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Super 8 Motel - San Jose Airport/Santa Clara Area in San Jose, CA

Super 8 Motel - San Jose Airport/Santa Clara Area in San Jose, CA


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Company Info:

Rating: 2.68

Address: 1860 The Alameda, San Jose, CA, 95126

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    Comments (25):

    1. JJ S.
    Super 8 is about all you will get, that's why it's not called the Super 10! I had an easy booking experience with Hotelplanner.com , although I didn't book the Super 8 and probably never would.

    24/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    2. Ahmad S.
    Great place, very god service.
    Treat you as family.
    They give support for whatever you ask for to make you confortable.
    I am staying their more than 8 month and staying for always there.

    Simply, I belong there.

    05/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    3. K L.
    Great place to stay if you're a hooker!  When we pulled up we were greeted by a prostitute running out to meet her client who was waiting for her in his car.  We then pulled around to park near our room, and noticed a pimp having a verbal altercation with one of his prostitutes.  At the sight of all this we were extremely sketched out, but without a refund we decided to overlook the obvious rankness of the people who frequent this hotel.  Our room had a lingering odor, and mysterious stains throughout the entire room.  The room had not been vacuumed in, I don't know how long.  We slept on top of towels we brought from home because of how unclean the bed felt.  The window in our room had a recently broken lock.  All in all I can definitely say this place is terrible.  Not worth the few bucks you'll save to stay here.  Needless to say we will not be returning here ever again!

    22/09/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Elisabeth Y.
    Stayed there last night, the room was big, but wired, the sink was outside the bathroom, the towels were scrutchy, the paint was falling from the walls, this place seems really run down, and definitely the worst hotel I've ever been in! I requested the non-smoking room, the room that we stayed in was smoking and actually smelled really bad!

    30/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. Caroline V.
    I had a fine experience here. It isn't fancy, but for the relatively low price I just expected a clean, quiet, no-frills place to sleep while on a business trip. That's exactly what I got. The night manager was very nice and polite.

    27/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Marko B.
    This motel sucks.
    There's loud music coming from the bar, the room smells bad, and the wifi is dog slow. There's a gangsta guy hanging around waiting for someone and looking shady, and the room costs $78 plus tax. This really sucks

    12/05/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    7. Sue B.
    Horrible, spanish bar and lounge in front went all night until 2 am. And then the drunken fights started in the courtyard about 3 am, they must have passed out for a while until 6am when they started again.  

    The room was modest and that was fine but the rest was the worst ever!

    15/03/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    8. Redvirgo C.
    I've stayed here a couple times before over the last few years and it was a dump but it didn't seem to me that the neighborhood was too bad or that it was actually a filthy place and I prefer it to being right downtown. But on Sept 26 2013 I realized this is a complete scum hotel. Not only was my room the worst I'd ever had there with sink outside of the bathroom, stuff behind the nightstand, and carpet that felt like you were walking on a layer of rocks, but the clerk was way out of line. If I wasn't exhausted I would have left and I didn't sleep well cuz it felt so creepy. I went in just before midnight and the clerk tried to hit me up for some drugs! It took me a minute to realize and he thought he was being sly, trying to find out if I was a user. He also tried to talk to me about his interest in sleazy women and commented that a lot of hookers use this hotel for their work. I could have lived forever without knowing that, but thanks for the tip.

    10/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    9. Callie G.
    This place is a dump. There was feces on the bathroom walls and probably the same on the light switch. The jets in the bathtub had never been cleaned and the pictures this facility uses to advertise it are completely fraudulent. there is a nightclub/bar connected to this place where a live band plays till 2 am preventing those with rooms near it from sleeping. The rooms average  from a standard queen dump $89.99 to a dumpy King suite at $122.99 I filed a report with the health department and submitted pictures. This should be listed as a ran down flop house and not offered through our WYNDHAM Timeshare. I will be making sure this establishment is removed from the list and not offered to other WYNDHAM owners. What a DUMP!! For the ONE review that said she had a fine experience there...... I think she is the owners wife. The desk clerks; I encountered 2 a male and female, were hardly "friendly" and in my opinion had zero customer skills. They rudely chatted on the phone with personal business when I was checking in and checking out. I called the desk for extra towels and never got them. I booked this room same day so canceling was not an option. when I arrived there I was completely floored! I usually check reviews for hotels and motels we never stayed at but this was a last minute business trip. I will never consider another Super 8 again!

    16/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    10. Lizeo G.
    My wife and I got in a little after 9 pm and we were greeted by Avez.  He was very friendly.  We got a non-smoking room on the second floor.  Our room was clean and much larger than I thought it would be and it had a refrigerator and a microwave.  I did not use it, but there is a swimming pool that looks like it would be good for lap swimming.  This place is close to downtown and Santa Clara University.  This is not a fancy hotel as described by others, but if you want to save a bit of money compared to the much more expensive hotels, then this is the best place to go in the area.

    17/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    11. Samantha A.
    It was a classy joint for sure. I Moved the bed and found condom rappers and toilet paper stuck to the wall?. Do you not have maids. It was a Tweaker paradise. Weird men lurking in hallways. Yuck. And my face broke out after sleeping there. Don't do it.

    09/04/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    12. John S.
    Stayed here for a convention held nearby. Clean, neat and well furnished room. Centrally located in a nice neighborhood. School at the end of the street has a nice jogging track. Definitely a good motel deal.

    11/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    13. Sam S.
    Place was empty but yet they put the only two room booked...together.  And the guy next door was LOUD!  Walls were thin and place was dirty and crusty.  Restaurant needs work on both food and atmosphere.  Carne Asada tacos were yummy tho!

    30/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    14. Sultan A.
    This motel is excellent one, I recommend it to others and I'll stay in it once I come to San Jose. The front desk people are very cooperative and friendly specially Aviz & Jeff (many thanks to them). The room is arranged well and the bed is comfortable, the room service is excellent in keeping the room clean everyday.

    11/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    15. Lana W.
    Terrible.  Bathroom had mold on ceiling and walls.  Also bathroom walls had dirty streaks on walls, and hard to open/close bathroom door because of the hump on floor.  Outside cement walkways needed cleaning.  The attached Mexican restaurant at night is a club/bar with loud music and people talking loud.  We had to leave the TV on all night to drown out the noise.  We won't be back.

    09/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    16. Myrna R.
    Let's get to the point
    We all know this is not a 5 star hotel
    So you pay for what you get
    The room is good, clean , decent
    The pool looks clean and open until 9pm
    And they can provide you with towels with no problem.
    There is breakfast- coffee, hot chocolate, tea, milk,
    Cereal, toast with jelly,cinnamon rolls and apples.
    Here's a tip
    You need to get breakfast before 9am
    Or else you won't find any breakfast only coffee

    We got there when the lady was putting the things away and got upset that the kids wanted breakfast. She had just started to put the things away- but I guess you can't have it all :D

    26/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    17. Laurinda O.
    Rooms are very outdated like 1980's decire' including very old TV's, bath towels like sandpaper, squeaky floors, etc. Needs major renovation. I was expecting a much nicer place so close to airport. Most Super 8's have been modernized but not this one.

    21/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    18. Leo H.
    Clean rooms, friendly staff, and quiet rooms. Thanks Sue for the awesome service.

    09/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    19. Emma B.
    Awful. We stayed for one night and experienced horrible customer service. The man at the front desk was rude. We drove over 4 hours and were originally told we could not check in even though we were able to make the reservation online. When we were finally allowed into the room we were not impressed. Horrible service. Horrible motel.

    26/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    20. Cal H.
    Huge Room, great price and pretty quiet

    17/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    21. Vanessa C.
    Recently stayed with a few friends because it was the beat priced hotel in walking distance to the sharks stadium, where we came to see a concert.  We booked our rooms on hotels.com so when we got there the check-in went quickly and smoothly. Our rooms were very spacious and since we had mostly girls with us, it was nice that both our rooms has a second vanity outside of the bathroom. I got a little worried reading the other reviews, but everything must have been recently updated since everything was freshly painted, renovated bathrooms, wifi, fridges, microwaves, etc.  In addition, the staff was very nice and professional. I left an expensive pillow there and as soon as I was aware I called and they had found it and put it aside for me.  Will definitely stay there again if we are ever in need of a room in that area. It is very hard to find nice, polite people this day in age.

    07/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    22. Ray N.
    I came here last week to stay a night, and it was a grimy motel-- but I guess that's what you get for what you paid for.

    Upon arrival, we had to check-in OUTSIDE of the motel. Who does that?! When we asked to be shown to our room (okay, this was TOTALLY a diva moment-- but we arrived around 11PM and it was sketchy.net ), the worker walked us half way AND DISAPPEARED. Totally busted a Casper on us.. no joke. Who does that?! Seriously, if you are going to leave us-- at least let us know. Such bad service... but at least he offered us FREE breakfast from 6am-930am. I guess two stars for that.

    On top of that, when we arrived-- and our room was so grimy. Everything was really old and the lightings made it seem like we were in a horror film. HOWEVER, I must admit-- the motel was pretty clean and well organized.

    But to say the least, it was really scary. I felt like I was in the movie "The Hangover 2," except I was actually sober checking into some grimy motel. Have I learned my lesson of not checking into a motel? Probably. But for the cheapest price, it was decent. However, ya'll know that I'm a diva-- and I most likely will NOT be coming back.

    BUT, if you desperately need a place to stay like if you were stuck on a desert with no water, this place got you covered. Oh, and be sure to be intoxicated so that you don't find this place as grimy as I did-- maybe that would've helped me sleep better that night. Sigh.

    After reading this review, I can't say that it was the worst; however, it has been one of the best MOTELS that I have been to. I mean, free breakfast, easy parking, and two queen beds for less than $100 a night? I guess that's a good deal. But do keep in mind this a MOTEL-- it's not going to have your flat screen tvs, room service, or any of that sort of luxury available. In fact, the sink is outside of the restroom-- which I think is pretty nifty.

    The GIST of it all--

    Turn Ons:
    - Cheap MOTEL-- bang for your buck.
    - Free breakfast & coffee.
    - Easy parking.

    Turn Offs:
    - Grimy motel room.

    09/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    23. Mario M.
    I wish I could choose one and a half stars-one star representing a crack house and this place just slightly better. The guys at the front desk smelled of curry, but seemed pleasant enough, but then some prick in an adjacent room had their tv on ALL NIGHT and when I called the front desk and asked them to do something about it, they did nothing. Some idiots late at night briefly yelling out the window added to the ambience and I leave you with this: How many crack parties must be hosted before one's carpets are replaced?

    Oh, and whilst frequenting the quaint breakfast buffet I overheard the guy from Room 108 report to the front desk that his car had been stolen. The attendant seemed none-too-phased by this news, which led me to assume this is a common occurrence. This place is like its own third-world country! But I did get an Eggo Waffle out of the deal, so I got that goin for me-yeah...

    You've been warned.

    25/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    24. Sarah M.
    Stayed at this place for one night and it was a good deal for your money.

    Had reservation ahead of time through hotels.com so check in was a breeze which was good cause I got there at night and was ready to relax.

    Parking completely sucks. Very small parking lot and I was not able to park that close to my room.

    The size of the room was very decent. It also had a large vanity area which I appreciated and the bathroom was a decent size. The only thing was the shower had a constant leak and you could hear it unless you shut the bathroom door. The bed was pretty comfortable as well. Another issue I had was the TV was in kind of an awkward place. It was kind of off to the side instead of directly in front of the bed.

    Check out was quick and painless as well.

    All and all I thought it was a good dela for the price and if I am ever looking for somewhere to stay just overnight in that area I may come on back.

    18/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    25. Kent D.
    In the 1980's I was in the military, stationed in central Illinois. I remember looking out the window as we landed; a tundra. No hills, no trees. All snow. It was something like a negative of a photograph of hell. It was a cold, icy hell.

    I hung out with Ray Fleer, hailing from Panama City, Florida, and a guy named Peter Bennasomething or other, if memory served: from New Jersey. When the stars aligned, like ducklings bereft its mother we'd evade headlights and Marines out spoiling for a fight, score some alcohol, and hole up in a motel to get drunk.

    And this was a really crappy motel, one of those one-off motels almost certainly built post-war, possibly pre-WWII, with pine dressers, drawers barely able to open; poor lighting. No TV set.  I'm confident the room cost less than $25 a night, off the highway in Rantoul, Illinois, as memory served.

    And we'd do silly things, what one would expect from three trashy teens in a really awful motel, hailing from the US' three extreme opposite corners.

    For instance, we'd fill the bathtub with beer cans, and one of us would lay among the cans of beer, drinking, and singing Whole Lotta Rosie. Gesticulating promiscuously in honor of a large woman named Rosie, as immortalized by AC/DC.

    Here's the thing: when we were done, which is the say: when the morning dawned, and we were mostly done vomiting, we'd gather all the unopened beer cans, and place them in the dresser drawers.

    Why? Because we learned, almost by accident, that we could return two, three, even four weeks later, and the beer would still be there. I was relocated to another base, in, what? 1986? I would not be surprised if that beer is still there, in those pine dresser drawers.

    That's what this motel is like, or at least reminded me of. I came to town on business, and all hotels were full. I actually had to violate policy on our corporate travel portal to expose access to places like this one, and press through multiple web-banner warnings that staying here would require VP approval.

    But what's a fella going to do? Sleep in his rented baby-blue Hyundai?

    So. When presented with room options, I chose the most expensive one. The cheapest was, I believe: $74. This one was $148. King bed, etc. I thought: "well, this one seems to be the best room, and it's still roughly half what we normally pay."

    How many of you have seen a porno, from the 1970's? Picture a film entitled White Chocolate. Our hero is a man with a chest so powerful its broken his shirt, his curly chest bursting from the very frame of your TV set. The female star, a blonde, sort of a 1970's hot blonde, which translates in 2014 to someone you'd commit to drug treatment.

    The bass line is thick, and maybe there's a saxophone. This couple is making it happen, on the arms of the chair, in the avocado whirlpool tub LITERALLY placed in the middle of the room, next to the king-sized bed. This couple is getting it on, all over everything.

    And it shows. I'm standing in this room, circa 2014, and this couple has clearly been getting it on for the past, what? 40 years? The chair's arms are LITERALLY worn raw. Those polyester fibers are coming out. I root in the cushion and find, you ready? Two glow sticks. Swear to god.

    I kneel down kind of like one of those TV show detectives, and on the desk's surface I can see the oily imprints of someone's behind, plus, ok are you ready for this? I can see hairs, and I'm not talking about long, straight hairs.

    The bathtub / shower thing was absolutely avocado, and the seams were moldy. There was an oily sheen, but it was pasty as well. One might imagine generations of people seething in this tub, leaving their exfoliate. A real melting pot.

    I worked at Burger King, waaay back in the 1980's, and the polyester pants were really memorable. That's what the bedspread was like. Oily. Smelled of smoke. The pillows were white and clammy. Squishy. When I walked the carpet stuck to my socks like Velcro.

    Just outside the door, all night, lurked four to five men. Loud men. Shouting to passing cars. Good times.

    But the dresser. Ah. The dresser. You would not believe what was in the dresser. I'm telling you, the glo-stick lit up and stayed lit for two straight days, and I've seen some motels, but the contents of the dresser.

    Lawd have mercy. Absolutely made this trip worth every, single, moment. Holy crap. Once in a lifetime. I'm still stunned, even more so that I was able to get them back home, safely.

    02/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0