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Hotel De Anza in San Jose, CA

Hotel De Anza in San Jose, CA


Hotel De Anza is a boutique, luxury hotel that appeals to both the business and leisure traveler.   Our personalized service and attention to detail sets us apart from our competition.  

If you're looking for a unique location for an upcoming wedding or special event, the Palm Court Terrace is a covered and heated patio that is ideal for weddings and special events up to 150 people all year round.  Food is provided by our award winning restaurant, La Pastaia, who specializes in regional Italian cuisine.


Established in 1931.

If the 70-year-old terra cotta-colored walls of Hotel De Anza could talk, what a tale they could tell.  In this 10-story building there are a thousand stories.  This is a structure that has held its ground long enough to win the designation of nationally registered historic landmark.  And this is a hotel offering some of the most unique comforts and facilities to be found in Northern California.  That's what the De Anza was in its original form.  And, thanks to Saratoga Capital, the San Jose Redevelopment Agency, Barry Swenson Builder, Rodrigues & Associates Architects, and any number of artists and craftspeople, that's what it is today.


Company Info:

Rating: 3.66

Address: 233 W Santa Clara St, San Jose, CA, 95113
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Comments (170):

1. Tina B.
This is on my "San Jose Classics" list. It's a beautifully remodeled historic hotel. Very classy, with a lot of original Art Deco touches. Tons of character.  This is very much a San Jose landmark.

18/02/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
2. Katie M.
I looked at this place as a location for my wedding.  It ended up not working because our guest list grew too big.  But Jan was a HUGE help, very organized, and made me feel very special about my special day.  She was accomodating and answered all our questions clearly and honestly.  I felt there were no suprises....they have very little event staff turnover and everyone knows the food at La Pastai is great.  It's also an amazing price for the calibur of wedding venue this historic hotel offers.

19/01/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
3. Aimee S.
DO NOT STAY HERE!  After I was checked out I got a call saying they were charging me $25 for sheets as there was blood on them.  I had them send me pictures and it looks like someone was cut and bleeding everywhere!  I was shocked - there is no way this was my room or blood and no way I was bleeding.  I will never stay here again and I urge you to not stay here if you dont want to be charged for 'damage's and that are not yours.  I have no clue what to think.  I can go on about other reasons to not stay as well but I hope this is strong enough.

13/05/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
4. Meg T.
We love this hotel!  Great rates and really accommodating.  My husband and I were married there 4 years ago and the staff was wonderful. They were responsive and attentive.   They were great when working on wedding details from start to finish.  Great location, lovely venue and the lounge is classy.  Rooms are clean, bathrooms spacious.

30/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
5. jim a.
My Absolute South Bay favorite.  the De Anza just can't be beat.  the Bed and Bedding are INCREDIBLE. LCD TV.  Great Bathrooms with perfect water pressure.  Everything is top notch.  Pantry Raid is off the hook. Free Video rentals, Robes. Seriously...you could literally mistake yourself staying at a classic Four Seasons. Figure out which 3-Star Boutique Hotel this is on HOTWIRE.COM and get your room for about 79.00 on the weekends.  WOW!!  Do yourself a favor and live large at the De Anza!!

25/02/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
6. Bob D.
We stayed at the Hotel De Anza for a concert at the nearby HP Pavilion on a weekend.  It was a nice combination of convenience, comfort and elegance.  All through our stay the staff were really friendly and helpful and made you feel like you were truly welcome.  The rooms were a little on the small side, but the bathroom was gorgeously large and the bed was very, very comfortable.  For its location we were afraid that noise from the nightlife might come right through the windows but the room was very quiet.  If you want to have dinner in the restaurant DEFINITELY make reservations if it's a weekend; they were booked solid very early.  After the concert when we returned to the hotel, we took advantage of the "raid our pantry" arrangement:  bread, cold cuts, pre-made sandwiches, juices or milk are available for you to snag as a late night snack.  Perfect!  We'd definitely stay again in the future.

30/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
7. Maria R.
A very special get-away for the weekend with your loved one. The motif is SO Deco and painstakingly appointed with lovely touches from the green marble bathrooms to the open and light wall paper. It's a private and quiet hotel where you can tune out the world. Service is very good, and the accommodations are very, very comfortable. It's possible to get a good deal on weekends, so ask for one. The hotel restaurant is excellent. The midnight snack cupboard is a treat. If you  go there to get away and have some private time, and you won't regret it.

25/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. Mark A.
I have to say of the times i have stayed at this hotel the rooms have been comfortable clean and inviting. The staff are friendly.. the weekend packages are great and the raid the pantry deal is great if you are a night-owl.

18/03/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
9. Cynthia C.
Been to this downtown place several times, the first time was for a wedding shoot. This would be the perfect place for a winter wedding ceremony with an outdoor feel. The atrium has a see through glass cover and lets you see the sky and gives you the perception of being outdoors without the worries of rain!

They have very nice rooms for a very reasonable price. The bar is also very slick and kewl looking. Gives the whole place a very chill ambiance, that's kewl to hang out in. Amsterdam martini is very strong here but good! The new lemon drop drink is yummy!

07/07/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
10. Judy S.
We had a great stay on October 30th.  The staff is so friendly, and we were checked in/out very quickly.  The pantry is fantastic for a midnight snack!  We will definitely stay here again.

10/11/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
11. Jackie D.
My best friend just got married here, the rooms were nice (fully renovated), and the service was A+ (front desk, vallet, banquet servers, bartenders and the wedding site coordinator...)  La Pastaia caters the banquets there (restaurant inside the hotel) and the food is very GOOD! I loved everything on the buffet they offered at my friend's wedding! There are a lot of restaurants to walk to also.

Great location for a wedding or weekend getaway!

16/09/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
12. Dena L.
I've been here twice - once i co-threw an event here and the other time it was place#2 on a date..so here's my take:
Event - not worth it. The food was not impressive and they were difficult to work with.  I would have preferred the cocktail lounge to their boring room in the back.
Date in the cocktail lounge..I was Impressed.  What a sexy lounge.  The atmosphere is classy and comfy, drinks are drinks, and then there's the crowd and the jazz band.  We found a cozy red couch and stayed there for a few hours.
My date and I were so comfortable that I could have cared less about who went there but the jazz music was unbearably loud at times.  That's not the Jazz we were expecting.  It was show-off jazz.  Great America jazz. That was a loud quartet of drum-banging, sax blasting strange tunes - definitely not mood creating, nor alluring, nor soft, nor anything remotely romantic.  It was like a bad jazz concert up close.  I would have preferred someone played BRUSH DRUMS in a small room people, piano, flamenco guitar or nylon guitar, sax ok..i think the music did not fit the room.

27/01/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
13. Daniel M.
I like it. It's fascinating how the culture of San Jose can be enjoyed by spending the night in an overpriced tiny room that looks over the patio of this hotel.  It's a good V-Day excursion if one plans ahead (i didn't). But with all the fixings, this place is romatica!

11/02/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
14. Aileen A.
I stayed at the hotel with a few friends last weekend.  It was a Friday evening.  We had a large group come to the lounge for drinks and appetizers.  Aside from the slow service, the drinks and food were really good.  You've gotta try their ginger infused concoctions!

The lounge itself was inviting and comfy. The music was great, but it did get a little loud for having conversations.  We were kind of laughing at how many cougars were in the place.  I have to go back this Friday and am hoping there will be a few more 30something men ;)  We took a walk around the block close to 1am and the patrons from the "younger" bars made me glad I had been at the Hedley Lounge all night.  There were 3 people lying on the sidewalks in puke while their drunk friends tried to "help" them.

My check-in and out was seemless. Very friendly staff.  I had requested a "quiet" room after reading some of the reviews and I must say I did not hear a noise all night.  The room was very pretty and clean and my king bed was very comfortable.

I raided the pantry after midnight and wasn't overly impressed. Limp, lukewarm coldcuts and stale bread.  I probably went to late...There was also fresh fruit at the check-in desk.

The valet workers were very curtious.  They asked me if I need directions to get out of there, which helped greatly.

All in all, it was a very nice experience; especially since I got my room for $99 by booking "DeAnza Direct".

25/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
15. vanessa a.
i booked a room here on hotwire because bf and i were tasting scotch all night and were too sauced to drive home. so i figured why spend $50 on a cab when you can spend a few more bucks and have a great time all night wink

the hotel was really cute, the night guy at the check in desk was beyond useless though i kept thinking the economy cant be that bad if this guys working in the customer service industry.

but stupid desk guy aside our room was really cute and right down the hall from their raid our pantry room. needless to say we did.  good times

29/01/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
16. Adrienne A.
You know, I am not always all about San Jose because I am more fond of San Francisco, Palo Alto, Carmel and LA, but our stay at Hotel De Anza gave San Jose a little more charm in my eyes.  Located in the heart of downtown San Jose, Hotel De Anza is pretty darn chic.  The lounge and it's outdoor patio are downright romantic.  The wait staff in the restaurant and the bar was outstanding; the bartenter chatted it up with us about a number of great wines and let us try a few before we ordered.  We had lunch there twice and both meals were excellent.  Even if you never set foot outside the hotel, you'd have a fine time just rotating through your room, the restaurant and the lounge.

17/12/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
17. Julia W.
Who does not like to be pampered and treated as a welcomed guest?  If this describes you stay far away from the Hotel De Anza!  I stayed there New Years Eve and was impressed with the feeling of being left alone while simultaneously having all my needs met; while a healthy dose of  'the customer is always right' hung in the air.    

I would stay here again for a concert, sharks game or just to get away and hang out in downtown San Jose --- which has loads of restaurants, events and museums to offer. The prices are on par with other three star hotels.

I especially loved the 'Raid our Pantry" with extended hours for the NYE party.  A small room filled with sandwiches, fruit and cookies for those with cravings well after the midnight hour!  

The hotel itself is elegant and the decor places one back in time to grander days.  The Hedley Room is where the NYE party raged.  Ok there was nothing like a rage but there was dancing and good music and WAY overpriced drinks but hey nothing is perfect!  I was hoping for a mellow NYE and I got my wish.  Being able to stay up late in a hotel room after the party (so no one drives home and someone else cleans up in the AM) is fabulous.  If your looking for a place to meet new hip young people or get totally out of control I don't recommend this party --- however, if mellow, intimate and relaxing are more what you're after this place was great!

04/01/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
18. Laurel P.
My husband and I stayed at the De Anza while visiting San Jose for a Cirque show at the HP Pavilion. We were so pleasantly surprised by how much we liked the hotel. We paid extra for the corner king room and it was well worth it. Our king bed was so comfy with perfect pillows and sheets. The room was super quiet and we slept like babies. The views were great. We had a delicious dinner at La Pastaia (the restaurant in the hotel lobby) and loved being able walk back up to our room and quickly change before the show. We would definitely return. I would highly recommend the De Anza!

26/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
19. Seaside living s.
We booked a room at the DeAnza because it was within walking distance from the HP Pavillion where we were attending a concert.  On the plus side, it's a nice hotel.  The lobby area and bar are comfortable and attractive, and we couldn't have asked for a more convenient location for our weekend.  

On the downside - we arrived just after 3pm (the time we were told our room would be ready) and were the only people in the lobby at that time.  The room wasn't ready, and we were asked to wait  and told that they would let us know as soon as we could go up.   During this time several people came and went.   Finally after about 1/2 hr we got into the now existing line at the front desk to ask about the room.  Our key was laying there ready but noone had bothered to let us know.  

We went upstairs, and checked out the room service menu.  We decided to order a little something before the concert & picked an appetizer and 2 pizzas.   The person who answered was polite & said it would be 15-20 minutes.  This was about 5pm when we called. Fantastic- because we were STARVING.  Half an hour later we got a call - the oven was not up to temperature yet, so it would be a little longer.  After another 40 minutes there was a knock & our food had arrived.   Anticipating piping-hot pizza, we couldn't wait!   Unfortunately our pizza was barely warm, and the lovely pizza magharita I was expecting turned out to be tomato sauce and cheese with a few shreds of fresh basil.  No fresh tomato?!  The crust was soft & disappointing.   On the plus side, the telefono appetizer was DELICIOUS!   I was surprised that although we had terrible room service & disappointing food, we weren't offered anything comped or discounted.  $52 for two tiny soggy pizzas & an appetizer was a bit much (tip already added on, good service or not) - if it had been fabulous I wouldn't have batted an eye, but I can get sucky pizza for a lot less than that.

Checkout went smoothly, and although I was leery of the valet parking (your only option for $20/night), the car was just fine.  I would stay here again if they had a great special going on rooms, but I certainly learned my lesson about ordering room service there.   I give the service 1-2 stars, and the ambiance 4.

15/12/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
20. Abby C.
This deserves NO stars, but it doesnt let me post unless I mark a star. This place obviously has a history of calling customers back and appling extra charges for  "damages". James Bendit  the so-called manager threaten me over the phone and in person telling me I was going to have to pay for carpet cleaning because he found dirt on the carpet! Do they not own a vaccum? By the way it was summer no rain dirt or mud!

12/07/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
21. Ben R.
Last sat night was the worst possible experience I've ever had at any hotel, let alone the Hotel De Aanza.
I thought that I would be able to just take the experience as a loss from start to finnish, but after over a week I still feel terrible about my experience. After all- this is what Yelp is for right..
The list of issues are just way too long to go into detail. The management is in major need of revamping to say the least. Maybe once the management is replaced, the hotel can start to hire a more sophisticated staff, or give the current staff the skill set they need in order to provide customers with service.
After speaking with two managers it became abundantly clear where the issues of the customer service come from.
I will not be coming back to the Hotel De Anza for anything at this point. The opportunity was missed by the General Manager of the hotel during a call on Monday.  Alison did a less than an exceptional job at offering what I felt to be real condolences to me for my inconveniences and terrible treatment.
I will say that John at the front was helpful and did the best he could do. Thanks John for caring and listening.

17/01/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
22. Brian M.
This is a nice hotel in San Jose downtown. I haven't stayed in the rooms but I like the exterior and interior of the building.

The main reason I am rating this hotel is for their bar / lounge on the ground floor, which I think goes by the name of the Hedley Club. This is a cool, dark bar with couches, plush seats, tables, a fireplace, high ceilings, large paintings, a grand piano, and tall martinis (Amsterdam martini is my favorite of their house drinks).

Oh, and another plus is that this is also a place for jazz on weekends.


06/07/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
23. Shelley S.
This hotel is the best! Totally worth the extra cash. I made my reservation over the phone about 15 minutes before we arrived. The manager who checked us in was super friendly and efficient. He suggested the in-house restaurant, La Pastaia, for dinner and upon reviewing the menu we decided to check it out. Out of this world!!! But back to the hotel. I was soothed instantly by the gorgeous ivy green walls in the hallway. Our room had a king size bed, not much of a view, but the bathroom was large & gorgeous with a mini TV and a Lather Bar.
Things I loved: The bolster pillows!!! The ivory cotton duvet!!!! It smelled of bleach! :) The ice machine dispensed filtered water!! And it was the cool little ice pellets that I love so much! It was close to our room, so it was convenient. The glass pitcher they provided was a nice touch! The Raid our Pantry is so cool! We came home from the Green Day concert and were ready for a snack, so we went downstairs to the pantry and made ourselves a sandwich and grabbed a cookie. Awesome bonus! I also loved that it was only a 10 minute walk to the concert! Although we could hear the traffic outside, the hotel itself was sooo quiet! I never heard anyone out in the hallway or through the walls. Amazing. Free hi speed internet, too!

Things I did not love: The bathtub is elevated, so there's quite a step down. Even though there is a sign that clearly states "caution, step down" etc., I still managed to slip on the wet marble floor and ended up falling pretty badly. I bruised my wrist and thigh. Ouch. I could have cut my head open, so I'm lucky that's all I got. Just be careful.

I loved this hotel and I already can't wait to go back. I'm still thinking of the amazing dinner we had at La Pastaia! Our server was very sweet & attentive. We started with the carpaccio. Delicious! I had the bistecca & fava beans w/ pecorino, and my husband had the osobuco d'agnello. I can't rave enough about our meal. It was fantastic!

Loved Hotel de Anza!

19/08/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
24. Chris C.
Nice hotel in a great location in downtown San Jose.  There are some quirks (i.e., thermostat is hidden in the room and a little rudimentary) and the electronics in the room leave a lot to be desired (the tv and little video screen in the bathroom are junk), but it's great to have an option other than a crappy chain.  The only thing I really didn't care for was the lack of a coffee maker in the room.  That's a major drawback, imo.

18/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
25. Richard O.
Lovely hotel.  Amenities including a self service pantry were great.  Will return.

23/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
26. Jackie T.
I used Priceline to reserve this hotel and got it for $90 for my boyfriend's birthday.  I looked up this hotel before our reservation on Yelp and wasn't sure how it would be since reviews were pretty mixed.  I was excited when I heard about their "Raid Our Pantry" service (free sandwiches, cookies, coffee for late snacks available between 10pm-5am), so off we went...

The girl at the front desk was very professional and nice when we checked in.  She was attending to someone else on the phone and apologized for my having to wait an extra minute or two (no problem).  She checked me in and asked if I had stayed here before.  When I said no, she explained the services that the hotel offered such as the raid our pantry and dvd/vhs movie rentals for free.

Our room was on the sixth floor.  After getting off the elevator, we were greeted with a bowl of mixed candies in the front.  A simple gesture, but it really showed that the hotel cared about that stuff for guests.  When we got into the room, the first thing me and my boyfriend thought was that it was a bit small.  Right when you enter, the bathroom is to the left and the bed is right in the front.  Not much leg room to walk around, but the bed was king-sized and very comfortable.  Our view was all right - it was just of The Axis condos and their pool.  Not much of a view, but my boyfriend and I don't really care too much about hotel views (just as long as it's not noisy and distracting).  However, the bathroom was beautiful...wow!  The best looking hotel bathroom I've been in besides the Trump Hotel in Vegas.  It had a small tv, large mirror (took up one entire side of the wall), a full sized mirror behind the door, and a magnifying mirror on the side.  The bathtub is a bit small, and you have to be REALLY careful when you get out.  There is a note that states that you have to step down from the bathtub in the shower, but even with that note, I almost slipped on the floor (FYI..there is a side metal bar in the shower, so hold onto that as you step down to be safe!).  Thank God my boyfriend had showered just right before and placed a rug they provide on the floor in front of the tub).  

My boyfriend went to the ice machine and after not being able to find it for the first time, I called the front office who explained that it was in a wall panel outside in the hallway.  They provide a water pitcher in the hotel room where you can get filtered water as well when you get ice...nice touch since the Fiji water they have in the room already is $6.

We went down to the Raid Our Pantry (2nd floor) at a bit past 10pm and found a bunch of Shark fans already in there (the one weekend I decide to book the hotel is when the Sharks is having a home game).  You have to insert your hotel key card to enter.   It really is...a pantry.  A very small, straight, room.  We were bumping into each other, but, hey, at least they had great free food for late snacks!  There was turkey and cheese and ham and cheese sandwiches, individualized cold pastas in cups, cookies, coffee, tea, hot chocolate the night we came in.  Good stuff.

The only bad thing about this location was that it is in downtown, so you have to use valet parking (since side street parking has time limitations and if you are staying overnight with a car, side street parking is not permitted between 3-6am and you can only park there for 2 hours/max when it is permitted across the street from the hotel).  Valet parking is $20 which is a bit steep, but the valet guys are extremely nice.  They held the doors open whenever I left the hotel, and opened the door for me to get into my car.  It made me feel a bit better about having to spend $20 for valet parking ... just a bit.

I would probably come back here if I got a great deal on it through Priceline again.  The valet parking price was a bit of a killer, but I can't really complain too much since it IS in downtown.

10/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
27. Jenny B.
Great Packages, Nice location & Awesome "Pantry"!: My boyfriend and I stayed here for our 3 year anniversary and were very impressed with the amenities! For $169 (The Anniversary Package) we had a nice king size bedroom on the 9th floor, with a great view of Almaden & Santa Clara St. Our package also included: a delicious breakfast (eggs, potatoes, sausage, bacon, assorted pastries, breads, fruit platters, mini crepes with cheese), champagne and a small box of 4 chocolate truffles (waiting in our room) and the "Raid Our Pantry" for free late night sandwiches, cookies and drinks.

The shower wasn't that powerful and take caution when stepping in/out of the tub, because there's a decorative tiled slab that raises the tub about 1 foot. The beds are fairly comfortable, but a little firm for my taste. The room also had a DVD player, so I recommend bringing a favorite movie in case you don't like what's on TV.

The hotel location is great: walk 2-3 blocks toward highway 87 and you are at the HP Pavillion or walk 2-3 blocks toward San Jose State and you are smack dab in the middle of downtown San Jose with Starbucks, San Pedro Square and multiple restaurants at your finger tips.

If you are staying for one Saturday night, you can park overnight at the San Pedro garage for free, otherwise valet and paid parking is available.

10/04/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
28. Angela L.
Lounge + Bar ...

1.) All Axis = Omg taste like cinnamony peach cider so good I loves it! Too bad we couldn't feel the alcohol at ALL tho
2.) More Heeto Mojito = it was cool, felt the alky, easy to drink, but not flavored. I like it when it's fruity flavored.
3.) Di Frutti = Mmm we had it with strawberry gelato instead, so yummmyyy. The crumbles and the ice cream is such a good match. I mean, I've had better desserts, but it was really cute to eat it in the lounge with cocktails.

Our waitress was so thoughtful! She saw our spoon had fallen in the sauce, and immediately she brought out another one without us even noticing that the spoon was in the sauce!!! And I was unsure about the goat cheese gelato, so I substituted it with strawberry gelato. BUT she still brought out a scoop of the goat cheese gelato just for me to try!  so sweet!

Made me feel like I was in some rich dude's mansion, with the large crackling fireplace and all. The bar/lounge area wasn't that big at all, but it was ornate, and old wealth looking. There was a live jazz band playing which really set the mood (Live Jazz: Thursday from 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday from 8:30 p.m. to 12.30 a.m. ) There were tea candles on every table. And yeah. Nice and old and romantic sort of feel. :)

16/05/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
29. Bebe D'hala D.
Great Lounge and Great Hotel. It has so much old world character and architecture. The rooms are large and comfy. They have a De Anza Member club for about 125$ includes 1 night stay , and discounts on other services. Definitely a gem of historic Down Town San Jose with modern comfort and amenities, 1 block from San Pedro square with plenty of great eateries within walking distance and Guadalupe park for a nice stroll.

18/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
30. Ben R.
I really wanted to like this hotel. I mean, it was 250 a night. The best part about this hotel is the location. Its right in the middle of downtown san jose and thus within walking distance of so much. Though we were downtown, it wasnt too crowded and the hotel offers free walking maps. It was very helpful. The outside is vintage and looks pretty, especially when its raining. Our room was big, the bathroom was huge and offered a tv. Though the bathroom had hairs in the tub, housekeeping came and fixed that quickly. Our complementary water wasbopened and refilled, which we told the front desk about, but everything else in the room was clean, even if it felt a bit old and worn down. The night management staff is wonderful amd so was the lady who checked us out, but the lady who checked us in was not too friendly. I make a good living and dont want to sound cheap, i just dont think you get enough for what you pay for. The raid your pantry offered cookies, warm deli meat and spoiled milk. You get to rent free dvds from the front desk, which was nice and they really offered a large and varied selection. The valet parking staff was friendly and fast and gave us directions to our destination. Then again, you must use the valet parking if you want to park there, so i should hope they would be. I guess in the end, i would probably stay at a best western inn or holiday inn. the perks didnt outweigh the feeling that i was getting screwed over price wise.

09/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
31. Eli B.
One of my closest friends had her wedding reception here.

At first, I was having difficult imagining a good wedding location in San Ho, having only been out to the Vault downtown and watching the po-po show up with the paddy wagon at 2am when the bars closed. Charming.

The De Anza was a sleeper! There's a large courtyard off of the hotel lounge with fountains and trees. It was perfect because the weather was partially cloudy, but there are clear awnings over the top of the courtyard and a heater to keep us all toasty.

After the wedding was over, we all piled into the hotel lounge and listened to some fabulous live music. The rooms are nice and there is a solid breakfast buffet in the morning that's included in the price (except for the cheapest rooms, I found out belatedly).

San Ho did us proud!

11/05/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
32. Kristin V.
I always wonder to myself what has happened to customer service these days. No matter where i tend to go, service sucks. As a person who works a client service rep myself, i always expect for someone to go above and beyond- the way it is supposed to be. This place for sure does it!  The employees are so friendly and very knowledgeable about their job and the area. The rooms are great. The food is to die for- room service and the restaurant La Pastia. The place has a magical feel to it. My husband and I stayed here for our wedding night (and an extra night) and we plan to come back every year!

27/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
33. Julie S.
Great stay here. Building looks very vintage on the outside, but the inside is very modern and classy. Service is very attentive and friendly. There is a nice looking restaurant onsite. I loved the free purified water and great high-tech ice machine on every floor. They also have free sandwiches and snacks from 10pm till 5 am. Its on one of the floors and called "raid our pantry". Room wAs great. Very clean, nice decor, good tv and very comfy bed. Also good central downtown location.

14/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
34. Stephanie L.
I stayed at Hotel De Anza while on a business trip. The hotel was nice and pretty typical of a three star hotel (problem is it's actually a 4 star).

The absurd thing is that they do not offer wireless internet service in their rooms, not even for a charge. I stay at about 25 different hotels a year and have never run into this. This is honestly shocking.

There are some great features to the hotel but some of the amenities they boast on their website simply do not exist or are grossly exaggerated. These are small things but it's the principle of it that bothers me. Their "full size ironing board" is actually the smallest table top ironing board I've ever seen which was truly useless.  The second "TV" is a six inch screen in the bathroom that looks like a radio and does not even work. Valet is the only parking offered at $20 a day and is the slowest valet system I've ever encountered, although attendants were great.

Again, the hotel is fine but if you travel frequently these little things will most likely annoy you. I will not be back.

06/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
35. Miriam H.
We are back from our honeymoon and all Michael and I talked about was how wonderful our wedding reception was at Hotel De Anza. We couldnt have done it without our two favorite fairy god-mothers Jan McGreevy and Laura Brown these two incredible women kept  us focused and centered. They held my hand thru questionable moments during the final days and were not afraid to give me their professional opinions. Jan's emails and phone calls were equated to an instant top shelf margarita. She would put me at ease and even make me laugh. It was clear they made our wedding reception a top priority. We LOVE you two and Hotel De Anza! If you're looking for a celebration venue this place will ROCK your world!

16/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
36. John P.
Came here for drinks and chain smoking in the outdoor area.

This review is not for the hotel. it's for the bar.

The mixed drinks I had were very weak and very overpriced. I got a few salty dogs that were made with a splash of vodka and very concentrated garbage grapefruit juice. I was expecting more from a place trying to come off top shelf.  The bartenders were nice and the outdoor area is great for smoking and drinking.

Mixed drinks were between 7 and 10 dollars.

When I had job training down the street I use to kill time on the big comfy couches in the front window for my lunch hour (aka sleeping) and never got any shit from the staff there.

Bathrooms are pretty nice with a bunch of marble.

I wouldn't be back to drink but I had a decent time over here.

24/11/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
37. Janeen S.
Well... I just HAD to update my review on this hotel. Since my first review of The De Anza... me and Mr. London has stayed here numerous of times. Our last stay was over Valentine's Day weekend.... and it was LOVELY! We stayed from Friday til Monday.... (woohoo) Friday night The Pimpsticks played for the first time after a few years and it was packed.... that night we of course raided the pantry and in the morning we enjoyed our buffet breakfast in the De Anza Room.... every night they would come and TRY to turn our bed down, but when we declined they still gave us the mints! :o)  

All is still the same.. same great staff and very attentive.. food was great... Mr London had a dozen long stem roses sent to the room ahead of time so when I got to the room.. there were my flowers with a bottle of bubbly and some chocolates!! Rooms are comfy, the bathrooms are soooo nice... all in all.. I cant WAIT to stay here again!


20/02/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
38. Veronica B.
Beautiful suites. Two terry cloth robes, mini bar, and even a jacuzzi bath tub if you request one.

Just be cautious of the possible Peeping Toms in the neighboring high-rise! Close the drapes! Unless of course you're into that sort of thing...

13/09/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
39. michelle c.
If you are considering having a company Christmas party, wedding or any other type of event, I would reconsider.  Our company booked our Christmas party a year in advance for this December but due to economic times we had to cancel.  Aside from losing out on our deposit, which I totally understand we were later charged for rooms. . . .read further!

What is disappointing is the fact that six months prior to the event, the Catering Director/Sales Manager called me and suggested we book our rooms at that time since there was going to be a Sharks game the weekend of our party.  In the past four years we had always chosen the Fairmont in downtown San Jose and typically reserved rooms one month in advance with no issues of availability or 24 hour cancellation for rooms we were not going to use.  

Since not knowing the exact number of employees to book for at that time, the Sales Director suggested I book approximately what I normally did in year's passed. Even after canceling our event several months in advance, I still received a charge for the rooms that the Sales Director suggested I book.  If it had not been for her phone call in early summer, we would NOT have been out $2,753.20 since the event was canceled prior to me even thinking of booking rooms.


21/12/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
40. Paul S.
Booked a room here for the night of my engagement as a surprise for my fiancee. We usually stayed at the Fairmont, but I decided to think outside the box and give this place a try. There was a deal for a "bed and breakfast" special, so it all sounded good to me.

Unfortunately, a lot of other "sounds" came into play... such as the thumping bass from a nightclub below which was rattling our room all the way up on the seventh floor. Add to it the drunken revelers who were staying on our floor and decided to raise a ruckus at 3am. And yes, I can describe the ruckus, sir. Bottles clinking, boombox thumping, and loud discussions on where to go for a liquor run at that time of night.

A call to the front desk reaped little rewards as the noise continued. An otherwise beautiful evening tarnished by poor management of the situation. We will not be returning.

19/01/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
41. Annie D.
I didn't stay at the hotel, but my brother had his wedding here this past weekend.
The hotel itself isn't that large, but it has a courtyard where the ceremony and reception were held. There is a tent covering the top which worked very well because it was super hot all through the day and night...the only downside since fans weren't brought out to cool us off. Just happen to be the hottest day of the week, 100+.
They used the hotel lounge as the cocktail area after the ceremony to bring out all the tables for the reception.
Overall area, great for a wedding with about 150 guest, I believe that's their max, great staff and from my brother and other guests, the room were perfect and nice.

29/06/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
42. Heather F.
My hubby and I stayed here for the evening when we were in town for a function, and it is the type of hotel we like to stay in: quaint, swanky, and modern. For the price we paid ($130/ night) I was very impressed as opposed to other hotels in the same price range. That is practically the price you pay to stay at a best western (no offense best western, but just saying it like it is).

The room itself was on the smaller side, but modernly decorated with a nice view. There is a very nice lounge area which I hung out at and enjoyed some wine and a delicious pancetta pizza. The lounge was very swanky and the perfect place to chill and have drinks and appys. There is a restaurant which I hear is good, although I did not eat there. We had room service for breakfast which was good.

Other quaint touches that separates this hotel from others, is they have a free, late night "pantry" where you can help yourself and make a sandwich or get a snack. They also have a video collection where you can borrow a DVD and watch it in your hotel room for free. I love small touches like this, when ordinarily hotels try to nickel and dime you for everything.

The $20 overnight parking is kind of a bummer- but I guess that might be typical for downtown San Jose?

My husband and I will definitely be repeat customers.

23/09/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
43. Tiffany T.
My hubby and I decided to do a "staycation" away from the house and the kids. I planned the trip and booked a room at the Hotel De Anza. Here are my thoughts:

A day or two before we arrived, I called ahead to confirm our reservations and to get an earlier check in time. When I mentioned that my husband and I were staying there for the first time and that we were newlyweds, Patricia offered to have apple cider (or champagne) and chocolate covered strawberries delivered to the room. What a nice touch.

This hotel has made me revisit my opinion on older hotels! This hotel isn't much to look at from the outside. But the inside is marvelous! You are greeted with friendly faces, fresh fruit and cookies at the front desk. Because it's a smaller hotel, you are also greeted by name "Good morning, Mr. and Mrs. T..." It was a nice touch.

We stayed in the junior suite and it was spacious. I immediately was drawn to the raised bathtub (watch your step). I was told that they have a jet jacuzzi (one person) tub in the parlor rooms.
They had all of the amenities we needed (the LATHER products were my fave).

The Raid the Pantry is a nice touch, however we didn't get to enjoy it because the 2 times we visited it, it was either understocked or the food wasn't fresh. So we didn't get to enjoy the midnight snack. Oh wait... we did get some fruit. I guess it depends on what time you visit it. There was a lady who was walking out as we were walking in and she had a sandwich in hand.

I'd definitely stay there again and recommend it to others!

07/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
44. Eric E.
It's nice. The rooms are moderately-sized but well appointed. I was thrilled to discover that the windows were operable! The lounge is nice. The 'raid our pantry' thing was kind of gross. Low water pressure in the shower, but nice shampoos, etc. The Executive buffet breakfast was not worth 14.95. Good location. Classic building. I like!

28/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
45. Cynthia C.
Lots of extras at this small hotel:

Mini LCD screen in bathroom
DVD/VCR, FREE video rentals @ hotel library
Valet parking
Turn down service
Aveda toiletries
Stocked with Q-tips and cotton pads
Four sets of towels in a King room
Fresh cookies and fruit
FREE morning coffee & newspaper
FREE 'Raid Our Pantry', late night snacks b/t 10pm-5am
FREE 24hr fitness facility

12/04/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
46. Jamie Z.
The fella and I stayed here when we went to San Jose for a Sharks/Kings game. It was beautiful, the staff was super friendly, and best of all, it was a very quick walk to the HP Pavilion. It was clean, warm, and the bed was very comfy.

The weird things? First off all, they told us we were free to "raid their pantry" after the game. Awesome, right?! Not so much. It really was a small closet of food where total strangers were reaching grubby paws into loaves of bread and making sandwiches with cold cuts laying out on a plate. It probably would've been an awesome feature, if there weren't 50 starving hockey fans trying to shove in there at once. We decided to go to Peggy Sue's instead. Secondly, and most importantly, was the bathroom, or as I refer to it, the chamber of death...over dramatizing things? Not so much. I am 5' 4" and the shower, as nice and clean as it was, had a soap dish at NECK HEIGHT. I reached down for the shampoo, and BLAM! I've had a black eye for a week. Seriously. I know I am clumsy, but who the hell puts a SOAP DISH 5' up a wall? Even the fella, who is 6' 3", found it irritating as he kept hitting his elbow on it. THEN...there is a big sign on the shower wall that warns you to watch your step because the tub is raised. I took heed and did as the sign said, with my newly throbbing orbital bone to remind to be extra cautious. Raised was an understatement. I carefully lifted my leg to find myself straddling the tub like a slippery cowgirl on a cold, hard horse. I think the De Anza caters to giants.

Even after that wonderful bathing experience, and a pretty little shiner to explain away to friends and family, we're already planning more trips to San Jose and will be staying at the De Anza. The pros far outweighed the cons and I'll just be extra careful when in the bathroom. ;)

02/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
47. Jessi K.
So... I got this awesome package deal with Sharks tickets and a night at the Hotel DeAnza. Awesome, right?!? The hotel was right down the street from the Shark Tank, and there were a ton of great restaurants and bars right there...I was stoked.  Then we arrived at the hotel...
The Valet was ok... nothing special and he didn't open the door or get anyone to take our bags... that's ok, it was a Thursday night... maybe he was tired.
We walked inside, and apparently interrupted a conversation between the two clerks. I say interrupt, but really they continued talking while we stood there looking at them... it was not work related. Finally, the young woman turned and said "Hi...", like she couldn't figure out why we were there. Ok... whatever. I let her know that I had called ahead and that I had a gift certificate for the room for the night... she was kinda snotty, but clicked away. I had requested two beds, and she informed me that it would be $30 for a room upgrade...since when is 2 double beds an upgrade from a king deluxe room??? Fine. Whatever.  Still, no one took our bags or offered to take us to our room...
For what this hotel actually charges, I would expect a luxurious room with comfortable chairs and beds... and "stuff" everywhere...WRONG.  It was a small room with two old double beds squeezed into it... smelled like a cigar and was only on the 3rd floor. The bathroom was the only good point... but who wants to hang out in the bathroom?
It was already a bad start, but I wasn't letting it bring me down before the game... it was nice to be able to walk to dinner and the Tank, and hang out with the other Shark fans.
The game was amazing, best seats ever, got way too tipsy on way too expensive beer, and stumbled back to our room.  The lobby was crowded... like really crowded for a Thursday night, but it was fun and supposed to be that way. Fell into bed and expected to sleep like a log... WRONG AGAIN!!
This has got to be the most uncomfortable bed i have ever slept in! Springs poking me everywhere, a noticeable lump in the middle, and to top it all off... they short-sheet you like in a Motel 6!!! I couldn't believe it...  Add to that the noise of sirens going up and down the street right below our window and it was the worst night, "sleep" ever...I would have demanded my money back if it weren't a gift certificate. Check-out was equally lack-lustre, and included several new charges that had not been mentioned before...generally a nightmare.  I realize that when you are using a service you (or someone else) have previously paid for, sometimes there is less of an incentive to give their best service, but I would think a hotel like The Hotel DeAnza would appreciate the benefits and consequences of word-of-mouth advertising... and many of my complaints were uneffected by method of payment.
By far, the best thing about the entire evening was the Sharks game... and we lost.... so, there you go.

05/04/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
48. Kevin J.
It's beautiful hotel but the staff is evil!  It's like staying at Hell House.  I'm not joking.... I've never met the GM but she won't even return my phone calls and address my complaints!  A very unprofessionally run outfit!  I'd be happy to adjust my review if she would just talk to me be she won't.  I really don't understand her attitude....

12/11/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
49. Joe F.
Stayed over the weekend and found the tub broken, air/heat is right next to the bed and very loud.  Don't expect to get sleep if you need heat or air.  Staff seemed indifferent to fixing the problem or giving any compensation.  Valet is $20 a night, which was sprung on us at checkout.  Buyer Beware if checking into this hotel.

30/04/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
50. Albert Q.
I booked a room in this hotel via Priceline.com .

For $125 I was pretty impressed with what I got with the hotel and the room.  The place from the outside looks fairly old, but inside, I really liked what I saw.  While the room was relatively small, there were good views and to my surprise, a TV in the bathroom.  Okay so the quality on the TV wasn't so great but its a good try on their end to create amenities.

I also wandered down to the bar during the evening and was treated to some really great jazz singing by their performers for the evening.  The bar area is very neatly taken care of and there usually aren't that many people (as there are nearby clubs with a lot more lively activity).

Finally, I want to commend this place for their Raid the Pantry service.  I don't think I've ever been inside a hotel where you could do something of that sort and grab food whenever you want between set hours.  Room service usually costs money -- in this instance, its treat yourself room service, but included in the cost?  Now that's a great idea.

19/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
51. Mel J.
Checked in and literally almost checked out once we seen the room. The standard room does not have a comfortable bed at all, you may as well sleep on the floor. The mini TV in the bathroom is a joke, it's like a GPS size screen that is "jimmy rigged" and considered an amenity LOL!
The first night was uncomfortable, there is NO THERMOSTAT just an ON/OFF switch for air and if you turn it on you must suffer the loud sound of the system. After speaking with the management staff about the experience, they upgraded us to a suite. If it wasn't for this upgrade I would have checked out. The suite was comparable to a standard room at the Hilton, definitely wouldn't pay for it.  

Raid Our Pantry is overrated...they have PB&J, Turkey sandwiches, cookies, nothing special.

Overall, it was more like a classy motel 6.

27/03/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
52. Felicia G.
Beds are horrible and the pillows were paper thin. We might as well have just slept on the floor.

The staff, however, were incredibly friendly. Still, we will not go back. Excellent service does not make up for inability to sleep.

25/04/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
53. Stephanie M.
I am a big fan of this hotel. As a local, I've always known it as a landmark, a great place to hang out, and a sweet spot to relax for drinks and music.

One night I needed a place to stay, and was feeling pretty saucy, so I booked a night at the Hotel De Anza. Our room was fantastic, the service was great, and of course, it's within walking distance to everything you'd need. I can't forget to mention the late night pantry! Big plus here: stuff to make sandwiches, fruit, cookies, milk, coffee, tea, open all night?? Best idea ever, Hotel De Anza, you really hit a home run with that one.


My only complaint would be that there's no free wi-fi. You have to plug-in, and I think it was something like $8. :\ It's an old place, what do you expect I guess? They'll probably get with it eventually.

19/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
54. Candice M.
My husband and I married here about 2 months ago.  Everything was completely wonderful.  Not only was the venue beautiful, but the staff was impeccable.  Laura B., (Event Manager/La Pastaia Catering director,) was truly amazing.  She anticipated all of our event needs and was there any and every moment we needed her.  As well, the food catered for our guests of over 100 people, by La Pastaia was AMAZING.  I've never been to a wedding with food this delicious.  The cake done by La Pastaia's pastry chef Amy was beautiful and so delicious!  We stayed in the beautiful penthouse and loved all of the Hotel's art deco design and art.  Truly a wonderful and beautiful experience.  We truly recommend to anyone looking for a unique, and supreme wedding venue experience!

21/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
55. Elena M.
This hotel is one of the best places I have stayed in a long time for several reasons:

First, it is right in the heart of downtown San Jose and a 5 minute walk to HP Pavilion where I went to a hockey game. Fabulous!

Secondly the customer service! They really have it going on in that department. I really felt I got a great experience for what I paid. They send you off to your room with fresh baked cookies and the rooms were clean and well put together for the space they have. The best part! They had a complimentary food pantry for guests that wanted a little snack between the hours of 10pm and 3 am! Wow! On the 2nd floor of the hotel was a room that was set up completely with chips, nuts, energy bars, water and juice. They really thought of everything! What a nice touch..

I will be staying at the Hotel de Anza again!

16/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
56. Kimmy G.
My hubby and I stayed here over the weekend after a sharks game just for fun.  We got a weekend get away package that came with the raid our pantry ( although, maybe all rooms get this?), breakfast buffet for 2, and a deluxe room (normal) for less than $200.  The staff seemed friendly and nice, although it didn't seem like there were very many of them.  Our room was nice.  It overlooked Santa Clara Street, so we could see al the people going to and from the game.  The hotel is really old, so they list the history of the place inside their hotel services binder, and it is like 6 pages long...haha

The food was decent.  I had a sandwich from the raid our pantry which wasn't bad.  The breakfast buffet was your average hotel breakfast buffet.  We did go to the Headly Lounge for a little bit.  I got a big appletini which I liked, and the singer who was there did a pretty good job.  The place got packed since its so small.

I didn't like having to pay $20 for "valet" parking since I pretty much parked my  car myself, they just took my keys.  I guess they moved it from spot to spot for a little while bit whatever,

All in all its a cute place, and fun to be if you are in the area.

19/01/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
57. a b.
We were in town for a wedding and got booked here. It's not awful. Not great. Just average, clean hotel.

The Raid the Pantry thing was neat....nothing that crazy. I think if I ran this place I'd stock it with a little more options. It was hot drinks, stuff to make sandwiches, cookies and some bananas/apples/oranges. I think I'd add little bags of chips and more snack like stuff.

Oh and I saw people mentioning the tv in the bathroom thing. Let's just say it was a crappy picture all together and had about 5 working channels, haha. Not that that is a make or break type of thing but thought I'd mention it.
Other than that it was a fine place to stay.

16/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
58. Happymom S.
We loved this adorable hotel. We just stayed there for our anniversary. Looks like a hotel in an old movie. Very clean. Turn  down service was nice.
Raid the pantry after 10 pm was fun. Sandwich items and cookies and drinks.

09/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
59. Claire H.
My boyfriend and I were up in "San Ho" a couple weeks ago for a wedding which was held here. First of all, I should say that we are not rich, and when it comes to traveling, we are kind of the king and queen of "we'll buy you groceries if we can sleep on your floor." The bride and groom rented rooms at this hotel for their bridal parties and groomsmen and therefore put us up. This place was gorgeous. My boyfriend went to college at SJSU and we love coming up here to visit his friends, and now we're tempted to stay here every time we come up. It's really beautiful, historic, and immaculately kept, and that "Raid Our Pantry" feature was something else! Also whatever package we had came with breakfast for two, which was really delicious and came with the whole nine - not just bland coffee and a stale bear claw or something.

Hopefully we can afford to stay here again. This place makes me feel like a pimp.

10/09/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
60. danton s.
Nice joint.
Its over near Almaden, so to find out the address is this is a little surprising.
Not only is this spot gorgeous, it also carries beautiful art on the interior.

25/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
61. Jim M.
The room was very affordable.The location was very close to the HP Pavilion, which was where we were going to see Pink. We were on the 6th floor in the corner overlooking the front of the hotel. We got there around 5 and were promptly checked in. The room was very cold when we first entered and we had to turn the heat on. It was no big deal but it was a little surprising. That was actually the only negative to the hotel.The heating unit had two switches.Heat and Cool. Thats it. No temperature to set or anything. We had to turn it off in the middle of the night because it kept waking Jovanie up. I prefer it being a little cooler so of course,i was dying until he turned it off. Then,it got like an icebox again. I think this hotel is very old and this is where it shows its age,so with that in mind, it is actually a great place to stay. The staff couldn't be nicer. The bar was very nice and was pretty lively when we showed up after the Pink concert. They provide shampoo, conditioner and shower gel as well as bar soap in the bathrooms.Oh and they left little chocolates for us in our room when we checked in. I thought that was a nice touch. We've stayed at both the Fairmont and the De Anza and i have to say that i much prefer the De Anza in terms of staff and location. There don't seem to be a lot of choices of places to stay in San Jose but i can totally recommend staying at the De Anza. It was pretty quiet in our room in terms of outside noise. The bed was comfortable and had enough blankets. They have this thing on the 2nd floor where you can raid the pantry where they do this kind of buffet spread for free.Be warned, we got there an hour after they opened at 10pm and there was very little left. But I really like the idea and if you are really hungry, they do have restaurants both on site and nearby.The check out was very nice, the front desk very engaging and friendly.Im definitely going to stay there from now on.

19/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
62. Lisa P.
This is a historic building and as such there are pros and cons.  On the pros side the architecture and small details (ex large crown molding and decorative architecture) are very nice.  The hotel feels cozy and quaint with some art deco elements.  The rooms are tastefully decorated and I feel they have done a good job keeping it updated.  The bathrooms are large (for historic hotel standards) with deep tubs, TVs and phones.  Rooms come with DVD / VHS players and supposedly there are complimentary movie rentals although we didn't take advantage of this.  There is also complimentary WIFI.  The lobby offers complimentary apples, oranges, cookies, and coffee.  There is a complimentary pantry open between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. where there are more apples, oranges, cookies, and coffee with the addition of hot chocolate, and sandwich making options.  I did not make a sandwich but my 16 year daughter did and apparently wasn't too impressed.  Still a nice touch especially after hours when you don't want to venture out and most places are closed (including room service).  There is a nice courtyard with a pretty water fountain and numerous tables and chairs for sitting and relaxing.  The front desk staff seemed very helpful and nice and made sure to fully inform us of the amenities, including the complimentary pantry.  The hotel is centrally located, close (within walking distance) to most attractions in downtown San Jose and many dining options.  While we did not eat at the restaurant or jazz club in the hotel, others claim they are quite good (if not a bit overpriced).

On the cons side (again most likely due to the historic nature of this hotel), the rooms are a little small for what I was expecting,  We stayed in a double room with two full size beds.  While there is a desk and chair, I was expecting a couch or other mode of sitting (ex reading chair), So if you have four people in the room there really isn't much seating options other than the bed which gets uncomfortable for sitting upright for long periods of time (no back support unless you lay back).  The elevators are very small due to their historic nature and there is no indicator light in the hall letting you know if the elevator is going up or down so if it stops at your floor and someone gets off you always need to ask others in the elevator which direction the elevator is going.  We only stayed one night but if we were staying longer this could get annoying.  The most disappointing thing was the lack of a pool, jacuzzi, or steam room.  While there is a workout room, I was hoping for a little R&R by the pool / jacuzzi while my kids were at a nearby concert.  I should have researched this better, but my daughter requested to stay at this hotel because she was hoping "the band" was staying here as they did last year.  These cons may not seem like much of a concern for some, but for the price you pay for these rooms (almost $300 per night including tax) I was expecting more.  I could have overlooked the other cons if there was a pool or jacuzzi but that was a real disappointment considering the price.  Without these amenities, it seems like an overpriced venue because we could have stayed at another nice hotel close by with all these amenities for roughly the same price.

I still give it three stars for its historic touches and well appointed updated decor and central location. The complimentary pantry was a bit of a salve for the lack of any kind of spa amenities (ex: pool, jacuzzi, steam room).  If you don't mind paying premium prices to stay at a place with historic charm at the loss of what most consider "standard" amenities in this price range, this place is definitely worth a stay.

31/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
63. Keane L.
We had a little band in college that would get together and jam in an old, dirty garage. It wasn't much, but it was enough for three dumb kids still stuck on GnR and Metallica to express themselves. And when you're a little brat like I was back then, you don't really think about how, in a few years time, some of us might be getting married...


And now an additional third of our group finds himself blissfully wed...

The Hotel De Anza houses a beautiful courtyard, protected by a canopy that successfully diffuses both adverse weather and sunlight, filtering a brilliant glow upon the area and the waiting room within. Like an image taken from a Bombay catalog, the soft tropical ambiance lends itself well to the occasion: it's energetically subdued. The food from La Pastaia was superb as well. I had a generous cut of perfectly cooked filet mignon over a grilled Portabello mushroom. Weddings demand meats that melt in your mouth (or maybe that's just the honeymoon).

Now I will share with you - again - something few ever get to read - twice: the words that populate their wedding card (from me)...



I was going to go on about how long I've known you and how fast time has flown, but I figured everyone would be writing these things anyway, so I decided I'd say things I wouldn't normally say to your face.

You are a hot couple.

And also both incredibly smart, so naturally your kids will be hot and smart as well. Please put in a good word for me, because I don't want to be left behind when the Neptunian ant army invades us and your genius kid's spaceship is leaving Earth.

There are only two things you can get someone for a wedding: an extravagant version of something useful or something totally useless but unique. I chose the former because I didn't really think you'd want a clown makeup shotgun.

Best wishes and congratulations,


27/05/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
64. Michelle W.
Got married here this summer and it was perfect. The area behind the hotel is beautiful, the staff was really helpful and accommodating, and basically I had a blast. We stayed in the penthouse suite (which encompasses the entire 10th floor -- great views, awesome bathroom, etc.), which I highly recommend. However, the regular rooms are great too. Will definitely be staying here sometime in the future just to relive the magic :)

09/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
65. Candice T.
I've only been to the bar and lounge here. it was a friday night and the jazz was hot. i thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere, the architecture and history of this place. the bartenders were great at their job and even nicer to their customers.
I had a great time and might i *highly* recommend the mai tai?
...it's so good, once it hits your lips!

11/11/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
66. Katy L.
This review is in advance of my stay. I booked through Expedia and had an absolutely awful experience trying to change the booking. The silver lining was the staff at the Hotel went far and beyond what I expected.

Rachel and Carrie handled the situation with complete consideration of my needs and actually sat on the phone for over 45 minutes helping me deal with Expedia. Rachel was patient and calm, the Expedia staff member on the other hand was anything but that. I would recommend this Hotel for their service and staff alone. It was so nice to be treated with such care, even though my reservation was only for 2-nights. They deserve many, many kudos. It's rare to find that type of customer service anymore.

20/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
67. Mariena F.
2 stars because they have the basics covered:
Great location (short walk to HP Pavilion). Clean room. Friendly housekeeping staff.

-3 stars because:
No parking, you must valet.
The "Raid our Pantry" continental-breakfast-style offering from 10pm-5am was a joke (aka not stocked). Also, when checking out, we overheard another couple complaining to the mgmt about that. The mgr said - you have to get down there early! I didn't think that was a good answer.

And, one final jab: Downtown SJ has little to offer after concerts.

08/06/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
68. Da Boss ..
Stayed here 3 times and all 3 times were great, close to hp pavilion and decent night life in the area, the free pantry snacks are def a plus that most hotels DO NOT offer.  No complaints , planning on staying here again in the near future.

29/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
69. Paulina K.
Since we now commute to San Jose every other week for work, Prince Charming & I have become connoisseurs of the area's hotels in a fairly short amount of time.

Though our stay here wasn't perfect, the De Anza has undoubtedly been one of our best hotel experiences in San Jose, and I would definitely return!

- A historic location, in the center of San Jose's downtown
- Beautiful building & lobby
- Very clean
- Nice room, despite its smallish size and lack of view
- The "Raid my Pantry" snack bar for hotel guests is open all night, and is quite a social scene :)
- The hotel's restaurant, La Pastaia, is good and fairly inexpensive
- Live jazz jam sessions are held in the bar, which is perfect for after-dinner drinks.

- Only paid valet parking, as other reviewers have noted

- No wireless internet!!!
(I know the De Anza is a "historic" hotel, but come on!)

- $8/day paid internet service
(the De Anza is the ONLY hotel I've stayed at in this area that does not  offer free internet service - even Best Western has free wireless!)

- No IPod dock, only a CD player in the room

Still, since the pros definitely outweigh the cons, we are sure to return! Between the lovely restaurant and jazz in the bar, Prince Charming and I felt like we were on vacation, almost forgetting that we were here on business! Thanks to the De Anza for helping us mix business with pleasure   :)

13/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
70. Steve B.
Great hotel, a bit on the pricey side. Out dated alarm clocks with no charging function for USB powered devices, making you hunt for the one outlet. Bonus is the Raid our Pantry - 10pm - 5am you can grab a snack for free. Valet required, check in cookies.

16/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
71. Wendy B.
Hotel de Anza was a beautiful place to stay.  The staff was very friendly, the decor was lovely, and the location was close to a lot of action.
    My favorite feature was the "raid our pantry" room for late-night complimentary snacks.  After a fun night on the town, coming back to our room with cookies, fruit, and hot chocolate from the pantry was really nice.
   The suite was very comfortable- it was a little hard to get out of that super cozy bed :).
  We would definitely stay here again

12/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
72. Chandra V.
Super comfy beds, nice TVs with HBO, nice staff, nice lobby, mini TV in the bathroom, perfect central location, and a pretty classy feeling joint for not much moola! I would definitely stay here again! A spacious room with a king sized bed ran us $109 after tax! Not bad at all. It's located right downtown, I stayed there because I was going to an event at the Civic Center. So, it was nice not having to worry about getting a taxi or having a DD. Plus, after you come back from the bars downtown, you can satisfy your drunchies by raiding their pantry. Overnight parking was $14 dollars at a nearby garage, valet was $20. You can probably find it even cheaper if you look around a little. I only wish I could have spent a little more time relaxing in that comfy bed. Oh well, next time!

01/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
73. Monica T.
My husband and I were married at the Hotel De Anza a year ago.  The staff was amazing.  They tended to every detail without needing direction.  Each time I sent a member of my bridal party to check on an important detail, they came back to report that Laura (the hotel wedding coordinator) had already taken care of it.  I didn't have to worry about a thing, every bride's dream.  This was all after our original venue was unable to perform its contract, so the staff at Hotel De Anza really came through to help us move our wedding plans to their venue only six weeks before the event date (we had been planning for nine months!).  They turned my nightmare into a dream come true.   They didn't even flinch when they found out about our dilemma and helped us work out every detail to be sure my wedding was even better than I had originally hoped, on a budget that we could afford (invitations were already out when we had to switch venues, so we couldn't control costs by cutting down our guest list).   I can't recommend the Hotel De Anza highly enough!

We had a beautiful ceremony on the Palm Court Terrace and our guests enjoyed hors d'oeuvres and cocktails in the lush, art deco styled Hedley Club while the staff turned over the Terrace to a gorgeous celebration space for our reception.  The staff worked with our linen vendor and DJ to be sure everything was properly set beforehand and they also set our tables and the space with our decorations and name card settings, so many details, all perfectly appointed.  The Palm Court Terrace provided a unique and lovely, naturally-lighted, but weather-shielded, comfortable venue for our guests.  It was romantic!

Many of our guests complimented us on the quality of the food, all of which the venue provided through their restaurant, La Pastaia.  In addition to a delicious dinner, the cake was phenomenal.  I was so pleased that the food was of a high caliber and didn't taste like standard wedding fare, but rather like fine dining cuisine.  The servers were attentive.  Food was served hot and in a timely manner, so that all of our 127 guests ate at the same time, and didn't have to ask when they needed something.

We stayed in the Honeymoon Suite, included with the wedding, which was very comfortable, clean, and spacious, and made for a nice setting for a perfect first night together.  At the end of our event, the staff made sure our leftover dinner and cake (we didn't manage to get it all down with so much going on) was packaged and kept for us in our room refrigerator, so that we could enjoy it with champagne in our private suite.  They also made sure that all our gifts and décor were moved into the Bridal Suite, a room on the first floor provided to allow my bridal party and I to get ready before the wedding, so that we could deal with it the next day.
A large number of our guests stayed at the hotel, and all reported they were happy with their rooms.  We dined at La Pastaia for brunch the next morning with all of our family and friends whom had stayed overnight.

All in all, it was a perfect day, made possible by the staff at Hotel De Anza!
And the Hotel De Anza has followed through, treating us like true repeat customers.  They baked a top-layer cake for us, exactly like the one on our wedding cake a year ago, and gave it to us to celebrate the cake tradition on our first anniversary, free of charge!  Next time, I plan an important event, the De Anza will be first on my list.

01/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
74. Priscilla S.
If you're looking for a clean, updated hotel with great service I definitely recommend De Anza over St. Claire.

I booked a room here for my honeymoon night with their Anniversary Package.  It included a deluxe room, champagne and truffles, "Raid our Pantry" late night deli snacking and breakfast for two at La Pastaia...all for just $200.  Such a deal!

The hotel has a classic look on the outside but the room and lobby were more updated compared to the Sainte Claire.  The deluxe room was typical size for a non-suite room but didn't feel cramped.  We were lucky enough to get a room with a view of palm trees along Santa Clara St...but considering the location of the hotel I don't think any room will have much of view.  The decor of the room and bathroom had a simple but modern feel and everything was very clean.  The beds were super comfortable as were the plush robes and slippers in the room.  Also, the rooms are quiet and we had no problems with noise from the street, hallway or other rooms.  The front desk and valet service were both helpful and friendly and we had no problems from making our reservation to checking out.

The only downside I found was the location.  The hotel is a little off the "strip" of SJ.  The Tech Museum and restaurants are still within walking distance but you have to walk a couple blocks to actually reach that area.

01/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
75. Cherry L.
I would add few more stars if I could please.

Where to start in giving this place a review;  my daughter just had  her wedding last week-end and it turned out more than I had hoped for.  From the onset of the planning Josie the catering director was very patient, helpful and very understanding in all of my daughter's concern and request.  All email was answered in unbelievable speed.  Then comes Laura, the event manager, I do not have words to describe how accommodating and amazingly incredible this person is.  I truly felt she become a friend.  From the food tasting to wine tasting with the bride and groom; she really knows her stuff.  No concern of ours was never taken care of.  Even unannounced visit to the place didn't gave us any attitude, she was so open to any request within reason.  The food.... Ahh guest was raving how delicious the food were. From hor dourves of crab cakes, stuffed mushroom, Italian meatballs to main entrée to the moistest wedding cake (orange rum suggested by Laura of course) it was absolutely amazing.  I highly recommend to anyone to have an event in this place for you will not be disappointed working with Laura and Josie.  The front desk on the other hand is less to be desired.  The tall guy with mustache and I will not mention his name was rude to our guests who was staying at the hotel and even to the bride and groom.  I hope that was just a fluke that it has been a long day for him that customer service skills was running thin for him that night. I will not take any stars away for his bad night after all the over all experience supersedes one tired front desk person.

10/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
76. Tracy G.
What can I say...the Hotel De Anza is pure class. I worked here from '98-2003 and then relocated to Tampa.  Each time I visit home I spend at least one night at the hotel even if only for drinks in the Hedley Club. From the warm and friendly staff to the immaculate bathrooms, this is by far the best hotel in San Jose. My last visit was in May of this year and my time at the Hotel was the highlight of an otherwise horrible trip to CA. I was "stuck" at the hotel for an entire day due to a last minute canceled trip to San Francisco and I was feeling a little down.  The staff went out of their way to make me feel at home and I was touched by their kindness. I spent an evening in the lounge chatting with some of the guests and they all raved about the hotel. If you are going to be in San Jose, this is the ONLY place you should stay.

11/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
77. Jenna W.
We did a lot of research to find the right site for our wedding, and we were very happy with the Hotel DeAnza. Specifically, Laura (the HDA wedding coordinator) was a phenomenal support on wedding day. She did exactly what we asked, and made sure everything ran smoothly without bothering us with details on wedding day: she just made it happen. She let us take the lead on what we wanted, but filled in with her suggestions and experience when asked. Laura took good care of us to make sure we had exactly the wedding day we wanted. I did not understand the importance of having the right coordinator until after the wedding went so well--a word to the wise: consider this very seriously when deciding on a location.

The price for the site was good compared to the others we considered. They also had flexibility in their payment plan. The food was excellent- we are still getting compliments on it months later. We chose a dessert bar rather than a cake, and it was a hit! (I would kill to get my hands on more of the individual pumpkin cheesecakes.) The Palm Court Terrace is a gorgeous space that requires very little decoration. The color palette there is unlike many wedding sites- most go neutral to try to accommodate any wedding colors. In contrast, the terrace's rich terracotta walls and sapphire blue tiles added a luxurious feel to our photos. We are so so happy with our decision to have out wedding at the hotel, and look forward to celebrating anniversaries in their restaurant, La Pastaia.

28/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
78. Katrina M.
I have stayed at Hotel De Anza several times.  Excellent location downtown.  Rooms are always clean and hotel staff is very nice.  The downstairs bar is a perfect place for a martini (or two).

03/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
79. Dan M.
Big fan of this place.  Rooms are great, location rocks and prices are reasonable.  What more can I say?

30/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
80. Jenny T.
Their rooms are spacious, clean, and well appointed. Their bathrooms are also nice. Also, you can raid the pantry at night.

It's a unique, classy, affordable stay in downtown San Jose.

25/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
81. Christine S.
The price of the breakfast buffet was pretty steep for what it was, there's tasty and then there's $15 worth of tasty and they are two very different things.

The room was small but really cute and more manageable feeling than most hotel rooms and the shower had very nice shampoo, conditioner, etc but the water pressure was pretty touch and go. I really liked the decoration and theme of the place and it was perfect for what we needed it to be.

The reason for the 4 stars is definitely the lack of wireless and the parking valet requirement which were a little annoying.

31/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
82. Monte W.
I really liked this place and have since gone back.  Their reservation system was a little troublesome but not so much that I wouldn't return.  The staff made me feel very welcome and the rooms exceeded my expectations.  Very nice place and I'll definitely return.

05/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
83. Allie S.

My bathroom was HUGE.  Like fat kid loves cake huge. I loved the shampoo/conditioner/bath wash/lotion they had workin. That shiz smelt delightful (and consequently, so did I).  Bed and furniture was nice; I mean, there was turn down service -classy.  That's another thing... Turn down service meant chocolate.  They also gave me some delish cookies upon check in.  The cookies refill also happened to be in their "raid our pantry" room that's open nightly from 10pm-5am.  It was just eh but a good thought.

Truth is, I didn't pay for this room (haha, don't hate) so I can't tell you the price to value ratio.  But I can tell you it was gorgeous, comfy and close to town.

01/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
84. Qui K.
4:47 on a monday. nice and quiet. live jazz. fantastic ambiance. this is a great spot for anyone wanting to feel like a million bucks with your friends. a nice evening starter.

19/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
85. Cherie M.
We loved this hotel.  We chose it to attend a SJSU graduation and, while the graduation was not on campus as we thought, it was still a great location.  Nice to have in/out privileges with the valet parking.

Beautiful deco furniture, large room and bath.  Very comfortable.  We didn't get the opportunity to enjoy the complimentary breakfast but will try it next time when we go back to visit my niece who is still in college.

28/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
86. David J.
#1,  I do not like being directly under the glide path of an airport.   This hotel is under the glide path of the San Jose Airport so be prepared for jets coming in low over head.

#2.   This is a good hotel if you are going to an event at the HP Pavilion.  It is just three blocks down the street.   But if you are going to a major evening event,  eat early as San Jose and this hotel close food service around 10-11 PM.

#3.   The rooms are nice but the AC unit is built into an inside wall so is noisy.    Ours seemed to have two temperatures,  too hot and too cold.   It has a "guestimate" type thermostat,  not one where you can set it to stay at a certain temperature by number and have it stay there.  

#4.   Valet parking is good.

10/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
87. Alexis J.
I thought the hotel was fine. It is not luxurious by any means, but it is very clean, somewhat modern, and in a GREAT location.

We were on the 7th floor and I thought it was very quiet for a downtown hotel.  I had come on yelp before our stay and saw a review that mentioned the stepdown out of the tub so I was very conscious of it!  Hungover and all, I didn;t think it was a big deal.  Also the soap holder IS kind of in a weird spot (high) but I am 5'4 and actually thought it was kind of convenient to put the shampoo there.  Whatever.

We did test out the "raid the pantry" and had I not been out and about I would have snagged a cookie and called it a day, but they had cold cuts and stale bread out too.  Oh and some fruit.  Sodas would have been nice!  But hey, free is free.

We also experienced the bar area on a Thursday night. There was a jazz band playing... not my deal, but it was nice to have background music.  The bartender and servers were nice, and we ordered calamari (probably the worst I have ever eaten) and a warm olive plate... omg it was DELICIOUS.  We didn;t know it but it came with roasted garlic and the server was kind enough to grab me some foccacia from the restaurant.  HIGHLY recommend it!  And I did see a carpaccio plate pass by and it looked really good too.  The gentleman next to me told me that "insiders" know they can order off of the restaurant menu, and eat in the bar, all they have to do is ask.

So, overall I gave it a 4 because it was a good experience... not AMAZING, but good!  I'd definitely stay again if I was out and about in DT SJ.

06/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
88. Alex K.
We made a reservation through online with Hotel.com ,
when we arrived at the hotel they said they don't have it and told us to wait 5 minutes.
so went to the bar where the service was also extremely slow.
40 min later they finally were able to check us in.
We booked a junior suite room,
and were hugely disappointed with it.
It was very very small.
The bath tub was horrible.
The hotel has way too much hype  and way overpriced for no particular reason.
Stay away from this place and look for other alternatives!

29/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
89. Frances H.
A little pricy, but the bar can be fun and they have the late night pantry if your a hotel guest.  The hotel room was decent, a little dated but it's in a good location for some good bars and food and it's a downtown classic.

08/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
90. Christie M.
The worst hotel to deal with.  i spent well into the 10.000's of thousands for my event, and we had many many of our people staying overnight, AND we went to the bar afterwards and had an outstanding bar bill.  Even the next day we went to the brunch and spent an incredible amount of money for a mediocre brunch.  There was a discrepancy the night of my event of maybe six people, and they charged my card earlier than agreed apon leaving my account negative and subject to over 700.00 in bank fees.  they are desperate, food was mediocre and  the fact that they  were not willing to negotiate 8 people was inconceivable, unconscionable, unreasonable and completely unacceptable  As much as I would love to recommend this venue, I have much too much experience in the party planning business to take this place seriously.  The food was a buffet menu, but was still over 100.00!!!!!  unheard of.  Then they almost a year later took 600.00 out of my account without warning because they thought that I owed them.  DO NOT HAVE YOUR EVENT HERE.  There are amazing places in town.  This one will simply rip you off  .

03/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
91. Natasha S.
This review is for the lounge only.  I'm a total fan - come early if you need some quiet time to talk because once the band starts its really hard to hear each other - but sit back, have a light conversation, and order a glass of wine and appetizers and simply enjoy.

Ps - good to bring co-workers or special dates to this spot.

01/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
92. Liz T.
A especially great choice when attending any evening event at the SAP Pavilion. Great attention to detail with a staff that works hard to make your stay enjoyable.  The "raid our pantry" overnight food cache is great fun for the kids and a veritable "feeding frenzy" after a Sharks game but quickly restocked.

04/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
93. Kristen P.
Cute bar and band in the hotel, something different.

07/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
94. Valerie B.
The hotel may be beautiful but the service is extremely disappointing. We were looking for a nearby hotel for a room block for our wedding weekend that would also offer a space to host a large cocktail party the night before our wedding. Let me warn you that getting a response from Josie, the event contact, is like squeezing water from a rock. A supremely rude and unfriendly rock I might add. There are many more accommodating and helpful hotels nearby so based on our experience I would never recommend the De Anza to anyone looking to host an event or book for a group. Especially when planning around your wedding... the last thing you need is a massive headache and months of unresponsiveness from a manner-less woman. We took our large amount of business to a nearby hotel and aren't looking back!

16/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
95. Charlene D.
Came here this past weekend to celebrate my birthday thanks to my BF.  Got here close to 4 and they had told us our room was not ready.  I was a bit upset at first b/c check in time is stated to be at 3 pm.  So Shaun the front clerk comp'd our hotel parking to make up for the incovenience.  

The room had a great view from the 4th floor.  The bed was super comfy, and I absolutley LOVED the bathroom decor.  The location of this hotel is PERFECT.  Close to every clud, bar, pub, restaurant.  PLUS after a night of drinking you can come back to the hotel and "RAID THEIR PANTRY" which has condiments to make sandwiches, cookies, coffee, tea.  WHAT A PLUS!!


14/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
96. Tony D.
In a word - Fantastic!
The staff bent over backwards to assist with the wedding in their beautiful patio area, served an amazing meal and anticipated our every need.  The event co-coordinator was spot on every step of the way.  She made sure everyone from the bride to the serving staff to the valets were treated as if they were family which helped make the entire weekend flawless.  
A beautiful old style hotel with all the convinces and not the arrogant attitude that comes with so many "upscale" hotels.  Large, nicely appointed and comfortable rooms.    
Thank you for making a special weekend even more special

22/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
97. Stephanie H.
I was pretty pleased with this hotel...within walking distance to the HP Pavilion and San Pedro street with lots of bars.  We arrived in San Jose pretty early on a Saturday morning and when we asked for early check-in, the front desk said to come back at 11am and they would try and accommodate us.  We came back and we got a room!  

Rooms are pretty cozy.  There was a comment about the bathtub being raised but I didn't think that was that big of a deal...there is a obvious warning sign.  There's also a mini tv in the bathroom.

Agreed with most of the comments re: Raid the Pantry.  On the second floor, from 10PM-5AM, the hotel offers a bunch of snacks:  fruit and meat for sandwiches and coffee.  I wish there were more items like chips or pretzels or pizzas other type of junk food you would crave at 10PM.

Overall, really liked this hotel.  Would def stay here again!

22/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
98. Lorrie M.
I actually had a prom pre-party here and it was nice to have somewhere to crash after hours when the am's are really taking a toll on your eye lids.

The hotel does  look gorgeous and IMO seems more classy in a classic historical aspect than the Fairmont practically next door. I love the lobby, the lobby bar, and it's a good casual hang out even if you are not staying in the hotel.

The rooms could be old unless you get an upgrade, the suites on top have an amazing view of not just the city but a little beyond since downtown San Jose is not home to many high rises. Service is friendly and staff is patient, especially because they know what you're here for!

18/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
99. Michelle A.
I attended a wedding (Ceremony & Reception) at the Hotel De Anza this weekend ... AWESOME!   The food was excellent (kitchen is the restaurant, not just some random hotel caterer), they coordinated things really well (ceremony in one space, then moved to the bar for great appetizers, then back to the patio space for the dinner and dancing).  

Best of all, when it got dark outside, the patio is let so romantically with star lights from the ceiling and soft lighting ... felt like we were in Tuscany.


18/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
100. Wendy W.
I've been here twice (to the bar).. and both times I've have a good experience.  The waitress' are very friendly.. the only complaint I have is that it's too small! The first time we came.. we squeezed into a small table (there was at least 6-7 of us..).. the second time around was not as busy so we got a good size table for 5...

It's a nice place to listen to jazz music and just hang out with friends. :)

31/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
101. Eric B.
The historic Hotel De Anza opened its doors to the public during the heart of the Great Depression in 1931. This was an early  "first class" Hotel for the future Capital of Silicon Valley. The original 10-story building was constructed in just one year and at a cost of ~$500,000. That's 1/20th of the the 1990s restoration cost. The Hotel itself is named for the explorer who first discovered the Santa Clara Valley in 1776, Juan Bautista de Anza.

I love Hotels with history, and with the nicely restored architecture and artistic flourishes, this place is a beauty. It's a modern hotel too, with comfortable and nicely appointed rooms, a classy Lobby, a pantry you can raid for snacks, the cool neon sign outside, and decent specials if you know the way to San Jose.  Great customer service too and a worthy alternative to the nearby Fairmont.

24/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
102. Cynthia W.
So...I was very turned off by this place and the service that was provided by the wedding coordinator.  

I am on the HUNT for my venue to host my wedding and I set up the appointment with a woman, got there on time with my sister.  I big stickler for someone congratulating me for the engagement in the first place, because quite honestly it's kind of a big deal and I didn't even get that.  

So upon entering, I was greeted by the valet guys and maybe I wasn't dresses to impress, but aren't you supposed to be selling me the venue.  I was extremely turned off by the fact that not only did I give her my date, via phone but in person she asked my AT LEAST four times "So when is your date again?" Even after I answered.  My sister had to even answer her once because clearly I was annoyed.

So we walk out to the atrium, which in my opinion isn't the best, we step out to the area where the ceremony takes place, asks me how many guests I will be inviting, and I respond with, at least 50 no more that 100.  Her next immediate question is, the cost is $7000, is that within your budget???

Ummm, yes, that's actually below my budget.  Now maybe it's the process to be direct but after the looks and the fact that I had to repeat my date FOUR times- I really got the impressions that this place was not for my fiance and I.  If the service had been better, I might have considered having it there.  But the way that I look at it, you're out at least $10,000 and anytime anyone asks what I think , my response won't be so great.  

After I was asked the question about my budget, it was clear that I was supposed to be intimidated.  I guess I can take my money somewhere it will be appreciated.

19/07/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
103. Linh N.
So based on the reviews of this hotel and the pictures, I thought it would be a great little gift for my Mother because she and dad were visiting San Jose with friends and celebrating her birthday as well.  The hotel was clean, neat and modern.  My parents were happy with their stay until 2:00 AM rolled around.

A random man dressed all in black came busting in their hotel room using a key card scaring the $hit out of them and uttered "Oh my bad..." and walked out slamming the door.  My father came out behind the guy and him and his friends started giggling as they ran into the elevator.  By then it was impossible for my dad to catch up.

My parents were clearly freaked out and had no idea what was going on so they let the front desk know.  Front desk's response "Oh the cleaning crew probably thought the room was empty and was just coming in to clean."  *CLICK*  No apologies, no offer to give them a new key card or anything.

I am sorry when a hotel can make a couple scared and feel unsafe and not even apologize, that's just wrong on so many levels.  Please be aware of this and if you have dead blot use it.  Just because the hotel is nice doesn't mean it is safe and especially when the hotel staff doesn't really seem to care about your safety that someone just busted in on your room who is not even part of the staff.  Without the incident this place would have gotten a 5 star, but how they handled what happened to my poor confused parents, I'd love to give them 0 stars for being heartless and unconcerned.


13/08/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
104. Deana I.
I love this hotel!

It's a boutique hotel that's modern and upscale.  The room and bathroom is spacious with comfy beds, soft towels and bathrobes.  The hotel staff was courteous and welcoming.  It definitely made my stay pleasant.  The best part of this hotel was their "Raid the Pantry" room which is open from 10pm until dawn.  The room offers fruits, cookies, drinks and a sandwich bar.  So for all those night owls or people who just want a midnight snack, it's the place to be.  

The only disadvantage I could find was that you have no choice but to valet park.  I went around this hotel at least 3 times looking for parking and found nothing.  To my luck, I stayed at this hotel during a SJ Shark's game. *sigh*

21/04/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
105. Maggie L.
I freaking LOVE Hotel de Anza. I can't say it any better than that. My Husband and I recently had our wedding ceremony and reception in the Palm Court Terrace. (The pictures on their website really don't do them any justice.)  The entire process from start to finish was comfortable and complimentary. I know that doesn't sound like the best compliment but if you think about it, as a bride, you don't want to be stressed about anything. And I NEVER was stressed about anything because I knew it was being handled competently and efficiently and I was completely comfortable having Hotel de Anza staff handle anything.

The Hotel itself has a LOT of personality. It retains a lot of the original art deco-y feel and original style. The Henley Club is fabulous and the late night Pantry is a MUST for every guest. Who doesn't enjoy a good midnight snack!?! The rooms were clean and the views were nice.  

The food was FANTASTIC. It was overwhelmingly delicious. I left the tasting completely stuffed and head swirling with the ideas of how to narrow our choices down. Amy is a FANTASTIC pastry chef. I heard more about that cake than anything else on the menu ! Morgan with all the wine choices. Even when we decided to upgrade our wine option, I just let Morgan pick whatever he wanted because we trusted him hands down.

From the very first meeting with Jan and then Josie. Through all of the extra meetings to confirm details and guest lists and timing and nitty gritty details. Not to mention the last minute requests to change things. The WHOLE time through every detail everyone was amazing to work with!

Laura is phenomenal!!! Whatever they are paying her is not enough. What a gold mine she is. I hope the Hotel truly knows and appreciates what they have with her. She knows her stuff and then some.

I always felt comfortable and confident that my wedding was in the right hands. And I know my mom and I aren't always easy to work with but everyone handled everything with sincere professionalism, very courteous and gracious. The entire staff has been truly amazing...from the bell staff to the front desk to all the wedding gurus. Kudos to everyone for all of their help.

I am beyond thankful that we chose to get married at the Hotel de Anza. I would refer anyone I know to go there, to stay there, to have an event there. It was the biggest and best decision we made for our entire wedding.

15/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
106. Sarah P.
Our stay here was a great experience.the staff was very helpfull and friendly.this hotel is in prime location.so close to sap center.maybe a 5 minute walk.very close to tons of bars and restraunts.its a really nice area too!we stayed here for a trip for 3 days and we will come back and stay at this hotel every time we come to san jose

24/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
107. Alex F.
This review is for the Hedley Club Lounge Jazz Jam, not the hotel in general. I haven't stayed at the hotel :)

Jazz Jam is on the first and third Wednesday of every month! Come around 8PM and expect to stay until a little after 10PM. Unlike regular evenings at the Hedley, on these nights you can hear local musicians and vocalists jam for a couple hours.

The hotel stands out in Downtown San Jose as one of the oldest, well-maintained, and posh structures. It exemplifies classic art deco architecture and accoutrement. After parking for free on one of the neighboring streets, you'll venture inside to find a shoe shine and artisan furnishings and decor. The pleasant staff makes you feel important as they hold the door for you. Entering the Hedley Lounge, you'll suddenly find yourself immersed in another world.

The room is spacious, yet intimate enough so that you feel a part of it all. You can make your way over to the bar or find a table closer to the music. All the seats, even the bar stools, are comfortable, which is a nice departure from other bar settings. You will definitely feel yourself wanting to stay and enjoy the music. They have a nice wine list and cocktail selection. Personally, I enjoy a Pinot, and so I'd get a glass crafted in nearby Soquel. They serve food until 10PM, including a delicious sour apple sorbet and chocolate cake. Perfect for an after-dinner or in-between-drinks club, the Hedley has a prompt staff to satiate your sweet tooth.

If you're an artist and want to join the jam session, come early to sign up on the list. The folks who run the event are friendly and interested in newcomers. From amateurs to seasoned professionals, you're never sure who will show up and serenade you. It's hard to find good jazz these days, so the Hedley fills a much-needed dearth in the South Bay Area.

Whatever your reasons for heading over to the Hedley Club Lounge at Hotel De Anza, you won't be disappointed.

18/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
108. Ruth K.
Don't you just love little boutique hotels?  The De Anza has a beautiful little lobby, there's a massive bowl of fresh fruit to which you can help yourself, and best of all ... the gentleman who welcomed me and checked me in was extremely nice and polite.  He even handed me a cookie as I started for the elevator.  The room was modern with a little Arte Deco edge, not super fancy, but neat and clean.  They get points for a DEEP soak tub in the generously-sized bathroom.  They get even more stars for -- thank you --- no log-on rubbish to the open wireless service inside the hotel.  Even though I checked in late at night just shortly before the kitchen closed, the room service dinner was fast and really quite delicious, certainly better than I'd expected.  The concierge was very patient and helpful ... in fact all the hotel staff were great.  Overall, a very nice experience and I'll certainly stay here in future.

08/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
109. Steve T.
Nice, big-enough, clean room. Staff allowed me to check in at 9:39 am!  Very cool.
Historic hotel with charm. Outstanding staff. Right around the corner from several good restaurants I'd return in a heartbeat.

19/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
110. Rachelle H.
If I could give this place ZERO STARS I would. They have the worst service EVER. I came here because I hear that it was a great hotel, so having my wedding at The Corinthian and knowing this had great reviews, why not stay here after my wedding. BAD IDEA!!!I set up room blocks for my guests, the price was still pretty high, so not many of my guests ended up rsvping. But when they figured out they needed a room the hotel  didnt even try to accommodate my guests!?!?! The when my fiancé then husband now, went to check in he had the most difficult time with the people at the front desk. First when I rsvp'd I made sure to tell the lady I wasnt checking in and my fiancé would be, but for some reason they gave him the hardest time. When he finally got the key to the suite they were rude and gave no customer service at all. Then before he left for n our wedding he asked the front desk specifically to make sure the room was cleaned before we got back, obviously because he would be bringing his wife back t ok the hotel suite. After the wedding ended we headed to our room and Ta-Da....the room was a MESS?!??! WTH?!?! Housekeeping didnt step a foot in the room, my husband was furious. To top it off when we were checking out the girl at the front desk had no smile on her face, looked like she hated her job, and took our keys and said, "You're good to go!" There was no, "Good Morning! How was your stay with us?" Not even a "Thank you for staying at Deanza hotel, have a great day!!" I will never ever stay here again nor will I ever recommend this place to anyone. If anyone asks about this hotel, trust me I will put  my two cents and make sure this hotel gets no service or recommendations from me.


05/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
111. Lina H.
I have never spent the night at the De Anza Hotel but I've been here plenty of times to pick up and drop off clients the fly in from out of state.  Our office is practically minutes away and it's more convenient for all of us to just have the clients get picked up.  I have also been to their bar at night and the first drink i've ever had here was an amaretto sour and it was to die for!!! Ever since then that's all I ask for!  OH, I have also been in their elevator but that's another story... lmao.  I am not a San Jose native but as far as I'm concerned and by everything I hear from the gals here at work, there's plenty of stories out there about this hotel, both historic and spooky... I find it very elegant and totally out of the box com

01/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
112. Maia S.
Hotel De Anza is a relic of the old days in the absolute best of ways. Conveniently nestled in the San Jose financial district, you get great service, beautiful accommodations and...I'll get to this later...free snacks for your late night cravings!

The husband and I stayed here a few months ago, reserving a room a few hours before showing up. Pricing was more than reasonable and the front desk staff even discounted the price we had been quoted on the phone when we checked in!

The foyer was luxurious and elaborately decorated. The (corner) room we stayed in was very comfortable and of decent size. The furniture style was elegant and a throwback to earlier times (Hotel De Anza opened its doors in 1931).

We checked in rather late and were quite hungry. The staff directed us to the "pantry" where we could make ourselves sandwiches and have cookies and milk. What an awesome touch! It made it feel all the more like home.

Would definitely stay again!

14/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
113. Beth C.
Was just there on a business trip. The hotel is lovely and the staff were kind and helpful. We enjoyed the "raid our pantry" at night for snacks and the wonderful room service for breakfast.

We were pleased with the way the hotel staff politely managed a rowdy group of guest staying in the room next to us on our last night! The situation was quickly handled and we were able to get a good night's sleep before our early flight the next morning.

25/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
114. Jay S.
This is a nice hotel, it has a fantastic classy look to it, and has good service as far as the front desk and housekeeping goes.  

We got an amazing room, and they do turndown service, which is something I have not experienced before.  The room itself was nice, it has a comfortable bed, a nice bathroom, and a nice living room area.  

The only negatives we experienced is that you would need to run the faucet for a minute, otherwise it would sputter and come out slightly milky colored.  The other issue was with their valet stand, which on the tags they give you says "call 15 minutes in advance", because their parking garage is down the street from where the actual hotel is.

Twice we called them and both times we came down after 25 minutes, 10 minutes more than the 15 they request, and the car still wasn't there.  The first time there was no one at the valet stand to ask, and the second time I asked the other kid if I could find out where the car was and all he had to say was "oh he is probably still getting it"

I don't want to sound nitpicky, but if you ask for 15 minutes to get my car and I plan around it, at least have my car ready when I get downstairs.  We were almost late for our dinner reservation because they didnt have the car ready when we got there, it was just irritating.  One of the valet attendants also put someone else's parking charge on our account, so we had to go back to the desk after checkout and get them to credit it back.  Their valet service is pretty abysmal sadly.

But other than that this is a nice classy hotel, and if you are in need of a hotel downtown I would definitely recommend it!

12/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
115. Malin R.
Try the Michoacana

08/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
116. Frank E.
Nice place, wish we could have been here for more than a night but the place was very nice, everyone was nice enough (from Miami so used to extremely rude)...  wish we would have time to try some of the amenities...

28/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
117. Jodi S.
Our son's wedding reception was held at the De Anza and we couldn't be happier with the results.  Laura was fabulous and kept us all calm and confident that the event would go off without a hitch and it definitely did.  Cocktails and appetizers in the Hedley Club were classy and relaxing and the Palm Court terrace looked like a million bucks!  The food was the best wedding food we've ever experienced and the price was very fair.  The compliments continue to fly in!  5 stars all the way!!

14/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
118. Jennifer R.
i love tbe decor at the bar on the entrance level. the happy hour menu is good and reasonbly priced. i go there with friends a few times a month.
why 4 stars? went there last week on friday around 5 pm, not too busy 3 servers on the floor but apperantly none was serving the sofa we were sitting on. we had to wait for 15 minuted just to be asked by our server what drinks we wanted.

the place is great and the roasted olived a re a must but they do need to work on the service

29/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
119. Donovan T.
Very nice, cozy, and classy place to spend the weekend at! What I really like about Hotel De Anza is it's location. It's steps away from San Pedro square and the Shark Tank. Places like the Marriot and Fairmont are bigger but much farther away then where the fun is downtown!

The room it self is on the smaller side, and the Fairmont is definitley nicer. But I enjoy the ambiance here more. It offer the great service of a small mom and pop hotel, but provides the atmosphere of large luxury hotel.

If you decide to not valet the car (didn't want to pay the $20 overnight fee!) you can always park it in the garage on San Pedro and Market.  During the weekend, it is free if you leave before 6pm.

And the pantry is great if you're coming back late from the bars and want a deli sandwich or some cookies. They also have milk and hot chocolate and a bunch of random things as well. Which is included!

Hands down my first choice when staying downtown!

01/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
120. Mary C.
We chose Hotel DeAnza as the location for our wedding and ceremony.  Long story short, it was a wonderful experience from beginning to end.  The courtyard venue itself is beautiful to experience and sparkles in photos.  It was clear from the start that Laura Brown has coordinated more than a few weddings, and proven in her apt working with the florist, live musicians and DJ - not to mention the individual members of the wedding party.  We knew from our tasting that the food choices offered our guests would be a hit.  The pastry chef is skilled and her love of what she does evident in her enthusiasm.  Probably the biggest challenge to the DeAnza crew is timely transformation of the courtyard from ceremony site to table seating for 150 guests.  This was easily accomplished despite our photographer and wedding party posing during the makeover.
The adjacent Hedley Club is a perfect venue for welcoming guests before the ceremony and a post ceremony reception.

The hotel was sold and new management took over just before our wedding - concerning for us - but with no impact on our event whatsoever.  Laura is a pro backed by quality cuisine, chefs and staff.  Our guests have commented repeatedly to us that they so enjoyed the place where we held our wedding - and what more could we ask!

20/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
121. Debbi C.
NEVER EVER BOOK HERE! Motel 6 is better! I've never written a review, let alone a bad one. But I want everyone to learn from our lesson. We stayed at Hotel De Anza the night before the 1st Niner game at Levi's Stadium, hoping to find a hotel we would make home for all of the Niner home games. It's just my husband & I and we typically go to dinner, come back, he has a few beers in our room while I drink my usual water and we are off to bed to get ready for the game. That's just what we did. Cleaned up the room, as always and headed to the game. Got a call 2 hours later saying they've added $75 to shampoo the "black dot stains" on the floor. I called & James says he saw them, took pix & filed the report. Today I called, since Rachel didn't call me. She made it clear since they found "numerous (4 cans) beer cans" that's probably how the "black spots" were on the floor, probably spilled. I explained there was nothing black that could have spilled and if so, I would have cleaned it or contacted them, also we weren't drunk, he and I were casually having a few beers (well he did). She was very rude and pretty much called me a liar as she continued to say her cleaning staff was meticulous. I told her that we we were also. She rudely refused to send me a copy of the pix that were supposedly taken. I was never given copies of anything signed by me saying I agreed to this. NEVER have we dealt with anything like this. We were so let down, that we couldn't even stay for the entire game so we left at halftime. Please pay attention to these sneaky forms you sign at hotels, and look at the room thoroughly right when you check in. Hope you learn from our lack of attn to detail. It pretty much comes down to who is lying...cleaning staff that may have not reported the stains from the previous guest or you who knows you didn't do it. Well this hotel clearly does not care what the guest says...it's you.

18/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
122. Tram N.
Can't comment on the stay since I've been here a few times but only to go to StubHub for my Sharks ticket.  From the bell hop to guest services, they were all very helpful directing me to where I have to go.

The lobby is cozy and looks immaculate.  The elevators are clean.  I didn't find a single litter on the floor nor dust on the tables and fixtures on the wall.  Downstairs is where StubHub is usually located.  

StubHub folks are friendly as well.  Even if you don't have tickets, you can go there and have them search for you.  Because Ive been a long time member and have bought a lot of tickets from them, they were able to transact my purchase and waived the fees.  

Though the app doesn't provide any ticket listings AFTER the event starts but if you go there, you can still be able to find cheaper tickets.  I can't miss any part of the game.  I love singing along to our National Anthem, too so missing out to save isn't for me but if you don't care, by all means.  

I'm looking for hotels now so I can have a mini weekend getaway.  I might try this place if ones by the water front are too expensive.  I just need a mental day to myself to relax and enjoy the amenities.

07/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
123. Issy D.
Downtown hotel with clean comfortable rooms within walking distance of everything. How much would you guess? Probably not 100! Hotel De Anza is an adorable old fashioned hotel with great service right in the heart of downtown.I stayed here this past weekend and didn't have a single complaint.  The rooms are pretty big, with nice big comfty pillows and huge amazingly warm blankets (sort of wanted to steal it.....) The bathroom had a mini tv and a tv in the bedroom to boot. We even got to raid the pantry after a late night of partying :) Can't beat that.
I would totally come here again, its a wonderful hotel with a wonderful price tag as well!

01/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
124. Danyel S.
Location is great, but the rest is just mediocre. Staff was not super friendly or welcoming at check in, very short and almost rude. The Walls are thin and windows are single pane making the the rooms very noisy. We could hear conversations at street level from our 5th floor room, not to mention the fly overs from the local airport!! The late night snacks are nothing special and were picked over 10 min after opening. Rooms are small and clean. This hotel is nothing special and WAY overpriced. We will probably not stay here again. Not exactly sure how this place has 4stars.

27/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
125. Amy S.
Got a room here over Valentines weekend as a surprise to my boyfriend, we had to wait a little bit to check in which was not an issue and they gave us cookie which was cute. The hotel was pretty and unique, not your average chain hotel. The room was clean and nice enough, but the dated mismatched furniture was a little disappointing. The bathroom was big and had some nice features, but the tub was so raised from the floor that it made it somewhat hard to get in and out. Not a big deal, but kind of weird. The location is great and was big reason that I chose this hotel. We had a good time and had no problems, but I'm not sure that I would stay here again. I would probably spend the extra $50 and stay at the Fairmont instead.

17/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
126. Jered F.
This hotel has a level of service and attention to detail I've only found in much more expensive properties. Every need I had was immediately addressed. Clean linens, filtered water at ice machines on each level, good water pressure, courtesy and efficiency all around: truly a special property.

15/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
127. Ivan H.
Great place to stay and a nice view if you don't mind paying a little more. Ok customer service. Great door man. The room was pretty clean and big bathroom, Ladys would love it because it has big mirrors.Lots of restaurants and bars with walking distends .Yes I would  stay here again.

05/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
128. Brandy W.
It's tough enough to plan a destination wedding.  Imagine planning a destination wedding in a non-conventional destination.  This wasn't Aruba folks, this was San Jose, CA.  

We knew from the moment we saw it that Hotel De Anza would be the venue for us.  We wanted a venue that had as much history as our relationship.  The building is so beautiful that we barely had to decorate at all!  Most hotels have banquet halls to accomodate your wedding.  We had ours in their beautiful courtyard.  I then planned my entire wedding around this building, even down to the cake!

During my first few meetings with vendors (which btw we had in the hotel lobby with no opposition from the staff) I told them I wanted my wedding to feel like an intimate evening shared with our closest friends and family set in classic Havana nights.  My team made my vision in my head come true.  It is the most surreal emotion to walk into a room where someone has taken the words I've used to describe what I could see when I closed my eyes, and made it reality.

My one advice for you "you catch more flies with honey than vinegar."  If you are a bride, I'm sure you will be upset or disappointed at this time.  Don't forget that you have paid professionals to help you make this day beautiful.  It is their sole business to make you happy, but they will guide you in a different direction if required based on their experience.  Take the time to listen to exactly where they are coming from before jumping to conclusions.  If it wasn't for Laura the event coordinator, we wouldn't have, in my opinion, the best tasting cake I've ever tried.  

Since I was tele-planning, I could not have control over every detail.  It was honestly, better that way.  

Hotel De Anza, catered by La Pastaia, does have a few quirks I feel I should mention.  They might not bother you, or they might, but they are unique to the venue.  If you are having your ceremony and reception there, they pre-erect the reception tables beforehand, and these tables are visible during the ceremony.  I rented a room divider to hide them from view.  The area for the cocktail hour is not reserved only for the wedding.  The hotel guests still have access.  Since the cocktail hour is early on in the day, this is not an issue.  However, keep in mind if you move back into the space in the evening, you will have other guests in the space.  The space is enclosed, but exposed to the elements as there is just a tarp acting as a roof.  If you intend to have a wedding during the winter months, there will be a covering installed that is not normally there during the summertime.  Make sure you walk thse space during the same season as your event date.  We were very lucky that the temperature dropped during our July wedding because there is no A/C in the space.  We solved that by providing fans to our guests.  Music from the DJ cannot be wired to the lounge for your cocktail hour.  They do, however, have a piano available if you want to hire a pianist.  If it was in our budget, we would have, but I don't think anyone noticed.  Like I said, these aren't showstoppers, but they are unique to the area.

Despite the previous paragraph, I don't think I could have EVER asked for a better wedding.  The entire staff was incredibly attentative.  I felt like I was the main attraction all day long.  The food (at least what I was able to eat) was AMAZING.  We want to go back for dinner soon.  We loved our wine tasting.  It was a truly extra touch that made this experience feel luxurious.  If anything went wrong, I had no inkling of it.

I absolutely loved our suite.  I do not know what the regular rooms looked like.  It was a little small for our bridal party getting ready, but we made it work.  The vanity in the bathroom was perfect for a bride.  We never heard the guests around us.  It was a true escape from the stress of planning.  Make sure you raid the pantry!  If they are missing stuff, call the front desk and they will gladly restock it.  It's a little hard to find on the second floor, but don't give up.  It is a few doors down from the elevator banks on the right.  If we weren't so busy I would have definitely tried out their fitness center.  They only have valet parking, but if you are staying somewhere that nice, you might as well spring for valet.

Hotel De Anza has ruined me for traveling.  Now that I've had nice, I don't ever want to go back.

12/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
129. Brian B.
This place is gorgeous and I used to come here quite a bit. It was a favorite ten or so years ago. This night, I asked the bartender if he could make a pina colada for my girlfriend. He said he didn't have a blender, so no. An acceptable answer but it was given with a bit of an edge. We decided to stay and I asked if we should order at the bar or if there was a server. The answer was kind of odd and given with a bit of a condescending edge. I looked at my girlfriend who gave me a concerned "let's get out of here" look and we walked over to Los Gatos Brewing. They didn't make pina coladas either but seemed to be able to be friendly about it and offer other suggestions so I spent my $50 there. Bottom line, it's a gorgeous place and might be a fun place to have a drink but on this night, we were made to feel unwelcome and life is too short for that.

17/07/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
130. Becca L.
TERRIBLE Customer Service! Rachel, the front office manager is extremely rude. I will never book a room here again.

22/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
131. Steven S.
I've been to a lot of hotels in different parts of the world and this has been the best I've ever been in the Bay Area. Nothing fancy or hipster but provides great service, someone is always there to help, free apples, cookies, sandwiches, water bottles AND A HUGE SELECTION OF FREE DVDS. Amazing. I would marry this hotel.

28/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
132. Andrew P.
We selected the De Anza for our November wedding. Thanks to Laura and the hotel staff, it could not have gone more smoothly than it did. There were no last minute glitches, no problems of any kind. The Palm Court Terrace looked beautiful and the tables were decorated perfectly. It was a magical evening and could not have been better.

From our first meeting with Laura, we felt that we were dealing with helpful and experienced people. They listened to what we wanted and delivered. They recommended vendors for us who were also superb.

The meal after the ceremony was excellent. La Pastaia's catering was superb, the service was unobtrusive but flawless.

There was nothing we had to worry about, nothing we had to deal with at the last minute. It was a wonderful evening and the De Anza made it possible. Highly, highly recommended.

02/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
133. Malou M.
Came here for a private shopping at the patio hosted by Crossroads Recycled Clothing. They have a door man and the hotel is clean with a beautiful decor!

22/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
134. Demi H.
If your one of those anime fans who has gone through a convention, I strongly advise not to visit this hotel. Its walk distance is gruesome and the staff is sorta nice, but sometimes they can say things that isn't true.
I spilled soda and there is a damage penalty, $75 dollars is way to high to fix it, because the carpet is white. I reallly adivse not to go there because if your an anime fan who loves to do partial things, this hotel is not for you. Sadly even if its an accidental spill, it will cost you $75 dollars, to you it may not be much but to me, its a very heavy price.

I have to admit, this hotel has a lot of expensive things, and I am not the type of person who likes this.

There are some great things about the hotel (a tv in the bathroom, seriously?)
but i think the hard part is the Staff.

18/09/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
135. K T.
The hotel was bought outnin July 14 and they have implemented many changes. They started changes Sep 14 the staff doesn't understand why.  I have stayed here many times. Now the hotel has taken all the aminities away, no longer worth the large price you pay to stay. The late noght pantry is now milk pre , made sandwich and coffee.  Used to be cereal cold cuts to make sandwiches cookies amd fruit with coffee. No longer mints on pillows or in room mini bar. Bed set up fills cheap and stiff. No fruitn on each floor. Staff still same just the little things that made it worth it area now gone. Felt like any other cheap room. I would have paid less amd stayed at another nice hotel with garden tubs in room, free breakfast and coffee in my room from kureg. Idk if I will stay anymore. I was told theylan to renovate whole hotel including lobby. Hope they bring it 100% back to what it was 75 years ago.

15/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
136. Ryder A.
Give me a touch of Art Deco and I am in.  Make it original? I am sold!  What a great place and right in the downtown district.  Great beds (your pillows are in the closet if you are there now and looking). The ac controls are in an old panel in the wall.(.if you are there and wondering....just below the vent)

The windows open!  Maybe only 6 inches but I will take that over hermetically sealed any day of the week,
Get a corner room if you can.

Underwhelmed by "raid our pantry"..but my might-as-well-be-my-husband loved it! And it is a good option if you get in late!

Lots of good restaurants you can walk to in a 4-6 block radius.

12/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
137. Brandi S.
My husband and I have come here a lot over 15 years to eat at La Pastaia and have cocktails in the Hedley Club. La Pastaia used to be one of my favorite places to eat but recently the menus changed and I'm not very impressed at all. The old menus was a lot better. Hedley club is still great!

15/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
138. Francesca S.
Beautifully decorated hotel with staff who
were impeccably polite and helpful.

Valet parking was excellent & quick.

The restaurant for breakfast is lovely with fast service. The food for breakfast was tasty & simple. Not a large menu to choose from.

The room was spacious with a very comfortable king size bed. The only downside hence why I did not give it 5 stars was that the air conditioning was hard to regulate temperature and some
prime movie channels had a poor picture quality due to the cable connection.
Had we stayed longer than one night I would have mentioned these things
to the concierge.

The bathroom was also spacious with plenty of clean towels and nice toiletries.

At 10pm there is a 'raid our pantry' facility that offers free tea/coffee, whole fruit and
supplies to make a fresh sandwich. Fresh baked cookies are also available.

05/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
139. Aisa C.
DO NOT BOOK WITH THEM!!! I booked with Expedia to stay at this hotel, no refunds or cancelations, also they charged my card right away & sent me a email confirming my reservations, not to worry because since I paid I have the room for sure, which is fine being that I just needed a place to crash. I went to a wedding the night that I was going to stay at De Anza. I got to the hotel around 10:45pm & when I arrived at the hotel they told me that I need to hold a credit card for possible damages.

Prior to booking I lost my debit card a couple days so I had to cash out just in case if I didn't receive my debit card on time for the wedding. So when I received my new debit card I had just enough money to book the hotel. I didn't have time to put money back to my card because it was already a hectic weekend being a part of the wedding. So I carried just enough with me to get by. So the man at the front desk told me its $100 holding fee & I had $100 on me in cash he said "cash hold is $200". Are you serious?

They're ridiculous, there was no fine print that stated I needed to have a credit card just in case there's damages to the room. I live one hour away not to mention I already paid $150 for the room. So I asked him will I get I refund, he said since I booked with Expedia I should call them and let them know what happened. So I called Expedia and spoke to Trisha, she said she's was going to call the hotel to negotiate, put me on hold for 4minutes & told me the manager Octavio Marquez at the hotel will not negotiate. She also said she cancel the reservations for me. What?! Is canceling going to give me my money back?

As a courtesy, they should've at least let me stayed, especially knowing the situation I was in. So again, anybody trying to stay at this hotel i repeat, DO NOT BOOK WITH THEM, go else where!!!!! There's plenty of hotels in San Jose that probably wouldn't treat you with poor hospitality. I would give ZERO stars to Hotel De Anza if I could. This hotel will scam you out of your money! This hotel doesn't have a parking lot & you would get lucky to find street parking, valet is $24 over night. I drove around the hotel for a good 25-30 minutes to find parking. Luckily I didn't do Valet because they would've scammed me more of my money. I already contacted my bank.

03/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
140. Brian N.
New Year's Eve here rocked. 20s party with casino. Great breakfast 3pm check out. Great music n crowd. No complaints at all. Room was clean and well stocked. I'd stay here again.

03/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
141. Natasha S.
Super disappointed! Four stars hotel, with so little to offer.
Late check in, was given a room with pillow chocolate no hideous bed trow, but furniture was still old and ugly, and room smelled bad, and neighbors were too loud we asked to move us right away. Got "upgraded"..
Bed had ugly leopard print trow cover with tacky pillows.
Mirror on a wall way too old, like other furniture in a room, chair was squeaky with springs poking my butt.
No coffee machine in a room.
No outlet except way under the desk.
Fridge smelled funny, shelves are broken.  
Bedding very old, no crispness, gray it was white one day. Bed uncomfortable.
Very loud air conditioner, with three buttons, hot, cold and off.  Night stand lamps weren't working.

Room service breakfast was bad, eggs  overcooked, everything was dry. Didn't bring water. Overcooked eggs and dry potatoes,  2 juices and two bagels, total:  $57

Wouldn't let us check out an hour later, because they are "sold out". Empty hotel.

Pros: Was nice to see plate of apples at the front desk, check in welcome cookies, complimentary 10pm-5am snack pantry lounge(didn't go there). First room was offered had pillow chocolates on a bed, but not in a room we stayed. TV in a restroom if it worked clear would be a nice touch.

Ps: I expressed my concerns about my stay to the manager she gave me a receipt which showed that my parking $20 and breakfast were comped to zero balance.  

Few days later i received a bill for parking and breakfast which were comped by the manager on a spot.
OVERPRICED over Stared..

21/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
142. Theresa B.
The hotel is without question gorgeous, from the elevator doors to the bathroom wallpaper. It's also surface clean, with towels and linens in good shape. Where it falls down and falls down hard is with the service and amenities.

Hubby and I booked a room for a romantic night away together just a few days ago and we had reasonably high expectations that the price would come with a commensurate level of service. Boy were we disappointed. The woman who checked us in, (Linda I think?) consistently showed so little enthusiasm for her job that I would not be surprised if she were actually being held hostage and forced to work off a debt. She was incredibly forceful about pointing out the hold the hotel places on the debit card, checking at least three times that we understood they were going to hold a $100 deposit. I guess hubby and I looked poor! No smiles, no thank yous, when she told us the rate for the room she couldn't even manage a full sentence.

"Hi, we'd like to check in if you have a room available for tonight?"

We chalked it up as a fluke, even good customer service professionals have off days, but on check out her surliness was completely unchanged. Apparently the front desk here is staffed by grump cat. :-D

The overwhelming majority of the staff shared her lackluster approach to their jobs, but the front desk experience stands out. Oh, we asked about parking and were told it was valet only at $24 a night. We asked if she knew the cost of the garage down the street, of course she didn't. We asked if the valet cost was billed to the room and were told it was. When we dropped the car off at the valet not five minutes later he asked if we prepaid for parking, which we had not. Turns out, if you prepaid at the front desk it's $22 instead of $24. Nice. At no point did we feel like we were welcome or anyone was anything other than indifferent to our presence.

There was a TV in the bathroom for bathtub viewing awesomeness-unfortunately someone had ripped the cable out of the back. Since we were given the stinkeye on check-in we informed the hotel immediately and they were prompt about sending someone up to fix it. The TV hutch/mini bar had sustained some serious damage to the lock, cutting the vibe in the room down to a little more Creep Inn than Classy Joint. *sigh* Since Maintenance was in the room when we discovered the damage to the TV hutch we pointed that out (to avoid having Grumpy Cat bill us for it!). Apparently it had been that damaged for a while.

I was looking forward to grabbing a midnight snack from their 'Raid our Pantry' program rather than brave the unusual San Jose cold for a late night bite. Yikes. I really love the idea, but the implementation was just sad. Unripe bananas, squishy apples, and what really looked like Costco cookies. I went to fix a sandwich and was baffled to find three types of bread and no toaster. The pantry area is small, since it is an adorable older building, but really? No room for a toaster? Someone did come in to swap out the half empty plastic wrapped plate of deli meat and cheese, helpfully labeled with a date from three days ago, but hubby was so sketched out by the inadequate refrigeration and lack of serving utensils that he would not touch it. They took the half empty cookie tray away (to refill?) and did not bring it back. Bottom line, I've seen cleaner and nicer setups at the Days Inn.

There is a DVD library you can borrow movies from, which was lovely. The remote for the DVD player did not work, which was pretty much par for the course.

To top it off, we accidentally left a hat behind in the room. I called as soon as we realized, 8 hours later. The hat was not turned in to Lost and Found, which I didn't really expect. But I did ask for a callback as soon as the Lost and Found was checked, which I was told would be in half an hour or less. To my complete lack of surprise I did not get a call back and had to call myself an hour later.

The De Anza is a truly beautiful property, and a historic one. But for the money I'd rather stay at the Sainte Claire, Montgomery or Fairmont. A four star hotel is just about the experience, and this experience was really not good.

11/12/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
143. Walt S.
For a hotel in the "heart of Silicon Valley" Hotel De Anza leaves a lot to be desired. Rooms are dated, elevators slow, and the wifi non-existent. When asked about the poor wifi service, the front desk gives the run around--even though they are aware this is a recurring issue. Valet parking is also expensive. On the positive side, the rooms are spotlessly clean. But overall the hotel is not worth it.

14/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
144. Ben J.
I am giving 5 stars to the live jazz music that happens Thursday-Saturday at this hotel. The drinks are real good (a little pricey) but there is no cover charge for the awesome jazz so it seems fair.
I haven't tried the food yet but the pizza looks good and if you are a beer fan the Ass-Kisser beer is super good. I have been to De Anza around 8 times now and it never gets old. Amy is a lot of fun and all in all this is a good spot to chill.

I have never stayed at the actual hotel so I can't speak for the hotel in general. The guys at the door are super cool though and hold the door open for us every time we have gone. So 5 stars for your customer service :-)

03/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
145. Rose F.
old hotel... too over rated.  expensive parking... not worth it... very inconvenient.

17/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
146. Emma P.
This is the second time staying at the de anza and I felt it was time they deserved some recognition.

The first time we had a corner room on the second floor, with a very cool downtown view. The bathroom was very modern and large enough to easily accommodate two people.

The second time staying here was for a special occasion. The boyfriend and I came here for a Valentine's day weekend. We knew this was the perfect hotel to stay at because of our previous experience and awesome location. Any kind of restaurant, bar, lounge, club ect. is a short cab ride away.

I wanted to surprise my bf with a bottle of champagne and have it waiting for him in the room upon our arrival. They did drop the ball on this one HOWEVER their amazing staff made up for it instantly and delivered it to us shortly after checking in.

I want to personally thank Shaun and J.D. for making us feel appreciated and comfortable during our stay. Also shout out to the valet for not letting me drive down a one way street. LOL

We will be enjoying more stays at the De Anza and look forward to it.

16/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
147. Frank G.
I have seen this Hotel since I have lived here for  50 years, and after the last renovation, decided to have a romantic getaway with my husband and upgraded to one of the most expensive room they had available. I thought since having been an ambassador with Interconntiential for a few years now, this would be a change.

As, we arrived into the lobby the Manager on Duty (James Bennett) gave us and attitude maybe because we told him we where married. (Two gay men). No, sure what his problem was with us. Then, he gave us this paper to sign to  make sure we were not going to have anymore people in our room. We thought ok, no problem to sign since we were alone.

Then, when we get to our room noticed the tub was made for someone who is over 6 feet tall, you have to have long legs to get in, not to mention the view of this most expensive room had NONE!

My sister's view up higher was much better, and they got the cheap room!!!!! When we called the manager (James Bennett) he then told us, that is just the way it is here, and did not offer a solution.

So, then we went to dinner in the hotel, as we had reservations for 8:00 pm and we where told we had no reservations. after waiting to be seated, they finally put us in the back last table with all the servers and cooks!!!!

The food was good, but didn't really feel the ambiance, having been stuck in the back because  we had no reservations (as they said)!!!

Again, called the Manager (James Bennett) to tell him how sad the restaurant could not find our reservations, and the Manager (James Bennett) said, that's just the way it goes!!!

Then later that night we went in the lounge with our family and friends, and the coctaill server ask us for a drink, my sister told her that she had a tab already but the server insisted we give her our credit card. So, I did.

Later, to find out the server, didn't have the card no more, and had to wait until the morning to talk with the manager. So, the next moring again, we call (James Bennett) the Manager and explained to him, that the tab was paid for by my sister and that the server wouldn't give our card back. Of, course (James Bennett) with an attitiude agian, said that was our problem not his.

As, we explained to him the situation with the credit card he said, he could not find the card anywhere. We of course told him,  is this how you treat your guests, and (James Bennett) the Mangager said, " it sure is", it's not our problen, it's yours.

then, after we got off the phone with (James Bennett) called the credit card company and they told us within minutes the card had 2 charges more on it, from This HOTEL and we explained to them what happen. And, how (James Bennett) the manager told us he could not find the card and that was our problem. The credit card company was willing to help and closed the card.

it's funny how after talking with (James Bennett) the manager at this hotel the credit card had 2 extra charges on it. He woulld be the only one who knew the card information or had the card the whole time and knew what was going to happen already!

I would not recommend this hotel at all, the worst service ever by the Management Team!!!! (James Bennet) who would not even let us talk with anyone else besides him.

02/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
148. Sarah B.
The hotel is lovely. The rooms are gorgeous. The lounge and restaurant are tops. But the management team here is COMPLETELY INSANE!

I called earlier in the week to inquire about setting up a block of rooms for out of town guests at my upcoming wedding. I was having a hard time communicating my questions effectively to Josie (the Sales Manager). She wasn't rude exactly, just very brisk and I felt like she didn't want to answer my questions or offer any solutions to my concerns. Basically I felt sort of dismissed.

I wouldn't have minded this treatment at a crappy hotel but this is supposed to be a boutique luxury brand, I expect the customer service to be perfect. So, I asked to speak with her manager and was transferred to Allison, the General Manager of the entire hotel. After speaking with Allison extensively, she offered a creative solution to my situation which I found mostly acceptable but which I wanted to review with my fiancée prior to entering under contract.

Allison indicated it wasn't a problem and to contact her directly when I was ready to move forward. I told her that it would be within 24 hours because I was working on a very tight timeframe.

Several days and several messages later (something is going on with their voicemail system so I also left direct messages that were supposedly hand delivered to her) I finally get a call back from Allison and I am told immediately that they are having some kind of "management restructuring" and that she is not able to enter into the contract we discussed. What?! At this point I've already ceased negotiations with other hotels and her untimely response has delayed me sending out my save the dates.

She basically said that I could take their original offer or nothing. She was very clear that I was too demanding and that she didn't want or need my business.  I tried to get more information about whether it was the specific accommodation that she couldn't honor or if she just couldn't sign any contracts in general but she refused to answer my questions. She became hysterical and told me that she wouldn't even give me the standard group policy and that I would have to go to another hotel.

The best part is, when I asked her to provide me with the name and contact information for her manager, she refused, indicated that she didn't one and HUNG UP ON ME! This is the General Manager of a 4 star hotel ladies and gents. Super classy!

I don't know if the management changes she mentioned have to do with her being sacked, but I feel like that would be the only possible explanation for the complete 180 in the terms of her offer and her personality.

30/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
149. Mich R. R.
So sad because their  customer / guest service does NOT stand up to the beautiful De Anza Hotels history.  SUCH A SHAME. ;(

1st Impression- valet boy - :{  THUMBS DOWN ! Did not greet us, park our car, say please,  thank you, or even open  ANY door!   WHY are we paying $25.00 a night for a SELF park valet service.!?!

Front Desk - Just OK.  Very little eye contact.  Was NOT busy at check in.  Only checking in one other guest.  Three employees working behind the desk.    *ALL NIGHT LONG  there were drunk people stumbling about the halls, lying on the floors - in front of the elevators, screaming obscenities, fighting in the halls, fighting in their rooms.!   It sounded like a domestic violence situation underway!  The hotel did NOTHING to stop it.   We should have called the police....Seriously.  

House Keeping - FIVE stars ! ;D
Finally- something positive.  Our rooms were Very clean.  ;D  A  Big Thank You to that department.

Unfortunate that we had fresh clean linens, a turned down bed w/mints at the pillows and could not get a good nights rest  because the front desk had no proper training or consideration for all the other paying guests.  

The Raid Our Pantry - amenity  was also an inconvenience to about 10 guests.  All standing in a line 10-15 minutes AFTER the pantry was to be open.  An employee did come to check and open the door after another guest had called.  Poor staffing and  poor guest service.

The Bill *Hedley Lounge* /(Tap Room) ;) that  connects with the  Palm Court Terrace were both nice;)    No live band was seen or heard  for about 10-15 minutes,  while their was some music playing.....

Upon departure there were two doormen that did open both doors with Smiles ;D  when they saw me coming with my big rolling luggage.

Sadly,  would not stay here again  if management remained the same .

24/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
150. Danica C.
Attended a wedding reception close by and decided to stay here for one night. The whole stay, from check-in, valet, and check out was smooth. The bed and pillows were super comfy, all of my requests were graciously accommodated (early check in, room on top floor), and all staff members we encountered were really helpful and very polite.

No stress whatsoever. Staying here turned a wedding weekend into a pleasant and unexpected mini staycation.

27/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
151. Carrie A.
I love nostalgia. This hotel was built during the height of the Depression ~and back in 1931, this 10 story 144 room hotel was the tallest building in San Jose at that time.

A big lover of the Art Deco era, I am drawn to this building and LOVE coming here, whether it be weddings, the Swinging Frank Sinatra Night held every December, and our last visit was for New Years with a roaring 20's theme. We got a fantastic package which included tickets to the New Years event, a room for the night, champagne in our room, and even a cute little chocolate on our pillow. Simply spectacular! I was slightly nervous since our room was right in front of the elevators, expecting to be plucked from my depths from other party goers throughout the night. But it turned out to be really quiet in the late hours, we even went to the second floor to enjoy the *raid our pantry* and snacked on some sandwiches and fruit, compliments of the hotel! In the morning we enjoyed our breakfast (buffet style) ~ and made sure we arrived first to take advantage of the selection of items they had to offer.

The staff is always pleasant and accommodating, (this was the EASIEST hotel to book in MY LIFE!) and look forward to staying here for future events.

20/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
152. Tina N.
Review is only for the Hedley Club Lounge.

Tina's Tips and Tantrums
- Parking is limited
- Restrooms are downstairs, great big stalls and very clean
- Limited seating for guests
- Real band plays in the lounge
- Too crowded so my friend and I left. But better than being dead, right?
- Rumors that Justin Timberlake stays here!

10/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
153. Briana D.
I loved where the hotel was located, how friendly and helpful the staff were, and how clean and comfortable everything was. It definitely has some old touches, but I thought it added to the overall charm of the hotel. I would highly recommend this hotel, the only down side was the front desk had told us there was complimentary food on the second floor between 10 pm-5 am and there was only cookies available. However, being walking distance away from all the night life in downtown was well worth it.

12/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
154. Barry W.
This hotel is one of the best I have ever stayed in. I had to stay here for a business trip and it was just awesome. The price of rooms a little high but, way worth it when you realize the quality of hotel it is. The thing that really made this stay one of the best is the front desk staff. Not only are they knowledgeable of the area but, their customer service knows no bounds. They are some of the best people I've ever met. So thank you Octavio, Bri, Curtiss, Shawn, James, Matt, Lindy, and Tanya you guys deserve the world. On top of all of this they have free live jazz, free food in a pantry for those late night snacks, and the rooms are pretty nice. I would recommend this place to anyone that needs to stay in San Jose and it's right in the middle of everything. One final note is it's a historical monument so you feel like you're in the 70's from the outside. Overall STAY HERE.

28/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
155. Maggie M.
When we arrived, the service was fabulous. Everything was wonderful about the stay. The issue began when the Hotel Charged us 3! times for the hotel room when we had already purchased the room through a 3rd party travel site.\
When I tried to speak with a manager the Accounting Manager Min Fu was extremely unhelpful, rude, and basically called me a liar. She also informed me that there was not anyone above her because they were currently in a transition.
after trying for 3 hours to get help with the situation the most they could offer to do for me is a free upgrade. not even a free night, just a free upgrade that we still had to pay full price for.
The front desk manager, whom is the person who finally was able to me to atleast send me a bank statement, was nicer than the Accounting manager, but still not very helpful.

If you are looking for a beautiful place in the heart of the city, this is a great place. but Only if you want to have mischarges on your account. The manager even admitted that they were having a lot of issues with debit cards being charged more than they should.

On a better note: The food was FABULOUS the waffle we had in the morning practically melted, it was so wonderful.

18/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
156. olive r.
I stayed here about a month ago. The hotel was nice. I got a cookie at check in! The hotel itself is nice but the rooms are so-so. Very dated and although I know the hotel is a trademark... It felt a bit...... Hmm... Not so luxurious. It felt more like those overpriced hipster hotels in SF. The decorative pillows were tossed in the corner of the room when we arrived and it looked as if someone took a nap earlier in the day.

Location is great and they have good snacks!!! Good place to stay the night but not for a romantic weekend!

16/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
157. Jimmy C.
With only 1day notice on valentine weekend, I got the corner king room with ease. Really friendly on the phone and only lasted like 3mins to reserve it. When I checked in around 10:21pm that Saturday the staff was super friendly even the valet guy greeted us before I even had a chance to open my door lol. After getting the key cards for the room, got hooked up with free cookies for the stay. Like I said really friendly staff, knows how to greet and have a normal conversation no rush or nada.

Got the room on the highest floor too, hooked it up and my old lady loved it. Only 4 out of 5 stars because my tv didn't work, lol it wasn't a big deal but still nice room, soft king size bed, tv doesn't work? Would of been 5/5 but I would totally come here from now on tho.

17/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
158. Rabbit B.
The Hotel De Anza is a lovely old historical hotel in downtown San Jose. We chose this hotel after researching hotels in the downtown area and found this was the best choice for us. The hotel met our expectations and we were very happy with our stay. Our room was very nice and really had that 1930's feeling. The room was very clean and well-appointed. The bedding wasn't plush but comfortable enough. For me, I was a little unhappy with the pillows but I'm picky about my pillows. The bathroom was huge and very nicely done. The only thing I would caution against is entering and exiting the bathtub/shower.  The tub is raised up and  you have to be extremely careful when getting in and out of the tub and especially on a wet floor. Word to the wise. The hotel staff were all extremely cordial and efficient which helped make our stay such a good one. We had drinks in the Hedley Club Lounge which is not to be missed.  It's just gorgeous. We ate in the hotel restaurant, La Pastaia, and thoroughly enjoyed our Italian dinners. So all in all, we had a great time and would recommend this hotel highly. We'll definitely return and thank all those at Hotel De Anza who helped make our first stay so enjoyable. The service they provide really made all the difference and shows how much they appreciate their guests. What a wonderful experience.

10/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
159. P. N.
Reasons why I will not be staying here again:

1) incompetent accounting personnel (pre-charged me 2x the rate I was quoted)
2) hallways and restaurant have no A/C or were not turned on
3) inconvenient location of power outlets in rooms
4) internet is very, very slow
5) showers suck
6) $7 for a bottle of water
7) breakfast crew at the restaurant was sub-par

The only decent thing about this hotel is the restaurant decor is nice and the hotel is located in downtown San Jose.

27/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
160. Robert A.
You can't beat this hotel for the price.  It is in a prime location if you want to do anything in downtown San Jose, especially a sharks game.  Just make sure to check hotels.com .

Yes the hotel is old and you can definitely tell because of the kind of ghetto A/C unit in the room, but besides that everything is top notch to me for a good nights sleep.

Spacious room
Comfy bed and pillows
HUGE bathroom
flat screen TV in the bathroom (don't see that much anymore)
Flat LG TV in main room
Valet kept our car in front for our convenience the entire stay

Not many outlets to plug devices to charge
Weird A/C unit (just like others have said)

I go to a hotel room to sleep, take a shower and thats about it.  To me the pros outweigh the cons by a long shot for this hotel.  I have stayed at a couple other hotels in downtown San Jose and for price I paid this has been the best value.

Yes the wallpaper was peeling a bit in the bathroom.  This did not affect my shower or my sleep in the bed so I didn't care.  Yes the A/C is hella weird but surprisingly I never had to try and adjust it so once again it did not affect my stay, it was just weird looking.  The room had enough space to fit four large travel suitcases.

My flight left at 7pm and the front desk gave us a rate from our check out time that day till 6pm instead of charging us an entire nights stay.  This was a big plus to me since it gave us a place to relax before my flight back home.  

if you can get this place at a good rate it is definitely worth a stay compared to other hotels in the area.

09/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
161. Randy B.
Yeah, I'm being picky.

Wireless internet is abysmal. The hard wired is just as slow.

Lack of power outlets on the desk, by the bed, etc.   Needs upgrading so at least the lamps have power outlets built in.

Carpet is overly well worn.

Remote was hit or miss, and cable service was minimal - no guide etc.

Room and bathroom were very good sized.

Staff very nice.

17/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
162. Mamajing S.
We love coming down to this place! It's a good place to hang out and listen to the jazz music!

15/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
163. Ali C.
There are some good and not so good things about the De Anza. I was really looking forward to staying here - the art deco feel to it really pulled me in.

From the start to finish of my stay...they give you cookies upon checking in which is a plus for someone like me! When I got to my room I was surprised over how crowded it was for how small the space was. The beds are huge which is great but it takes up so much of the room that you don't really have space to put anything. I had just gotten off a five hour flight so I was looking to charge my phone ASAP - it is almost impossible to find an outlet aside from what's in the bathroom and I don't love charging my phone in the bathroom. The only one I found was under the desk - not very convenient. The bathroom was also rather small but pretty cool - TV, lots of towels and toiletries. The shower - be careful. You have to step up into the shower and really be careful getting out because it's raised. I almost bit it getting out of the shower. The bed was super comfortable but the walls are paper thin and the AC is LOUD. I almost jumped out of bed in the middle of the night because of the sounds it was making. The breakfast is fantastic - eggs, bacon, waffles, etc. Pretty solid and really friendly service. There is also a pantry with free goodies that I was looking forward to taking advantage of but it's only open from 10 pm - 5 am - not very convenient if you ask me. The location - also a plus - lots of things within walking distance. Would I stay here again? Maybe, but it kind of made me miss the Fairmont which wasn't available...

16/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
164. Aaron A.
This review is to honor the exemplary customer service that I received from Curtis who was working the customer service line today. I've stayed at the De Anza many times and  the professionalism and tact of this establishment never ceases to amaze me.

Today I had an issue where I needed to cancel my reservation due to some unforseen circumstances. Within 30 seconds of picking up the phone Curtis has cancelled my transaction.

About 20 minutes later, the clouds parted and I was able to keep the reservation to stay there...but I had already cancelled. Curtis once again picked up the phone, remembered speaking to me, and within a minute had re-booked my same Suite and sent me a confirmation email.

Thank you Curtis!

17/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
165. Kari G.
We looked into the Hotel De Anza for our wedding reception. I was disapointed that the staff wasn't more helpful. Meetings with staff were only available during normal working hours which made appointments challenging and when I stopped by the hotel desk had no idea that they even had an area for events.

The Palm Courtyard was a really pretty area and would make a nice even location. It is technically outside but its solid tent/roof overhead and walls make it feel inside. The only downside is that it can get chilly and you get the standard downtown San Jose partiers competing with your event in both sound and smell. I loved the lighting there. They had really neat outdoor lights and gorgeous star fixtures.

07/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
166. Babak G.
This review is for the Jazz bar not for the hotel. The Jazz club/bar is ok. Good music, but not a great one, at least at the night that we were there. The wine was very expensive. $45 per bottle for a cheap bottle of wine? It was also crowded, I liked it if we could find a couch to seat and relax...

08/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
167. Scott S.
The staff at the Hotel De Anza really outdid themselves for my son's 11th birthday.  He will never forget his staycation in the Penthouse on the 10th floor.  The De Anza surprised him with a birthday gift and card signed by the entire staff, a personal behind-the-scenes tour by Andrew, a wood-fired pizza lesson with chef Dawn, and a birthday cake made by pastry chef Amy.  We all had a great time at the hotel.  Laura Brown, the events manager, staged a wonderful experience for us and we are truly grateful.  P.S.  The martinis at the Hedley Club are top notch as well!

05/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
168. scott c.
have stayed here numerous times over the last 16 years. service again was very good. the hotel is always clean. for a 75 year old building it is in good shape as far as i can see. the air conditioning in the rooms was more than adequate. it is in an excellent location being a very short walk to both the shark tank and san pedro square.

we made use of the raid the pantry. the last time we were there they had individual sandwich fixings, i.e. lettuce tomato cold cuts. this time there were premade and wrapped meat and cheese sandwiches. i was initially disappointed but after a night of drinking it probably makes more sense. it was certainly easier to carry the food up to the room. milk was ice cold a plus. they always have juicy fresh green apples on the front desk. the oranges were sweet and tasty.

breakfast was good too. service was good and the food was excellent.

if there was one thing i could change it would be to put back the dishes of hard candy on the tables on the individual floors.

17/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
169. ShotCaller M.
I hosted an offsite at this hotel for my team.  We are a corporate group of 15  My team is used to 4 or 5 star accommodations.  I was pretty disappointed with the rooms.  They are upgrading their phones so none of the room telephones worked.  The rooms were very dark with only 1 electrical outlet.  The mini bar frig was empty.  It's a very old hotel with lots of wear and tear.  It could be really cute if they renovated a little.  The hotel is from the 30's and the main bar/lounge is gorgeous!  The drinks there are very good too.  The food for our meetings was cold and not very impressive.  The sandwiches were delicious.  

The staff is wonderful!  I feel bad for them.  They really have a hard sell with this place.  But everyone-from the valet to our catering manager to the front desk agents were really, really nice.

19/02/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
170. Mikey H.
Stayed here one night before returning home.  Great old world vibe!  Friendly and courteous staff!  I had a parlor room with a living room and large king bedroom.  Great room to relax in with its whirlpool tub comfy couch and very comfortable bed.  I loved the coffee beans and grinder for the morning.  They have this cool "Raid My Pantry" room with light snacks, and I was able to get some milk for my coffee the next day.

The location is great to get to anywhere either walking or by car.  They only have valet which is a little pricey at $29.  But I did feel I got more for my money than staying at the Fairmont.  Met some friends down the street at this cute Japanese restaurant.  So nice I didn't have to drive!

I will definitely be back!  It's got a charm all its own and that's something I appreciate and like!

21/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0