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Hotel Valencia Santana Row in San Jose, CA

Hotel Valencia Santana Row in San Jose, CA


Luxury and style have an address at this 212 room chic contemporary hotel in San Jose. Elegant old world European style meets sleek modern design to create the ultimate in cosmopolitan sophistication.

A modern classic, Hotel Valencia Santana Row will appeal to travelers with the most discerning taste. Our focus on comfort and luxury is evident throughout, from the detailed architectural craftsmanship to the exquisite plush finishes. Whether your stay in San Jose is for business or pleasure, we commit to making your experience the one you desire at Hotel Valencia Santana Row.

Hotel Valencia is situated at the heart of the vibrant Santana Row urban oasis, isolated from the hustle and bustle of San Jose and Silicon Valley. This European-inspired neighborhood of Santana Row is home to a dynamic mix of upscale shopping, dining and entertainment. With its intimate sensual Mediterranean façades and lively boulevards, you will feel as if you have been transported to another time.


Established in 2003.

Hotel Valencia Santana Row opened mid 2003.


Company Info:

Rating: 3.83

Address: 355 Santana Row, San Jose, CA, 95128
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Comments (413):

1. Tofoi Y.
Lovely hotel and LOVE the setting in Santana Row but a bit too "moderne" for my taste and too many wannabe's coming in and out of the hotel to see and be seen in the bar. It was a fun stay but not sure I'd run back anytime soon.

18/11/06 | Link | Rating: 3.0
2. jean x.
I like eating, dining, gathering there. What a elegant place.  Having a drink and chatting with friends is the best way to spend the evenings there....

24/07/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
3. S. R.
I love this hotel. I live in San Jose and my husband  and I sneak away for weekends here. It's like being on vacation. It's a great location, Santana Row and I love the hotel. I'd have given it 5 stars, but our first stay there was horrible: loud workers in the courtyard below our room in the early morning,  fire alarm and evacuation at 2:00 (false alarm). They've since redeemed themselves and I can't wait to go back.

03/03/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
4. e a.
5 stars for service and how much I enjoyed my stay.  
Ok, so while this isn't technically a 5-star hotel, I give it 5 stars because:
1)  I signed up for their club online and got a great room (king) overlooking their courtyard (replete with fire-pits and water fountains) as part of a package that offered in-room wine and cheese for Bastille Day.  Decent price--not cheap, but not outlandish either.
2)  Check-in staff was OUTSTANDING.  Very friendly and inviting.  Huge  and genuine smiles.  My boyfriend and I clearly aren't super chic like a lot of the Santana Row clientele, but they treated us like millionaires.
3)  The room--oh lordy THE ROOM!  Modern but warm feel with curved ceiling alcove entry.  Tons of room--complimentary magazines for browsing, well-stocked mini-bar and goody tray.  I loved the sliding frosted-glass door for the bathroom and the textured woven grass wall treatments .  Generous tub and wonderful view--get a courtyard view if you can!  Might've been even nicer if the VOX water in the bathroom was complimentary, but oh well.
4)  Extended continental breakfast--this was also above expectations and beyond the basic cereal and plastic wrapped danish.  They had blueberry pancakes, omelets, bacon, fresh fruit, bagels, etc.  It was tasty and filling.
I would go back in an instant--only bummer were the gloomy hallways.

17/07/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
5. Ryan D.
Very cool hotel right in the middle of the main drive at Santana Row.  My company had a holiday party upstairs and it was quite cool.  The food and drinks were great, and they had this really cool chocolate fountain you could dip strawberrys into as well.  After the party headed over to their bar which was very chill but just cool looking in general, my friends and I sat in lounge chirs and sofas just taking it all in.  I will definitely consider going back for a post work drink or two with friends now that I know its here.  Word.

14/12/05 | Link | Rating: 5.0
6. Rachel R.
My mom is the kind of woman who loves a five star hotel and is always on the look-out for good water pressure in the shower.  She loves Hotel Valencia, despite the absurd wait you have to endure every time you want to retrieve your car from the vallet.  She has stayed there so frequently that she is a VIP and gets a complimentary bottle of Santana Row wine!  Be sure to ask for the coupon book at the from desk, which will get you discounts at lots of Santana Row shops.

02/02/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
7. Nigel M.
Arrived on business travel and was upgraded to a beautiful room with 2 balconies overlooking Santana Row, 2 seating areas, plasma TV, bar and a very upscale bathroom with both tub and walk-in shower. The hotel has a lovely pool & spa with a view overlooking san jose and the mountains, and VBar and BlowFish are great bars essentially within 20 feet of the hotel. Complementary breakfast was excellent with highly preofessional staff. Highly reccomended (by a jaded traveller no less...)

14/03/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. Bella B.
Very nice, very friendly staff -- valets, front desk, room service.

25/11/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
9. Kelly M.
I'm giving this hotel 3 stars because I was just so frustrated with the pool side drink service. There is no bar at the pool, not even to get non-alcoholic beverages.  There is a single phone to call room service to order beverages.  When we placed our order for one margarita and one Corona, they told us it would be half an hour.  Are they going down the street to pick limes off a tree? What could possibly take half an hour for 2 drinks.  Well, we didn't get our beverages for a full hour!  They did comp our drinks, but I was already heading back to the room by the time I got mine.  So frustrating!  Additionally, the pool was on the roof overlooking the courtyard...which is cool but not when a wedding is going on. I felt so bad for the poor bride and groom who had to listen to screaming children and annoying/drunk adults making rude comments about their happy day.  
The rooms were decent...modern and typical these days.  I'm not a big fan of Santana Row. It's just manufactured charm, which isn't charming at all.  I only stayed there for an event.  If you're traveling to San Jose, skip Santana Row and just find a charming hotel in Los Gatos or Saratoga.

25/08/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
10. Vivien W.
Very chic, stylish boutique hotel with great people-watching potential (particularly at night).  The V Bar off the lobby is very Sex-in-the-City wanna-be with the metal curtains and crazy expensive drinks.  The outdoor courtyard is the best on warm nights--and is overlooked by the hotel rooms facing in.  Check out the cozy beehive style nooks off the very hip lobby.  The Ayoma Spa here--which is Ayurvedic--is tiny (just a small suite of rooms) but has friendly staff and good massages.

05/03/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
11. Melissa A.
Okay, you last minute larry's..and linda's.....
Every want to get away for Labor Day and don't plan ahead so all of the coastal, napa valley, bodega bay choices all laugh at you for even trying to call on a holiday weekend on Friday, and then only want to stay for 2nights???? And then you try Santa Cruz and they are charging $250 a night for MOTELS?

Well, if this is Dejavu for you- then the Hotel Valencia is a great option. I had to convince my "other" as his idea of a getaway did not include San Jose (no offense..). And we both were a bit skeptical of the whole "fake europe" theme.....Anyhow, for $169 bucks we got a great room with a view, looking over their almost rooftop pool (that was very "resorty", free HOT and really tasty breakfast (as opposed to those lame "continental breakfasts that are comprised of stale pastries" at most places...and free water bottles when you go in and out of the hotel. Their service, from the nice person on the phone who said "we have rooms available...but if you are able to go online you will get it for cheaper"...to the registration desk who said "there's a wedding happening in the courtyard, pls call us if it is loud and we would be happy to move you"...to the very nice people all over the hotel. We laid by the pool by day, ate dinner in the row, had a spa treatment, and played outdoor chess, strolled through Gucci and Furla...then ended the evening with a dip in the jacuzzi. All in all, I would do it again.Pleasantly surprised...last minute Linda's unite!!!

12/09/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
12. Joselita T.
This is my favorite bar to hang-out, chill, and party in Santana Row.  I love the 3rd floor bar where you can look down the street and people watch while enjoying your drinks and some company in the balcony.  The courtyard is a nice place to wind down by the fire and chat the night away.  It's so pretty and I love gazing up in the skies and checking out the decorative exterior of the hotel rooms.  Santana Row is such a great place to walk around at night.  It's fancy enough to make you feel like you're really in the company of the Silicon Valley peeps but cool enough to just be yourself and enjoy what it has to offer.  It has high-end shops with an occasional regular chain restaurants and shops like Chevy's and Cheesecake Factory.  Also, across the street is Winchester Mystery house.  I think it's interesting but kind of pricey.  I think it's so much worthy to visit the Winchester Mystery house around halloween when they have the flashlight tour.

13/09/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
13. Walter J.
We took a short trip just to get away and stayed at the Hotel Valencia. I must say it was a great stay! The level of customer service is amazing. Jackie the woman at the front desk was super friendly and truly seemed interested in getting me just the right room. She also made great food recomendations.  Angel the customer service person that answered the phone when I called down from the room to get an ice bucket was also great. Who ever is the HR person really picks and trains the staff well.. The room was large with a balcony that overlooked the center courtyard. I had heard that on weekends the partying in the courtyard could be pretty loud. Jackie assured me that they shut it down right at 11:30. The balcony was great to people watch and by 11:45 it was dead quiet. They really follow through on what they tell the customer. the room also had a 42" LCD Panasonic television. It was great and the reception was also perfect. So many times you check into a hotel and the TV is either from the last century or has a signal that makes Hawaii 5-0 look like it is snowing. Not this place. They have attention to detail. The continental breakfast had great fruit Juice, toast, bagels, eggs, sausage, blitzes, oatmeal, fruit, cold cuts, cheese and more. It was more like a full buffet than a continental breakfast. The only negative.... GET BETTER COFFEE. Oh if that is my biggest complaint you know this place is good.!

14/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
14. Nina P.
I booked a room here for my Mom's 60th birthday. I was actually shocked at the very reasonable price. The hotel is chic, with a lovely courtyard and a well stocked breakfast buffet (at Citrus Restaurant) which is included in the price of the room. My husband recently traveled to Long Beach, of all places, and had to pay substantially more for a less desirable (well known chain). Other reviews are correct, there is quite a night life and it can be a bit more "lively" at night. However, the noise subsided at a decent time and if you like night life this is the place for you. If you are traveling to San Jose, overall, Santana Row is the best ambience you are going to get and Valencia's Boutique style rooms are well decorated, luxe and clean. It is also very convenient to pop over to Burke Williams for spa treatments. Hotel Valencia also has its own spa. You can actually detect the aroma of lavender and other essential oils from the spa, which I found very calming. Excellent value and a way better experience for someone traveling to San Jose than anything else you could find at a comparable price.

01/04/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
15. S. L.
This hotel is so beautiful I wish I could have stayed longer :( The rooms are nice and big, the bed is SO comfy! They give you samples from Lather which were really nice. We got champagne and strawberries too. It is like an escape from San Jose. One of the best nights of my life ;) *wink*

18/12/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
16. Anton G.
Very nice hotel.  Modern, convenient, cozy, with fanstastic decor and friendly, helpful staff.  Great place to stay if you want to make an event out of visitng San Jose area.

15/12/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
17. blue c.
If you come to San Jose you must stay at this hotel. It is one of a kind. If you get tired of staying in a great hotel you can go across the street to Valley Fair the best shopping in northern California.

22/06/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
18. Nina B.
Very beautiful hotel with professional, courteous staff. Rooms are modern, well-appointed decor, very comfortable and rich feeling. Beautiful pool on the roof. The V Bar is very cool and swanky with it's metal beaded curtains  and black leather square chairs and couches. Also a charming outdoor area with cascading eternity fountain. Highly recommend the Martinis and Manicures on the first Tuesday night of each month ($20, call for reservation). Also the Ayooma Ayeurvadic Spa does the most incredible "4 hands" (two massage therapists at once) massage that will put you into nirvana.

30/01/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
19. Mike B.
We stayed there last week and enjoyed the location, shopping and nightlife. The room was nice, however, we had trouble with the air
conditioning and ended up having an engineer in our room until 10 pm that night. Then the TV quit and had to be repaired ( luckily the engineer was still there) so my point is: its an older hotel and is showing signs of needed upgradws, given the level of pricing.
I feel it important to note that Briana, the manager gave us a break on the room and agreed that a bottle of complimentary wine was certainly in order, which helped after a stressful day.
Here is another reason I gave it 3 stars: Valencia has a policy of NO outside liquor in the rooms!!! Apparently you need to pay the outrageoous courtesy bar prices...which we found to be tacky for such a supposedly upscale hotel. Our daughter sent us a basket of goodies, flowers and a bottle of wine that we weren't allowed to drink.
Obviously, if we had known this policy when making the reservations, we would have stayed elsewhere.

21/09/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
20. Tracey Lee D.
This was the 3rd stop the big 3-0 Extravaganza.  We checked into our room after lunch and pedicures.  The lady at the front desk was very friendly and fast.  We went up to our room and it was immaculate and very appealing.  Later on, when were getting ready, we discovered that for four girls getting dolled up for an evening out, there weren't quite enough mirrors.  There was the Bathroom mirror, a large stand up mirror in the corner of the room, and a little light-up, magnifying mirror that you could move around the room.  We really needed one more, but we somehow made it through anyway.  
The food/bar in the room is ridiculously overpriced, so make sure you bring your own snacks and booze if you are the type to drink and snack in your room.  For example, you can buy a small bottle of water for $4.  What a deal (and it was expired!).  However, you can grab a free bottle of water on your way out if the tub right by the entrance to the hotel is stocked up.  Quite thoughtful.
When we got back to the room after our night out, they had turn down the beds and left us little mints.  Yum.  We were a bit intoxicated, and brought some of our friends up, so we were a tad bit loud.  We got a noise complaint within ten minutes.  Oops.  The guy that called was very nice and just doing his job, and he politely told us to be quite.  We tried really hard, and didn't get another call about us.  Hooray!
The beds and pillows were totally comfy, and I don't think it was just because I was drunk.  They have a complimentary breakfast for guests, so we went down to enjoy that in the morning.  A nice selection of the type of stuff you would expect to find for a continental breakfast (eggs, bread, cereal, fruit, oatmeal, juice, etc).  
Overall, everything was great, and I was quite happy with the experience.

16/01/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
21. Kim P.
Very cool oasis in the middle of San Jose.  I've been here for drinks several times, and although the service is somewhat lacking, the drinks make up for it.  Expect to pay about $50 for a couple drinks and an appetizer, but then again, it's Santana Row....

15/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
22. Marsh-Silog P.
The cutest hotel located in the cute Santana Row.  Stayed the night for my bachelorette party.  It was great.  I would give 5 stars BUT my friend found a black thong in the closet and it didn't belong to anyone there...someone had a better party than we did.  The atmosphere is great and decor is cute.  I'd stay in this chain again.

06/12/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
23. Suzanne Y.
Spent July 22 and 23 at the hotel and had a great time.  Easy valet, nice reception... got an upgrade!  We were there to celebrate our wedding anniversary.  They put in our room a bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.  That was a wonderful surprise.  The room was spacious but not cluttered.  We had a balcony room over Santana Row.  It was very noisy in the evening but hey, we are all there to have fun so it was just lots of happy sounds. Maybe the court yard side would be more quiet.  We ate at the Citrus restaurant in the hotel.  The service was wonderful.  Food was very fresh but could use a better cook.  The meat was cooked to our liking but the veggies need some more cooking. Outside dinning was next to outside bar seating(on the other side of the court yard) lots of cigar and cigarette smoking, not good to have with a meal so we ate inside.  Over all we would definitely go again!  Thank you Valencia for all the wonderful people you have working to make our time special!

24/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
24. Danna W.
Great Hotel, great location, beautiful rooms. The rooms are just to die for, and what great it that everything they have in there can be bought in shops in Santana Row. So as you can guess, my house is beginning to look like one of there rooms.

12/08/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
25. Andrenaline R.
This is a 4 star hotel, not a 5 star. The extra star makes a difference. I haven't actually stayed at this hotel, but neither has the majority of people who come here late at night to drink up and check out the scene. I don't really like the nitelife here, because it's so foo foo. What I like is actually coming here during the daytime, when the weather is warm and going up to the roof where you can take a nap on their porch and enjoy the sun. The roof top is a good place to watch fireworks during 4th of july.

25/10/06 | Link | Rating: 3.0
26. Brandon M.
Hotel Valencia is located in the heart of Santana Row, an area, Lot's of folks, love to hate. But, the night life is lively. I'm guilty for liking it. I was given a gift, a weekend stay, after we shot a wedding here.
First, the wedding was in a small roof top court yard. Really cute, it was all decked out like Greek, maybe it was because it was a Greek wedding. There was another wedding going on in a bigger court yard on the third floor at exactly the same time. That shows you how busy this place gets and I didn't know why at first. But the staff are the coolest accommodating I've seen, as well as the valet guys. Weddings end at 10pm, so the hotel guest can have some quiet time, I think.
The hotel has a lively club/bar restaurant scene. When I was walking out for the night life and walking in, there was people being carded for the bar. Who would have known that a hotel has  a  scene.
My room was really nice. No complaints here. The prices I hear is reasonable. This is an impress a date kind of place and I will return.
This is a review on Santana Row as much as it is a review on the hotel because they seem to reflect the same attitude. There are great restaurants and they have an outdoor concert and movie night out on the square. If you have a problem with ritz, I suggest you stay away from this area known as Santana Row. I have to say, the people at the street boutique had no problems when I ask if I could plug my  lighting in their electrical power and this girl actually suggested and helped move their large umbrella so I could get the shot. Tell me you can get that kind of friendliness in SF.
The peninsula is much better with Hotel Valencia and Santana Row in it, you can go somewhere else if you get bored with it. Do what I do if you think it's too plush and snobby,  get in a hard workout and learn to relax and be pampered and shop.

17/09/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
27. Shane L.
very good place to drink and chat with significant others,

26/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
28. Ann C.
Aside from the fire alarm going off the stay was excellent.

04/03/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
29. Kehri F.
LOVED the stay at the place. It was only for anight in a executive suite but i wished it went on for ever. So amazing.

18/01/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
30. Steve K.
Place is definately cool.  I like the scene and the bar upstairs.  Will 100% be back.

04/05/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
31. Sunny C.
At the night of the check-in as I was about to take a smoke break at the courtyard and I asked the manager on duty, Scott, for a lighter. He said "no", rudely, and then asked me whether I was a guest at the hotel . I said yes, and he swiftly told me not to wander around the lobby/courtyard past midnight. ON THE SAME NIGHT we asked the housekeeping department for slippers since my mom needed some, it took them several phone calls back and forth to make sure whether they had any. Fine. After they were positive they made me another call telling me that they would deliver us some. They did NOT ask me how many pairs we needed and I forgot to mention. A Hispanic lady came with A pair, a single pair and I kindly asked her to get us another two pairs. I apologized to her even though God knows I didn't need to. She seemed reluctant but agreed to go and get some more. She came back with the slippers and I tipped her a couple dollars for it. But I was the one who said thanks as I handed her the tip, she did NOT! I made a complain to another manager on duty the following morning. I didn't ask for anything except not to have Scott bothering me again. What they did the following day, I guess as a make-up, was cheap: A plate of stale fruits and a bottle of water (they don't offer free water), seemingly opened (I'm not sure about this so let's forget about this)!

10/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
32. Shiho F.
Loved this place, perfect place for a wedding party to stay especially if it takes place at Mission Santa Clara.  I loved the pool on the 4th floor it literally took me to an island destination.  Great service and classy atmosphere.

10/07/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
33. Michael B.
Weekend getaways are always a great treat, that's why this time, we decided to go somewhere far but not too far, close to shops, and with a good nightlife.  Where else do all three of those exist?  Santana Row!  Hotel Valencia is actually right in the middle of Santana Row -- the poshest of the posh -- the yuppiest of the yuppies.  Great amenities from the bar on the 2nd floor to the pool on the top deck, this Hotel's got you spoiled.  The rooms have a contemporary twist to it.  Who would have thought tall and thin branches could accentuate a room when placed in a vase by the corner?!?  We invited some friends over after a night of drinking(binging), and got a call from the front desk notifying us that we were a bit too loud.  Yes we were.  Boy was that a fun getaway!

02/11/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
34. Pacis B.
thought it would be kind of romantic, but theres not much romance in bouncers, loud music from the V bar, or cougars roaming around for rich guys.

the hotel is pretty swanky though. we got a suite, for about $600. i think for the price, you'd be somewhere with a lot more amenitites, plus when you leave the row, you still are in the middle of San Jose, and not much else is around.

However, if you have the money to be spending a whole day shopping and dining in Santana Row, this a a great way to end the night. I loved waking up and not having to walk too far to find a good breakfast.

12/07/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
35. Joie G.
I give it a 4 star based on the level of service, cool furniture, clean rooms, location and the price. My friends and I stayed here last week after an evening of food and DRINKS. I decided to plan ahead and get a room because I knew that I would not be able to drink after celebrating my birthday. I had a little problem after checking in at the lobby, as I headed up to "my room," I met a nice woman on the elevator, we got off on the same floor and I mentioned my room number and she said that that was her room number too. hmmm. We walk up to the room and tried both of our keys and of course they both worked. I make my way back to the lobby (seven floors carrying my big bag) and waited patiently to tell my story. They were very nice and apologetic at the front desk and gave me a free upgrade (after I asked about a bigger room) to a suite with a little balcony. She even had champagne and chocolate covered strawberries sent up. Our stay also included a nice little breakfast in the morning. They had eggs, bacon, pancakes, cereal, oatmeal, fresh juice, selection of breads and pastries.
If you don't mind loud noise from the street below and surrounding hot spots. I recommend you give a Hotel Valencia a try. :)

20/06/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
36. Kali L.
If you plan on spending a day or two at Santana Row with your girlfriends, I definitely recommend getting a room here.  Me and my girlfriends went out here for a 1 day getaway to celebrate for a friends bridal shower....we got a room here, went next door to Burke Williams Spa, went shopping, and had dinner at Maggianos.  The location of the hotel was perfect for us because our spa treatment and dinner reservation were right next to each other.  The hotel is pretty nice, and the room we had was also nice.  The hotel was a perfect meeting place for us gather and get ready together.

25/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
37. A. K.
I had an amazing stay here.
Very  W hotel-ish but MUCH better. And affordable.
The rooms are sexy. Dark leather, faux fur throw,plantation shutters, and a beautiful bathroom with top of the line bath products.

Now here's the good part. I've stayed at several 5 stars hotels, and the bed here was the MOST comfortable bed out of any place I've ever stayed. Everything from the sheet thread count, to the fluffy pillows to the mattress itself...perfect.

Perfect for a romantic getaway.

Brunch in the courtyard is a must.

I would have brought my swimsuit if I had known their pool was going to be that fantastic.

24/07/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
38. Kim C.
I loved our room when we stayed her but the service was not as good as I was expected for as much as we paid.

31/08/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
39. Karen O.
Cute little hotel amid lots of shopping and dining...stayed over night on a Saturday for a romantic getaway with husband.  The front desk staff was very friendly and we were able to check in early.  Room had a bottle of merlot waiting for us..a special perk if you sign up for their VIP program..  Nice decor in the room, we had a balcony that faced the courtyard.... Only one problem, between the time of 2-4 am. there were a few instances where people where coming down the hall making a bunch of noise but that is to be expected with a hotel that has a nightclub in it..  In the morning a complimentary buffet in the Citrus restaurant..had about 4 hot entrees and the rest fruit, bagels, and pastries with cereal.  Will defintely go back again sometime!

05/03/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
40. Jennifer N.
rooms are nice and affordable. the also have a conference/meeting room available too and its attached to a very nice patio area. maybe good enough for a small wedding? the jabbawockeez had a conference meeting there and we were invited and it was very nice i loved the breeze out there!

17/08/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
41. Albert Y.
very clean and enjoyed our stay... the people were nice the place was gorgeous couldnt have asked for more

09/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
42. CorporateMom L.
Hotel Valencia is first class for customer service! Whether in person at the hotel or on the phone, they are always ready and willing to help and go to all extent to make sure we have a wonderful experience.  Hats off to Ashley who works there!

16/11/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
43. Angie C.
At the V-Bar, the drinks are strong and the place is plush and comfy. Great place to meet people after work! However, finding the V-Bar at first try may be a trip.

23/03/06 | Link | Rating: 4.0
44. Heather S.
I have stayed here too many times to count (over 100 nights) and I highly recommend this hotel.  Very nice cool modern surroundings and good service.  There have been some low points over the past few years, but it has improved. Lately things have been running very smoothly.

The free breakfast is very good especially the coffee.  I also love the pool and hot tub.

The rooms are some of the most nicely decorated I have seen and the beds very comfortable.

If you are bothered by noise, make sure you don't have a courtyard side room on Thurs, Fri, and Sat nights.  The V bar overflow can be pretty loud.

19/11/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
45. Tiffany K.
A couple of years ago, my family and I stayed here because my dad's company chose this hotel to have their business conferences. I remember that the hotel was really nice. The hotel lobby is dark and simple, and has a very nice ambiance. The guest rooms are very business chic and comfortable. Oh, and they have a nice pool too! Also, you get to be right on top of Santana Row and across the street from Valley Fair. One great thing is that although it is atop Santana Row, you don't hear any of the noise and commotion from the drunk people and loud music of Blowfish, etc. Too bad I live in San Jose so it would be kind of pointless to spend money to stay here, but maybe for my birthday someone can treat me?? Haha! =)

28/06/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
46. Brent I.
Being from Hawai'i where upscale resorts abound, I would have thought it extremely difficult for a hotel in San Jose to impress me.  When Hotel Valencia opened its doors, I was positively surprised.  From the trickling fountain in the candlelit lobby, to the fantastic views of the Santa Cruz mountains from Cielo (an outdoor wine terrace and bar), to the european atmosphere of Santana Row, this stylish boutique hotel is well appointed and oozes serenity and relaxation.   In fact, I will sometimes check in when I just need a weekend to wind down.  

One of my favorite elements of this hotel is the bathrooms.  They are well-lit, clean, spacious, and unmistakably chic.

If you ever have to find a room in the San Jose area, definitely look into Hotel Valencia -- you won't regret it.

07/07/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
47. Susan L.
I came here for a wedding recently and it was gorgeous. They had the outside patio closed off for the reception before they opened up the ballroom for the banquet. The weather was perfect and it was certainly nice to hangout in the courtyard before the banquet. The decorations were very nicely done, vases were set by the hotel whereas flowers were provided by the wedding party. The banquet room was very nice, clean, medium sized, perfect for about 150 people. They certainly keep this place very nice. The bathrooms were also very nice. The food was catered by the hotel restaurant Citrus - standard wedding food, not awesome, not horrible, the appetizer (buttered lobster fritata) was delicious. I'd definitely recommend having a wedding banquet at this place. If your dance party sucks there's always a ton of bars downstairs for your guests to hit up afterwards.

25/06/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
48. Steve H.
I would like to start off by saying the looks of the hotel, the location was not bad. The service was good. But i want to knock the actual room itself. This hotel located in a high class area. A lot of people walkin around with their noses up in the air. SNOBS we poor folk call them. When my wife and i arrived this past weekend the reservations were screwed up. We had made the reservations for Feb 22,23, check out the 24th. Well the very nice and polite young lady at the lobby said our reservations were for March, Not Feb. SO right there i had a bad feeling about this joint. Not to mention i hate being around these yuppies. Anyways, The very nice and polite young lady was able to make the changes and have us check in. No Problem. Well we get to our room. Open the door and both my wife and i thought it was a nice looking room. Modern looking,. And was a good size. No plasmas. Had a nice mini bar. A nice desk area if you brought your work w/ you. Cisco IP phone that liked since i used this phone at work. And they even had a cordless. Bathroom had some interesting additions. A glass sliding door vs your traditional door that swings open and closed. Anyways, We were on the 5th floor (hotel starts on the 3rd). Well It rained all weekend here in Beautiful San Jose California. The bad part was that the rain gutters are located by the windows of every other room. And we heard the rain tapping all night. That was not the worse of it. For such a HIGH STAR hotel, the beds were awful. Hard. NOISY( come one i said i was with my wife. What else am i going to do). The pillows were too big and hard too. That was very uncomfortable. Now here it was 11pm and we just got back from dinner. The next thing i hear is this large group of women outside in the hall way. laughing. talking loud. just being rude. well i walked out into the hall in just my boxers and asked them to be quiet as people were trying to sleep. BIG MISTAKE as the women then started to cheer me on and really pi$$ed off my wife. I actually enjoyed it,. OK, Sorry.... Well we ended up having to call the front desk and quickly they put a stop to the madness in the hall. But now we had to fight to fall asleep because of this awful bed. Not to mention to do anything else a couple would do in bed was not easy due to the LOUD BED.

Bottom line, I had a crappy time here at this hotel. I would not recommend staying here especially for the price. I have had more sleep and comfort in a Super 8 motel in Phoenix AZ then i did here at this yuppie joint.

The pluses were:
~they did have a free breaskfast daily. (food was ok)
~cool bars close.
~burke williams was a great place for a massage (2nd floor)
~and your only 2 min walkin distance to get the heck away from the yuppies
~rooms were nice looking. but are you there for looks or to sleep in comfort?

Hope this review helps, and i hope more people follow and add their comments as well.

25/02/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
49. Anita L.
Gorgeous little boutique hotel in Santana Row -- the choice of the rich and famous. Carlos Santana (how appropriate) stayed here when he was in town to perform at the HP Pavilion and I know this because I bumped into him checking into the hotel with his entourage.

04/10/05 | Link | Rating: 4.0
50. William A.
I stayed here for 4 nights when I was moving and other than its a bit pricey, loved it. Great service, great rooms, restaurant is good, and you are in the middle of it all......

29/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
51. Richard S.
Great little hotel and probably more of a bargain that one would think. It's within walking distance of several nice restaurants and a bunch of retail stores. I'm told the spa is pretty posh as well. Went there for a work event and it was ideal. The conference rooms are nearby and there's a courtyard nearby so you can get some fresh air in between sessions. You get a cozy feeling from this place. The rooms are a decent size and the are modern in design. There's free Wi-Fi and breakfast and by that I mean a real breakfast with eggs and bacon and pastries and juices. The fitness center is on the small size but it's free and open 24 hours. My one complaint is that the entire hotel seemed dimly lit.

25/09/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
52. Audrey S.
Stayed at this Hotel on a Saturday for a bachelorette party. It is the perfect location. Nobody had to drive, we just had to stumble to our rooms.
I think we all made it safely.......eventually??? LOL
V-Bar makes a fantastic Caipirinha! The music was great. The people even better!
The balcony is just perfect and of course the center courtyard is awesome! I just wish that the courtyard stayed open until 2am. :(
The hotel serves a pleasant breakfast in the morning. (Although I only wanted water and coffee and more water) possibly due to an over consumption of alcohol the night before!
The service was great. I would have given this place a 5 stars, but there was only one problem. There was one mean grumpy employee who I think worked with housekeeping. She scolded me! LOL :) I was shocked!
Seriously, she is lucky that I was a good sport compared to others.
I was sitting in the lobby (where you check in) on the couches with a few of my friends. I had taken my sandals off and had my feet against the table. No..no..no, not on the table top, but just against the table. Granted, I am all for etiquette.....usually... regardless, her approach was terrible. She needs to work on being nicer.

31/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
53. Miko H.
Great boutique hotel. I stayed here for the first time on 3/31. I got the standard king bed room facing the courtyard. The room was really nice. Comby bed and really soft leather chair. Overstuffed pillows. The staff was friendly. Complimentary breakfast in the morning at Citrus. They had 4 hot entrees - egg, sausages, oatmeal, crepe-like item along with the standard breads and cereal. Even though the room was facing the courtyard, I couldn't hear the noise from the V-bar. Though, it could be cuz I was on the 7th floor. It is pricey if you just want a place to sleep. But if you are looking for a really nice hotel to stay, this is the place. I would come back again.

03/04/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
54. Lorie A.
We stayed here for my husband's b-day last weekend.  The plan was to meet about a dozen friends at the rooftop bar for drinks then go to dinner.  Problem was the roof top bar was closed for a private event.  OK things like that happen so we met the group downstairs at the Vbar, had a few drinks and went across the street for dinner.  The problem arose when we returned to our room.  My daughter and her fiance (who had a room key with them) were searched at the door of the hotel.  They are NOT suspicious looking people in anyway.  They were told they could not bring in the cranberry juice and one six pack of beer they had in a bag.  The guard actually told them it was "illegal in the state of California" to bring alcohol into a hotel room.  He was extremely rude;  finally allowing him to bring up the cranberry juice.  We always bring a bottle of wine or something to drink with us when we check in to hotels all over the country/world this is the only hotel where this has been an issue.  .  The next morning when we checked out and complained we were told that when we registered we signed an agreement not to bring alcohol in to the room.  This was never pointed out to us when I signed the registration. We would not have stayed here if we knew their policy.  From several of the other reviews about parties in the rooms, it sounds like this is not a policy that is enforced on all guests.  The rest of our stay was great, but this is what accounts for the low rating.  If you don't mind being searched at the door of the hotel where you are staying, then you'll love this place.

15/08/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
55. Jaime G.
I was pleasantly surprised by this hotel.  Fairly new.  Comfortable and tastefully decorated rooms.  Interesting common areas.  Mostly helpful and friendly staff.  Lather (a Los Angeles favorite!) bath products in the spa-like bathroom.  I'd definitely stay there again on a future visit to San Jo.  A good value.

07/11/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
56. Curtis B.
I love this place!
I have stayed here at least 10 times since it opened, and it's one of my favorite hotels in the world.
The rooms are cozy, though a bit dark, which is fine by me because i am just there to sleep.
The VBar is probably the coolest place in San Jose to hang out, and there is usually a good non-hotel crowd at least Wed-Sat nights.  but beware of the very strong drinks!

27/04/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
57. Sharon S.
I was so excited about staying here. I had wanted to since the first time I saw the Hotel. It's beautiful! Well, I won a one night stay from KGO radio. I got to the desk. They were professional, but defiantely not friendly. I got to my room & it was just as pretty as I thought it would be. I opened the doors to the balcony & there was a cute little table overlooking the courtyard. Flowers on all the other tables, but not this one. No worries, just an obvservance. I like that they use Lather product in the bathroom. Then it was night time & I was ready for a peaceful night away from work. OMG! Even with the doors closed, it was SO NOISY in the courtyard! The door going into the hallway didn't fit just right, so everytime the elevator or a dood opened mine would jerk. It ounded like someone was trying to get in to my room all night. I didn't get to sleep until after 2:00.
I wrote a nice letter to the company to let them know about the door. NO RESPONSE. Then I wrote one telling them how disappointed I was that no one had responded to my letter. To this day I have not heard from anyone.  I think this hotel is more for the partying young person than someone that wants to get away to relax.

27/07/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
58. Jr. Jun W.
Vbar is a nice place to drink and be social. I come here about once a month. The place gets pretty packed and the crowd is mixed which is a good thing. Age ranges mainly from about 25 and up. Or from what it looks like to me. They have a patio as well which you can go in and out of . Nice atmosphere , I totally love those chain drapes that you have to go through to get in.  A big plus is that the restrooms are really clean.

12/04/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
59. Shaun G.
Decided to take my GF here for her 30th bday to have a night of fun followed by relaxation. First impression of the hotel at check in very nice, girls at the front desk polite and attentive. Get up to the room clean, elegant. So we get ready and head out to Santana row. Everything is good until we try to come back a few times..? We get stuck in the line where everyone is showing id's to get up to the vbar.. of course were guest so why do I have to wait in line to show id's ? on top of this its pouring rain on everyone.. so we get to the front after being soaked and have to show security the room card which I need to dig out of my wallet. So we do this a few times and its really annoying but we comply. So then we have some friends meet up with us later in the evening and they want to come up to the room, when at check in the girl at the counter says there is a 3 guest max. for the king room. I say ok. So when our friends come we bring them in and head to the lounge to respect the hotels room policy. No problem. We spend some time together in the courtyard by the vbar and then they head home. Its now about 12am. The hotel is still rockin which is figured being on Santana row. We head up to the room and as we walk down the hall its very loud.. okay the vbar is still open so people are still out and about. So we get to our room and settle in. We have had a very pleasant evening besides getting carded every time we came back to this hotel. We fall asleep on the ever so comfy sheets and come around 1:30 am there about 5-10 girls (should I say ladies), outside our room door talking, laughing, and making so much noise we might as well have had the door open. They make all this noise for about 30 minutes. Now we are wide awake. About 2am they decide to go into their room .. lucky us its the room that is adjoined with ours by a center door. Once again so loud (most likely because they came from the club with loud music which I can understand to some degree). We decide to call the front desk. A young girl answers the phone and says she will take care of it. A few minutes later, someone comes up as we here them knock on the door and ask the ladies to be a little quieter. As we think things are better they fire up the conversation again and they sound as if there in the club still, I can hear all the conversations loud and clear about this guy..that guy.. way to much information that myself nor my girlfriend wanted to hear we just wanted to sleep, they then order room service so loud I could hear the details clearly. It was so loud once again I might as well had the door connecting the rooms open. This goes on until 3am which we decide to call the front desk again. They say the same thing. Someone comes up and ask them to keep it down. Finally around 3:30 am they quited down or separated to their own rooms. Honestly I can understand some noise and having fun but 2am in the morning I paid $200 to get a nice nights sleep in a nice classy hotel not listen to these ladies and there nights adventure. We were so upset we left early around 8am. The citrus restaurant breakfast was nice. Overall I do like this hotel but do not recommend staying there if you want a quites night sleep. At check out the manager ask how the stay was and we tell him all the nights adventures. He said he took note of the room and would see to it we have a quieter room if we decide to return. He could have at least comp'd the valet parking which was $24.. something...?? If we decide to stay here again we will def. have to talk with the management about a quieter area in the hotel. This hotel was 10 times louder than our stay at Mandalay bay in Vegas! If your here to party all night you will love it, but like us if your looking for a nice relaxing night off Santana row when your done partying for the night it might not be the place to stay.

15/05/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
60. Vivek P.
Hotel Valencia is just about the hippest hotel in the Bay Area (not including SF) which is a good thing IF that is what you are looking for...

I have been staying here for the past 2 weeks (unfortunately for business), and well its been interesting.

Rooms: "Very Nice!" - Seriously though the rooms are some of the nicest I have seen and the fresh fruit / chocolates waiting for you doesn't hurt one bit.

Service: Overall decent - They really come through with the big ticket items (hard to get restaurant reservations, printing out old receipts, etc.) but miss with small items (delivering dry cleaning from downstairs to your room w/o a call, delivering toothpaste, etc.).

Convenience:  Hotel Valencia is in the right spot.  It is surrounded by great restaurants and shops where my expense dollars can go to proper use (I kid...well sort of).

Bottom line: Hotel is great for fun, but not up to par for business - I will be moving back to the Sheraton.  

However if I were ever to plan a getaway to San Jose (no idea why I would do that) then I would book myself in the Valencia ASAP - unfortunately I am there for business.

01/03/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
61. Tani H.
A completely beautiful hotel.

Stayed there for a 'getaway without leaving the area' evening (meaning without kids!)  The rooms are spectacularly decorated, and the service was the best I've ever had in this area.

Highly recommended!!

13/11/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
62. Anosha S.
Stayed here for my 20th and 21st birthday...in the executive and junior suite, respectively. Most comfortable hotel I have ever stayed at. Very clean and the beds are very comfortable!!

08/06/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
63. karenina c.
I use to go bar hopping a lot, and we came to VBar a couple of times, on the weekends it can get pretty crowded, a line to get in, I guess it isn't so bad. I remember coming here one day, they had a pretty cute attendant at the door, haha! Anyways, VBar is located in Hotel Valencia and I must say Hotel Valencia is pretty nice! I would love to stay here, it's expensive but I bet its def. worth it. Fancy! The crowds is all different types of people which is nice, the place gets packed pretty easily. I feel like its hard to get a drink at the bars, too many people crowd around it just having small conversations, there isnt much seating, they have a nice patio area but when i was there, security didnt want anyone sitting out there.. VBar isnt so bad their drinks were strong, at least thats how the bartender I was with made them..I usually enjoy my visits here, but if you don't at least there are other bars to go to within walking distance a nice area =)

29/10/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
64. Tony M.
This hotel is great. It is in the best location San Jose has to offer when it comes to shopping and nightlife. Each time my wife and I stay at the hotel we are treated great. On several occasions we have had room upgrades at no costs thanks to the staff and their willingness to please their clients. It is because of this we keep coming back even though we live just 10 minutes away. The rooms are clean, spacious, and comfortable. The complimentary breakfast in the morning is superb!

23/10/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
65. Megan K.
Hotel Valencia has wonderful rooms, swanky bars, and the best continental breakfast I have ever had.
We stayed on the top floor near the roof bar in a double room. Each bed had a big fluffy fake fur blanket on it and it was very spacious with nice views.
The construction is quite modern with a rustic feel and our room had a huge bathroom, flat screen, and leather smoking chair that I could have slept in. The roof deck was closed but looked nice and the bar in the 3rd floor was also lovely although there was an event so we couldn't attend. I would love to check it out next time.
They also have a hot tub and smallish pool on the roof which was very relaxing.
Since we could not go to the hotel bars we went out on the strip and found a few other places to drink. Its right on Santana row so as soon as you exit there are tons of shops, bars, and restaurants.
After a comfy nights sleep we woke up and had all you can eat breakfast with eggs, sausage, fruit, cereal, cheese crepes, coffee, tea, bagels, juice.... EVERYTHING you can imagine! It was all very delicious! I would love to go back and stay here if I ever end up In San Jo again.

23/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
66. lisa s.
FREE breakfast and it's good :)  The hotel is perfectly nestled in the center of Santana Row.  Great linens and big comfy bed and when you draw the curtains tight it's pitch black, so great for sleeping late.  They allowed us late check out and we enjoyed breakfast in the outdoor courtyard.  Spendy but worth the splurge.

13/10/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
67. Rhea A.
I have stayed here a few times and I must say that never leave unsatisfied. I feel like I can get a better night's sleep in their beds than I do in my own bed at home!! Minus the furry blanket on top and the leather pillows, but they give a nice feel to the room. I love the pool on the rooftop, but be ware of the hot tub!!! I was playing around and scraped my knee there before. It was a minor cut, but got me teary eyed!  

If ever you get a room that you are not satisfied with just let the front desk know and they will take care of you. For example, one time there was fly in our room. Don't ask me how it got there. Well, we told the front desk and they moved us right away, they actually upgraded us to a room with a view of Santana Row. You might not think this is a great view, but the next morning we woke up to the sounds of live music from the farmers market. It was a great way to wake up from a night of hanging out at V Bar.  We went down and tried all the food, it was awesome!

Be sure to check out the cool statues and inhale all the citusy scents near the front desk. And keep your eye out for celebrities, we once saw Jerry Rice here!! And don't forget to grab a bottled water on your way out! They are cute, ice cold and free for guests!

The prices are always hiking up....so if you see a good price for a room...go for it!!

I will definitely be back!

21/02/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
68. Ayelet B.
I've stayed here quite a few times and it's a great hotel.   I love the room and the king bed.  They also have free Internet connection (I was there for work).   One word of caution is be careful where your room faces as it can get very loud if you want a good night's sleep.  
When it comes to food, you can order room service or Pizza Antica will deliver to your room as well, which is great.
The valet is not cheap but the staff is great and very helpful.  
What I am not crazy about is the shower.  It's very weak water pressure and doesn't wake you up in the morning.

10/06/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
69. Angelina M.
I have had dinner at "Citrus" restaurant , which is in the Valencia Hotel, many times. The service is nice, and the food is good. It is on an upper level. Take the elevator up and the courtyard is charming, as the restaurant overlooks the courtyard. There is a bar across the courtyard, which seemed a bit trendy and the seats are uncomfortable. I would recommend Citrus, if I were in the area. It is a quiet, refined atmosphere with courteous service.

27/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
70. sadie a.
my favorite place ever to stay in san jose area is the pruneyard plaza hotel. it is a better price than the hotel valencia but i did stay at hotel valencia for the weekend of my 7 year anniversary and my husband and i were happy with the accomodations. the room was comfortable with a great worn in leather chair for reading. the breakfast is good with hot eggs, bacon, blintzes, etc to go along with the cheese plates and fruit and other continental style. great outdoor area to sit and have your breakfast. obviously the hotel is conveniently located right on "the row" too. but downside is that there is a nightclub on the top of the hotel and if you want to go to bed earlier than 2am it can be a little loud and annoying.

04/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
71. Lorena M.
I was first a guest of the hotel 4 years ago when the hotel was new. Back then I thought my experience was much more pleasant then this current one.
My friends and I got the girlfriend package to hang out by the pool all weekend and catch up about our lives. We unfortunately were missing one of the girlfriend bags and had to remind the front desk staff about this. This seemed to be handled according since we got the other bag the following day. Next, I was surprised to find that the ice machine on the fourth floor had a fowl odor. I over looked this and got some ice. When I went to my room the ice was dirty had black pieces of God knows what melted into it. I called the front desk and asked they send some clean ice which they did; this again was handled well.
When I went to the pool and wanted a margarita, I asked a staff member whether there would be someone to order drinks. 15 minutes someone came to get our order for three margaritas, some chicken sandwiches, and hummus. Well needless to say that the order was wrong after waiting 40 minutes. The waitress seemed slightly confused regarding the difference between chicken and turkey but was able to take the incorrect order off our bill.
On Friday night, I asked a gentleman whether I had to wait in the line for the Vbar in case I wanted to come down from my room later. He responded, "Not all of you are in the same room". Unfortunately that did not answer my question and I was offended that he thought that we would squeeze 6 people into one bedroom. I assume that this sort of thing happens all the time. But instead of politely asking, he insinuated. After this comment, I was convinced that the hotel I once esteemed was no longer.

19/08/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
72. J S.
We had a holiday cocktail party at the Citrus restaurant upstairs.  We sat indoors instead of the open air area.  Loved the baked samosas,  chicken satay+peanut sauce, clam chowder and salmon tacos.

12/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
73. Panos D.
Stayed at Hotel Valencia with my girlfriend for New Year's Eve; what an awesome experience.  We frequent Santana Row, and thought that this would be the perfect occasion to stay at this hotel.  I figured that since it was in such an upscale area, that it had to be in the same league as the Fairmont.  The only real exposure we had to the hotel prior to this was the V-Bar.  The rest of the hotel is just as good.

Our room was well decorated and extremely comfortable.  There was plenty of space to move around.  The bed was huge and quite comfortable.  Perfect for a good night's sleep, as well as for any other activity a couple might deem it useful for : )   Overall, I was very happy with our room situation.  Before getting ready for the night, we also went to the pool area.  It was a little too cold for the pool, but the jacuzzi was just what we needed.  The area was comfortable and secluded, and nestled around an aesthetically pleasing bed of flowers and bushes.

Also for the New Year's package, a bottle of champagne and admission to the Hotel Valencia New Years parties were included.  The party in the V-Bar was pretty fun.  The other guests were kind of a mixed bag, but it seemed that most of them were really enjoying themselves.  The next morning, there was also a pretty sweet buffet setup for us.  An omelette station and waffle bar were constantly cranking out orders.  It was a delicious and filling breakfast.

Overall, we had a great time.  We enjoyed our stay very much.  I like Hotel Valencia immensely and look forward to staying here again in the near future.  While I like the Ritz-Carlton and the Grand Hyatt in San Francisco better, this hotel is almost as good.  

It has also got to be the best hotel in San Jose though, because I know that all the NHL teams stay here when they play the Sharks.  I've seen players from the Columbus Blue Jackets as well as the Detroit Red Wings staying here.  Even got the chance to speak with Todd Bertuzzi, Mike Peca, and Chris Chelios; a pretty cool experience.

17/02/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
74. Sachin K.

Recently, for a friends birthday we decided to drive 70 miles from home and visit Santana Row and stay at the Hotel V.  I must admit, my poor review is not for the actual Hotel, the room, or the amenities.  My terrible experience was with the night manager/staff...please read on.

After a long night of libations at almost every single bar at Santana Row, we finally decided to head back up to the room and pass out.  We were completely out of ice and so one of us decided to go fill up the ice bucket.  To our surprise, there was a member of the hotel management posted almost directly outside of our room.  Mind you, by this point it is now 3 AM and we are all stuffed from an end of the night jack-in-the box run, so we were completely ready to pass out.  Not making any noise at all, no music, no loud talking, 1/2 of us were already sleeping....

When my buddy got back to the room he said that the hotel manager stopped him and told him to stop smoking weed in the room or we would get kicked out.  I was completely appalled.  I haven't smoked marijuna in 15 years nor did I smell it in the air coming from another room. So we were simply being targetted for some reason.

I immediately called down to the front desk and asked for the Hotel managers name and when he would be in. They said Monday and I told him that I would be discussing this matter of us smoking marijuna in our room with him on Monday.


5 mins later I get a call from the night manager, Peter, the one who accused us of smoking weed in the room.  He called me with the biggest attitude and said "You called, what do you want.  Take it up with the police, they are on their way.".  I simply said OK and hung up, after all I had done nothing wrong and I thought he was just being a jerk.  My friend immediately called downstairs and said that we don't want to start any trouble and that we were going to sleep.  He said too bad and hang up.

We all just end up passing out and 30 mins later wake up to a loud knock on the door.  When I opened it, I was "greeted" by 2 San Jose police officers, and 4 hotel employees including the night manager, Peter.

The evicted us from the Hotel sighting that it is private property and that if they want us to leave, they can have us removed.  We argued for several minutes but they would not listen to any kind of reason.  They made us get dressed and pack our stuff up at 4 AM and were told SIMPLY get out, regardless of how intoxicated we were and our condition to drive out.  

After we realized that there was no room for argument, we proceeded out of the room and went to the main lobby to get our refund, of course.

THEY REFUSED TO GIvE US A REFUND so that we could go stay somewhere else.  UNBELIEVABLE.  This one person made our stay so horrible. There was absolutely no reason for any of this.  Completely RIDICULOUS.

23/02/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
75. Joe V.
Used to be the hangout spot for my college buddies and I in the South Bay.  The last few times there, we've noticed the crowd getting considerably older.   I'm not sure if it's still like that because I haven't been here in a year, but it's great if you like mixed crowds.

Back then, it was free to get in.  Drinks are expensive, yes I agree, and it's even worse if you're the guy because guess what homies, you're paying for 2 of them if you meet a beautiful woman at the spot.  

The setup is quite nice, as everyone dresses at least business casual.  The bar (AKA V Bar) is not a club, mind you, but a lounge where people meet and drink.  The top floor has a great night view of the San Jose area.  The people you meet are generally friendly, and as I said, the women are quite pretty.  Actually, many of them are career oriented.  

I've had some great memories here.  I wish I could relive those moments.

06/09/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
76. Billy Q.
Disclaimer: I've actually never stayed here because I live about a mile away, but I've eaten here, had a meeting here, had friends stay here, and in general checked out the facilities.

From what I've seen, I would love the stay here if I were visiting the area. The decor is very modern and elegant, reminds me of a W. It's relatively new, which always makes a difference; I would take a new or newly renovated 4 star over an aging 5 star any day of the week. The location is unbeatable. It's in the middle of tons of restaurants of all levels, a large variety of shops and cinemas.

27/04/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
77. David C.
Perhaps a little over the top with the artsy-ness of the place, but this is a fine boutique hotel.  I've enjoyed my stays.  Walking distance to shopping, Magianos, and other restaurants.  Santana Row is a fun place.

07/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
78. Joon Y.
This hotel is very nice and posh. Great place to stay if you're an out of towner and you're looking for a extra special place to stay for yourself or with a companion.

The V-Bar is chic but they have no dance floors or music which I think takes a lot way from a bar, but I'm pretty sure that is how they want things there; very laid back and mellow. Great place to go hang out with friends and meet new people. Might be a challenge to get in especially Friday and Saturday nights. A little pricey but that's what you pay for a the Row.

28/09/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
79. Carlos M.
i thought it would be a nice treat to take my boyfriend on a night out at santana row and we decided to stay the night at hotel valencia, well that was a mistake. we spent over 500.00 at the hotel and got the worst service i have ever had anywhere. they were rude, and have no idea what the word hospitality means. i have been to other hotels and have to say i have never been treated the way they treated us. i will never stay there ever again.

21/06/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
80. Karen R.
Location!  Location!  Location!

My husband had his 20 college reunion in Palo Alto and a job interview to go to so I suggested this hotel since he could leave me alone and I wouldn't sulk as I'm surrounded by serious shopping and restaurants...

I agree with that review about having unfriendly valet attendants.  All they do is stand around and chit chat all day.  They could at least crack a smile to people walking in and out of the hotel since they are the first people we see upon arriving.  Of course, there is free multi-storey parking so who needs them?!

This is a small boutique hotel.  Pretty swanky at first glance... but the red carpets bugged me.  You see the slightest piece of lint.  Ok, again, I have ODD!  The rooms are a good size but the bathrooms are pretty darn small!  Good housekeeping services - regular day service and automatic turn down service - unlike these other four star hotels that insist  you to call in that service... shoot, if I'm paying for it, just bloody hell turn the damn bed down!  

Oh, if you're thinking of getting room service, the $9 burger is pretty good.  So are the fries that comes with it!

25/10/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
81. K O.
Hotel Valencia is perfectly located in Santana Row, love the deco, the rooms were super clean and comfortable (the pillows were amazing!),  and excellent customer service. If you make your way to San Jose, I highly recommend this hotel for your stay. You will find all kinds of restaurants and stores in the area. Make sure to eat at the Village.

09/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
82. Yvette T.
My BF and I met here 6 years ago so we decided to celebrate our anniversary/ valentine's day by spending the night here.  The service was great, quick valet (even though it was CRAZY busy), very little outside noise, and it comes with breakfast in the morning!  We didn't get a chance to try it because we had other plans, but seeing the other groups out in the courtyard eating breakfast, it looked very yummy and fun. We also got a couple vouchers for free drinks at the bar. Valet was $20/day which I think is pretty reasonable considering how busy it is at Santana Row.  The girls at the front desk are very helpful and the knowledgeable.  We'll definitely be staying here again in the future.

19/02/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
83. Bobby M.
great outdoor roof atmosphere ... fountains ...tables .... very cool . indoor bar as well.

12/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
84. Lauren G.
This review is based more on the customer service/reservations process.  I booked a reservation online with them for a saturday night stay.  about five hours after booking online, we decided to add friday night also.  i called the hotel, and they transferred me to their "central reservations."  the man i spoke with added the friday night, told me the rate was the same, and that the confirmation number was the same.  i changed the name on the reservation to my boyfriend's name, because he would be checking in, not me.  

He arrives at the hotel on Friday, and is told that we don't have a room for friday night.  the reservation is for saturday night only (but isn't it interesting that the name on the reservation had been switched to his name, backing up our story that we had actually changed the reservation).  they say the hotel is sold out, but they can put him into a room with two double beds, and switch us the following day to a king bed like we requested.  however, my boyfriend was taking his medical boards the following day, and the last thing he wanted to do was re-pack in the morning and check into a different room.

I called the hotel, and it first they would not admit that this happened this way - that we only had a one night reservation.  eventually they said they could upgrade us to a balcony the following night and take 20% off of our bill.  I told them I don't want an upgrade.  I simply want the room we reserved for two nights.  With some additional looking through the system they eventually admitted that they had screwed up, and were able to switch us to a different room.

The hotel itself is very nice, but the checking-in process alone got us frustrated and angry from the start.

18/09/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
85. Anthony V.
Strictly about the room stay experience. Great size room, furniture, and decor.(this is where it is worth it). Try to request a room with a balcony overlooking the outside patio, this was my mistake. Staff were eh! the V-bar is a much more mature crowd and music is okay-they try to mix it up as much as possible. I would stay here again.

01/01/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
86. Kevin P.
I've never stayed here, but I did attend a wedding that was held here.  This place is great.  I was amazed to see that the hotel had an outdoor patio area where the wedding ceremony was held.  The only thing that was a little weird is that it is overlooked by the swimming pool and would occasionally hear splashing and see people watching the wedding also.  The size of the venue was perfect for a guest list of about 100 people but I think would be too small for anything more.  All in all, the bride and groom picked a great place to tie their ends together.

- Has a trendy feel to it
- In the center of great shopping

- Valet was slow at fetching my car
- Parking

19/06/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
87. Charissa P.
The set up of V Bar is super cute. The plus side to this place is that it's open passed 12:30 AM. The drink that I got was really strong, which left me with a bad hang over for an entire day and I'm just got over it a couple of hours ago!! My friend and I went in and the music was playing but after we got our drinks and sat down, the music was suddenly cut off. Pretty random. It's a good place to sit and chill at that's what you are looking for.

Oh yeah... the wait to get in took us about 15 minutes but I think that's because all the other places just closed and the people weren't ready to go home.

03/02/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
88. Darryl B.
There for New Years Eve had a good night but could not believe how cold the Hotel was

01/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
89. Lila J.
This is a very nice hotel in a great location.  You can walk down to all the shops and restaurants or even to Valley Fair across the street.

We stayed on a weekend so there were a lot of people at the V-Bar downstairs.  There is a line outside trying to get into the bar but all you need to do is flash them your room key to bypass that.  You should keep your room key for future visits to the V-Bar so that you will never have to wait in line... but you didn't hear that from me.  As loud as it was, you couldn't hear a thing once you were in your room.  

Our room was nice, a little small, but really nice.  Also, we didn't have the outdoor balcony that other rooms had but I'm sure you can request it if you want it.  What I thought was kind of weird was that the TV was kind of outdated for the modernness of the place.  

They had a complimentary breakfast on an outside terrace which was pretty good.  The setting was lovely, but it got crowded once more and more people woke up--so get there early!

I'm sure this place is expensive but since I stayed on someone else's dime, I can't really comment on that part.

03/09/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
90. Joey C.
So I've been to the Vbar inside the Hotel Valencia countless times and dipped into the rooms a few times but have actually stayed at Hotel Valencia only twice. On both occasions that I stayed I had a wonderful experience.
The first time involved my then boyfriend, a few cocktails, and a credit card. We were in the process of inebriation when it occurred to us that hey, if we're going to continue drinking, we should stay for the night. The room we got was tastefully decorated with modern decor with a California twist (think minimalism w/touches of Spanish hacienda), featured a plush king size bed with Pratessi sheets (i think), HUGE shutters that opened up to the french balcony with a view of the Santana Row main strip, nice leather seating area with desk space as well as a spacious marble bathroom. The following morning I really appreciated the fact that the room stayed dark till past 10am. Oh, and i also liked the big mirror. Hmm..I like big things. Since we both needed to get somewhere and were not in the mood for a sit-down breakfast we ordered a continental breakfast from room service while we both got ready which came promptly and was as good as it gets when it comes to a continental breakfast...it coulda been cuz i was famished and dehydrated from the night before, but I remember the pastries were actually really, really good!
The second time I stayed at Hotel Valencia, a former beau of mine (not the same one) was visiting from out of town and being that we're still very good friends, he invited me for dinner at Citrus.  We were feeling in the mood to stay out even though it was a work-night for both of us (thurs), so we did  a little venturing into the Santana Row bar scene. This time I was not nearly as inebriated but after ending our night at Straits, I decide not to risk the drive and took him on his invitation to stay the night. The room was on a different floor, had a different layout and a patio view and each floor seems to have a different twist on contemporary design as this had a more Spanish feel to it but still had a slightly minimal vibe. Again, I enjoyed the plush comforters, the modern-yet-comfortable decor and all the room amenities plus hey, it was free.
All in all, I think Hotel Valencia is great for leisurely one-night weekend stays or out of towners doing a short stay in San Jose. The hotel staff is kind and attentive without being too pushy or pretentious and the place has everything a larger hotel would offer. However being that it still remains a small boutique hotel limited to setting of Santana Row, I can't see anyone staying more than two nights without getting bored. Maybe its the fact that I'm from the area so I can't see why anyone would ever stay too long in the South Bay w/out getting fatally bored.

06/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
91. Madi W.
Very nice hotel. Awesome breakfast and friendly staff. The only down side was we had no idea that the hotel was going to be in the middle of the shopping district so be prepared. The hotel room was quiet even though we were next to the main strip. Parking was really the only inconvenience but you can pay for valet.

13/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
92. Joseph A.
First off let me state I have stayed here maybe 20 times in the last 3 yrs. I have stayed in every type of room except the one private 2 bedroom suite they dont advertise. Its mostly for parties or groups which goes for about $1500 a night.
This is NOT a family hotel by any means but being a guy with no kids and have taken gfs here..its fine for me. This is a hotel for crashing after youve partied on the strip or for the single traveling person looking for a swank place to meet up with locals in the v bar.  You have to know going into Santana Row on a weekend that it is always packed. It will not be quiet , it will not be relaxing. I go here to Santanna Row to shop,  party , drink, and recover for a few hours and sober up. The noise doenst affect me, After shoppng, dinner , drinks. dancing, and well buzzed sex for a few hours , i usually pass out pretty good ha . They have nice rooms for the money, I get mine on avg. $150 facing the street (VVIP Memeber) If youve paid hundreds for the rooms you dont know how to reserve or talk down  rates. Even the largest suite with a walk on with chaise lounge / chairs only cost me like $299 on a Sat Night. Any how..its a great place to crash a few hours for recovery when you go out on the Santanna row strip..safe. clean, friendly. 4 stars for me as I am realistic  of the street it is located on...
and if you dont wanna pay the valet, park down the end of santanna row for free its like 2 to 3 blocks to walk.  I have them park mine outfront however for that quick getaway sunday morning :)

14/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
93. Rosemary D.
A beautiful hotel with polite and professional staff. The location is wonderful and the accommodations are exquisite. I find myself going to San Jose just to stay at the Valencia!

07/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
94. Melissa D.
This place is a joke! We stayed on the 3rd level and the lobby is packed with people from the V-Bar. I had to wheel my luggage around a drunk girl who was blocking the path to my room. The bar's bathroom is in the direct path to our room!!!! Poor design and layout! The room was overpriced, bed was hard and the night time manager was a joke. I was sitting in the lobby catching up with my girlfriends holding a pillow on the couch in my lap and he asked me to put the pillow down. Ummmm... weird. Will not return.

25/03/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
95. Meryam P.
It's on the pricey side and im not a huge fan of valet parking but the hotel was an overall great experience! It's nice to just be able to walk out and have dinner at nearby blowfish or straits and shopping!! i love the whole atmosphere of the hotel and our room was pretty spacious and nice! The Balcony was a huge plus, me and my fiance pulled up the large comfy chair and smoked hookah on the balcony! if you are staying in santana row definitely stay at the hotel valencia! The complimentary breakfast at citrus was nice too, i would def stay again =]

03/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
96. Jarratt W.
I love this hotel, it the best that I have ever stayed at. The customer service is top notch. I will keep coming back to their hotel, and im recommending it to yelpers. Dont stay anywhere else.

30/11/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
97. Jay A.
I went here for a party once, which was in one of the hotel rooms. It only lasted 2 hours, and I did the most drinking. I had a feeling it would get broken up, so I drank as fast as I could before we got booted. The rooms are nice.

I ate the chocolates they left on the beds before I left. Thanks!

25/02/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
98. Jenna G.
Stayed here for a work trip for my husband, otherwise, would have never known it was there!

What a neat little hotel.  Had a great bar, interested decor and good service.  It was right in Santana Row, which is a fun area to walk around, shop, eat, and have a few drinks.  Only downside was that for the price, you would think the rooms would be a big larger.

09/08/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
99. Lidiya B.
I really like this lounge - it's upscale, has good music, and an outdoor seating area with heat lamps.  It's really one of the best places to have a drink  in Santana Row.  The drinks are not cheap, but nothing is on this street.  It can get pretty crowded in the evenings and I wish they would limit how many people they let in.  The last time we were here on a Thursday around 9pm and was able to get the last table inside.  The noise level was high, but we were able to hold a conversation without screaming.  I think we may try to hit this place earlier in the evening if possible.  The waitresses were quick with the drinks and pretty helpful.

23/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
100. Will G.
Stayed here for 1 night, and while it's a good hotel, it's not extraordinary compared to the other same price range hotels.

Pro: Good location, good bed, very good buffet breakfast, modern design, LCD TV, wifi, nice lounge area.

- Had to wait more than 5 min to check in. The service was unfriendly, stuck up, and slow.
-No free bottle water included in the room. Supplying 2 will be nice for this kind of swanky hotel.  
-Decent toiletries, err not luxury? Dry skin after using the soap. Bleh!
-Toilet lacking flushing power and slow. I'm afraid it will stuck and flood up when I'm doing my business.
-Noisy in the eve, forget about sleeping before the V-bar closed. -Requested late checkout, was given only half an hour extra, huh?
-The room phone's handset not working. Duh!

For the price it charge, it can do much much better.

06/10/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
101. Toni K.
I just stayed two nights at the Hotel Valencia.  I was very impressed with the service and the accommodations.  I have difficulty sleeping well when I stay in hotels, however, my stay at Hotel Valencia was very comfortable.  I slept well.  The room was decorated very nicely and the convenience of being on the same floor as the pool, spa and workout room was nice.  I was most impressed with the cost.  The room was an Internet special for $159.00 a night.  It was such a great deal and I am happy that we stumbled upon this gem.  The Citrus restaurant down stairs has good food and the complimentary breakfast is more than just your basic coffee, cereal and fruit.  The offer eggs, pastries, sausages, pancakes...
Like any hotel, it's hit and miss.  There was a little noise from the downstairs courtyard but it was not a problem for me.  I would definitely stay here again for the right price.

09/03/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
102. Cindy S.
Stayed here for a girls night out and wasn't too impressed. It was super new age and didn't have that welcoming feel to it. The bathrooms are small and the doors are see through and horrible. The rooms are just ok. I guess just expected more from a hotel on the row. I would though highly recommend going to Burke Williams Spa.

18/01/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
103. Nacho C.
OMG....are there more of these?  I spend the week here while on business and I can tell you that it rivals or tops W Hotels.  Very, Very swanky I must say.  

The bar was kinda of a small area, but it was packed every night.  This hotel is located smack dab in the middle of Santana Row and is and makes it easy to walk and shop.  

Kinda pricey but it was certainly one of the better places I have ever stayed.

12/02/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
104. Raymond C.
Spent new years here and it was worth every penny , I've been back twice and I live in Sunnyvale

04/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
105. Reese R.
I am coming back to this hotel!!

Came here to celebrate my anniversary and paid for the romance package which included the room with balcony, complimentary breakfast BROUGHT TO YOUR ROOM :-), a bottle of champagne, and chocolate strawberries.  This is the perfect place if you want a small get-away for a short weekend.

The pool area was beautiful with an extra warm jacuzzi. The staff even brought drinks to the pool, and they offered me a free strawberry daiquiri for a minor confusion that occurred.

In the morning, the waiter brought in our table with a complete breakfast. And his service was 100% excellent.

Definitely stay here if you want a small get-away with your loved one.

16/03/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
106. Joyce L.
This is my ideal mini getaway.  Spacious rooms and if you're not in a stingy mood you can sign up for one of their packages (that include choco covered strawberries, champagne, complimentary breakfast, etc and a nice balcony) I came here during early summer and lounged outside at their outdoor swimming pool (heated), spa and had a wonderful experience.  The rooms are modern chic and spacious.  My only complaint would be the hallways which seemed to be poorly designed, bu t hey, it's not like you're sleeping there...so it's no biggie.

One comment on the breakfast - this is one of the BEST hotel breakfasts that I've had.. not only do they bring it to your room on a table.. they give you real potatoes, real eggs and real bread AND real sausages ;)  Quite the morning treat!  

Although I'm not traveling far when I come here... it sure does seem like I'm in another part of the world =D

07/02/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
107. LeeAnn P.
We had our wedding at hotel valencia on 10/10/10.  Trang was amazing.  She was always available and walked us throught the process.  The day of the wedding the staff was on top of everything.  I could not have asked for better service.  The room was also amazing.

02/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
108. David P.
I recently took a trip to Santana Row for a friend's 30th birthday party. We all stayed at Hotel Valencia and, let me tell you, I'm glad we did.

First of all, only hotel guests (and VIPs) can jump the line to get in to the very swanky bar in the hotel lobby. The drinks were overpriced, but the bartenders were SO nice - one actually covered for me after I spilled a drink on another customer. She replaced the drink and didn't charge me AND apologized! Amazing!

Second, the hotel rooms are absolutely gorgeous. The beds are heavenly and the ambiance is exceptionally relaxing and warm.

Third, the woman who checked us in was amazing! She wasn't supposed to check us in for another two hours, but scored us our room anyway.

The only complaint that I have (minus 1 star) is that the pool looks WAY bigger on the website than it actually is. It's like the size of a kiddie pool. The chairs around the pool are quite comfortable AND they have a personal waitress roaming around, but the menu is waaaay overpriced.

All in all, a great experience! Definitely worth the money. And if you are planning a night at Rosie's or at any of the bars around Santana Row, I'd suggest investing in a hotel room at the Hotel Valencia ASAP.

12/11/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
109. Jerold B.
I can only comment on the Vbar. It's helle cute and the drinks are great. It's pricey, but you're in Santana Row, get over it.

It's a great place to stop in and have cocktails before heading to dinner, or when you need a serious drink break from shopping...for a light drink break, I'd suggest any number of the cafes on the ground level for a glass of wine.

18/12/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
110. Vivian W.
Hotel Valencia is a great place to stay!  The rooms are so nice and it's so convenient being right on Santana Row.   The included breakfast at Citrus is so delicious and totally hits the spot.  The Vbar in the hotel is just okay in my opinion, but I love the outside courtyard in the middle.

I've had sales conferences here for the past 3 yrs.  It's great because we can grab dinner/drinks right after our seminars/trainings.  

I've also spent New Year's here for the past 2 yrs.  The age of the crowd is random....from 20-somethings to the cocoon years.  But hey, it's always a fun time wherever my friends are!  We usually grab something casual like Pizza Antica beforehand, pre-party in the room, go downstairs to Vbar for the NYE party, party again in the room, and pass out :)  The next morning they have the best New Year's breakfast ever!!

05/11/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
111. Richard R.
I have stayed at many places around this world of ours over the past years and by far Hotel Valencia is up there in my books.....

Stayed there this past weekend and just had a great time over all....

The place is clean, sharp looking, you feel like you are in one of those trendy little hotels on Miami beach....but I guess it is a little trendy hotel but just in San Jose.....

Rooms - The beds were so comfortable did not want to get out...nice dark colors in the room - lots of browns....great leather chair......this room is built to rest/relax in or to do other fun activities.....

There is complimentary breakfast each morning, which was very tasty....

Great place to have a romantic getaway at if you have a special somebody in your life......if not, must come down with the friends and stay here so you can party all night long at Santana Row.......

The only negative or should I say obstacle that the hotel has is the V-bar....good look but bad service...but look for that review....

Me and the friends will be back in December for a long weekend, can't wait...

07/09/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
112. Tim C.
I've stayed here over 90+ days during the last 5 years.

This Hotel has three things going for it Location, location, location. Santana Row has some great restaurants and shopping within walking distance.

As for the hotel, it has very low lighting everywhere. The rooms are standard nice, they just updated many of the rooms to LCD TV.

Breakfast is included so is Internet. The bacon is the highlight but they only serve that every other day if your lucky, The fruit, breads and eggs are all what you expect at an American hotel. Not up to international standards.

Parking is free if you care to walk about 5 mins to the parkade.

All in all, a good spot that is more pleasurable than so many of the hotel in the valley next to highways.

20/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
113. Mish N.
I absolutely LOVE this place. I'm a bay area native, but sometimes I just want to get away, and this place is my "home away from home". Every time I come here, they are so accommodating and the service is excellent. The complimentary breakfast is the best I've had for a hotel serving free breakfast. The rooms are very clean and spacious, and the amenities they provide are of high quality. The pool area is awesome and I really can't say anything bad about this place! I plan to stay here again when the weather gets warmer (to take advantage of the pool), so I hope they maintain their reputation for a being an excellent place to stay in the south bay.

02/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
114. joanne d.
Love this place. Our room was decorated well. But I think it can be better. I stay here every time I come to San Jose for an over night stay. At night the bar get's really crowded here, but I love the fact that I can always bring the party back in my room. The last time I was here was for a Bach party. It was really fun! I also like the fact that we can just go downstairs and bar hop. Then the following day, we went shopping at the farmer's market and walked around. The view from our room was super nice that night, but the sound from the street cleaning at 6am in the morning was not so pleasant. But do love that they have free breakfast. It's nice after a rough night.

25/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
115. h g.
I cannot say enough good, amazing things about the staff at Hotel Valenica.  I recently hosted a hair show fundraiser for a non-profit, and the staff was incredibly polite, and VERY focused on making our event a huge success.

The staff members took personal interest in our event, even setting up our silent auction and helping with logistics and music the day of the event.  We felt extremely supported and knew because it was at this hotel, it would be first class all the way.

The President of the non-profit stayed at the hotel that night and she shared with me that the Junior Suite was perfect.  I plan to take my hubby there for our anniversary this evening for their Cognac and Cufflinks event.  They are always having these types of events every month, including Martini's and Manicures.  Hmmm...maybe I should sign up for that one tonight!

25/06/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
116. Olga O.
Excellent service - GREAT BREAKFAST. wow. Loved it.

23/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
117. Lauren C.
I've stayed here a few times now, and I'm a bit torn on this place. The actual hotel (building, rooms, courtyard) is well designed and a nice break from the more boring corporate competitors. It's fun and swanky, with a yummy free breakfast and lots of great places to hang out.

The experience hasn't fared as well. I'm young and like to party, but my god, this hotel never sleeps. It's nice that the most popular bar in the area is in the hotel so you don't have to go anywhere, except when you have to be up early in the morning. The past two times we've stayed here the fire alarm (er- inescapable, loud, blaring noise that haunts you for days) has gone off in the middle of the night. Apparently it's a common prank patrons of the V-bar pull and the hotel hasn't figured out how to keep the drunks away from the alarms. The first time we were naive enough to join the clan of bathrobe-sporting guests in their march down the 7 flights of stairs. Last night we just cursed the damn thing and stayed in bed, so thank god there wasn't a real fire.

The night before that, we were also awoken circa 2 am, this time because a group of obnoxious drunks was screaming obscenities up and down the hall. After 20 minutes we finally had to call the front desk and security came and escorted them out.

Bottom line: it's a good hotel--If you can handle the drama.

15/11/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
118. Hollywood C.
Britney Spears once stayed at this hotel in April 2009 when she performed at the Pavilion.

18/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
119. cecille p.
A small hotel. Cozy n.classy modern interior. Bar lounge is fun to hang out anytime ...food is serve with elegance just like any other fine dining with s touch of class. A place to stay for a weekend in town n explore santana row n other sj.places of interest

21/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
120. Warren S.
I am rating the banquet experience.  My work decided to have our holiday party here.  We had about 230 people and the plan was to have passed appetizers and a buffet.  We had purchased wine and were paying corkage fees for them to pour that for the evening as well.
We took the elevator to the 3rd floor and went to the courtyard which was beautiful.  They had heat lamps up which kept folks comfortable but only had a couple waiters passing appetizers around.  The hotel being understaffed would be a theme for the evening.

After about an hour they let us into the banquet hall.  They only had one buffet line so things did not move that quickly.  Our food choices included:
Peppers stuffed with chicken which was good
Two styles of empanadas which were good
Beef and Mushroom skewers which were okay
Various pasta options and alfredo or marinara sauce
At the carving station they had
Beef Roast which was okay
Baked Salmon with pastry which was okay as well

They also had cold cuts and cheeses lined up.  

We sat back down and the servers didn't get to pouring our wine or bringing water until halfway through our meal. They only had one person pouring wine the whole evening.  Even worse than that, they ran out of the salmon and the beef roast at the carving station and shut that down for the final 5/6 tables.  When people complained they stated that "our company had only paid for 150" which was not true.

They also did not have enough seating out for us.  We actually had a group of 6 sit in the courtyard for dinner .

After dinner they set up the dessert line which was also handled terribly.  There was one small location to get a small selection of desserts and another place with the full spread as well as one pot of decaf and one pot of regular coffee.  This of course was not enough and we requested to the waiters to serve more coffee and they refused.  After getting dessert, they still hadn't cleaned our dinner plates.  It was now about 10 pm and our plates had been on the tables for about 2 hours.

Our dj got started playing dance music around then.  Even though we had empty wine glasses, the waiters were not coming around to serve more.  We actually had to find a waiter and ask them specifically to bring more wine so we could get a second glass of wine.

Overall I was very disappointed.  My fiance and I had considered this for our wedding venue and are VERY happy that we chose a different location.  I would never come back to host an event here.  I had many people state that this was the worst holiday party our company had hosted.

11/01/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
121. P H I L H.
I've stayed here quite a few times over the past 2 years while I've been between homes.  The rooms are nice with a trendy "soft loft" with concrete look and feel.  The faux mink comforter is one of the first things you'll spot.  The rooms have a somewhat distinctive tanned leathery smell from the nice soft leather chairs perhaps.  The rooms and halls are slightly dark for my taste, but it's all part of the vibe they're trying to convey.  

I would like more water pressure in the shower here, but at least the bathroom products are healthy and smell really nice.  Also there's a little smoked glass window between each shower and bedroom (no you can't see through it) but it adds character.  

The absolute best things about staying here though is the exceptionally tasty upscale breakfast buffet;  lounging on the patio behind the front desk with the water fountains; and the pool area and hot tub upstairs (outside) is so simply cool for relaxing on warm days!

14/03/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
122. T. C.
stayed at this hotel for a week,



29/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
123. David K.
Cool and hip hotel to hang out. The decor and ambiance of this place fits the mold of Santana Row.

The main attraction is the bar. The V-Bar is a great place to get drinks and chat, or you can skip over to the mingling area in the center of the hotel where you can get some fresh air and go stare at the fountain and do some people watching. If you don't like that, go back inside and lounge around on the sofas in the hotel lobby. Don't like the crowd there? Go to the other elevator (not the one you came up from) and go to the 7th floor to the Cielo outdoor balcony bar. You can see reviews of Cielo here: yelp.com/biz/VEIwzUgWZVJ…

05/02/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
124. Nikki I.
This hotel was such a breath of fresh air! It was my first time in Santana Row, which reminded me a lot of the Grove in LA and Americana in Glendale. The hotel was very chic and contemporary, the staff was very professional, and the room was fantastic! We had some great views overlooking the shops and restaurants below. I didn't get to stay the night (went to my friend's house) but my family did and they had a great stay. My friend and I came back the next day and she showed me the bar in this hotel. That had to be one of the coolest bars I had seen (though I had just turned 21 so I hadn't seen many hah). If I'm ever in SJ again, I'd love to go back to this hotel!

10/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
125. Aileen A.
Nice ambiance and everything. Love the mini bottled water they leave at the entrance...lots of celebs, athletes (Andy Roddick stays here when he's in town), tourists, etc... The V Bar is AMAZING. It's SERIOUS.

but NEVER EVER leave the shower running and fall asleep for an hour!

Unless you want to flood the retail stores below, get kicked out, billed, and be a story told on yelp. YIIIIKES!

24/02/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
126. Alena B.
This hotel is clean, beautiful and in a wonderful location.  I loved sitting on the balcony watching the people below shop, eat and socialize.

16/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
127. Karla D.
Loved the hotel! Great location and room size. Our room was on the 7th floor where the rooftop bar is! $5 martinis at V Bar during happy hour. The bar also great for the evening with good music. Great lounge area. Free continental breakfast was not minimal at all. Definitely would stay again.

13/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
128. Jim C.
Hip hotel on the Row with a cool vibe. Bar on the second floor is a cool place to meet up with friends and experience some of the Santana Row scene (as well as some of its pretentiousness).

Bottom line: Hip place when I'm in the Santana Row mood.

01/06/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
129. Ed S.
Everything about this hotel is great!

20/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
130. Jeff T.
Stayed here for a couple of nights and had a nice experience. Not over the top amazing, but solidly good.

The major pluses were the spacious and comfy rooms, the very helpful desk staff, the super-comfy in-room chair, the huge full-length mirror, and the location with convenient parking, shopping food, etc. all in walking distance.

A negative I had was a very funky smell right at the entrance to my room. Fortunately, the smell was confined to a two-foot zone. Not a great first impression, but the rest of the room made up for it for me. The other negative was the multiple elevators you needed to use to get to your room. It's probably a security issue, but I didn't like taking one elevator to the lobby, walking through the lobby and waiting on another lobby to get to my room. Not a big negative though, so I can live with it.

22/11/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
131. Christina C.
Stayed here as a group reservation for a graduation, our room overlooked the courtyard which I really liked because I saw dinner being set up and could smell all the delicious food I was about to eat.

pro: I low the low lighting everywhere, red carpets and wood decor. Windows that open into the courtyard. All the staff were extra polite and approachable, the valet guys were easy to make conversation with in the morning and in the evening. delicious desserts in bite sized pieces. The ravioli was voted the best out of chicken and the beef at our table.

con: The oversized furniture in the rooms make for a little cramped room for two ppl. when I got into the shower/tub I lost my balance, but did not fall over. I just think a small notice or sign to alert your attention to the slip factor would have been nice.

for some reason I didnt fall asleep under the covers, just used the top blanket, guess it was just that comfortable. I really enjoyed my stay, I know I wouldn't shut up about it the next day to my bf HAHA

29/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
132. P G.
Love the bar at the top.....that's all I've ever seen there but one of these days I plan on staying there!

26/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
133. Genna M.
Such a beautiful hotel!!! Their breakfast is so yummy!!!

22/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
134. Andrea G.
I very much enjoyed staying here--My stay was short, only one night, but I was very pleased. The rooms are nicely decorated, and well kept. The view of Santa Row is fun. Surprisingly, with all the bars outside, the noise level wasn't anything that disturbed my sleep. The windows and walls are thick enough to keep out the noise. The breakfast buffet was delicious. I will be staying here again.

22/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
135. Liz L.
I'm reviewing this place as a bar/lounge only.

They once wouldn't let me in because I was wearing flip-flops.  Well fine.  Yesterday I dressed up and got in.  The lounge was pretty nice, spacious, and not too crowded.  They have lots of tables in the courtyard, which is rather pretty.  I'd imagine it'd get loud if you were actually staying here.  

My complaints:  their drinks are really expensive.  At least they're strong, although today I'm wondering if that's a good thing.

They have nice bathrooms.

03/08/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
136. Ed W.
I travel to San Jose several times a month and I stay at Hotel Valencia every chance I get.  It has a great vibe, the rooms are well appointed, the location is awesome and the beds are comfortable.

The staff overall is very engaging and attentive.  The front desk staff always says hello and they call you by your name.  They also look to provide room upgrades if they are available.

I prefer this hotel over the Four Season Palo Alto.  You can't beat the location and cool scene.

09/04/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
137. Candy C.
Sleek, swanky, sexy. Convenient and centrally located among restaurants and shops, Valencia Hotel is every bit as luxurious as it sounds.

However, if you think you are coming here to get some rest and relaxation, you are in for a nasty treat. Although the rooms feel cozy and dark, I had a hard time getting any sleep. In the afternoon, I was looking forward to nap after a delightful massage at Burke Williams, but was unable to do so because of a wedding that was being held at the courtyard. Again at night, it was almost after two that I finally got some shut eye due to the weekend party scene that was taking place (again at the courtyard).

Service was nice, but we did encounter a lady at the front desk who was inattentive while checking out.

I love their Lather bath products!

15/10/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
138. Stephanie T.
Okay this place is nice, there's no doubt about it, but for the prices they charge, it should be nice!

We came here for a small birthday celebration. They were great about letting us check in early, which worked out perfectly since we wanted to set up a surprise. We were in a corner suite which was beautiful! The birthday girl and rest of the group arrived around 9 and we turned on the music. Security came around 10 PM and said that we were being too loud. We were kind of confused...10 PM on a Friday night at Santana Row, and 8 people in a suite were being too loud? They stood outside our room and demanded that they see every person walk out. We were all a little buzzed and decided to comply.

Ended up going to V bar, which wasn't that great. It's a pretty small space and was very crowded. It had been raining on and off that day so not many people were out in the patio area. The heat lamps were definitely necessary that night, but I imagine it's a good place to hang out when the weather is nice.

We went back to the room to end the night, and the large space was great. The bathroom was HUGE but one thing that sucked was that the
glass on the shower wasn't frosted...so one at a time!

We didn't end up paying for valet parking, but the front desk gave us little slips to put on our dashboards, so we parked for free in the parking structures. Also, the room came with complimentary breakfast downstairs in Citrus! Too bad we were too hungover to even think about a heavy breakfast (:

14/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
139. L W.
Ok place to have a business meeting, with great dinner options along Santana Row. A bit pricier, but rooms are large and comfortable.  If you stay here, you'd be smart to ask for rooms away from the noisy pubs/restaurants below the hotel. Ask for a room facing the patio!

08/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
140. Angel L.
Hotel Valencia was a perfect Venue for Justin and I. They were very accommodating and I believe Debra put our best interest in mind. :) Debra was a pleasure to work with. I would definitely recommend this Venue for any special events!! :)

My just RAVED about the reception dinner. :) Just Amazing!

18/06/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
141. Linda C.
Great hotel and a great location!!  We loved it here, staff was friendly and professional.  We have already recommended to several friends and we will be back for sure!!!

10/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
142. jason g.
In Santana Row..........there's a boutique hotel call Valencia.  I had a friends wedding in San Jose this week and they suggested this place.  It is in the heart of Santana Row right next to blowfish and a whole bunch of lounges/restaurants/shops.  You are literally in walking distance to everything.   It seems like they have a bar every other floor.

Because of this location and these amenities, I had to give them an extra star.  It's a bit pricey but it's worth it.  Gary Danko and now Valencia...........man...........I am getting spoiled.

15/08/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
143. kat G.
Love the bar...the rooms are pretty, but loud on the weekends.

03/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
144. Cynthia C.
We've stayed here twice and had a corporate Christmas party here and I'm always happy and impressed.  The rooms and interior are modern, sleek and comfortable.  A classy looking place from start to finish.

My daughter had a birthday sleep over here for our first stay.  Although it doesn't look like a kid friendly hotel, we were treated very well and had a great time.  We went to the pool and came back to the room to find a dessert waiting for us with "Happy Birthday, Tashy" written in chocolate on it.  We ordered room service snacks and a movie.  We could see the interior cortyard from our room which was fun to people watch the singles out there on Saturday night.  We certainly got our money's worth at the free breakfast the next morning with all the girls.

My company had our Christmas party here at my suggestion and they didn't disappoint (thank goodness!).  Great food and service.

18/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
145. Irene L.
My work held a company celebration here on one of the upper floors (can't remember which) and this place was very nice. The food, service, and decorations were terrific and great. Definitely would come back.

16/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
146. Rana A.
I wish there were more hotel Valencia's in different areas since I live so close to Santa Clara.  I stayed her for one night with my fiance.

* Bottle of Wine sitting in our Room when we arrived
* Super modern decor (plasma screen tv with cable, leather chair, king size bed, balcony over looking Santana row)
*Personalized phone message with your name "Welcome Ms. ___"
* Roof top jacuzzi and pool
* American Breakfast the next morning (eggs, sausages, crepes, toast, pastries, cereal, yogurt, coffee, teas, juices, bagels, etc...)
* No waiting in line if you want to check out Vbar, just flash your room card

I think I paid $160 for the night (including all the taxes and fees) and I think it was well worth it

16/02/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
147. Ruthie V.
I've been here twice now and it's a very nice hotel for a wedding or to have a drink.  The patio area has a firepit to sit around at night when it's cold out and inside the seating areas are roomy.  We had a party of eight and plenty of room.  The drinks were good & strong, just the way I like and they gave us a very nice platter of olives & nuts.  We had a nice time at Club V.

23/05/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
148. A. E.
I went to Hotel Valencia for my friends birthday about a year ago.  The drinks are reasonably priced and taste pretty good. I thought the appetizers were reasonably priced as well, until I ordered the potato skins.  They came out super skinny and only 8- 10 slices.  I believe the comment I got was "are those anorexic potatoes?"

08/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
149. Cathy D.
I booked a room here a few years ago, dont ask me why, and i have to say, i was pretty impressed. I expected the rates for the room to be pricey, cuz lets face it, anyone that's been to the Vbar knows that 2 drinks will cost u $25! The room rates were $159 for that night...

When i checked into the room, there was no wait, and everything went smooth. I walked up to the room, as soon as i walked in i was in love.  The total decor of this hotel inside and out is totally my style. They gave me a room with a view of the SR strip...so i got to see all the action from my balcony. They even had a personalized welcome message on their phone with my name on it which i thought was pretty cool. I had dinner that night at Citrus located downstairs and went to Vbar to have drinks after. The only complaint i have about this place is the music is so loud it vibrates thru the floors, so if youre coming here to relax and have a quiet evening, this place isnt for you...

17/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
150. Regina T.
My friend got a suite for all the bridesmaids to get ready for the day of the wedding and for the wedding night (bowcheekabowow!). Hotel was very nice, but the service was poo! We got to the hotel at 12:30 pm and didn't get into the room until 1:30 pm.  The bride didn't even get to enjoy a toast with us because we were in a mad rush to pretty ourselves up. Lame. No bueno, Hotel V.

19/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
151. mary h.
My husband and I have stayed here a couple of times.  Our most recent visit was a mid week escape from the holiday madness.

Finding out way into the hotel and reception was very confusing.  While waiting to check in we were completely ignored by a staff member while she chatted on the phone.

Luckily, another employee saw us waiting and came over, greeting us warmly.  After that, our stay was pretty much perfect.  The gentlemen who assisted us upgraded our room to a suite, free of charge.  The accommodations were quiet, clean & tasteful.  The complimentary breakfast was very good also.

Would stay here again in a snap.

04/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
152. Margarette t.
The first time my boyfriend Scott and I stayed there they gave us a room on the fourth floor above the VBar and the noise kept us up all night, it was terrible! We told the management and when we went back this weekend, for my son's graduation party at Strait's, they upgraded us to a suite and it was fantastic!! We absolutely love this place...we've stayed at many boutique hotels and this one is by far the best...the location, the food choices, the service, the amenities, and the beauty of the hotel is just a wonderful transformational experience. We can't wait to go back for another fun weekend getaway!

10/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
153. Sean Y.
- LOTS of potential to be an amazing place

- Not enough seating (layout should be rearranged to allow for a more intimate seating area)
- Syrah was "eh"

Came here with my female friend to have a drink and catch up on old times; it was cool until we bumped into two dudes that she know through a friend. They made small talk and one of the dudes was eyeing my friend awkwardly (I am blessed to have pretty and sophisticated female friends; but cursed when there are other men around them). She whispered in my ear telling me that she does not want to talk to them. I asked if she wanted me to tell these guys to disappear but she said no because she's good friends with the guy these two dudes are also friends with and she doesn't want things to be awkward. So I found two seats in a far corner for us...a corner with ONLY two seats. We sat down and in the corner of my eye I saw the two dudes talking and looking over at us...my instinct told me they are saying to one another: dude, come on, let's go, she TOTALLY wants to talk to you...I'll be your bro and distract the guy. They came over and STOOD before us trying to make small talk again.

My friend took out her iPhone and began playing around; I understood her cue and these guys don't. I'm a nice guy (I'd like to think so) and I gave these guys TWO chances to walk away with dignity. FIRST chance was "hey this place is kind of slow you guys gonna go anywhere else?" Shorter dude said, "yea we're gonna check out this other bar down the street." Me: maybe we'll see you guys there later...(awkward silence). They still stood there. SECOND chance was "maybe you guys should stake out a table at the other bar." The two guys looked at eachother then looked back at me (awkward silence). At this point I'm ready to tell these guys to leave us alone but held my tongue. I whisper to my friend, "hey, get up to go to the bathroom." She gets up and excuses herself and I said "see ya fellas" and head to the Men Bathroom.

Problem solved without confrontation =)

The End.

08/12/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
154. Kathleen B.
Finally been to the V-Bar. It's pretty fancy and more business-like. Not sure if we went while there was a company meeting or convention, but it seemed to be the place to go after work. It's pretty fancy too, so I felt compelled to really be dressed up. A little hoity-toity if you ask me.

I can't remember the pricing, but they had pretty good champagne. As for the layout, it's pretty nice. I love the bead curtains that separate the bar from the hotel hallway. It got pretty busy that night too. If you want to hang out at the balcony, you have to get there early. It's beautiful, so it gets snagged quickly. Only about 2 mini table for twos are on the balcony.

Overall, it's okay but I probably wouldn't go there a lot unless I want to just chill.

25/02/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
155. Jh M.
I've only been here for the night lounge stuff never in the rooms. But this place closes their balcony areas early as to not disturb guests and when that happens, the places becomes very small and little place to sit. Don't understand why they built the rooms facing into the same area as the bar and lounge.  I thunk the nice outdoor area is what maes this place stand out so it's a shame when they close it off.  

No cover which is good, but they make up for it with the pricey drinks

13/04/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
156. Mia N.
Last stop at Santana Row during a girls' night out because it's open until 2AM.

My friends and I have had MANY interesting experiences here! LOL. You don't even want to know...from sad pickup lines to stalkers to fun after-parties..

The drinks are more pricey but hopefully you won't be buying them yourself. Happy hour is from 4-6pm Mon-Thurs. Bar food. Big outdoor yard with fountain and fireplaces. Comfy sofas. And if you go into the hotel area more there's this cool circular room with a little candle fire pit. Good for an intimate escape!

Make sure you get the Xrated Foreplay martini :) Yum!

28/08/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
157. Joshua B.
It was our first time visting Santana Row and we decided on Hotel Valencia because of it's location and reviews on Yelp. Everything was perfect, I highly reccommend this hotel. Paying extra for the balcony view of the Row is well worth it.

21/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
158. Juan A.
This has to be one of the nicest hotels in this area. It's like transporting yourself to a different dimension fill with luxury and comfort. If you can afford it and you are in San Jose you need to stay here.

13/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
159. Victoria M.
hotel was good no complaints, only the Citrus restaurant i'm not impressed at all, had to wait for our champagne cause they did not have a cold one, our steak was burned from the outside, i may not try this restaurant again, sorry, but def will return to Hotel Valencia

01/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
160. Stephanie G.
I stayed here for two nights, one the night before and one the night of my wedding.  I was really pleased with the stay and the venue.  

The night before I had a suite and it was beautiful.  a HUGE bathroom (there are a few different layouts, but one has a really big bathroom) which was nice for getting ready the day of the wedding.  The room looked out onto the courtyard where Kara's and Pluto's is.  I also had a regular room for myself, and they had sent up a bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries, knowing that it was our wedding weekend.  

The room, even the small one, was a great size.  Very modern, and lots of unique features.

They also have a breakfast included with the room, which is pretty decent, as far as those things go.  You can order something that isn't included, and they have lots of good choices.  

The only bummer was the pool, which I felt was a bit small for the size of the hotel.  But it is very cool to go to the rooftop pool - lots of good people watching.

15/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
161. Jay Y.
Well... Everything is good, but not excellant.

19/06/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
162. Ryan P.
Nice location; pool on the roof with a view, nice modern rooms, and good service. The only real drawbacks of this hotel are (1) parking is only available via valet or in the mall parking garage a few blocks away, and (2) the flat surfaces one might wish to use a laptop on are located at inconvenient heights! Located near the Pinkberry and lots of other restaurants.

25/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
163. Spencer H.
This is a rating for their night lounge VBAR.

This is the place to go to feel sophisticated. I feel like I should wear a tuxedo every time I enter this fancy place. Great thing is there is no cover, you go up this elevator up into their check in floor. Bathrooms are very clean and spacious (lol?). The bar itself has quite a bit of room. If you go early enough, you can get a table without paying a set amount. I believe during the summers they let you go out in the patio which is totally awesome.

Only down side is I think the drinks are the most expensive out of all of the bars in SRow.

Hot girls, nice decor, me wearing a suit=4 stars.

18/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
164. Val B.
Sexy with a capital SEX. It's a nice hotel. The room is very modern. I fancy the balcony. My view was a parking lot though.  They have attractive bathrooms. I love love love the faux fur blankets. The pool is spicy.

There is a club near the lobby.  This place was average.  

The trippy thing is their elevators. Ummmmm.  Which way to exit? Front or backward? I'm one smart cookie. But I had to call the operator to figure out how to get out of the freaking machine. Who knows?

25/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
165. Leslie F.
I have spent upwards of 3 months at this hotel and I absolutely love it.

I have to start by saying that I really wanted to hate Santana Row, on a whole. It's a fake city. I like real cities, there is no way I will buy into this fake city...well...that's the great thing about open minds, they can change ;)

So! I changed my mind. I really like Santana Row and I really love staying at the Valencia.

The pool is wonderful. Great service, too, so you can stay out there all day. Also, complimentary fruit infused water. Yumm.

The gym is small, but very clean and nice. You may encounter one or two others, which may be a little cramped; but often you'll have it all to yourself.

The complimentary breakfast is delicious and my favorite standard option is the Odwalla Juices. I love me some Green Machine :)

The rooms are clean and functional, though I'm not the biggest fan of the 'scent'. That's just me. I know others who *like* the scent...they can write their own review ;) I recommend requesting a balcony. I've never stayed in a room overlooking the interior courtyard, but I've heard they can be a little noisy from Thurs-Sunday.

Most of all, the staff is amazing. Very accommodating. A+ for hospitality.

The breakdown is pretty simple:

Hospitality 5+
Pool 5+
Gym 5
Rooms 5
Small Bathtubs 2
Fruit infused water at the pool 5+

*I don't have kids..I'm not sure this would be the best place for kids*

14/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
166. Nancy Z.
I heart this hotel!  It's like vacation down the street from home!..If you love a W type modern but comfortable style in a combo of Italian/Spanish decor this place is for you!  I've stayed here a few times over the years for a date night and it never disappoints!  Even in the rain its fun to walk around the shops and grab a bite to eat or catch a movie....and the continental breakfast that comes with the stay is a full meal not your average stale doughnuts and coffee!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!

20/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
167. Marisela S.
I've been here twice, both times a great experience, the staff is fast, effective, not rude, really nice, the rooms are spacious, comfortable, atmosphere is great! I will continue to come back to this hotel for sure.

02/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
168. John D.
No words can describe the service and beauty of this hotel. I stayed here many years ago and I plan to come back very soon!

28/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
169. Laura W.
When paying hundreds of dollars for a hotel room (and only for one night!) I expect near perfection. What I got was a handful of issues and inconsistent service. The front desk employees are amazing, but besides them the rest of the staff (especially security) are rude and hardly helpful. The room was squeaky clean and the pool was warm but I will never again PAY to stay here due to poor service.
Oh but five stars for their continental breakfast! Superb!

17/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
170. David S.
This is a review of the lounge (V-Bar) only

When I go out with my friends, I find myself here fairly frequently.  But I don't think that this is because V-Bar is great ... I think this is because there aren't a lot of great bars in the San Jose area (that I'm aware of anyway).

On the plus side, V-Bar doesn't have a cover charge.  It also has a nice patio area with several fire pits.  It's nice to sit out here on a cool night, but on a cold night, even the fires don't keep you warm enough.  The bartenders are pretty efficient and keep people moving through the bar relatively quickly, even when crowded.

On the other hand, drinks are overpriced.  It also gets very crowded as the night goes on, especially once the outside patio closes around 11 p.m. and everyone is herded inside.  The crowd varies, but usually does not consist of a whole lot of professionals.  In addition, there is not a whole lot of seating inside...and unless you are there early, you probably won't get a seat.

But overall, this isn't a bad place to hang out on a Friday or Saturday night.

06/01/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
171. Rob S.
I stayed at the Valencia for 3 days while in town for a wedding. I was debating back and forth where I wanted to stay while in SJ. I wasn't sold on the idea of dishing out $200/night for a room that I really wouldn't be in. I finally decided on doing it after my friend sold me on the fact the hotel was in a really great area (plus all of our friends were staying there).
So I made reservations over the phone. The person I talked with never emailed my reservation info to me, which forced me to call back a week later to reconfirm (at that point they had my rates messed up, which were fixed promptly).
Once I finally arrived at the hotel, I could see why my friend was pitching us to stay there (Santana Row is pretty cool). However, I was a liiiittle (just a tad) disappointed with the hotel itself. It seemed like a pretty old place that had been dressed up, but there had been spots that were missed. Don't get me wrong it had character, I was just imagining a newer, more modern place based on pics and word.
Although the price was a little high for the product, the free breakfast hit the spot each morning (a pretty quality buffet). My only other serious complaint that I had was one day we spent the afternoon at the rooftop pool. I ordered an appetizer that never came, and a drink that took 30 minutes to come out (I do give the waitress credit...she was by herself serving 25+ people). When I asked her that my food that never came not be charged to my room , she was totally apologetic, gave me a free drink, and didn't charge me for the first one. Other than that, hotel staff were friendly and accommodating, and it was actually quiet considering it was packed. I'd give it a 3.5, but obviously can't.

16/09/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
172. Cossette P.
Beautiful hotel inside and out!  DH had his company's Christmas party here last year.  We got a discounted rate for the group.  Too bad it was too cold outside, we weren't able to enjoy the nice patio they have.  The rooms are nicely decorated.  Very upscale looking.  We checked out the swimming pool area on top of the building overlooking Santana Row.  V Bar is in the same building.  We had a cocktail there and didn't have to drive home...nice perk.

08/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
173. Neil N.
Belated review from 12-30.
Met up with some friends in Santana Row for a friend's bday party. A bunch of them rented a room for pre-party(or pre-funk as I call it)
Kinda dark inside, reminded me of a W hotel. But friendly staff, great restrooms in their lobby(sorry, George Costanza mindset took over)
Get a room overlooking the street! Little crowd noise but great view!
Room looked nice(Starwood-like) and very convenient for SR folks stumbling from the bar.

11/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
174. Timothy C.
Very nice, but a bit "hoighty-toighty" for me... way too expensive... it's in the middle of San Jose for god's sake...

18/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
175. D M.
A great experience.  The hotel is so cute and the location is as good as it gets on Santana Row.  They have a beautiful pool and a nice hip on-site bar (citrus).  The hotel staff were very friendly.  The room was nice and clean, the bed was comfortable and I loved our little balcony.  The continental breakfast was delicious.  I would definitely stay here again.

20/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
176. Eric L.
If you need a hotel with access to Silicon Valley this is a great spot.  It's got the boutique feel I like and access to other services I need.  The customer service is very strong and the decor is modern but warm and welcoming.  

The bars are good but you need to know what you want.  If you like a lively place this may work.  If you need sleep and  have make a 7:00 AM meeting be careful.  Make sure to get a room opposite the garden and bar.  The sounds of the music, bar-trollers and potential pickups will waft into the room and interfere with any back of eyelid gazing you planned.  

There are a slew of good eateries nearby and shops to find the pair of  socks that I always forget to pack.  Nothing is more than about 4 blocks away.  There are at least 4 solid restaurants, a movie theater, wine bar, a mall and a handful of upscale shops within eyeshot.  

The only thing lacking is parking.  The valet is almost mandatory so tack the perfunctory $25-40 a day to your room charge.  If your photographic memory can distinguish your rental car from all of the others in the lot 2 or 3 blocks away then you have an alternative.  Be careful though, San Jose's finest are adept at leaving parking souvenirs on your car window and they will not be late even if you are.

I really enjoy this place and have stayed at least a dozen times over the years.  I've never been unpleasantly surprised or been dissatisfied with the service.  It's usually the first hotel on my list when making travel plans. Enjoy!

16/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
177. Debbie B.
My Company rocks in general. But the fact that they have Hotel Valencia as an approved hotel for travel to the West Coast does not make me like them less.

The place is a little hard to find- you take two elevators to get up the the area. But when you get up there- the views are amazing, the rooms are unreal, the decor is just plain cool, and my french door balcony made me want to french kiss.

The gym is a little dark and small but the rooftop pool is heated (this place is SO California). The restaurant and bars are unreal. Crazy pretty building with little fountains and patios everywhere.

The staff was great to me. Helpful when needed but not annoying.

The area- Santana Row- is unparalleled. If you have to go to San Jose or anywhere in a 20 mile radius of it- stay here.

27/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
178. Kate L.
We decided to party it up on New Year's eve at the Hotel Valencia.  It was a great evening.  Initially I was worried about the street noise, but it was unbelievable how you heard NO noise with the balcony doors closed.  We stayed in a king suite, which was a nice size for two people. The decor is a bit on the dark side and not much sunlight unless you had the balcony doors wide open.  Unfortunately the street noise would then be an issue.

The pool and hot tub are nice assets for the hotel.  Not huge, but adequate. I've been to the VBar in the past.  But we are looking forward to returning back to the hotel to check out the restaurant, Citrus. It was a wonderful local getaway and party for New Years Eve.

02/01/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
179. Denise S.
Kudos for cleanliness and design. My room was on the 7th floor, so there was no problem with noise. Management/reception was always friendly and helpful. My gripe is that the wi-fi was horribly disfunctional. Let me see: this hotel is in Silicon Valley, and they either can't figure out the capacity requirements of a hotel this size, or no one knows to restart the wireless router(s) on a regular basis. This may seem picky, but not for over $200.00/night. The ambience and service was good but -- please get it together on your wi-fi. This is an embarrassment to the history of the city.

09/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
180. Marshall M.
This hotel has a very nice ambiance and style.
The bar inside with its outdoor deck is very stylish, chic and elegant.
I recommend it!!! Dress to impress when going there.

22/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
181. Shelly P.
I love Hotel Valenica & here is why:

- the rooms are cool. I always get a room with a balcony overlooking Santana Row. Yes, it can be noisy, so if you are a light sleeper, get a room overlooking the courtyard or further away from the bar. Flat screen, mini-bar, roomy. The suites are really great. Free wireless.

- the staff is accomodating, professional & friendly (you rock girls, Brent & Allan too). Valet guys are friendly. You can have the paper delivered each morning, just ask.

- the VVIP program is the bomb. One free night after 8 stays. Many other benefits...look at their website.

- business center. Mac & PC available. Color printer, they will fax for you.

- pool. It feels like I am on vacation.

Overall I feel so happy when I am there. My home away from home!


30/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
182. Roman M.
Thank you Jacque for always making us feel welcome!  It's people like you that keep us coming back.

06/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
183. lisa g.
Great hotel for a wedding.  We enjoyed a family wedding at the hotel this weekend, the 7th floor terrace was a beautiful scenic space for the ceremony and reception.  The bar and dinner service was great!  Loving Santana Row!

26/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
184. M N.
No star rating for this upscale hotel, but I guess I have to click 1.  I was here to celebrate my friends birthday poolside.  Ordered 2 grilled cheese sandwiches only to find MOLD on the bread AND cheese.  I am disgusted by the quality (or lack there of).  Now I am not feeling well... Not sure if the incident is making me feel queasy or if the mold is now taking it's toll.  Regardless I am not feeling good due to this incident.  I called the front desk and advised them of the incident and it took the Food and Beverage Mgr nearly 30 mins to come up to the pool and meet with me.  Trent kept asking what we wanted as compensation.  I believe a good manager would not ask that question, rather he should OFFER me what the Hotel is prepared to do.  To add insult the Calamari we ordered (w/ grilled cheese) was cold and soggy.  I don't want to come across ranting so I won't continue .. I think everyone gets the idea, this IS NOT ACCEPTABLE !!!

20/08/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
185. Harold B.
Was here for a work event and the manager was rude and a complete jerk off.  More than happy to take our money elsewhere in the future.  

If you want attitude with bad service, this place is for you.

20/10/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
186. Warren B.
Highly Recommend!

This place was outstanding! As we live local my wife and I decided to go on a "stay-cation on Saturday and have always liked Santana Row. I remember seeing this place but assumed it was far to expensive. To my chagrin, we got a room for a very affordable rate. Seriously, a 4 star hotel at a 2 star rate. The rooms were brand new, spacious and very clean. It has a great bar, restaurant and amazing pool on the roof!!! The staff was very friendly and professional. All in the heart of Santana Row. They even include a complimentary breakfast which is by far the best "Continental" breakfast I have ever had. No stale muffins and brand flakes here! A full blown buffet (even had Crepes!).  I would HIGHLY recommend this place to anyone looking to stay in Santana Row and they def have my business when I return.

28/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
187. Cris G.
Outdoor patio area is very pretty.  Had one of the stiffest bourbon and cokes I've had at a bar in a while.  Enjoyed hanging out.

15/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
188. Mama Q.
Such a great hotel for a quick getaway with the hubby. The rooms are spacious and the beds are comfy. Nice bathroom amenities, and fluffy towels. The location is awesome (but parking sucks). After dinner and drinks at Santana Row (and a visit to the Winchester Mystery House down the street), it was great to go upstairs and "unwind". Highly recommended.

22/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
189. John L.
It's definitely a nice place. But it's so expensive for such small rooms.

20/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
190. Chris F.
Hi Yelpers

I have no problem with the hotel they are great. I was there for my birthday with my wife. My wife pulled up in the front of the hotel to the valet parking. Not only we had $8 taken out of the center counsel i asked the guy in the morning if they can keep are car in the front for one hour. He said its only for hi end cars. that is not cool at all trust me just take your car and park it yourself at least you have your money in place when you get back.

24/08/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
191. H D.
The rooms are quite nice, you need to ask for a nice view or you'll be looking out on to the top of an adjacent building or parking garage, and who wants to pay $250 for that! The breakfast buffet is a bit disappointing, not only was it hard to find a table to eat at, it was about 8:45am, on a Sunday- so perhaps a busy day...but the selection was small. While the street below is very noisy on a weekend night, when you are in the hotel its quiet, unless of course you are by the bar or theres some party going on. I think the influx of young men and women who come to stay at the hotel for a getaway/bachelor party etc, who then imbibe at the local bars/restaurants and who then return to their rooms, cackling and laughing late at night can be annoying and disturbing. By late I mean after 2am... And then of course, you can expect that they will be at the breakfast buffet discussing who they met and what sordid events they got up to as well. TMI for some of us, maybe someone elses cup of 'breakfast' tea!!! :)

06/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
192. Lesli D.
We stayed for our wedding anniversary. We only live a couple of miles away, but it was like being a million miles from home! From the Valet to the front desk staff and everyone else we dealt with, our stay could not have been more perfect. Starting with complimentary cocktails, chocolate covered strawberries and champagne waiting in our room, we were delighted with every moment. Lazying around the pool and visiting with other guests from around the world, we could have been anywhere! Yet we were in our own backyard. We'll go back!

06/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
193. Denise L.
its not a night out at santana row without stopping by V bar. especially if you have guests out of town. never stayed at the hotel, but have heard good things. have been to a wedding here, done outdoors in the courtyard. not the best set up with the fountain thing in the middle of the "aisle", but the ballroom was nicely set up. food was good as well.

took some coworkers who were visiting to vbar last night. santana row was really dead for a thursday night, and same went for the bar here at Hotel Valencia.

We were able to squeeze through those sitting at the bar to order some drinks. our vodkas with cranberry juice (mine with red bull) were made great, a bit on the stronger side but not too stiff. drinks are a little pricey here, expect to pay $12-$14 for a cocktail.

love sitting in the courtyard, we had a heat lamp to keep us warm as the night was getting colder. however, the waitress hardly ever came to us, we had to constantly flag her down, and i asked for an ashtray as other tables had one, but she said she didnt have any more and would bring us a makeshift one. never did.

overall, a swanky posh little place. but the bar is nicer than most in the area, and the courtyard is always a plus!

04/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
194. Jeralyn M.
2, because this hotel IS beautiful and because we LOVE the V-Bar, however, the services do not meet expectations because of the snobby attitude as if you are completely an inconvenience. Considering how much a room costs at this place, you would expect great service. As for Valet parking...we won't even go there because they were that bad! So busy, and not on point!
The decor was beautiful, but the rooms are so, very small! I would go to the Fairmont above all places if you are looking the the San Jose area...

11/03/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
195. Lars W.
I travel to San Jose for business quite often. Each time I come to the Valencia. They are very friendly, the rooms are beautiful, and very clean. The Valencia is located in the middle of Santana Row, so the food choices are great. I love the fact that Pinkberry is across from the hotel. As I am a huge Pinkberry fan (see my other reviews). The breakfast comes with the room rate. And parking is available at the garages within Santana Row. Yes, you have to walk a bit, but you can also utilize valet service. If you self park, please don't forget to ask for the parking pass. I didn't do that the first time and received a warning for "unauthorized overnight parking".

23/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
196. Sandra L.
Staff are very friendly here.

15/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
197. Tisha G.
I've had the plesure of imbibing at V-bar, Hotel Valencia's sexy little watering hole, but I've never stayed nor seen the rooms here. The setup of their rooms are nothing short of gorgeous. Great ambience, full sized windows overlooking Santana Row, comfortable beds and high quality toiletries.

What else can a girl ask for? I'll be sure to stay here if I'm ever in the area again.

04/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
198. Patrick S.
Updated 7/10/09.  The hotel management saw my comments and contacted me via yelp.  They were very professional and asked for more info so that they could correct the problem.  I was impressed with the response and am planning a return visit.


Stayed for business just one night recently.  It's a lovely setting, with great public spaces.  The design in the rooms is very fun/cool/modern.  They lack some substance though:

1) The bathroom looks like someone beat it up and then some lame repairs were attempted.  Nice marble tile is scratched, white grout is very dirty in high traffic areas, the bath tub is chipped (giant missing chip on the edge facing the door.

2) TV is a nice large HDTV, but the cable is crap and not in HD.  The menu system that should give you access to games and movies is broken and just displays an X.  Two calls to the front desk resulted in little or no action and definatley no fix.

I might spend my own money on this place, but I'd make the time to ask for a less worn room and insist on the TV being in working condition.

13/04/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
199. Snow T.
Stayed here after our civil wedding and it was over my expectation!

The room is specious, and the deco in the room is very modern and trendy. Love their bed, very comfortable and not too soft. The hallway of the hotel is a bit like apartment, which is the only part I did not like much.

The swimming pool is very nice, I think the water is adjusted with salt so eyes were not get irritated when opening under the water.

Complementary breakfast was very good, too.

14/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
200. Trung L.
BEWARE: This hotel has lice or something. I stayed a couple nights and on my last day there, the back of my head started itching. I didn't think anything of it initially, since it would come and go. A week later, it was still itching so I decided to buy lice shampoo. I applied the shampoo and behold, a small dead bug fell out of my hair! I know, gross. My head feels fine now but I will never stay here again. The hotel tries to be trendy but even just walking through the hallways, you can tell they don't keep it up well. Now I know they don't wash their sheets or pillow cases either!

08/12/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
201. Karen S.
This is a sexy/swanky lil boutique style hotel in Santana Row in San Jo! Stayed here a few weeks ago after the Roberto Carlos concert at HP. The lobby is gorgeous (not unlike the W in SF) the rooms are spacious but a bit dark but well appointed nonetheless! The courtyard was gorgeous and is indeed the coveted site for special events/weddings, etc. AND you're within walking distance of all the restaurants/shops & lounges of "Man-tana Row"!

The bar in the hotel is awesome "V Bar" (San Jose's own LA -like ultra lounge experience... but in a good way and that's saying something!) Oh and the pool and hot tub are ON THE ROOF...you can sneak up there late night...just try not to scream too much during midnight games of "MARCO POLO"!  Room service/menu was awesome! (Fast! Delicious! It was as if I'd just hung up the phone and their already knockin on the door!! SWEET!!!     Word to the wise, do not try and "self park" here...it's Santana Row, the lots are always at capacity, street parking is virtually non existent...trust me, use the valet service..it will be the best $20.00 you've ever spent!

Highly recommend if you are in San Jo and need to stay over after a Sharks game, concert or you're too drunk to flee 408 for 415 or points  in between!  As much as Santana Row is the place I love to hate, I always end up having  a blast when I come down here and judging from the crowds everywhere, so do most folks!!

08/06/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
202. Dave B.
This review is for the lounge area - Vbar.  You can't say you've come to Santana Row and experienced the nightlife without going to VBar.  

Decor's great.  Service was good.  Drinks were tasty.  Vibe was right.

10/11/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
203. Gilbert P.
Although my trip to San Jose was a bit depressing (because my friends were all busy and had little time to hang out), I found much comfort in the luxury, hospitality, and customer service of Hotel Valencia. I enjoyed the pool area and the gym as well as the free breakfast. While most of the amenities and concierge-ing are kind of standard, my favorite part about Hotel Valencia is that the staff treats you with complete servitude and willingness to make your stay even better. That attitude is what gives Hotel Valencia its edge and charm.

Checking in was easy. The front desk woman was incredibly friendly. She was nice, but still treated me like a REAL PERSON without the robotic niceties and awkward, uncomfortable welcome. I genuinely believed her when she said "I hope you have a great stay. Let me know if you need anything!" I really appreciated that.  

The VVIP program is fantastic as it helped me score a room upgrade and a free bottle of wine! The deluxe room with a balcony was perfect for me, but the layout is not good to have guests. ('Suppose I should've opted for a larger suite.) It was hard to have people over because the room is linear and has no real center. While the furniture is beautiful, the organization of the room focused more on making the room SEEM big and spacious, instead of decorating in terms of functionality. The bathroom is perfect, and I wouldn't change a thing about it. The best thing about the room is either the balcony or the SUPER comfortable bed and beddings.  

I really hated the no-outside-alcohol policy, but I am completely sympathetic to the idea. The hotel is expensive (the same price as the Wynn in Las Vegas) and I do not recommend staying here if you're simply looking for "a place to just sleep." Hotel Valencia is the kind of hotel that you want to stay in and enjoy the opulence, use the pool, and go to Burke Williams on the second floor for a mid-day massage. I am happy to recognize Hotel Valencia as one of the best non-Vegas hotels I've stayed in. Excellent service, great location, and first-rate hotel management! I am looking forward to staying here again. Maybe next time I will opt for a larger suite.

03/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
204. Jennifer L.
Great spot for a small business meeting (100 people or so).  You can really take over the meeting space so you're bound to get good service, but it seems that service is spectacular anyway.
The food has been good, the staff has been friendly, the hotel is beautiful, the weather is cooperating, but for the love of God, what is that awful wet dog smell near Vbar?  Is it the carpet?  Please do something - it was the first thing I noticed every time I walked in to our meeting area.

28/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
205. Aman C.
A nice little spot to go to on those hot summer evenings for drinks at the V-Bar.  BUT, you know EVERYONE there!!! That kinda sucks!

The hotel itself is wonderful as well.  I toured this place from bottom up for my Hospitality Class field trip when I went to SJSU.  Interestingly, the 49ers staff and players had reserved one of the floors out for that week...it was wonderful!  We went to the balcony and had smoothies with our classmates.

The prices they charge here is way toooo expensive.  They definately take advantage of their most popular V-Bar that the public is openly able to visit.  

Besides what I learned from how all hotels keep and maintain their rooms, I wanted to believe that the rooms were clean and tidy from what I saw. HOWEVER, they did let us in on a secret...did you know that they only clean their black velvet bedding drop once every 3-4 months because of its high cost to maintain dry cleaning for that type of fabric???  Well, believe it...

I'm happy to say that I never spent a night here and probably never will..........ummm, because..................I live too close?

02/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
206. L L.
Didn't stay here but loved the courtyard for socializing with work folks. My group had the appteizers which were lovely and drinks. I found the staff to be pleasant to engage and very helpful with navigating around the hotel.

17/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
207. maurice f.
We love this hotel.  It's like a mini vacation to Spain.  The surroundings have a Mediterranean feel, the flowers, the architecture the courtyard.  The staff was awesome.  They went out of their way to make sure our stay was memorable. We were celebrating my wife's 40th birthday, they upgraded us to a suite, had a birthday card and free champagne and dessert brought to the room.  Also, the V bar has a great happy hour.  Thanks Hotel Valencia

19/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
208. Christina L.
Seriously the staff and professionals at this hotel ARE AMAZING! They are all SUPER DUPER NICE, professional, and overall just pleasant.

The price may not be the most affordable, but I personally thought it was worth it. PLUS! If you plan on drinking, $200 some odd dollars is cheaper than a DUI and an insurance premium hike!

The rooms are modern and have a luxurious homey vibe to them. They put us in an AWESOME AWESOME room on the 6th floor with a balcony. The view was great and we enjoyed every moment of seeing the row from above.

And though I'm a local, I'd say I'll be back!

17/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
209. Mary Ann N.
The New Years Eve celebration was a HUGE disappointment, dont waste your $400 a couple next year!  meager decorations, band took too many long breaks, champagne was hideous, restrooms werent stocked well, midnight dessert was also boring, wouldnt even know it was a new years eve celebration!  morning buffet was also disappointment (not as elaborate as last year) - coffee was so strong you could prop your high heel up in it...undrinkable.  For the caliber of this upscale hotel this was WAY too pricey for what they gave.  Never go there again.

07/01/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
210. Anna K.
Saturday night the girls went out to celebrate my sister-in-law's last days as a bachelorette. First stop was Hotel Valencia to meet up and pre-drink.

The hotel is really nice. The decor is modern, rooms are beautiful and stocked with a big flat screen TV. The staff was okay. No one greeted us when we arrived or smiled. You'd like a hotel like Valencia there would be lots of smiles and whatnot but whatever. The night life is BLAH. Lots of guys but not enough eye candy :\

21/07/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
211. Subing C.
We had our wedding reception here in August, 2010. We are really stoked that we chose Hotel Valencia for our reception, and as accommodations for our out-of-town guests.

We chose the Cielo Terrace on the 7th floor, for an afternoon-thru-evening reception. The Cielo Terrace is incredibly beautiful, with views overlooking Santana Row and the mountains beyond San Jose. It has a large indoor room, with a large set of french doors that open up onto the terrace itself. The terrace is outdoors, with a trellis overhead that provides shade, and an outdoor fire pit. There are tons of sofas on the side, for relaxed seating and inviting conversation! When it was so hot during the afternoon, the waitstaff graciously moved umbrellas around to ensure everybody had shade. And when the sun went down, and the weather turned chilly, they brought out space heaters to keep the space warm and cozy!

The event manager Debra was wonderful and willing to fully customize the package to meet our individual needs, and gave lots of suggestions at every step of the process. The menu tasting was extravagant, and an event unto itself, and all the food we tried was so yummy! The waitstaff was friendly and thoughtful on our wedding day, service was great, and we had an open bar so guests could order drinks and cocktails...

Valet parking for guest cars was reasonable (parking at Santana Row on a Saturday evening can be really tough!) The hotel also arranged for a "guard" to watch over our wedding gifts during the whole reception! Afterwards, they brought all the gifts and left-over party favors to our suite. They took every step to ensure that we had nothing to do but relax on our wedding day!

It was a great stay for our out-of-town guests too: free buffet breakfast at the Citrus, swimming pool on the roof, and a world-class shopping venue right downstairs. =)

For local weddings, Hotel Valencia is the way to go~!

04/12/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
212. Lucy D.
My awesome boyfriend brought me a room for my bday and it was definitely a great choice of stay because of the great selections of restaurants and bars within walking distance. It is also a plus when you have room with a balcony looking over Santana Row. Great way to wake up to in the morning! Best place I've stay at thus far.

I love the atmosphere and venues within the hotel. I personally love this place because I did not have to wait in line for Citrus when I had my room booked. Plus, during my overnight stay, I was able to just walk over to Karas cupcakes and Pinkberry for some real munchies! Valet parking may cost about $20, but the staff is super friendly.

The room was lavishing and clean. The bathroom was in clean in my high expectations and the bedding was great as well. The décor is definitely nice compared to higher end hotels. This place is also one of the more expensive and chic hotels within the San Jose area.

Great place to book for a couples night out or girls get together. With all the bars, such as Sino and Straits, you can all get drunk and effed up together if you book at room at Valencia, since it is walking distance. This place is going to cost more from the wallet, but worth it.

And, they offer yummy complimentary breakfast!

05/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
213. Liezl S.
Went to the bar here after sino. The line moved pretty good for being after 12am. Got in after 10 mins. There was no direction where to go so my bf n I followed the crowd.

The place is nice and pretty good music. The alcohol was decent, had a adios for $11. The crowd was ok... I wanted to go to a chill spot where u could dance and this place was not it. Everyone just stood there. I know it's a bar/lounges but some bar/lounges people would dance.

The place is nice and chill for hanging out and being dressy. Not really a dance place environment.

07/02/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
214. wendy s.
Cute hotel to stay at i must say! The beds were pretty comfortable and the decorations very modern. The only downfall about this hotel is that there is no parking lot attached to the hotel. They do offer valet parking or you can park your car in the parking lot located about two blocks away from the hotel. I was shocked to know they do offer a military discount, because not a lot of businesses in the Bay Area offer military discounts.

If you stay here, you have to try the SPA, and grab some drinks at the VBAR. The restaurant at the hotel was only ok. The hotel also offers a good complimentary breakfast. Overall, beautiful hotel to stay at.

08/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
215. John M.
We had outstanding service especially from Jose at the front desk and Miguel from room service. They went out of their way to satisfy our needs. Definitely made a difference in our stay and decision to return.

11/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
216. Lilly S.
I stayed here for a week for work and it was a very good time for me.

The rooms are spacious and comfortable. It's close to everything you need. The hotel has friendly and qualified staff. It's very important that prices are not very high. You can eat very well here, there's a good restaurant.

I recommend this place if you're going to stay in San Jose.

21/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
217. Courtney D.
I stayed here the night before my wedding and also on my wedding night and I was pleasantly surprised by the improvements they've made since I last stayed here about 6 years ago. The complimentary upgrade so that I wouldn't have to switch rooms was a huge plus. The two balconies overlooking the Row were so much fun as we got ready for the wedding and the wedding night. It's definitely on the noisy side so I'd recommend earplugs, but overall, loved my stay!

22/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
218. Gertrude K.
This  hotel was an excellent choice for us. Came up from Pasadena to test trive a Tesla Model S. Was treated with an early Check-in. A soccer nut in our party wanted the watch a world cup game and the rest of us wanted to just hang on the patio. Although Vbar was closed this time of day, the beverage manager fired up the TVs for a private showing. While housekeeping cleaned the night club carpets. Soccer nut got his game on. The rest of us were served cocktails and snacks by the manager himself.

The rooms were first rate, clean, and everything you expect in a fine hotel. Hallways and common areas well lit and staff friendly. Although we used the free self parking, the valets and bell boys were helpful and attitude free!

Santana Row ia a vibrant place to stay for out of towners. A sharp contrast to the the dulll drums of Downtown San Jose.

25/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
219. rhonda s.
If you must stay in San Jose, Hotel Valencia is the place!  It's not your typical boring business hotel, although it has everything you need to get work done, but still have a little fun.

First, you'll find plenty of wining and dining, thanks to restaurants such as Thea Mediterranean Cuisine (the Flaming Cheese is one of the most unusual appetizers I've ever had), Left Bank, and Yankee Pier.  Walk it off by window shopping or head back to Valencia's VBar.  It's open until you and your new friends close it down...

Rooms are Spanish Colonial luxe with french door shutters that open onto bougainvillea-filled balconies.  The courtyard below has numerous seating options for your continental breakfast or late night snacks around the fire-pit.  Breakfast is amazing...hot items (eggs, french toast, meats), exquisite pastries, and freshly squeezed juices. I thought I was drinking mango, but it turned out to be carrot...they definitely cover all the bases here!

Week day rates are much more reasonable than I expected and are even less on the weekends.  Definitely consider it for your next business trip to the south bay or for a great urban getaway on the weekend.

07/06/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
220. Kiesha R.
To quote Cher from the movie "Clueless," this place is a total Monet - looks good from a distance, but up close it's kind of a mess.

When I pulled up to the valet, I was pleased by the "boutiquey" nature of the hotel. The layout is immediately strange, however. You go up some elevators to get to the main lobby, which isn't a traditional hotel lobby...just feels like a big hallway you're passing through. I was disappointed to discover that my room was on that same floor, and located through a labyrinth behind a door right off the lounge. It was very dark in the hallway and my room - very strange. Even with the shutters open, it wasn't light and airy at 3:00 on a sunny afternoon.

There aren't really suitable drawers for clothing if you're staying a while and need to unpack. There is a lot of counter/desktop space, however, which is a plus. The bathroom is okay, except my shower had a curtain without a liner - odd. You will have to depend on the mirror in here, because the only other one is a floor length leaner that sits in a dark corner of the room!

These were the smallest double beds I've ever seen - more like twins - and HARD. The pillows were not comfortable, and I woke up all night because my neck was stiff and the room was super hot (my bad here - I should have adjusted the thermometer).

I would have awarded the hotel 3 stars for being almost hip and conveniently on Santana Row if the service wasn't so lackluster. Check-in took a little while, and I didn't understand why there were multiple employees working, but only one actually manning the desk. Check-out was ridiculous. I called in the morning to take care of it over the phone, and finally hung up and walked to the lobby (on the same floor, remember!). The woman didn't seem to flinch when I told her I'd just been sitting on hold - and she checked me out in a few seconds.

Meanwhile, I'd called the valet (it's complimentary - this is nice and was unexpected) ten minutes earlier to have the car waiting when I got downstairs - and it was nowhere to be found. I was informed that they'd retrieved the wrong car. Great. I'm in a hurry, and now I have to wait around some more.

At $299/night, I expected a lot more.

03/04/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
221. Michael P.
Very nice accommodating staff and hotel.  However BEWARE:  The gardeners for the Row show up with their Blowers on the sidewalks early Sunday morning at 8:30 am.  Do not pay for a step out balcony street side for Sat nights if you want to use it Sun am.  Ruined my morning.   Was looking forward to opening both doors and letting the sun and air in.....   Apparently this is the Row's fault not the Hotel.

08/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
222. Linda C.
Rooms are clean and spacious. The pool is nice, but the staff is a little iffy. Ordered drinks from the pool and after waiting about an hour we cancelled our order only to find the staff with our drinks outside outside our room with a temper. The drinks looked horrible so we were glad to have cancelled the order. The maids also come in and out of your room a lot to drop things off and give you chocolates at night which gets kind of strange if you are sitting in the room resting without the do not disturb sign on the door. There is valet parking that's about 25+ dollars, but you can park at the Windchester parking garage overnight for free, if you can find parking that is. Overall a nice hotel in a very nice location and I would come back again.

01/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
223. John-Michael C.
I was here for my company's xmas party. The valet did both park my car and get it when I needed it. The elevator up is always fun. I can't really comment on the rooms or anything of that nature but I can comment on the ballroom area. There was gambling, some food, dancing and open bar!!!

Honestly, I do not remember much of the event as I had good reason to make full use of the open bar facilities. Not to mention the open bar section was apart of Vbar... though the bartender was not too familiar with an AMF but managed to find out how. so with that being said it was one of the best, smoothing going, balanced AMF's I've ever had, probably explains why I drank so many and danced the night away.

23/12/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
224. Jaime P.
I came here for a wedding and everything here exceeded my expectations.  My friend is known for loving everything classy and over the top, and this place was indeed that!

Everything went smoothly at her wedding, and the service was very professional, and the food was good too!

16/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
225. Jen H.
umm...need a "get away" or just want to sleep away from home???!!

MARIE DELICANA is your woman!!!

LOVE HER =) that's all i gotta say!

She's actually the corporation sales manager, and if you work for big companies and want to make sure your visiting guests have a good place to stay, she's your woman! Let her know jennifer sent you and she will def take care of you!!

Marie, i heart you =)

10/02/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
226. Robin W.
An average hotel with decent rooms but loses stars for several significant reasons.

First of all, the internet connectivity is appalling. The wired connections are slow and obviously throttled - even watching a youtube video is impossible. The wifi is even worse. Some days it'll even tell you that there are too many users and refuse to let you connect at all. For a business hotel in silicon valley, it's amazing that they don't provide super quick broadband.

Secondly, Santana Row is noisy. It can be fun, but most rooms overlook the streets around the hotel and you can expect a lot of party noises, air horns, etc especially at weekends.

Lastly, the hotel regularly hires itself out for events. As a paying guest, finding that the restaurant, bar, outside space or all three are off limits for some wedding is frustrating and it happens surprisingly regularly. Providing a full service to guests should be the priority.

Otherwise, it's an okay place to stay. The pool is small but nice, the gym is tiny, and the breakfasts are average. Room service is decent though. There are a ton of reasonable restaurants nearby and a giant mall at the end of Santana Row (which includes an Apple Store and food court). Recommend the Cheesecake Factory beside the Mall for their cheap and varied breakfast menu.

25/05/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
227. Ann B.
I booked this hotel for a fun birthday "staycation" upon recommendation from a colleague.  Right from the start, I was disappointed by the lack of customer service.  I had noted that we were celebrating a birthday and indicated a room location preference on my reservation.  The birthday was not acknowledged, and I was promptly advised upon checkin that my room location was not available.  An alternative or comparable location was not suggested as one would expect.  When we arrived in our room, we noticed the cable TV was not working.  When we called to inquire, they advised that it had been out for awhile, and basically to "deal with it."  This left us with 2 channel choices of infomercials.  They were again rude at checkout, never once asking how our stay was.  Overall, for the price, I guarantee you can find a much better hotel in the bay area that actually puts an emphasis on the experience of the customer.  Needless to say, we will not be returning, nor would I recommend this hotel to a friend or family member.

21/07/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
228. Michael G.
A favorite Silicon Valley hotel. When is the Valley, save yourself some time and energy and book here. The bar, restaurant, staff and rooms are all among the best in town for young professionals.

07/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
229. Christine P.
I booked a room here to host my sister-in-law's bachelorette party. It's the perfect location for this type of event....plenty of restaurants and bars. Bring on the bar hopping and the shenanigans!

The room was spectacular. Totally big enough to house us wild girls for the evening. Unfortunately, we were so loud, security had to warn us 2 times to keep it down. Whoops!

The V Bar and our room were on the same floor. Good thing, because I don't think our intoxicated bachelorette could have made it very far after partying at V Bar (hey it rhymes)

1) The bathroom. I hate bathrooms that have the opaque sliding glass door. Where's the privacy? You can see and hear a whole lot. TMI?
2) Parking. Expensive! $24 for overnight valet and $7 for short-term valet.
That particular day, valet was a nightmare. There was a big tour bus blocking the one lane to get through. It must have taken me 20 minutes to pull my car up and get situated.
Thankfully, the staff was calm and collected and they apologized for the delay.

They were very accommodating and good sports (gosh, we were so loud). I would definitely stay here again.

10/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
230. Giovanna F.
I had high hopes for this Hotel. I wanted it to be amazing. For $200/night I wanted nothing less. What I got was a hotel that looked cool on the outside but in reality needed more TLC than meets the eye.

My biggest disappointment was the lack of cleanliness. There was a smell in the V bar, the elevator, the hallways, and even the room. It smelled like feet! The carpets were filthy. The carpet needed to be vacuumed and shampooed. The stench was most likely from one too many young drunks puking!

The room was tiny and overcrowded w/furniture. Not even queen beds but double beds. Not cool for sharing. The hallways were dark and dingy and it was like walking around a maze. The bathtub was gross and had dirty caulking.

We checked in at 6, went to dinner, a movie and stayed at the bar until 1am. Got back to find a letter saying there was a "smoke" smell coming from our room and we would be charged a $200 cleaning fee! What?! We haven't even been in the room and don't even smoke.

We complained and they downgraded us from the 7th floor to the 3rd floor facing the street! The rowdy night crowd was congregated outside and basically we didn't get any sleep. I don't know what was worse the smell or the noise.

There are some pros. If you prefer convenience over comfort this place is great due to the vicinity to shops and restaurants. They also serve complimentary continental breakfast  which is a plus. The V Bar is a good lounge w/comfy couches. The crowd is not really mixed, 95% of the crowd is asian. It is a great crowd if you want to mingle with Asians but that's everywhere in San Jose right?

I would not stay here again. Overpriced and overrated. I was looking to stay in a place that was sophisticated not smelly.

06/09/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
231. Chuck N.
-It's not too loud that you can chill and have conversations with all your friends here.
-It's always pretty busy and the staff is always readily available to take your order.
-Huge selection of cocktails and wines
-Outdoor patio that's sometimes open with nice ambiance and a cool fountain.
-Very professional and friendly security.

-Lots of over 40 folks and young, nerdy 20-somethings who have poor social skills.
-Drinks are a bit overpriced (but it is Santana Row)
-Closes at midnight I think to let the people who live their sleep.
-Cocktails aren't that strong
-People aren't that good looking (more of the professional crowd that seems overworked).

18/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
232. Merry J.
Very nice hotel in the middle of Santana Row. We stayed here the weekend
after Valentine's so they had a 'romance package' which included strawberries and champage delivered to the room at arrival and breakfast delivered in the morning.  They actually didn't bring the strawberries and champagne the night we checked in so they brought them with breakfast which was nice. The room itself was a nice size, comfy bed and cute little patio. For as busy as the Row is and the hotel was, we didn't have any issues with noise and didn't get any complaints ourselves. Definitely recommend checking out the V bar inside the hotel, especially during happy hour.

27/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
233. Akin B.
This review is for the Lounge area.  Me and some friends were bar hopping when we came across this place.  I asked the attendant is there a cover charge to get in, and he said "No".  That is all we needed to know (Don't laugh, no one wanted to carry cash on them that night).  Took the elevator to the lounge area on the 3rd floor.  The interior was very fancy, and the environment was laid back and fun.  The crowd was mostly Asian and white with a goofy demeanor.

I would definitely come back again!

31/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
234. Cath M.
My cousin decided to celebrate her b-day in Santana Row (yes, I know...don't ask me why, since we were all wondering the same thing) and considering it's the holidays (lots of DUI check points) and that this is the token hotel in the place, we had no choice but to go here.

We had a double bed room and shared it with my bro and sis-in-law.

Room was decent size, trying to be modern/slick decor but kinda half-a$$ and the bathroom was weird. This is the only bathroom that doesn't have a towel rack next to the shower! We had to put our towel on the sink!

They say they're trying to be eco-friendly by wanting guest to re-use towel, well, how can we possibly support that idea if our freaking towels are constantly wet with no place to dry them on? Really?

Plus...I was in the shower and the boy had to pee really bad...he couldn't flush the toilet b/c I was in the shower! WTF? He thought it was broken...I told him to wait until after I turn the shower off and only then was it able to flush. WOW!

I've stayed at some ghetto motels...Motel 6 and they didn't have that issue with water!

Oh and one big issue my whole family had...there was a fire alarm at night and none of the staff decided to inform their guest of what was happening. Even they were unprepared for such emergency. The alarm was going off and all the guest, including the staff of this hotel, was freaking confused!


If this was a real fire, it would have been a disaster. Safety and organization are key to me and they completely failed.

Wow, for $200+ web special with $20 a car for valet plus the ridiculous SJ taxes...we came out to have $270+ with our lives in danger.


21/12/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
235. Wibert C.
Had to be in San Jose on business and not knowing the hotel or the area I booked several nights stay baed largely due to reviews and pics of the hotel.  The pictures make the hotel look fantastic and the description of shops and restaurants nearby were appealing. Driving there you feel as if you were in the 80s; not much around and little development until you get to Santana Row.  It's like an oasis of nice shops and eateries.  I decided to park for free at the parking structure to save the 24 dollar a day valet charge.  Going up to the third floor to check in you begin to see how weathered the hotel really is.  Scrap marks on the fabric lining in the elevators were an omen of things to come.  Got to the floor and I see carpeting that is stained and bunched up as if it were stretched and now to big for the hallway. Not good. Got to my room and first thing I notice is it's right next door to a service entrance.  I could hear banging and people working next door, this after I requested a month in advance a quiet room away from ice machines, elevators and service doors.  After an initial response by the front desk that there were no other rooms available they got me a different room on the second floor.  it's in a quieter area, but the room is dirty, with black smudge marks on the wall and brown specs of god knows what in the bathroom floor and wall. At forst I couldn't believe what I was seeing so I took a small wash cloth, wet it and cleaned the wall.  Gross.  I wasn't about to clean the floor and called the front desk to inform the manager.  He was responsive and polite and said he'd look into it.  I went out to dinner and upon return found a nice platter of fruit in my room, must have been courtesy of the manager.  Kudos for them trying to make it right.  Nonetheless the condition of the room and carpets in the hallway and scraped fabric in the elevators makes you think this place has seen its' prime or has fallen on hard times.  I don't think I'll return.

26/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
236. Jamie W.
My hubby and I used to stay here all the time (as we go up to San Jose on a very frequent basis for business) before finally having enough of the noise and staying elsewhere.

First off - the positives. Great location near lots of restaurants, bars and premium shopping. The hotel itself is very lovely - dark, trendy and upscale. Great valet service.

The negatives. Every room I've ever stayed in have been extremely noisy. Either it's the noise of the party people below, the noise from the parking garage (they beep when cars exit - ALL NIGHT LONG), and then there is the noise from the cleaning staff. Holy hell. I've had some BAD sleeps here. Not to mention, I stubbed my toe on the edge of the bed leg twice in one trip (the bed legs jutt out at a funny angle). Now that's painful.

Mostly because of the noise we now stay regularily at the Larkspur in Campbell. It's not as hip as staying on the Row but it's just a few minutes to my hubby's office (at the far end of Santana Row) and I sleep really, really well there.

31/07/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
237. Jeff C.
If there was an option for six stars, this hotel would get it! I made arrangements for flowers and champagne to be delivered and set up in our room prior to checking in for our ten year anniversary. Not only did they upgrade the complimentary champagne to a much nicer bottle, the manager, Bonnie, upgraded our room to a suite! It was fantastic. My wife loved it and we were both very thankful for all of the support and amenities and upgrades. We will definitely be staying there again!

19/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
238. Brian L.
Favorite hotel in San Jose.  I love staying here because Santana Row doesn't seem like San Jose, but more like a nice area of San Francisco.  I love how you walk out your hotel and great stores engulf you.  The manager was great and I would come back here just for how nice he was as well as the hotel.

10/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
239. Don D.
One of my favorite hotels in the Bay Area. The rooms are fresh and designed with a chic, modern touch. Everything is super clean and the staff is average: knowledgable and friendly. Located in the great location of Santa Row with tons of things to do. Beds are comfortable, rooms smell great, and bathrooms large and clean. However, its very noisy. The staff was friendly but seemed impatient. Didnt really do anything to go above and beyond. For the money, the place is good: clean. Like I said, dont expect anything too great.

14/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
240. Ken J.
Came here to celebrate a very special event.  Was very disappointed that the champagne was not in the room on arrival as planned.  Had to call twice for it to be delivered and didn't appreciate the nonchalant attitude when it was finally brought to the room.   The room itself was ok, but could use remodeling in a couple years.  Probably would go to the Fairmont next time for a special occasion.

15/10/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
241. Tam D.
Love love love this hotel!  The location is perfect.   I loved the happy hour at Vbar.  It was perfect me & my bffs who sometimes get lazy & can make a good time anywhere we go.  The rooms were a perfect size & loved the continental breakfast.  We will be back!

13/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
242. Julie K.
This is a chic little hotel with an excellent location right in the middle of Santana Row. The setup is a little odd in that you take the elevators up to the lobby level to check in. The lobby itself is quite large with a loungey seating area. Just past the registration desk is another set of elevators that take you up to the room floors.

There is low lighting throughout the hotel, which I suppose the hotel feels lends to the swank factor. The rooms continue this theme, and are nicely decorated with dark wood and leather furniture. Rooms have views of the central courtyard or out onto Santana Row. Note: this may not be the best hotel for you if you're a light sleeper since Santana Row, although always busy, really starts up after 10 p.m. When my ex and I stayed here, our room was at the back of the hotel, just over Rosie McCann's Pub, so it was a noisy night until after last call. If I stay again, I'll ask for a room on the other side for sure.

Other times I've come to the Hotel Valencia just for drinks. The V Bar is pretty small, cramped and definitely a scene. Last night I thought it would be nice to check out the roof bar, Cielo, with a friend. Unfortunately it was closed for a private party, but when I asked the staff about the tables and seats I saw in the courtyard they explained that half are reserved as seating for the hotel restaurant, while the rest is considered part of V Bar. There were just a few people sitting in the courtyard at that point so I was able to secure a table and seats while I waited for L. to join me. There was a lovely breeze, and it was very relaxing to hang out and listen to the sound of the fountain.

L. and I ordered a couple of martinis from our cocktail waitress, plus a calamari appetizer from the bar menu. My lemondrop was excellent, as were L.'s Grey Goose madras and the food. As the evening wore on, more and more people showed up and seating was hard to come by. It seemed like any time we shifted in our seats, people asked if we were leaving so they could swoop in. Still, it was a very chill place to hang out and catch up with a friend. I want to try out Cielo at some point, but would like to come back here to hang out again as well.

18/07/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
243. Dave S.
I really enjoyed my stay here. The room was well-decorated and very comfortable. Everyone on staff was polite and friendly. The corridors have an odd, industrial look to them but who spends their time in the hallways? There are also many meeting areas and nooks on the floors so you can hang out at a place that isn't a bar and it's the high-traffic lobby.

27/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
244. Susan M.
We hosted our anniversary dinner there and it was great.  From the first time we met with the event director, through the food tastings, to the IT director; and catering manager, all were thorough professionals.  It is children friendly as well as accomodating to our friends in wheelchairs.  We looked at numerous sites, throughout the Valley, and Hotel Valencia was by far the best deal; best site and gave us the  best results.

02/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
245. Bernadette M.
I surprised my bf here for an anniversary weekend.  We've been here to the V Bar for a champagne tasting thing and loved the decor of the hotel.  We were planning on going up to Mendocino but I thought I'd throw him off and do stuff locally.  Was that a mistake?  

We arrived and the valet parking attendant was friendly and the bell hop helpful.  The concierge/front desk folks did their job, just not friendly.  A smile may have brightened up the beautiful darkness of the lobby.  From the looks of the web site, I wanted something more than just a 'standard' room.  So I booked a room with a balcony.  Thinking there would be a little table out there and and we could sit and have coffee there the following morning.  We got to our room and it was very nicely decorated, totally our style. Our ledge of balcony jutted out about 2.5 feet.  Wow.  I guess I didn't recall how small it was.

The bed was comfy at first.  Your head just soaked into the pillows. But at night, that bed was hard as cardboard.  After hours of tossing and turning and trying really hard to shut out the yelling and screaming from the street below, I ended up giving up the fresh air from our open balcony doors and slept on the more comfortable lounge chair.  Our anniversary dinner at Citrus wasn't any better.  Look up that review if you like. Bottom line, this is not a place for a romantic getaway or for a business person that's been traveling the world.   Two stars for the decor.  Our stay was a disappointment.

08/10/07 | Link | Rating: 2.0
246. Leanne C.
Super comfy pillows and beds, had the best night's sleep here.  Great location - above tons of restaurants and bars - but they close early so you won't be awake all night from the noise.  Be sure to check out their breakfast in their restaurant in the morning - it is complimentary!!!!

10/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
247. Gloria H.
3.5 stars

The biggest plus is the location if you want to be on Santana Road where all the shops and restaurants are located.  

Valet parking is slow.  The cave like entrance to the elevators up to the lobby is dark and strange.  The front desk staff - some are friendly and helpful, others should not be there.  

The room itself is ok.  Don't care for the sliding door to the bathroom.  It can use a refresh.  The bathroom is very generic - the stainless sink feels like a public bath.  The operable window is nice.

12/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
248. Andy T.
Great location on Santana Row. Don't get the idea of offering a free coke & sprite as a welcome gift. I don't drink either. Bit too dark and windowless for my taste and altogether a little pretentious.  Complimentary buffet breakfast has good variety and plenty of fresh fruit but no organic yoghourts or other products. The espresso at breakfast is not up to much. Give it a miss. It is my fifth time here so it sort of works for me.

06/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
249. Joanne L.
Reasonable prices and GREAT amenities!

We love this hotel for many reasons... but let me list my top reasons first: [sorted by my priorities ;) ]

Breakfast!  The breakfast is included with the room rate so they have difference juices, tea, hot items, and the restaurant is quite nice.  Definitely love the breakfast here!

Valet.  Parking is tricky sometimes and I decided to valet on my last visit here.  It's much easier to go in and out when someone is parking your car for you.

Location!  Love the convenience to EVERYTHING!  Shopping... pastries... coffee... even pearl milk tea.... and tapas!

VIP access.  If you are a guest at the hotel, you can skip the line to V Bar and just walk right on in.  The staff is friendly and helpful! :)

Amenities:  Hot tub and pool... on the rooftop!

Room: clean, modern, chic.  The telephone will even display your name.... WELCOME JOANNE

Price:  Reasonable!

Just a fun place to get away for the weekend.  :)

19/01/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
250. AJ K.
A very clean and charming hotel on Santana Row.  Friends and family stayed here for the night as part of a wedding package.  Although it has conflicting themes - East Asian influence in the lobby, a ultra-modern/hip theme for the bar, and contemporary rooms designed with frosted glass, brushed metal, and dark brown wood furniture, it still exudes a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.  

The honeymoon suite had a king bed and a cute balcony that overlooked the shopping area.  The regular rooms were fitted with two queen size beds, LCD tv, and a spacious bathroom with tub.  The bar area seemed like the "it" place to go with guests dressed as if they were at a club.  

They also offer a delicious complimentary breakfast, which ends at 11am.  The menu consists of scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, country potatoes, a variety of breads you can toast, fresh squeezed juices (orange, grapefruit, apple, etc), coffee, fruits, cheeses, cereal, oatmeal, and much more.  

Despite an incident where one of the staff employees was rude to my friend, the hotel offers a nice local get away.

27/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
251. Aimee R.
Overrated! The lounge called V-Bar is pretty popular, so at night time the hotel gets pretty busy!

We stayed on a Saturday night. You would think that the valet would have enough people working so that they can accommodate the amount of people coming in and out of the hotel. The valet was horrible!!! We needed to get something out of our car, so we called front desk so they can pull our car up. 10 minutes later front desk calls us back and tells us that they can't get a hold of valet so they tell us to go flag them down on our own!!! I couldn't believe it! Front desk should have sent someone down to figure out what was going on! Since we couldn't wait anymore we decided to go down. It was raining and the front was very hectic because of all the people waiting to get into V-Bar.

After 20 minutes we finally got our car. No one offered to help us with our bags, my boyfriend had to flag someone down to get us a cart. As he made his way with our loaded cart  back into the hotel, one of the bouncer's for the lounge had the nerve to hassle him about getting back in!

Once we get passed the bouncers and make our way into the ONE elevator that takes everyone up to the lobby and to the lounge.  Since there is only one elevator, you ride up with all the drunk ass people trying to get to the lounge!!! We got stuck with a group of people who thought they were cool and started acting out in the elevator! So annoying!!!!

Once we get back to our room. You can definitely hear the music from the lounge. I wasn't worried about it cause we were trying to chill with a couple of our friends in our room. To our surprise we got a call from front desk with a complaint from someone saying that we were too loud!!! I was surprised that they could even hear what we were doing over all the music and noise coming from the lounge.

In the morning we started getting ready for the free breakfast downstairs, thinking that our stay was gonna get better. We were so wrong! As we were getting ready, we suddenly heard the door open to our room!!!! WTF!!! It was housekeeping! The lady opened the door before she started knocking!!! Who does that? She heard the shower running and just yelled that she would be back!!

I called front desk right away to ask them when check out was. They told me 12! The lady came into our room @ 10 AM!!!! I was pissed!!!! I told front desk what happened and they didn't even apologize!!!! They just said that they would call housekeeping!!!!

I will NEVER stay here again!!!!

28/02/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
252. Vy M.
The outdoor patio is really  nice and good for summer nights. Pricing of the drinks kill it for me. My friend bought a double shot of remy for $40. A bottle of remy costs $33 at Ranch Market. Maybe I'm just Asian and cheap. :P

Edit: went there again on friday to meet up with some friends. I bought 6 (jack and coke/rum and coke) drinks, total came out to $59. Tipped the guy $6 = $65. Checked my account this morning and the charge was $71. It was only a few dollars but it's still not right of them to do that! Did they really think they deserve more tip for just pouring some jack and coke into a cup?? So, I called my bank and dispute the charge and reverse the tip. No tip for you for being greedy!!

FYI, if you pay by cc here, please check your acct.

22/07/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
253. Anna B.
Today is probably the second sunny day of summer in Pacific Grove. If you live someplace that's often foggy, you understand that primal "ahhhhhhh!! I need to find the sun NOW!!!" sorta feeling. I got that feeling about a month ago and decided on a stay at Hotel Valencia.

Santana Row is a manufactured shopping village with a good variety of shops. I think they were going for a Beverly Hills' Rodeo Drive for the everyday common crowd. And walking those side walks, boy did I feel common. I felt rather like a cow in hurd. Surprisingly, I was fine with that. Thankfully they incorporated plenty of trees in their landscape.  

Let's get back to the real reason I chose this spot, warm, relaxing, glowing, glorious sunshine. I hit the rooftop pool ASAP because to me a great getaway doesn't mean shit unless I have the tan lines to prove it. I actually set up camp before my room was ready. The front desk was totally fine with this.

The lounge chairs are very comfortable, the towels are large and soft, the scenery is chill. There's a large container of cool water with fruit...nice touch! Great view of town. Perfect spot to nap and swim and read and dip and nap and dip and read and snack and dip and...  

The plants in the pool area aren't well maintained. What's meant to be lush ferns are well on their way to being cooked crisp.
I ordered a mojito. It got there an hour later.
If you aren't there early, you'll have to wait for a chair.
The pool is small.

The rooms are nice. Big oversized floor mirror (yeah I'm vain) and the most comfortable, cooshie, "I could totally pass out here" chair and ottoman.

Breakfast the next morning is more than adequate. Great selection of teas, good oatmeal.

I think this spot would make for the perfects girls' weekend. Looking forward to testing that out!

08/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
254. Grace H.
Located in the heart of Santana Row, you're welcome in even if you're not a guest. The hotel decor is absolutely gorgeous! You feel glamorous just stepping foot inside. Good place to take a small group of people after dinner or drinks -heck we had pink berry and strolled right in with it. Took it upstairs where there is a bar/lounge on the inside and patio seating with fire pits outside. We hung out next to a fire pit and finished our foryos. Totally beats sitting out in the cold! The place is heavy on security which makes me feel safe. No worries about of bumping into beligerent drunks here! I'd like to stay the night here some time, even if I do live in the next city over =P

Hotel Valencia is incredibly beautiful.

16/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
255. Holman L.
Stayed here a few times now, and I have no complaints. Friendly staff, decent food, and nice rooms. Most importantly they are always clean.

Located in a great area, and if you're reading this review, you may already be familiar with the area.

03/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
256. Anya M.
Great place! We got to spend Saturday night there, so it was a little loud. Other than that it's a perfect place! We enjoyed staying there!

12/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
257. Fair R.
Just went to a beautiful wedding on their seventh floor balcony.  Great service, great food, beautiful location.  Excellent plac to get married and what a view.

26/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
258. Jonathan M.
Took my fiance here to have a nice weekend getaway from the heat.  The hotel was great from the friendly staff, the nice comfortable room, the complimentary breakfast, and the pool.  Would definitely come back here to relax.

13/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
259. John D.
I stayed here over a Friday night and at about 7:45 AM on Saturday was awakened by the very loud sound of a grinder on the floor above me. I called the front desk and was told matter-of-factly that construction occurs between 8 AM and 8 PM. No apology and no advance warning that I would not be allowed to sleep in.

11/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
260. N K.
Seeing the various unethical accounting methods enumerated in other reviews here on Yelp it is apparent that there are serious financial accounting problems at the corporate level.  It brought back many reminders of the numerous times that I stayed several years ago.  I'd make my reservations online from their hotel website most often staying for 2 or 3 nights at a time which was supposed to earn one free night (for future use).  After "earning" four or five "free" nights I asked to "pay" for the nights with the free nights earned for an upcoming stay.  They had "lost" my accumulted nights saying that I hadn't "signed up for them".  They claimed that going forward when staying at the hotel that these special deals would accumulate the free nights earned.  Nonetheless, I continued to stay at the hotel on future visits believing that the more recent free nights were accumulating.  When it came time to use these accumulted nights, guess what?  A repeat of the previously described scenario.    (I did write, submit receipts from stays and call to their corporate headquarters, but received complete denial, or indifference in return.)  Someone should investigate them.

01/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
261. Christal M.
I stay here at least once a year usually during Christmas time because Santana Row is always decorated so beautifully. Such a nice hotel great cocktails at the V-bar, rooms are great especially if you get one with a balcony overlooking the Santana Row strip. The breakfast in the morning is phenomenal all complementary with your stay.
The only downfall would be parking is not included you either have to park in the parking garage and walk over or valet which I believe is $25.00 per night. Besides that everything else is AWESOME!!!

30/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
262. Tina N.
boyfriend surprised me with a stay here for our 6 year anniversary and as ridiculous as the cost was, in all honesty I didn't think it was worth it. I've seen better room quality in Vegas for the same price if not cheaper. the bathroom in my opinion seems a little rundown with the obviously cheap faucet and shower head...with everything around it designed to look modern. the room itself isn't that impressive but the bed is gigantic and comfy! good huge satellite tv also.

the location of course is good with its food, shopping and a little nightlife. the addition of V Bar in the hotel lobby was nice as well as the complimentary breakfast at Citrus. they also sent up some champagne and chocolate covered strawberries which was very sweet. nice but there's no real bang for your buck.

07/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
263. Amy K.
Favorite spot on the 'row.

Beats the rest of the places on the 'row. Kind of hidden. I have to say this is my favorite bar/hotel combo package in San Jose.

25/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
264. Lovecupcakes L.
Our family stayed here overnight while shopping at Guitar Center and at Lululemon :) It was pleasantly relaxing, clean, friendly staff especially Allan from reservation desk, plus the convenience of all the shops and restaurants around the hotel.  Will surely come back for a wknd getaway soon :)  Thanks Hotel Valencia!

18/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
265. Jason L.
Actually gonna give this place 3.5 stars. You're really only paying for the location and decor...seriously. Wife and I stayed here Friday/Saturday and got a balcony room. Thought they were going to put us over looking their center court yard but they put us over looking the main strip. Lets just say, its noisy all times of the night and early morning. Bare with me cause this is going to be a long lengthy review.

Checking in... the girl who was helping us was slow and kind of clueless when we asked her questions. Possibly new and in training? Either way, it was hard getting complete answers and we were the ones asking questions instead of her telling us about where to go, amenities, etc. We already knew what the hotel and surrounding areas has to offer, but its just courtesy for front desk staff to tell guests these things.

Hallways... cool lighting effects on the walls but when you look up, it looks like cheap metal mesh covering the lights/vents/piping.

Rooms... nice decor (not great) but whoever designed the rooms didn't do a good job utilizing the space available. They could've done a better job with the bathrooms, expanding it making it have a separate shower and tub, the ice bucket was small and the glasses to drink out of were cheesy frosted white glasses that didn't go with the room. The highlight of the room was probably the bed...comfy with a nice down comforter and down pillows. Lost the controller in the sheets in my drunkenness and couldn't turn off the tv manually when I wanted everything off so I can go to bed. Eventually found it and was able to turn it off! lol Turning on the tv and switching the channels...major lag time. Also, all the lights have to be turned on and off one by one manually.

Morning time... we were woken up by 8am to landscapers outside (leaf blowers and who knows what else) continuing on till 10am. The only highlight to waking up in this place is the free continental breakfast at Cielo. Bagels, toast, yogurt, fresh fruit, bacon, eggs, ceral, coffee. Everything was good but something about the eggs didn't taste wright. They were cooked but juicy? Not sure if they filled it with cheese, butter, or what but it gave me a stomach ache later on.

Checking out... simple, quick, easy...how it should be.

Valet... FAIL! Pulling up and valeting the car was typical. Open your door, give you your ticket, help you out with your bags. Now getting the car back, they have it all wrong. When a guest is checking out, they should radio down to tell valet to bring the car forward or let the guest know that they should call down 10 minutes before checking out so the car will be ready to go. We go down there, stand there, wait for a good 5-10 minutes and then finally get in our car. If you're paying $20 for valet, I expect better and faster service. Or at the very least, wash my damn windshield! (I might sound like a snob, but seriously... other hotels I've been to have it together and do these little extra things).

In the end, our stay was average...only thing to rave about is how convenient the location is if you're going to get a massage, go shopping, or go party some where. Would I recommend my friends/family to stay here...? no, unless they don't have a designated driver to get home or if they're not from the area. My reviews about v-bar to follow...

01/11/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
266. Shane L.
The hotel is ok and the valet/front desk are still pretty courteous.  They need to completely replace the V bar staff, though, as they portray attitudes of bitterness or indifference.  Maybe that's due to the weekend idiots that now populate the bar later each night but that shouldn't be my problem.  Santana Row used to be a pretty cool place to go a few years ago. Now, it's over-populated with youthful nitwits who still can't stay in the hotel for $199. If the hotel could increase the quality of their product and raise prices, they'd get back to what they were.

19/03/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
267. Mindy H.
Mom came to visit and we spent a little over a week here - the perfect setting for mother/daughter bonding time.
The staff were super friendly and the location is beyond perfect!
We felt like a million bucks living there.
They are ALWAYS booked though so make sure you make your reservation well in advance!

26/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
268. Josh C.

I've never been treated this badly at a hotel.  Yelp reviews can be overblown, so let me preface this.  I'm a married mid-30s professional, responsible, polite and articulate, as are my wife and our friend.

We made the mistake of showing up at the hotel with two bottles of wine (and three responsible adults).  They were gifts from our friend's father, who invited us to a Christmas Eve party.

We checked in at the desk, and were accosted by security staff on the way to our room.  Apparently, the Valencia has a "no outside alcohol" policy.  It wasn't clearly disclosed on the website, or through hotels.com where we booked.  The official explanation is that the policy exists because they have a liquor license.  We were harassed because they wanted to maximize our spend during our stay.  Good times.

We checked in at the front desk, carrying overnight bags, a big box of christmas gifts and a couple bottles of wine in a grocery bag.  The security guard present watched us check in, and then waited for us to sign all of the paperwork and walk to the elevator before physically blocking our access to the elevator.  He then questions us police-style, accusing us -- rather than politely informing us of the policy and offering to assist -- of having alcohol on us.  This was one of those clear cases of "petty little man with an ounce of power".  He was condescending and rude, and actively escalating what would have otherwise been a complete non-issue (I had no problem with ordering some drinks from room service).  He made sure to point out that the policy was in the contract that he watched us sign (you know, before saying anything to us).

After a brief conversation, we physically offered him the bag of wine.  He threw up his hands, refusing to take it.  He pointed at the counter and informed us that we needed to get back in line and check the items.  We were annoyed (justifiably), but we're nice people, and remained reasonably polite.

This is all going on while we're jugging the big box of christmas presents, bags, etc. The front desk clerk is clearly doing his best to ignore the situation, and there are a couple people in line to check in.

The situation is getting tense (again, the security guard is the one escalating things).  I ask our friend if he wants to stay downstairs while we drop our stuff off, and I'll walk back out to the car with him (we weren't really convinced we'd get the wine back, and wanted the option of taking it elsewhere -- we had already made plans to meet up with his sister and her friend for a drink at our hotel, thinking it would be more pleasant than the Marriott she was staying at).  

Our friend sits down on the couch with the wine, and says to us that he feels like he's in junior high school.  He's annoyed at the situation and the policy, which is totally reasonable.  

The security guard stands over him and demands the he explain himself.  Seriously.  This guy is clearly itching to hurt someone, and trying to provoke us into giving him any minuscule justification.  We're all intimidated and extremely wary at this point.  Aren't we supposed to be guests here?  WTF.

I try to diffuse the situation, and say to the guy "Hey, how about we leave our friend and the wine in the lobby while we drop our shit off upstairs, and we'll come right back and walk it out to the car?".  He gets in my face and is like "Shit?  Excuuuuse me?".  I'm blown away.  He's pretending to be offended and looking for an opportunity to mess with us.

We run upstairs (I was a little queasy about leaving our friend at this point), toss our stuff in the room and run back.  This takes maybe a minute or two.  At this point, there are three security guards upstairs, the guard is standing over our friend -- who's still just sitting on the couch in the lobby.  

We grab our friend, who wants to know the guard's name.  When he asks, the two other security guards (one of whom was older, and appeared to be the superior) start moving around behind him.  There's a lot of non-verbal intimidation going on here, and these guys all have each other's backs.  We've entered the twilight zone.  You can't make this stuff up.  The security guard refuses to give his name -- "You can call me Mister Security Man", and instructs our friend to address any complaints to the front desk.

Update:  After a couple days of getting the runaround (and a few hours on the phone), the hotel refunded the cost of our stay and have assured us that they're taking steps to ensure that this won't happen again.  I'll be happy to post updates on any concrete changes that we hear about.

26/12/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
269. Jeremy M.
The combination of great location (right on Santana Row) and style / decor of the hotel and rooms made this my favorite spot in the San Jose area.

I travel for business A LOT and found myself making the trek to the San Jose / Palo Alto for a few months.  Beautiful part of the country but TERRIBLE hotel options.  For the most part you end up paying 5 star rates for 3 star amenitities so I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon the Valencia.

Location:  Rocked!  The only hotel right on Santana Row, a strip of restaurants, boutique-y type shops, etc.

Rooms/Hotel:  The rooms were decent sized.  Big comfy king sized bed, large reading chair and a chaise.  Also had a desk with outlets for the working crowd.  Nice modern style to both the rooms and the overall hotel.

Value:  Wasn't cheap but compared to other options in the area it was right in line price wise.  

Overall:  Not one of my all time favorites but given the choices in the area which typically run from bad to worse - this was my IT spot for San Jose

25/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
270. Jennifer L.
beautiful beautiful hotel.  we stayed here for one night for my friend's birthday.  we live all around the bay, but thought it'd be easier if we could spend the night here after going out in santana row.

hotel was beauuutiful inside.  the bathroom was small and the two rooms we had were actually two different sizes (one was slightly bigger than the other), but it was very spacious and clean!

they provided two parking permits for us which was nice.  i definitely recommend staying here for a nice little getaway if you can't make it to the beach or SF :)

21/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
271. Rimi K.
Depending on the time of day or night this place can be super classy or in the complete opposite direction.  I once had a company off site here and it was well done (although I overheard it blew the budget through the roof).  The hotel took good care of us and the catered food was amazing.  The hall was very professional and had a gorgeous view overlooking the row.  

The roof top is super nice, although not always open, its classy and again the view is breathtaking.  One of the few spots in the south bay that I thoroughly enjoy.  

The hotel lobby is on the third floor and has is very uniquely commonly gorgeous.  I don't know who the architect was but he/she/they did an amazing job putting random mediums together to make a well-put-together hotel.  

Classy times in the south bay.

08/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
272. Titus O.
Great hotel, love the style of the rooms.  The Junior Suite is my favorite one, even over the Executive Suite.  I just like the overall layout and feel of the Junior Suites more.  Executive Suite feels more like a business hotel room and not as modern/cool looking.

The hotel bar is pretty cool.  Grabbing a drink and hanging outdoors by the firepit or on the balcony is nice.

05/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
273. Rishi C.
Review is for the Valet staff - you know, the people who actually are the face of this hotel! Negative starts actually for being generally rude, abusive and cheap in their demeanor.

They like to park expensive cars upfront to give the place an air and when our 5 year old touched one car - one of the guys came barking and excited all worked up to us "I TOLD YOU 3 TIMES TO NOT TOUCH THAT CAR" and all ready to get in a fight. Badly for him, none of it really impressed us and we shouted back asking him to watch his tone. What is this Three strikes rule where you turn into a baboon if a 5 year old does not care about not touching a car parked on the road? If you care about it that much, put a sign, put a chain around it, put a guard next to it. But I guess IQ is not a requirement for the job much.

A "nicer" guys steps forward then explaining that people don't care if they post a sign - and so the solution is to Bark at people? I asked. Well, that's genius!

This is a 250,000.00$ Car sir! He goes on. My 5 year old and I do not care, I explained. It's a car. It could be a Versa for all he cares.

When I was a kid I knew the cost of this car! "Well, you ended up in a perfect job for being so smart didn't you!" I politely said. The guy took that as a compliment I think.

Not a single word above is made up. They were literally this dumb and rude. Then they called the Santana Row security on us and asked us to leave - the guy that came by was bigger joke and got his ful of hearing from us. But that is not related to the hotel to be fair and I would not unjustly take away another star from my review for that.

11/03/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
274. stephanie p.
I really don't know why I do this, maybe it is the location but we have stayed here so many times and each time there is something that happens, but this time we had our kids with us and the TV didn't work, really? the TV in a room! Crazy! I really don't think we will be back, I will find another hotel in that area when we need to stay in the San Jose area again!

15/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
275. J E.
The sun was shining and a cool breeze swept through the air as the guests began to settle. Once the musicians began to play a silence fell and all heads turned to the back... the Bride makes her way down the aisle, a vision in love.

Her eyes focused on her soon-to-be husband.... He fidgets nervously as she moves closer to him. Step-by-step.. closer and closer.. until they meet. The ceremony begins...

another breeze... then.. voices... no one in the aisles... the ceremony continues.. the voices get louder... who or what is that??? the Ninja ponders... louder still.. this is NOT OK.

The Ninja scans guests tracking the annoying cackling only to find it's the guests in the upper patio. UBER-FAIL!


So this place does get 3 stars for the overall aesthetics of the hotel & friendliness of the wait staff. However, the Ninja has to deduct 2 stars because the noise factor during the ceremony was not handled properly. If there was another private party upstairs it would have been smart of the Hotel to offset the 2 events, or close off the upper patio for the 15-20 minutes it took for the ceremony to run.


Ninja says it's lovely venue to host an event...just make certain you cover all you bases. No one wants to look back on their Wedding video and hear a rowdy crowd over their vows.

28/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
276. Jonathan B.
I've stayed here a couple times before, and I spent the long Memorial Day weekend here with my family. As always, this place did not disappoint.

We're from San Francisco, which is only a 45-minute to an hour drive north of San Jose. And It's a nice way to get away, and yet still be relatively close to home. And we've stayed at the Hotel Valencia everytime we want to get away from the City. The staff is friendly and very accomodating.

The stay we just finished (we checked out this morning), was great as always, and it was also the first time we stayed there with a newborn (we have a 6-month old). On our first night, we realized that we did not bring anything to store the baby's food in, or have a way to sterilize her bottles. So we called Guest Services if there was any way we could have a fridge and a microwave sent to our room for our use. The guy who answered said that he would first have to check and see if they could do so, and would call me back with an answer. About 10 minutes later, he called back as promised and said that they do have a fridge and a microwave they could sent up to our room. I asked how much I owed for this, and he replied immediately that if the hotel has it, there would be no charge for it. The fridge and microwave came within 5-10 minutes. We were so happy about it, because it makes dealing with the baby's needs so much easier and less stressful, and we totally appreciated the help we got.

Just one example of the awesome service I always experience when we stay here. It certainly makes coming back a no-brainer. This is definitely our favorite "stay-cation" destination.

PS: The nice location in Santana Row is definitely a perk too. Also, since they're in San Jose, we also have the option to drive out to Monterey or even Santa Cruz, which are both within an hour out of town.

28/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
277. Michael F.
The experience that I had at the Hotel Valencia was much better than what I had at the last hotel that I stayed at when I was in San Jose (you can check my reviews if you want to know which hotel that was). It is a very modern, trendy looking hotel that is situated right in the middle of Santana Row.

The highlights of my stay at the Hotel Valencia were:
-Free Wifi throughout the hotel.
-Free Continental breakfast that was composed of a good selection of food and drinks. The hours of the breakfast also lasted until 10AM, so I didn't have to wake up at the crack of dawn to get food like at some other hotels.
-Friendly staff
-Good sized flat screen TV in my room.
-Super comfy bed
-Great view from my balcony.
-Easy, convenient access to many stores and eateries since the hotel is located in the middle of Santana Row,.

The only complaint that I can really offer about the place is that it is dimly lit. This can either be a positive or a negative depending on the occasion you are at the hotel. At times it made the hotel feel kind of 'dungeoness', but it also had a romantic feeling about it. Ideally, I see the Hotel Valencia as more of a place for vacationing (or a personal stay) as opposed to a place to stay for business travel.

I didn't get a chance to walk around the hotel as much as I would have liked, but I am sure that everything that I missed is as nice as what I saw. The next time I am in the Bay Area, I would love to stay at the Hotel Valencia again.

07/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
278. Lorrie M.
I think a lot of people review this place for the bar, but this is strictly speaking the hotel portion! I have my opinions about the bar ...

And because of this popular bar, you will probably not be able to find much sanity if you stay downstairs and try to attempt the bar while staying here in hotel Valencia. The rooms are gorgeous and the ones with a view of Santana Row are especially nice. In the day time, the rooms have plenty of natural, good light and the beds are quite comfortable.

The location is fantastic on Santana Row and it actually gives you a quaint getaway even if you're still right smack in the middle of San Jose. It's a different feel, and you can almost pretend it's a different place.

However, with that said, it's very pricey, and very noisy, and you will find lots of unpleasantly liquored folks out every night. Especially on weekends. If you can afford it and don't mind the noise, this is a great spot to stay even if you're having a 'staycation!'

17/02/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
279. Christina G.
Strangely I've been here twice: but not for the bar, and not for the hotel.  Two events: my high school's "prom" and an accounting event.  Therefore, I can only comment on the atmosphere...which to say the least, was perfect.  I think this is a really cool place to have a prom--taking the elevators in that circular building made it feel like tower of terror--enter the elevator and it takes you to this amazing place you had no idea of from the ground level!  Don't look at the website photos.  Courtyard is great, that's where the prom dinner and everything was.  I remember walking through the halls and peering at the bar through the beaded curtains and wanting to come back in a few years to just sit and chill at the bar...that would be so cool.  It has yet to happen.  

Guess the inside conference room was just typical--at any accounting event it is stressful and a bit hard to focus on the surroundings and the fancy hors d'oeuvres, especially when you're trying to figure out exactly who are the students, who are the graduates/recently employeed of the companies, who are the recruiters/HR and who are the managers/upper management!!!  

Anyways, Hotel Valencia has a lot to offer, beyond that courtyard and conference room, I want to experience the bar next please.

30/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
280. Ron G.
I stayed here for 3 nights on a business trip - our meetings were held in one of their conference rooms.

Breakfast - the food was so-so but I found the room very depressing. The restaurant lighting (Citrus) was always turned way down. Might be OK for a romantic dinner but not good for breakfast. Several other folks made the same comment.

Catered meals - these were pretty good. No complaints about the snacks and lunches.

Meeting room - nice set up, no logistical issues etc.

Hotel room - not good for business. The most uncomfortable desk chair I've ever used. If your with your honey this may not matter but on business it matters a lot. Also, the room lighting was pretty dim. The nice side is they had dimmers for the lights. But if they're this dim on maximum then what's the point? Bed and pillows were fine. Bathroom was nice.

Service - not very good. The bar was crowded one night and we wanted to sit in the courtyard. It was cloudy and a  bit drizzly so we asked them to turn on the heaters. Ended up having to ask 4 times before they finally did something. Front desk staff was mediocre. Pleasant without being particularly helpful.

V Bar - good drinks, reasonable prices, nice mix of patrons

Location - I've heard it can be too noisy to sleep if there are events on. It was nice and quiet for my visit and you have a lot of shopping, eating and drinking establishments right outside the lobby. And a Starbucks a block away.

07/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
281. Drew M.
First time. Very impressed with the consistency of the friendliness and helpfulness. Room and common areas were all terrific, service was equally outstanding.

30/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
282. Allen M.
Beautifully designed hotel. Staff is nice and the place is clean. Your balcony over looks the street. You have a great view of all the shops and restaurants. Very nice rooms with comfortable beds. It is located in a cool part of town. There are stores all around the hotel.

09/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
283. Christine C.
A real treat to stay here, but honestly I'd expect it to be nothing less with the $$$ I spent to stay here. Not that I'm complaining!

Our room was beautiful, and the beds are so comfy. My one gripe was with the bathroom sink...what's up with the faucet?! It pretty much takes up the whole sink so it was really difficult to wash my face...was that just me?

The pool is small and gets crowded so make sure you're there early in the morning if you want to sneak in a nice swim!

By far my favorite part of my stay was the continental breakfast provided by the hotel. You don't have to make breakfast plans cus Hotel Valencia's got it covered. Scrambled eggs (top it with cheese and salsa), oatmeal, cereal, baked goods, fresh fruit, granola, bagels, toast, sausage, bacon, potatoes, orange and grapefruit juices, tea (so many different kinds!), and coffee. They also have mini bottles of ketchup, honey, jams, and tabasco that are too cute NOT to take home with you.

V Bar is located inside the hotel so on Fridays and Saturdays, if you happen to be roaming around the hotel or coming back/leaving the hotel, remember that you're going to run into A LOT of drunk people.

21/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
284. Amado R.
Great location poorly managed hotel. When SR was built it was suppose to be the Beverly Hills "like" center of "Man Jose" surrounded by opulant shops, exotic cars and beautiful people it was ripe for the taking for a hotel on the main boulevard. The Valencia from the outside gives you that Sense if elegance and majestic. But over the years the hotel has fallen behind on maintenance and its obvious. tired furniture's, fixtures in dire need of replacing I'm sad to see such a  great boutique hotel exist below standards.

22/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
285. Calvin R.
The front desk staff is so incredibly professional. I, for one, appreciate professional service. The amenities are fantastic. The price is so fair here that we are regulars and use this place as our get-away. Love hotel V!

24/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
286. Christine A.
Aww I love this hotel:)! I booked a room here for my birthday this past weekend and seriously ...everything was perfect. Our room was great (see pics) All of the staff at this hotel are awesome. Even the guy who called us in the middle of the night asking us to basically simmerdown was really nice,hehe!

I would definitely suggest getting a deluxe room with a balcony. The price difference from the standard room isn't much. We loved being able to look out over Santana Row..minus the pervy guys who lived across the way yelling at us! This ain't New Orleans homie..I don't want beads-go back in your home!! =P haha BUT they did give us a good laugh.

There is complimentary breakfast served in the morning..yummers!
Even if you live in the area, I suggest staying here on the weekend...treat yourself to a massage at Burke Williams and then grab some drinks at the VBar:)

28/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
287. Trieu T.
Nice hotel in a great spot in Santana Row. We had the balcony room. The decor was okay. Just like a normal hotel. Staff were friendly. During our stay, the fire alarm went off at 2 am! Which sucks. They didn't comp or say anything as we check out. I guess it would have been awesome, if they just gave us a gift or something since its just a one time thing. Well, overall good venue.

26/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
288. Christine P.
My lovely family and I checked in on a Sunday afternoon for a one night stay at Hotel Valencia.  We wanted to get away at a local hotel before my husband starts his new job and just wanted some time to relax and unwind.  Hotel Valencia was a great choice!

Checking in was a breeze.  We requested for a higher level floor so we wouldn't have to deal with party noise (if any) since we had our 4 and a half month old baby with us.  We also requested for a crib which they provided free of charge.

The bed was very comfortable and room was just the right size for our little family of 3.  The also provide a continental breakfast which included chicken sausage and eggs.  Service was all around 5 stars!  Everyone we met was wonderful.  They even had our car ready for us when we checked out.  We will definitely return.

19/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
289. Kelly S.
\ . /            
This review is strictly for V-Bar's Happy Hour. This is always my go to spot during HH. The $5 house cocktails, $5 bar bites, the gorgeous outdoor seating and the balcony overlooking Santana Row give more than enough reason to visit.  Happy Hour is 5-7 M-F and they have a select amount of strong, tasty cocktails and appetizing bites such as sliders and tuna tartare with nori chips. Some of the drinks included Basil Gimlet, Jameson and Gingerale, Manhattan, White Gummy bear and a Red Dragon. All which are normally is $12.00! Can we say bargain!! It's a comfortable place to catch up with a friend after a long day of work or just sit back and watch a game.

31/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
290. Benjamin T.
Hotel Valencia is perfectly placed among and even above, some of the best civilized nightlife that San Jose has to offer. The decor is perfect and modern, and once again I have discovered a hotel initially meant for a one-night stay for a raucous night out with my girl and some friends, and we ended up staying 2 additional nights - room service is fantastic, and the rooms offer both perfect obstruction of any sunlight, or perfect views of the action below. The beds are comfortable and the furnishing modern. It is very quiet, and really too easy to get stuck here - I mean come on!

2 outstanding bars directly below the hotel, several more within 2-3 blocks walking distance, and directly above my favorite sushi restaurant. My only suggestion would be to offer room-service with selection from Blowfish Sushi.

I am not aware of any other high-end, modern hotel in the greater San Jose area with such perfect proximity to high-end retail, dining, bars, and the airport.

Very professional staff; they have it down here. And the price is very reasonable.

Repeat customer for sure.


10/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
291. Mia L.
12.2.11: Modern, clean and homey..

Sanata Row streets were super busy, stuck in a little bit of traffic trying to get to the front of the hotel. We wanted to drop off our luggage and then park, we asked the valet guys would it be hard to find parking and they said its better to valet. So of course since it took us 15 mins to drive to the end of the block, we thought that valet would be better also. So we did.

Check In: it was quite simple, hang over your ID and Credit Card, and then about 5 mintues later she gave us the rooms key. Quick just the way I liked it.

Room: Walking through the hallways made me feel a little uneasy. The black cage was their celing design to cover the lights, it looked a little cheesy and jail-ish. Walking into the room I was quite surprise, It was really nice and roomy. I like the lamps it was very homey, the lamp shade were warm colors like nude and brown. Our room balcony overlooked the hotel's courtyard. It was really nice to be able to chill at the balcony and take in the beautiful ambiance. Free Wifi! Free Continental Breakfast.

Hotel Bar: Well this was definitely the spot to hang out, there were people everywhere and the place was super crowded. It was one of the hot spots on Santana Row.

Fitness Room: the room was decent size not too small, liked the fact that they supply not only water but oranges. Cool huh?

So Santana Row was not LA, which meant bars actually closed at 1:30am . Since the shopping area also closes at around 10 or earlier, the parking lot was wide open. Save your money and look for parking, its free..if you can't find parking at the overnight parking lots no worries, once it hits about 10pm repark your car because most people have already left by that time.

It was a great hot spot for those who love the shopping and nightlife. this is not a spot for those looking for quiet and sleep. Great experience would come again if there's a deal, pretty pricey place.

09/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
292. Max G.
This is a horrible hotel in every way. If you put a gun to my ahead and asked me to say one nice thing about it then I'd be dead.

Let's start with the reservation. I wanted to book over the phone since I was getting two rooms and thought speaking with a person would be more efficient. Wrong. The woman who took my call could read, since she was able to rattle off a statement about how sleek and sophisticated the hotel was, but she could not count. She told me the room rates would be $242 for the first night and $239 for the second night. I noted that  I saw the rate online as $234. She said "Oh, that's just the average nightly rate." I should have told Jeff Foxworthy that I found a new constant for his show.

Suffice to say that design was not within reach for the half-baked halfwit who designed the rooms. Ours had a tiny closet and inexplicably no drawers anywhere, so all our clothes had to go on top of a long wooden plank/table "thing". At the end of the  plank a musty fake plant was doing its best to hide a spotlight. On that note, there was no easy way to turn all the lights in the room on or off. Unfortunately, the bathroom was well-lit and the florescent bulbs did a wonderful job of illuminating stains on the shower wall. If you were hoping to forget about the prison shower you just took by plugging your iPad into the TV and streaming some Orange is the New Black I have bad news. That HDMI port built into the wall - it doesn't actually lead anywhere and there's no way to access the TV's own HDMI input. The cherry on top was the "free" wi-fi that never stayed connected for more than 10 minutes at a time.

As Santana Row in general has deteriorated from San Jose's best imitation of Rodeo Drive to the Silicon Shore it wasn't surprising to hear eurotrashy EDM beats worthy of Paulie D out on the street. It was surprising, however, to hear them just as loud in our room. When we called down the hotel said that "there's an event downstairs and they could bring us some earplugs." Oh and the hotel doesn't have a separate entrance for guests so be prepared to prove to bouncers that you're actually staying there and not trying to sneak into their club.

At check out the lobby staff was mediocre, they had trouble printing my invoice but persevered eventually. I did find it interesting that at check-out I wasn't asked how my stay was. Then again, that might have been for the best.

19/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
293. Person P.
Sad, poor value.  Room was not what I expected or ordered- I know what I asked for. The breakfast was sad.  The tea water tasted like coffee which was nasty.  The bathtub was a joke.  Way too shallow to be real.  Also, I could hear too much street noise.  AND I found about a 3 foot long black hair on the bed.  Definitely not mine- so gross!  There must be something- anything else on Santana Row.

02/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
294. Benjamin L.
I used to work in the area and would frequent Vbar with co-workers, not until I recently relocated out of the country did I stay at the hotel as part of a business trip. The pretentious reception staff didn't seem to know what they were doing, frequently calling for a manager over the phone to gain approvals to do simple tasks. For example, our travel agency had accidentally booked me the day prior instead of saying "let me see what I can do" she basically said immediately that the hotel was overbooked and didn't know if I would be able to stay here since I "no showed". The hotel didn't call or email before releasing my room to someone else. So when I arrived I had to wait a few hours while they tried to find a room.

The room that I ended up with was on the opposite side of the building as the elevator, so traveling with a large bag from the parking structure to reception and around the whole building wasn't exactly fun. The room itself wasn't too bad... it wasn't spectacular by any means and it was situated right over the Vbar which was quite noisy until about midnight each night. The cordless phone in my room didn't work. My bathroom was there I was the most surprised, next to the toilet it looked like there were urine stains that had seeped into the marble and the shower head had green and black mold growing on it. This is all to say nothing of the mediocre breakfast and the horrible parking arrangements. Had it not been for the rest of my group staying in the hotel for the week I would of checked out immediately and gone somewhere else. I had always heard reasonably good things about the hotel, the reality of actually staying there left me pretty disappointed with my whole experience.

Unless you want your friends or employees treated like dirt, blow $200 a night on a dirty room, and a hard to get to hotel, I'd suggest you go else where. The best part of my stay... was leaving.

30/09/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
295. judy w.
I'll get right to the point. The room and bathrooms are not clean.

We stayed for 2 nights in late September.

There were POOP SPLATTERS on the toilet seat when we first checked in.

My husband needed to use the facilities right when we arrived (it was a bit of a drive) and he didn't want to call the front desk and wait for someone to come take care of it. After he came out of the bathroom and told me, I wanted to change rooms, but we ended up staying because there were no assurances that another room (and bathroom) would have been any cleaner.  

Other grimy spots in our room:  
The headboard had some oily marks (from previous customers' heads?)
The slats of the balcony blinds were also oily and smudged.

In short, we paid close to $300/night so he can wipe someone else's fecal matter  off a toilet seat and spend two days being paranoid about what else is dirty in the room.  
t was a really disappointing stay that cost us way too much.  :(

Some good stuff about the hotel: the location is great and the breakfast is alright.

09/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
296. Sagar P.
I have never stays at this place but there bar/ngith lougne is the best in town. its gets pretty popping after 11. Their mix drinks are the bomb. We had the street view table. We can look right downstairs. Best view. Oh yeah they also have a roof top bar in the afternoon as well.

11/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
297. Kenny P.
First of all, Hotel Valencia is in a GREAT location. That being said, it seems to try too hard to be 'LA hip' with it's industrial/modern decor. WTH is up with the screened hallway lighting that gives off a polka dot vibe? Our room was okay,but way too dark - as is the entire interior of the hotel. However, the exterior courtyard, balcony & pool area are great & have a nice 'Tuscan' feel that is warm and welcoming.

However for us - and all first time guests - the search to find the lobby is like a quest. No signage in the entrance explaining you have to use the elevator to reach the lobby. When you get off the elevator, no signage directing you to the check-in. When I asked the receptionist at the front desk about this, she just giggled and said, "yeah, a lot of people say that". So why the hell doesn't management correct this major flaw?

08/10/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
298. Lisa T.
For $200 per night gave us two queen size beds, a view of the restaurants behind the hotel, and an OK complimentary continental breakfast.

My friend reserved a room for her birthday, so we can just crash at the hotel after hitting up the bars and restaurants on Santana Row.  I believe we got the room right above McCannes Irish Pub.  If you want to keep your car overnight, you have to do valet, which was $12 +tip a day.  

The room had good quality, modern furniture, but the arrangement was just not practical.  A big chair in front of a big mirror defeats the point of having a mirror.  What's the use of having a huge full length mirror if the bottom half was going to be covered by a hefty big chair?  The beds we had were inside thick wooden box frames.  I think every single friend who had been in that room, had scuffed their legs against the beds' wooden corners at some point.  The wooden piece of junk is too big for that small room, yet, they fitted two of them in there!  Bed sheets were of high thread count and were very soft.  Each bed consisted about five pillows.  

For some odd reason, whoever designed the room, decided to put a tall glass window on the wall that separated the bathroom and the bedroom.  I avoided showering after having seen my friend's naked silhouette.  The tall window is where the tub is!  Its not too see-through, but we can still see whatever the person in the shower is doing if she/he is in front of that window.  Maybe its good for couples, but it was such an awkward experience for us all.  The awkward window in the tub wasn't the only see-through interior.  The sliding bathroom door was also glass with an opaque tint.  If you happen to be in front of the door, you can see someone doing their business.  Might as well not have the door!  Other than that, the hotel is stylish, classy, and clean.

Starting at 7 A.M., continental breakfast was just a little better than diner food put on a fancier table.  It was not extravagant as you would expect from a hotel like this.  Eating outside in their beautiful garden might help...no, not really.  There was more pastries and pre-packaged food than there was of hot, in-house food.  So much carb and so little protein.  Lots of cereals, muffin, and food fit better as dessert.  At least there were two trays of fresh fruits.  The only savory food were omelets, sausages, and country potatoes.  Of course, there was coffee, orange juice, and cranberry juice, milk as well as hot tea.  

Overall, I think it is very convenient if you have extra money to throw around and plan on partying all night on Santana Row.  Otherwise, it is on the border of being too expensive for a place to sleep and maybe shower.

25/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
299. Anthony W.
there aren't that many non-business hotels in san jose so i decided to go with this one for my out of town wedding night cuz obviously my parents house is not an option (even for asians).  here are a few reasons why i only gave them 3 stars

1.)  room smells like cigs when we walked it.  there's a balcony, so i supposed guests could walk out and light up a stoke.  some febreeze would've helped

2.) coffee maker in the room doesn't work.  nothing major just a minor hassle

3.) ive had better breakfast at marriotts

4.) constructions at 9am on a saturday is not the bid-ness

18/12/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
300. Sarah D.
I really enjoy this hotel. I have stayed here several times. Although they were doing construction while we were here, it was pretty quiet and clean. The rooms are spacious, and have a very trendy vibe to them. I love that breakfast is included in your stay. Its right in the heart of Santana Row, I love that I can have drinks, or happy hour and have plenty of choices.

02/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
301. Charlie M.
I was here about 2 weeks ago for a friends birthday and I loooooove this hotel . Not the greatest service from the security but the rooms are beautiful and very spacious . We had a room upstairs with a balcony over looking Santana row . It was so pretty cause you can see the street light up and people enjoying it here .

24/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
302. Jason C.
Best hotel in San Jose. Great rooms, food and the Staff is Amazing.

Thank you for your wonderful customer service.

29/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
303. Henry S.
Nice people, nice place. We were looking for a place near Santana Row and Hotel Valencia worked out perfectly.

Room was nice as were the two bar/restaurants. Really liked the V Bar happy hour drinks and foods. Once of the best happy hour meals ever.

My only regret is that I only stayed one night.

12/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
304. Samantha C.
The hotel was beautiful. Great morning breakfast, great pool and the customer service was outstanding. Ricky & Shawn are a great example of what customer service is!

13/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
305. Justine G.
What a great place to treat yourself to when you away from home! The hotel has excellent beds, nice rooms, and beautiful pool, AWESOME breakfast that is provided daily, newspapers and how could I forget, free WiFi! Fast WiFi that is.

They have great customer service! That is super hard to find these days!

Great location right on Santana Row. Lots of people watching and great places to shop and eat.  To really experience the beauty and calmness of 'The Row' is to take a morning walk by 9am to experience this beautiful place.  Go grab a Peets and a pastry and enjoy!

13/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
306. Pam S.
We were pleasantly surprised at this hotel.  I was looking for a close getaway, and this was just perfect.  Check in staff was friendly and helpful. Our room over looked the grass area by the Maggiano's and had a small balcony.  Before we took a stroll to dinner, we went up to the rooftop for a drink. It's beautiful up there with the view, not as high up as I'd like (I miss Sebastian's view at the top of Pruneyard towers), but it was perfect anyway.   The price was reasonable and waking up the next morning, we had their light breakfast.  Lots of choices of morning treats, both hot and cold.  We will definitely return.

17/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
307. Tiffany T.
Every Mother's Day weekend, my mom, my two daughters (ages 4 1/2 and 9 1/2) head from the East Bay to Santana Row. We started this tradition when my eldest daughter was just 2 years old. From that weekend on, we make it a point to revisit Hotel Valencia. What keeps us coming back you ask? Well there are so many components.
1) The ambiance of the hotel is exquisite! I make it a point to request a double deluxe balcony room and they never cease to provide it.
2) The hotel staff is WONDERFUL! They are always willing to assist you and they always have smiles on their faces.
3) The complimentary breakfast comes in handy with two young ones.
4) The pool!

All in all, this hotel is superb and outshines most top end hotels. I overheard a man telling someone on the elevator that the hotel was equivalent to the W hotel back east. I'd have to agree.

((SHOUT OUT TO MARISSA AT THE POOL BAR! She was a new employee who handled the busy pool area like a champ!))

I highly recommend them. (Actually, this may even be my second review of them)

Also, upon our check in, we learned that our room had been upgraded to the excutive suite!!!!!!!!!!!!! Needless to say, we had another wonderful weekend at the hotel.

20/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
308. Narmina G.
My recent experience summed up in one word...RUDE!

I've stayed here many times throughout the years mainly due to the shear convenience factor of the hotel being on Santana Row. Generally, I would give Valencia 2 1/2- maybe 3 star.

The rooms are decent and are nicer if staying in the larger suites. Their V-bar vibe is OK for having a drink or two but I usually never stay there longer than 30-45 min since there isn't much to it there and bar staff are typically friendly. Only thing is, the front desk staff has always been the same regardless of how many times my friends and I have stayed here throughout the many years which is, very dry in personalities and semi-unwelcoming...almost behaving as if we should feel lucky to be staying there and should be the ones thanking them. I guess they feel that they can since they're the only hotel on Santana Row.

So why the 1 star? Well, I would give it a half star for my recent experience this past Friday if I could. A couple of my friends and I needed a room at the end of the night since we're always on the Row. In short, the Front desk attendant was one of the rudest and odd front desk employees we've ever met. Of course when we got there, he was the standard dry, but also more than usual unwelcoming, that we have come to expect when check in, as if he really didn't want our business. Then he asked us what type room we wanted specifically regarding the type of bed(s). After the 20-30 secs we spent talking to each other deciding, he then asks us smugly if we want him to decline the reservation. We look at each other not understanding and he says "well he's saying one thing about the type bed, she's saying something different about the bed," and I was saying another. Basically what he was saying, since we didn't have your minds made up before coming there, that he had better things to do, while there was absolutely no other customers in sight, and didn't have the 30 sec to spare and wait till we made up our minds. We didn't understand where this was all coming from and asked for the manager, which of course he responded saying that he was the manager. Always a bad sign when you're the only one working and can arrogantly say you're the manager. We tell him that it wasn't necessary for him to threaten to decline our reservation in that manner and just asked him to give us the room.

He then gives us the keys and we walk towards the hallway of rooms. We then noticed that he didn't tell us what room it was nor wrote it down. So, my friend had to go back to the front desk to ask him. When my friend went back to notify him of his neglect, he then takes the keys, holds them up while standing behind the desk and threatens again to decline our room. Talk about power trip. Then security and one of the valet attendants comes up and fortunately recognizes my friend as a regular and lets the manager know. NEVER, have any of us been treated this rudely.

Bottom line, if my friends or I are spending good money at your hotel, we feel that it is your obligation to provide exceptional customer service to your paying guests, especially if you're trying to be a reputable establishment. You're a hotel and are suppose to represent the standard for hospitality. I get sometimes you do have to deal w/ the occasional difficult customer, but that doesn't give you the right to push your weight around and pick and choose who you want to be nice to based on your preconceived profile impression.

Can't say that I would NEVER come back unfortunately, since you're the only hotel on the Row, but I can say that after this experience, my friends and I will be much less tolerable to this type of treatment and will make sure everyone knows any and every time something like this ever happens again.

Take it to heart or laugh at it, we leave it up to you to decide the value of what the words of your customers mean to your hotel.

08/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
309. Barbara C.
Three stars because the staff was fine rooms clean nice but we went there for a girls weekend .There was 7 of us and I booked a suite months ago so when we got to our room there was one bed for 7 girls WHF .we know they gave our suite away and tried to give us a big room with two cots ( really) so we had to go back down and they tried to sell us another room right next door for 4.00.00 WOW .Noway so now there cutting into our fun time. Anyway after 1/2 hour we got the other room for 100.00 it had two beds in it and a blow up bed .What a way to start a fun weekend LOL

24/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
310. Victoria N.
I have stayed at Hotel Valencia in Santana Row about a dozen times and each and every time I have had a wonderful experience! Excellent customer service, excellent prices for the location, and excellent rooms. The design of the rooms/suites is what I love the most: a luxurious comfort that is very unique to bay area hotels. The hotel boasts a delicious restaurant, a sexy lounge (V Bar) and beautiful terrace. The hotel is home to events all of the time from business meetings to weddings and every event that I have been to or held there has been a treasured night. I would stay here over and over again and would always recommend it to someone wanting a luxurious but affordable get away that is well worth it.
Don't forget to enjoy the restaurants and shops just downstairs :)

13/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
311. Vanessa L.
This hotel was fabulous. I stayed here with a few girls to celebrate a Bachelorette party and could not have had a better experience. Parking is a breeze in a nearby lot (not to mention free) and the room service options are great.  I'd recommend the goat cheese and pecan salad.

20/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
312. Sandy B.
After making me jump through hoops to talk to someone, I finally got the charges refunded.
Were they the least bit apologetic? NOT AT ALL
Try to make amends? Nope, of course not

Let's get one thing straight here, this is definitely NOT a "posh" establishment. The bathrooms are dirty, rooms not properly cleaned, room service is barely edible, and worst of all the level of service... well, I wouldn't even call it service. I'd call that a complete lack of common courtesy and sense of responsibility.

12/01/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
313. Victoria M.
Wow!! We stayed at this hotel the week of our wedding and it was fabulous.  It has an urban Asian inspired modern decor that is chic and tranquil.  The service was excellent.  The desk clerk and doormen remembered us, AND...the day we married we got back to our room which had a bottle of (good) champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, and a beautiful handmade card signed by all the staff.  Our room had two sets of double doors facing Santana Row, and we opened them up each night to people watch and hear music and laughter-kinda magical.  The day we left to Hawaii for our honeymoon, they brought us complimentary breakfast in bed.  It was a great stay and I would recommend this hotel and several Restaurants on Santana Row including Left Bank,-fab French fare, and Pizza Antiqua-fun Italian dining on handmade pizzas, pastas, and salads.  The nightlife is great, the breakfast buffet is nice, and the service all-around is five start!

15/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
314. Abi U.
Clean, convenient, and posh. I think that sums up my stay here.

Valencia is a really modern hotel. Despite the kind of rustic, spanish type feel you get from viewing the verandas from the row the inside of the rooms are quite modern and refreshing. The rooms aren't huge but the desks and decor are laid out in a way where there's as much open space as you can have. Bed is comfy, there's a full body mirror, and the bathroom has a lot of sink space and towels.

V bar and Citrus are located on the same floor as check in. Both are pretty lively if you are staying for business or for pleasure. The crowd seems to be a little older (I definitely met some creepies while I stayed here) but everyone is well behaved for the most part. Whoever made the playlist at V bar THANK YOU, you play some good music, none of this whatever the hell they're playing on the radio nowadays, more like that after dark stuff... hehee.

The only thing that sucks about Valencia is that there is no designated parking. Yes, I had to roll all my stuff from the garage over there, past all the stores and what have you. It wasn't bad so don't let that deter you from booking but if you arrive during a busy time you may have to wait for a while to find parking.

11/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
315. Stacey R.
My husband and I needed a relaxing getaway and Hotel Valencia was every bit of that and more. Comfort with class. Wonderful staff and beautiful yet welcoming. Very enjoyable stay would recommend to anyone.

13/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
316. Margaret M.
This is a fabulous hotel, in an even more fabulous location. Santana Row is by far one of my favorite places in San Jose - with the shopping, restaurants, nightlife and outdoor concerts & events who wouldn't love this place.

Upon arrival at the hotel you can either valet, or self park for free right around the corner. We self parked and found it extremely convenient and it saved us close to $100.

The staff is friendly & helpful, the decor and grounds are breathtaking and the rooms are surprisingly spacious. I loved our balcony overlooking the row, large vanity and amazing shower head in the bathroom, comfy bathrobes and plush bedding. The nightly turn down service was also a great touch that I feel a lot of hotels are lacking these days.

I used the gym, which sadly was small, but it did have windows that opened out to the street below which was entertaining while getting through my cardio.

We didn't eat at the restaurant on site, but we enjoyed a night out at V-Bar which had a great crowd, good music and excellent bar staff.

Overall a fabulous stay and definitely a place to stay if you are celebrating something special. Make sure to sign up for their VIP program before you arrive for some additional special treatment.

29/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
317. Cassandra E.
I like this Hotel. It's got a beautiful contemporary look inside and out. Stayed in a standard room, which was nice. The security is tight after 6pm or so, which makes it hard to get in and out, with a big group, unless every single one of you has a key. In order to get to the rooms, you've got to go up two separate elevators. There are gorgeous views from some of the rooms and even the little patio that they serve breakfast at is cute to look at. I love the way being at this hotel, takes you out of San Jose, giving you the feeling like you're in Vegas or Beverly Hills.

Not sure I like the Valet guys-- They need to get it together! Come on guys! I give you my ticket, you take forever to get my keys-- then come back and accuse me of not owning my car, because I don't have my ticket anymore. The valet asks "So this is yours, for sure? Um.. What's your last name again?" :-( If the valet doesn't have it together when you arrive-- just make sure to watch 'em and stay on top of the key situation, because they're not.

16/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
318. Adrienne K.
Location. Location. Location.

Great hotel with fantastic amenities. A must stay!

FYI---don't be one minute past 11:00AM for breakfast, or they'll shoo you out! :)

10/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
319. Glo E.
This is an update on my recent stay this past Friday...

I was very happy with my room and service that I got during my stay... HOWEVER, after was a different story....

I booked my room through Hotel Tonight and everything went smooth. When I got my bill at check out, it said everything was paid for via Hotel Tonight.

When I checked my account today the card that Hotel Valencia used for incidentals was charged a full night and I couldn't understand why. So I called Hotel Valencia to see why I was charged (which ended up over drawing my account and fees occurred). The lady I spoke to said "Oh no, you STILL have to pay for your room." And when I tried to explain to her that I was charged by Hotel Tonight and that my bill at check out reflected a $0.00 balance due and that it was paid via Hotel tonight, she still proceeded to tell me that I still had a bill outstanding. Of course I was not at all happy with her response, so she responded with "You can talk to someone in accounting" and forwarded my call...... straight to a voicemail. I left a voicemail, which I never got a response from (btw. it's been 14 hours since I had left a message and no one from Hotel Valencia got back to me...)

Extremely upset, I contacted Hotel Tonight and explained to them my situation. Lois proceeded to contact Hotel Valencia AND was told by Stephanie at the front desk that my card was charged due to error and they were going to issue my credit back. HOWEVER, my card won't receive the credit for 5-7 business days. First of all, WHY DIDN'T HOTEL VALENCIA TELL ME THAT WHEN I CALLED !?!?

I called HV again about the fees that hit my account and was directed again to  "accounting" aka the voicemail to no where.

Thank goodness for Hotel Tonight and Lois for taking care of me and providing EXCELLENT customer service unlike Hotel Valencia.

This really disappoints me because I really liked this hotel and I really did enjoy my stay, but my experience today left a very bad impression that I wouldn't give them my business nor would I recommend to anyone staying here...

19/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
320. Anthony C.
Worst experience of my life at a hotel. Does it look fancy? Sure! Do they treat you fancy? Absolutely not. Where to begin? I was in town from out of state for one night for my wife's 30th birthday and it was surprise. I am from Texas and my wife and I fine dine twice a week, and frequently visit 5 star hotels all over the world. I had on a pair of Tommy Bahama dress shorts and a nice shirt as well. As soon as my wife and I, and our group of people walked down to the bar to enjoy some cocktails, I was picked out of line and told I would need to leave the bar. I ask why, and am told it's because I have shorts on. (In Austin you can fine dine anywhere with shorts on, let alone go to a hotel bar). I ask to see where this "dress code" is posted or if it is written down somewhere and they can't provide me that information. Now I'm upset. Still I maintain my composure and ask if I can at least order my drink and go sit outside of the bar in the courtyard with our friends, and I am told no to this as well. I explain that we are staying at the hotel, it's my wife's surprise birthday, and I literally have the clothes on my back and that's it. He doesn't care. I proceed to talk to the hotel manger on duty that night, and tell him what's going on. He could care less and offers that he can check me out of my room and refund me my money? Really dude? I just flew 2000 miles for a party and it's 10:30 at night. You think I want to go find another hotel and still try to go out at night for my wife's party? Great idea buddy and very accommodating. After I continue to tell him that this is a little ridiculous, he says, let me see what I can do? He leaves for about fifteen plus minutes and still hasn't come back. We are killing time now, and we just came half way across the county to celebrate with friends my wife's 30th birthday. So we decide to leave because we want to go out. We go around the corner to a bar. They also tell me no shorts, but inform me there is a store next door where I can buy some pants. Cool, no problem. I buy some pants, put them on in the fitting room, and continue on to get right in. (Why couldn't the hotel I paid $300 for make me aware of this? I had no idea stores were open that late, and that would have solved the problem to begin with). We end up having a good time at the club we went to and then getting back to the hotel and crashing around 2:00AM and checking out around 7:00 or so. I call the GM to tell her about my experience on Monday since she doesn't work weekends, and much to my surprise she has the same "I don't care" attitude as her employees. Now I am starting to see why the employees have no customer service. She then continues on to tell me she is completely aware of the situation and knows they did nothing wrong. Wait, it gets better. Then she tells me that the manager on duty said that when I checked in I asked if they could "hook me up" with a cheaper rate. This never happened and is a bold face lie. I have never asked for a discount in my life and am more than happy to pay for somewhere that is suppose to be "a great experience and a fine hotel". She continues to tell me that he also said that he told me that if I go purchase some pants, he would walk us to the bar and purchase our first round of drinks. (Another bold face lie by their weekend manager) I tell the GM, how could he possibly do that, when we got tired of waiting for his answer of if we could even get a drink, and left without ever talking to him because of being tired of waiting. I tell her to check her security cameras so that she can see that we left and that her employee is lying. All the GM did was argue with me and tell me that this is a "he said, she said" and that she wasn't going to do anything about my horrible experience of prejudice and especially not going to refund me my room. I have traveled the world and stayed in fine hotels everywhere and never once been treated in this manner. I will never go back to this hotel and don't recommend that you do either. I own five businesses and strive for great customer service, and to make sure every customer leaves happy or if they have a problem that it is resolved. The customer is always right. Well here at Valencia, not only is the customer not always right, but they will also make up lies about what they tried to do to accommodate you. Unbelievably pathetic customer service and worst experience in my life in a service industry period. Save your $300 and stay across the street for half the price and people who actually care about making you happy.

09/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
321. m p.
We stayed here again for the third time.  The quality of this hotel is dropping each year.  The front desk staff are the most disappointing part of it.  Our room was not ready and hour and a half after check in time.  Not once we were offered an apology.  We felt that we were inconveniencing them by needing a room.  Once we got in our room, it took another 25 minutes to get our bags, even though I have told them that we were in a hurry.  Again no apology!  A simple sorry would have gone a long way.  
The room was not impressive either.  Furniture is all scratched and damaged looking and the bath tub drained slowly.  Not worth the price at all.

06/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
322. Jana S.
Feels like I'm in Spain!  Cutest balconies ever.

Gorgeous hotel and even better rooms!  Fell in LOVE with Hotel Valencia during my 2 night stay while I was "stranded" West Coast while Sandy hit the East.

Beds are huge and full with the comfiest and fluffiest down comfortors and pillows.  I felt like I was a Spanish princess in this room.  Furniture is all made of dark wood with metallic pieces, large mirrors and a gorgeous balcony that overlooks the center hotel square where the nightclub sometimes goes off at.

Great Santana Row location.

Hotel personalizes your stay with "Welcome, Jana" on your phone and extra water and valencia oranges for you to enjoy.  LOVE THIS PLACE

11/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
323. Ee Vonn Y.
This lovely hotel you may only see on passing during your shopping experience is lovely with the snob attitude. If you're confused why the elevators are so slow and there are separate elevators for separate areas of the hotel, employee explained it was for our comfort, safety, and privacy from the noise of Santana Row.

$200 for one night includes a standard king-sized bed and large open windows overlooking into the lovely courtyard where Vbar can be found. We saw a happy Spanish wedding go on downstairs. The room was nice and the selling point were the window fixtures. It makes you really feel like you're on a getaway somewhere else and not in San Jose. You can adjust the lights in the room which is great if you want a more romantic setting. The mini bar is loaded with so many colorful items, you're tempted to try them all. Just remember that CVS and Safeway are 5 minutes away.

You can order food and drinks by the poolside. The employees always immediately clean up after you and towels are delivered hot, dry, and fresh. I love how it's on the roof of the 5th floor so you really do get a sense of openness to the sky above you and are sheltered away from the noise of the shopping area downstairs.

The complimentary breakfast at Citrus downstairs is best before 10:00AM to avoid the crowd. The grapefruit juice was delicious. Condiments are served in actual tiny glass bottles of Heinz ketchup and hot sauce. Take some home because they're adorable.

Sometimes, the customer service may forget to give you your parking permit for overnight parking in the garage. Otherwise you get on SR's parking hit list!

I love how the employees say welcome back every time you show your card to get back in the hotel. I also really like sitting on the giant round cushion in their entrance lobby.

17/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
324. Kris N.
This was the worst Hotel I have ever stayed at in years. fisrt the registration person quoted us the wrong price for a reunion. we travel with just the right ammount on our 1 crexit card we own so made sure of the total price including tax. They forgot to add in taxes and when I confirmed the price we were quoted was for 2 nights the little girl said yes. we arrived for our 2 night stay we were informed that the price was for one night and didnt include taxes and resort fees. we had  o time to find another hotel in San Jose on a friday night so we decided we would just eat top raman for our meals but no refrigerator or micro oven in this over priced room. the tv channels were way too limited. anything I needed brought to our room had a fee and you had to park in parking garages 1 block away and the would  ot let you stop out front to unload, you would have to use their valet service, yes once again another fee we walked to our car 3 times to get everything up to our room, and then the same when we wanted to check out. beds were so unconfortable and right below our window was very loud music until close to 11pm. Way Too Expensive and the staff wouldnt even know how to spell their own names. dont stay here if you want the most of your vacation budget. Seriously dont stay here.

21/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
325. Lauren W.
We booked a NYE package and were very impressed with this hotel. The value we received for this beautiful hotel was fantastic. Room, tickets to gala, champagne on arrival, dessert bar, full buffet breakfast for 2 on New Year's Day, and late check out. For what we received, we would have paid double for similar in San Francisco.  The decor looked Tuscany style.

Hotel offers valet parking ($24) but we did free self park. Free wifi!

Check in is on the 3rd floor.  Front desk was very efficient. Our Traditional King room was spacious and overlooked the pool area. Our room package also included champagne and party favors. Champagne was waiting chilled in an ice bucket, with 2 champagne glasses. With the VVIP Rewards Program we had a welcome bottle of wine waiting in our room! Very personalized with a welcome message on your phone, and phone also lists your name. Very nice!

We only had one sink (I am used to 2 sinks - hard to get ready at the same time!) and I noticed there was no towel rack near the shower. Bath towels are rolled and put in a basket away from the shower. Very nice touch and cute, but odd. We had to hang our bath towels on the shower pole or put them on the toilet seat cover. Also there was a huge full length mirror in our room. That is the only mirror besides the bathroom, but there was armchair blocking the mirror.  So to see myself in my NYE outfit I had to push the armchair out of the way. These small inconveniences did not affect the niceness of the room.  We just made due. No biggie!

The location of this hotel is fantastic. Close to everything Santana Row has to offer. Bars, restaurants, and shops.  

The bed was soooooo comfortable! We slept like rocks.  Custom bedding.  Would definitely stay again!

02/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
326. Nicole B.
This hotel is very expensive, and I get it, it's the only hotel on the Santana Row strip and it's got some pretty nice features - however we just stayed here for a girls night out for my 30th birthday and though the room was advertised to fit 4 people, 2 of us had to sleep on the floor because the beds are that tiny.  I have never been to a hotel that had 2 beds in the room that wouldn't accommodate 2 people per bed until I came here - and we were all shocked when we walked in.  For $300+ a night why are we having to sleep on the FLOOR.  I called the front desk to get a rollaway bed, they said no because it's a fire hazard but would send us sheets so we could sleep on the floor - REALLY!? I then called back to say, look we just dropped a pretty penny on a room that is advertised as sleeping 4 people, which it obviously doesn't (the beds are slightly larger than a twin size bed) so what can you do for us - the guy put me on hold and said we can sell you another room in addition to the one you already paid for - UM NO THANKS.  So yes, at the wonderful fabulous Hotel Valencia we had to sleep on the hard floor..... no no no no no.  So if you are a family of 4 or doing a friend getaway just be aware that you will NOT fit in the room with 2 beds -even 2 tiny adults could not fit on those beds.......

Okay, so for the 2 stars... the continental breakfast was pretty decent, and yes the bed was teeny tiny, but I have to agree with other reviewers- it's very comfortable.

Other thing that really sucked was there is no air condition in the hotel entrance or the 2 sets of elevators that you have to go through to get to your rooms - and on a hot day (was in the 90s when we were there) - it's not something you look forward to - and seriously for this "high end" expensive hotel you'd think they'd have AC covered.....

Pretty disappointed with the room, still can't get over 2 of my friends having to sleep on the floor........

05/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
327. Rob B.
I come out to San Jose nearly every quarter on business. The first time I stayed at the Valencia, I never have stayed anywhere else.

The accommodations, Santana Row ambience, feel of the Citrus courtyard, amenities, etc... are all unmatchable in San Jose. I challenge you to find anywhere better. Who can beat the rooftop pool with nice towels, lemon water (or free bottles of water if you prefer non-lemon), and well-kept relaxation furniture while overlooking Santana Row.

I read some of the reviews about smell and oddities, but in the several times I have stayed, I have not had a bad experience. The rooms have always been immaculate and they find new ways to make it feel cozy away from home.

Beyond the accommodations, the staff is what truly makes Hotel Valencia stand out. The front-line, (especially Stephanie at the front desk and Anthony outside) have always found ways to brighten the day or make the stay that much better....especially after a long day of meetings. Monica, the hotel coordinator, never ceases to offer new ideas or help to make the stay that much better.

I know I am rambling, but I have been meaning to do this review for awhile.

This is my favorite hotel and I would recommend to anyone who is looking to head towards San Jose. When not on business, I brought my wife out just to get the feel for Santana Row and the Hotel. I would recommend the hotel for business, vacation, or travelling through.

Amazing place!

06/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
328. Dan C.
Center of Santana Row, comfy beds, and super clean. Minor construction occurring at the moment.

04/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
329. Stormy S.
I'm a repeat guest - I've tried other hotels in the San Jose area, and I keep coming back to Hotel Valencia.  Staff is always friendly, love the free wifi, and the hot breakfast.  The rooms are maintained fairly well, and we love the pool and spa area.

On my last trip, I stopped by the front desk to make a change to our stay (we were heading home a day early).  I asked if my VVIP number (their rewards program) was tied to my stay.  As they were confirming that it was (and it was), my wife and I were talking about how we thought we had gotten a room intended for someone else, as the "welcome gift" that they provided in my room wasn't what I normally received (you can request a specific welcome gift on your profile - wine, beer, water, cookies, etc.).  I told them I normally received beer, and the front desk attendent apologized.  I told her that it was no big deal at all, that we were happy nonetheless, and after we had made the change to our reservation, retired to our room.

Not 10 minutes later a knock at the door - it was room service with a champagne bucket filled with ice and three beers.  I told her there must be some mistake as we hadn't ordered any room service.  She just smiled and said "compliments of the staff - we're sorry we didn't have this waiting for you upon your arrival."

Well done Hotel Valencia staff - it's not often I'm surprised, but you got me.  With high quality customer service somewhat of an endangered species these days, it's great to see a business that knows how to deliver!  Looking forward to my next stay.

19/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
330. Andrea M.
I completeled the survey after our first stay and my voice was definitely heard.  Corporate holds an impressive level of customer service.

We gave Hotel Valencia a second chance and it was a much better experience.  The room was much cleaner than the first.  It was still a bit noisy, but I guess that is to be expected when you stay on Santana Row.  They have to keep the streets clean so the blowers start going about 8am.  Probably wouldnt be too bad with an inside room instead of outside with a balcony.

We staying in a Jr Suite this time and it has alot more room than the standard room and is not crowded at all. I loved the extremely large bathroom!

Check in/out moves very quickly as well as Valet if you call ahead for your car.

We will definitely stay here again.

13/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
331. Amanda N.
Beautiful rooms n vbar love it. Very classy.

24/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
332. Regina U.
Well this sux. Drove far to relax and check in at a supposedly fancy upscale hotel and our room is not even ready. Waited an hour already. :( hopefully I could upgrade this review to a five star to see how the rest of my 3 day weekend goes. Tbd

29/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
333. BunBun x.
Amazing! Loved it. Great customer service, great everything. Bed is SUPER cozy. Robes, snacks and great shopping and restaurants walking distance. Awesome.

21/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
334. Alice H.
I stayed here for one night for business and I enjoyed my stay. The staff was really helpful, but I can definitely see an air of arrogance for working at Hotel Valencia. (It could be pride in the hotel and I'm misinterpreting everything.)

The pool area closes at 10pm, but it has a nice view and a nice atmosphere for a quiet dip in the pool. There's also a hot tub that can fit less than 8 people.

The decor is really modern and I really like it. The bathroom is just a sliding screen door so it's a nice intimate design for couples choosing to stay at Hotel Valencia. There's free wifi and cable television although I was a little disappointed with the limited amount of channels.

There's a complimentary breakfast from 6am-10am with some eggs, bacon, cereal, oatmeal, and assorted fruits. It's a really good variety and worth waking up for. If non-guests want to join the breakfast festivities it's $17 a person which is absolutely outrageous of a price for such a small selection of breakfast items. Don't eat the breakfast there unless you're staying at the hotel as a guest.

20/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
335. Denise V.
The review is about the New Year's Eve GALA the hotel hosts in conjunction with the Citrus restaurant, $160 per person package in 2013.

Was NOT worth the money. Restaurant had it's own issues, but the Gala itself? I even overheard people in the bathroom complaining how something was off and the place didn't seem to have the same vibe as years before..not sure what they changed but we did not enjoy yourselves either..

The DJ - was OK actually, based on the few songs I heard him play, but he was by the V-bar by the small dance floor and it was jam-packed...instead, he should've been in the other room where the band was playing, where it was more spacious, more room to dance...

The Band -awful, just awful 80s music...when will you people get your heads out of the 80s already!!!??? Most people look like total idiots dancing to 80s music..

Odd mix of people, definitely NOT what we were thinking this would be like. If you are looking for a 'classy event' this is NOT it...I wish someone else posted more about the past Gala events so we wouldn't have wasted our money here...

Left shortly after midnight, so no comments around the 'dessert buffet' ...

06/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
336. James L.
This is a hotel.. not a motel and not a HOLIDAY INNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! Hotel valencia is a fabulous place to DURING the weekends! Santana Row is festive during the weekend. You can relax at the fancy hotel then go down stairs for a nice dinner and walk around and shop. We held our fantasy draft here and it was very upscale.

04/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
337. Sharon V.
Very close to getting a 3 star from me...and this pains me!

I stayed here over the weekend and while everything was great (aside from the 1am - fire alarm drill) and the fact that I was really disappointed to find our room (473) starting to show signs of age. The marble flooring in our room had rust color stains in the grout which made it look really dirty. Also, the tile in the showers looked like the grout needed to get a really good steaming to get the dirt / mold off.

If this is a sign of things to come here and they don't start taking care of this joint, I don't think I'll be staying here very often. Sure, you can't beat the location with it being on Santana Row and central to all the high tech corporate offices...but at $200+ a night, you need to have cleaner, non-stained bathroom.

Service here is as always great though and is its saving grace.  The only reason why I kept them at 4 stars is because of the service...but, they are very close to getting a 3 star if my next visit (hopefully different room), shows the same type of problems with signs of age.

While I don't tend to eat a big breakfast, I love their complimentary breakfast. Picking up fruit, a pastry, juice and coffee seems to always kick the day off right.

05/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
338. KK Lovin Life C.
I checked out all the local high end hotels for the night before my wedding and night of the wedding.  Hotel Valencia had the best of the best for the best price at least that's what I thought until I actually stayed their.  
I called on the Friday of check in to see if I could check in early because as the day before weddings go, I knew if I didn't do it then I wouldn't be able to do it until way later.  The lady said my room was all ready so I could come over.  Upon checking in, the service wasn't great, they didn't know me by name or that I was getting married or anything and I got to walk myself and my wedding dress to my room.  The room however, wasn't the room I originally booked or ever even saw, it was much smaller and the layout was completely different.  So I had to go back down to the lobby and tell them to get the wedding people who I had originally signed with to get me the room I originally checked out.  The guy at the lobby then began asking me to describe the room that I saw.  Ok "it had the long fancy wooden table in it, I was planning on using that to set up my bridesmaids gifts" then he asked "and what floor was this room on?"  I'm thinking how the heck would I know, it was 6 months ago and I don't work here, not to mention I asked to check in early because I was in a rush.  So instead I say I'm not sure can you please get me one of the ladies I was working with originally.  
The lady comes out, the assistant of one of the original ladies, and is super friendly thus the 1 star goes to her.  She says she will sort it out, gets me a glass of champagne and even tells me a good place I could go to to get my nails done instead of waiting around their for the next hour.
The new room is great, but before I could get in their they ask me to sign a good time to clean the room card, I right down between 3 and 4 knowing that's the time of my wedding on the following day and I wont be their.
The day of the wedding is going well. My room is packed with my 9 bridesmaids, and three mother's, my videographer crew, makeup and hair crew, and photographers.  So the room gets a little messy.  The bed is dirty and we're eating and having champagne, but I'm not worried because I know hotel Valencia will clean between 3 and 4 pm.  WRONG.  When my husband and I get back to our room to change to go to V Bar after the wedding, I'm shocked to see how messy the room was.  They didn't even make the bed????
After all this, I go down to V Bar and some red head skinny bartender is yelling at people to get out of his way.... what the heck?  Why did I tell all of our guests to come here?
All in all, I'd stay somewhere else from now on.

16/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
339. Rosalyn S.
My friend and I pulled up to valet and were immediately attended to, Valet is $24 a night there is also a parking garage for $8 very close by. Valet was fast and customer friendly.  We checked in about 2:30 and it wasn't too busy, and the service at the front desk was fast, if the front desk staff was friendlier, more accommodating and smiled to the guests more I would give this place 5 stars.I thought the hotel staff lacked enthusiasm and customer friendliness.

The hotel is beautiful and located in a prime spot. The lay out of the hotel is a little odd     but nonetheless a very nice boutique hotel.  Our room was on the third floor with 2 full size beds.  The beds are very comfortable and the room was clean.

The pool area is smaller than I imagined and by the time my girlfriends and I  arrived,all the lounge seating areas that the sun was hitting were all taken.  So, come early if you want to get your tan on.  To order food or drinks in the pool area you have to call on a phone that is located by the pool.  While we were relaxing another guests nearby was complaining about the loooong wait for their drinks.  She waited 45min for 2 drinks. Luckily a nice gentleman ordered one of each drink on the menu for all six of us and we ordered ahi tuna poke and ceviche....which also took quite awhile for us to get.So, thumbs down on the pool food and drink timeliness.

I give their complimentary continental breakfast buffet a thumbs up!  It was beautifully presented and the food was good. There was quality fresh fruit, scrambled eggs, potatoes, bagels, toast, danishes coffee an assortment of teas and OJ.

All in all I would stay at Hotel Valencia again and would recommend this place. Next time I'll try the spa!

25/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
340. Jerry W.
The staff were very friendly and helpful especially the concierge and restaurant was very good and the breakfast buffet was very good as well. The valet service was so prompt. Everything just worked! Will definitely be coming back.

17/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
341. Gina L.
I've stayed here before, but in a standard room.  My most recent stay this weekend has me obsessed.

Ok, so I work in Santana Row, and you'd think that I'd be so sick of the place.  Oddly, no.  I booked a Junior Suite for three nights this past weekend for my boyfriend's birthday, so that we could conveniently celebrate downstairs for St. Patrick's Day and his birthday.  I was fortunate enough to receive an AMAZING deal on this room, with the original rate at $550.00.  I will have to admit that the original price is a bit steap for the room, but then again, this is Santana Row, and it is a beautiful hotel.

I found everything about the room to be perfect (wait, actually I would like a bigger fridge and not have to squeeze stuff into the minibar).  The layout was VERY spacious and modern, and the bathroom was even more amazing.  I love having a separate soaking tub from the shower.  Double vanity, separate from the sink vanity.  Gorgeous marble.  I want that bathroom in my own home.  One day... one day.  We also had a small balcony area.

When I checked into the hotel, I had mentioned that it was my boyfriend's birthday, and they sent us up a complimentary bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.  Big, big points!

Our room came with complimentary continental breakfast every morning at Citrus, though we never woke up and got ready early enough for that (ends at 10:30am).  Though it's called "continental," I've heard that they actually serve a full breakfast rather than pastries, fruit, coffee, etc.

I'm definitely booking the Junior Suite again for special occasions.  This place is great way to get all romantic over the weekend and also if you want to go party downstairs.  The hotel is in the heart of all the restaurants and bars.  Plus, their weekend rates are actually lower than weekdays due to all the business traffic.

Oh! And free wi-fi!  And you're not even required to enter in a password!

19/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
342. Angelique N.
The location is great,  Nice swimming pool and gym as well. Highly recommended for business travellers. You have to pay extra for parking though.

20/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
343. Brett G.
I've stayed here a few times and it's been just okay, but recently had one of the worst hotel experiences of my life.  I was in town for a race, the 408K, that finishes right on Santana Row, so the location was perfect.  I woke up at around 5 am to prepare for the race (coffee, breakfast, stretching, etc) and that's where things go bad.  Just after I get up, I hear some very loud yelling and banging in the hallway outside my room.  I tell myself it must just be the hotel staff trying to fix something, but still think it's weird that they are yelling.  This continues for the next 5-10 minutes until I finally look through the peep hole on my door, only to see a severely intoxicated, maybe drugged, man yelling, spraying a fire extinguisher, and then throwing the fire extinguisher against guest room doors.  I called the front desk and could not get through.  I called again and got through, only to hear that there was no security on the premises and that the police were on their way.  No security?! On Santana Row?!

Luckily the police got there just as I needed to leave the room for the race start, and as I exited the hotel it looked like a war zone.  Clouds of fire extinguisher residue, busted doors, and glass all over the place.  There were probably 15-20 police officers apprehending the people involved, who were lying on the ground, cuffed.  Not the most reassuring scene leaving one of the "nicest" hotels in the San Jose area.

I got back to the hotel after the race and my entire floor was still in disarray.  The whole floor was trashed and my room now had a lingering fog from the fire extinguishers that had been sprayed.  I packed up and got out of there as quick as I could, and while checking out, had a very sad experience with the front desk.  I was not trying to get anything free out of them, just wanted to express how scary of a situation it was and that maybe it'd be a good idea to have 24/7 security on hand when you're a hotel surrounded by clubs and bars.  All I got was a very firm "sorry, but not really" from a front desk employee who was so young she still had braces.  I asked to speak with a manager and was told none was available.  That was all I needed.  Never coming back

12/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
344. Pete V.
Visited SJ last weekend and stayed in Hotel Valencia on Santana Row, what a beautiful hotel.  The Valet and bell service were excellent when we first arrived.  Checking in was easy, all the folks at the desk were outstanding.  Had two rooms reserved, and the staff were great to get us attached connecting rooms.  Clean nice rooms and comfortable beds.  V-Bar was fun on Friday night, Saturday was packed from a conference of some sort, a little loud but got very quiet about 10:30, so no drama there.  It's a bar, they get loud when folks drink and have fun.  Complimentary breakfast was nice.  Santana Row is a fun place, and Hotel valencia is right in the middle.  Perfectly situated for restauranta and bars so you don't have to drive.  Best part of SJ, a truly beautiful hotel.  A little pricey, but worth the money, it's that good.  If ever back up in the South Bay, we will stay here again.  Thanks.

12/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
345. Emilie B.
-Beds are super duper comfy!

-Hotel rooms smelled like pee. Not just one room, but MULTIPLE rooms! A strong odor that hits you the second you walk into the room. The air is heavy and the smell is hard to get used to. Plus the rooms arent very clean!

-No room service options after 10pm, even on weekends. My fiance and I were starving at 11pm, and were out of luck, because even all of the restaurants on Santana Row stopped serving at 11!  Really disappointing for a so-called "high end hotel"

-Breakfast buffet was just sub-par. Nothing spectacular, kind of sparse.

-It's really weird that the main lobby is on the 3rd floor. The first floor lobby and the elevator you take from the ground level to the main lobby is really dirty and uninviting.


11/03/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
346. Panos M.
The staff is the best I have ever came across. The area was 2 blocks to the right as you stand facing the hotel was skid row. The homeless there where very nice people. The staff highly recommended the parking lot to the left as you stand in front of the hotel. This is a guard on duty . It was worth that. They where great. The stay is how Hotels and Inn are in Europe shared bathrooms, and showers. Which is not a big deal. I would stay here before staying at another hotel in CA  The interriour was a throw back to the 60's 70's decore Great and cute chair seat in each room.

05/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
347. Lynn C.
I've stayed here several times and I love it! Clean rooms, great service and the breakfast is included in the price. The only downer is the pool. Very small! We came early just to hang out by the pool. It was PACKED! So, I was disappointed in that sense. They could squeeze in more chairs to accommodate more people. But everything else is wonderful.

08/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
348. Matthew L.
Stayed here for Thanksgiving Night, hoping to get some Black Friday shopping done at Valley Fair which is just across the road from Santana Row. Stayed here with my mom and sister. Coming into this hotel, I was expecting the best, since it was in Santana Row. And it lived up to the expectation.

All the staff were extremely courteous and obviously well trained. Even when I asked to borrow some cutlery for my takeout food i brought back, room-service brought them to my room and greeted me and politely said hello and have a wonderful evening and happy thanksgiving (it sounded genuine too :p).

The room decor was great. All setup in slightly modern style but still classy and not super futuristic. "In the times" is how I would describe it. The bed was SUPER soft but provided enough support and was soo nice to sleep in. View was facing the inner courtyard of the hotel, which wasn't spectacular but still very nice. Only complaint about the room is the chair was not at a great height to the desk, which made typing on the laptop awkward and didnt make for a very productive work area.

Final comment, the valet parking is expensiveeeee. Didn't go for it, did self-park instead. It is a little tiny bit of a walk, but not too bad. Parked in the basement lot and spaces was not a problem at all since the parking lot is for all of santana row which means theres an abundance.

Would definitely come back here to stay if I had family coming in. And the price was reasonable, of course. We payed about 200usd excl. tax, which we thought was reasonable considering the decor and location.

01/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
349. Daniel K.
I have been to luxury hotels around the country, and I have to say my bed at Hotel Valencia was hands down THE most comfortable bed I've ever slept in.  My coworkers all had the same reaction in the morning.

The rooms are beautiful, modern spaces with a touch of California charm.  The staff is friendly, and quick to resolve issues.

On the first night of my stay, I was having trouble settling in because of loud noise coming from the street (the one downside of this bustling location).  I called the front desk, and within minutes there was a new, quieter room waiting for me and a bellman at my door.

Best of all, I joined their hotel loyalty program in advance of my stay, and there was a full bottle of red wine waiting for me when I arrived!

If you are in San Jose, you must stay at Hotel Valencia.  But be warned, you may not want to get out of bed in the morning...

20/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
350. Nathan P.
This hotel is perfect if your intensions are to hang out on Santana row. When booking this hotel you need to ask for balcony view of the strip. The room is very clean. The decor was a mix of western and modern. It personally did not bother me. The v bar inside the hotel is a nice lounge buy over crowded with males as most places are today. The patio would be a perfect place to hang out but it closes at 1130pm, so it was a bummer to be told we could not site outside. They should lock the doors instead of having security keep asking people to exit patio. This hotel gets thumbs up because of location, cleanliness, and balcony view. Guys, this is a nice place to wine and dine a lady.

28/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
351. Joseph B.
Booked a room through Hotel2Night. The next day we found out they charged credit through the Hotel2Night account AND credit card. Then told over the phone that's how they operate. Hotel2Night took care of it. Getting our reimbursement 5-7 business days after dispute and now they're saying we stole something from their mini-bar counter and charged us a small fee.

Never will I stay there again nor will I recommend this hotel to anyone. As nice as the location and setup is, their ethics of business are nowhere close to the status of this hotel. 1 out of 5 rating is being generous.

22/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
352. Gwendoline M.
Best birthday gift to myself!!! Was greeted with a smile from the valet to the guest services staff. Was kinda skeptical when I got to the room since it was so far down the hall, but I was blown away!!! Corner room, overlooking Santana Row and the hotel pool below. The bed and pillows felt heavenly and the bathroom was made for gods!!! Being that it was my birthday, I was also pleasantly surprised to have a chilled bottle of champagne and a dessert awaiting my arrival. Needless to say that pretty much set the tone for the rest of the evening! Location was fantastic for dining and night life! I will definitely stay here again!!

09/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
353. Brian B.
I love the VBAR best place friendly prompt staff good drinks. Thinking on having a end of summer gathering their and may reserve a few tables.

05/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
354. V. M.
We really enjoyed our stay here. We attended a wedding so stayed in town and got a super deal on Hotwire. Chad at the front desk, was super nice and attentive and we got hooked up with a room with a really nice view of courtyard and pool on 7th floor. Originally he was going to give us a room on the 3rd floor, and we were like 'awe, do you have something a little bit higher up with a view', he checked and they actually did - so thank you Chad! The complimentary breakfast was perfect. The location in Santana Row - the best! Yes, I would come back for sure and would highly recommend.

21/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
355. Gretchen S.
This review is probably going to apply mostly to: families with kids, older folks, people on business, and/or tourists who are unfamiliar with the area and want a haven to come back to after a day of sightseeing. Basically, if you don't fall into the target Santana Row demographic of Vegas frequenting, Never-Got-Over-the-Club-Scene-in-Your-20s-Thirty-­Year-Olds, then this review is for you.

First off, the staff at the front desk is very friendly and accommodating. Our hotel room was very nice as well. Room was clean and not run down. Beds were super comfy, and they have the sort of blankets and pillows that make you fall asleep as soon as you lie down. We had a balcony room, and if you leave the balcony doors open and lie on the  bed, the sounds of the fountains make you almost feel like you're at a hotel in Hawaii. Suuuper relaxing. Free continental breakfast, pool on the roof, and convenient location for shopping and dining were also big pluses. Despite what people are saying on here, we self parked for three days in a row and never had a problem with finding a spot. Sliding bathroom door was a little weird and gave virtually no privacy, but overall not a big deal.  

So why am I only giving it 3 stars? Because as soon as the sun sets, this hotel literally becomes all about their lounge, Vbar. Normally I don't care that a hotel has a lounge/bar, as almost every hotel does and I've enjoyed some pretty nice ones, but this was a very, VERY loud lounge that felt like it was catering to the partiers at the expense of the hotel guests. Having a place to sleep while vacationing is literally the primary purpose for why anyone gets a hotel room, so the fact that we didn't have that was a huge negative.

The Vbar patrons spill out into the courtyard and stay there until around 11:30pm. At that time we had our balcony doors closed and a movie on TV that was nearly turned up to the max volume, yet we could STILL hear all the conversations outside. After 11:30pm they close off the courtyard and push everyone inside, at which point you think that will solve the noise issue. Unfortunately, Vbar makes up for the fact that the courtyard is closed by turning the music up to infinity and beyond. Just to demonstrate how loud, my sister was literally able to hear the words to a Drake song and sing along. Reminder we were located across the courtyard, one floor up, with doors closed and a movie on. That is a serious lack of sound proofing. The noise mercifully stopped by 2am, at which point we had eye bags the size of a Gucci purse.

We slept for maybe four hours and were then woken up by the sound of tables being dragged across the courtyard and a man barking orders. Apparently setting up for a wedding -- I wouldn't mind this normally, but after being kept up until 2am the night before, getting woken up at 6am for yet another courtyard event felt like cruel and unusual punishment.

The pattern of clubbing into the night and then early morning wedding set up happened for all the nights we were there, so we got only a handful of sleep and came home exhausted -- not really how you want to feel after what's supposed to be a relaxing vacation.

On top of all this, some of the people who frequent the lounge or are using the hotel for just partying help add to what ends up being a kind of tense atmosphere. It's very much a "see and be seen" place, so I often saw groups of girls and guys sizing each other's outfits up, especially in the elevators. It was sometimes uncomfortable to the point of feeling like we were all about to star in a big cat documentary on Animal Planet. Once I was in an elevator where a group of women started mocking the accent of a woman with two young kids after she left the elevator, which was pretty unclassy. Another time we were stuck in an elevator with an obnoxiously loud and drunk bachelorette party. And word of warning, if you step out to have the continental breakfast in your pjs or sit out on your own balcony, even at 8am in the morning, expect to get some judgmental glances. Apparently some of these guests think it's required to be in an immaculate outfit with full make up on at 8am on a Sunday on vacation.

I don't really blame the hotel for this as it's not like they have any control of the demographic on Santana Row, but just be aware because this is a major attraction on the Row, that's the kind of people you're going to routinely encounter here.

This hotel is beautiful. Just be aware it's a total party hotel, so if you're looking for a relaxing place to sleep at after a long day, definitely pass on this. Or bring a set of earplugs, and try to avoid all the cattiness.

21/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
356. Pegah Y.
I recently attended a wedding at this hotel and we ended up staying there overnight as well, before we journeyed on to San Francisco (hooray for trips!).  I loved how upscale / trendy this place is and that it's conveniently located on Santana Row (a nice row of shops and fun outdoor area).  I also appreciated the nice service at the front desk.  It was a nice venue for my cousin's wedding for sure.

I am giving this 3 stars, however, for a few reasons:

Service: Our room service was not friendly at all.  Our bathroom stopped working in the middle of the night and we needed assistance, but the service was rude.  They glared at me as though this was a huge inconvenience for them.  I understand it was in the middle of the night, but this is what hotel staff are paid to do. If something is not working in the room, and it is an essential part of the stay (i.e - a toilet not flushing correctly), it is the hotel's responsibility to see that it gets fixed (especially for the steep price we paid to stay at this place).  And glaring at the guests is unprofessional and uncomfortable.  That experience alone has me re-thinking staying at this hotel again.

Hotel Set-up: The front of the hotel is very confusing, as the lobby area is a floor above street level.  It's a bit confusing to find the unmarked black door from the street that leads to the elevator that goes up to the front desk lobby area.  Also, the parking garage is not actually next to the hotel.  We had to park about 2 blocks away and carry all our suitcases through the busy shopping area.  Definitely not the best setup!  

Noise Levels: The walls were also paper thin, so we could hear everything that transpired at the bachelorette party next door to us.  Needless to say, I didn't get very much sleep that night!

Still, I've stayed at worse hotels and I wouldn't be completely averse to staying at Hotel Valencia again, if needed, in the future.

13/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
357. Melissa W.
The hotel was beautiful. Great central location. I stayed for my girlfriends birthday and we wanted to lay at the pool, shop and go to the bars at night. If you're wanting to do these things then this would be a great hotel. Otherwise the constant street noise would probably drive you crazy. But beautiful decor in the rooms, beautiful view from our two room suite looking down on Santana row.

31/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
358. Christy A.
Was expecting good things from this hotel. The reviews looked good and looked like a beautiful hotel. I can say that it is a beautiful hotel. I was very dissapointed for a few reasons. For one let me begin that I am personally the easiest person to please, I am in a field where I carry the upmost respect  for  people and deliver customer service the way it should be dealt. I would expect to be treated the same way especially dealing with a hotel that claims to do all of the above.

I went to this hotel with my family for my parents 30th wedding anniversary. At check in 2 of our rooms were ready but we had to wait 1hr 45mins for our other room tht we had paid for and put a deposit on to become available?! What's the point of checking in if your rooms not available?

Then the front office sent my parents a happy anniversary card which I thought was so sweet and thoughtful. With that card came a plate with a desert saying "happy birthday" they should have sent nothing rather than that.

Billing was an issue when we left. Our accounts got debited then credited, called the manager who told us "things get funky on the weekends" wow! Really? Funky?! My parents work very hard for there money and this was one trip that they wanted to go on because of there anniversary. I just wish we would have picked a better place, I will NEVER return.

13/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
359. Sam S.
Beautiful hotel situated in a very nice mall. We loved the relaxing rooftop pool and the chic decor. The room was spacious and luxurious, with a nice balcony. My only complaint was that there was some noise at night (the adjacent room's door slamming would cause our headboard to shake, and we could hear the occasional loud car passing in the mall below. Overall, this is a great place to stay, if you can afford it.

27/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
360. Tim S.
The hotel rooms were nicer before they did the remodel. The management there comes across as being hard edged. At one point they had a great bell man staff, now they have a bunch of kids that act very immature as you arrive to the hotel. I wouldnt recommend if you expect to be treated professionally.

17/02/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
361. Qinglin C.
I stayed there for a week, everything was fine except billing. My company paid for my stay, but the hotel still charges my personal credit card for all the room charges. Contact their front desk and billing department several times but they never fixed the issue. Had to dispute the charge. Stay away!

11/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
362. Anna M.
I've been to this hotel several times for V-Bar night life, but this was my first experience with the hotel/staff itself (kind of). My good friend Tina L. turned 25 and decided to throw a prom themed birthday shindig. What better place to do it than the courtyard of Hotel V, right? RIGHT! We arrived to a beautifully set up courtyard with tables, a dance floor and even a photobooth (please note the hotel does not provide these, must book your own). It was great that the coordinator was so open to allowing Tina bring all these additions to her party.

Dinner was a prefixed 4 course menu with a choice of filet or halibut. I was expecting to eat a ton of salad, but to my surprise the staff had arranged a vegan 4 course meal for me!! The vegetable curry entrée they made for me was SO DELICIOUS! Don't even get me started on the mushroom bruschetta appetizer... mouthwatering! Everyone seemed to have enjoyed there dishes as well.

The staff was incredible. So very accommodating and they were quick to serve. Anything we asked for, they got for us RIGHT AWAY! Truly some outstanding service here. As soon as we finished eating they did not hesitate to make room for our dance floor. Always on top of it :)

In all, it was the PERFECT birthday. From the non-stop fun in the Impressions Photobooth to dancing all night with the ever so great DJ Teddy Rockspin. The best part? It was all captured by photographer Andrew Ho.

I highly recommend this venue for ANY occasion. Most people that walked by thought there was a wedding going on... ha! Beautiful venue + great staff = success. Mathematical without numbers, it MUST be great ;)

02/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
363. Nicole K.
I stayed here for my bachelorette party on a Friday night, and it was fantastic! Best part was the heated pool! We valet parked the car, and needed my wedding veil out for a hair trial, they brought my car back around and grabbed the veil and delivered it to my room! Prompt service, very nice hotel! Would be one more star if the shower head wouldn't have been broken.

18/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
364. Mary H.
If you want a "get away" or a place to "conduct business"  Hotel Valencia is "THE" place.  The service is exceptional.  The amenities are location are non peril. Our favorite "go to place" for leisure, off trainings, and business.

23/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
365. Christina d.
Day 1
0 stars. Room not ready yet and it's 1 hr past my check in time! Throwing me off schedule! Never had this problem with any other hotel before.

Day 2

4 pm and expect to come back to a refreshed clean room. Instead, unmade beds and mess...really? i have to call front desk to get my room cleaned? Not happy

Pro's: convenient location
Nice rooms (when clean)
Free Sunday paper
Complimentary breakfast

Cons: bad customer service

29/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
366. Sharon L.
Event going on downstairs so much noise from DJ the bass on the music is pounding & vibrating in our room. We have called the front desk & manager 3 times nothing has been done.  It is now 11:21 and the event is not ending until midnight.  Ugh need sleep!!
Don't recommend this hotel to anyone.  Parking is impossible or you can pay $24 to hotel valet for overnight.

13/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
367. Edrienne G.
Stayed here once and I loved it! The rooms are very clean and modern, yet have an old villa style. This hotel is also at such a convenient location; right downstairs is Santana Row with great restaurants and a good nightlife. Across from Santana Row is Valley Fair Mall. You get a complimentary breakfast from their restaurant, which is not bad at all. I will definitely stay here again on my next night out in San Jose!

28/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
368. Andrew U.
1. Clean and spacious rooms
2. Central a/c, it's much quieter than the usual clumsy a/c devices in other hotels
3. Nice interiors
4. The location is very convenient.
5. Free parking in the Santana Row garage.

1. The entrance is very confusing, no direction how to access the lobby (it's on the 2nd floor). First thing you see it's a dark room with 3 elevators without any direction where to go next.
2. No microwave in the room;
3. No complementary water in the room for this price. They want $3-4 for a small bottle.
4. New wifi password every 24 hours, so you need to call the lobby and ask for the new one.

12/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
369. Lulu C.
Pros:  Comfortable bed with soft bed linens

Cons: Tiny bathtub
          Dated furniture
          Safe is not available
          Limited choices breakfast buffet

With the $300+ price tag, we are definitely expecting more.

24/04/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
370. Manny B.
Great hotel.  Sexy and great atmosphere and service.  Rooms and lobby recently refurbished.  BEST hotel in the area by far.  Very close to restaurants,  bars,  etc.

06/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
371. Kay F.
For a weekend getaway and under $300, this was a good choice. We of course had to opt for a balcony option which probably raised the price of the hotel room just a tad bit. Comp breakfast buffet (although not too many options for vegetarians such as myself) as well as in room wifi. The pool has a great view, as do the conjoining restaurants in the same building. The decor is mixed with a modern design as well as grabbing the theme for all of Santana Row-the Mediterranean theme, evident in the arched door frames and wooden balcony doors. Not too impressed with everything but perhaps coming here more often might change my views. Front desk was friendly. Although with checking out, the guy was a bit snobby... it's okay. Whatever.

I will say, it is in a PERFECT centralized location: you need a phone cover? Go to Best Buy. You want LATE NIGHT SUSHI? Go downstairs to Blowfish. Need a Gucci carseat? Walk down a block to Gucci. Need some H+M? Cross the street. Macarons? Again, downstairs. Pinkberry. Subway. An actual movie theatre. A couple of bars. And many more restaurants. Perfect for the tourist.... or the tourist in you.

10/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
372. Mahmoora C.
If anyone is looking for a place to stay on The Row, I highly recommend the Executive Suite. It's very nice, spacious, and faces Santana Row street where all the shops and restaurants are. 6th floor view is amazing!

The bed is very comfortable. :) there are two flat screen TV's (one in the living room one in the bedroom, extremely large bathroom with a separate shower and separate bathtub, and two balconies  (one in bedroom and one in living room) service here is excellent from the valet to the guest room services. Every experience so far with Hotel Valencia has been top notch!

12/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
373. Sarah L.
My secret getaway locally when i need some zen and some QT with my husband.  We  adore this hotel.  Great location, great staff, great food and drinks.  LOVE the illy coffee in the rooms and the very zen feel of the decor.  The bar is fun for a quick drink and we always dine in the row.  Love it all. Great place to ditch your kids for some adult time...

15/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
374. Stacie M.
Did I never write a review for this place? Well. Short story = great location, relaxing ambiance, stellar customer service (they know your name when you walk through the lobby!

Long story = I left my straight iron behind by mistake. I thought it was a goner for sure, as it's a pricier model. Figured I'd call anyway. The nicest gentleman took my info and said he'd try to track it down. And he did! Even called to let me know. A pro-active call from customer service. Can you believe it? I didn't have to keep calling every day. As a bonus he shipped it back to me without any postage charges to me.

Wow. Now that's the type of customer service that you sadly just don't see anymore. Kudos to the hotel staff and management. That type of service is what will keep me coming back and will get me to buy stays as gifts for others.

29/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
375. Maria B.
Price was kinda high -- I expected that.
However, I opt for the girl night out bag it was an extra $40.00 for 2 bags: instead of all the discount coupons they could have offered us $5.00 card to Starbucks or free valet overnight parking, happy hour drink and appetizer (that does not cost a lot for the hotel): that would have been worth it.  My bag was missing the sleep mask, but I did not bring it to their attention.
Staff was attentive. Yet, for the ambiance really nice, no complaints. Customer Service was helpful and great.
Breakfast buffet -- although free with the overprice room was lackluster. Embassy Suites has a better breakfast buffet for their guest (sorry). I don't think I will stay here again, but will come for happy hour.

02/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
376. Tess W.
The staff is always so friendly and helpful. We ordered room service all the time. One time they messed up our breakfast order and when we called to let them know, they comped our breakfast AND got us free lunch!

The only place I'll stay in San Jose!

12/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
377. Tani P.
I love coming here, it's a great boutique hotel with good service and the rooms are great. The decor is very unique, and I love coming here to stay as well as with friends to drink at V bar.  The staff is so attentive and helpful, from check in to departure. Some of the rooms don't have windows (but doors that open onto a patio) so if it's too cold to open the doors it can get a bit dark. All in all, one of my favorite hotels in the Bay Area.

02/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
378. W B.
Great place to stay if you are in the area. The hotel sits right on Santana Row (amazing shopping district) within walking distance from a variety of stores,  restaurants, and cafes. Lovely ambiance, helpful staff, and CLEAN environment which is a must for me! I enjoyed my stay as well as the great room service...food was delicious.  I'd recommend this establishment to anyone, I had a great stay.

10/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
379. Kelly M.
This is supposed to be a really nice hotel.  I have to admit, I didn't see it.  Construction was underway when I was there, but that happens at every hotel sooner or later and they did a good job of containing it.

When I first arrived, the elevator shuddered during the ascent and the alarm went off briefly, not a good sign.  I mentioned it to the front desk and they said "we've been having a lot of problems with the elevator latterly."  Guess no one ever told them - you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

At check-in, I asked about Mexican restaurants in the area.  She gave me a map of Santana Row, but she could only speak about the restaurant in the hotel, and knew nothing about any restaurants outside Santana Row.  If you don't have a concierge, your check-in people should know a LITTLE about the area.

When I got to my room, I had a welcome back card with fruit.  It had someone else's name on it, and I've never been here before.  Guess I got someone else's welcome back gift.  I ate the fruit anyway (I was hungry!).

One of the windows in the room was broken and wouldn't open.

When I came back to my room after dinner, none of the lights near the bed worked, only the light by the main door.  I called the front desk, then sat for 30 minutes in semi-darkness waiting for engineering.  The gentleman was very nice.  He went over behind the night stand between the beds, and pushed in the muli-plug extender into the outlet. He said this happens all the time, because the maid jostle the night stand when they vacuum.  I look at the area after he left, plugged into the wall was a multi-plug extender to turn 1 outlet in 6, then plugged into that was a extension cord with 6 more outlets, then pugged into the extender and the extension cord were 5 lights (all the "built in" wall lights and the lamp), the alarm clock and a couple things I didn't recognize,  It was a rats nest of wiring.  I uploaded a picture.  No wonder it happens all the time whenever anyone jostles the main extender thingie.

So, in conclusion, the rooms were nice enough (Marriott standard) but the staff didn't know anything and the hotel infrastructure seems like one sick puppy.

25/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
380. Dino D.
"Orange you glad you stayed at such a comfortable & cool property?!" I ask you, as it has a great location on Santana Row & culinary treats included in morning breakfast buffet.   They are generous offerings for a continental fare.

Front desk staff are awesome ambassadors to community & shops of Santana Row.  Hotel lounge could stay open later, as it closes based on how busy it is?

08/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
381. Cindy C.
I booked my room online and it couldn't have been more easy. I got a cheaper rate because I booked during their holiday pricing. What a great deal!

The hotel was very efficient in emailing me the confirmation and going over their policies. Included was the parking pass that I was able to print and leave on the dashboard. I'm glad they emailed me again in order to remind me when the final day to cancel my reservation would be. Great for those who cannot keep track of appointments.

I called a day ahead to confirm my reservation with the hotel and a nice young gentlemen on the phone helped me. When I arrived with my boyfriend we almost missed the entrance but was guided by help of the 3 guards out front. Talk about security! We took the elevator to the 3rd floor to check in. The young lady at the front desk asked for my ID to check in and told me I needed to be 21 and older in order to do so. In which my response was, "I am 21." It just so happened it was my birthday that day. It was a funny encounter.

We took another elevator up to our room and you needed a key card in order to do so. I definitely liked that for security reasons. Our room was located all the way at the end of the hall and it faced the streets where all the shops are. I booked the king suite and it was beautiful! I was greeted with a little dessert that wished me happy birthday and a bottle of sparkling wine.

The room was spacious with a nice bed, soft comfortable pillows, and even a chair. I loved all the lamps and lights located around the room. I definitely enjoyed the fact that I was able to walk out onto the balcony and enjoy the view. The bathroom was cozy. The closet was just the right size for 2 people and the hotel even provided us robes. The mini bar was well stocked with all sorts of drinks but I didn't care for any.

The complimentary breakfast was better than I expected. The staff there were very friendly and made sure to always restock everything and take away our used plates.

The location of this hotel is what attracted me to it. It's walking distance of everything your heart desires including various shops, restaurants, bars/lounges, a movie theater, and even the mall right across the street.

06/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
382. Gary J.
This hotel is old, but historical and is still lavish. The staff is friendly and helpful. There are good places to eat within the hotel. I highly recommend staying in the executive level rooms as you are able to access the appetizer and happy hour spread of food and beverage each morning and evening--great value especially when traveling with the family!

17/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
383. Michelle M.
The staff, food, amenities, location, attention to detail that the hotel provides.... everything was absolutely wonderful!
Thank you for making our honeymoon so magical! We will definitely be back again!

28/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
384. Yanek K.
Location, location, location.  Five stars for location.  Also, balcony.

What a great place to stay.  I feel like I've been making a serious mistake for quite some time staying in other hotels in the area.  If only there were always vacancies.  Seriously if you're traveling to anywhere near Santana Row, this an ideal place to make your home base with all of Santana Row at your fingertips.

Do it.

01/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
385. William S.
First time guests.  Staff was prompt and courteous, Bonnie Best - the manager - was fantastic and made our night.  Room was clean and well stocked.  Bathroom in our suite was spacious.  Some road noise but it was expected and died out by about 10pm.  Lounge chairs on the private terrace was great.

We will definitely be coming here next year.

16/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
386. Cathy C.
Great place to stay. Outstanding hospitality and the complimentary breakfast was great!

29/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
387. Moe R.
Went here Couple of months ago miss this place already. But I'll say this and only say this once "This is probably the most awesome looking hotel I ever been in" It is well worth the higher price range. I usually use Priceline for booking hotels but this time me and my girl wanted something a lil nicer, something different. So we picked Hotel Valencia just to get out of town. We spent over $600 for 2 nights. As we got to the hotel I felt like I was in a different place. It did not feel like I was in San Jose anymore. The decor and style of the place is beautiful. They use special aroma so the hotel can smell nice. We got into our room and opened the Balcony, Loved the Amazing view of Santana Row Shopping. We could see the Sunset from our Balcony. But one thing that prevented me from making this a truly 5 star experience is that they charge a arm in a leg for the mini bar. Especially after spending over $600 dollars they couldn't give us some free items. I had the money but it was the principle. Great Customer service at the front desk. Clean rooms, Soft beds, A truly 4 star hotel.

P.S I didn't even know they had a Hip Night Club, very cool surprise for me and my girl. The Nightclub was perfect to get tipsy and party, when your done walk upstairs, Slam the door behind you, jump in the sheets with your lady!!!


06/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
388. Loveleen C.
I had the worst experience staying here and wish there was a second option in Santana Row as this management is money and power hungry! I thought my bf had se t up a romantic night for us in Santana Row as a graduation gift, but he ended up surprising me with friends and family which made my night :) What happened afterwards is all bad. First off, my friends surprised me in the room around 9ish and we all headed down to Vbar to meet with other friends -- thats about 25 people buying drinks at the bar (thats a good amount of business for one event). The atmosphere was great, just hanging out and catching up with friends. Then, my friends that were doing a white elephant even that my bf set up went back upstairs to play (about 12 of us). We finish playing within 25 minutes and are enjoying pizza before we plan to check out the rest of Santana Row when we hear a knock on the door. It is the manager by the name of Bernadit and security telling us that we are smoking in our room and need to get out. No one was smoking in the room and there was about 12 people as witnesses to that. We invite Bernadit to enter the room and check for herself. She refuses to enter and tells us that only 4 people can stay in the room. We thought maybe we were being too loud and thats why she came up to give us a warning. So, instead we told everyone to just get out and we'll all go dancing, meaning that we were more than complying with her by just having no one in the room. So, we have our night out, we go to VBar again for more drinks and then Blowfish next door since Rosies starts cover at 9:30pm now. Anyways, we probably spent only 2 hours in that room total before our night came to an end. As me and my bf are about to sleep, they slip in our bill. $250 EXTRA CHARGES FOR SMOKING!!! UHHHH, FALSE ACQUISITIONS!!! So, we call the front desk and ask to speak with the manager. Bernadit answers and she keeps claiming that we did smoke and we keep saying you can come and check right now, we haven't been in our room since! Instead she threatens to call the cops and we told her go ahead, they can check for you. An hour later, the cops really arrive and Bernadit tells us we have 5 minutes to evacuate the building. 5 MINUTES TO EVACUATE FOR BEING COOPERATIVE, QUIET CUSTOMERS THAT SHE WANTS TO CHARGE $250 EXTRA FOR AND TRYING TO KICK US OUT AT 3AM IN THE MORNING TO FIND ANOTHER HOTEL. We asked the police officer to enter the room and check for himself -- all he had to say was that there was no evidence of smoke (weed or cigarettes) and that there was no damage whatsoever to the room as Bernadit herself noted that we were cooperative throughout the process for being kicked out at 3am in the morning.

Hotel Valencia will definitely be hearing from small claims as we have more than enough witnesses to attest and comments from the police officers. In fact, they did not even care to contact us to collect the bag full of stuff we left behind when we were told to evacuate immediately such as my own wallet!!! We had to come back the next night to ask for our stuff back AND THERE IS STILL SOME OF MY STUFF MISSING, ESPECIALLY MY GRAUDATION GIFTS!!! They are the worst hotel management I have  ever dealt with. if you can, avoid staying here or be aware if Bernadit is working -- even their own security guards outside were telling us that she is mean for no reason. She is just power hungry and wanted to make sure we felt degraded.

23/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
389. Jen L.
Very beautiful hotel. I enjoyed the style & decor of the room. The bed was like heaven. The sheets were very soft and the mattress was beauty rest! I loved it.
For the negatives: breakfast was kinda gross. Eggs with sundried tomatoes :/ yucky! The coffee was also a disappointment.
Yet the worst part was the jacuzzi. It was luke warm on two different occasions & that was a huge let down since I sprained my ankle trying to jump into the pool which was only 4 feet deep.
Also with all the construction noise I didn't feel I should've paid 345$ per night. I didn't even get a balcony.

12/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
390. Bea R.
I have NEVER written a passive aggressive review on Yelp. Meaning writing it while I am here. In fact, i don't like leaving negative reviews so I rarely do. I just skip reviewing unless it's really bad.
But right now I am PISSED! When I checked in I was told my room would be quiet. I thanked them because one of my daughters and I sleep lightly. It's 1:30 am and I am STILL listening to loud people in the hallway. They checked me into a room right next door to an event. How is that quiet? I called at almost 10 and was told the event would be over shortly. My 6 year old couldn't sleep. It wasn't over at 10. It dragged on, then clean up was loud, then more loud people.
Had I been told it is not quiet I would've known what to expect. Perhaps brought ear plugs.
The pros? Rooms are clean. Good location. Nice pool and hot tub. Staff is friendly enough.
Room service completed F'd up one out of our three meals. It was not edible nor was it as described. The other two meals were tasty.
We are going to be wiped later today. Why the lies Hotel Valencia? Don't tell me it's quiet if it's not.

19/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
391. C C.
IF YOU'RE NOCTURNAL YOU'LL LOVE THIS PLACE. The Bar is at extreme conflict with the Valencia relax theme. We read the reviews about noise. I never imagined that it could be that loud. Usually one hears the bass sound of the music.  We heard loud talking and screaming from the courtyard. bring your earplugs. Now you're forewarned.  
The only reason we will return is because of the location. You can't beat it. the rooms are nicely done and clean. The reception staff are wonderful. Houesekeeping at bus people in the breakfast room are distant and look unhappy. Oh well.
Citrus is tired and drab. They need to give that place a makeover. The customer is right there. All they have to do is deliver.
Loved the gym. Great equipment. Great pool and courtyard.

19/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
392. Glenn W.
About as good as it gets for this area. one of the nicer Hotels in San Jose, but you gotta like the area. Heavy traffic area.

22/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
393. Gary P.
Wonderful room, great service. OK view. Every wish was taken care of. Great bathroom. The bedroom was small, but it had everything that you needed. It is one block off of Santana Row. A perfect location.

17/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
394. Serena O.
We absolutely loved our stay at the Hotel Valencia. It was my first time visiting Santana Row and I was surprised by the beautiful buildings and the views. Since the location was in the middle of the Row, I spent most of the time shopping, eating and walking around.

If you want to save money for the valet parking, park at any parking garage at the Santana Row then the front desk will give you a little parking slip so you can put it on your dashboard during your stay. We parked at the one next to Best Buy which I believe was the closest one to the hotel.

The person at the front desk was initially going to give us a room on the 5th floor but I remembered reading reviews saying that the higher floors were quieter so I asked for a higher floor. They moved our room to the 7th floor right away and we really loved the view from our room.

Walkable distance to the Valley Fair mall as well. I'd come back here soon!

08/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
395. Nancy T.
Stayed here as a local, convenient birthday one night getaway.

You basically pay for location and service was ok. I would've thought valet would've came with the room considering the price for a single night, but no it was like $28 extra not including tip.

They have a little cute pool on top, and I mean little. I just saw a lot of old rich looking white folk out there tanning... Yikes. Lol
The hot tub was almost the same size. They also have a night lounge up top which was pretty cool.

The room was nice, but were so high up the balcony so wasn't so pleasant; scary actually so we didn't go out there too much or at all?

I didn't like how the bathroom  was so far away from the bed or the tv, but was big; a separate door for toilet, vanity and big clear glass shower.

But  I still got ready in front of the mirrow in by the bed.

We couldn't find the long body length mirror anywhere in the room which we found odd, but then come to find that their was one next to the bed, by the balcony, blocked by a couch and foot ottoman.... We moved it :/

Anyways, one night on satana row will probably be my last.

11/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
396. Vanessa O.
I proposed to my girlfriend at this hotel. Loved the decor- from the outside, the lobby, and especially the rooms. The staff was awesome- I had them bring up a bucket of ice and champagne for the occasion. It was a complete surprise from beginning to end.

20/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
397. Jon F.
The Hotel Valencia Santana Row has tremendous historic appeal, all with updated amenities and convenience for the business and pleasure traveler. The service from the staff is excellent.

10/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
398. LISA S.
Loved the hotel but they need to take some time and CLEAN!   our room 474 was filthy with fingerprints all over the doors from prior customers.   The black paint on the closet doors was covered by several layers of dust.  

Walking through the hallways you could hear people talking and very loud above the night club.    If you are a light sleeper,  and go to bed early,  this is not the place for you.

We would give this hotel one more try in hopes that the housekeeping staff were better trained

27/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
399. Aida R.
I stayed here with my girls for a bachelorette weekend two weeks ago. First of all, I think this is the perfect place for that type of event and we had a fantastic time but for the price, the it's only fair to compare it to Vegas, which would have been our other option.

The bar and night life options were good and it was definitely convenient for us. We especially liked the roof lounge but the pool is small and the spa option limited so they lost a point for that.

The hospitality didn't match what you would be used to at Vegas so they lost a point for that. I would say that it is more like 4-star accommodations at 5-star prices.

The environment on Santana Row is okay, but definitely nouveau riche. Stay away if you like your money, old white and crusty. If that's the case, though, you probably wouldn't like San Jose anyway.

23/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
400. Drue F.
Avoid the Valet Parking!

They charge $20 for 3 hours to park up front if you have a nice car.  Well worth it if they would take good care of your car.  Unfortunately, in my case, they backed my car into the curb and caused over $200 of damage to the rim.  My bad for not noticing on the spot (it is very dark there).  When I noticed the problem the next time I saw my car, I called them repeatedly in an effort to speak to the manager who was on duty, but he never took the call and never returned my call.  After I took the issue to their insurance company, the hotel also ignored the phone calls from their insurance company for several weeks.  Finally they just simply denied all responsibility.  This was less about the $200 than just being professional and showing some semblance of customer service.

21/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
401. Chris S.
My experience with this hotel was one I would not repeat. We had a work event in the hotel so I stayed here.

Upon first entering my room I killed some type of black bug within my first 5 minutes in my room. They took away the coffee for the event and refused to grab some for us despite the fact I mentioned one of the owners of the company holding the event was requesting it. Drinks in the bar are $15 and poor service. They didn't have a phone charger I could borrow at the front desk. The room was not quiet at night at all with Santana Row there. I had breakfast and found that my yogurt I had just eaten was expired. Not sure if it is related but now I'm at home with a stomach ache...

11/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
402. Kari G.
Hotel Valencia is a great place to people watch. The valet always parks the most amazing cars out front. Then you take an elevator up to get to the front desk and bar areas. They have an amazing bar with a balcony over looking Santana Row and a great outdoor courtyard. I recommend getting the Princess Martini. Its pink and delightful!

We looked into having our wedding reception at Hotel Valencia. They have several ballrooms right off of the courtyard next door to the bar. While the staff was very helpful, we decided against using it. There is no privacy. For a Saturday night wedding, guests would have to deal with the Santana Row traffic, share an elevator with all of the bar patrons, then squeeze past the bar to get to the ballrooms. The restrooms for the ballrooms is the same as the restrooms for the bar. While they are gorgeous, everyone has to parade by your rooms to get there. We were also a little disappointed in the decor. The courtyard patio, the bar, the interior architecture were all stunning but once in the ballrooms, it looks like any other hotel ballroom....pretty boring.

13/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
403. Andrew H.
The Hotel Valencia has always been a favorite of mine, and now recently they renovated all the rooms and some of the public spaces (lobby, bar, front desk) and it looks wonderful! They have always had great service, and now have gone even further into the full concierge experience! Everyone that works here that I've talked with has known what they're talking about or went above and beyond to find out/accommodate. Wonderful experience as always, made even better this time.

15/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
404. Sarah A.
Excellent as always. Clean rooms comfy beds and pillows.  Hot tub was amazing although it closes at ten on the dot. Night club here is very noisy but did not bother me because the beds are so great you fall fast asleep. Shower pressure was my only complaint. Maybe fresh flowers in the rooms would of been a nice touch. Love coming here my favorite place to stay in San Jose.

11/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
405. Rick S.
---This review is for the bar, not the hotel rooms.---

Good atmosphere, good drinks, and fast service.

Also, the staff does a good job at ensuring the wrong crowd doesn't enter their establishment. I believe they stay open until 1:30am, which is better than some of the other places in Santana Row that close at midnight.

29/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
406. Rob D.
Love this place, especially the area. I give the area a five for sure. Also when they said special suite I didn't know they meant Special Olympics!

08/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
407. Peter D.
When you call for a reservation you are sent to a reservation call center.. either in Arizona or Texas. They are incompetent.
The local service in San Jose is great but they cant do reservations over the phone so they transfer you.
The hotel is ok.

03/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
408. Donovan T.
If you're looking for a weekend get-away spot, Valencia is a good choice! Lowest price is about $199+tax on a non-holiday weekend (no resort fees unlike Vegas lol)


-If noise is an issue, avoid rooms facing into the courtyard (especially during summertime). Vbar allows customers to hang out in the courtyard below, so loud drunk chatter and music is your cup of tea, try to get a room facing the main strip or the back

-The BALCONY rooms...it's actually a tiny 4 x 3 area with a railing lol..is it worth it? If you like people watching, I guess? but it's super tiny and usually costs an extra $30-$50 depending on the night!

-If you decide to self-park in the Santana Row garages, ASK FOR A PARKING CARD for your dash! last thing you need is to get your car towed after a romantic weekend lol

-FREE BREAKFAST BUFFET! After paying $200+ for a room, you'll take anything you can get! It's a basic continental breakfast, but has some solid selections! I have had these banana walnut pancakes there that just hit the spot after a good night of drinking! The salsa they serve is also delicious. Regular price for non-hotel guests is about $16 I believe.

Overall, service is good and this hotel is good for a weekend staycation. I have stayed here twice and have had a blast both times. It cost more then downtown hotels due to it's location, but well worth it if you're looking to treat yourself or your significant other!

27/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
409. Nicole G.
Great hotel. Came to Santana Row to celebrate my 34th birthday with my girlfriends? I had a room with a balcony that overlooked the beautiful outdoor courtyard. From check in to check out the staff there was extremely courteous. Shout out to Michael who seemed to be one of the doormen or security next to the hotel's V-bar/lounge...my girlfriends and I were looking for a place to go dancing off the Row, and not only did he write down 4 options of highly recommended nightclubs, he also called us 4 cabs to accommodate my party of 17 ladies.

My only problem was their internet ran slow and AT&T doesn't hVe any reception in their hotel. Which is NOT any fault of the hotel, just an FYI.

I would definitely stay here again!

08/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
410. Raymond H.
2 star here's why.

I stayed in their suite.  So I'm okay to splurge.
In room coffee is 4.00 make it yourself
Bottle water in the room 7.00
Dirty linen on bed and bath
Noisy rooms facing the back of hotel due to factory exhaust system behind building.  DO NOT let them place you in rear if they do demand half off your rate it's horrible hence the barn doors covering the windows in some rooms.  Nice cover up!

Bathtub was filthy and bath room had tons of long black hair everywhere.  Snot and boogers on side tile wall filthy air vents, etc etc.  I kid you not.

Valet is 24 bucks and they don't appear eager to park your car.

See my photos below!!!!!

I don't recommend this hotel due to over gouging and such little attention to details including but not limited to overall cleanliness.   Fail!

10/02/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
411. Lorne P.
Hotel Valencia was one of my favorite hotel experiences, and I have spent somewhere around 300 nights in various hotels around North America. The room was very large and impeccably decorated and clean, with a truly unique shape, look, and feel. The overall hotel was inviting and quite comfortable. My only complaint was that the door between my room and the next would not lock properly, but the staff were quick to respond to my call and after some struggles, managed to get it fixed.

As much as I enjoyed the hotel itself though, the neighborhood completely won me over too. Live music every evening just around the corner. Lots of restaurants everywhere, some with live bands playing. Overall a great experience; looking forward to staying there again some day!

04/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
412. Susanna L.
Love the hotel, it's beautiful, the employees are very nice and helpful.

One major problem is the manager, and I will find out her name , because with the way she treated me as a guest was absolutely disgraceful  and unxceptable!!!

After I called the front desk that I was being harassed by some guy at the bar who managed somehow to get my room number, and called me 2 times, until I had to call the front desk to restrict any phone calls to my room .

The so called manager, who in my opinion should be fired, for such a horrible customer service! $300 a room, money spent at the hotel etc.  

She actually threatened me 3 times to kick me out if the hotel. And the reason was because I spoke too loud in my room, for which I paid almost $300 with taxes. No one was arguing or fighingn, I just talk lowd.

She came with 3 guys, I believe , or 4 , none if which intimidated me, I am Russian, so please.....

She threatened to kick me out in the middle of the night, when I came on Mother's Day , I had flowers in my room for next day. In fact she threatened to kick me out several times, and then she threatened to call the police on me!!!!! On what grounds?!!! I would like to know!!!  And she made that comment several times !!!

In fact, I will definitely get her full name and make an official complaint.

On top of that, she put a security guy right next to my door , as if I was some kind of criminal.

What a service !!! The hotel is great, but that woman should be fired , and I will get her name!!  She is a disgrace to the community, I lived in Santana Row Apartments, and she is disgrace to be working for such a great hotel as Valencia.  

And i want an apology for such "" treatment  as well.

10/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
413. Joy-Lyn G.
I spent a week here on Santana Row. It was heaven! My shower was very spacious (as was the rest of the bathroom). The staff was courteous and friendly. They always had a greeting for me even when they were busy cleaning in the doorways of rooms I passed in the hall on the way to the elevator to begin another day exploring and shopping. If you want a vacation where you don't have to bother with renting a car, staying at this hotel on Santana Row is ideal. But make sure your shoes are good. I had blisters and had to buy bandages. They took my haphazard collection of band aids and arranged them on my night table! The VBar was very inviting, and the food at Citrus was quite good.

The biggest review complaint I read before I stayed here was the noise. Well, this hotel Is situated in a major weekend/nightlife spot. People outside on the street were occasionally exuberant. The hotel doesn't have any control of this. And I find it astounding now that this was appearing in reviews for the hotel. People live. And sometimes people are not on the same time schedule as you might be. That's life. I got woken up a time or two, but it wasn't the End of Life or Humanity. AND I'm prone to insomnia... My sleep problems are not anyone else's issue. If you expect pristine silence when time for precious sleep, stay home.

If you want to travel, shop, enjoy restaurants, and nightlife all close to your hotel, be ready for what comes WITH that...the occasional goofball bellowing outside on the street at 2am. Be amused instead of mad.

Without question, I would stay here again. The staff was so friendly, I felt very welcome. My room was clean and fresh smelling. The salt water pool was lovely too.

01/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0