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Homewood Suites San Jose Airport in San Jose, CA

Homewood Suites San Jose Airport in San Jose, CA


An upscale all suite hotel located less than two miles from the San Jose Airport and only four miles from downtown San Jose. Our hotel is the perfect base for you while in San Jose's Silicon Valley for business, leisure or on an extended assignment that requires apartment-style hotel accomodations. Our one and two bedrooms suites are spacisou, well furnished and feature fully equipped kitchens as well as free high-speed internet.


Established in 1991.

Built in 1991 to bring customers a "Home Away from Home"


Company Info:

Rating: 3.47

Address: 10 W Trimble Rd, San Jose, CA, 95131
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Comments (30):

1. John L.
If you check my profile, you will see that I mostly leave poor reviews... so it is a pleasure to give this place five stars.  I arrived late at night and they treated me very well. The next day they gave me a free ride to the airport.  Whoever is responsible for customer service at this hotel deserves a big pat on the back.

22/10/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
2. Mandy C.
absolutely LOVED this hotel.
i had never stayed at a hilton family hotel, they tend to be way out of our price range, but got a good online deal and so we figured, why not?
the hotel staff on checkin (early too!) was very efficient and friendly.
we had a bottom floor, 2 bed/2 bath suite. when we walked in the room, husbands jaw just dropped.  the living room seperating the two bedrooms was nice and roomy, the kitchen very spacious for an economy size kitchen. everything was clean and comfy. daughter was totally thrilled to have not only her own room AND bathroom (smaller bed and only a shower but still very nice) but also her "own"big screen tv. haha. kids are easily pleased.
the "master" bedroom had doors seperating the bathroom from the bedroom, and the bathroom vanity was seperate from the shower-tub/toilet room, which is always nice.
my only complaint is that the fridge made some very very strange clunking noises on occasion throughout the evening, but not enough to affect the quality of our stay.
the free high speed wireless internet was smokin fast, which was very nice. the complimentary breakfast was excellent. nice hot scrambled eggs, french toast, waffles, sausauge patties, shredded potatoes, fruit, yogurt, bread, cereal, juices and coffee, etc. very friendly staff kept everything refreshed.
all in all, we were extremely pleased and look forward to future stays here, and perhaps even going in search of more of this little hilton family gems.

31/01/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
3. April C.
This Homewood Suites is terrific. We stayed here for three months straight during a long-distance move. We had a new baby and two dogs, and I was hunting for a permanent home while my husband worked long hours at a new job. In short, everything in our life was chaotic... except for Homewood Suites. The staff is polite and responsive, the facilities are clean and well-kept, and the guests at the hotel are generally the kind of people you wouldn't mind having as neighbors. The place has all the amenities: exercise room, public lounge, free breakfast, pool, dog-friendly lawn, free parking, walking distance from several restaurants and a Starbucks, etc. Sure, not everything is perfect -- the exercise room is a little small, for example -- but looking back on my time there (now six months removed), all I remember is that it was a calm place in the midst of an otherwise stressful time in my life. We did stay there a full three months which was long enough to encounter a couple minor problems (the kind of things you'd find in any "rental" experience, as opposed to staying at a hotel for 1-2 nights). The reason I still give this place 5 stars is that the staff is incredibly responsive -- when we mentioned these issues, they fixed them IMMEDIATELY, and in one case even moved us to another, larger room. Overall an excellent hotel for long-term stay!

17/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
4. Maggi R.
I am a diamond member of Hilton Hhonors. I will never stay in this hotel for multiple reasons:

1. Smoke in Non- Smoking room

When we checked in, it was mid-night. We had requested a non-smoking room and apparently, the customer staying in this room before us had smoked in this room. When we entered the room, it smelled pathetic. We immediately requested a change of room but they instead asked if we want to temporarily stay in a different Hilton hotel. We were so exhausted and sleepy, we chose to stay in that room only for that night. It was quite annoying that they weren't even aware that the room was filled with smoke.

2. Expired milk for breakfast

Once I was provided an expired milk bottle for breakfast. I thankfully checked the expiry date on it and returned it and asked for a new one. Since, then I don't trust what the kitchen staff feeds the customers staying in this hotel.

3. Staff is rude

4. Never inform when any package arrives

I never  received a call from the reception when a package arrived for me in my stay for 2 months. They were unapologetic and always had some excuses for their shortcomings.

5. No exhaust fan in bathrooms in Bldg. 5

Bldg 5 does not have exhaust fans in the bathroom. The management  will promise you that it will be fixed within a week and then they will never show their face again (even after giving reminders).

6. Misbehavior from Manager

The manager was too full of himself and misbehaved with us when we requested to move to a different room for our extended stay. This was the tipping point when we chose to leave this hotel and picked a completely different hotel for the rest of our stay.

02/07/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
5. Regina S.
This place is MUCH bigger than it looks on the outside.  It's surrounded by businesses.  Plus side - peace and quiet after 6 P.M.  Down side - most of the restaurants within walking distance are only open until 6 P.M.  
The rooms are bigger than I expected and the staff is super friendly!  And... they just got flat screens put in!  sweet!

But... the ones who stay there are mostly traveling business people who are used to getting everything they want... so most of them go around acting like their poop-holes don't stink!

27/01/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
6. Gerry F.
This multi-building hotel property is in dire need of both a physical and management makeover. Front desk staff seem detached from any notion of customer service and the rooms, hallways and common areas are positively filthy, and no staff seem able to explain or negotiate around the wildly fluctuating price structure.

AVOID BUILDING FIVE...it is undergoing a very slow renovation after a recent first floor fire.

Earlier today checked in and met a male front desk staffer who was immaturely exasperated at telephone calls from hotel guests, was slamming down the front desk receiver to abruptly end guest calls and was unable to quickly and efficiently check my identification and provide me with a room key (I had already checked in online). He gave me a bottle of water and asked if there was something he could help me with. I responded, "a room key would be helpful." I was assigned Room 226, and the room reeked of curry and saffron (both are great spices in my food, but not in my room). When I requested a clean-smelling room, the front desk staff on duty indicated he had "never been in the room." A lit hot-wax air freshener on the table was evidence enough that someone noticed the odor and attempted to cover it up. Twenty minutes later, I was assigned another room. No apology was offered and the front desk staff were more concerned about chatting with one another than addressing guest needs. I returned to the front desk to obtain a key to the newly assigned room and the clerk, off put that my presence interrupted his chat with a co-worker, asked, "yes, can I help you?"

Last week, I had to phone the front desk to request a clean pillowcase (one of those on the bed was covered in eye makeup), a working alarm clock (the one provided could not be reset, displayed the wrong time, and had a broken radio function), and reported that the decorative pillow on the bed was covered in animal hair and what appeared to be either mud or dog shit. The female front desk clerk on duty that day seemed taken aback that these conditions were somehow unacceptable to a hotel guest.

On both occasions, my basic complaints were eventually addressed. Neither instance, however, should have occurred in the first place. That they did indicates a lack of attention to the basics. That resolution took so long indicates a lack of attention to customer service. That staff are so aloof and unresponsive indicates a need for either (re)training or replacement with more responsive, competent individuals.

All I ask for is what I pay for: a clean, safe room, accurate bill and prompt, courteous service. This hotel does not provide a majority of those items and should probably not receive more of my business. Despite its convenient location and fact that this part of San Jose could use a few moderately-priced, CLEAN, hotels, the Homewood Suites does not provide enough positive reasons to spend your personal or business dollars for the miserable service they provide.

03/04/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
7. Gina F.
No pues wow!

A friend of mine hosted a seminar in building 5 I cant remember the name of the meeting room. I promised to swing on by to help host the event. Since she picked a hotel that is truly about 3-4 traffic lights from where I work. I was truly impressed with the way the room was set up the restrooms outside very clean and tidy. 2 AC Units. Loved the sink and the cabinets. I set up quite a spread of cheese and crackers and other things to munch on and  you must not forget the wine. It was a great event that went on with out a glich. Truly amazing women filled the room. Thank you Homewood Suites.

20/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. Eric B.
Nice rooms great staff!  Love the fireplaces!

10/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
9. Ryan R.
I spent two nights at this Homewood. I'm not a big fan of the "condo-like" layout, but that definitely did not affect my stay.

The room was nice and roomy. The free internet was awesome. This hotel seems quite a bit out of the way, in the middle of a commercial area. There are a few restaurants in the vicinity, but finding more requires traveling a bit of a distance. The breakfast was good, left a little to be desired but it was still enough to fill me up until lunchtime. I prefer the Embassy Suites in Santa Clara to this, but this Homewood Suites is definitely not a bad alternate.

My only complaint were the fools on the reservation hotline that could not answer a simple question about being billed twice despite being transferred to four different people.

24/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
10. Greg J.
I reserved a group of rooms for my guests to stay at after they attend my wedding.  I had made my reservations over 6 months in advance.  A "sales manager" even called to confrim my reservation and if the types and amounts of rooms were correct.  This is why I was appauled to find out that they had given away 2 of my rooms.  Their reasoning was that some league or something of that sorts wanted rooms there, so I guess they felt that those other people were more important than I was.  The "sales manager" didn't even have the audacity to come out and speak with me on her own, nor did she offer a solution.

All of my elderly guests had to squeeze onto and share their beds.  One of my guest with a very bad back had to sleep on the floor.  My wife and i didn't even get our own room, we had to share it with other guests.  We actually had to sleep on the sofa bed.  Can you believe that, your wedding night and you don't even get you own room nor do you get a real bed.

To top things off, I am a Hilton Honors member, as well as many of my family members are.  You would think that we would be valued more, since we give Hilton the majority of our business.  They have their priorities all backwards.

21/09/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
11. Cliff N.
Great breakfast, I mean two types of sausages, quality waffles, yogurts, fresh fruit, ceral, pancakes...included with the room, a pool, hot tub, large bed, 2 TVs, full kitchen, roomy and comfortable = WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED?!!!!!!! It was All Good, I would stay here even if I were not a Hilton Honors member!

AND  I hear they ahve a stay and fly deal where u stay 1 night and get to park your car there, they shuttle you to the airport! OMG , how can it be!?
For $80 a night, it's inexpensive and FUN! Now go get one!

25/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
12. Shawn P.
Basically, this is your standard long term stay mini-apartment type of hotel.  Overall I would say that everything is pretty average.  I checked my room thoroughly for bedbugs and to see how dirty it was, and while it wasn't extremely clean, there were no bugs of any kind, much less bedbugs.  The facilities were decent, and the two large flat screen TVs were a plus.  I never used the kitchen for anything, but if I were staying longer and doing cooking that would have been nice.

The service is pretty standard, although the breakfast was definitely sub par.  I think I may have even gotten a little sick from their eggs, which were really, really old despite being freshly put out on the buffet.  Also, their "dinner" is just plain lame and something I would skip altogether.  The only other bad thing about this place is the parking.  It is difficult to find parking anywhere around here in the evenings.

Overall, I would be ok staying here again.  It isn't my favorite hotel, but it was adequate.

09/11/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
13. Uyen T.
The suites here are nice and spacious! It comes with a kitchenette and you can even get an office (which we did). It is nicely decorated, bed is comfortable enough...(I guess), and the boyf was crazy about the shower dispensers for shampoo and conditioner. Oh, and the kitchenette comes with cooking pans, pots, and utensils! Hotel management are so helpful and nice! Close to delicious restaurants and airport!

Downside: it is seriously the ghetto (and when I say ghetto, I mean the guests that stay there). no parking. Our room did not get cleaned for the second night we stayed.

Overall, REALLY cheap place to stay for spacious and nicely decorated rooms. However, I would pay an extra 30 bucks and stay at the Embassy Suites.

11/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
14. Sidney S.
I had a truly amazing time relaxing and unwhining here! What a great place to stay to get away from your daily life and drama! I definately will come back.

I didnt't try the breakfast! Boo me! But Starbucks is around the parking lot, but they closed on Sunday!

Stay here you will not regret it!

22/12/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
15. Lucy D.
This place is a fantastic place to stay if your looking for a quiet home away from home feel with a modern appeal.


Room: The room was fantastic! The bedding was extremely comfortable and felt like heaven. The room was decorated in a cool toned modern twist. It felt cozy and yet upscale at the same time. Definitely surprising for the location that it was in. The bathroom was fantastic with a soap dispenser that was unique for this particular hotel.

Price: The price was relatively cheap for the room.

Kitchen: The place had a full kitchen and a door separated the bedroom from the kitchen which is nice if you don't want the odor of the food in the bedroom. However, the kitchen can be a bit small for the room.


Service: The service can be rude at times, but it depends on whose at the front desk.

Location: The area is in a business/ residential district so don't expect any night life or local grocery areas to be nearby.

Overall this place was a gem in the area because of how modern the room was. Definitely a nice stay away from home.

21/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
16. Leigh Ann H.
Thank you, Homewood Suites! You made my mother and her very particular husband very happy, and that makes me happy!

I booked my mother here using Hilton hotel points I've accumulated, so that she could attend my graduation. She had a horrible drive over I-80, because the summit was shut down to traffic (THE LAST WEEK IN MAY!) and the drive took her 6 extra hours. When she arrived she'd been up for 22 hours and was cranky. She says the staff was incredibly polite! She loved her room, which was in Building 5. She was able to book the shuttle for the next day when they checked in, so she would be able to come to SJSU without driving.

She raved about the breakfast they served -- make your own waffles, real eggs, coffee, etc -- and when her husband had a problem, the shuttle came and got him and brought him back later. The whole time she was here, she kept talking about how much she loved the hotel and what a great daughter I was to have booked and paid for it (with points) for her. Whew!

So, any place that makes me look like a great daughter to my mother, and who makes my weekend that much easier by making my mother happy deserves 5 stars! Yay!

27/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
17. Jodie H.
Amazing rooms. Amazing breakfast. Amazing staff. Over all i havent had a bad stay here yet. Keep it up

28/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
18. Jody B.
My husband and I stayed here this past August with our children. Upon arrival, the air conditioner was broken, and being august...the room was extremely stuffy and hot. We informed the front desk, but were not moved. The following day they brought in a window AC unit, but still didn't move us. During the 3 days and 4 nights we were there, we had maintenance in and out of our room the entire time trying to fix it. We weren't moved until our third day there. During that time period, our iPad mini turned up missing. We filed a complaint, filed a police report and were assured from Luis, the General Manager that we would be reimbursed for our loss. Well, it is now the end of November, and even after getting our agreement in email form from Luis and making SEVERAL attempts to contact him, I'm still being ignored by General Manager Luis. As you can imagine, this is very frustrating.  In fact, I just left him another message 2 days ago letting him know that I didn't want to leave a bad review, but this is my only alternative. I even said while we were there this summer that we would still stay at his hotel, but not now. It's gone on too long, and he has not kept his word. He's not doing his job!  That's all I've kindly asked for from the very beginning. That, and some air conditioning would have been nice, too.

27/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
19. Mel S.
My daughter and I stayed here this past weekend, because she had a gymnastics meet  very early in the morning, and we wanted to be close by.  We are Hilton Rewards gold level members and the hotel was free to us with points.  I would never stay here again.  We checked in after dark and were directed to our "double secured" room at the back of the very poorly lit property.  Double secured?  Need key card to enter? Not so much. The doors to the building were broken and propped open.  Anyone could have been walking around in there.  My daughter and I had to force the doors closed behind us.  The hallways smelled like a nursing home, with an extremely foul chemical odor.  When we got to the room and wanted to shower, the water would not go above lukewarm. There was no hot water.  I wanted to get some ice from the freezer, and although there was a sign on the bin under the ice maker saying "ice had been premade for our convenience", there was no ice.  To the hotels's credit, when i called the front desk to tell them about the broken security door, and the lack of ice, they brought us up ice, and notified maintenance about the broken door.  It was repaired when we left early the next morning.  This is the only reason I am giving this hotel 2 stars, instead of one.  At least they responded to the issue.  Still would never stay here again.  Too many other hotels to choose from, and as a gold level rewards member, this is not what we are accustomed to with Hilton properties.

06/10/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
20. Mellanie D.
Booked two 2 bedroom/2 bathroom suites that had two separate bedrooms on opposite sides with their own bathroom. Got a great deal for $125 a night as we prepaid everything in advanced 5 months beforehand.

Let's start with the bad: (keep in mind, we booked the rooms for our wedding weekend, so our bridal party could get ready and it would be easy for our photographer and videographer to capture us both getting ready in our separate rooms).

Called to see if an early check in was available instead of the normal 3:00PM since we had so much to do Friday night (ceremony rehearsal and rehearsal dinner). The front desk checked in their system and said "Yes we can check in early and we could come at 1:00PM."

So we gather all of our goodies packed in both of our cars to put all of the rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception decor, and getting ready stuff and arrive at the hotel a little before 2:00PM. We check in with the front desk- the two ladies "seemed" to be busy so we waited close to 10 minutes to be helped/acknowledged.

So I get to the front desk and the lady confirms and makes copies of my ID and asks for a credit card (all standard stuff) and then says, "The room isn't ready yet, it still needs to be cleaned." She walkie talkies the cleaning maids and they say it'll be ready in 30 minutes.

We think hmmmmmm, ok.... we just called in earlier to confirm, but sure, nothing to turn into bridezilla over. It'll be nice to take a breather, to sit and just relax while we wait in the front desk area. They can easily see us and just let us know when its ready.

2:30PM hits, and I'm starting to eye the front desk like a hawk. 2:35PM and I notice that the lady who was originally helping me left and was replaced by another lady. So I go up to the front desk and ask the lady, if our room is ready. She checks and says its not ready yet and that it'll be another 30 minutes. Ok fine... (we're pretty understanding people and know that sometimes depending on how busy the hotel is for a certain weekend, early check-in isn't possible).

3:00PM rolls around and we figure that we should be able to check in now since it's the original check in time. Check back in and the front desk says, rooms won't be ready for another hour. WTF?!?!?! Waste of time- we definitely could have been doing other things and why have check in at 3:00PM and prepay for rooms in advanced if the rooms won't or aren't ready by then?

I wanted atleast one of the two rooms to be ready as we wanted to just unload the cars of all the wedding stuff and take a shower to get ready in before the rehearsal.

I'm sure that others have received better service and have had a great experience here, but that was really unnecessary at check in.

I would have wanted to give them more stars since the beds were comfy, free breakfast was good and filling, rooms were spacious and clean, and it was convenient to have the fridge hold our celebration drinks and store our bouquets and flowers, but all of the check in issues sucked.

07/11/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
21. Richard S.
Really comfortable rooms with every amenity.  There is a full kitchen.  Split mini A/C which is quiet and extremely effective.  We were here during a heat wave...no problem.  Pet friendly without additional fees.  Full frig with ice-maker.  DVD player in the room.  Two TVs.  Well insulated, no sound issues,, quiet despite being near SJC,  Really nice hot breakfast.  This place is a real bargain for the money!  Highly recommended.  We'll be back.

28/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
22. Jonathan W.
Overall this place is a great deal. I have states here several times and usually a great stay. I have an electric car so charging is a snap at the two charging stations (even though locals come and charge and no one checks.). The rooms are always super clean and the breakfast is not bad either. Next door are many restaurants including Starbucks and subway.

13/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
23. Caroline K.
Basically, this hotel is just like all the others.  If you are not paying the big bucks you expect a clean private place to sleep...it delivers that.  We had a suite with a fireplace, kitchen, living room, and large king bedroom.  It was clean and well appointed.  Note:  there is no stove in the kitchen.  Though near the airport the noise was not an issue.  I would skip the eggs at breakfast but other than that the food is fine.

Karla was our maid and she was super.  Very sweet and accommodating with regard to making sure we had enough coffee and such.

03/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
24. Seneca K.
First of all, since there is construction here, there are some rooms that are available and some that are not. I booked a room 2 double bed suite thinking it would be a two room suite, turns out it was just one. I even called ahead of time making sure it was a 2 room suite, the man I spoke to assured it would be, no his exact words were, "Its 2 double beds. Im pretty sure its a 2 room suite". I show up to check in to find out that it wasnt and that all the guy did was write a note for the front desk people just saying to check me into a 2 room suite if it was available. It then took 10-15 mins for them to finish checking me in and I even gave them 2 cards to write down. I then had to inquire about my bill a couple days after my visit. After 2 calls to Regina who handles that department and an email to the manager, it still took them 3 days, I repeat 3 DAYS to call me back. So bless your soul if you ever have a problem about your bill that needs addressing. After finding out why I was charged(which I take full responsibility for), I had nothing else to say. I also have yet to hear an email back. Theyre also renovating right now so there was still some noise when I came to check in at around 6 not to mention some creepy construction workers who walked around and stared at me. However not to be entirely bashful there is one girl at front desk who is really kind and nice, I just cant seem to remember her name but I assume she's there a lot. Other than that, find a different hotel rather than this small next to nowhere place.

08/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
25. Lucky C.
FREE DINNER & DRINKS, friendly staff, called my room to make sure i'm comfortable with my stay!!! wow wow wow!!! also, plenty of restaurants in the same area, just walk out the building and there are 9 different restaurants to choose from

19/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
26. Russell G.
I stayed here a second time and had a great experience ... my first time was during construction, and it was less than stellar and likely a fluke.

The ladies at the front desk were friendly and went above and beyond. The staff who made breakfast were helpful. The room was in great condition and was quiet. :)

11/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
27. Patrick M.
The short: In town for one night and needed a clean and safe place to crash. I probably won't return and I wouldn't reccommend it either though.

The long: I was taking a little mini getaway to San Jose for the night and when I was looking at where I was going to stay I recalled I had a certificate for a night after a previous bad experience with this chain so I thought I would give them a second try. The property itself is kind of beside/behind a strip mall which makes it a little funny to find and with little signage it didn't help. Once I managed to figure out where the front was I headed in to check in. I was quickly greeted and I handed over my ID, credit card, and certificate. The girl behind the desk had no idea what to do and had to call someone to get instructions on what to do. She then handed me my certificate back and told me I had to pay for the room first then mail in my receipt and certificate to the address on the back of the paper and then I would be reimbursed. I then pointed out to her it say FOR MANAGEMENT USE ONLY and said unless I was being hired by Hilton this was going to be a problem. She then called someone again and told them what the thing said and after some other questions finally handed me my key and ID/card back. She directed me to my room and that was that.

The room was close by and I had no trouble finding parking. The property looked a little dirty like it needed to be washed or just painted on the exterior and in the stairwells. When I got in the room it was clean and okay. It was your standard extended stay room with a fridge and a 2 burner range and some basic utensils in the cabinets. The one thing that was ridiculous was that in the freezer there was a sign that said fresh ice has been made for your arrival but there was none and the machine didn't even work. Some member of the staff did call to check and see if everything was fine and I mentioned my ice and they brought some right over.

The reason for the low rating aside from being a little disheveled and the staff needing training is what I found out after I left. Even though the staff told me I was not being charged for the room and I was only having a hold put on my card for incidentals the hotel put a hold for $500+ on my card!!!!!! The room itself had I paid the going rate was only $139 so that is crazy. I'm thinking they put more than one hold on my card since they seemed as if they had no idea. Normally this isn't a big deal but it really effected my trip to San Jose in other ways since their hold almost put my card to the limit. Luckily I brought my second card with me.

The funniest thing is I got a $0 balance receipt as I was leaving and an email saying I can stop by if I have a problem and when I went to the desk to talk to someone magically there was no one there who could do anything.

What works: Mostly clean and seemingly safe lodging

What to improve: Training desk staff and property in desperate need of a renovation.Maybe not putting holds of 5 times the room amount on cards!!!!

26/04/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
28. Jim W.
Overall, this was a nice place to stay for 4 nights.  We enjoyed the breakfast on each of our mornings there.  We only made it to the free ~ dinner once, due to commitments with friends in the area.  And if you don't like the food there, the plaza next door has around 8 - 10 various small restaurants to choose from.

This place is also quite convenient to both 101 and 880.

The only relatively minor issues with the room were:
* the alarm clock - we could not update the time, which was about 70 minutes off.  When the front desk called the first night to ensure the room was okay, I asked about it.  They said that they'd have to send someone from maintenance to our room if we wanted the clock changed.  Excuse me?  We declined and did the wake-up time offset ourselves.
* the tub/shower control was a bit odd.
* my wife didn't think the air conditioning was strong enough / didn't have good controls.

In terms of size, comfort, etc., there were no complaints.  It was pricier than our prior stays at Homewood Suites, but this *is* the Bay Area.

Recommended, overall.

13/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
29. Rick T.
This place lacks the quality of service for their guest. Breakfast is supposed to be till 10am and they wrap things up a lot earlier than that. People getting in to eat between 930-10 am will lose out on the breakfast which is lame since it's suppose to be till 10am. Staff should wait till a little after 10am to clean up The EV charging stations for EV cars are not only for people who don't use EV cars. If you do have an EV Car don't depend on this hotel because it's open for anyone to park not just for EV.

13/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
30. Kristy R.
Do you ever stay at a hotel and feel uncomfortable the entire time? Sure, the beds are comfy and the bathrooms are clean but does it ever really feel like "home"? Nope, probably not. Well, that's what makes Homewood Suites different than your average hotel.

This hotel is broken into a few different buildings. There is a main lodge where you check in, and it also houses the food area, business center, fitness center, and laundry room. Mon-Thurs there is FREE dinner from 5:30 to 7:30 in the lodge. The menu is posted on your (full size) fridge in your nifty kitchenette. There is also FREE breakfast every single day, also in the lodge. While it's just the basics (waffles, eggs, sausage, etc.) it's a nice touch especially if you're rushing around and don't have time to grab breakfast elsewhere.

The suites are absolutely gorgeous. Some are two bedroom, the one we had was a one bedroom. The living room/kitchenette area is pretty roomy and equipped with a pull-out couch and flat screen TV. The bedroom has a HUGE bed (definitely bigger than a standard king size) and plenty of drawer space with its own TV. The room is split into a sink/closet area and a toilet/shower area. This is good when multiple people are getting ready at once. I also loved the vanity lighting.

The location isn't as bad as some people are making it seem. Yes, there are plenty of food options next door (Indian, Thai, pizza, Subway, Starbucks, etc.) and yes they close early every day (they're for the employees in the surrounding buildings). But they do come in handy if you want a lunch option. The light rail system runs right outside the hotel. This service takes you right into downtown San Jose (which I LOVED) and it's $4 for an 8-hour pass. If you want/need to go somewhere within Santa Clara or San Jose, this service will get you where you need to go.

The hotel has a lovely pool along with a great hot tub. There is also a grilling station if you want to cook up some burgers and hotdogs. There is also a shuttle service that will take you anywhere within 3 miles of the hotel. The reason I knocked off the star? Someone dropped the ball when it came to telling the driver to come get my friend and I from the Caltrain station. We waited almost 40 minutes, at 9PM, for the shuttle.

I would definitely stay here again. It's a convenient location to SFO and SJC, as well as downtown San Jose and the SAP Center. It also makes you feel like you're at home and not stuck in some random hotel room for a week.

31/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0