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Extended Stay America - San Jose - Edenvale - North in San Jose, CA


Whether you're visiting for a few days, a month, or looking for an interim relocation or temporary housing solution, our studio suites feature living, dining and sleeping areas. All rooms feature plenty of work space, a fully-equipped kitchen, flat panel televisions with DVD players, as well as on-site guest laundry, wireless high-speed Internet access, pool, hot tub, fitness center, business center with printing capabilities, gourmet coffee bar served Monday thru Friday, and professionals who go out of their way to make you feel like you are at home.


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Rating: 1.62

Address: 6199 San Ignacio Avenue, San Jose, CA, 95119
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Comments (34):

1. David K.
We have tried to use Extended Stay Deluxe when we have customers in from out of town because it is within walking distance of our office and conveniently near restaurants and stores. The last two bookings we were informed when trying to check our client in that they had no rooms, despite our having made online reservations well in advance. The last time, the clerk told me they were going to book our client into another Extended Stay about 10 miles farther south. I went online and found a closer, if somewhat less convenient hotel at a lower price. If they would have at least given us advance notice, it would have made things a lot easier . I understand that clients may not check out on time. Not giving us warning is the problem. I am not going to use them again, because they are not reliable in terms of providing rooms.

17/06/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
2. Rachel B.
crappy hotel. period.

15/02/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
3. K H.
I'm only giving one star because I have to. I arrived and was told that the room would cost more than the one on the Extended Stay's reservation website. I stepped out and made the reservation online instead, and ended up needing to speak to a representative on the phone during the process due to a web timeout. I came back in with my reservation and was told that the queen room that I reserved was dirty and therefore unavailable, and that my only option was to pay a significantly increased rate for a king room "at our rates" (referring to the increased walk-in rate). I was also told that this happens "a lot." Upon asking to speak to a manager I was told that there wouldn't be one available until Monday (it was Saturday), given his card, and told that he "doesn't talk to no one". I had just heard the representative (Destiny) call the manager on the phone to ask another question and asked if she could please call him on my behalf to see if the upgrade fee could be waived since the problem was the fault of Extended Stay. She made the call and started to search the computer and it appeared that it would not be a problem, but after a few minutes I was told that she couldn't upgrade the room without charging the increased rate since it is a nicer room. We were offered a quen smoking room but I have severe asthma and allergies and that would have caused a medical problem, which we explained to Destiny, but she kept trying to push us into a smoking room. Frustrated at the situation and baffled that it could not be fixed without me paying more for a mistake that I didn't make, I decided to cancel my reservation and go next door to Residence Inn, where the staff was helpful, friendly and I had a great experience.  I later called the reservation line and learned that an upgrade through them would have costed a mere $4 more vs over $20 more inside the hotel, but the utter disbelief in the situation led me to pay twice as much at a hotel next door. This wasn't about the money, it was about customer service and righting a wrong.  I am a traveling professional who had previously had no preference as to where my company booked my stays, however after this experience I will no longer stay in Extended Stay. (this review was written as part of the survey that we received, but my partner doesn't have a yelp account so I'm posting it on her behalf, but this was an awful experience for us both).

11/09/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
4. Krystina A.
This hotel is disgusting. I only chose it because of it's convenient distance (next door) to a class I had to take for a week.  Needless to say, I checked in at 6pm and checked out at 8pm. I even went to Target to buy my own sheets and pillows before deciding it wasn't worth it. There were huge stains on the floor, hairs on the telephone and in the bathroom. YUCK! I called the front desk to bring me a luggage cart because I was checking out and they never brought one. I took my 5 bags downstairs in two trips and left without looking back.  Fortunately, I did the survey they sent to my e-mail address and was promptly written back by a representative issuing me a refund and that's why they got 1 star.

20/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
5. Brian T.
We have been staying at the ExtendedStay Deluxe hotel for the past 10 days or so and I didn't have any major issues until today. The maid service comes in once a week to clean the room and make the beds. When they come in they put a roll of toilet tissue on the roll and change out the towels, etc. My wife went down to the front desk today to ask for an additional roll of toilet paper as the roll was almost depleted and they informed her that since we were staying long term, they would charge us $1.00 a roll for toilet paper. I was appalled to say the least. It's not the money as we can buy toilet paper at the grocery store across the street but the principle. Our 4 bedroom home was flooded due to a water break and we are staying in a studio room with 2 boys while it's dried out and repaired. We will pay more in 30 days to stay in that studio than we pay for rent to live in our 4 bedroom home a month and they can't afford to give up a roll of toilet paper??? Ridiculous! Hopefully this will be over soon and we can return to our home but I will think twice about staying in this hotel in the future if needed and will not recommend it to anyone.

This was an old review from two years ago that I forgot to approve for posting.

04/12/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
6. Gary B.
For the price I paid I expected the room to be more clean... I would describe it as a little higher then a Motel 6, I paid $20 to upgrade 1queen size to two queen size but actually got two full size beds, bathroom smelled like urine hallways were dirty and stained carpet will not be returning, next time I would spend the extra 13$ to stay at the Marriott

23/10/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
7. Donald B.
Extended Stay America hotels are different from your normal hotel.  There is room service once a week and you can exchange towels and linens anytime you want at the front desk.  The room has a full kitchen and sitting room as well as a sleeping area.  It is intended for someone who wants to stay for some period of time and wants to cook their own meals.

It more closely resembles living in an efficiency apartment and is great if you have children because you can feed them from the kitchen instead of restaurants 3 times a day.

They do have a free continental breakfast in the morning.  In summary, you get in effect a small efficiency apartment with full size refrigerator, stove top burners, microwave, basic utensils and dishes, sitting area with no maid service but with the ability to exchange linens and towels anytime at the front desk.  We enjoy staying because we travel a lot, don't want maids running in and out, and like to eat some portion of our meals in for health reasons.

This is not a resort hotel.

01/09/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
8. Tiffany H.
Not the cleanest hotel to stay at,but we couldn't really complain. The price that we got our room for was really reasonable. The rooms come off as clean,but if you're sitting on the floor which I was for a couple of minutes you can see that they do not vacuum very good.

Decent hotel,nothing very luxuries,but i'm sure you know that because of the price you are paying.

29/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
9. John P.
Booked with Hotels.com and they booked a single queen room with pull-out for a family of 5.  Wrong.  I will deal with them on separate review.  During check-in, wasnt told about anything in the hotel.  First room we were given when we arrived was not cleaned yet.  Bed was not made, dirt all over the floor, trash, etc.  Went back down and got second room.  While waiting, the clerk was offering all kinds of information to the couple checking in that she didn't mention to us.  Dirty, stained carpets in hallways and rooms.  Afraid to touch the floor.  They don't have sheet set for pull-out so you have to go down to the desk.  Only 3 pillows for 5 people.  Will never stay here again.

19/05/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
10. akin t.
Extended Stay offers you cheap but safe hotels, obviously there are going to be some serious trade offs. The strengths are price, about $50 per night, big rooms for a budget hotel and the friendliness of the staff. The rooms contain the normal stuff found in american hotels, but they also include a kitchen and some sketchy utensils.The laundry room is okay, the hours are short but that is understandable. They also provide breakfast on weekdays - coffee, bagels, apples and oranges. There is also a pool, which I never got around to using in three months.

My biggest issue was the internet service, it would be better to pay more for a service that you could use. It is much worse than anything I have tried before. The fitness center was also a joke, three machines of dubious parentage. The fitness center has air conditioning, but it is turned off after hours making it very moist. Parking is .... I think they need more parking spots, better lights and less foliage. The location is another drawback, you are about a mile from the rail station, and even further from any interesting spots. On the plus side the grocery store is next door.

I stayed here while interning, I had hoped to get some work done but the facilities offered here are abysmal. All in all a learning experience.

12/09/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
11. Michael S.
What a dump. I can not imagine staying here ever again. I'd sooner sleep in the car.
Where do I begin...

Price: Some other reviewers have said the prices are reasonable. Not for this place. My employer paid 90 bucks a night for the first 3 nights, then 110 for the remainder of a 11 day trip. There were 4 of us, so that's 4 rooms; we did not share.  The room might be worth 60 per night, tops. Had it been MY money, I'd have not stayed more than one night. Unfortunately, there were no other rooms to be had nearby; we had 6 other people in rooms at the Marriott Extended Stay next door with awesome rooms for the SAME PRICE!!!

Amenities: Small pool. Exercise room that others have already commented on. Breakfast is a joke, granola bars, one type of fruit, oatmeal coffee and cello-wrapped muffins. No juice. No milk. No cereal. Pfft!

Other: The toilet paper used here is somewhat akin to an old Sears catalog, but less absorbent.
Some previous tenant had graciously wrapped a plastic bag around the smoke detector. Considering San Jose had banned these at the beginning of the year, its probably been there for some time.
The top edge of my tub surround was filthy. But I only knew that because I'm 6'3" tall and can see it.
The housekeeper graciously left several strands of her long, black hair on my towels and in various places in the shower room. I guess you collect these and save them for a wig. Must be a benefit, like reward points...
The kitchen had no can opener. REALLY? I can understand lacking a sharp knife (you might want to use it on the staff!), but how do I open a can of corn? I'd beat it against a rock, but the room lacked that, as well.
In yet ANOTHER first here, they will not do "wake up" calls. I asked at the front desk, and was informed that's why there's an alarm clock in the room. Wow.
Speaking of front desk, it's unattended from 11 PM to 7 AM.

What I find shocking is, there is an identical building next door, same parking lot, that is under different management, but has the exact same signage. I'm told the rooms there are even more grim than ours. (shudder)
Upon checkout on 7/20, I was given my receipt and sent on my way. No inquiries as to my stay, no "thanks for staying with us", "Y'all come back now, hear?" NOTHING! I guess "Have a nice day" covers it. A smile MUST cost extra.

I'd have given a half star, or none, if I could...

22/07/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
12. Ryan O.
Visiting some friends who are staying here. All in all, a clean and decent place to stay. Their suite has a fully usable kitchen, small dining area, spacious living room with a recliner and a sofa bed. The bedroom is fairly large with 2 queen beds.

The floors are a combination of hardwood and berber carpets, and the unit is decorated with semi up-to-date colors.

All the kids went out and used the swimming pool, which is very nice. Not large, but more than adequate for the kids to have a good time and take the edge off.

The location is pretty good as well. Not too far from light rail, across the street from the grocery store, Starbucks, banking, and a nice selection of restaurants.

The staff seems very friendly, and our friends who are staying here commented several times about how courteous everyone has been.

The ONE downfall our friends mentioned: a bit of mold can be found on the ceiling of the bathroom.

06/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
13. Gudia A.
Be careful to read the directions, there are two properties adjacent to one another, and as others have pointed out, they act completely independent..We ended up at the wrong one, had to go to the second building afterwards.. why not allow us to check in at either, and then just point out that the hotel room is in adjacent building, would be less waste of time, if you ask me.

The oddest thing is that the front desk people are never around, they seem to have a desk at the end, hidden from the view. Very annoying. They might be there, but you won't get anyone to show up to help you, unless you knock. Odd, if you ask me.

The staff is always inattentive. We stayed 2 days, and both days, when we got to breakfast, it goes till 9 30, we got there around 9, they would have empty baskets sitting. I had to ask them both days to stock up on muffins, or fruits or bananas or whatever they had there? you would think they would come by and see, what is not there and restock, but nope, they just chill in the corner..the bf was mostly, instant oatmeal, fruit, lucky if you can get a muffin, and mostly coffee..

We stayed on the 2nd floor, and IT was so loud. The walls are so thin. We could hear the person walking every step on the top floor. We couldn't even sleep at night..

They give you insufficient amount of supplies. They only have room-service once a week, but we stayed for 2 nights, so no room service, so we ended up having to go down to the front desk to ask for more shampoo and soap for the next day, since they gave us one mini bottle....

the facility grounds are decent. They need to work on improving their breakfast, and customer service skills, to make it an enjoyable stay.
stay on the top floor if you can.

19/02/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
14. Michelle N.
Extended stay? I will NOT be extending my stay, thank you very much.

My family booked three rooms for an engagement party. The first incident that should have set off red flags was when we opened our door to find an Asian woman standing in the middle of the room. Of course, we had to request another room.

The elevators stench of the smell of garbage and the rooms themselves were in terrible condition. There were stains on the floor, spiders on the wall, and curtains that fall down at the slightest touch. for some time. There were even stains on blankets and pillows, as well. We even opened the microwave to find a half-eaten pizza that must have been sitting there for awhile (gross!).

Save yourself the trouble and shell out the money for the Marriott two doors down.

15/08/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
15. Jojo P.
The hotel is strangely located adjacent to another Extended Stay hotel. Make sure you go to the right one because they act as independent properties and you can't check in at the other property. Check in was relatively quick. The hallway leading to our room wrecked of food - mostly because other rooms were cooking and decided to open their front doors to ventilate. Our hotel room door was slightly broken (to open the door we had to push in first then pull out, which was an annoyance). The room itself was big and airy - an excellent value for the $50 a night we paid. Overall, the room was clean, and pretty big with a new tv and other cosmetic upgrades. If you just need a place to crash near San Jose, Extended Stay is a pretty good choice. Note however that the complimentary breakfast in the morning runs out fast! Coffee refills were a bit slow and they ran out of hot water for oatmeal and teas.

12/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
16. Barbara M.
If you're looking for a basic simple room with no frills then this is the place for you. I stayed 4 nights and was able to bring my dog with me, the prime reason i picked this place. Not a place to stay if you're looking for any kind of night life close by, in fact there is not much close by! I had a third floor room and the windows were filthy. The rest of the room was clean, the bed was comfortable, and everything worked. They advertize "movie channels" but  you only get two. I ended up watching Netflix on my Ipad. If you do decide to stay here i would suggest you bring: your own soap, shampoo, and towels. I would also bring my own coffee maker if you like more than 4 cups in the morning. Next time i want to get away i will go to the Residents Inn three doors down.

14/09/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
17. Keven W.
Wow I am writing this review because after 615 days staying at the extended stay deluxe, I am finally moving out because the rent increased to $1950 a month because of the new "renovated rooms" and upgrades there were doing.  The televisions were upgraded to LG 720P, they added in a new headboard for the room and a shelf underneath the sink, but unfortunately that was it for the cause of the $10 dollar increase a day in rent.  

When I first started to stay there rent a month was $1250 which was 18 months ago and now it is $1950 which is a big spike in increase.  The internet still sucks and they even upgraded it, they do have an option where you pay  $30 dollars a month for faster internet speed, I tried it for a month, but it was really bad and I ended up getting my money refunded.

Unfortunately, during the last week, they raised my room prices from $54.99 to $63.99 for threee nights and then $75.00 dollars on my last day there :(  I did not say anything until I saw the receipt printed out. But I wont say anything because the staff been nice.

The managers, Tommy and Jon were really nice managing the place and always did their best to keep my monthly rent down. The staff at the front desk were nice as well.  My room was cleaned once a week which is not too bad but sometimes their staff forgets to put in toilet paper so you have to always go to the front desk and ask for it. They always gave me towels if I wanted more.


Room:    2 stars
Service: 4 stars

06/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
18. Skipper W.
If I could give this a no stars I would.  I had the same problem as others when checking in.  Got confused as to which hotel I had to go to as there are two separate buildings to check into. Both times, no one at the front desk, I had to call out 'hello'.  Both buildings had a funny pine smell when you walk in, disgusting! I made a reservation for a top floor nonsmoking room and they gave me a bottom floor smoking room, when I got my reservation I noticed it and made the change.  So,I get an even better room, second story next to the stairs which are constantly slamming all night!!  Unfortunately, I stayed here all week and got maybe one night of decent rest and with that I had to use ear plugs and take sleeping medication.  I asked to change rooms, and of course, nothing was available.

Noisey does not describe how thin the walls are.  People above me walking from 10pm tp 2am. One night I had to call front desk three times before the problem got resolved. With that the front desk clerk made it sound  like it wasn't his problem to deal with.

I never used the breakfast service as no one even mentioned it when I checked in. Don't know if there was a laundry service as no one mentioned that as well.

Never ever stay here and put out hard earned money.

19/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
19. DAVID N.
Very disappointed and surprises at the first time I stay with Extended Stay America. My stay was arranged by our insurance company due to a repair of our home. The first thing you smell when open the front door of the lobby is the bad bad odor of smoking cigarette everywhere. Checked in 3 rooms for our family on the 3rd floor and it was the worst floor since this is a smoking floor (been told by other guests but not the front desk clerks), Requested to change to different floor but the bad odor of smoking cigarette is everywhere does not matter where you are. Rooms have bad smells. You can see dirt everywhere. on the desk, table, head bed. I HAVE NEVER STAY IN AN EXTENDED STAY AMERICA INN BEFORE AND I WILL NEVER WILL AGAIN. THIS IS THE WORST INN EVER...Please do yourself and stay next door, the Residence Inn by Marriot, you will be happier!

14/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
20. Karen K.
After having stayed next door in a suite for 2 months, we needed a less-expensive alternative. The entry doors open out so if your hands are full with bags, forget about it!
Once in the elevator, the floor is dirty and graffiti on the posters. When you step out of the elevator, you are assaulted with the stale stench of garbage, smoke and illegal substance. You have to turn on the a/c fan to tolerate the smell in the room.
The fridge freezes everything no matter how low you set it and it leaks.
The bath towels are see-thru and would never wrap around a small child much less an adult.
It's loud and the other "residents" are rude and inconsiderate as I had to get up early (5am) and was routinely awoken by loud guests.
The blanket was, at best a fuzzy sheet, useless. Only reason I'm staying there is the 2 other guys who I am sharing the room/ costs with don't mind it so I'm stuck for the time.
Don't waste your money, it's a loud, dirty dive

08/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
21. Diane M.
I live with in walking distance and wanted my elderly parents to stay here. The Morgan Hill location was $50.00 a night cheaper. I called and ask if they would match the price ( neighborly juster) no was the answer. Morgan Hill will get our business for a 5 night stay.
Be a good neighbor

14/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
22. Jolena A.
I just want to say thank you to hotel staff.  Down there for soccer Cup, hated the Motel 6 I stayed in for 3 nights so chkd out at 12p.  Picked this hotel for Friday night stay. We wanted to check in before the next game at 4 but so many people got late chk outs so rooms were being cleaned later. With this soccer cup so many people weren't sure if they moved on or not until games were played.  The front desk staff, the cleaning staff and management worked swiftly with kindness and professionalism and got us into a room by 1:45p.  This allowed us to get settled and have a little rest befor heading out to the next game at 4.  Thank you, your efforts were greatly appreciated!!!!!

14/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
23. Amir A.
Stayed here two nights. I went next door thinking they were both the same "Extended Stays" they are not. Go to the correct one (check the address you book at). There is a plaza located across in walking distance with a market, gold's gym, baja fresh, Micky D's, Jack in the Box, and taco bell/subway nearby. Other than that, there is nothing interesting remotely around here.

The second floor, elevator, and parts of the lobby have an indescribable stench that unfortunately for me, follows into my room. Manning up, I just sprayed some freshener/cologne around to mask it. The bathrooms have no shampoo or anything just some cheap soap that stains the bathroom tubs. As I got ready for bed, I laid down and noticed the sheets were wet. Okay...I go downstairs to get service and noone is at the front desk. Someone from the laundry room handed me some sheets to "fix" the problem and I left a note in front. No follow-up calls, nobody to come in and service the room.

Smelly, crappy service, and the morning grab-n-go breakfast can feed a few chickens. Even though this was very close to where I was on business for, I made sure on my return this week that I would pick ANYWHERE but here, even if I have to drive an extra 15-20 minutes to stay away.


21/10/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
24. Jennifer O.
I stayed in the updated building, which was decent but the walls here are super thin. I could hear the people above me walking around and the tv and conversations of the people next door to me . I have never stayed at any hotel where I could hear what's going on in the next room so this was new to me and bothersome. I planned to stay here for three weeks but I will be going somewhere else for the following two. I'm out here on business and after a long day, I rather not come back to a room where I have to hear people stomping around. Will I stay here again? I think not!

24/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
25. Donna F.
Why isn't there an option of 0 to 1/2 a star?  Ugh.

This was the closest hotel located to work & it was only for one night so I figured why not.  I haven't stayed in an Extended Stayamerica before so I'll give it a shot.

When I checked in, the front desk asked me to sign the reservation slip & I noticed that the price for the night was not the same price that I reserved it for.  Thank goodness I printed out my confirmation email to prove that it should be $50 cheaper than what they were charging me.  She made a copy of my confirmation and changed the price.

As soon as I walked into the room, I thought to myself that they should charge even LESS!!  It was disgusting.  It felt unsanitary and had a strange stale odor.  I opened up the bathroom door and it reeeeeked of some type of cleaning agent.  It sure wasn't Pine Sol fresh.  I had to ask my coworker to bring me a can of Lysol to help get rid of that disgusting smell.  I actually kept the bathroom vent on all night so when I took a shower in the morning I wouldn't feel sick.

The window curtain was wide open and only a few feet away from some guy fixing his car in the parking lot.  That was creepy.  I shut the curtains right away....there was no sense of privacy.

I was afraid to lay on the bed.  I posted a couple of pictures - there looked to be a cigarette burn on the comforter...in a non-smoking room.  I slept in the bed but didn't use the blanket & I kept one eye open...

Never again will I stay here, no matter how close it is to work.  I'd rather drive the 80+ miles back home!

20/12/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
26. Shari K.
I'm here on business for at least 6 months... I've been staying here for 3 weeks now and my room has only been cleaned once. Calls to the front desk don't help. It's supposed to be cleaned every Sunday and I make a point to leave with my dog for the day to accommodate the housekeeper.... Very disappointing to come back to an uncleaned room. I reported a broken lamp my first night here and it still has not been replaced. The laundry room is filthy with washers and dryers out of service. I'm so sad... I will be contacting my company to move me if things don't improve quickly. Oops! I just realized I posted this to north location... I'm actually staying at the south Edenvale location and I can't delete so I'll repost on the correct one..

27/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
27. Courtney M.
The first room had toe nail clippings, dirty sheets, and 1/2 the dishes were missing. The second room had a missing screen on the window(completely unsafe), pubic hair in the shower, dishes still missing (no silverware at all), and slamming doors at 4am. If I am spending over $250 for 2 nights I expect more. The breakfast was OK just not much was there one or two muffins, a little fruit, and one flavor of bars.

12/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
28. Jordan G.
A week later..

9:30 am- fire alarm goes off yet again

This is the most ridiculous hotel I've ever stayed in.

30/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
29. Jason S.
This had to have been the worst hotel I've stayed in, in a long time!  Starting with the extreme cigarette stench the moment you walk into to elevator.  The dried plaster all over the floors in the hallway.  The stench of cigarette smoke in the "non smoking room".  That's just for starters.  
We checked in late at night and was extremely tired.  Little did I know that the pillow I was using had blood stains on it.  When I awoke I noticed it. I then took it down stairs to the clueless front desk person.  He told me that they didn't have anymore pillows left to let me use.  The place was barely 1/3 full and they didn't have any pillows?!?!?  
The noise level was interesting as well.  Since this place is also a home for some, they let almost anyone stay there.  Had to ask the desk to tell the next door "neighbor" to shut up 4x ad finally at 11:45 they did.  Quiet hours are at 9:00.  
The bathtub had mold growing in it as well.  
The place was filthy and I can't believe the owners/management lets it get this bad.
Of I was able to give it 0 stars I would, but the app won't let me.
Now yes that does seem picky but I'm now using it with my wife as toddler child.  If it was just me this may now be as bad and I would have just dealt with it. But it wasn't just me.  
Please, if you need a hotel on that area stay next door at the Residence Inn!

29/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
30. Larry L.
Worst hotel  ever stayed at. You may say your in a 3rd world country. Will not ever stay here again.

16/11/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
31. Bob E.
Stayed here for 2 days while I was on a business trip.

My co worker chose this place, not me, but I went along with it.

- Wifi was very very slow. Slower than back when I had a 28.8k modem.
- Dirty sheets, furniture, and bathroom.
- Bad smells
- I got bit by fleas in bed

Smelly, dirty, fleas.

Before the 3rd night, I voiced my displeasure with the place and my coworker and I went to the Dolce Hayes Mansion down the street. During that night, it only cost 3 dollars more per night, but I went from 1 star to 4 star in comfort and ambiance.

21/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
32. Wil K.
Booked my room for two people with two queen beds via Expedia!  The hotel was overbooked and only room
Available was a smoking room.  Yes I said smoking room!  People still smoke in the USA let alone a populated city like San Jose?!  I got to room 327 and it literally smelled like a ashtray!  I couldn't stand it!  Everything smelled like smoke.  I went to target to purchase fragrance candles, fabreeze, Lysol, Clorox wipes, plug ins for every plug and carpet refresher.  Long story short I have been in the room for a hour and that has not helped.  I had to get out and moved to the hotel next door.  Never again will I stay at this hotel.

06/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
33. Lilli G.
The worst hotel experience ever! ZERO STARS!!!
Arrived at 6pm 2/14/15 , checked in, I reserved a king room and was told only a queen was available but I would be upgraded to a larger room. I located my room and entered to check it out before I went out to dinner because I was running late then left. Came back around 12am and I couldn't access my room, my key didn't work at all, then to my surprise a confused man opened My Hotel room door. After talking to the front desk attendant I was told the boy earlier gave me the wrong room, LUCKILY I hadn't dropped anything in the room yet. When I entered the 2nd room I was greeted with 2 double beds! Started with a king, demoted to a single queen, and now this? Checked with the front desk again but this was the only available room left in the whole hotel.
After voicing my complains I was told to call tomorrow when the manager was in. No manager was available the next day when I called. Talked to someone in the corporate office in North Carolina but they told me I'd have to call back when the customer service line was open. Called the hotel again a week later just to be told the location didn't even have a manager only a district manager and that she would call me back. Never got a call...surprise. Called customer service after with a desperate attempt to speak to Anyone at this point! Finally was able to voice my concerns with someone who took my information and assured me he was sorry and someone would contact me to compensate me within 24-48 hours. Needless to say that was a week and a half ago and no one has called...ever! Sat on hold with customer service again today for 45 minutes and still not communication. The fucking worst hotel and company I've ever had to deal with!

12/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
34. Janet P.
I got a good rate through expedia: this place is near my parents senior home.
It was clean, staff friendly and helpful. I felt safe.
Nice grocery store, Gold's Gym & fast food within walking distance.
The swimming pool and fitness center are in the 6189 address next door. I'll book there next time and bring my own towels, hair dryer and shampoo.
Good coffee, and muffins.

I expected a hair dryer, shampoo, cream rinse and soap. I also prefer soft clean smelling towels.
Orange juice would be a nice addition to breakfast

29/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0