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Executive Inn in San Jose, CA

Executive Inn in San Jose, CA

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Company Info:

Rating: 1.54

Address: 1310 N 1st St, San Jose, CA, 95112

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    Comments (13):

    1. michael a.
    just don't...

    23/03/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Brian A.
    Yeah this place is pretty shady. We just crashed here and didn't really hang out here, but yeah it's pretty shady. The "breakfast" is just like another said from Costco. We booked this one via Hotels.com and it was inexpensive. There wasn't too many people staying here either. I would make sure to ask for a ground floor unit, if you have to stay here. Yeah, maybe the fact that my two stars is going to RAISE the rating should tell you something.

    02/12/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    3. Diana T.
    I guess I'll start from the minute I checked in...

    The door knob was broken and  I couldn't open the door. Then, went down and told the girl at the front desk who gave me ANOTHER key to try, tried that key too and still wouldn't work. I wanted a new room, but nooo.. the manager comes up and sprays the knob with grease. I just stood there waiting for him. And might I add, he was extremely unfriendly--no "hello" or "have a good day" and when he "fixed" the knob, he didn't even apologize.

    As for the ROOM, I booked online for a king sized bed. When I called the day before check-in, the guy told me that my room w/ a KING sized bed would be ready. When I walked into my room, the bed was a queen. But I really didn't get TOO upset about that. What really got me to my boiling point was everything else in the room: the furniture was extremely old, worn out, and just outright dirty. The shower head needed to be changed, the SHEETS on my bed smelled of BO, the remote was broken, and whenever I walked around the room, I would hear this annoying tapping; tap tap tap tap tap. There was a fridge and microwave, but those were really run-down as well.

    This hotel needs some major updating and remodeling. I paid $90/night for something that was probably worth the equivalent to an E-Z8.

    Also, don't be fooled by their "breakfast buffet" sign. I got my hopes up thinking that there would be omelets, sausage, and hash browns. Turns out, it was just little boxed cereal, old bagels, hard boiled eggs in a basket, and little packed pastries.

    Do yourself a favor; don't come here.

    10/05/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. None Of Ya N.
    this place was a trip ..... i had guys knocking at my door then they would say did i just talk to you... i shut the door real quick .. the room where he was suppose to go was filled with like 5 people and i heard some young kid .. in there  .. . it was quite weird .. i got stuck here on accident in my traveling journey ..i couldnt sleep i  was scared i would catch something from the bed i also pushed the stained chair against the door i was tripped out someone might try and break in.. all in all to make things interesting there was a liquor store near by and they were friendly asians so i would go and buy lots of dirty magazines and  lube... priceless

    the next day the water was off they were fixing something and it sucked... the people at the front were awesome and  friendly they proably feel bad for the suckas that check in that arent doing some type of biz at this place

    dennys was down the street and the asian resturants across the street were quite good... i lost my id and they saved it for me.... hence why i stayed more then a few days..

    i am required to do lots of traveling with my profession  and 1st street in san ho  reminds me of some spots in southeast san diego where im from...

    03/10/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. Daniel W.
    THE WORST PLACE I'VE EVER STAYED AT!!!!!  I had to stay here due to another hotel mix-up.  To start it off one of the lamps did not work due to the cord being cut!!  The bathroom door handle was about to fall off, there was bugs in the sink, the doors seemed to not close properly and there was only about 5 channels including,  believe it or not, a adult channel!!!  I'm glad I didn't have kids to see this!!  NEVER NEVER STAY HERE!!!!

    29/09/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    6. Milo D.
    We stayed here because it was close to the airport. Not the best hotel, when the cab driver dropped us off, he said 'this is where the ladies go to do their business' meaning prostitution... I didn't really care that much, but the whole place was a little creepy.

    Aside from that, it wasnt that clean, but it wasnt that dirty either, and they actually did have good customer service. The front desk staff was very nice, offered us a wake up call and gave us a free cab voucher to the San Jose airport because we needed to leave before their shuttle started running. They had light snacks for breakfast that were decent as well.

    17/06/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    7. Steve P.
    If you just can't afford a nicer hotel, Executive Inn is in an excellent location near the airport and just north of all the action & excitement of downtown San Jose. There is a VTA station (light rail) right in front of the hotel (on 1st st).
    Our room was ok, not too dirty, the bed was comfy but the sheets didn't fit so they kept coming off. The shower head was awful and hardly sprayed (I should have taken a bath instead). The continental breakfast is a joke with a couple muffins, a bagel, and cereal.
    We had a ground floor unit. The people upstair were stomping around and we heard every little thing they said or did. Thin walls, thin floors. I suggest you get an upstairs room so you are not kept up all night by late arrivals. They also accept animals so there were occasional dog barks.

    I can afford to stay in a nicer hotel so I won't be back

    27/02/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    8. Cate G.
    I wish I would have read all the horrible reviews BEFORE I booked this hotel!
    I was flying in at the last minute and just needed a place that was close to the airport, cheap and available. Well, they fit the bill so I booked. And from first glance I thought, "Whatever, this will do for the night." And it did. Plus there was a new Lexus parked by my room, so I figured it would be okay. But it was very shady. There were definitely drug deals and whatnot happening at all hours... I get asked about "Sean" by two different people! Whoever it is has some creepy people looking for him!
    The room was actually pretty clean, I do have to give them props for that. And they had comcast! Sweet! But I was sure to lock and bolt my door the second I got in.

    08/09/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    9. Austin S.
    Long story short: Not the best or cleanest hotel, but hey, it's a bed and a hot shower with free parking, so I can't complain.

    Long story long:

    When I booked my hotel and car package on hotwire.com , I was going the cheap Asian route and was filtering the cheapest hotels.  This was one of them.  The rating wasn't the highest and there were a couple of not so good things mentioned about the hotel or its service, but the package was well within my ideal price range and again, all I required was a roof over my head at night and a hot shower in the morning, so why pay more at a hotel that I know will be nice and clean with much better customer service when I'm only there to sleep and take a shower?  Exactly...

    I also picked this hotel because it was next to the airport and I didn't want to stay somewhere that was in the middle of nowhere should something ever happen.  Hey, you never know, a murderous axe wielding maniac could have been waiting for me in my room.  Just saying.

    When I pulled up, I will admit the place looked a little more "run down" than I imagined.  I guess it was the name.  I mean, doesn't "Executive Inn" scream high tech or whatever?  I suppose the key was the price.  If I wanted a high tech hotel, I would have paid for a high tech hotel.  My bad...

    However, the guy who checked me in was really nice.  He helped with all of my questions and even when I had asked where the nearest bank was, he went ahead and google mapped one for me.

    The room itself was ok.  Kind of tacky, 80s like floral bed covers... kinda almost like this: cache1.asset-cache.net/x… .  It was supposed to be a king size bed, but just for some reason it looked a little smaller.  It was relatively comfy.

    The TV was not a flat screen.  Yeah, I know.  There was a mini fridge and a desk should I need to do any writing.  I'm just saying.  The bathroom was pretty standard.  At least there was a hairdryer in there.  Not that I need a hairdryer.

    I really can't complain considering it met my only 2 requirements.

    Would I stay here again?  If I decide to go the cheap route, I'd consider it.  Well, MAYBE....

    25/02/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    10. Ryan V.
    Assistant mistakenly booked this place on Expedia. I got there to stained carpets, broken bed and bugs battling in the sink and bathtub. There was a dead roach in the corner of the bathroom which means a bigger creature must have got a hold of it. The carpets are so stained it is almost funny.

    I left and asked for the refund for the second night, the girl was nice and said call in the morning. There was a new person working and he would have nothing to do with it. No refund. Expedia didn't refund. I am out some money but when you look at these photos I am sure they will be out way more than $75.00.

    A lesson in business for this hotel and a lesson in how most people search the internet for their hotel. For some reason I didn't this time and should have. Here is a picture show so you don't just have to take a disgruntled travelers "word" for it. I should mention this room is the "better" room they moved me to when I complained about the first one.


    Happy Travels.

    07/11/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    11. Valerie R.
    DO NOT come here! The are a lot of reasons why but I will sum it up in 3.
    1. This is prostitute paradise. The minute I pulled up 3 horrible looking girls on the balcony right next to my room. They looked as if you touched or breathed next to them you might contract some viral or nasty STD. I guess I came on a bad day. Also I was walking next door to the liquor store and was approached by one of the hookers and was harassing everybody at the hotel accusing them of stealing her laptop. Called front desk to tell him he needs to keep his hoes in check but he told me"I know I have been getting a lot of complaints about that". Well do something about it, yet they were still harassing.

    2. Staff and maid service. The staff really weren't that friendly except for the guy with braids. Sorry I'm bad with names. Also one day I asked for maid service the maids didn't make the bed. They changed the toilet paper rolls gave us new towels but no new sheets!? Anyways I complained to the front desk because some of my drinks in the fringe were missing and one of my sons outfits. Front desk really didn't do anything about i. So I would have to tell you please eyeball your stuff if you're leaving and want room service.

    3. The rooms weren't bad but I asked for a nonsmoking room and it reeked of cigarettes. The room I was in had a lot of stains on the carpet and on the ceiling there was a BIG stain. Probably due to pluming issues. The walls are thin, I could here they people taking next door. The good thing was that the WI-FI worked and they serve breakfast but pasties and some cereals and bagels.

    21/03/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    12. Huong C.
    I wish I would've read the reviews on this place before booking it. There were cockroaches all over the room, and prostitutes pacing back and forth around my floor. The room is very cheap, looks decent in photos.. But the lamps, tv, and everything seem to be only for decoration.. They don't even work.

    16/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    13. Mihir U.
    I think that many of the reviews that are written here are harsher than what they need to be.  I'm staying at this hotel right now.  In fact, I'm writing this review from inside my hotel room.  Granted, this is a no frills type of hotel, but it's definitely not horrible.  The room is fairly clean.  The bed was comfortable.  The bathroom was decent, although the toilet is quite small.  The guy working the front desk is an older Indian man who seemed to take a liking to me because I also happen to be Indian.  I helped him fix a computer problem he was having, so he was friendly with me.  He couldn't give me any extra perks or upgrades because there aren't any to give.  Their continental breakfast was a little lacking.  There's coffee, a few loaves of bread, a toaster, and some jelly.  That's about it.  The only real complaint I would have is that the walls of this hotel are fairly thin.  There are guests staying in the rooms on either side of mine.  I could hear a guy snoring in one of the adjoining rooms, and I could hear the television on the other side.  This was all in addition to the noise from the freeway, which is also right outside the hotel.  On the plus, side, the internet here is excellent and there is parking.  

    I paid about $60 for one night at this place.  That's about as low a price as you're going to find in this area without having to stay at shady motels.  If you're looking for a clean place to sleep and shower while you're on your way to some place better, this is the hotel for you.

    01/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0