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Company Info:

Rating: 1.98

Address: 1350 N 1st St, San Jose, CA, 95112

    Address: 3031 Tisch Way, San Jose, CA, 95128

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      Comments (61):

      1. Ryan A.
      It takes me a lot to get angry about most situations and this place managed it. I am staying for 16 days in this hotel and I want to check out early. From the check in the receptionist was text messaging and didnt great me. Then she proceeded to tell me just a second and walkied a guy to answer a call. Then someone else came out and checked me in. I went into the room and where the toilettries were placed there was a placard of what should be in the room and all I have been given since checking in 10 days ago. I then tried to use the wifi because normally "nice" hotels offer free wifi to paying guests, but it costs $9.95 a day. So i purchased a connection so I could do some work. Then a few days later I needed to process payroll from the Hotel for my business and I purchased another connection and on my end it was showing full connectivity but I was unable to view any webpages. So i called the at&t tech line and she trouble shot it with me and was  quite pleasent. She told me that part of the network was down but she could call and have the frontdesk bring me a bridge connector to pick up on the signal further away from my room. I thanked her and hung up and about 5 minutes later the desk calls and tells me I have to go down to the lobby and sign for it even though I was told it would be brought up. So I thought ok if I have to sign I guess ill just go. When I get to the desk the man puts it on the counter and says here. I asked is that all? He replied yes just make sure to return it or we will charge you $50 to replace it. So he lied to me and there was no signature required and because of their bad network connection I am threatened with a replacement fee. I go back to my room and plug it in and get the connection up and running and it still doesnt work. I call the tech people again and they say it wasnt even an issue that required the bridge and he thinks I wont be able to connect regardless. So I then have to take the bridge back down to "check it back in." I had to process payroll late the next day and no one will get their money on time now. At this point I knew the hotel sucked but i was able to just let it slide. So last night I get back after a long day of work and I dont feel like going out to eat yet another night so I was going to order room service, but to my suprise the hotel also doesnt supply a room service menu in the rooms for guests to review. So i dial room service and it rings for about a minute with no answer so i try again and it rings again for another minute with no answer. So I call the front and ask Will if he can get the room service guy and he tries to transfer me using the same button I had already dialed. It rings so long that Will picks back up and tries to transfer me again with the same result so i hang up. I call the front desk again and say hey Will dont worry its just me AGAIN trying to order room service and he says ok im sorry i just spoke with the guy and he is ready to take your call. So he transfer me again and he finally picks up and I tell him yes I was wondering what I could order because your rooms are not equipped with a room service menu. Instead of servicing me and telling me what they have he says Ill send one up to your room and hangs up. So now I have to wait even longer to have a menu brought to me then I have to choose what I would like and then try and get a hold of him again. It takes the girl 30 minutes to bring me a menu and at this point I decided to starve because i was so angry. So i went to the gym hungry and had no dinner so i could work off the stress of staying at the worst hotel in San Jose.

      12/12/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      2. Eileen L.
      Came here yesterday before MEPS . This hotel is pretty nice .They have Wolfgang Puck coffee in the rooms for you . They also have TruBlu Spa shampoo , conditioner , body soap , and facial soap for you which is actually of pretty good quality . I thought it was kind of nice how they provide you with shower rugs for you to step on when you shower . It definitely beats just standing on the tub floor . The beds were okay .. but since I like softer matresses , I felt like the matresses were a little too hard . I thought it was kind of weird how they had 4 pillows and one long cylinder pillow thing on each bed . I mean .. what are you supposed to do with all that , right ? The TV was alright and had an okay amount of channels . They also have an alarm-radio thing for you in your room . You can listen to the radio , set your alarm , or even plug in your ipod and play music out of it . The sound quality is pretty good btw . Only problem I found was that one of the lights didn't work . Also , I found it really inconveinent that they didn't have toothbrushes or toothpaste in the rooms . Overall , experience was kind of interesting . Decent hotel , but there's definitely some better ones out there .

      19/08/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      3. katie m.
      Parking sucks here.  Their valet is underground and it's 20 stinkin' bucks... I mean, this isn't NY, LA, SF, or Hawaii. It's San Jose!! The self park is only a couple of bucks less and a hike away. Self parking isn't worth it. The hotel front desk let an acquaintance of ours check into our room even though his name wasn't on the room. The acquaintance of ours put people other than ourselves into the room which created confusion. I can't believe a hotel would allow someone whose name is not on the room check in! This place is in a good location, but nothing to write home about.  It's clean and you can walk to restaurants... but I wouldn't pay top dollar for this place.

      06/01/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      4. Marevie T.
      I performed for a Vstyles performance here and the ballroom was alright. I liked it because it was more of a homey feeling, missing two stars because the parking out back isn't so pleasant and the decor is a bit... hmmm... needs an update. Overall, good hotel!

      24/09/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      5. Aaron S.
      I used the hotel for one night for an early morning flight to San Jose Airport as they offer a complimentary shuttle. The lady who checked me in was the Assistant Manager she was very rude and had an attitude. She would not allow me to check in as I am a few months shy of turning 21. I was dropped off at the hotel and had no ride she told me I would have to walk to the other hotels in the area. This was at 10 30 pm and not in a great neighborhood. My dad turned around and signed for me to get the room. It was obvious that she was not happy that I had some one co sign for the room with me. When I got to the room i immediately noticed it was in severe lack of maintenance. There were black streaks ac cross the wall pieces of wall paper tearing and peeling off the wall. In the bottom of the bathroom door jam there was mold growing. There was some sort of mold or mill dew in the window seal. The alarm clock was not set correctly and was un able to set it correctly. Even the shuttle driver was not friendly. I have written corporate and the GM of the hotel should be contacting soon. I wouldn't use this place anything except for just getting a couple hours of sleep for an early am flight.  If you want to use free wi-fi I was able to connect to another nearby hotel were i was able to use there wi-fi.

      15/02/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      6. Diana W.
      This place was better than expected.  We had a huge room though the beds were really small.  They only had doubles which kind of sucked.  Otherwise our experience was pretty good. We even got free breakfast in the morning. Staff was courteous and nice.

      29/12/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      7. Jay J.
      Trust me, I would not write a negative review if it weren't truly horrible.  Any hotel with popcorn ceilings, tube televisions, and Mary K conventions should be a huge red flag!  This place had it all, including Herbalife weirdos and get rich quick real estate seminars.  The most frustrating thing of my entire stay was calling the front desk.  Whether it be to arrange a wake-up call or to get a new key (my key stopped working twice in four days) you are immediately put on hold.  Every time!  Then you waited...and waited.......and waited.  Every time!  The rooms are clean, but extremely dated.  Customer service was horrible and I would never stay here again.  I've never had a worse experience at any hotel....or motel for that matter.

      23/05/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      8. Jack S.
      This is pretty horrific.  I am only giving it one star because it is a Wyndham, and I expect more than the 2-star that it (barely) is.  The only reason that it is 2-star is because there are some in-room upgrades like a Herman Miller-style chair, etc.

      22/02/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      9. Andrew S.
      This place is truly pathetic.  I have stayed at Wyndhams before and have been pleased, for the most part, however, this place is definitely an exception.  Recently  I stayed there and requested foam pillows.  After several hours had passed and I still hadn't received them, I had to go down to the front desk.  The front desk clerk had to search for someone who spoke the same language as the housekeeping department (not English).  I never received the foam pillows.  The ByRequest program is a joke here.. I don't believe they have it at this location.  The rooms are dingy, stained carpets.  For around the same price you can stay at the Hyatt or Marriott which is a lot nicer than this place.

      02/01/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      10. Rebecca H.
      I booked the hotel at hotels for my sister and her two young children. I called to make sure they would get a non-smoking room with two beds. The receptionist said they weren't busy so it shouldn't be a problem, but declined to take the reservation name to make sure. The lobby and grounds are well maintained. My sister was placed on the 2nd floor, overlooking the pool. We were told pool hours were 10am-10pm, and there is a sign posted that states the same. My sister was up at 10:30 pm, listening to teenagers screaming in the pool. She called downstairs and was told it closed at 11:00 pm, just be patient. She demanded her room be changed, as her two children weren't sleeping either. They moved her to the other side of the 2nd floor, overlooking a very noisy parking lot full of yelling drunk hotel guests. None of them got any sleep. I offered to change her hotel, but she decided to speak to management. She told them she had a long flight the next day, as they were heading to Europe, and she had two very grumpy children to take to an afternoon wedding that day, and she was exhausted. They put her on the 9th floor, which can only be accessed with a special card. It was quiet and the room was nice. I think the rooms were remodeled from past reviews, because although there were some stains and other signs of wear, the fabrics were bright and modern, and overall looked nice. The pool area is a bit worn down; all the chairs have rust marks. I had to ask for towels to be brought out, as you can't bring your room towels down and there were no pool towels in the box for them in the work out room, but that was done quickly.  

      Because it was one of the cheapest places we could find that didn't look like a crack den, we booked rooms for people coming to our wedding and I stayed there the night before.  I got a suite for myself and my sister, as I wanted somewhere to put the wedding dress, and the suite is basically a larger regular room.  We did have room to get hair and makeup done for all the bridesmaids at once.  Nobody complained about their stay, so I guess it was okay.   It was sort of rude that they wouldn't give a group discount because I was only getting 8 rooms, instead of 10, but it was still pretty cheap.  I would only stay there if I was budget conscious; if you have money go somewhere else.

      If you choose to stay at this hotel I would highly recommend you make sure you get a floor fairly high up, and if it's warm and people will be using the pool, make sure it isn't overlooking the pool because they don't enforce the hours and are not interested in quieting very noisy guests.  It's right on the light rail so it makes carless transport easy. However, I think management has a long way to go in making it a great hotel. Be ready to speak with management if your stay isn't going well.

      22/06/07 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      11. Jay S.
      Extremely horrible hotel experience. We checked in late on a Friday (everything seemed nice and normal in the lobby and staff was very helpful and nice).  All downhill from there: starting with the scary elevator with a sign that reads: "watch your step" because the doors open before the elevator actually reaches the floor.  Hallways leading to our room reeked of marijuana and alcohol.  A lot of guests seemed drunk and we felt unsafe around them.  Rooms were dirty, complete with garbage hidden in the lights in the bathroom.  Carpet was dirty, phones were dirty - everything felt dirty.  The only great thing: when I called to ask to be refunded and that I was leaving for another hotel that night, they refunded me without hesitation and did not charge me for canceling after already checking in (probably because they knew how terrible it was).

      08/08/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      12. Merlot Z.
      We stayed here Saturday September 24th. I read all the reviews after booking on price line with the name your own price feature.  I went in expecting the worst! When we checked in which was in the late evening, we found out the hard way that their was Spanish radio station hosting an event with a whole bunch of bands from Mexico, so right away there was no parking. I got out of the car registered and they gave me an itty bitty peice of paper the size of a fortune cookie fortune that said "PARKING PASS". So we left went out to dinner and returned  for the night. The room was small but to our liking cause it was only for one night and for my fiancee and I. I liked the decor. The restroom was clean. But there was no privacy. The restroom had a really nice slider,but it was not sound proof and the fan was broken. The room is clean and the bed and pillows were comfy. Didn't hear the big band party 6 floors under which was great, but what we did here at 6:45 in the morning on Sunday were protestors with megaphones and that was not ok.

      30/09/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      13. marian c.
      This is a review of the a banquet  only. The ticket costs 25.00. This is what ya get.  The parking was OK this time but it can be bad because I have had banquets here before and know it can be bad.  Now to the food and service. The beef was pretty generous  considering it was drowning in gravy. I liked the potato halves they were seasoned nicely.  Those silly short cut  pre-peeled carrots  seemed cheap.  Broccoli, salad, rolls, coffee and a cute tart  completed  the food.  The service was very good and the tables were fixed nice.  Anyone thinking of having a banquet  I hope this helps.

      07/05/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      14. Jim A.
      Room small.  Wall paper is peeling.  Carpet between sleeping area and bath room is frayed and separating.  Light switch as I entered the room didn't work.  Had to call the front desk and get a lamp replaced.  Clock is set one hour off the correct time.  All of this shows that management is careless at the hotel.  I also noticed numerous stains in the carpets in the halls.  The staff are friendly and courteous but it looks like maintenance isn't very good. The room is clean.  I was warned the room was small but not shabby.   I've stayed in low end motels that have nicer rooms.    Based on my experience, I would not stay at a Wyndham property again.

      02/03/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      15. Polly F.
      I, like so many before me, stayed here the night before a long day at MEPS. It was completely free for me, but I would pay to stay here if ever a traveler happening by San Jose.

      We got a free dinner and breakfast for (almost) being in the armed services, which consisted of some haphazardly prepared Chinese food and run of the mill eggs-bacon-toast breakfast, with pork sausages, fruit, and cereal available as well. The food wasn't gourmet but it was quite satisfactory.

      A slight downer is that room service ends at 10 and it costs money to have a pitcher of water sent to your room. The gift shop closes at 10:30 and sells rather exorbitantly priced refreshments (3 dollars for a Dasani water, 2 bucks for Minute Maid cranberry apple...), but is convenient none the less. Vending machines are nearby for 24 hour beverage availability. There is a liquor store just a few steps away from the entrance, though I'm not sure how prices or hours of operation compare.

      Rooms do not have a fridge. Beds are nice, with lots of pillows ( i cannot complain about this because I believe one's head can never be perched on too many pillows).

      I figure if I were an out of towner staying here for the night, I wouldn't be enthralled but I wouldn't be disappointed either.

      Limited channel selection but had all my faves (USA network, HBO, tnt, tbs).

      15/07/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      16. Gary O.
      This was an okay hotel for the location and price. About $ 92.00 a night. I stayed there for a week. The front desk is friendly.  Unfortunately they are going through what I consider a major remodel so the pool and outside patio were unavailable. The breakfast Buffett is actually pretty good. The nice thing about this place is that the rail system is across the street so you don't need a taxi for anything. The area is questionable so I would consider walking in a group or walking in daylight. Not a bad hotel.

      28/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      17. Cristina I.
      This is strictly reviewing the banquet facilities and staff... SUCKS!

      Was here for a huge wedding. As expected, some of the namecards can get lost, people!

      Let's just say they refused to serve people and argued with several guests about being served... even though CLEARLY not all guests showed up so they should have enough food...

      AND forget asking for the banquet manager. He will tell you the same thing... they don't know what to do if you... mmm... misplace your name card. He wants you to whip out a new one from the computer and printer you brought with you... hmmm...

      After taking a few deep yoga breaths and counting to 10, we were able to reason with him and we were finally served.

      I guess that is the whole scheme... starve the guests so the food tastes better. It didn't work.

      20/10/07 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      18. Deb N.
      Attend a country western and west coast swing dance event in September, Labor Day weekend, it is a small hotel.  Convention rate is $85.  We take over the whole place, all the ballrooms upstairs and downstairs.  Upstairs the bathrooms are close to the ballroom.  

      Eateries in the hotel, the bar and Pacific Cafe.  We normally order at the cafe then pick up the food then eat it in the ballroom, service is slow for take out and dining in, so we call it in from our cell phones.  Eateries are walking distance but pricey, Moroccan, Chinese and Japanese, if you have a car, there are more eateries down 1st., downtown and Japantown is pretty close.    

      Rooms are small and walls and front doors are thin.  You can hear your neighbors and the people in the hall.  Sleeping rooms are small.  A nice feature they do offer is watching the dance competitions that are in the main ballroom on the room's TV.  

      Staff seems to be a miss at the front desk and the restaurant, not helpful or lazy or don't care.   Convenient off of Hwy 101 and free parking.

      11/08/06 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      19. Kate L.
      Stayed here for a dance convention.  Comfy rooms, good food, very friendly staff.  I return every year and was glad to see the upgrades this year.  Not super, but pretty darned good all around.

      17/10/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      20. Brian A.
      I always wanted to try this place out since it was called The Le Baron Hotel long ago. I used to attend the many little baseball card shows that were put on here. So, when I found a great rate, I jumped on it.

      Unfortunately, the list of things that this place could do better is fairly long. We didn't complain at all because we just didn't want to expend the energy into it since we were on our Christmas vacation visiting relatives, driving all over, and shopping. We actually got this great rate via Hotels.com . We stay in this area because it is close to my Grandfather's house and is convenient for us when we visit.

      The room we stayed in was on the fourth floor and overlooked the entrance. It was pretty quite the whole time we stayed there even with facing the airport, light rail, the main entrance, and a party on New Years Eve going on. The room looked fairly updated and clean.There is no free internet like the website we booked from said, which is a big negative for me. I think it was $10 a day to access the internet. Also, we asked for a non-smoking room, but was given one smoking one upon check-in. One of the bigger things I would say is that they have "soft" water. So, it was difficult to wash the soap off of our skin when we washed our hands or took a shower. They only gave us a partial on the free soaps, we had to ask for conditioner and they only left us one shampoo each day, sans conditioner. They also removed the refrigerators. That, I guess I can understand since they zap a lot of energy and it wasn't a big deal since we were close to Grandpa's and it was also cold out.

      The towels were also kind of rough feeling, but you can't expect plush towels for what we paid. What was also kind of weird was that we received different sizes of towels each time. Not a bit thing to me, but the girlfriend definitely noticed. It was also pretty empty when we went so it felt we almost had the entire place to ourselves. As a result, parking was plentiful. We never tried the continental breakfast since we were always on the go.

      Overall, I would rather book a room at the Clarion right behind it in the future.

      04/01/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      21. Henry Y.
      Our company holiday party has been held here the last few years. This place makes me want to quit my job.

      12/12/07 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      22. Dan V.
      Have to agree with many reviews. First impression is that u r staying at a lower end hotel. Very small bathroom area. Everything is outdated. The room is ok only, they tried to modernize but it's a bandaid fix. No free internet. I would look elsewhere.

      22/05/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      23. Dana K.
      I've stayed here two times in the last year and a half. Once before the rooms were renovated, once after. Even with the more appealing renovated rooms, I wouldn't stay here ever again.

      With that said, this review will be long..

      My boyfriend was visiting from the East Coast, so finding a nice room for us to enjoy for the week was extremely important. Remembering my first stay here (which wasn't amazing but I didn't have any problems either) and seeing the prepaid rate was almost half off, plus the renovated  rooms, I was pretty much sold on this hotel.

      Checking in was easy and I made sure to ask for a new renovated room. Parking is free, which is always a plus. Except in this situation, that hardly made up for all the issues we had during our stay.

      First getting into our room, it was way too warm in there. So we turn the air conditioner on and leave for the evening, hoping to return to a cool room. When we got back, it was hotter than before. Needless to say, the suggestion the front desk had to fix our air conditioner, didn't work.

      Next morning I let the front desk know AGAIN our a.c. doesn't work. She said they will send someone up there to fix it while we go to eat breakfast. I told her we're leaving for the day and when we get back we'd like to move rooms anyway.

      After breakfast, we get back to our room and see our a.c. torn apart and FROZEN! I thought it was supposed to be fixed already? So we get dressed, pack our things and call the front desk to move rooms right away. They tell me they can't move our room until 3pm. It was 2:45. You're seriously going to make me wait 15 minutes?

      I've worked front desk at a hotel for over 2 years and couldn't understand why they weren't accommodating us, that is THEIR JOB! I ask him WHY can't he move our rooms now because we've dealt with this problem for 2 days already. He tells me because they don't know which rooms are clean yet. Again, knowing how hotels work, you front desk agents can call housekeeping via walky-talky to expedite our room move, that is if you cared about your guests.

      We leave, come back and move rooms. Ahh yes the A.C. definitely works in this room! So we are happy campers until a day later we find water pouring from our ceiling right above the bathroom sink, all the way down the wall, all over the counter/sink and onto the floor. When I say POURING, I mean like a faucet. This wasn't just a little bit of water. I was completely grossed out because I'm assuming this is probably toilet water and it was all over my tooth brush. :(

      I let the front desk know, they immediately sent up the maintenance man. He looks at it and says "I'll be RIGHT back to fix and clean this for you." We were in our room for another 1.5 hours getting ready to leave and he never came back. So I let the front desk know again before we leave, that they can come in the fix the problem but we'd like to move rooms again when we come back.

      I made sure to baby the front desk people and take time to call them while we were gone to remind them about the issue and make sure we can switch rooms when we get back. I saw a huge convention checking in and wanted to make sure we were a priority to get a new room. The first person I talk to had no idea who I was and what I was talking about. I was then put on hold for 15 minutes and got a new person who I had to explain my story to again. They still didn't have any answers for me. All I wanted to know is if we were able to move rooms when we get back. They asked for my number to call me back and I told them never mind, we were on our way back in 30 minutes.

      I was furious, so I had my boyfriend deal with the front desk to get our new room. That was on Thursday and we had checked in that Sunday and were checking out that coming Sunday. So we only had 3 days with out any maintenance issues with our room and 3 days with out having to deal with their horrible customer service. Not to mention packing and unpacking your things and moving them is really annoying. Not once did I hear an "I'm sorry" or "I apologize"

      Cliff Notes:

      Customer service:  HORRIBLE!

      "Renovated" rooms: HORRIBLE!

      Price: Decent but I could find a better room for prepaying 3 months in advance like we did here.

      I am giving half star to the front desk lady who gave us one free breakfast coupon for our a.c. inconvenience the first night.

      And another half star for whoever cooked those breakfast potatoes. They were hella good! :)

      HOWEVER, I will NEVER be staying here in the future.

      19/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      24. Adriana P.
      Great service. Hotel staff was very nice. Stayed in a newly renovated room. Breakfast was very good. Close to downtown San Jose.

      09/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      25. Tom K.
      Rundown but near metro and airport. I must say I was disappointed. Thankfully, just in overnight for business and out the next day. Unless the reviews get better, I probably won't stay here again unless I must.

      07/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      26. jack p.
      HOLY CRAP.

      Worst place EVER.  

      This makes the top of my "places I wish would go bankrupt" list.

      Walk into hotel room -- 1 of 3 lights work.  Sole working light takes a 45 seconds of "jiggling" to get going.  

      A/C and fan do not work.  Entire time spent in room, room is horribly stuffy.  Of course window does not open

      Emory board, Q-tip and cotton balls are provided, but no toothpaste.  Needless to say I needed not the Emory board, Q-tip or the cotton balls.

      Staff is: grumpy, disorganized, and generally "a waste of skin."

      I want to describe my awful experience here in agonizing detail, but were I to relive it, even if only mentally, I might wind up suicidal.

      Stay anywhere other than the Wyndham.

      15/03/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      27. B R.
      A very good deal for the price. Service and room and breakfast very good

      30/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      28. Rachel H.
      I thought that Wyndham Hotels were supposed to be 4 star hotels so when Bob's company booked rooms there for his convention, I thought it would be nice to go along and relax.  NOT. This hotel was SO very, very, very average. The room was small, the bed was just okay, the pillows were lumpy.  I called to ask for another pillow and they said, "Feather?" and brought up one slightly less lumpy, so do ask for a feather pillow if you stay there.
      There was only one bar of soap for the sink, so if you wanted one for the shower too, you had to ask for another. There was a sliding glass door on the bathroom which also enclosed the sink area - no door between sink area and toilet area.
      The shower was fine, lots of very hot water, pressure was fine.
      I did have a grilled veggie sandwich in their restaurant that was pretty good, and I thought the service was fine but there were only 2 other tables occupied at the time.
      The "security" door on the side of the hotel was broken so that it did not lock, so anyone could slip in without a room key.
      No mini-bar (I guess I thought I was in Vegas!), but there was a coffee maker that we didn't use.
      The room was quiet enough, and the A/C worked fine.  It was always loud in the lobby, with children running and playing on the curved staircase.
      It was all very disappointing, and I hope to never darken their doorway again.

      17/10/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      29. Joseph D.
      My gf and I stayed here when we first moved to the area while we searched for an apartment.  It was okay but you can definitely find better places for cheaper in the area.

      I Pricelined a 3 1/2 star hotel for $65/night in the San Jose area and this is what it gave us.  

      -Location (close to several major highways)
      -Decent sized rooms but small bathrooms
      -nice lobby area
      -good/convenient layout of hotel
      - a lot of parking and it's free

      -Rooms need updating especially bathrooms
      -Small/awkward bathrooms
      -No mini-fridge
      -One of the main things I didn't like about this hotel was there was no free WiFi.  When you just move to a new area and are looking for places to live internet is essential and charging $10/day for slow internet is somewhat tacky.
      -surrounding area is somewhat dumpy

      I stayed here for a couple days and then Pricelined another 3 star hotel for $45/night in the San Jose area and got a Holiday Inn right down the street that was a lot better value imo.

      24/08/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      30. Mark C.
      I'm staying here for a third night as it was on the list of preferred hotels my company requires us to use for business travel, but I'll avoid choosing this hotel in the future for business or pleasure.

      It's a nice looking hotel from the outside, the lobby is large and well appointed,  and it's convenient to the airport and to the meetings i had to attend but...

      1. The television in my room didn't work. Apparently this was due to a bum connection in the wiring in the wall. Consequently, the only thing they could do about it was to move me to a different room - as I don't use the TV much when traveling and only figured out it wasn't working the 2nd night of my stay, I turned down the offer. I had pretty much settled into the space by then and it was too much trouble to move. Though, I would think that a hotel charging this much would make sure everything works all the time.
      2. The bathtub hardly drained at all. By the end of my shower, I had 4 inches of water in the tub. After I got our there it took a good 15 minutes to drain. I nearly slipped and fell because there is no non-skid in the bottom of the tub and the soapy water made it doubly treacherous.
      3. The the "high speed" wi-fi is not high speed at all. And they want $9.95 a day to use it. Thank goodness that it came complimentary with my corporate discount.
      4. The desk and chair provided for business travelers are atrocious. The desk is too high, the drawer has a big metal handle that sticks out at just the right level to catch you in the rib any time you try to turn in the horribly uncomfortable chair, and look as hard as I might, I could never find a switch for the lamp mounted on the wall next to the desk so I wound up working by the light of my laptop in the evening.

      Bottom line: it sucked.

      30/03/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      31. Rob H.
      This was a nice hotel at one point in time.  Lately, however their quality has dropped significantly.  I've stayed there three times on business in the last year.  Generally speaking, everything is in terrible condition.  They "remodeled" some rooms, but don't expect that to mean everything is good. Problems I have seen (# of times):  drywall fallen away in bathrooms (2), carpet worn all the way through and filled with debris (1), seriously lumpy old pillows (2), terrible bathroom faucet with worn out finish and loose (3), questionable electric outlets (2), a "hole" to the outside world by the AC unit (1), broken door lock (1), unfriendly staff (1) and a dangerous elevator (3). The elevator is funny, because it's been that way for at least 5 years, and just recently they put up the "watch your step" sign.  It's comical at this point, because fixing the elevator would certainly make a lot more sense.
      There are at least 3 nearby hotels that are nicer, cleaner and in working conditions for the same money.  Do yourself a favor and stay away unless they can GUARANTEE that you get in a remodeled room.

      22/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      32. Jane Y.
      No hairdryer. Only bathroom light illuminates both toilet /bath AND vanity area, so if you need to leave a light on at night half your room is illuminated. Friendly staff! Would stay again in a pinch but not for more than 1 night.

      31/08/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      33. Camille G.
      I had a horrible stay here, very very frustrating.

      First off, they charge 9.95$ a day for wireless internet. They offer complimentary wifi in the lobby, but it runs so slow that it wouldn't even load the Apple website. I bought the new ipod itouch and had to go to a friend's house to do the initial setup.

      The rooms are old, carpet made my feet itchy, etc, but they have a comfortable bed, a TV, a desk, the basics. The vanity area is also your coffee area, so it's cramped. There was black mold on the white tile in the bathroom.

      The first night I was woken up at 2am by loud, drunk people from a wedding that was being held there. Then at 3am, the alarm clock went off. I guess they don't check the alarm after people check out. I had to turn on the light to see where the off button was. My room didn't have a Do Not Disturb sign in it and since it was late, I didn't feel like going downstairs to get one, plus housekeepers usually come between 10-11am, right?  Someone knocked on my door at 9am.

      The second night I put the Do Not Disturb sign on my door, and she still knocked on my door in the morning. Not paying attention?

      Third night? Apparently this hotel is under construction and they failed to mention that. At 8am on Monday, I was woken up to hammering and drilling directly above me. LOUD drilling. I thought it was on the floor directly above, but apparently it was four floors up. At this point I was extremely frustrated. The one thing I should be able to do in a hotel is sleep.

      I called and spoke to the Customer Service manager, Justin. He was very apologetic and nice. I explained to him that I was staying another 2 days but that I would be going to another hotel because of how bad my stay was. He didn't answer to all the other complaints I had, and simply said they hadn't expected people to be able to hear the construction and he was sorry. All he offered to do was give me a free nights stay there, but I repeated that I didn't want to stay there again. He offered to give me a gift certificate to come back when they don't have construction. But honestly, with the loud drunks, alarm, clock, dirty bathrooms, no internet, and the fact that everyone at the front desk besides Justin was very rude, I wouldn't even want to stay there for free. Go to the Holiday Inn down the street. Same price, cleaner, newer, free fast internet, and the people are nicer.

      08/10/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      34. Krissy A.
      This hotel sucks, glad they're remodeling.  Hard to find your way around the remodeling.  Old elevators that need replacing and this place is dirty.

      11/01/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      35. Aye B.
      I was scared of this hotel based on the harsh reviews, but I had a great stay! My company paid for my room, so I will admit I have nothing to add about the price, but I would have no issues staying here even if I was footing the bill.

      The front desk staff was friendly and helpful. I actually locked myself out of my room with my ID and credit card inside and the front desk guy was very nice. He asked one of the managers to escort me to my room; which I felt silly about, but at least I know security is a priority here.

      My room was clean, large and overall nice. The bed was comfortable and there were a ton of pillows (yay!). The alarm clock in the room was super easy to set and use (when I have to wake up early for work, I hate fiddling with a tricky alarm clock).

      There was a large wedding going on in the banquet room when I arrived and I was afraid I would be kept awake by their music, but miraculously, my room was silent.

      I ate all my meals in their restaurant and was impressed. The lunch options were tasty and the french fries were delicious. Room service was quick, friendly and easy... like it should be.

      The only issue I had was that I kept finding Negro Modelo cans laying around. There was one in the elevator, one outside it on the 5th floor, one outside the front entrance (that stayed there for my whole stay!!). Maybe housekeeping needs to pay a bit more attention to detail?

      25/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      36. Melissa P.
      This review is based on the restaurant.
      I came for breakfast here the other day, and i wasnt expecting much. But i got the buffet and the food was delicious! The eggs weren't runny (like usual hotel buffets) the potatoes were spicy with vegetables (my favorite) the bacon was cooked to perfection, and the orange juice was yummy.
      I don't know about the other meals but if the breakfast is this good, i would go every day!

      16/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      37. Smitcha B.
      This place received a 3 star rating on Expedia. They should lower it to a 2 star! You may not see many elegant pictures here, but if you try looking up this hotel elsewhere on the internet, they hype it up totally. This hotel is definitely over rated! Good thing I only stayed here one night. I had pretty high expectations of this place and I must say it totally bombed.

      So happenly the night that I stayed at this hotel, they were having some sort of party in their ballroom(s) area hosted by some radio station. I should've known something was up when I pulled up to this place and saw many bright colored promoting type posters stapled to the trees surrounding the venue. Not only was it loud and obnoxious all night, I couldn't find parking! I bet you that most of the party goers did NOT even stay at the hotel, yet they took up all the parking lot. I was staying in the hotel and I had to park two blocks away. What kind of weak deal is that?

      Definitely over rated and too hyped up. I'm not going to stay in this place again, not unless the pricing is ridiculously low and even then, I will probably stay elsewhere.

      22/09/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      38. Jackie T.
      Stayed here for acouple of days last weekend to attend my best friends wedding. This is the hotel she suggest, so I was expecting alot more from this place. The ladies up at the front desk weren't as friendly. Once we got up to the room to get settled I, I used the bathroom and after I flushed the toilet it made that weird hissing noise for about 2 hours until the maintenance guy showed up to adjust the water pressure.

      And its so dark in the shower because of the thick shower curtains they use and the sink was located outside of the bathroom. It so inconvenient cause everytime we used the sink it was so loud that it kept waking up my baby.

      The carpet was real dirty and to top things off all the other guests had nicer rooms since we found out that the top two floors we're the remodeled ones and they are still working there way down the other floors.

      They should know at the hotel that guests talk and you can't give some guests from the same party nicer rooms than the others and charge them the same price!

      15/06/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      39. Donald B.
      Priceline can be very misleading.  We booked one room thru Priceline at $50 per night.  A great deal for a 3.5 star hotel we thought.  We suddenly needed 2 rooms and had to book directly for $80 per night.  Wow Priceline must be good because we "SAVED" $30 per night--NOT.  The price line deal is different than a regular deal.  With price line at $50 you don't get the breakfast buffet at $16 per person ($32 for 2 of us) so price line really cost $82 per night, not the $50 we thought we were getting.  The internet is $10 per day while the advertisement says it is free.  Places next door for $50 have free breakfast and free internet.  Wyndham has no refrigerator or microwave and so is far inferior to a 2 star best western which has free waffles, free internet, microwaves, refrigerators, etc.,

      Beware of reservations thru Priceline.  We also got screwed by reserving thru price line for the Crowne Plaza in Redondo Beach.  Priceline is obviously selling you a different deal from what other services offer you but you only find out when you travel.

      We stay in hotels some 70 nights a year.  This is not a 3 star hotel.

      09/06/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      40. Kaye F.
      I should have read the reviews before I booked it...yes, yes indeed I should have.

      Checked in on a Saturday evening...they refused to accept my Wyndham Rewards card because I booked my room through Travelocity. Whatever.

      The front desk girls were not friendly and I didn't wanna push it.  I went to my room and rested for a little bit.  The rooms are adequate.  Certainly NOT up to Wyndham standards.

      About an hour later I left my room on the hunt for some good sushi.  As soon as I exited the elevator I was met with HUNDREDS UPON HUNDREDS of Hispanic people and their carnival music blaring.  APPARENTLY, they have a freakin radio station sponsored fiesta every Saturday night.  The parking lot was packed with these people and I was FURIOUS.  I immediately went up to the front desk and asked them wtf was going on and how long the Mexican music was to be shaking my ribcage.  The front desk girl was horribly rude and told me the fiesta will end at 1am. Well, shit.  So, if I leave...where am I supposed to park?  She again - very rudely - informed me that I can talk to a "tall man" outside about that. EXCUSE ME!?  I'm fighting for parking with people who are here for cerveza and enchiladas?


      I picked up the phone and immediately informed Travelocity what was going on.  They offered to move me to another hotel but needed to get verbal confirmation from the hotel employees that I would not be charged for the room.  Well, the Travelocity employee called numerous times to speak with the front desk girls only to be put on hold and never returned to.  I fixed that by walking up to the desk with the Travelocity employee on MY phone and handed it to them.  The Wyndham employees were absolutely not helpful at all and would not guarantee that I would not be charged for the room...that I would NOT be staying in.  I spent over an hour trying to move hotels but Wyndham wouldn't let me!  I was scared to check out because the employees were so incredibly rude...I hated the though of them having my credit card info and charging me for the room that I didn't stay in.  So, basically I said fuck it....I told the girl if I come back form dinner and have to fight for parking that I would be parking RIGHT underneath the breezeway out front.

      When I came back...guess where I parked?!  In the breezeway.  Screw 'em.

      The next day I noticed dirty room service dishes that sat out for over 14 hours...not very sanitary!

      I will NEVER stay here again and I plan to inform Wyndham Corporate about the experience.  Shameful.

      PS - the bartender sucks. and the internet is free in the lobby only.  I spent a lot of time in my pajamas in the lobby. WTF?!  Wyndham, how could you do this to me?!?!?!

      26/07/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      41. Peter L.
      Comfort: 3
      Service: 1-
      Value: 2

      Stayed at the Wyndham Hotel San Jose for three days.  I've stayed at the Wyndham El Paso quite a few times, and had some excellent experiences there.

      Sadly, not all Wyndham Hotels have the same level of quality.

      I really tried to give this Wyndham a chance at redeeming itself; however, I think it's pretty much beyond hopeless.  Would HIGHLY recommend avoiding.

      Wyndham By Request members (if you plan on staying at a Wyndham, I'd highly recommend signing up for this free program) receive a free beverage, snack, and upgrades for free.  We provided this information prior to checking in, only to be told they didn't receive the information prior to our arrival.

      Reluctantly, they upgraded us to the "nicer" room (at no additional charge) only after arguing with the front desk.  We didn't receive any kind of By Request snacks/drinks, despite reminding them the 1st and 2nd days.  Only by the 3rd day, after reminding them a little bit more, did we receive the items.  Granted, by then it was more about the principle of the matter.

      The "upgraded" room we got had crooked cabinets, peeling wallpaper, and a leaky faucet that drip drip dripped throughout the night.  Nice.  But it was definitely bigger, and had a mini-fridge!  Thanks for waiving the $20/night upgrade fee, you know, the one we should've never gotten in the first place?

      The hotel also does not provide free internet in the rooms (free WIFI in the lobby only).  As a By Request member, you can get it for free.  Again, another perk (thankfully, this one worked as advertised).

      The 3rd day, apparently there is this dance party held at the hotel which no resident was informed of.  We spent a good deal of time circling the parking lot, only to be told by the employees to either park in the red (not happening), or they couldn't do anything about it.  Right, so if my car gets towed, I'll mention that "Josh from Maintenance" said I can park in the red.  Or, how about, I dunno, sectioning off enough parking for hotel guests?  Finally, an employee was leaving, and we drove him to his car in order to secure his parking space.

      In conclusion, DO NOT stay at this hotel.  It's overpriced for absolutely abysmal service.  The standard rooms do not have a refrigerator, the wallpaper is peeling in locations, and the employees don't really care at all about their customers.  

      Wyndham should be ashamed to have their brand on this particular hotel.

      24/07/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      42. Dusti H.
      I booked this hotel through Expedia and did the park and fly. The parking is not guarded and I returned with a scratch on my door.  

      The staff was somewhat friendly when checking in but when my iPhone charger was stolen out of my room by housekeeping and I told the manager she was completely condescending and rude.  She told me that I must have missed placed it which was not possible in this particular situation.  

      The room was large but falling apart and not up to my standards of cleanliness.  I stay at many hotels with work and pleasure and I couldn't have been more dissatisfied with this hotel.  One of the worst I've ever had the pleasure of staying at.

      25/04/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      43. Jess O.
      I had a nice stay here compared to others. Unfortunately I must agree the staff was not the friendliest, but I didn't have much contact with them so it didn't really affect me.

      I was fortunate enough to stay in a renovated room and it was really great! We also only stayed one night and did not need internet access. I had friends who stayed the same time as us and we visited their rooms which were still nice, but not as nice as us. I'm not sure if Wyndham plans on renovating the rest of their rooms.

      We also had 2 free complimentary breakfast buffet tickets! I thought we were going to just have some pastries and cereal. We were treated to a sit down breakfast with drink service and bacon, sausage, eggs, home potatoes, and much much more! I was pleasantly surprised.

      Bottom line...if i were in the area again and knew I would get a renovated room, then I'd stay again.

      06/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      44. Minja's M.
      Let's make this simple:

      I was there for the dance convention this past weekend.
      1) I was able to get a room even though reservations said they were 100% booked (this was the ONLY plus). Cost: $89/night.
      2) The room - well, it's a room
      3) Customer service is the WORST. Reservation desk had no clue what they were doing. Restaurant too 30 minutes to get my food...and there were only 4 other people eating
      4) When I return home, I check my bank statement and the hotel charged me $152 for the room!!!
      5) I call the front desk, she puts me on hold for about 4 minutes. I nicely ask for a manager regarding my recent stay. It rings and goes to voicemail. I call the front desk again and nicely ask if she could possibly help me because the manager wasn't available. Her response "oh...um....she could be in a meeting. Hold on, I'll transfer you to accounting". Of course, I get a voicemail there too.

      Because I'm a busy person, I don't have time to babysit this issue....but I'm still waiting for a call back - I don't think their lunches take 3 hours.

      This Wyndham Hotel gives the Wyndham Resorts a TERRIBLE name. I've stayed at a lot of crappy hotels and even though this was not the worst, when it comes to customer service and knowledge of their job, a 5 year old could do better then these employees.

      There are a few other hotels in the area, I suggest checking out those places first.

      06/09/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      45. Kim M.
      OMG, I went there today for a tour because we planned to book the ballroom for a work event we are planning in April. There was no mention of the construction that was going on over the phone. The person we met with said that it should be done by April 1st, but he showed us a huge structural beam over the lobby that had just broke last week, causing some permitting issues. The thing is - the construction was originally supposed to just be cosmetic....no way they would be done by April now. Also, the guy said this place will be turning into the Holiday Inn. And, they painted the outside a horrible shade of green! There is no way with all of that space blocked off we could hold our event there, ridiculous!

      That was just today - the past events I have attended here were OK, but the food left much to be desired.

      Maybe it will be nice when they are done with all the changes, but for now I suggest you stay away!

      03/01/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      46. Linda C.
      We paid an outrageous amount per night here : $189 night + tax. Ouch. But we're here on business so the company is getting hosed, not us. I laughed when someone here said they paid FULL PRICE at $130. Really? What would you call $189?

      Crap, we were at the Fairmont last week and paid $189!!

      - No secure or valet parking
      - Hotel is in the midst of a perpetual renovation yet still feels like it needs to be renovated
      - Location is on hotel row on north 1st - very little to do within walking distance
      - Decor is modern but feels extremely cheap/low end.
      - Tiny bathroom counter - no space for ANYTHING.
      - I had IPASS but the internet CONSTANTLY asked me to resign in, making working from the room a major PITA
      - Phone buttons to departments didn't work so I couldn't call housekeeping directly

      This place is old but is in the midst of a renovation (that I hear has been dragging on since November). You would think they would get a clue and step things up?

      The lobby is a disaster. The restaurant has a limited menu and entrees start at about $25 (pasta is less but I'm gluten free). Go and have dinner across the street at the Chinese place (awesome) or to Hunan Taste a few streets over. There are PLENTY of great places to eat rather than this hotel.

      Our room was nice but it felt cheap. When I was drying myself off in the shower this AM I put my foot on a bathroom shelf and it fell off and banged on the floor. It was just a piece of wood sitting on shelf pegs, It wasn't even routered to fit the pegs. Ikea does better than this!

      They're weird about towels here. They gave us 2 bath towels for 2 adults. I called for more and they brought them up. This place has signs all over the room about "being green" so we hung up last night's bath towels to dry. We returned today to find them all gone and they had left us with two bath towels again. I had to make a 2nd call to the desk to ask for a few more. Why bother with the green cards if you're going to take our towels?

      Wyndham used to have nice bath products - nowadays it's a bottle of conditioning shampoo and a bar of soap. Nothing else. No conditioner, no lotion. And I assumed they still had the old True Blue line. No more. Apparently this place is on the verge of being converted to a Holiday Inn, confided one of the hotel staffers.

      $189 for this place or $189 for the Fairmont?

      The Fairmont wins out every time. Hands down.

      24/02/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      47. Amanda C.
      It is very obvious that, at some point, this hotel was acceptable. Certainly never as nice as many other Wyndham hotels, but acceptable.

      When we decided to stay here (due to one of the world's longest layovers), I wasn't concerned. Wyndhams are supposed to be nice. However when we approached the beast of outdated concrete... This Disneyland-esque hotel if Disney had peaked in the 70's and gone under in the 80's... The modern, suburban sprawl version of The Shining... I became afraid. Very afraid.

      They are currently redoing the lobby, which after reading reviews sounds necessary. However, in the interim, you enter from a sketchy side door with little to no sign. Our cab driver wandered the parking lot aimlessly when we noticed the front was shuttered. Eventually, we saw how to get in.

      I think we have a renovated room because it's not SO bad. Considering we have a flight in the wee hours of the morning, we even brazenly gambled on room service. No one has food poisoning yet, and it tasted fine.

      But don't get me wrong. The halls are creepy, covered in stains of room service past, and the entire place looks very tired. It reminds me of a hotel I would have crashed in with friends after prom... And we still would have considered it a dump. We would have dared each other to lay our beautiful heads on the questionable floor. But then we would have drank cheap booze and made out and forgotten our surroundings.

      If only I could be so lucky in adulthood.

      Tonight, I will be sleeping mostly dressed. And I will gladly leave the Wyndham at 5 am for my flight to Hawaii.

      18/12/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      48. Kimmy H.
      The Good

      The Bad
      -Hotel was under construction
      -Heat didn't work correctly
      -Elevator wasn't functioning properly
      -Lazy employees and poor customer service. I would like to elaborate on this. I had forgotten my toothbrush and phoned the front desk for a dental kit. Surprisingly, the woman who answered the phone, told me to come down and get it myself.

      Based on my experience, I would not recommend this hotel.

      03/01/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      49. Donni B.
      This place sucks.  The walls are so thin that you can hear people 3 doors down.  I have the belief that when people go to hotels they think they are the only ones there.  Slamming doors, yelling in the hallways, TVs blaring.  This property is under major renovations with no warning.  No business center, chaos in the common areas, rude staff.  We came here to use their sleep and park feature.  They advertised that they had 24 hour service for this only to find out it was not true and then they wanted to charge for us for the 8th day.  We had to prove to them in writing before they would make any concessions to do what was advertised.  

      Check out was terrible.  Two drunk and completely out of control 20-y.o., paying with cash, making gross statements to each other,  clerk was so slow and seemed just not be able to handle the confusion.  No personality
      Giving them 1 star is being very generous.  Again this place sucks.

      18/03/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      50. T R.
      Short version: Eek! Methinks not.

      Long version: Tired decor. Low ceilings. See-through thin sheets. Wireless internet didn't work for my entire stay. Their system was down when I tried to book the room. Their system was down when I checked out. Feels like they are running the place on a miniscule operating budget. My colleague had the trash from the previous occupant in his room's trash bin. Usually, I like to give a 20% tip if I can find half a reason to justify it, but the level of service received at breakfast left only one option: goose egg. This hotel is conveniently close to the airport, but I will happily stay elsewhere next time. If I could give a zero star rating on Yelp this hotel would be a deserving candidate.

      09/11/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      51. Samuel C.
      This place is horrible! Supposedly they have updated the rooms, it feels like I am stuck in the 70's! I think they're trying to do the trendy thing, but it is not working! This place is falling apart... As I was checking in, there was someone switching rooms because there was something wrong in there, then on my way to my room, there was someone else telling housekeeping that their toilet was broken! Yes they are under construction, but it doesn't seem that they are trying to make it easier on their patrons. It's loud dirty and smelly...
      Glad it is only for 1 night!

      01/03/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      52. Nikki B.
      This place is horrible.

      We did not get a deal for this hotel so we paid full price $130 a night. We got in at 2am and had driven from Las Vegas to San Jose in one night. Absolutely exhausted, so exhausted that the stains we saw on the bed skirt and shower curtain, we'd put up with. While trying to fall asleep there was a weird dripping noise from the room above that never abated. It woke me up in the morning and I could only fall asleep because the loud forced air from the AC drowned it out.
      The following morning when we woke up and got ready, we noticed no in room safe. Then got downstairs and found our car had been broken into. Devastated and in a daze over the loss of our stuff we eat at the lack luster over priced greasy restaurant in the lobby. That night we continue to drown our sorrows with the only pro of our whole visit to San Jose, Izakaya tepanyaki grill. Awesome.

      Halfway into the Shasta mountains, I realized I had left my pillow behind. I called immediately, got the front desk and they transferred me to the head of house keeping voicemail. I had caught them just after hours so I left a voice mail. Their VM message said that they would follow up in 24-48 hours not including weekends...
      So Tuesday when I hadn't heard back I called the front desk upset again- but all they offered was for me to leave a voice mail again- which I did. By the end of the week still had nothing but my Husband did receive an email from the hotel to "rate" their hotel.

      We were not kind. The following day or so we received a call from one of the managers who apologized profusely made silly explanations that we weren't in the new renovated part of the hotel etc. etc. and said they'd attempt to find my pillow. Luckily they did after some time and promptly sent it back to us stuffed in a soda can carton... but either way it arrived intact and... we threw it in the wash.

      So... at least they were nice enough to send me my pillow back.

      03/01/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      53. Veronica S.
      With the wide array of options in the Silicon Valley, I wouldn't stay at this Wyndham even though it IS located very close to SJC Airport.

      Disappointingly old and looks like it's stuck in the late 80s/early90s. I was shocked this was a Wyndham at all.

      Parking is relatively easy to find even though the front looks limited (plenty more in the back).

      Staff is friendly and professional though. Wifi in the lobby areas are very weak.

      11/11/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      54. Kelly A.
      Nice hotel, decent price. They have a bar, restaurant I think, friendly staff, quick check in. They have a pool but no jacuzzi that I saw. Nice stay

      13/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      55. Jennie T.
      I didn't have to deal with (nasty) customer service as much as my other fellow Yelpers did; perhaps that's why my stay here was much more pleasant. I stayed here the weekend before Thanksgiving 2011 when I went home to the Bay.

      Booking-- I booked with a Southwest vacation package deal online. It was easy.

      I'll admit that I almost freaked out after reading all the bad reviews here (after booking. I don't know why I keep repeating this same mistake over and over), but my stay here turned out pretty decent so I'm glad.

      Location-- Super close to the airport. It was about a 5 minute drive (maybe less). This was one of the main reasons for why I picked this hotel; the other reason was that it was highly rated on Southwest (I wonder what's with the discrepancy?).

      Check-in-- Simple, easy, no fuss. Customer service at the front desk was a little sassy with me but I can let that slide; she probably won't last very long there.

      Hallway and Elevator-- Yes, it didn't look very nice, but really, how often are you going to be standing in the hallway and in the elevator? Is it really that big of a deal how dingy they look? They're renovating; it'll get better. Have hope.

      Room-- One word: beautiful. I must have gotten one of the renovated rooms because it looked very modern. This was not like a Holiday Inn hotel like some of the photos would have you believe. I loved the green and brown colors; the colors gave it an eco-green feeling to it. I wish I had taken pictures; none of the current photos on Yelp does the hotel justice. I didn't get much of a view, but that's okay, I wasn't planning on staying in the hotel all day long. The bed was comfortable, as it should be. There was a loungy sofa next to the window. The bathrooms were clean.

      Check-out-- Same service person. Meh, she needs to smile more. The service, however, was quick and easy again.

      23/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      56. Mimi J.
      I stayed at this hotel, which is now a HOLIDAY INN, because I was attending a dance competition that was being held there.  I was a little nervous when I read the Yelp reviews, but several of them mentioned the recent remodel so I bet on their bing som improvement on at least several fronts.  There's a reason why I don't gamble in Vegas.

      Driving down 1st Street I should have known what I was in for when I first saw the outside of the hotel painted an atrocious shade of chartreuse.  My parents had a chartreuse couch once.  I've heard chartreuse described as "a color that really stands out and makes a wonderful accent in the home and wardrobe, not to mention on homes and on vehicles too."  Well, they're wrong.  The dark brown wood shuttering the windows combined with that awful green to remind me of guacamole that's been sitting out in the bowl for so long it's started to change color in spots.  I don't find that appetizing in my dips nor on my hotels.  

      I pulled up to the front to check in and asked the girl behind the counter to call a bellhop to take my voluminous luggage up to the room.  She looked at me with a puzzled expression, pointed to a luggage cart, and said she guessed the security guard might walk out with me.  The security guard didn't seem too keen on the idea so I ended up schlepping all the bags up to the room myself.   Trying to find a parking space is not an activity that should be attempted by the faint of heart.  The parking lot seems good sized, but it was like pulling teeth to find a parking space.  I found myself driving around and around and around waiting for someone to pull out so I could find a space.  

      The carpeting in the hallways reminded me of the 1970's as did much of this hotel.  I kept half expecting someone to invite me to a key party every time I entered a packed elevator.  There were strangely steep dark staircases and a weird door that started halfway up a wall with a metal ladder leading to it with a plaque announcing that it was the communications room.  Since the door hit the ceiling halfway up, there was a weird rectangle cut up into the ceiling to accomodate it.  I passed it every time I walked from the elevators to the ballroom.

      The rooms were actually pretty nice, the beds comfortable, and the bathroom was very clean, but the walls were thin and we heard every car that started outside almost as if it were in the room with us.  One nice bonus was that we got a movie channel for free on the tv in the hotel but I don't remember if it was Showtime or HBO.  Also, the one light switch that turned the light on in the bathroom also turned the light on in the sink area that was open to the room.  Every time you turned the light on to go to the bathroom it flooded the rest of the room with light.

      The ballrooms where the dance conventions were held were actually quite nice, though the hotel staff did a poor job of keeping the water dispensers full and even when they did have water in them it was never cold.  I travel all over the country to attend dance competitions and therefore have stayed in many hotels and this is definitely the least sophisticated of all of them.  And most of these events gave us the exact same group rate even though they were much more upscale hotels.

      To be honest, unless I decide to attend the same event, I see absolutely no chance of willingly making a return visit to this hotel.

      06/09/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      57. Koskesh P.
      This is a very trashy hotel with trashy guests.  It seems like anyone can stay here means make as much noise all throughout the night, use illegal drugs and start trouble with other hotel guests.  They won't give you enough towels or soap either.  I tried to complain about the noisy guests and the hotel personnel said "there are no managers available" to complain to.  Lol
      What kind of a hotel does that.  Lol
      Horrible place to stay.  Their air conditioning system sounds like a 747 jet trying to take off when activated.  All and all, it was horrible service and guests were very rude and low class.  Don't believe me, then try to pay $150/night for this nonsense!!!

      20/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      58. Salena N.
      This hotel is awesome ! it moved locations to N. fourth st ,and the new location and remodeling is great ! it has a nice pool + hot tub and the rooms are nice & clean , with comfortable beds . The Bamboo lounge at the hotel is great , good food & entertainment ! I will stay here again for sure

      08/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      59. Kelli D.
      Can I give a 0 star??? This place is complete  crap! Booked a room  2 months  prior, called day of to request a late check in...got here at 11:15pm. Waiting until 12:45am to get into a room because one was not available.  The staff was rude and completely disrespectful.  Also no parking.  WORST PLACE EVER!!!!!

      28/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      60. young k.
      Dead cockroach in a room !!!
      I couldn't believe it for the first time but it was real.
      I called front desk to send someone to get rid of it and nobody showed up and had to call again to speed up the cleaning service.
      After a while service man showed up and guess what he said.
      He said "it is not real cockroach". Oh my god.
      I told him "let's ask other people at front desk" and he said "what do you want? You want discount, right?". I said "No, I don't need discount because my company pay for this damn hotel" and he said "what do you want?"
      I said "I just want clean room. please tell your manager about this"
      No one came after that.

      Worst hotel ever.

      08/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      61. Helen P.
      If you are visiting San Francisco, I would recommend staying at a hotel in San Jose instead! The drive is about an hour and you can skip the hassle of finding parking in SF. It was also much cheaper than the hotels near SF.

      We headed to SJ after work on Friday so we checked in very late. We arrived around 2AM and they still had an employee at the front desk. He was very friendly and immediately checked us in. The room costs about $300 for three nights and it came with a microwave, refrigerator,  and a king size bed for my boyfriend and I. The room also has a big flatscreen TV and many drawers for your clothes! It is also a nonsmoking hotel so it is a major plus for me!

      If you choose this hotel, be aware that it is located in a very shady neighborhood!!! The pictures are also a lot nicer on the traveling websites. I would also prefer a room with more walking space. Since we booked a room with a king size bed, there is no room to walk anywhere! Because I visit Vegas a lot, I have really high expectations for hotels.

      08/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0