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The Sainte Claire is one of California's genuine grand hotels - a stately hotel with majestic, plush interiors situated in the heart of downtown San Jose. This landmark embraces the character of yesteryear and greets the innovators of tomorrow with luxurious modern amenities and timeless service. Relaxing and comfortable, yet inspiring and sophisticated - a Silicon Valley Hotel that truly offers the best of both worlds. When it comes to hotels in San Jose, you won't find a better place to stay for business or pleasure.


Established in 1926.

From legends and stars to the most dignified of dignitaries, this boutique hotel in San Jose has played host to some legendary guests: Garland & Gable. Roosevelt & Kennedy. DiMaggio & Hope. This West Coast legend has been a destination for innovators, visionaries, dreamers and inspired guests for generations since 1926.


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Rating: 3.46

Address: 302 South Market Street, San Jose, CA, 95113
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Comments (182):

1. Elizabeth A.
I loved this hotel as a venue for my wedding reception.  The historic nature of the hotel made a great backdrop for photos, and the ballroom is much prettier than many of the other downtown SJ hotels.  I wasn't too pleased with the food tasting event prior to my wedding, but they were nice enough to create a custom package for me with food off the Il Fornaio menu for the same price.  My fiance and I were actually treated to dinner and we could order as many dishes and we wanted to try out the different options prior to creating our menu.  Another great benefit of this hotel is that you can have music until all hours of the night.  Our DJ was there until after midnight!  A lot of other venues have a 10pm cut off time for music due the noise and disturbing guests.  The extended time frame was really the reason I chose the Sainte Claire so we could keep the party goin' on!  The honemoon suite, granted, was on the smaller side, but it's more quaint and antique feeling that cold and modern.  Definitely more European versus the sterile American hotel chain type.

28/08/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
2. Jay M.
We used The Sainte Claire for a modest (100 people) conference. The organization likes old things, so the historic character of the hotel was a big asset. This group probably even liked hearing the light rail!  All the comments I heard were positive, and I was very happy with our room (loved the blue sky ceiling in the bathroom!) so five stars in my opinion.

01/06/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
3. Tina B.
This is on my "San Jose Classics" list. It's a historic hotel right in the heart of San Jose. It's been renovated with very classy touches. It's very elegant. The rooms are small and charming. The bathroom had a quaint ceiling that was painted to look like the sky. The hotel has a lot of character. With the expectation that you will be staying in a historic hotel RIGHT in the middle of downtown, you will be very happy with your stay. If you're looking for a really quiet, brand new place with lots of space, this isn't the place for you.

18/02/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
4. Dana C.
UPDATE - Post wedding.

We booked this hotel as the only hotel for our wedding and our guests booked about 45 rooms.  In addition, we had our post wedding breakfast for 80 guests at IL Fornaio.  The sales rep had it in writing to comp us a room for every 10 booked and then upon checking out on  our way to our honeymoon - they decided to only comp us 2 rooms instead of 4.  It made a big difference, since we paid for some of our family and guests to stay thinking we were going to be comped.   We contacted the hotel and the Larkspur chain and sent them the emails in which the sales rep had promised these things.  The responded by saying that they had changed their policy.  Too bad we had to book so far in advance for this type of event.   Considering how much money we and our guests had spent there for the entire weekend, they should have honored their initial agreement or forewarned us of the change in policy.  It pretty much ruined my experience of having our wedding festivities there. I do not recommend them at all.

03/07/06 | Link | Rating: 1.0
5. Maxwell G.
I can't speak for the hotel, but the valet service is really sub par. After dropping off our car in good condition, we return and after a fifteen minute wait are told that it has a flat tire. The manager on duty did not even try to come up with a solution, instead just said that he doesn't know what happened, he didn't drive the car. After explaining that the car was in their possession when this occurred and therefore they are responsible, he offered to call AAA to come out and change our flat, but that WE would have to pay for it. It seemed like this person, who is in charge, had no clue about what to do in a situation that was created by them. After a 2 hour wait, they finally agreed to pay for AAA to fix our flat, and inspect potential damage to our rim. Upon inspection of their parking facilities, the garage is partially under construction with metal rods sticking out of the concrete driveway. Please be careful when handing over your keys to Sainte Claire valets.
I must note that the Valet Service is operated by a separate company, not Sainte Claire Hotel.

30/10/07 | Link | Rating: 2.0
6. Mary D.
Lovely experience!  Charming old-style hotel...Fluffy bed, nice bedding, flat-screened TVs, in-room fridge--LOVED IT!  Very nice, professional staff.  Paper-thin walls means only 4, rather than 5 stars.

08/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
7. Steph H.
Stayed there this past weekend while in town for a friend's wedding. A nice and charming hotel, but a bunch of little things prevent me from giving them higher marks. First is their valet parking--$21 per night! That is just way outrageous. Since we didn't have a whole lot of luggage we parked in a structure a couple blocks away which was free after 6pm and on weekends. Also, I'd called them up the night before our arrival to confirm my reservation and they confirmed a king bed. Well, imagine our surprise when we walk into our room to see two doubles. We called the front desk and they took care of it right away, but it put a little damper on first impressions. Then, the next morning, my husband got up to shut the heavier drapes against the bright morning sun and found that they would only move a few inches and was nowhere close to shutting all the way. Oh well. Other than that, the entire hotel was nicely appointed and remodeled, so no complaints there--they kept a lot of the historical touches to the building that gave it a lot of character and interest. They also had a nice choice of toiletry products from the shop Lather (mint & thyme--yay!). And the house restaurant Il Fornaio was great, so I'd still say it's a solid choice.

26/06/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
8. Wesley J.
Stayed for a tradeshow at the San Jose Conference center.  The pro's out way the con's:


1.  The staff are incredibly friendly.
2. The rooms are very clean.
3. The food at the restaurant is tasty.
4. Valet right out front and responsive.
5. Nice work out area.
6. Cool decor.


1. Pricey ($250 a night for San Jose!)
2. Hotel is located in San Jose (one of the worst cities on the planet)

Overall, great place to hang your hat and get some zzzz's.

26/02/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
9. Kourtney F.
I stayed at The Sainte Claire on my wedding night in June 2008.  We booked the Palm Suite and it was absolutely perfect in every way.  The staff was very nice when we arrived late to check into our room and our room service (we were starving when we got there after a loooong day) was quick.  The bathroom in the Palm Suite is wonderful enough to pay the high price.  The ceiling was beautiful (sky scene).  We had brunch with close family the next morning at Il Fornaio and that was great too.  This hotel is an old hotel so yes the elevator is small and it has things that make it old.  If you're into new modern type hotels this is not the place for you but I love old places and buildings so it suited us just perfectly.

13/05/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
10. Greg G.
A very nice little hotel right on Chavez Plaza.  We had a standard room with an excellent king size feather bed and covers.  The bed was worth the price of the room by itself (though that truthfully is what a hotel is all about).  It even came with six pillows and the option to choose more from the various types available.  

The bathroom was very nice, with a decent sized shower/tub and good water pressure.  The bathroom ceiling is recessed with indirect lighting showcasing an apparently hand painted scene on the ceiling.  The usual complementary soaps and lotions were present and an adequate supply of decent quality toweling.  

The room service is provided by the Il Fornaio restaurant downstairs, so the quality is excellent and the prices surprisingly affordable.    They have an Italian version of Eggs Benedict that is outstanding.  

They don't have in room movies on demand, though they have a decent DVD player hooked up to the TV and a good variety of cable channels.    We brought our own movies, so don't know if they have a good selection downstairs.

Valet parking is $18/day; since this is downtown, it may be worth it.   The service overall was excellent.   The hotel was obviously renovated recently and it is now very classy looking.  It dates from the 20s, so has some really nice moldings and detail work.

05/01/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
11. Lance B.
Maybe it's the room I got, but it's old, dirty and right next to the light rail.  You'll hear rumbling from the rail as early as 4:30am.  The AC is analog that can't spew out any hot or cold air.  Turn it on and it hums with old age.  Everything is old in the hotel, I can see how they're trying to preserve the look, but replace the AC will ya?  Bathroom is pretty cramped, and the tiles are run down and dirty.  The toilet is literally right next to the wall to the right so you can never sit straight, I'm skinny and I still have to sit at a 10 o'clock position to avoid the TP roller sticking out from the wall.  Kept bumping my elbows on the roller.  Seriously, if you try to sit in the 12 o'clock position, the roller will be hanging over your lap!  That's how cramped it is.

The bed is pretty bad, they slap on a mini-futon piece of thing on top of a spring mattress that squeaks and call it their "featherborne" bed.

Room service has 18% gratuity already tacked on to it.  I missed that and so I've been double tipping.  No wonder the delivery guys were dancing down the hallway after they leave.  They are pretty friendly though.

08/11/07 | Link | Rating: 1.0
12. Ivette F.
Great location. Beautiful hotel. Great service. Very friendly staff. My room was beautiful (I was big fan of the bathroom ceiling and the art). The restaurant was great. No complaints, other than I wish I stayed longer!

12/09/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
13. Aaron I.
Upon arrival, I watied like 10 minutes for the valet guy.  WTF!!!!!!  First of all, the entrance to this hotel is on a corner and that's where the valet takes your car.  Secondly, you don't have a choice because there is no self parking, WTF!
This is an old hotel, might have some historical significance, but not sure what?  Usually i don't mind historical hotels, but I didn't care for this one.  I like the rugged stairway you can take to all floors, but the only 2 elevators took for-ever, like 21,  bah!  The rooms are kind of small, I guess they only expected midgets as hotel guests back in the day?  
Gym is ok, 4 or 5 cardio machines, some light weights and spacious.
Unless i was on a budget, I probably wouldn't stay here again.  Unfortunately the Fairmont, Marriott and Hotel Montgomery, which are all within a block of this hotel were all booked.  Not really a great or a bad hotel, but you get what you pay for.  Glad that I got to at least stay here once just to see what its like.  
Conclusion I think senior citizens would appreciate this slow paced historical hotel.

02/07/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
14. Rasha G.
My professional association (volunteer-run, non-profit) held their four day annual conference here. We had an excellent experience working with the Ste Claire staff. Everyone, from event-planning, facilities, catering, front desk, valets, etc was extremely responsive and professional. (And they're all so nicely dressed!) They were easy to communicate with and very flexible and accommodating anytime we needed to alter our plans. We opted to use the Ste Claire's in house audio-visual services and that too was a great experience; all the equipment worked flawlessly therefore all our workshops & sessions ran very smoothly. We also opted to have their in-house caterer, which just happens to be Il Fornaio, cater our luncheons. Wow. Best food I've ever had at a conference. Their baked goods are phenomenal. Last, but certainly not least, the hotel itself is gorgeous. Of course the lobby is beautiful but things are beautiful where they don't even have to be-- like the bathroom stall separators are this really nice wood, polished chrome, floors are lovely tile, etc. Overall, I highly recommend the Ste Claire for meetings & events.

02/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
15. Tom J.
I stayed at the Saint Claire while I was attending SES. The room was nice and well priced. The service was excellent! They have a great lounge for relaxing, reading and/or conducting business. Free Wi-Fi was a plus (I am still amazed that some hotels charge for wi-fi). All and all I will be staying here every time I come to San Jose for now on. And, don't miss the opportunity to eat at IL FORNAIO downstairs (check out my review on them as well). I highly recommend the Saint Claire.

13/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
16. Dahl R.
I stayed here while visiting SJ for Cinequest Festival. Love the hotel.  Within short walking distance to California Theater, SJ bars and restaurants.  Rooms are rather small.  The decor is elegant  for this historic hotel.  Beds are extremely comfortable.  They provide L'Occitane in the bathrooms which I loved.  Staff is very friendly and welcoming.  If I'm ever in San Jose again I would stay here again.

01/03/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
17. Susan S.
I'm a photographer and travel a lot up and down the California coast. We usually say in mid-range hotels, but got a great rate on the St. Claire, so we booked it for a recent trip up there. WOW. I loved this hotel, it's by far the best we've stayed in this whole season. Getting a good night's sleep is so critical to me being able to do my job well, and having a nice place to crash *after* I'm done is equally important. The bed was so comfortable I didn't want to get up! Everyone was really nice; room service from a fantastic restaurant made our stay 10x better. The only thing that could have made my trip better was if the wedding I was shooting was actually held in the hotel. We loved it, and are planning to go back just to stay there and poke around SJ a little.

13/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
18. Marevie T.
Might I say... Awe-Some- Mundo! Absolutely loved it there! From my in-room SPA TREATMENT to my room service, it was delightful! Certainly, this was the best guest service treatment I have received. When I made my reservation, the girl over the phone was so polite that she gave me the 411 on a room that would suite my needs as a traveler (of course, as a woman as well). Lovely, I would definitely come back and take a tour of their other suites!

02/05/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
19. Lo P.
I adore this hotel.  We held our wedding there in October and got rave reviews from all of our 150 guests.  They loved the Courtyard/Atrium (where we held the ceremony), the ballroom (where we held the reception), the food (from Il Fornaio) and the guestrooms.  I highly recommend it for any special event (ask for Hilary to coordinate your event, she was lovely), or just for a room.  The rooms were very comfortable and charming.  I hope to come back on our first wedding annniversary.

19/12/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
20. Jane S.
This is an elegant hotel that takes customer service *seriously*.   The hotel has character without sacrificing quality.  I'm a big fan of beautiful appointments and thoughtful decor, so I have to mention the bathroom, which was just lovely, and the bathrobes, which are quite simply the best hotel bathrobes we've ever experienced.  Our room was spotlessly clean and blissfully quiet, and the hotel is perfectly positioned -- walking distance to just about anything in downtown SJ, but not in the middle of a noisy area.   We had a wonderful stay and we're looking forward to returning.

24/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
21. Priscilla k.
My friend and I stayed here the night before the Rock 'n' Roll San Jose Half Marathon. We wanted a place within close walking distance of the start line.

I arrived straight from a football game, looking pretty ragged, with my sweatshirt, jeans, and takeout container of sushi.  Only valet parking was available ($20+) so that wasn't the best. Valet took my car and there I was in my very non-posh attire, standing in front of the hotel entrance. A wedding was being held at the hotel, so I'm sure I look really good in the background of someone's photos.

The beds are divine! So plush! I just melted into bed and drifted off to sleep. The bathroom ceiling looked like a sky.

Overall, a beautiful hotel. I would stay there again :)

22/10/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
22. Kim l.
I stayed here the night before my conference. The check in process was quick. I went up to my room which was a lil small but very quaint. I really really liked how the bathroom was set up. The ceiling was painted blue with white clouds and lil butterflies. The mirror and other fixtures were nicely put together. And oh my the bed, pillows and comforter were all very very comfy. Although the view outside the window was meh, the bed and restroom made up for everything! There were even free movie rentals. We checked out Made of Honor but didn't even have time to watch it. When I was about to brush my teeth, I realized I forget my toothpaste. The concierge gave me complimentary toothpaste! How nice! The only complaints I have was that the bathrobe made me itchy and one of the shampoos was half used! The concierge quickly replaced it when I complained about the shampoo. Also the overnight valet was $21...wow its like the same price as SF parking!

01/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
23. live to eat e.
Had our v day bunch at the hotel restaurant. Food is extermelly good and perfect service. Place is a good place to talk an meet with friends. Love the place will go again

09/12/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
24. Merry J.
We stayed here last weekend just to get away from home for a night.  The hotel itself was beautiful and easy to find. We stayed in an Executive suite which was perfectly sized.  The bed was enormous and very comfortable with LOTS of pillows. The shower had great pressure and the jacuzzi tub was amazing. The only negative part of the experience is that the valet lost our car key! When we went downstairs to leave for dinner, they couldn't find it and were very unorganized.  The hotel ended up paying cab fare for us to get to santana row and back, but I had to ask them to waive the valet fee at checkout.  I would recommend staying at this hotel as the amenities were nice and front desk staff were very courteous, but you're better off using a parking garage.

15/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
25. Carina V.
The hotel itself is very beautiful - the high ceilings and archaic architecture gives off an oldfangled swanky feel. The convenience of its location also bumps up this place a couple of stars. Being a block from the heart of downtown was awesome - little walking would take you to a bunch of places. Christmas in the Park and Paragon Restaurant/Bar is a block away.

Honestly, I really liked this hotel. Other than the fact that the late-night staff is extremely inept in dealing with a simple task such as renting out a DVD, I'm very happy with how The Sainte Claire treated me and my boyfriend on New Year's eve of 2007. Oh, and a pool/jacuzzi would be nice, too.

The room was very elegant - they had a DVD player and a nice flatscreen Samsung to match. There are free DVD rentals at the Concierge in the lobby but the good movies are always hard to rent out. We tried borrowing more than four movies but ended up with our fifth choice because they were all rented out.

One thing that's cool about this place is the late-night dinner menu. Me and my boyfriend were starving around 1 AM and were too lazy to go out into the cold. They had various sandwiches and awesome gingerbread cookies. If it wasn't so expensive to stay a night, I'd stay at the Sainte Claire every New Year's eve.

01/01/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
26. Jeremy F.
So utterly delightful!  Charming building, great location, smiling service, and all the amenities of home.

Each room features DVD player, Boston Acoustics cd/clock/radio, featherbed, three kinds of pillows, and a wool throw.  Rooms are a bit smaller than more modern hotels, but SO much classier.

If the three pillow choices aren'e enough - they have more! Just ask.
I stayed here for two weeks, and hated to leave.

Also, in my experience, this can sometimes be much less expensive than other nearby hotels.

25/06/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
27. Kara C.
My husband and I held our wedding ceremony and reception at the Sainte Claire in November . We were SO pleased with the hotel and Il Fornaio catering!
Along with the wedding package, we also purchased the day-of coordination package. Hillary, the coordinator, was a joy to work with. She made herself very available to us throughout the planning process and answered every question we had. Rehearsal was a breeze as she kept it moving along. I don't think I have ever attended a rehearsal that was under 30 minutes, but ours was! What a relief that was since we had close to 30 people to give direction to. On the day of the wedding as the girls and I were getting ready in one of the suites, Hillary would peak in every once and a while to check on us and see if we needed anything. She did the same for the guys in their room as well. We felt well taken care of.
The ceremony and reception were flawless- not one hitch! Everything flowed perfectly and we didn't have to worry about anything. Even as someone stepped on the train of my dress, Hillary was right there with some safety pins to fix it. The building and rooms are beautiful, and the ceilings are so ornate- we got some absolutely stunning pictures. The atmosphere is very warm, classic and comfortable, which suited our wedding's theme to a tee! The food- people are still talking about the food a month later. It's definitely not your average run-of-the-mill wedding food! Plus, Hillary was very flexible and we were able to customize our package as far as the food was concerned. This was a HUGE plus for us.
We reserved the Sainte Claire Suite, which was beautiful and the accomidations worked very well for us. Cara Berends from the sales department was also wonderful to work with for the reservations of our guests. The only issue we had was with our welcome bags. One of our guests did not receive a welcome bag we provided at the time of check in. And another guest received one that wasn't supposed to. But, the staff right-ed this wrong as best they could, by delivering one of the bags to the room, and went as far as creating another bag that resembled one of ours as close as possible to give to the last guest checking in. We were very impressed with their solution to the problem- they really wanted to make us as happy as possible.
We were so pleased with this hotel, and so excited that our wedding day went as smooth as it did. If you plan on holding your wedding here, definitely get the day of coordination! It was SO worth it!
We'd recomend this place to anyone!

20/12/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
28. Yohanna B.
I want to give Sainte Claire 3.5 stars, but Yelp doesn't have half star ratings..  :(  And this 3.5 staf is definitely not up-roundable.  I can't justify rounding it up to 4, so I went down to 3.  Okay, so maybe not 3.5 stars, more like 3.45.  How's that?

Let's begin.  The hotel is nice, it is one of the historical hotels of america.  (any hotel that says they are "historical" should ring a bell in your head that says "SMALL ROOMS!!")  But all in all it is very, very well preserved.  Unlike other "historical" hotels that tend to be more on the dingy and outdated side.

I checked in Sunday morning, waaayyy before check-in time, but they have some rooms available, the front desk even offered if I wanted a "quiet room" or a "room with a nice view."  I said I have no preference, so she put me in a nice view room.  I wished I had opted for quiet.  Because the view isn't that great anyway.  And the nice view is the view of the intersection of San Carlos and Market streets, with the light rail running through it.  Yes, noise.  But I don't mind that so much since I am a pretty heavy sleeper and I've stayed at the Omni San Diego which had train tracks running alongside of it!!  In addition to that.., little did I know that I would have another noise drowning out the light rail noise.

Ladies and Gents, the AC is super ancient.  I always turn the AC on when I sleep because I like to curl up under the covers.  But this AC is so old that when I turn it on, it feels like I have a steamboat generator (or whatever large noisy machine there is) in my room.  Fortunately I'm a heavy sleeper.

Other thing I'm not too crazy about -- the bathroom light turns itself off automatically.  Now normally I am an environment freak, I go from room to room shutting off the lights.  But in a hotel room on my own, I want my bathroom lights to stay on while I sleep because I don't want to trip on my way to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  So I ended up leaving one of the bedside lights on, but of course that makes it even harder to fall sleep...  :(

But now onto the better things.  I love the DVD rental thing, but I hate it that they asked me for my room number when I rented it.  Not that I borrowed any porn, but who knows who might have heard my room number and may plan some sort of attack or stalk?

Yeah, yeah, I love the blue sky painted on the ceiling of the bathroom too.  And I have yet to try it, but supposedly Il Fornaio is a good restaurant.  :)  I'll let you know!

05/05/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
29. rino k.
Very cute historic hotel in San Jose, with convenient access to Convention Center.

Check-in was swift, hotel staff was very nice.
Loved the painted ceiling in the bathroom and the bathrobes.
The hotel has a DVD library, so you can borrow a movie and watch it on the flat screen in your room.
And I mustn't forget the bed! It is so comfy!!

Minus 1 star for the heater not working, but I'd stay here again in a heartbeat.

19/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
30. Christine B.
This is a quaint little hotel with very attentive staff.  I'm surprised by some of the negative reviews.  It's an old hotel which has been charmingly restored.  Great location right in downtown.

03/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
31. Lisa B.
I think it says a lot that I spent most of my time outside of sleeping at the Marriot next door.

I requested a room with two beds because a coworker might have needed it one of the nights where we had a party to go to after a day of conference stuff (she lives north of the Golden Gate). Of course this is kind of cheap of my company but hotel rooms were in short supply. She ended up not staying after all, and I regretted getting the room with two beds. Everything was so cramped, it felt like it had all been unceremoniously squeezed into a too-small space. The components of the room were top-notch, to be sure, but the room was so full to be practically unusable. For example, you couldn't even pull out the desk chair all the way because it was right up against one of the beds. There were basically no accessible power outlets at all - to iron my clothes I had to stretch the cord all the way into the bathroom.

The valet parking was expensive but pretty good - $21 for unlimited ins and outs. I felt very awkward because I hardly ever had change to give a tip - and then, it just seems a little over the top to tip every time. That's why you're paying so much, right? Also, you can't get a receipt for tips, and when you're like me and want to expense everything you spend on a business trip, this is just not cool - I was there for 4 days and took my car out a lot.

The service was decent although they did wake me up at 1 AM one night knocking on the door trying to bring me a bottle of water from room service. I didn't even open the door - I told the guy to go away. Quite honestly, it was a little scary - he could have been anyone. After he left I called the front desk to confirm that he was actually a hotel employee and they apologized profusely and said they had the room number wrong. Anyway.

My main complaint is the size of the rooms and the cramped feeling to them in general. Also, no one told me anything about the hotel services, like meals, etc., so I didn't bother.

26/08/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
32. Deb N.
Did an auntie niece weekend and I got this hotel on priceline for $65, for the price it was good stay.  You have to pay for valet parking, $15 a day.  Since I had a priceline room, had a room at the end of the hall, window looking at pipes and a wall.  The room was very small with two double beds.  Barely room for the desk and TV.  The beds were comfy with a downlike pillowtop on the mattress.  

The bathroom was small and the tub was the old fashioned clawfoot type and when you look up at the ceiling,  it looks like something Michaelangelo painted with white crown molding and blue sky and white billowy clouds, this was the high point.

I asked the niece if she felt like Italian, since the hotel restaurant is IL Fornaio, which I love, she said yeah, pizza!  She didn't like what they offered so we ordered a take out pizza , salad and sodas and had it delivered to the room, she was happy.

11/08/06 | Link | Rating: 3.0
33. Michele D.
I gots some good things to say and some not so good things to say.

In calling and setting up my reservations here, I received phenomenal phone service.  I thought this was a good sign.

Upon arriving at the hotel yesterday, I thought it looked older, but felt it was a building of character.  When I walked in, I liked the older feeling.  I was given my room key and went on my merry way.

Walked in my room and noticed I overlooked the light rail.  That got me thinking about how late it might run, so  I called the desk and asked about it.  When told it ran til midnight, I said it wouldn't work for me.  Since this east coast girl was going to be in na na land around 9pm, I had to be be in a "quieter" location.  I was put in a new room immediately.

Get to the new room and it's not been made up yet.  WTF?  I call back down and the girl came running (literally) to give me another room.  New room was bigger and much quieter.  

I liked the fact that there was a nice DVD player and a library of DVDs available for check out.  I checked one out, but I think it ended up watching me :)  

Here's what I liked the most:  the bathroom has a great mural painted in the ceiling to reflect a blue sky.  It gave it a nice touch!  

Another plus was the fact they had computers for the guests to use--free of charge--and no internet access fee.  Can you believe it?  It's more common now, I guess, but I sure appreciated it since I didn't have my laptop with me.

The only downside was the fact that the rooms really were on the small side.  That was a bummer.

29/11/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
34. Cel J.
stayed here for the san jose rock and roll marathon...friendly hotel..didnt have a problem switching rooms..very nice hotel...pretty bathroom ceilings!
...and plus so close to the start and finish line!

21/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
35. Juicy C.
My brother in law had his wedding here last weekend and it was absolutely amazing! The rooms are so cute too. One thing I liked about my room was the mural in the bathroom along the crown molding. It almost had a french feel to the room. The bath robes were my favorite! I will be ordering one for myself. When we called room service they were up within minutes. Great experience! Great wedding too!

17/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
36. Erisa C.
My fiancé and I had to fly up to San Jose for a friends wedding. We found out about the Saint Claire via typical booking website. It had a good rating on yelp and on other travel sites so we decided to give it a go. Not impressed, but it served its purpose. I'm just going to break this down with pros and Con's.


-Beautiful historic hotel- Inside and out this hotel has such charm, I enjoyed discovering a new detail each time I walked in and out of the hotel and over the course of the 3 nights I stayed there.
-Comfy Beds- A comfy bed goes a long way at a hotel for me. Was it the best I ever slept on? NOPE, but it was good for its purpose and the pillows were great.
-Free Wi-Fi! -That's a huge thing for me! It honestly isn't the fastest Internet, but at least it serves it purpose. Downtown San Jose does offer free Wi-Fi already, so it's not that amazing, but at least the hotel offered it as well.
-Great location- It is right in downtown San Jose so we had places to eat and drink if we wanted and close to the San Jose airport without airport noise since its a couple miles down. It was also right across the street from a cute park.
-Mini Fridge in room- I'm really big about hotels having mini fridges! If they don't I bring a cooler if it's a driving trip. Gotta keep water bottles close by if you party.

OK, now that I made it seem like a great hotel, it's time to bring that image down a couple notches:


- ROACH IN THE ROOM!- SOOOO GROSS! We arrived to our FIRST room that was assigned to us. The noise from a festival (not the hotels fault) across the street at a park was a bit much for us. So while reaching for the telephone to ask to be moved to a room on the other side of the hotel... THE ROACH APPEARED AND WALKED OVER THE HANDSET! I freaked and as you can tell I hate bugs. My fiancé jumped in, demanded a new room and scooted me out of the room. I can easily say that I decided then and there to NOT to eat at the hotel restaurant.
*QUICK PRO*: They got us a new room quickly and it was bigger, but I will admit that I was grossed out 2 of the 3 days while I was there. They then tried to bribe me with $10 comedy show tickets. Yea... that didn't fly. *QUICK PRO*: We then received free parking for the whole weekend.
-Bathroom needs to be updated- The shower couldn't hold its temperature and would randomly burn you if you were in it for more than 10min. I like old charm, but if the water is going to burn me, update it.
- VALET- You HAVE to call ahead of time to get your car brought around. If you don't you will wait at least 10-15min and thats if theres a valet guy even standing there to help you right away. Their parking lot for the valet is NOT at their location and that's understandable since it's an older hotel. It just would've been nice if they warned us about that and we didn't end up late to a wedding activity that was only 1 mile away after waiting 15min for our car.
-It costs $21 a night for parking- We didn't pay it but that's the price. So find a roach, you can get out of it.
-Housekeeping- you have to be out of your room by noon if not earlier and don't arrive back until 4pm (thats when they leave) if you want to guarantee that your room will get cleaned. It was a little awkward arriving earlier than 4PM (after being gone for 4 hours already) to change for our dinner activity and having to wait to get ready while the housekeeping lady was still in the room cleaning. I could've asked to her to stop but like I said earlier, THERE WAS A ROACH! I'm not stopping her from cleaning! We did think to call housekeeping and the front desk to ask for our room to be cleaned before we get back, but no one picked up after 2 calls each. Minus point on that one also.

So why 3 stars- it wasn't horrible, and a lot of things that happened to us were all by chance so I can't knock them completely. Would I stay there again? No... I'm glad that I tried this historic hotel, but I'll stick to the newer ones around there.

02/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
37. Bebe D'hala D.
Love this place another historic Down Town San Jose Gem. The rooms vary in size but all have great character,  and of course it comes with Larkspur Hotel Group Standards the amenities are awesome, from the bedding to down pillows and blanket, including the toiletries. Il Forniao serves up an awesome Blueberry Martini,  architecture and decor in the restaurant makes you feel as though you are in Venice, the window seating has nice views of the Chavez park. Great for group dining or romantic in an old world setting

18/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
38. Denise B.
As a hotel it's elegant and charming and nice for a special event. The staff goes above and beyond to accommodate and help make whatever needs to happen happen. As for the food from Il Fornaio, I find that when you mass produce food, it never is going to be fantastic. Also in reality, I've never been to a wedding where anyone raved about the food, but are you really there to yelp about how great the food was anyway? The hotel is a great place for a wedding or special event, the atrium is nice, and the ballroom is elegant and pretty, my only complaint is that unfortunately with the way the hotel is set up there is no place for a bride to get done up and made up off of the main level, you would have to keep running up and down to your hotel room. And also some of the rooms are awfully tiny.

But then again you are not there for the room size.

17/02/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
39. Sarah S.
I bought a voucher for a one night stay at The Sainte Claire.  The only thing I regret is that it was only for one night!  I loved our room, the bed was fabulous, the ambiance of the whole building was great, the restaurant was yummy, and the staff was friendly.  I will definitely be staying there again!

21/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
40. Tyler P.
If there were six stars, I would award it to The Sainte Claire!  A wonderful property with a charm you just don't find in the chain hotels.  Incredible staff, super-comfortable bed, walking distance to everything in the downtown area, FREE high speed internet, 24 hour room service, nice gym, restaurant and bar... it just doesn't get any better than this!!!

16/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
41. Lee P.
Great place for breakfast business meetings.

11/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
42. Jill L.
I have a penchant for historical hotels' grandeur and charm and the Sainte Claire has it in spades. The stunning foyer and glass-lined hallway with gorgeous chandeliers evokes yesteryear elegance. My bed was heavenly and the hotel's location is very convenient for doing business in and around downtown San Jose.

27/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
43. Terri F.
My BF got a LivingSocial deal so we decided to stay at Sainte Claire this last weekend. We had a friend that got one of the suites for her b-day a few months back and the suite looked really nice, big and roomy. The bathroom was huge and to die for.

First of all, he had to change the reservations 3 weeks in a roll and had no problems doing so. They were very understanding and very helpful.

So when we pulled up, all the Valet parking was full, so we had to drive around the block. Which wasn't so bad cause we saw a few restaurants that were around the corner that we wanted to try. One time around and the line of cars had dissipated. So we parked and waited for the Valet. A few minutes later the "boss" walked up and told us someone would be with us shortly. And true to his word, a few minutes later the Valet showed up. He started to drive away with our car, but didn't bother to get our luggage out for us. So I had to flag him down to get our luggage. Then we had to wait a few more minutes to get the bellhop out to help us.

There was one person in front of us to check in. We didn't have to wait long. We were greeting with smiling face and very upbeat. We asked the front desk if we could get a corner or end room, he informed us that they were booked full do to a wedding, but at least he did check and did his best to make up happy. He asked if we had dinner plans and suggested a few places nearby. One being Original Joe's (see my yelp write up on that). So, up to the room we go with the bellhop in tow. He didn't stop talking. Yack, yack, yack. He gave us suggestions as to where to get dinner. He told us the Original Joe's was a 70/30 place. 70% of the people liked it, 30% didn't (we were part of the 30%).

This is what we expected, this came from the reservation "We believe great hotels should offer more than a good night's sleep. Each of our newly renovated guestrooms features handmade hardwood furniture, our Signature Larkspur FeatherBorne Beds, rich wall coverings and ceiling murals. Other amenities include TV's, DVD with complimentary movie library, rich lather bath amenities and complimentary wireless internet access. We have also selected to become a 100% smoke free environment in all of our guestrooms and public areas".

I was so excited to get to the room. And then we walked in. OMG it was SO SMALL. Very disappointing. A king bed with 2 nightstands on either side, chest of drawer with a crappy TV on top of it, desk with a chair and a built in mini fridge, and finally a very small chair and ottoman. The room was very outdated. The drawers to all the furniture were very hard to up. The mini fridge wasn't turned on, so we had to wait for it to get cold, which took a couple of hours. The TV was old and the channels were fuzzy. The DVD player was newer and never saw the movie library. The Signature Larkspur FeatherBorne Bed and pillows were horrible. Way too soft for my liking. Rich wall covering and the ceiling murals. Really? Where? The only ceiling mural I saw with in the bathroom, about 2 ft by 2ft. The bathroom looked grimy. There was hardly any counter space and had a very old wood countertop. Shower was ok. The bath amenities were nothing special. The fluffy plush robes felt soft, but were made for body type of a smaller sized adult. My BF and I are plus size, so we didn't' even bother to try them on. The walls are paper thin. We had to call the front desk at midnight to ask them to quiet down the neighbors next door and their partying. There's a good amount of noise from the street below. The light rail stops very close to the hotel and the "ding ding" noise gets annoying. We did get to see a fight outside on the street, which was kind of funny cause it was part of the wedding party we were told about. The groom was drunk off his butt and was trying to start a fight with a bunch of other wedding guests, and the poor bride was wondering up and down the street in her wedding dress in between the fight groups.

The next morning we had breakfast at the restaurant downstairs, Il Fornario, is very nice. Had a wonder breakfast. Wish we would of ate there for dinner instead of Original Joe's.

22/08/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
44. Danielle C.
Nice staff and beautiful rooms. My husband and I each got a living social deal which included breakfast for 2, valet, and a bottle of wine. They let us combine our vouchers onto one reservation and we used the business center to print the vouchers. The wine was surprisingly good and the bed was really comfortable. The bathroom could have been larger but it served the purpose.

22/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
45. Giovanni R.
Let me just preface this by saying my wedding reception here was wonderful...overall hotel experience...not so wonderful.

It was not until after the day of my wedding that I found out the ballroom and restaurant (Il Fornaio) are completely separate from the hotel rooms. Our wedding coordinator, Hilary was the best. I can't rave enough about her. She is attentive, sweet and on the ball with everything. She was available through the phone and email at all times. She set everything up, and took it all down. She made sure I didn't worry about anything concerning my wedding. I give her 5/5 stars, without question.
Unfortunately, a member of the wait staff spilled red pasta sauce on my dress but Hilary asked to just send her the dry cleaning bill. Rumor has it this same individual handed out free drinks (we only hosted an open bar for one hour) and was pocketing the tips for himself. I don't know this to be a fact, but it doesn't make them look good.
The ballroom is beautiful as it is, it really does not need a lot of decoration. The chandeliers are pretty, with mirrors all around and you have the option of using their linens. The food was EXCELLENT here. My guests still talk about the food. It was over all a good experience, because Hilary made it very easy.

However, staying here over night, and the valet service was a totally different story. There was a major mix up with the rooms; I had booked two nights- one for my sisters and I the night before, and the next night for my husband and I. I was guaranteed a $99 plus tax "bridal" rate, but since they were having an anniversary $84 special, our out of town guests opted for that instead. With free parking, why wouldn't they? I had booked the same deal, but it turns out it was "never in the system". The morning after my wedding, (without the help of any bell boys in sight, mind you. My friends and family  helped each other out with baggage and my wedding presents) my mother-in-law, husband and I spent a good 20 minutes dealing with the manager who had a nasty attitude. After telling him we spent a good amount of money for our wedding here, he hastily explained they do not have anything to do with the weddings. I hate confrontations, but I had to point out that we brought in a lot of business for this hotel, I think we must have booked close to 11 rooms from just my wedding alone. After that, he finally gave me the cheaper rate, with only one night of free parking. I got no apologies whatsoever.

After our guests got their cars back from the valet service, they all came back dirty and dusty without an explanation. My girlfriend's car had some problem with it, it turns out they may have been too rough with it because she had never had this happen to her before. I made sure they knew none of us will be staying there again. Do they really wonder why they are hurting for money?

09/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
46. Ninkasi D.
True to my word, I stayed here again for the SES San Jose conference and enjoyed this stay just as much as I did last time.

My flight from Burbank got in just after 8 am. I took the aforementioned noisy light rail instead of a taxi and was dropped off right in front of the Convention Center where I'd be for the next four days.

I figured there was NO way my room would be ready at this early hour, but thought I'd ask them to hold my bag so I wouldn't have to roll it around with me from session to session until check-in.

Imagine my surprise when the front desk attendant not only remembered me from last year - "Welcome back, Ms. D - you stayed with us last year, right?" - but also said, "I've got your room ready so you can check in early."

As before, the room was nicely appointed, comfortable, and welcoming. After waking up at 4:30 am and a day of mind-bending conference sessions, I couldn't wait to crash in my big comphy bed and enjoy the comfort of the Sainte Clare again!

If lucky enough to return to the conference next year, I'll definitely return to this hotel as well. It's a solid, well-run establishment and the location can't be beat!

01/09/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
47. Priscilla S.
Older style looking room and paper thin walls...I'll pass!

My first experience with Sainte Claire didn't go so well when they were no longer willing to honor a wedding package I had booked a year in advance.  It really irritated me because I had specifically asked about this when making my reservation and the front desk reassured me as long as I booked the package they would honor it.  Uh, liars!  I decided to cancel and go w/ Hotel De Anza instead (which turned out to be a much better choice).

I gave Sainte Claire another chance when this time I was staying for a cousin's wedding.  There were several of us using a LivingSocial deal yet we all had the same, complicated and unpleasant experience with their front desk.  The guy helping us had a little "queen" attitude going on which none of us appreciated.

Their standard rooms were very disappointing.  The only good thing the room had going for it was the semi-comfortable bed but overall the room was outdated.  The bathroom looked grimy and the shower was broken so it kept leaking.  There was hardly any counter space in the bathroom so we had to place our clothes and toiletries on top of the toilet seat (yuck!).  The overall layout of the room made no sense.  The room entrance bumped right into the closet so that if you had the closet door open you couldn't open the front door.  Then there's this nice spacious area in front of the window but no seating.  Just a bunch of wasted, empty space.  What really made me disgusted with the place though were the paper thin walls .  We could constantly hear people talking as they walked by as well as in the next room.  I'm all for a romantic night but do I really have to wake up to the sound of people having their "morning quickie"?!

Two thumbs up for their friendly bellman service.  They at least made up for the crappy room and horrible front desk service.

13/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
48. Michael J.
I really liked this hotel.  It's very clean, quaint and adds a unique flare to the neighborhood.  Service was great.

17/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
49. Denise A.
Ok, so whenever I stay in a local hotel it's usually in the Downtown
San Jose area. I love to go out to on the weekends( Occasionally), so here is where I like to stay at and not worry about getting home.

#1 I do enjoy a few cocktails ..
#2 I live 30+ miles away from San Jose..
#3 You can walk to the Clubs, Restaurants and Local events..
#4 Valet parking

The rooms and bathrooms are small and a little old fashioned.. I do like the little fancy soaps..lol..

05/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
50. jason g.
The walls are paper thin. We can hear our neighbors conversation in the other room and they were just speaking normally. They weren't loud but it was crystal clear. Luckily for us it was just that...........a conversation. You can hear the cars, motorcycles, buses that passes by from our room, we were staying on the third floor. The air conditioning unit is very loud. Had to use the A/C because of this incredible heat wave that we have been having in the bay area in November. This hotel is just old not historic. The Ritz Carlton in San Francisco is old and historic but at least they update their central heating and air conditioning. It's ok to leave the old unremodeled bathroom the way it is and call it historic if you want but please update the basics............plumbing, heating, and wiring.  

You have to have video check out in this day and age. You also have to be able to monitor the phone calls. We had a phone call this morning at 8 am and it was the wrong number. All calls should be directed to the operator so that they can filter out the calls. After a night of partying for my friends wedding the night before and being awaken every 20 minutes because of the loud air conditioning unit, then hearing our neighbors conversation, then our 8 am wrong number call, I was glad to get the hell out of this hotel. Also............the elevators are small, old, and slow. They do offer free internet/wifi..........there's the extra star.

When we left .....we tipped the valet guy 5 dollars and he looked at us as though he wanted more. You kidding me??? I used to be a valet parker long ago and trust me any tip was a good tip. 20 dollars for valet 5 dollar tip.........what more do you want.?  I know what I want...........I dont want to stay here anymore.

16/11/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
51. Caitlyn t.
i stayed here with a large group - the sainte claire was our company housing for the week. the beds are divine. it was bad for my 'working out phase'- i could not drag myself out of the bed in the morning. it was way too comfortable in that bed. i ordered room service once, and it was pretty prompt. the front desk was always happy to help with anything i needed. my room was beautiful and spacious, and i loved the little mural on the ceiling of the bathroom! the l'occatain products were a nice surprise. and the towels were fluffy and white.

side note- definitely haunted. none of our company knew that the hotel was haunted ahead of time, and we had three separate stories from three separate people. all of the stories involved touching which i thought was weird. that bride that i've read about got into bed with one of the company members (he could feel the weight shift in the bed and looked over to see a white skirt and a woman's legs) and two others were held down in their beds in the middle of the night. when asked to go away, the ghosts complied. no one was hurt. just 'spooked' a little. haha. also- the walls are pretty thin. i could hear the maids changing the sheets in the room next door to mine every morning. (or maybe it was the ghost...hard to tell).

anyway- if you're not scared of ghosts (or if you are, just don't stay on the 6th floor) this place is great. lots of places to eat and be entertained near the hotel- and original joe's just down the street is delicious.

14/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
52. Jan S.
My daughter and son-in-law had their wedding and reception here and I can't say enough about the service we had. They couldn't do enough for us. Even when the steamer set off the fire alarm they were there in seconds and reset the alarm, we were known as "The Fire Starters!"

I think we even had some contact with the Hotel's resident ghost, "Julia." She is very friendly.

The food was good and the rooms were nice. The lobby and the room off the Atrium was very comfy.

I would recommend this hotel for any type of event, especially weddings!

30/11/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
53. Stephanie W.
I love this place. Stayed here for my anniversary last 2 years and for my wedding night with my husband. Really romantic and classy atmosphere. The staff go above and beyond. The first year we stayed and they found out it was our honeymoon they sent up a plate of yummy cupcakes to our room! The next year they found out it was our anniversary and they bumped us up to the master suite at no extra charge! It's very beautiful and you can just walk outside and go to a restaurant or club for the evening and come back! Perfect!

14/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
54. Racole H.
The hotel was old, the walls were paper thin!!!!!!! I could have joined the conversation next door to me easily. The bathrooms need a upgrade for sure. Overall it was ok there are other  hotels around there  wifi was free !!

24/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
55. Denise C.
We held our wedding reception of 100 guests at the Hotel Sainte Claire in May 2012, and it was absolutely amazing!  The Sainte Claire was the first venue we visited, and from the moment we first stepped inside, I knew it was the one!  Of course, we didn't reserve our date just yet - we looked around for a bit, but nothing compared to the Sainte Claire.  It was built in the 1920's, so the lobby is decorated with a vintage charm that is full of character and history.  The Atrium, where the cocktail hour was held, is a cool little space that didn't require any decoration.  Our guests really enjoyed the cocktail hour, with the butlers passing hors d'oeuvres and champagne.  The Grand Ballroom was gorgeous, with a beautiful ceiling, nine chandeliers, mirrors and candelabra-looking light fixtures on the wall. There was no need for any additional decorations because the ballroom was already gorgeous on its own.  Needless to say, all our wedding photos were amazing, thanks to the Sainte Claire and photographer (check out dannydongblog.com )!

As if the hotel weren't amazing enough, the best thing about planning our reception at the Sainte Claire was working with Tamie, the Il Fornaio catering coordinator and day-of wedding coordinator.  Tamie was such a pleasure to work with - professional, friendly, and just very easy to work with.  She made many revisions to our contract because I kept changing my mind, responded to all my emails promptly, answered all my questions in detail, and pointed out anything that I may have forgotten.  She coordinated with all our other vendors to make sure that things went smoothly and provided them with whatever information or supplies they needed (tables, projector screen, easel, etc).  I was a crazy bride and wanted to do flowers myself - Tamie allowed me to drop off all decorations (guest book, pictures, wedding favors, candy buffet, candles, menus, numbers, etc) five days before the wedding.  She also let me drop off all floral arrangements the day before the wedding, and stored them in a walk-in refrigerator so that they stayed fresh for the wedding.  A few of the flowers wilted overnight, and Tamie was so kind to find flowers from my other arrangements to replace the dead flowers with!!  She took it upon herself to fix my arrangements so that they wouldn't look bad!!!  Isn't that nice??  

On wedding day, she set everything up and it all just looked amazing!!!  I could not have been more pleased, and my new husband was so impressed by all my planning and DIY details :-)  Tamie just made the whole planning process so easy and stress-free.  On wedding day, we didn't have to worry about a thing - all we had to do was attend the party and have a good time!  At the end of the night, she even had our leftover cake, gifts and a few mementos (napkins, favors, menus, etc) sent to our room.  We were able to pick up our decorations from Il Fornaio the next day.  

The package we selected included approx 10 hors d'oeuvres per guest, pasta course, salad course, main entree, dessert, and four hours of open bar for a very reasonable price.  The food was delicious and our guests were stuffed!!  We added an additional hour of bar, and it was like $5/guest to add on.  The party went on from 5:15 pm to midnight, and at midnight, our guests were not ready to go home!  We kept getting comments all night about what a great party it was, how "elegant" and "classy" the place was, and what "fun" everyone was having.  It truly was a memorable and amazing night.  A big thank you to Tamie at Il Fornaio and Hotel Sainte Claire for helping to make our wedding day the best day of our lives!!!

29/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
56. Cari S.
A find!  This is a charming restored hotel.  The bathroom ceiling was lit with a painting!  The furniture is all era appropriate with an antique euro feel.  I loved the excellent location and shopped around quite a bit - the rates are very good for San Jose.  That said, if you love brand new this is not the place for you, but if you've been to Europe and prefer hotels with history vs. jet hot tubs... this is for you.

28/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
57. Judi S.
The night before my son and I stayed in Gilroy which is about 40 miles south of San Jose. I wasn't sad to leave there because the city wreaks of garlic while it bakes in the hot summer sun. An upgrade to a nicer, quiet hotel was an absolute must for our short trip to Northern California!

The Saint Claire Hotel is so nice, I'm glad I found it on line. It's a Larkspur Property formerly ran by Hyatt. Located in downtown San Jose on the southeast corner of Market and San Carlos, it's a beautiful old historic hotel so it doesn't have any self parking! They offer secured overnight parking for $22 a night through their valet service. It's worth it because, similar to San Francisco, the city is very accessible on foot, by rapid transit or bus. From this location you can walk to restaurants, convenience stores, coffee houses, the convention center, movies, museums, etc. It was a pleasant surprise to find out the city throws free concerts in the park near the hotel and there happened to be one during my stay.

My room was a tiny double on the 5th floor which looked out onto Market Street with city views and of the Plaza de Cesar Chavez park near by. You could hear the music all the way from the park as well as the ringing of the rapid transit car bells from the street. The bathroom was almost completely covered in tile except for the wood vanity top, super clean, had good lighting and a large mirror and had an amusing painting of blue sky and butterflies on the ceiling. Each bed came with four feather pillows and a feather mattress topper you sank into. So comfortable! Each room has it's own thermostat and a newish heater/cooler unit under an old fashioned wooden sash window you can open. Additional amenities included a desk, phone with free local calls, CD/alarm clock radio, hair dryer, iron/board, closet w/ safe, small refrigerator, flat panel TV with basic cable, and DVD player with free movies from the front desk.

I am always looking for free internet and this hotel has it. It worked fine when we checked in, but the next morning I couldn't connect to it at all. The hotel has a good Italian restaurant, Il Fornaio, associated to it on first floor. Restaurant link: ilfornaio.com/?page=138&…

30/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
58. karla a.
Never, ever again. Ever.  The Sainte Claire is stuffy, creepy, has a suffocating musty, moldy smell and they use very harsh chemical cleaners which gave me a bad allergic reaction; their towels smell horribly of bleach and are dingy.  On our way up to our room when we checked in, one of the hotel staff members complained about his day -- this should've been a red flag, right?  Can you imagine complaining to the hotel guests?!  And, other reviewers are right -- the loud air conditioner just adds to the irritation.  

When my allergies from the cleaners got really bad after one night's stay, my travel agent at AAA called the front desk several times to help me check out and get a refund for the second unused night, but there was no answer at the front desk; I called a few more times and also didn't get an answer.  The hotel was disorganized and overwhelmed by conferences in town, including one at their own hotel. There was also confusion and a long wait for our car on our way out as we transferred to a much better hotel down the block, which was unfazed by their 400 extra conference bookings just that morning and treated us very well and professionally.

The Sainte Claire did at least honor AAA's request for a refund for my unused night.  I'm grateful for that.  The only plus was L'Occitane toiletries.

15/10/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
59. enygma g.
The hotel looks just like all the pics posted!  Thanks to previous reviews and an email to the Reservations Desk, I found out that there was NO parking at this hotel but they offered valet at $21/night.  I already made the reservation, but not to worry... there's a parking lot right across the street!  Weekend prices are $7/all day but be forewarned there is an overnight price as well.  Weekday prices are about $1.50/20 minutes and a max of $18.

After checking in, we were directed to the elevators which would take us to our room.  The elevators are seriously small and fit maybe 6-7 adults, less with baggage.  They are slow moving and the temperature is warm too.

There are six floors to this hotel and we were on the top.  As soon as we walked into the room it was HOT.  I checked the thermostat and it read approx 80 degs F!  The AC unit seemed pretty old and took a long time to cool the room down.  You would think that if they were expecting a guest, the room would at least be comfortable!  

Other than location, the BEST thing about this hotel is their bed.  It was the most comfortable bed I have ever had the pleasure of sleeping on and would definitely return for that experience!  They even offer the bed w/ all the trimmings for you to purchase from their website - I'm tempted!  

If I need to stay in SJ I would definitely consider this place... just for the bed alone =)

08/07/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
60. eurecurry S.
My experience at The Sainte Claire was simply amazing--but I may mostly have LivingSocial to thank for that.
For only $105, the deal came with a one-night stay in one of their lovely king-sized bed rooms, free valet parking, free breakfast at their downstairs restaurant, AND a free bottle of wine.
It couldn't get any better than that!

While I already live so close to downtown San Jose, it was still a special treat to get to spend a night in the luxurious hotel and partake in their generous amenities.
Unrelated to the LivingSocial deal, they were considerate enough to allow me a late check-out of 2pm, as opposed to noon. Those 2 extra hours ensured a calm and relaxing morning.

The bathroom was one of the quaintest things I've ever seen, and I never though I could see a tiled bathroom as being so CLEAN! The painted recessed ceiling of blue sky and white doves was a lovely touch, and I appreciated the weight scale for use.
A pair of fluffy plush robes and SUPER fluffy bed made it a very comfortable stay. I would highly recommend to anyone for that extra dose of luxury and grandeur.

09/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
61. Deborah S.
I had the honors of choosing the hotel for an overnight stay for my BF's 21rst birthday. I made the reservation several weeks in advance on Hotels.com (awesome website) which was a breeze as usual.

When we arrived to the front of the hotel we decided to valet our car, which unfortunately cost $20 overnight BUT with in and out privileges.

The arrival: At the front desk, we were greeted very warmly and the staff was very polite and customer service oriented. The receptionist was able to provide us a choice of what type of room we wanted and we chose an exterior room which just so happened to over look the intersection of San Carlos and Market right on the corner. It was an awesome view of downtown.

The room: The room was fab! Two mini cupcakes were waiting for us when we got there (I love cupcakes LOL). Water was not complimentary, but bottles of it was still available in the room. I was shocked to find jets in the bathtub though and unfortunately only got to use them on our last hour of our stay :( I enjoyed playing with the personal safe and bathroom scale LOL. Suprisingly, the trolleys that run on San Carlos were not audible throughout the night as I thought they would be so that was a big plus. The bed was luxurious and I had no difficulty sleeping through the night after my head stopped spinning from the partyin :P

Overall: Excellent hotel for the price and location. I would defintely stay here again and I hope to soon!

23/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
62. Mylyn W.
We recently hosted our wedding ceremony and reception in The Atrium at The Sainte Claire and can't say enough about the level of service we received from the staff and from Tamie Rowe, the events manager at Il Fornaio who caters the events at The Sainte Claire. Tamie and her team executed every detail with optimal professionalism and our wedding day turned out beautifully.  Their attention to detail was not only impressive, but much appreciated as I didn't have to worry about one thing on our wedding day. Everything was taken care of by Tamie and her team, and our guests have had nothing but great things to say about how our wedding turned out and how impressed they were with The Sainte Claire and Il Fornaio.

10/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
63. Bill A.
The problem with hotels like The Sainte Claire is because they were built at a time when buildings were more elegant and detailed, we tend to look at them and think they are luxury hotels. In reality, I suspect The Sainte Claire was, when it was built a regular middle of the road hotel. On our arrival at 4:30 P.M. our room was not ready (check in time is supposed to be anytime after 3). To compensate they gave us what they called a "mini Suite" The room itself was small and cramped, nothing that could be called a "suite" by any definition. The windows looked at the top of a roof surrounded by 3 walls. It actually gave me clastraphobia. We were supposed to have something called a deluxe room with some sort of view, if this was an upgrad, I shudder to think what we would have gotten otherwise. There appears to be no insulation between the walls as you can hear everything from both next door rooms.There are no bathtubs, just showers. It's best to turn the heater off in the winter. If your next door neighbors don't keep you awake, the heater going on will awaken you with the belief something dreadufl is happening.The dwonstairs lobby is quite elegant and would be nice if the fireplace worked (it was a very cold night and they had unlit candles in the hearth, so I assume it doesn't work). I've stayed at the Marriott and the Fairmont for about the same price (those two hotels may be a lot higher on different days, but when I checked the Fairmont, it was actually less expensive than The Sainte Claire for the days we stayed. the Marriott was all booked). In all honesty, I wouldn't stay here again. Other things like having no coffee in the room, no toilet paper in the bathrrom etc. may have just been oversights, but the experience is just simply not very good compared to what else is available.

16/12/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
64. Jessica F.
Long story short... I went to a party in San Jose for Halloween last year and I was going to stay the night at my friend's place... But dun dun dun.... his roommate dead bolted the door in a drunken stupor just before we tried to get home in our own drunken stupor. We couldn't get inside so we decided to just hop in a cab and stay at a hotel for the night. Why we chose The Sainte Claire I'll never remember, but walking into a beautiful hotel at 1am in a slutty bumble bee outfit is a very sobering experience.  The front desk maintained very professional. The room? Kinda small, very clean. Had an antique-y/eurpoean deco kinda feel to it. The bed? Fluffy, comfortable, soft. Overall experience? Can't complain.  It would have been nice to stay longer than 7 hours.

15/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
65. Julie S.
This is definitely an old-fashioned, historic type hotel. It has alot of charm. It's cute and cozy. The rooms are small but like I said, cozy and comfortable, but the bed in my room wasn't too comfy. Also the linens werent that great. The TVs are NOT flatscreen LCDs like most 4 star hotels are these days which was disappointing. The bathroom was decorated very nicely- I dug the cloud painting on the ceiling, but the toilet clogged easily. The restaurant downstairs, Il Fornario, is very nice. Parking at the hotel will cost ya. If you're gonna be staying downtown SJ and want a REALLY nice 4-star hotel, I reccomend the Fairmont.

PS- There's a good amount of noise from the street below. The light rail stops very close to the hotel and the "ding ding" noise gets annoying.

04/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
66. EDGAR P.
Ok, so let me preface this by saying that we have stayed in the Marriott, the Fairmont, and a few other hotels.

This hotel is EXTREMELY charming. The service staff is very accommodating, the rooms are clean, and everything is as it should be.

We've had some pretty uncomfortable experiences in San Jose Hotels, so this is a welcomed change of pace.

24/04/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
67. Sagar J.
Lovely, historic digs, but quite possibly the worst gym in the history of hotels.

24/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
68. helen s.
I stayed here for my sister's wedding and i didn't have any problems with it.  The rooms are pretty tiny, even the "suites" but comfortable.  I was really tired so I slept like a baby in the bed.  There were a few spots to take some pretty photos.  I don't know how much rooms cost here so I can't compare my experience and measure it against the price, but I would stay here again as long as the prices are decent.

10/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
69. Kris B.
so it looks like a high class nice hotel from the outside but does NOT have the customer service to match! I've had more helpful and friendlier front desk people at a best western or even a motel 8!

The story:
We were there to run the San Jose Rock and Roll half marathon this past weekend and picked this hotel because its a block away from the finish line and looked nice. And yes I realize you have lots of guests, but you think the hotel manager would have prepared his/her staff for this...duh!

So race starts at 8am, their restaurant opens at 8am. you think they would have been open just for the business, but no. we asked if there was a market we could buy some bananas at...no suggestions from the front desk/concierge. Asked for the late check-out..the person who answered our call was super rude and request denied. We left the hotel with our bibs on and re-entered with our metals..just stares from the staff..no "good luck" or "congrats" Maybe these people hate runners???

Summary: worst customer service! rude and not helpful!

hotel basics: The rooms were decent to small sized and clean. Very loud AC that made clanking noises all night. comfortable pillows.

Heads up!  Valet costs extra and the hotel doesn't just have regular parking and the valet couldn't or wouldn't give us alternatives.

We will be back to run that race but will NOT stay at that hotel.

02/10/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
70. Ben R.
I stayed here two weeks ago with a dear friend. It was so cute. It was peaceful and quiet. The hotel is older and thats the charm of it. Just look at the pics on the site, its beautiful.
In reading a few of the reviews on here, I have to laugh because people think if they spend $200 they should have a palace or something. Wake up people, if you want the high life you have to pay for it. Go to Four Seasons and or Ritz or even just right down the street from - The Fairmont.
If you are looking for nice sweet place to spend quality time with friends or loved ones, without feeling it in the pocket, The Sainte Claire is a great choice.

05/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
71. Rev. Dr. Christopher J. G.
The thing about the Sainte Claire is that it's nice. It's not Fairmont nice, or DeAnza nice, or even Sheraton Four Points nice, but nice. The rooms are OK-sized, the conference facilities are decent, the staff is good, Il Fornaio is worth eating at, and the lobby is small, but clean. The regular prices aren't too bad, and you can often get breaks on rooms.

The thing is, with the possible exception of the bathrooms, which are the best in San Jose,  nothing is blown-away great. It's all just good. Now, that's not a bad thing, but if you're looking for a hotel at spend a night in for an anniversary or whatnot, this ain't the place.

Still, it's better than most of the other hotels south of San Carlos.

01/12/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
72. Michelle Denise P.
Came here for a random overnight stay in dtsj.

The Saint Claire had fairly good reviews, but we made us decide to stay here on a Saturday night was because of the Love Package that they had offered.

It was a one night stay that included valet parking, champagne, breakfast the next morning, and late checkout.

We had the best stay ever.
Even though we're both from San Jose, and live maybe 10 minutes from the Saint Claire, staying a night in dtsj and just having fun to ourselves was great.

The room was cute. As others have stated, the rooms are pretty small, but keep in mind that this is a historic hotel. The bed was very comfy, and we just loved the fluffy pillows. Service was also great. Everyone in the hotel was very nice and helpful.

We can't wait to go back and just relax.

10/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
73. Sarah H.
came here for my holiday party and was pretty pleased with the decor and elegance inside! i vote to have dinner here next year for sure just because food was fabulous!   H'orderves were these mini bites of polento goodies that melted in the mouth along with there puffy cheese croissants! they were quite the start up to the main dish! the steak and baked eggplant dish were phenomenal! had to get seconds no doubt! and the desserts were these mini mash ups of pecan,kiwi,strawberry, and coconut pie, just so many tiny pies to choose from and also a shot of chocolate mousse! oh how I was in sugar heaven! now the dinner room was quite decent for a capacity of 150+ with room to spare and medium dance area! service was great and i felt very attended too considering the huge crowd of tables i was surrounded by! now the only major problem i had was the valet parking!!!! they were quite slow with getting people's cars and it caused a huge traffic jam! maybe they were short on drivers/staff but please Sainte Claire get this area together! you were pretty polite and did apologize for the inconvenience which i accepted! but this was the only area i saw lacking personally in my opinion! i will be coming back for brunch in the future but i will be riding my bike this time!

10/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
74. Crystal C.
The Sainte Claire is a historic hotel and they have definitely made sure to keep the beauty of the architecture. They have renovated the rooms to a nicer decor as well as the bathrooms. Free wifi for guests is awesome. I have been here for several parties in the ballroom and atrium and each time I had a great experience.

21/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
75. Kim D.
I decided to pull a Britney Spears this weekend and check myself into a hotel.

I know you were thinking rehab, but I'm not crazy. As least not certified. But anyway, just as Britney will do the Chateau Marmont, I decided to do Hotel Saint Claire, because it was central (i.e. Original Joe's for meatballs and Brix for a lackluster meat market) and it was a good deal.

I'm gonna say it's a historic property, so everything is smaller. My junior suite looked like a normal size room... But they gave me an upgrade for free somehow, so I struck out on the 6th floor in a junior suite. So although the size, I was glad to be high up an in a bigger room than what I am guessing would be normal.

I was looking for a good night's sleep and I wanted to be unavailable.

I got that. I got good water pressure. I got a DVD player in room with a flat screen TV. I got an AMAZING bed that required three wakeup calls (sorry, front desk guy for the "call me back in 15 minutes"). I got some cool amenities (DVD checkout, free wi-fi, valet, L'Occitane bath products that SMELLED like I humped a French guy who just took a shower).

It was just what I needed. Customer service was great from the moment I checked in until the moment I left. That's hard to come by nowadays. They even called me to see if I liked everything? I die when someone calls me Mr. Dao... so important.

Hotel Saint Claire, I'll let you hit me baby one more time... real soon...

29/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
76. Stephan N.
Located in downtown San Jose, The  Sainte Claire is within walking distance to pretty much everything in downtown San Jose.  Valet parking cost $20 so know this before pulling up in front for valet parking.

The lobby is nice-looking and the attached restaurant, Il Fornaio, is really good.  The rooms are plain-looking, clean, and a little on the smaller side.  And best of all, the AC is freezing cold!  I live 10 minutes from this hotel, why the heck did I bother getting a room here?  Because you can get a great deal on the internet for rooms here and I couldn't pass that up!

01/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
77. Aria L.
It's certainly fine if your desperate.
Driving up to the hotel and the outside while grand is ruined by the awful sign, on which some of the letters don't even light up giving it a tacky appearance.
The downstairs lobby is beautiful, which gave me some hope for the rooms however, but upon entering the rooms that hope was thoroughly dashed.  Tiny rooms, Dirty carpets, dirty bathroom, chipped wood, disgusting bathtub with wet toilet paper on the drain, red splatter stain behind the toilet. Impossible to open drawers. The mini fridge did not work at all and was extremely loud so we unplugged it, the air conditioner was really loud, waking you up through the night.
They promised to send up extra blankets and we had to call them back at 9pm, the blankets they sent up were scratchy, thin, worn, and had holes in them.
The view was of a rooftop with air conditioning units on it. The gym was pitiful.
The restaurant was okay, nothing fabulous, I can make better Italian food, but it wasn't inedible. Definitely overpriced.

30/05/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
78. Kristin V.
The hubby and I stayed at the hotel for a living social deal that was given to us by a friend for my birthday. The deal was a King room, bottle of wine, and breakfast for two at Il Fornaio which I am already a fan of. We were stoked to stay at this place since our wedding when we torn between this hotel and De Anza hotel. We had chosen De Anza hotel. Finally-our chance!

We roll up to the front door and valet takes our keys and helps us unload our one little bag and away he goes. Perfect. Walk into a breath taking lobby. This hotel is a historic building with such beauty. Pure Class. A gentlemen at the front desk pulls up our registration and let's us know there is a deposit that needs to be put down. Eh, what? I don't know remember the time I had to put down a deposit for a hotel room. Remember the room was paid for in April...Lame. I wish I knew that before I came. I would have planned my birthday budget a little differently. The guy hands us our keys and gives us a lovely bottle of Merlot from Il Fornaio with the CUTEST little wine opener attached by a ribbon. He tells us we got a great room with a gorgeous downtown view. He hopes we enjoy it.

We make our way into the elevator and go up to our floor. Elevator is so fast. I'm pretty sure it was racing with the other elevator. Much better than a slow elevator where you awkwardly stand next to other people that seem to all have forgotten their deodorant. Gross.

We find our room easily enough. Walk in and the room smells great and looks great. I think the website hypes the rooms up more than they are. There were two nightstands, a comfy bed, a corner chair, small TV, and a small desk. Basic hotel furniture. Nothing fancy going on in the bathroom. They have L'Occitane soaps in the bathroom, though.

Eager to see our view, I walk over to the window and pull the curtains back and sigh with disappointment. My view is looking directly at the Marriott's windows. Great-I can stare at other people staring at me. St Claire's pants must be on fire.

I brought my wii with me because there is nothing better than drinking at the bar in il fornaio and stumbling back to your room after grabbing some La Vic's and playing some good ole' Mario Kart. So at least you know the TV has hook ups.

When we checked out the next morning we had to give them more money...something about taxes. Damn you taxes.

I would come here again if another Living Social deal came up.

Tip: the rooms have central air. Every time it kicked on at night it would wake me up.

29/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
79. kG C.
Stayed at this hotel a full week for the Taekwondo Nationals at the convention center this year. I'm not going to lie, I hated this place when I first got here but I grew to appreciate the place.

When I first arrived with my students I was confused because I had only seen pictures of the outside and it seemed a lot bigger. Maybe it was the monster Marriot hotel right across the street that dwarfed it. I bought tickets through expedia and didn't know much about the place when I went in.

When I checked in I was told that even though the rooms were paid for I had to put a credit card or debit card on hold in case of damages. This was normal from other hotels I've been to but I was told that they would take out a 50$ a day charge for 6 days from the first day and return it after I had checked out. Maybe its a Cali thing but I've never had hotels from the south, midwest, or east coast charge upfront for damages. I thought that was something that was assessed afterwords with a fee, not something that was taken right away as an kind of preemptive strike against wild hotel stayers.

I was with my students at the hotel and they were a bit disappointed the place didn't have a pool. We ended up going to the Marriott pool a few times during the week when we had free time.

We read some stories about the place being haunted and even though I agree the place is kind of creepy looking, we never ran into anything paranormal except that when we left the room at noon and came back at night the messy bed and sheets were somehow clean. Eerie.

The night staff reminded me a bit of my old neighbors when I was younger that used to give me the evil eye for stepping on their lawn. My students were watching some videos on the hotel computers and the staff member at night walked back and forth as if he was annoyed at them disturbing the peace.

The restaurant and room service connected to the hotel is ridiculous. My student decided it was a good idea to order room service because he craved noodles. His dish of what looked like 2 lumps of spaghetti plus a sparkling water which he didn't even order cost him 35$. There were no side dishes, his dish wasn't even tasty enough to finish, and he had to pay for a water he didn't even order. I didn't get to try the restaurant myself but I'm assuming the food was as bad as most food in San Jose.

Regardless, the price wasn't bad for the full week and I thought that the service was incredible. I myself would rather stay at a newer up to date hotel like the Marriott or surrounding hotels, but I can see why older people seem to like this establishment.

24/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
80. Adrienne A.
Silly rabbit, trix are for kids!  I am mystified by complaints that the Sainte Claire is haunted, creepy or wet!  Luckily, we encountered none of those things.  

Savvy shopping got us a deal here, so even better.  The uber-central location is a salve that heals many other imperfections, human or spirit, not that we encountered any.  

Great staff in a hotel that has some character, history and charm in a city that is sometimes lacking on that front.  Sorry, San Jose! (I know you have a history, it's just that well . . .it's not exactly the cradle of civilization).  And hey, that's okay......Wow. I am way off track here.

Ok.  The Sainte Claire.  Kiss kiss.  Il Fornaio, it's restaurant is quite decent.  We were very naughty with bruschetta, calamari, too much yummy bread and the wine list.  Dude, c'mon, don't judge.

Lots of people getting married here which gives the place and overall happy aura and vibe.  Next time we go, I think I'll wear my wedding dress for fun.

01/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
81. Rob Y.
We spent 2 nights in the suite here.  When we walked into the hotel, I knew this was the hotel venue for our reception.  Ornate wood details and historical charm everywhere in this hotel.  The rooms are also affordable and there are lots of great amenities...free wifi, alarm clock with cd player, nice bath products.   The bathroom ceiling has a nice painting to make it feel bigger/more open.  Beds were comfortable and staff was very nice.  

Someone mentioned that this hotel is/was haunted.  False.  those 'foot steps' they hear is probably the trolley rolling outside on San Fernando St.  -1 star for that waking me up at 6.30 in the morning.  

Overall wedding guests liked the hotel, Hilary the coordinator was spot on with everything (even with our numerous changes) and it was such a good time in their ballroom/atrium for our wedding.  I'd definitely do it all over at the Sainte Claire again...

09/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
82. Amory M.
Unpleasantly suprised. Saint Claire had good enough reviews, and Im not one to write a bad review, but the stay began with front desk messing up the reservation. The room was musty and sheets weren't clean. This would have been tolerable, if not ideal, but as I left, the valet found a way to charge a baseless $30 fee. Apparently after 16 hrs they satrt charging $8 an hour. Would have been good to know up front. And to top it off, they gave me the wrong key for a car of the same make and model! So, not only will this place issue hidden charges, they might let a stanger into your car while theyre doing it.

25/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
83. Eddie C.
This could be a really cool boutique hotel. Someplace for a romantic getaway. It is in all way what you would expect in a classy grand hotel including...


Yeah, this place gives me the chills. I've stayed here quite often on business trips and everything was always great. Then one time my staff and some coworkers decided to book this hotel instead of the hotel across the street where the conference was held. That night I could not sleep, little noises kept pulling me out of my sleep. I was so tired from the conference that I did not really wake up but the next morning I thought to myself - Man, I didn't get a good night sleep. I just had this odd feeling that someone or something kept waking me up. Well, I brushed it off and went to breakfast. It was during breakfast that my cowork said she was so scared that she went to sleep in her friends room and she did not want to spend the next night in the hotel. She said she heard steps in the hall way but when she went to look, no one was there.

During a break in the conference, I searched the net and guess what - this hotel IS HAUNTED - check it out:
associatedcontent.com/ar…  .

No, no, no, I don't stay here no more!!

13/05/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
84. Ashley F.
Just attended a wedding ceremony and reception at The Sainte Claire.  The venue was beautiful and intimate.  The setting was very quaint, and it felt like a historic mansion.  Valet parking is a little interesting in the sense that there is no driveway with bellmen and attendants waiting for your arrival.  You sort of pull up on the corner of Market St. and get out of your car.  My boyfriend and I were a little confused, so we found parking around the corner at a pay lot (also $10 cheaper than the hotel's price).

29/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
85. Nancy C.
It's a beautiful hotel... but I went there to find a ghost and found nothing!!!!

A few of us decided to try out ghost hunting skills and find "Julia" - the resident ghost at the Sainte Claire. We even stayed on the 2nd floor (supposedly where the phenomena happens).

All we accomplished is scaring the crap out of each other... and ate some damn good breakfast at Il Fornaio.

Our rooms were only $97/night for a Saturday.

11/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
86. Frank G.
the staff is great but not worth your money. the room service and special requests suck. I suggest spending your money elsewhere.

20/02/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
87. D N.
Wow. This place was not the absolute worst hotel experience of my life, but so far below expectations that it's definitely in the bottom 5%.

- Walls so thin and useless that the people in the next room are not only hearable, and intelligible, but it's like they're sitting on the other end of the couch facing towards you. Unless you can sleep through a lawnmower, you will be up all night.

- No on-demand TV. The front desk has a terrible selection of old DVDs, nothing else.

- The room was ancient and filthy. If you stay, check under the sink: are the corners clean? Of course not; they haven't been cleaned in decades.

- Valet parking @ $29 is comically bad. I pay less in midtown Manhattan, and this is a ghetto area of Man Jose, people.

- I got a 4AM wake-up call that I didn't ask for and couldn't stop. After the first round of ringing, the front desk called again and I could no longer pretend I was staying at a competently run establishment. At least the guy apologized briefly.

Never again. The best part of this hotel is the design of their web site.

21/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
88. Susan I.
Comfy bed, beautiful ambience... I would've given it 5 if not for the ridiculous annoyance that the restaurant didn't open for breakfast until 8am. We had to walk 3 blocks to a Starbucks to get something to eat. What a gorgeous hotel. But that late breakfast will keep me from returning.

08/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
89. Eric L.
This place is awful.
I'm not a big fan of the old-school hotel to begin with, because I like newer furnishings, but there are exceptions.
This is definitely not one of them.
Probably the worst thing about it was the cold room. The insulation was so old that even with the heat maxed out, we were chilled all night.

12/03/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
90. M.Elena N Diego E.
We had our wedding here in March and it was the best wedding ever! We celebrated our 1st year of dating here and fell in love w/ the place.

Hilary is very professional the food was great and Raul the catering manager was so attentive from the time we got there to the time the event was over this is the perfect place for a wedding!

08/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
91. Cassie P.
The bed was Divine.  Literally, I laid down and didn't move the whole night.  They are really comfy.  The room was a decent size, the room was quiet.  I have two BIG complaints.
1.  The carpet must have just been cleaned.  It was wet!  Yuck!  I wore my flip flops around.
2.  They offer free wifi, however, my device would not connect.  After standing in the front for 25minutes which they were thinking I was a loser, one of the staff checked their device and sure enuf , it wasn't working either.   No service....no apologies, and only one of the lobby computers worked.  
Last beef, parking is $20.  
If the Internet had been working I would have given this 4 stars.

30/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
92. Leslie C.
These guys hired a seriously good photographer as the pictures present a very classy, well-kept, upscale hotel. Not so. It was musty, dank, and grimy. The light-switch in the bathroom was dingy with grime, I touched a door knob in my room and my hand came away with a sticky residue, and the beds were uncomfortable and funky - to the point of feeling almost damp. Also breathing in your room is an unfortunate experience, there's no reason you should feel like you're on an airplane with funny air and an extremely loud air conditioner waking you up whenever it goes on or off.

Despite it's facade as an upscale hotel, I felt as rested and comfortable as if I had stayed in a Motel on the side of the freeway. Ick. Go across the street to the Hilton, you'll get better rest and have a much more pleasant experience for your $.

28/11/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
93. Dustin R.
To summarize The Sainte Claire in a word: classy!  This is a beautiful hotel.  The lobby is very elegant.  I really appreciate the "bones" of this building.  The front desk clerk (whom I well talk more on later) told me that it was built in 1926.  They really don't make hotels like this anymore.  I will say that the rooms are a little small but honestly that is the only slightly negative thing I can say.  And honestly I believe that has more to do with its era of inception than any lack of foresight on its current management's part.  A lot of older buildings from that era have rooms that are not what we are used to circa 2012 and to remodel would be a travesty.  That being said the rooms are extremely well decorated and are furnished with a very comfortable bed and nice desk.  I was also a fan of the antique looking armoire/tv stand.  

My favorite part of this hotel stay was not the painted mural (and accompanying light highlight) as cool as it was; rather it was Nathan.  He was the overnight front desk clerk (since I saw him in the morning shift he must work through the early morning shift as well).  He gave my wife and I directions to a great bar/restaurant to grab a nightcap (blocks from the hotel) last night.  Then this morning he was kind enough to direct me to the nearest early morning coffee joint (5:30am is not always the best time for places to be open).  He was courteous, helpful, and personable.  He struck me as having a love for his job and as I worked out in the lobby I overheard him giving numerous other customers the same kind of amazing customer service I had received from him.  As a business owner I recognize that good help is hard to find so I wanted to make sure and give Nathan mention in the hopes that his manager can commend him on his excellent work.  I didn't really interact with any other hotel staff so I can't really comment on them but the valets seemed nice enough.

I didn't get to eat at the restaurant but if the Il Fornaio is anything like other ones I have frequented I am sure it is delicious.  All in all I would highly recommend this as a very nice place to stay in downtown San Jose.

28/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
94. Stephen H.
Worse than a motel six. You hear everyone around you. Got woken up by the guy above us having diarrhea at 3 am, and listened to another couple beside us break up with lots of swearing. Horrible service and tiny rooms for the price... And I paid half price! I could clearly hear what the people above us were discussing, and the people up front were not knowledgeable about the neighborhood when we asked about where to eat. Avoid this place, don't even look at it. How dare they charge more than $100 for such noisy rooms?!

30/09/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
95. Jonathan Q.
Freakishly haunted hotel. I'm sorry, it's not the service that is bad here. I think the hotel does a fine job of running the place...HOWEVER. This hotel is DEFINITELY haunted. I should preface by saying that I had never before thought spirits or ghosts were part of this world. I now have an entirely different perspective after staying 7 nights at this hotel.

The first 3 nights I stayed, I literally could NOT fall asleep. Not exactly sure why, lots of odd noises, creaking hallways, things dropping next door etc.. No big deal, but I switched rooms all three nights and never slept soundly.

I came back 2 months later for a 4 night stay, requesting the quietest room possible. They checked me into room 602, the very end of the hallway next to the freight elevator on the top floor.

Again, I had trouble falling asleep at night, and was often awaken during the night by strange disturbances...the TV chiming on and off, the bathroom light flickering on and off (motion sensored), and even one of my toiletries falling from the shelf in the middle of the night. Sure these were annoying, but I never attributed any of it to paranormal activity...until my last night.

At around 4:30a, I woke up to use the bathroom. As I came back into bed and started to drift back to sleep, I was suddenly full awakened by a fierce chill in the air, and every hair on my body standing straight up, goosebumps, chills, heart-racing. My arms sunk into the bed as if someone had slid their way on top of me, pushing against my torso into the bed. Something was pressing against my body on top of me.  I didn't dare open my eyes, but could see the figure of a ghost illuminated in front of my face through my eyelids (if that makes sense). It gripped me tightly and wanted me to open my eyes and recognize her existence. When I finally broke free, she had left. Completely rattled, I figured this must have been a nightmare. I sat in bed for about 45 minutes and finally picked up my phone to get my mind off the experience and read email. What I found instead was 3 text messages from my coworker who had experienced the SAME visitor in his room within 30 minutes of my encounter.

Needless to say, I won't be back by choice to this hotel. I hope that others can stay and have an amazing experience, but for me, the ghosts, noisy rooms, uncomfortable beds, and overall lack of cleanliness will prevent me from coming back.

05/10/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
96. Grace B.
I am in love with this hotel.  I don't say that quite often as I stay in hotels all over the US 4 nights a week. The location is fantastic and the service has been great. Professional and top notch.

For those who gave 1 star...well its just proof that you can't please everyone.

01/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
97. Jessica S.
First time here, place was nice, room was clean. No towels in the room and the walls are so thin you can hear people talking on their cell phones, you can hear the tv and you can hear people having a normal voice conversation. Additional hour for parking is $8.00 per hour! Only ONE outlet in the room, one in the bathroom.

22/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
98. n m.
We had our wedding reception at the Sainte Claire on November 8th. It was the best choice I could have made for our venue. So many things were wonderful about having our wedding here. The prices of the packages were very reasonable, and I loved that they included so many things that would have been extra charges at other places. The venue is beautiful; such lovely architecture inside and out. The food was delicious; everyone raved about the food. Some of my family even took their dinners home because they couldn't finish everything, but they didn't want to leave it. The waitstaff was fantastic. On the day of, they were so attentive to myself and my husband. They took good care of us and my mother also commented that they were so nice to the guests as well.

But by far the best thing about having our wedding at the Sainte Claire was our coordinator, Tamie. She truly worked to make sure that my husband and I enjoyed our wedding to the fullest extent. She covered every last detail multiple times to ensure that everything was done the way we wanted it. I gave her a vague description of how I wanted the reception area to be decorated and I left everything else to her. I was so happy with how the room turned out. It was EXACTLY how I had pictured it. She made sure that we ate at least some of our dinner that night, so that we would have energy, and packed up everything that we didn't eat so we could enjoy it in our room. She even packed up two of our cupcakes so we could have them before the guests took them all. She made sure that everything ran on schedule and would let me or my husband know when certain events were coming up, and checked with us to see if we wanted to change anything last minute. At the end of the night, she put everything we needed to take home in our room (our gifts, decorations, food, etc.). The night went so well, and I can't thank Tamie and the staff enough for all their hard work to make our wedding night wonderful.

01/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
99. Constance D.
This place is classy, no other words to describe it. My Alma Mater was throwing a Greek Presentation dance, and being Greek I was able to attend with some friends. Since it was the same weekend as the big UFC fight, the Marriot was PACKED with Affliction and TapOut wearing individuals, so my friends decided to stay here. Our room was super nice, the view was decent too, and our window opened; you normally don't see that! There were other events going on here the same weekend we were here, the weekend of the 19th, and it wasn't crowded. The front desk employees were very helpful and even knew one of the guys we were hanging out with. I'll definitely return next time I need a room in San Jose.

30/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
100. Jade Q.
Staff seemed nice, but it wasn't quite enough to make up for the expensive valet parking, super loud street noise, paper thin walls, and hard beds.  Was walking distance from several decent eateries, but it felt like we were on the edge of town not right in the midst of things.

07/03/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
101. Sabrina B.
We grabbed a room here online a night before checking in. Everything with a star and price rating i'd be interested in was booked so I have this a shot.

Valet was easy and they seemed to take good care of the car. Nice touch that the valet had a list of patrons checking in so I didn't have to dig out my info before heading inside.
Lobby was antiquated but efficient.
Check in was easy.
Location in prime. A short cab ride to the tank. Walking distance to restaurants.

The rooms are the only downfall -- my fiance called the room 'grandma chic.' It probably looked top notch for the 60's and up crowd but it was a tad dated to me. The bathroom was fine (a tad odd to have butterflies and clouds painting on the bathroom ceiling however). Bed was large and the room was well appointed.

Main problem - PAPER THIN WALLS. I awoke around 6pm to hear my next door neighbor chatting on the phone. Within minutes I knew their entire schedule for the day.... odd and super akward.

They need to invest in soundproofing the walls. As a result of the lack of soundproofing I wouldn't stay there again. Everything else was great but I need a goodnights sleep and being able to hear a conversation through the wall is not okay.

13/11/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
102. JoAnne J.
Room 531 - air conditioner sounds like a train running through the room. So loud can't hear t.v.  Porcelain peeling off the bathtub.  Postage stamp size room.  $29 a night for valet parking is outrageous.

The staff was very friendly.  Free Wi-Fi a plus.

Hotel has "character," nice way of saying old hotel seen better days.

06/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
103. Carolyn S.
The hotel itself is quaint and like a lot of quaint places in need of a little TLC but the bones of the place are good and the atmosphere takes you back in time to a gentler age.

I have officiated at several weddings here and have always been blown away by how professional the staff are and how seamlessly they make things happen. The co-ordinator/catering manager Tamie Rowe is as helpful as her staff and a pleasure to work with.

The hotel is centrally located, whenever I walk up there is a nice person to open the door for me and I feel welcome. I  would recommend this place to anyone having a  wedding.

20/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
104. Johnny K.

I stayed in Sainte Claire on 8/19 thru 8/22. My A/C did not work very well and I went downstair to talked with Robert(front desk) about it. Without hesitation, he looked for an other room for me, check the A/C in that room, and then switch me to that room.

This is what you call customer service.


Thanks again.



26/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
105. Francine G.
I stayed here for a week for work since there were lots of walkable places and it was near the place I work. The room is a little small but since it was just me it was perfect. The bed was very comfortable, the closet was the perfect size to fit my big ol' luggage, and the bathroom was a bit small since there wasn't much counter space for my hair products. However, the walls are very thin since I can hear the guy next door to me talking on the phone, that was pretty annoying.

26/02/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
106. Belinda e.
Sorry to say they are dishonest and liars. I'm very disappointed with the hotel service with Minuteman  Valet Parking Company the main office is in Manhattan Beach CA. My car was damaged by the valet service at the hotel. Turns out the valet company they use are total scam artists if you try to put in a claim they treat you very disrespectfully and deny all charges.I tried to speak to the hotel manager but instead of being able to speak to him they referred me to the manager from the valet company 3 times. Finally after 5 attempts I was able to speak to the hotel manger and he said the valet  service has nothing to do with them and completely blew me off. After going on yelp I discovered this Valet service has damaged many cars and never pays for the repairs. this is hardly five star treatment. After speaking to lawyer he said that the hotel must also take responsibility for the valet damages. Jeff at the Saint Claire and Cindy at Minuteman work together denying all car damage claims. Click onto the Minuteman Parking Company and you will see they have done this time and time before.Do not valet your car at this hotel they are a dishonest group of individuals.

21/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
107. Allister D.
The hotel itself is fancy shmancy. The Italian men dressed up in vests and paperboy hats valet parked my ride. The front desk service was really helpful. I was shocked at the complimentary items they had to give. The room was perfect for 2 people. The bed was high and very comfy! It had feather stuffing in the pillows as well. The flat screen tv had cable and there was a nice dvd player for guests to rent movies and watch. The bathroom had great soap. The ceiling had a sky painting with lights that copied the real sky. Basically the hotel has a great rich vibe to it. The Italian restaurant was nice with a great bar. There are 4 different ballrooms for occasions which is a huge plus!

14/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
108. Pomaikai N.
The St. Claire was purchased by the Westin so all the claims of "grimy dingy surfaces," will be no more for every nook and cranny will sparkle to Westin standards in the next few months. It will still be historic and it will have modern amenities.

They promised to maintain the historic charm of the hotel. They plan on only installing Westin furniture and faucets, freshly painting the rooms and probably changing decor accessories. I really hope they don't take away from the vintage feel of the lobby.

I just booked my wedding there. I love the Il Fornaio. The food is amazing, the ballroom and atrium is gorgeous and you get Tami the best wedding planner ever. I'm very happy that my fiance and I chose this place. It's elegant and the food is wonderful. Half the battle. No one has a good time when the food is bad or cold or too little or too much or too late.

I'm sure every room will get a brand new heavenly bed by Westin!!!! It is the most decadent bed on earth. I could lay in a Westin bed and do nothing for hours because it sooo comfortable I don't want to get up. The heavenly shower is an experience too. Saint Claire fans and foes have a lot to look forward to.

08/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
109. Jasper S.
Short version:  Terrible deal at any price.  Nice location and decor, but hard beds and service SO terrible you will cut your trip short and leave early with your family in tears.  Can't rate this low enough.

Full version:
I really really wanted to like this place.  I love the location (near the Tech Museum), the quaint decor (both outside, in the lobby, and in the room), the restaurant and bar were both good too (the restaurant Il Fornaio - is a chain - but that's not a problem for me).  The rooms and bathroom were on the smallish side and slightly outdated - but I felt this was part of the charm.  

Okay, now that I've got the good parts out of the way...  

The website boasts free WiFi (true), a DVD player in each room (total lie), and a complimentary newspaper (also a lie).  (Check for yourself here thesainteclaire.com/acco… )

The problems started before we even got inside.  

Since there's no self parking, you have to valet park.  However, the bellhop didn't help take the luggage out of the car, just standing there next to the luggage cart on the sidewalk watching me unload the luggage and as I placed it on the cart myself.  I had to open and hold the doors for him.  Even after we checked in the he just stood there for a minute people watching - until I asked him if we could finally go to our room.  We got up to our room, I held the door for him, he then held the door open with my luggage (rather than a door stop that I though all bellhops had), dropped off our luggage and he could not leave our room fast enough. (This was the first time he seemed to be in a hurry)  I actually had to open the door and call him back to give him a tip - which frankly he didn't earn - but, whatever.

When you stay in the hotel can choose a room facing the street with the trolley cars and traffic or a room facing the parking area.  We chose the one facing the street, so I can't legitimately complain about the street noise all night.

What was a problem was the bed.  It was the lumpiest and hardest bed I have ever tried to sleep on.  I literally woke up with a sore back from trying to sleep on this bed.  The bathroom was old with the tiles, sink, and bathtub chipped and worn looking.

The next day we left for the Tech Museum around 1pm and returned around 5:15pm to discover our room would not accept our keys.  One elevator was out of service, so we walked three flights up to find ourselves locked out, I walked three flights down to get the keys fixed, was told that we were only booked for one night, I explained that  we had a printed confirmation for two nights, got new keys, and walked up three flights to the room - which had still not been made up.

No kleenex, no towels, and trash in the bins.  We called housekeeping and stayed on the phone for 5 minutes while no one picked up.  I called the front desk who said the reason our room hadn't been made up is that we were not booked for two nights.  Again, I disagreed - based upon the hotel confirmation which said otherwise.  They said they would send someone up with kleenex and towels "in a little bit."  I asked how long that was - and was told it would be within 45 minutes.  So, we waited 45 minutes.  Then 15 minutes more.  Then another 15.  

At this point, it was about 6:45pm and we were facing another night of trying to sleep on a hard bed, and had a night and a day of crappy service to look forward to.  We finally decided enough was enough, to cut short our trip to San Jose, go back home, and actually get a night's sleep in a real bed.  I tried several times to call for the valet - but no one picked up.

We packed everything up - by which time housekeeping showed up offering to take out the trash (but no towels) - and waited for the one elevator to take us to the lobby.  The gal at the front desk was pleasant enough and asked if everything was okay.  I said it was not, we had had enough, and we were leaving.  She asked why and I explained (citing the housekeeping problems, choosing not recite a litany).  She said she would have to charge us for a partial day of stay and valet parking.  I explained that (a) we had been locked out of our room and so didn't actually use it (b) our room had never been made up so they didn't do anything to earn a partial stay (c) if they really did think we were only staying one night - someone should have been by to make the room up already and (d) the service had been so bad that we were leaving.

She took a minute and suggested that they charge us only for a one night stay and one night's valet parking.  I said this was fine, thanked her, and stood around in the lobby waiting for our car.  It was supposed to take 10 minutes - and it took 25.

Decor/Location: 4
Amenities: 2
Service: -1
Terrible deal at any price.

13/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
110. Maria K.
I like the overall styling of the place, the common area on the main floor and the computers available for use, but the walls are fairly thin so you could hear what was going on in rooms around you.  

Also, the door to my room was left slightly open during the day after the room was cleaned because it didn't shut very tightly.  Nothing was gone, but it was a little concerning.  Once I informed the staff, though, they fixed it within a day.

13/11/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
111. Christine C.
O GOD NO. NEVER AGAIN. I would give them no stars if I could.

The hotel is very charming on appearance. I'll give them that. The decor has a very beautiful historic feel and charm to it. it's very quaint and cozy and that theme runs throughout the hotel and their rooms. HOWEVER. I still honestly prefer a bathroom with non cracked bathtubs that make me think twice about stepping into it and I'm not really a fan of dingy/cracked/old/dated wallpaper in the room that makes me feel like I'm in a Motel rather than a classy Hotel (especially for the price).

At one point the toilet actually clogged up on us when we tried just flushing down a small amount of toilet paper and the hotel had to send in a plumber. My god. Never again will I pay hundreds to stay in such impoverished conditions. Also, I have not been in a hotel that doesn't provide flat screen TVs in forever. These rooms are actually equipped with CRT television sets. It was crazy. I haven't seen one of those in years lol. Not that it's a bad thing since it does go with their theme. I'm just glad it wasn't one of the black and white retro sets.

All those things aside, what really convinced me to never come back again is the service. They are RUDE and SHADY!!! I'm honestly unsure if it's because my party looked out of the ordinary or if the service and staff are just terrible here period. I, as you can tell by my pictures, dress up a lot. I go to conventions and play dress up and wear elaborate costumes. The staff, instead of taking it in good jest and having fun with it, seemed to not know how to react to me and my party. Seriously, I'm only wearing something different than normal people. Get over it. Don't treat me like an alien creature (unless I was actually dressed up like one! lol). Every hotel I've stayed at so far except for this one have always treated me the same as they would any other guest because despite how I look I am still a patron and paying a lot of money to stay at your establishment.

At the end of our stay while checking the bill we saw they falsely charged us about 2-3 in and out fees for our 1 car that they parked valet and they REFUSED to take off the fraudulent charges. We walked everywhere during our stay since everything is close by. Car was not necessary. Once we parked the car valet for our 3 night stay, we never even saw our car once and THEY HAD OUR KEYS THE WHOLE TIME. If we had known they were going to falsely charge us going in and out so many times we would have just used the car anyways for the heck of it!!! I was FURIOUS. The front desk refused to hear it and just accused us of lying. Seriously WTF is wrong with these people? The staff made a mistake on our bill and WE had to pay for it and they called us liars. It was ludacrous. We decided to deem this as a lesson learned to steer clear from this shady hotel and their shady practices. At that point we were so exasperated with this hotel we were just thankful the stupid fake charges was only an additional $40 and not sitting in the hundreds.

Seriously. Never again. STEER CLEAR. I would gladly pay extra for better accommodations.

08/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
112. Wilhelm Y.
I spent one night at the Hotel Sainte Claire located in downtown San Jose recently thanks to some good friends who had hired me to work on an event with them.  The building itself is registered on the National Register of Historic Places according to a plaque embedded into the wall at the front of the hotel.  Inside the hotel is simply beautiful.  I wanted to get some photos of the beautiful ballroom but there were two special events going on.

When you check in they make you sign an agreement saying you will not be having loud parties or boozing up on alcohol during your stay.  My friends had made the reservation for me and had misspelled my name, but luckily I had a copy of the confirmation letter handy on my cell phone.  Once they found me in the system check-in was a breeze.

All of the rooms have free high speed wi-fi.  You should get the password while you are checking in.  Considering it's an old building the elevators ran very smoothly.  I was expecting a bit of the herky jerkys, but I didn't experience that here.

My room was a single with one king bed.  They give you six big firm and fluffy pillows.  I can't imagine anyone actually sleeping with so many pillows, but who knows.  Besides the free wi-fi the room was loaded with amenities including a clock radio that played CD's and had a connector for MP3 players, a flat panel television, a DVD player, a personal digital safe hidden inside the closet, a mini refrigerator hidden underneath the desk and a bathroom scale.  You can check out DVDs to watch in your room free of charge at the front desk.

The highlight of the room might have been the surprise in the bathroom though.  The bathroom lights go on and off via a motion detection system (although you can switch to a manual hand switch based on your preference).  Once the first set of lights go on a second set of flourescents come on above those lights to illuminate this ( static1.px.yelp.com/bpho… ).  Suddenly I was reminded of Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.  I'm told that the wildlife varies from room to room, but butterflies were hanging out in mine.

Need a wake-up call?  This was a surprise too as I didn't get an automated call at the time I requested.  About one minute late I received a personal call from a real person wishing me a good morning and asking me whether I needed a follow up call in fifteen to twenty minutes.  That's service!

14/08/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
113. Pia L.
The Sainte Clair may have been purchased by the Westin, but I am sorry to say, I stayed there on June 19, and it was one of the worst experiences I have had in a hotel, in fact the only worse experience was the Las Vegas Trump.
The rooms were small, the bathrooms were small but so-so clean, but the service was atrocious.  They told be a 12:30 a.m when I got in that they did not have any food for order, and that i could not place my order until 7:00 a.m. the following day for breakfast.  My meeting started at 8:15.  I had booked for 4 days, and had to move the second day.  The front desk acted as though they did not care and made you wait till they were ready.  The whole experience at an outrageous price turned out the same as so many other unacceptable companies these days.  Their attitude spits on the value of customer service, and with that attitude, may they go down in flames.

08/09/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
114. Amy Y.
Our kids treated us to a stay in San Jose. After much yelping we choose the Sainte Claire. We love historic hotels and wanted to see this one before it's renovation is complete and we're glad we did! We were upgraded to a junior suite. As the other yelpers say yes it was somewhat noisy as we were facing the street but we both sleep like the dead so had no issue with this. I think anyone that has a noise issues could easily solve problem the problem with earplugs and note that this issue is being corrected via the renovation which will replace the windows and thicken/soundproof the walls, The 6th floor renovation is complete I believe so if you really can't bear noise, request the a room on the that floor. The room it self was nice with a comfy  king bed, large flat screen TV,  clock radio, fridge, large closet and windows you can open albeit only a few inches. Like everyone else has mentioned the bathrooms are too cool! The painted ceilings are simple but awesome! Nice quality L'Occitane verbena soap shampoo conditioner and lotion and a milk soap for your face. We both took baths in their very comfy tub, and then showered the next day...great water pressure! They have a fireplace (we didn't try it so have no clue if it works but n any case it added to the atmosphere :) There is a very small coffee maker in the room with regular and decaf coffees and teas. They offer free coffee in the lobby 6-8 am for early birds as the restaurant doesn't open until 8 on Sunday. The location can't be beat! You are in the midst of restaurants bars museums and churches as well as other historic buildings.  The hotel service is STELLAR as was the restaurant service.  We would definitely stay here again!

04/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
115. Burgundy P.
Yes, it is True.

Paper thin walls, noisy, old (and I mean this in no small way.)

If you have no other option, stay here. I stayed for 3 nights, and I could barely wait to get out.

The room smelled like pee and the bathrooms are in dire need of renovations.

As for hunted... who knows, but there were strange noises coming from the walls all night long.

08/10/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
116. Deby W.
OMG. Room 619 is haunted. Scared the holy crap out of me as several spirits were visible. There was a lady hovering over my husband. I saw two small children. The good news? They left when I told them to.

I had no idea this hotel was haunted. I did not even believe in ghosts before my stay. My experience was the reason I googled. Seems it is famous for being haunted. I met Julia and a few of her friends.

11/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
117. ShopperLA D.
I have mixed feelings about this place. I'll be honest.

It is an elegant hotel, with great charm. However, everything in this hotel is HISTORIC. With that, I'm referring to cracked wall paint, dingy and outdated elevator, damaged bath tub, the wooden bathroom counter is chipped and cracked, and the carpet must be original.

My room has the loudest vent I have ever experienced. And at the very moment that I'm writing this review, my next door neighbor is having a conversation at noise level, in Korean which I can hear vividly.

In terms of noise, the I hear the traffic outside, the music from the bar across the street and the train when it comes by.

With all that said and done, my room is clean. Not sparkling clean, but clean enough. The staff has been nice.  

It's a great 3 star hotel, but most definitely not a 4 star hotel as advertised. I don't like the area it's located in either. Downtown San Jose is not the safest place or the most social. This place is 7 miles away from Santana Row which is the popular shopping district out here.

11/12/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
118. Theresia D.
I first want to thank all that have posted reviews before me, your words helped me to decide to even check the prices let alone book a reservation for me and the BF this past Sat.

When I got out of the car at the front door I dropped my jaw. No, in case you are asking, I've never been to a hotel like this to stay the night, LoL. I walk up and didn't even have to open the door myself. I walk through the doors and the front desk clerk greets me before I even got my 2nd step in the door. She checked me in within 5 mins and even gave me suggestions for eating dinner that night and a map of San Jose.

Now here was the part I was worried about. They only have valet parking which is $26 a night, but she informed me that I could park at the convention center for only $20 a night or there was a lot down the street (eeeekkkk, unattended though) and it was only $7. Well I took my car right over to the convention center and I scored big time, I parked right by the entrance/exit and parking was actually only $10. I knew it was secure because that is where The Sainte Claire and The Marriott park their valet cars.

So we walk back to the hotel, only 1/2 a block away, and head up to the room. This was a surprise for the BF so his face was lit with excitement every corner we turned, LoL. We get into the room and before I could get my bags down I see him jumping on the bed like a kid. The bathroom was so pretty with the mural on the ceiling and the bath/shower itself was so spacious. My favorite part was the soap was made of pure vegetables :)

I loved this place and the rate was even better for the weekend. Can't wait to go back. One night was just not enough.

23/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
119. Mary B.
Service is horrible. The food (sea bass and steak) was extremely dry an cold. The valet didn't know how to drive stick (porche) and kept grinding the daym clutch!!!!!How in the world does that happen! When I explained to the management the seem to not care at all. They are snakes!! I would never go here. Never planned in it anyway!

05/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
120. Mari R.
After reading about the purchase by Westin I decided to give it a try while attending a function downtown. Big mistake.
The lobby area is grand and elegant in an old hotel kind of way but the rooms are a disappointment.
We stayed in a "mini suite" , it was smaller than a regular room at a cheap hotel. No table and chairs, no microwave, no place to plug in your iPod etc. Rooms are old and outdated, bathrooms are small, cramped and dark. If you want a bathrobe in your room you must request it in advance. The beds are nothing special and I could hear clearly the conversations being held by the people in the adjoining rooms.
If you want a newspaper in the morning you have to get dressed and go down to the lobby in the am to get it and you'd better go VERY early, when I got down there they told me, "Oh, we have a lot of guests so there aren't any left"
I spoke with an employee who advised me they won't be redoing the hotel to Westin Standards till after June of 2013. Maybe we'll give them another try, but with the Marriot across the street and the Fairmont a few blocks away I don't think so.

10/11/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
121. A M.
Air Conditioner went out in the middle of the night, was woken up from the room being so hot. But being already set for bed and didn't want to make a big deal of it in the middle of the night. I decided to open the window and save the complaint for the morning. That morning I called the front desk and let them know right away. They immediately made me seem like I'm at fault for not calling them right away and there's nothing they can do. They said if they were aware of it they would of send a technician up, so I said send the technician up since I'm still in the room. Sure enough immediately the technician verified that the air conditioner was out. So at check out is where the front desk and manager failed to provide the proper customer service. As a consumer with a valid complaint and verified by the facility technician I am in tiled to my full refund. Even this being said and the name of the hotel and reputation on the line. They wouldn't help me, and in the end its all because I booked the stay through a third party hotel booking site! So is this mean the hotel is not getting paid?

14/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
122. Karen S.
This is a very beautiful hotel. Not your typical modern, commercial-like building but it has a nice old-hollywood feel to it.

02/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
123. Sarah P.
I would have given this hotel 5 stars, but it sorely missed on the most important element--a quite room.  I could hear every conversation and TV show from the neighboring rooms, making my stay rather uncomfortable.  This is my only gripe about my three-day stay.  Now for the compliments....

The location is great and the staff are wonderful.  If you like the look and feel of a historical building, you will also love the decor.  You can send the hotel a text to have valet fetch your car rather deal with the inconvenience of calling or giving them your ticket in person and waiting.  Room service is also delicious, much better than the bland fanfare at big chains like Westin, Marriott, and Hilton.  

Overall, if the noise issue were fixed, I would be a loyal returning customer, as I travel to the Bay Area quite often.

11/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
124. Victor L.
This place was where my fraternity brothers and I held a banquet.  The hotel itself does not have a parking lot which really burns my buns.  The closest parking lot is not too far...but it seems far, especially when you are holding a bunch of gifts.  

The hotel exterior looks grand, but the neon sign saying "The Sainte Claire" at the entrance looks really ghetto and tacky.  

The room where the banquet was held was a decent size.  There were 6-8 round tables that seat about 10 people.  The food that they served was from il fornaio.  It tasted of poor quality and lacked flavor.  But that is for another review.  

All in all, I had a pleasant experience.  Nothing to great, nothing terrible.

02/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
125. D C.
Stayed here on a Saturday after a night of shenanigans downtown SJ.
Pros: Cheap rooms.
Cons: Paper thin walls and parking -- $5.00 and hour! and they don't validate for the neighboring parking lots. I was really annoyed about the parking -- can you tell?

Gosh, this place needs renovation badly. Won't be back.

11/03/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
126. Nathan C.
This place is worth it for the historic charm.  If you go there soak it up.  If you want modern, avoid at all costs. The rooms really aren't that small but you can hear everything in the rooms around you.  The talk of it being haunted is totally believable if you are a light sleeper.  I was awoken by a woman singing an old-time German song my first night.  Freaked me out until I realized it was the person in the room next door's TV - which they left on all night.  

Also, I would almost take a star off for the parking, which is an expensive nightmare.

21/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
127. Nancy H.
Love the charming hotel and great dinner at El Fornio BUT, if you want to sleep the walls are paper thin. The guests innextroomcame in at 2am, 4 of the, and liudlttalked, smoked etc.

18/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
128. Shop G.
This review goes out to the best wedding/event coordinator! And don't take that lightly either because I have physically visited over 22 venues and been in contact with over 35 venues. Tamie is by far the best person I've had the pleasure of working with. If you want someone who is prompt, goes above to help you out, knows what she's doing, and has a personable demeanor, she is definitely your gal. The only reason I couldn't go with Sainte Claire is because all the churches were booked, with the exception of one date (of which conflicted with my photographer). Otherwise, this would've been the place! A must see hidden gem in San Jose! Ask for Tamie, you won't be disappointed.

09/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
129. Kristine F.
Considering the price, the hotel is ok.

When you first walk in to the lobby, one of two things will get your attention: the beautiful decor, or the overwhelming smell of sweaty balls. Either way - its definitely quite an impression.

The hotel is super old, so the rooms are really small, and the walls are super thin. Like, you can hear your neighbors arguing about the $26 valet all night, thin. Speaking of which, you have to valet, or walk a few blocks to a sketch public parking for 7 bucks cheaper.

Besides the teeny tiny bathroom, there were no mirrors in the room, which I found odd, so getting ready is a nightmare. Also totally weird - a full length mirror is located on the back of the bathroom door - which is inches away from the toilet. Obviously the person who decorated the room wanted you to be able to stare at yourself when you're sitting on the pot. But hey, some people are in to that, I guess?

Its in a great location and if you can look past the above mentioned things, Its not too bad.

11/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
130. Adam Z.
Nice place overall but it's old.  Walls are thin so you can hear everything going on next door.  No self parking on site so valet is the only option at $29 bucks a day(lame).

Service and staff were great! Room was small but clean and the bed was firm/new.

11/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
131. Jenni D.
Eh it's okay, but I wouldn't say it's worth the price compared to the other hotels nearby or any hotel I've stayed in. Time and time again the little things matter and leave a lasting impression - for example, their staff don't even help you with your luggage in and out of the hotel, which is quite strange for a "4-star hotel". And nope the staff present were not assisting other customers - it was the weekend after Thanksgiving, not very many people around, and I remember clearly that it was just me coming out through the doors with several bags.

29/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
132. Randi B.
This was a great hotel! My friend and I stayed two nights here and I think we would both definitely stay again.

The valet parking was super easy, check in and check out were hassle free. The hotel itself is really pretty and smells good.

Our room was very cute, the bathroom was a good size, the beds were comfy. Oh! And there was a DVD player, which worked out great for us because we were both too exhausted the second night to do anything, so we bought a movie and watched it.

Only complaints were there is no electrical outlet near the beds. I tend to charge my phone while I sleep, and like having my phone near me so I can easily answer it or turn off the alarm. I had to charge my phone on the desk on the other side of the room.

The bathroom door had a very old knob and it was kind of difficult to close, you had to wiggle the knob around a bunch of times to get it to catch.

Other than that, this place was great. Very conveniently located to everything we wanted to do, in walking distance of lots of restaurants and bars.

06/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
133. Elaine L.
~$103 on a Saturday night. Not bad. I went to a tri-birthday party at the Mosaic lounge connected to the sheraton a block or two away from the Sainte Claire, but it cost too much there since our group was trying to get two rooms. After all their hotel fees, the Sheraton was in the high ~$180s which was just too much for us to spend less than 8 hours at to crash.

The hotel looked a lot nicer than I expected and check in and out was a breeze. Yes, the rooms are a little cramped with the two beds but it wasn't a problem for us. The room was stuffy when we checked in but I adjusted the thermostat before I left so it was better when we came back from the party.

It's not a spotless hotel and seems a little outdated with their huge tvs but overall not too bad. I had lower standards for the place so this business exceeded my expectations.

03/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
134. Jenny P.
The Hotel was comfortable and neat. Everything we needed for our short stay in CA . The hotel staff behind the desk were always so friendly and helpful with booking tours, and recommendations of what to see and do. The hotel is located a little out of the way, not within walking distance to anything of interest, however the subway station was close enough and easy to use. Overall the experience was pleasant and the  buffet breakfast was a bonus

15/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
135. Russ C.
Contrary to several reviewers who claim that valet parking is the only option, we parked in the same garage the valets do for $9 less per day, and it was a whole 2 minute walk from the hotel.

Event-free check in. Room (King Superior) was simple but certainly served the purpose. Fridge included. Never turned on the large flat-screen TV. The clock radio did not include a dock for an MP3 player, nor did it include a cable for one. Odd in 2013.

The painting on the ceiling of the bathroom was worth the price of admission.

Room service for breakfast was very timely and very good.

We were here for a show at the Civic Auditorium, about 100 yards away. Saw no ghosts, but maybe one has to pay more for that. Absolutely would stay here again.

25/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
136. Garren R.
Beautiful. Relaxing. Quiet.  Comfortable.  These are not words I would use in my stay at this hotel.  I was really hoping to be amazed.  The lobby looks gorgeous so I figured the rooms would be just as nice.  Nope.  Far from reality.  Let's start with the bathroom.  I know it's an old historical hotel but paint chipping off the ceiling?!  My god!  The tub is huge and would of been nice to use... If it was clean!  There was a dark ring around the tub.  Let's move to the bed.  The most uncomfortable bed I've slept in.  It took forever to get comfortable.  They even give you six pillows, and I think they are the original pillows from when they opened.  After finally finding a spot where a spring is not jabbing my side, and a moving the pillows around to get myself situated to sleep at 430am.  "KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! HOUSEKEEPING! HOUSEKEEPING!" It's 8 am!  What the HOLY HELL ARE YOU DOING!  CHECK OUT IS AT NOON!  I could not get back to sleep even if I tried!  Then I noticed the curtains that block out the light for the room to get darker... Didn't close all the way.  I was so disappointed.  Now don't take this as a person going in with high standards.  I know it's an old hotel, but seriously... Step up your game!

11/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
137. Nicole W.
I was afraid after some of the reviews!

Make sure you get a room not facing the train line. I luckily did not and would have definitely asked for a change.
Rooms are cute, decor is amazing - ceiling fresco in the bathroom - woot!

Elevators are beyond tiny - but if you want/need a little exervise, after you get your bags to your room, take the stairs

Staff is ok. Not amazing for the type of hotel it is.
Valet is some weird combo of stuff that gets weird at checkout.

Rooms was definitely comfortable, although the bed was too squishy for me - i need hard as a rock! Luckily we were there for work and didn't get nearly the sleep we needed while prepping for our demo, so my back was fine!

Close to lost of dining options - woot!

07/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
138. Andrew S.
We had a wedding in August, and held it at the Sainte Claire Hotel.  It was a fantastic experience in every manner.  The wedding and reception were a blast, the recently renovated rooms were very comfortable, the staff was very friendly and accommodating, and the group rate for our out of town guests was the icing on the cake.  Everything was spectacular

My wife and I absolutely love the history of the place, and over all, the hotel is very comfortable, with a unique charm... and the decor of the lobby... just very elegant.  Great experience through and through.

25/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
139. Nicolette K.
I am super disappointed with the Saint Claire Hotel.  I left a pair of shoes in our room after checkout and realized a few days later.  I've called twice and left a message with a manager, but there has been no call back.  I knew it may be a long shot that I'd get my shoes returned, but I thought I'd at least get a call back!  Also, upon checking out I was given our bill, but when I was reviewing my bank account a few days later I noticed I was charged more.  When I called the front desk i was told it's standard practice to charge up to $50+/- to cover valet and other purchases.  They said depending on my bank I should be reimbursed within a week.  I've not run into this before and think it's odd I wasn't told this when I checked out.  With the lack of communication from the front desk and the management, I can't help but feel they have some unsavory business practices.

17/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
140. Sandra L.
Sincere staff.  They were truly nice and made one feel at home. Free Wi Fi. I called for room service and they made accommodations for us, made my son a plain cheese pizza since I expressed that my son only likes "plain" foods.  Well, they called back to ask if my son was allergic to oregano, because there was oregano in his pizza sauce. How kind and caring is that?

My only true complaint is that our room had a sticky rug. So I didn't feel comfortable being barefoot. Contrary to the rumors, it's not haunted.

Room service is only Il Fornaio.

16/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
141. Amanda B.
Was there visiting for 4th of July. Had their steak and wife had their sea bass. It was dry, cold, and disgusting just like their service. The rooms were horrible and smelled like cigaretts. When we asked to be moved to another room the manager was rude. When we called and spoke to DUSTIN, he was extremely defensive as adamant in helping is. I can't believe how STUPID and DISGRACEFUL these incompetent asses are! Never go here. It's my worth the money.
ST CLAIRE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

05/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
142. Cindy C.
What a beautiful hotel!  Read some of the past reviews and they must have been written by guests that stayed in the pre-renovated rooms. This hotel is in the process of converting to a Westin hotel so some floors/rooms are already renovated while others are in process.
The newly renovated rooms on the 6th floor are exemplary. They have the heavenly beds you would expect as well as all brand new furniture, carpet,  curtains. .. everything was new floor to ceiling. The best feature was the renovated bathroom - very spa-like and an amazing rain shower. They payed attention to detail on this renovation.
Service was excellent as well. .. little pricey,  but totally worth it. Ask for an already renovated room. .. you will love it!  :)

13/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
143. J M.
I stayed here after taking my teenage daughter and friends to a concert at HP Pavillion.  Clean, comfy, and super courteous staff.  The girls especially loved the valet service and doorman.  Will stay again.

15/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
144. Stephanie F.
This review is based solely on a tour we did of their facilities while considering this venue for our wedding ceremony & reception. Parking is valet only and they charge wedding guests for parking too which I did not want to do to my guests who were not staying overnight at the hotel. The hotel is nice and I did love the hallway leading to the ceremony atrium and ballroom. The atrium itself was nice & makes for a nice ceremony spot which opens up to the ballroom once the cocktail hour was over. One thing I did not like was that guests had to vacate the atrium after the ceremony for about 15 minutes while the room was flipped to accommodate the cocktail hour, and in those 15 minutes they were hosted in the nice but inconvenient back lobby. The ballroom itself has beautiful chandeliers which I loved but other than that the room fairly standard. I would not use the chairs that they provide in the ballroom so upgrading them would be an additional cost. Lastly, my fiancée noticed the carpet was very dirty and in need of a cleaning; the carpet is also red which is bright and not my favorite. Carpeting seems to be very common in ballrooms but wood looks SO much nicer! A plus was the two smaller meeting rooms they have upstairs which I would have used to host dinner for all of the kids at our wedding. The food at the restaurant and I'm sure the event food as well is delicious. Overall we decided not to book this venue based on the inconvenient cocktail hour, the fee for valet parking for wedding guests, & the lack of photo spots within and around the hotel. On a side note the wedding coordinators seemed very nice.

24/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
145. Jennifer A.
I live in an old Victorian home and want a hotel to be better than the home my husband and I have made. This hotel was ordinary. There was a slight musty smell as well. The restaurant however is wonderful as is the restaurant staff. I am gluten free and there are many GF options.

15/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
146. Colin D.
This hotel is great for two reasons: the main lobby looks amazing and it's reasonably priced--especially for San Jose. The rest of the hotel is OK, but not great. The rooms are on the small side, but clean and comfortable if a bit dated. It does appear that they've made a serious effort to make the rooms as modern as possible given the age of the building, but it's still not perfect.

The fitness center was surprisingly decent with 3 treadmills, an elliptical and some weights. It's as much as you'd expect in any hotel and was really appreciated when I realized I wasn't going to be able to sleep anymore at 6:30 in the morning.

The only real downside of this hotel is that there's no parking at the hotel except for their $29 per day valet parking. I was traveling on business, so that was fine, but if I was traveling for pleasure, it would have been a real letdown.

13/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
147. Chantell F.
I recently visited The Sainte Claire for a wedding, and I have to say it was amazing. The venue was gorgeous and it holds a certain charm, the food was good and the people that worked the event were professional and very helpful. I even ran into an issue where I asked the front desk for help and Brittany S was so helpful. She figured out what I needed before I even fully got to ask the question and was quick to come up with a solution. Thank you for the great service!

24/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
148. Jimbo P.
I was lucky enough to stay in one of the newly renovated rooms last night for my girlfriends birthday. My reservation was last minute but was given a great rate and the room was absolutely perfect.

   The king bed is huge and extremely comfortable with plenty of pillows, the sheets were so soft and the comforter was perfect.
      The TV was huge, and there were outlets everywhere, plenty of places to charge your phone or computer in your room.
    The shower was awesome, nice overhead shower head, the hand held nozzle was pretty amazing as well, and it's big enough for two people to comfortably use it. The bathroom is large, it's so much more than I expected.
Also the valet staff is excellent and Phil was a pleasure to interact with.

I can't wait to stay here again, definitely worth the money.

27/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
149. Philip N.
This is run like a low end mAcutally I have been better treated at some roadside shops than I was. I got stuck with a ridiculously high rate through Orbitz. Next time i will make sure I read the reviews but I was in a rush. The shower tub did not drain and it took a day for them to see to it. The management is curt, preoccupied and neglectful. It would have been ok at half the price but the rates are ridiculous. The room was not spic and span, the wallpaper was peeling, the mattress cover had a lump in it which was a tear it turned out. The furniture was not antique just decrepit. Really an unsatisfactory experience. The flat screen was plunked on top of the dresser rather than installed.
 It was my first visit to SaJjose and it was spoiled

10/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
150. Rachel W.
Our bellboy, Manny, went above and beyond for us tonight!! So grateful for great customer service...rare to find sometimes. Manny was awesome and very kind to my grandma.

It was expensive, and you HAVE to valet park, which is not included. But it was convenient to the airport.

There is an ATM machine in the building, and the room service food was quick and pretty yummy.

I liked the building itself, but I don't think I would stay there again.

03/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
151. Megan E.
When my husband and I were searching for the location to get married, Hotel Sainte Claire really wowed us.  Tamie Rowe is the wedding coordinator and you couldn't ask for a more professional, polite, kind, knowledgeable, and responsive person to help you through one of the biggest events of your life.  From the moment we met her, I already felt her genuine passion for her job and her friendly nature made the whole process feel easy and fun!  We LOVED the idea that we could get married in a beautiful atrium, have the cocktail hour in a gorgeous lounge, reception in a large ballroom with gorgeous chandeliers, and be able to spend the night in a lovely suite, ALL IN THE SAME PLACE!  What a convenience for you as the bride or groom and definitely for your guests who can pull up to the venue, enjoy valet parking, stay put during the duration of your celebration, and be able to leave with ease.  

Through the 8 months I spent planning with Tamie, she never gave me the impression that she wasn't on top of things.  She knew every detail I wanted, from every scattered or organized e-mail I sent her and never lost track of the changes along the way.  She is amazing!  She was always kind to myself and any family who attended throughout the process and always made us feel special and valued as a client.  She had all the answers to my questions and was always able to guide me with experienced suggestions.  Hotel Sainte Claire gives you  A LOT of bang for your buck.  For what they provide, it is very reasonably priced and there are no hidden fees, everything is extremely clear.

She pulled our wedding off without a hitch.  Tamie was there through the event to gently coordinate our moves and make sure we were where we were supposed to be.  All of our guests raved that the flow of our wedding was perfect and that they never felt any sort of lull.  I really feel so grateful to her for being a huge part of why our wedding was so wonderful.

The hotel staff is incredible.  One of my guests stated in regards to the service, "we never wanted anything", meaning they were always on top of their duties.  They were everywhere and yet not invasive!  What more could you ask for?  Everyone I saw greeted myself and my guests with a smile and definitely went above and beyond.  They are efficient, well calculated, and dressed to impress.  The food from Il Forniao will blow you away.  This will not be your typical wedding meal.  Excellent quality and unique tastes.  

When the event was over, they didn't rush us out of the ballroom.  They let us stay there talking with our guests for at least an hour after the official end time which was 12pm.  The hotel staff even boxes up all of your wedding items and gifts and delivered them to my room and the room my parents were staying in.  Couldn't have been easier.

Our GORGEOUS wedding pictures showcased the beautiful and unique charm of the hotels architecture.  Reflecting back on our day, I really couldn't have asked for more.  I HIGHLY recommend having your wedding at Hotel Sainte Claire!

07/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
152. John L.
It's a very old hotel, and it shows. The air conditioner in the room does not have a 'subtle' setting, meaning when it comes on it does so with a huge, loud blast (which would occur around 20 times a night, waking us up every time).  Had some truly terrible sleep there.  Valet parking for $30 a night seemed steep, and its not like there's alternative parking. Aside from that, the service was decent, but all in all I would say not worth the price.

07/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
153. Mariangeles C.
A little pricey but I would def stay here again.
I was confused at first of where to go for Valet..
Unfortunately, this hotel is on a corner so its a little tricky giving people
directions.. its on the corner of san marcos and some other street.. and it curves
and intersects.. its just not friendly for googlemaps and such ..
I had an Uber pick me up and the poor guy couldnt find me for the life of him..
but finally he did..

the service was immaculate though.. great staff , super helpful and friendly. The bed was really comfortable and the bathroom was really cute and comfy.

I would stay here again but I think It was a little pricey. My friends stayed at Motel 6 and paid about $70 less.

There was a big event going on though , which we were at , at the SAP center.. maybe thats why?

25/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
154. Jennae H.
What a great hotel! Myself and three others stayed here several days ago. The hotel itself is well maintained, the customer service is super friendly, and the rooms are clean and comfortable. Valet parking is $29, or you can use the public parking garage ($20 daily max). My friend used valet, she forgot her make-up bag in the car, she texted em', a guy retrieved her bag AND brought it up to her room. True story. Talk about going above and beyond! Also, the hotel has an Italian restaurant located inside (Il Fornaio), which is decently priced and tasty. I would definitely stay here again!

* When I Googled the hotel, it showed that it's HAUNTED?! Shenanigans!
* Upon entering the bathroom, I noticed a scale. Ugh! Get that thing outta there. Worrying about my weight is the last thing I wanna do when on vacation! ;)

25/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
155. Richard C.
I give this historic hotel only "one" star... Sorry.. Reasons: 1) too old, 2) carpets, bed sheets stink,3). Bathroom old equipment, 4).no gift shop to buy simple stuff.. Will never use it again

15/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
156. Aimee B.
One of my favorite hotels in San Jose. I love the personality of this old historical place. Not your boring convention hotel where it feels all cookie cutter. Nope, not here... From l the mail drop slots that run up the entire building to windows that actually open. Teakwood bathrooms with frescos on the ceiling and super comfy beds. It's in a great location walking distance to everything in downtown. Try and go during the holidays to see Christmas in the park right outside. The tech museum and the convention center just one block away. They only have valet and it's kinda slow but other than that I love this movie place.

15/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
157. T T.
Booked "superior king room" through third party site for a single, Sunday night stay. Got a  lousy room on 2nd floor by conference meeting rooms, public restrooms and with no privacy through the window. A/C didn't work and had to open windows to cool it down only to smell cigarette smoke from employee break area outside. The hallway smelled of old grease and smoke. There were no hand towels or wash cloths provided.  There was construction two floors up beginning at 9am we weren't informed of until check-in. The hotel wasn't that busy and I felt ripped paying over $200 for this room. All the other concert goers stayed across the street - so I can only assume they paid less. I won't stay here again.

18/11/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
158. Mark C.
Not a fan of this hotel. Rooms are small and bathrooms smell like urine. Good location.

04/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
159. Sara M.
Watch out! Before I even set foot in the lobby I was a victim of a reservation bait and switch. I ended up just canceling  my stay to avoid paying a big penalty it was very clear I should not have paid. Wasn't worth the trouble as the Marriott was most accommodating. It may be a fine hotel. Just be REAL clear on the specifics of your reservation before confirming.

16/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
160. Smorga M.
Here is what you need to know:

This is a historic hotel and therefore everything has that old"charm".

Rooms are small...very small.

Room Service is really nothing more than Il Forniao restaurant menu.  You cannot get a burger since it is an Italian menu.

Lacks many modern conveniences such as USB charging ports, new showers or tubs but maybe that's what you are looking for.

Valet is very expensive so you should park behind hotel on 2nd street for 7 bucks ... Much better deal.

26/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
161. Patricia L.
To update my review of the Saint Claire Hotel listed as "Disaster". After I returned home and reviewed my charges I called the hotel and had a lengthy conversation with the hotel manager "Dustin" which was not very pleasant and a message to the hotels General Manager "Tony Fernandez" which in fact has not called me back as of the date of this posting which has been 3 days now.... Dustin begrudgingly did apply a credit of $34.66 for the two rooms, and did remove the $5.00 charge for the water that had been used by the previous tenant and was never replaced before we occupied the room.
This whole experience could have been avoided if staff " Dustin" would have been proactive in his ability to handle the situation at the time of service in a professional and caring manner.

03/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
162. Cristin W.
I did not enjoy my stay at the Sainte Claire. I was in SJ for a conference and the Sainte Claire was conveniently located next to the convention center. It was a nice downtown location near the park and several restaurants. However, since we were located downtown and our room was on the main drag, we had to deal with the light rail train noise, sirens, and what sounded like a plane landing on our roof.  Not to mention the AC unit was so loud and would quick on and off every five minutes. It was so noisy that falling asleep was difficult. I definitely did not feel rested for my conference.

We also called room service at 6:50 am for coffee and they told us the kitchen opened at 7. Uh ok? Would not take our order....strange, how hospitable! Maybe just say the kitchen does not open until 7, I'd be happy to take your order but there may be a slight delay. I was really not impressed by this. The front desk also told us they would hold our bags at the front desk since we had to check out late. We were informed to leave our bags in our room so we did. After our conference not a soul knows where our bags are....interesting. Guess someone put them in the car...and no one knows how that happened. Good thing I had no valuables in my bags...Shake my head.

Overall, really not impressed with the hospitality or staff provided at this hotel. Huge room for improvement. The hotel room itself was nice, spacious, but just unfortunately ruined by the noise and crappy service.

17/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
163. Vanessa H.
My first venture staying in a dog-friendly hotel, with a dog, was here over Thanksgiving weekend. For a $75 fee, you can bring your furry friends to stay at the Sainte Claire! But be warned, there are not many places to easily walk a dog (especially on the hotel grounds) as you are still in the middle of Downtown San Jose. There are a couple of parks within a couple blocks, but you definitely need to leave the property for your dog to take care of its business.

Just a note: They are undergoing a remodel to become a Westin. I knew this from the booking site I went through, and at check-in the front desk was really great about communicating where and when the construction was taking place (on a different floor), and we never heard a thing.

The room was comfortable and simple. The Caesars Palace-esque ceiling art in the bathroom was a really nice touch...you walked in and it felt like the middle of the day!

On all the room basics -- climate control, noise, water pressure, smell, comfort of linens, cleanliness - the Sainte Claire was on the mark.

Parking in Downtown San Jose is a little tricky. The hotel will charge you $29/day for valet, or you can park yourself in the same Convention Center garage for $20. Just be aware that self-parking does not allow in-and-out privileges like valet does. There are other uncovered lots in the area, but many of them are pricey. We managed to find street parking for most of our stay.

Not a bad option, and very reasonably priced given the holiday weekend!

05/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
164. MegRyan G.
This is a nice place and affordable too. I love the old antique feel of the place and really enjoyed the shower. I slept like a baby, loved the pillows and bedding. The valet parking is expensive but you have to because there is no other parking around. Other than that it was a nice stay. Clean and good service.

07/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
165. Johnny W.
This review is long overdue, but I wanted to make sure everything had been sorted out before writing it. I stayed here mostly by accident, several months ago with other members of my non-profit, after going a little too hard the night before. Waking up in a strange, hot, humid room, with no recollection of how I got there, but at least recognizing the people in the other bed as my friends, I make my way into the restroom, then clamber back in to bed to try to get some sleep.

Imagine my horror upon opening my eyes several minutes later to check my phone, and noticing a bloated, red, pill-sized bug lethargically crawling away from my face. Add to that horror the explosion and pooling of blood after I applied some pressure to it with my phone, immediately realizing what I had just killed was an adult bed bug that had just fed.

So, like any sane person would do, I immediately got out of bed, and just sat around freaking out for a few minutes, wondering what to do. Eventually, I make my way downstairs to alert the front desk about what I discovered, and, to their credit, they handled the situation incredibly well. They send up the head of housekeeping to verify what I had found, have us vacate the rooms, and provided us with the option of tossing whatever we wanted into their dryers (as prolonged exposure to high heat will kill off all stages of bedbug life), while we wait in another room.

With only myself knowing the headache and stress associated with possibly bringing these pests home, I opted for that, while my friends decided to just go home. A shower and free meal later (since I had no clothes to go out with), I make my way home. About four months later (as it can take a few months to rule out any possible hitchhikers), I can say with some certainty that I'm in the clear, for now, be it because of these precautionary measure or otherwise.

So, while I personally won't stay in this hotel again, that's mostly because I live in SF, and there's really little reason for me to be staying in a hotel in the Bay Area to begin with. To the point of the bug problem, I'd much rather stay in a hotel that I know has protocols (both safety and customer satisfaction) for handling a situation, rather than one that doesn't have any experience with it at all.

29/12/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
166. Marco C.
This was our first time staying here. We have stayed at other hotels downtown so wanted to give this one a try. The customer service here is great! Everyone is friendly.
The hotel itself is very old. I feel like there is a difference between modern victorian style and just plain old. The walls are very thin so we heard everything from both the rooms next to us all night. The AC was very noisy and took long to actual get cold and the tub looked really dirty (a reglaze wouldnt hurt)
Overall, it was an okay stay and we got the room on a special, but we would not pay full price to come back.

01/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
167. Nick G.
Not a bad place to stay.  I've read that it's haunted but for the one day my girlfriend and I stayed, we ran into no problems.

We stayed on the 6th floor in a room that had a view of downtown.  This hotel even has a small workout room downstairs!

Love the "old" feel the hotel has.

Only thing was our blowdryer was broken!  Room is kind of small, but still nice.  Didn't want to pay $31 for the valet, so we paid $20 at the convention center.

12/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
168. Kari G.
This is a gorgeous historic institution in San Jose. I would have loved to have my wedding reception here. They have an amazing atrium that has a great old world feel to it. The ballroom is a little bit more generic, but still really pretty. I was especially in love with their lounge with its leather chairs, big fireplace, and exposed wood beams. It's a perfect man's place. They work with Il Forniao for the food, so you know that its good. Its a little pricey, but within reason. We ended up going with a different venue simply due to location, but this is a gorgeous hotel and I hope to return soon to stay the night.

07/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
169. Stephanie D.
I didn't stay at the hotel, I was a guest at an event in their ball room. I was seriously disappointed in the amenities and lack of service. The bartenders in both rooms were rude, they made great drinks and poured good shots but their attitudes brought down the fun mood that we all had.

The group which I was a part of had a medical incident and we were asked to leave.  Considering that this is a reputable hotel with a ton of competition, literally next door, I would have expected better service on all levels. I hope that the group I was a part of gets a refund of some sort for being asked to leave. I wouldn't come back here.

02/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
170. Christy C.
We stayed at the Sainte Claire hotel for a work function. They were easy to work with for our room block and catering and were very accommodating. The rooms are nice and clean, not necessarily the nicest hotel on the face of the planet, but very nice. I have nothing at all bad to say about the hotel.

The valet is a little tight up front, but no huge deal. If you are staying there, be sure to wander down to the San Pedro Market - it's great!

03/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
171. Frank C.
We attended a wedding reception here on Saturday and it was fantastic! The food, ambiance and service were Tremendous. The people who run the catering part of this establishment are real pros.

The location downtown is great. The building is very interesting and it has a charm that certainly gives you a feel for what it was like in the 1930's when it opened. This was a neat boutique hotel before there was such a thing.

The public rooms are very nice. The guest rooms are small and a bit dated and worn. Not surprising based on the age of the property. I understand that the hotel has been bought by Westin and is in the conversion process .

As for the hotel portion, I would only give it two stars. I would have given three stars based on the quality of the rich architecture etc, but it really needs new management to reach its potential.

They are running it like it is a low end chain and that needs to change. Hopefully it will with Westin.

The desk staff is helpful, but they need to improve the maid service, coffee service and the hours you can get into the restaurant.

06/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
172. Wilbur J.
I stay here regularly for business. Shop for good rates, which you can get when there is not a huge meeting. I'm a The Sainte Claire. Do not get consistent treatment; the Lounge is spacious and staff very nice, but the food options are only average.

08/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
173. Marcy N.
I enjoyed my stay at The Saint Claire. You get what you paid for & more! There's not much to complain.
The staff was friendly, not so much the housekeepers. They banged on the door about twice & it was 11:30 sorry!
The room is more than what I expected! It's a 4 & 1/2 stars to me.. I would rate it a 5 but it's too tiny & I didn't get robes :(
But the renovated shower is the best! & don't be such a winer.. The heater is not
loud.. It's ignorable. Same goes for the light rail & the people in the room next door.
I will say that I also woke up at 4 am to some noises that sounded like a luggage cart going down the hallway.. That type of thing doesn't scare me until I got the flash of cold air & I turn on my light & wasn't able to sleep for an hour because of the negative vibe. The next morning to find out that everyone else on yelp thinks it's haunted. Was not aware.

As for the little things.. iPhone speaker! Good quality & size tv! Outlets everywhere! Good carpet! Everything's new! Where's the lights? Or there it is! Good heater! Comfy beds! Next to everything! Why drive? Look Christmas trees across the street!

29/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
174. Richard A.
This place is very misleading. I booked this hotel through a website and it said it would cost 169 dollars for one night stay that's including my 7 lb pet. When I checked in they said it will be 246 + 75 for my dog. They also said it will be noisy from 9am to 5 pm due to construction which I can totally understand but they also said they will turn off the water at 11pm for the construction. In other words I will not be able to brush my teeth or shower when I needed to. Also the room looked nothing like it did on the website. It was small and had very bad light in it. It also smell like moisture was in the room. When I went to cancel my stay the lady at the front desk named leslie was not a big help at all. I asked her why it cost so much more then my original 169.00 she said I have to contact the website and ask. she also had a very terrible additud. She said she couldn't do anything about it and continued to do her own thing. She was more on paying attention to her computer then helping me out. I contacted the website and even they said I should have only been changed 169.00 firm because that's what their system says. So why did I get the other fees? The hotel said I will get a full refund yet one day later I still do not have my 321.00. I really hope that the hotel management can take this kind of situation a little bit more serious in the future. If they partner up with a website that has one price then they should commit to it and not add any other charges to it. They should also train their staff to be a little bit more considerate and courteous when a customer needs help.

08/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
175. Jimmy N.
What a diamond in the rough this place is. The hotel is a classic old corner building, with a simple "V" layout, and prices are insanely cheap for the area. You're across the street from the Marriott and the McEnery Convention center, so if you have something going on, this place is perfect.

The hotel staff was great and so were the rooms and furnishings. I was thoroughly satisfied with it.

One thing to note, no late check out is available, so be ready to be out by noon. If I were to be in SJ again for whatever reason, I'd definitely come back here.

18/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
176. Chuck S.
Crashed here for a few nights, at this Westin renovated historic hotel.  Feels very nice and classy for the most part, while at a price of $255 for two nights.  Oddly, my card statement shows a charge of $355 pending, even though the receipt only says $255. Curious.  *update: the correct charges were made, I'm guessing they do the extra $100 as a kind of security deposit?*

The shower is the best part of staying overnight here. While the beds are plush, and comforters are warm, it's really the new shower, with nice stone walls, the steel overhead with adjustable wand on the side, with excellent water pressure, and great heat temperature.  Not only that... all the toiletries are sourced fro L'Occitane en Provence!  Lovely fragrant body soap, excellent shampoos, conditioner, and lotion!  Simply divine.  I really wanted to linger in the shower for a long time, despite the desperate drought situation in our fair.... 'er, not so fair and retardedly operated state.

The hotel's restaurant is an Il Fornaio, for better or worst, but the place does have a classy decor.  

As for coming here to attend a friend's wedding, the Atrium room used for cocktail hour and the ballroom are quite fashionable and classy.  The hors d'oevres were mostlly very tasty, with my picks being the stuffed mussels, and the crostini's topped with olive tapenade being my favorites.  I assume all the food items were sourced by Il Fornaio across the way, as the breads and such seemed to be so.

Champagne, or really, sparkling wine was chilled, crisp, and constantly free flowing.  

All very doable, and satisfying.  

Parking situation sucks.  Better to be a guest that is flying in, than to stop here on a road trip... and be charged $31 a night for valet!  The other option is to park at a nearby lot.... Convention Center parking across the street offers the best deal for $20 for maximum charge/lost ticket.

17/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
177. John B.
Stayed here for a weekend while attending a seminar.

Great atmosphere.  Room was comfortable, though a little dated, it had charm.  My room was right on the street, but it still seemed quiet in spite of the local metro train.  The airport is also very close by so planes fly over regularly.

Was the cheapest rate for the area but they do charge $30/night for parking.  I had myself dropped off to avoid paying that.  Keep in mind that there is no free parking in the downtown area unless handicapped available.

The staff was friendly and courteous.

Would stay here again without any problem.

27/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
178. Heather P.
Stayed here for a conference. Loved the old style hotel with its cool architecture and classic feel. Love the new rain type shower heads. Room was nice and the bed and pillows super comfy. Definitely will stay here again!

18/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
179. Darron G.
Although mostly under renovation, this hotel is a gem. I was assigned to one of the renovated rooms and I was very pleased. The décor is elegant and feels as though you are in a boutique hotel. Extremely quiet as I never even heard another door close around me. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. The location is great too, since you are walking distance to great shopping and many restaurants. I would definitely recommend this hotel and when I return to San Jose, this will be my hotel, even though the Fairmont is just down the street.

23/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
180. Peter J.
Really pretty sweet!!  I enjoyed staying here, there was a great deal that I saw from the travel section of the Contra Costa Times, so, I called just to make sure, yes, that is correct. I was pleasantly surprised for the day of the week that the deal was.
I stayed here only for one night because the group I'm a member of had a couple events in the area, and I didn't want to drive back and forth both days.
I had a nice, relaxing stay here, and I also made use of the fitness center when I was there.
This is also in a very convenient location. I had a great stay here. Hope you have a great stay.

26/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
181. Sandy C.
Tamie was FABULOUS!!

We opted for the "Day-Of" package for our wedding and that was the best decision we could have made.  She directly dealt with all vendors and our special day was flawless.

The venue itself is gorgeous and has a 'boutique' feel with beautiful woodworks and warm textured wallpaper.  Our honeymoon suite was amazing, topped off with a sunken tub that's surrounded by lit candles.  And of course, the staff is definitely worth mentioning.  I can't thank them enough for everything.  From valet to catering, everyone was so attentive and made sure our party was their number one priority.  
All our family and friends had an amazing time.  The ceremony, cocktail and reception were all in one location, which made it easy for everyone.  The open bar was a hit and people couldn't stop talking about the delicious horderves!

Tamie was very helpful from the moment I inquired about the hotel until the very end of our wedding.  She was responsive, carefully listened to our vision from day one and was the ultimate ninja (coordinator) on our wedding day.  She kept us all on time and made sure my husband and I were her first priority all night.  I can't thank her enough and I highly recommend picking Sainte Claire Hotel for your next special event.  

I'd give it 10 stars if I could... A big High 5 to Tamie and the crew at Sainte Claire Hotel in San Jose!!

02/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
182. Janelle S.
Stayed here for a wedding back in early March and the experience was mediocre being that we only stayed one night and didn't get to try any of the amenities.

They offer a valet service for $30 or you can choose to park in the Convention Center/Public Parking lot for a flat rate of $20. (It's the same garage St. Claire uses for the valet for $10 more!)

The hotel is in a decent area for walking around, trying local eateries or restaurants, like Original Joe's.

We got to stay in a newly renovated room and the decor was very modern. Loved the dual head shower and the tile work in the bathroom. Front desk was friendly and informative. Probably be back to try the Italian restaurant in the near future.

04/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0