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Hotel Elan San Jose in San Jose, CA

Hotel Elan San Jose in San Jose, CA


The Howard Johnson Express San Jose offers spacious guest rooms and Jacuzzi rooms with creature comforts to make your stay as convenient as possible. Enjoy everything from coffee and tea makers to irons and ironing boards to cable/satellite television and a refrigerator. Choices abound in these comfortable, spacious guest rooms that come with either one or two queen beds or one king bed. You can get down to business as soon as you get up. All our accommodations come equipped with a work desk, multi-line phone with data ports and voice mail, plus high-speed/wireless Internet access.


Established in 2002.

We are located in Downtown San Jose just 3/4 mile from the San Jose Convention Center. We offer all the amenities one looks for in a limited service establishment which includes, coffee/coffeemaker, iron/iron board, Flat Panel TV's in many rooms.King, King/Hot Tub rooms and Double Queen rooms are available and ONE Junior Suite. Our street facing rooms have double windows complete with black out drapes. Granite Vanities and Tile Floors in Most rooms have been a priority for us. Some have now Hardwood Floors and we are in the process of changing out most of our carpeting to hardwood floors. There is an expanded Continental Breakfast which includes cereal, juices, coffees, tea, cocoa and muffins, breads and danishes every day. Please join us and make us a part of your future travel plans.


Company Info:

Rating: 2.10

Address: 1215 S 1st Street, San Jose, CA, 95110
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Comments (29):

1. Kathy H.
Well, we learned that you really do get what you pay for. It's cheap, and located on a very busy street. The staff was friendly enough, but if I had seen it before I booked it, I would have gone elsewhere. I will say that the room was clean, but one lamp did not work, the bathroom outlet didn't work, the bathroom door scraped the toilet bowl when you closed it, and it looked like the bottom of the bathtub had been sanded down and not refinished. I was a little concerned for our safety, but both nights were relatively quiet and nothing out of the ordinary happened.

31/07/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
2. Jessica V.
I stayed here for three nights and it was very nice. My room was very clean and the maids service was very good. The bathroom was very big and so were the beds. There are a few other hotels up and down monterey that look really bad. This hotel was very good and I plan on coming back soon. Another plus is the breakfast buffet.

05/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
3. E. R.
My family stayed at the Howard Johnson Express from the 24th of May to the 1st of June when the place was a motel and it was called  and hasn't been happy about the experience there. The reason for this is linked to April Guzman who is the onsite manager, a very careless and impolite person.

The first day my family arrived, my father noticed that the phone cord for the phone next to the bed was cut and that the safe box was not functioning. He reported the problems to April who didn't seem to care. She said to my father that things would have been fixed but no time frame was given.

April's attitude is acceptable. My father is not a native English speaker so he did his best to explain what was wrong. April did not seem to sympathize or smile. She replied in a careless way. The other two ladies at the desk seemed much more understanding and kind.

I have previously stayed at the property in early 2008 for about a week. At the time April was already the manager and there was a problem with the Internet connection. For some reason, April told me that the problem would have been fixed but she didn't say when. I couldn't connect for almost a week and that was extremely frustrating. April at the time acted in the same manner she is acting today. She is not polite. She is very careless. This is the type of impression she gave to myself and my family.

My family has been annoyed by April's behavior and this annoyed me because I wanted my family's stay to be perfect. I think the structure is able to provide the comfort I was expecting to provide to my family. I do not know what is April's background but I know for sure that she is not a good front desk assistant because she lacks the basic understanding of good motel management and the ability to interface politely with the public.

23/06/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
4. Nithika D.
This place was HORRIBLE. First they "lost" our reservation and didn't have the specific room we requested. The lady at the desk was cold and rude.  She wanted the four people in my family to sleep on a king bed and a rollaway. after we asked her multiple times how our reservation [That we made over a month in advance] got lost she "found a room" and "made things work."

Our room itself was damp and humid. The floors seemed wet and were heavily stained.  Apparently they do no automatically make your bed in the next morning and clean your room unless you specifically ask them to.  The internet is free but is slow and stopped working numerous times.  The free breakfast is served cold and didn't seem fresh but there is a toaster and a microwave.  

There is very little comfort in staying in this place so I would recommend not staying here!

24/09/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
5. Stacy S.
I thought staying here would be fine as my friends had stayed here last year but didn't complain. They didn't offer good reviews either. The room smells. I mean, I do not think I can sleep here it smells so bad. I've got the window open and air conditioner on full blast although I'm a little concerned about having the window open in this neighborhood. There is a chair by the front door that is so filthy, a BART train seat look pristine. I did see the maid put new sheets, blankets and spreads on the beds, thank goodness. I'd leave if I could, but it's paid for and all the other hotels are booked for the holiday.

I am not happy.

28/05/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
6. Debra A.
This place is a haven for prostitutes.  Don't let anyone fool you into thinking anything different.  I am not afraid of the area, but I would NEVER stay at this place!

26/07/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
7. Darren M.
It was cheap, it was clean and that's about it.

LOUD clientele, possible hookers in rooms?

Good amount of other hotel guests partying loudly all through the night and the walls are THIN.

07/03/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
8. J. K.
First off, I've stayed in worse hotels/motels and better than Hotel Élan. I travel a good amount for work so I stay in plenty of hotels/motels.. Hotel Élan isn't really bad. The room was pretty clean, and the towels weren't worn down. WiFi wasn't bad at all. The only drawback is the "girls" walking up and down the street up front. I've heard that the last past two years, that problem is being taken care of. Don't know how that is but yeah. They do have a security guard walking around at night. Other than that, it's alright.. Toilet works, water is hot, A/C works, TV works but not a flat(doesn't matter). Hotel Elan isn't the worst and neither the best. I wouldn't mind staying here again if I work around the San Jose area.

13/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
9. Damon C.
Stayed here with some reservation because we were in town for a car show and had our own collector cars to worry about parked in the lot. There's iron fencing around the property, night and day security. The rooms are outdated and in need to remodeling but the punjabi family that owns it probably can't afford to re-do everything, that or they're cheap. There were some people that I believe are living in the complex (not uncommon). Our next door neighbor had a stray cat, had bowl of water near the trash can...not sure if feral cat or pet. Young late teenagers pulled into the lot late around 11pm....the night-time guard kept close watch. Turned out they were just staying there but the bottom line is the people that stay here are not your high end classy type of people. I knew going into this that the place would be nothing more than a cheap place to rest my head. After checking the mattress folds for bed bugs and finding nothing (looked in the drawers too), I was able to relax. The place if updated could be nice, but they would have to raise the per night charge in order to price the rif raf out of the market. As long as they have night guards, then the place is ok....but if you have more money to spend, consider others. Again, we only stayed here because of how close the hotel was to the fairgrounds for the car show.

The wireless network was great. Had a skype meeting and it only lagged a few times. The TV is old school CRT, and our room had a fridge, a gas burner, and a sink.... We only used the fridge.

22/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
10. Crystal T.
This is where I stayed for 2 week when I first moved to CA and it was an excellent value, the staff was great and I was very impressed with the continental breakfast, in fact it was one of the best I have ever had. Everything was wonderful.

The second time I stayed here about 3 months later when a friend from home came to visit was a total disaster, the bedding looked as if someone had emptied their electric razor on it and the staff was rude (not the over night/early morning guy he was awesome) and the breakfast was lame.  

As for the neighborhood and other motel guest.... it wasnt the classiest bunch but I didnt see any hookers or pimps, though I see how people could think that. I moved from Minneapolis and am not frightened by "those people"  as the average CA native is.  

I would probably give this place one more chance because it is such a great value and it has everything I look for when selecting lodging. Fridge, Micro, Free Internet, Free breakfast.

07/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
11. Keith O.
The hotel room smelled like ASS! like someone forgot to flush and the smell just sat there forever...

Further inspection led me to think it was coming from moisture dripping from the refrigerator. Meh.. You get what you pay for right? Lit a match to cover it up. it worked..

The room was dirty. They didn't vacuum under the beds, but I guess no one really ever checks underneath anyway right... Wrong..

Service was excellent, they get a star for that.. They even let us check in early ;)

The other star is for the free breakfast haha. bagels, bread, oatmeal, cereal, pastries, and fruit.

Over all this place is hood. That is not a typo I said "HOOD".. If you can't handle it look elsewhere. You'll thank me later.

30/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
12. Al B.
It's not bad at all. I'm all about customer service and the front desk is sometimes nice and sometimes not. Christine is the nicest and most helpful. They are lucky to have her. She's the best one behind the desk. The others are all pissed that they are at work.

04/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
13. Mark S.
I walked into a lobby that smelled of disinfectant. Good because it's clean or bad because of the smell? I walked into my room to see a carpet that appeared encrusted with dirt and tiles, in the bathroom, that were filthy. The bed was clean. I stayed 3 nights. There was no ice machine, but I could get a bucket of ice from the lobby. The continental breakfast had fresh coffee and bagels, but the apples and oranges were old and dry. Sometimes, maid service left supplies in my room (shampoo, coffee for the coffee maker, etc.). Sometimes, not. The mini-refrigerator was filthy. The microwave was clean. This is a mixed up place. Some good; some bad. I won't return.

14/10/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
14. E Y F O O.
If I could give zero starts would be great!   This place is piece of trash,  ugly neigjborhood,  hookers around and "other activities"  in and out of this horrible place!


21/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
15. Mike T.
LOL what an amusing bunch of PREVIOUS reviews! ;)

It's almost true about "Working Girls", the last time I stayed here about 3 years ago, business was "booming" (LOL).

HOWEVER, apparently the criminal activities are NOT being tolerated any more, signs posted let you know that, Police will be watching! ALSO, the rooms are being updated, and renovated, slowly from what I gather.

OK, now I liked this place even back 3 years ago, and STILL like it, BUT, as a truck driver that stays in motels a hell of a lot, this place is definitely a 6 or 7 on a 1 to 10, in MY OPINION, for the 2 star range lodging. I have stayed in some SERIOUS dumps, places even a Sailor wouldn't party, and I'm a NAVET! ;)

Hotel Elan is probably best suited for smokers, younger crowds, open minded folks of any age, and MIL! (GRIN) and the adventurous. Would I bring my Wife here? Sure, I KNOW my Wife and know she would be cool with it! :)

The rooms really are nice, again, in MY OPINION, even the non-updated ones. They have their own character, some motels and inns do NOT! The rooms have a microwave, Refrig, TV, Coffee Pot, earth tone colors, and though they may look late 70's, early 80's, are welcoming, to me at least. But I am 50, so......... ;)

Honestly though, folks that are used to "high end" HOTELS, you may NOT want to book here, see the photos, read reviews, and see what you think BEFORE you pay!

There is NOT an elevator for those needing special accommodations, so I of course, recommend you call the Hotel itself, and make a reservation for a ground floor room.

There is a Denny's across the street, and a Wendy's a little further down, didn't really see much else, though the street is VERY busy. Maybe there are a few more eateries nearby, I would check Google Maps. (My FAVORITE Map guide!)

If you are bothered by trivial things, smoke smell, loud streets, lack of anything fun to do within seconds of walking, party type folks, then maybe you might choose another Motel?Inn? Just a thought.

I personally would (definitely) stay here with my Wife on a personal visit, without thinking about it, for what ever that is worth! :)

OH, and if you want to SEE my room (229) , check out MY photos! :)

16/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
16. Sheryl V.
I really like this place for the money you get a lot!  Their rates are more than reasonable.  I will compare it to another Motel I know of in the Campbell area that charges the same rate and does NOT provide the amenities like Hotel Elan does.  I stay here whenever I need a break from my "Live-In Attendent" work and I refer everybody I know who is looking for great accomodations near downtown San Jose.  The room they gave me was great.  It had FREE Wi-Fi, microwave oven, refrigerator, hair dryer, iron and ironing board, radio/alarm clock,  a safe and even a hot tub!  Wow!  At a great price too!  Motel 6, on the other hand, has NONE of these things.  No FREE Wi-Fi not even drawers to put clothes in.  Hotel Elan San Jose is the BEST mostel I have visisted in this area.

04/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
17. Jason L.
When the management has guests sign a document to affirm that walking back and forth in front of the property (and several other curious activities) will result in removal, you know you're not at the Marriott. This is a motel for working people--working girls and independent chemists.

This place was just about the only joint in San Jose with a room available when I had to make a trip on short notice. The property looks OK on the outside, and the desk clerk who registered me was pleasant enough. But I should have paid triple for a room elsewhere in retrospect.

First, I was given a smoking room. I guess it's my own fault for assuming that such a thing had long since gone the way of the Dodo; I haven't been asked for my smoking preference when booking a room anywhere else in YEARS. I had no idea smoking rooms were still available--but it makes sense, of course. I certainly wouldn't want to smoke meth in my OWN HOUSE!

The room I was given is filthy. Every square inch of upholstery is stained and grimy. I'm putting extra bath towels on everything I might need to touch. Doors, knobs, walls--everything other than the sink and toilet is filthy. The shower curtain seems not to have been cleaned or replaced in months. The carpet is not clean by any definition of the word. Even a 14 year-old boy would be a bit grossed out.

At least one fixture in the room is shocking--literally. I touched the switch on one of the wall-mounted light fixtures and got 110 volts. Had to use the soles of my shoes to turn it back off. I'll warn the staff about it, but be cautious if you find yourself doing business in room 106--the staff seems not to take basic maintenance too seriously. Wouldn't want a client with a pacemaker to take dive on you--that would be a tough one to explain to the authorities.

25/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
18. Samuel P.
I live there for 2 days in Dec 2011. They collected my credit card and other info. My credit card was stolen at a weekend in April, 2012. The chase bank blocked my card and called me the next morning.
Be careful while showing your personal info to them.

11/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
19. Heather G.
Room had mold on the ceiling of the bathroom. The whole room was Just very rundown and in need of repairs. Fine in a pinch, but I was not impressed at all. I should have known I was in a fabulous neighborhood when they have a walk up window for after hour arrivals.

09/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
20. Tri N.
The best word to describe the fat bitch sitting at front desk is PIG, both appearance and personality. She makes zero effort to give customers a good experience, "you can do that or you can go somewhere else". Seriously, since when does hotel staff tell their customers to go somewhere else?

18/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
21. Alex P.
Went online to try and book this hotel. I called to confirm to make sure all the specials offered were indeed what we were going to get. When I called I talked to Theresa and told her I was on her site and was booking a room for the 11-13 of July. The rate was $170 for both nights and included 2 free roll away beds for children. Her response was no we don't have that special. I said I am looking right at it and she then said she would call the company and get it taken down. I asked what I would be looking at if I did book this and she said it would be well over 230 for the 2 nights with the roll away beds. I told her that was crazy and very misleading since I had the screen pulled up and she said she would take care of that right away. I will not give money to company who does business like this and would recommend you do not either!

21/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
22. Daniela R.
Stayed here twice.

The first experience was nice. Pretty clean, not noisy, comfortable, no problems and slept soundly. It's not up to par with nicer places but at least it's not like a motel 6 or ez8...room service did knock early in the morning though. Why would you do that? Let people sleep. It would have been three stars due to it's mediocre qualities; not very impressive but good enough. Plus, I don't really care for their little, basic breakfast in the AM.

The second experience seemed nice as well. I had no thoughts of being left disappointed due to my previous experience  being alright.  It was about 1:30AM when I started to feel my knee itch.

I had had a problem years ago one time when I had gotten these kind of bites and immediately realized these were bedbug bites. ( 3 bites at a time, almost adjacent to each other, and continuously itchy - different feeling from mosquito bites) Also, I have sensitive skin and react to these things pretty quickly....see pics.

So, I started looking around the bed like a mad woman in search of what may have bitten me. Lo and behold, hiding by the lining of the pillow, in the pillowcase, was the culprit. These things are never one or two though. They live together as many, so watch out if you are staying in the 230-s...or in any room for that matter.

They have an infestation.

I got it with a kleenex and took it in a small towel to the front desk. When I showed it to the lady she asked, "what is tHAt??". I calmly explained what it was and that it was unacceptable. She offered another room but [ why would I want to risk going to another infested room and bringing it back to my own home. You are ridiculous. ] ---inside thoughts...


23/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
23. Kayla B.
Update: my 4 year old daughter came home COVERED in bed bug bites! I called and the manager is on vacation for a week. The employee was not surprised at all and said. Wow, usually thy arent in this building.  We have bed bugs here but never in that room. Im surprised.  Oh my god!

08/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
24. Jorge S.
This was probably one of the worst hotels I have ever stayed in.  if i could of gotten a refund i would of not even walked into the room and they still charged a stupid amount of money!. it was horrible in every aspect. The service was horrible! the woman in the front desk was angry and clearly did not want to be there (I don't blame her... the place sucks! )

The room was horrible, stuck in some time lapse with old furniture, TV and bedding. the bathroom was not clean and it had holes in the wall... literary holes in the wall! Between constantly checking on my car to make sure it was still there and the next door having what seemed to be every drug deal gone wrong there really wasn't any time   to sleep. It was like a scene from a really bad B movie!

In summary lesson learned ! The only reason its getting one star is because i can't give it a half star...this place should be burned down and made into a parking lot!

26/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
25. Jose S.
Nasttyyy read the reviews to late had already booked my hotel couldnt cancell it lady theresa is so rude she takes 30 min just to ring people up ! And heard aboit tje bed buuggg problem havent seen nothing uet still habe one more night to stay hope it goes well when iwalked into my room i looked at the beds looked clean when i look at the pillows outside clean inside blood stain !!! Disgusting!!!dont stay here

22/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
26. Cris R.
First: BED BUGS - After my first night staying at Hotel Elan, I woke up with a few bug bites and thought it could be a mosquito or something... Second night at Hotel Elan, I woke up with bites all over my body, eyes, forehead, neck, back, arms, fingers, literally all over. I had never seen bed bugs before nor experienced anything so aggressive... I started itching and little blisters appeared on each bug bite...

I went to Hotel Elan's front desk and asked them if they ever had any guests complaining about bed bugs... The response was: "We hear things, but we never saw anything..." Then I asked the person at the counter to take a good look at my body and asked them if they were able to see that now???

Hotel Elan's staff then moved me from room 453 to room 448.... I am sorry, I might not be following... Doesn't that just carry the bugs over now that I have all my clothes exposed to this monster insect? I switched rooms but I got more bites... I tried for 4 days to speak to a manager and the manager was never there. I attended the event looking like I had chicken pox, I felt contagious... What if this "thing" is hiding somewhere and just spreads to more people at the conference? I had plans to stay with a friend after the event for 2 days, had to get another hotel and an additional expense because I didn't want to bring their bug infestation to someone else's home.

I don't even know how I am going to do to go home... How can I go home??? I called the Pest Control Health Department, filed a report, they already had a report from previous months... If anyone has experienced this unfortunate event, please do something! Call and file a complaint at 408-918-4770, think of the children staying there... I am an adult and I fell off balance with this, felt uncomfortable, felt contagious in public while attending a conference... Can you imagine the itching discomfort I am feeling if now we are talking about a little kid?

If you see something I just ask you to please, DO SOMETHING... And based on my review and several others about this hotel, I am sure you can find a better place for the same price range to stay... If you read the other Hotel reviews, you will notice I am not the first one to suffer.


Second: CUSTOMER SERVICE - I arrived early at Hotel Elan and even though they had rooms available they declined to check me in a bit earlier if I didn't pay a $10 fine. I had to work so I stayed at their lobby working on my computer until I was finally able to check in. A Spanish speaking guest arrived and asked the manager about his reservation and instead of trying to understand, she just replied with a bit of an attitude: "I don't speak Spanish". When I heard that, I approached and offered the gentleman to help him as I did understand and even if I didn't I would still try to help.


Third: BREAKFAST - Breakfast at Hotel Elan is included and has a set times to be served ending at 10 am. I came to the breakfast serving area (aka lobby) at 8 am and there was nothing... I asked about the times to serve breakfast and the person behind the counter said, oh, we ran out of stuff... If you are in the hotel business and there is a 5,000 plus people conference going on in town YOU SHOULD BE PREPARED!!!


PLEASE REPORT THEM : If you need to file a claim about their bed bug infestation, please call the Code Enforcement in San Jose, CA at 408-535-7770. They can actually fine the hotel and force them to take the proper measurements! If you see something, DO SOMETHING!

30/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
27. Brian D.
Cleaned up and now gated. Rooms are decent in both quality and size but no great deal! Close to downtown businesses as well as rift raft.The Wendy's next to it has  sn entertaining crowd. Dennys across the street 300 feet down as well.

20/05/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
28. Eric K.
I'm only rating this hotel two stars because of the friendly staff but the hotel itself wasn't so nice. The restroom was very unsat. Walls dirty, tub stained, water damage on the ceiling and broken shower rods. I made a phone call and staff was able to fix the shower rod. Television was not functioning properly. Called staffed and the where able to fix television.
Room did have a disgusting smell but kinda faded away after getting use to the stinch.
Room service did a good job making our beds every morning though.

30/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
29. Dave D.
I read the negative reviews and decided I'd not be put off by some isolated incidents. Bear in mind most people who have a good experience never bother to leave a review, but if they have complaints they are very likely to do so! So the average is highly skewed.

My experience was fine! The young man in the office was very pleasant, polite and efficient. He called me a while after I'd gotten to my room to make sure everything was OK. How many hotels do that?? I was impressed with the freshness and cleanliness of the room, especially after the scathing reviews below! The bed was well-made and spotless, and critter-free! The bathroom was clean and well-stocked, shower was great, everything as good or better than the Holiday InnExpress down the street for twice the price.

The room was spacious, the furniture way better than the garbage you now find in a Motel 6, the TV of good quality. The quality of the bed, the mattress and bedding was excellent. I slept like a rock!

Outside, very little traffic noise (and it was a Friday night!), no noisy hotrods, hookers or hostile homies! I had my valuable motorcycle parked out there and felt fine about it. The breakfast in a nice bonus and everyone in the office was polite.

So if my room is any indication, either I lucked out and got the Presidential Suite, or they revamped the place since those earlier reviews. In any case, i'd be happy to stay there again.

31/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0