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Fairmont San Jose in San Jose, CA

Fairmont San Jose in San Jose, CA


The Fairmont San Jose blends historic grandeur with all the high-tech excitement of the Silicon Valley. You will find some of the west coast's finest cuisine. Refined elegance and sophistication flow into each of the well-appointed rooms and suites.


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Rating: 3.45

Address: 170 South Market St, San Jose, CA, 95113

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    1. Jacob H.
    my family booked a suite for new years and it was amazing! 3 rooms! amazing! We ordered room service at like 5 in the morning and it was delicious. with windows in every room and a great view of Christmas in the park, the Stanford suite in the Fairmont was the best hotel i have ever stayed at. I never saw a normal room. I would not go if i was paying though.

    05/01/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    2. Erick D.
    Me and my gf planned a NYE party here at one of their suites. We booked online for a one bedroom suite and after booking the room we were forwarded to an upgrade page were we could choose if we wanted an upgrade at check in and we decided to do it. So we checked in and went up to room to find a room that looked like someone just left. The bed wasnt made and towels on the bathroom floor. Called front desk about this and they apologized and they would have someone come up and bring us to a new room. So they had someone comeup and escort us to our new suite and it was HUGE!! It was the International Suite and on the website it says it fits up to 50 guests for  hospitality purposes. Had a spacious foyer area with double entry doors, dining table for 6, kitchen, plenty of couches, flat screen tv, and a nice view of downtown SJ! The bedroom had a vanity, walk in closet, shower, and a jacuzzi. Overall experience at this hotel was memorable. Will definitely come back to this hotel! THANK YOU FAIRMONT HOTEL!!

    02/01/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    3. Hannah J.
    finally stayed the night here! i absolutely loved it! we got a super cozy room with killer views of the city. customer service was superb and the night entertainment was awesome as well. the room (standard king) was $120 i believe, and that included taxes, etc. and it was well worth the price. parking comes at a fee, but get a ride and you save the money. i would definitely recommend this place no matter where you live. :)

    04/01/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    4. Wesley J.
    My first time staying in downtown San Jose.  Between the Sainte Claire and the Fairmont, I was very impressed with the customer service.  Everyone was very helpful and professional.  Looking forward to coming back next year.

    27/02/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    5. George N.
    Let's start off by saying I made reservations a couple weeks ago to celebrate our 25th Wedding anniversary. When we checked in we were taken to our room only to find we had been upgraded to a suite. Then we went down to dinner at the Grill on the Alley. Dinner was, as usual, great. When we returned to the suite, the GM had the following in our room: a customized cake, cheese, fruit and cracker tray and a bottle of champagne. Being curious I had to check the room-service menu on the price of the bottle. It was a $100 bottle. We would have been pleased with a lower priced bottle as the gesture was good enough. I want to thanks all of the of the staff that made this a very memorable night for my wife and I!

    13/04/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    6. Matthew L.
    My favorite hotel in San Jose!! I only travel to city's with a Fairmont in them. It helps to  get an employee discount.

    15/06/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    7. Chad S.
    Very comfortable for business travel and conference attendance. Adjacent to san jose state and plenty of streets for running

    30/05/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    8. Marsh-Silog P.
    My husband and I stayed in the second tower or the Faimont and we loved our suite but didn't care for the view.  The staff was great.

    04/12/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    9. Steve S.
    one of the nights i was at the fairmont, the hotel was full and i got upgraded to a suite.  this hotel room was seriously bigger than my apartment.  it had 2 bathrooms!  a coworker got upgraded to this crazy room on the top floor that we referred to as the "hookers & blow suite." it had a television hidden at the foot of the bed that would rise up at the touch of a button.

    the regular rooms were nice too.  the only complaint i had was that the mini bar stuff was done automatically, so if you even move something, you will likely get charged.  the staff was really cool about removing stuff from your bill, which is good, as i ended up with a charge for a $7 "intimacy kit" that all i did with was laugh at.

    i mean seriously, how can i expense THAT?

    12/02/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    10. D. N.
    The Fairmont- San Jose is like being in a John Hughes film...like totally!  The cons to the latter is the dated decor in the rooms and in the Fountain Restaurant, where we ate breakfast.  The pros are many;  1)  You feel like the "rich kid in the 80's" that you were not in the 80's- like reliving your high school years and you are the main characters in Sixteen Candles.  For those of you reading this who are not old enough to remember Molly Ringwald, then ignore my visual.  2)  Along with old school decor comes good old fashioned old school service, which means no 'tude" and genuine smiles and no "technology in the ear while talking to a guest" action going on here.  I loved this aspect of my stay.  3)  The pool was not as stuck in the 80's and felt more timeless and even though it was too cold outside to go in the pool, the sun was out and I could lie out on a chair with my Uggs in peace!  Nice!  4)  The menu in the lobby or reception area was modern-classic and the Lobster Club was exceptional!  I also loved the location of the hotel and the surrounding area has many newer museums and great walking for families!!!

    12/03/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    11. Jennifer M.
    The Fairmont is a fantastic hotel chain with impeccable customer service and generally plush rooms. The San Jose Fairmont is a slightly different story. I realize the building is probably pretty old, however for the rates they're charging, I would prefer not to see peeling wall paper in the bathroom and would like the TV to actually turn on the first time I hit the power button (and not 32 times later)! The free WiFi with the President's Club membership is a good deal. Besides the visual imperfections, our stay was pleasant and the hotel staff was very helpful and friendly.

    06/06/07 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    12. Kenna T.
    we were in a nice room overlooking the pool. there was not a carafe in the coffee maker so after we called to request one they brought an entire new machine up (not the most efficient, but ok). there was also a broken glass under the dresser.you wouldn't notice if you weren't stretching on the floor.

    you can't order "warm" food for room service before 6am, weird.

    but the staff was nice and for the 1 night we were there it was fine. the interior is pretty although not my style.

    26/06/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    13. tram t.
    My husband and I stayed here in the Presidential suite.  It is pretty basic consisting of two large rooms.  The decor was rather simple and didn't really stand out.  My only complain is that the drain in the shower did not work well.  For the presidential suite, I expected things to work!

    15/11/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    14. Arthur B.
    I am Bay Area guy who had met people in the lobby for meetings for years, but this was my first stay. The room was excellent, a true four stars. Not a high end suite, but very good for $199 plus all the taxes.  

    Now, the service, that is what knocks it down a notch. They are very much doing you a favor, you know, by having you, when in truth they are also studying for their (pick-it) law degree, nursing school, hospitality degree, whatever. Frosty  and indifferent reception overall.  And I expect recognizable english from their operator in this class of hotel, but didn't get that.

    My boss was joining me from out of town, I felt like his money was not particularly well spent. In the same class of hotel, the nearby DeAnza is far better.

    I know the cost of living is high here, and it is hard to find good help, but i would think the Fairmont could find more people who actually like working in a service industry.

    02/04/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    15. Anthony K.
    Overrated and overpriced. As a reviewer said below, I expected a 5-star hotel with comfortable beds, uninterrupted water and free internet. Instead, I got expensive food, janky TV, and a room with a weird chemical residue smell in it. Being on the top (20th) floor, the view of San Jose didn't help.

    07/02/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    16. Barbs J.
    Overall, the Fairmont is a well above-average hotel in San Jose. Our room was pretty big (though just a double bed....sad!) and I think the bathroom was about the same size as the main room. And there was a bathtub (as well as a shower)- that just made it for me. I love baths and I just have a shower in my apartment, so the first thing I did was take a bath. Oh and there was a scale in the bathroom. When I weighed myself (the first time in a long time) I was about eight pounds lighter than I thought I would be. Then my boyfriend weighed himself and realized that the scale was way off, by about eight pounds. Oh well- if he hadn't found that out, it would've been a very kind thing.
    The service is pretty fantastic. When I was getting ready for dinner at the Grill on the Alley, the strap on my shoe broke and I didn't have another pair that would match my dress. I called the front desk, and they promptly sent up scissors, a sewing kit and a safety pin. (I only hope Carlos at Haight Street Shoe Repair can fix my shoes now!)
    Our stay was really nice and comfortable. (Except for the small bed- yes we are both smallish people but we like space!)

    28/05/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    17. Erik G.
    I just wanted to warn people to never use their valet service. I used to work here as a valet parker. Let me just tell you we used to scratch up cars ALL THE TIME. The parking spaces in the garage are so tiny, and the workers are in such a rush to park cars, that it was very common that 2 to 3 cars were scratched per day. I also had a few co-workers that would rummage through people's belongings while parking their car in the dark underground garage. Also, please be aware that on your parking card, there is TINY little print that says "once you drive out of the garage, the Fairmont is not responsible for any damage to your car or lost items". So, if you do decide to take a gamble and use their valet service, at least do yourself a favor and inspect your car both inside and out before you drive off the property!

    30/10/06 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    18. Adam B.
    One of my favorite hotels anywhere. How can you not complain when you go to a hotel that lets me park my Prius for free? That's right. If you got a hybrid you get to park comped. The rest of you are on your own.

    As for the hotel, it's one of the more affordable Fairmont's at least compared to the rest of the chain. Rooms are nice with a personal welcoming letter and a surprise plate of fruits and pastry including chocolate dipped citrus. Nice touch. They're also offering free gym clothes as part of an Adidas promotion. Gym is nice although the hours (5:30A-9P) are too short. At least for me and my wacky schedule when I'm in SJ. Bathrooms are nice with plenty of some never heard of brand of toiletries (I'm thinking it's the Fairmont's own brand since they heavily push in downstairs for sale) and the bathroom offer both a separate shower as well as bathtub. However, the weird thing is there's no place in the shower to place your shampoo and/or conditioner. Not even a travel size. Who thought that up? Downstairs they have a nice piano bar and a bunch of fancy restaurants including a branch of the Grill from LA and a coffee bar with Illy espresso. At least it ain't you-know-who. Newspapers are delivered in a black sachet with the local Mercury-News and NY Times with the Financial Times and WSJ downstairs. But where's the USA Today?

    Overall, one of the nicest non-boutique hotels you'll find anywhere and a decent value. And if you got a hybrid,  you just got to go here!

    14/06/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    19. Kathy K.
    We had our work holiday party here.  Let's say we won't be coming back.  When we arrived they told me that I had the wrong day.  Luckily I had my contract and was able to pull it out and show them that they were wrong.  Ahhh, they had just moved us to another room without telling me.   This, after I had announced in the office which room to come to.  We were to have 2 rooms together, but now we were split up.  There was very little signage in the lobby, so it was up to us to get the staff to our room.  Parking was a huge mess.  They wouldn't let me park at the hotel, said that they were full, but when my husband got there he gave the valet $10 and he was able to park there.  After all of this people did have a good time, and the food was good.  After I complained to the hotel, they told me that they knew we had a good time because there was red wine spilled outside the door to our event room.   I told him no, I was the last one to leave with the bartender, and there was no spilled wine.  They could double check with the bartender if they wanted too---very disappointing.   They did end up waiving the bartender fee for me that night, and offered me a discount for next year---but that's OK.

    01/01/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    20. Liz G.
    My hubby surprised me one night and kidnapped for the night to spend it at the Fairmont to celebrate one of many anniversaries.  They're typical hotel rooms with a nice mattress.  We had  King mattress and the room was very airy.  The bathroom could use some rearranging but overall wouldn't mind staying here again.

    24/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    21. Annie L.
    Ok, so I had to go to the annual CAEYC (California Association for the Education of Young Children) conference this weekend and since everything is paid for by my company, I decided to go all out and booked the Fairmont! My co-worker and I were impressed with the Fairmont. The hotel was absolutely beautiful! One star was taken off because we requested 2 beds in the room, but they gave us one queen size bed! I had to warn my co-worker that I may accidentally molest her in the middle of the night thinking she's my hubby. The bed was very comfortable and the bathroom was very well stocked in soap, shower gels, shampoo, lotions and other goodies that I swiped, of course! The shower had really good water pressure and very clean! Too bad I didn't find out about Kristina R being there till now, or else I could of spend the rest of my time there secretly stalking her from afar...:)

    11/03/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    22. Christina M.
    We stayed here on our wedding night in a one bedroom suite.  The room was huge, but the decor definitely needed some color.  The staff was really great, they gave us an upgrade at the same price without us even asking.  The room service was a bit pricey though ($100 for three tiny pizzas, buffalo wings and 4 sodas).  The view was beautiful and the lobby downstairs was gorgeous.  I definitely enjoyed the SJ Fairmont.

    10/09/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    23. L L.
    We think the large cocktail lounge in the center of the lobby and its wedding-singer jazz band and dance-class socials are enough for us to love this place, but the hotel service is also warm, welcoming and very well-managed. Rooms are spotless, upgrades are offered, and we are always pleased to be back. Great job, folks-- a very fine hotel.

    27/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    24. Nichole R.
    We had an incredible stay on New Year's Eve.  The room was immaculate.  The staff was extremely friendly and helpful.  Although everyone was trying to check out at the same time on New Year's Day and we waited quite a long time, the staff was great.  I wish I could always stay at a Fairmont Hotel!

    01/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    25. Carolina H.
    This place is quite the getaway. As soon as you step in the staff waits on you hand and foot. To a quick check-in and luxury rooms this place has it all. The afternoon tea service was on point in every way. The concierges are very familiar with the City (they gave us some great recommendations). Very upscale and theres a lot of restaurants and nightclubs in walking distance. The beds were very comfy and the room-service was phenomenal. I love this place until the next time.

    10/06/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    26. Ryan L.
    First time actually booking a hotel. Its a very beautiful hotel. They have 2 towers. One in the main building and one located on the side which has a great view of the park across the street. Parking was valet for $20 for the whole day. The room was great. I actually booked a presidential suite and it was a great stay. Although there were slight problems in communication with the service it was great. The manager gave us great service and was very understanding.

    22/08/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    27. Tani H.
    We went for martini's and dancing in the lobby lounge a couple of Fridays ago, and it was wonderful.  There were people of all ages there, not just the 20-somethings, and the band was great!

    I'm a martini snob, and this had one of the best martini menus I've encountered by far.

    Not a 'pick up' place, but a great place to go with that special someone!

    10/11/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    28. Sharon R.
    Loved my stay at fairmont. It wouldve been a 5 star had they.given me a suite in the newer tower( the ones not located in the main building). But they had a full house and they.only had the.junior suite available. As for.rooms, I would recommend getting a suite in the new tower, everything is new or I was told 17th floor and up were renovated in main building. My.suite in the 5th floor was.not bad, plenty of room for my daughter to run around, 2 tvs, seperate dining, and sofa. It looks pretty good for not being renovated but as you enter it had an old smell, the longer I stayed I notice things that shouldve been updated like the old overhead lamp, no jacks in either side of the nightstand, old looking coffee table, old lamps and shower had lil black stains, old toilet..... But overall, I dont know why but I usually get uncomfortable with things like the shower but it worked out. It wasnt bad at all. Service was impeccable! Left phone in the car (bell hop says ill get it, left car seat in sis car, they brought it upstairs, needed a fridge... No.worries! Overall i had a 4 star hotel experience.

    19/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    29. D B.
    I didn't stay at the Fairmont San Jose, but I went there for tea.  For $32,  the full afternoon tea included 4 types of sandwiches, a scone with lemon curd, preserves and Devonshire cream, and a plate of mini desserts.  There was a decent selection of teas to select from including the Empress blend that is served at the Empress hotel in Victoria, B.C.  The tea service was in the main lobby and the service was impressive.  Our server was attentive and very friendly.  For the price, I would have expected more sandwiches and maybe a savory.  For tea at a hotel, it is about average.

    30/12/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    30. Neha A.
    OK - so as a hotel, this place is amazing, amazing, amazing. This was really my first choice for an Indian Wedding - they work with Indian caterers, they know about Mandaps, Horse rentals, etc. HOWEVER, the price to rent just the venue room is 10K!! This doesn't include the $40-50 per meal expense, beverages provided by hotel, etc. It was way over my budget. For a wedding of 90 people, I was looking at a 35K wedding...so sad that this didn't work out..

    18/10/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    31. Mary T.
    I've never stayed here, but I've been to events here and hung out at the lounge with friends. The banquet halls are nice and food served at the events are good, but I really enjoyed hanging out in the lounge. It's very open and inviting. We got drinks and dessert and talked the night away. It's a great place to meet up and catch up with old friends.

    15/02/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    32. Nurkis N.
    This is an amazing hotel. The bands in the lobby are great and so is the seating. We got a cheap group rate of about $100 a night. The rooms are quite large. There is a seperate shower and a tub which was pretty sweet. Parking was a little bit of a pain, but pretty cheap at $12 a day. You can walk to a ton of different venues downtown, which is definitly a bonus. I would stay there again for sure at $100 a night.

    23/02/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    33. Sarah V.
    i dig this hotel.  why? here are five reasons:

    1. they serve illy espresso!!!
    2. amazing old(er) people dancing in the bar/lounge.
    3. conveniently located near san jose state university and next to the san jose museum of art.
    4. user friendly television for my dateline and 20/20 fix.
    5. watching the planes fly by / the sun setting.

    23/02/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    34. Jeanette S.
    Having stayed a other Fairmonts, I have to say, this one was definitely not up to "Fairmont" standards. The lobby and entry are beautiful, but the rooms and amenities are quite lacking. It is possibly due to the fact that nothing has been changed since 1987 in the main building! As for the staff, there was some great staff and then some who need to take tips from the others. Parking was horrendous, but staff was nice! They locked the keys to my rental car in the car. However, one of the Front Desk Managers was kind enough to take my gf and I to Palo Alto while they were getting the keys out. The parking department also brought up the wrong car on numerous occasions, enough for me to mention it. Asides from little mishaps, the overall stay was nice.

    12/03/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    35. Laurel B.
    Large rooms with excellent sheets, and a good corporate rate to boot.  The pool is nice.  An opulent lobby that borders on . . .  well, it's not the minimalist style I prefer.  Think Greco-Roman with Liberace thrown in.  Good corporate rates.  I think I said that.

    27/04/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    36. David G.
    We stopped by the Fairmont bar for a couple of drinks before dinner. We both like the relaxing atmosphere and wood decor. They have a couple of ballgames on separate TVs. Great way to relax after traffic and parking.

    11/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    37. Zeke S.
    I have stayed here a couple time in te past on business, but just the other night me and my wife took a night off from the kids and got a room here. The movie service on the TV was busted (sad as hell that we get a night off from the kids and consider watching a movie in our room, so plus one star for killing that idea). Really the rooms are very nice, the beds comfy as hell, the view from our window was good, the outdoor pool was nice. The sauna off of the health club did not go quite hot enough for my tastes, but its nice just to have one so I am nto complaining. There "things to do" in the hotel like te bar downstairs, the afternoon tea they do, etc. are all on the expensive side, but they are also pretty nice. And if you want cheaper, walk out the front door... down town San Jose is actually pretty nice.

    18/05/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    38. Port D.
    A step above the usual Marriott / Hilton business hotel.   Worth a premium price - as good as some very fancy hotels that I've been to in Manhattan.   On a business trip, I find I get a little more distance from the pressures and better sleep.   Certain things, like not having a coffee machine in the room, encourage turning off the computer and turning in.  Tips: join the President's club; you get free Wifi and the special check in rates in monthly email can come in handy when coincidentally you are going to a place for business, or as a quick impromptu escape.

    12/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    39. Samy A.
    great hotel, staff is friendly, had a couple of amway conventions here, staff always made sure my stay was pleasant, recommend this place lots!

    19/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    40. Aaron I.
    Definitely one of my least favorite Fairmonts.  It does have a great lobby, but the valet parking is in the basement and they don't bring the cars up to you.  It's like you are paying for valet, but they don't bring the car up to the entrance for you.  The lobby is pretty decent with bar and large plasmas, but don't be surprised if you get lost trying to find the elevators.  Great variety of cocktails including the famous Fairmont signature drinks.  The room's are medium size with regular tvs and all the rooms I've stayed in have tub and shower separate.  Room service is definitely not up to Fairmont customer a service.  
    I do like the flat screen arrival and departure info at the front desk, very convenient.  Workout facility is quite old, but they do have a little more machines than most.  Pool, men's and women's wet and dry suana.  Still a better than average hotel, but not Fairmont standards.

    14/02/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    41. Brady K.
    I have a *fair amount* of history with the Fairmont - tada!

    Last time here I celebrated one of my Indian friend's wedding - parading about market street during the Barat, wearing a funky turban, and dancing in front of a horse drawn carriage. I also tackled a 10 year old boy to save his shoes from being jacked during some other crazy ritual. On behalf of the groom's family, permit me to apologize again... My bad...

    During the lengthy reception the Fairmont seemed HUGE, luxurious and schmancy.

    This week corporate set me up in a phat corner room for my week long convention. It was the first time I had stayed here.

    A few observations...
    -even though I wasn't in the new part of the hotel I still found it quite sumptuous
    -I enjoyed the views of surrounding mountains
    -The cleaning service was spectacular
    -No safe in the room
    -The cable reception was a bit fuzzy and the selection of night-time soft core porn was absolutely abysmal!  (just kidding, but I did miss basics like the comedy channel).
    -OMG! When will upscale hotels stop charging $12.99 per day for internet??? (see point above re: abysmal selection of softcore necessitating highspeed download alternatives)
    -The coffee bar downstairs was a total rip-off charging $4 for a stale plain bagel and a banana
    -dueling pianos in the bar rules
    -sign up for the Presidents club free to receive free internet access on your next stay
    -shower pressure was a bit mediocre but the temperature control was consistent
    -I felt really bad for my co-workers staying at the nearby Hilton. Blech!

    09/02/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    42. helen t.
    miller harris products in the bathrooms, woohoo.  i've been to this hotel a million times for various events such as dance conventions when i was young, to law proms, to weddings, and it's always been pleasant.  service has always been solid, and for a sj hotel, it's definitely nice.

    14/05/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    43. Jeffery Y.
    Terrible customer service all around. As soon as we pulled up to valet the car, we waited for over 20 minutes before someone gave us a receipt. Everyone was standing outside of their cars and waiting on valet. The valet guy was running around doing random things, he looked like he was lost or had no idea what he was doing. We go to the front desk to check in, and we are next in line. There are two girls sitting there talking to each for a few minutes knowing there are customers waiting to be checked in. I could not believe they just kept on talking about non-work related things. Once she helped us, she was not very polite and did not make us feel welcome at all. This has been a terrible experience and I would not recommend this place to anyone. The bathroom was also disgusting and the shower and toilet were leaking. After we went to pick up our car from valet and apparently you have to go to the back of the hotel and go down the elevator to the basement to get to the underground parking , once there we waited an extra 35 minutes before our car was brought to us. Other people were there waiting over 45 minutes. Everyone was complaining about valet. It was not just that time, but every time we picked up our car, which was 3-4 times. Valet and front desk management needs a new management team. This was unbelievable!!! I will never go back and I am sure to tell everyone about my terrible experience!!

    19/06/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    44. Kim T. N.
    I must say this hotel is really pretty. I thought the suites would be bigger than the one I stayed in though. It is one of the nicer ones in San Jose. I thought the toilet room should have it's own lock other than the whole bathroom. I shared the room with friends and it would be nice if someone could have their privacy in the toilet while others are using the sink to wash up or whatever. hahaha

    13/05/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    45. Arianna G.
    Admittedly this hotel has it's ups and downs in terms of whether or not one should actually stay there. As a FanimeCon attendee it gets even more confusing.
    I was on the 9th floor of the main tower and while I didn't have any major complaints for noise except on one evening. The toilet has the loudest flush on earth and served to wake up anyone sleeping every time someone used it.
    My room did not have a safe. Something I was rather annoyed over.
    The pamphelet that they had at the front desk at check in was rather annoying to me based on a very simple idea. I called the hotel a week in advance to ask whether or not it was permissable to bring a mini fridge as the ones they have are only for nursing mothers and medications. It was okayed by a staff member and then when I get there I see on the pamphelet that in fact apparently that is not okay.
    I contacted the front desk and talked to them, while initially they seemed very reluctant to indulge me they eventually capitulated.

    The food restrictions were ridiculous. Quite frankly there is no reason why the hotel should not only monitor, but possibly seize the food that a guest should bring in and the ONLY possible reasoning I can see behind this is to ensure their guests spend money at their restaurants.

    There are reasons to stay at this hotel though.
    The back and side entrances are only available though room key admittance after sundown and the doorman does keep an eye on who comes and goes late at night unlike the hotels closer to the convention center.
    You don't have to worry about whether there will be hot water when you want to shower.
    The staff is for the most part a wonderful example of customer service. I swear I talked to the guys in the garage more often then I saw the maids and they were always helpful. The bellmen I saw were both very helpful and despite a massive amount of stuff they got it taken care of in no time flat.

    I may or may not come back to this hotel, but I will admit I doubt the customer service is as good at the other hotels available through the con. And quite frankly it's nice to be a bit away from everyone else.

    15/06/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    46. jacquelyn k.
    Nice hotel with big beautiful rooms. Pay the upgrade for the King in the new tower (totally worth the $) Internet is paid but you can recover cost by signing up for the Presidents club card.  Had to dock a star for the room service, it is Way expensive 22% + $4.00 above cost ( you can just walk down to one of 4 eateries in the building and save 1/4 of the bill. The Grill is an amazing steak and worth checking out!

    25/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    47. Luvee H.
    Just spent the night there on the 4th of July to escape the fireworks with my dogs. (San Jose canceled their fireworks this year.) They are SO dog friendly it was a wonderful stay. They bring dog beds and bowls, and there is a park right across the street for walks. The room service was delicious and the movie selection was superb. The rates were very reasonable, which was admittedly a surprise. The room was large and very comfortable. I am now a huge fan of The Fairmont.

    07/07/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    48. Jen S.
    I stayed here last night with 2 of my friends. We're from San Francisco and needed to get away from our dismal summer weather!. So, we decided to book a room at The Fairmont and spend our day relaxing by the pool. Though the pool was a little small for a "luxury" hotel, it was well maintained and the pool house had a great bar. We had an awesome time basking in the sun and enjoying the 85 degree weather. Our room, which was a standard room with 2 double beds, was quite nice. It was spacious and well decorated AND, at only $150 (including tax) for the night, I was quite pleased. Though the hotel didn't have quite the charm of its San Francisco cousin, we liked it none-the-less. Every employee that we encountered was friendly and happy to engage in conversation with us, even when we arrived back at the hotel at 1am slightly inebriated! All in all, I had a pleasant experience at this hotel and found it to be a nice little summer "stay-cation" spot just outside of my beloved San Francisco!

    31/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    49. K L.
    I threw a suprise Birthday party in one of their suites here in the Summer for my girlfriend.  It was a pretty easy experience booking it through travelocity and getting a really good deal on the room.  The rooms were huge!  A large living room, a large bedroom, a large bathroom, and a large closet.  I don't think there was anybody else in the hotel, because we were starting to get super loud and no one complained.  

    Well, I learned a valuable lesson at this place.  There were going to be under-21 kids at the party so a friend and I took out all the alcohol from the minibar.  Then I saw a note, "For your convenience, all drinks will be automatically billed to your room".  I was like "CRAP"!  So, I put them back in while my friend went down to the lobby to let them know that we weren't alcoholics.  They took the $500 charge off and it was fine.  

    The party happened we had about 30-40 people in the suite, and everyone was having a good time.  

    Parking sucks downtown as usual, so the Fairmont doesnt have their own free parking!  They only have valet where they charge you like $25 a night. Boo!  And don't park in the Fairmont Plaza Parking, it's not connected to the hotel in anyway and they try to trick you in saying "they validate" but they don't.  

    After everyone left, I looked at my hotel charges on the television, and noticed that someone stole a wine bottle from the fridge.  And they charged me $40 bucks for a stinkin mini wine bottle, that I didnt even get to drink!  BOOO!!!!!

    But it was a REALLY nice hotel, worth the high price tag!

    17/10/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    50. Abby c.
    Very nice, staff is courteous and attentive, and right smack in the hub of downtown SJ busy streets.

    27/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    51. Joel S.
    Recently stayed here for the first time. Very nice lobby and lobby bar, and the rooms were well-appointed, spacious, and had very comfortable beds. Excellent workout room available 24 hours a day (I *never* understand why some hotels restrict the hours of their unstaffed workout rooms), including sauna and steam. Also, very close to convention center.

    16/11/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    52. cindy w.
    If I was an out-of-town visitor, I would definitely recommend staying at The Fairmont, I've been lucky enough to stay here 4-6x for business trips and I love going to this west-coast hotel brand, it has more character then your Marriot but not as expensive as a Ritz Carlton!
    What I likes: Spacious rooms, decent views of the city/mountain landscape, big bathrooms (shower and bathtub seperately, phone in the W.C., classy!), excellent room service, big comfy white beds, prompt concierge...
    I like the polished brass, shiny marble floors, mirrors in the elevators ambiance. The downtown San Jose area can be a bit dead in the evening so I'd recommend having a friend/coworker rent a car to explore San Jose elsewhere. For functions, the Fairmont did a good job with covering our corporate events.  As a hotel, the Fairmont is a grand dame.

    02/04/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    53. Ken V.
    The girl and I were out on the town, and decided to stop by the lobby lounge for a couple of drinks.  Service was prompt, and though the waitress did "upsell" us on drinks (though I'm not sure about this, since most all drinks are in the $9-11 range, so maybe it was her just pointing out what she thought we'd like), our cocktails were big and tasty.

    It's an older, genteel scene, with jazz piano tinkling in the background, though they're obviously used to all types of patrons, as I came in in jeans and a t-shirt and the waitress didn't bat an eye.

    Not really the type of place to hang out for extended periods of time, but good for grabbing a sophisticated, well-made drink or two while you're coming to or going from something else downtown.

    10/01/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    54. Lisa J.
    Amazing service and beautiful facitlities.  The doorman remembered my Australian friend's name from her visit the year before....
    Great creme brulle as well....

    09/02/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    55. Amber A.
    I stayed at the Fairmont last night on NYE.  When we first got into the room we were happy.  We were on the 14th floor overlooking Christmas in the Park.  We had a reasonable bed and couch and the bathroom and room was overall clean.  We stepped out for a couple of hours to return to a room full of Marijuana smoke.  Somehow the smoke is getting into our room from another room and instantly threw me into a severe asthma attack.  We called the front desk to move rooms and they downgraded us to a room that looked like we were staying at Motel 6.  They moved us into the South building which they claim is their newer building.  The room was tiny!  It was a handicap room which makes me sad for handicap people that get stuck in a room like that.  It was tiny, we had a view of the side ally, the bathroom mirrors were chipping, the 3 chairs in the room had no padding left in them so you sink to the bottom, and the bedspread was old and worn out!  The wifi didn't work and it cost $14.  Not even the TV worked correctly.  The sound and picture kept going out every few seconds.  We felt like we were punished for having a valid complaint.  It claims to be a smoke free hotel and definitely is not.  Not only was their smoke getting into our room but their was smoke in the lobby and by the elevators.  Parking also is $26 a night which is ridiculous because the parking garage on the backside of the hotel is $3 a night.  When we complained about the awful room during check out the manager told us that the computers were down and they would call us later in the day, therefore, not taking care of the issues.  NYE was ruined because the rest of the night was spent in the room because my asthma would not calm down.  For such an expensive hotel I expect better accommodations and way better service.  I will NEVER return to this hotel and plan on telling everyone I know about the horrible service and awful accommodations we received the second time.

    01/01/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    56. Jaime P.
    I went to the Fairmont earlier this year for the guy I was dating at the time's awards banquet.  Due to all the debauchary and drinking he reserved a room for the night so that we could also get ready there and not rush.  

    I absolutely loved the rooms, the spaciousness of them, and the fact that you couldn't hear any noisy neighbors!  

    The bathrooms are big and I loved the vanity area to get pretty at.

    As for the food, it was ok, my favorite part of the meal was the dessert, the cream brulee that sucker was so huge that even I couldn't finish it!

    10/09/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    57. Jo C.
    The hotel is nice, rooms are spacious, bathrooms are old. I feel that its a bit overrated because the service was practically none existent. I stayed there for 3 days for a company offsite retreat and we reserved a conference room too. The service for the conference room was also non existent, the breakfast menu was not as ordered, drinks never came until asked. But once it did the servers are nice but just locating the server is impossible. Would I stay there again? maybe, only because I can help myself and they do have a nice big lobby.

    29/12/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    58. Joanne E.
    I wasn't impressed, but I was too disappointed either!

    The rooms at the fairmont are a lovely size, they are very accomodating and much better than the closet sized room you may find yourself walking into at a fancy hotel.  The beds are quite comfy and I love how you can't hear your neighbors fighting or having sex in the rooms surrounding you.

    E&Y had their Holiday Party here on Saturday evening and the food was okay.  I loved the 2x3 inch slab of Salmon and 3x4 inch cut of Filet Mignon that we ate for dinner, they were extremely large especially when you have an appetite of an asian girl who hasn't seen food all day because she was busy cutting peoples hair!! LOVE IT!!!  

    E&Y has been known to have fabulous parties and I'm not quite sure if its because they tried to up the venue to a much more smoozier location, but I wasn't too impressed.  The service in the banquet halls are all in all the same after three or four glasses of red wine.

    The elevators in the place are extremely fast so if you have had a few glasses of wine or a few cocktails you might find yourself needing a barf bag after the ride because its been known to make stomachs fly to back of your throats.  

    All the Fairmont rooms have extremely large bathrooms as well as a vanity to get primped and proper.  I would've expected the walls of the rooms to have a little more decoration and pizaz, but I guess they had to skip out on it to make sure that they could accomodate guests with 430 sq ft. rooms.  Too bad the beds aren't larger than a king size, then I can really have a good night!!! **WINK WINK**

    Like I said, I wasn't impressed nor was I disappointed!!  Never got the chance to order room service here because I didn't want to pay $34 for a breakfast...

    11/12/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    59. Kenenth H.
    We booked the "Monterey" Suite. Here is a quick rundown on of our stay:
    1. We asked for early check in and were told to arrive after 12pm. We got there at 2pm and the room was not ready. The British sounding guy behind the counter told us to wait until 3pm, but if it was ready prior to that he would call our cell phone. No call an hour later so we check back at the desk and the room was ready.
    2. The room had a missing wooden slat in the window covering giving a great view right into the bedroom from the pool if anyone cared to look.
    3. The room heater was broken and it was COLD. We were able to warm the bedroom by cranking up the heat in the other room to 90 and leaving the door open to the bedroom.
    4. Cigarette butts outside on the private pool patio
    5. The sheets did not fit the bed and nor did the mattress cover. Really? I guess that they should asterisk the room description to say that a King bed does not mean King sheets.
    6. WET area on the carpet on the right side of the bed.

    Those are the top five things that got us to just check out and pay up as opposed to staying the rest of the night there. If you look at the rest of my Yelp posts you will see that I am usually motivated to post because I really enjoyed something, this is my harshest post yet, but save yourself the money. What really got to me is the booklet in the suite that said something like "it is the details that make the Fairmont", when it is the details that make this a slightly less than average motel.

    24/11/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    60. Tom L.
    expected more from a fairmont hotel.
    didn't feel the service at all, nothing was outright bad but it ws clearly minimal service- average at best..everything from the valet to the front desk to the room.

    the rooms were big though and it looked new or newly renovated, located in the middle of downtown..

    try the one in san francisco to really get the fairmont feel.

    08/05/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    61. Greg W.
    The next time I want to pay $269 a night to interact with pubescent reception staff with superior attitudes, I'll let you know.  Thanks.

    Seriously, though... there must be some kind of management problem here (I'm actually here right now).  I don't think 19 year old kids learn on their own to be snooty reception staff; even if they do, a good manager would have rectified it by now.

    Also, the meeting rooms & banquet halls have been positively freezing so far, which would be good for suits, but this week's convention is more of a flip flops and t-shirts crowd (all of them shivering).

    "Booo" is all I can say.  I've paid a lot less for a lot more.

    06/09/07 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    62. Nacho C.
    Staying here tonight for the week.  Nice hotel and good service. I just ordered room service tonight and the food was good.  Not typical hotel style food at all, but sure is pricey.  Geez...

    One thing you should note is that this hotel ha san old wing and a "new" wing.  I payed the upgrade and stayed in the new wing.  Its nice and extremely quite.  Almost too quiet.  Anyway, the place is clean and the beds are pretty comfortable.  

    The main lobby looks like the place to go when it comes to hanging out. Festive looking right now with all of the christmas stuff up and it was completely packed last night probably due to the conference that I am attending.  Who knows.

    10/12/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    63. Alexander L.
    Update: to be fair, the hotel actually did try to do something to address the problem when I wrote an email complaining about the treatment I received. The response was very standard but they did fix my problem. However, I still maintain my previous assumption that at 4 star hotel, the problem shouldn't have existed in the first place. As a side note, the rooms are quite spacious, but not what you would expect of a 4 star hotel. Consider this: the Intercontinental Mark Hopkins is a 4 star hotel as well, but I can tell you that the rooms are of a pretty high standard. While with this property, the rooms are kind of old and inadequately furnished.

    21/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    64. Kevin C.
    My friend had their weddiing recently...

    The food was good, except that all the servers were swarming around the table.  If no one watched ur plate, it was gone...

    After the reception, my friends and I had two rooms for the after party.  Finding the rooms was like going through a corn maze.  At one point, I went to go get ice and my friend went to the other room to gather the troops, and we see each other from across the hall and was like what the hell...

    The rooms are clean and decorated well...

    The view is so so...all you see is San Jose State...

    30/01/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    65. Lorénz B.
    Stayed here for about a day it was ok. Nothing too spectacular. The customer service was a little snooty and lazy which I didn't really appreciate. The rooms are nice... Just nice again nothing spectacular. It was a large room but was practically barren. The bathroom was nice though however everything was just nice... Not spectacular. I liked the pool area though and the view in our room was nice. Plenty of restaurants around and the area is fairly fun. I'd probably come back but I doubt I will anytime soon...

    07/04/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    66. shelby f.
    We stayed one night.  The room was terrific and the bathroom was outstanding.  Although we were arriving from a long vacation and not interested in going out, it looked as though the neighborhood was great for meals and bars.  Staff was cheerful and helpful.  Only downside to stay was the weird temperature changes when showering.

    01/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    67. John-Michael C.
    nothing like waking up face down, drunkenly confused on the floor of a fairmont hotel room....the carpets are nice

    10/12/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    68. Ryan S.
    I stayed at the Fairmont for business and it was a good, solid business hotel. You get free Wifi if you join the President's Club, otherwise you have to pay for it (an extra $14 bucks). The closet I had in my room (a queen bed) was gigantic and the bathroom was great. I also always like the shampoo/soap that they use in the Fairmont.

    The bar downstairs had live music the night we were there, which was cool.

    02/06/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    69. Michael C.
    A friend of mine has been a bartender at the main lobby bar for a few years now, so I make a trip to the Fairmont to visit from time to time.  I think there is a live band performing every night except for Sunday nights, and depending on who is playing it can sometimes be way too loud, or just about right.

    The drinks are generous, but expensive, and the sushi cart on the side is so-so.  Otherwise, for a hotel lobby bar, it is quite large and spacious.  The only time it wasn't was during GDC 2006 when the entire lobby was flooded with people, and it was virtually impossible to reach the bar.

    03/01/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    70. Eli M.
    This weekend was my second stay at this lovely hotel! Its a very nice hotel full of life and fun at night. I love how roomy the rooms are and the bathrooms are huge! our room had a vanity in it to do make up with GREAT lighting and the view was incredible! Its right in the down town area so all the night life is righ around the corner!  Cant wait to stay here again

    22/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    71. Olive A.
    i've stayed at The Fairmont twice and enjoyed both experiences. it is one of the more pricier hotels in downtown SJ, but found ways to stay at a discounted rate. the rooms are clean and spacious. i appreciate the marble floors in the bathroom as well as the separate shower and tub. the views are great and the location is ideal.

    be aware that parking is limited downtown and you will most likely have to pay even if you opt out of their valet parking. i don't think i would stay here if i had to pay for parking, but it's complimentary for us since my hubby and i have a hybrid. oh yeah, there's usually a fee for wireless but that's also complimentary if you're a president's club member.

    19/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    72. Nicole D.
    The Fairmont is a nice hotel, but not as extravagant as they say are. The room was decent looking, but there was nothing that stood out. Just another hotel. The bed was extremely comfortable, though. The pool was extremely cold. Even though it was a really hot day, the pool shouldn't feel like Antarctica. My mom worked an even there and the Hotel did the catering. The food was not good. Well, except for the berry muffins which were delicious. Everything else they made did not taste good. Overall, my experience at this hotel was okay.

    28/07/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    73. K C.
    I have to say, I expected more from the Fairmont. The place is nice, centrally located and has a great atmosphere, but let me tell you... check the event schedule for Market street. If something is happening this hotel is POORLY located. It took us over 1.5 hours to get to the hotel parking valet, because of the streets being shut down. No signage, no warning when we booked. ( OH YEAH, AND THEY STILL CHARGED US 26 BUCKS TO PARK) After finally getting to the hotel waiting in line to check in and checking our bags, we were told it would be "20 minutes at most" to expect our bags to our room. Try 55 minutes. We finally went down to the valet area and took our bags (with not one person saying a word) we could have walked off with others luggage if we wanted to! The room was clean, stocked well and we had a great view. Now- Check out. We were told 8-10 minutes to get our car. 8-10 turned into 45, which turned into us running back and fourth between upstairs and downstairs trying to locate someone to locate our car. Then the suspicious charges on my card. First it was around $35. After calling management, they assured me it would be credited. It was. Second, another charge two days later for $109. WHAT?! Calling again it appears that the Fairmont charged me for the food and beverages that the patrons that had the room the day after me ordered. How the heck does that happen. After numerous complaints... all I get from the Fairmont is... "We are so sorry that happened." Hey Fairmont, Get it together!! Especially if you want to be considered luxury.

    25/08/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    74. Felix W.
    This hotel is nice.  I was there for a weekend conference and encountered a very well trained staff from front of the house to the back of the house, from the Rooms to F&B.  In the current economic situation, though, it can be understandable on some of the small maintenance concerns.  Everything works but not necessary "well oiled".  The rooms are a bit dated and need an upgrade in FF&E with the economic recovery.

    21/06/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    75. May C.
    Had my cotillion (aka 18th birthday - filipino tradition) here in one of the ballrooms. I swear it felt like a wedding! Haha. Thought it was funny how next door was Independence's junion/senior prom, some of which would cotillion crash. Haha... But I didn't care. I was having wayyyy too much fun with my family and friends, all thanks to the Fairmont. Well, okay.. not ALL... but they were a great help to make my day a special one; in fact, it's still my greatest and fondest memory of my life thus far.

    Anyway, the Fairmont staff were fabulous. They always attended to us when we needed them and always made sure we were okay, making sure I was never in "stress mode".

    Food itself was above average and not your typical reception dinner.  

    Ballroom was humongo!! It was very spacious, and I loved how the square footage of the dance floor was quite big. It was big enough to do the whole "train" dance around the dance floor with 2 songs... Hahaha. I'm kidding... Haha.. Kinda.

    Our suite was realllllly sweet! Hehe. My entire cotillion court and I slept here after the party was over, and we were soooooo freakin loud. We even had a drum set in there!! And still, there were no complaints..surprisingly....

    If I could re-visit this day, I would in a heartbeat.... and I would totally recommend this hotel if you're ever thinking about holding some type of function or event...

    10/01/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    76. Shiz S.
    I want to echo Eric G's comment from Oct 2006.  Had I read his review back then, I probably wouldn't have ended up with the situation that happened last Christmas.  

    I was living down south in LA last year and I drove up to visit with my little sister who lives up here in the bay area.  Her husband was sweet enough to hook us up with a night at the Fairmont Hotel for so that we can spend Christmas Eve together.  I was following up my trip by visiting my parents in Fresno before driving back to LA.  I had several gifts for everyone - some that had more sentimental value than monetary value in addition to the usual laundry and stuff I keep in my trunk.

    The Fairmont Hotel only had valet parking service for an exorbitant amount of $24 a night.  We parked, I never opened my trunk (I was more embarrassed about the laundry than worried about showing that I had stuff in my trunk) and as always, I figured that noone would be interested in rifling through an older Civic.  

    We had a great time that night, walking around, seeing the decorated trees downtown, ate room service for breakfast, etc etc.  Well the next morning when I had my car pulled up, you wouldn't believe the scene - my entire care had been rummaged through.  Not only had it been rummaged through, but they had done it hastily as all of my stuff from the compartments in the front of the car was EVERYWHERE.  In addition, every last piece of anything that was worth ANYTHING was gone from the trunk.  The new shuffle I had bought myself that was hidden under all of my knitting junk, the sentimental gifts, the DVD I was hoping to watch at home, and even my garage opener.

    Not only was it humiliating to have your car rampaged, outraged to have your presents stolen on christmas eve, the Fairmont Hotel did NOTHING.  They basically stated that the valet service was not a part of their company.  I stated to them that regardless of whether the valet service was part of their company or not, it was all part of the EXPERIENCE of staying at a hotel like The Fairmont.

    They try show elegance and grandeur with their name and physical construction, but can't even take care of their customers most basic parking needs.  Now that's a shame.

    I now refuse to stay at any of their properties anywhere in the world.

    17/11/07 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    77. Cho R.
    The afternoon tea is terrible in the hotel. We made a reservation and arrived there about 10 minutes late due to the difficulty of finding a parking spot around the hotel. The manager refused to our reservation even though I explain to him that we already paid $10 for the parking. Besides, I expect a sunny and cozy place for the afternoon tea. But their afternoon tea is located in a DARK and NOISY lobby. Anyway, I don't want to spend $40/person for a disappointed afternoon. So we left after paying $10 for the parking.

    19/03/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    78. Brian D.
    This is a review for the High Tea at the Fairmont in San Jose.

    Not good.  So-so tea selection, substandard goodies, very poor service.

    The details:  We were greeted expansively by our lovely host, who seated us and assured us we could each have any tea we wanted, with refills, and could even try new teas if we didn't like our current selection.  Good deal!  However, when it came time to get more tea or more hot water, our server was nowhere to be found.  When one of our party asked for a new kind of tea, she made a little face and eventually brought some back... we never saw her again.

    Veggies stay home.  We had called ahead for reservations, telling the staff that one of our party was a vegetarian, which usually isn't a big deal at most Tea places, because there are a great many tea offerings with no meat.  Another of our party has no restrictions, save he doesn't eat beef... so he got a veggie serving.  Normally not a problem, but the why did he have to do without the prosciutto and lox offerings?  The staff was basically just too lazy to figure out the ingredients of the food.

    The food wasn't too spectacular either.  An inital four pieces of savories (lox on a cracker, prosciutto on something, carpaccio on something, a little cucumber sandwich), then a course of a single scone (!), followed by a bunch of pastries.  The pastries were okay, but not great: madeline, a tiny custard tart, a tiny cream puff, and a pastry (a palmier).  So: a whole lot of pastry/dessert, kinda lame savories.

    And the little things:  the tea is served basically in the lobby lounge.  We sat in chairs which would be comfy in a living room, but made slouchy Tea seats that made conversation difficult.  The settings are not china.  There is no jam caddy; instead you just get those little single-serving jams that come in little jars.  No lemon curd!  There was clotted cream though/

    13/05/07 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    79. Jennifer P.
    We just stayed there for a weekend with a convention. I have a few things to say about staying here...
    1. We stayed in the new tower, the room was very nice and the bathroom was huge. The tub was huge and the shower was really nice and had good water pressure.
    2. We had trouble with deposits and money. They charged the wrong amount on the wrong card. When we tried to get it fixed, the manager treated us like scum, ASKED US FOR MORE MONEY because they made a mistake! and didn't fix the problem like she promised. We got home last night and woke up this morning to the same problems. Supposedly the accounting department is fixing it and the woman I spoke to said it would be fixed. It is currently not fixed. I will likely have to call and yell at them again. The manager who we dealt with's line to me after I told her I wouldn't pay extra because they made a mistake was "This is a 5 star hotel. We do not make mistakes."
    3. The Queen sized beds we were promised were skinny full beds.
    4. I stayed in a room where I was terrified of touching anything. The random food in baskets and water on the table were RF ID-ed so that if you picked it up, you were charged for it. I did not feel like a $6 bag of M&Ms.
    5. Several of my friends had blood on their "clean" towels and bed linens, the water pressure turn off, the internet not work and rude/bad service from all of the staff.

    I would not stay there of my own volition, I can get a comparable room with free breakfast at almost any other mid-range hotel.

    26/01/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    80. Lisa H.
    Attended a conference at the Fairmont:

    Food exceeded my expectations!  Had great desserts, tiramisu and cobbler.  Asian fusion lunch actually decent.  Chicken was tender.  Fish was moist.  Had cool dressing: creamy kiwi mango pineapple.

    Loved the fact the conference participants (who did not stay at hotel) still had free wifi access.  

    Staff pleasant, friendly, willing to help.  Valet service fast!  

    The only reason I docked them a star: bathroom sinks didn't work, and toilets not too clean.

    11/11/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    81. Joon Y.
    Although, I got kicked out here one time for partying they still kicked us out with class. I can't count how many times my friends and I've stayed here and prepartied or after partied prior to hitting up the bars or clubs but this place is the place to stay if you're staying in San Jose.

    This place is beautiful, clean, and the staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. The lobby has grand but cozy at the same time. You just wanna sit there, hang out, people watch, drink a couple of drinks and listen to the live band or pianist. The rooms are big, and plush. The view of downtown SJ @ night is quite the sight...for San Jose anyway.

    20/03/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    82. Snap B.
    We stayed here last weekend because it was one of the two hotels recommended for our college reunion.  What a disaster!  We arrived at 5pm.  We waited in line for 20 minutes to check in because they only had two people working the front desk -- this seems like poor judgment given that it's a reunion weekend.

         When we arrived at our room we were surprised to find a double-double instead of a deluxe king, which is what we paid for.  I called down to the front desk to tell them that they must have mistakenly given us the wrong room, and they said, "Oh, well your room isn't ready yet so we gave you this one."  Really???? Because it's 5pm -- check in is 3pm.  And you can't just bait and switch someone's room for a less expensive one without telling them or offering them a discounted rate.  WOW.  The man explained that the housekeeping staff was running behind and that if we wanted our deluxe king we would have to wait.  I wanted my deluxe king.  

    By the time we got our room it was after 6pm and we still had to shower and get dressed.  So of course we missed the 7pm shuttle to our reunion and had to pay to take a taxi.  Sigh.

    The room was nice enough and we had a good time at our reunion.  So, at this point I'm thinking our stay was only a disappointment, not a disaster.  Then the next day came.  We had plans to go to lunch, do a little shopping, and have a few hours to ourselves before having to go home to relieve the babysitter of our 3 year old.  

    We called downstairs for our car to be brought up, checked out of our room and took the elevator down to the underground parking lot.  OH- MY-GOD.  I couldn't believe my eyes -- 50 people standing in a small waiting room waiting for their cars.  Phew, I thought, good thing we called ahead!  But, alas, they couldn't find our ticket and put us in the queue along with everyone else.  We waited 45 MINUTES for our car.  There were people who were saying they were going to miss their flight home because they had been waiting so long.  One lady said they had lost her car the day before.  The crowd was about to riot, people were so mad.  

    By the time we got out of there, we didn't have much time to eat lunch before we had to go home.  Day ruined.  What a waste of $150.  I am SHOCKED that such a large, established hotel chain couldn't handle the volume of guests it sold rooms to -- and the place wasn't even sold out.  I want my money back.  Total disaster.

    11/10/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    83. David B.
    Likes:  Very friendly Staff.  Quite luxurious.  Easy Chair and Foot stool in room.  View was nice.  Convenient Local.

    Dislikes:  26$ a day to park my car.  The Pillows SUCKED!!!  Saturday night wedding accross the street.  Totally 80's music at 1 am and I gotta get some rest for Sunday...  too much ala carte...

    Next time I'm in San Jose, I'll definately try somewhere else.  Even at the group rate, I feel like I paid too much.  I've spent more for less and left way more satisfied about it...

    07/03/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    84. Su K.
    The service at this hotel is exceptional, and the concierge is a very nice feature. Every staff member we encountered was friendly and helpful. The outdoor pool is small but very nice.  Although there were a lot of people sunning at the pool side, there weren't too many people swimming.  The pool isn't too deep (3 - 5ft).  The in-hotel dinning options are all a bit too expensive for what they are, and the use of the business center is not free.  Our room was nothing special -- pretty generic hotel room, and the bed was comfortable.  The bathroom, on the other hand, was very spacious and nice! I loved the separate shower, bath, and toilet lay out. The lobby decor is opulent and romantic. However, the guest rooms and hallways are nothing special.  Overall, it's a perfectly fine hotel for the price.

    15/06/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    85. Aber M.
    The hotel is really pretty.  The architecture on the outside to the inside lobby and lounge area screamed "expensive".  Since my BF and I are in our early 20s and college students, we felt sort of out of place but I was really impressed with the whole atmosphere this place exudes.  The customer service here rocks!  Very pleasant and amiable employees. They really seem to care about making your experience as enjoyable as possible

    Just a few things I'd like to mention which did not make this hotel 5 stars in our book.  The sink in our bathroom had some drainage issues, for some reason it seemed clogged and took forever and a day for the water to drain out.  We also had an issue with one of the cabinets.  Once it was open it was difficult to close because the thing-a-ma-jig that holds the darn thing closed was loose and on the verge of coming off.  The toilet looked like it belonged in a public restroom.  It was the kind where you flush the toilet by using your foot because you don't want to touch it with your hand.

    Just thought I'd also mention our little paranormal experience in our room, just for fun.  I used a mirror located by the closet (which is one of those sliding door types- and it was wide open with the light inside turned on) to fix my make-up and all of a sudden the light flickered on and off.  I was a little surprised but thought nothing of it.  I joked to my BF that the closet was haunted.  He is really skeptical, so that was that.  The next morning as I was getting ready at the same mirror my BF walked into the closet, the light which was on turned off on its own.  He got freaked out and told me that his intention was to close the closet door on himself.  I told him to do it, but he didn't want to anymore.  So if you'd like to further investigate this room for fun, check into room 1814.

    12/10/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    86. Alora C.
    Had a great mini-getaway here and I loved it!  The rates were fabulous, the room was huge and the location is amazing.  (So was the view from my room!)

    Whether you are visiting the city or you live here and someone is watching your kids for you you can check in, leave your car with the valet and walk to some great dining and entertainment right in San Jose.

    20/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    87. karla a.
    I was in San Jose for a seminar and booked my 2-night stay at another hotel, which was extremely unpleasant and gave me allergies. I called the travel dept. at AAA, which had booked my trip, and they got me into a gorgeous room at The Fairmont.  The Fairmont couldn't have been more accommodating, even though they had 400 bookings that day for several conferences.  They gave my husband and me a spacious, luxurious room with separate tub and shower, a king-size bed, and early check in.  I was literally choking from chemical allergies from the other hotel and The Fairmont was truly a breath of fresh air. The lobbies and decor are stunning.  It will be our go-to destination when in the Bay Area. Thanks so much, Edwin!!

    14/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    88. Erich V.
    A lot of foreign languages being spoken here. It had a huge mirror in the huge bathroom and the front desk had two large monitors showing flight times for San Jose airport.

    09/08/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    89. christina c.
    3.5 stars Had a one day meeting here at the Fairmont and it was a pretty average experience. We were on level B in the Plaza room and it was nice but nothing spectacular. We had coffee, tea and some pastries in the morning with cookies and brownies with soda in the afternoon. Brownies looked like the fudgey type. Ew.

    Parking was a pain in the butt because you have to find it elsewhere. There are a lot of lots very near by but I had to drive by several before I could find one that wasn't full already. It cost $15 to park the whole day in the lot.

    18/09/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    90. John M.
    Martini, Martini, Martini.  
    They have a lovely little lounge in the lobby.  It is cozy.  It has couches like your grandmother had in her parlor.  It has, most importantly, Martinis.  Like 500 different martinis.  Some are about as appetizing to me as windex and draino, but others are delicious.

    26/02/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    91. Caitlin B.
    LOVED it!!  I was treated with AMAZING, over-the-top service.  I HIGHLY recommend this place.  I felt like a rock star with how great they treated me.  

    ONLY drawback to this place - no outside hot tub!!  If this place had a hot tub, it would be 5 stars......

    I will stay here again no matter what.

    13/10/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    92. Sabrina A.
    *Afternoon Tea Only*

    A lovely afternoon with two lovely girlfriends of mine.  Dresses, heels, purses and excited to do afternoon tea - three good friends walked into the Fairmont.

    It's a beautiful hotel, grand old style rather than comtemporary.  Ornate, golds, big couches, tall ceiling and quietness hushed over the few people around at 2pm in the afternoon.  We were soon seated at our reserved table, no waiting.  A small lowered table with a couch and chairs around it, cute and plenty of room.  Though hardly anyone was around and no one for tea.

    We decided on the regular tea option and ordered a bottle of Chandon (about $37 - fair price for the Fairmont).  Or waiter was akward though, nice was akward.  He just didn't have the presence for serving tea and was more of a distraction than a help.

    The food was either too bland or way too sweet.  You get three little plates.  The first one being a little sandwich plates  - only one was good.  A scone for the second plate - fresh but too sweet.  And a desert plate - just didn't have the freshness and everything was too sweet.  I hardly touched any of the food.  It simply wasn't worth it ($28).

    The tea was great, you get your own pot with a cozy over it to keep it warm.  But it's hard to mess up tea for me, yummy!

    It was fun sitting around drinking tea but the food just wasn't good nor was the service great.  I'd find a different place next time, even if it wasn't as fancy as the Fairmont.

    29/04/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    93. Valerie B.
    I had my wedding reception here in October 2010 and was extremely pleased.  We worked with Glenn Comp, the catering director there and he was such a pleasure to work with.  I believe we booked them back in 2009 and throughout the entire planning process, Glenn was wonderful.  He was always available through email and phone for any question that I had.  The food...OMG! So good!  We went in for our tasting and were really impressed.  I've been to other weddings, and well, almost always, the food is ok....and the food is one of the most important detail of your reception....like they say, people always remember the food, so make it good! So anyway, we went with package II and it was delicious! The entree choices were 1) grilled chicken with a prawn and scallop brochette 2) grilled filet mignon and 3) grilled swordfish.  Yum, yum and yum! The portions were huge! Seriously, they were.  But it wasn't those oversized portions either.  It was a good hearty portion that got you the right amount of full.  And the servings covered your entire plate....beautifully presented of course.  The chicken was not dry and the prawn and scallop were as fresh as you can get. The filet mignon was cooked perfectly and the pesto mashed potatoes that came with it was great.  The swordfish was cooked perfectly as well and was such a nice change from the usual salmon choice I've seen.  The starter salad was also great.  It was presented nicely....not just a bunch of greens thrown onto a plate.  It originally came with duck, but since we're not duck eaters, we requested to have it switched for chicken and they happily made the change.  During the tasting, my dad kept asking "is this the portion size we'll have at the reception?" LoL.  And it was! We got so many compliments on the food it was crazy!

    We also did a cocktail hour and had several appetizers available for our guests.  Glenn had a plate ready for my husband and I when we were done with wedding pictures and it was delicious! I can't remember exactly what we had, but it was good.  I know the apps included mini beef wellingtons, chilled prawns, pan-seared tuna and other stuff, but I can't remember right now.

    Our cake was perfect for us! Tasted great and looked incredible! Alejandro Areola, the baker was the one who designed our cake and he did a fantastic job.  I had asked that he design it similar to the bodice of my wedding dress and he did just that. I was not disappointed at all.

    The reception staff was wonderful!  Very attentive to our guests and to the us, the bride and groom as well.  They set-up the room exactly as we had planned and everything just ran smoothly.

    The rooms of the hotel were also very nice.  Our bridal suite was in the newer tower and it was beautiful! So spacious and just felt luxurious.  The rooms were very clean.

    We also received complimentary champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries in our room after the reception.  

    Glenn did a fantastic job! The staff was great as well.  They made our wedding day completely unforgettable for us and our guests.

    If you're planning a wedding, definitely check out the Fairmont.  And ask for Glenn he's amazing and he knows and does his job exceptionally well.

    02/12/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    94. Rob M.
    Fine for what it is, but unremarkable. The staff is both helpful and friendly, the beds and pillows are very comfortable, and the rooms provide a good work environment. My main complaint is that several of the rooms I've been in have been rather beaten up. Take two recent rooms I've stayed in: Room 490 had tears in the furniture upholstery while Room 1217 has cigarette burns in the carpets, unpatched drill holes in the walls, loose faucet fittings and flickering flourescent lights. Could I write all of this up for the hotel staff? Yes. Should I have to? Certainly not.

    19/07/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    95. Apple M.
    Love this hotel. But then again, I love all fairmont hotels. The decor is traditional with a modern twist. The toiletries smell heavenly. I can't remember what the brand was but it is from London and is very sophisticated. It is centrally located and you can walk to restaurants and bars in downtown San Jose.

    The hotel bar is better than most...comfy chairs, lots of room to sit and there was a live band playing for the guests all night even though it was a Wednesday night. The drinks were reasonably priced and well shaken and there were plenty of friendly waitresses.

    The overall hotel staff is friendly...not stuffy at all like you would expect from some hotels with the same price range. Would love to stay here again.

    09/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    96. Sally B.
    a great place to stay in San Jose...beautiful bar area, great location.  Room was huge corner room with a large dressing area and bath.  separate shower/tub and full vanity.  very nice.

    26/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    97. Tina C.
    My two friends and I wanted to beat the fog and blues and head on over to San Jose and we decided to make a day of it and stay at the Fairmont because it's cheap on the weekends and they have a pool. The pool is disappointing if you've just come back from Vegas recently.  There were kids, Mom's, and some very serious people at the pool that initially ruined the mood. Thank God we brought our own music. We ordered pitchers of Margarita's and ended up BEGING the VERY SLOW, OVERWORKED bartender to make them more quickly. It took her 40 min. to make a pitcher of Margie's for us. NOT ACCEPTABLE! I felt sorry for her, but come one..hire another bartender. It was a hot Sat. afternoon.  By the end of the day, I was feeling good and the sun was awesome, but if I stayed here again, I probably wouldn't invite so many buddies to chill and hang out with me. This isn't really a place 'to get away for awhile.'

    The front desk people were super nice, I have to say. The hotel is gorgeous and you feel like a high roller staying there. The rooms are very large and I loved that part. We had separate bath tub and shower and it was nicely decorated.

    My experience was ok, but dropping around $300 when the room cost $120 that night...I expected better service at the pool, but hey, my tan's amazing and we all had fun.

    07/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    98. Lyena S.
    The brunch is highly over rated. $50 per person. Food is good but not that good.

    25/05/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    99. Jeralyn M.
    They were very hospitable and welcoming. We paid for an executive suite, and to say the least, it was so roomy, comfy, and the decor was simply, yet sophisticated!! WIll stay again!!

    11/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    100. Donna D.
    My son and I stayed in the towers. The rooms were adequate. Nothing special with bedding or pillows. The light between The beds did not work and the plug was not accessible. Annoying. There was only one bar of soap in the bathroom. None in the shower none in the separate bathtub. The biggest issue was the lack of Internet accessibility. I spent 20 minutes on hold with the help desk and another 20 minutes on the phone with no results. I was told help desk would contact the front desk to send up an engineer. No one ever contacted me. I called the front desk several times and there was no answer.   We lost what was supposed to a very productive evening of homework and work. When we checked out, the only thing that was offered was to comp the movie we watched.

    I would not stay here again. When I choose to stay at a Four star hotel.  I expect four star service and amenities and some attention to detail. .

    15/10/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    101. Nathan G.
    We had our wedding at the Fairmont about a month ago in the Imperial Ballroom, and let me tell you everything was perfect.  The staff at the Fairmont was so helpful in setting everything up.  And it was probably the first time at a wedding where I didn't hear complaints from guests about the food!  

    Also, the pastry chef there who designed our cakes was AMAZING!  We had one regular wedding cake and one ice cream cake =).  Let me tell you, we saw this cake at the Bellagio in Las Vegas that was incredible.  We took pictures of it to show him (it was a $9000 cake) to see if he could make the same thing.  He made it exact down to every last detail.  And this cake was very complex and very elegant.. and it was all included in the package!

    If you are deciding on a place to have an event, I would look into the Fairmont.  And with a room like the Imperial Ballroom (which has the capacity to seat up to 1000 people indoors) it is great even for really large parties.

    03/09/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    102. Jennifer J.
    I was in San Jose to attend SES and I had a great time on my trip.

    I heard really great things about this hotel, but I gotta say that my experience was just so-so.  First of all, I felt like Monica on Friends because I had to complain about my room and get moved.  The first room I had was on the 3rd floor, which I was fine with because I really didn't care about having a room witha view.  The only problem was that my room ended up being right between the gym and the hotel offices.  So all I heard were doors opening and closing all night long!  The next room I got was on the 21st floor.  Nice, right?  Not so much. It was the handicap room right next to boardroom and it was just creepy.  The bathroom was long and everything was old and I felt like Jack Nicholson was gonna pop out of the shower with a knife.

    I think I'll try the Sainte Claire next year!

    11/11/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    103. Anna S.
    the fairmont has a special spot in my heart. I remember high school parties where I fell asleep in closets, and one unfortunate but wonderful night (my birthday actually) where we used the shoe buffer on a drunk guys head. there were more charges for room damages than the room cost, but, hey we had a lot of expendable income at the time.

    fast forward several years later. My bf is visiting from out of town and I want to take him somewhere romantic. We end up at the Fairmont, and I have no complaints. okay, just one: parking in their basement garage is pricey. but I love the view. Ive never made it to the pool, altho I have an urge from time to time when Im in the area to slip up to the 4th floor and take a dip, then leave.

    The location isnt that hot. there are restaurants around, and bars, but there is a distinct sewer smell across the street in the pavillion, in front of johnny rockets, and lots of homeless and druggy people frequent the area. Bijan bakery, downstairs, is tasty. you can have coffee and watch the city go about its business.

    07/05/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    104. Tamar D.
    We stayed here over the past weekend and had no complaints, aside from the 8 am fire alarm.  When we thought it was over and were ready to leave the room for breakfast downstairs at Fountain, the entire floor was in the dark.  No lights, not even the exit signs, were on.  They must have lost power or something.  But after reading the review below, I wonder if this fire alarm business isn't a recurring issue.  

    The room was incredibly spacious, clean, and the bed well-dressed.  The bathroom's separate shower, tub, and toilet areas was a definite plus, as was their toiletry selection.

    Considering that our room was on the side of the airport where planes come in to land, we didn't hear a thing.

    14/01/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    105. Niocki T.
    We picked The Fairmont San Jose for our wedding reception. The food was great. Service alone was horrible. We were told that we had to meet minimum amount of $$ to reserve for the reception and service charge would not contribute to the minimum amount. It was not true since when we did a final rundown on numbers it was included in the package.
    Just right before the big day happened, we were informed by the hotel coordinator that wine selection that we reserved and signed off was not available by "email". We were all too busy trying to get ready for the big day that we didn't check email until the end of the day to found out that we only have one day left to pick the alternative wine selection. (We would appreciate more if the hotel coordinator took the time to give us a call...) So, the day before our big day we selected some other wine from the list which then the hotel coordinator later replied email (since we couldn't reach the person by phone) and informed us that the wine was not available again. So on the big day... we had to settle on the wine selections that were available in the hotel... last minute work.
    So, it was in our contract that all the setup by the hotel would be done by 2pm but didn't happen until 3:30pm. Our meal course for the seated dinner started late.  Food prepared for the guests that didn't show up on the day were toss away without asking by the hotel servers. When the reception was over and time to clean up, the servers took some of our decorations away without asking. Thank goodness to my friends who helped to rescue rest of our reception decorations before all of it disappeared.
    We informed hotel coordinator that on the day of event we didn't see food placed on the seats of missing guests and the replied was that since guests didn't show up so  servers tossed all of it away. We asked why food were tossed away without asking whether we would like to doggie bag home? For some reason the event coordinator didn't reply to our email. We called and I guess that person didn't bother to return our call back either.
    Be careful with your credit card information too since the event coordinator said that they weren't "allow" to charge any amount to our credit card without our authorization but they did... After we saw our online transition we had to call and email the coordinator to provide reason why the amount was charged to our credit card too.

    09/08/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    106. Bill W.
    Certainly the nicest place to stay in San Jose.  Great steak restaurant and the Fountain is outstanding for breakfast.  Some sections of the older tower looking a little aged, but it holds up well.

    Two cons:  the hotel is RIGHT under the flight path of San Jose's airport (as is every other hotel in downtown San Jose) so you will hear airplanes bright and early each morning at 6am.   Strangely, a hotel closer to the airport would probably get less noise, as it would not be under approaching airplanes.  It's also next to a cathedral that rings bells.

    Second, there's a charge for WiFi.

    27/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    107. Miss Bonnie B.
    This is a nice spot for drinks... especially when they have live jazz.

    29/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    108. Manuel N.
    Nothing negative to say about this hotel!  We checked in and the front desk was very nice.  When my wife said we were in town for her birthday, there was wine, cheese and crackers in the room when we came back to the room later that evening.  THE PARTY CARRIED ON!!  That's not all,  they did the same thing again on the second night too!  It's about 3 blocks from the San Jose Sharks Stadium. (HP Pavillion).  But the VTA rail system is around the building.  Perfect Place!

    07/11/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    109. Artsy X.
    So far, the room is nice. Hot though. AC doesn't seem to be cooling below 72. Parking is mandatory valet style with a $26 a day fee. In a great location though! Bedding is luxurious. Thick feather pillows. Room is clean. In my room the shower and tub are separate. Good view.

    27/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    110. Paul S.
    The Fairmont San Jose was one of my favorite escapes with my wife when we just needed a break from the world.

    The rooms are very comfortable, especially if you know what to ask for. Be sure to request a room in the main building, facing the park, on a high floor. The corner rooms in the higher floors give you wonderful views of the West towards the mountains and either the North towards Santa Clara, or the South towards Almaden. These rooms are especially wonderful during the holidays when the park is transformed into Christmas In The Park.

    For the summer time, the rooftop pool is very nice. Lay out, tan, and people watch.

    Grill On The Alley downstairs is great for dinner, and the lobby lounge is perfect for relaxing with a cocktail and a paper. Top it off with breakfast at The Fountain Restaurant, and you won't be disappointed.

    29/09/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    111. Wendy R.
    We are locals from Cupertino and stayed at the Fairmont for one night for a wedding. My sister was having her reception at The Loft and we didn't want to deal with a cab or driving home after some drinks. I have to admit though...my husband and I were pretty excited to stay at San Jose's swankiest hotel!

    We got a pretty good deal, $104 for a Friday night. We booked online with a no refund rate from their website. One thing I thought was disappointing was $26 charge for vallet or parking in their garage. That is pretty lame. However, if you have a hybrid vehicle you don't have to pay. I didn't have a hybrid so I paid...ugh.

    Check in was literally a breeze. The two people working the front desk were helping people and there was a guy at the President's Club counter who was available. He was quick to say "I can help you over here." That was nice. He made small talk, he could see my bridesmaid dress and asked questions about the wedding such as where it was at and if I was coming from out of the area. From that point on, the staff called me Mrs. .... it was a real pleasure. I asked for the highest floor available for the rate we paid and he gave me the 19th floor. Our room had a great view of the pool and the west valley.

    The room was large in size. It had been upgraded recently, new flat screen tv with HD programing. The bathroom had a separate shower and tub and good lighting. Just outside the bathroom was a nice vanity area with perfect lighting for applying makeup and a nice stool to sit on. The linens were nice with high thread count and down pillows. The towels were large and thick. The carpet was berber style with some stains. There was a little love seat and separate chair, the love seat had some stains too. There was a coffee maker in the room with all the cream and sweetener options.

    My overall stay was nice. I've stayed in fancier rooms in Vegas but the service here was outstanding. They need to not charge for parking.

    27/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    112. Janney B.
    My co-worker Tara booked a weekend here for the eHarmony love of her life.  His name was Adam and he lived in Nebraska.  They had been chatting intimately on the phone for a few months, when he booked a plane ticket for San Jose so they could meet and see if the two of them had the sizzling chemistry eHarmony is known for.

    She was nervous, not because the pictures she had posted were from 50 pounds and two chins ago, but because they had already rounded a few bases during their late-night phone chats, and she was expecting to go all the way that night.  I reminded her that this was technically the first date, and nice girls shouldn't spend nights in hotel rooms with boys they have just met.  She told me to f*ck off and booked her hotel room.  At the Fairmont.  For herself and the future Mr. Tara J.

    She drove south 300 miles to pick him up.  He called from the airport and said he had arrived.  The freshly-waxed and powdered Tara cruised up in her BMW (that she'd just had detailed) and Adam hopped in.  She smiled and he noticed that she was curvier than expected, but still blonde and beautiful.  He smiled and she noticed why his profile photos had been taken with closed mouth grins.  You see, Adam had summer teeth.  Summer this way, summer that way, summer missing, etc.  Most women would look past this and see all of his wonderful qualities -but not Tara.

    When Tara drove up to the Fairmont, Adam ran into the lobby to check-in while Tara parked the car.  Instead of parking, she dropped his bags next to the entrance and drove 300 miles home.  

    She text-messaged Adam and said the vibe just wasn't there.  His flight didn't leave until Sunday and so he was forced to take a cab to San Francisco and go on solo trolley rides all weekend.

    Fairmont, thank you looking just like your photos - beautiful, inside and out.

    25/04/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    113. Jonathan D.
    If the air conditioning did its job, this would be 5 stars instead of 3.  Valet parking is $26 a day, but it is so convenient! Location couldn't be better. You can walk to food and entertainment easily.  Rooms are spacious and the view from the upper floors is fantastic.  BUT AC is a must! This may be the southerner coming out in me...

    27/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    114. Paul F.
    The Fairmont hotel is a nice place to stay. The bathrooms are very clean and big. Beds were super comfy. The pool is a little bit small, nothing special. It felt even smaller because there was some sort of party so the pool was packed. Even though the staff were nice. Always wanted to send someone up to clean our room. Also the Do Not disturb sign does NOT work. Wanted to sleep in but at eight o'clock, Knock,Knock. Do you want us to clean your room?

    05/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    115. Phillip S.

    I love going to high tea (or afternoon tea, for those not in the know), and look all over various cities to enjoy tea prepared properly, delectable scones, and myriad finger sandwiches. I figured that the Fairmont would have a tremendous one.

    First of all, let's talk about the location. It is in the lounge in the middle of the hotel. The lounge. This is where people go when they're waiting to check in, check out, or watch the World Cup. Not a great place for a relaxing tea service. We had kids playing 2 feet away from us: screaming, yelling, playing kids. The location deserves a negative star. Strike one.

    I absolutely LOVE tea, and tend to be a tea snob. However, I don't try all the odd teas, fruity concoctions and such. I stick with the standard ones like English Breakfast and Earl Grey. I was in an Earl Grey mood, so ordered a pot of that. It came out nice and dark, and was poured by the server. Taking in the bouquet led me to believe that it was English Breakfast, as there was not the standard citrusy smell from the bergamot. I questioned this, so the server went back to make mine herself, and guess what? It came back exactly the same, although this time with a nice chlorine after taste. Hmmm, either the Fairmont makes the oddest Earl Grey or they have mixed up the leaves in the back of the house. Either way, this was not good. Lastly, they leave the leaves in the pot, which makes the tea a bitter swill by the end of the hour. Negative rating for tea, which is usually a difficult thing to screw up. Strike two.

    A total of four sandwiches were prepared, but you have to understand that these are finger sandwiches, and are very small. Not overly tasty, the bread was dry, and they just were not interesting in the least. Another negative star. Strike three.

    Well, the word should not be plural in this instance, as they give you one. A little bit of devonshire cream, and a small amount of canned lemon curd. The other jellies are not fresh, nor is the butter. The cranberry scone was hot, and delicious. Not bad at all. Positive rating.

    Our server seemed very new to all of this, and loved to interrupt conversations. That's fine, but at least wait for the sentence to end. Just seems common sense. Additionally, it is important for the server to take your order and fill it properly. I ordered the Royal tea, and kept waiting for the champagne to arrive. It never did. The good news is that I didn't have to have her change the bill; she just never documented what was ordered.
    Lastly, she was not overly attentive, as the lounge is filled with people watching the various games, and drinking en masse.

    Overall, I would never have High Tea at the Fairmont again, and urge you to try another place.

    05/07/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    116. Alexis B.
    This is a great hotel...while a bit dated they still provide the fairmont service you expect. All and all a good experience. Rooms are a good size. Clean. Bar was fund and had jazz music live.

    02/09/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    117. Ben R.
    I love the Fairmont! You get what you pay for!
    The service is outstanding and friendly.  
    Thank you so much for making my friends and I feel at home in such a magnificent establishment...

    12/02/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    118. Vanessa D.
    Just another typical corporate-fancy hotel. Nothing particularly unique or excellent stands out, but the rooms were spacious and very clean. I would have liked a few extra channels on the cable (no TRU.TV?? Come on!) and wish that parking was a bit cheaper. Relatively friendly and helpful staff.

    I was staying here for a conference, and in terms of hosting the conference, they did a wonderful job. The continental breakfasts and snacks between sessions were quite nice. I believe the lunch was very nice, too, although I did not stick around for those.

    I did have lunch in the Fountain restaurant, which will be reviewed separately.

    17/11/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    119. Michael S.
    The room and hotel are nice, however, for the amount paid I expected better service. It took them over an hour to bring our luggage up to our room. I also wanted to speak to the front desk twice, but I had to call four or five times because the phone just kept ringing for over a minute a few of the times I called. Also, we had some great food we wanted to reheat, however, the hotel said there were no microwaves or other services available in the entire hotel that we could use to reheat our food.

    08/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    120. Annabelle C.
    Gorgeous hotel!  Truly a 5 star property, with impeccably well trained and gracious staff!  From the moment I called to confirm our reservation, I was treated like an important guest.  Scott at the front desk confirmed my reservation, and when I checked in a few days later, he actually remembered me.  I was honored that he recognized my name and voice.  He and Roselle gave us a magnificent room with a stunning view.  Andy brought up our luggage within minutes and was just a delight.  The room was spotlessly clean and the colors and design were just beautiful!  It was my birthday, and the kindness and consideration of the staff made it a perfect day!  Thank you everyone at the Fairmont for making me feel so special!  Larissa checked us out quickly and efficiently, and our bill was perfect.  Larissa had such a kind demeanor and had even given us a late check out, which I appreciated so very, very much.   We will be back.  Oh, one last thing, the pool was warm and wonderful, and also, when we went to check out Mohamed Ali was at our room in moments to get our luggage and quickly loaded our car and had us on our way.  He was so kind that it was a nice final moment that left us with a wonderful warm feeling.  Great hotel experience!

    22/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    121. Julia W.
    The Fairmont is such a snazzy place to stay. Especially while working a convention that took over the entire block.

    I ended up in a One Bedroom Suite and it was really nice! I love the vanity area in the bedroom along with the walk-in closet. Perfect if I'm going to be living in the hotel for 6 days. The bathroom is spacious and the sitting area/dining area is nice. A friend of mine was staying with me and we brought a ton of snacks for those late night talks, early evening meetings, and just whenever we run out the door.

    There was turn down service each evening and it was a luxury that I wasn't used to and felt decadent coming back to it.

    I also really like the lounge area in the lobby. The bar makes an amazingly diverse number of drinks. Their drink menu is a small novel!!! Another friend and I were relaxing there with a few martinis and listening to a great local jazz band (all ladies!). Such decadence before a stressful week of running a convention!

    The staff was extremely helpful and were more than willing to work with us on any complication that arose. So many stars for them!

    The only bad thing was that I had to pack everything up to leave for check out!

    26/11/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    122. Tyler C.
    Hands down, definitely the best hotel to stay at in San Jose. I was celebrating an anniversary and the concierge made sure to have champagne and chocolate coverered strawberries awaiting for us. Also, when I was checking in I asked if there were any suite upgrades, and we got a free suite!

    27/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    123. David G.
    Made reservations while driving to the hotel, got there a couple of hours later, and they no longer had my room available.  Finally got a room that didn't have the beds that I requested, so they rolled one in - nearly a half hour later a nasty, dirty bed arrived.  Once we got past that and the ten cops cars arresting patrons in front of the hotel, it wasn't bad.

    29/05/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    124. Candy C.
    Staff -  Very friendly, professional, and hospitable. Excellent room service!

    Rooms - Big enough for a family of four; the kids were able to run around wild and play in the tub with no issues. The amenities were useful, the beds/pillows comfy, and overall up to par of what I expected. The hotel lobby was decorated per season and the kids enjoyed the big Christmas tree and gingerbread house.

    Price - Well, it is the Fairmont so one should the expect the rates to be a little pricey so don't be alarmed when you get the final bill specially if you ordered three room service (like we did...yikes!).

    Location - Perfect! We came here to spend Christmas in the Park among other things (ice skating, museums, restaurants/bakery, etc.) and it was very convenient to have everything just within our reach (literally).

    We had our Junior Prom here years and years (and years) ago and there have been some major changes, but the QUALITY still remains outstanding.

    04/01/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    125. g s.
    Loved our stay. nice rooms, restaurants, and amenities!

    23/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    126. Patrick N.
    The best thing about traveling for work is that sometimes you get a really nice place. The Fairmont (usually) is a really nice place.

    The SJ Fairmont lobby is elegant -- you want in and are immediately given the feeling you aren't staying at a Holiday Inn Express. They have the requisite hotel bar, restaurants, and all of the amenities that you would expect from his four star hotel line.

    But going up to your room, you get the feeling this Fairmont isn't the one the chain cares about. The carpet is nice, but seemed faded and worn. The rooms themselves were great, with a separate shower and tub, and the bathrooms were larger than most third world countries. I slept well all three days, and they get extra brownie points for having a lcd tv with true HD channels.

    The location is great also -- you're right next to few restaurants that are classy, and The Grill had a 25 dollar coupon, which meant a visit (you're still going to drop $40 or so of your own after the coupon, beforewarned).

    The complaint: sometime Thursday morning the phone in my room went out, and so did wifi, Thursday evening, I said something to the desk, and it didn't seem that they either comprehended what I was saying (which was "I have no wifi"), or knew and didn't want to fix it. It was one of the oddest reactions I've seen from a front desk person.

    The ethernet Internet service didn't work either.

    That said, it was a nice place, but not a place I would think about staying if I were paying for it unless it was inexpensive.

    29/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    127. Michelle H.
    My family and I are travelling to San Jose for a wedding this weekend. After finding this hotel on hotels.com (which I highly do not recommend- you'll see why later on in this review), we were anticipating a  great stay. According to the reviews on hotels.com , it seemed like a promising place. Boy, were we wrong.

    Getting to the hotel wasn't a problem, but even hotels like the Hilton have complimentary parking for you. Here you have to pay a heavy flat rate of $26/day for valet parking. We were shocked at first, but we decided to just go along and check into our room.

    The person who checked us in was not the nicest person. Talk about "quality" customer service for a supposed 4.5 star hotel. What makes it worse is as soon as we get into our room we find a broken drawer in our suite, the bathroom light bulb burned out, a sofa couch with stains on it (oh and hotels.com told us that it would be a pull out bed. Apparently after calling the front desk, they told us "as far as they know, they never had those to begin with" and charged us an addition $30 for a small twin bed. Yeah, like that's going to suffice for two people.), and the tables are dirty. The placement of where they are supposed to have information on the room including the entertainment and service were hidden somewhere that we couldn't find, so finding the number to the front desk was like a mission of its own. According to hotels.com , we were supposed to be given complimentary wifi. I called their "experts" and confirmed with them if this was true. I pulled out my laptop in my room to find out that I have to charge my card jus to use the internet. That's right. $14 dollars for 24 hours of internet. Are you freaking kidding me?

    It was not worth $500 (which is what I paid for to stay in the Fairmont King Suite NS Main Building for Friday noon-Sunday morning). I have had better service at smaller chain hotels than I have here at the Fairmont.

    I'm never going to book a room here ever again.
    I'm never going to use hotels.com to book a hotel ever again.

    19/08/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    128. Peaches C.
    I attended the legends and leaders event held by the San Jose City of Commerce here at The Fairmont Hotel in their Imperial Ballroom. The ballroom was big enough to hold the hundreds of people that attended the event. The evening was really well put together. The food they served was fantastic. The service was great from every part of the hotel. The servers were friendly, the valet guys gave me the hybrid rate although I don't drive a hybrid vehicle, and a worker even escorted me to the elevators (I think he knew I was lost). But overall it was a good experience here at the Fairmont Hotel. The Imperial Ballroom would be a great wedding venue.

    08/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    129. Sara B.
    Had the unfortunate experience of staying at this Hotel Memorial Weekend during the Fanime Con and it was a huge mistake.  

    The convention center stays open 24/7 during the con so there where people going in an out of the hotel at all hours and slamming the damn doors.  The noise insulation in this hotel is nonexistent, you can here people showering in the next rooms (really pleasant at 2 am not) and people talking in the halls as well as the constant door slamming, plus the added excitement of listening to the people talking in the room next to you.  The street noise was very bad, we where on the 4th floor the room overlooked the galleria and you could hear the fire engines and people on the street talking all night.  Also, amenities where disappointing, no fridge in room, no DVD player and no separate vanity from the bathroom (which you really need if more than one lady in the room).

    I was pretty irritated that when we checked in they had long list of dont's (directed at the Con Kids) about amount of food you can have in the room, as well as no cooking apparatus but no where did they request that they try and keep the noise levels down (especially in the hallways)  But they made sure you knew about the $ 100.00 fee for smoking in your room, so yeah down into the galleria I went every time I needed a cig.  They also charge for wifi service, in the heart of the Silicone Valley, I just don't get that, luckily was able to get service from the cafe so we at least didn't have to pay for access to the net.

    However, the staff was very nice an attentive, from the valet parking all the way down to the maid, all where pleasant an helpful.  Our King size room was kind of small but the bed's where comfortable, good size bathroom, but I prefer a separate toilet area and vanity.  I have staid in hotels that cost half the price and while the decor may not have been as upscale at least I wasn't woken up every time someone farted in the hall way.  

    All in all not worth the price next year I will definitely research a better hotel as there area many around the area that are just as conveniently located but hopefully have better sound proofing.  I mean really who care's how pretty the lobbies are when you can't actually sleep in the room :(

    31/05/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    130. Sole M.
    The Fairmont is a wonderful place to stay. A group of us celebrated New Years in downtown San Jose and decided to stay at the Fairmont also. It was a great decision. The lobby is beautiful and the service is fantastic.The Sunday morning brunch was amazing!! The rooms are big and clean and was a very comfortable stay. I will always reccomend this hotel to everyone :)

    01/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    131. Brad P.
    I have stayed three times and this is the lowest cost Fairmont in the world.  Stay on the new side as the old side is very dated, but the internet works better on the older side.

    16/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    132. Sandra M.
    The service was impeccable and our suite was extra ordinarily spacious :) Best of all? It was walking distance from the HP Pavillion.

    08/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    133. Charlene M.
    Really 3.5 Stars

    My husband likes to test fine hotel establishments when he entertains his clients. We really live approximately less than a mile from this hotel, but my husband insisted on testing the quality. We checked in, in the early afternoon into one of their suites. Upon entering I noticed two things, the decor seemed a little faded and the refrigerator was not working. My husband mentioned something to the attendant who took care of our bags. His service was EXCELLENT. Upon hearing our issues, he rolled our crib and the rest of our belongings and took us onto their top floor next to the Presidential Suite. That suite's refrigerator was still not on par, but the room had excellent lighting and a beautiful view of downtown San Jose. The suites are large, airy and spacious. There is a very comfortable king sized bad with comfortable pillows and a nice comforter. The bathroom had marbled floorings with a separate tub and a separate shower and separate area for the toilet. There were two terry cloth robes, a safe, and a mini bar with every alcohol and snack item you could want.

    We decided to partake in having a romantic dinner, so we looked at their extended room service menu, chinese, american, steaks, you name it. They even have a section for beer and food for movie night with popcorn and snack foods. Now that is totally cool.

    Room service we ordered:
    Filet mignon with a side of lettuce and pico de gallo (for me)
    Filet mignon once cooked the second time was perfectly tender and delicious.
    Lobster and corn soup - thick chunky lobster pieces, sweet corn in a light broth was splendid
    Caesar Salad - cold, refreshing as is
    New York Steak with potatoes and vegetables - lovely charred flavor, tender, meaty, great quality, potatoes had cheese and herbs and the vegetable was ok
    Iced tea

    THe presentation of them serving the food and taking the food off the hot cart was impressive.

    My husband had mentioned the pico de gallo but they seemed to be in a hurry when taking his order then when the whole order was delivered they "forgot it"

    That was a problem for me because when you order a 165.00 dinner for room service, everything should be there and no one should be hurried when placing a ROOM service order. My steak ended up getting cold waiting for them to make the pico de gallo from SCRATCH. And then I ended up eating alone, I told them to remake my steak so I could eat a warm steak. What's the point of having a romantic dinner and eating dinner together when you don't have the necessary components of your dinner. It defeats the purpose. I did complain and they took off $30.00 off of the bill and gave us a complimentary fruit plate. All in all it ended up being just dinner. But we did something hot and heavy while the baby was in the next room asleep with the door closed.

    The parking garage is excellent and organized. I loved getting my car from the valet the next day..prompt efficient. If it wasn't for the bell hop changing our room, the valet parking and the crib plus all the crib extras, this would be a 2 3/4 star review

    21/05/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    134. Erin J.
    I ended up in the new tower of the hotel on the top floor. It was so nice and quiet! can't hear anything from the rooms next to you, which is so nice in a hotel.
    Walking outside to get to your room and having to use your key is a bit annoying. But, understand the need security wise to do so.
    I'm not sure if it's a regular thing or just the nights I was there, but this lobby bar was HOPPIN. Lots of young 20-somethings wearing really skimpy clothing in the lobby and causing some scenes in the lobby of the tower. Also heard lots of cheering and screaming on Friday night, so maybe there was an event going on.
    The rooms are really nice and I'd stay there again. Great location, with plenty to do and see within walking distance. My room rate was FANTASTIC, so will book it again when I'm in San Jose for business next.

    18/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    135. H G.
    We had a Christmas party to attend in the Fairmont so decided to get an overnight sitter and have a good night. We booked a suite since this was a splurge and were very excited.

    We arrived and getting into Valet was tough, a lot of people were trying to get to their parties too, so I jumped out to check in while my husband waited for the valet. I got to the check in counter and there was a line 5 deep for President Club, but nobody working the regular Check In, so I jumped in line. Luckily somebody came out to work the Check in counter and took me first - the whole process was maybe 4 minutes.

    We made it to our room, which was on the 4th floor and it was AMAZING! Was kind of a maze to get to it, but once we did - WOW!! We had a HUGE suite - you walk in to a wet bar and then into a licing room/dining area with a door out to a patio, which lead to the pool. Into the bedroom you go, which was HUGE and around the corner to the walk in closet, to the vanity into the Gigantic bathroom which included a Tub, WC (toilet), Shower and large counter & sink area. The bedroom also had a door that opened to the same patio and out to the pool which was nice and quiet. Our room overlooked Xmas in the park so we heard Xmas songs and all the holiday cheer - might have bugged us if we were in the holiday season :)

    After the party it was time to snuggle into bed and saw logs, wow the beds were COMFY!!! I was worried because there wasn't a lot of blankets (I like to feel the blankets on me), but I slept soo soundly - didn't hear any noises or planes - was fabulous!

    In the morning we were up and showered and on our way before 11, we didn't do room service breakfast like we wanted because I could NOT bring mself to spend $60 on 2 eggs benedict & coffee, but I didn't need it after a night of drinking :)

    We checked out very quickly and went straight down to Valet where our car was waiting.

    We are already talking about staying at the Fairmont again because it was such a great experience.

    19/12/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    136. Alex N.
    Spent the night last weekend after our company Christmas party. Nice room...great view of Christmas in the Park...and the lobby was beautifully decorated.

    21/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    137. Fraulein C.
    So I booked a room here for just one night this past weekend...I got a deal! I booked a room last minute through hotels.com and my goodness...I got lucky! The front desk were so welcoming and helpful that one of them had given me some information for happy hour places. Funny how they gave me that information...because, I AM queen of happy hour. The valet was cool and accommodating...why? Well, Kuya parked his car at the front of the hotel for a long ass time that the valet guys didn't bother to charge him nor get his car towed. Cool points! The room was huge and I got a great view of downtown SJ....especially when they're setting up Christmas in the Park! Woohoo! Nice! If I plan on staying here, I'll make sure to book it with someone special.

    24/11/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    138. Ryan N.
    Great hotel. Great service. It is comfortable as a business traveler and the wedding guests seemed to be having the time of their life.

    02/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    139. Michelle C.
    Very disappointing.  Upon arrival on a Friday night, we waited at least 15 minutes in the lobby before anyone checked us in.  The one person at the desk who was helping a party that was taking forever didn't even look up or apologize for the wait - it was as if we didn't exist.  We assume she finally called for back up because someone flew out of the back room to assist us after a line had developed and we were all getting very frustrated.  To add to our bad experience, they had a band playing in their lobby area - this would be nice, except for the fact that it was so loud we couldn't even hear the front desk person when they finally were checking us in.  It was ridiculous.

    The room was not four-star quality at all.  It was old, the carpet was in poor condition, and the bathroom shower was tiny.  I felt like I was at a two star motel, not a luxury hotel.  On top of that, every time we used the valet (there is no self-parking), it took at least 15 minutes for them to get our car.  They even brought the wrong car once and when we didn't respond, asked us if it was ours and we said no.  The valet attendant looked all confused and then went back in to check and realized she had brought the wrong one.  

    Room service was good.  Pricey, but the food was fresh and service was good.

    We got a pretty good rate, which is the only reason I didn't check out early.  It was a really bad experience and I will definitely think twice about going to a Fairmont, especially this one.

    20/07/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    140. Gigi W.
    This review is not for the hotel but for the Fairmont "Lobby Lounge with Live band music". I called and was told that from 9:00pm to midnight, every Friday and Saturday evening they have "live mix music with singing" and a dance floor. We were looking forward to a great evening and be able to dance all night; we were very disappointed: the band distorted the pieces to a point that no one could recognize the music they were playing, their selection was awful and the singer's voice was drown by the instruments - what a disaster.  

    The hotel is spectacular and we loved the ambiance. They have an extensive drink menu with over 750 Martini's and a nice staff.

    27/05/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    141. Clara G.
    Beautiful place.

    26/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    142. Liam C.
    i was here on monday for a company lunch and the food was yummy! really nice employee's. clean and professional

    28/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    143. Brian C.
    This review is for the Restaurant Only:  We went here the morning after a wedding, in which the wedding guests and party stayed at the hotel.  The breakfast was great! Delicious Food, but unfortunately the service was sub-par.  The waiter was very rude to us, and when the bill came (which was around $350, and he would not split up), we had to split it up individually between our two tables.  I asked him to run my portion of the bill on my debit card, and he looks at me and the rest of the table, and says, "I'm not going to pay for this bill, 2 of the people from the other table already left, and I don't know where they went."  The whole table didn't know how to react to this, and there was an awkward pause, to which I replied, "Well, this is our portion, and everyone else will be paying theirs."

    He brought back my card, and came back every couple minutes to check and see if the remainder of the bill had been paid, which as you can imagine was not an easy task when we had about 15 of us in total.

    The 1 star is for the taste of the food alone, but the service and the price of the Fairmont deserve no stars at all.  ($5 for a small glass of orange juice, and $4 for a coffee) I'm not adverse to paying a bit more at certain places, but this is definitely not one of them.

    We will not be going back.

    17/11/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    144. Ian M.
    Honestly, I had a much better stay this time around at the Fairmont.  The hotel treated us with much more respect than it had previously and I didn't have any issues with dirty rooms or discourteous maids.  Everything was taken care of nicely.

    I was on the third floor this time and it was easy to skip the elevators and take the stairs instead, so I was happy with that.

    26/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    145. Melody S.
    I am sitting here in my $105 room (price with discount for the group I'm here with) at the Fairmont Hotel, freezing my ass off because I can't get the thermostat to go above 65 degrees, even after following the instructions to the letter several times.  

    I am writing this review on my $14/day wireless internet connection.  My computer is connected to the internet via cable, because the wireless connection didn't work, even after 1/2 hour on the phone with the tech support guy.

    I am eating a Clif Bar for breakfast, because breakfast is not included with the room rate, and would cost me a loooot of money for food that I mostly can't eat, since I'm vegan.

    Pretty soon I'm going to pick up my car, which is parked here for $26/day (over $50 if it's a tuck) to go teach at the certification course I'm here for.  

    My room is nice (especially if I'm in a hot shower or buried under the covers) and service is friendly.  But I am definitely regretting not staying at the HoJo's down the block.

    20/02/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    146. Katherine W.
    Feels like Old Hollywood. When we checked in Saturday evening there was live Big Band music playing in the lounge and people dancing. Older men in tuxedos  and women in cocktail dresses took me back in time. The service is impeccable. Health club had 5 treadmills, multiple bikes and ellipticals. And, the best part is the huge big screen that pulls down over the lobby lounge for Super Bowl fans.

    10/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    147. Alycia B.
    Me and a couple of friends decided to get a suite for a friends birthday. Within minutes of casual conversation and tv music as white noise in the background, a hotel staff representative decided to warn us that we were being too loud and that given another warning, we would be evicted. I did not plan to get an isolated suite on the very corner of the hotel to whisper. I planned on having an eventful night. I am not pleased at all with this and I encourage others who have the same issue to voice their opinions. I am utterly disappointed. If you plan on having any get together with friends or family, this is the wrong place to go.

    14/01/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    148. Lucius M.
    In the heart of Silicon Valley, this place charges $13.50 for Internet!  I was bummed about that.  Because I was there for a work conference, I could have used access to email, but I wasn't going to fork out the dough based on principal.

    The hotel itself was wonderful.  I had a very comfortable king size bed and the room was very clean.  The glass shower was amazing and the tub was a bit larger than average.  What The Fairmont has going for it in spades is the location.  There are so many cool places within a 5 minute walk.  Tons of eateries of varying budgets and lots of interesting places to visit.  Valet parking at the hotel costs $26, but you can get a space in a nearby lot for $18 per day and just leave the car for the remainder of your stay.

    14/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    149. Nina S.
    My husband surprised me with a night at the Fairmont for my birthday. The room was huge! Impeccable clean. When we came back from dinner, we had a bottle of champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries waiting for us. Thank you!!!

    14/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    150. Aaron A.
    A great upscale hotel with a lot of class.  Realize that you pay through the nose for everything ($26/day for parking, $13/day for in-room internet, $22 for pancakes at their restaurant, etc.).  My only complaint about the room was that the shower constantly cycled from hot to cold, though that was a big discomfort for me.  The room itself was great, and I only paid $90/night through Priceline, so I can't really complain.

    28/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    151. Mico C.
    This is how the other half lives. I'd love to be there some day, for now a drink in the tavern downstairs will do. This Jim Fairmont ain't quite have the storied past of his Nob Hill grandaddy. It do have 800+ rooms and a rooftop pool with a front row seat to Christmas in the Park.

    07/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    152. Hen A.
    from one fairmont to next...recent return from newport beach fairmont...business in san jose...trying san jose fairmont...give fair comparison...pool and standard gym in both...feeling service staff still lacking in servicing..or possibly staffing...mostly self help lugging and finding...bit of wondering maze in building layout....skywalk connecting two buildings to make one...standard room sizing with same fairmont feel....large lcd tv, but san jose not having a dvd player...little disappointment....atleast having a seperate shower stall for my showering...and seperate bathtub for my bathtubing...mention one odd finding...bit puzzling on noticing familiar looking hotel staffing....asking a few if working at the newport beach fairmont just last week?...yes!...

    09/03/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    153. La C.
    Warning: Afternoon Tea at The Fairmont... zero stars would be an appropriate rating...

    Yes, this review is for the dismal afternoon tea at what we expected would be the wonderful Fairmont. Be warned - do not be fooled by what was once a fabulous brand. The Fairmont should simply stop serving afternoon tea, as everything about our tea the last week of March was poorly done. Do they simply not care? So sad.

    When it was suggested that we take tea at the Fairmont, I naturally expected that with the hotel's reputation, we would be impressed. A friend noted, it's pricey. I told her, no worries - it would wonderful I was sure. Don't eat lunch I told her - I'm sure we'll be served a fabulous array of tempting food... So Wrong!!!

    Upon our arrival, the stage was set - my first impression? "Uh-oh..."

    Tea is served in the lounge, which had all the charm of an airport waiting area. A luxury hotel lounge, this is not. At 2pm, it was deserted and forlorn.  We were not greeted by gracious staff - we had to search out the lone wait person. When we informed her we had arrived for our reservation, she announced that she was putting the finishing touches on our table. We turned expecting a host or concierge, but none were in sight, nor did they appear during our two hour tea.

    Upon following our server to our table, we found... two tables set for tea. You read that correctly. Two tables for a party of 5... ?? We stood and looked at the inept server who appeared puzzled when we didn't sit at the two tables... we actually had to explain to her that we would like to sit together. She made a clumsy effort at putting our tables together and rearranging our place settings... again, no other staff in sight to provide us service... ?

    After the drama of the table arrangement was finally smoothed out, we sat down to find dirty, dog-eared menus. Yuck.

    Then suddenly, our server plopped sugar bowls on the table - badly tarnished dingy silver bowls,  stuffed with single serving packets of sugar & artificial sweeteners. Really, for a proper tea? But wait, it gets better.

    Next, a plate of single serving jellies landed on the table. How appealing. I began to wonder - has the Fairmont been taken over by Denny's? But that wouldn't be fair to Denny's...

    We placed our order and I crossed my fingers... please let all of this not be an indicator of what is to come...

    The savory & sweet items were brought out in three courses rather than served together from a tiered service platter... which would be fine, if not for the exceedingly skimpy portions and extended time between courses. The first course consisted of four tiny sandwiches, including the customary cucumber - which was dry and flavorless. A fig and proscuitto roll-up faired better flavor wise, but was still chokingly dry. A tiny buckwheat cake topped with smoked salmon & caviar was the best of the lot, but sadly we each received only one. The fourth offering I simply can't recall - on a whole, the lack of flavor and creativity made the savory items less than memorable.

    Course two was a pitifully small scone alone on a plate. What is this I thought - war time rationing? One tiny scone for each of us, with two servings of clotted cream placed on the table for us to share. Our server disappeared... no lemon curd...? "Excuse me" I beckoned her to our table, "the lemon curd?" She casually remarked, "oh, we ran out." I was aghast and apparently it showed as she assured me "well, it's on order, really." Whaaaa.... I don't care if the chef is squeezing the lemons to make it right now, all I know is, it's not on our table and it should be, as described on the filthy menu, adjacent to the $32 price tag for this miserable excuse of a tea... were we offered something delectable in lieu of the lemon curd? I think you can guess the answer to that - of course not.

    Our final course consisted of various sweets described as "french pastry" on the menu - I think not. A gelatinous white substance served in a chinese soup spoon topped by a fragment of raspberry was the highlight. Yes, a raspberry, the bit that would lend flavor, was actually a fragment slice of a raspberry. One raspberry for the entire group of us. Wow, what impressive economy... again, thoughts of rationing crossed my mind.

    With all of the failings of this pathetic assortment of food, I almost forgot to mention the tea itself. Our server placed each of our tea pots on an adjacent table, rather than on our table. Hence we had to wait for her to serve us more tea. Of course that would be proper in most establishments that serve tea with prompt and gracious service... but as you may have guessed by now, the Fairmont does not provide that level of service. We were forced to retrieve our tea from the other table and serve ourselves, appalling.

    I would recommend the Fairmont stop serving tea if they can't do it properly. They should be ashamed. Barring that, be prepared for disappointment if you go.

    09/04/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    154. Pete B.
    Did a Christmas Eve staycation at the Fairmont because the rooms were semi-affordable.

    Bed was rock-hard, the wifi didn't work (and cost $14!). Two stars for the staff, who were invariably friendly, and did their best to be helpful. Valet parking guys were great but we've had better overall experiences at Best Westerns.

    26/12/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    155. Michael H.
    I attended an outing with a sales group from my work who was trying to woo potential clients. I've been here in the past and while I like the look of the Fairmont, its food hasn't really impressed me, however that changed Friday night.

    We started with a light lobster salad that was delicious followed by a very tender; fall apart in your mouth filet mignon entrée. The desert was a cream brulee and very good as well. I was very impressed with their food and service over the last time I had tried eating here. It's definitely given me the thought to try them again next time.

    04/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    156. Patrick D.
    Not up to snuff.

    When I got a great rate at this hotel, I was pretty excited, considering the other Fairmonts I have stayed at were pretty pricey.  I love the brand and the service is always exemplary.  

    Arriving in the main drive, I was greeted by the Bell Captain (I presume).  Typically, he was courteous, gracious and helpful.  Despite my desire to help (there were 5 of us, with a ton of luggage, so he earned his tip), he constantly pleaded that I leave it to him and worry only about checking in, which I proceeded to do.  The entrance and lobby exuded, typical of a Fairmont, elegance and class.

    Unfortunately, the beauty of the exterior did not carry over into our hotel room.  There were multiple stains on the carpeting.  I'm not one to complain (and I didn't), but this is a Fairmont, right?  The toilet literally looked like the ones we had in high school, with that metal bar sticking out (I don't know how to describe it any better).  This IS a Fairmont, right?  The shower fixtures were old and in desperate need of replacing.  This IS a FAIRMONT?  I can understand that we were in the "older" tower and that the newer tower is decidedly nicer, but shouldn't these things be renovated to meet the upscale standards by which the Fairmont chain has established?

    Aside from the cosmetics, our room was also noisy.  Not only could we hear exterior noise from doors slamming around us, but our kids could be heard from other rooms (sorry to anyone who happened to be our neighbor).  We only know this because the directly adjoining room was occupied by other family members.  

    Despite these...let's call them "imperfections," the service really did shine.  The bellman who brought our bags up was chatty, helpful and knowledgeable.  The maids were accommodating to all our requests.  The valets always had our car waiting, were friendly, and provided directions when we needed them.  Service here is what you would expect from a Fairmont and wish from all hotels.  

    However, a hotel is not judged solely by its service (for which I would give 4.5 stars).  This hotel is in serious need of an upgrade.  I probably should give it 3 stars, but there are just too many knocks against what otherwise could be a beautiful property.

    08/05/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    157. Crystal B.

    In my Tea Meetup we've been visiting various tea rooms around the Bay Area, and in my opinion, this is the best place we've had tea, yet!  The tea and the food was delicious and the service impeccable, as was the whole environment.  The only downside to Tea a the Fairmont is the price, $32, which is quite a bit more than other tea rooms.

    ~~Note: They were wonderful in working with people who had food allergies, they asked in advance when the reservation was made, the verified all information as soon as we arrived and were seated.

    19/05/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    158. Jay C.
    Stayed at this hotel a couple of weekends ago.  Beautiful hotel.  Kind of formal.  Huge room with a nice sized bathroom.  Our room was in the original section and since I'd never stayed here before I did not realize what that meant.  Now I know that the shower needed to be upgraded, original tile and tiny.  The toilet actually had the old fashioned lever type handle.  Not a deal breaker.  The honor bar with the sensors was some what annoying though.  I can see where if your one of those guests that do not check their invoices carefully, you could end up paying for a bag of nuts or a bottle of wine accidentally.  Overall good experience and I would return.  Maybe try staying in the newer section of the hotel.

    02/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    159. C V.
    This is not a luxurious hotel by any stretch of the imagination.  During my stay, there were large groups of junior high cheerleaders in town for a competition.  So, you know if it books out lots of rooms for school trips that this is more budget than fancy.  When I got to my room, there was a card with some man's name on it - welcoming him to the hotel.  There were also these gross looking chocolate covered strawberries that had been sitting there who knows how long because they were all melted to the plate and the strawberries did not look fresh.  The stopper was broken on my bath tub, so no bath.  There was a giant hole in the sofa ottoman.  The room had one of those doors that links it with the adjoining room, which meant that at 7:30 a.m. on a Sunday, I awoke to kids screaming "Daddy daddy."  They sounded like they were in my room and the noise continued.  The guy working in the morning at the bell hop stand was rude when I tried to figure out how to get my car.  There's no way I'd stay there again.

    29/10/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    160. Chris A.
    I love the Fairmont! Excellent hospitality and decor.

    12/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    161. Jeanne S.
    We came to the Fairmont lobby jazz bar after Music in the Park last night. The hotel is beautiful as expected and I loved the ambiance. Beautiful grand piano, live jazz music and singing, extensive drink menu, cute couples dancing. Too bad my companion refused to dance. This is a nice place to come with a date to get away from the rowdy San Jose crowd- extra points if your date wows you with their sexy dance moves.

    Pros: The drink menu (or book actually) was really impressive and the bartender gave us beer nuts. Great music and ambiance, cute little dance floor.

    Cons: Expensive drinks (2 whiskeys on the rocks were $22 not including tip). In the middle of the Fairmont lobby. Older crowd.

    I would give this little jazz bar 3.5 stars, bumping it up to 4 stars because it reminds me of The Top of the Mark in SF. Not nearly as awesome (no city view) but similar vibe. I guess this is the kind of place where your friends or date really makes the night.

    14/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    162. Vidal A.
    Stayed here 1 night for my birthday & was great!
    We got a suite on the 20th floor with an amazing view of the east hills.
    The room was clean/spacious, the king sized bed was really comfortable & the staff was very courteous/helpful. There are countless places within walking distance to dine & have drinks - it just depends on your taste & budget.  The mini fridge drinks, valet parking are pricey as well as room service but hey, it's a luxury hotel. NOTE: don't move any drinks in the fridge due to the sensors they sit on - once you check out they'll charge you for what you moved.

    10/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    163. Elaine V.
    Not only will we not return to this hotel, but we will not reserve a room at ANY Fairmont hotel in the future.  If you enjoy the noise of planes flying just above the hotel, high school prom music that vibrates and rattles the lighting fixtures in your room until very late at night, drunks screaming in the pool past midnight, and undercooked breakfasts, then this is the hotel for you.

    07/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    164. Courtney R.
    I like The Fairmont but the rooms and furniture need to be updated. The customer service was great when checking in, rude and rushed when checking out. I also attended a wedding here and the food was subpar as I believe it was pre-cooked then put in the oven to keep warm so it was very dry. They also ran out of the pre-ordered salmon and were trying to substitute it with beef! Also when preparing the wedding room they brought the chocolate covered strawberries 5 hours before the couple would even be in the room. So I want to give The Fairmont 2 stars but like I said checking in and during your stay you will be provided with great customer service and that is one of my most important factors. The rooms are also very comfortable but just need furniture, weight scale, amenities updates.

    18/09/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    165. Emm C.
    We thought about having our wedding here but it was a bit far south for us SFers, and honestly we had trouble finding the actual venue to scope out. They said there was a nice ballroom and the church was close. We called and they were very friendly. This might be good for a South Bay couple though. It's also close to San Jose Int'l. The neighborhood just didn't wow us.

    20/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    166. Ralphy J.
    I recently booked two nights at the Fairmont over the weekend for my wedding. We booked the Executive King Suite for two nights, the first night for the Bridal Party and the following night for ourselves. The room was absolutely gorgeous. Everything was immaculate and the room had everything we needed and more.

    We also booked a standard room for a single night, very spacious and clean. The hotels amenities were great, we were very impressed.

    The staff, particularly the bell hops and valets, were very helpful and extremely informative. We did not have to lift a finger, bringing bags to our room, giving us advice on good restaurants and local deals.

    The room service was excellent, honestly the food was gourmet caliber. Definitely pricey...but your staying at the Fairmont, why not splurge.

    We had a great weekend, the Fairmont has been the best hotel we have  stayed at in the Bay Area, better then the Marriott, the Park 55, the Grand Hyatt etc.

    26/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    167. Joan C.
    I read a few others' reviews and had none of the problems they had.  Granted, at the time I was there (for a conference) it didn't seem particularly busy but based on my experience, I am giving 5 stars.

    My check-in/check-out process was quick and easy.  The room was very clean and quiet.  View was okay, not spectacular (3rd floor), but I wasn't going to complain as my conference-associated room rate was only $119.  There was absolutely no street noise.

    This was my first stay at a Fairmont and, in fact, I stayed at a lesser hotel purporting to be luxurious (where I paid more) just one week later.  I could REALLY tell the difference;  the Fairmont was nicer in almost every way.  

    My room had features that I recognize as much better quality than other hotels, including separate tub and shower, the shower having really thick clear glass, sink/tub/shower fixtures of very good quality, marble, and separate toilet room.  I recognized the lavatory faucet and shower fixtures as the exact same as model we purchased (because they were high quality) for our own home more about 12 years ago.  Both ours and the Fairmont's still look stylish and like new and function perfectly.  The bedding and beds were clearly high-quality, too.

    I am always put-off by the high prices of room service and in-room snacks/drinks, but I expect that in any high-priced hotel... whatever... I just avoid them.  The most important amenity I am likely to use - wireless internet - was free after I signed up for their frequent guest program, so I won't complain there.  I have fully expected to have to pay at least $10/day here, so it was a nice surprise not to have to.  If there is a fitness room, which to be honest I didn't pay attention to, it might not be free.  However, in San Jose, where the weather is pretty much always conducive to outdoor activity (walking, running), that wasn't an issue for me although it might be for some.  It was drizzly during my stay but it wasn't cold, so I still ran in the mornings.  

    Attendees at our conference were treated to daily breakfast with pastries from the little pastry shop in the hotel.  They were amazingly good.  In the hotel lobby is a bar with live (piano) entertainment.  Monday evening it was pretty empty but the next two nights there were a lot of people there.  It was hard to tell if they were locals having drinks after work or hotel/conference guests, but they all looked like business people of one sort or another.

    Location, as others have noted is good.  Within walking distance are many restaurants and bars, light rail, museums, theaters (live and movies), and a walking/running/biking trail along Guadalupe River to the west.

    23/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    168. Greg C.
    I stayed here again, but this time it was for a work conference.  The last time I was here I had a room in the new tower.  This time around, I was in the main building.  Why does that matter, you ask?  Because the main building is 'seasoned'.  Not that it was bad, but it reminds me of an old car in ok condition and you slapped a $399 Earl Scheib paint job on.  You can put on a new paint job, but don't forget about the interior too, know what i mean?
    I had a room on the 12th floor with a nice view, but the room itself had dated furniture, old looking wall paper, old faucets and fixtures and just looked old.  It did have a separate vanity outside of the bathroom, but that also had like this 1970's John Travolta gold frame around it with those round ball lights that  you see in dressing rooms on old movie sets?  

    Anyway, the food that we had in the ballroom was top notch!  We had everything imaginable.  There were food 'stations' that had American, Asian, Italian, etc.  Steak and prime rib that was really tender, ribs, oysters on the half shell, jumbo prawns, tons of sushi and assorted asian foods, a huge dessert station with choc fountain, etc.  They also had about 4-5 different bars set up to quench the thirst.

    Even tho I had some issues with the room, I'm going to give it 4 stars again because of the service and food.  The room didnt bother me that much and I can get over that and request a room in the new building the next time!

    Oh, when I checked in, a girl named Solara (sp?) helped me and she was as efficient as it gets and did it with a smile!   She even called me about 10 minutes later to see if everything was ok in the room!  I've stayed in a lot of hotels and I can't remember that ever happening anywhere else!

    06/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    169. Eric L.
    A good, clean, decent four star hotel. Nothing too exciting or amazing, but worth the stay.

    12/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    170. Monique T.
    This was my first experience staying at the Fairmont!

    I was very impressed by the size of the rooms!  The beds are comfortable and bathroom is spacious as well.

    The front desk...hmmm....well.  Perhaps I was asking for too much because, I called down from one of the expensive suites and asked for a highlighter and the lady that answered said "You can come down and get it yourself", okay...yeah....if you are paying hella money for a damn suite dude...they should be able to bring you up a highligher.  

    Two star deduct, for that attitude, for sure!!

    That was the only thing that really irked me!

    On the other hand, my car was parked at the Fairmont parking garage and I asked someone that worked in the lounge/waiting area and he was so kind and accommodating!!

    He actually, physically walked me to where the garage was!!  

    Now..that is what I called  customer service with a PERSONAL TOUCH my dear reader!!  That is TRUE customers service!!  He could have drawn me a map, said he didn't know, pointed in the general direction but no...he took it one step further!  

    One star Gain for that guy!!

    The chick behind the check-in desk needs to take a lesson from this gentleman!  HE ROCKED!!!  I wish I could remember his name...damn!  Anyway!

    Still a great place to stay!

    06/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    171. Diane D.
    Fairmont is our favorite hotel chain and we stay in them whenever available in our schedule.  This is our second time here at the Fairmont San Jose and a MUCH better stay this time. First time in the main building (terrible room) and this time in the tower - much, much nicer! The tower rooms are quiet and well appointed as one would expect from Fairmont.
    Beautiful lobby with live music most evenings. Very nice pool and exceptionally good health facility.
    Staff is inconsistent. They have a weird habit of asking if you are checking out constantly. Like every time you call the parking valet, walk up to the front desk, call housekeeping. It is kind of outputting.
    Valet service is pretty odd - sometimes they don't answer the phone after 10 rings or remember to get your car after you have called. Other times they are right on the money and exceptionally polite and helpful.
    Overall it is a very nice hotel and we will stay here again on future trips to San Jose.

    11/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    172. Christina A.
    I've been to the Fairmont before and have done work events here and have always had a great time (as expected with a hotel of this caliber). However, I stayed here this past weekend and cannot believe the service.

    Yes, it was really busy and completely booked, but I still expect the same service as if I was the only one there. And I didn't get it.

    The rooms were nice and big and they were cleaned every day, but I guess someone didn't think to replace the toilet paper as it gets low. And with three of us in the room, what should happen on the last night, oh the toilet paper ran out. So we go to call down to get more and the phone doesn't work. Hmm... Okay we'll use the phone in the bathroom. It works. We call down and they say okay. When we checked out the next day at 3 in the afternoon there was no toilet paper. Thank goodness for the tissue paper and not drinking lots of water!

    But we check out and whatever, the toilet paper is no big deal. But then someone in our group realized they forgot their cell phone and blue tooth in the room. We've been out of the room all of 15 minutes and were already in the car leaving. I called the hotel and they transferred me to security, who told me that within the last 15 minutes our room was checked  and the only thing found was sunglasses (which is funny because all three of us had ours). But I figured okay, I'll speak with the front desk, maybe the person left it their while we were checking out. I call, nothing there.

    So we turn around and go back to the hotel. I go in, tell the front desk what's going on and they gave me a key to go up and check the room. As I get up there and the housekeeper is cleaning the room (wow I though security said they were done. Liar.). I tell her and she says security just got it and apologized to me.

    So I head back downstairs and tell the front desk. They call security and ask me to sit and wait. So I wait... and wait... and wait. For about 10-15 minutes. Security finally gets to the front desk and hand me an envelope before questioning what color it is, like I'm the liar in the group or something. I sign a form and leave.

    The only person to apologize was the housekeeper. The security was rude and arrogant. And the front desk was passive.

    Seriously, Fairmont, I expect a lot more. If I need a place in downtown San Jose again I'll be heading to the Marriott.

    27/06/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    173. Erin S.
    My husband and I stayed at the Fairmont for our 5th Wedding Anniversary last night.  This was the first of what will hopefully, be many more visits in the future.  
    We live in San Mateo and wanted to find a nice local spot to spend the night with a romance package to help us celebrate.  It is summertime and SF is always crowded so, I did a lot of research and found this hidden treasure.  The romance package, included sparkling wine, strawberries dipped in chocolate and a full breakfast delivered to our room this morning.  The room we reserved was in the new Tower Building.  What a room it was.  The King suite, with a large living room and two bathrooms, was spectacular and spacious.  It must be about 800-900 square feet.  The bed was terrific and comfortable.  There were a million movies to chose from when we wanted to stay in after dinner last night.  The bathroom in the bedroom included a small toilet room, a separate bath and shower and a nice sink area.  There is a full size couch,  a work table and a lounge chair int he living room plus a HUGE television.  There are two tvs in the suite.  The bathroom in the living room is sans tub/shower.  But, perfect for entertaining guests before you go out if you want to:)
    Our favorite surprise in the room was he SHOWER.  The pressure of the water and the warmth of the water were PERFECT.  It was an amazing river of water and so incredible in fact, that we took multiple showers to enjoy the experience.  
    The woman checking us in didnt' have the romance package on record.  There were only two folks actually, checking in guests when we arrived and this was kind of a bummer.  There was a bit of a wait.  However, she was kind and explained that they had a staff meeting an everyone was there minus these two agents.  Next time maybe post a sign so folks waiting, won't get as anxious.  We had to wait till we were with her to find out.  However, we went out for a snack and by the time we arrived back she had fixed the romance package, the strawberries and champagne were in our room (i am not sure the strawberries are usually included but, this may have been a nice apology for not having it in the record...) not sure about this so check.
    The concierge was great.  He saved us from what would have been a less than stellar anniversary night out.  We made a reservation online for a really casual place apparently.  He recommended that for our anniversary there may be a better place.  And THERE WAS.  We loved it!  Bayonne.  (see my review on yelp)  The bell staff was also terrific.  And, I remembered that we were in the Presidents club in time to check out...duh Erin:)  They too were professional, gracious and kind.  What a great surprise so close to home and yet so far away.  We felt like we were gone for days....it really was a special treat.

    28/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    174. thien h.
    One of the best places to book a banquet party. My company Arcsight or now Arcsight an hp company had rented this place out from 7pm till 12am Open bar well at least for the champagne and wine. The hard liquor will cost you 11 bucks for a shot WHOO! so I just stuck with the wine. The food was great here is the list: Oyster, fondue, red velvet cup cake, ice cream, prime rib, lamb and salad bar. I forgot to mention it was ALL YOU CAN EAT! how great is that.

    I never really slept in the rooms so i'm not sure how the rooms are just the ballrooms are big.

    I also went party crashing there was another company next door so I wanted to compare their party to ours and of course ours is better.

    13/12/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    175. BosCal S.
    -Large rooms (I had the one bedroom suite)
    -Great service, they responded quickly with most things
    -Loved the shower (I have no water pressure in my house and there's was STONG)
    -Windows that open
    -Nice pool but it was raining so I didn't get to use it
    -Lots of choices in food, Pagoda was great (for food and night entertainment)

    -I requested a high floor room way in advance and didn't get it, not a big deal but still..also didn't send the cot I requested
    -The main building where IS tayed is a little old...
    -Rooms are a decent rate but everything is expensive once you check in, mainly the parking
    -Thursdays in the summer they have music in the park, I checked in and got a massage at the spa and thought I could go back to the room and relax but the walls were shaking with music until about 7PM...

    All in all it was good, this is probably the best hotel in the area just a little pricey.

    05/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    176. Sf Momm Y.
    booked an expedia deal for $104/night including taxes, so we jumped on it since the location is so central. That, and the hybrid car parking discount ($13 vs $26) clinched the deal.

    the room was spacious and clean, but as many others have said, the noise factor.. We could hear doors slamming left and right, and I'm thinking that our toddler's voices could be heard, too.

    the bathrooms, though spacious, were in need of an upgrade.... As someone mentioned... WHY is the bathroom flush thingy that awful metal bar (like you see at work???) seriously folks, for a fairmont I'd have expected better.

    as for reviews that bash this place bc they couldn't party in the room.. I didn't realise that hotels existed for that purpose. Color me thankful I didn't have to deal with that kind of cr*p during my stay.

    09/05/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    177. Adrielle R.
    I only give a 4 because it's often very crowded and hard to get service. Other than that it gets a 5 for drinks and atmosphere as a lounge. Great place to go and listen to music or chat with friends. The drinks are almost always strong and you get your money's worth. Plus I love the 473 options on the menu! WOW. My absolute favorite is the Rainfall Martini- tastes of raspberry and butterscotch. Even my picky friends usually love it.

    12/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    178. Yvonne D.
    I was actually excited when the Marriott and Hilton (hotels closer to the convention center) were fully booked the week of our company retreat. I have stayed at Fairmont Hotels in other cities and have absolutely loved them, but thought it would be much more expensive than the surrounding hotels. As it turns out, it was actually cheaper. We booked this trip over a month ago (~20 people in our group.) Upon check-in, were separated into separate 'towers' but that wasn't a big deal. What was unbelievable was my coworker tried to check in, confirmation number in hand, was told the hotel was overbooked and she had no room. They explain the reservation had NO GUARANTEES and gave her a $150 voucher to spend at another hotel. How is that right?! There were 3 other people behind her that all checked in. Luckily, another coworker had been asked if they'd give up their king bed for a double bed and food vouchers. Since we were only there one night, she didn't care and the other coworker had somewhere to stay for the night. But how is that right or fair?!

    Also, being part of the "Presidential Club" doesn't seem to get you a better room. One of my coworker came by my room and said how much nicer her room was, especially her bathroom. The toilet looks like something from a public restroom and the water takes forever to turn hot. The TV is nice and the bed/sheets/blankets were comfortable. The pillows (all 4 of them) sucked. With all these + and - it's a 'decent' hotel. It's definitely not the number 1 hotel I'll pick to stay at on my next trip, but it's not bad enough to not come back. Note: the lobby has a pretty nice happy hour, but the service is sloooow.

    29/04/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    179. Annie K.
    Stayed on the top 14th floor looking over Christmas in the park with the boyfriend and the view up here is AMAZING. At night, we can hear the music and all the city lights :)  Inside the hotel/lobby is beautiful and beds are pretty comfy. Love the flat screen TV and the glass spacious showers and CLOSE TO EVERYTHING!

    There's a parking lot down a block or two for $7 all day that we found on the second night here. Better than valet for $22!

    21/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    180. Maris D.
    Update: The photographer who shot my cousin's wedding commented that in his over 15 years photographing weddings at hotels all over California and the Bay Area, he's heard the most complaints about this venue... whether it be from theft, to rude staff, to uncleanliness and lack of organization. Keep that in mind.

    07/05/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    181. Tk C.
    Ah The Fairmont.  They've hosted a couple conventions for my friends and I.  They places seemed a little bit Ritzy upon walking into the lobby.  A nice lower level bar area, tall columns and nicely decorated.  Bonus points to the staff for following the theme of our convention, you guys were great!  Check-in was a breeze!  

    My fellow 'Yote and I have always gotten the "new" tower.  The rooms are slightly bigger, including the bathroom!  Overall, I just find it a nicer experience.  It's slightly more expensive, but it was a price I was willing to pay.  The only downside of being in the new tower is you need your room key to use the elevators.  That can get frustrating at times.  More so when our keys decided not to work and we'd have to order a new set. (Only happened once for us).

    Parking:  Sadly, last year's deal expired.  They used to offer free valet parking to hybrid vehicles.  This year, we discovered they cut the price in half for hybrids.  At the time of convention, $26/night or $13/night for hybrids.  Kind of steep either way.  If we put more effort, I'm sure we could've found cheaper parking elsewhere.

    Food:  We planned to dine in the hotel, but with SO MANY food choices in the downtown San Jose area, we never really made that effort!  It was a bit pricey for what it was anyway.  

    Drink:  The bar is nice in looks, and the bands were....loud.  Nice tunes, but still a little loud for the atmosphere.  The drinks themselves were nothing I would call special.  I gladly walked a block or two down the street to a real bar for some tastier drinks at an equal or lower price!

    I should complain about the main tower's elevators.  During normal business days, I'm sure they work fine, but during a convention, waiting for those elevators can be an absolute nightmare!  We took the stairs at least one one occasion and Ruff, did we feel that in the morning!

    You tried for us, Fairmont, and I thank you for that!

    10/02/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    182. Debra E.
    I haven't stayed at the Fairmont, although I do know they allow dogs to stay with guests.  I haven't eaten at any of it's restaurants, either.  This review is only Tea at the Fairmont, a Grand Tradition.

    I've gone to Afternoon Tea at the San Jose Fairmont several times over the years and I've always been satisfied.  They offer a higher end service than most tea rooms I've been to.  

    Ways The Fairmont is better than most other tea rooms I've visited.  Usually, I'm lucky if 2 of these points are true, let alone all of them.
    - clean, non dingy, pleasant environment
    - well trained, attentive wait staff with attractive uniforms.  I think they had nice silk or silk looking tops
    - beautiful matching pots, plates, etc. including solid silver cream server
    - nice comfy seating
    - food made with high quality, fresh ingredients

    All of these elements add up to making the tea worth a special event visit.  You could either come alone and they have enough room for large groups.  Just let them know in advance so that they have enough people on duty.

    26/01/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    183. Richard G.
    loved my stay here.  The place is great.  service is great, always attentive down to front desk to food service.  The space was nice and large, and well appointed, but little sparse.  will be coming again.

    Eating here was top of the food chain, great american food, and decent asian food.

    07/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    184. Angelina B.
    I don't understand why this hotel hasn't gotten a higher rating!! It's a very luxurious hotel with an amazing lobby and friendly staff. I've booked two different suites on separate occasions and have not been disappointed. Very big rooms! I booked the signature suite which includes a patio with direct access to the pool which was off the hook! Suite had 2 TVs, beds were unbelievably comfortable and soft. Bathroom and closet was HUGE. Cons: parking is very limited and $26 if you want to park in their garage. Internet access is an additional charge and the room had no fridge. Overall this hotel is beautiful and a great place to stay if you want something luxurious. Can't wait to come back!!!

    27/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    185. Karli K.
    Love this hotel! The accomodations and amenities are great, but the service was super!  At check in, Anya provided exceptional service, and wanted to ensure our stay was perfect.  Maria in Housekeeping, went to great lengths to get our son's forgotten cell phone returned to us after we checked out.  You can guarantee I'll return to the Fairmont.

    02/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    186. Tisha G.
    Dear Fairmont,

    Your noise policy sucks for even having reserved a suite, but I completely understand that idiots need their beauty sleep on NYE.. (NOT). The first time we graced your hotel we ended up getting kicked out. That wasn't really cool of you for being so mean! We totally lost all our booze cus as Ke$ha says, the "po-po shut us down.."

    The second time was this past December and we had a super huge suite, lots of space, and a great experience. Again, noise complaints from across the room, but who sleeps in that early on a Friday night? Well we still kept it down in fear of being ejected! In the morning when we needed tooth brushes, you guys were cheap bastards and only gave us a few at a time until we badgered you into succumbing to our wants! Mwahaha ::evil cackle::

    Overall, I'd come again. You're a strict hotel but your decor and location is great. You're alright in my book.


    Tisha K.

    Yelp Elite

    25/02/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    187. Tatiana D.
    I've never stayed in a fancy hotel in my life, this is probably the closest that I've gotten.

    -The lobby is pretty.
    -It's located downtown, close to this great seafood restaurant and a bakery. Right across the street from the Tech and Modern Art Museum.
    -The room was nice, view of the city, not entirely breathtaking but it's fun being voyeuristic as you watch people at the park or walking outside.
    -Separate shower and bathtub in the bathroom.
    -Health club is pretty cool. I don't like how they arrange their cardio machines though. There's a separate sauna & steam room for the ladies, I'm sure the men have one too.
    -The pool area is nice. The pool itself is a good size, you can get some laps done as long as it's fairly empty.

    -Parking is $26 a day, unless you can find street parking somewhere, good luck!
    -$25 if you want to use a cot for the night (you know how we do it, trying to stuff extra people in the room)
    -No fridge but there's a mini-bar which I didn't touch.
    -Poolside beer is $10 and took forever for them to bring it out. I might as well have touched the mini-bar. Still can't believe I paid $10 for a lukewarm beer, a domestic one at that!

    This place for the lovers. I think I'll come back with my beau next time. I'll whisk him away to the romance capital of the South Bay, San Jose!

    07/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    188. Amy C.
    Came here with my boyfriend to meet up with a friend to hangout. We were in the center the lobby area for awhile just chatting, listening to the band play, & watching the old couples dance. Drinks = pretty pricey. They both got beers while I got a chocolate martini. Pretty sweet. :) Then walked around & they had very nice decor. It was a pretty fun night.

    09/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    189. Denise B.
    The Fairmont and I have a long history. When I roadtripped to move to San Jose from the Midwest four years ago, I stayed with some old classmates for the night who lived on the Berkeley / Oakland border. Baaaad idea. My car got broken into, shit got stolen, and car repairs cost $350. Upon hearing what happened, my parents freaked out and insisted I find a hotel with underground parking once I got to San Jose until I could move into my apartment. The Fairmont it was, and I was there for 2 nights till the apartment was ready.

    The Fairmont was very accommodating and helpful towards me for those two days, which was exactly what I needed after that experience. The grand ballroom was gorgeous, my room was a little older but spacious, and the location was great. My only complaint was having to pay for wireless internet.

    Since that experience each of my parents have stayed here once, and both enjoyed their experiences. I also came here as part of conferences a few times when I worked in San Jose. The ballroom facility was very nice, and I've heard it's one of the nicest places to get married in San Jose. That said, they still got stuck in the rubber chicken trap. I don't know what it is about hotels and their mediocre catering, but I've been to very few where I actually enjoyed the meat!

    11/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    190. Tamara T.
    Everything is really nice here except the noise from other rooms can be heard easily and the toilet seat was old and missing hardware. Kind of gross. I would have given 4 stars if it weren't for those 2 things.

    13/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    191. Eli T.
    The Bacon Drink

    Ahh Bacon, I love you, you make me so happy when you are fried, or aged with two over-medium eggs and some hash browns. However, when there is that glycerol fatty substance from bacon in a vodka bottle, then that's when I have to object to bacon tasting like I just step into the tire section at sears or walmart and I take my first breathe there. Yes, there is an actual taste to the smell of tires and its called the Bacon Drink.

    It was so bad, we had to send it back and Sarah, our waitress, obliged.

    Lets talk about Sarah for a second, she is from Southern California and in Southern California the culture is a bit different.  Sure, she may have a BF that is in law school at Santa Clara Univ. however, he studies a lot and she is new in town so back to the culture of SoCal folks.  People tend to say, Hello or Hi to each other.  I think its cool that they do so if you come in here don't be shy and say hello to Sarah and make her feel welcome to NorCal.

    We traded our drink for bubble gum vodka and it tasted like bubble gum. yum

    15/03/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    192. Sandy B.
    This is NOT a luxury hotel. This is more like a Marriott or Hilton in subtle, fancy dress drag. Staff are incredibly unprofessional and rooms outdated and tacky -- like a depressing airport hotel. Ice comes in a paper popcorn tub. Room service incredibly slow and unappetizing.
    I'd take it over a foul Courtyard Marriott any day but luxury hotel this is not -- go up to the Four Seasons Palo Alto or the city for that kind of experience because it simply does not exist in the South Bay.

    19/10/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    193. T H.
    I'm pretty sure we had the best room in the hotel. FAR away from other rooms with a long hallway. And two windows in our room, the beds were fantastic and the customer service was great! You allowed me to run around with a bridal party and shoot all day, even when your venue wasn't hosting the wedding.

    I do have issue with the room service charges... Thankfully I have a sense of humour.

    So, an $8 bowl of popcorn, with a $4 room delivery fee, plus a 18% gratuity = ?

    Say it with me class... $14.16 for a bowl of cold popcorn to arrive at your door, within 40mins. :)

    29/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    194. Lars W.
    When I come to San Jose I normally stay at the Valencia. This time, the Valencia was booked. So, I turned to the Fairmont. There is just no comparison. The Fairmont is just okay. The breakfast is not included. Parking is only available via Valet. Luckily there is public parking available right next to the Fairmont, but again you pay parking fees. I guess it's normal for downtown. The great part about the Fairmont: you are in downtown and downtown San Jose is very pretty and has great restaurants in walking distance. The hotel has a nice size pool on the 4th floor outside. It is heated to 72 degrees, but it still feels a bit cold in the afternoon. And there is no jacuzzi.

    06/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    195. Chris T.
    I've browsed by this establishment many times, but last week I finally checked into a room with a couple of my buddies for the Memorial Day weekend. Fanime (anime/nerd convention) was in town and we wanted a place to crash after all of the craziness that goes on there.

    As I checked in, there was a man in front of me with a skimpy Sailor Moon outift on and another guy dressed as a tentacle monster to my back. I think a hotel really shows their customer service when they have to deal with people as bizzare as these gentleman and not even flinch to give them the same integrity of a businessman. When it was my turn to check in (wearing normal clothes FYI) the front desk lady was super friendly and got me the room I requested in what seemed like seconds.

    After a long elevator ride up, I got to my room to which I was surprised by the quality of the accommodations. Reading user reviews, I expected a lower end kind of room and yet this place was just as nice as most Vegas hotels I've been to. Large, comfy beds, LCD TV, spacious bathroom, fancy decor, and very very clean all around. The only minus would be the toilet itself which looked like one of those old junky ones at a fastfood bathroom.

    One major reason why I'm giving this place one less star is the parking. Researching it online, I can tell you that Fairmont has the most expensive overnight parking in the entire downtown San Jose. Its $26 a night for valet and there's no self parking option. The valet employees are very good at what they do, but I would suggest parking at the convention center across the street to save a few bucks.

    Overall this is an above average hotel with excellent customer service. I'll definitely come back here again with or without crazy anime costumes.

    02/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    196. Diana C.
    Thank you Hotwire for hooking me up with a four-star hotel for 89 bucks. I love you so much!

    The Fairmont was amazing and grand. This is not a place I would stay at because it's just too good for me (plus my wallet would probably go empty afterwards).

    My room was so spacious that I could have done cartwheels through the place if only I knew how. I was provided a room with separate sleep area, vanity, toilet, shower, and bath areas. The fridge was so stocked with booze that I had nowhere to put my leftovers from dinner! To my surprise, the Tottenham Hotspurs were staying there on the same night I was there too. That was too awesome that fans could run up to players and take picture with them.

    Thank you Fairmont for letting small potatoes like me experience a wonderful night here! I absolutely enjoyed it!

    23/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    197. Keven W.
    I had a company party here at Intel.  The hotel itself is very nice inside and outside.  When they hold events they do charge for parking, but I guess if you stay downtown you have to pay for parking in any major city which sucks.  Anyways they have lots of tv's in the lobby for events and had the 49er game playing.  The event had video games, ping pong tables, popcorn machines, basketball karoke and card games and live band.  Unfortunately though we did not get to enjoy it as much because there were not enough tables to fit everyone.  We could not find a seat anymore and we showed up pretty early so we had to wait 20 minutes to find a seat. The food line was very disaorganized as we did not know where the line started for food, so my date and I did not wan to be assholes and cut.  The staff was friendly and attentive. Food was okay, but they should hold the event somewhere else next time.

    13/01/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    198. Dan N.
    Had a recent memorial event here.

    The food was average in my opinion. Nothing really special.

    The service was quick and attentive.

    The reason I'm giving 4 stars is because we had an issue with party crashers and after complaining to the sales department they refunded me 800 from our bill of 4000. I had to negotiate that but I feel they did the right thing and went above and beyond to resolve my problem.

    I would recommend this service if you are looking to hosting an event at the hotel and want top notch service.

    01/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    199. Hiroyuki T.
    Convenient location. Reasonable pricing after discount.

    21/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    200. Steph G.
    This Fairmont reminds of what a travel agent once told me about this chain of hotels. The Fairmont is more upscale traditional than it is contemporary. It is very beautiful on the inside, but needs some updating. The exterior definitely leaves something to be desired. We stayed in the most basic room. When I made online reservation, you got an option to buy potential upgrades, which I thought was a good idea. Basically you can put money down on the chance that other more expensive rooms become available. I didn't do it, but it might be worth it for you. Upgrades start at $9.

    So the good things about the hotel:
    1. Wonderful front desk staff (I will explain in my complaints later)
    2. Assortment of restaurants and food inside and immediately outside the hotel
    3. Convenient to the light rail
    4. Good selection of tv channels (yes I did check)
    5. Big gym (3x bigger than in a normal hotel)
    6. Pool is very nice and unusual for San Jose I think
    7. Great beds and linens
    8. Separate shower and tub
    9. Big tub
    10. Great toiletries and robes

    Things that were not so nice:
    1. Expensive for weekdays (over $200)
    2. Valet parking only
    3. Paper thin walls!!!!! (We were woken up 2-3 times during the night because a couple in the next room was having a fight. I had to call down to the front desk to have someone shut them up! Luckily the lady who helped me was able to get the issue resolved quickly).
    3. Windows are not double pane. When the clubs get out, you can hear the people at the entrance of the hotel, acting drunk...
    4. Shower and toilet are ghetto. The toilet had a handle like in a public restroom?!?!?!
    5. Business center is in the conference area, and it costs minimum $7 to access the computer there. Minimum $2 to print a sheet of paper.
    6. Everything entails a cost. They put water in your room, but charge you if you drink it. I really think they should rethink these things

    Given the opportunity, I would like to stay here again. I just hope next time I won't have a rowdy neighbor.

    03/05/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    201. Seong P.
    3.5 stars.  The Fairmont is a nice hotel.  The lobby area is fancy and full of marble so it looks pretty classy and old school.  The hallways to the rooms are kind of vomit colored but the rooms are fine.  The suites are better.  The Miller Harris bath products and the bathrooms, particularly the bath tubs, are nice.  However, they have old TV's in the rooms so don't expect flat screens, no hot tub anywhere and rooms on only one floor of one of the buildings has wifi, which I think is odd.  Also, they may give you a baby crib for no reason.

    Not a bad place to stay if you're in the South Bay.

    02/07/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    202. Brian M.
    This is a beautiful hotel.  But for my taste it is a bit too expensive and trying to be high end.  The rooms are huge and probably more than I need when on a business trip.

    I'd stay again if someone else is paying...but I'd rather stay at one of the nearby chain hotels which are probably less.

    23/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    203. John D.
    Very beautiful hotel. The staff are very welcoming and friendly. The rooms are beautiful and you get a gorgeous view of the city. They have a pool which is on the third floor which offers nice privacy.

    I would love to see a private parking lot for the hotel, but as of right now they have valet-only parking which is an extra $30, however it is unlimited in and outs which is good.

    All in all, I would recommend this hotel to others. It's quaint, cozy and right in the middle of downtown.

    25/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    204. Neal E.
    Stayed here for the past week - this is the second time for work we've stayed at the Fairmont San Jose for a week.

    The carpet and bathrooms in my most recent room were a bit on the worn side - but still serviceable and comfortable. The beds were comfy and the hotel in general has a nice vibe - from the Lounge/Bar area to the overall service.

    The rooms still have analog style TVs, while the Lounge area has large flat screen High Def screens. C'mon! Let's get some TV upgrades in the rooms!

    30/10/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    205. Don H.
    The place is nice and there are many positive reviews I will not repeat. Here are some things you should know.
    First, the pool is freezing cold. They say it is between 80 and 84 degrees. It is not and I have stayed many times.
    Second, the internet is expensive. It should be free to paying guests.
    Third, I may be over picky but the rooms aren't as clean as they should be, I think the couches in the rooms have been there too long. It is time to replace them.
    Overall it's a great place to stay and the staff does well

    08/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    206. D N.
    I think the overall rating of this place is 3.5 stars.  I just couldn't get to the 4th star.  The lobby area was very nice and the lobby bar was very spacious, with pretty loud old school music when I arrive about 9:30 on Friday night.

    I don't believe the rooms live up to the standard of the lobby.  The carpet was a little beat and the bathroom (in particular, the shower) was in need of a serious remodel.

    As for the service, you call to ask for some ice (because "high end" hotels refuse to put ice machines in the halls and make you call for it) and extra glasses and you expect someone to show up within 5-10 minutes.  Well, after 20 minutes we said screw it and went down to have a few drinks in the adjoining McKormick and Schmidts--which be aware has an awesome reverse happy hour starting after 9:30.  Had the service been first rate and attentive (as opposed to not even showing up), I might have gone 4, but come on if you make your guests call for ice, bring it up before it melts.

    16/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    207. Dominic B.
    I stayed here the week of 4/25/11 for training in the area, and I was very impressed with the Hotel. Let's face it, I am not a fan of San Jose in general, but this hotel and the surrounding restaurants made this stay very fun!

    I stayed in the newer southern wing of the hotel, and it's very nice. One of the quietest hotels I've been in which is a HUGE requirement for me. Overall, the hotel is very well appointed and was very clean and modern. There is even a nice bar near the main lobby and also the Grill restaurant - which is very good.

    - Nice and luxurious as you would expect for a Fairmont
    - Quiet and very clean rooms - well appointed with flat screens, nice fixtures, quality bedding, Internet access etc. The bathroom is very spacious and has a separate tub and shower.
    - Close to some very good restaurants (The Grill on the Alley, Arcadia, Original Joe's, Il Fornaio)... all are a very short walk
    - The staff is very friendly and helpful - they even mailed some Netflix movies back for me

    - The gym is very small. And it's in the original building so if you're staying in the newer southern tower, it's a hike!
    - Internet service is not free with the room (a pet peeve of mine given the rooms average about $200/night)
    - Parking is not included (another pet peeve of mine - the charge is $26/day to park your car at the hotel)
    - A higher floor (which I prefer) is an additional charge... you see where this is going... EVERYTHING is extra

    I would have given this hotel the full 5 star treatment (which it deserves for mid-luxury appointments, quiet rooms, location, etc), but had to remove a star for all of the crazy add-ons - which I hate. I would definitely stay here again, but I would make other arrangements to reduce the other charges.

    04/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    208. Steph C.
    Great customer service! Comfy beds, quick and easy check in/out...

    Room was kind of dirty. My friend dropped one of her make up brushes on the floor and when she went to pick it up she realized there was a TON of trash swept hidden under the chest of draws INCLUDING what looked like a syringe. We called the front desk and they sent up a cleaning lady to dispose of the needle. She got a hanger and was trying to scoop it out and then realized that it was just a 'plastic medicine syringe' and looked at us like we were crazy. ..... IF YOU JUST SEE THE BACK IT LOOKS LIKE A REGULAR SYRINGE.. but on the main point.. why would they brush the trash under the furniture!?

    12/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    209. Dom G.
    I had worked for two separate events in the past 3 months at this venue and I have to say they are very decent all around.

     From the decoration to food and service. I found staffs here to be very professional and fast. The only reason that I gave this venue 4 stars because I have seen a better venue with even better food and service and decoration but that place was extremely expensive and from what I've heard if you pick the right date ( at this venue ) -  with your date is not in high season + Saturday. You might hit a good deal... and that what the bride told me. As they have so many event rooms to fill up.

    05/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    210. Marc M.
    I was invited here by a friend and they have a lounge area with live band that plays classic music.

    Had a few appetizers and martinis while enjoying the music and atmosphere. Too bad they shut down at midnight.

    Our waitress was amazing and offered some great tips for other entertainment in the area.

    Will visit again

    21/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    211. James W.
    My wife and I stayed here for a night away.  I thought the place we pretty good.  Nice rooms and a comfortable bed.  It has a feel of a higher end hotel in both the furniture and lobby.  I did think parking was a pain.  We ended up having to do pay parking at the hotel.  I expect that in places like San Francisco and Chicago but think of San Jose as more of a place like Milwaukee where you should be able to find cheap parking near by.  I thought the best part was their heated pool.  Unfortunately the bar at the pool was closed but we were able to order drinks from room service and have them delivered to the pool.

    18/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    212. Steve G.
    If you have time to read this, I'll let you make up your own mind about the customer service of Fairmont.  Upon arival, we checked our car with a VERY busy valet service and walked into the lobby to find a line of people about 15 deep (20 minute wait at about 5:30 in the afternoon).  Once we got our keys and went to our room, our keys did not work, so we went back down to the front desk (another 20 minute wait) to get new keys. After no apology or concern whatsoever by the front desk staff member that gave us new key, we went back to our room. Keys still don't work. So this time, we get to a hotel phone and call the front desk.  They told us to wait by the room and someone would be up shortly with new keys. 15 minutes later, a security staff member came up and unlocked the door.  When we asked him about new keys, he knew nothing about it.  He said that he was told that "someone had locked themselves out of their room."  Once the security guard let us in our room, it looked like it was not cleaned from the previous guest (half used little bottles of alcohol in the fridge, dirty cups, unemptied tash cans, etc.), we called back down to the front desk and asked for new keys or a transfer to a new room.  They told us to come down to the desk to pick up new keys because they had no other vacant rooms. After about another 10 minutes of additional line-waiting, we got some keys, went to the room, and behold, they worked (for now). We went out that night and when we came back to our room. The keys let us into the hotel's side door, but not into our room.  At that point, we call the front desk from a hotel phone and rinse and repeat for the next 2 days.  A conservative estimate is that we waited in line at the front desk for a total of 2 hours the entire weekend.  Upon checking out on the last day (after waiting about 20 minutes in line), we grab the pre-printed receipt, return the keys, and while walking away we notice about $150 of bar charges on our room bill.  (My fault, I should have known to read the receipt before walking away) This was a bit strange since we never visited the hotel bar.  We get back in the standard 20-minute line and when we point this out to the staff member, she tells us that they'll need to reconcile the bill and IF they find that our signature doesn't match the bar receipts, they'll refund it off of our bill.  Two weeks later, we had to call three times and make an issue about it to have the money refunded...

    In short:  This hotel is a disgrace to the Fairmont name.  The customer service is terrible. I've had stays at Motel 6 that were better than this Fairmont.  Comparing the this hotel to a Motel 6 is an insult to Motel 6s everywhere. I apologize, Motel 6.

    02/04/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    213. Nathan P.
    This review is for the lobby area of the Fairmont:

    The Fairmont lobby is a fun place to hangout and enjoy drinks, music, and even ballroom dancing. The lobby is quite spacious, full of comfortable seating, has a bar, including food to eat.

    My friends and I enjoy coming here on Friday or Saturday nites to relax and chat instead of trying to talk over loud booming music in the dark (yea, we're getting older)

    They usually have a live band playing on Friday nites so its fun to sit and listen. They also offer ballroom dance lessons on the dance floor. Great place to relax downtown and catch up with friends.

    21/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    214. Monica F.
    We absolutely loved our experience here at The Fairmont!
    Customer Service was really exceptional... from the Check - In station to the Valet Parking service.
    I like how easy it is for us to call for the car, and it's ready right away.
    They have their own underground garage for the valet service; which makes everything pleasant, rather than waiting outside in the cold.
    As for the room, i scored a really excellent deal through our company group reservation. It was really cheap, and i haven't stayed at the Fairmont before, so i didn't expect anything spectacular.
    But as we stepped foot in the room....we were pretty much delighted with all the space...The bathroom is pretty sweet. Had a seperate shower area and bathtub.
    Lots of mirrors too! They also have a vanity mirror with excellent lighting for make-up application -and that is really important.
    Most importantly...the BED. the King sized bed was super comfortable and is of the right firmness and softness.

    24/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    215. Kia M.
    My husband took me here for my birthday and it was sooooo amazing!!! The lady at the cafe by the pool gave me a huge free drink  cause it was my special day and she was the sweetest lady ever. I felt like a celebrity up in there. The rooms were fantastic (especially the bathroom with the phone by the toilet lol) and everything looked so clean and neat. The clubs are within walking distance and the staff is great. I will be returning for sure!

    25/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    216. Dave F.
    This is an older propery which has been re-modeled over the years and is one of my favorite places to stay in Silicon Valley. I like being in the city, even though San Jose is a fairly dead spot.

    This Fairmont has 4 excellent restaurants, including my favorite crab meat omelet of all time at the Fountain. The lobby bar/Atirum is a huge expansive spot with cozy areas to sit and have a private business conversation. Some nights, there's live music in the evenings.

    There's an old Tower (the main tower) and a New one.  The new Tower has nicer rooms, but the energy and life is in the old tower. The main tower has a nice pool on the 4th floor and a nice workout area with good equipment. The business center charges to use their computers, even for Platinum members which is inconsistent with other Fairmonts.

    All in all, the staff is very courteous and professional. Parking is expensive ($30) and I'm not sure a self-parking option even exists.
    The park across the street is nice and Bijan's-the bakery next door is the bomb for serious coffee and a croissant to die for.

    21/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    217. Sharon T.
    Highly disappointed with my Fairmont stay for NYE.  I let my experience marinate just a little bit before writing anything too hasty, but nothing changed...

    The hotel in itself is nice.  Room service was fast and prompt, sushi was actually fresher than some places I know of, and check-in was quick.  Separate vanity space from bathroom is a HUGE plus for anyone traveling with a lady that likes to occupy the bathroom when getting ready.

    Now it's time for me to tell you the typical cons that come with any unsatisfactory review:

    1.) Beds were rock hard.  Should that matter when I am probably too drunk to notice on NYE?  HELL YES.  Imagine waking up hung over after sleeping on a brick.  If you fancy a firm bed, their room accommodations are right up your alley.

    2.) Bedding: PLAIN comforters that look like they were part of bed-in-a-bag sets.  Gross.  I've stayed at Marriott's w/ plush beds and DOWN comforters.  Really, Fairmont?  REALLY???

    3.) Decor was minimal, and they don't allow you to put a cot into a double room.  I've never come across that limitation at a hotel before, so I don't know whether it's worthy complaining about or not.  Cots only in single bed rooms, but why do that when you can get a double bed for the same price as a single bed?  What if there are 4 occupants in a room, and one person opts out of sharing the same bed with someone?  I'm just sayin'...

    4.) Service is bad if you ask for your change back.  I'm assuming this is where they expect the words "Keep the change" - but I am not tipping you more than what the food was worth.  I know how the hospitality/food service industry works, and that kind of behavior at an establishment w/ the reputation as the Fairmont's really set off a nerve.

    5.) VALET PARKING: THE BIGGEST PIECE OF BULLSHIT YOU'LL EVER ENCOUNTER!  So obviously, everyone's check in/out times are the same, so there is a rush.  You have to take the elevator to the basement downstairs and there's a fat line just waiting to get into the elevators from all the people trying to leave their rooms...

    ...THEN THERE'S ANOTHER LINE right after you get to the basement level.  You'd think you'd be right there in front of the valet check-out, but you have to travel down a long corridor that snakes around to the waiting area, check-out.  The line for me started in the corridor right after the exit from the elevator.

    Ah, then of course there's the waiting room, which has very little seats to accommodate anyone, and you're stuck camping on the sidewalk outside in the garage where they pull up the cars for pick up with your luggage.  Mind you, I am hung over and I want to get the hell out of there because it was freezing cold...

    One-by-one... the people that were in line AFTER us were leaving, and soon - we were in an empty garage 1.5 hours after checking in to get our car out of hawk.  We finally complained after no one bothered to check in on us, and the girl at the counter had the nerve to tell us the car drove by and no one claimed it, so they "re-parked it." -

    BULL-FUCKING-SHIT.  Excuse my language.  I had 3 other people with me that were fully functioning and standing watch with eyes like a hawk for our car.  I gave that girl a piece of my mind, told her we've been watching EVERY car that drove by, AND my bf has a distinctive badge on his car that is easy for us to spot apart from other cars of the same model.  I felt partially bad for unleashing "Ugly" on her, but that's what she gets for fucking lying, cuz I will call anyone out on it.

    We paid $20 to park in that garage over night.  Not once did they offer to comp it for our wait due to their negligence and lies, nor did we get any form of a sincere apology.  All we got was, "I guess there was a mix-up" and that was it!  [I should have thrown up in your garage when I needed to instead of holding it in, now that I think back...]

    I was impressed when we walked in, but upon entering the room [it was like a maze in a claustrophobic corridor] it started to slowly go down hill.  

    IF YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST STAY, don't park through valet, you'll save yourself your sanity when checking out on major holidays/tradeshows/conventions/events.  Get a room on the upper levels [we booked late, so we got a room on the 3rd floor w/. a view of a brick wall], and bring your own comforters if you want warmth and something cozy to settle into.  Wouldn't come back unless I took these steps and went on an off-season time.

    27/01/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    218. Joo O.
    I've been visiting my husband at this hotel every weekend for the past three weeks, and the only good thing I can say about this place is the friendly house keeping and efficient valet pick up. The rest of the experience has been just plain AWFUL!

    1. First night, I could not sleep because I was itching all all over, it may have been bed bugs or strong detergent. Don't know what caused it, but I asked them to change the bedding and it got better.

    2. The bathroom is really dated, old tiles, loud/old toilet, and faucets. I couldn't even turn the shower off all the way and had to call house keeping to have it fixed.

    3. The phone didn't work either, so I go down in person to complain about the above issues, and the manager makes me wait for 20 min while my little baby is fussing for breakfast, and she finally comes and apologizes in a really insincere way. Not the level of service I expect from a luxury hotel.

    4. I almost missed my birthday dinner reservation because the bell stand didn't bring my luggage up in time. They estimated 10-15min., and I wait almost 30min., and eventually had to go down and get it myself. When I went down, they shoved my stuff off to the side and didn't even know where my stuff was. Fortunately, I the restaurant held the reservation, so my birthday dinner wasn't completely ruined.

    I would like to end the list, but it just keeps gaining on...

    5. Last weekend, we couldn't sleep because people were so loud in the hallway at 3am and woke up me and my toddler. This hotel is so old, it has really bad sound proofing. The windows are pretty descent, it blocks out noise from the street, but not from the hallway. Make sure to request a room not near the elevator.

    6. To top it all, when we got our food from the pool bar, we found two strands of hair on my daughters grilled chicken. I was gonna let it go, when I saw the first one, but when I was the second, I had to complain. I've never had such a horrible thing happen at a nice hotel before. To be fare, the waitress was super nice, she grabbed us BLT and chips so our kids wouldn't have to wait for their food, and comped us our drinks.  

    there are some pros.

    1.If you sign up for the presidential club, you get free internet and shoe shining.
    2. Convenient location.

    I would NEVER stay here again.

    16/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    219. Jeff S.
    I recently stayed here for a few nights on a business trip and was quite pleased with my stay. Overall it's lavish and expansive, with an enormous lobby and lounge area. Perfect for a quick meeting during the day and for cocktails at night. I was lucky to meet Al Gore as he walked by on the way to a philanthropy symposium in the ballroom. Very cool.

    I had a standard room with king size bed and it was quite nice. Large open bathroom and changing area and a couch. I travel with a yoga mat to ease some back issues, and I was happy to have plenty of room for some morning exercise. The decor was a bit dated, believe the last remodel was in the late 90's. Otherwise, it was very comfortable and I slept well. Room service was also very good, but the 22% service fee, plus $5 delivery free, plus gratuity when the guy is standing there made it a very expensive meal.

    16/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    220. Tiffany K.
    Stayed here this past weekend to celebrate my friend's birthday in downtown San Jose. Aesthetics of the hotel was pretty nice and the view of the city from the hotel was beautiful. A very convenient location since it's close to the nightlife scene.

    18/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    221. Karin A.
    Very nice and gracious hotel.  Had a huuuuuge room with a huuuuuge bathroom. Very nice pool, just the sunloungers are a bit worn, unfortunately the weather turned cool so wasunable to make full use of the pool.  Very nice hotel, but San Jose is pretty dull, so won't be coming back, San Francisco it is ;)

    07/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    222. David C.
    This place is a lot of fun. Great food and honestly a nice place to get away.

    I was super happy with my stay however I will say I got better service at the Fairmont in San Fransisco.

    The SF one has a more classic and Historical experience, while this one is simply nice with a business feel to it.

    The SF one is more romantic but the SJ one is a lot of fun. The food is better at the SJ one. :]

    14/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    223. Delora G.
    Don't waste your money.  You can receive a higher level of customer service at the Embassy AND have a great breakfast for less.  I rented a suite for a bday and the valet was rude and basically, I had to park my own car BUT they still charged me for valet PLUS i had to pay for my self parking.  Come to find out the Manager was the person who stood by and allowed the valet to tell me to park my own car and "hurry up and get out out of the driveway".  If you have a jaguar or "appear" to be of high status I am sure you will get treated well.  But for humble people who will spend good $ and expect good service from a place which states they have high standards for customer service and are such high end, don't be fooled.  Circus Circus valet in vegas was 10 times more professional and courteous.  Even though the room was nice and clean, the experience with the Manager who stated he would give me a "package deal" for my parking issue and also stated "it was purely a miscommunication" lied and did not compensate me what so ever.  Do not even waste your time filling out the survey after you stay.  I filled it out and was contacted through email but it never lead to the contact I was told I would receive.  I also left a message for the contact it has listed on your check out receipt for concerns/complaints and never got a return call as well.  For such a nice place, you would think they would have the courtesy to return calls and at least appear to be concerned.  There was one bell boy who was so nice and polite.  I only wish whoever trained this young man could have done as well with the Manager and Valet.  Just remember, some people DO still work for their money and expect a high quality of service when paying such high prices.  There are too many other hotels in San Jose that actually provide exceptional service, please look around before you try the Fairmont.

    23/04/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    224. Gina F.
    Because every now and then I use my President Club Perks and darling you better bet your a_s that Im worth it. :)

    In December I surprised my children & parents with a lavish slumber party at The Fairmount Hotel.

    We celebrated the holiday and slept better than babies at the fairmount. 2 Personalized Notes and small chocolates awaited for my children. The service could not have been better. We stayed on what seemed like top of the world in 16th floor.

    The window ovver looked the pool and Christmas in the Park an experience, a holiday that will always be remembered. As everyone slept, I looked out the window at all the shimmering christmas lights I cried.  There are moments in one's life that you can not describe or put a price tag on. I looked at my beautiful family and thanked God for them and for being able to cherish and spoil them to pieces.

    Room service in the morning brought over waffles, juice, hot tea.  I swear with all the love and family surrounding me they were the best waffles I ever had.

    My father of course hopped on over to Starbucks but that is a whole diffrent story.

    Thank you Fairmount hotel the experince alone was worth every penny.

    28/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    225. Jeremy O.
    Having never been to San Jose, I wasn't really sure what to expect when arriving in the city or at The Fairmont Hotel. After pulling into the check in area and being sandwiched between Jaguars and Ferraris however, I quickly realized that I was not nearly fancy enough to be staying at this hotel. This realization was concreted even further after I walked inside and saw the lounge area and check in desks. For someone who is used to staying in Days Inn and Best Westerns, this place was like walking into the gates of heaven themselves.

    Check in was quick and easy, and our room was very clean and roomy. The beds were very comfortable and the view was fairly exceptional (we were in the newer tower). On top of all this, the bathroom was huge! Not only did it have a sweet marble shower, it also had a separate bathtub and huge vanity, not the vanity meant much to me but my female friend definitely took advantage of it.

    Location wise, The Fairmont is located directly in downtown San Jose and puts you within walking distance to the entire downtown area. In addition, the light rail line and bus lines run all around the hotel which can give you access to nearby suburbs such as Campbell and others.

    The only complaints I really have about The Fairmont are really very miniscule. For example, on the second day of our stay the housekeeping opened our door even though there was a 'do not disturb' sign on the door. Even after I told her that we didn't want housekeeping, they knocked on the door about an hour or so later and then once again asked me when I was walking to the elevator. She may have just been trying to do her job, but it got kind of annoying. Secondly, the prices at the lounge are extremely expensive but I guess that is to be expected when staying at a place like this. Luckily I didn't have to pay for the room though, so at least I saved a bit there!

    One last thing, all the WWE wrestlers stayed here when I was here and I thought that was pretty awesome, even though I don't care at all about wrestling. Stay here and be fancy!

    04/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    226. Veronica V.

    When booking our reservation, we were suckered into the 150 dollar credit they were offering for a 2 night or more stay. We stayed for 2 nights but that credit went more towards room taxes, the over priced valet, and gross Sunday brunch they offered.

    Customer service is unreal... Not in a good way. When we got checked in the front desk girl  was really short with me and was rude...

    The next morning when we ordered room service for breakfast,  the people who answered the phone seemed overworked or something and they were super rude and short with meas well. IT was as if they wanted me to hurry with my order and hang up. I didn't take more than about 3 minutes for my order. (HUH?) It left me confused and already I wasn't enjoying the rest and relaxation that I thought my fiance and I would get a a top rated hotel like the Fairmont in San Jose. I then wrote it off and thought well maybe it was a fluke and they were having a bad day. We all do at work every once in a while.

    Little did I know the worst was yet to come. Do not do the Sunday brunch. There isn't much of a selection and was about $100 per person. WAY OVERPRICED!!! Especially for what they were serving. I wasn't impressed at all. There were several men working there and most were nice except one. This guy was something else. I asked him different questions and he wouldn't answer me. They finally in a rude tone of voice he said "GO ASK YOUR WAITER HE IS OVER THERE!!" I was like wow. Was just shocked at the way both I and other guests were being treated. He was behind the buffet table and I was asking about the buffet. I asked myself why should I ask my waiter if this guy is right here and he is part of the restaurant staff. HE continued to be rude to many people. Until... A couple whom appeared well off came in and he catered to them with a smile. I shook my head in disbelief as I couldn't believe what I was seeing with my own eyes.Everyone there was a paying customer. I told my fiance that We should have just went outside of the hotel to eat.

    The worst part of my stay... I bet you thought I was already there... NOPE!!!  Purely disgusting...BED BUGS AND MORE RUDE STAFF... The first part of my night I had 2 small bites on my right arm when I woke in the morning and thought to myself that maybe it was while I was outside having oysters at the Grill on the alley. But I was wrong....... The next morning I woke up and had more bites on my right arm and all over my left arm. When I changed my clothes I found even more bites all up and down my left leg and 2 on my right. I was sooooo grossed out the morning we checked out. We had to deal with the same smiling/rude face on our check out that we did when we checked in. (Horray for me). I let her know about all the bed bug bites I experienced during my stay and physically showed her all the bites on both of my arms. I told her I would happily show her my legs if she wanted. Even she had a digusted look on her face. I told her I didn't expect any bed bugs because when we arrived the carpets were freshly steam cleaned and the carpet was still damp. Apparently the carpet cleaning wasn't enough because I still got bit. Im assuming that is why they steam cleaned the carpets before we got there. Anyhow, I explained to her how unhappy I was with my stay at the hotel and all she said was that she was sorry that I felt that way. WHAT THE?!?!?! I asked her to please let her manager know especially about the bed bugs bites and that if they could compensate the bill somehow. She appeared to go back to the front desk and talk with someone. Then when she got back she said that they would invesgiate the bed bugs and give me a call back. AGAIN WTH!!! I again asked for some sort of compensation and told her that if I wanted to get bit this much I would have went camping but this is the FAIRMONT!!! HELLO!! But to my dissapointment she said there was nothing she could do and that she was sorry. I was at a loss for words.. It was just unbelieveably disappointing and disgusting!!!

    For the final gotcha, she forgot to credit us our $150 credit that was promised to us when we booked the hotel. So we went back and then almost $600 later she credited the account.

    In summary, don't waist a penny here or your valuable time here. There are other really nice hotels in the area that would love your business and probably offer better customer service. I came here because I suffer from ulcerative colitis and was in alot pain from a flare up from my intestines and wanted to get some rest and relaxation/mini vacation. Instead was disgusted by the bed bugs and disapointed in my overall stay. If I could rate a zero I would.

    29/05/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    227. Ashley F.
    This is a review for the high tea.  Went to an afternoon tea outing with my boyfriends mom on a Saturday afternoon while the gymnastics trials were in town.  I wasn't sure if the "restaurant" doubled as a lobby, but there were tons of little girls just running around the tables and making a lot of noise.  There weren't many patrons in the dining area, but I didn't see any staff member trying to keep the children out or at least ask them to be quite for the other guests.  The tea was okay and the small dishes were good, but the ambiance just wasn't there.  You're paying mainly for the experience (the food isn't going to make you full) and right now it's literally like having expensive tea in a hotel lobby.

    29/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    228. Mark M.
    I've stayed at a Fairmont property in two other cities.  This one lives up to expectations and the standards Fairmont sets for its properties.

    The property is beautiful in the heart of Downtown San Jose.   While this beauty is beginning to show some age - it is still well kept, elegant, and beautiful.

    The service is top notch, there are multiple dining options, and there is live music in the lobby every evening (amazing).  

    The walk-in showers are old and bit yuk (need to be re-tiled and the shower head leaves a lot to be desired).  Wireless isn't free either.

    All in all - I would chose this property over the neighbors - a new Marriott and the Hilton -- whether traveling for business or pleasure.

    28/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    229. Dez B.
    My cousin was getting married in San Jose and we didn't want to drive back and forth from Concord on the same day so we booked a room here for a night.  Upon arrival we were allowed to do an early check-in at 11am.  We were originally supposed to stay in the 2nd tower but I requested a room in the main tower since the rest of my family was staying there and the lady got us a handicapped room with 2 queen beds.  The room was definitely roomy and cool which was perfect since it was scorching hot out that weekend.  Unlike the rest of my family (i think we had about 7 rooms plus a suite total) we had no problems during our stay.  The only thing that I didn't really like was how ghetto some of the other guests were during our stay.  My family that was staying on the 4th floor in a suite were neighbors with these thuggish guys that were partying till the wee hours of the morning, hot boxing their room, and had hellllla people in their room and hanging out in the hallway at night.  Someone also threw up in the lobby area where the elevators are on our floor which was disgusting.  I mean, c'mon now people, show a little class!!

    09/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    230. Doreen E.
    It's true this hotel is showing some signs of age, but I had a really nice stay here.  The rooms are spacious and well appointed. The beds are very comfortable. Sheets so very soft. The staff was wonderful, from the valet to the front desk, to housekeeping. I'd stay here again. It's in the middle of everything in downtown san jose.

    05/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    231. Suzy S.
    Not being very familiar with downtown San Jose, this was my first visit to the Fairmont, but not my last.

    Parking seemed to be an issue on a Saturday afternoon, not sure if this is the norm. Many lots were full but we found public parking a couple of blocks away with no problem.

    We attended a food event held in the Imperial Ballroom and was most impressed with the accommodations. The ballroom is spacious and, although there was quite a crowd, we didn't feel like we were in a sardine can.

    My friend highly recommends making this a destination weekend getaway. She finds the rooms very comfortable and at an affordable price.

    We stopped to peek into the spa facility and that did it for me. Looks like I'll have to check it out. I'll be back to spend more time at the Fairmont soon.

    04/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    232. Mike P.
    One of the most beautiful hotels in San Jose that couldn't be in a better location. Surrounded by some of the best hot spots in the city, if you have a choice this is a great place to stay.

    31/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    233. KC D.
    Nice hotel but horrendous service. Bell desk said they were short staffed when I went down after my bags hadn't made it up to my room 20-30 min after check-in when we checked them after arriving early. Guy at bell desk asked if they could send up wine or a certain beer to "keep you happy." Nothing was ever sent up but that wasn't a big deal. Most hotels have an extra set of sheets/pillows in the room for the pull out couch. The Fairmont does not and when we called down to find some, they were never delivered. Went down to get them myself and again they said they were short staffed (which is not an excuse. I'm sorry. Hire and train enough people) but someone would bring them up. Tired of waiting so I said I'd just take them myself to ensure that I got them. Even then, I had to wait 5-10 min for them to even produce sheets and a pillow for me. Even something as simple as check out, I had to wait over 5+ minutes looking right at one of the front desk staff on the phone who never looked up to acknowledge me. There was another person working the front desk who was assisting guests, and there were three open computers that staff should have been on, assisting guests.
    If you want any semblance of service , stay elsewhere.

    22/10/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    234. Kristen M.

    My family and I booked our room at this hotel probably 4 months prior to our visit (we were visiting the SJ area for my cousin's wedding). To think that this so called "classy, upscale" hotel in the middle of the downtown San Jose area would uphold its -----.

    So we were expecting to have 2 queen beds for our reservation, it turns out they gave the damn room away since the FANIME convention was in town and so they gave it to the kids who were attending that shindig. Let alone we ended up with 1 queen bed, a cot (which you have to pay $25/night for - AND they didn't even compensate their mistake for that and charged us). We would've taken our business elsewhere, but all my other fam bam members were staying there for the weekend, it only made sense to be close by.

    The place has valet only. It can be a good thing or bad thing depending if you don't wanna park outside in the ghetto or if you wanna pay a certain fee and tip all day. It depends on how much dough you got in your wallet.

    What I found quite weird with their hotel room toilets is that it's not your typical "Standard American" toilet you would find in other hotels. It seems like its a toilet you'd walk into McDonald's - the types of toilets where you don't really use the handle but push down with your shoe to flush kinda thing. I guess so it has more power. But still, for a nice swanky hotel, I would think you'd have a porcelain throne made out of gold or something! But eh, putting a phone in the separated toilet room was what I found a bit weird and so 90's. But meh.

    Don't get me started on the internet. You have to pay $13.99 per computer that logs on. That kinda just sucks because most hotels and even coffee shops for goodness sakes offers free wifi. You would think that would be a perk for staying with this hotel. I guess not!

    I would've given this place 1 star, but the cleaning lady took good care of us, I gave this place another star.

    So would I ever stay at the Fairmont again? I may give it one more chance because I believe in second chances, but thus so far, you ain't "FAIR"mont.

    13/06/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    235. Lisa S.
    I am a native San Jose gal so this was my first time staying at the Fairmont. My sister and I had a double/double room in the main building (supposedly other towers are more expensive because they are remodeled, or something to that affect). I wasn't going to pay an extra $30 just for brand new and I'm glad I didn't.

    Pulled into valet/check in and only had time to check in before leaving again so the valet kindly let me park for 10 minutes. Check in was easy. Love love love the room. Bathroom, huge! Beds, comfy! Tons of space throughout the room.
    Everything even looked new so I wasn't feeling left out. There is a huge closet in the vanity area, which is separate from the actual bathroom, which is also separate from the toilet. Brilliant. Now we can all get ready and not bump into each other.

    Dislike $26 valet parking. Not sure where else you would park though.
    Dislike the bar in the main building closes at midnight. You can still sit in the round seating around but no drinks or food. Boo. You can however go to the store and buy alcohol to drink in that area..so we did! (huge wedding party not ready for bed yet).

    Check out was a breeze, they send you an email and you can check out from there. Oh yeah, and free Wifi.

    Great location for downtown SJ. Walking distance to tons of restaurants.

    Definitely coming back here if the price is right!

    24/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    236. Crystal C.
    Gorgeous hotel, very clean, and can be pricey. We found a really good rate because we did the advance purchase that gives a 20% discount. They allowed us to have an early check in and a late check out. Our room was very clean, spacious, and nicely decorated. We had a Signature King room located on the fourth floor which has a private patio and is adjacent to the pool. I did have a couple of complaints. I had to ask twice for wine glasses before someone finally brought them up. Also housekeeping would knock very softly so we didn't hear it and they wouldn't give us a chance to answer before they opened the room. Lastly since we were above the ballrooms, the music would echo into our room and it didn't stop until midnight since there were a couple of weddings going on. We did have a good experience and would have stay again if the price was right.

    11/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    237. Rick F.
    We had our National Sales and Service Convention here for 3 days, 4 nights.

    Great classic hotel, Excellent Service. Room was amazing, Huge, big closet, huge bathroom separate shower and tub, flat screen TV with way to many channels to choose from. Bed and pillows were comfortable and provided a great nights sleep.

    AC, Shower Head and Faucet were all in need of a fix!

    The rest of the hotel was great the bar, the restaurant , the ballroom and breakout rooms and service were all excellent! The lobby bar with the live entertainment every night was awesome!

    Great location, Great people and Great atmosphere made for a great experience

    09/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    238. Ashley M.
    The stay was five stars. The effort it took to get a room was almost not worth it. I stayed here on a Friday and Saturday night at the end of October. We wanted to look at a few suites before we chose which one we wanted because we were having family come over. We were told many times we didn't need an appointment. Of course, when we got there, we were told we needed an appointment. This place is a good hour away from us and we had to come back two or three times due to incorrect information. In the end, we were again given wrong information so we just chose a random suite. It turned out to be a great room. Plush bed, room service, excellent food, and plenty of room to get ready for my wedding!

    05/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    239. david b.
    Very nice rooms but systemic problems. We stay here once a month for work, and the simplest requests often require multiple calls.

    Also, avoid the tower rooms -- the a/c-heating system is off kilter.

    01/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    240. Chi N.
    Very nice upscale hotel located right at Cesar Chavez square.  I've been here for a number of different events over the years, including two of my cousins weddings in the ballroom and a New Year's Eve party (one of my friends rented a suite).  The service was excellent for both weddings and ballrooms are gorgeous, with crystal chandeliers in each spacious venue.  

    On a regular weekend some of my friends also like to venture into the lobby/bar area and hang out near the piano/band area.  I had  a burger here last week and it was pretty good but pricy at $16.  They also have dance lessons here some nights, good place to chill if you don't wanna have to fight crowds.

    21/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    241. Lisa N.
    This review is for the Piano Bar in the lounge.

    I've enjoyed the fairmont piano bar the last 3 times I've been here so I'm finally writing  a review!

    -a ton (in the hundreds) of martinis to choose from! my favorites are watermelon frost and red dragon.
    -bar bites. i ordered the truffle fries which were good but not as good as yardhouse!
    -live music. they have rotating bands and from what I've seen, they're great!
    -mature crowd
    -many people get up to dance: cha cha, salsa, you name it!
    -great for groups!
    -a bit pricey but definitely worth the ambiance and the drinks are strong!!

    the only con I have is that I had trouble locating my server at times. I think they should have a few more people and their servers should look more pulled together.

    i paid $100 (this is including tax + tip) for 5-6 drinks and fries. definitely a place where you will be spending a lot

    22/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    242. C K.
    I stayed here for a conference and the provided breakfast, lunch and snacks were all very good. The egg muffin sandwiches at breakfast were good. The lunch which consisted of a Greek salad, chicken breast and mixed vegetables and creme brulee was great. The cookies, brownies, and lemon bar snack items were very good and I loved how they always had fresh fruit, tea, and coffee available. The room was nice and spacious, a bit older but well kept. The bed was fantastic, and the pillows were not too soft. Overall, I enjoyed my stay and the conference was handled very well by The Fairmont

    16/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    243. Eric S.
    Pretty on the outside bad plumbing and customer service on the inside. I stayed there for a weekend with the G/F. The toilet was leaking and the shower was backed up. I called the first night we were there to have it fixed. It only took 15 minutes on hold to speak with someone to have my complaint addressed. I called the second day to have it fixed by the third day I called again just to see if they would follow up with this concern in any way. Finally after checking out and not hearing anything from anyone I have decided better to stay at a 2 star and just know that i will be treated the same as i was here.

    11/09/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    244. Natasha S.
    Had our company "holiday" party here.

    yet it was after the holidays in january with the slot of 430-730.  otherwise the food was good but for a HUGE room there could have been WAY more tables and chairs instead of 10ppl at one mini round table

    OVERALL: ill come back if i have to

    14/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    245. Marrione T.
    Stayed here for 3-days (fanime convention) and well it was okay price, since it's a luxury a hotel, $259 a night for a Deluxe Suite King NS Tower, very affordable for a good stay so we don't have to complain, not a problem. It's just that there was 4 of us in a suite, and we only received 2 card keys, and we didn't realize that to enter the hotel itself, you needed the card key.  So I guess it should be, for every guest they should give 1 card key.  
    The room was nicely furnished and it was really spacious. Also really close to the convention center, food shops and SJ Airport. Keep in mind $25 per person. I will be back Fairmont, for next year's Fanime.

    30/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    246. Diane C.
    The Fairmont is always a treat!

    My husband and I discovered it four years ago and return every chance we get.  The hotel is easy to check in.  The rooms are incredible with very comfy beds.  I love the espresso bar by the bar in the mornings.  The restaurants inside are beyond good.  Never had anything that I didn't like and I am very picky (foodie).  The lounge area is great during tea time or even in the evening for drinks.  

    This is a magical place especially during Christmas.  They decorate it so well that you feel that you've been transferred to a Magical Christmas world.

    We have been there to watch important Sports games, celebrate special occasions or just because.

    I would recommend The Fairmont to anyone looking for a quality place.  This is a great place for romantic dates or even big groups to enjoy the decor and atmosphere.

    10/02/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    247. Jason S.
    This hotel is pretty baller. It has a slight historic look, but very pristine and clean inside. Layout of the first floor is a bit off though, but that accounts for multiple entrances into the hotel. Americanized Asian restaurants are in here.

    Rooms are very spacious and luxurious. It's one of those rooms where the restroom is it's own room with the toilet as it's own closet. Great amenities and conviently located in the heart of downtown San Jose.

    Pricelined for a little over $100

    29/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    248. Lisa R.
    Got the room for $79 on Priceline so I felt like I got a good deal. King bed was really comfortable and bf especially loved the pillows. The bathroom and the room were both very spacious. The bathroom had a separate tub and shower. The service was great! Very quick and easy to check in and out. We had an issue with the TV and when we called, they sent a maintenance person up in less than 5 minutes and he fixed it quickly. I called to request late checkout and was greeted by name and she was very nice to give me a 1:30pm checkout instead of noon. I could hear the music faintly outside and the airplanes but it wasn't at all loud and didn't interfere with my sleep. The blackout curtains were perfect for letting me sleep in. I liked the toiletries they offered in the bathroom and they had plenty of towels available. Organic teas and coffees too. It was those small touches that made this place so nice for me. I didn't like the way they charge you for everything. $26 for parking unless you have a hybrid and it's $13. 22% gratuity for room service plus $4 room delivery charge. Those things seem really ridiculous to me. I've stayed at other 4 star places I felt were nicer and didn't have those extra charges. I would stay again especially considering the price I got but don't think I would pay much more to stay here.

    24/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    249. Christina M.
    We stay at the Fairmont often, sometimes work requires it or that we are avid sharks fans and come visit for the home games. Great thing about this hotel is some of the hockey players stay here! And then come the not-so-great things here. (1.) Our tv didn't work, which with tired little ones it would have been nice to just turn on a movie and relax in the evening. (2.) The beds were very uncomfortable. My boyfriend and I both had a hard time sleeping and tossed/turned through the nights. (3.) Hanging out in the lobby where there is a bar, music, snacks, tv's etc... There were maybe two cocktail waitress's working at a time. Now after hockey games, this place gets very busy. Two waitresses just isn't enough. The wait for them to take our order/make and bring drinks or food was quite long. (4.) they really should have some sort of security present. Our room was in the "south" tower and there was a woman hanging out in her pajamas in the elevator/lobby of our tower for hours. It didn't appear as if she was a guest to the hotel, and if she was security would have been nice in order to escort her to her room.

    02/12/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    250. Greg B.
    We stayed at the San Jose Fairmont on New Year's Eve and New Year Day. This was our first visit to this Fairmont and we were really pleased with all aspects of our stay. Since we're members of the free on-line President's Club, we were graciously upgraded to a suite at no extra cost. The Cambria Suite (12th floor, south tower) was really beautiful and comfortably appointed. The bed was one of the most comfortable hotel beds we've ever enjoyed. We enjoyed dinner at The Grill on the Alley and we really enjoyed it. We strongly recommend the crab cakes!
    The Fairmont is conveniently located near The Tech, Convention Center and Performing Arts Center.
    The only downside of our visit is that all parking is valet-only parking, and at $26 per day we thought this was pretty steep for San Jose.

    06/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    251. Yen T.
    This is for my sister who just recently had a wedding here.

    She got the lobster steak package. We were not very happy with the food. Salad was too dry and presentation was not impressive. The main course was so horrible, I didn't even touch my dish. I'm sure all the 350 guests would agree. The cake, horrendous.

    Bar tending was another story. A bar tender had the decency to tell his customers to tip him. Not ask, but tell. Wth is wrong with this picture? Yes we are Asian, but we ain't cheap!

    For the money you are paying, you would expect better food and better CUSTOMER SERVICE.

    We emailed the director and whoever helped us out for the wedding, but no one responded except for the catering director.

    26/09/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    252. Jeremiah R.
    They want to be a high end hotel, but they don't have any amenities, unless you are ready to pay, very steeply. Let go with parking, after paying $200 a day, for the room, you need to pay $26 a day to park your car. Next if you need internet, be prepared to pay $13.95 a day. Come on, even the cheap hotels give you that free. Their room services was pricey enough by itself, but then add the room charge per order, so if you order coffee and toast that's 2 orders, you have a 22% Service charge on top of all that too. Me and my wife got up and was out of the room by 8 am. When we came back to the room at 2 pm our room hadn't been cleaned yet. It took a call to the front desk, where they informed me it must have been missed, but for a small fee of $40 they could send someone to clean it. The big kicker was I have a service dog. Have the service vest and a ID card and all. They tried to tell me they had to change me the dog deposit for her. When I told that I was protected under federal law and that they could not do that they told me to go ahead and sue them. Eventually I got a manager in here apologize profusely and took and remove the charge, but it just shows how  unprofessional the staff is.

    25/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    253. Jase L.
    I recently stayed at the Fairmont, San Jose and overall had a great experience with only one real thing dragging down the star rating and that was the service. I'm not particularly needy as a hotel guest and I respect people who work in the service industry greatly but I would have enjoyed my experience at the Fairmont much more if I had received even ONE smile from someone working at the concierge desk. On top of that, the concierge desk is strangely located so it's not a very central feature of the hotel so that kind of adds the lack of "personal-ness" that I felt.

    Aside from that, I was in town for an event near the convention center and the location can't be beat. It was a quick 5-minute walk from the Convention Center and the Hilton (where most other attendees were staying). All my coworkers who stayed at the Hilton were jealous when they saw my hotel. The Fairmont has this great old-world class to it's decor.

    A few other things, if you sign up for the Fairmont President's Club you get free wifi in their hotels (otherwise it's $13 a day). The Hilton Hotels, on the other hand, don't offer free wifi to their rewards members until you've gained enough points to move up to their Gold level. In San Jose the trolley cars have free Wifi and the Hilton doesn't?? But I digress....

    The gym at the Fairmont was ok. It wasn't very big but the equipment was all in pretty good repair and it connected right through to the locker rooms and sauna, which was nice.

    Overall, a pretty positive experience except for a couple things. Mainly the front desk's "snooty-ness" (or maybe just unhappiness, hard to tell) which immediately marred my experience walking in.

    06/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    254. Arry Y.
    Stayed here for a few nights while in the bay area for my college friend's wedding.  Thanks to the negotiated rate from the wedding - was able to stay for a very affordable price!  :)

    Rooms were standard - nice Fairmont-like rooms.  Nothing out of the ordinary for them.  

    The hotel staff were very friendly - every single interaction I had with them was oozing with professional and friendly customer service.  It was raining one of the days there - pouring in fact, so borrowed a hotel umbrella (a very nice big and sturdy one that can fit a bunch people underneath without breaking a sweat).  Concierge, front desk, valet car services - all did a good job.

    There was a funny thing though - I assume there's not that much to do on a weekend night in San Jose, so Saturday night, they had some sort of ... karaoke/dancing night in the lobby area with piano, band and everything - which if I hadn't been so tired, might have been kind of entertaining to check out.

    07/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    255. Royce S.
    stayed here last month. it was such a comfortable stay! i had a friend visiting from out of town and we had a couple of events to attend to in the downtown sj area. the fairmont was the perfect place to stay. close to everything, bars, movies and the best of all starbucks!! i really enjoyed the wallpaper in the room!!

    would def stay again and marisol who checked us in was really nice!

    05/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    256. Amber G.
    The decor was great, but I was only here to register for a convention! The rooms looked beautiful and the staff was nice about getting us water. That's all I have to say!

    01/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    257. Kay G.
    Ok so  I did go back! I have to say this time was 10 times better then the last time I went. the rooms are clean and the staff was super nice. I had gone to the pool one after noon and it was nice the young lady who was a server was super nice and knew a lot about the drinks and the food on the menu. The hummus was so good.  I mean maybe the best hummus I have ever had!  The bar down stair is nice if you want to hear a band a nice and enjoy some drinks with the a band. Also super close to down town so It was nice! I really did enjoy this time more then the last. I will go back. every time we called for the car. it was ready when we got down there so I will be going back!

    16/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    258. John M.
    We are a well travelled couple.  The Fairmont is right up three at the top .

    29/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    259. Jin P.
    Pros: great central downtown location, weekend deals, spacious rooms and bathrooms, separate shower/toilet/tub, clean rooms, friendly staff, and delicious room service food.

    Cons: Shower and toilet are the size of refrigerators, tub has no curtain, $14 dollar wifi (seriously?), mandatory $26 valet parking, furnishings are a bit outdated and old.

    Overall, the Fairmont is a solid choice for downtown San Jose, especially given the weekend deals. However, don't expect your stay to be the most pampered and luxurious experience of your life.

    14/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    260. Yamona M.
    What an absolutely stunning hotel.  Friendly and fast valet service by Steven, who felt rightfully indignant when I had been sent running all over the place to get my car back.  The breakfast provided for us was fantastic.  Fruit and Granola Station, Coffee Bar Station, Hot Food Station AND a Made to Order Omlette Station.

    I was blown away.

    25/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    261. Jen K.
    A really pleasurable (if brief) stay in San Jose. I've only visited a few other hotels in the area, but vastly preferred the Fairmont to the Doubletree and Holiday Inn San Jose. It is certainly the more elegant choice. Our double room was incredibly spacious and I loved the sitting area that adjoined the bathroom with its separate tub and shower. I was staying in the room with a friend and it was nice that we had plenty of space and weren't on top of each other ("that's what she said"). My room at the Holiday Inn San Jose was about 1/2 the size.

    Every member of the staff that I encountered was friendly and helpful.  Check-in only took moments, the valet service was prompt and the concierge checked me in for my painfully early AM flight. We had dinner at the on-site restaurant, The Grill on the Alley. There was a bit of sticker shock, but overall the food and cocktails were quite good.

    The lobby was packed and they had some live entertainment the night we were there. Not necessarily a hip younger vibe, but still fun. The President's Club offers some great perks, so if you are a repeat visitor to San Jose, you should consider making this your regular spot. They also offer free overnight parking for guests that drive a hybrid vehicle.

    05/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    262. Christine P.
    For Valentine's weekend, my husband and I booked a package at the Fairmont Hotel.  For $300 we booked a hotel suite and two massages for one night.  Valet parking is available for $26 a night with unlimited in and out privileges.  The service of the employees at the Fairmont was great.   Our king size bed was extremely comfortable.  

    However, there were a few things that would make the hotel even better.   The hotel could use a little bit of a renovation.  We stayed in their main building which is a little bit older than their other tower (which is located just a few steps away).   Our hotel room keys kept getting demagnitized - for a stay of approximately 18 hours our hotel keys didn't work twice and had to be replaced twice.  So it would be nice if they can update their system.

    If I ever stay here again,  I will definitely make a request to stay in their newer tower. We didn't eat in any of their restaurants since there were so many restaurants within walking distance.

    Our massages were nice and relaxing.  Their lobby lounge is also a great place to unwind. They had a great menu of drinks although I didn't have a chance to try any.

    16/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    263. Frances B.
    Clean and conveniently located in the heart of downtown San Jose, but pricey to stay here. We rented a few suites for our wedding party and guests, and were on balance happy with our stay here, but only because of the cleanliness of the place. The suites are also a good size and updated/well kept as well.

    HOWEVER....although the price is five-star pricing (meaning, very PRICEY), the service isn't exactly up to par. My husband and I specifically requested that each of our out-of-town guests who stayed at the hotel for our wedding receive a "welcome package" from us upon their check in. These welcome packages were tailored to each guest and we communicated how important it was to deliver these to them.  We only had 7 out-of-town guests, and hence, only 7 packages to distribute, and yet the staff completely forgot to give them to our guests despite our reminders to do so. That was definitely a HUGE disappointment, especially given the amount of business we gave to this establishment, and the emphasis placed on the importance of giving the packages out.

    27/01/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    264. Barbara W.
    The best hotel lobby bathroom in the South Bay! You can contemplate life away in these private bathroom stalls.

    This bathroom is the perfect pitstop for all us streetwalkers, drunks etc. roaming the city.

    16/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    265. Ryan L.
    Not long ago some friends of mine and I went to the lobby lounge at the Fairmont Hotel for "Liquid Therapy" the LGBT mixer for professionals.  The place was in complete chaos and it was a horrible experience.  A gazillion sales people had infiltrated the lobby and treated it like their own residence, and they refused to leave.  The lounge was completely chaotic and it was impossible to get a server's attention, or get a drink at the bar.  

    The lounge itself was nice and was full of comfortable couches and chairs with side tables and warm lighting.  A pianist played off to the side of the lounge.

    I don't know what the hotel or lounge could have done, but a mixer that was planned in advance was ruined by a bunch of loud, obnoxious sales people.  Perhaps some accommodations could have been made or the sales people asked to leave the lounge.  I don't know what they could have done, but by doing nothing I was very disappointed.

    04/03/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    266. Laurene H.
    If I could give this place zero stars I would and let me tell you why. In September of 2013 my husband and I made the grievous error of booking a reservation for this hotel for a date in June 2014. In the intervening months a lot of life happened and we completely forgot about the reservation. In early July my husband's account was charged $302 for a "no show." At no time from September 2013 to June 2014 did we receive a confirmation notice which would have reminded us to reconfirm or cancel the reservation. The hotel's reservations office sent a bogus confirmation letter addressed to my husband to his credit card company with a JULY DATE on it! They NEVER sent a letter to him! When  I spoke with the reservations manager she said that the only confirmation they give is at the initial contact. When I asked why they would let so many months pass without contact she told me that that was their policy. So apparently if you can't fill a hotel legitimately you can make money by billing hapless customers for "no shows." In any event that $302 is the last money that The Fairmont chain of hotels  will EVER get from us. Caveat Emptor.

    29/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    267. Tom L.
    Tied with the St. Claire for my favorite hotel in San Jose.

    Every section of the hotel is beautifully decorated. The lobby has a relaxing atmosphere and plenty of comfortable seating. There is also a nice bar area that serves quality (but expensive) cocktails. The rooms are large and comfortable. The service here is always exceptional and the staff truly tries to ensure that you enjoy your stay.

    The banquet rooms are huge and well catered. There was never a wait at the bar and the food was excellent. The larger banquet rooms are perfect for weddings or corporate events and can hold well over 250 people.

    The rooftop pool is a really nice place to relax and read a book in the sun. They have a small drink area where you can order something to keep you cool during the oppressive summer months.

    If you are coming to San Jose and don't mind spending a little extra money you will definitely enjoy your stay at the Fairmont.

    10/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    268. Jennifer S.
    Went here for a banquet event.  The place is pretty spacious but I like the SF one better.  The food is great.  There was only one entree choice of fish which was really tasty and fresh.  The creme brulee for dessert was like heaven in my mouth, it was delicious.

    31/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    269. Jo D.
    Although I'm no regular at The Fairmont Hotel, I wouldn't mind checking out the scene here every now and then. Live Jazz, local bands, ballroom dancing, sushi, all of the above please! And their Concierge Cecilia was amazing...! She informed  us with great downtown tips and suggestions.  I'm so glad she was there to help us when we needed it..

    19/02/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    270. Linda C.
    Tonight is our sixth night here this week and a couple of things to update on.

    Yesterday we left the room maybe 1 or 1:30ish - when we returned about 10PM, the room hadn't been cleaned by housekeeping. We phoned them to let them know and they sent a lady up. We told her we just needed towels and to have the dishes removed but she ignored that and proceeded to strip the bed and do the entire enchilada: at 10:30PM. After she put the bed bath together, I crawled under the sheets while she worked on the bathroom (for like another 15 or 20 minutes). All we really needed, towels and dishes, should have taken 5 minutes. We were wiped out but couldn't go to sleep while she proceeded to do it all.

    Air conditioning doesn't seem to work well here (both our rooms AC's on this trip haven't been great). Our room temperature seems stuck at 74.6 degrees despite my having it turned down below 70. I can't sleep at night when it's warm and this would explain why I'm not sleeping well. The bed here is quite comfortable though and I love their pillows but the temperature is a show stopper for me.

    Snack tray in room two still hasn't been refilled but the shower head in the 2nd room was MUCH better (so if you get a crappy one, by all means, COMPLAIN!)

    I don't know.  For $189 a night (king room) plus $25/day for parking, I think I would rather stay in Los Gatos at the Toll House or at the Los Gatos Hotel. They both have free parking and there's a lot more to do within walking distance. Granted, if you're here for business in the downtown area, this is the best you'll likely find, but if not, there are definitely places that are a bit cozier.

    19/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    271. Lupita Z.
    Had my Birthday here on Jan 26, i got a two bedroom suite and it was amazing! went bar hopping everything was within walking distance. I was able to check in early and check out late. Over all i really enjoyed my stay and will be coming back!

    08/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    272. Mona W.
    Our company's holiday event was hosted at the Fairmont hotel. The hotel is located at the heart of downtown San Jose right in front of the park. Very festive during the holiday season.

    This Fairmont, like many other Fairmonts I have been to, is classy and elegant. The staff I have encountered were all courteous and accommodating. The banquet room on the second floor is magnificent with a beautiful reception area decorated with large crystal chandelier, grand piano and lovely chinas. It is quite a perfect venue for a business party.

    06/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    273. Brendan B.
    Do you know your way to the San Jose Fairmont?? If not, you should! Another great stay, from the moment I arrived I was greeted by Sammy the valet who always remembers my name. Check in is a breeze with The Fairmont's "On my way to San Jose" program. I pulled up in my car and was handed the key to my room in the South tower, awesome! Upon entering my room there was a fruit basket and a hand written note welcoming me to the Fairmont and thanking me for my business. The room itself was clean and peaceful with soft music playing upon entry. Breakfast at Fountain was a real nice experience as well, get the Huevos Rancheros are incredible. Dinner at The Grill was again a nice experience with a attentive staff who was quite knowledgeable about the local wine. I highly recommend that if you are visiting San Jose, make your way to The Fairmont.

    23/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    274. Cowboy L.
    hey, it is the fairmont right? Check in process... simple and easy (didn't sign anything!) got keys.. had a really great room in the second building.... I think when I reserved the room I was supposed to have a view... not much of a view.. but, not a deal breaker.

    in all a memorable time at a great hotel. we will return.

    14/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    275. Nicole D.
    My manager booked me into a 2xDouble bed suite here during a business trip. I stayed in the Sunset Room.
    This place was amazing from the moment I stepped through the doors. Enormous ceilings, mood lighting, gorgeous decor, restaurant/bar, friendly doormen.
    I went up to my room and found that there were several separate rooms inside. Through the front door you enter the living room, which has a dining table, big screen LCD, mini bar hidden in a bureau, computer desk behind the couch. It was really pretty. There's nice, trendy wall paper up, and was definitely designed by a real pro.
    The bedroom was through the next room, with its two double beds. AMAZING bedding. It was so soft I didn't want to get up. There was also a matching TV on the enormous dresser (drawers deeper than Vin Diesel's voice--I could stand my pumps up vertically inside without them hitting the top), and a shared nightstand. The phone wasn't plugged in though, and I couldn't even find a cord. Boohoo, I had to walk to the exec desk or use the one in the water closet.

    Speaking of which; to get to the bathroom you had to walk through the dressing area/vanity with the large, squishy stool. The bathroom had a full-length mirror on the door, a bathtub, separate shower with clear glass door (I hate, hate HATE shower curtains in hotels. Grody.), central vanity sink, and the toilet was it's own room with pocket door.

    Closet space, you ask? It's next door to the bathroom, just off the bedroom. Walk-in style, about 8 feet long, with really nice, wooden hangers, and some with clips for dress pants.

    I was extremely impressed already, but my manager showed up and took me to The Grill, which is located off the lobby. The menu was kind of small, and expensive ($45+/plate for the specials), however that seriously is NOT an issue when the food is as amazing as it is. I ordered the filet mignon w/roquefort cheese, and we shared a half-bottle of wine that our friendly, adorable waiter picked out.
    My manager luckily had a reservation, and I would definitely suggest you make one, because it was quite full even on a week day.

    The next morning I ordered room service--sausage links, a strawberry/banana smoothie, a small pot of coffee, and health nut pancakes. The lady that delivered it was friendly, and set up the table next to the kitchen table so I could continue working while I ate.
    It came with adorable little jars of jellies, and a miniature bottle of syrup--all of which I took home of course. Of course it was absolutely amazing, and only took about 15 minutes.

    When I checked out, I waited outside for my manager to pick me up, and chatted with the doorman for a few minutes. He was very friendly and great conversation--and then helped load my huge bag into my boss's tiny car after holding the door open and closing it for me.

    I hope next time I fly down she books me into the Fairmont again! I would LOVE to come back.

    02/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    276. Colin D.
    Stayed here for a conference I was attending. The room was nice, clean and up-to-date. They had decent free Wi-Fi if you joined their free rewards club. The location is hard to beat being *right* downtown in San Jose and within walking distance of lots of great restaurants.

    20/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    277. Michael S.
    Service non-existent at the lobby bar seating area.  Wanted to order a drink and left after being ignored for 15 minutes.  And, it was not very busy.  The servers would just rather chat with each other and clear off the dirty tables than serve us.  Fairmont, your service has gone way downhill since we were married here 24 years ago.  Would make this zero stars if it would let me.

    26/12/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    278. Megan T.
    Stayed one night in a queen room.  Service was friendly and efficient from all areas of the hotel!  Our only complaint was the decor of our room.  It is very "dated" and old school.  The entire room was beige!  Yuck...artwork on the wall was ugly.  They need someone to come in and put some modern decor in the rooms and maybe a little color would be nice!  Needs a major overhaul.  BUT, the room was very clean!!!

    06/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    279. Jennifer C.
    Yea the hotel is a bit outdated but they maintained the hotel very well.  I stayed here for one night and the room is great. The bed is awesome (simmons beautyrest) and my room is at the corner so it's super quiet. The bathroom is clean and shower is powerful. Lol. Overall, this is definitely a 4-star hotel and I am very satisfied with the stay. Valet parking is $26 with in and out privilege.  The surrounding area at night is a bit scary, so I wouldn't suggest girls walking about the neighbor by themselves.

    28/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    280. Peter J.
    Nothing phenomenal for a place that is supposed to be awesome.   Just a long hallway compared to most but everything else was typical.  I don't see what the hype is.

    14/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    281. Asli B.
    I stayed in Fairmont in a week night. They checked me in in 2 minutes. Room, sheets were clean. Location is great, close to everywhere in downtown. It's con is it doesn't have regular guest parking, only valet parking.

    14/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    282. Grace N.
    ***If you're thinking about valet, when you purchase it online, it's $20/day. When you buy when you get in there, it's $26/day. Get the valet online!***

    ****Internet is NOT free, unless you're in the Presidential suite, or a more expensive suite. $13.95/day for internet. OR, you can walk to Starbucks down Paseo de San Antonio and 2nd St.****

    Gotta say, the main thing I'm disappointed in is the bathroom toilet. I know, random choice of words, but how can you have a toilet that you usually flush with your foot? I'm only assuming it would take too long and too much money to convert them to more modern toilets, but I guess that sucks.

    Anywho, I stayed for 2 nights here for my sister's wedding on 4/20 weekend, and you can assume it was danky in there after a certain hour. When I went to check in, I was received well. The room, however, was a bit... alright. I was on the third floor with a wonderful view of spikes to keep the pigeons away from my window. I noticed that there were ring marks on the marble counter tops in the room, on pretty much all of the counter tops in the room. Of course people party hardy here, but I tried cleaning it myself, only to find out that that's permanently damaged since it sat for a long period of time? (don't quote me on that reason. not sure how trust worthy it is) The faucet was a bit sketch for me since it seemed clogged and it didn't flow evenly out of the spout. Coffee pot is on the vanity NEXT to the bathroom, A/C works well, TV was alright, neighbors weren't so bad. After 10pm I think, all the side entrances will be locked and the only way you can get in thru any other entrance BESIDES the main front entrance on Market St. is with your key card to your room. BEWARE!!! Depending on what day of the week you're staying there, and what time of the night you decide to go prowling, there will be some gnarly people out there (i.e. - drunk people, folks asking for money in front of your girl so you won't look like a fool in front of her, the awkward drunk girl carrying her shoes walking around the hotel looking for the exit/entrance, etc). I had the not-so-much-of-a-pleasure of coming out of the side entrance of the Fairmont towards the Circle of the Palms side to a couple straddling each other making out by the water fountain. The more awkward moment was when we came back after 20 mins to them still there.

    If you're not in the mood of walking to your destination, but it is in walking distance, flag down the guys on bikes with the seats in the back. They'll take you wherever you wanna go, in downtown SJ, and don't forget to tip!

    DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING IN THE FRIDGE, OR ON YOUR DRESSER WITH THE SENSORS. They will charge you for moving anything. Even a set of 2 cups are on sensors. The fridge, I gotta say, is a strategic move on their part. The fridge is filled up to the brim, so you won't be able to place anything in there. You can probably squeeze an ice cream bar in there somehow, but it's all on you if you wanna try. I didn't even want to open the fridge cause I was paranoid there was a fee for opening it. =____=

    Valet was fast when you first check in, the in's and out's are pretty nice too. Check out day on the other hand, is pretty hectic. Don't expect your car to be there within 10 mins of asking for it. There were a few other folks before us when we asked for our car, and the wait was around 10-15 mins long. Also, if you ask for the bell boy to help you with your stuff on check out day, it will take awhile, so don't get all anal about them being late. if you're not on the 2nd floor (where the rooms start), then don't complain about them not being there right when you call.
    The hotel is big, don't be a douche.

    One cool thing that you can do now is check out from your TV. Not gonna write instructions since they have it there on the screen when you first turn it on. Or if not, you can just call in from your room. If you know you're gonna be awhile til you go down and get your car on check out day, call in first and have them pull up your car so that way you won't have to wait longer when you get down there.

    Overall, 3 stars sounds right. Hope this helps some of you folks out there!

    30/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    283. Seth K.
    WHAT A DUMP. Literally there's not enough water pressure to flush the toilet. It's like living in a outhouse. It's gross. Staff is nice but helpless - "there's nothing we can do."  It's a shame because the area surrounding is so nice. A new management company like Marriott or Hilton who knows how to run a hotel should step in. They will figure it out, like not charging $60 for a bowl of nuts. I am not kidding. I ordered a bowl of nuts from room service for a snack, they wanted to charge me $60 plus a four dollar room service charge. When I said "that is ridiculous how can a bowl of nuts cost $60?" they said "we can drop the price to $12". Just like that. It made no sense to me. Just like the worthless attempt to take a shower, this hotel makes no sense and its worse than the dump I stayed in at Las Vegas off the strip. I thought that was the worst hotel in my life, this one takes the cake. But the worst part is the lying. Every time I call downstairs to complain about the water pressure, they say we know. It'll be fixed in an hour." An hour later or even several, I return to the room, call back downstairs, explain the problem is persisting, "they say "we know, we'll have it fixed in minutes". The point is, no one is coming to the room, they would rather see me surrounded by what's in the toilet (a CDC concern at this point) then offer to move me.

    Meantime, quite literally, I'm going to the Jack In The Box down the street  to use their bathroom. I don't know what Ill do regarding showering. Disgusting helpless hotel. Do not come here. Stay away.

    24/01/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    284. LaSaundra G.
    This was our first time staying at The Fairmont.  Coming from a bad experience from the night before at Lover's Point Inn in Pacific Grove this was a picture perfect stay!!  From the time of arriving not having a reservation staff was very friendly and accommodating.  
    They had rooms still available for us to check-in right away.  We got a room on the 6th floor with a view of the pool side; it was a beautiful sight.  For a standard room it felt like a suite.  With a fully stocked mini fridge from water, soda, wine, liquor shots, and juice, as well as, at hand snack bags of chocolate covered almonds, mix nuts, crackers, amongst other delicious favorites for all.  
    My favorite was the bathroom area with a separate vanity for her!  The bathroom had a separate tub and stand up shower stall.  Water pressure was perfect after a long night of dancing.  The bath room in itself felt like a whole different room.  The vanity was well lit with the coffee refreshments; so convenient in the morning getting ready.
    Ordering room service at 12:30am they were very professional, friendly and fast!!  They give you a time in which your food will arrive at your room.  I want to say they were on the dot with the arrival with our late meal!  
    With a king size bed we both slept well and didn't want to leave the bed.  We had such an amazing experience we plan to go back for a weekend get away very soon!!  Our stay was worth every penny!!  I would highly recommend this place to all my friends and family!!

    13/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    285. j t.
    At the Fairmont for 4 nights. Overall its been a nice hotel. The bartenders and hotel staff are very attentive. But they need to do some updating to the rooms, particularly to the bathrooms and utilities.  The heat was stuck on in the room so had to call maintenance to fix it. The hot water was only hot'ish. Called maintenance who fixed it. He was really good.  Decent place to stay. Would stay here again.

    11/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    286. Min L.
    Fun stay! Clean hotel. Excellent staff. Central location. Lots happening in the lobby. Room service food was just OK but it was really expensive.

    02/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    287. RN W.
    I booked two rooms at the Fairmont for a six night stay.  Unfortunately nobody told us that the hotel and our room in particular was right in the flight path of the San Jose International Airport.  This was a very rude surprise when the airport opened on Easter Sunday at 6:30am and planes were strafing the room with enough force to make the windows rattle.  We are checking out and moving to another hotel.  

    Note to front desk agent - I treated you EXTREMELY well when we checked in, I think you could have done much better for us.

    31/03/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    288. Lindsey A.
    Unfortunately I had a somewhat pleasant stay at the Fairmont that was ruined by check-out at the hotel. I had over $160 in cash stolen from my purse in my room.

    I am pregnant and on medical bed-rest without being able to carry or hold anything over 5 pounds. The bell-boy came and picked up our bags, including my purse. My husband checked the room like he always does 50 times, and I left empty-handed. After the bell-boys loaded our car, we left and drove somewhere for breakfast. When I got out of the car, I wanted to grab some cash to pay for breakfast only to find that my purse was not in the car. I called the hotel and they called shortly after to tell me that my purse was found. They claimed that my bag was inside our hotel room and was found by the housekeeping staff. (Regardless of what happened, it was always in the hands of Fairmont employees.)

    A few hours later, I returned to the hotel to get my bag. Everything was there (gift cards, checkbook, etc.) except for about 10 bills totaling about $160. I even had a receipt wrapped around $7 in loose cash that was still in there without the cash.

    After inspecting the bag, I called security back only to have him roll his eyes at me as I stood there teary eyed admitting that my stuff got stolen. He was trying to keep a straight face but it was not convincing. He made me feel like a liar like I was out to wrongfully accuse someone of something.

    The manager, Laura, came to speak with me about the incident. Although, clearly the jerk security officer was the only one who had spoken to her, so she seemed a little suspicious of me as well. I left feeling deflated and cheated, waiting for Laura to complete an investigation and get back to me.

    I called back 2 days later to follow up as my $160 was not located after unpacking, etc. I told her how I felt after dealing with people at the incident. I knew they wouldn't reimburse me for my loss because there's no way of proving that that's the way it was, but I warned her that I was being sincere and I worry about their future guests as I will NOT be staying at the hotel again. So, consider this a warning that there is a dishonest thief working somewhere within the hotel that got their unwarranted tip from my purse a few days ago.

    Laura, the manager, was at least courteous and somewhat understanding of my situation. However, I was offered only a "Sorry" for my $160 donation to the Fairmont employee of the year.

    About the hotel: in need of a serious face-lift and upgrades in amenities, but was a great location and what I thought to be a great staff. We got a great deal, but not so much after our incident.

    12/11/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    289. Ricky S.
    Had a weekend staycation here to catch some flicks for the SF International Asian American Film Festival's south bay showing.  The location was ideal b/c it was literally right across the street from Camera 12, where all the SFIAAFF films were showing in San Jose.

    I was surprised at how reasonably priced the hotel rooms were here - we booked directly with the hotel and got the same prices we saw on priceline or those other discount hotel sites.

    As everyone mentioned, the discount parking with in and out privileges for hybrids ($13 vs. $26) was SWEEET and made parking here a no brainer.  The in and out privileges are great - you can call ahead to have your car ready but we found it took only 3-5 mins for our car to come out during non-rush times and the waiting room is pleasant with a TV playing CNN and nice comfy chairs/couch to read your favorite issue of the Robb Report (aka torturing yourself with stuff you could never afford to buy).

    We stayed in the new south tower rooms and thought it was a bit weird that it's a totally separate building unattached from the main hotel and lobby except for a walkway only accessible through the 2nd floor meeting rooms/ballrooms area.  We used that walkway all weekend as it was raining the WHOLE time we were there.

    The rooms are great - nice flatscreen TVs to watch from an extensive list of basic and extended cable channels in HD, plus HBO.  The movie selection for pay per view was very good also with a few selections fresh from the theaters and not yet release on DVD.  At $11.99 it was worth watching Black Swan from our bed.

    Service at this hotel was fabulous - everyone was nice and friendly and welcoming from the valet folks to the front desk and bell desk folks.  We requested late checkout and they gave us until 3pm (VERY COOL).  And overnight parking is until 6pm the following day so it gave us the freedom to continue watching movies and strolling around town before having to move our car.

    This place lives up to the Fairmont name - would definitely stay here again.

    21/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    290. Natasha S.
    Checked out the Fairmont to see if this could be a potential spot for me to reserve a suite and access the pool area for my daughters upcoming bday.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that the pool, located on a higher floor, had suits with direct access and a small patio area to enjoy private intimate moments.  I didn't get a chance to check out the actual room because they were all booked for wedding events but I trust that they are adequate.

    The pool area, is private to some extent, kid friendly, has a bar area outside and was semi-heated.  

    Seems like an ideal spot for our event.  Plus the local restaurants downtown make this location convenient for a dining in the town.

    FYI - local movie theater, arts theater, museums, church, downtown events, coffee shops, bars and clubs, and restaurants are all within walking distance.

    25/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    291. Rajiv S.
    Nice, clean, spacious rooms with good service. The location and its proximity to all the local San Jose attractions and restaurants can't be beat.

    I will definitely stay here again.

    11/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    292. Sukhraj B.
    I won a free night stay after the San Jose Rock 'n' Roll marathon and got to stay at this swanky hotel which was seconds away from the finish line.

    What's not to like about this hotel?  Well, maybe the parking and some issues we had checking out, hence the 1 star deduction but other than that, they have a great grand lobby complete with piano, a humongous flat screen TV and a complete bar.  There is also a day spa and several dining options.  The staff is professional and courteous and we were able to check in right away.

    Our room was another thing.  It was a luscious delight.  The bathroom was pretty big but for some reason the shower was tiny and the water didn't drain during my shower.  However we did notice two plush bathrobes in the bathroom but never got to try them on, oh well.  

    All in all, we had a nice stay. The bed was comfy but we had some issues with parking.  It was probably full due to the marathon, so we ended up at the garage and during checkout, there was only one lady to check us out and there was a sizeable line that she had to work through.  I'm sure most of the time this place is right on key, they've won many awards and I would consider staying here again.

    07/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    293. Bruce I.
    This review isn't about our stay at the Fairmont San Jose...because we decided not to stay there.

    We were planning to, though.  We reserved a poolside room with private patio over Labor Day weekend, to celebrate my wife's birthday.  We were looking forward to a reasonably quiet weekend of rest and relaxation.

    When we checked in, however, I went to the President's Club check-in counter (being a Club member), and found a flyer that was being distributed to all guests at the hotel.  Apparently the hotel had booked the pool for some huge party with four DJs that was to run from noon on Sunday into the late evening hours.  The noise would have been horrible.  So much for rest and relaxation.  We elected not to take the room.

    While the Fairmont did cancel our reservation without penalty, my wife and I wondered - would it stress the hotel staff a whole lot to have given us some advance notice that the pool would be off-limits to us?  The hotel had to have known about the event at least a couple of weeks prior to our arrival because it was such a big deal.  That would have been enough time for the Fairmont to offer options - an upgrade to a better room, a change in dates, something nice to salve our feelings of being inconvenienced.  All the hotel would offer was a gift card...and the use of the pool facilities at the nearby Marriott.  Really?  Hey, if I wanted to sit by the pool at the Marriott, I would have stayed *there* instead of the Fairmont.

    I wrote the general manager, Kelley Cosgrove, to express my concerns.  It has been two weeks since I wrote her and still no response.  We won't be back.

    23/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    294. i T.
    Wow did not know hotels still charged arm and a leg for wifi.  in addition their Ethernet did not work in my room. Nothing special about this hotel in my book. The Grill restaurant downstairs was awesome though

    04/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    295. Denis S.
    Not bad at all.  Large rooms, ok prices (if you go through some discount site), and everything was very clean.  What else can you ask for of a hotel?

    09/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    296. Baby V.
    This is a great place to stay. I loved the stay and room service was amazing. The staff at the Fairmont are gracious and respectful!

    28/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    297. Nam N.
    Over the years, I've attended several meetings, banquets, and events at this Fairmont. Service and attention is always impeccable.... Catered food is tasty---but you pay dearly for it.

    The rooms are spacious with great beds, roomy bathrooms, and are well decorated.

    The Grill also serves up some pretty delish Martinis!

    TIP: Skip the hotel parking and valet----there are tons of parking structures nearby that are much cheaper.

    03/02/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    298. Tina A.
    We took our mom to brunch in the Fairmont's Imperial Ballroom for Mothers' Day yesterday. The total per head came out to be $75/person including tax and gratuity.

    The foods they served were hit or miss. My brother and I enjoyed the already peeled and deveined shrimp, easy to eat crab legs, and fresh sushi rolls. My brother also liked the lamb and prime rib, but we both agreed that their grilled veggies were flavorless and the salmon dry. Given the price tag, we expected everything to knock our socks off, so three stars for not accomplishing that.

    A live pianist played music throughout and the staff was attentive, if not excessively so at times. Next time, I think we will try something cozier with a bigger bang for our buck.

    09/05/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    299. Lisa W.
    Stayed in room 415 for 2 nights. I found the Fairmont to be really dated, all the fixtures were dinged up and dingy; the place did not feel classy given the price. The doors to the room don't close quietly; it makes a huge banging sound to latch--who wants to hear doors slamming all night?

    Mish-mash of guests...lots of screaming loud kids and crossed paths with a couple of "professionals" who were heading home in the early morning as I was heading to the gym.

    Pros--bed was comfortable and the gym was a decent size and had good equipment.

    30/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    300. Lorrie M.
    This is probably the classiest hotel in downtown San Jose. it is the Fairmont after all but let's face it, do you really want to stay here?

    I never knew much about downtown San Jose until I was given a recent history lesson at work. Apparently downtown San Jose used to be quite a shady spot only 10 years ago, where people rarely walked around past 6 pm and the business district was empty by 7 like a ghost town. It wasn't safe, or a nice place to be.

    Nowadays, there is food establishments all around, lots of bars, late night eateries and a university, but there still isn't much here. Personally I feel jipped at paying $200+ a night to stay somewhere that you have to pay for parking and there's not much going on just because it's nice.

    Although it has all the luxuries of a Fairmont you would expect in the rooms like large comfortable beds, great showers and yummy smelling toiletries, the lobby is a bit messy, the bar can get a little rowdy and the Grill on the Alley is extremely pricey for what you get.

    18/02/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    301. Dan R.
    Recently participated in a group business dinner at Grill. We were in the  private  wine room. The service and food was excellent. HIghly recommended.

    21/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    302. Eric B.
    My favourite memory from last weekend was the warm and friendly Concierge asking Gayle whether anyone had told her that she looked like Ann-Margret? The answer is Yes to those who know who I'm talking about!

    Gayle and I had a romantic "one night stand" at the Fairmont last weekend. We had won some Sharks tickets at a Charity Auction for Saturday night and decided to make it a short date weekend. And it was only $109 a night plus tax.

    This is a classy hotel that is part of the old Canadian Pacific Chain. So if you like this place, just imagine what you'll find at the Fairmont Empress in Victoria or the Château Lake Louise. The room itself was very nicely appointed, the bed was very comfortable, and we had a killer view from one of its many corners. It was almost the price of admission to just sit by the window, look down at the stylistic F in the swimming pool below, and take in the San Jose Sky Line (such as it is). Gayle also appreciated that you could crack open the window and get a little natural air.

    Outside the room, there are enough choices that could keep you inside the Hotel proper if you wished. Gayle and I had a nice Happy Hour at the Grill and although the Lobby Lounge was cold in the afternoon, it was hot entertainment-wise when we returned from the game. There's also an elegant spa available as well as coffee and sweet rolls for pickup in the morning.

    As a sometimes Business traveler, me staying at the Fairmont would depend on the Corporate Rate and the Hotel's listing as approved. If both those criteria were met, I don't know why I would stay anywhere else in the Downtown San Jose Area.

    22/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    303. Doris c.
    We stayed on 3/13/14 for 1 night on our way to Napa.  I have was pleasantly surprised and was worried because of it's low rating.  From the very beginning I felt pampered and elite.  As I got out of the car to allow valet parking take my vehicle so I could register I was treated respectfully and attentively.  I was helped with putting on my sweater only before the car door was opened for me.  Valet parking for $20 is worth it!  The car is brought to you very quickly. Our room was quiet, clean and beautifully decorated, similar to a big Vegas type hotel.  The beds and linens are extremely comfortable and plush. The property is in walking distance to many ethnic types restaurant,  movie theaters and shops.  We were ready for bed after walking through the surrounding shops and restaurants but, came back to dueling Piano players in the lobby bar and stayed having cocktails and singing along until they finished late in the evening.  (The bar waitress staff are all excellent.) What a wonderful surprise!  I will definitely be back~
    P.S.  (All the staff are excellent~ even the front desk check were professional and helpful.)

    26/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    304. Shacey P.
    Best airport hotel ever - downtown, excellent service and upgraded to a beautiful suite.

    09/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    305. Randy C.
    It is mostly as I remember it from years ago.  This time we stayed in the new tower which sucks a little, as you have to go out and in and each time to get to it.

    Positives are the rooms are mostly nice.  Larger.  Bathrooms are fine. Service was okay.

    Negatives are the costs for all the small things like Internet, parking, etc.

    Other negatives are that there is no valet on the street, only in the garage.  The garage is next door and you have to walk a bit.  Late at night when we arrived, all the doors were locked and required a room key to get into the lobby, but we were not registered yet.  I was at least entertained by a couple performing a sex act on the bench between the hotel and garage.  Fortunately a drunk guest finally let us in.  Note, I was with two 6 year old kids at 1:00am.  Not thrilled with this.

    The door to the tower, and then then elevator seemed to always need a key to get in, despite the sign on the door saying it was for late hours.  

    The bakery downstairs had good coffee.

    05/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    306. Eli Y.
    Not cheap but you are guaranteed to enjoy your stay!

    I've been to this hotel a few times and have to say that I am always very pleased with my stay. It is located conveniently in the middle of down town and is very close to anything downtown SJ has to offer. It's also right across from Christmas in the Park if you are hear during the holidays.

    The hotel has a valet and also a large parking lot. Both are good options for your car while you stay at the hotel. When you walk into the building you'll notice that the lobby is huge. The decor is tasteful but still fancy. There is also a large bar area in the center of the lobby. This can be a great place to just kick back and unwind. The drinks aren't cheap, but are very well made. The couches are also very comfy and the service is great. They sometimes have some live music too which is always nice.

    The front desk is staffed with great people who are very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. If you have any question they will be able to help you, or direct you to someone else who can.

    The rooms are great. Very spacious, and VERY clean. The beds are so comfortable. I usually hate sleeping in any bed but my own, but I never mind passing out on a Fairmont bed. The decor in the rooms is also quite comfy. The rooms are stocked with all of the amenities you could need. Just be careful for the mini fridge. There are temptations in there that will beckon you to eat/drink them...but this will obviously come at a charge. A steep charge.

    The room service is great. My favorite is the breakfast. There is nothing like getting a tray full of great breakfast foods delivered to your room in the morning.  

    The hotel boasts a few restaurants as well. But I have only eaten at one. And I've eaten there multiple times and want to eat there always! The Grill. Oh good God is this place good. Like the rest of the hotel...it's not cheap but man is it worth it.

    The hotel also has a number of ball rooms. My favorite is the Imperial Ball room. It's the most spacious and I've been to a number of events here. It's always a great place for an event or reception. If you need a venue to host a lot of people, this is a good place to go.

    So if you have some extra money and need to head over to SJ or the surrounding area, this is a great place to stay!

    27/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    307. La C.
    Its got its good and its bad...  First of all the location is great, right in the middle of downtown.  The lobby is pretty and great for people watching.  The room itself was disappointing, the a/c was dull, it was super hot and it never felt refreshing.  We did enjoy the nightlife though, great bar and dj music playing with no cover.  I'm not sure I would stay there again.  Pricey valet but quick service, there was a lot around the corner that would have been a better option.

    01/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    308. Diana C.
    went here for high tea on a Saturday. I wasn't sure what was going on, but the table was set in the cafe area near the lobby where the piano is. sounded like high tea service should be somewhere else, but there's remodeling? idk... anyway, there was a wedding reception twenty feet away from where i was. it was REALLY loud :| i did not enjoy that at all...

    food wise - scone was good b/c it came straight from the oven. the sandwiches and desserts were merely ok. they were also just using regular cube white sugars.

    if the scones were bad, i probably would have given a one star...

    09/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    309. Brian J.
    This place just irked me. From the moment I pulled up and was asked to fork over $55 to park until the time I checked out, I felt that this hotel only cared about getting my money. Well, it is a business, so of course they want my money, but please, be a little more courteous and clever in the process.

    Getting here was lame too. I thought Oakland had poorly timed traffic lights. My God! Downtown San Jose has by far the worse timed lights I had ever ever experienced. The moment one turned green, the one in front turned red. Throw in a "No right on Red" sign at every signal, and tons of overweight pedestrians slowly crossing the street, and getting to this hotel just about makes you in a bad mood.

    After hearing the outrageous valet option you decide to chance the street parking. Big mistake. Good luck, remember, driving around this part of town is nightmare, and oh, there's no parking 3am - 5am within one mile radius of this place. Your screwed.

    The minibar in the room is like Hitler. Just pulling a can of beer out and looking at it charges you. Super hi-tek and super lame. Big sign says, "don't put your own stuff in the fridge."  It continues, "If you want a fridge, it's $20."

    Try turning on the TV. I'm a tech geek. Took me about 5 minutes to figure out how to escape the pay per view TV and surf normal TV, but normal TV turned out to be lame too, with about 8 channels a digital crap, mostly commercials.

    The bathrooms were nice. But that's what we'd expect from a Fairmont, right? They were a little antiquated, but still, I did love the high water pressure showers. They did skimp on the amenities.

    The staff were mostly nice, however I did run into a rude staff member toward the end of the night that put a damper on my evening. I'm not going to go into details, but let's say my patience was already low, and this person was the straw that broke the camels back. I just wanted to leave and go home.

    Breakfast? Hah, fat chance. A small cup of coffee is $8, and I'm sure the rest of the food is over-cooked, over-salted, under-quality and top dollar. Try the bakery next door, or the Vietnamese bahn mi places on a few blocks away on San Salvador and 3rd.

    Sorry, this is a lame review for a place that seems equally lame. Don't go here, unless of course, your company is paying for it. Then go ahead, charge away. If your company is stupid enough to let you stay here, they'll probably be out of business in a few years anyway.

    03/06/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    310. Golda R.
    For my wedding day, I booked a 2 room suite for my bridesmaids the night before and then for the night after our wedding day.  The beds were full-sized beds instead of queen.  They were really soft, but too soft for my liking.  You would definitely feel the person next to you moving around.  

    The suites were nice and spacious, perfect for the bridal party getting ready.  There were two big TVs one in each room, which we unfortunately didn't get to take full advantage of.  I would definitely do the suites again with my hubs if ever we get a chance.  I booked almost close to a year in advance and was able to get a great deal on the suite ($169/night I think?).  I recommend doing this.  I don't think it would be worth the price if otherwise.

    30/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    311. Makenzi B.
    Stayed here for a couple nights over New Years.  Even though we're locals, it was me and my husbands first time staying here, so we were pretty excited. The look of the hotel is great, their lounge in the lobby area is always fun.  We stayed in the Signature King room on the 4th floor that has an outdoor patio with pool access.  This would have been really neat if the weather were warmer (note to self for next time!).  

    The room was spacious, I LOVED the separate vanity area for doing make-up. There was a separate tub & shower.  Shower was small and it felt a little dirty, same with the tub.  I thought I'd be able to relax and have a nice bath, but it's not deep enough to be able to sink into just a little.  Oh well.  The bed had reading lamps on each side of the bed which I thought was really neat.  There's a mini-fridge but not for your use...it's just a bar.  We didn't have the Privacy sign on our door, but the first morning there..the cleaning lady must have knocked on our door 3 times asking if we were ready for cleaning yet...so I just put the sign on the door until we left for a couple hours. I'd stay here again, but try a different room next time (unless it's warm weather than this room would be perfect!).

    A little over-priced for the experience, however it was still cheaper than I thought it'd be...maybe because they were just trying to fill rooms for the holiday. I think Valet parking is way too much if you're a registered guest...I think it was $26/day.

    01/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    312. Joel N.
    This hotel is beautiful. Yes - the parking underwhelms, but this is downtown. Go downtown, anywhere, and the parking stinks. That's the down in downtown. Anyways - rooms are gorgeous, luxurious and I've been here 10 times because of it.

    18/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    313. Anne P.
    Well it helped me to afford to stay here as I had gotten a discount rate from website. I was well welcomed by the front desk staff, and got a beautiful room with a lovely view.  Sometimes with discounts, they put you in a not so desirable room but this was not the case!  
    A lovely place to stroll around... as I wonder what the other folks staying here did for a living. Great people watching!
    The room was clean, the bed super comfy and the best part super quiet!  I was really amazed by the sound proof room from the outside world.  I really needed some down time and quiet time to catch up with my IT nerd work, and this place provided me this.
    I am giving this 5 stars due to customer service, and the comfort of the room.
    Thank you Farimont Staff!

    01/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    314. Andrew D.
    The Fairmont has to be my favorite hotel in Downtown San Jose. It's surrounded by many well-known landmarks, museums and restaurants. The lounging area has a full bar where food is also available. There are two grand pianos in the middle of the room which are played often during the weekends by their pianist.

    I have booked here on many occasions including on New Years Eve and July 4th weekend. It's a perfect local getaway for my fiance and I when we want to relax and have a romantic weekend. The rooms are clean, elegant and roomy. We had our ups and downs with our location but it all ended up positive. On one occasion, we were next to a group of loud party animals so I complained. Even though we had only six mores hour left to check out, the assistant manager immediately came up and moved us and our belongings to another room.

    If you are looking for a romantic weekend with your significant other, I recommend one of these two packages:

    1. Romance Package - fairmont.com/sanjose/Hot… . This package includes a bottle of champagne chilled and fresh chocolate covered strawberries in your room upon arrival. It also includes breakfast for two at the Fountain restaurant. This package is very intimate!

    2. The Ultimate Date Night Package - fairmont.com/sanjose/Hot… . This package includes dinner at the Pagoda restaurant and two movie tickets at the Camera 12 theater, which is walking distance.

    I highly recommend this vicinity to anyone that wants to stay in Downtown San Jose. The offer great customer service and the rooms are exceptional.

    07/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    315. Gabriel Y.

    (Please see UPDATES at the end)

    Fairmont management confirmed with me that their policy is to ignore handicapped signage in their driveway because it is inconvenient for able bodied people.  They tell me they don't consider this a big deal and that  handicapped people should be happy just getting dropped off at the curb.

    I have changed my Yelp! profile picture to show the taxi that was allowed to wait for able-bodied guests in a handicapped space while our handicapped family member was refused the use of this space.  

    They offered me free perks to take down this review but I told them my principal demand is the enforcement of ADA laws, and they said that was off the table due to the inconvenience that causes to able bodied people, and it it was industry standard practice, as well as Fairmont corporate policy NOT to give handicapped people priority for spaces labeled with the Symbol of Access (person in a wheelchair).

    Please forward this information to advocacy groups and others who want to stand in solidarity with the disabled.

    P.S.  Thanks to the people who are messaging me about this wanting to help!  If anyone wants to help I will give you the email of the 3 people I was in contact with at the Fairmont and you can write them a letter too as well as tell your friends.  It's great to know there are people out there who care!

    -The producers of a radio talkshow on 910AM invited me onto the show to speak about this incident.  The host was outraged at the Fairmont.  Now, I am in contact with the Mercury News.  Here is the link to the podcast of the talkshow.  I'm up at 8:25:   apple.com/itunes/affilia… or find Len Tillem's podcast for 6-25-12

    -Check out the story written about this incident by Consumer Report's website the Consumerist: con.st/10099899

    -6/29/12 The Fairmont violated Yelp's terms and conditions by posting a review of their own business (in which they rated themselves 5 stars).  Even if they think I misinterpreted what happened in some nebulous way, I find it telling that they offered no explanation or apology for the picture of the taxi in the handicapped space.  It's more important to them to try and discredit me than to address the real issue I guess.  They are really willing to go to the mat against the disabled!

    -7/1/12 Fairmont posts a manager's reply with no apology for their policy and implying the disabled are somehow to blame for confusion overt their rights. Those of us hoping corporate would intervene have been let down.  The Fairmont claims they value all their guests and have had ADA training, even as a veteran manager of 25 years refers to handicap spaces as a "courtesy" in writing. I'm not sure what kind of "training" teaches employees that the ADA is courtesy. Their reply has people even angier than before.

    -7/6/12 After the Fairmont's letter here about how much they love free speech on the internet, my review on TripAdvisor was taken down. I wonder how that happened....  It could not have been Fairmont because they value Free Speech as much as they do disabled people.  No matter- TripAdvisor just asked me to make some minor edits, which I've done.  The review should be back up in 48 hours. They are willing to go through all this rather than just pledge to give handicapped people priority use of handicap spaces.  Wow.

    21/06/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    316. Eugene M.
    So, I had a very prolonged exposure to this hotel.  I would say that as far as large chain hotels go, this one is somewhere right around the middle.  Let's talk about the showers first.  Yikes.  Did not feel good stepping foot in that mess.  Let alone the fact that for the first few days, the drain was backed up such that if your shower was nearing the 10 minute mark, water would start spilling over the bottom rim and onto the bathroom floor.  However, there's a (showerless) bathtub that you can enjoy as well.  The products seemed to be high quality, too.

    The bed was pretty comfortable and I honestly miss the pillows now that they're gone.  Room service is decent--I recommend the wild mushroom and goat cheese cream soup.  Downstairs lounge is a bit hit-and-miss; when I asked for Don Julio, soda, honey, and lime, they brought me the ingredients separately.  Twice.  There is live music (I'm pretty sure it's a Toto + Rod Stewart cover band) on Fridays and Saturdays, and things get pretty wild.  By wild, I mean that children are in the same place as plastered adults.

    They kept putting stuff that shouldn't have been on my bill on there, but then they took it off pretty easily.  But I guess it shouldn't have been there in the first place.  The gym is always empty!  So that's nice.  Bottom line, this is a fine hotel to stay at, but not really something to look forward to.

    26/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    317. Matt S.
    Have nothing but good to say for this hotel, the accomodations, staff, etc.  The room, a King in the main building, was very spacious, comfortable and reasonable.  The bed was very good, and I want to buy one.  The bath with separate shower and tubs and water closet is nice and spacious and includes a vanity just outside the door too.  The staff is all friendly and helpful. The lobby bar had live music and even carried "Stoli Elit" vodka for my dirty martini!  We had a issue, of our own failing, to empty our room safe, only realizing many hours later...  the managment was quick, exceptional and professional in their handing of everything. (suggestion, have the bell boy ask (us idiots) when he comes to pick up the suitcases upon checking out!)

    So thanks to the Fairmont for a great weekend visit

    10/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    318. Steve M.
    So far a good experience,  quick check in service and accommodated my request for a high floor away from the elevators.

    10/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    319. Kim N.
    i've never stayed here but used the various facilities for events, and plain old school drinking. They have a bar that can mix cocktails decent enough. Since it's one of the higher end hotels in the area, it gets a lot of play. I've run into John Mellencamp and Marshall Mathers here. Great for people watching...

    10/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    320. Nicole M.
    Great hotel. Great service staff. Got a great deal online through Priceline . Join presidents club and get wifi for free. Not sure if I would pay full . But if you have the opportunity come and see this beautiful hotel

    29/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    321. Sarge S.
    This is the only place I stay in San Jose. Great location. Great food options. Nice rooms. And Live entertainment weekly

    07/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    322. Steph G.
    International flair with a side of San Jo tradition.

    We accidentally chose a very interesting weekend to stay at The Fairmont. Here for the Sharks game (vs Oilers), but also got a bonus of Christmas in the Park. Beautifully decorated, this place is heavenly during the holidays. Huge foyer with two grand Christmas trees & a gingerbread village.

    However, it is also the herding ground for all CITP-er's who are too cold or have to use the bathroom. Seriously, tons of people milling around and taking up all the seats in the center bar area. Don't even bother attempting the bathroom, more time efficient to go up to your room.

    Front desk girl was fabulous. Cheery, accommodating, and genuine...she was as efficient as can be. The hotel was nothing less than fab as well. The room was spacious and the bed was inviting. The bano was no joke. I love that it didn't have a shower/tub combo, but one of each, no skimping at The Fairmont...

    The valet boys were very sweet. Hailed us a cab when asked, gave us directions (albeit, not the best), and were as nice as ever - very dapper in their costumes, I hope they only have to wear those during the holidays :/

    Although the CITP-ers made The Fairmont a madhouse, I still fell in love with it. Maybe its the holiday bliss, but dodging sugar-high kidlets, dazed parents, strollers, and hoards of families...all seemed part of a happy chaos!

    The Fairmont for the win!!

    27/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    323. John P.
    It was a totally random night being here but the it was worth every second. A bunch of my buddies booked a room here for the night for a friends birthday. I arrive at downtown San Jose pretty late and met them up at the club where they were raging at. I manage to get in for free as usual from my bro-bro and I got my drink on. Anyways after that he tells me that we were heading back to the room and he mentioned to me that I would flip out when I saw the room and I was like okay. I was expecting a regular suite.

    NOTE: When walking in make sure you have your room key or else the security will not let you in the hotel. It didn't happen to us but it's for your future reference if you decide to stay here.

    We headed up and once we got to our door my friend mentioned again that I will be amazed by this room. so we walk in and I see a regular size suite. A king size bed, couches, a small dinner table with four chairs and the bathroom with a jetted tub (WOW!)  also a small walk-in closet with a decent make-up area for 2 to get ready.

    I told my friend that this room was cool but he quickly came up to where I was standing at and whispered "This isn't all of it." He walked me next to a door and said "are you ready for this?" I told him "yeah sure haha"  and he opened the door and what do you know, another big ass room where the actual dinning room and the living room area was at.

    With all the excitement and cheesy remarks my friend was making, the room we stayed at was actually the INTERNATIONAL SUITE. It was an expensive room which he got for cheap because the hotel over-booked our suite and upgraded us for free. Super-sweet.

    All in all the service that my friend got was awesome for the upgraded room. We didn't get to call for room service but the security was nice from the experience I had.

    10/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    324. Rebecca L.
    I recently stayed here for 10 nights on business.  Overall I think this is a great hotel.  

    The rooms are very nice, large and comfortable.  The bathroom is fantastic with a great shower and separate bathtub.  The hotel provided plenty of towels in the bathroom (and a bathrobe) and they were all soft and fluffy.  The bed and the reading chair in the room were both very comfortable.  The only problem I had with the room is that there was no outlet close to the bed to plug in my phone.

    I had room service several times.  The staff was flexible about substitutions (a big bowl of berries instead of breakfast potatoes?  yes please) and the food was always excellent and pretty fast.  And where else can you get sushi on room service?  The restaurants downstairs are also good.

    All of the staff that I met were very nice and accommodating.

    I took off one star for two reasons.  First, the gym is terrible.  I had read about Fairmont's program with Reebok and was looking forward to exercising here.  But the gym is windowless, crowded, sweaty and seems to have been designed by men for men.  I recommend visiting Downtown Yoga Shala instead which is a few blocks away and is excellent.

    Second, I had to make three phone calls (two during business hours because the first I left after hours was not returned) and send two emails to get a copy of my itemized bill.  A business hotel should not make this such a difficult process.

    14/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    325. April-Anne G.
    Stayed here for two weeks while visiting from Hawaii, very luxurious hotel and very nice suites. Stayed there everytime I visited San Jose for vacation. Only downfall is they have a partying rule like most hotels and I got charged extra for the guest in my room. Overall, love the atmosphere and the location of this hotel.

    27/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    326. Maria A.
    The Fairmont during Holiday season is a must if you like Christmas in the park atmosphere.
    - The lines are wonderful , the check in was fast and the service to our room was impeccable.The entrance decoration of the hotel was beautiful .

    - You check-in on the main hotel entrance, but in order to get to your room, you have to walk outside to another entrance area and slide your room key card on this column to get in. Quite confusing if you are unfamiliar with their building layout and especially at night, when there is not anyone around. They should specify you are not staying at the main hotel (bummer) at least give an option.- The bed was not comfortable , it def needs replacing.
    -We decided to dine in since it was NYE and we did not want to wait too long to be serve in near by restaurants. And this is where everything went wrong , both times we order in the food was burned and cold .The pizza was the worse I ever had and the steak sandwich was burned to a crisp .Nether  one of our plates we edible and the prices were not fair .High prices for cold and burnt food .Overall we expected more from this hotel.

    - Valet parking only,and there is a $26.00 dollar charge plus tips.

    The Campbell's #1280

    02/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    327. Irene N.
    this is review for breakfast with santa:

    I pay almost 100$ for 2 adults and 1 kid ( 3 years old boy , and thank God my 17 mos baby was free) and what we got is just a pancake, hashbrown(mcdonald has better hasbrown), and a-sooo-not-crispy bacon, couple croisant, and fruit  it's not like a hotel type of buffet that you imagine. i really disappointed with the food especially when you pay for a buffet in a famous stars hotel. but i was thinking maybe we paid for the event. more disappointed, the santa didn;t even care of our kids. he didn't even stop by on our table and didn't even give a smile. so, i got nothing from this event except a 100$ christmas CD. make it worse, i even asked my friend to join us. and they has a under 3 years old baby like us so when they said free, they give you free food but not the chair. so, can you imagine, they try to squeeze us in. they put 7 adults, 3 kids. and 2 baby in highchair(you know how big is the highchair, right) into 1 table. we can't even move.maybe that's why santa skip our table. VERY NOT RECOMMENDED EVENT. oh, and since when christmas have chinese dragon performance?

    24/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    328. Kim D.
    My friends and I stayed here this past weekend for a night celebrating my friend's bday.  I'm not sure on details on how much the room was but apparently she got a good discount on it.  It's a great location if you're trying to hop around in downtown San Jose.  Also, it's one of the nicest hotels.  I've stayed at a lot of hotels and it is nice interior but the room itself was just ok.  Only big bonus was that the room was very spacious and so was the bathroom but the beds itself was small-ish.  Decor was classic..nothing fancy.  Service here was nice.  My friend mentioned it was her bday so they sent up chocolate covered strawberries and a glass of wine.  Nice touch indeed.

    04/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    329. Jeff B.
    They say love is in the air so I hold my breath til my face turns purple..
    This hotel is amazing!! I really like this place. I surprised my girlfriend for her birthday and put all these rose pedals on the bed along with her favorite chocolate-covered strawberries. I didn't intend to come across as so romantic though. I also made her a purple cake even though she shouldn't eat anymore cake.
    We stayed up on the 18th floor overlooking the pool, and the accommodations were perfect. The valet took like two seconds, the bed was soft, the tv was high-def, and they even had bubbles so that she could take a bubble bath. Also they let us check out late! Also they gave us matching bathroom robes.
    Some dude came to our door to give us even more chocolate-covered strawberries. They let us stay in the bar area without ordering drinks just so that we could finish watching Paul Pierce beat the Knicks. The insides of the hotel are gorgeous. My only knock is that the bar/restaurant with the piano ought to have more vegetarian options. We don't need to kill anymore animals.
    I am so happy that we stayed here because we were at the Brit (a nearby bar) from 6:30pm until 1:30am. That's seven fucking hours. I was ready to head back to The Fairmont at 9:00pm because The Fairmont is a wonderful establishment. The Fairmont provided us with an excellent stay.

    29/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    330. Carolyn S.
    I stayed here for on a Saturday night in mid-January. The price was unbelievably reasonable - $135/night for a queen room in the main building.  

    The room itself was really nice. Spacious, clean, modern, and the bathroom area was great. There was a separate vanity area, large bathroom with sink and mirror, toilet room, and shower/tub. There was also a spacious closet in the hall around the corner. The rose-smelling toiletries were very nice, and the bathroom was well-lit.

    Our room had a nice view toward the pool area. It was mostly leafy and we couldn't see much. We didn't avail of room service or anything while we were there, so I can't speak to that. The hotel has a great location in downtown SJ - perfect for going to the convention center, as well as exploring the eateries and local joints downtown.

    When we check in, the staff member at the check-in counter was friendly, and we were served quickly. Check out was super easy - I asked the guy if we needed to check out in person at the desk in the morning and he said that if we were happy with everything, we could just leave our keys in the room and then head out. Super easy.

    16/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    331. Sunil R.
    Was here for a 2 day meeting in one of their large conference rooms. Ended up being an OK experience. Though I have been here before, it was a bit of challenge getting there since it had been a while and for some reason, they don't have a large signboard. At least, I did not see one.

    Valet worked out OK. $26 was reasonable I guess given that it is the Fairmont. This is an older hotel and the carpets and the conference rooms seemed a little dated but the lobby and lounges on the first floor look pretty modern. Food was pretty good.  

    Good option if you are a SV company and want to hold an offsite.

    16/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    332. Patti A.
    This is our favorite place to stay when we are in San Jose.  It is close to the university so it is convenient.  And in a great part of the city to walk around during the day and plenty of nice restaurants in the evening.  The rooms are large and always immaculate!  The bathrooms are spacious!  Would highly recommend this hotel to anyone.

    17/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    333. C C.
    Came down for the Holidays just to get away. Was worried about the negative reviews, but we had a fantastic time. We've stayed at 3, 4, and 5 star hotels, so we know the gamut.  
    Yes it's an old hotel. It's not trying to be new and minimalist. The rooms were clean, and the bedding / mattresses were hi quality.
    Yes, you pay for parking, welcome to 2014,
    The inclusive breakfast/ parking package was EXCELLENT. The food was quality. No, its not Beverly Hills. It was a great buffet that any type of eater would be happy with. We got 81$ per day credit to eat there, free parking, and stay for 150$ day taxes incl.
    For us, the restaurants within were too pricey for our kids. We were referred to Bella Mia, which was outdated and terrible. There are great places to eat at Santana Row if you like modern cuisine and decor.  
    The Health Club was fantastic. I can't believe some complained.Clean, modern, and various hi-end equipment.
    The staff are very professional and warm. The pool area was great for kids.
    It wasn't dangerous at all there. Sure, there were some homeless. That's reality. SJ is one of the cleanest cities I've seen. The location was excellent. everything within walking. We never felt threatened.
    True, the second tower is nice and modern. WIFI is free if you sign up with the preferred card. Easy peasy.
    The center Bar area is just ok.  I would have liked to hear some music.  Instead, it was families with kidlets running around. Drinks were pricey.

    All in all, very nice. After all, Its San Jose, not Vegas,

    29/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    334. Bebe W.
    The Fairmont has a very happening night life.  There was definitely a party vibe and it was a full house when I checked in at 10 pm on a Thursday night.  I was told that they were sold out tonight and tomorrow so clearly this is a busy place, and the atmosphere was fun.

    We had a work conference here and the event staff were attentive and the food was well prepared and arrived on time.  I would give the conference experience 4 stars.  The facilities were okay but it was a bit dated.  

    For the hotel experience, I would rate 2 stars.  The service was not attentive - when I called the front desk, it rang 20 times and no one answered.  i was tempted to go downstairs, but I tried again, and on the 21st ring of the 2nd call, someone picked up.  Secondly, I requested a wake up call at 5:15 am - the call came at 4:15 am!!  I did not appreciate being called 1 hour earlier but it is better than not receiving a wake up call at all.

    The room was very spacious and well decorated.  My rate was $179, which is not bad.  The carpet was ratty though, and the bathroom could use a remodeling.  The room also had a funny smell when i first entered (not a smoke smell as there's no smoking in hotel rooms anywhere in teh bay area) but just a stale or weird smell.  The bed was pretty comfortable but I am knocking off points for the ratty carpet and the old-ish bathroom.

    The average of the two ratings is 3 stars so I am giving them a 3.  There are other hotels which are newer and cleaner in the same price bracket or less in downtown san jose and I would prefer to stay there.

    09/03/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    335. Eric R.
    I have to give this five stars for a GREAT location downtown.There are some nice pedestrians areas and some good restaurants and bars near by...all walkable.

    If you're out visiting tech companies you're probably about 30 minutes away if you have a car and barring bad traffic.

    Why I'm giving only three stars is the awkward layout of the the place. You enter through the front and circumvent the nice lobby bar (where the live jazz is a nice added touch) to the small check in area off the right of the back of the bar.

    Check in was painfully slow.  With only one staff member at check-in and one at the concierge desk when I arrived at 10:30pm, long lines at both areas built up quickly. I think having all stations staffed at 10:30pm is an unreasonable expectation but there seemed to be insufficient back up to assist the two staff members on hand. I don't know about anyone else but when I've had a long day and just want to get to my room and sleep, a line and long wait does not make for a good first impression

    I stayed in the Sunset Suite which was bigger than my townhouse. With a separate living/dinning room and a walk in closet and big bathroom, I certainly did not suffer from claustrophobia. That being said, the set-up of the suite was somewhat awkward and the walls in the living room were bare and devoid of decor. I normally don't pay attention to these things but the bare walls stood out. The room smelled of fresh paint and new carpet so I think perhaps the room was not completely finished.

    This is not a bad place to stay by any means and I think if the staff were better coordinated some of the service kinks could be eliminated.

    22/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    336. Erin M.
    We've stayed here before and had a lovely experience in the past. Last time we stayed we noticed that there were rooms adjacent to the pool with little patios. Called down and with little effort were upgraded for a small cost. This time when we arrived we were lucky enough to interact with Daniel. When we arrived it was looking like upgrading to those rooms again for our 2 night stay was not going to happen. After some working, Daniel was able to make it happen! Absolutely made our weekend. Then to top it off, he surprised us with an amenity. Amazing first class service that I have not even experienced at some 5 star hotels. Daniel went above and beyond to make our trip the best it could possibly be. You truly have some patrons for life. Wouldn't stay anywhere else in San Jose.

    01/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    337. Zachary H.
    Nice place.  The lobby is beautiful, the rooms are good.  The lobby bar is old fashioned in the best way possible.  Great central location.  The presidents club gets you free wi-fi so you might as well sign up.

    24/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    338. Sergio P.
    Zero stars
    Went there for the pagoda grand opening . Waited an hour before anyone came over to take out  bottle service order.  and another 40-50 mins before the bottle came. They only brought us 2 cups (1cocktail and 1 champagne ) and no ice.  And only one of our mixers.   Waited another 20 mins  for more cups and  enough ice for 3 drinks.  Still one mixer.  I don't think I even had a chance to leave the table  because I was waiting the whole night .  The bottle  was supposed to be $200. 3 days after I had to call my card company.  The told me that I was charged 6 different charges for over $2000. Most of the charges fell off  but my  card was never  supposed to be charged since we pay for the table with another card.    That was back in nov. And I was told that they would reverse the charges. Hours on the phone 2 visits and. Now. The manager  JOSEPH is not returning  my calls .    Didn't think a company this big would let.  Criminals manage their  hotels

    07/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    339. Alicia C.
    Had a great experience over the weekend, especially for a convention weekend.  Room was fresh and clean.  Staff was attentive.  My only gripe I have has to do with the service at the Fountain Restaurant (major - very slow on the numerous occasions we went.  At times had to flag down staff to take our order and/or give us the bill....each time the place was virtually empty). There was no rhyme or reason for the level of service at the restaurant.

    16/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    340. Paula H.
    Went to see Cher a girls night out. Cher was great, Fairmont Hotel ---Wow what a mess tried to check in at 2:00 told no early check in, waited until 3:00 check in time room wasn't ready,  4:00 room still not ready 4:30 finally room was ready, one problem it smelled and the yellow or mustard couch was so stained and the carpet was soiled, refused room they showed us two more one had a dirty sock on the floor, and the couch was soiled also. Finally took 3 rd room but it was a handicap room no tub and the shower was hard to work. Complained again they did give us 50 food coupon  we were staying in a suite with tax and all it was 529 room. they did take $100 off the room price . The last thing is when we checked out they couldn't find our luggage, They had put in the wrong car. The hotel is in need of repairs and remolding. If you don't believe me check it out, look at the furniture in the lobby its worn out then ask to see a suite check out the mustard couch and ughy carpet.
    I will say Darin is a great bartender. They had better keep him. I give him 5 stars.

    09/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    341. Corey G.
    Stayed near here while attending a conference in October.  There's definitely an upscale feel to the hotel upon arrival.  The entrance and outside are more on the grander scale than other hotels in the area.  Inside, there is an expansive and high-ceiling-ed lobby.  In said lobby was a bar area sort of in the middle, and here there were generally live bands during the evenings.  

    My room was adjacent to the pool, and that was nice.  Would have been better if it wasn't chilly out or if they had a hot tub (so wished they had a hot tub).  But it was generally a nice location.  There's a little patio complete with a patio chair to catch some rays with.  The rooms were nice and above average on the fanciness level.  The bathroom was extravagant with marble, a bath tub, and a separate shower.  

    I was able to get free internet during my stay by signing up for the "Fairmont President's Club".  

    A few issues I had were:
    *  Rooms were a bit too warm (I like sleeping in an ice box, and bury myself under the blankets).
    *  The hallway noise was a bit too loud
    *  Parking was expensive.

    Overall, I had a decent stay here, but not sure I would have chose this place if it was not for business purposes.

    05/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    342. Shirley M. J.
    Making my hotel reservation for 6/28/2013; I have stayed at the Fairmont Hotels in San Francisco, San Jose, Dallas, and Atlanta:  All exceeded rebdering exceptional service.

    07/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    343. Jeff M.
    Visited San Jose for an event @ SAP Center ,Fairmont Staff and facility was top notch, enjoyed happy hour at The Grill. We walked to SAP Center 0.8miles EZ/safe walk. look forward to a return visit

    31/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    344. Ruthie V.
    The boyfriend and I went to one of the suites on the sixth floor for a presentation.  The names of the suites on that floor are named after bay area towns like Alameda, etc.  The view was of the city's east side with a view of the hills and clock tower.  The furniture was nice but I wouldn't say great.  It was spacious and the bathroom was bigger than my bedroom with marble walls and a phone next to the toilet.  The location is great, walking distance to a wealth of restaurants.  Across the street is Cesar Chavez Plaza Park where in the summer there is free concerts and Farmer's Market and in the winter is the wonderful "Christmas In The Park".  Also there is the Tech Museum on the other side which is a great place to visit.  I can see why out-of-towners chhose to stay here - location-location!

    Before the presentation, we walked across the street to eat at Scott's Seafoood but they weren't open for lunch on Saturdays so we headed over to McCormick's & Schmick's because our friend said he only eats seafood once a month and it happend to be that day.  He is from out of state and oriented himself very well before we got there.  He'd been all over including Bijan's Bakery - a new discovery for me!  

    At the end of the day, we'd been all over and drove our friend back to the hotel to drop him off at the front entrance.  The place screams classy as you drive up!

    01/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    345. Ulis R.
    I booked through Orbitz (mistake).  The guy at the front desk did not have my reservation when I tried to check in.  We discuss my 2 night reservation.  He says he can give me one night, the following night is full booked.  The rate he quoted for the one night was significantly lower than the rate I paid through Orbitz. This is after 10 PM and I'm real tired.  I went back to my car to get my phone so I could pull up the e mail confirmation for him.  He called Orbitz and, after a short wait, let me check in for the two nights.  He blamed it on Orbitz. This for a 2 day stay.

    The next day around noon, I'm still in the bed.  The maid knocks on the door (the privacy please sign is on the door knob!).  Before I speak out, she opens the door and ask if I want housekeeping.  "No." I get up go to the door.  She is still in the hallway. She apologizes.  I call the front desk to ask if "privacy please" means something else at this joint.  He apologizes and has the head of housekeeping call me.  She tells me that I was supposed to check out today and has someone in reservations to call me.  He calls twenty minutes later (sleepiness and rest are far gone by now).  He says Orbitz has it straight now and my reservation is for two days.  He blamed it on Orbitz.

    Okay, Orbitz messed up initially, but the guy checked me in for two nights AND I am not staying at Orbitz, I'm at the Fairmont, supposedly San Jose's finest trying to get two days of much needed and deserved rest.  I got no, "I'm sorry, can we offer this as a token of goodwill?".  No, all i get it it's not our fault.   I've stayed here twice before.  twenty some years ago this place shined.  Ten years ago, it was still a classy place.

    The wall paper is peeling from the toilet room wall, the floor wasn't vacuumed (I picked up two pieces of something before my wife could see them), the white plumber's tape is visible on the shower head, the rubber seal is longer than the top on the shower door, and the bath water handle metal trim is not against the wall.  The hotel's description said that these rooms were refurbished in 2013.  Maybe so, but not by skilled caring craftspeople.

    Very disappointing.  I'll try to go back to sleep now.

    10/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    346. Michele R.
    No complaints.  It's a beautiful hotel, staff was helpful and professional.  Room and restroom were spacious and clean.  The location is great.  Walking distance to movie theater, museums, coffee, bakery, shopping and restaurants.

    16/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    347. Dana W.
    Great location, great staff. Here for a volleyball tournament, and there are 2 other conventions this weekend. Downtown is packed, with terrible traffic, but as soon as you arrive the warm welcome and atmosphere put you at easy. Beautiful lobby, spacious rooms. We stay in the main tower, closer to front desk, bar and spa. We always come back when we need to be in Downtown San Jose.

    18/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    348. May A.
    Such a pleasant surprise, especially since we just checked out from a Hilton Hotel this morning.  Although we had a bit of a rough start when we couldn't get a hold of anyone at the front desk when we called, we had a much better experience once we got here.  We were able to do an early check-in, AND they accommodated our request for a late checkout at 2p for the following day.  Surprised to get such a spacious, clean room...and pleasing decor.  Staff was genuinely friendly and very hospitable.  Our bellman was  awesome, got us some ice and told us that he would be the one to help us if we needed anything.  The hotel is beautifully decorated and you can't beat the location.  Everything is within walking distance.  We will definitely come back!

    04/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    349. Alfredo H.
    Art work and layout Of the Lobby and Restaurants Were very fancy. The room Was also Very luxurious for how small it was. The stay is a bit pricy though, So Try to book a room when they have specials or deals like we did. Also, What is up with the automatic $26 Valet parking fee!!! You're better off parking around the block or something, Especially if you're staying only one night. Overall however, Great experience!

    07/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    350. Melissa M.
    The Good:  Very nice hotel definitely stands up to the 4 star rating.  Rooms are very spacious and clean.  Absolutely loved the spacious bathroom layout, as the shower, bathtub and toilet are separate.  The beds were pretty comfortable and if you stay in the upper part of the main building, you get a great view of downtown San Jose.

    The Bad:  $26 a day for valet parking is highway robbery.  Tried to order room service around 10pm on a Saturday night and we were told that it would take an hour - way too long to have to wait that late at night. The Grille restaurant in the hotel lobby was still opened; however, the prices are outrageous.  There were a lot of chips and scuffs along the elevator framing that was clearly noticeable.  You would think they would take care of these things a little better since it's such a nice hotel.  

    The Ugly:  Went to the bar in the lobby to order a few shots and drinks.  Asked the bartender for a shot of "Fireball" and he said he didn't have it.  Asked him if he had Red Stag or Fireeater since they didn't have the "Fireball" and he said that they didn't have anything similar to "Fireball."  We then asked him if we could have a shot of "cactus cooler" and he said he didn't know what that was so he couldn't make it for us.  So we asked him what did he know how to make and he made a very smart a$$ response "I know how to make lots of things but I have to hear of it first before I can make it."  This bartender really needs to back to bartending school and needs to take a customer service class.  After all that, we ordered a few EASY to make well drinks since this guy didn't seem to know anything about bartending.  Anyways, after our drinks, we went into the "Grille" located in the main lobby and low and behold the first thing we saw - a bottle of FIREBALL!! which is what we had asked for to begin with at the lobby bar but we were told they didn't have anything like that.  Funny, how we walked just around the corner into the other bar and they had exactly what we were looking for!!!

    Overall the hotel was really nice and I do recommend staying here, just don't go to the bar in the lobby because the bartenders don't know how to make simple popular drinks.

    06/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    351. Kamael B.
    Absolutely love love love this hotel. Stayed her maybe 8 times within the last 3 year. Always good customer servive. It in a great location. A lot great restaurants.

    30/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    352. Elizabeth R.
    My husband and I stayed here when we were in town for a nearby wedding. We only stayed one night, and unfortunately it wasn't a very pleasant experience.

    We arrived at the hotel with only about an hour and a half to get ready for the wedding, so when our bags took over 20 minutes to get from the lobby to our room, that was kind of a problem. We had to call down to make sure they didn't forget about us, and even still it took a while after that.

    Then, we called in a 7:00am wake up call for the next morning. It never came. It turned out that our phone was on the fritz, which we found out when we had to try multiple times to call down in the morning and complain about our lack of a wake up call. I can understand that it was the phone's fault, but they have a policy that they are supposed to send someone to the door if the wake up call is not answered or doesn't go through, and no one ever came to our door. Good thing we woke up on our own in time to get ready to leave for our brunch reservation!

    The atmosphere at the hotel is a little weird. It seems like they have updated some things and not others. The rooms were decorated pretty nicely, but the bathrooms looked like they hadn't been touched in decades. The fluorescent lighting in the bathrooms was gross and the toilet and shower could really use an update.

    It wasn't the worst hotel ever, but I was not very impressed with the service or the room and was glad we were only there one night.

    09/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    353. Melody L.
    It's a nice hotel, and since I got a fancy King Suite, my room was humongous and came with 2 TVs as well as a separate "dining room". Serious, this room was bigger than my apartment. The only thing is that the carpet looks...very well lived in, as there were stains here and there. Ehh..

    I also didn't like the awkward toilet in the bathroom that has a handle thingy like you'd see normally in public restrooms.

    08/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    354. Ron S.
    Great hotel, bad area of San Jose

    I am not sure which is the "Good Part" of SJ, but all night you can hear the police, homeless screaming.

    The hotel is beautiful and clean

    15/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    355. Bball F.
    I was booked at this hotel for a total of 8 days for a business trip in the Bay area. The location is nice downtown San Jose plenty of stuff to do within walking distance. Being that I travel about 80% of the month I stay in alot of nice hotels. These rooms were very nice, well kept and the sushi is amazing from the bar. My only complaint would be the hotel is pretty nosiy in the hallways. That and there was an issue moving bar charges to my personal card from my corp card. It took 4 calls to get it settled but they accomendated for it by removing the charges all together as a coutersy. Which I thought showed good customer service skills.

    30/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    356. Elysia M.
    This hotel was very clean, and accommodating. We stayed there for a girls night, and everyone was nice. The rooms were spacious and I have no complaints. Wonderful place

    16/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    357. Lin F.
    Beautiful lobby, front desk easy check in, when we checked out same person was there & remembered us. Couchy areas to sit in the sunken hotel bar area, several people alone with laptops tapping their keyboards while  enjoying their "taps." The couch & tables arranged/ spaced  in such a way, the individual conventioner can be given a little privacy while still enjoying the sound of laughter & high heels clicking on the marbled floors.

    Super comfy beds, dusty rose smelling products (so if you're a macho man, maybe bring your own lever2000).  Fridge available upon request-- medical reasons have priority. Robes hung in the large bathroom-- another nice touch.

    Location-- superb! There's a grill attached to the lobby-- happy hour until 7. Across the walkway is McCormick & Schmidt. If looking for the strip/ nightlife/ market place, that's a short taxi ride or put on your Nikes & hoof it-- why not?

    20/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    358. Alyssaaa S.
    Free Zumba Tuesdays @5:30 PM. No mirrors ): But instructor was fun & high energy.  First time taking Zumba & it was sweaty!

    Clean, good-smelling facilities!

    03/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    359. Dragyne S.
    Before I start this review of the Fairmont I want to say that as a business traveler I have stayed at Hilton Hotels across the nation. As a result, I have come to expect excellent comfort and service wherever I stay but the Fairmont exceeds all those expectations.

    Let's start with a coolness factor.  I received an email early on the morning of my day of arrival inviting me to use their "I'm on my way" feature.  Clicking this link took me to a form where I provided my estimated time of arrival and whether I was coming by taxi, shuttle, or rental car.   When I arrived at the hotel and stepped out of the cab, the bell hop/valet handed me my room key.  I never even saw the registration desk.  All I can say to that is WOW.

    The bed in my room was really comfortable. There is a decent 32" flat screen TV, a love seat, chair, desk and a minibar.  The bathroom has a separated shower stall and tub.

    The service here is excellent. I highly recommend this hotel.

    I have two cautionary alerts.  First, everything in this hotel is priced above average.  A one-hour massage in the spa is priced at $180. A soda from the gift shop is nearly $4.   Second, while the hotel is stunningly beautiful, it sits directly across the street from a small park riddled with homeless.  This didn't bother me but it was a glaring contrast.

    18/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    360. Samir S.
    Oh wow I really thought this place would rock but not today.
    The Staff were up to par but the basic things were way off .
    Pool closed ,Gym Closed , Bar closed must ask to get room clened whats really Goinging on?

    03/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    361. Ashley F.
    Stayed for business mid-week recently and loved it! First thing you will notice is kind and caring staff everywhere you go. Great location central to just about everything, the grounds were stunning and rooms were large and immaculate. The beds were comfy and very clean. What really sold me was the bathrooms. Full marble, stand up shower and separate bath tub with huge mirror and great lighting. There is also a vanity before you walk into the bathroom. Overall it was a beautiful hotel, visually stunning, and friendly staff.

    22/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    362. Patricia A.
    I am maintaining the three stars on contingency because I really believe in a few staff members.

    But it was the concierge that killed it for me. I went to the Fountain restaurant and was impressed I went to the bar and was impressed I went to the shop and I got a key chain I went to the Concierge and got immaturity.

    I am sorry but that killed it for me really it did...she was like 6 years old telling me how great Vino Vino is and its " a fun place " and then she LITERALLY SQUEALED like a little girl at a moth..a moth..folks its the 21st Century and if you are the concierge desk at the Fairmont you might want to GROW UP.

    The moth might not survive but in this job market it sold me on something completely different.

    15/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    363. Christina P.
    Came here for their Christmas in a Box Christmas tea. Thoroughly impressed with their tea service! One of the best teas I've ever been out to! I really wasn't sure what to expect since their website doesn't give too much information about this tea and calling ahead for information was not too helpful... I called in November to make reservations and the staff said this is a new tea and that the menu had not been finalized. We showed up for our reservation at 3pm on a Saturday and it seemed that reservations were really unnecessary. The service was great, the food was excellent and presented beautifully though it was heavy on the dessert side. We got one piece of chicken and cranberry salad sandwich, once piece of watercress cucumber and tomato salad sandwich, a small roasted vegetarian wrap, and a small salmon pinwheel with cream cheese topped with caviar. For desert there was a cranberry passion fruit pate, chocolate peppermint souffle in a chocolate shell, and a honey pecan tart. The box portion of the Christmas in a Box came from extra desserts wrapped in a festive box. In the box were three mini scones, a black current scone, white chocolate scone, and a pumpkin scone. Also inside the box was a lemon orange cookie and a gingerbread man. We were served lemon cured and devonshire cream and small single serving glass jars of several flavors of jam for our scones and there was also small single serving glass jars of honey for our tea. We were also served sparkling wine with our tea. For the tea itself there was not too much variety to choose from. There was an Earl Grey, a Breakfast, another black, an orange passion fruit tea, and I think also a mint. Aside from the food served to us they also had a table of candies and cookies around a chocolate fountain! At the chocolate fountain you could dip gingerbread men, sugar cookies, rise krispie treats, marshmallows, sour gummy worms, or gummy bears in white or milk chocolate (or eat any or all of these things without dipping). This was a very fun and interactive way to enjoy our tea! The server constantly attended to our needs and constantly asked if he could refill our teas, sparkling wine and even if we wanted extra sandwiches! This was definitely a first! I have never been asked if we wanted more sandwiches or more sparkling wine with tea! I did take him up on extra sandwiches and asked if I can have an extra chicken sandwich, a friend of mine asked for an extra salmon pinwheel. We each got not one but two of each sandwich we asked for. And the sparkling wine did seem to flow freely! Aside from the excellent service and great food we were never rushed and got to enjoy the tea at a nice leisurely pace.

    Aside from the tea service itself, the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose was decked out nicely for the holidays. There was a giant gingerbread house displayed when you walked into the front lobby, and stand made out of chocolate along the way to the Fountain Restaurant where the tea was served, and elaborate train displays of world locations right in front of the restaurant. There was a very nice, festive, and lush atmosphere to the hotel which helped make the tea extra special.

    Parking was easy. There was a large lot nearby. There was an ice skating ring adjacent to the hotel and parking lot. And the annual San Jose Christmas in the Park was right across the street from the hotel. I have never heard of Christmas in the Park but it was fun walking through their Christmas displays of faux shop windows and Christmas trees. There was even cats and dogs up for adoption displayed in quaint rooms where cats slept on cat size beds.

    Overall an excellent experience and a fine job from the Fairmont Hotel. I look forward to going again next Christmas!

    09/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    364. Kyu K.
    Cockroach attack!

    stayed at 11th floor.

    Enough power plug - check
    Spacious room - check
    Fridge - check
    Cleanness in the bathroom - check
    Big flat TV - check

    AC - for some reason, AC wasn't producing cold air. It was more like a fan.

    Cockroach attack - check
    Unfortunately I found it in the morning about an hour before check out. It wasn't a dead one either. Very lively going through stuff on the table. After I flushed it down the toilet, I couldn't help but thinking "could that have been on the bed crawling over me in the night?"

    So as I was checking out, I told the personnel "hey we found a cockroach that was the size of the thumb." And her response was "ooooh. that's not good................" And then there was silence with no follow up. so I asked her "is that it?" And she said "yes........"  "I will report this to our "'engineer" so they can take a look."

    If they want to be one of the top notch hotels in the area as they want to be, an apology is first in line. And then maybe go an extra mile to make sure the customer doesn't leave pissed off because of a cockroach. Well. Neither happened.

    I don't think I am going back here again. I don't have a bugphobia but I still don't want to sleep with cockroach.

    04/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    365. Sal E.
    Attended a 5 star wedding last night at the Fairmont.

    I really didn't think too much for the Fairmont prior to our visit.

    The food was exquisite 5 stars.
    The reception room was huge, beautiful, and colorful (they have special lights that dim, get brighter, and change colors to keep you entertained through out the evening) 5 stars.
    The wedding coordinator (I think her name was Debra) very in tuned to people. The head catering supervisor (I think his name was Jonathan) very customer service oriented. Each 5 stars.
    The bar tender for the cocktail hour as well as during the reception, a bit grumpy 2.5 stars.
    The wedding favor candy table, 5 stars.
    And finally, as the entire ensemble of food was impeccable from the scampi sauce for the shrimp, to the mustard for the prime rib, to the dip for the vegetables, to the Italian bread sticks on the tables which all got 5 stars as mentioned above, the dessert table was a bit bland - the cookies were stale and the chocolate fountain lacked zest in taste, 2.5 stars.

    It was actually the best wedding reception I have ever been to my entire life and though the brides family were the driving force behind this weddings stellar success, the Fairmont did provide a great tool in its venue for them to do so.

    07/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    366. Tram N.
    Do I have the option to give this place 100 stars?  Well Yelp should provide that option.  Although the hotel is nothing grand but thanks to Priceline, we got almost 50% off on our room.  Beware though because I put in a party of 3 and it gave us 1 bed instead of 2.  I asked for a roll-away bed that was brought up to our room in less than 5 minutes so kudos to the service!

    Our room overlooked the pool and San Jose Tech Museum so we had a great view.  Planes would zoom by every so often which didn't seem to bother us at all.  The room was clean and tidy; I love the bathroom because of the makeup area, the shower tub, and shower stall.  

    Our room door did not open so every time we walk in, we had to use our might or at least for me, I had to use all my might to hold the door open.  We were near the elevators and the ice machine.  Other than the annoying ruckus that was held at "Music in the Park" over the weekend, no complaints from either of us.

    The bar area by the lobby is closed for renovation from what the boyfriend tells me.  Oh and if you want to check out around 10am-12pm then call ahead for your vehicle because the wait would be forever.

    19/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    367. Bill T.
    The room heater blows lukewarm air only no matter the setting. The cold extends to the lobby bar as well. They blame it on the sliding doors to the outside, but there is also cold air blowing into the vents as well.

    What exactly is going on here? It is already 55% outside, why are you blowing cold air on top of it?

    I hunkered down in my fleece jacket. I feel sorry for the fashionably dressed young women with their naked arms and legs.

    25/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    368. Kelly B.
    The hotel is beautiful, especially because we were there for Christmas. The lobby was decorated and had a huge gingerbread house. There was live music in the lounge, which is in the center of the lobby floor.
    A few things to note:
    There is no self parking, you need to pay for valet parking, which has in-out privileges for 24hrs; it costs $26 or $13 if you have a hybrid (which we do). I heard some packages come with parking and breakfast so that would be a good deal if you see that option.
    I was a little annoyed to find out you have to pay extra for internet access, which seems ridiculous to me in the days of tablets and laptops and internet dependency.
    The room was well decorated and clean. I could have used a few more pillows (there were three for a king sized bed). The bathroom was nice and there was a lit vanity area. There was a safe in room too, which we didn't use, but maybe some people would.
    Overall my husband and I wouldn't normally book at this type of hotel, we are more of a cheap room and spend the savings out doing stuff, but this was a family thing and it was a pretty place to be on Christmas Eve.

    02/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    369. Robert N.
    Travelzoo offered a voucher promotional for this hotel for $139, the vouchers are valid until Feb. 28, 2014. I purchased 2 vouchers knowing I had a few business trips planned to SJ over a couple of months. On 3 occasions with separate dates I have tried to reserve a room. On all occasions I have been told no voucher rooms are available; however, they have tried to upsell other rooms, so they have rooms available.
    My complaint to Travelzoo was to no avail, they refused to help or refund my money. If you are ever thinking of buying any Travelzoo vouchers beware!!!!!

    26/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    370. Tom T.
    Stayed overnite here a couple days ago and wasn't impressed.  I expected more from a Fairmont property.

    *Good location
    *Good room service and valet
    *Service was just ok.

    *Very disappointed with the room...pretty dirty.
    *Property is dated and room we stayed in had stained carpets and bedskirt was dirty.
    *Big fly in the room..... don't know how it got there.
    *Furniture in the room were chipped and nicked.
    *AC took forever to cool the room
    *Need to update room amenities with an alarm clock/radio that has a USB port.

    I wouldn't recommend this place.  Not worth the money.

    03/07/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    371. Donovan T.
    Okay beautiful hotel and one of San Jose's gems but to be honest, their customer service here is CRAP.

    They treat you very nice when you are at the hotel...but after you pay for everything; They don't give a damn how loyal you are to them! I was overcharged for a room this past year, and it took over a month for them to dispute it with my credit card company.

    I called the accounting department and left a voicemail since nobody picked up the phone (during business hours). And The accounting department called back once and left me a short voicemail, however when I returned that call and left voicemails of my own, they were never returned. I didn't receive any contact from them until i filed the CHARGE AS FRADULANT with my bank. At this point, they began talking to my credit card company and we got it the situation settled.

    I prefer Hotel De Anza instead. It's the same lux feeling, yet offers the service as a mom-and-pop run hotel. Fairmont..you left a bad taste in my mouth!

    06/09/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    372. Sara N.
    We had our wedding at the Fairmont. The food service people are top notch. everyone loved the entire menu. The place is gorgeous top to bottom. There is a suite near the top with a baby grand. The view is breathtaking, especially with Christmas in the park down below. The bedding is luxuirious to die for. The service is intuitive. Fairmont hotels are my favorite hotels in the whole world.

    For our vacation we plan to visit Lake Louise and stay the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise in Victoria. It is so beautiful, it is like an old European villa with glaciers and crystal clear lake in a storybook setting!

    16/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    373. Linda B.
    We attended the Fanime convention last weekend and were privileged to stay at the Fairmont hotel for 3 wonderful nights. In spite of being so busy the halls remained quiet and sleep came easily. The room was very large, we had a nice view of the courtyard between the two Fairmont buildings and could watch costumed people walk by, and the bathroom was big and comfortable, too.

    With so much activity, it must have been a difficult weekend for the staff, but it didn't feel that way at all. Everyone was nice and professional. An inexpensive breakfast could be had in the main lobby. We had valet service for our car and were pleasantly surprised that the cost to park ($26/night) was reduced by half for hybrid cars, and we have one--yay!

    The location couldn't have been better. For those needing a little break from the convention, the San Jose Art Museum is a one-minute walk and restaurants are everywhere. A movie theater is right there, too. I went on a short walk to the quilt museum, which is a must-see if you've never been to one. The Tech Museum is across the street, and the Children's Discovery Museum is nearby, too.

    To divert a moment here, downtown San Jose has almost no retail stores, and except for Ross and Walgreen's, the few independent shops are small and not fun for browsing or window shopping. You would need a car to get to the Valley Fair mall and Santana Row. So don't go to downtown San Jose if shopping is on your list.

    The only downside to the SJ Fairmont is that I left a favorite sun cap in the second building's lobby, never to been seen again. And my husband left a shaving kit in our bathroom that he could have picked up the day after we left (because we live close). But none of this stuff was turned into the hotel's lost and found. I suppose the cleaning staff just tosses or keeps what they find, but service would have been tiptop had these things been located.

    28/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    374. David R.
    Awesome!  Very impressed.  My wife and I stayed over Valentines weekend.  Room was huge and immaculate.  We stayed in the separate tower which apparently is newer and in better shape.  Went swimming in pool. Heated but a bit chilly (but its February so what can  I expect).  Valet Parking was a bit chaotic (didn't answer phone when we called from our room) but we got our car without too much wait.  Fun parties in the lobby and couples dancing on Valentines.  Walking distance to restaurants and nightlife.  Would return in a heartbeat!

    25/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    375. Jessica M.
    The hotel was great, except for the ghosts. We stayed on the 6th floor (681 to be exact). The curtains opened by themselves twice, the shower turned on and off by itself and there was a loud knock on the door and no one was there. Would stay again, but not on the 6th floor!

    15/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    376. Joseph O.
    We booked pool level room #464 for Tues July 2nd and Wed July 3rd at the Fairmont Hotel San Jose to "beat the heat" and enjoy the pool (at great expense).  We are between houses and our rental has no air conditioning.

    All day and evening on Tuesday, the pool area was filled with huge groups of people with coolers, bags of beer, and multiple children (many in diapers).  It was like a public pool full of screaming inconsiderate people, and unbearable.  I spoke with two groups and eavesdropped on many others.  One group were "related" to an employee; another were "friends" with an employee.  I listened to several comments from other adults including "lets go home, I need a shower" and "we need to go home and cook dinner soon".

    I called the front desk and asked the Manager on duty "IVAN" why the pool area was full of non-guests because they were making it unbearable for real guests.  (In fact I watched a 60-ish year old businessman try to enjoy the pool, he left in disgust after 10 minutes.)

    "IVAN" stated that he would check the pool area.  He called me back 10 minutes later and said that "any employees in the pool area were staying at the hotel".  He must be psychic or a liar because I was on my patio and I never saw any employee come to the pool  area and ask anyone to produce a room key.  

    This place is clearly rotten from the inside.  I have never been to a hotel that would condone or allow that type of incompetent management.  
    Who insults and alienates paying guests?  -Only the Fairmont San Jose.

    To make matters worse the air conditioning is HORRIBLE.  On high all day, never cooled the room below 73.  Eventually it was cooler outside in the evening!

    Go to the Saint Claire or the De Anza instead!

    Disapointed and cheated....

    03/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    377. Dal C.
    I stayed at the Fairmont for 1 night August 6.  I was on the 14th floor.  When I went to bed I noticed a strange high pitched buzzing or whining sound;  it sounded like a machine of some sort, perhaps the air conditioning which may be on the roof.  Anyway it was THE MOST ANNOYING noise in the world and totally disrupted my sleep!    I would never stay at the Fairmont ever again specifically for this reason.  There were a couple of other problems , like really low water pressure in the shower.   But that weird buzzing was not acceptable.  I can't believe no one else complains about that.

    Addendum:  Kelley Cosgrove, GM at the Fairmont got back to very quickly and said that as I suspected, the noise is due to the Air Conditioner on the roof and they are sending me a gift letter.  So I will up my ranking on them since otherwise it is a pretty nice hotel.

    Addendum to last Addendum:  I never received any gift from the Fairmont so I guess they just call people and tell them that without actually sending one.

    08/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    378. Steve A.
    Pretty harsh, I know. I have stayed at four other locations and would rate them 4-5 stars. The San Jose location misses the mark. They never called me when I scheduled a wake- up call. No tissues in the room. And a clogged shower drain which means the shower was not cleaned or the help ignored the problem. We will not be back.

    11/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    379. Carla S.
    ***This review is for afternoon tea only***

    The bottom line is I wouldn't go back.
    I love tea. I've been to the Empress Hotel, several places throughout Europe, and  many places in the local area -- I'd take any of them over here.

    The tea itself was good. Good but not great. (It could have been my pick, but I usually love green teaI. love getting my own pot, but the tea cozies were tacky and clearly older than the two young girls in our party. Back to the cozie - Think of your gram's every day tea cozie from the late 90s.

    The service was SLOOOOOOOW. Not leisurely, just slow. From sit down to finish, was nearly 3 hours. (Not fun with a 3 and 6 year old, mind you)

    It's in a main lobby of a very run down hotel. I grew up in the area and this hotel isn't what it used to be. The rooms may be large (I see that mentioned a lot on here) but the lobby itself is clearly outdated, as are the bathrooms and carpets and lighting. At 25 years old, it's clearly seen better days.

    If anyone thinks of comparing this hotel to the Empress in Victoria or the beautiful Fairmont in San Francisco, I laugh at you. This hotel is a Motel 6 next to either.

    My chair faced the street and I could see busses of people being driven to/from the airport. I could see TVs playing American football out of the corners of both of my eyes. Several tables near us had businessmen and women with laptops, others conducting actual business, and some quite loud young guys who I believe were at the hotel for a bachelor party.

    Also - no fine china? And the chargers were scratched beyond belief and well past their prime luster.

    The washrooms were disgusting - I actually went to the front desk to complain and the young lady I told looked surprised. The condition was so poorly that I truly doubt I was the only one to say something. I should mention here they weren't much better when I returned, 6 year old in tow, about 45 minutes later. Dust and dirt in the corners of a bathroom shouldn't be in a fine hotel! And the faucets and toilets, let alone doors and floors, had seen better days!

    On the flip side, they were amazingly accommodating with my gluten allergy. I went into this birthday party (for my 6 year old niece, mind you) with low low expectations in regards to food. They blew my socks off, and that's not easy! So celiacs and gluten sensitive friends, try afternoon tea here for the food, but not the aesthetics. But don't be in a hurry!

    gluten free menu:

    1. cute gluten free lettuce wraps  and a half of a bell pepper and eggplant sammy.
    2. fruit with vanilla yogurt. fruit was bitter and the yogurt was a bit odd, but nice and creamy.
    3. chocolate covered strawberry (my fave) and a lavender macaroon (odd, but tasty) and something else I couldn't finish - my belly was stretched already.

    I was a little sad that the gluten free menu didn't contain a scone or two. I think they should get Zest Bakery to make them...

    19/11/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    380. Marie T.
    The Fairmont was a hotel I found that offered an Asian Menu. This is a great alternative to brides who want the traditional 10 course menu, but without the restaurant atmosphere. I've been working with Glenn and so far he's been really responsive and helpful. Their packages include food, cake, ice sculpture and champagne toast. The only thing I don't like is that their alcohol packages are really pricey. But other than that, I love my venue!

    19/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    381. olive r.
    I've stayed here twice on weekend getaways. The hotel is beautiful and luxurious and so are the rooms! My fiancé and I love staying here and love relaxing by the pool! Wish there was a hot tub! Great that there is a bar at the pool but I wish they had beer on draft!! Great place to stay if you're going to enjoy the amenities!

    16/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    382. Miriam S.
    For $270 a night I expected a nice room, especially considering that this was a discounted room rate. Our room was awful, with an old funk smell. Mold in the shower and on the sink. Toilet felt like a public bathroom with an aggressive metal handle. Shower was awful, their shampoo and conditioner was so overly scented, I usually am pretty flexible but I couldn't even stomach the scent! I reeked after showering. The shower was so cheap, crappy small tiles (with mold in the grout), a terribly cheap and flimsy shower head, cheap and flimsy knob, and cheap and flimsy door. It had a huge separate tub. I sure wish they had saved the money on the tub and given me a decent shower. Nice view from the room is the absolute only complement I can give this place. Pretty disappointing, Fairmont. Definitely was tolerable for one night, but I switched hotels for my second night. And would absolutely not stay here again.

    24/04/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    383. Jeff P.
    This is a review for the holiday buffet they put on for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas...
    My family started coming here for our holidays about 7 years ago. At first we really enjoyed it, however they have gone down hill since then.  The last time I was here was two years ago, and I swore that I'd never come back it was so awful!
    My brother talked me into coming again this year, I just wasted $90.00...
    It was so bad I walked downstairs and bought food and brought it upstairs so I could eat something with my family....
    If this was a $9.95 buffet the food would be acceptable, but $90.00?  

    25/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    384. Nicole S.
    I live in SF but I am working in San Jose for the summer. My job was hosting an event after work and I got lost trying to find it and couldn't find anything on google maps on my phone.

    I wandered into the Fairmont and Luis was at the reception desk. He greeted me right away and was able to quickly locate the place that I was looking for and he gave me perfect directions. I really appreciate the hospitality that he gave me even though I was not even staying at the hotel. Thanks Luis!

    26/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    385. C F.
    Nice entrance and bar area. I don't think significant renovations have happened up through the 20th floor. Dated decor and bathroom. And the bed... ? Not like other Fairmont rooms I've stayed in. Not worth the $.

    19/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    386. Anthony B.
    I recently stayed at the Fairmont for 3 days on a business trip and while I was initially impressed by the scale, views, friendly front desk staff and "fancy elements",  I became quickly disgusted after getting to my room and realizing the lack of cleanliness.

    The issues:

    1. Stained bed sheets. I'm talking baby-making bodily fluid.
    2. Hair all over tub. And not just a "little bit" -- it was NASTY!
    3. More hair on various parts of the floor and on countertop.
    4. Broken bathtub handle and sink faucet handles leaked when used.
    5. The rooms, especially bathroom/shower, did not smell good at all.
    6. There was leftover urine in toilet.
    7. Crusty computer table surface and wet substance on lounge chair armrest.

    When I called to request a different room and stated the reasons why, there was no hint of empathy or apology at all. The rep I spoke with just hesitated with an "Ok ummm", asked me to hold, then comes back and says they only have a few rooms left and could put me in a handicap room. Not sure why I couldn't be moved to one of the other standard rooms, but I didn't care -- just wanted a clean room.

    Another issue I have is that this hotel relies on automated sensor-based billing for snacks/drinks in the room, which is absolutely ridiculous. All you have to do is pick something up and you will automatically be charged for it until you dispute it later. Would you go to a clothing store that charged you for every piece of clothing you brought into a fitting room? That is no different than what this hotel is doing.

    Needless to say, I am never staying here again!

    01/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    387. Andrea D.
    The short: My girlfriend and I came here for a conference. Their service here is exceptional.

    The long: We're greeted at our car by a handsome-looking gentleman who takes our bags and our car. We continue to check in and go up to the room.  Shortly after our bags arrive and the bellman offers recommendations for dinner depending on what we're feeling. My friend mentions that everyone is so nice here that she isn't sure if it's refreshing or creepy. We go downstairs for drinks only to find that the lounge is the happening spot for the evening- excellent for people watching. We return to our room to debate what we're going to have for breakfast. Our door tag is whisked away shortly after it was hung as if they've got cameras watching so the staff can swoop in to offer assistance before we need it. Our response? "We seriously gotta yelp that s*** STAT!

    05/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    388. Lena H.
    We stayed here over the weekend for the bf's company holiday party. The hotel did a fantastic job hosting the party. The flowers and decorations were absolutely gorgeous. There were plenty of different areas where you could mingle without it being too crowded.

    Getting to the valet entrance is a bit of a struggle with Christmas In The Park going on right now. Enter on South Market and not First Street. When you check in, go to the right of the Christmas display. I didn't see any signs but luckily another guest had asked for directions.

    The bathrooms need some work! I get grossed out by tile in the shower especially when they don't keep it clean. I know.. it's hard not to get that grimy stuff between the tiles but it's tough to get yourself clean when you're lookin' at a not-so-clean shower. The pressure is terrible and good luck getting any hot water. Actually, you'll need luck getting warm water.

    11/12/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    389. Tori C.
    Gorgeous room, great views, great location. I was there for a conference so the price of the room was discounted and reasonable but I can't imagine paying full price for it.
    Very luxurious, very stylish.

    17/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    390. Nicole B.
    I stayed here because my work was having a holiday dinner event at a nearby restaurant and I needed a place to stay afterwords. The price was definitely on the high side, but luckily my boss covered half of the expense. I used the hotel's valet when I got there and it was very expensive, especially considering that I was a guest of the hotel. The hotel is in a good location, close to a lot of restaurants, nightlife and the freeway. The size of the hotel itself and the lobby was quite large and spacious.

    I stayed a room with two queen beds and it overlooked the ice rink next door. The room was gorgeous with a large TV, a separate vanity area with various appliances and a spacious bathroom with a shower and bath tub. Using the shower was not a pleasant experience since the water was either way too hot or way too cold so I had to settle for a bath.

    They have a very large gym with numerous machines and weights. They even provide towels and headphones so that you can listen to one of the multiple TVs there. They price of room service was ridiculous as well as the price of anything and everything in the min fridge provided in the room.

    Overall I had a pleasant experience, however I was not happy with the price of the hotel, valet, room service or that the shower was not working properly. If I were to return to the area I would probably stay elsewhere.

    22/01/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    391. Andy M.
    Pretty brutal as far as Fairmonts go. Valet parking waits are sufficient to make you late for meetings, the rooms are getting outdated, but worst of all the staff i dealt with were really terrible. They mixed my room up with a colleague's and when my key card didn't work they grilled me as if I was a criminal for 10m until I asked for the manager who also started off very skeptically until he discovered their mistake. They have a nice lobby bar and the onsite restaurant is a good place to host clients, but I'd stick with the Marriot, better located and way friendlier.

    30/04/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    392. David N.
    Going to stay here for FanimeCon next year again...

    Would You Book Next Year: Yes We will

    Pros: Check in was fast at the front desk. When we got up to the room me and my wife were amazed at how big and roomy the room was. My wife loved the vanity ( she did her lolita makeup) and the bathtub. I loved how there was side tables and a comfy chair for me to use my laptop. There was a nice flat screen tv that my wife used right away. Oh shit the bed was so soft my husband jumped in it and claimed he's sleeping spot immediately. We knocked out every night. Soft bed and pillows.

    Cons: We had to keep calling for info about an earlier check in time since 3 was way to late for us to go. No free parking so parents couldn't come see us. We had to wait 10 minutes for them to bring our luggage to our room. Housekeeping was a bit lacking. They didn't restock everything. The room felt like it was in a maze in the far corner and my wife thought something scary would pop out. The door was messed up and it had a gap in far top left corner. No free internet my husband had to use his android hot spot. The shower and tub was a bit confusing to use. The garbage didn't have bags. The elevators were hell. On Monday we waited 5 minutes to get an almost empty elevator to fit all our luggage because the bellhop would have taken an hour to get it from our room.

    Special Notes to Share: Really close to food and short walking distance from the con. Great room and view.

    p.s. written by a husband and wife

    10/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    393. Silvia A.
    My boyfriend and i stayed at this hotel this past weekend and i just have to say it was beautiful! The moment i walked in i was very impressed. Service was great! Daniel at the front desk was super nice and helped us out a lot. I also love how there are many places near by that we could walk to. I highly recommend this hotel

    11/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    394. Kivani R.
    The hotel is beautiful and is located in prime DTSJ, so there are many places/restaurants in walking distance. Our room was gorgeous. They also offer valet parking for $28/night.

    19/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    395. Christine T.
    I'm a fan, but.....I thought the king in the king suite wasn't big enough.  So while I loved the room, they went a little chincy on the bed.  That was my only disappointment.  The room is clean and plush.  I love the lobby bar and as always, the service is excellent.

    08/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    396. Cristina W.
    The Fairmont isn't cheap.  The service is great, but this hotel is just a little dated.  I mean, everything is still comfortable enough and you are given the same Fairmont grade service...but it's an old hotel and its age is starting to show in the rooms.

    Example, I'm usually staying here for large corporate events, stayed here multiple times over the past couple of years and it never fails, in the morning when everyone and their mom is showering right before the keynotes start...there is NO hot water.  Hardly any hot water and the water pressure is dismal.  My advice, if you're here for a conference, hop in the shower at 5:30-6am.  

    And while the bathroom is immaculately clean, I have a pet peeve around toilets with the metal bar flushers...you know, the ones you kick to flush with your feet at truckstops?  What is up with that?

    I'm glad I'm here on company travel.  IF I had to pay this on vacation myself?  Forget it!  I'd rather stay at the Hotel Valencia on Santana Row.  At least I'm close to shopping.

    07/10/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    397. Louis C.
    First we arrived at the front door, gave the bellman our luggage and checked in. We got to our room-that smelled like bleach-, and realized two bulbs were out, and the phone didn't work. We waited forty minutes for our luggage, and called 3 times for a maintenance worker. When he did finally show up 2 hours later, he said there was nothing he could do about the phone.

    The next morning while me wife was showering we realized the shower wasnt draining and water went everywhere. I finally just requested a new room.

    The facilities are dated, the service was poor, and i cant recommend this hotel at its current prices.

    12/10/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    398. Jessica T.
    Let me start off by saying that Cecilia is AMAZING and is probably one of the reasons our stay this weekend was unforgettable! My husband and I stayed here this past weekend. We were celebrating our one year wedding anniversary. I called ahead to find out if there were any special services they offered that are "romantic". Cecilia asked me what I had in mind (I responded). She asks me to hold for a second then gets back on the line and said she'll take care of EVERYTHING! I was shocked, I could not believe it.

    The day of check-in comes and (this was an extra bonus) we're able to check in EARLY AND hang out by the pool. That extra hour and a half made our day! Although, my husband almost ruined the surprise by having us check in early since Cecilia and I planned the surprise with the expectation of us checking in at 3. I was however, able to sneak away and let the woman that checked us in, in on the surprise. Long story short - Cecilia showed up to work early ( I know this because the front desk called and Cecilia was at the florist 30 minutes BEFORE she was on the clock) and was able to set up the room (while we were at the pool) with rose petals. champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.

    My husband was so surprised and happy! I couldn't have asked for a better anniversary! Cecilia made it unforgettable. Not to mention the fact that the entire staff and amenities are awesome!

    Thanks again, Cecilia and the staff at Fairmont for taking such good care of us! We'll be back soon!

    I'll also add a photo of what our room looked like!

    The Williams'

    16/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    399. Linda L.
    I was just at a conference at this establishment, and it appears they are VERY short staffed. Here is what I saw:
    1) dirty dishes on a table for 4+ hours that were never picked up or even seen by 'staff'
    2) Bulbs out in a number of lights in and around the hotel
    3) Filthy curtains stained by food in the hallways and signs on the meeting doors that are full of dust/fingerprints/food and have not been cleaned in months.
    4) Staff is 'hidden' and they seemed to be 'short' people who did the real dirty work
    5) After each conference, no one was around to pick up coffee/water cups in each room (the conference took up at least 8-9 rooms per day). The staff we did see was attentive and 'waited' by the Coffee/Tea areas to assist. Sat outside lunch/breakfast areas to help.
    6) bathrooms with no toilet paper
    7) meeting rooms were FREEZING COLD and staff had to be asked to raise up the heat in a number of rooms on each day.
    Food that was wheeled to each meeting room was delicious, hot and well-made.
    Parking is VALET ONLY. Metered parking in and around the hotel is watched by SJ PD and you are ticketed...so not an area for a rental car!
    This hotel is one of the  most expensive and DOES NOT have a shuttle bus to get you to the airport. Hop on Light Rail, the bus or a TAXI.
    The hotel is right in the middle of downtown and you can walk to many food choices.

    14/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    400. Jerry M.
    I really enjoyed my stay at the fairmont. The rooms are clean and nicly appointed. The staff is friendly and accomodating. The resturants in the hotel are excellent. Try the grill for steaks. I had lunch poolside and they served my halibut tacos in a bento box. Excellent service. The location for the fairmont cannot be beat. This hotel is central to everything and is surrounded by museums,  theaters, parks and restaurants of all types.  Nicest hotel in the downtown area. Lobby bar has live music in the evenings and a little sushi bar too! Very highly reccomend.

    06/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    401. Serena O.
    Despite some bad reviews, we were very satisfied with our stay. The valet parking was friendly and the lobby was well decorated. Although we arrived at the hotel over 11 pm, the person at the check-in desk was very welcome and even funny. The whole hotel was quiet and clean, and the room was pretty spacious and had a great view of SJ through a big window. Specially the air in the room was very fresh. I went to the pool in the next morning and it looked nicer than the pictures. The hotel is in the middle of Downtown SJ which I never been to. I'd definitely come back again and want to explore the downtown area as well.

    04/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    402. Katrina T.
    This hotel is honestly over hyped. I guess I am giving it 2 stars because it totally is not worth it. I expected a more luxurious room...but it was honestly just OK.

    I think I am giving it 2 stars because I wasn't a fan of the bathroom. Their showers had tile which reminded me of a public bathroom! It didn't feel clean. I also didn't like how the toilet was in its own separate room with a public bathroom type of flusher! Just imagine the flusher to the toilet being the same ones as you see in the public restrooms with the silver handle you step on to press... I felt so gross flushing the toilet because if you use your hand, the flusher needs more force that your hand probably can't give off. BUT if you use your foot...it feels gross because with that type of flusher you need shoes on!

    The room design was pretty plain, nothing WOW about it. I've seen fancier!

    I had an event in HS though and I do remember their banquet halls being quite big!

    20/06/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    403. Julie O.
    Check in and out great. Valet parking fabulous. Room - lovely and clean and big with a nice shower and tub (in the main building). Food - terrible. Everything surrounding our breakfast was just wrong...originally told breakfast served till 11am - at 10.15 I called down just to check - 10.30... so rushed down only to be told by restaurant staff that the front desk don't know what they are talking about and they serve breakfast till 1pm. Great - rushed like lunatics for nothing.
    Met the waiter..nice enough - seemed a little anxious and rushed - but heymaybe he was tired...told me the special was an egg white frittata - seemed plain so I ordered it. And the oatmeal - which was delicious - more about that to tollow. Luckily I hear the waiter descrnig the special to the people at hte next table - suddenl it contained all kinds of things including artichokes which I hate! I grabbed the waiter and said 'why didn't you tell us the whole story about the special'...he didn't remember....anyhoo = he said he didn't know if he could cancel the order but rushed off to find out. Came back siad I could have an egg white omelete instead...and then it arrived - and was awful! As he delivered it to the table he took my oatmeal away while I was still eating it - I grabbed for it to get it back since it was the only edible thing on the table! My friend's sausages were really greasy and untasty...so he was sharing my oatmeal! Also the toast was soggy with butter and the coffee tasted like the end of the pot! We did get the omelete taken off the bill...but stll!
    We actually ended up leaving and eating somewhere else! I thought the customer service overall at the hotel was good - but it seemed as if the kitchen/wait staff was employed by someone else as they just didn't match up to what I would expect from an 'expensive' hotel! I would probably stay in a room here again - in the main tower - but would never eat here again.

    29/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    404. A T.
    Recently just stayed for a conference I was attending.  The staff was very nice and check-in was easy.  My room was cleaned and had a nice view. The valet service was amazing.  They were quick in getting my car to me, it seemed like to took about 15 minutes compared to last year which seemed like an hour.  Good Job.  
    There were two things that went wrong but were fixed.  First the toilet was running most of the time and I had to call for them to fix it, which they did (this was at 3:00am).  Then after I thought they fixed it, I realized the toilet was still running after using it.  I realized I had to flush it twice.  I brought it up to the front desk and received some discount on my room which I thought was nice.  Thank you for that.
    The second problem was that the  housekeeping staff moved one of the food items from the food bar.  I never touched that stuff, knowing that I would get charged if I moved it.  I realized that whoever was in my room before me must have either opened the box and put it back and it was never checked.  The housekeeping staff left the box next to my TV and that is where it stayed for the rest of my stay.  I called the front desk to make sure I was not charged for it.  I double checked again the next day when I went to ask for a late check out and realized I was still credited for the food item.  They did finally take off the charge.
    All in all good stay, will be going back when that conference is there again.

    10/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    405. Rick E.
    How to put this lightly: the air conditioning is horrible, the rooms are way too warm to comfortably sleep. A hotel that looks like this one does from the exterior should offer a more comfortable room experience.  The AC  is horrible!

    26/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    406. Katrina M.
    Major issue with valet. They don't allow you to call ahead to have your car ready so then you are forced to go downstairs and wait in their dark garage for 20 minutes! You got to be kidding me for $26 per day?!?!?! Don't  go if you have to be anywhere important . . . they will surely make you wait- to be late.

    25/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    407. Gabriel B.
    I have been staying at the Fairmont San Jose for about 3 years now. I've stayed at almost all major hotels in DT San Jose and I have to say the Fairmont's amenities and its service are hands down the best in town. They go above and beyond every time I'm here to make me feel welcome. The services they offer through their President's Club rewards program are second to none (i.e. gym clothes and sneakers waiting for you in the room, newspaper of your choice every morning, mobile phone checkin+out, complimentary breakfasts, etc.)

    Highly recommended for your next SJ visit.

    23/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    408. Calvin E.
    I've stayed here so often that this place is like my second house, lol. The rooms are very spacious and the service is excellent. The price has gone up in recent years, but it is still worth the stay.

    25/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    409. Di W.
    Good service and drinks. I got my friend a room here while he's visiting San Jose. The room is small and expensive wifi. Overall it's pretty nice and it's in downtown.

    26/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    410. Doug M.
    Overall a marvelous hotel. Every time I stay here, one thing or another stands out as the marquee experience. This time it was Daniel, a late night front desk man. His attitude was stellar, helpful and easygoing. His recommendation actually saved me about $40-$50!
    All that being said, there were a couple things keeping this review from a five star rating. First, there was a epically foul smell coming from the drain in the bathtub. Also an oscillating buzzing noise seemed to be coming from somewhere behind the tv, even when the set was turned off. Finally, the bell cart I ordered up on check out day never arrived. I waited for 30+ minutes and finally just hauled my things out, stacked precariously one atop the other and shuffled to the elevator. I'll still book this hotel and would recommend it if asked.

    20/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    411. Stefany M.
    Horrible service, disgusting room didn't clean the bed this is a place to party not to stay there want something better Marriott hotel or Valencia hotel Santana Row a lot more expensive$$$ but lot better but we'll you get what you pay for?...

    05/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    412. Darcie P.
    Nice location
    Nice rooms
    Good view of down town
    Nice lobby
    Would have Been a  nice pool BUT this is were the big problem lyes
    There was a "private event" at the pool the night we arrived. This "private event" was a want to be Las Vegas style pool party. The  ah clientele that this party  was not the type of class of people you would expect at the Fairmont
    Guy getting into fight with security guard because he was told to put shirt on in lobby.
    Drunk girl getting arrested in nothing but a skimpy bikini.
    Three girls coming out of elevator into lobby in nothing but skimpy bikinis
    Security has there hands full trying to control this drunk un classy crowd. The pool was closed off to hotel guests.
    The next day when I went to the pool it had a smell of urine. I think those drunk people peed all over the pool. The capper was when I went for a quick dip I saw in the corner of the pool there was white foam and a thick coating of white goo floating on pool. I was so grossed out I got out of pool and took a shower. Not what you would expect for such a nice hotel that charges $300 a night.

    28/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    413. Gail L.
    Had a great experience here!! Only spent a night for a work trip but it was wonderful. Staff is friendly, very customer service oriented and they certainly aim to please. Rooms are spacious, clean, well lit and have huge bathrooms! Knocking down one star because the toilet had an odd handle (it's the commercial kind you would find in a public bathroom) and the dinner food for room service was mediocre and I wish they would have provided slippers but other than that I was completely satisfied. Would definitely recommend this place and would come here again!

    26/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    414. Ali C.
    I stayed at the Fairmont a couple days this week for a work trip and it was fantastic. Upon arrival, you enter the bustling lobby lounge / bar - really lively atmosphere! The check-in process was super easy and the people at the front desk were extremely pleasant. Was staying in the south tower so you kind of have to cross a small street, but it was fine. My room was HUGE. Granted there were two beds and one of me, but I was happy as a clam. The bathroom - also big - tub, shower, the works. Another plus - blackout curtains which helped me big time with my jet lag! The hotel is also in a central location close to bars, restaurants, etc. Great spot - would definitely stay again!

    07/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    415. Kristen B.
    We stayed at the Fairmont for one night and booked two separate rooms. One junior suite and a regular room. They were both very nice and fairly quiet. After reading the reviews that other people left we just made sure to give valet plenty of time to bring up our car and definitely try not to buy snacks or bottled water at the hotel because they are very overpriced. Valet was really only busy right before check out which makes total sense. The staff was really friendly and one of the bell hops even made our daughter balloon swords! If I'm ever in San Jose I will happily stay there again.

    28/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    416. Amaya S.
    We needed a room for the weekend.  Had to drop my son off at college (CSUMB) and all the hotel rooms in Monterrey and neighboring areas were in the $300+ price range.  I'm a single mother, and I'm cheap....in the words of Sweet Brown "ain't nobody got time for that".  I hit up Hotwire (I love a deal) and booked a 4-star hotel for $120 per night.  As you know with Hotwire you don't find out your room until you pay....DING! DING! DING! we got the Fairmont.  I was pretty excited, I know Fairmont brand hotels have a luxurious reputation.


    The Fairmont San Jose is located in Downtown San Jose within walking distance to all the Downtown sites, eateries and the college.  It is a perfect location for Family, Friends or a quick weekend trip.


    The hotel is absolutely beautiful.  Decorated very nice and spacious.  Once you enter you are greeted by very well-appointed decor and mirrors.  Nothing like seeing the look on your own face as you walk in.  There is a sunken bar/lounge area straight ahead, and check-in to your right.  


    Our room was nice as well.  2 VERY comfortable beds and an amazing view of Downtown.  The bathroom has a separate bathtub and separate shower.  There is also a separate vanity area outside of the bathroom.  This was great, I could put my makeup on while the bathroom was being occupied.

    I really liked this hotel and wouldn't mind staying again if I am ever in San Jose.

    12/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    417. Greg F.
    Minus one star for wifi not being free (my personal crusade)
    Minus one star for it taking well over 15 hours for the room to star cooling off when we had the A/C at full blast.

    Otherwise it is very nice, and we enjoyed our stay.

    23/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    418. Floyd L.
    I had a great stay and a great laugh when some dweeb  in a God awful 80s leisure suit frantically asked me if I knew where the bathroom was. Seeing that he was three sheets to the wind and about to piss his pants I directed him to the elevator. I can only imagine what happened after that.

    22/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    419. Graeme S.
    We stayed for one night for a honeymoon night on the 20th November 2014.
    We dropped our luggage into room 434 and headed into town for dinner and a drink. Before we left the room I noticed a quite loud humming noise, a little like a gas generator in the next room.
    When we returned around 11:00 and went to bed the noise was still there and seemed even louder as we relaxed. I called the front desk twice about it and they assured me that their engineers would look into it. An hour later, still no change, and no feedback from the front desk. After two hours and no change I used some ear plugs and finally got to sleep.
    In my opinion, the front desk knew all about the noise, and we're unable to address it,  so they just BS'd me in the hope I'd let it go, and they were right. In retrospect I should have demanded to move rooms, but it was our honeymoon night and I didn't want to make a fuss.
    I mentioned it at checkout but got the apologies you'd expect, but words are cheap.
    It was an expensive stay, not up to the quality is expect, and not worth half of the cost.
    Lastly, the wifi wasn't free, and a bottle of water in the room was $8. Absolute rip-off !
    It's the last time I'll stay here.

    24/11/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    420. Susana G.
    So this is an update of my previous ants-in-room review... I have had a couple of mgmt folks from this hotel contact me after my previous said negative review and offered apologies and incentives to come back.  So I was appreciative of that.  However, the whole point of my stay was that there should not have been ants in the room and that the front desk should have been much more responsive.  If the front desk had been better trained or responsive to me during my stay/checkout, I probably would have never written any negative reviews on this hotel.

    28/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    421. Lori T.
    Brought Travelzoo for brunch buffet.  I have never seen a buffet has less than 10 items of food. They always run out of foods. Disappointing.

    01/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    422. Diomedes L.
    Too pricey.  Valet guess parking still have to pay $26 for our stay.  There is no complimentary coffee in the room. And the room we stayed was pretty warm even when we have airconditiining in full blast (cold). Other than that, it was a pleasant experience and very clean.

    20/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    423. Rosie Y.
    Initially, I was very excited about staying at The Fairmont in San Jose.  It was in the city and it was rated exceedingly well in multiple websites.  The hotel boasts that it has "refined elegance and sophistication".  The hotel has a AAA Four Diamond Award and Mobile Four Star Award.  What was there not to look forward to?

    However, that excitement was short-lived.  This was by far the worst hotel experience in my life.  I probably would have received better service and hospitality at motels than what I received on Friday night.  

    If I could give it zero stars, I would.  

    I checked-in during the evening, I was exhausted from my day and wanted nothing more than to go to bed.  The man checking me in was cordial and gave me the keys to my room.  

    Room #1, Issue #1: When I went to the room I was assigned to, I noticed that either the housecleaning people did not do their job or there was someone still staying in the room because the sheets were messy and the bathroom had towels on the floor.  I tried to call the front desk however the phone was not working.

    Room #1, Issue #2, Since the phone was not functioning, I had to go back downstairs to tell the front desk that the room they gave me was not clean and/or someone was staying there and had not checked out.

    Room #2, Issue #3: The woman gave me another room and another set of keys.  I went up to the 10th floor and was unable to open the door with either of the keys.  

    Again, I had to go back downstairs to inform the same woman who issued me the keys earlier did not work.  She ran the cards again through the system and assured me that they were properly working.

    Room #2, Issue #4: I took the elevator back up to the 10th floor and saw once again, a dirty room and/or someone had not checked out.  The bed was unmade, the pillows were on the ground, there was paper on the floor, the vent looked like it was about to come off, the trash in the bathroom was practically overflowing, and there were towels on the counter of the bathroom, floor, and in the shower.  Nasty.

    Room #2, Issue #5: I immediately called the front desk and told the woman that the room was dirty and/or someone was staying in the room.  She told me that the manager would come up to the room to check out the situation.  Since I was uncertain as to whether or not someone was actually staying in the room, I decided to wait outside the door of the hotel room for the manager instead of staying inside the room.  

    I waited 20 minutes before the manager arrived.

    Room #2, Issue #6:  When the manager arrived, he handed me the keys to another room on the 15th floor and informed me that the staff had checked the new room to make sure that it was clean.  He didn't even bother to look inside room #1032 (the filthy room I was waiting outside).  There were no apologies to the several mishaps that night.  There was no complimentary anything.  I was completely floored and appalled that such a hotel that prides itself in providing "extraordinary accommodations in extraordinary places" gave such poor quality to its guests.

    I took the elevator to the 15th floor and opened the door.  At this point, I wouldn't have been surprised if this room was dirty too, but it wasn't.  I was displeased with how everything was handled.  It took me longer than usual to fall asleep, partly because I was afraid that someone might walk into my room accidentally, in case the front staff had given them the wrong room number and also because I couldn't believe that this supposedly luxurious hotel was anything but from the experiences I've endured.

    Room #3, Issue #7: I was awoken the following morning by the housekeeping staff slamming the neighboring room doors.  

    The only positive things about this hotel were the easy quick phone check-out and the valet services calling me a cab promptly.  

    I was disgusted with the lack of professionalism that occurred.  In the president's message, the hotel & resorts president claims that "Fairmont is committed to providing engaging service.  We strive to anticipate the needs of our guests and deliver our promise to 'turn moments into memories'.  In my travels, I have seen our colleagues' dedication to fulfilling this commitment.  We continue to look for new ways to deliver exceptional experiences, individualized service and a deeper exploration of what 'locally inspired' means to a great hotel.  I encourage you to join Fairmont President's Club to take full advantage of the benefits of staying with Fairmont.  Let us cater to your passions and preferences."  

    I will never stay at another Fairmont hotel again.  This hotel has demonstrated the worst hospitality service I've ever come across.  I probably would have fared better at the Holiday Inn.

    28/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    424. Rebecca A.
    We stayed at the Fairmont during this past weekend the Mexican National Soccer Team was staying at the hotel. Unfortunatly, we were staying in the same tower as the team. The room was nice, the front counter staff were nice - everything I expected from a Fairmont property, until checking out when a very disturbing thing happened. We left our room and went to the lobby of the south tower to await our friends who were also staying in the south tower. Hotel security told us we had to leave because the lobby was closed although no sign was posted and people were going in and out, I told the officer that we wouldn't be to long we were just waiting for friends.  We reminded him we were paying guests and would stay in the lobby until our friends came down from their room. He then decided to send two San Jose Police officers down to basically order us out of the lobby to the point where they said "don't make this harder on yourself".  He continued to tell us to leave, I was getting extremely upset and offended, I really felt that if I was not latin nor wearing 49ers sports wear, we would have been treated differently.  We eventually left the lobby and headed to the main lobby to wait for our friends.  I was visibly upset and told them what had just happened he then advised the front counter manager of what happened and she was horrified and could offer no explanation as to why we were treated this way and that we had every right to be in that lobby. She knew of no restrictions for guests to that location.

    A properly run hotel would not allow this to happen. If the security of the Mexican National Soccer Team is their greatest priority, and that there was to be no intrusion into any space they may occupy, you shouldn't put paying guests in the same space and then have the unmitigated nerve to treat them like garbage. I was told I would be called by the Hotel's Head of Security - thus far, no call. A very poor performance by the Fairmont San Jose. Call ahead and make sure you won't be threatened with arrest for trying to wait 5 minutes in the lobby!

    08/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    425. LIsa K.
    The hotel provided us with excellent service, from booking to check in, to retrieving our car from valet.  Daniel at the front desk was extremely accommodating for our birthday party guests.  He checked us in early and rushed the cleaning for our suite to make sure that it was ready for us when we returned from the Sharks game.  He even called to let me know when it was ready for us and recognized us when we returned to get the keys for the second room.  Thank you for making us feel like VIP guests!!  We were satisfied with the condition of the room and the ease of check in and check out.  The concierge was also very helpful in recommending local dinner spots for a large birthday group.  Thank you for being a part of our celebration!

    18/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    426. Tiff C.
    Stayed here with friends overnight after attending a concert at SAP center. This hotel is very fancy. We stayed in the south tower which is the building across from the main one. Rooms were spacious (probably extra spacious since we were at the end in the corner) and beds are super comfy. Bathroom is nice with shower and separate tub.

    26/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    427. Brent K.
    Very nice Hotel.  Secure lobby and elevators. rooms are nice, fully stocked frig. comfy bed ( King size ) friendly staff.  In the middle of town. I came hear for a large wedding.
    The food was very good for hotel food. Filet minion, lobster rapped chicken. crab salad. The service was fast.  I would come back here again. it's located on a city walkway so theres a some restaurants and shops around the area. I think they can use more retail shops in the area.

    05/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    428. Sammy B.
    We got married at the Saint Joseph Basilica in downtown San Jose and the majority of our guests stayed at the Fairmont. They were all a huge help. From the second you get to the front entrance the bell hops are on it with helping with luggage. I worked with Tara and Candice were a huge help with coordinating everything for our room block and we had an amazing time. See below photo my bridal party took at the Fairmont lobby. Photo credit: Dana Todd Photography. Thank you again Fairmont San Jose.

    02/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    429. Joyce W.
    I have stayed in numerous of hotels- from 3 star to 5 star. I don't know how this is classified as a 4 star hotel by the lack of customer service they provide to their guests.

    We checked into the hotel yesterday at 6pm. We made reservations for a king room in the main tower. We made sure we had made reservations at the main tower because we were attending an event that was in their main tower ballroom. When we arrived at the front desk- CHRIS was the one that was checking us in. He told us that there were only kings in the south tower and queens in the main tower. We let him know that we gone through numerous of sites to make sure we made reservations in the main tower. And again- he told us bluntly that only queens in the main tower and king in the south tower- and insists that we make a decision. So he basically disregard anything I just said and didn't even seem apologetic on the hotel's behalf of lack of rooms available. We continued on letting him know the trouble we have gone through of making sure we got a king in the main tower. After 10 min at the front desk basically getting no where with him... We finally asked to see a manager.

    And of course, after I asked to speak with a manger- a king room in the main tower magically appeared to be available. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? After we spent all this time at the front desk, asking for a king room in the main tower. At the end, we told Chris that we wished he would have made a better effort from the beginning.

    The entire stay after that was just ruined. I will never stay at a Fairmont anywhere again. The lack of customer service tells a lot about a company.

    14/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    430. Mark A.
    Very impressive hotel in terms of size and location. Room is nice but 300+ for a Sunday night + almost $30 for valet parking next time I will find someplace else.  Couch in the living room is the most uncomfortable I have ever found. Service and attitude of workers is great. Also this type of toilet has no business in a hotel of this price level. If you have to be right in this area then I would give it a shot.

    05/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    431. Sade L.
    Love the restaurant on the property (Fountains), but unfortunately I was not impressed with anything else. I was very disappointed with my experience, as this hotel has been around for years, and many colleuges, employees and locals have ravved about the Fairmont to me. Everyone knows I am a hotel junkie, its the ultimate escape for me, even when local. I love a good "stay-cation". However, I was not impressed by the Fairmont. Yes, the property is nice, but the service is not up to par for a 4 star hotel. I hate to say this, but the employees seem to be a bit incompetent. You must have  loads of patience when speaking to them.

    The process of reserving a room is cumbersome and annoying, I was overcharged several times for  services that I'd prepaid for, getting ahold of the front desk is terribly difficult, and I think $26 a night to park is a bit ridiculous. I wont be returning for a hotel stay.

    09/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    432. Mike J.
    Got a super good deal on priceline here during the week. Only 97$ a night. Normal rate is around 230$ a night. Both pride points are good for this place. Nice hotel rooms are clean lobby is very upscale and so are the restaurants next door and in the hotel. Great spa and pool is nice as well. Enjoying it here thus far. Feeling lucky ingot such a good rate with Priceline.

    02/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    433. Paige B.
    I have been contacted since my initial review by Kristen, Director of Front Office Operations who has offered me a refund on our room fee to recompense for our poor recent experience at the Fairmont.  I am certainly willing to be a future guest given the apology, and I will assume that measures will be taken to improve the issues that I experienced.

    08/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    434. M D.
    We booked a room at The Fairmont to relax, pool lounge and use the spa services, only to find out the pool is closed to a "private event"!   I called the hotel, with the call never being answered,  after being transferred two times.
    Called again, and was told we could use the pool IF WE BOUGHT TICKETS!!  35 Dollars each!

    26/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    435. Patrick G.
    The Fairmont San Jose isn't the most modern hotel, but it sure does have that traditional elegance that is nice in an older hotel.

    Let me start by saying the reservation and check in process was seamless.  I stayed here as a guest of a wedding, and the reservation process was very easy.  The staff was very helpful and made the process go by very fast.  Upon check-in, there were many people anxiously there to help my wife and I get to our room in a timely fashion.  Again, the staff were all very friendly and helpful.

    The entrance and lobby were grand and traditional and this theme flowed throughout the entire hotel.  Our room was clean and very large, but the finishes and style were a little outdated.  There were no issues with any of the room elements, they just weren't as aesthetically pleasing as most people prefer.

    Getting to the hotel isn't the easiest, as the entrance is on a one way street next to a very busy park.  The valet line was also out into the street, and it is the only way to park at the hotel.  Having to deal with the valet makes leaving the hotel by car a long process.  Luckily, the location of the hotel makes it great for walking to just about anywhere important in downtown San Jose.

    The Fairmont is a good place to stay if you are looking for a traditional, luxurious hotel while in San Jose.  The location makes it great to enjoy the city and have a base that is close by.  I would recommend this hotel to anyone visiting the area who has a little more to spend on their accommodations.

    11/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    436. Deborah Elizabeth F.
    All glory to Jonathan, a manager at the San Jose Fairmont!  He really helped us.

    We had been told by the concierge that we could order room service by the pool, but room service gave us the runaround.  Between the fabulous concierges and Jonathan, the problem was solved and the inconvenienced was minimized.

    We had a fabulous brunch in the form of take out from the Fountain, which we took to the poolside.  Many thanks to the concierges, to Jonathan, and to the team at the Fountain!  

    What a great example of a hotel manager making it right, when there was a disconnect between what we were told and what room service was able to do.  We are now totally satisfied.

    07/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    437. Tani P.
    I've stayed here a few times and for the price I would expect a lot more. The rooms are generic, the service is OK, but I would rather stay elsewhere during trips to the Bay Area.

    02/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    438. Maria P.
    I had a bad experience on entering and leaving the Fairmont. We were so excited to stay at such a prestigious and gorgeous hotel for a wedding. The bride booked 9 rooms but for some reason our room had the problem. When you book with a 3rd party service they email you a " receipt" but its not the real charge. They only charge you half. It appears as if you pay the full amount. So the girl didn't explain it well, it was pretty embarrassing to have to get the bride involved. She was late for her rehearsal dinner because of this lengthy issue.

    So we thought things were cleared up but they weren't. The girl  that worked at the desk  HAO  said that we couldn't pay later so we gave her the card to pay at the beginning of our stay but she didn't charge it. So when leaving The new employee asked us to pay again. So we had to go through the whole thing all over again.Then I had to get the bride involved again , tear her away from her after wedding brunch.  

    In short we didn't over pay but something is wrong with the system. If you're going to book through any website such as hotels.com know that it is a hot a mess with the Fairmont. For some reason they couldn't explain it well or handle it well either.

    This was the most confusing billing process at a hotel that I've ever encountered.
    Its too bad because its a gorgeous hotel.

    18/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    439. Ela T.
    Staying at Fairmont hotels every time traveling. This San Jose hotel has the WORST customer service ever!
    Called housekeeping around 2 pm asking to bring something to the room. 30 minutes later, called again to be told that there is no one there to do that. My question is Why I was not told so in the first place!?
    Breakfast area: couldn't even enjoy the breakfast in peace because the stuff would stop by 5 minutes after putting the fork down for a break to ask if were done eating.
    Fairmont San Jose should not be called a Fairmont!
    If you portray yourself a high end hotel, better offer high end customer service !
    Why the management is not paying attention to that aspect of hospitality ?

    17/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    440. bob t.
    Overpriced and not that great, stay somewhere else.  Marriott like accommodations at a Fairmont price point

    I spent one night on business and won't be back.  On the surface this appears to be a nice upscale hotel with a high price for everything to go along with that.  

    The room was just ok but in another building that was a bit of a walk that required your room key to enter.  When I checked out in the room and left my key as requested I got locked out in the street because I no longer had my key and had to walk around the block to the main buildings lobby to get back in, handy.  The room was ok, not bad not great.  I stayed on the 9th floor and there was some sort of motor that kept engaging loudly below my room every 10 minutes or so all night long.  I'm a very sound sleeper and it woke me repeatedly.  

    The mini bar in the room is the electronic billing type where the moment something is remove your billed for it.  I've only seen that in Vegas before and it pretty low-rent for a hotel that's attempting to be up scale.  And now that I've received my final bill I'm dropping my review to 1 star, $25 for 2 ounces of pretzels and 2 ounces of crackers from the mini bar, nice surprise and the final straw for me.

    We ate at the "The Grill" which was also expensive and really not very good.  Expensive and mediocre are not two of my favorites.

    I'll not be staying at the San Jose Fairmont again, they've got the name and that's about it.

    11/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    441. Brian B.
    Total nonsense. I live overseas and bought something online and had it shipped to the hotel. The value of the item was 30 USD. When I checked in they told me they would have the package sent up to my room. This never happened. When I inquired about it this morning they sent me to the Fedex office where they wanted to charge me a 10 dollar handling fee. I complained to the manager (I think his name was Jared). He refused to do anything for me telling me this is standard. In total I am spending nearly 400 USD for one night (hotel, parking, internet, breakfast) and should not have to pay a 10 dollar fee for a package. You guys suck and I will never stay at a Fairmont ever again

    20/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    442. Keith R.
    The maze of hallways and luxurious rooms are a nice start but then you try your internet device. With a $300 a night room price they only offer "paid" internet. If you happen to sign up for the fairmont club you do get some internet with "injected" html complete with a timer on each page showing that in fact you shouldn't be staying here. Honestly motel6 probably has free internet.

    There is also the mini fridge complete with "if you move anything from inside of this you will be charged". Not sure but my co worker said the 1oz bag of nuts was $16.

    20/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    443. Barbara T.
    Clean and comfortable place to stay, would go back again.  Ordered room service on NYE and food was delivered in less than 30 minutes.  Staff was pleasant and helpful.

    01/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    444. Corrine M.
    The hotel is very nice and the rooms are great but the employees are so rude, I will never go after receiving customer service like that.

    19/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    445. elizabeth a.
    The Easter brunch at the Fairmont is traditionally superb. This year it was less than optimal- not sure if it was because we chose a later seating. It was $20.00 more per person and they tried to add additional charges for champagne!
    After being seated, we were offered champagne and coffee-no oj or water. The food was wonderful- a great assortment- no veggies except for the made to order caesar salad n the kids section. The desserts were wonderful-white/dark chocolate fountain.
    The kids section featured    Ice your own cookies, which they love. Two stars for service-the plates piked up on the table and I had to get my own coffee and chase the servers down for water.
    Food- pancakes are top notch. French toast with nutella- yum! Bacon- great! Carved meats were fairly rare for us. Pianist x2 always entertaining. The petting Zoo only had bunnies when last year there were chickens and goats. One dessert had a fun squeeze tube filled with cherry sauce for the pudding. Good food-lethargic service.

    05/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    446. Raymond M.
    I proposed to my wife at the Fairmont 27yrs ago.  While we were in California celebrating our 25th anniversary, we thought it would be fun to stay at the fairmont.  It was not.  Extremely expensive for little elegance.

    The highlight was that the manager sent us a bottle of champagne in celebration of our anniversary.  

    The room, although large, was not very elegant.  We stayed in the south tower, away from the main building.  Finding the gym is an excessive routine in itself.  Parking was miserable.  It takes 30 minutes to get your car.  The valet did not answer the phone, so we call the manager to ask what was going on.  The receptionist was rude.  The manager said she would help, but the speed to get the car the second time was no better than the first.  

    Save the money and stay elsewhere.  There are many nice hotels in downtown San Jose,

    22/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    447. Erik A.
    Stayed over for an evening with some friends and we had a great time.  The hotel was clean and beautiful, staff was attentive, and it was a short walk to down town activities.  The price was nice too :)

    19/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    448. Peg M.
    So we decided last minute to stay the night in San Jose. We picked this hotel thinking it would be nice. The staff was ok nothing to rave but nothing to complain. Room God size bed comfy. What I do want to say is the hallway on the way to the room was filled with pot smoke and cologne kinda bothered me but got past it. Then this morning I open the door to get some ice. That pot smell was 100x worse and it wallowed into my room. I will not recommend this hotel to anyone.

    07/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    449. Gabrielle C.
    I am a local, but come here often when I need a retreat or to get a bit of work done in a nice environment. Their suites are amazingly clean and spacious.  

    Hotel staff is warm and friendly.  All services are wonderful.  

    Great place to get some work done if you are looking for a quiet place to focus and be productive.    

    The pool area is ideal for taking a relaxing  break. Walking distance to great restaurants and venues in downtown San Jose.   In service dining is quite good as well.

    Their restaurant "The Grill" is terrific! I always order their Steak Caesar salad! Yum!

    23/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    450. Chuck N.
    Fancy schmancy rooms with a fancy schmancy lobby and fancy schmancy staff.  I only wish I got more room service, cause them towels ain't gon wash themselves!

    Will totally come back here every time I end up in San Jose!

    13/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    451. Shiela T.
    A very luxurious hotel indeed & I definitely enjoyed my overnight stay.

    The room was fairly clean although the lid to our in-room coffee maker was dingy & the $10 bottle of Evian in our roomy had been there so long it's bottle cap came complete with a thin layer of dust.

    Aside from the improvement needed in housekeeping - the hotel is great. I'd stay here again (or even any other Fairmont).


    15/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    452. Ceryll D.
    The hotel looks nice inside and out. The lobby is huge with a restaurant in the middle. I stayed in the deluxe suite and the room was clean and spacious. The room was equipped with a wet bar, 3 tvs (one in the bathroom), table for four, coat closet, and a walk-in closet. However, the hotel does not include a free breakfast. Also, parking is only valet. There are plenty of public garages near the hotel.

    27/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    453. Mary C.
    Back in July we had a horrible experience checking in to this hotel. All I wanted was the room I reserved online. My last review of one star was written as I sat on the floor, in the hallway, in front of my room and I was pissed!  I would've updated that review sooner but I was waiting for that customer service rep to really contact me as he said he would.  Well, that day I spoke with a manager about our experience and she was very apologetic and she made up for some of the time we lost dealing with all of that.

    So we returned in August to celebrate a birthday.  To make a long story short: we checked in with no problems at all. Quick and efficient. Valet service is always good, even late at night.

    The location of this hotel is the best. We walked to La Vic's (on Santa Clara St) for a late night snack. In the morning we walked to Flames for breakfast and mimosas. There's a Safeway just across the street.  There are many dining options within walking distance. On a Sunday afternoon, the pool was pretty much empty, very nice and relaxing.

    01/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    454. Jamie S.
    I called front desk for an event schedule. The concierge could tell I didn't feel well. She surprised me with chicken noodle soup to my room. I just wanted to cry. How thoughtful. Thank you for this kindness!!

    27/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    455. Mark B.
    Very disappointed!!!!  Assisted with a wedding at the Fairmont and was so disappointed at the whole process.  I was here when the hotel opened and was aware of the standards that were put into place.  Where did they go???
    Was walking up to the ballroom and there was a large mouse trap in plain view, very tacky.  Table linens were worn and some torn, ripped and dirty.  Walls in foyer of ballrooms had something splashed on them and not cleaned.  Wall plates were missing and left over strings hanging from the ceiling.  Leaned on one of the cocktail tables and it fell over.  Fairmont????? Never would have ever expected this.  All that is just in the foyer of the event.

    Catering Manager was very difficult to work with, not flexible at all.  Everything was about the buck $$$$.  They represent customer service and don't come close.

    Linens in the ballroom were sloppy, wrinkled and worn.  Some had spots and one looked like it had blood on it. I am still in awe, this is the Fairmont????

    I met with two of the managers running the event and went over specific items that needed to be corrected in the room only to have most of them not done. The silverware on the tables was crooked, the tablecloths were crooked, chairs were not at the place settings correctly, glassware was dirty. I have to admit I am absolutely astounded at how unprofessional and sloppy this room looked. Number stands were all over the tables, none of them were in the correct place. I had to ask one of the managers to fix it, and I was going around the tables fixing them on the tables. I had to walk around the room and straighten chairs, straighten the silverware.  They would have to pay me to do an event at the Fairmont San Jose. I do not recommend this place at all. The catering manager did not stop by to check on the event the director of catering didn't stop by to check on the event and no director of banquets either.. Where is all the leadership.  It was so bad I went around the room taking pictures to prove how horrific and sloppy this room was. TRAINING, TRAINING, TRAINING!!!!!!!!!

    I am a retired Food and Beverage Director for a upscale hotel company, I would NEVER have allowed this to represent me, or my hotel.

    18/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    456. Alex T.
    I am usually a pretty generous reviewer...as I try to take many factors into account, including service, extenuating circumstances, quality, etc.  This review however will differ slightly. Why you ask? Well, it all comes down to value and The Fairmont Hotel in San Jose is probably one of the poorer values I have ever experienced.  What follows are my reasons for the previous statement.

    First, let me just say that if you are the kind of person who likes to spend copious amounts of money just to say you've been  in the "best" hotel of a particular area...then no need to continue.  If however, you have no problem paying a bit extra but expect to get what you pay for...then be forewarned.

    First: my room. The good was that there was plenty of water pressure, the bed was comfortable, and the drawer in the desk was actually made of cedar and smelled great! The bad? The carpet had cigarette burns, my bathroom faucet was quite erratic in hot/cold ratio, the noise level from outside was substantial (4th floor), the TV system is archaic and I had to pay for use of the wireless Internet...which had amazingly poor signal strength. Oh...another thing. The couch in my room looked woke it had been picked up off of the street. It was stained and warn in several places.

    Now, the lobby is very nice...but man it gets busy!!!! The bar there is apparently a destination as there are usually 100s of people hanging out at night...with only 2-3 bartenders.  The gentleman at concierge was incredibly nice and gave me some excellent advice on running trails and transportation.

    Service in general was very good...and I have no complaints there.  There are 3 restaurants in the hotel, only one of which (the Grill) was open during most of my stay.  

    So...where does that leave us? All in all, my stay was ok. Despite the issues with the room, my stay was on par with, let's say a stay at a nice Hampton Inn...or perhaps a Double Tree...minus the free breakfast. This is the basis of my 2 star review. It is most certainly not worth the money you will pay.  But, if that's your thing, by all means...you'll get to enjoy the magnificent lobby and it's swarms of people. :)

    19/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    457. knoti g.
    Love this lobby bar. Darin the bartender is the best there. He's very personable and he makes superb drinks. Have you heard of the Bay Area Daisy? He invented it and you should be sure to try it. They now carry it in every Fairmont worldwide.

    So, as you sip on your Daisy, don't forget to try the sushi or the Grill.

    03/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    458. Priya S.
    I was only in San Jose for 24 hours, but my night at the Fairmont was perfect.  The bed was comfy, the room was spacious and clean, the rose-scented soap was luxurious, the water pressure was strong, the water was hot and stayed hot, the wifi was free (with free sign-up to the President's Club) and it was basically all a person could want for 24 hours.

    I definitely utilized the in-hotel FedEx Office and the open bar area (twice).  It was exactly what I needed as a business traveler, but I'd definitely stay here again for pleasure as well.

    08/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    459. Tracy T.
    - The Fairmont during Christmas is a must visit. They have the most elaborate and beautiful ginger bread house display. Upon walking into the entrance, you can already get a whiff of the gingerbread goodness.
    - A bunch of girlfriends and I got a suite with adjoining rooms and in the middle we had a little gathering living room area. It's the perfect place for a girls get together.
    - Everything was clean, beds were comfy, and both rooms had double sinks, bathtub/shower combo.
    - Breakfast buffet had an nice variety of everything from omelets, to typical American breakfast items, sushi, and a huge dessert spread.

    - You check-in on the main hotel entrance, but in order to get to your room, you have to walk outside to another entrance area and slide your room key card on this column to get in. Quite confusing if you are unfamiliar with their building layout and especially at night, when there is not anyone around.

    - Valet parking only, which is included for a few cars if you get a suite.

    31/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    460. Joe C.
    These guys are highway robbers. I thought I got a good deal on priceline until I pulled up in my car. $26 a night to park? are you kidding me? then when I get to my room, I find out it's $14 for internet! A posh hotel like this can't throw in free wifi?

    Seriously,  why do people throw away their money at this place?  FYI, I'm using mobile data to write this, not your outrageously priced wifi.

    Need to add to my review since I just looked at the breakfast menu. $26 for breakfast? Insane!

    07/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    461. google i.
    Easter Egg Hunt at the Fairmont today was poorly managed lot of disappointed kids walked away with no eggs.  The hotel was advertising an Easter Egg Hunt every hour starting at 11:30 am this morning.

    There was no organization and it was a free for all.  needless to say a lot of unhappy kids.  the hotel underestimated the number of kids that showed up and had no backup plan.  they could have easily handled out some candy for those kids that did not get any eggs.  I think there were 10 eggs total for a roomful of probably 75-100 kids.

    hope the management at the fairmont

    20/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    462. JohnJacob A.
    ***WARNING*** think twice about staying at this property.

    Date of stay: Saturday July 5 2014

    Day prior to arrival I made the effort to contact the concierge to advise I would be driving to the hotel from the North and since there was a large festival directly across the street if I should use a different route approaching the hotel to get to their parking garage. He pauses for a moment and I get the "Aaah,  there is no problem" (almost as if to say "why are you even asking me this?".

    So we follow the hotel directions only to be caught up with blocked off streets near the hotel for the festival, forcing us to try to work out last minute alternate routes - very frustrating and waste of our time. As a concierge, you should be aware of everything going on at and around the hotel - that's your job.

    Checking in, I mentioned to the front desk that my only request on my reservation was for a request with 'no connecting door'. He verified 'no connecting door'. Sure enough, walk into the room and first thing we see is a connecting door. I did not request to change rooms, as by now I already had the feeling many of the staff here were 'incompetent'.

    The room was classified as 'newly refurbished' however the bathroom looked like a half done job. A crack in the sink (looked like a long dark hair at first), peeling wallpaper in the toilet room, a somewhat rusty overhead fire sprinkler and rust on the wash basin drain. I think they only replaced the bath tub and tub tile area and left most of the remainder of the room untouched.  

    We changed and headed straight for the pool. Now wait a minute, why are the local area residents streaming through the lobby from outside into the elevators and up to the pool? They wait for a guest to card swipe the door and then stream in while one holds the door open for the rest of them. Where the heck is security??????.

    Before leaving the room for the evening I noticed a card "if you would like to request evening refresh (turndown) service, push the 'Royal Service' button on your phone and advise what time you would like them to come''. The line rang and rang and rang. I hung up, waited a minute, then called back. It rang quite a few times again and finally someone answered. I requested the service between 7 and 8 PM. I was then asked to hold and told I was being transferred to housekeeping (SAY WHAT?). Of course housekeeping rang forever before someone picked up. She verified the room number and the time I requested for service and hung up.

    Next, I needed to get my car to leave for dinner so I pressed the 'garage' button on my phone. After many rings it now goes through to the hotel operator. She then had to transfer me to the garage UGH! (Unlike the hotel staff, the parking attends were very polite and professional - I think they are run by a different company).

    Returning to the room later that evening around 11PM, guess what folks? No turn down service, no fresh towels - nothing. (No, we did not leave the 'do not disturb' on the door - so they can't use that excuse).

    This Fairmont is a joke and needs a major management and staff shakeup. BE WARNED.

    12/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    463. Patrick C.
    Fairmont is the bomb
    19th floor overlooking Xmas in the park all for $97 bucks

    13/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    464. William C.
    Beautiful hotel with great rooms. Powerful shower. Sliding door on toilets to give you privacy while your other guest(s) use the sinks/tubs. My only gripe would be that valet cant handle high volume exiting of people. Keep that in mind.

    PS: Take a look at their pool from your window at night (if you have a view of it.)

    17/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    465. S G.
    Booked through Hotwire and paid $100 for a room that would have been around $350 normally. At the price we paid, we have absolutely no complaints whatsoever. I had read previous reviews and was nervous about the quality of the room but there was obviously a revamp in room comfort-- there's a chic modern vibe in the rooms which I quite liked. The bed and couches are super comfy. The front desk staff was great, I wish I could remember his name and give a shout out, and every staff we encountered was absolutely professional and friendly. The pool was a great way to start my day, though the chlorine level is high so bring goggles. We enjoyed our stay tremendously and now have a nice impression of the Fairmont chain.

    01/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    466. Rits M.
    Relatively good hotel in the San Jose area and in the middle of downtown. Good place to have meeting etc and has a good layout. Is a mix of decor and functionality. The room was spacious and  service was good. A solid option if you need to be downtown

    08/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    467. La'Rita R.
    I found this hotel last minute on Priceline.com , and stayed there on a Saturday night. It was an "express deal" so I didn't know what hotel I would be booked at until after paying.
    Anyway, I had never heard of this place so I googled the hotel before going, but what I found left me unsure of what I was getting my self into, and even upon arrival I was a little apprehensive, but all of that changed as soon as I walked in.

    If you're driving, make sure you bring extra cash because the valet parking is $26, the parking garages charge anywhere from $16-$25, and parking is a bitch if you don't get lucky and find a spot around the park, across the street from the hotel.
    The deal was booked for a room with 2 queen beds, and there was a $25 fee to upgrade to 1 king bed (which was super comfortable btw). Although it was a deluxe room, it was still relatively spacious with a nice bathroom layout, and it was on a higher floor so the view was pretty nice as well.

    There was no microwave or fridge, the heater only blew out cold air, even when set at the highest temperature, and although the shower water got hot, it wouldn't stay at a constant temperature.
    Being that it's a 4-star rated hotel, I didn't expect the deposit to be cheap, it was $100. However, being that it's a 4-star rated hotel I just expected to have those amenities available. I expected the mini bar to be expensive, and it was, and everything has a sensor so you'll be charged just for taking the drinks out, even if you don't drink them...

    Overall, it was a good experience. It's in the heart of downtown and right across the street from the Tech Museum. And don't forget to check out the heated pool, it closes at 9.

    27/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    468. brandy e.
    First hand, let me thank Fairmont staff for keeping this place clean and welcoming! That's a lot of work and you folks are so successful at it!
    My husband and I had literately ran away from a terrible hotel from the night before! And were welcomed by Fairmont! Beautiful building, clean neighborhood, great staff and excellent rooms!
    We will be back to stay again!

    28/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    469. A B.
    People were friendly, hotel was nice, room was decent. Not necessarily what your expect in a room at the Fairmont. Smelled like old cigarette smoke.
    To be fair, I got a pretty good nightly rate-so I guess you get what you pay for.

    23/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    470. Alison M.
    After my original review the hotel got back to me very quickly.  They apologized for their lack of follow through in getting back to me with the results of the testing in the room.  She said that was not the experience they strived to give their clients.  She went over the test results with me, which showed no bed bugs and offered to show me them in person if I wanted to see them.  I'm still not sure what bit me.  I know that bugs of any type can happen at any hotel.  And I feel confident after speaking with them that they do have procedures in place should something come up.  Although my original complaint fell through the cracks with no response, they did their best to make amends. I had another seminar a couple weeks ago in the same area, and the hotel comped my stay as a result of what had originally happened.

    During my second stay.... again, they let me check in several hours early.  The room was beautiful and clean.  I had no issues with bites this time.  Room service was great, and checkin in out went smoothly.  As I was gone most of the day I didn't get to use many of the facilities, but they do have a beautiful pool.  During my first stay, prior to the bites, my stay was great as well.  The rooms by the pool are slightly larger and have an additional door to the pool area.  I would definitely stay here again and am very appreciative of their response after my original yelp.

    20/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    471. Doug S.
    I pissed my pants in the lobby. They tried to give me proper directions to the restroom but in my drunken stumblings I only found the elevator. By then, the waterworks started flowing and the was no turning back.

    I rushed to the closest exit but by that time I had already pissed all down my leg to my sock to my shoe -a white "driving loafer" is the correct term - and finished just outside the door on the sidewalk to the horror of a late-night smoker.

    As a busy business traveler, you don't always the time budgeted for unexpected delays like laundering your tinkle-pants before your 6 am flight.

    This is where the outstanding folks at the Fairmont stepped up to save the day. I washed my pants, Saxx brand underpants & socks in the tub and then, realizing there's was not nearly enough time to air-dry them, called the front desk to ask for assistance.

    "Yes, I seemed to have peed my pants and wanted to ask if I could possibly use the clothes dryer in housekeeping to dry them."


    "Don't worry, I washed them out in the bathtub."

    "Okay the. We'll send someone right up."

    Within minutes the front desk was at my door and took away my shame-bag of wet clothes & returned them dry & folded just in time with my 4:30 wake-up call. I think they were mostly just relieved I'd peed the lobby and not the bed.

    The Eggs Benedict is also a highlight I look forward to every time I stay at the Fairmont. I always have them add tomato to it. Yum!

    22/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    472. Cathy I.
    The service and accommodations were not in line with the price. Check-in took a while, room was dirty, and the room wasn't that nice. Management was really responsive to my complaints, which is why they got the stars they did. They were trying, but you can only do so much with what you are given.

    Tips - check expiration date on minibar items, check the coffee machine for "gunk", bring CD's for your CD player alarm clock, bring $$$ for Internet fees, and bring along some seasoning for all the bland room service food.

    08/11/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    473. Blakeley L.
    I stayed here during a very busy memorial day weekend for an event held at the convention center down the street.  Location is great!  But the service is a hit or miss.

    First Night:
    A group of people and myself stayed in one of their suites on the 16th floor.  When we asked for a turn down service, a gentleman brought up sheets and a pillow.  However, he just handed it to us so we can set it up.  Not a huge deal, but I've stayed at hotels where a turndown service is a person that works for the hotel to come and do it for you.  My two friends and my bf had to do put all the sheets on.

    Second Day/Night:
    We didn't get housekeeping done as I was working on a costume all day.  

    Third Day/Night:
    I called housekeeping requesting to vacuum since I dropped a bottle of glitter all over the floor.  I left a tip and a note which housekeeping did an awesome job refilling tissues, folding the beds, vacuuming and gave us extra sets of towels.

    Fourth Day:
    Housekeeping threw away a lot of our stuff that wasn't in the "throw away" corner.  They even took away some of our glasses and didn't even refill out toilet paper.  We only had 2 sets of bath towels when we had 4 people total in our room.  It was a little irritating, but didn't bug out so much as it was our last day staying at the hotel.

    For large events, I've stayed at the Hilton where security was monitoring the elevators as it was so impacted with people continuously going up and down.  Here at the Fairmont, there wasn't anyone monitoring the elevators which had caused overweight to the elevators and a hold up which took over 30 minutes to get to the room or to get to the lobby level.
    And the stairs?  We've been told multiple times that guests don't have any access to get to the stairs.  So we thought, "What if there's a fire and the elevators shut down?"  My boyfriend had the time to explore the hotel and found the entrance to the hotel room stairs on the ballroom floor.  
    From the parking level, you were stuck taking the elevator and when it was packed, good luck trying to get out.  The only option was to walk toward the entrance of valet parking.

    I will pass on staying here again even though the size of the suite was very roomy.

    28/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    474. Isaac D.
    The fire alarm beeped all night the first night due to the batteries being low, and there was old coffee in the pot from a previous occupant. But other than that, it's a beautiful hotel and I enjoyed my stay.

    26/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    475. Emily R.
    Our family had the most wonderful time at the Fairmont. From the minute we set foot to the day we left the hotel, there were no hiccups. The service was superb from front desk to valet and everything else in between. We should have extended our stay but family invited us to stay with them on Christmas Eve & Day. Hubby gives it the thumbs up and said for sure we will be choosing the Fairmont Hotel San Jose next time we fly back to SJ.

    26/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    476. Daniel L.
    So here are the reasons I am giving this two stars-

    1) Its suppose to be a 4-5 star establishment but the room decor and the amenities feel like they came from a 1980s Best Western. A lot of missing items no bath robe, pretty small desk, bad free coffee.  

    2) Filthy lobby public restroom changing table. My son needed a diaper change and I took him to the nearest restroom I could find. The special needs/ handicap room was filled with trash on the floor, the mirror was dirty, the changing table had graffiti on it and there was no waste basket. It really felt like a public transit restroom. Granted this was Christmas eve and there is a high volume of people- but still it really wasn't up to par.

    3) Needless charges for everything. Parking is $26 a day, WIFI is $14 a day, the mini bar is stocked with excessively expensive items. The mini bar even has a sensor that notifies the front desk and automatically charges you if you touch an item.

    4) Bad customer service from the lost and found. I left my son's pajamas on the drying line. So I called the front desk a day later about it and they referred me to the lost and found. Well the lost and found said they would call me back in an hour but they never did after taking down all of my information. Well I had to call them the next morning and they continued to want to take down my information without checking on my sons PJs. We never got them back.

    5) I stayed in 3 other hotels over the holidays in the bay area all with lower star ratings but this was the worst of the bunch. I just didn't think this is worth paying extra for.

    04/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    477. Liz P.
    This is a tough review to write, so I'll try to break it down as best I can. I'd say overall I'd give the Fairmont 3.5/5 stars, so I'm rounding to 4.

    .Beautiful hotel. We paid $159/n for our conference rate, and I've heard the standard rooms normally go for $300-400 a night.
    .The rooms were fantastic - large and comfortable. Originally we were to have three people in our room, but it later changed to two; however, I could see up to four being very comfortable there.
    .The bathroom was also huge and lavish and the shower (and I'm a bath person usually) had some of the best hotel water pressure I've seen in a while.

    .Lobby bar is a bit overpriced, we paid $9 for pepperoni fries.
    .Lobby bar also has a very loud live band and singer at night. Normally I'd say  this is fun, but when you arrive at 11pm on a weekday night and have to shout at the checkin employee so they can hear you, not so much.
    .I was in the south building, which is only connected to the main building via the second floor, so I usually had to go outside to get to it. Luckily it was sunny all week, but if it had been raining or cold I would not have been happy about that.

    Housekeeping .... They get their own list.
    -I had a small CVS bag (disposable) that I specifically moved away from the bathroom trash can so housekeeping wouldn't think it was trash. The bag disappeared and I believe it was thrown out :(. It mostly had small things but also had an expensive, hardly-used full tube of makeup in it.
    -One day I took an afternoon nap and put up the Privacy, Please tag on the door. Housekeeping never came back and so we had no towels that night. I tried calling both housekeeping and the front desk, multiple times, and no answer .... I got my towels by tweeting at them, actually (kudos to their social media team, also, who was on top of things!).
    -This is a little silly, but we had a very nice white rug in the bathroom that was great to stand on after showers, while drying off, and it suddenly disappeared the last day. (Thanks again, I'm assuming, to Housekeeping)

    So. I'd definitely stay here again solely because of the nice rooms, but I think I'd ask to be in the main building, rather than be stranded in the south one again.

    27/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    478. Sonia T.
    I really love staying here at The Fairmont during FanimeCon.

    Beautiful hotel
    Wondrous view
    Great service for the most part
    Free Wifi with Presidency Club

    Pay for parking
    Bad elevators
    Faulty plumbing
    So so house keeping

    The Fairmont is a wonderful hotel. I just love how pretty everything is. First thing I do when I check into my room is jump on the bed!!! I love their beds and pillows!!!

    The staff there is super friendly!!! Some though are quite rude. Yes I have a girly voice and my husband looks like a teenager, but when I hand you my expensive credit card you better smile and treat me with respect lady!!!

    House Keeping- PICK UP YOUR PHONE!!! I called several times because we needed our room cleaned before a certain time because of a photo shoot.They never answered and never came to clean it. I got dressed and luckily the restock person was there and she called house keeping right away for us.

    Even this place has it's issues, but I plan on staying here for FanimeCon as long as I need a hotel to stay at :3

    03/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    479. Skylar M.
    We stayed here for two nights on a business trip.

    The hotel was nice, overall. We were able to check in even though our flight had landed a bit early, so that was great. The staff was super nice and accommodating. (I had accidentally moved one of the food items on the scales, and I called and mentioned that, and I was not charged for it. I didn't open it or anything, just bumped.)

    The pool area was nice, a bit smaller than I expected. They have towel service there.

    The bathrooms and the soaps that they provided were wonderful. Usually with hotel soaps they're a bit meh, but at here they actually provided usable products. Their bathrooms were very clean.

    My only 'complaint' really, is that whenever the neighbors left their room, I would hear the door slam. I'm a very light sleeper, so that would wake me up. the room's curtains black out completely, but through the door I was still able to see a crack of light and I covered it with a towel since the bed faces that way.

    But again, nice hotel overall. They have eateries downstairs, and there are also places within walking distance to go to as well.

    16/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    480. Eric N.
    I travel to San Jose every three weeks for a week for work.  I usually stay at the double tree (which is meh) but decided to try the Fairmont. The lobby is nice but the reservation desk is a little hidden - the hotel in general is maze like, but many older buildings are.  

    Parking is stupidly expensive, as is any of the in hotel amenities.  As has been noted here before, a bottle of water will cost you $8.  And yes, that is about double what you would pay at another hotel and more than four times what it would cost at a store.  

    My room was freezing and the bed only had a very thin summer comforter.  There were no extra blankets or pillows in the room. But the minibar was fully stocked.  The thermostat in the room blew slightly cooler than room temp air, no matter what the setting. Low, high or 'auto' made no difference nor did cranking it up to 90.  Just blew chilly air all night.   The hotel is also on a busy street so it can be pretty noisy.  

    I did complain about the temp and they said an engineer would look at it.  To their credit they did say I could switch rooms but I was on the way out for the day and I typically didn't get back till after 11.  It was easier to just get another thin comforter sent to the room.  The engineer either never came or was unable to fix it.  The room was cold for my entire visit.

    There were simple repairs that should have been made in the bathroom - very uncharacteristic for a 4-star hotel. Check out the 50 cent and 2 minute caulking repair for the shower.  The plug under the sink was gross and the wallpaper was starting to peel there.  The tub was chipped and discolored around the drain.  Gross.  

    Wouldn't stay here again.

    20/12/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    481. Bruce E.
    Got a suite by the pool but when we got in the room UHHGG! It smells like cigarette smoke. The staff jumped right into action and got us into a super nice suite, with over 1900 sq ft we had a great time and a nice stay while in San Jose. Lots of fine dining just a short walk away.

    24/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    482. PA H.
    Worst experience with valet ever!!! Rude, slow, condescending. Worst costumer service and the. They also talk back instead of listen... Never again

    09/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    483. Nancy M.
    A nice hotel and a central location, but a very poor night's sleep.
    A few "Non-Fairmont" things: the bathroom floor had not been cleaned well, there was a burn on the carpet, and our room had very poor sound insulation. We were on the 11th floor in the Tower. Down the hallway from us a group of young German men (a sports team?) literally screamed and yelled until 2:30am, when we called the front desk. The front desk told us security would be notified. The shouting subsided briefly, then started back up again. We turned the AC on to drown out the noise, but with little effect. A rough night.

    19/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    484. Rithy H.
    Let me just say that I just got in, went to my room and was greeted by the well of fruity smelling cheap cigars and weed. Yes weed. I don't mind part taking in the occasional activity, but for your whole floor to smell like this? Seriously? So as I walk to the room there a drunk man flirting with an employee in the hall way...pretty awkward...
    I get to the room and surprise surprise, the smell of weed floods into the room. I'm surprise that the employee in the hallway didn't do anything about this. We had to cover the opening under the door just to relieve ourselves from this college frat party stench and this is just the first night. We'll update more on our 2nd night here at this "4 star hotel"

    17/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    485. Ivy R.
    For my birthday weekend, I couldn't have picked a worse destination.  I'd been here before in 2010 for my birthday and had a good experience.  This was not the case this year.

    Where to begin.  We got a room at the pool level.  Small room with a really big bathroom.  It had a really cute enclosed patio.  That is actually a really nice feature of the room.  You're right off the pool so not having a seat at pool side isn't so bad.

    Now to the room.  The shower and water pressure was awful.  It blasted the hell out of my hair.  It could only have been described as the pressure of a full blast fire hose.  Not so good for you hair-do.

    A disadvantage of the pool side room is that other young hip douches also want the pool side room and they also like the enclosed patio.  They like the enclosed patio so much they will stay out there talking as loud as can be about how their mom is a B*tch and won't pay their car payment, until 2am.

    The worst thing I think was that the maid never came to our room for the 2nights we were here.  We were outside at the pool an entire day and not one attempt to clean it.  Then we left for the evening and no attempt either.  By the last night we wanted more towels and my husband walked out to the pool towel area and got us new towels.

    The last time we stayed here it was in the new tower.  It was peaceful and quiet.  The poolside room is on the roof of the old tower.  That being said, this hotel must be directly in the west bound flight path of the San Jose airport.  If you didn't know planes are really loud!  Combine this with loud 23year old douches @ 2am, you have yourself a winning combination.

    My son did love the pool and the service around the pool is excellent.  A huge plus is that it's heated very nicely. He was swimming at 9:30am.  Happy as a fish.

    Front desk help fast and efficient.  I did complain about the maid service and they helped us out.

    Then there's the valet.  We had just bought a new truck and when we drove away there was something spilled in the cup holder.  Our truck was about a week old and immaculately clean.  Who else could have spilled something in it?

    Sadly, I will not come back to stay here again.  The idea of a rooftop pool room is fun but the stay was not worth it.  I was very mistaken.

    19/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    486. May A.
    Nice stay overall...

    We were here for a birthday party celebration at one of the ballrooms and we also stayed overnight at this hotel. Cocktails was served at the Gold Room, floor level just above, and we headed to the Regency Club ballroom downstairs on the first floor. I was impressed with the choices of the cocktail party hors d'oeuvres! There were at least 10 to choose from prepared and served by the hotel. The servers for both the cocktail reception and the ballroom was exceptional. Very nice, friendly and attentive team. It was a great evening for celebration.

    As far as the overnight stay in this hotel... the front desk clerk was very nice and took the time to resolve payment issues. the room was clean and spacious as we checked in. Smelled fresh, not musty. The only thing that I wasn't pleased about was the air conditioner. The lowest we could go was 60 degF but felt like 70's. Opened the windows to cool the room but the noise outside down the street on a weekend was bothersome. Also, for a high end hotel in downtown San Jose, there was no complimentary coffee available in the room. Boo! Not sure if there were free parking available near the hotel but the valet and overnight parking was $26/night! wow! I didn't even want to ask about wi-fi... the fees just keep racking up. Other than that everything was good.

    The hotel was located in downtown near walking distance to many restaurants (no shortage of places to eat), a movie theater, museums and a beautiful cathedral...

    21/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    487. Johanna J.
    Relatively nice hotel. In fact, this is my go-to hotel when in the area because of its spacious rooms, upscale feel and most importantly location. Although parking has in and out privileges, there really is no need to use a car to get around because just about everything is within walking distance... restaurants, cafe, tea house, bank, park, church, etc.  Cost can be pretty steep, $250+, but we recently stayed for a wedding event and got the blocked room price of $129 - not bad considering its downtown location.

    There are two wings to the hotel - the South building and the Main building.  I have stayed in both and prefer the Main building. In the South, you have to insert your room key in the elevator in order to get to your floor as well as through the doors between the two buildings.  I'm sure it is for safety reasons, but a bit of a hassle when you've got your hands full.  The main building just seems more convenient because you've got the rooftop pool and restaurant directly downstairs.

    All in all, great hotel!

    08/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    488. Alisa G.
    Oh, Fairmont, my love affair with you is finally over. My crush started many, many years ago when my senior prom was held at the Fairmont, SF.  Your lobbies and common spaces are lovely as expected, but rooms disappoint. Since then, I've had two opportunities to stay with you for milestone occasions in my life, and you've fallen short both times. This time, my husband booked a room with you for a surprise getaway for a - ahem - significant birthday. I get it that he may have opted for a budget room, but what you gave us was an embarrassment. Not only was it tucked right behind the elevator, but the 9th floor view was of industrial rooftop AC equipment. The room was plenty big, so why place two stingy full sized beds in it instead of two queens like even budget hotels do?  The bathroom was large, but the layout made no sense. There was a separate tub and shower, but the shower was a tiny stall without even a shelf for products. The toilet, with an industrial flusher (ewww, this isn't a bus station), was in a separated space, but since the light didn't work, the door couldn't be shut and killed the ability to have two people getting ready at the same time.   A number (at least 3) other lights in my room were out too. What the hell, Fairmont?  Spring for a $2 lightbulb, for God's sake.

    The capper came about 45 minutes after checking in and settling in. We had a big night planned, and I knew I had about an hour for a nap before I needed to get ready. I had dozed off when I was rudely awakened by a call from the front desk. They were calling to offer me a suite upgrade for "only" $60 since I had checked in recently. Are you kidding me?  How about offering it at check-in when I don't already have my crap spread out everywhere?  And how about doing it for free, since a room is a room from your perspective?

    Poor move, Fairmont. It's not me; it's you. I think I should see other hotels.

    23/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    489. Joraine C.
    This Place is Fabulous!!!

    I've been to The Fairmont several times now and have been holding off on writing a review about how Fabulous The Fairmont is because I wanted to wait for my negative experience to arrive. Welllllll, I haven't had my negative experience yet so I guess I'll just write this review!

    First, this place is gorgeous. Our company rented several of the ballrooms upstairs and everything was decorated beautifully. We had an overabundance of food and some insane number like twelve food/carving stations, several bars throughout the inside and outside of the ballrooms, a 12-member band, photo booths, balloons on the ceiling, and everything was just so classy and grand yet still felt private and intimate. This place can totally accommodate a big group and a grand luxurious wedding. The suites are spacious as well and very clean and comfortable. I'm not a big fan of Valet Only but there are plenty of opportunities to park your car on the street and walk to the hotel.

    13/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    490. Sing M.
    This is for the swimming pool and giant palm trees on the roof of the third floor.

    29/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    491. Chul L.
    Very nice hotel. Spacious rooms.
    A bit pricey but worth it.

    Friendly service and friendly valet parking.
    The only bummer is that there is no self parking.
    Only valet, but with unlimited in and out access
    which is good because public parking around the building does not allow in and out access.

    04/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    492. Josephine B.
    I'm rating this hotel a 2-star only because the hotel was clean, other than that when we first arrived they took are our luggage and said they would be right behind us and it took them 10 minutes to get are luggage to are room, which it was left outside were anyone could take it, and when they arrive with are stuff it had been look through. The bell hop/Valet had the nerve to ask about my age because we had a cooler with a few drinks in it. Later into the night we turn on the TV and after 3 seconds it shut off and wouldn't turn back on. In the morning we called down to ask if they could bring some toothpaste up and they took 30 minutes to give it us, and later we called for more shampoo and they never brought it up. When checking out we told the front desk that the TV wouldn't turn on and they told me I should have called automatically.

    05/05/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    493. Callum J.
    Had higher expectations for the prices charged. We had room 2021 in the main hotel (embassy suite). The bathroom sink did not drain as it should, the pipes rattled violently when the shower was turned on for more than a few minutes and when draining the bath there was a back flow problem in the living room bar sink. I reported the sink and was going to report the shower and bath on checkout but I was not asked if I enjoyed my stay so decided to just get out and leave. Fair well Fairmont.

    Don't expect any great complimentary services. Internet is about $14 each day, valley parking is $26 each night plus tip. Breakfast was not included in our high nightly  rate. I would have thought in silicon valley internet would be complimentary. Charging for internet is so 1980's. Toiletries provided are lack luster. These items were no surprise to me but they might be to less aware travelers.

    To end on a positive note... Our bed was very comfortable and the room was spotlessly clean with good views of the city and hills.

    05/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    494. David A.
    The room was comfortable with good A/C. The furnature and finishes were dated with lots of dark wood and gilded finishes. The mattress was comfortable. Nice pool and workout facilities with a full locker room.
    Service was OK - bell staff didn't offer help even though I was loaded with bags and packages for a recent business trip.

    10/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    495. Max S.
    The Fairmount is a luxurious hotel on the outside, but there were many inconveniences during my stay.

    - Internet was $14 for low quality, $24 for high quality. I've never been to such a high quality hotel that charged so much for internet. It was just frustrating to have that sprung on me when I need internet for my business when I travel.

    - I was a single traveler who booked through Priceline, which I do understand means that I don't get to choose my room. However, it was a Sunday night and they were clearly not busy, I would think the person at the front desk would offer to change me to a single bed room. Didn't happen, which is a minor complaint, but I've stayed at many hotels that offer to change my room when they realize it's just me and I don't need two smaller beds.

    - Speaking of beds, the double room was two double beds, not two queen beds. Also unexpected for a hotel as supposedly nice as this one.

    There were some positives though, the exercise room was spacious and had a ton of machines. Also, the bathroom in my room was very nice.

    In the end, I had a better experience staying at the Residence Inn in Fremont the next night.

    12/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    496. Marissa P.
    Beautiful hotel to stay in downtown San Jose. Great location - walking distance to SAP center, restaurants, and bars where you really don't need to worry about needing a car . . .

    With such a beautiful, classy hotel comes with a high price. We stayed overnight on a Friday and paid $200+. There is also a $26/day charge for valet parking and a $14 charge for Wi-Fi.

    Rooms are spacious and clean but with outdated furniture and decor . . . nothing too fancy. Beds were soft with comfy pillows. Showers had great water pressure ( a must at any hotel!) Bathrooms have a separate bathtub, shower and a vanity area outside of the bathroom. Toilet area had a sliding door and I noticed the tiled floor was a little dirty and it felt more like I was in a public restroom with a phone in it. The plush bathrobes were great . . . I just had to put one on while I did my hair and makeup.

    We did have an issue with the valet parking. We were told we could call the parking garage and our car would be ready for pick up. When I called in the morning, I was told they were too busy and to just come down. There was such a long line to get our car that it took us almost an hour to get it. We probably would have been better off walking to our event at the SAP center and paying the additional fee for parking at the hotel since parking at SAP was just as much. If only we had known what a mess it would be in the morning we would have planned better . . . I totally agree with other Yelpers when they mentioned valet can't handle the high volume of people exiting. Next time I stay I'm going to look into parking at one of the public garages nearby.

    Overall, good hotel to stay for the location and cleanliness . . . which is the reason why we decided to stay here in the first place. I would come back to stay here again.

    30/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    497. Douglas Y.
    Well I always heard stories from my sisters about the super fancy expensive Fairmont San Francisco so I had high expectations for this location as well.  The Lobby is beautiful and there are lots of nice looking eateries, a bar, a piano player (at night) a spa etc.  The check in area is off to the right of the entrance and sort of oddly located, but still nice.  The staff was super friendly and helpful, so why is my review only three stars?

    The rooms are spacious and in need of a update.  The furniture was so minimal the room felt empty.  The wall paper was straight out of the 80's and really comical looking considering the upscale nature of this hotel. The easy check out system was also not working on the television and oddly valet parking is downstairs just in case your looking for your car.  This hotel would rate 4-5 stars easily with some room updating.

    02/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    498. Richard C.
    It's OK. Perfectly fine. But "Perfectly Fine" is bit of a disappointment for the storied Fairmont brand.

    Single-night winter staycation stay for a family of 4, main building suite 900 sqft. Room rate of low-$200s booked directly with hotel, which I thought was a darned good value.

    (+) Good Downtown location for business & fun.
    (+) The main building is aging, but fine. Feels like another 5 years before needing updates.
    (+) Generally comfy amenities and linens
    (+) Friendly and helpful staff
    (+) The pool layout looks neat. Might make for a good urban summer retreat.
    (+) As mentioned above, good value.

    (-) Weak housekeeping: Prior-guest trash found behind desk, "here ya go" non-smiley vibe when extra towels brought up, connecting door to adjacent room open and accessible.
    (-) Weak maintenance: Cable modem AC adapter missing (!), HVAC thermostat way off, missing light fixtures in elevator hall. Bathroom TV receives weak signal, not that we watch TV in the bathroom in this day & age, I mean really who does that?
    (-) Slow guest service response times.
    (-) Surprisingly petty minibar/fridge setup: It's the "If you move anything, sensors will automatically charge to your room" system straight out of Las Vegas.

    * For sundries, there's a Safeway a block away from the rear (1st St) entrance.
    * Kids like airplanes? SJC-bound planes fly right outside of the Market St-facing rooms. Runways were not visible though, from 14 fl.
    * Free WiFi if you sign up for (free) Fairmont Presidents Club program prior to arrival.
    * Drive a hybrid or electric? You get 50% off the $26 valet parking.

    28/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    499. Sue V.
    The good: Fairmont has one of the best hotel mattresses I've ever slept on...this was my second stay here and it was as great as I remembered. Luxury Sealy posturepedic pillow tops, custom made for them. I wish I could buy one of my own! Front desk service and amenities are on par with the star rating; I didn't eat at any of their restaurants so can not comment. Central to a lot of things.

    The meh: I got stuck in the south tower. Finding the pool and getting to the gym meant going over to the main building first...needless to say I got a little lost. Valet parking, but you can always self park in another nearby lot.

    I'm a little torn about the security measures: you have to insert your room key to activate the elevators and the doors between the two buildings, and the security guard shows up by the pool and in the gym. A bit of an annoyance, but good safety measures when you factor in that this is downtown.

    Would I stay here again? Yes, I'm also hoping to see if the original Fairmont in San Francisco is as nice.

    07/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    500. Minnie S.
    My favorite place to stay. I love the location and the pool. Staff is great and parking is easy. The rooms and beds are comfortable and clean. I will always stay here.

    11/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    501. Darius L.
    We loved the Fairmont. We wanted to stay near the museums, and you can't get any closer.
    We haven't stayed in any of the other hotels in the area, but blindly, I say this is the best.
    Everything the negative reviewers say is true, and....? Valet parking always cost money. The old school hotels always charge for internet(why is that?).
    I go to hotels for good service, nice beds, clean bathrooms. And this one has an opulent lobby with jazz at night. Sweet views (including planes you can't hear). And again, the location.
    We wore the robes around too. Four stars.

    04/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    502. Robert G.
    Luxurious spacious renovated 100 year old. Hotel.  The bed, pillows, sheets, soaps, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, view, centrally located are all great reasons to stay here.   The lobby looks as if this place is very expensive, but it is not.  My room cost $139.00 plus tax.  Friendly staff .

    12/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    503. Kendal W.
    I'm a little frustrated with this property. I called ahead of time letting them know I was driving in from LA and baby my was going to be tired so please be sure to put a crib in my room before I checked in. They reassured me they would and I made it a point to call when I was ten minutes away, again they told me the crib was in there. When I get to my room there is no crib. This isn't the first time. I know they do this specifically to earn tips. Also, no extra pillow or blanket in the closet like most properties have when you have a sofa bed... There's another tip! When I asked the lady in house keeping why there wasn't any extra linens she told me they never keep extras in rooms (even a suite with a pull out bed)

    I have to pay 25 dollars to park per night but yet when I go in and out (which I do a lot since I am here visiting family) the guys who pull the car out linger for tips! I don't think so! If there was a self park section I would take it and not pay 25 per night to park! The bell men I have no problem tipping but everything else is just ridiculous!

    This property had dropped significantly in my book. Very disappointed, use to be my favorite place to stay.

    18/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    504. Latti L.
    Hotel feels a little old fashioned with its decoration and I feel like "queen bed" is really a full, but the bathroom has separated tub and shower and a separate room for the toilet.

    Fridge in room is full of stuff for sale.

    Lobby bar is bomb

    07/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    505. Kelly H.
    Good for a hotel in general, not so much for a Fairmont. I've stayed here a few times for work, and the location is nice if you're looking to be in the action of San Jose. But the only recognizable feature in common with other pretty amazing Fairmont locations are the toiletries. Service is fine and amenities are fine, but nothing impressive especially for the price.

    I've stayed in both the tower and main building and will forever and ever again ask to be in the main building if I must pay another visit. The rooms are much nicer in the main building than the south tower, though even in their "nicer" status leave something to be desired for a 4-5 star hotel. The bed was soft and the room spacious, but the bathroom was sort of...outdated in terms of style. Nevertheless, the noise level was low and I couldn't hear the elevators despite being very close. The elevators are also super fast and there are 5 or 6 of them, which makes for a quick trip wherever you need to be. The pool is average, as is the fitness area - though it's on the 3rd floor, the room itself feels like a basement. Oh well - if you need a treadmill, they have a treadmill.

    One thing that really leaves me perplexed is - who chooses the entertainment in the bar area? I like the setup of the bar off the lobby which is pretty cozy and makes for a fun to grab a drink with your coworkers or travel companions. But on two separate occasions we had to suffer through the same terrible cover band consisting of two dudes plugging their synthesized way through "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" among other favorites loved by the white-haired crowd. I'm not looking for a club scene at all, but dear god...there has to be a more ambient and genre-neutral way to provide live entertainment for your guests. Not to mention it was so loud we could barely hear each other at the farthest table from the "stage." This is Cali, I'm sure there are musicians left an right, please explore the options.

    Overall, it's a fine place to stay if you don't mind spending $350-400/night on a mediocre stay. I'm sure their conference space is nice as well, I'll just probably search for more cost-effective options that allow for the same amenities minus the "band."

    12/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    506. Denise F.
    My review is mixed. We were in town for the Maroon 5 concert, arrived at the hotel and were immediately greeted by Lamont, very friendly, he helped us with Valet parking then helped us with our bags. Check in was also very pleasant. The hotel areas are gorgeous and friendly. We entered the room where Lamont explained everything to us, including the restaurants..Thanks Lamont!
    Now the room is where I thought for $300 a night the room shouldn't have ice cream smears in the bed skirts, gum on the wall. Very unhappy with the cleanliness of this room. I would give it another chance though just because of the staff
    Fairmont managements please bring this to housekeeping a attention it was all very visible, therefore for me it was plain laziness cleaning

    02/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    507. P. T.
    Booked the Fairmont for our April wedding and, initially, I thought it was overrated.  But the hotel itself is gorgeous, the rooms are spacious, easy valet service.  Most importantly, the staff is so nice and friendly!  So incredibly professional and well-mannered.  Maybe it was because I was a bride, or maybe I got lucky.  But overall, my (new) husband and I had a wonderful experience!

    17/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    508. Arasto F.
    It's definitely not the Ritz.

    The customer service, amenities, condition of the property, and overall vibe is 3 stars. (Max.)

    The rooms are old and tired looking. Both the Hyatt and Hilton in Santa Clara (barely four star properties) have better rooms.

    As for the service, I expect hotel staff, as they are in the hospitality business, to be friendly and well mannered.

    The front desk staff seemed totally annoyed during check-in.

    The parking garage attendant was rude for no reason.

    I was also double charged for parking on "accident." I didn't notice until I received my guest folio. Regardless, I won't be back. The San Jose Fairmont, unfortunately, sucks.

    Note: This review is for the hotel only. The Alley on the Grill -- their restaurant -- is great.

    08/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    509. Rebekah T.
    Whenever we travel to San Jose and stay at the Fairmont, there always seems to be a lot going on in the neighborhood. This last time we went, Oprah was in town doing a self-help seminar and the hotel was crowded.

    I arrived to check in and nearly got pushed out of my spot in line by a Conference Attendee a little too excited to check in. I was preparing myself for a weekend madhouse, but in actuality it was not as bad as I thought. The place was cleared out during the day with everyone at the conference; we had the entire pool area to ourselves.

    We got a poolside suite on the second floor, I know its winter but it was still so very relaxing to lay by the pool all day. We ordered up a mini fridge to the room and stocked it with bottles of champagne and food from the Safeway across the street. They have a mini-bar in the room, but a rum and coke will run you around $17 (for the mini bottle and the coke can).

    Our neighbors next door decided to have a party all night long, so we were a little annoyed by paying $$$ to be kept awake by about 8-10 younger adults partying and drinking 18 pack cases of Coors Light. How do I know? They left the cans everywhere the next day, way to keep it classy. At 4:00 a.m. and two visits by security, they finally kept it down enough to recover some sleep.

    Between the Oprah conference, the weddings and everything going on in the hotel and around, we were able to have a relaxing time in between and fun around the area.

    Love the location, lots of nice restaurants and bars within a block of the hotel. Christmas in the Park is across the street, movie theaters and the ice skating rink. Plus San Pedro Square is within walking distance and provides a ton of great places to wander and roam.

    23/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    510. Sean H.
    Stayed here a few days back, and it was overall pretty nice.

    The pool was awesome looking, from up above at least! Check in was a breeze, super quick and easy. The room was easy to find, 1118, and seemed clean, at first. The hotel as a whole is beautiful, elegantly decorated and feels very upscale and sophisticated.

    The bathroom, was not so clean. The bathroom seemed as though the maids cleaned it really fast, it was dirty. Tub had hair in in, hair on the floor, mat was definitely dirty.

    Beds had to be re sheeted. They had something on them.

    It was easy getting it cleaned again, but for the price $$$ for a night, you shouldn't have to demand a clean room.

    Also, the maids are rude in the morning, we were awoken at around 9:00 am, with them knocking asking for our check out time. I mean come on, check out is at 12:00, let us rest.

    The check out was quite easy. I must say that was a nice part! Also, don't pay for parking, it's way too expensive!

    21/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    511. Candace G.
    As far as luxury hotels go, the rating is honest. I HAVE experienced better. But those sheets though!! ummmm The rooms are pretty good, but I would only stay again via a travelzoo deal.
    As far as spa goes - we've not been & don't plan to go. NOT IMPRESSED! Might hit up the pool in the future though & Loves the lobby - sushi & martinis though!
    As far as location goes - Loves the location! DT SJ is the ideal place for a staycation. Christmas there was WONDERFUL!!!
    Breakfast in the main restaurant was fantastic. I would definitely consider staying here again.

    01/05/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    512. A J.
    Beautiful hotel and close to lots of great restaurants, attractions and the convention center. The hotel's bar is big and lively at night which helps you unwind after a long day of work.

    Room service is pretty good. I ordered the wok stir fry one night and it was delivered in a Chinese takeout box (cute).

    The only thing I would consider b4 staying here is the parking. They only offer valet which is expensive. There are parking decks nearby if you're not going to use your car everyday that are a lot cheaper.

    15/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0