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Silicon Valley Hotel San Jose Airport in San Jose, CA

Silicon Valley Hotel San Jose Airport in San Jose, CA

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Company Info:

Rating: 2.49

Address: 1355 N 4th St, San Jose, CA, 95112

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    Comments (39):

    1. allie l.
    This review is for its airport parking service, but I must mention that it also applies to the hotel room shower. I arrived at 8:30pm from a long day's trip and immediately called the hotel for pick up from the airport. The not-so- friendly attendant told me where to go to wait for the shuttle, so I did. I sat there, as 20 other shuttle services passed me by. I called the hotel again at 8:55 and was told he would look into what happened to the driver. At 9:15, I called again and was told the first van broke down, and the driver had failed to alert him. He rudely said there was no recourse. I waited another 15 mins and finally a van arrived. The driver didn't apologize, didn't explain anything, and was a terrible driver! I was obviously upset by the time I arrived to the front desk for my keys. I had just spent an entire hour waiting in 42 degree weather. The only thing the receptionist told me was that I could call the Manager in the morning to complain. That level of service is unacceptable.

    02/12/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Cheryl E.
    The amenities are great. The people who do the tidy work , upkeep and food are awsome. The spa &pool , bar, and the breakfast were a bonus.
    It's the management and the front desk.....they were not helpful. I asked about a deal i found online on their site that would, in the end profit the clarion more at the same time save me $10 on my booking. When I called the hotel to book it, I had to talk to 4 different people telling me different stories: they don't know about the deal, I got the deal and i can use it, I don't qualify for the deal, and I should book off an internet travel-search engine.
    i booked with them still but ended up not getting the deal because I booked with expedia (middleman)which takes a percentate of the profits more than if i booked with clarion direct. The dumbies at clarion didnt let me book direct on their deal that would only take $10 off. Not recomending them. They were frustrating to book with.

    24/05/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    3. Christina B.
    DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR HERE! The Clarion Hotel offers long term parking for San Jose International Airport. The last time I left my car there it was broken into. Several items were stolen including my stereo, CDs, car charger, sunglasses, and several other items. My dash, including the wiring, was ripped out and destroyed. When I discovered the theft I went back into the hotel in tears and told the clerk on duty that my car had been broken into. His response was to answer an incoming phone call before acknowledging what I said. He then offered to call the police, and once they were on the phone, the clerk proceeded to ignore me completely and never spoke another word to me. The next day I called the hotel manager, who had no clue what I was talking about as no one had bothered to tell him a client had their car broken into. When I spoke to the manager, he told me he had to contact the owners of the hotel, who were "out of town," so that a resolution could be figured out. I received a call the next day. Their resolution was to tell me "Sorry, there's nothing we can do. We're not at fault for your car being broken into." I was not even offered a refund for the parking fee I paid.

    19/01/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Lauren P.
    Review for Airport Parking

    This was the worst experience I have ever had with airport parking. Upon the arrival of my flight, I found my way to the designated spot where I was instructed to wait for the Clarion Hotel shuttle. I called the hotel and they told me that a shuttle would be out to pick me up in 15 minutes. After waiting 45 minutes, I decided to call and see what the hold up was. The girl on the other end blatantly told me that they had forgotten, and the shuttle would be out to get me in the next 5 min. Another shuttle driver pulled up to see if I needed help. He worked for the Double Tree Inn and had made three different rounds through the airport and offered me a ride. He explained that during his last night shift, the Clarion had left a woman stranded at the airport for two hours and didn't want the same to happen to me. He was so kind, but I declined, thinking that the shuttle wouldn't be much longer. After waiting another half hour, I called again. I was furious. The shuttle showed up 10 minutes later--the driver didn't say a word to me. He talked on his cell phone the whole ride to the hotel. It was the worst experience. I will never park at the Clarion again.


    14/11/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. Charlie M.
    Convenient location with free airport shuttle, near light rail to get downtown without a car, comfy beds, best free breakfast of any place I stay, nice courtyard and pool area, full service bar and restaurant.  Pleasant helpful staff.  High speed wireless internet works OK but not perfect, just a bit slow sometimes but fine for email and webex meetings.  I used the wired connection last time and it was better than the Wi-Fi.

    Good price because it's an older hotel in an older semi industrial area but the rooms have been updated so it's fine for either business or pleasure stays.  Reserve a room facing the courtyard/pool.

    07/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Stacey L.
    My husband and I stayed here because it was close to the airport, they have an airport shuttle, and their prices are good.  We were checking in late (midnight) and leaving early (6:00 am).  The first thing you can't help but notice is that there is a nightclub basically in the lobby.  With a DJ.  No joke.  It was a Saturday night and the restaurant that adjoins the lobby was bumpin!

    It was so odd to be checking in with the front desk person who was pretending not to notice the LOUD music and the people strolling out of the club, across the lobby to the bathroom, with their beer in hand.  There was also an 18th bday party going on in the ballroom that also adjoins the lobby...also with a DJ.  So any time the doors to the restaurant or ballroom opened, those of us in the lobby were blasted with music and the sounds of partying.  Not really my idea of quiet when I am only getting 5 hours of sleep.

    The room was actually pretty nice and comfortable, and thankfully we could not hear the DJ's from our room.  However, there did seem to be a lot of the party people staying at the hotel, so we did have to endure loud drunk people outside of our door going to the vending machines a few times.  

    Before staying here, I would suggest you ask about the DJ/party schedule.

    29/03/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    7. L M.
    This is another review strictly about their airport parking service. I will NEVER use this service again!

    My biggest problem came when I returned to pick up my car. After waiting quite some time for the valet to find it, I impatiently drove off after not quite registering what he mumbled about overflow parking and having to borrow space at another lot.

    I didn't realize until I was on my way home that some kind of sticker/decal had been left on my driver's side window. When I examined this closer, I found it was only the interior portion of a much larger flyer (maybe 8 x 10) of some kind that had been glued across the window and top of the door and only partially removed. There was still a white, smeared residue on the door.

    I should have gotten out a razor to scrape the rest off, but haven't had time. I've been through the car wash several times and rolled the window down more times than I can count, but the outline and much of the interior of this 5 x 7 sized portion is still there!

    I did try to contact a lot manager to register a complaint, but it was only after they were contacted by the reservation company that I received a response. When I tried to describe the problem, he jumped to the conclusion that I was referring to a parking ticket (?) and deferred me to the City of San Jose!

    I thought that just replying to his email would be sufficient to clarify, but again I received no response until the reservations company (who was copied on my replies) stepped in . . . again.

    I thought they ought to offer me a refund, but I was told I'd have to email my credit card number . . . who are they kidding?

    21/02/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    8. N K.
    Airport Parking Review.
    Rates via airportparkingreservation are very good. Shuttle frequency decent. Have used it more than half a dozen times when flying from San Jose. No idea about rooms but the hotel (specially the pool area) looks good from the outside.

    05/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    9. Gina G.
    We just had our wedding here this past weekend & it was amazing!! Jose the sales manager is awesome & very helpful! Everything went well & smoothly! I would definitely recommend this place for a wedding or party! The food from the Island Grill was delicious! We got so many compliments! Amazing place! Our guests were all pleased with their rooms & all the hotel accommodations. Another plus is after our wedding a bunch of us had an after party at the bamboo lounge! It was an incredible night! If you are looking for a nice place for a wedding reception or party this is your place!!

    07/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    10. Dale G.
    I recently stayed here for one night after which I needed to check my bag at the front desk for about 9 hours (that morning until later that afternoon).  When I picked up my bag my relatively new 5th generation iPod was missing.  I'm certain I packed it as I brought it along specifically for the ride home and verified once home that it was not left behind before my trip.

    I spoke with the manager, Kathleen, who was courteous on the phone and agreed to review the security tapes.  After a week and a half delay, she finally claimed to have done so but said there was no evidence that it was their fault.  Of course not.  I'm not sure who else would be at fault given that it was in their possession the whole time, as she claimed.  As such, she said they wouldn't be reimbursing me.

    I can only assume my iPod became self-aware and motile.

    It's too bad because this place isn't bad for the money, just don't leave your valuables unattended or they may be taken by sticky-fingered staff.

    24/06/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    11. Pablo E.
    Would not reccomend staying here over a weekend, as it appears the nightclub/bar attracts folks who need to understand what a "dress code" is.  

    that being said, for a quick turnaround close to the airport, this place works well.  quick check-in, the free shuttle from mineta was timely, and the pool stayed open late.  nice warm pool too.  you also get a free breakfast.  shitty tv's in the rooms keep it from 5 stars under $80.

    19/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    12. B B.
    Located in sketchy area.  Discovered at checkin the local Police were at location handling a disturbance in one of the rooms.  The hotel security guard came in as well out of breath.  Told me he had been chasing the local crack addicts and whores off the property all night.  While driving to my room I came to the realization this location has the appearance of low income, section 8 housing units.  Finally got to my room.  Found room to be small, outdated and dirty.  Bathrooms dirty as well, pubes on floor behind door.  The honeymoon stain on the bread spread was the last straw...I'm outta here.   Do yourself a favor...run like hell away from this place.  I really wanted to give this place 0 stars.

    12/04/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    13. Brian A.
    We've stayed here a couple times and it's always been a pleasant visit. Never really used any of their facilities such as the pool, hot tub, or putting green (yup, they have a putting green). It's nice and close to the airport and my grandparent's house so that's always a plus. They have a breakfast in the morning at the diner located inside the hotel and it's not half bad. I would go early, but they try to keep mostly everything stocked for us late risers. The diner staff is nice too. The front desk? Well, I can agree with other Yelpers that the front desk workers may need a bit more classes in customer service. Most of them seem not too friendly, but I never had a problem with them.

    Our rooms were decently above average. They are clean and don't smell. Has good A/C heater also. Free high speed internet, always a must. We always ask for a ground floor room because Grandma can't walk up all those steps. We booked the rooms via Hotels.com and didn't have a problem with that. They weren't the cheapest (we did stay at the cheapest and believe me, you'd pay the extra few dollars a night to stay here instead), but this is where I prefer to stay when we visit.

    Parking can fill up quickly, so if you're coming in late, that can be a pain.

    03/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    14. Cheryl N.
    This review is strictly for its airport parking service. HORRIBLE. I've used them before (apparently not in the past two years) and they used to be wonderful.

    I just returned from a business trip and this experience was the worst part of my trip-both dropping off my vehicle and picking it up.

    I will never use them again. In this economy, one would think that customer service would be a priority; not here they really don't care.

    02/10/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    15. Lydia Z.
    The driver was ready to leave on time (they leave on the our and half hour), as were myself and one other rider, when a 3rd rider came along asking if we could wait five minutes.  In that time, two other parties came along. However, what takes time is checking in and paying.  We left 11 minutes late because of this other rider.  Other than that, this place has good service for the price.

    01/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    16. Dave K.
    Room has not been updated in decades.  The carpet is old, dirty and torn.  The furnishings and amenities are outdated and also seem dirty and drab.  The motion sensor on the lights and outlets is a horrible idea.  There was only one accessible out let to charge my computer and it was on a motion sensor.  I plugged it in and when I went to sleep it stopped charging.  Horrible.  Not that my computer is a ton of good without the caveman speed internet anyway.  Do yourself a favor and spend a few extra dollars for another hotel.

    18/03/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    17. Adryenn A.
    I've been trapped her for 4 days.

    Let's start with the good: the price, comfortable beds, and it includes breakfast.

    Also the pool looks nice and the hot tub inviting. If only they were open later so I could have used them.

    The bad: the key system required getting new keys many times a day. With no explanation!

    Room service said the order was out for delivery, 30 minutes later said it was out for delivery, and 45 minutes later said they didn't have the order. Just save your sanity and go to the restaurant and order.

    The lights would turn on in the middle of the night on their own (ghosts?) and there was no way to stop the light/fan in the bathroom from turning on in the middle of the night when you get up to pee.

    Don't ask me what the bottom of my bare feet looked like when walking around on the carpets. Oh my. Time to call Candid Carpet Care!

    The restaurant is good or bad depending on the staff you get. First dinner was awesome, next night ordered the same thing, kitchen blew it three times in a row! Our server was awesome though.

    What this hotel has is a pass the buck problem, all the way up to the management. Not only did they come back to the promoter of our event and complain that we were complaining (HELLO! Everyone's keys demagnitized multiple times per day!!), they took no responsibility to make things right.

    All these issues are fixable with the right management attitude.

    01/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    18. Sf Momm Y.
    eeegads... what was i thinking?????

    The carpeting was so dirty, i was grossed out..
    the room was musty and smelly and there was some employee cleaning out his car and using the chemicals outside, it permeated the air around us.
    The beds were made but the sheets were super dingy.
    I didnt want to lie in them,and got a contact rash on my arm for some reason.

    I would usually know better, but on previous visits to sj we stayed at the fairmont and dolce hayes, so i was shocked at this place. we needed a pit stop onthe way to la.... and in a hasty decision, i booked this place..

    On another note, we have learned the word "dump"......
    As in "good morning! Now let's get out of this dump!"

    Also, crappy spotty internet. Free.

    07/05/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    19. Bruce B.
    My second time here. Not the Ritz however it's very comfortable and it's close to everything in San Jose. The Island Grill is attached and serves island cuisine with a full bar.

    14/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    20. L F.

    The Clarion is one of the few hotels in the area that lets you park at the airport and they'll shuttle you to the airport. I usually park at the Radisson next door but when I was reserving on airportparkingreservatio… the Clarion came in about a dollar cheaper per day. So, I opted to try something new.

    I parked out front, walked to the front desk with my reservation paper. The front desk girl was polite, and as she was doing my paperwork I asked if the shuttle would wait for me because it leaves every 30 minutes and we were getting close to the time. She said she would tell the driver to wait for me. I paid, she told me to go park the car then come back for my receipt.

    When I came back in, the shuttle was out front. I went for my receipt and it was THEN she told me they keep my keys. KEEP MY KEYS?! WHY? The Radisson NEVER keeps my keys, and I never leave my keys unless I pay for Valet, but this is self park. There is absolutely NO reason to take my keys. At this point, I had no choice but to leave them, but I was not happy.

    I went to catch the shuttle and he was pulling away! She never asked him to wait for me! I had to chase him down and thankfully, he stopped.

    Pickup was relatively easy and the shuttle drivers were nice, but I'd prefer to park at the Radisson. It's RIGHT next door, about the same price, and I can park in a parking garage and keep my keys.

    20/04/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    21. Yosun C.
    Parked for a week via $5/day advertised rate for airport. Management took our key and a week later, we found the car was parked next to an anthill. Infestation occurred, and we were basically stranded. The manager refused to go see the damage, deferring it to the shuttle driver. The hotel staff proved very unprofessional in responding to the hotel's infestation problem.

    06/12/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    22. Melissa K.
    towels, sheets, and floor, stained.
    ac/heat unit, loud.
    tv, horrible reception.
    refrigerator unit, loud and rattling inside a big wood armoire all night. awesome.

    3 days after checkout, credit card charged almost twice the cost of the room for "incidentals" = i'm ready to angry yelp now.

    call the hotel and get the runaround for 2 days before finally getting a manager (note they didn't call me, i called them) who takes care of the situation. was treated like i was overreacting for calling and wanting my money credited back immediately. didn't even get an apology for random charges on my credit card. weak sauce.

    19/09/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    23. Al W.
    Five minutes after checking into the hotel I received a phone call in my room from someone who claimed to be from the front desk.  The caller said the hotel computer system had crashed and they needed my credit card information over the telephone. I obviously didn't give them my credit card number and was alarmed that I was being watched as I checked into the hotel....it seemed like an inside job.  Don't be fooled by the price or the pictures on the web...this place isn't worth your safety.

    16/06/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    24. Meghan K.
    Can't beat parking for $6 instead of $20 at SJC. The shuttle typically takes about 20 minutes to come once you return - but if u have the time it's a good deal! I will keep using this service!

    20/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    25. Spicy T.
    Review for Airport Parking.

    Don't do it.  Completely self-service, but that's not an issue at all.  The issue is when I returned from a trip recently, I called 3 times for pickup.  Each time I was told they were sending the van out right away.  

    When the van finally arrived it was an hour after my first call.  The van driver was not aware of any previous dispatch requests and said he was cleaning rooms during the time because no one told him there was a pickup.

    I was lied to 2 times.  Ridiculous!

    22/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    26. Mark W.
    As far as a hotel goes, this one SUCKS!

    The sheets were dirty, the floor was stained, the room smelled like stale urine, and the towels weren't exactly white. I visited friends in other rooms; same deal.

    In addition, there was NO parking. Oh, the lot was big enough, but between the restaurant having events and the hotel being used as a lot for airport passengers, if you're not parked by about 5pm, you're not going to have a place to park.

    As for the "free" wifi, it is unbelievably slow. As in it doesn't load at all sometimes. My 3G was faster.

    Yes, the staff was friendly, but when you have to question what disease you're getting when you change your clothes, friendly doesn't kill the germs.

    I would call this a cesspool, but shit hole is a more appropriate term.

    07/08/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    27. Cathy N.
    Parked here for four days. The web site doesn't mention that the shuttle runs every 30 mins. and of course, I missed it. Even though there are plenty of places to park they ask for your keys "in case they need to move your car" because "of construction". Again this requirement was not ID'd up front. Fortunately I had an extra key because I don't give my house keys to valets.

    When I returned I called as directed and told the front desk clerk that I was walking to the shuttle stop.  I was told that the driver had just left and would be back in no more than 20 mins. I called after 30 and she was surprised that I was still at the airport. She gave me some ridiculous explanation about the impossibility of confirming people on the van because they didn't take names and that she had checked with the driver who assured her that he had picked up everyone.

    Let me reiterate:  I told her that I was NOT at the stop when I called AND the shuttle is supposed to do a round trip every 30 mins. on the hour and the half hour.   So I get hung up because my contact doesn't pay attention to detail AND they don't follow their own process.

    Very cheap and as it turned out, inconvenient parking.  Not a good option if you're running late.  I won't park there again.

    12/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    28. Jess B.

    Initial drop off was okay not really any parking places and didn't feel comfortable leaving my keys with the looks and location of the property and the employees. (I work in hotels)

    Pick up took forever as they were waiting for four different parties to arrive and call in. The driver crammed a family of 8 into the 10 person passenger van with 5 people already in the van. No seat belts and a bunch of people piled on top of one another and I was the one that got to sit (cram) in the back row with them, lucky me right!

    Get to hotel and just mention to the front desk agent that out of courtesy for all passengers they should not stuff so many people in at one time. Little sassy pants looks at me rolls her eyes and says there was not that many. My only response was to turn to the rest of the bunch piling out like a freaking clown car and enjoy her reaction to the sight. Ya my point exactly, rude one!

    My car was moved and backed right up into the shrubs making it impossible to load my luggage into it without pulling out and my car was filthy from the shrub debris.

    Rude service sketchy lot and unsafe unprofessional drivers. Will never ever use them nor would I ever recommend them! Stay clear and pay the little bit of extra cash for the professional and safe lots down the road.

    12/07/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    29. Reyz A.

    One of the few hotels in the area that lets you park in their hotel parking area and shuttle you to SJC. Get the web rate, 'cause it's dynamic pricing (like the Shark's Stanley Cup Playoff tickets), Monte Carlo pricing or what ever you want to call it...it changes. The web rate I got was fairly cheap at $5.49/day. (Sorry Double Tree, price and demand says they got you by about $ 6). The difference between this place and say, Double Tree, is the valet parking. There's none here. You park your car on one of the outside perimeters facing the fence (read: get there early or you can not self park), hand your voucher, hand your car keys and hop on a shuttle, to catch your plane. When you return, you call the hotel and a shuttle is there on the hour or on the half hour.

    The drivers and hotel staff were pretty courteous and they were on time.

    This beats SJC long term on pricing by a mile (or an air mile).

    I'd use them again.

    07/05/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    30. Kim T.

    Book online, the rate is quite a bit cheaper there. It was really reasonable-I think it was $37 for a week. They have a shuttle with friendly drivers that comes and goes pretty frequently. The only drawback that I was a little worried about was that it is not gated. When I returned though, in the evening the gates were closed. That made me feel a little better because I suspected it wasn't the best of areas. I will use them again.

    13/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    31. -Steve C.
    Wow... I see all these reviews about park N Fly... Wow some people.  I used the park and fly. I stayed at the hotel, it was great stay, great breakfast in the morning.  The bar at night was cool had Karaoke nite.  I had no issues, the rate I paid was under $119 for me and my two friends not bad.  I was going to stay at another hotel but for one night paying $179 at another hotel no thanks.  I use the Clarion great rate, good food. and good staff.  Maybe next time some of these people place negative comments should stay at the hotel instead of just parking their car LOL...  


    22/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    32. Chris H.
    Don't park here.  I haven't stayed at this hotel, but as far as the SJC Parking service, it's an open/unguarded lot in a bad part of town.  We made the mistake of leaving our vehicle here because the Radisson rejected our pre-paid reservation via airportparkingreservatio… .  When we returned to the SV Hotel, our car had been vandalized including our license plate registration sticker being scraped off.  

    If that wasn't enough, the shuttle driver acted like he'd rather be anywhere else.  They don't bring your car around, you get the keys and have to go find your car (if it's still there).

    06/01/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    33. Timothy L.
    I stayed here on night on 10/3/13 after much research to try to find a decent place near SJC Airport that was affordable, safe, clean and had transportation to the airport. I had an early a.m. flight out of SJC, and that was extremely important to have shuttle service, which the hotel gladly provided. The staff check in and out was very expeditious and nice, and they did inform me that use of the business center was complimentary, but after printing boarding passes, they'd have to charge me for anything else, which would come to the back office (very strange). I went downstairs for a glass of wine at happy hour, but for some reason the music volume was turned up all of a sudden, at 4:30p.m. (there was only 6-8 people in the bar), and when I requested that it be lowered, I think that it didn't sit too well with the staff, but they did comply. Nevertheless, I finished my drink and left as it was still too loud and I couldn't complete work on my laptop.
    I tried to get a good night's rest, but the bed was like sleeping on a board and intermittent movement's caused the light's in the room to go off and on intermittently with my movements, and this also occurred when I went to use the bathroom, which ultimately woke me up as it was too bright and very annoying. I finally gave up and went downstairs earlier than my check out time as I just wanted to leave and be done with this place. Ultimately, if you want to get a good night's rest, this is not the place to get one, even though I think that this hotel is trying hard to please..

    13/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    34. Robert F.
    I was a little wary of leaving our car with Silicon Valley Airport Hotel (Clarion), given the reviews that indicated their casual approach to retrieving customers from the airport, but I decided to go for it. That was a mistake.

    On our return, we called the hotel at t 1:20 pm to request transport back to the hotel. We were directed to waiting-area 6 and told us that the bus would be departing for the airport at 1:30. We were there by 1:28.

    By 2:02, the bus had not appeared and I called the hotel again. The desk clerk apologized for having forgotten to send the bus at 1:30 but assured us that the 2:00 bus had departed and would be there in five minutes.

    By 2:15, when the 2 O'clock bus hadn't arrived, I called again. The desk clerk promised to call the driver and get back to me. At 2:20, he called and directed us to take a cab, for which he promised the hotel would pay the fare.

    It would have been nice if the clerk had been ready for the cab's appearance but it took a while for him to give his attention to us, and longer to fill out the paperwork to reimburse the driver. The seventy cent tip that he paid the cabbie ("Hotel rules about petty cash") was sufficiently pathetic that I felt forced to supplement it, particularly as the poor cabbie had a short fare, a wait to get paid and was now being sent back to the back of the line at the airport.

    The worst part was that I wrote to the hotel's management complaining about the service but never heard back.

    So don't park with the Silicon Valley Airport Hotel (Clarion), unless you like to make multiple calls and spend a lot of time waiting for pickup.

    01/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    35. Dennis J.
    I also did not stay here but parked for one week and was happy to of found a good deal with fast shuttle service to and from the airport. If I use SJC again I will know where to park.

    05/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    36. Henry J.
    Did not stay at the Hotel, the park and ride was great however! Call it luck, but was picked up on both leaving and returning to the airport within 10 minutes. The front desk and drivers were courteous and parking was reasonably safe. Park and fly here with confidence, would go back again on my next trip.

    05/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    37. Sean B.

    I guess my experience was very different. I came in, i parked. I went inside, paid my $10 (as opposed to $45 at the airport's "economy" lot) and grabbed a beer at the bar (with free potato skins and chips/salsa) for twenty minutes until the shuttle arrived. Hopped in, hopped out, I'm at the airport five minutes later and I saved $35.

    Returned last night, called from the plane, and the shuttle was waiting out front when I stepped outside to the curb. My car was sitting unmolested right where I left it at the hotel. Walk inside, handed the guy my ticket, confirmed my identity, grabbed my keys, and off I went. Easy breezy. I'll use them twice a month from now on, and hopefully it'll continue to go so smoothly.

    06/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    38. Nicholas H.
    This place looked like a whore house.

    The beds were dirty and uncomfortable. The breakfast tasted like rubber and my car was vandalized during my stay. Also I checked my bag in at the front desk and a later found out that my laptop and personal items were stolen! It felt like I was staying in the fucking hogwarts dungeons! The floor looked like dirty hay with rat shits all over the dirty ass floor

    11/04/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    39. K L.
    Very pleasant stay. Grounds attractive, room clean and bed comfy.Front desk polite and pleasant. Breakfast quite good for a hotel continental.
    This  hotel was fifteen dollars less than the crappy place we stayed at in Watsonville the night before, and so much nicer.
    My only complaints are small. One of our room keys did need to be recharged.
    The hotel add on the tv in our room advertised 2/1 well drinks, but the bar wouldn't  honor that price.
    We had ghost lights ( on sensors?) that turned on and off at random.
    All in all, we'd stay here again.

    18/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0