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Santa Clara Inn in San Jose, CA

Santa Clara Inn in San Jose, CA

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Company Info:

Rating: 1.00

Address: 2188 The Alameda, San Jose, CA, 95126

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    Comments (1):

    1. Olga G.
    My 'financially challenged' friend comes in from out of town for one night. As I am "real estate challenged", I offer the next best thing to sleeping on my (non-existent) sofa, an "I'll find you somewhere affordable" promise. $60- for a room with 'fridge and microwave sounded good over the phone to a chirpy woman who assured me she would hold the room for late arrival. Located near SC University, myriad restaurants and shopping, the Santa Clara Inn couldn't be bad, right?

    We arrived to be greeted by a pleasant enough night manager. Moving us through the check-in process quickly, he seemed eager to help. This would later prove helpful when after being handed 1) the room key/card  2) an ashtray (for smoking rooms, which apparently every room is) and  3) a TV remote, we trundled up to the room.

    Several minutes of struggling with the front door ended when it flung open under some necessary strong-arm moves. Revealed was what appeared to be an occupied room; food wrappers were strewn about, an unmade bed sat in the middle of piles of dirty towels, and both bathroom and kitchenette were a mess. Tired from a long day, we schlepped back downstairs to alert the guy who had been so hospitable. Expressing disbelief at our account of the room's condition, he went back with us to survey the scene and determine if any action was necessary.  

    Assuring us that the previous patrons had checked out, the night manager took one look, agreed the room was not in "move-in condition" and vaporized, to return 20 minutes later with fresh linens. He informed us that no staff were available to make up the bed or clean the room, so we would have to do it ourselves (he had to get back to the now vacant front desk). As my friend had paid for the room at check-in, the manager promised a discount on her next stay with them (ha!) to compensate for the inconvenience.  

    The rest of her stay played out along the lines of the initial impression. Noisy, with paper thin walls, screeching cars in the parking lot, permeated  by an odd smell replete with stained carpet, inoperable air-conditioning, and bad water pressure, this establishment leaves much to be desired.

    Despite a central location, Bills Cafe a quick walk down the street (great breakfast and lunch fare BTW), and ample parking, I do not anticipate a return visit any time soon. The price may be right but I don't know many who want a DIY hotel room at any savings.

    Overall: if you are looking for a "Burroughs-esque" setting for your naughty rendezvous, or a place to meet folks in the "Rx" trade, this is your place! If you want a good night's sleep in a comfortable bed (with fresh linens) perhaps another Inn would best be sought. (Oh, and No Pets Allowed; they might sully the rooms.).

    08/09/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0