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Residence Inn by Marriott in San Jose, CA

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.31

Address: 6111 San Ignacio Ave, San Jose, CA, 95119

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    Comments (26):

    1. Ricky S.
    Staff was very friendly and helpful, and although I missed the happy hour drinks and chow, the breakfast was fair (industrial 'eggs', patty sausage, heat 'n' eat pancakes and make your own waffles). Standard free breakfast fare.
    The location is good- if you need to be in this part of town, it's nice to have a major chain option like this one. It's also nice to have a large refrigerator, stove, microwave, and dishwasher, although the 19" TV seems very small these days.
    My room was a little odoriferous- with a smell that sang "someone smoked a few cigarettes in here awhile back" along with a harmony of "there's something funky growing in the garbage disposal". It wasn't overwhelming and it was really only noticeable when you first walked in, but it was there. Overall view: I wouldn't go out of my way to stay here, but I wouldn't go out of my way to avoid it either- if it's handy for you, go for it.

    26/02/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    2. Samantha R.
    Alright I was an summer intern at Stryker so I lived at this Residence Inn for 3 months. I think I got the full experience for this business establishment...

    let's break down some pluses and minuses here:

    -The staff is GREAT. They are so nice, friendly, and fun. They are all pretty young, so they are very fresh and helpful. Great customer service.
    -The maids are on top of it. They are quick to get you anything you may need (pots and pans, towels, soap, love) basically I felt bad sometimes when I didn't put up the "no service" sign because they do such an intense job. And they were always so nice if you came home while they were still cleaning.
    -The facility was clutch. Very clean, spacious, and constantly upgrading. I was here while construction was going on (still going on in the main lobby a little bit) and they are just making this place look more and more upscale every day. Granite counter tops, new furniture, retile...its just classy all around.
    -HAPPY HOUR. Ok, I have NEVER heard of this at a motel EVER. I've hear of continental breakfast (which they have), and I may have heard of a little free food throughout the day (usually in the form of cookies) but they provide "dinner" (sandwiches/chicken/hot dogs/salad and more depending on the day) AND free booze. Unlimited free soda, beer, and wine. Unheard of...you can make your moneys worth in the stay right there.

    side note: if there were a yelp for canned corona btw it would get one star. i did not realize how terrible of a beer corona was until i got to try the wonderfulness that is canned corona...blehhh

    on to the...
    -the eggs for breakfast are not eggs. I understand they buy in bulk because they do continental breakfast every day from 6:30am till 10:30, but these are just inedible.
    -the selection of food gets old. granted, they only expect people to be here for a day or two, so mixing it up daily but not weekly is understandable...but the selections are a little bland
    -the facility is oddly locked up. you can't go through the courtyard if you don't have a key, and you can't get into the main building from anywhere other than the front entrance unless you have a key...it makes life so hard for people who just want to go to the front real quick--big labyrinth where you have to plan ahead with the sprawled out locked up layout
    -the cheapest movie is like 12 bucks (for an old release...new release is like 16-18) and the TV is rigged so you cannot plug an s-video from your laptop or those red/yellow/white av cables up to any peripheral...so you are stuck doing movies laptop style or overpriced style.

    Given that the food is a little wack, you can have other options (even without a car). There is a Lucky's right across the street. Also in that parking lot: Baja Fresh, TK Noodle, McDonalds, some asian place,  and then Jack-in-the-Box almost in the Res parking lot. There's also a Ross across the street, a Gold's Gym, and more fast food/entertainment down Bernal.

    If you are looking for a BAR SCENE walking distance from the res, you are only going to find one place--a dive bar. It's called South Side Cafe. I wrote a review for that too; check it out. But basically the Res is self sustaining if you don't have a car, and theres plenty close by to stay mildly busy. Not to mention you can go take a jog like a mile up Bernal and you are at a golf course and trails to hike around in the Santa Theresa Hills. Sweet.

    Overall, I really enjoyed my stay. Coming from someone who stayed there for 3 months and was still extremely satisfied, I think that says a lot about the place. I guess the pool could be bigger, but I'm assuming if you are staying here it is more for business and not a family vacation. Great place though, if you are in the Silicon Valley needing a homey place to stay, this is your lucky day...

    12/09/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    3. Kelly C.
    If you ever need to stay in southern San Jose for weeks at a time, this place ain't so bad. The suites are quite large, complete with a kitchen and sitting area in addition to a separate bedroom. Rooms are clean, basic, comfortable, and the building seems to be fairly new. Outside, there's a sport court, pool and sitting area which pretty much transforms into a family fun center, so if you don't have kids or any desire to hear them, evacuate the area immediately.

    Happy hour is every weeknight from 5-7 in the lobby, serving cheap wine and bud light, and deli meats and cheeses or mini-burritos, depending on the night. Kind of reminded me of a party at a retirement center, but hey, it's free, and you can take it to-go to your room (just avoid the glaring staff when you attempt to carry out more than 4 cans.)

    If you missed the free food at happy hour, you can walk to several fast-casual or straight fast food chains in the immediate surrounding area. Don't worry if you suddenly feel like you've been transported to Irvine or San Ramon, CA, because from mere appearances, you just may have well been. Not sure if this is a plus or a minus (guess it depends on the hour and my craving for late-night fried food) but the Jack-in-the-Box is so close you can practically shout from your room into the drive-thru speaker.

    TV status: HBO yes, BRAVO no. Weather Channel yes, MTV no. Overall about 10 channels = so so. For a leisurely walk around the nearby business parks and mini-malls, be sure to head 5 minutes west - there's an empty lot that offers a clear view (no blockage) of the setting sun on the hills. Catch it before another Inetek or Inetrode sprouts up and causes a major obstruction.

    16/08/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    4. Holly K.
    Horrible, Horrible place....Buyer BEWARE!!

    I made my reservation on-line months before I needed to stay here.
    I checked into this hotel for my friends wedding, it was nothing special, on first arrival.
    I arrived about 1.5 hours before I had to be at the wedding, enough time to change and get ready. I walked to the front desk, reservation in hand and placed it in the hands of the guy. He promptly told me he had no rooms that were clean...(this was at 2:30 PM).
    I gave him a shocked look and an "Are you kidding me?!" (I have to get ready for a wedding!) He quickly modified his statement that there was one clean room available...(odd since there wasn't one before I almost fell on the floor)...
    Anyhow, we drove to the back and walked in..the room was clean enough, again nothing special..we were on the bottom floor when I requested the top, but beggars can't be choosers and I was happy to have the one clean room in order to get ready.
    We were literally there for one hour before we left, came back from the wedding around 9:30 and basically slept there, got up in the morning and left. We probably didn't spend more then 9 hours in that room.

    So here is the kicker, I checked my checking account on-line, and with the wedding rate it was supposed to be $111.00 including taxes and all the fees, fine...they charged me $140.00..The charge was still pending, so I figured I would give it a day and if it went through I would call and see why I didn't get the rate...
    Here is the other kicker, I checked a day later and the charge was still $140.00 PLUS they charged me $220.00
    ...now why would they do that?!!

    I called the Inn and the manager stated they have a nonsmoking policy and the housekeeping stated they smelled smoke in the room..my fiancee and I have never smoked a day in our lives...I told her this and she said she would have to talk to the housekeeping and get back to me the next day....fine I left my number..

    Here is the last straw: I checked my account again and they charged me ANOTHER $220.00 fee...AFTER I had talked to the manager!!!

    This was the most frustrating experience I have ever had with a hotel....for something that wasn't that great to begin with..
    So far it has cost me over $550.00 to stay here....I should have been treated like a queen for that amount of money..

    Please STAY AWAY from this place if you can avoid it!!

    12/04/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. Robert V.
    We were very pleased with our room and the occomdations.  Our family of five and one collie stayed at the Residence Inn while we were going to a dog show. The two bedroom and two bath room was spacious and nice for our family.  The only problem we had was a billing issue, so I suggest that you get a final receipt and have documents showing the charges.  We found unauthorized charges on our bank account. We paid 169.00 per night plus 10% tax.

    25/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Chuck H.
    I use this hotel when i vista out office in San Jose.  It is a residence type hotel with a ful kitchen (less stove) and some rooms have a separate bedroom.  It could use an update to furniture and televisions, but overall it is a good reliable place to stay.  The staff is ever so helpful in anyway they can assist.  Finally, they provide a great hot breakfast and a evening reception with food and drinks...

    09/10/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    7. Kelvin C.
    The TV Sucks.

    I have stayed at this place twice, each time for a week. I am giving it 2 stars because for $180 a night, I expect a watchable TV. Everything else is what you would expect... clean, good staff, continental breakfast, exercise room etc.

    Back to the TV. The TV is about a 27in tube (non HD). It has the typical crappy Hotel menu thing for your pay per view, and about ten watchable channels. Every so often, the picture distorts and the sound buzzes. I remember this from last time as well. My coworker has stayed there many times and he said that is the way it has been in every room he has stayed in.

    We stay there because it is close to Hitachi, but next time, I will not let the secretary book us there.

    22/01/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    8. Crystal V.
    I stayed here because it was easier for my best friends wedding I was in, to be closer, and I did get a "wedding discount" for the rooms that were blocked off and I thought it was super pricey. It was for Friday to Saturday the high priced days, but for fall? It is not even a high season for tourists so I was confused about that... Some complaints, the girl that helped check me in, sort of big and glasses, I just thought she was being sort of rude and definitely not friendly. And I had to deal with her for check out as well! Ugh. Since I did not check in right away because I had to get ready for the wedding, I was the last girl to show up for the bridal party, and if you want to enter any of the buildings, say to check in, you need a key! For anything! I thought that was ridiculous since I had to run to my gfs room thus not getting my key because I did not check in, but I do understand that some people do live here, my gf used to work here, and it is for security purposes, but geez! Then there is no one there to help open the door for you, OF COURSE! I stayed in a two separate bedrooms with their own bathrooms, with another couple and the beds were nice and cozy, I thought the pillows were too big, if that is even possible lol!, but they were too brand new feeling, and I mean that in a bad way... I did love their shower products, super nice ones but I forgot the name. We also had a ktichen where we stored all my spirits and wine :) If you are in town and have a big family and cook to save money rather than eating out, this is the perfect place for you and your large kin! Otherwise, stay with family or elsewhere..

    12/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    9. E W.
    Loved the deals from Monday through Thursday! I guess they're trying to get people in, so they're having all you can eat BBQ, wine, beer for free (a different type each day). The rooms are nice and big! Studios only! Not enough blankets, but the front desk has extras. Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioners, but they're kinda small, so you still need to get extras. Breakfast is bomb! Nothing cheap, but nothing crazy. Eggs, red potatoes, sausage patties, fruits, waffles, etc... Not too bad for the price I paid here. Nice, quiet, and right across the street from a market and next to Jack in the Box. Only thing is you should book the 3rd floor to avoid listening to people walking around upstairs, and sometimes the rattling on the fridge keeps you up at night.

    31/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    10. Cait C.
    Really nice staff! Hospitality hour is nice for when you want free food, mediocre quality though. Nice clean pool for being outdoors. Undergoing renovations currently so you may get an older room, but still nice and spacious like other Residence Inns. Parking lot is kind of tight, especially if you're traveling in large SUV or truck (as I was). Otherwise, not major complaints. Quiet and close to 101.

    03/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    11. Adam R.
    Room was clean and comfortable for our 3 person family. They upgraded us to a 1 bedroom suite for no charge which was nice! They had ran out of studios before our arrival. The front desk clerk was pleasant and helpful (even at our very late arrival time, 12 midnight) sometimes night staff can be hit and miss.

    Wifi was free and had a strong signal just about everywhere throughout the hotel.

    The breakfast was plentiful and pretty good for a free breakfast! Had eggs, sausage, waffles, yogurt, juice, cereal, quite a wide spread. On Sunday mornings the breakfast was served slightly later as well.

    Room was quiet, even while close to the freeway. The HVAC system was fairly noisy in the bedroom, but not unreasonable. Bed was pretty comfortable and the road noise wasn't too loud. It is located right next to a pretty busy fast food restaurant, so you probably won't want to sleep with your window open at night (if that's your thing).

    The one bedroom unit we stayed in also featured a full kitchen, fridge, dishwasher, and two burner stove. It also included a couple of flat panel TV's, one in the living room and one in the bedroom. We didn't use these amenities, but they were available.

    I would stay here again for sure, while it's nothing earth shattering and it's simple, that's also what is nice about it. It gets the "hotel staying" job done without too much trouble at all.

    08/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    12. Zach M.
    The skimmer lid (located on the pool deck usually in multiple areas, circular white cap) was broken and when my 2 year old son stepped on it on his way to the pool his leg fell in and got cut open.  We called a member of the staff over to the pool while we were still in it and showed him what happened.  He replied, the skimmer cap has been like that ever since I have worked here.  We told him it is an accident waiting to happen again. Shouldn't you do something about it now.  Nothing was done at that time.  For the remainder of that day in early November and the following day there wasn't any caution tape or blockade around the skimmer cap.  It was left alone.  I hope nobody else got hurt.  We told the manager, Charlene, about it and she said she would comp us by putting 15,000 marriott points back to our marriott rewards account.  We even filled out an injury report that day.  She never followed through on that promise.  Also, be careful walking around the property because in multiple areas my son tripped on raised concrete probably due to the roots of trees lifting it over time.  Also, mens bathroom in hotel lobby had no paper towels in the evening and when I used it again in the morning, there still were not any paper towels in the bathroom dispenser.  I never have seen this in all the marriott hotels we have stayed at.  Also on the hotel website it said there was a hot tub and even showed a picture of one.  When we arrived there it had been filled in with dirt.  Also, the pool was dirty.

    02/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    13. F. M.
    Stayed for a night in a 2 bedroom Suite.  It was the perfect size for 6 of us.  2 rooms with a queen size bed and then a pull out in the living room.  Sure we could have crammed ourselves into a 1 bedroom but alas I function so much better when I can actually sleep at night.  The room was great, kitchen well stocked.   They had a very clean crib set-up in the room upon arriving.  The hotel is directly across the street from Lucky's which was nice in terms of stocking up the fridge.  Although I didn't utilize this service,  a perk of Residence Inn's is that you can leave them a list of items you need and they will actually grocery shop for you/stock your fridge  and then add the amount to your hotel bill (no extra fee's).  I could see this being very helpful for a busy family on vacation.  The hotel staff here were SUPER accommodating.  We checked in early and checked out late with no problems.  The pool and basketball court was fun for the kids.

    A couple small gripes: This Residence Inn (unlike others I have stayed at) has 1 central hallway much like a regular hotel.  I prefer the style that is more of an apartment set-up.  Also the weekend breakfast was not really that great....I mean they tried and it's better then some but a lot worse then many: powdered eggs, make y our own waffles, cereal, toast etc.  Since this hotel has no restaurant kitchen on site I guess this is to be expected.  One could always just cook their own breakfast in the room.  Wi-fi is kinda slow but free but you can also pay $10 and upgrade to a faster wi-fi.

    25/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    14. Dave B.
    This place is nice and clean.

    I've stayed here twice for business and ran into issues both times.

    First, the evening 'meal' (one of the reasons I like to stay as Residence Inns) was pretty pathetic.  Most recently, warmed up pulled pork buried in bbq sauce on cold slider buns with potato chips.  Drinks are Coor Lights, a cheap red and a cheap white ... and the water is pretty nasty.

    Second, this area is in a dead zone for Verizon.  I usually only have 1-2 bars of service, depending where I am on the property.  This isn't the property's fault ... but their WiFi is extremely unreliable!!!  Normally, I would just switch to the hotspot on my cell phone, but since the connection is very weak, it makes working from my room very difficult.  I suspect that they don't have nearly enough bandwidth, as it usually takes from 4-8PM.

    Third, half of their cable channels are unavailable.  

    Can't easily work, can't vegetate to the television ... better hope you manage to get a copy of the paper!

    26/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    15. Jack W.
    I stayed here over the 4th July weekend using my points and it was very nice!  The room was clean!  No problems at all!
    It's in a quiet area with Lucky supermarket and some restaurants across the street.  The included morning breakfast was good.  My wife and baby were happy!

    22/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    16. Lee L.
    I stayed at this Residence Inn by Marriott for just one night. I loved it. It was beyond spotless, well stocked and comfortable. The staff was accommodating  and friendly.
    The bed was heaven. I was exhausted after a long day of hiking and a photo shot. I didn't hear a thing. It was the only available hotel in the area, since I didn't have reservations. The room was huge, way to big for just one night stays and one person. It is designed for longer stays, especially for Silicon Valley business visitors. I would highly recommend it for that type of visit, or a longer single stay.
    The continental breakfast was just that, nothing fancy, pretty typical. I was there for Cinco De Mayo, and they had a little spread with Sangria for everyone. It was a wonderful nights stay, I slept like a baby. I would have stayed one more night, but it was booked up. I would recommend planning, and making reservations. They are very busy.

    07/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    17. Brian K.
    I became a Yelper just to review this hotel.

    I was here for a two week conference.  I went home for the weekend in between, so I experienced two rooms.

    My rooms were ok.  I liked the kitchen, especially the full refrigerator and the microwave and stove, as well as the basic dishes and utensils.

    Now the bad.... My rooms were clean, but two of the people in my conference found large cockroaches in their rooms.  The free drinks/appetizers nights are worth exactly what they charge.  There is a keg of warm Coors Light, maybe a few cans or bottles of mid range beers, a few bottles of cheap wine, and some questionable food.

    I asked for a wake up call every night of the ten I stayed.  Eight times they nailed it.  One time they called me 40 minutes early.  And one time they forgot.  That's an 80% success rate.  So if you're going to a job interview, make sure to bring a back up alarm.

    The television has a handful of channels.  No Pay Per View if that's your thing (it's not for me).  But would it kill them to get the Comedy Channel or the local free sports channel to watch the Giants game?  When I arrived the Giants and Dodgers were in extra innings.  I ended up listening to the game in my car to find out how it ended.

    So why didn't I just use the internet to watch the game?  Because it barely exists here.  This place is near the heart of the Silicon Valley but there is virtually no internet access.  They advertise free WiFi, but the free WiFi is incredibly weak.  My conference was on the hotel grounds, and even in the class they could not show videos from the internet.  If you don't want to wait five minutes for your basic internet search returns you have to pay five dollars a day.  I refused to do that, so I don't know how well it works.  But I did tell my wife to call me on the hard line to the room as my internet and cell phone services were extremely weak.  I haven't done that since the 90s.

    21/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    18. sarah d.
    One of the best Residence Inns I've stayed in. Clean, quiet, outstanding service and very convenient location with a grocery store across the street. I was welcomed by Erika, who was extremely friendly and accommodating. She made sure I was happy with the room choice and gave me excellent directions. I was also helped by Lauren, who was really friendly and obliging. Couldn't be more pleased and will stay here again!

    02/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    19. R M.
    Clean comfortable room but at a high price. Front desk unwilling to accomadate late checkout request despite Marriott Status. This property has joined the disturbing trend of providing super slow free Wifi, and charging extra for useable wifi. Poor choice for business traveller.

    Will not be back.

    29/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    20. Dmitriy S.
    I had the pleasure of staying at this Residence Inn during a visit to the area for an interview. I can't imagine why anyone would stay in the very south of San Jose aside from business. It's one of the most bland, uninteresting and suburban part of the Bay Area, yet it has a certain beauty to it. This hotel is no frills and gets the job done if you're in the area for a few days.


    - Spacious rooms. You can do cartwheels in the huge spaces you're provided. Along with the typical fanfare, you get a full kitchen, which can be nice for those who come for an extended stay or those who don't feel like going out for dinner.

    - Modern amenities. Free wifi, flat-screen TV, etc etc.

    - Plenty of parking, most likely close to your room.

    - Free breakfast. Although it was your typical American continental breakfast, it got the job done. This is about as good as it gets for this kind of hotel. Eggs, bacon, sausages, waffles, toast, yogurt, etc. It was all fresh and decent quality. Anything better and I'd think I was at a Hilton or Hyatt.

    - Friendly staff. I checked in around 11pm and the front desk guy was very welcoming. Same thing in the morning. I never encountered any issues with attitude. Customer service just how it should be.


    - The showers. One of the worst showers I've ever taken was here. BRING YOUR OWN SOAP AND SHAMPOO. The stuff they provide you is extremely dry and leaves your skin feeling horrible after. I don't know who they source their products from, but I don't think that company would survive long in the consumer world. The water pressure was low and it was just a crappy shower experience.

    - Although nice, the kitchen was quite outdated. Old appliances from the 80s and 90s. Not a big deal, but not very welcoming.

    Overall, a decent stay but nothing too exciting. It gets the job done for one night.

    10/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    21. E C.
    We had a one-night stay to see a concert in Saratoga and found this property very well kept and comfortable.  The service was excellent, the staff at the front desk and housekeeping were very friendly.  Parking was behind the buildings and the access was designed very well as the elevators are near the entry hall from the parking area.  The room was super clean and had all the things normally found in a Res Inn.  

    The breakfast was good this day and ample in quantity.  The crowd this morning was large and seating in the eating area was limited but we arrived just in time around 9 a.m. to beat the big rush.  

    I read of complaints about the wi-fi bandwith, but ours worked very well.  Perhaps it might have been our location just behind the gate house.  The Internet speeds were better than in many other properties and consistent through the late evening and early morning hours.  Both our MacBook Pro and iPad2 were up to good speeds all the time they were running.

    This was one of the better Res Inns we have stayed at in the Bay Area and I would recommend it to anyone staying over in the South San Jose area.   It is also worth a revisit.

    02/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    22. Dina S.
    Nice Residence Inn...  updated clean room and furnishings.  I wanted a nap after checkin and there must have been a basketball court or just somebody randomly dribbling near my window because the sound of a bouncing ball kept me awake...I didn't see the origin of the sound but request a room away from that nonsense if you can. The front desk staff were nice and friendly.  It was quiet at night, the bed was a little firm but ok. The room felt clean and safe. Good water pressure and shower. The kitchen is always a welcome touch after traveling a long distance. Fluffy, soft towels. I would stay here again and recommend others trying this property considering they have updated rooms :)

    04/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    23. Brenda L.
    This place exceeded my expectations. I got a 2 bedroom suite here NYE13 and it came fully equipped with a kitchen with utensils, plates, popcorn, pots, etc.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness and modern furniture as well as the gas fireplace. I liked that I felt secure because a key card is required to enter the building as well as the pool area. Parking is limited to those who have a parking pass only but I do not know that they are strict on this rule.

    Breakfast is free for visitors who are staying short period of time. The price is fair. This hotel is in the very south of San Jose so there's not much around there except a Jack-In-the-Box next door and a grocery and food plaza across the street.

    The maids here were also friendly and smiled at me each time I passed them.

    21/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    24. Bryan K.
    First day of 2015, I was very disappointed!

    1. heater didn't work - so transfer to another room, but my wife couldn't sleep due to heater noises.

    2. Alarm sound - alarm had been on from 12am to 4:40am from the next room

    3. Dishwasher detergent - they didn't check it and it was opened and used one by someone.

    4. Swimming pool - it was very dirty and no maintenance (it was cold to swim)

    02/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    25. Nick P.
    My fiancé at the time (now wife) had booked our bridal suites here months prior to our wedding and requested for a group stay.  Everything was confirmed weeks in advance.  Then, the day before our wedding,  as we were checking in, we were told that the 2 bedroom suite we requested was not available and that we had no choice but to downgrade and get 2 rooms next to each other.  The person in charge of booking obviously did not care that much for our party because if she did, this wouldn't have happened.  This was supposed to be a suite where all 8 bridesmaids would get ready, plus photographers, videographers, hair stylists and makeup artists.  But since my wife didn't get the 2 bedroom, they all had to cram in 1 room in order to get ready together.  The manager didn't seem to care about our situation and acted like it was normal.

    We brought this hotel a lot of business by having our wedding party stay there.  However, if we knew they would be so careless, we would have never booked here.  They decided to comp 1 night stay AFTER hours of waiting and several friends telling them that what they did was wrong.  Although the rooms are decent and stay was okay, I wouldn't recommend this hotel to anyone with a big party.

    14/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    26. Caroline C.
    Our go-to place in SJ. We've stayed here a few times and have always been pleased with the rooms and the service. And the price is right too!

    24/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0