAT, really, GREAT.

27/07/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
22. Barbara W.
Do Not use the Airport Parking Connection ~ a service provided through the Doubletree Hotel in San Jose.  We waited over 50 minutes before we were picked up last night.  The customer service is terrible.  The workers don't care.  They just give you blank stares!

05/09/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
23. Alvin W.
Stayed at the executive suite after the hotel made a mistake and double booked the presidential suite.  The suite was nice, about the size of two standard rooms.  One was the wet bar and living room, the other was the bed room and bath room.  The bathroom was split into two rooms, one for the toilet and the other for the shower and tub with dual sinks.  Overall the décor could have been better, it's a Double Tree afterall!  But then again, after being spoiled with staying at luxurious hotels in Vegas, anything is a downgrade, even if it is a suite.  The staff is friendly and very attentive and fast.  Any requests was fulfilled within 15 minutes.  Not too shabby!

08/06/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
24. Charlie C.
Decent rooms, but they are an "ala carte" hotel.  They claim to be 4 star, but nickel and dime you for all their amenities.  Parking is $18 a night for self parking and they charge for internet in the rooms.  There are several hotels within a block away that are in the same price range that offer the same great rooms, but include free parking and internet.  Also, beware of positive reviews on sites like tripadvisor.com .  The hotel offers guests a free tin of cookies (the cookies really are good) if they write a review on tripadvisor.com .  But apparently if you don't give them a good review, they don't contact you.

02/05/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
25. R S.
I stayed at the double tree recently for a family members reception party which was also being held there. The reception party was immaculate and the double tree did a great job hosting the party. If my rating were based on this i'd give it 5 stars.  My stay there though was not 5 star worthy. The staff was nice and helpful, but the parking and internet charges were ridiculous. The rooms were clean nothing too great not too bad either. All in all a good experience due to the great party!

07/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
26. jacquelyn k.
This place is a joke, They claim to be a 4 star hotel but the star rating doesn't even come close to reflecting the quality of this hotel. We checked in on 05.18.11 and were planning on staying 6nights. We booked on Orbitz for $220 a night (really expensive but was one of few available hotels) The hotel was old and needs serious updating but thats not my main concern, I care about cleanliness, comfort, amenities, value and this hotel was only expensive (I've stayed in 3rd world countries in hotels that trump this one, no joke) We booked a king size bed and when we arrived they said they only had 2 queens left (why did we pay for a king???) They said "there is nothing we can do." So lucky us we got to pay for a king and stay in two queens. Next the internet was not working, I was writing a review for a previous hotel and lost an hour worth of time because the internet died! Nice. After 3 calls to the internet provider over a matter of 3 days having the same problem of the internet coming in and out, they told me that the problem was with the hotel and they couldn't do anything until our checkout day. NICE! I talked to Vanessa (the day manager) She said they would wave the internet charge and one of the two $20per day parking charges WOW thanks, so instead of paying $220 (room charge) + $26per day (internet charges) + $40 per day (2 parked cars) I only had to pay $220+ 20 + tax for a grand total of $268 per night for a crappy hotel!!! Then it gets worse housekeeping SUCKS!!! The room had major dust problem like seriously chunks of dust coming out of the bathroom light fixture and vent (YUCK) When we were leaving the room I found someones shirt stuffed (with the hanger still on it) on the top shelf of the closet... Obviously no one would do this with their own top it was probably a lazy housekeeper that didn't want to turn it in. So guess what??? We forgot our organic pillows when we checked out so I called 2 hours after we checked out and asked them to leave them at the front desk and when I picked them up they had written with a black marker pen in large writing our room numbers on our pillows!!! Yes on our pillows!!! What a idiot!! I will never stay at this crap hole again and I suggest you stay elsewhere too.... I suggest the Fairmont in downtown ( a beautiful hotel with much more value for your money) They didn't comp us anything further then the internet that didn't work and one parking spot ( what a joke)

25/05/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
27. Ete A.
The Doubletree was the host hotel for a conference that I just attended. I stayed for two nights and can say that the experience was average. No one went above and beyond and the accommodations were just ok.  My bathroom smelled somewhat funky and some tiles were missing.

07/11/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
28. Michelle V.
I'm writing strictly about Greg the bartender at the lobby bar, He is outstanding.  My man and I were taking my best friend to the airport and we were all in the mood for a morning bloody mary.  The bar was not yet opened yet Greg saw the sadness in our faces and made the effort to put the smile back on.  Not only were his bloody mary's outstanding but he was a trooper going that extra mile to serve us even before the bar was set up and open.  Go there and say hi to Greg, he's awesome!!

30/04/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
29. Tri D.
The rooms are okay, on par with any Doubletree.  They lose a star for $18 a night self parking.  Ripoff.

13/04/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
30. Peter O.
This is just an "okay" review. The rooms are really nice, and the staff are friendly. Just DON'T EAT THERE. Neither the bar, the cafe, or the expensive steak house in their lobby (or their lethal sushi bar) are worth trying. Dude, take the shuttle to the airport and hit up McDonald's if you can - the food and service were that bad! AND you'll save money!

HOTEL - Cool!

FOOD - Sucktastic!

19/02/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
31. Marvy A.
We have held 2 big parties at this hotel - the first one 4 years ago and one just yesterday.  The event and banquet coordinators are always great to work with.  I've always found them very helpful and patient with all the little details that have made our parties so memorable!  The food is also wonderful, not to mention reasonable!

Though we've only spent one night at the hotel (overnight after a party), our experiences have always exceeded our expectations and we can't wait for our next event to be held there!

13/01/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
32. Eric B.
Went in for a drink. It took a good 5 minutes before a server came to my table. She was very nice when she did get there. She took my drink order, suggested a double, whack I agreed to, and left. A few minutes later, and still with no drink another server came by and asked if I had been helped. I told her Maria had come by an taken my drink order and thanked her. She was back at my table within 30 seconds with my drink and said she was helping out!  I was sitting about 5 feet from the bar.  Maria brought bar snake right after. I finished my drink and asked for the check, which Maria brought right away. I then sat for 18 minutes waiting on her to come back and take my credit card.  Unbelievable!  Her tip was greatly affected!  I also wrote a quick note and handed it to the F&B Supervisor as I was leaving. She happened to be behind the bar.  My double Gentlemen Jack on the rocks was $20, which is nuts as I was drinking Blanton's last night, which is much more expensive and a far better bourbon and was paying the same price!  Obviously that wasn't here!  it's a shame too because I am a HHonors member and would much rather spend my money at a Hilton property!

19/10/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
33. Alice R.
Convenient location 5 minutes from SJC airport.  I've stayed in other Doubletree Hotels and this is very comparable. Nice King sized beds, nice sized rooms. i like the warm cookie they give you when you check in and the small things like Wolfgang Puck coffee from the coffee pod are a nice upgrade from the usual drip coffee you might find in other hotels. I was here only for a short overnight, but it made of a nice comfortable stay after a long day of traveling.  There are a number of nice restaurants in this location - Spencers Steak & Chop House, Sushi, etc...

07/01/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
34. Dave H.
This place is in a dead zone near the San Jose airport. They have a lot of (overpriced) conveniences on site, and the rooms are fine, but: pay Wi-Fi (and SLOW), and the food at the different restaurants is neither particularly interesting nor particularly good.

17/11/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
35. Vera W.
Stayed here for one night for an interview back in March.  Love the warm choc chip cookies! The room was spacious. Bed was comfortable. Liked the bathroom amenities (neutrogena products). So room was very satisfactory.
I ordered the room service for dinner, I think I had the soba noodles with fish? It was pretty good.  My stay was paid for by the company I was interviewing with. So I can't comment about the value for price aspect.  I personally always use priceline or hotwire to book hotels so if I were  to rate this hotel - the max I would pay is probably $100/night - I'm guessing that their advertised rate must be more expensive than that.  Oh I just remember that parking was not free !!  I rent a car (again from priceline) for $9.99/day + tax... I think the parking charge was more expensive than the car rental.

12/07/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
36. Albert E.
Let me start off by saying, the room accomodations were great!!  We had a king sized bed with a ton of pillows (just like I like it).  It's a stone-throw away from the airport and it was a less than 10 minute drive to the Santa Clara Fairgrounds.  Also, I love hotel pools that are deeper than 5 feet.  Based on that, I'd probably stay here again if the league decides to throw another event there.


I would not go back based on the restaurants.  We arrived on friday afternoon and decided to eat at the cafe.  Two burgers cost us $40 (after tax and tip); definitely not worth the money.  On Saturday night, we ate at the sushi bar located in the lobby.  $60 dollars total for mediocre food.  Again, definitely not worth it.  On Sunday morning, we were in a rush to head out and we found out that you can take the breakfast buffet to go.  They give you 4 large boxes to pack all your stuff in so that wasn't bad.  As for the quality; not worth the $13 dollars per person price tag.

I hope at this point, you see the trend.  Not to mention $10 is added to your final bill for self parking and internet in your room goes for $9.95/day.

Rooms may be inexpensive, but look at how they nickel and dime you.

Bottom Line:  Come for the bed, but skip the breakfast.

02/07/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
37. Randie H.
True to their name, the Doubletree DOUBLE charged us for everything then acted like they had no idea how it happened. Also this is a 100% NO SMOKING hotel yet they place the ashtrays right outside the doors in violation of CA law that states smokers can not smoke within 20 feet of the entry of a business. They also did nothing about the people smoking in their room and in the jacuzzi tub. When guests tried to check in, they were unable to get a luggage cart. There were 9 locked up in back rooms at the hotel. We had to go find them ourselves. then when we gave our drivers license to get the cart, we were told it would be at the front desk. When we went back to get it, the front desk said they didn't have it and they had no idea where it was. All the staff acted like it was their first day on the job and didn't even know there was a convention AT THE HOTEL that weekend. To top it all off, there were a pair of dirty underwear left in our garbage can in our room when we checked in and hair all over the tile bath floor. Horrible! Poor service, horrible experience!!!!!

29/05/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
38. Dan Z.
Place is a pit.  Stayed three nights, not once did they show up to clean the room.  I ended up putting the trash out in the hall.

07/06/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
39. Tony J.
I haved stayed here several times before. It is a great easy to access location off of 101 south First Street exit. It is great for conferences or other business.

21/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
40. L L.
We stayed here Jan 2011 and I'll give it 2.5 - 3 stars... I'll only come back if I need a place next to the airport and the Marriott down the street isn't available.

The Look:
My room was on the 8th floor, king w/ balcony & highway views. Thank goodness it felt like an updated room. There still isn't a mini fridge, but it seems like they kept their word about putting in flat screen tvs and new drawers. The bathroom could either be newly renovated or they just had really good up keeping. Considering it's location the lobby is livelier than expected at late night.

Their Day Dream Experience Bed wasn't anything out of the ordinary, but it wasn't rock hard. I prefer the Marriott Courtyard's beds. I definitely like how their towels are large, absorbent, AND soft. I don't know how hotels usually wash their towels, but certain places set out towels that feel like they've been dried at beyond extreme temperatures and then ironed stiff.

The ac/heating is quiet and responds very quickly to setting changes. The accent chair and ottoman was comfy (when accompanied w/ pillows) and nearly led me to taking an early evening nap... or maybe the movie Clash of the Titans on HBO didn't have enough action :-p Comfort cookies are also given out.

I thought my room door was the only one that would slam shut, but FYI: every door to each room slams. It's really annoying to hear all of your neighbors coming and leaving.  It's loud when you're inside, but it is magnified when it slams behind you on the outside. It also caught the tail of my peacoat.. lol..

The Parking:
I'm confused, but don't care to find out why. My bf and I arrived in separate cars, so we each had to pay for our own parking. It is advertised and confirmed as $9 on weekends (in and out privileges included). After fully checking out,  his parking ticket allowed him to leave, but for my ticket the machine displayed something to the extent of "$18 dollars due".  We already paid for it at the time of check-in, and it's supposed to be $9 because it was 1 night.  There is a HELP button on the machine; I pressed it and within 10 seconds I was allowed to leave.

09/01/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
41. Marvin J.
You know, I'm so disappointed, I'm not even sure this hotel even WARRANTS anymore of my time to write a negative review.  I've been to this hotel several times before, but never I have EVER been treated in such a manner!!!

Let me put it this way; it's a near rip off.  This hotel needs more than just a face lift, it needs an all out employeee/creedo/mission/everything redeux.  I  was at this hotel not only two months ago and returned this evening to "check out" the club portion.

Good god, I might as well have driven up to a trailer park located in some obsolete portion of Oklahoma.  

THAT's how BAD this hotel and it's numerous "accessories" are.


TRUST ME..............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

27/07/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
42. Richard C.
Good: friendly staff, cookie, large room, quiet a/c
Of course the bad memories stand out:
- Noisy. I checked in around 21:00 last Friday night, and at the registration desk I couldn't hear half of what the receptionist said. OK, that's not a big deal, but my room was on the first floor, and that music continued until 23:45.
- Noisy. So being on the first floor, the cars were right outside my window. Also not nominally bad, except that some moron in the parking lot had a tricked out sound system in his car and played it loudly. That was around 23:00. I let it go for 10 minutes before calling security. 5 more minutes later, the sound stopped.
- Noisy. Until 01:00 that night, I'd say every 15 minutes some loud group would walk by my door, and the sound carried into my room, then again at 03:00 to wake me.
- Clientele. Are they trying to be a hip place on weekends? Give that up. Is it surprising that the place would be so noisy given the packed lounge with dozens of late-teen early-twenties kids walking around with low riding jeans and serious attitude?
- towels. First night: 4 complete sets of nice, fluffy towels. Second night: 3 bath towels and 3 hand towels, period. Punishment for wasting water?
- Not free parking, not free internet access in the rooms, don't know about the gym.

09/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
43. Claire P.
Not one of the best hotels that I've been to but they're alright. Wish they had a fridge, free wi-fi and more personal space out on the balcony. If there was at least a barrier between each room on the balcony, it would help ALOT. There was a creepy guy watching my party when we were talking outside.

30/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
44. Daniel J.
Staff was great.
Location in regards to the airport is great.

Rooms are comfortable.

Restaurants are overpriced.
Steaks @ $50
Breakfast Buffet @ $21

Parking is overpriced @ $18

Internet is overpriced @ $13

06/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
45. Crystal C.
Went there for a company party. Food was good but drink prices were ridiculously high. Parking is way too expensive. We were supposed to pay $5 since we were there for a party but we were charged $15!

18/10/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
46. Sheila C.
So i am staying here while i am apartment hunting and what not over the holiday....I gotta say it is pretty nice ive got a king bed room and it is LARGE!!! lotta room lotta stuff of course all i do in there is watch TV and lay in bed haha. The one thing that got to me is the parking issue apparently if we have guests over to our hotel they have to pay for parking...rather high rates...18 bucks overnight. other then that i have no issues...clean and nice. I dont use any of the toiletries that they provide so i cant rate those. There is also a bar downstairs maybe I should grab a drink there tonight.

UPDATE: SO i thought the parking pass they gave me would allow me free parking...NOPE apparently they just charged it to my card on file....I hate them....i mean really just build in parking to the room rate well never know the diff.

31/12/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
47. Stacy R.
I recently planned a multi-day board meeting, overnight and meals for my board of directors: a group of about 20 VIPs.  My initial contact was Christina.  I had to ask her through multiple emails to please send me a contract to sign.  Then she handed me over to my event manager, Ariadne, who did not contact me initially, and weeks had passed, meanwhile my event is less than three weeks away.  I had to call Christina to find out when I would hear form my event manager, then finally got a call from Ariadne.  Planning the details with Ariadne was fine, until two days before my event when she disappears without telling me she would be out of the office or giving me an alternate contact.  On top of that she had not given me my final revised BEOs nor my final rooming list (which I had requested from her at least three times) before she left.  It was two days before my event and I was getting no response from her to any of my emails or multiple phone calls and voice messages, and NO DETAILS had been finalized!  After an urgent email back to Christina about my situation, I was contacted (4 HOURS later) by Jenny.  It took me the better part of the day to basically reiterate all of my instructions and requests that I had already emailed to Ariadne to Jenny to fill her in.  Jenny was helpful in getting me the final BEOs and stepped up to be my main event manager, but when I asked Jenny for a price break on the extremely exorbitant internet prices (something like $100 per person to access the internet) to make up for the huge inconvenience, Jenny asked "what inconvenience?" and made excuses for Ariadne leaving me hanging without notice.  Ariadne finally contacted me the DAY OF the event and apologized for dropping the ball.  

I did not attend the event, but I got feedback from those who did.  Overall they thought the service at the hotel was great.  

The main issue was the breakfast.  I had ordered the "Italian cured meats and cheeses with crusty breads" for a Euro-style breakfast for my board.  The meats were nothing more than cold, thin deli cuts, and they were NOT cured.  The cheeses were plain--NOT Italian cheeses, and sliced like sandwich slices, and the bread was focaccia--NOT crusty bread.  It struck my group of VIPs (the board of directors of my organization) as a sandwich set up with bread that just didn't fit.  This breakfast was not at all elegant and not at all what the menu said it was.  This was extremely disappointing and left my board thinking that I ordered them cold meat and cheese sandwiches for breakfast.  

Then there was the lunch: I paid $36 per person for a COLD lunch.  This price is ridiculous for a cold lunch.  What I thought was nice about the salad bar that I ordered was the nice touch of having a staff person there at the buffet table to pick and "snip" your lettuce for you.  I assume that this is why the cost was so high.  I come to find out after the event that there was no one attending the salad table and it was certainly all self-service buffet, with no "snipping" of lettuces.  I was told explicitly by Ariadne (before she disappeared) that there would be such a person there attending the salad table to "snip" the lettuces.  This was obviously a lie and an excuse to mark up prices and overcharge my nonprofit organization. The worst part about the this situation is that no one ever got back to me to report that things were not executed as I had requested them to be.  

This was a terrible event-planning experience and I am very disappointed in the service I received both before, during and after my event.

15/09/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
48. R V.

- If i can give 0 stars or a dislike this would be the place!!!!


- My cousin was in town and got a suite here for ~$300? The receptionist told her to check in @ 8AM they got there at 9AM and the receptionist said the room wasn't ready because the maid was not done cleaning the room from the previous night. My cousin than checked in @ 1pm and the room was ready. I finally arrived at the hotel and we had some drinks got a little loud.... security busted in and made us leave. Obviously we would not leave so we stayed and the "guest" non family related left. Than the security came back again CLAIMING that we had "drank" 6 bottles of champagne which my cousin DID NOT SEE (She looked around the suite to see if there was anything in the room remaining from the previous night) and how would the security guard know we drank or did not drank the champagne if he did not walk into the bar area. RIDICULOUS RIGHT?! My cousin is not the type to stand up for herself and of course the loving cousin i am i am not gonna let her pay $100 per bottle. We made a whole scene and the "manager" said he'll take it off the bill and will discuss it tmrw morning when they talk to the maid to see if she did or did not place the champagne bottle in the room. This is the worst service i have ever seen..... especially if the manager was there the WHOLE time.


10/04/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
49. MissusBugatti J.
I stayed here a few years ago and paid extra for an upgrade, but quickly found that it was so not worth it! The room was nothing special and niether were the breakfasts and cocktail hour included in the upgrade. On top of that, parking was extra $$! Yes, those cookies are to die for, but this location just isn't worth the money.

29/03/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
50. Patricia S.
This hotel was super nice. The room was spacious. It had a nice flat screen tv and the bed was so comfy I didn't want to get out of it in the morning lol, and also let me add that everything was very clean. I am giving the review 4 stars because the room service seemed ridiculously expensive (17 dollars for a salad??) And that's not including the 22 percent service charge! Overall it was a very enjoyable stay and I will probably go again

16/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
51. Wendy T.
The hotel guest services staff provide excellent customer service for a hotel at this price point: the front desk staff, bell staff, and valet staff all did a fabulous job building customer capital in each interaction they had with me.  They even retrieved something from my car for me one morning.  A large conference was going on, and my neighbors had a loud party Friday night.  Within minutes of my call at midnight, the party went silent. Very impressive.

The restaurants are a real area for improvement.  Food quality and selection is a need for improvement, but equally as important, service quality.  The staff seemed frazzled in Sprigs, and the Sushi Bar staff seemed pleasant but had no idea how to serve customers at a table, take orders, or otherwise perform in a restaurant environment.  

I ordered a dessert from the bar at the steakhouse, and the bartender was unable to speak to the chef (he spoke Chinese) to confirm the dairy content in a specific dessert.   All he got from the English-speaking sous-staff was they didn't think there was cream in the fudge.   Perhaps not, but the cake I ordered was drowning in dairy, which meant I had to choose between getting sick and throwing out $7 worth of dessert.  I chose the latter.

Admittedly, I didn't eat a meal at the steak house, but I don't have confidence that based on their other restaurants, they could have delivered food, ambiance, and service worthy of $30+ entrees and $19 glasses of wine.  They certainly couldn't have handled my food allergy, if the chef didn't speak English and there were no resources for English-speaking staff to check dairy content.

05/10/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
52. Isabelle K.
I booked my itinerary too late, so my favorite hotels including embassy suite are full already. I'm a Hilton honor member, so I only want to book Hilton system hotels. The only choice left is double tree which is very close to my office and San Jose airport.

Pros: Two things I liked about double tree. One is their shampoo, lotion and soap have brands - Neutrogena. Also they provide Neutrogena daily moisturizer with 30 SPF in bathroom too. I never saw any hotel providing that. The other is their welcome cookie which is very tasty.

Cons: Two things I don't like about the hotel. One is they charge $15 parking per day, the other is they don't have refrigerator. I don't need a TV since I don't watch it, but I do need a refrigerator!

19/06/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
53. Cindi M.
I stayed at this Double Tree last week for a conference for one night.  After reading the reviews, it makes me think that possibly part of the hotel has been updated, and I stayed in that part.  I'd say my room/floor was updated within the past 5-7 years.  I've stayed in a lot of hotels around the world for my former job, and for a Double Tree, I was pretty impressed.  

The staff was very friendly, at check in, greeting me in the halls, and at the conference.  I think my room was about $140 for the night, and I'd say it was worth that.

The conference facilities we were in appeared to be updated within the past 5-7 years, and they were much better than a lot of other conferences I've been to.  

The catered conference food was good.  The food in the hotel's cafe was alright.  I got a Cobb salad for dinner.  For $14 it was not great, but not bad.  The bread on the side was awful, and dried out.  I love bread, but I didn't eat it.  One thing I love here is they serve Republic of Tea, although it's pricey at $4.50/bottle.  The cafe also has a $10 breakfast buffet, which was decent enough.

As an added bonus, you get a warm cookie when you check in.

02/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
54. Angelina B.
One of the nicest hotels I've ever stayed in. We checked in around midnight and contacted the front desk beforehand to ensure our room would still be reserved...had no problems there. They ran out of rooms with a single King bed so we received a room with two queen beds, turned out to be very spacious and very nice with a small balcony. Beds are absolutely wonderful to sleep in! Only downside was that we didn't have a microwave nor refrigerator in our room (you'd think for paying around 110 dollars a night for a room you'd atleast get a microwave) and you have to pay extra for internet access. We got there around 8 PM and didn't find a single parking spot for about 25 mins until we gave up and left to go have dinner and then returned later around midnight and found parking. Overall it was a very luxurious hotel and I will definitely return!

30/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
55. Jodi B.
Recently attended a conference here....

Pros: Rooms are ok- no complaints,  facilities are nice, lunch service at the conference was efficient, food was good at Spencer's if you stuck with filet.

Cons: Food was skimpy (salads and sandwiches had very little meat, cheese etc), water glasses in conference rooms were filthy, chair backs were loose (hard to sit in for long conference), A/C was not working properly, huge noisy fans in all reception halls for duration, strange fishy smells wafting through hallways, service in restaurants slow, fire drills left us outside for 20 minutes

Excellent conference but I doubt I will be the first one to recommend a change of venue for next year. (back to the hyatt -yay!)

11/06/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
56. Jackie T.
My boyfriend and I stayed here in December 2009.  Although it is near the San Jose airport, I have no complaints about hearing any airplane noises.  You do have to do valet parking, but that is understandable since the hotel probably does not want anyone other than paid hotel guests to park there (being that it is so close to the airport).  

While the outside needs some updating, the inside was really nice and elegant.  I had always thought this place was run down just looking from the outside, but I was really in for a surprise when I saw the inside.

Our room was huge and spacious.  There was a king-sized bed that was comfortable.  All the products are from Neutrogena which included shampoo, conditioner, body wash, moisturizer, and sunblock.  It was nice to have a mirror stand next to, but outside the bathroom to use while someone else is in the shower and is steaming up the bathroom mirror in there.  There is a coffee maker with Wolfgang Puck grand coffee with to-go cups and caps to take with you on your way out.  

We only stayed for a night, but no complaints from me and my boyfriend.  I would come back here if I had to stay somewhere local again.

10/01/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
57. Linda D.
Nice hotel, here for a one day conference. Close to airport, and free shuttle was easy to find and quick to hotel. However, lunch was a huge disappointment. I ate at Sprigs. The wait staff had never heard of eating gluten free, and had to get the manager to assist with the menu. I ordered chicken and polenta. The portion size was appropriate to an appetizer or tasting menu, not lunch. There were a few slices of asparagus, but overall, it was a huge bowl with little food to go in it. The polenta had curry and raisins in it; a very odd combination. I ate all of it because I was very hungry, but certainly could not recommend it.  I went to the gift shop and bought chips and a candy bar to get me through the rest of the day. In all I paid 16 for the chicken and 5 for the snacks, a pretty expensive lunch in my opinion for mediocre fool.

20/12/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
58. Christine R.
Wow, how times have changed from a year ago.  The hospitality has changed dramatically since our last visit, perhaps recession, but more like depression.  Sucks to stay here, as parking is $20, breakfast buffet is $20 including kids & no kids menu, drinks are overpriced, the lousy club charges $15 cover pp.  Their club couldn't even make some of the drinks one night and offered only margaritas, but guests had to pay cash only!  The pool area is nice, but no one cleaned it the next morning 'til late.  People who have kids get up early cuz kids don't sleep in, and when check out time is noon, families have to make use of pool time.  There were no refill on towels, and used towels were left from the night before spread all over the place...eeewwww.  The rooms have no fridge, no microwave, menu book ~ how can they call it a hotel without minor ammenities?  BOO - negative stars!!!

27/06/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
59. Larry T.
We got a room on the 2nd floor which was a dump. If there was an option for zero stars I would choose it. The room had poor lighting which helped to hide some of the stains on the carpet until day light. The furniture in our room was banged up and scratched. The door frame was falling off of the wall. The $5 water had been opened by a previous customer and refilled with tap water. The wifi worked ok but was very slow. They front desk person only gave me two cookies on check-in even though we had 2 adults and 2 kids in our party.

15/09/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
60. Ryan C.
Some things do get better.

The staff is great, from the front desk to the kitchen and everywhere in between I found them to be very friendly and customer focused. The food was better, the facilities were much cleaner and updated than in the past, in fact it seems like every time I have visited there has been some type of remodeling project in flight which is usually a good sign. The parking situation is still irksome but ultimately I think things are looking better.

07/02/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
61. Dean B.
I thought this was a good deal at 129.00 a night for the AAA Pre-paid rate (you have to pay no matter what, no cancellations).  Ah, but THEN comes the 'reamage'.  18 bucks for self-park or 21.00 valet.

I ordered a bowl of Onion soup for 9.00 and Chop Salad for 10.00.  My room service bill was 30 bucks!  There is a 4.50 'tray fee' and after combining the tray fee and food, they apply a 22.5% tip.

I am a Hilton Diamond and am usually given an upgraded room,  No luck here.  I got free Internet access, but it is desperately slow.

I will not be staying here again.  Try the Hilton Garden Inn in Milpitas instead.  Although HGI was 159 a night, I get free parking, breakfast and Internet there.  It would have been cheaper and it's a much nicer property.

16/02/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
62. Christina B.
If I could I would give 0 Stars then I most definitely would. I was a wedding photographer at one of their weddings a couple weekends ago and the way they treated me as a vendor was atrocious. I work very hard-- and for them to have me pay for a bottle water or a glass of diet coke for $3.50 was ridiculous. I don't care if the B & G didn't have an open tab for their guests---But as a vendor they should have treated me better.

I would NEVER recommend this hotel to anyone-- to stay or to play. And the fact that parking was $18.00 was also absolutely ridiculous.

Don't waste your time or money.

02/06/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
63. Ruby T.
We were gifted a 4 night stay here after my husbands job relocated our family and gave us some stay time to find residency near San Jose.  We had the best service from start to finish.  I was excited to find out that there was actually a Rehab there on Sunday which seemed to jump off, but alas, I am a mother with a baby and just enjoyed the scene from afar.  We ordered room service with steaks, etc. which was off the chain... really everything we ordered through them was great.  Check out was a breeze and the wait staff did what needed to be done.  All in all a great trip and nice place to rest our heads while we were undergoing such a stressful ordeal!

06/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
64. Fresh Young Balki B.
I have stayed here around four times over the past two years and each time is slightly worst than the last. I usually stay here whenever we decide to hit downtown San Jose and don't feel like driving home or if there's an event at the HP Pavilion and for this, the Doubletree serves it's purpose. It's very close to both and right off the freeway.

The room rates are usually pretty reasonable, the rooms for the most part are clean and are a good size. The last room I stayed in Room 230 was just plain busted. The shower looked like the incredible hulk tried to take a bubble bath in it, tile was all busted up and the ceiling was all banged up. Also the room doors are hinged to close automatically so all night you will here the banging of doors.

Customer service is hit or miss, have ran into a few issues such as being over charged or room preference not always available but more often than not has been average. Parking is a little steep at $18 for overnight parking as a guest so make sure you take that into account. They do have a decent gym there if that's any interest to you. The pictures posted are of Suites that have been renovated (never stayed at any of them) but the standard rooms look pretty dated and show no signs of being renovated.

The breakfast buffet is decent but a little pricey, close to $25 each person with drinks.

I remember staying here over the summer and they had some pool party on Sundays of similar fashion to the Hard Rock in Las Vegas with a DJ ect.

So let's review:
The standard rooms needs a serious spit shine but for the most part are clean and of good size. Location is good right off of the freeway and close proximity to Downtown San Jose, San Jose Airport, HP Pavilion ect. The extra charges are a little steep $18 for self parking and around $15 for internet access. A Decent Hotel but after four stays and little sign of improvment, I will not stay here again.

14/04/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
65. Christine I.
My brand new Audi was hit in their parking lot while I was attending CHURCH services a couple of weeks back. They took a report for their own "patrol/ security" and promised someone would PHONE me back within a couple of days to discuss. NO one ever called, why would I expect them to? So when I phoned, not only would they REFUSE to give me a copy of the report for my insurance, they also said "sorry we are not responsible in any way....." the usual crap that's on the ticket you take when you park the car.  Seriously -not even a copy of the report with the photos the guy took of the front end of my car, with a huge dent and missing a front grille.  I NEED those for insurance, so it's one of those "not my fault but my insurance still pays" type of claims. I know it's no one from church b/c I've asked around... my "peeps" actually would fess up to an "oops" like that. Probably some rude careless guest in a rental car.  UGH.

To top it off, our entire church group is moving on an emergency basis to another location.  Turns out there are severe allergy/ mold/ mildew issues at this location, so we're yanking almost 1,000 people out to go to a cleaner place.

Can't I say I'm sad to leave. They've taken horrible care of our group and won't help me one iota with my claim on the damage to my car.

07/10/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
66. qirk z.
I came here for a seminar.

However, onsite parking at $6 for the first hour is a ripoff. My parking ended up costing $12, I was there for about two.five hours.

It was for this reason I will not return to this location for anything, and not due to the bombarded bird droppings on my car.

The seminar hosts didn't validate, which I find strange, unless Doubletree didn't include that with the conference room rental.

Stay far away.

09/08/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
67. Alex C.
Ok.. So I used to work here.. I love the organization.. The camaraderie was super good.. WE stuck together like a band of brothers..

it's been almost 4 years since i've worked here.. I still keep in touch with old co-workers here.. The morale is really low now..

The service isn't so great anymore.. Still pretty cheap for a semi fancy hotel.. There's pretty much everything you need here.. Shoe shiners, swimming pool, night club, Fine dining (Spencer's Steaks), coffee restaurant, starbucks and in-room dining.. What more do you need here?

That's where I take one star away.. rooms need damn refrigerators!!

Staff is always friendly and helpful (I know I worked here).. It's a great family of hospitality.. I would recommend this hotel to anyone staying around the area.. Get your parking tickets validated anywhere in the hotel!!!


28/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
68. Chris T.
Located right off 101 near Brokaw and by all those temp agencies, this place brought back memories of a friend's Cotillion in their main ballroom.

Bath tub full of ice and drank.  Small dance floor with all the aunties and uncles doing line dancing and dancing to your typical high school DJ playing a bunch of Top 40 and Radio Rap & R&B.  I didn't make the dinner part, but I heard it was decent.

They also have those wannabe Las Vegas pool parties over here on Sunday afternoons during the summer called Detox, where they try to be like the Hard Rock Hotel's Rehab pool parties.  Never went to one, but from pictures, it looks like there's some hot girls and a buncha douche bag and meat head guys.  Looks similar to a crowd that you'd find at The Vault or Santana Row.

22/01/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
69. Mich l.
There is no way this hotel is a 4star - everything looks so old: the furniture, the hallway carpet, everything.
- $18 parking is ridiculous and which was not mentioned on Priceline,
- Hot water coming and going during our showers,
- We were on the 5th floor and several rooms on our floor had dirty room service trays in the halls for 2 days.  
- Refrigerator cost $10 too, shouldn't this be standard in the room without additional cost?  

I usually stay at the Hilton Santa Clara and that is way better and only a 5-10 minute drive away.  Only the chocolate chip cookies they gave us at the front desk was good.

29/12/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
70. Steve K.
It's a Motel disguised as a Hotel.  The valet is the first person one will encounter when pulling into a hotel, thus the impression a guest receives from the valet  can determine how the rest of the hotel will be. In our case, the two parking valets were engaged in what must of been an extremely interesting conversation because they did not react to our presence until we had unloaded the luggage and were well on our way into the hotel lobby.  The front desk consists of 2 clerks, one of which was too busy making cookies to assist the ever increasing line of people. BTW the cookie was delicious. The room was nice, it was a typical hotel room minus a mini bar, fridge, and wifi. In order to receive WiFi one must pay an extra $13 a day. You're in Silicon Freakin' Valley! I've stayed in motels in bumFrick Wyoming and had WiFi!!!! C'MON! Be warned, the hotel will nickle and dime you all day for such things as wifi, self parking is $18 a day, and valet parking is $21 a day. I find it hard to believe that professional hockey teams stay here.

04/09/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
71. Nikki N.
An old hotel with loud floors and slamming doors. The room was clean but what the hell happened to our bathroom? The tiles around the bathtub faucet were busted with sharp edges sticking out. The ceiling had a funny bubble shape to it. My brother called the front desk to notify them about situation. He said the woman on the other end just said, "Ok, ok," but she wasn't even listening to what he was saying. He wanted to let her know about the bathroom so we don't get charged for it. She could have at least offered to put us in a new room.

I've been in grimy elevators before but these doors had nasty smudges and hand prints on it. It looked like they have never been cleaned.

The customer service is ok but they really need to reevaluate how to approach customer complaints.

The price and location are good but this hotel needs a serious makeover. Lots of accidents waiting to happen!

15/04/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
72. Kevin Z.
Stayed here for a biz trip to the area for a reptile show. Found it on Priceline and named my price at $71 (i think). I was excited since it was rated FOUR stars......... Guess again. We were on a floor that must be reserved for people who score on priceline and don't purchase the room through the hotel.

I have photos to back this stuff up..... I took photos of what I mention below and will get around to posing them. I had an outlet on the wall near the corner of one bed that did not have a cover and wasn't secured to the power box. BARE wires were hanging out. I could have rolled over in the night and put my hand into the wires and gotten a nice wakeup call of 120 volts. The shower head pissed water in every direction from the calcium deposits built up on the head. The doors and walls were scratched up and banged up. There were two different colors of hand rails in the bathroom. the lighting fixture in the bathroom was missing the reflector so you had a nice view of the ceiling above the false ceiling. My smoke detector had obviously been repainted....... or I should say the ceiling was, and only half the smoke detector was taped over. so it was a two tone, a faded brown color from age and a fresh coat of white spray on paint. The lighting fixture in the room were OLD and dated. Wifi was not free if I remember correctly.

I will not stay at this hotel for what I paid, ever again. Sure it was a room and a bed... but not for what I paid.

Oh and the bed was very stiff and hard.

Unless you score this place for cheap, avoid! I'd give it zero stars if I could.

22/11/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
73. Kerry S.
On the positive side, the hotel is nice and my room is spacious and clean, but there are three reasons why I will not stay here again.

1) Ridiculous in-room Internet prices at $13.95 or $12.95 (depending on public IP address or not). In the midst of Silicon Valley, charging for Internet - especially this much - is completely out of line. I expect it to be a standard part of the room amenities, just like the bed, the toilet, the phone and the lights.

2) $18.95 overnight parking fee ($21.95 for valet). Parking used to be free. They did the same thing at the Doubletree in Sacramento, and presumably all others. This is totally unreasonable.

3) They do not tell you up-front that they charge you extra for USA Today. It is buried in small print in the folder they give you your room key in. It is up to you to opt-out, but they never tell you about this when you check in.

I'm a longtime Hilton Hhonors member, but I am fed up with these charges and do not plan on staying at any Doubletree again. They've lost me from the brand.

10/09/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
74. AJ A.
Affordable. and clean. Good sized room and great conference/banquet rooms

06/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
75. Katherine B.
This is the first hotel we stayed at that allowed dogs.  The staff is extremely friendly. The next time we come up to San Jose and decide to bring Jade (our dog), we will be staying here again.  

There were only a few things I didn't agree with.  For instance, the $9/day parking fee, the closet door was broken, and the roll away bed felt like a box of springs.  So hopefully our next stay will be in a room that doesn't have a broken door and we will NOT be using the roll away bed. lol

07/06/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
76. Kristin P.
I haven't ever stayed at the Doubletree, but I teach a class in their conference rooms two to four nights a week, and I've been very pleased with their service. The conference staff have always been friendly and conscientious in making sure that our needs are met. The front desk staff have been very helpful when I've received deliveries to the hotel or needed copies. The gift shop is well-stocked, and the man and woman who alternately staff it are friendly as can be. There is free wireless throughout the hotel. The pool/hot tub area seems nice and clean.

Again, I haven't stayed here, but I've been impressed with all the services I've used.

21/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
77. Lisa N.
You gotta try those warm cookies!!!

We went here for a weekend trip and the room was quite spacious.  In fact, there was plenty of floor space and you didn't feel the least bit cramped.  While checking -in, the service at the front desk was very courteous and efficient.

The Club Max was a nice looking place, but the crowd there on this particular Saturday night was down right ROUGH!  It just wasn't my kind of place, but there were plenty of people there.  Another complaint would be the self-parking; it's pricey when you're going to be going back and forth from the hotel.

Overall, the hotel was nice and I enjoyed most of my stay here.

03/07/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
78. Heather O.
Pros: clean enough room, main living area of the room was nice. I liked that our room had a vanity and sink outside of the bathroom. Very useful and appreciated. Front desk were very kind and professional and they even give a cookie per guest. Kind of cute and cool.

Cons: the bathroom smelled like mildew and was overpowering. The restaurant/hotel dive bar (might be called 3000?) was really bad. We ordered the calamari which was good enough and I liked the sweet chili dipping sauce. What was UNACCEPTABLE was the bartender who gave me a bit too much 'tude when I kindly stated that I wanted a different drink because the tonic was flat and I had ordered a mandarin absolut vodka with tonic. Vodka tonic, how hard is that to screw up and it's pretty evident no bubbles is not a good thing. The waitress who was serving us was no better and good customer service was definitely not her objective, nor did she seem to care. Luckily the taller of the two waitresses had a good customer service orientation about her and was just about the only saving grace of this walk-up sushi bar zone.

21/08/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
79. Christopher D.
It's a great space with clean well appointed rooms and terrific pool, but I was here for a large conference and the hotel staff--from housekeeping to restaurants--seemed completely overwhelmed.  Many of the other participants noticed it as well: it was as if it were the very first day of working in a hotel for the entire staff, every day.  The conference was great, and I will definitely go back for the conference and stay at this property for the sake of convenience, but the DoubleTree absolutely must step up their game.

10/03/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
80. T S.
Brief update: This started as a 1 star review, but I'm upping to 3 because of Melissa R.  See below.


I booked a stay here this weekend (Fri thru Mon) through name-your-own-price at Priceline.

After you book, they tell you what hotel you are staying at.  So I went to their website and I was EXTREMELY upset to discover that parking is $18 and internet is $13.  Everything I "saved" by booking on Priceline I end up paying in fees.  And they don't tell you about these hidden fees until after you book.  What's the point?  I could have just stayed at a nicer hotel, in a better location for full price instead of far away by the airport.

The Director of Something who keeps replying to the posts here says "if we didn't charge for parking there'd be no parking for guests".  That doesn't make sense!  How about you NOT charge guests and only charge people who are parking here without staying?!  You could require a room key to enter/exit.  Sigh.  And who charges for internet in Silicon Valley?


Update: After booking, I spoke with Priceline and we (me, insistently and they, reluctantly) called the hotel together.  We didn't get resolution but the hotel told me to call back and speak with Melissa R in order to get the hotel to release the reservation (I am not explaining this well, but bear with me).  The lady at the hotel also said she would need a fax requesting cancellation from Priceline.

a) The Priceline lady basically said she doesn't have a way to fax right before she hung up.  Sigh.  So frustrating.  And yet - a few hours later I was AMAZED when I got an email in my inbox saying that Priceline had faxed in the request after all.  I wish I could remember the lady's name from Priceline so I could give her kudos here.  I was floored.

b) On the DoubleTree side: I should preface with - I work in marketing and I know how hard it is to deal with upset people, and I know how exhausting it can be -  Melissa R was seriously top notch.  Not only completely professional, but just KIND.  She treated me like a person.  I am seriously grateful.

It all worked out in the end.  I won't be staying here (this time ... but seriously Melissa is my new hero and  I would actually give the place a chance now) but I *did* rebook with Priceline at another hotel at FULL PRICE, JUST because I wanted to show them that taking care of your customers pays off.

There is sure to be a lesson I should learn from this.  Still trying to figure out what it is...

08/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
81. Lucian H.
Like so much of the Hilton chain, this Doubletree has seen better days.  I was here in March for a week-long conference.  $21/night parking plus $13/night Wi-Fi is exhorbitant, especially on top of already expensive ($160/night) rooms!  Lobby is nice, but rooms are only a small step better than a typical Comfort Inn.

I was checked in to an 8th floor room and found broken towel rod (dangling by one side - wonder how housekeeping missed that!), black moldy caulking in the shower, and chewing gum stuck to the bed sheets!  Front desk manager moved me to a room across the hall that was at least clean, but of course still tacky and outdated.

Remember when Doubletree was a great brand?  It is really sad to see what Hilton has done.  Conrad Hilton would roll over in his grave if he knew the brand he created had slipped to this low.

Spencer's restaurant serves decent (overcooked, but still edible) food for the usual Hilton surcharge ($35 for a plate that would be $22 anywhere else).  Service was good, food edible, surcharge annoying.

14/03/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
82. Gary J.
Attended a conference here this week and it was not a pleasant experience.  First; when did they begin to charge for parking at a freeway/airport hotel - big mistake?  Second; the room was very long and narrow so the people in the back of the room could not see the screen very well.  Third; apparently they replaced the HVAC and did not put in a thermostat, so the room was either too hot or too cold.  Forth; a latte and bagel was $7.  Fifth; it took 50 minutes to get a mediocre lunch that was $20.  Lastly; the bartender needs to learn to smile. Think twice before using this Inn.

04/12/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
83. Jeff P.
I stayed here over the weekend to watch a Sharks game at HP Pavilion.  The Doubletree was great.  The room was clean, had a lot of space and was the perfect size for my wife and I.

The only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is because of the $13 dollar fee to use the high-speed internet, the $9 a day parking fee which is normally $18 on weekdays, and that fact that there are no grocery or drug stores nearby.  I'm lucky I had my cell phone with Android, so I never needed the high speed internet.

The location is great, it is close to the many south-bay freeways and the proximity to HP Pavilion and thus Downtown San Jose was great.  Santana Row and Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara was only 10 mins. away.  If you fly into Mineta Airport, it is literally a two minute drive.

I would definitely recommend the Doubletree San Jose to anyone.

15/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
84. Naomi Y.
This is a party hotel for sure.

The presidential suites are great for detox sundays. I like how the rooms are exclusive after you pass the 8th floor so you feel like you are VIP. However if you are drunk and need to get to your room you can take the stairs because you need a room key to go to the upper floors for the elevators... :)

Every 4th sunday Doubletree hosts Detox pool parties. It's not Rehab but it's the only thing going on at the pool and on a sunday so that's a plus.

Check out the website. sanjose.com/detox-sunday…

Last year I recall paying $20 for valet self parking and $25 for regular admissions.

If you are coming to the pool party with a big group I highly recommend getting a cabana and a hotel suite.

Sun May 30 (Noon - Sunset)
Sun Jun 27 (Noon - Sunset)
Sun Jul 25 (Noon - Sunset)
Sun Aug 22 (Noon - Sunset)
Sun Sep 26, 2010 (Noon - Sunset)

26/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
85. Ed L.
This is for the valet airport service. They unloaded our bags, placed them into the shuttle and asked if we had everything before we were wisked off to the terminal (which seemed right across the street).

Return was quite as nice. Shuttle arrived shortly after call. Unfortunately the PU spot was on the far end. Car was there waiting when we let off the shuttle.

02/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
86. Miki M.
Great hotel to stay for layovers and for business. The rooms are huge and the staff are friendly. Less then 5 mins from the airport, but you couldn't tell since you don't hear the noise in your room. Because there are mostly business building in the area, you will have to drive to find restaurants that are opened late.

Also, the cookie that you get when you check in is delicious!

19/04/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
87. Angela Y.
We stayed at the Double Tree because I got a room for a good deal on Priceline.  We stayed the weekend that they hold Detox so there were a lot of party-goers there.  The front desk assumed we were with the Detox party so they originally put us on the same floor as the rest of the party people.  We had our 7 week old son with us - otherwise I wouldn't have minded.  Good thing the bell-hop realized this and called the front desk to have us moved - great service! The hotel staff was also really friendly - we were always greeted wherever we went.

One thing I didn't like about the Double Tree is that they don't have late night room service.  All you can order after 10pm are some pre-made salads and sandwiches from the front desk.  (I'm a room service kind-of-gal).  Also, the rooms aren't so new.  I stayed here a loooong time ago when it was the Red Lion Inn, and I don't think much changed in the room except for the bed and the carpet.  The bed wasn't up to the "Hilton" standards that we're use to. We paid $65/night for the hotel and I don't think I'd pay more than that.

28/07/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
88. Jenni D.
The hotel was super clean, and the showerhead was actually strong enough to wash shampoo out of my hair (this can be difficult with thick hair!).  The towels were nice and fluffy like the pillows, and the coffee maker was easy to use.  The sushi bar in the lobby has a friendly staff, and the huge TVs make a great addition for sports fans.  Check-out was at noon, which was nice because I didn't feel rushed.

All former reviewers are right about the parking though - $18 to park your own car in an open lot overnight?  Really though?!  If you are really looking to splurge, you can pay $21.

25/11/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
89. Matt B.
it was ok, business center was good

11/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
90. Denise B.
Last time I stayed here, it was very nice.  This trip was VERY disappointing!  As a diamond member, water is not offered either in the room or the concierge floor.  The concierge lounge only offered soda and juice 24 hours a day.  The free breakfast buffet was continental only... and my coffee pot was BROKEN!  Parking cost $18 per day as well.  I doubt that I will return to this location again.

05/04/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
91. Monika D.
Even though I double-checked at check-in that they had the credit card information of the company hosting me, the room was charged to my personal credit card. I'd used it for "incidentals like the $2.50 Nestle bottle of water I drank mistakenly thinking it was complimentary. The host company tried to straighten it out and supposedly the charge had been reversed, but I've yet to see the money in my account.

I expected more from the room which was a little dingy and dirty. The bed I'd give five stars, but the TV was old and had a crummy picture. The bathroom was standard-issue motel.

The food was average and over-priced and the hallway carpets were dirty.

I've had better experiences at Super 8.

The folder with my room key card offered a free tin of cookies if I wrote a review with Trip Adviser. I wonder if I'll still get the cookies if I post this one?

30/10/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
92. Diana V.
I have stayed in this hotel for conventions many times in the past, so I did not anticipate the problems that we encounter on Memorial day weekend.  We checked in on Thursday afternoon, and went to our room.  Two of the lights didn't work, but when we called the front desk didn't take the details about why so a maintenance man showed up with light bulbs.  The one on the desk was missing a bulb, but the floor lamp was missing it's switch.  To his credit he did come back an hour or so later and fixed it.  

Later we discovered that the shower curtain was slightly torn and there was a note on it that we couldn't discern.  The shower control was smashed in, but still worked, except the water pressure was miserably low.  

The main problem was that weekend though was the hotel food.  It's a decent hotel, but it's major flaw is that it has very little food within walking distance, if you don't count Denny's which I don't.  So you are pretty much stuck with the over priced hotel fare.  I do a lot of traveling so I am pretty used to this, but this weekend was one of the worst that I have experienced.  There is a coffee shop, a coffee bar, a nice bar with a sushi bar in it and a pricey steak house all inside the hotel, but as they cater to mainly business clientele the offerings became less each day through the holiday weekend, making it very difficult on those of us without vehicles.   The bar menu shrunk by half its selection after the first day and the sushi bar is closed on Sunday.  Spencer's, the Steakhouse was closed Sunday and Monday.  Sprig's, the coffee shop was only open for breakfast and lunch and the food was not great.  The convention negotiated a "grab n go" for quick sandwiches and such, but the hotel decided not to run it all weekend after it didn't do well enough the first day.  The coffee stand was open very sporadically and the sundries shop ran out of many things fairly quickly.  We muddled through as best we could, but it was frustrating.

I think I would have possibly forgiven all of it if it wasn't for Tuesday morning.  I was feeling quite run down from having a mild head cold so grabbing a coffee and pastry for breakfast didn't seem like a good idea.  I needed a real breakfast to get through a day of travel.  We went to Sprig's in the hotel since getting to Denny's seemed a bit daunting.  The waitress waved us at a table but didn't bring menus.  When she finally came over to help us, still not bringing menus, she said simply "buffet? implying it was easiest on her, so we shrugged and nodded tiredly.  She then quickly waved in the direction of the buffet and muttered something about the hot buffet was not out.  Slow restaurant, she said and did we want eggs?  What kind?  Anything else?  We both said scrambled would be fine and bacon for my husband and sausage for me.  She left and eventually we got two plates of scrambled eggs and hot tea for M.  M went and got a bowl of fruit for us.  My drink was missed, but the busboy kindly brought me an iced tea. We never did get any meat.  As we finished the eggs she came and asked if we wanted potatoes, but we really didn't want to wait around and eat in shifts.  This was beyond ridiculous.  I went and got a bowl of oatmeal.  I really wish she had just given us menus to begin with and told us they didn't have a hot buffet that day.    M said he had difficulties with that particular waitress earlier in the weekend.   She didn't seem to be able to remember more than two things at a time.  

I find it odd because most of the staff was fantastic despite the issues.  The waitress in the bar was so good that we felt compelled to give her manager a compliment about her.  I do understand the economics of the situation, so I am not surprised, but it definitely negatively impacted my weekend.

02/06/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
93. Sharon B.
3 just for the Good location.  

Has issues with the airflow, like lots of Hiltons. Loud and uneffective. Hate the low-flo toilets that don't really do the job...  Also big downside is there is no refridge or mini bar in the rooms.  Please guys, it's not like you're a Hyatt.....

23/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
94. Alena W.
I have to say that I was really impressed with this Doubletree!  We stayed here last Saturday night for a wedding that I was in.  The exterior wasn't anything to write home about, but I thought the interior was really nice.  And huge!

Good things: free cookie; big room; ginormous bathroom (got hooked up with a handicapped bathroom for some reason...score!); speedy service (they brought my hubby a sewing kit when the button on his suit popped off); great wedding reception facility and food.

Bad things: room right next to the freeway (but I really couldn't hear it); big, red stain on the carpet (someone call the police!); 15 freaking dollars for self-parking.

I would stay here again, although it's not likely since I only live 40 minutes away.

21/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
95. Tony P.
This one star review is mainly based on the service and leadership.

Long story short: we left some things in the room when we checked out. Called in the next day, and was transferred to sercutiy. This guy was zero help. He said some of the stupidest things I've ever had someone in the service undustry say to me. for the first time in my life, I was so pissed off that I called the general manger to complain. Left a very polite voicemail asking for a return call and explaining the situation. 7 days later...nothing.

This place doesn't give a sh*t about its customers.

31/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
96. Hema K.
It was like just another hotel service.. parking sucks for guests as well as for visitors.. at times the gate didn't work for any of the cards.. the building looks like a bunch of apartment dwellers rather than giving a hotel feel.  Long hallways, no updated technology, breakfast is super expensive!! Everything felt old including bathrooms, carpets, doors, furnitures.  Not a great place even for stay over for business purpose.

10/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
97. Jon L.
Stayed here last night for a romantic night out with my wife. We originally had reservations at Spencer's Steakhouse, but decided to go elsewhere.

Everything here was as expected. We checked in and were given two cookies...yum. Front desk staff was nice.

The room was clean and well appointed...although the leftovers didn't have a home without a mini-fridge. :-(   Had to let a couple filet mignions go to waste.

$21/night for valet parking and $18/night for self-park. From what I understand it used to be free parking. Seems all Doubletrees are going to charge parking.

We'd stay here again.

07/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
98. Diraj S.
Our high tech partner put us up here.It's a Motel disguised as a Hotel.  But to be honest, it's nice, it's near the airport, it's not too far away from 95131, it's near the freeway to SF's Moscone Center for the IDF, it's good for a short business trip.  ... and you get cookies

14/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
99. Marlon O.
In town for San Jose Tahiti Fete and Double Tree is the hosting Hotel. Convenient for us since my daughter and family compete.

Rooms are pretty standard and spacious, housekeeping was what was expected. Employees at the Front desk, vallet, and guest services were all helpfull, imformative, and accomodating. Parking was a breeze and ezpecially at the $5 Fete rate. Our room was initially full price as the Fete group rates were sold out. I went down and added an extra night and the front desk kindly re-did my invoice so that I paid the Fete group rate for all nights. Despite the crowd the bartenders handled it the best they could and I wasnt complaining. Im use to a crowded bar.

The bad
BIG ass cockroaches pool side chillin near the pool signs. These freaking things looked like some shit you would see on FEAR FACTOR!!! They were huge!!! Shower curtain smelt like it was left in a washing machine for days! No Wi-Fi in rooms but I have an air card so no biggie. Two elevators working!!! That sucked because the place was packed and sometimes took 10 mins to catch an elevator. Ice machine on my floor (4th) was broken and I had to go down to 3 to fill up on ice!!!

Only time I will ever stay here is when Tahiti Fete is going on. This just puts a bad taste in my mouth about any Double Tree Hotel now.

05/07/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
100. Emily W.
This hotel is bothering me so much I am staying there tonight, but I had to get online to write this review.

1. They charge $18.95 for parking, which you are not told about when you book.

2. They charge $12.95 for internet, which you are not told about when you book.

3. Apparently they would have charged me for USA Today, but luckily I read one of these reviews and they said that you have to opt out of it, even though you don't know they will be charging you for it, because I guess you are supposed to study the stupid pamphlets they hand you with your key like you were your homework!

4. The manager told me there was a coffee maker in my room when there wasn't one.

5. The front desk doesn't answer the phone that often.

6. Their hot tub didn't have enough water in it so the bubbles were totally violent and kept getting water in my face.

I really wish I hadn't seen the 4-star rating and thought, oh cool, I am going to get a deal and a great hotel!

01/10/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
101. Lynda P.
This is the second time I've stayed here. The cookie at check in is awesome and the staff is friendly. Has a nice fitness room too. No hot water though early in the morning and the rooms could use some updating. Not sure it's worth the "discounted" corp rate I got of $239 a night.

24/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
102. Jesseca T.
This is just a review of the bar, we haven't stayed at the hotel yet.

Hubby and I are on a quest for a good martini, and since the Martini Monkey now requires that you have an airline ticket to get past security into the airport, we have been having to spread our wings a little. I figured that the Doubletree might have a good bar since we had a good experience at one in New Orleans a few years ago. Eh, worth a try, right?

So-o, I'm recovering from a cold and thought a hot toddy would do the trick. The young woman serving us was not very familiar with liquor, and after consulting with the bartender and confirming that they could not make a hot toddy, suggested that I choose an alcohol that would mix well with either coffee or hot water (um, ok, how about a hot toddy).  
I nicely asked what the bartender suggested I mix with hot water and she said.........gin. I made it easy on everyone and ordered a Cosmo. It was ok, but I can make a better one at home. Hubby had scotch on the rocks, then a Manhattan - I'm not sure where their bartender's copy of Mr Boston was but he contends this was also not a great drink. My second drink was a Maker's Mark, I figured that was plain enough to get right.

Four drinks and $48 later (including tip) we decided that while we definitely know there's risk involved with being adventurous, next time we're staying home and mixing our own.

07/12/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
103. Roger D.
Doubletree? They should call this place the Ghettotree.

I'm not kidding. The rooms are skanky. Mine was all beaten up, and it only had an old tube TV. Bathroom was kinda moldy in places. Door was gouged and torn up. Vents were dusty.

While I walking barefoot, every step met with a little resistance. Mmmmm sticky.

I'll only stay here again if everything else is sold out.

16/09/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
104. Greg C.
I booked this hotel on Priceline as a 4 star hotel. This is definately NOT a 4 star hotel but it isn't too bad.
The good: the rooms are very large, clean, and comfortble. The lobby is huge and has several restaurants including a place to watch sports and a kiosk that sells Starbucks coffee. And the hotel is a fairly short 10 min walk to a VTA light rail station which can take you downtown. The toiletries were pretty high quality

The bad: the hotel exterior looks much older and dated in real life than it appears in the pictures. When I checked in, there was no concierge available and the front desk folks couldn't answer my touristy questions. I was woken up several times at night by doors slamming - they must not have good door stoppers. And I suspect the walls may be a bit thin as I heard banging sounds at night - possibly from another couple having sex. You have to pay $18 for self parking! And you have to go to a small corner in the lobby for free wifi.

29/05/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
105. Janet O.
This is a review for just their bar and their service. The bar setting was nice. Long wait to get an order in. Even longer of a wait to get your  order of food(which never came). Left hungry and disappointed. At least my favorite vodka tonic came in pretty stiff. It helped to numb the hunger while waiting for the food that never came :(
I won't come back here again if i can help it. Parking is not free. You pay $6.00. I know you pay when you go to hotel but why pay here and go home hungry?

16/02/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
106. Gabriela L.
I enjoyed my stay here. The room was clean and so was the bathroom. The bed was comfortable. I don't get why people complained about this hotel. Our room was quiet. I was able to sleep soundly. The woman at the front desk was really nice and helpful. The only reasons I didn't give it four stars:

1) Parking was expensive. I wasn't expecting to pay $18 but it's better than paying $40 in San Francisco, I guess.
2) This is not a four star hotel. Yes, it was nice but there is no way I would consider this four stars.

Overall, I really enjoyed my stay here. I would probably stay again if I get a good deal on priceline. I just hate paying that much for parking. But check-in and check-out went smoothly and the cookies were really delicious.

04/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
107. Adrian P.
Had a bad experience there. There was an event taking place at the hotel and throughout the WHOLE night, they had kids running up an down the hallways (the doors are VERY VERY VERY thin and keep out absolutely no noise, and they SLAM shut...which is annoying as hell considering all the doors do it). There is nothing more annoying than trying to sleep when there are car alarms going off outside, people partying on both sides of the room as well as outside, as well as above and below. It sucked.

There was no security that walked the hallways. The carpets were sticky and looked like it hadn't been cleaned in a while. The bed was decent but I was very disappointed in the overall quality of the room.

For reference, I worked for Hilton for a few years and I have certain expectations. I am also very forgiving because I know what it is like to operate a hotel. I would not stay here unless there were (1) no events taking place at the property and (2) if the room was either recently rennovated or deep cleaned.

17/10/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
108. Nicole L.
Horrible! Drove here over an hour after working 12 hours a day all week and the room was already paid for, my husband and I go to check in and were told "oh I see you booked through Expedia, we had a pipe burst this afternoon and can't get you on now but well pay for your room at another hotel" Normally that would be no problem but the fact that it happens  to be our anniversary it's not! We were told they would get us a king bed at the Courtyard Marriott but nope, queen bed and a small room. Big difference than the King suite with a balcony view that I had paid for! The upsetting part is that if it happened in the afternoon why in the hell couldn't I get a call so I can make other arrangements. The same thing happens to a family that was checking in and they were Honor members! We were told they send people over the the Courtyard at least 3 or 4 times a month! I loved the pictures and information of the Double Tree that's why I booked it but I will never be coming back again! Call and confirm a few hours before your arrival if you decide to stay here because they won't call you. Thanks for a great 6 year anniversary Double Tree!

14/04/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
109. Christine H.
This is a decent place to stay when you are in the San Jose area.  It is not the newest hotel but it is clean and comfortable.  The people here are very nice.  It is not cheap but there are good qualities about this place.  It is near the airport and downtown.  Just recently they have built a new card room across the street (M8trix).  That is for you gamblers, like me!  But I think the best part are the cookies you get upon check in.  LOL!!!  It really won me over!

14/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
110. Wendy W.
It's a nice place to stay... They give you warm cookies when you check in! I hate that they charge you $18 for parking each day.. & you have to pay for wireless.. but I thought the pool was super nice. It looked very clean & towels were readily available! If you stay here.. I'd definitely recommend going into the pool area & having a swim.  I don't know if the pool was heated or not.... but it wasn't cold!

31/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
111. quan q.
Carrie McAllen & Candice, Thanks for making my first eventcamp memorable.
We all had fun. Thank you for taking great care of all of us.

26/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
112. Henan J.
Great rooms and splendid views the overlook the pool and jacuzzi.
Parking was discounted to $5.
At check in they give you cookies that are to die for.
The starbux in the hotel has a good variety of drinks and the service again is commendable.
Alot of the complimentary stuff is really useful as you dont want to travel with toothpaste, shaving cream or razor and deal with the TSA.
Lots of food and shops around but i think they close earlier on in the evening.

19/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
113. Jasmine M.
Stay away!!!  Room had a stale musty odor. Have to pay each day to park your car, and you also have to pay extra to have a mini fridge brought to your room. This is ridiculous considering how much the room is each night. The website said the room comes with a balcony, but ours was shared with all the rest of the rooms, not private and no seating. You can also hear your neighbors really well at 1:00am..... We're only staying here for the night because everything else is booked. I don't know if I'll even be able to fall asleep here. Headed somewhere better tomorrow. One of my worst hotel experiences.

Oh it got even better!! Woken up by the lawn crew's power tools!

18/07/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
114. Tonya R.
I booked two room and in less than 20 minutes tried to cancel those rooms and the hotel is going to charge me one night each. YOU SHOULD HAVE BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!! I use to refer customers and vendors to your hotel ALL of the time but NOT anymore!!!! If you can't work with the PAYING customers to help them out of a jam what GOOD are you????? Disappointed to say the least!!!!

11/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
115. Sonnia K.
I love this hotel because of their swimming pool and hot tub. I sometimes book myself here for a weekend just to pamper myself. Well, I normally schedule it when there are parties hosted by my friends at the club. It's been years since I've done that. I do get a great deal for their rooms most of the time as well. Rooms are big, very clean, very comfy beds. Service is very nice. Not to mention that they do have Club Max inside the hotel, a very nice Sushi Bar and my favorite Steak House, Spencer's. What more can I ask for? If only I could live in this place, I would! HOWEVER, internet and parking aren't free compared to other surrounding hotels. But I guess they have a very good reason why they always have patrons even though that's the situation for those necessities. Still, I'd go to this hotel one weekend if I can afford it and if it is really important to just stay-in it.

25/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
116. H Q.
-Check in was quick and easy
-Room was comfortable
-Staff was nice
-If you are flying there's arrival and departure monitors in the lobby
-Fast elevators
-Cookies!!! I had forgotten they give you cookies when you  check in. Last time I  was at a DoubleTree, Dwayne  "The Rock"  Johnson was there and he gave me his! How  could I forget about those yummy cookies!

-I was asked when I was checked in if I would like a complimentary Wall Street Journal or a USA Today delivered to my room. I asked for a USA Today. I never got a paper  the three days  I was there.
-In room internet SUCKS! You have to pay for it and I did, $13.95 a day! I  paid for one day and I could only get ten minutes of usage each time I was on before I was kicked off. Sucks, too that you have to restart your computer each time to get back on. I should have asked for my money back.
-Yes, $18  a day for parking is a rip-off.

28/10/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
117. Mimie L.
Booked this hotel thru Priceline and it was a great deal. Don't think I would've paid full price for it. Only stayed for a night. The room was large and bonus points for the warm chocolate chip cookie at check-in! Yum!! Minus 1 star for having pay almost $20 for parking!

02/11/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
118. Shannon H.
Pleasantly surprised. Staff was very friendly and attentive. Room clean, bed very comfortable. My only complaint would be that in 3 days, I had to get my room keys recoded three times since they would stop working. Otherwise, great stay - I'd stay again!

14/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
119. Candy C.
This is not a very big hotel. This particular weekend is especially busy due to the Dance 2 the Max competition so we found ourselves checking in because my daughter's competition starts at 8am.  The rooms are decent in size with sufficient amenities. The staff is most accommodating and I appreciate their willingness to adjust per customer's needs. Spencer's restaurant, Sprigs. Sushi, and Starbucks provide excellent eatery options. There's a bar as well with pool tables from what I saw from the outside.

Not too shabby for a one night stay!

10/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
120. Mihir M.
Great conference facilities. Vegetarian food options are not good. They charge for parking. Close to SJC (San Jose airport)

22/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
121. Ron G.
I was only here for one night so this isn't based on a lot of experience. Also, I ate no meals here. But...

They charged me $18 for parking overnight. About 12 hours. The company pays for that but I still find it annoying. It's not like I had a choice to not bring a car...

The room was pretty large. Which makes the fact that the in-room fridge is just sitting on the floor in the room, with a microwave stacked on top, even stranger. It was like a cheap apartment of some guys who can't even afford a $20 Target or Ikea stand. For this kind of room price I wouldn't expect a Motel 6 setup.

The AC was fairly noisy. I won't say it was enough to be really disturbing to sleep. More of annoyance when awake.

And finally the mattress was very soft. Something I don't like at all. It felt like it was nearly worn out.

On the plus side it is very convenient to the airport and there is no flight noise.  The lobby bar looked nice, but I didn't try it. They have sushi at the bar. Didn't try that either and wouldn't have. Just an aversion to anything but the freshest stuff. Staff was friendly.

13/08/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
122. Leanne P.
This review is based on our wedding reception that we had at the Doubletree.

Our relationship with the Doubletree was over a year and a half.  We had many meetings with them and had many opportunities to tour their facilities.  The room was beautiful, and our contact--Chansina--was a marvel.  The front desk staff was wonderful and very attentive to both our (the bride & groom) needs as well as to our guests.  The cookies were an added treat!  Chansina and the entire catering staff (especially the Banquet Captain, Lupita) went out of their way to make sure our reception went well.

We also had the chance to stay in one of their "executive" suites which was WONDERFUL.  I just wish we had a chance to use the huge tub!  :(  

They definitely took care of us at the Doubletree... we'll be back!

18/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
123. Lily C.
I used doubletree 5 years ago quite frequently and they were good, but our recent experience was horrible. First, they changed their number but did not bother to write the new number on the pink slip. we called several times on the wrong number (w/o knowing) and then had to google the right number. after we got the correct phone number, nobody picked up the phone for at least 25min. once we got to the hotel (which is pretty quick b/c it's literally minutes away), the car was not ready. we asked the receptionist why she didn't pick up the phone, she shrugged and said "oh, i wasn't here [at my post] and i was kinda busy", if she said this somewhat apologetically we might've overlooked this, but she simply didn't care and her attitude was terrible. Management - if you're reading this, please train your employees properly and make sure they have manners.  we waited another 25min for our car to be found, ridiculous. What should've been a 15min or less trip turned out to be 50min!

Two-stars for the price; it is one of the cheaper options around SJC.

01/01/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
124. Vonnie S.
I will NEVER stay here again!  I don't care how good the cookies are!!

Let me say that I am fairly loyal when it comes to trying to stay at Hilton Brand Hotels.  I travel quite a bit for work and building reward points can literally become like, "The Air Up There". =)  Based on the prices ($300 p/night) I was so letdown with this hotel.  While I am not against large hotels, I do believe that some can lose their grace and charm as there was no personal touch at this place.


- The cookies!
- Proximity to the airport and freeway


- Rude valet folks.  EVERY single time I called to have my car brought up, they would hang up on me without a "thank you" or goodbye".  After seeing me fumble with my luggage on the last day, I still had to ask for help in loading my bag into my trunk!

- Less than clean rooms:  When visiting a hotel, I NEVER want to clean up someone else's hair and used bar soap from my bathroom.  I also had to wipe down the counter as it had soap film on it and the toilet seat wasn't clean.  WTF??  At least the beds were made...

- $21 for valet parking and $18 for self-parking.  I guess I am spoiled by the smaller hotels but paying that much for parking seemed a bit absurd, especially when many hotels offer it for free.

- Limited room service:  What is the point of having 3-4 restaurants in your hotel but you don't use any of them for your room service menu?  I called down after I arrived post flight.  I was told that while they didn't have the menu for Spencer's (the nice steakhouse in the middle of the lobby), I could go online and research their menu to see what could be ordered.  No thanks!  Without those additional restaurant options, the in-room menu is extremely limited and not worth the prices they charge

- Food:  Ick, ugh and again, no thanks!  I ended up ordering crab cakes and a salmon entree from room service.  Both items were bland and lacking in heat and flavor.  The only thing they got right was my glass of Pinot Grigio...  I ate there once and didn't repeat the mistake again.

- Front Desk staff:  To be fair, I need to separate them.  When I first checked in, the staff was not pleasant or friendly.  I almost felt as if I was bothering them by asking questions.  There were at least 4-5 women behind the counter and the only folks who got smile-filled customer service were the businessmen checking in.  I normally don't pay attention to stuff like that but when you are the only woman surrounded by 1/2 a dozen men, it's fairly easy to see the diparity in treatment towards you.  I will give some credit to the desk crew the next morning.  As I passed their desk to retreive my car, I could hear a faint, "Good Morning" coming from my right.  I almost didn't know they were talking to me.  

So all in all, this was my first and last experience with the DT in SJ.  I will stick to my boutique hotel or at least head over to the Hyatt.  Either way, I will never stay here again.

03/01/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
125. Tim G.
It was OK for an airport hotel, though there may be better value nearby. We were there for one night each on our way to and from a vacation in Hawaii. Would look elsewhere for any longer stay.

The  Good. Very close to the airport with a responsive shuttle service (though note the operating hours if your flight in is very late). The waitress at breakfast and the one at the bar on our second stay were both helpful and nice. Room was clean and bed comfortable.

The Bad. On the second stay we were booked into a ninth floor club level but were given a 3rd floor room and breakfast vouchers with a promise of a pool view, which was an outright lie. On returning to the lobby to complain a more helpful staff member did reduce the rate. On the first stay, we arrived midday and planned to lie by the pool. There were no pool towels available. We told the front desk, who did call immediately but it took 30 minutes for towels to arrive, which were immediately all taken with no more arriving. On the first visit the restaurant  was closed (on a Saturday night) leaving only bar food. There is nowhere to eat in the vicinity without a cab ride. On the second visit we arrived at about 11pm and no food was available anywhere. The rooms are showing their age and the shower is sub par.

21/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
126. Patrick S.
Stayed here with my gf and her son and we loved the hotel!!! Loved the pool and view. We will come back again. Great place to stay even if you live in the same town. Perfect get away from your own house sometimes.

27/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
127. Alex H.
I must admit I was hesitant to stay here after reading most of the reviews.  I was pleasantly surprised!

First of all, the staff gets 5 STARS.  The people at the front desk were super friendly, informative, and professional.  I went back to the front desk the first morning of my stay, and the woman told me she would complete my request.  I returned in the afternoon, and the woman remembered my name from my check-in the previous day, and had spoken with the woman I asked in the morning... and the request had been completed!  Very good communication, and quite professional.

Valet was easy and my car was always waiting for me in the time it took to walk from my room to the front door.

The rooms could use some updating, and the executive lounge area on the 10th floor could use some more perks... which is the reason I'm not giving it five stars.  Soda, fruit, and Goldfish crackers get boring after five days!  Ok, I do like Goldfish crackers a lot.. but still.

I'll definitely be staying at this hotel when I go back next month!

30/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
128. M B.
We stayed at this hotel in August. The place is immaculate, the rooms are very nice and So quiet. The staff is way beyond helpful and friendly!  We used the valet parking, they actually run to get your car. And for heavens sake, to anyone whose car was broken into, who leaves valuables in their car at a hotel? There are signs all over stating the hotel is not responsible for loss of property and to not leave valuables in your car.
The desk clerk, Laura, was very nice and friendly, always smiling, with a great sense of humor!
We will stay at this Doubletree whenever we go to San Jose.

14/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
129. Doreen J.
Parking sucks. Customer service is non existence. But they must give a best corporate rates because all workshops are held here.

20/03/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
130. Roni J.
WORSE MANAGEMENT EVER...I had an altercation with a guest in the restaurant....To make a long story short...My dinner came out RAW...Bloody chicken...Nice to get something served that can kill you..My veggies and potatoes were black...burnt beyond recognition..I had no idea what they were....I was not happy with my dinner and  and my voice carried to another table while I was talking to the waitress and the Manager..The big bad man that was about 2 tables over came over to my table, got into my space and told me to watch my mouth...I told him to get the hell out of my face and to mind his own business..He then went back to his table..30 seconds later he flips me off..Yep, nice for someone to tell me to watch my mouth and then he gives me the bird right infront of his 10 year old daughter...CLASSY....After dinner my friend and I walk out and he follows us obviously wanting a say something...I walk over to him and say what in the hell is your problem..He then gets in my face ..He then put his hand on my chest and pushed me back...Well of cousre..I PUSHED BACK...And yelled, "DID YOU SEE HE PUSHED ME"....The manager of the restaurant took my friend and I to the elevator to make sure the man did not follow us up to our room...We went back to our rooms...15 minutes later a knock at our door...It was the Manager on duty, a rent a cop (Security Guard), and some other guy telling us we had 30 minutes to get out of the hotel...We were told that I punched and attacked someone...ARE YOU FLIPPING KIDDING ME? They would not let me tell my side of the story...AND THEY WOULD NOT ALLOW ME TO VIEW THE SECURITY TAPES WHERE IT WILL SHOW THAT I NEVER ATTACKED THIS 6 FOOT 2 GUY...He put his hands on me first..IF I ATTACKED SOMEONE WHY WERE THE POLICE NOT INVOLVED? I contacted Corporate and emailed them a 3 page incident report of everything that happened that night and was told that the hotel Manager would be contacting me...HE NEVER DID...SOME FRONT DESK SUPERVISOR CONTACTED ME....What the heck? REALLY? This was a huge incident that happened and they didn't care....They didn't even refund my nights stay...I DIDN'T EVEN STAY THE NIGHT BUT YET THEY CHARGED MY CARD....Terrible...Terrible...Terrible...I went back and forth with Corparte for 2 days with emails and was told that DoubleTree in San Jose closed this case because they said "I ATTACKED SOMEONE"...You are soooooooo full of it DoubleTree...NEVER IN MY LIFE HAVE I BEEN TREATED SO BADLY...I guess it's okay for a MAN TO ATTACK A WOMAN...If someone is going to get in my face I will stand up for myself because women should not be BULLIED BY MEN....I WILL NEVER STAY IN A HILTON EVER AGAIN...Management WAS A JOKE....

28/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
131. Carol C.
Nice clean rooms. attentive staff, great service.  No one seem bored with their jobs.  My check in was fast and easy.  I used the rate that allows you to keep your car stored there at a very reasonable rate.  What a great way to avoid all the hassles of parking.  I usually take the Monterey shuttle to avoid this, but will stay at the Doubletree again in the future.
No complaints with anything here!

20/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
132. Zack N.
The review is regarding airport shuttle service.
The hotel prioritizes customers based on "long term contracts". So if you are staying at the hotel for a couple of nights or doing airport parking, you are "low priority.
The shuttle bus driver Eli is hot tempered and very discourteous. He has no compunction about leaving you at the pickup point until he has completed pickup of "priority passengers".
The front office operations director Mathew Ives tends to be casual and hand-offish in attending to a customer's request or to correct/improve operations, the position that he is responsible for.

24/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
133. Cassie P.
The pros:
close to the airport
Big rooms
Lots of counter space in the bathrooms
Comfy beds

The cons:
$12.95 for the Internet
$18.00 for parking
Super dated interior from the early 1980's.

22/10/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
134. Ash M.
This was rated a 4 star hotel with Priceline and it's no way a 4 star hotel by far!!!!
1.  Bathroom is old and smells old.
2.  Air filter is filthy due for a change.  
3.  Daily parking is $18. Pricey!
4.  popcorn ceiling
5.  Waited for over 1.5 hours for a hairdryer!!!
6. Heater sucked, we had it up to 80 degree and it's did very little to warm us up!!
7.  Hotel is near freeway, noisy
8.  Cost $2.50 for a can of soda in the vending machine!!

Only one up side--free cookies and cider!  WOW  Death by hotel not cookies!!

Paris Hilton, if you're reading this review.  Please give this hotel a makeover ASAP!!!

22/01/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
135. Ed B.
WE were surprised by the cost and all the amenities that came with it... Cookie is good, pool is very nice and the room was excellent.  All that for a price that I thought was low for being in the big city and close to the airport

18/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
136. Soo C.
This hotel is absolutely disgusting! I had one of the worst allergy attacks from all the dust! There were mysterious black slime on the ceiling near the broken sprinklers. The  counters had what looked like dried ketchup. The alarm clock was broken and covered in dust. The shower head was covered with thick limescale. The carpets were all stained. I've stayed at cleaner motels then this place. I told the front desk about my horrible experience and she said I would be awarded an additional 10,000 points but I never got it!

31/07/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
137. TM S.
Room reeked of sweat and there was dried urine on the floor of the bathroom. This hotel was very ghetto. Although the Double Tree has a great reputation overall, avoid this location like the plague.

18/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
138. Walt C.
Review based on 5 night stay on 7th floor.

Once again, was worried prior to checking in due to some scary reviews.  Here is what I found:

+  Mmmm...Cookies (The ladies at the front desk will give you more if you ask.  Was down there almost every night asking for another)
+ Free Wifi in the lobby area
+ Very friendly and professional staff

- Parking (especially when there is an event going on during your stay like we had) and the price.  $18 per day.
- Food Prices (wow, you don't get a lot of bang for your buck here...best to venture out for your meals)
- No fridge/microwave (again, spoiled by Embassy)

Sidenote:  In regards to some previous posts regarding the condition of the hotel, I personally did not find the rooms (at least on the 7th floor) in poor shape.  No mold in shower.  Nothing was broken. Everything looked in good condition.

Takeaway:  If the Embassy Suites is booked, I would look for another Hilton branded hotel.  Might pass on this one just to try another for comparison.  But I would not have an issue returning to this one either.

17/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
139. Devo S.
I like this Doubletree, except for one thing...their room wireless internet SUCKS!!!  The signal is weak and often drops, which is annoying as all get-out.  I've had to resort to (horror!) actually sitting at the desk and using the internet cable to get connected.  Soooo bloody inconvenient.  And I get this service for free because I'm a Hilton Honors Gold Level member; I can't imagine how pissed I'd be if I had to pay the ridiculous $13.95 PER DAY for the privilege of having crappy-ass wireless internet service in my room.  

Really, Doubletree San Jose?  You're in SILICON VALLEY near all the tech and internet giants of the world, and you can't provide a decent wireless connection in my room?  Sucks...

However, everything ELSE about my stay here and my room is just great...hence, the 4-star rating.  Just beware of the internet connection here!

17/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
140. Zena B.
Way better than the Fairfield, where I stayed last night because this Hilton was completely full. The lower priced rooms are spacious, with a balcony. I can hear the sound of the highway. There are stains on the carpet and on the fabric chairs in the room, but I it seems that's just the way of things in most hotels that have a lot of people coming and going regularly. No fridge in the room. I called concierge to ask about that, and a woman told me that fridges are available for an extra $10. But she would have to check and see if one was available. No thanks. I like the open main entry way into the hotel. There is also a walkway on the roof that's quite nice. There are a couple tables up there if you want to escape from the crowds. The mattress is luxurious. I feel like a queen in this bed. As for the sushi downstairs- try again. Not so awesome. The French fries are tasty, thin and crispy-ish though they seemed to turn my stomach. The conference rooms are nice, and sound carries relatively well in them which is nice. All in all, I like this hotel. Next time i will most likely walk downtown to eat dinner, as I hear there are nice restaurants  there. The food in the hotel is just meh.

23/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
141. Gloria F.
I gave the hilton hotel in San Jose a five star. Classy and clean room. Stayed in the 17th floor. I would say Big Thanks to Sam who works on the front desk  because he gaves us a great customer service. Check in late October 12 because we came from woodland to gilroy and to mission San Bautista. My son loves night swimming in the pool. Defintely will be coming back in the future..

17/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
142. Lorrie M.
Meh. I've spent enough time here in the past month to say that this is really ... Meh.

First off, places that charge for parking when it is in San Jose and not downtown ... why. They gave me discounted parking for $7, it was supposed to be $5, holy crap how much is regular parking??

The lobby is definitely stuffy, the staff is on and off friendly, sometimes they greet you, sometimes they don't. Other times they question you repeatedly about where you're going as if you're not supposed to be there. Every single weekend and week night there are some weird convention or random sample sales of fur going on downstairs which draws an interesting crowd.

Someone alerted me that this was where they had held Furcon for years and years until they were recently banned. Eek.

Overall, it's a decent hotel but the rates are kind of outrageous and that "espresso bar" they have? What a rip! They charge you $6.xx for a grande drink since they brew Starbucks and it tastes like 60% water!

I don't recommend this place, and the pool and jacuzzi really don't make up for it.

18/02/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
143. William C.
Nice looking hotel, great looking room, got it dirt cheap, and free cookies?! What more to ask for? Oh, yeah. Free parking would be nice. Can't believe they actually charge ($18 self-park, $21 valet).

27/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
144. Leslie Y.
We came here for a fundraising celebration in their large banquet hall.

The tables where beautifully designed, already had a delicious salad and chocolate cake set on plates once you sat down.  They served baskets of bread roll and pre-cut butter slices.....Salmon was the main course but portions were so small, we actually went back to the City for dinner afterwards, all ten of us....but it was a catered fundraiser, so it was pretty cool....

Service was great, always refilled water and coffee.....

I would definately recommend this place for visitors, the place is quiet, big parking lot and very clean.....there is a small store in hotel that sells just about anything, although their prices were steep....

And I noticed a steakhouse which I also will have to try soon...

30/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
145. Bas A.
I have stayed 5 or 6 times in this hotel and it's a relatively good hotel. As you expect from any DoubleTree hotels the rooms are a bit out-dated but super clean, comfortable bed and excellent and friendly crew.

The SJC hotel is HUGE; lots and lots of rooms. Downstairs there is a great steak restaurant (spencers) and the hotel bar is fairly OK as well. The only think I don't like is that they charge 18 USD per night for parking. That feels a bit like a scam.

23/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
146. Ann M.
We were told we HAD to stay here for our tournament but when we arrived the parking area was chaos and the check-in line was MILES long! The longest I have EVER seen! We have been here 1/2 hr and we are half way through. The old saying is that you only have a few seconds to make a first impression and this place BLOWS!

11/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
147. Jim D.
After a surprise birthday the gf and I had planned the night at the Double Tree Hilton so we didn't have to drive back to the island (Alameda that is). The Double Tree is a 5 minute drive from downtown and centrally located. During check-in the desk host gives the new guest warm chocolate cookies...yumms!!

The rooms are nice and spacious with a nice big LG flat screen.  The large king bed was very comfy and cozy with it's 400 thread-count sheets. There were two sinks but the shower and toilet area had no fan, that means if you take a hot steamy shower your mirror becomes totally foggy (then you can't see yourself or your guest....wink wink). Some rooms have the customary $3.00 water bottles but the Double Tree has "Voss" water for $5.00. A little too pricey for me....

The nightclub area features live bands on the weekend, fully stocked bar and it seemed very lively. Self parking was $18.00, that seemed kinda steep and the valet was $26.00. This is San Jose. Why is the self parking so expensive?

The Double Tree features a large pool area, I think I'm going to visit this summer and hang out by the pool.

25/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
148. Sara C.
got a room here for one night through priceline. the rooms are huge and nice. we got 2 double beds. each room comes with a balcony, flat screen tv, coffee maker. the hotel is huge, you need a map just to get around the place.  we accidently entered at the wrong side of the building and had to trek all the way to the other side just to get to our room.

the room service is nice, they offer free cookies at check-in (btw, you can ask for more if you want) but after reading the nutritional contents on the package, trust me, you wouldn't to. LOL the pool seems really small for such a large hotel but I guess Doubletree usually caters to business people who don't use the pools much.

a HUGE minus is parking! $18 for self park or $21 for valet. BLAH. i despise hotels that charge for parking. the parking itself would keep me from staying here again.

31/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
149. Karl S.
This is what you come to expect with the Hilton brand. Great staff, clean common areas, nice rooms, great food and am overall great experience. Will for sure return here.

31/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
150. Laura O.
I really enjoyed my stay here. Personal were very helpful and polite. Probably the main thing I didn't like were the prices here. Like room service was just ridiculously expensive and the restaurants inside the hotel were also very expensive. I think the cheapest thing was like a salad for $10, yikes!
I came here for a conference and it went great! the main room where the conference took place was very spacious and beautiful. The pool outside wasn't too big but it was ok. Very strict on the opening/closing times for the pool though.
The room itself was accomidating and clean. Overall, this hotel was pretty nice and would probably stay here again.

19/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
151. Jeff T.
Big room, nice and clean with towels replaced daily,location is excellent, right by the airport and just off the highway. That's the good part.

Coffee not replaced in room, $18 to park the car, very limited offerings in store. Junk food, crappy gifts and some liquor.

It's convenient and you get what you pay for....

18/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
152. Tram N.
The hotel is clean and I appreciate the cookies upon checking in however, I can't fathom why this is a 4 star hotel.  The bathroom is spacious, there is a makeup counter outside the bathroom, and the beds were comfortable but that's about it as far as experience goes.  

Our room overlooked the new casino.  

Apart from the general welcoming feeling from front desk, this place gets kudos for being close to the airport, easy self-parking, and that it is close to the freeway.  If you need or want food after hours then you're out of luck.  There is a Club Max, Spencer's (high end dining), and Sushi Totoro - sorry if I missed any spots but if you want just a burger... no dice!  

We booked our room via PriceLine.  I'm sorry but I'm a Fairmont girl.

01/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
153. Christine P.
This place actually wasn't half as bad as the folks on here say it is.

We got a pretty great deal on priceline.com and booked another 2 rooms for the rest of our party. We stayed here for the weekend so we can enjoy Christmas in the Park with the family and celebrate my moms birthday.

The rooms are pretty spacious.  There are warm chocolate chip cookies upon check-in.  My only gripe is that you have to pay for parking!   I believe that since you are already a guest at the hotel that you should not have to pay for parking.  Maybe it's just the HIlton brand?  But they charge for every.single.thing!  

Overall, my experience was good!   We also had breakfast at the hotel and it was fine and the service was great.

11/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
154. Antonia W.
I stayed here over the weekend to attend Tahiti Fete.  Upon check-in, they told us they'd given our room away but would upgrade us to a suite. Cool, right? The suites on the 10th floor require special key access just to get up there. I put my suitcase inside the room and left the latch on the door out so I could easily get back in because my key didn't work. I was told my the hotel staff member standing right next to me that it would be safe. When I returned 3 minutes later, my entire suitcase had been STOLEN. It never turned up and nobody knew what to do! I filled out a theft report, but nobody followed up with us, accommodated us in anyway or offered to reimburse us for anything. I'm still waiting to hear back from the General Manager, Rob Balmer. I'll update after I receive his response.

08/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
155. Phyl H.
Stay away from this place! The service is horrible as far as the hotel goes. We saw a little poop in the pool and when we called it to the managements attention they insinuated it was us (just me and the wife staying, my kids were not there and are in their 20s anyway) and that WE SHOULD TAKE CARE OF IT.

The tuna tartare was unfresh as well.
Wifi was flakey

Other than that it's just lovely. ;)

04/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
156. Naomi P.
Beautiful Hotel and friendly staff!  Walking distance to eateries and short drive to Great America and other attractions.

06/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
157. Kimberly A.
I came here the other day for an event in the conference room. I did not stay at this hotel. However, the customer service I received was very good. The hotel lobby, bar, & restaurants were clean and upscale. The concierge desk was information and friendly when I asked where my event was located. Unfortunately, I had some trouble with their validation machine, & panicked a bit when I was at the front of the parking line and couldn't get the bar to lift. Luckily pressing the help button was very responsive & I got assistance right away & was on my way!

31/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
158. Sway M.

One star is for the pool and hot tub that hubby and son enjoyed very much.

Didn't get the room we booked the first time around, the room they switched us to was OKAY. Bath towel had a big hole in it. Rooms are outdated.


20/09/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
159. John H.
For the price I paid, this place wasn't all that bad. The place does look a little dated, but I guess Double Tree isn't doing so well...? Anyways, front desk staff were all very nice, and I do appreciate getting some warm cookies upon check-in! Biggest gripe is parking. I mean, why in the hell are you going to charge your guests for parking? Man, I can't stand when hotels do that s**t. I expect that up in SF but not by the damn airport. Come on, man!

22/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
160. Donna C.
I stayed at this hotel on business for one night!  BEWARE!!!!  The rooms are dated and filthy dirty.  The carpet smells like chemicals from being cleaned so many times and the furniture is from the late 80's.  The beds have been slept in so much the springs poke you in the back!  The pillows and linens smell.  It was one of the worst hotels I have ever stayed at in my entire life!  


Then, to make matters worse, when I finally dosed off at around 6:30 a.m., there was a ghost in my room that woke me up.  The ghost said, "dad" right in my ear and I immediately opened my eyes!  The second floor is haunted!!!!!!!

I recommend that anyone even considering staying in this hotel look for another place.  They tried to charge me over $321.00 per night plus a ridiculous $24.00 per night for parking!!!!  DO YOURSELF A FAVOR IF YOU WANT TO SLEEP AND STAY SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!

12/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
161. Chris C.
I elected to stay at a nicer hotel on a family trip.  While the hotel was nice, there are several things that someone who is travelling should know.

1. $19 dollars a day for parking.  Really?  The parking lot wasn't even full.  Not only that, after paying, they give you a stub to get in and out of the lot....good luck with that!  The parking gate kept asking us to pay.  Further, on the morning of our check out, there was no one manning the parking "HELP" line and we had to park, go back into the hotel, and get another ticket to get out.
  a) There are other hotels on the other side of the freeway that are national chains
       offered FREE parking.  Maybe not Doubletree Hotels....but nice.

2. NO FREE WI-FI except in the lobby "Free Wi-Fi Zone".  Today's traveller kind of expects free Wi-Fi especially at a hotel such as this.  Again, stay across the freeway at other national chains....you will get the free Wi-Fi.  

This is what I get for upgrading to a "nicer" hotel....gouged for services that most hotels give you for free.

01/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
162. Ale G.
Headed here after the Tahiti Fete competition the second week of July with the family. I had reserved a 2 QUEEN bed room on the upper floors with access to the upper lounge right off their website. I decided to add the free parking and wifi (since I saw that it was $20 a day). When I got to the front desk the rep was nice enough but tried to slip me the wrong room even though I gave her my confirmation #. I got out my phone and showed her my email receipt. She said there were no more upper level rooms in fact they were at full capacity and offered me free breakfast vouchers (which we didn't even end up using).The place was packed and loud with a bunch of kids running around wet from the pool. I just drove in circles & found parking, had 2 cranky kids and 1 cranky husband who just wanted to relax. I took what she gave me, along with 4 cookies and headed up to my $189 room (# 645).

The good:
The room was clean and big overlooking pool. Two sinks. There was a coffee maker with tea and coffee which was much appreciated in the am. The AC was PERFECT. No noise which we were happy about.Toiletries were useful for one person,lol! We didn't take our dog but my brother in law did, so this is a pet friendly hotel. You are put in the lower levels if you bring a dog.

The not so good:
One hand towel,one wash towel and one bath towel. Glad I brought my own towels. The sinks only gave out hot water. So washing your hand in the tub was fun :/
No fridge,that would of been nice for left overs and our toddlers juice.

We headed down to the pool with the kids and were pleasantly surprise to find fresh towels being handed out from the staff. I guess that is where all the towels were!!

The hubby and I went to the party downstairs where there was a band and ONE bar! We waited for 34 minutes for a watered downed rum and coke and a beer. The music was really loud but good. Family members that stayed in the lower levels heard all the noise. It was a lot of fun with a bunch of happy and cheery people having a good time.
I hope this hotel gets an update and another bar area.The staff was very friendly and helpful.

21/07/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
163. Yun C.
I've been to Double Tree many times in the past 6 years. I usually don't stay at the hotel.. I just go to attend classes.

Most of the time, we have to fetch for our own food...so I did try a couple of the restaurants, the cafe in the middle of the courtyard and the sushi bar.

The food is honestly a mediocre hotel food (they do have a couple other restaurants on site...fancier one..but I didn't try them) but I thought the price tags are a bit on the "high side" (well, it's Hilton afterall.. so that's what you have to pay!).

There are plenty of rooms for meetings and conferences.. honestly, I think I've been in most of the them! lol. They all had similar styles... although some rooms have higher ceilings than others..BUT what they all share is that the fact that the carpet is a bit old and dingy and dirty.

What's very disappointing is that they charge a fortune for parking.. $18??!!??! Luckily, I can claim for reimbursement!

Another thing that I wish they would improve...especially since they do lots of classes, meetings and conferences here at the hotel is that... their bathroom. It is an older hotel.. but it's Hilton...the least they could do is update their bathroom AND fix the broken fixtures! Every time I go there, I usually find any or a combination of: light out, broken lock, broken paper towel dispenser, broken faucet AND dirty bathroom stalls!

Hilton, please live up to your name!

O, the GREAT: free wifi in the meeting rooms, YAY!

23/01/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
164. Charlie S.
Awful customer service and personnel with no people skills. I kept receiving messages and calls about a resolved issue and no one could be bothered to correct the error. Every employee I interacted with had a bored indifference when dealing with guests. In addition to all this the charge you for parking and Internet, but don't have common items, such as a fridge in the room. Save your money and stress and pick one of the other dozen hotels nearby.

09/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
165. Sophie R.
My Fiance is from out of town and has had great luck on Priceline and seems to get a room for about $60 a night plus $20 a night for parking.
The rooms are clean, nice big space, the pool is heated, the bar area is nice and the staff are very friendly.
Whenever we get back after dinner, i go and get a warm cookie!.. THE BEST with a cold glass of MILK!
Would definitely recommend staying here!
But remember to Priceline!

28/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
166. E L.
Booked thru Expedia 5 minutes before arriving. By the time I made it to the front desk, my reservation was in. So far, so good. "Can I have a credit card for incidentals?" Having heard this phrase hundreds of times during my 10 years on the road, I did not give it much thought - I handed one of my credit cards to young girl behind the counter. "What about parking?" "Oh, here," matter-of-factly said she, handing me a parking ticket. "It is 20 dollars." A "free" cookie and a canned smile followed. Before I stepped away from the counter, I received an email from AMEX indicating that Hilton charged 25 dollars.

OK, what a tired traveler to do? I went to park my car. The parking gate sign clearly displayed the same $20 (19 with change) rate for a 24-hour stay. Sweet, we hotel guests don't even get a discount on parking. Parking was ample. I was able to park behind the building, right next to the back entrance leading up to the elevators. Clean. Safe.

The room itself was OK. Clean carpet. No smell. Soft mattress. Cotton bedding. Then again, I would not expect less from Hilton for 120+ per night. No frills though ... such as a fridge, a bar, or a bath robe. Just enough to comfortably spend a night. Bathroom was nothing special either. Need a shower cap? Call the front desk! Forgot your toothpaste? Same, contact the front desk.

Still upset about the parking, I went downstairs and requested to speak to a manager. After some verbal ping-pong, the young lady ("shift supervisor") agreed to waive ("one time only") the parking.

Time to eat. I passed on a 35-dollar stake at the lobby restaurant. Instead, I headed for the bar where a beer and a hamburger can be had for 14 bucks. Not bad.
Before I even made it back to my room, I noticed another charge on my credit care - this time for 13 dollars. Tired, I decided to duke it out with the hotel the following morning.

I spent an uneventful night. Everything, from a TV to a shower worked just fine. No noisy neighbors. No slamming doors. The AC was super-quiet! When I woke up in the morning, I found a bill that was slipped under the door. It did list the 20-dollar parking fee.

Refreshed, I presented myself to the front desk and questioned the stubborn parking charge. The new clerk promptly apologized and removed it. He also explained the mysterious two charges on my AMEX ($25 and $13) as incremental charges that are "Hilton's policy." Apparently, the hotel is worried that their guests may run out of credit during the stay and take "preventative" actions. Makes me wonder ... what type of clientele this hotel is catering to? This also makes the 120+ per night charge even less justifiable.

The breakfast was pretty good. As a matter of fact, I consider it to be the best part of my stay here. While the buffet was nothing special, the service was indeed superior. Considering the insane SF Bay prices, 18 dollars for a standard breakfast is probably OK.

I got into my car and drove to the parking gate prepared to redeem my "free" parking ticket. No need! The exit gate was broken (by a disgruntled guest?) and I happily drove off ... never to return here.

Bottom line: spending 120+ dollars here does not translate into any additional value over a 60- to 70-dollars-per-night joint. If you have a car (as I did), you better off driving north to Freemont and spending a night at a generic Gujarati motel. That is exactly what I did the following night. See my other reviews.

20/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
167. James C.
It's a nice hotel. The rooms are nice, the staff is friendly, but they charge a fee for EVERYTHING!

Rooms are typical of a decent hotel... comfortable with a nice bed and flat screen TV. The windows on the upper floors are screwed shut. They do not open - even the balcony rooms.

Parking is $25 a night! You could probably park at the airport itself for less, not that you'd want to if you're staying at the hotel. Also, there is no street parking within a mile, and all the nearby business lots will tow you.

Then there's the in room wifi. Don't be fooled. The wifi there is only free in their business center in the lobby. If you want to use the wifi in your room, I believe it's $15 a night (could have been $10 - recollection is fuzzy).

Anyway, I don't recommend it.

06/01/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
168. Bruce W.
The room is old, smelly, and dark.

09/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
169. Tom C.
Was here for one night stay for a relay flight. My bed smelled like urine. The sushi was over priced and one of the worst I've had for a long time. The only positive was the cookie they gave you at check in. The shuttle service attendent was rude and said I ruined his day.

If there was a zero star then I would have given them that.

01/12/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
170. Carrie G.
I recently stayed at the Doubletree for a Rotary International President-Elect Training Conference.  What  I liked best about using this hotel for the conference is the general organization of the entire weekend.  We had 600 attendees, and everything was made simple from check-in to check-out.

Our check-in was at our own table, staffed with Rotarians that were able to validate our highly discounted parking, give us room keys, and all of the information for the conference at once.  Having this help made check-in easy and painless.  What a great idea from the hotel.

We had all three meals everyday at the Doubletree, and it was amazing how good the service was, and the high quality of the food considering they were feeding such a large group all at once.  I would've been happy to pay more, and have the meals be larger, but the food was excellent.

We used every ballroom and conference room the hotel had available, and they were nicely decorated and well appointed.  There were microphones in each conference room/ballroom, and the sound, projectors, screens, and table settings were all set up great. I appreciated not being able to hear what was happening in adjoining conference rooms, especially since they all used room dividers.

The hotels rooms were comfortable.  Although the decorations were a bit dated, the beds were fabulous.  I slept great!  There is free wi-fi, but no coffee makers in the room.  For the value, great customer service, and highly organized staff, I would use the Doubletree again for a conference.

14/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
171. Stacy W.
Room was big, clean, and odor-free.  Cookies are nice.
Parking SUCKS.  And if you get a parking place, you can't leave, someone else will take it.  So you're trapped.  
Being trapped, you MUST eat at their restaurants.   Which charge about 2-3 times what the food is worth (sometimes 4 times what it is worth).
Staf were friendly and courteous, when you could find one to help you.
Convention meeting rooms are nice and big and the chairs are comfy.
All in all, I'd give this hotel three "meh's"


24/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
172. Hanan G.
Rooms nice and clean. Beds very comfortable. Only one tiny trash can in bathroom...
Parking price outragious: $19 a night!
Continental breakfast delicious.

17/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
173. Mark A.
My overall experience at this hotel was okay.  Check in and check out were consistent with other DoubleTree properties I have stayed in (down to the warm chocolate chip cookie at check in).  Hotel staff were very courteous and friendly.  The property is also convenient to SJC with the complimentary airport shuttle.

However, the physical condition of the property itself could be improved.  The decor is dated and the carpet and furnishings in my room were worn.  Even though the beddings were new, the bed was uncomfortable.  If not for the these deficiencies, I would have given this property a higher score.

23/03/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
174. Ashish P.
Double tree was clean, it was great beds :) And most important we got internet for free. I was so gutted when i found we had to pay for the internet and without internet we would have been screwed.

But luckily i got a promo code, that's why 5 star else, i would have given 4 star coz i would have to pay for internet.

The pools was great, the Jacuzzi was great too. Thanks for the coffees :)

Hope to check in soon again in future :)

30/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
175. Matthew G.
Not the quality I expected from Double Tree.

The hotel is old and needs to be renovated.

A few of my friends had their bathtub overflow because the sewers backed up.

Another friend had two sinks that were clogged upon check in (you would think that housekeeping would keep in communication with maintenance).

My room was furthest away from guest elevators (not evenly spaced); however, I was right by the staff elevator (so no shortage of noise).

11/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
176. Max L.
Just stayed here for my rotary conference (600 old white guys). Here's my experience:

Pros: Free wi-fi, good food, comfy beds, ridiculously courteous staff (they would say hello even if you didn't make eye contact). I left my phone charger at home, they charged it at the front desk while I slept. Pretty decent hotel for the conference.

Cons: They have their water heater set to "boiling hot" so a couple time washing my hands I felt like I was about to lose some flesh. Showers took forever to heat up on the second floor, and then forever to cool down. Thought that was weird. Tough to get a drink at the bar, but that probably had to do with the 600 white guys all wanting a drink at the same time that I did.

The gave us parking for $4 a day... so that was pretty sweet (I guess it's usually $17-25)

Pool and hot tub are functional, overall decor is fine. For the most part, pleasurable experience.

05/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
177. Deb K.
I have to say I am disappointed with this particular Hilton hotel. I have stayed there a few times for business and would say it is in much need if a facelift. Also one definite complaint is that the internet is not high speed and is definitely spotty. This is a major problem when you are there for business. On my trip last week, there were 10 of us staying at the hotel and all of us had problems with wifi.  This has been the case on other business trips as well. I will say that all the staff, both at the check in desks, restaurants, and shop , have always been outstanding.  I would love to stay at a Hilton whenever possible, but I do not think I will stay at this one in the future an will also recommend my work colleagues not to do so as well.

31/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
178. Berg T.
Now this seems like a sad older property whose main perk is being close to the airport. Everything is more expensive but perhaps just to dupe those that equate cost with quality. Random evening weeknight and the "bar" is a cacophony of all male businessmen and one elderly female escort working the room. The acoustics are so poor that no one else in the lobby can speak without shouting. This makes checking in a chore. The hallways literally smell. Not quite mold but close. My recommendation is to stay somewhere 1/3 cheaper 1 more mile from the airport. Avoiding the egregious daily parking rates alone is worth the drive.

11/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
179. Anne C.
Great location. Friendly staff. Rooms are decent. Have paid rates between $150 - $300.
Parking is pricey. Hhonors bfast voucher is valid for cont'l bfast or $10 towards full bfast.
Biggest con is A/ C in rooms - they have motion detectors - so A/C doesnt run while you sleep - room is miserably hot - have to get out of bed & move to get it to kick on. We had to do this repeatedly every night.

22/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
180. Holly C.
We've never stayed at a Doubletree before. The rooms were really expensive (popular weekend) so I'm glad we got a small deal on it, because if I would have paid full price to stay here, I would have been pissed.

It's really close to the airport and they have a very fast shuttle. Thankfully you can't hear any plane noise. The people at valet, guest services and the restaurant were nice, but we had the rudest girl check us in. (Our other encounters with front desk were pleasant) She rolled her eyes when we came up, told us there weren't any rooms ready yet (That's fine, we were a little early) and then just stared at us. Offered not further help. Just a major attitude issue. I think her name was Laura.

Room view was horrible. We were in San Jose for work so I didn't care as much as I would have if I was on a trip. It was a full wall view with a little sliver of parking lot and freeway. Gross.

The free wifi in the lobby only worked once for us. After that it would only offer up the paid page even after resetting our wifi and restarting our computers.

The hotel itself was clean and I really liked that the elevators were separated off from the rooms. It definitely needs a renovation though. Everything is dated and starting to break down. Are the doors more slammy than other hotels? I know people are always slamming their damn doors but these ones were freaking INTENSE. Would wake me up out of deep sleep at 4am. I think their doors need some sort of resistance springs installed.

Overall, I don't think we'll be returning next year.

28/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
181. Barry N.
Every meeting I've ever been to in San Jose has been at this hotel so I've been here around ten times. Everything starts off great with the cookie they give you when you check in. I can't put my finger on why I don't give this place a higher rating. The rooms are nice. The front desk people are nice, too. The only thing I really don't like is the design of the hotel in the sense that it is a long walk from the elevators to the meeting section of the hotel. The wi-fi works OK in the rooms (it's charged in the room but free in the lobby) and there's a good selection of TV channels. The pool and hot-tub are also nice.

Final verdict... it's a nice hotel. Not the greatest place in the world but not bad.

13/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
182. Anthony L.
I came to Double Tree for a business meeting. I was pleasantly surprised after I arrived inside of the hotel. From the outside, I don't think the hotel is that great looking, but the inside is up kept very nicely.

Our meeting room was nice and organized and the catering staff seemed to do a good job on the food.  

I would have preferred that they didn't charge a parking fee, but I guess they must as the hotel is near the airport.

10/11/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
183. Samantha R.
This DoubleTree illegally charged me fifty dollars more than what they said they would. I never signed a receipt and they tacked on charges after the fact. Whenever I try to contact them, they tell me their manager is unavailable to talk.

EDIT: It took going to the corporate website and filing a complaint to get a refund. I was told over the phone by the manager of this specific Double Tree that is is Double Tree policy to NOT tell you that they can charge you extra for whatever they deem necessary and to just charge you.

IMPORTANT: If somebody parks in the parking lot there and simply gives your name and room number, they will charge parking to your card. EVEN IF IT ISN'T YOUR VEHICLE AND THEY DON'T PROVE THEY KNOW YOU AT ALL.

Upgraded from 1 stars to 2 stars only because I finally got my refund, almost a month later.

14/10/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
184. Mom E.
The room smelled of old stale smoke coming from the dirt covered vents, the decor really needs some freshening up, the concrete balcony extends along several rooms on the second floor overlooking the beautiful freeway!?!?.  The room seeed run down, worn out and with out dated carpet.  I am not thrilled with spiders and I had to dispatch a few during our rather late check in and early check out time in the space.  

Overall very dark even with the lights on, the kind of place you take someone if you're not worried about using anything but the bed.  It was worth checking for bed bugs (it was that questionable) BUT, there was free water for Hilton Honors members, warm cookies for all, and free cigarette buds just outside the dirty sliding glass door for your 3 year olds to pick up and play with!

08/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
185. Jennifer B.
Decent enough. All I wanted from this hotel was a clean, comfortable room. We were only staying about 8 hours in it. For the $80ish we paid, it was well worth it. Yes, the decor could use some updating but the room was huge, nice balcony with a view and super comfortable bed. For a quick trip I'd definitely stay here again.

21/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
186. Vanessa G.
Thia review is for the events division. I attended a symposium at the Double Tree and was very impressed with the staff, cleanliness, and the quality of the food. Everything was managed with care and diligence.

29/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
187. Virginia O.
I don't understand all the complaints. This is a reasonably priced hotel with restaurants and room service, bell service, a nice little gift shop, a bar, and nice big rooms. It is close to the airport and major industry.  This is a good hotel for the traveler. Go downtown and pay twice as much for higher end amenities.

My room is a standard King, very roomy, a comfy easy chair and ottoman, standard desk and dresser, the usual amenities of moderately priced hotels, along with a balcony. I spent a pleasant day with the patio door open.

True, the wireless service is light, but I had no problem with my iPad.

I would recommend this hotel to the traveler who needs a respite from the sparser hotels and motels that offer a free "breakfast".

23/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
188. Rebecca B.
Made a reservation for one of our employees less than 30 minutes ago and tried to modify by one day.  Was unable to as their policy was: must be a 4-night stay.  At no time was I ever told this - guess because my original request was for 4 nights they didn't think they had to tell me this?  Needed to reduce by one night and could not do so.  Even though I was told at the end of the reservation that it could be changed or canceled at anytime prior to 4:00 p.m. day prior to arrival.  Incredible!  Also, the reservationists would ask a question and interrupt me mid-response.  Happened over and over. Quite annoying.  Will not use them for our folks.  Oh - by the way, canceled the reservation entirely.

29/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
189. Erica G.
Oy. What the heck? I hope we were just having a bad day... because the lines were long, the staff was indifferent to everyone waiting. You know when you're screaming inside your head, but stay silent on the outside? Yah, that was me. My feet hurt and my bags were heavy... and my cookie was cold and hard :(

Rooms were OK. Slightly worn carpet and dusty window coverings - no view whatsoever, but that's ok, it's in a business park area.

Overall, it's probably fine for a traveler - but we expected more from the Hilton family of Hotels.

13/11/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
190. Dany I.
That was one of the worst places that I have ever visited! I am not even going to waste my time explaining. Just stay away from this place, or you gonna end up paying $14 for shot of blended vodka.

07/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
191. Lindsey M.
UPDATE: this morning the housekeeper knocked on the door WHILE SHE WAS ALREADY OPENING IT at 7:20am. Glad I had the bolt on the door. That's three times now that housekeeping has entered my room without knocking or giving me time to get to the door. Unacceptable. What if the bolt hadn't been on or I wasn't clothed?!

I'm about to enter into my fifth and final night at this hotel and Lordy has it been a disaster from start to finish.

First, they screwed up my reservation. Had me for one night not five. Managed to fix it but gave me quite a scare in the meantime. Oh and I had a confirmation number and everything showing FIVE nights.

I was here for a convention and they price gouged. This hotel was $279 a night. The FAIRMONT DOWNTOWN (better hotel, better location) was $189. They were sold out or else I obviously would have chosen the Fairmont.

The rooms are old and gross. I'm going to take a photo of the bed skirt. Gross stains all over it. It was disgusting.

The room is HOT and never quite cooled off.

They charge for Internet that was so slow and terrible that I had to use my iPhone as a hot spot. Luckily I am a Hilton Honors member so I avoided having to actually pay for access. Had I been forced to pay I would have been livid. I literally couldn't even send an email.

Two days in a row I had to take cold showers due to there being no hot water. I reported it both times.

On two separate occasions maids entered my room without knocking and scared the crap out of me. Thankfully I was not in the middle of changing clothes or something.

Maids replaced my towels with WET towels. Like VERY wet. Like she knew when she was hanging it on the rack that it was wet. Cool surprise when I got back to my room after a long day. WET TOWELS YAY! It's a mystery -- were they not dried properly, but still clean? Are they dirty? Who knows.

SLOOOOOOW front desk, and I had a question and called multiple times with no answer so I finally had to walk downstairs and ask in person. In my PJs.

The only saving grace was their engineer. He came and tried to fix my AC, did everything he could (including replacing the thermostat) but unfortunately couldn't fix it. I don't blame him, I blame the facilities. He was lovely and kind and very apologetic.

I asked the front desk for recommendations for places that delivered to the hotel (I'm not paying $19 plus $4 service charge plus automatic 22% gratuity for a crap turkey burger in room service). I was given a list of places. Most were closed permanently, didn't deliver on weekdays or required a $50 minimum for delivery. Or they had terrible Yelp reviews. Finally found a good place from the list, Amici's (separate five star review for them -- excellent) but it was way too hard.

So that's my long list of grievances. I plan on reporting to Hilton. I'll switch back to Marriott if I have a similar experience again.

15/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
192. Mia S.
This place sucks! No kitchen! One ice machine no where near our room! No wifi! On demand hecka expensive! There's flies/gnats in our room! And u have to pay incidental for ur room and need a credit card even if ur paying cash! They give u free cookies but they have walnuts in them! I HATE WALNUTS!!!! The view is of nothing! I have even looked through the guide yet. No fridge? No microwave? #marriotforever #amireallyaspoiledbrat +Alixandra Rivers here for National American Miss only! If give them 0 stars but that wasn't an option

13/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
193. Jelmer V.
We stayed here twice a couple of years ago for a conference. It's a large hotel, very close to San Jose airport - walking distance if you dare cross some of the busier roads.

The rooms are pretty standard, much like what you would find in any other DoubleTree. The pool and tub outside are quite large, and very nice.

There is a nearby VTA stop, and a coffee place in walking distance.

11/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
194. Terry Ann B.
This review is for the wonderful Banquet and Catering staff and Gateway Ballroom only! Didn't stay in a room there.

Had our Holiday party for 400+ on Saturday night and it was a FANTASTIC success! The ballroom was set beautifully, the food was good, and can't say enough wonderful things about the staff at the event. Lupita in particular. She was simply the best I've ever worked with...super helpful, patient and thoughtful.  Even made sure I had some gluten free snacks because I'd forgotten to eat the day of...rushing around doing last minute stuff.

The Director of Catering and Events, Jenny, was also a joy to work with. Communication was quick and easy and she was so understanding and thorough with answers to my 10,000 questions!

THANKS EVERYONE at the Doubletree for making me look like a Rock Star event planner!

23/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
195. Tiffany Y.
There are two unidentified bites on my left middle finger. That is the best part of my night here at Doubletree by Hilton San Jose.

Last night at 1am as my pillow tried to suffocate me to death, I realized their pillows and comforters are down. I am allergic to down. I piled a bunch of clothes on top of the down pillow, took a claritin and made it to morning.

After a day of client meetings, I stopped by the front desk at 5pm to ask if I could get a non-down pillow. Pleasant person said she'd have housekeeping bring me foam pillows and a non-down comforter. Sweet!

6pm rolled around and I didn't have pillows or a blanket.

Went to dinner. Returned at 8pm and still didn't have pillows or a blanket.

9pm, still no pillows or blanket. Called the front desk and she said she'd "put a rush on it."

Their website says "Every little thing we do adds up to Create A Rewarding Experience for our guests (CARE)." I looked this up between hour 4 and hour 5 of not having pillows or a blanket.

11:04pm right now and I still don't have pillows or a blanket to sleep with TONIGHT.

How much notice do I need to give to get a non-down pillow in this place? I really thought 2-3 hours would be enough. I'm at 6 hours now. SIX HOURS and no pillows or blanket. Six hours!? REALLY??! Thankfully I didn't get up at 1am last night when I was having an allergic reaction and hope they would help me THEN.

Called the front desk again, was put on hold, and waited... waited... waited and then hung up. That was my 3rd call.

I'm going to sleep using a pile of my own clothes as a pillow. I'm wearing layers of clothes because it's cold in the room and I have no blanket.

I put a DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door. So help me, if housekeeping knocks on my door after 11pm and wakes me up to bring me pillows and a blanket after I waited over SIX HOURS for them, I am going to lose my $#!t in such spectacular fashion that years from now, future guests will shudder and feel a cold chill at the electromagnetic residue left behind from my epic meltdown.

06/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
196. Grant M.
Room Smells like old smoke and every one there were jerks expect Daniel a young employee with a great attitude and should be working at a better establishment

A friend of mine had parts of his car were stolen and of course it was parked in their lot and had no cameras and were not concerned or did nothing about it costing my friend over 4k

Cookies were horrible ( they contain lots of walnuts)

Eggs were slimy

Elevators constantly broke down, some little kid got stuck on the elevator for a long time

Pillows sucked

We asked for a roll away and everyone else were getting one and when we asked the front desk they were rude and said we could not have one so out of frustration I had to go find a used one in the hallway

When we first got there and I asked for my bags to taken to my room because I have a bad back and their response was no because "it was my job"

I would give 0 stars if possible

Movies were horrible and when they said still in theaters they weren't they were all old movies

29/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
197. Birdy H.
Stayed here Friday night for a girls get together.  We got together to take some photos for my upcoming birthday.

While the check in staff was super friendly the hotel itself was below par! The room that I got was completely different than what i was promised when I called to make the reservation.

The lady who booked my room for me said for a little more, I would be getting a room with a separate bathtub and a balcony overlooking the pool.  We got the balcony but there was no separate bathtub.  I specifically said, the reason why I am paying more and switched from the Hyatt in downtown to this one is because I wanted to tub.  

When I called the front desk to ask them about this, the girl said that the only way I would get a separate bathtub was to upgrade to a suite and it would cost me $1400 to upgrade.  I kept my calm but was definitely disappointed!

The hotel in general was clean but does need some updating.  We had drinks at Spencer's.  Spencer itself is a great place with a romantic ambiance. Drinks were good and bartenders was nice.

No, I will not stay here again.

19/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
198. Rowena L.
DO NOT STAY HERE. A group of few people  were evicted from a suite after 1 warning from THOMAS the security guard who was completely disrespectful. Speaking to management was no help either. After being kicked out at 12:30am, the room was charged in full because it was after 12am. Not to mention there was an 18 year old birthday party next door, much louder than our room, who got to stay because their parents disputed the issue. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

02/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
199. Romi U.
Not impressed with this place. We checked in and there was no towels in our room. Not a single towel. We called the hotel operator from our room twice before they finally delivered some towels to our room. Other than that everything was satisfactory.

The staff was pleasant to deal with overall. Nice job guys.

This rating was based on my personal experience at this hotel.

16/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
200. Yekta A.
Best "airport" hotel I've ever stayed at, seriously it was quiet and it wasn't in a ghetto part of town either!

The only downfall I had was I asked  the front desk a few times to send someone to look at our bath tub that kept filling with water and not draining for hours

The Spring restaurant downstairs didn't have good service and lacked food options.  The sushi bar however was tasty and the guy who helped us was awesome, too bad it was on our last night there!

The parking isn't bad if you self park, there was always plenty of parking.

The pool was nice, no one ever swam there so it was quiet.  The gym is open 24 hours which is nice for early birds and late night people who work out.

This hotel is really for people coming into town for business, I didn't see any vacationers.

02/02/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
201. Marisa S.
This hotel is very nice! It's very clean with contemporary decor. The rooms have comfortable beds and flat screen TVs.  I love that when you check in you get a delicious, free cookie!  

The reason I give this hotel only 3 stars is because they charge $19/day for parking and their wifi is $9.95/day. That's ridiculous! Considering the fact that there are other nice hotels with comparable prices that offer FREE wifi and parking, I will probably stay somewhere else next time.

31/12/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
202. Denise L.
Came here for a seminar last week. Hotel is spacious, and lots of parking. Not enough women's restrooms though. They turned a men's restroom upstairs into a women's restroom since there were hundreds of women at the event. They covered the urinals with tablecloths and added potted plants which was hilarious.

Lots of goodies for the continental breakfast, and their lunch spread was pretty good as well. Lots of veggies, pesto orzo, chicken (dry), salmon (drier), and their famous cookies! So good, you have to try, and won't regret it! Qualm with lunch is they have everyone set with a glass of water, and unsweetened iced tea. I asked for a diet coke, and they pointed me to the....water.

Their afternoon cocktail hour consisted of various beers, wines, and champagne! Different types of cheeses, crackers, egg rolls, and fried chicken skewers, yum!

25/03/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
203. WCmommy M.
I like this hotel. The rooms are nice, location is great and staff is nice. The best part of the stay is....the warm chocolate chip cookies you get when you check in! The kids always love it!

14/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
204. Samson W.
This review is for the job fair event that was held here yesterday afternoon.

DoubleTree is a very lovely looking hotel.  It has always been this way as it was many years ago when it was a Red Lion Hotel.  Wonderful lobby area and very nice looking restaurants.

The parking is why I am giving this place only three stars. They now charge for parking here, regardless of whether you are a hotel guest or a person who comes here to attend an event which I did yesterday.

It turns out that the parking lot here is run by a parking company.   No wonder when I asked that I had trouble with paying for parking, the clerk was clueless.  It seems not even the front desk clerks are aware of the payment system at the exit.  I was told that I could only pay with a credit card, which I did not mind especially if it was the very last option.  Turns out that it was not as I saw a self paying parking lot kiosk at one of the hotel entrances.  I saw that I could pay cash, especially if I wanted to.  Of course, I did.  I don't want to rack up so many transactions on my credit card anyway, especially if it is a charge under $10.

As for the organizer of the job fair, they are bad for one reason.  The folks are clueless as to the parking situation. Not at all sympathetic, especially to job seekers who are almost all unemployed.  The one gentleman that I spoke to and questioned as to why my ticket didn't work even after validation said that it was $5 and that it was better than paying $6.  Why is it better?  A $1 discount for parking? Not good at all.  I would much prefer to pay $6.

Shame on you, California Job Journal!

As for returning here in the future, I would.  I will just choose to eat at one of their two restaurants or buying something at the café and get my parking ticket validated for free.

30/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
205. Lindsey R.
Traffic getting into the parking lot is bad. Parking is a biyotch once you are inside to and quite a walk to the hotel from your car. The outside is hideous and looks like an office building complex but taller. The inside however is nice and traditional looking. Their food is also pretty tasty.

29/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
206. Lisa T.
needing a place to crash by the airport? this is your spot. by car its like less than 10 minutes and you don't even hear all of the loud airplane stuff overhead. got a deal off of hotel.com for 95 a night for a 2 queen sized beds. this was the first time i stayed at a doubletree hotel.

my breakdown:

the hotel was pretty clean. decor is pretty outdated especially the wooden doors. I tried getting extra towels but the cleaning lady said she didn't have any because they had a bunch of basketball teams staying in the hotel. which i found to be surprising. i didn't know hotels especially the double tree could run out of clean towels. downstairs the signage on the wall was missing letters. which i thought was pretty horrible since its a DoubleTree. that problem would've been fixed like ASAP.

my friend called for a toothbrush. they said they'll bring it and they never did.

*self parking $19 a day-unlimited in & out privileges.
*no free wifi- you gotta pay like 14 bucks a day and seriously I'm not here to be stuck in my room all day so that's a rip off.
*no mini fridge.

*you can check out in your room by phone.
*they give you free chocolate chip cookies.
*Evelyn and crabtree hygiene products.
*check out is at 12.
*one sink in the restroom & one outside of the restroom.
*gym available.
*lobby has airline flight times.

*valet is available.
*taxis are available in the front of the hotel.
*ironing board and iron is available.
*there's 2 Starbucks close by. 1 within walking distance.
*there's a casino located across the street.

overall, i wasn't super impressed with the hotel. it was definitely a 3 star.

29/03/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
207. Stephanie S.
While the location needs a facelift, the staff and cleanliness was top of the line. Breakfast was great, steakhouse was pretty good, and the staff was helpful. Super quick shuttle to the airport, and many restaurants within walking distance. Great space for a large meeting, with lots of seating area and a nice clean pool with bar service.

08/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
208. Carolen M.
I use the park and go here and it's very convenient and cheap. It helps that getting to and from the airport doesn't take too long. I don't ever envision staying in a hotel in San Jose, but this would be convenient if you need to get in and out of the airport quickly. It's a bit of a ride to downtown though.

29/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
209. Angie M.
I book hotel rooms here for my employees when they travel to San Jose.

I have always had the same reservations clerk.... and every single time I never receive my confirmation email, nor do I ever receive the credit card authorization form.  I have to call back, sometimes multiple times.  Its extremely frustrating.

There is a definite language barrier as well, and I have to concentrate really hard to understand each question I am being asked.

I generally tend to only make reservations here when the other hotels are not available where we also get a corporate rate.  Its too frustrating.

29/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
210. S K.
It seems to be an older hotel building. Felt like I was transported back to the 80's with the color
schemes in the rooms and actual building structure itself. The hot water in our room was not working. We found this out after all but one girl in our room (who was a night showerer) were asleep. After calling the front desk, someone was sent up to check out the problem. It was very uncomfortable for the girls who were woken up and still in their pj's, as well as for the maintenance guy who came to check. He confirmed that the hot water was not working and mentioned that our room had been having issues with that lately.
Nice, we were put in a room with faulty pipes.

We were upgraded to suite and given free breakfast vouchers. The suite looked exactly the same as our original room and basically was with the exception of the working hot water and barely noticeable, slightly extra floor space. I wonder how many people pay for the suite knowing the regular rooms are almost exactly the same thing?

One thing that I did appreciate were those awesome heavy duty drapes, that when closed, confuse your internal clock and leave you oblivious to what time of day it is outside. I was able to sleep in and get some  undisturbed, quality shuteye the last night there.
Also, no complaints about the breakfast buffet. It had a nice variety of things to choose from and the service was great.

Despite the issue with the hot water, my overall experience here was not bad. If I had to stay here again I would have no problems with that.

19/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
211. Camille B.
The only good thing about this place is that it's near the airport and Spencer's steakhouse is inside the property.  Otherwise, it's overpriced for an old, mediocre hotel.  I wish they had more Hilton hotels by the airport.

09/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
212. Rob L.
Very nice hotel. The rooms are clean and spacious. Super comfortable bedding.
We had a beautiful view of the pool.
The hotel staff was nice and very prompt in checking us in.
Fitness center is very nice, it has very new updated equipment. They even have treadmills where you can select a screen to watch real footage of trails. So it feels like you are on a trail run.
Pool was clean and heated.
My only complaint is that late at night the bar had NO healthy options. Just your typical bar food, burgers/quesadillas. And they were out of half if everything on the menu.
They also need to let the servers share tables. Our server had 6 or so tables and was swamped. The other just sat around and did nothing but serve her one table. We asked our server why she was so swamped and she replied that every table chose to sit in her section.

22/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
213. Monika G.
I have stood here plenty of times and really like this hotel  and I'm actually one of theirs members. But as I come to check in and at the counter the clerk joselyn looks at me and before I could finish my sentence already starts to say they have no clean rooms. Not one clean room in the whole hotel and she even began to tell me that their are no standard rooms only the deluxe , well wouldn't you know that's what I reserved.  Now she said it's going to be 2 hours for the maid to clean my room.  I can't believe how rude she was to me. I would of hoped the manager evaluated the clerks every so often because I'm sure the productivity went down with the lack of her customer service. Do please stay away from joselyn and you will have a lovely stay at this hotel. Other then her attitude the hotel is lovely

23/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
214. Cherie H.
I can't believe that I'm in the same hotel as described by other reviewers. The carpet is so dirty that I have to wear my shoes in the room. The bedding is stained, the furnishings are bare boned and it looks like it hasn't been updated in decades.

Pros: friendly front desk staff, nice reception area and bar

Cons: dated rooms, doors to the rooms are flimsy, bedding is disgusting, carpets belong in the trash. I would rather walk on concrete.


28/04/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
215. allen t.
This establishment is terrible and treats their guests with no respect whatsoever. My family and I spent our New Years Eve in the Presidential Suite just to get kicked out at 1am New Years Day. The security guard 'Thomas Adkins' is a very disrespectful individual who has no clue of his job title. My family and I were enjoying our beautiful night on New Years Eve only to get rudely interrupted by this so called rent-a-cop. Banging and barging into our room as if there was a fugitive inside. The amount of disrespect has reached an all time high within this establishment.

I do not recommend this hotel to any patrons that are inquiring to stay. They are liars who think they can be saved by the local police department with their walkie-talkies. This hotel, the management, and security staff is a joke that is not worth anyone's time.

04/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
216. Paul W.
This is specifically for my PantheaCon event experience from 2/13/14 through President's day weekend.

First, let me say that as the guest of a convention staff member, I got to stay on the 10th floor, which is the "Executive Floor" of the hotel.  Normally this floor is locked from the elevator unless you have a 10th-floor room cardkey, but the function is disabled for the weekend as many after-event parties are held on the 10th floor.  At other times, I would urge guests to stay on this floor if they can.  The lounge outside of the elevator is exceptionally nice and includes free bottled water and fruit.  You also get free wi-fi with an executive floor room (which you have to pay for if you stay on a different floor), and the spaces are larger and include a microwave and mini-fridge.  All of these were extremely useful during my 4-day stay.  

Upon checkin, I was given free still-warm chocolate chip cookies, yummy!  You can ask for as many as you like at any time during your stay.  I also like that you can charge meals directly to the room from any of their dining areas (Sprigs, the Max Bar, or Spencers), so you don't have to wait for the staff to run your charge, instead just sign and go.  They also offer in-room service, but it is prohibitively expensive for the same food you get downstairs not including tip, and I don't recommend it...if you want delivery, there are plenty of local places to order from that will happily deliver to the hotel.

Service was fine for a hotel of this caliber; they delivered the extra blankets when I asked, the staff was prepared for busy checkouts, the cleaning crew did good jobs on the rooms daily, and the bellhops were available with carts and a checkout system when I needed them.  All were very friendly and courteous with their service.

The main reason I take away a star is for the restaurant food.  Their menu is limited, which is fine, but when you limit your menu to a few items I expect them to be good.  The quality of the food is so-so at best...somehow most of it had the same taste to me no matter what I ordered.  I tried the burger, a couple of the soups, the fish, the short ribs, and even the cake and ice cream over various days, but nothing ever "popped the palate" for me...it all had that "traveling food" bland, underseasoned kind of taste, and if it wasn't necessary to eat, it's not a place I would choose to return.  I didn't try Spencers, because the price difference between Sprigs and Spencers is huge and Spencers was all booked for the weekend anyway, but at the bar and the cafe the tastes were the same.  I don't expect them to change since at conventions they are pretty much guaranteed a full house for most of their meal times, but a little more effort in their menu would be nice.

So overall...a great place to stay on the executive floor, but you're better getting your food elsewhere.

18/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
217. Stifyn E.
There are plenty of pros and cons to staying here. Overall, it was an agreeable experience, but this hotel is clearly out to make an extra buck just about anywhere it can.

The Pros:

~ The bed was extremely comfortable!
~ The linens were clean, as was the room as a whole.
~ Free warm cookies at check-in (and they'll give you more if you ask).
~ Room was spacious and nicely set up.

The Cons:

~ You have to pay for Wi-Fi. We stayed at a $54 motel the night before where it was free. Something's wrong here.
~ $19 a night for parking?!?! Give me a break! What do they think this is, an NFL stadium?
~ Water pressure and temperature were terrible.
~ Fancy restaurant downstairs is priced exorbitantly.

24/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
218. David P.
Nice hotel in a convenient location near the airport. The pool (outdoor) and exercise facilities are very good. If you are a runner, they are also a few hundred yards from an entrance to the Guadelupe River trail. Rooms are a nice size and are well maintained. My first time at this location, but I stay at Doubletrees a lot.

08/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
219. Edie C.
Worst non-hotel stay experience ever. Booked through kayak/hotels.com only to arrive and find no rooms available.

The valet attendant would not come to the car to assist me with my luggage when I arrived. He stared at me from his desk as I unloaded my car by myself. Thanks lazy guy.

When the front desk girl couldn't find the reservation, her response was "nothing here and we don't have any rooms".  

Never again with this location or kayak/hotels.com.

Worst people and experience of my life.

12/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
220. K V.
I'd stay here again if I needed a place to sleep before an early morning flight out of San Jose, but that's the only reason...  Pretty run-down and worn room, and the cleaning staff missed the bar of soap with a "short and curly" on it from the previous occupant that was left in the shower (which made me question overall how clean the room really was).  They hit you with $19 a night for parking...

20/02/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
221. Bob L.
Dated hotel,  very expensive,  equipment and amenities are pretty tired looking.     Charge $330 a night for a room and then charge another $10 for internet access, while internet access in the lobby is free.... so yes... if you walk in off the street you can surf for free..  Spend for the room and you then need to also pay for access.

HVAC in the rooms are third world.  In that they have motion sensors and turn off if no motion is detected...  yup that includes when you are asleep...so  the math is

Overheated room
Down Comforter
One sleep deprived, sweaty guest...   wake up every hour and swing your arms around to get the AC back on.

only positives are;   location and the people that work there are very friendly and helpful.    I've stayed in hotels at 1/3 the price that were much much better.   Wont be back at this DoubleTree.

13/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
222. Barber R.
I had family (large) come to visit for the holidays. Management said the worker strike  would not disrupt my families stay. THEY WERE WRONG!!!!!   At precisely 7 am, loud horns started. The strike workers started there day.

The tv remote occasionally worked. My guests were not notified about the costly parking on their private lot.

After two noisy days, the worker strike leader stated (chanting as my family arrived each pass) to stay at the Fairmont hotel. My family found out they had better rates and WONDERFUL service.

For a Hilton Hotel I thought they would provide a more reasonable approach to their labor and hospitality issues.

03/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
223. Michelle N.
Clean hotel with helpful staff.

Drunk people galore past 1am though, so beware.

24/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
224. William M.
Hotel room is quality. Unfortunately I'm giving this place two stars due to the food / bar service.

I understand hotels up charge on food / drinks. However, quality has to be met with these prices...we ordered two drinks from the bar that we're terrible.

Later we ordered room service..chicken seaser  and a pizza that was a total of 73$ really? The chicken looked fake and completely bi passes eating it. Pizza was nothing special..for 73$ for two items I expect quality food / ingredients.

Save yourself the time, money and your health. There's plenty of places near by that are much better.

08/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
225. Brenda R.
I have mixed feelings about this place..  The husband and I have checked in here a couple times.. Do like the fact hey have food places inside and friendly front desk service.. But management isn't the best.. Their were a few issues with out stay including our TV not working.. The management didn't end up resolving our problem and overcharged our card with a bunch of ad ons.. Dont think we're coming back here.

18/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
226. Ramsay P.
Do not use the Double Tree's valet parking service.  Shuttle service to Airport is horrible. They have multiple shuttles but do not use them for some reason. They only run one shuttle leaving a line at the airport due to not enough room for passengers.

22/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
227. Oceanlucky L.
Checked in here for a business meeting late.  Exhausted from my flight.  I unpacked and got ready for bed.  It is then I realize the heat in the room does not work.  I call the front desk and they tell me they are going through some upgrades and some of rooms the heat doesn't work.  Well needless having already unpack and I have to get up at 6am.  I decided to just go to sleep.  The room was freezing and I did not sleep well at all.  Also I request a 6am wake up call that never happened and I woke up at 7am on to be late for my meeting and not looking tip top.  I would not recommend this hotel to anyone and I will never stay their again.

19/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
228. J M.
Stripper shoes, lingerie, smoke, 3 of our family are still sick FROM THAT FILTHY ROOM. Requested refund/checkout. Denied. Not even changed to another room. WHO DOES THAT TO CUSTOMERS??? I know they have the standard oh I'm sorry but if I ask for a refund  20 minutes after I check in and dont wish to stay somewhere because it's not clean, safe for my kids, etc then THAT SHOULD BE HONORED.

14/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
229. Carlos B.
Warning: you'll pay an additional  $20 to park your car! Parking is NOT included in the room price. That's how they get ya'!

22/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
230. Veronica G.
First! To the savages that stayed in room 873 the night of June 27th your little "1,000,000 to you b!tch" check joke for the maids never made it to anyone I found it and ripped it up, just wanted that to be known.

ok so on to my review. Spent one night this past weekend here for my daughters 13th birthday with my best friend and two of my daughters friends...Early check in with warm cookies is ok by me!

When we got to up the 8th floor our key didnt work. I didnt want to go all they way down to the front desk so we spotted a maid who let me into that filthy room (873) where I was able to call the front desk and remove a nasty note from the night stand (see above). I have a special place in my heart now for maids after seeing the way that room was left! :-/.

Any who, Strait to the pool where the girls spent the majority of the day. Drinks and snacks from pool side service were good. We made it for happy hour :) The spa was a little dirty but I had to contribute that to the 100's of people visiting the pool that day. My daughter noted that when we left the pool that night they were already cleaning it up.

The room was huge, enough room for a bunch of girls to get all dolled up for dinner. Every person we spoke to at the hotel was friendly and helpful from front desk to the maids all very nice. I really like this hotel. :)

30/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
231. Mike W.
This place is pretty bad/dingy and I would not recommend staying.  The room smells bad - checked if it was a smoking room, but apparently it is a smoke-free property.  Shower drain not working/water pressure nil - apparently housekeeping does not do thorough checks, needed a toothbrush as I left mine at home and was surprised at the flimsy piece of plastic and single use toothpaste, décor is um, terrible...  I don't have a lot of experience with Hilton's, but if this is an accurate representation of the brand, I will certainly steer clear.

04/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
232. Franklin H.
==Executive Summary==
Oriented towards business functionality, a bit pricier, probably because of the convienece near the airport. Has a complimentary airport shuttle, rudimentary lounge, sushi bar, steakhouse, rudimentary business center. Small Café that serves Starbucks that closes at 1500, breakfast diner is decent.

Hotel room is of average, design and comfort - not bad for convenience near the airport, and to host a tradeshow, or meetings. Great customer service during my visit.


I had a tradeshow here to conduct - and it was in one of their banquet halls - actually, the tradeshow floor took up the entire banquet all - probably around 10,000 sq feet to host a group of companies, and still have a stage for performing arts, awards ceremony and still have a DJ. The banquet hall on the second floor was nicely sized with an elevator between the two floors. I was also using the downstairs banquet halls as well to conduct a presentation. While configured to support 80 people, the seminar was such a great demand that the hotel staff brought in extra chairs to support around 120 people.

The hotel does have a complimentary hotel from the airport - just walk to the airport shuttles and look for the Double Tree Shuttle. It's only about five minute shuttle ride - very convenient. I noticed in the lobby was couple of flat panels displaying the airport schedules - nice touch. Also, when checking in - I was offered a warm chocolate chip cookie - how nice! First time I've been into a hotel that offers that. Check in was painless, no errors from the online reservation.

The hotel room, I would say meets the needs of a minimalist traveler. For a hotel that is near the airport - I'm not expecting to be lavished in amenities or fine quality furniture - this hotel is intended for business travelling, or a person who doesn't not require lavished or impractical materials. During my stay - I didn't find any of the noise levels to be out of the ordinary - occasionally I would hear people outside of the sliding window, but their voices were muffled. I could hardly hear the airplanes during my stay/sleep. In my view, the acoustic insulation from the outside environment is above average for the room I was in.

One thing that was annoying is the public computers, namely, the lack of printer use only computers. The public computers are configured for shared access - while I admit, I believe in sharing. But I also place a precedence in efficiency. Having only two terminals available that I could find - where they hogged up by younger users on facespam. Due take a note of this if you need to print PDFs from a USB Flash Drive.

I ended up graciously asking the front end lobby to assist me in printing my PDF forms, which gives this hotel an extra star for great customer service.

13/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
233. Shirley V.
This review is specifically for the Gateway Ballroom, where I attended a company holiday party.

Parking was push-green-button-for-ticket-on-dash style. The hotel had multiple brightly lit entrances for guests. I've been to my fair share of shady, dark back entrances (heh) as far as hotels go, and the conspicuous entries were appreciated.

The hotel has cool electronic maps scattered around inside in case you can't find your destination. I wasn't sure if they were touch screen, as I resisted the urge to test by prodding the display.

The ballroom was very spacious with a decent dance floor. The tables seated ten around. Everything (inside and outside the ballroom) was spick and span, and the staff were friendly and attentive as well.

My limited experience here for one event warrants a 4 stars. In the case that I revisit to actually stay here, I will update my review.

14/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
234. Christina Y.
This review is just based on the airport parking.

I normally don't like valet parking because you need to leave your car key. There was a special promotion going on and I decided 'why not.' I left my car there for the Thanksgiving weekend. I thought service was great since they had my car pulled up and ready to go when I arrived back Sunday evening. What I didn't know, was that my umbrella was missing until I needed it this past Tuesday morning. I contacted Doubletree and the lady was extremely rude stating that there is no such way anything would be missing. She relentlessly took down my name and number and would contact me if she found my umbrella. That evening, I decided to stop by on my way home from work. The gentleman working at the valet counter had no idea and I asked to speak with their general manager. Apparently, all their general managers leave at 5pm and asked if I wanted to speak with their temporary overnight managers. Why would I speak with a temp? I expressed my concern with a few workers stating its not about the cost of the umbrella but the principle - I paid $50 to park my car there and items goes missing.

I searched my car earlier that day and don't believe anything else went missing. This is the first and last time I will park my vehicle at Doubletree. Horrible customer service and no general managers on site.  Terrible. Just terrible.

04/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
235. Debbie P.
There's usually something comforting about checking into a hotel w a brand name you can trust not so much the case w this one....upon arrival we were told that luggage cart were available @ the front desk. After check in we were told to get the cart @valet.   The valet sent us back to the front desk ...see the issue????   Rommel (bellman) was an absolute gem, almost enough to make me not write this review but ....the hot water was an issue we called the front desk for engineering to take a look. He arrived 2 hr+ after we called.  It's not his fault and he did fix the issue but all the front desk had to do was explain the delay. The request to speak to the general manager got the call sent to voice mail.  A call back to the front desk informed us that GM doesn't work nights (yeah should've known better) so we left a message for the night manager.....still waiting for a call back!  Still got a few more days left of the stay let see if they earn another star or 3?

09/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
236. Anna O.
I absolutely fell in love with our stay here.
They greet you nicely. Free cookies! We got a suite . It was on the 9th floor and I loved that you had to have a key to go to the 9th and 10th floor. It made me feel safe. . Our tub was beautiful our view was amazing I loved it and will definately be coming back again

21/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
237. Marlin P.
I really wish Yelp had half stars as options as my review would give this location 2.5 stars.  I grew up in the Bay Area and prefer to not inconvenience family and friends and just shell out for a hotel.  I typically stay at the Fairmont in Downtown SJ or Hotel Valencia in Santana Row.  I decided to give the Doubletree a shot as the room rate on the weekend was competitive like most Bay Area hotels on the weekend (weekday rates are usually $300-400+) and I have Gold Status with Hilton Honors.  The good, I was upgraded to a suite...was a huge suite with a wet bar and large tub should one be inclined to use that.  My overall take was this location is in need of a facelift.  Also, charging $24/night for valet parking across from the San Jose airport is a bit of a joke in my opinion.  It's not in the heart of downtown SJ and really shouldn't have much of a fee of any to park there IMO.  I didn't have any check in issues and my experience with the hotel staff was pleasant.  I ate in Spriggs for the breakfast buffet and the service was good, fast, and helpful.  This is a larger Doubletree location than most - it has convention space and while it was the weekend not during 49ers season it still appeared fairly crowded overall.  I'd give it another shot since I appreciated the suite upgrade but if the price was around the same my preference overall is the Fairmont if staying downtown.

07/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
238. Luis D.
I stayed here this past week for a couple of days...the hotel from the outside looks nice. The entrance looks welcoming with employees. Sad to say but some of my coworkers had to wait several hours for their room because rooms were not available.  

In the room... Had an okay view of the airport from the top floor. The pillows were so small and flat I needed to put multiple under my head. The worst part of the room experience was the restroom.  The sealing had yellow spots of water mold or whatever it's called. The sinks drains seemed to be clogged because every time I used it it would take a couple of minutes for the water to drain.  

The hallways of the meeting rooms behind the pool smelled. It either seems they just cleaned the carpet and didn't properly dry it or it is simply an old carpet

The employees I guess were as friendly as possible.

Overall.. You get what you are given.

10/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
239. Rachel L.
Stayed in this Hilton for a business trip in nearby San Francisco. To make this simple:

-Classy interior
-Clean, comfortable bedding
-Very own restaurant
-Surrounded by shopping strips with fast food chains and restaurants
-Has Limo-pairing service straight from the Hotel
-Transportation directly from the San Jose airport to the Hilton that runs every hour or so

-Hotel service wanted us to come down ourselves for towels
-Clams ("See picture attached") were too seasoned, as similar to the other dish ordered from the Hotel as well (Spaghetti and Meatballs)
-Wi-Fi isn't complimentary, there is a $10 or so charge for 24hrs of access

Overall, this DoubleTree was an OK stay. It is a perfect place for people or businessmen just looking for a hotel to reside during a special conference or such. Otherwise, for a family vacation, the environment isn't warm and exciting.

15/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
240. Phil W.
Let me preface by saying that I travel for work, a lot.  So, I am an expert at rating hotels.  The good thing about this hotel is that it is close to SJC Airport and the rooms are spacious.  That is where the good ends unfortunately.  The workout room was oppressively HOT.  They had several fans placed about the room, so they are aware that it's HOT, but they're not correcting the problem.  Speaking of HOT, it was hot everywhere throughout the hotel.  The one thing that wasn't hot was the water from the shower, nor was the pressure very good. I really missed my hot, high-pressure shower.  Now food-- I go down for lunch, and the restaurant was closed.  The Sprigs restaurant is closed but your high end steakhouse is open????
Throughout my stay I got the impression that the hotel was under great financial strain, and was severely cutting corners, unfortunately at customer expense.  Not a big fan of this place.  Hopefully management will take note and make some changes.

17/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
241. Dana M.
Love this hotel. Doubletree steps up in San Jose. Valet parking, nice bar, beautiful lobby. Beds are comfy! Bathroom is not spectacular but he rest of the hotel makes up for it. Will always stay here when in town. This was our first visit but not our last!

17/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
242. Ruby B.
This hotel is a total scam. It was probably really nice in 1993 and it is still in good condition but it every corner they are trying to get money from you. I realize that this is California and people just pay more for everything, but $25 a day if you want a refrigerator in your room? Come on! Even the nastiest crackhead roach motels that I have seen have a microwave in the room. These rooms have neither microwaves or refrigerators I have never seen anything like it.

Since we didn't have a refrigerator in our room and couldn't keep drinks of our own in our room, we went down to the bar to get a few bottles of San Pellegrino water. They couldn't have been more than 6 ounce bottles, and they cost four bucks apiece I don't know how they can charge those kind of prices.

yesterday morning we came down to the restaurant where they were serving a brunch. The waitress was super friendly until we told her we did not want to spend $20 each on the brunch. At this point, her demeanor completely changed and it was if she was bothered by our mere presence there. It was 730 in the morning and we weren't super hungry so we decided to share a plate. We still spent about 30 bucks on the most flavorless omelette I have ever had. If you stay here do not eat breakfast in the restaurant.

One other thing we noticed was that although the hallways were spacious, there was no furniture in the hallways by the elevators. I have never seen anything like it. It was like they couldn't afford to furnish the place. in general the whole hotel screams 1990s.com bubble.

25/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
243. Tim T.
After coming here for the first time, i don't think i will be coming back.

First of all, the bathtub is smaller then it appear on the pictures online. The jacuzzi is always pack at night.

They did not mention breakfast WAS NOT included in the hotel fee which should be. My wife and i got charge $45 for breakfast. If i know i was being charge that much for an average meal (ex mc Donald) i rather go to a buffet.

There are no free parking, i had to paid $20 extra for parking. The bar here have bad service. I had to pick up the menu myself and the waitress were just watching tv as if i wasn't there. My wife and i were very disappointed and unsatisfied, hope this message will help anyone planning to come here.

Never again!

01/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
244. Brett N.
My biggest complaint is the price gouging and rampant fees and overcharges - well beyond anything I've ever experienced.

If it were just the hotel, I'd go 3 stars.  For the price I paid for a single night - single bed room - it was pricey, fair value.


Seriously, 22% mandatory tip PLUS $4 delivery charge to the room.  I got a salad, low grade steak (ordered medium rare, delivered well done) and a potato.  SEVENTY FREAKING DOLLARS!!!!!!!

$20 for overnight parking - in an open lot.  PRICE GOUGING!!!!!  Seriously, you treat your guests this way?  Maybe the ignorant ones!


You earned this one with your price gouging, otherwise it's an average 3-star hotel.  

Avoid if you can, you'll be nickel and dimed to no end...

08/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
245. Rachelle W.
Warm cookies make everything better! We picked this hotel because of the reasonable price and my kid requested a swimming pool. Check in was a lil slow but like I said WARM COOKIES. I believe my room was standard size (two queen beds) but the room itself is very spacious. The rooms are a lil older but I wasn't moving in so whatever. However the advertised "balcony" is not necessary but I am happy we had a window that opens as many hotels don't allow you to get fresh air circulating through your room. The pool was a good size and the kid was impressed tgat it wss warm. They were out of fresh towels when we got to the pool but eventually staff removed the used ones and brought fresh ones. All in all great stay.  Complimentary wi-fi and parking (I think cause I'm a HiltonHonors but ill take it!!!!)
Definitely would stay here again...especially for the warm cookies

11/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
246. Don H.
Great service quick drop off and pick up. Have used the last 3 times here at SJC.  The guys are very friendly, offer directions.  I've read some bad reviews but all of my visits here have been great, on time drop off, pick up time very reasonable.  I'd rather pay just a couple more bucks than the really off-site dirt lot/seedy neighborhood.  You get what you pay for and in this case, it's very reasonable.

23/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
247. Kaitie C.
DO NOT STAY HERE. It is a wretched hotel. Decor from the 80s. i came in after 10pm, and there is no food option, though the menu in the room says 24 hour food service. Well, that's not true, and if you want to get a meal, you can go down 10+ floors to get it at a crowded bar (that's generous, the bar is most likely crowded due to the conference) then carry it up. The front called me, interrupting the entire time, and then hanging up before a conversation was completed. I would advise management to better train their staff - clearly there is no program here in place. This place quite frankly sucks, and if I wasn't booked by my company here, I would never, ever stay here. Can't wait until I check out. I'm also a hilton gold member; there is a reason I switched to SPG. Stay at Westins, as they do not treat you like dirt.

25/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
248. Jennifer B.
Stayed her the weekend after Xmas for one night.

Pros: big clean rooms, 2 sinks which 1 was separate from the toilet and shower area, friendly staff & valet parking attendants. Restaurants and coffee. FREE WARM DELICIOUS COOKIES!!

Cons: you have to pay for parking $19 (self parking) or $25 (Valet - ins and outs included), no microwave or fridge in room.

We stayed during a time when the engineers were "peacefully" protesting outside. However, we must have been lucky as my husband and I heard nothing while we slept. Would have liked to have dined at one of their restaurants, but time didn't permit us to do that. Overall, I would stay again.

10/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
249. Chris T.
Not what I've come to expect from Hilton Doubletree's. Being a Diamond Hhonors member I know they have properties that are well taken care of. This is not one of them. It's needs a major interior renovation.

12/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
250. Felicia F.
Not sure why this place has only 2.5 stars! Their service is great and their rooms are cleanly. They even offer WARM cookies upon check-in! Why the bad reviews guys? :(

04/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
251. Eric C.
I came over two days as a convention guest.  Very boring decor looks like it was once great, liked the meeting rooms near the pool. One of the employees went the extra mile the majority are aloof.  However once you add in the prices this location charges the entire hotel fails.  This location is over due for a major remodel is all i can say.  We spent $$$$ for good food/drinks at the pool we had to get ourselves the pool and hot tub are shabby and dusty, the hot tub jets spay all over not in the hot-tub,  After two days of food and drinks i felt like i was in hotel jail a just okay over priced jail, the same limited choices at high airport prices.  Also no food is served from 11AM to 12PM, i will not return no thanks.

13/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
252. Meg T.
I've stayed at the Doubletree a couple times since my last review.

Personally it is my favorite travel sleeping space. The rooms are incredibly clean, the beds soft and comfortable, and the service is usually okay when we stay.

In my mind it had popped up to a solid 4 - 5 star space.

It's still my favorite hotel in terms of the rooms. You can't beat them. The blackout curtains are fab, everything works, it really is a pleasure to stay overnight.

But the logistics have declined to the point that I'm not going to use it as my hotel to hold up others against anymore.

We requested two rooms, side by side. The rooms turned out to be opposite each other kitty corner. Not bad enough to complain, but not what was requested. We also requested two fridges, neither was in their respective room after check in. After calling and sassing the front desk one showed, but the other never did.

They've also shortened their onsite food options DRAMATICALLY. The Starbucks is only open until 2pm and Sprigs is no longer open for lunch. Nor do they seems to serve sushi any longer. Maybe I missed the two hours it was open? I'm not sure.

It's nice not having to use a key card for the elevators or the bathrooms but requesting anything from the front desk leaves you empty handed.

This location seems to be fairly inconsistent year to year. I'm not sure if they change managers frequently, but I can usually be sure that I will probably not get my fridge and that the beds will indeed be comfy.

08/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
253. Carmen W.
Two stars now for their attempts at reaching out via email, but still a sad, disgruntled review because at the very least they could have offered to replace our pillows with theirs (I had mentioned we liked them). But in the end, how do TWO clearly different pillows DISAPPEAR? Not cool, housekeeping, not cool. We had even left you a nice tip when we left. Bottomline, the trust is gone -  we won't be going back.

13/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
254. A L.
I understand the importance of abiding by company policies. I work for a school that has very strict policies. I also understand that there are consequences to breaking the rules BUT the policy & consequences aren't my issue. It's was the way we were treated and spoken to. It was the customer service and hospitality that was given to us..or LACK of. Doubletree supposedly aims to "Create A Rewarding Experience" (CARE) in which we experienced none of. Frankly, I don't feel like they "CARE" at all. No amount of cookies can mask your disgusting staff Doubletree San Jose.

17/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
255. Tiff Y.
Hmm where do I begin.. I decided to bring my in laws to stay here for Christmas and my god what a horrible decision.

First of all there are engineers on strike that are all posted outside making loud noises and makin it impossible for you to really enjoy your stay here, but that's not what this review is about.

There was 5 of us, Instead of booking a standard 2 queen room I decided to book a club room (which was about close to 40 dollars extra every night) because it stated it was enough to fit 5 with a free rolling bed(?) upon request.

So I call housekeeping to request for a roller bed. The lady picks up and tells me it's a fire hazard for a roller bed and I pretty much would need a suite, connects me to the manager.

I get on the phone with victor the manager for about 30 minutes I let him know

1. The only reason why I booked the stay in a club room was because the website ( hotels.com )clearly stated a roller bed would be available upon request.

His response: well it's the same thing except the club room you're paying for the balcony view(of the freeway).The website you booked it off of is wrong there's nothing we can do about it.

2. I let him know how frustrated I am because now one of my in laws would have to sleep on the floor and had I known this I wouldn't have paid the extra. I would have just booked a standard room.

His response: well I can do that for you. We can switch you out to a standard room but we Wont reimburse you the difference.

My response: so what is the point of that?

Victor the manager: exactly there isn't one. Or we can switch you to a junior suite but you'll have to pay the extra.

He then pretty much continues on about how the website I booked it off of was wrong and there's nothing they can do about it.

Wow! If this were the Fairmont or even the Holiday Inn I would have been upgraded to a suite immediately. I can't believe the manager kept me on the phone to argue with me and try to sell me a junior suite.

In the end he ends up bringing the roller bed because apparently he checked out the website and I guess realized I wasn't lying?

Either way I threw away 400 dollars for a 2 night stay during Christmas and had to argue with a manager for 15- 30 minutes just so my brother in law would have a bed to sleep in.

First and last stay here EVER.

26/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
256. Paul n.
Close to the airport and easy access to San Francisco , you can have a meeting and dinner in the same place and be satisfied

14/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
257. John D.
Overall, I'd say this Doubletree property is underwhelming. Let's start with the misses: After staying here a few times, they just can't seem to get the service or pricing dialed in. Some days, I pay just under $200/night. Other times, they want over $400. Same room, double the money. I spend my company's money like my own, so when they gouge, I stay at the Doubletree Pruneyard for a lot less.

The valet is consistently overcrowded and understaffed. I typically have to get my bags out, walk my keys to the desk, and wait. The frustration level at the valet is high and people resort to cutting in line. I have to pay a valet fee for this service. Seriously... The last visit here, I called to get my car, took a shower, packed my bag to leave, got downstairs, and waited. The car wasn't up yet.

This trip, I asked them to leave the car out front, so I could check in, run my bags upstairs, and come back down. Wouldn't you know it? They parked the car. I guess I can't win. Suggestion: Staff the valet appropriately.

The front counter service is slow, though not always. It happens to be slow enough to make an impression though. The first time I visited this hotel, it took 20 minutes to get through the line. Yeah, really. Today, it was only 5.

The room service and gift shop pricing are exorbitant. Last time I was here, I ordered a cheeseburger and a 1 liter Pellegrino. The price? $45. Yup. It wasn't that amazing. It was decent, but even Mastros wouldn't get $45 from me for a burger and bubbly water, unless there was foie gras layered in, with egg yolk or something really elaborate. Same trip - The gift shop was visited. I was desperate for Benadryl, having some kind of allergic reaction once in my room. The Benadryl, $15.99. This is the same Benadryl I can buy for $4.44 on Amazon and have delivered to my front door in two days, while I'm watching Netflix from the couch. I bet I could get it cheaper through Mobile Waiter than in the gift shop. You might be saying, "Hey, you're just cheap!". Trust me; I'm not. From $1,600 dinners for 3 to tacos on the side of the road, I seek a wonderful blend of quality and value.

On to the good stuff-

The valet blew it by parking my car and the valet manager asked the runner to hustle. The runner hustled and I tipped him $5 for the effort. I wish Herculean efforts weren't required for normal valet service. First impressions are so important. Still, he really busted his ass to recover from the mistake.

The rooms aren't fancy, but they are spacious. Likewise, the hallways aren't modern, but they're clean. Like most Hilton properties, the internet is slow, but reliable.

The breakfast restaurant offered a traditional hotel food experience and the service was very warm, friendly, and quick. I haven't eaten at the other restaurants, though my burger undoubtedly came from the steakhouse.

As someone who stays at the Hilton brand hotels enough to make their top status in about 8 months or less, I'm used to inconsistencies and I've learned to roll with the punches. This property needs help though. The awards that are prominently displayed at the front desk may not be representative of your experience.

Doubletree can fix these experience limiting issues and I hope they do. I'd love to stay here more, if that were the case.

02/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
258. Michael D.
To get all of the amenities of this hotel for $109/night means they get a 5-er! Never had a bad experience here and will come back every time we need a stay in SJ. Parking was $19/day but you get unlimited in & our privileges. They ave nice lobby, gift shop, hot chocolate chip cookies at the front desk, and Starbucks coffee. What more can you ask for?

07/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
259. Bill N.
Hate to ruin a good trend but we had two rooms here last night and didn't have any issues.  Our flight was delayed and a late 1 pm checkout wasn't an issue.  I would say it's a solid 3 star property.  Staff at the front was very good.  

Interesting management hasn't commented on any of the previous poor reviews of management?  Maybe out of touch?

20/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
260. Kent W.
Very good.  Choose it because of proxmity to the airport.  It was a very nice, restful sleep.  I was even happy with the climate control in my room!

27/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
261. Nicholas B.
The Doubletree has a friendly staff and reasonable amenities to serve you.  They have a mini Starbucks so you can get a comfort coffee in the morning.  The rooftop walkway is a great place to recharge when I attend conferences here.  Overall, the hotel offers a reasonable value stay for travelers.

25/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
262. Art Y.
On the whole, this is a poorly managed hotel.

The sink choke is broken. I had to use my finger nails to pluck it so that the water can drain. I shouldn't have to do this as guest. House-Keeping did not do their job well.

Went to have dinner at Spriggs, their restaurant. No one in the restaurant know what they beer they have on tap. Finally, another waitress walked up to me and told me that the bar is on the other side of the and the restaurant itself does not know about what they serve.  Hmm ... is this my problem or theirs?

When the beer I ordered arrived, it was in a bottle. They told me it was on tap. OK, on tap means a different thing here. Then, he asked if I needed a glass. Does he really need to ask if I need a glass to drink my beer? It's quite obvious the waiters and waitresses have not been trained well at all.

WiFi quality is so poor. A neighborhood Starbucks can beat them any time with their WiFi. The WiFi connectivity is unpredictable and unreliable. The download speeds are also incredibly slow. Definitely not able to do any decent amount of work via VPN.

I am now thinking that I have checked in to the wrong hotel.

15/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
263. Ben Y.
Stayed here for one night on a business trip and i'd definitely book this place again in the future.

It's located right next to the airport and it's a large hotel.  There are several restarants in house as well as plenty of banquet halls.  

I was checked in promptly and my room was more than adequate.  Nothing fancy but everything was clean and tidy and quite spacious.  

No issues checking in or out, no issues with the room and no issues with excessive noise so i'd call that a win

28/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
264. Knickerbocker R.
It is not a bungalow on the side of a hill but it is a clean modern and comfortable hotel easily accessible to all major routes in San Jose. The check in cookies are delicious.

Parking is a little annoying but the service was very helpful and friendly. Right next door to the casino if you got the itch.

Room service was expensive as expected but not as delicious as one would hope.

01/05/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
265. John N.
I've stayed here three times for conventions. As a place to stay, it's adequate. But the food options are poor. The coffee shop ("Sprigs") offers a mediocre, overpriced breakfast buffet, and closes shortly after lunch. The mini-Starbucks has none of the usual Starbucks food options, not even the bistro boxes. I haven't tried the main restaurant.

14/05/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
266. Dave F.
I have never stayed here until this past week. On the Hilton website, I got a reasonable rate, so I upgraded to a Jr Suite, requested a corner room  and asked for early check-in. I scored 2 of 3 getting everything but early check-in.

The exterior of the Hotel is ugly. Sort of painted a mustard color and looks like "au de prison" architecture. Hard to get to and WAZE almost blew up. So it was with fear and trepidation that I checked in.

But, Wow!, the room was huge. It had a steam shower, a jacuzzi tub, dual sinks, a balcony facing the pool and a little mini bar with a refrigerator and much needed coffee maker. The bed was comfortable, though the old HVAC system is a bit clunky and noisy. Because I scored a corner room, it was also very quiet.

Each night, they provided turndown service and left truffles, waters, apples and some other fruit over a 3-day period.

The restaurant was good for breakfast. As best I could tell, there's no bar, but downtown Campbell has a bunch of restaurants and bars and there shopping in walking distance.

The front desk service was really awesome. They took my baggage on early arrival, stored it and made sure it was hanging in the closet.

Nice people and I'd stay here again.

12/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
267. Sky O.

Let me preface this review by saying that I only write reviews of this nature when I feel strongly that others should be warned about the experience.

My co-worker thought this would be a good place to stay due to 4stars (wrong) on Hotels.com and close proximity to the airport. We should have researched the hotel more because we all had the most awful experience staying here.

Top level issues:

-  Poor Quality rooms with odd water damage ( we paid for  "Superior" and "Executive" Suites. I'll try and attach photos below )
-  Overpriced food and drinks.
-  Constant Early morning to late evening Air Horn blasts from disgruntled hotel staff engineers picketing out front.
- "Fluke" fire alarm blaring into our rooms with flashing lights at 3am, followed by Airhorns from the disgruntled engineers

- BUT WORST OF ALL, a dismissive Staff and Manager that challenged our complaints and offered un-genuine apologies and little to no solutions or compensation in return.

When we arrived we were put in rooms directly next to the street where the "peaceful" picketing was going to take place. Some of us were informed with a letter stating that this would not "disrupt" our stay. Others were told nothing.

The rooms and bathrooms had a lot of water damage and felt unkept in terms of maintenance. The halls were dingy and had a weird odor to them.

The Airhorns and picketing began and were constant between 7am- Random events during all hours of the evening. We had a "Fluke" fire alarm go off at 3am with a loud voice telling us to evacuate. We had to wait outside in the cold rain, none of the staff came out to explain what was happening. Finally after 20minutes of waiting  a guest went inside and then came back out to inform us it was a false alarm.

Here are some direct responses from the Manager about our concerns...

Response to why we weren't notified about the noise issues on check in:

"Our night staff isn't aware of any noise so they don't warn people about it."

"I'm here everyday from 7am-7pm and I never hear them blowing airhorns before or after 8am-8pm it's illegal for them to do so, so I'm sure they are not."

FYI - When I called the Manager in the morning at 7:45 to complain I was told he wasn't in yet and they would have him call back, I received a call back from him at 8:30.

Response to the fire alarm:

"The fire-alarm was a fluke, the engineer who was here at 3am set it off by accident. I received no reports of air horns after that so I am sure they were none. The events are unrelated"

Snarky and dismissive response to compensating our team for the significant impact on our loss of sleep:

"To be Honest people who are here for business, don't have to pay for their rooms, so they aren't usually looking for compensation".

"You are checking out today so why would any compensation benefit you at this point."

"What can I do for you at this point, buy you a drink? Buy you breakfast?"


Unfortunately the whole experience has left our entire team questioning staying at any further Hilton owned establishments and warning our fellow travelers to do the same.

Lastly, I would like to state the the evening wait staff was very good. This review and the poor management practice shouldn't reflect on them. They were the only thing about this hotel that was pleasant.

18/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
268. Paul D.
We got two rooms since we have three kids. The rooms were a nice size. The King bed was comfortable. The kids room with two double beds were nice. We stayed at this location for two nights. The first night we were all awaken by a 5:00 am wake up call by front desk. Someone made a mistake. The phone in kids room would not stop ringing. After unplugging phone we had a hard time going back to sleep. Other than unfortunate event rooms are quiet as long as no one slams the room doors and doesn't mistakenly rings the wrong room. Kids enjoyed the pool and spa. The gym is small and needs more workout equipment. Treadmill is nice and has a video app to enjoy while running. The Hotel is spacious. They give you delicious chocolate chip cookies,  fresh water and newspaper. . We all enjoyed our stay as a family.

05/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
269. John C.
Because I work in San Jose and live a few hours away, hotels really help me maintain my quirky schedule.

I've been a Diamond member of the Hilton group for over ten years and booked a night with points and dollars. This hotel is an absolute joke.

Just like some previous reviews, staff who are more worried about themselves than their guests. Don't get me wrong, housekeeping was very friendly and accommodating.  Management needs to get a handle on their team.

Checking in felt like a huge burden to Craig. "Do you want a cookie?", he asked.  Very dry and not interested in engaging with guests.

The Sushi Bar, Oh that's right, no sushi. Just an odd experience!

Guest rooms, fair with modern decor, but really, lipstick on a ____.  Hair in the bathroom, on the faucets and bead covers.  Water damage in the shower area and a stale odor was also present.

Fortunately, I'm only here to sleep one night.
Definitely will not by using this hotel again.

23/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
270. Dan B.
I'm a little bit picky when it comes to places that overcharge for less.

Admittedly, this is in San Jose, which is basically the most expensive place in America now that the Silicon Valley has surpassed New York for that title. And yes, that means things are just going to be more pricey. But if I'm going to shell out, I want to get things, and I want to be coddled.

This hotel has very nice, large rooms. That's not the issue. The temperature control is very reliable and the TV is easy to use and has HBO.

HOWEVER, and I want that in bold ... for the price one has to pay, here, there should be more. The environmental showers and toilets are great for saving water, but if I'm in a hotel paying big bucks, I want some water pressure ... and frankly, I want my waste to go down the toilet in one flush. I know, gross, but it needs to be said. The two buttons on the toilet for #1 versus #2 are ridiculous. Neither one adequately drains the bowl.

The towels are big and plush, so that's cool, but no minifridge or microwave? You mean to tell me I can't store even a cool beer in my room? Luckily, the front desk will store some stuff for you, but that's a long freakin' walk from the rooms, which are way the heck around the back of the building, a good 300-400 foot stroll each way (in pajamas) for my items.

Parking is $20/night, too. So, ya know, just add that onto your bill in your head beforehand.

Minifridges are available for rent, I learned, for FORTY DOLLARS a night! What?!

Okay, so here we are, DoubleTree. Your rooms are very nice and comfortable. I like your beds; I like your staff, and I like the nice space in each room. But I need my small things that I get at crappy Comfort Inns, too, for this price. Like free wifi, that'd be nice. Not another $10 per day.

03/05/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
271. Chris S.
Wow what a rip off hotel!

I was really frustrated at all the little nickel and dimming these guys do - $20/day for self parking (and we got billed $40 because we technically parked 25 hours 22 min) as well as the $2.50 per bottle water in the rooms. Really guys?

The ultimate frustration was getting billed $4.50 when I asked for "anything with sugar in it because I had low blood sugar" not only did they take several minutes to get me something but they didn't inform me they would charge me. I would have been fine with them handing me a sugar packet.

Stay away. This hotel is terrible.

Lastly I have also written a separate review for the restaurant. It was 2.5 maybe 3 stars.

05/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
272. Kathy K.
Unfortunately I only stayed here for one night when I was in town last weekend, but I wished I could have stayed longer!
The hotel was very clean, the staff was super courteous, and I had a great time in the pool/jacuzzi area.
I just wish that parking was free ($19 a night, really?). But other than that, I had a really great experience staying at this hotel :)

21/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0