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BEST WESTERN PLUS All Suites Inn in Santa Cruz, CA

BEST WESTERN PLUS All Suites Inn in Santa Cruz, CA


Enjoy a clean, comfortable lodging experience at the Best Western Plus All Suites Inn, a Santa Cruz, California hotels near the beach.


Company Info:

Rating: 3.35

Address: 500 Ocean Street, Santa Cruz, CA, 95060
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Comments (94):

1. Robert L.
decent place to crash for a night. not really suites just big rooms with couch and chairs. plenty of room for your luggage. would stay here again. use AAA discount.

10/12/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
2. jaielle o.
Checked in for a one night stay with my family of four.  The first room we got -- 2 doubles + sofa bed -- smelled bad and had no heat, and temps were at a record low at the time.  When we called the front desk, they eventually agreed that it was the heating system and not us that was not functioning, and said they would put us in a new room.  The room they gave us, though, had one king bed + sofa bed, or one less bed for the four of us to sleep in.  Since they said they had no other rooms and they would have the manager adjust our room rate at checkout, and because we could still fit (albeit less comfortably) in the king bed + sofa bed, we took the new room.  We figured it was just one night, so no big deal.  Unfortunately, when we checked out, the clerk said there was no manager around, there was no note in our record about the room change, and we would have to pay the same rate as the first room, since that was the going rate.  Rather than hassle over what would probably only have been $10-$20, we just paid and left.  
Bottom line: lackluster service from front desk, but rooms were okay for a one night stay.

22/03/07 | Link | Rating: 2.0
3. craig s.
I am a DISABLED Marine Corps Veteran. I have never been treated so shabby in my life. Well where to start.... We showed up at 6pm. It is now 7:20pm as I write this. The Rooms are horrible, period. The 3rd floor is off limits if you are asthmatic. My Lungs were damaged in the marine corps and upon entering the 3rd floor started having an asthma attack. I contacted the front desk they said I would have to talk to Best Western Customer Service at (800) 528-1234 and get a credit and be released front he room by them. I contacted Best Western and they informed me that the manager Mr. Lee would not refund us or let us out of the room. The room has a smell like cat urine and cleanser. I am allergic to cats and as such would make sense for my asthma attack. They finally offered another smaller room at the same nightly rate. I gave my business card to the manager Mr. Lee and asked to have the owner of the hotel, Mr. BHUPENDRA B. PATEL, who is proud to put his name on the plaque at the front desk contact me. Upon handing Mr. Lee my card I was informed that Mr. Patel would not be calling and Mr. Lee would call me for him. I asked again for him to forward my card and again he denied my request. I am now being told I can give up the room but I can pay 75$ to do so as a cancellation fee. The Hotel as a whole is run down with stains upon all carpets and a foul smell at both the second and third floors. (leave the lobby smelling good so you are fooled till you get upstairs) the rooms are sub par and if you enjoy a quiet evening relaxing to the sound of the traffic driving past the hotel this place is for you. Also when looking at their convenient map on Best Western they forgot to put the other 12 or so blocks that separate them from the ocean ...... yes ocean view does not have a view of the ocean as their site suggests. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS HOTEL TO ANYONE!!!!  IF YOU WANT TO WASTE THE $110 GO FOR IT BUT THEIR ARE OTHER HOTELS MUCH BETTER FOR $90 to $130 Dollars  WITH IN A FEW BLOCKS

16/03/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
4. David S.
They have a hottub here to beat all hottubs.  For one thing it's huge, secondly it has the most powerful jets I've ever seen in any hottub.  The rooms are quite nice if you ask for a room in the newer or remodelled section (facing Ocean Ave.) for ex., skylights in the bathroom and fireplaces in some rooms.  The other rooms are ok too but just plain and ordinary and no window views to speak of.  They used to have an indoor pool but it has been replaced with I'm not sure what.  Last time I was there, they were still under construction (2006).

19/02/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
5. Sarah B.
I was visiting my daughter who was at a summer camp at UCSC, so searched for the "best of the worst" on the internet for hotels in Santa Cruz. Wow! This hotel, like the entire Santa Cruz area, is unbelievably tired, falling apart and needs a ton of love and money dumped into it. Spending over $250/night for a total dive is what this trip amounted to (although from other reviews, this place is actually a huge step up for SC hotels -- yikes!). My teenage daughter and I were crammed into a roughly 200 square foot room, not suite, even though I had booked a "suite with a pull out sofa". I guess we got the dregs of the rooms on the third floor since we were right at the top of the stairway on the corner, based on the fact that other people suggest asking for a third floor room. At checkout, when I showed the clerk my paperwork with the room I booked, he said I should have specifically requested that room type when I checked in. What?! The compensation he gave me "for my trouble" was 5,000 Best Western Points. Hahahaha! Thankfully, the bed had new, clean linens and not an old-style quilt and was basically comfortable, or I would have checked out right then. Our "view" was of the gas station across the street through filthy windows and drapes that were literally shredded with age. The bathroom did have a "jacuzzi" style tub, but it was disgustingly gray from years and years of dirt on the bottom - how does anyone actually sit in and enjoy those? The knob fell off when I turned the water on, the tile was cracked and old, the shower head didn't work properly, spraying the entire bathroom with water... We did not eat the breakfast offered, but the dining room/lobby was packed so obviously many people take advantage of that amenity. As others have mentioned, the parking is a nightmare and the spaces were super tight even for my brand-new little compact rental, whose plastic hub caps had clearly tried to be pried off while in that garage.  The staff is nice enough and they seemed to try their best to accommodate crabby travelers (of which I was not, but saw plenty) but they just don't have much to work with. My advice, if you MUST stay in Santa Cruz and more specifically, at this hotel, is to ask at check in if your room has been remodeled and if it is a true suite in a quieter area; otherwise, you will NOT get what you pay for!

30/07/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
6. Simon F.
Terrible place and indifferent management.  I went to check in with my two young kids and, with a completely straight face and no warning (and no shame), they gave me a room WITH NO WINDOW.  And one of the beds was dramatically broken.  We went elsewhere.  You should, too.

16/09/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
7. Cathleya G.
BE FOREWARNED:   All Suites are not created equal.  We were put up in a nice suite...new TV's, newer carpets, nice natural light, etc.  Our friends downstairs however, paid the same rate and got a SIGNIFICANTLY crappier room.  The 2nd floor features several rooms that dont have a window facing outdoors, instead the windows face in towards the center indoor courtyard, so the air is stale and the lighting is terrible.  Plus, their carpets were dingy, the bathroom much smaller and not newly remodeled (as ours apparently was)  It seems as if the management decided that they were just going to have CRAPPY rooms and NICE rooms, rather than create them all equal.  Request a room on the 3rd floor....no, DEMAND a room on the 3rd floor.

One nice plus...free breakfast in the morning includes more than just cheese danishes and stale toast...theyve got sausage, eggs (but the eggs were NASTY!!!), hashbrowns, assorted carbohydrates and cereal, Tazo teas and great coffee.  (ends at 10, so unless youre one of those people who get up in the morning, you'll miss it)

The thing that bothered me the most about this place is that while rolling in at 2AM (most of us DEAD TIRED, we were a large group that was in town for a wedding), the staff sat outside and waited for us to come in and FOREWARNED us to stay quiet.  Now, none of us were being loud in the first place, and we were all just about ready to drop dead from exhaustion.  This seems like some form of age discrimination, like a large group of people in their late twenties are automatically going to be loud.  I'm sure if a family with 4 or 5 children strolled in, management wouldnt tell the parents to keep their kids quiet.  Thats just rude, right?  It seems like you should not ANTICIPATE people disturbing the peace, but rather deal with it if it becomes a problem.  Sheesh.

28/08/06 | Link | Rating: 3.0
8. Mark C.
My wife and I had a run of bad luck.. We were supposed to go to Mendocino for her birthday but our car was stolen the day we were to leave. So, we decided to make the best of it and reserve a room using hotels.com for the Best Western All Suites Inn in Santa Cruz (My wife's favorite city, evar!)

Well, it appears that the Best Western All Suites Inn doesn't abide by requests made through hotels.com .. This means that we didn't get the 3rd floor suite with fireplace.

Instead we got a mediocre room on the 2nd floor and the staff refused to even consider our situation repeating their mantra that they don't allow customers to request any changes or specials when they reserve through hotels.com . The odd thing here is that the hotels.com rep had no problem letting me believe that I could make the request.. So, if I could rate them here I would, but they don't allow negative star reviews of dot.bombs.

They were willing to allow us to "upgrade" for another $50 per night to the 3rd floor room.. After we had already unpacked.

The next morning, after having gone to bed very late, I requested a late checkout.. He said "sure, what time?" I said 12:30? He said 11:30.. (11 is their normal check out) .. I prodded for 12:30 and got it.. After some work.

All in all, I would not recommend this hotel unless you call them directly.. Assuming that they answer the phone. The reason we called hotel.com was because the hotel didn't answer their phone.. (I called 4 times, let it ring 20 times over a 20 minute period..)

Pros : Very close to downtown..
          Clean rooms
          large showers

Cons : Staff STINKS!!!
           Rooms aren't "Suites" I've seen suites, these aren't them...
           Water pressure low..
           Pink.. Way too much pink..

29/12/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
9. V-H D.
Good place to stay in Santa Cruz

We stayed in a 2nd floor suite, and it was just fine - not fancy but very comfortable. The hotel is centrally located, and we could walk to a number of places that were interesting to us. Disclosure: we like to walk, sometimes fairly far. A plus is the Buttery Bakery, just a few tenths of a mile eastish on Soquel. This is not a difficult stroll.

The continental breakfast is a good deal, albeit not creative. If you demand variety and a big breakfast, they you won't be impressed and should go to Zachary's instead. But if  rolls, fresh fruit, yogurt, coffee, cereal, fresh waffles, bagels, biscuits and gravy, and juice are your thing, then this is the place for you. The breakfast room is very nice and spacious and has a skylight overhead for plenty of natural late. Bottom line: we liked it, and it was fine for us. Lots of families come here.

The rooms are large, airy sunny and clean, and the front desk staff is both nice and accommodating.

The garage underneath the building is really handy, but it fills up. We did see cars parked in some strange places in the morning. The shortage of space is exacerbated by construction materials taking up quite a bit of space.

All-in-all, this is a good place to stay when you visit Santa Cruz. We went on a Staycation, and we will definitely be back.

30/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
10. Lynnette Y.
Probably the worse place I have stayed in a while. First we get there and they booked the wrong hotel confirmation then the front desk manager would not budge on accommodating our party. We had booked 2 queen beds because we had 4 people and they gave us 1 king bed. We are friends but not that good of friends. Then we asked for a cot and they did not have one so we had to sleep on the worse pull out bed ever. Just think of your grandmas pullout bed from 1972. I'm pretty sure I strained my back sleeping on it. Then after we went out for dinner and drinks we were talking in our room of 4 women in their 30's the security guard knocked on our door and assumed we were partying saying they had a strict no partying policy. Clearly we were not partying with 4 people unless we are the party animals of all time. If I could give this hotel a zero or negative star I would. I will never stay at a best western again not will my 3 other counterparts.

27/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
11. Jason H.
I booked this chain hotel based upon its fairly good ratings on a couple of websites, including Yelp. What a bum-steer that turned out to be! Check-in was pleasant and efficient, but it was all downhill from there. After settling in to our room after a long stretch on the road, there was no guest binder to assist the weary traveler with nearby eateries, TV channel guide, etc. A minor annoyance, but this is the first hotel where there was absolutely nothing to tout the hotel or its nearby amenities. The parking situation was a nightmare! There are more compact spaces than regular size spaces, and even those compact spaces are small -- so small that a Prius couldn't stay within the lines! As such, most pickups and SUVs simply took up two spaces regardless. More vehicles would fit in their underground garage if they had less, but decent-sized spaces so some wouldn't feel the need to hog two of them in order to avoid door dings. And, how about that mold growing on the bathroom ceiling? Nice touch! If you are used to a vanity and counter space in your bathroom, forget it. A pedestal sink is all you get. And, the free breakfast? Get there early before they run out of breakfast meat and coffee -- yes, coffee! Talk about a sin! Thankfully, check-out was just as efficient as check-in because I couldn't wait to hit the road again. Want a positive? The wi-fi worked without a hitch and the room has a sitting area that makes your room a "suite."

16/04/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
12. Adriana G.
I was looking for a place near UCSC where I could house 50 teenagers on an overnight college trip. Best Western was our hotel of choice. It looks recently remodeled in the main common areas and rooms. The double rooms were very spacious and included a pull out sofa bed. I was literally shocked by how nice this Best Western was. The staff was extremely friendly and welcoming of our 50 kiddos. While our students were well behaved, the main dining area is an atrium and as you can imagine sound carried with the slightest giggle. One of staff rooms had an issue with the central air so they moved us into a two bedroom, two bathroom suite. We THANK you for the comfortable refuge!! They don't have a pool but the hot tub and patio area are a great winter oasis. You can find vending machines on every floor and almost every corner. The continental breakfast included a sundry aray of cereals, bagels, toast, hard boiled eggs, coffee, oatmeal and of course a waffle machine. I would definitely come back here for a personal trip/getaway sans 50 teens.

22/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
13. Rana A.
For a family vacation this place was great. We stayed in one of their suites which is similar to a very small one bedroom apartment.

The free breakfast every morning was nice. It wasn't just pastries and juice. They offered a different "hot meal" each morning (eggs & sausages, biscuits & gravy, etc..) then the standbys were: bagels, toast, make your own waffles, juice, coffee, tea, cereal, yogurt and fresh fruit.

I would highly recommend this place if you're traveling with kids. Not very romantic if it's a "weekend getaway" for a couple.

08/07/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
14. Scotty A.
We just returned from Santa Cruz where we stayed for 5 nights as part of a long trip around the California area.  After much research we decided the location and price would win out over anything else.  I booked a govt/military rate (as I'm retired Air Force) for $134 a night which we thought was great.

It was well worth the price as we had a really nice stay.  The rooms were updated and really clean.  Free internet connections in the room and free breakfast buffet which was so-so.  We didn't eat there but checked it out for this review.  We ate breakfast at my favorite breakfast place in Santa Cruz which is the Walnut Avenue Cafe just a few blocks from the hotel.

The staff were all friendly and did what they could to make our stay a nice one.  We had no problems to be honest and found that we enjoyed it more than we thought we would.  We're used to more upscale hotels but let me say, we would definitely stay here again.

The location was great as well.  Just a few blocks to the Pacific Avenue area where we spent a lot of time for meals, movies, and shopping.

We highly recommend this place.  You'll be glad you chose it.  Easy in, easy out!

06/04/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
15. Ravena F.
This is a solid bet if you want to stay near downtown - it's just a 5 minute walk down Soquel across the bridge to Front & Pacific.  Definitely ask for a room on the upper level (ours was more of a suite, with 2 separate rooms, fireplace, microwave, fridge, & jacuzzi tub).  The room was very clean, fairly modern (old TV's if anyone cares), and very, affordable, at least in the off-season, with tax and everything: $92.00.  Plus, there's a continental breakfast downstairs and 24-hour help-yourself cereal (no milk after breakfast) & coffee.  FRUIT LOOPS GALORE!!

We happened to have less than stellar interactions with the staff, but then, my husband swears people give him the stink-eye in Santa Cruz.  We had the foresight the drunken night before to know that we'd want a later checkout time.  So we called in when we got back from our raucous night at Bocci's Cellar & they said no problem.  Then, in the morning, they kept knocking on the door & calling up, even after we had explained that we had already arranged for a later checkout.  They didn't charge us extra, but we did get . . . you guessed it . . .

The dreaded stink-eye!!!

Made up for it by the insanely pink carpeting throughout the common area though.

19/02/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
16. Romarco C.
Paying over 240 for a 75 room wasn't fun. Went here for daughters 30th BD and knew at check-in (20 min wait) that service was not their priority. 1st room (#111) look at a wall 3' away. 2nd room (#207) overlooked a neighboring motel. This location had nothing to offer. The so called suite was a king bed separated from the sofa by a 3x4' wall. They hadn't even made up the sofa bed and when we called down they said the sheets, pillow and blanket were in the closet. When we came back the next afternoon they had made up the king but not the sofa bed. We paid for 3 but they obviously don't know the first thing about service. We had to wait 30+ mins the 2nd day just to get a table for breakfast (which was good). All in All - pay whatever and get a room near the Boardwalk since that's the only thing going in town except for a lot of homeless. I thought I was back in the 60's with the people congregating neat the BW.

18/07/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
17. Alan J.
Considering this is a best western it's not bad. I am not a hotel snob (gotta stay at a sheraton/hilton or it's no good) but BW is hit and miss. If you have great management it will be good if not.........look out. The desk was busy when we checked in and the clerk was I don't know shall we say overwhelmed? Anyway we didn't get the room we expected (not BW fault we booked through Santa Cruz visitors bureau, one word DON'T better to go to the hotel or BW website) anyway the room was OK and the coffee was OK (its a motel not Starbucks). The breakfast is very good (too many people not enough equipment) considering it is a motel continental breakfast. The service not so much. Called for extra pillows 3x finally they deliver one!! This is not because we wanted it WE NEEDED IT, The kids had only one pillow for the pull out couch. Suggest maybe look for an upgrade next time, if it's available in Santa Cruz or is BW the best they have? Anyway forewarned is forearmed, buyer beware.

30/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
18. Lila S.
1. They gave me a room w/o electricity, so the room alarm didn't go off, I missed my meeting & 3 hours after notifyin them of the problem, no attempt had been made to correct it.   I was told they had been having electrical problems in another's room and had blamed that occupant for the problem.  Actually, after I left, management informed me the entire hotle had an electrical problem and that's why the breakers blew, to keep a fire from occuring.  If you read another previous review, the fire dept has been there prior.
2. They offered no comp on the room.  After I complained to Best Western Corp, Hotel manager, offered $25 off a $302 bill and insisted it was fair " after all I slept in the room".
3. The lost my resiversation, thou I had it in hand
4. They chared me more than my resiversation
5. They charged me a "No Show fee", even thou I had checked in 24 hours prior.  That fee sits on my credit card to this date. Remember they couldn't find this origional resiversation at my check in.
5. I checked out 3 hours after I notified them of the no electricity ( note they were already aware of it via another guest complainig), without being able to shave, put on my contacts, put on makeup, use the blowdryer, and dress in the dark.  I was never offfered another room to take of these personal necessities.
6. Complaints to Best Western Corp have been futile.  They keep referring me back to manager Nancy at the hotel.
7. I have now referred the problem to the credit card company that the fees have been charged to.
8. The staff offer no help and refer everything to manager Nancy who was never on site and appears to keep monies that they owe back, charging NO Shows that didn't occur.
9. They double the prices on weekend when there is an event in Santa Cruz
10. They advertise they are on the beach.  Actually, they are @ 12 blocks from the beach
11. I question the ethics of the establishment

09/06/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
19. Steve D.
Best rates available and very reasonable, nice rooms, friendly staff, great location, continental breakfast surpasses any other hotels I have frequented.

18/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
20. Glenn O.
This hotel needs to take training in customer service.... from the top down.

I have stayed at this hotel a number of times... and each time it is the same...  How little can I do for the guest and get away with it?

This hotel was mostly empty when I stayed here weekday off season... I asked for a late check out on my last day of a multiple day stay... you would have thought I was asking for an appointment with the Pope.  First I never could get an answer one way or the other.   Finally, I got a new employee who said yes.... probably he did not know the modus operendi.

Breakfast was pretty dismal.  Bread, waffles, and some egg disc.  Juice one day was colored water.

Although the place was renovated a few years ago... It is looking shabby again.


I stayed here again  June 12 - June 14, 2009 for my daughter's graduation from UCSC at my dad's request.  BIG MISTAKE.... It was very expenseive.... $260 a night for a small room.  They divide it up and call it a suite.  haha.   They took advantage because it was graduation weekend.  Customer service was deplorable again.  The hotel was shabby.   Breakfast was better than last time... When there are more people in the hotel the breakfast is better.  All in all very bad!

26/10/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
21. Sian W.
I found this hotel online while looking for a place for me and the hubby to escape to for the night. After reading the online reviews I decided to contact the hotel directly for some additonal information. I am so happy I did. Teddy, at the front desk is awesome. He was able to answer my questions and help me with my reservation. We booked a two room King Suite with a two person Jaccuzi and a firelace. Upon arrival, parking was super easy and their parking lot is well lit and safe. The room was fantastic! Spacious, clean and perfect for our little weekend getaway. The bathroom is amazing with his and her sinks, jaccuzzi bath tub (That really does fit two people confortably) seperate shower and seperate toliet. There is even a half bath off the living room so it would be perfect if you had kids or additional guest staying with you. The room had everything we needed and included free Wi-Fi as well as a GREAT breakfast in the morning that included eggs, sausage, waffles along with dry cereals, yogurt and a bread station. They served Seattles Best Coffee and had juices to choose from too. Between the location, staff and overall cleaniness and space of the rooms this will be our first choice anytime we come back to Santa Cruz. I even booked 3 nights in June for the entire family to come back. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this hotel!

Room Tip: We stayed in room 330 - it's on the 3rd floor in the corner so it's a little more private.

16/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
22. Ranger A.
Santa Cruz has a lot of horrible hotels, and a few decent hotels (though often overpriced). This hotel was one of the best we've stayed at given the location and price.

08/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
23. Eclectic C.
I was lucky enough to have a pretty good experience here

At the advice from the reviews of Cathleya G. and Ravena F. I made sure to request a 3rd floor suite, and my request was granted. Yay! So, our room was pretty nice. 2 separate rooms, the bedroom had a fireplace and view facing Sequel Ave. It was clean, and quiet!

The customer service was fine. I had no trouble with them whatsoever. I was allowed early check in AND late checkout, so they were pretty accommodating.

It's unfortunate that others had pretty bad experiences but I can't complain. I will definitely be staying here again.

However, for those who are looking for an alternative try the Comfort Inn on Ocean by the entrance to the 17. I've had a pleasant stay there as well.

Oh, my only complaint is the parking at the Best Western. If you're coming back to the hotel late (like 12 and after) be prepared to squeeze your car into a mouse hole parking spot and then squeeze your body out of the car. Make sure to suck in your tummy real good to avoid too much discomfort. =0)

26/05/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
24. Judd H.
Room was large, bathroom was recently remodeled.  Location is close to downtown Santa Cruz with complimentary underground parking.  Front desk was very polite when checking in, offered a military discount, and even upgraded the room.  Decent.  I'd stay again.

23/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
25. emily h.
I wanted to thank the people here at Best Western All Suites Inn, I didnt get a chance to stay with them due to a family emergency but thats exactly why I want to thank them. These were extremely extenuating circumstances in which I had to see if they could cancel my non cancel-able reservations. I explained to them the situation and they more than kindly accommodated me. ( Obviously they cant do this with all reservations, but they are reasonable and that is very much appreciated). I do look forward to the chance to stay with them. Top notch customer service.

18/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
26. Allison A.
Best Western, BAD coffee. Uh. I am usually not a coffee snob - if it's there, I'll drink it - but I couldn't even finish my small cup here. Man, oh man, bad coffee.

Otherwise, it's just a regular Best Western. Rooms were pretty comfy, though the couch was stained and kinda gross looking. The tv worked. They have a jaccuzi which was the right temp.

Breakfast just in general was gross. Round egg patties and sausage, waffle maker, some yogurt. Nothing spectacular, but the eggs just looked gross.

And the carpet! Don't get drunk and look down, it'll give you sea sickness.

01/02/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
27. Leopard S.
For approximately $100/night, this hotel is nice. The traffic at night was a bit loud, but not overtly so. The bed had a lovely goosedown comforter, plenty of pillows and the room itself was good for the most part. The remote control for the TV was sensitive and didn't want to work unless you had it at the right height and angle, which made TV watching a pain. I loved the bathtub with the airjets-made for a relaxing bath. The room had a small fridge and microwave, hair dryer, coffee, phone, clock radio, etc.

The breakfast was WAY better than the continental crap I'm used to. Belgian waffles, mini muffins, bagels, cereal, coffee, pancakes, sausages-finally a filling breakfast at a hotel! The staff knew their stuff and got us checked in and out in a jiffy. Let's not forget a covered parking lot and free internet in the front lobby (15 min. at a time-but still!) I'd stay here again :)

25/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
28. Bryan R.
This is the worst hotel that I have ever stayed at @ $250 pre night for a substandard room!!! The a/c was broken and would vibrate every 3-4 mins couldn't sleep all night and all that was done 10% off. Please listen and stay at a motel 6 over this piece of garbage. Don't waste your money on this place. Go somewhere where they are helpful and if the stay is bad they will comp your room.  DO NOT stay here!!!!!!!!!

16/06/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
29. Bonnie Z.
This is the place to stay if you find yourself in Santa Cruz.  It's conveniently located on the main drag and it's not too far to the wharf walkway.  Our room was about $150 and sleeps three.  Rooms are a  little on the 1970's style and could use a little updating.  The rooms are sectioned into two with a sofa lounge that converts into a sleeping area.There was also a second sink next to the sofa which made it helpful in the morning getting ready.  The main bathroom is small with a single sink.  The large queen sized bed was firm enough and the pillow were adequate.  The morning breakfast buffet was OK..  The only complaint is that some of the rooms face a central open atrium that has a lot of noise, especially in the morning when people are having breakfast.

16/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
30. Michael K.
continental breakfast was great

day manager opened gym for me when it was past times.  he also lent his umbrella to my friend when she was walking to a coffee shop.  that is service

lobby solid.  

wireless sketchy.  two computer terminals in lobby.

gym weak: bike elliptical treadmill. 80s universal.  dry sauna. hot tub outside.

beds very comfortable.

easy walk to town

basement garage parking bonus!

personal service bumped it to a 5 star!

27/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
31. Rikki N.
I love the Best Western All Suites Inn. A nice suite at a cheap price but you know exactly what to expect when you come here. Each time I've come here I've had a clean room, clean linens and a great breakfast in the morning. the continental breakfast is so much more than you'd expect. I walk downstairs to the lobby after a LONG night in Santa Cruz feeling completely sick. They had everything I needed to cure my hangover. Waffle irons! Hot Tazo tea! potatos, eggs, and actually good coffee. I work for Starbucks and it's hard for me to drink watery hotel coffee but this was actually good.

-Oh , and they have a nice FREE parking lot.
-Most rooms have a big whirlpool tub or a fireplace!

21/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
32. Morgan P.
Okay, first this is not a 5 star resort hotel, it is 5 stars for overpriced Santa Cruz weekend hotel rooms. Clean sheets? They have them. Room smelled good? Oh yeah. The front desk was easy enough, there's plenty of parking, the rooms are bright and clean and cost the same as the dirty, terrible, no good motels down the street on a Saturday night. Free breakfast was delicious, because I was hungover and it was FREE! The wifi was awesome because it was free, too. Yay free stuff! Totally rocked and would be back again, saved my mini vacation.

16/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
33. Monet W.
The reason I'm giving this place 5 stars is because we paid less than $100 and it was a very comfy stay. No, it's no Bellagio however, it is VERY clean, spacious and less than a ten minute drive to the boardwalk and the little downtown area where the shops are. You get a king size bed plus a couch and a tub with the jets. Also, I appreciated the pictures that were online. It's not one of those places that puts the pictures online from when the place first opened. No, what you see online is what you get.

I would DEFINITELY stay here again, because you get a lot for only a little.

06/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
34. Brett G.
Breakfast was nice. Waffles, eggs, fruit, fruit drink (not juice), toast, bagels, coffee (Seattle's Best Coffee).

Problem with the wireless. I was able to connect to the router with all my devices (5), but none of them could establish an IP and get connectivity to the internet. I asked them multiple times to fix it and try to reset the router and no luck still. We checked in on Monday and are staying throughout the week, so it's not like they couldn't get a tech out to fix it . They finally gave us a cord for wired connection, and it's slow. They advertise high-speed, but it's only downloading 1.37mbps. I resulted to tethering my cell phone wirelessly - faster and more convenient.

It is a nice hotel for the price. Never seem to have horrible experiences with Best Westerns, I am just a bit disappointed in the internet since we are so connected these days. It's almost a necessity in a hotel room; more so than cable TV for me.

24/05/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
35. Nick V.
I give 4 stars for my first visit, 2 star for my last visit.

My first visit was great. Did an advance internet special and paid $99/night for a jetted tub "suite". By the way it's not really a suite, it's just an over-glorified large room with a partial divider in it. The room was plenty clean with ample pillows and a comfy bed, two TVs, sofa, chair, desk, etc. The breakfast was your typical hotel breakfast, tasted good and worked just fine for me. The whole suite deal though was just misleading for me, and quite frankly the room was a bit older with its fixtures, appliances, etc.

My second visit is when the seams started to bust open on the place. I reserved a jetted tub room again, got a regular room in the newer part of the hotel since they overbooked. The room was newer, however there were all sorts of issues with wallpaper coming off, mold, etc. The wireless was spotty in my part of the hotel, however the hotel management managed to hook me up with a wired cable for the jack in the wall. My A/C was also on the fritz, no part of it was really functioning correctly, but  they say maintenance would take care of it soon. My room key also refused to open the door on the last day, and I had to get management to make me new keys pretty much every time I left my room.

To add insult to injury, I'm sitting at my desk at 9:30 at night of my last night, when all the sudden the screeching noise of a fire alarm fills the room. Seriously this thing could wake the dead...and then some. I take my room key (which didn't work on return), my personal belongings and evacuate the hotel. Apparently someone left the sauna on too long, and steam spilled out into a main corridor, tripping the smoke detector. The management shut off the alarm and started letting people back in before the fire department had a chance to get out of their trucks. This is an unsafe practice, as the building needs to be cleared by fire personnel before people can be let back in, regardless of what caused the alarm. The fire fighters and I joked about that for a few minutes.

Needless to say I was not satisfied with my second stay, asked for some sort of compensation, and ended up calling the 800 number. They gave me a free night as their way of saying "sorry", which was a class move from corpo.

28/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
36. Aaron S.
When ever I visit Santa Cruz this is where I stay. I book the King suite with jetted tub. The Hotel also just updated the building and it looks good. Best Western All Suites Inn is great for several reasons let me list some of the pros:
1. Clean
2. Accomodating Staff
3. Prime location
4. Reasonable rates (AAA discount in a pinch)
5. Jetted Tub
6. Room (king suite) is spacious
7. The beds are comfy
8. Jetted Tub (yes I have it down twice)

Try this place out you wont regret it this place is exactly what a hotel should be.

This would have been a 5 star yelp if the Suites were really suites but for the price its a "suite" deal.

29/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
37. Estevan D.
Out of all of the hotels I called, Best Western All Suites Inn was the friendliest and most helpful. They helped me book a room for my girlfriend and I and upgraded us for free. They even knocked down the price, giving us more for less. How often does that happen when you purchase something?

Our room was the size of a small apartment, which was nice, and the fire place was a nice touch. There were also two tv's and a dual head shower.

The staff was just as friendly in person and gave us some suggestions on where to go while in town. They even called a cab for us. The location is desirable since it's walking distance from downtown Santa Cruz. I highly suggest giving this hotel a shot if you're visiting from out of town.

14/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
38. Sharon B.
We stayed here a couple of years ago and had a good experience.  We decided to come back to Santa Cruz and  stay here again; since we had a good experience the first time. What a 180!  The room was not the same, it needs a major remodel ( we aren't sure if we got stuck with the over flow room or what):
-  the side chair was dirty/stain;
-  no back or side couch  cushions - the hideaway bed we needed for our kids to sleep on was dirty - crumbs all under and on the mattress, definitely has not been vacuumed
- there was no comforter on our bed, I recall there being one and their picture shows a comforter.
- the bathroom - the light above the sink did not work, the shower faucet knob was unscrewed and loose
- stains all over the carpet - I didn't want my kids to walk with their bare socks on that carpet.  
- Staff - Best Western is not a mom and pop type of establishment.  I expect a little customer service.  I was at breakfast, I needed some hot water for my tea, I asked very nicely if there might be another thermos of hot water.  The lady, was busy granted, I understood. She said she would get it.  I was not upset and patiently waited.  She brought the hot water thermos and says "I only have two hands, there was no way I could do it and I was getting to it."  Okay, you may think this but you don't say it to your customers.  it's poor customer service skills and disrespects to your guests.
- @ check out - a gentleman in front of us had complaints too about the establishment, when it was our turn, my husband wanted to share his feedback.  The excuse we received from the front desk staff was "I'm new, started working here in July." Again, not the response we really wanted.  When you work for a company, your statements represent them, if there is negative feedback, accept it and advise you will take the information and advise management.  Appreciate the stay and apologize for the inconvenience, but also act genuine.  $150/night is not chump change and excellent customer service can go a long way.

One positive light, when I asked for more towels and a blanket, they did bring this up right way and was very nice about the service. Perhaps one person on their team understands how to treat their guests.

18/02/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
39. Jen C.
The staff here are extremely friendly and helpful, the rooms are immaculate, the breakfast is tasty (eggs, sausage, waffles, cereal, toast, bagels, fruit, Seattle's Best coffee, & Tazo tea) the parking is easy, the location convenient... Overall a very enjoyable experience.  
We ended up here after a terrible experience at a flea bag motel by the Boardwalk and were very pleased with our stay.

02/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
40. Jennifer M.
My bestie and I checked into the hotel 3 hours before normal check-in time.  We arrived to be greeted by the new hotel manager, Teddy.  He said he had a room available and that it's a great room because of the sky light.  So we get into the room, the skylight was covered, called the front desk and they had to have a maintenance guy come up to take the cover off.  Once he did, it was disgusting.  There was black mold in and around the window and it was absolutely filthy.  I also noticed there was hair all over inside the bathtub.  It didn't have a window to open for fresh air either.  Not very clean.  So he changed our room across the hall.  Once we got into our 2nd room it was nice, clean and even had a window to open up and breathe the fresh ocean air of Santa Cruz.

Also, when we checked in, the manager tells my friend that they put an extra $100.00 hold on her credit card for incidentals.  She was not told that when she reserved the room online.  When we checked out, they released the $100.00 immediately; however; depending on how long it takes your bank it can be anywhere from 5-7 days.  My girlfriend was pissed off that she wasn't told about the extra $100 hold at time of reservation and I've never heard of a hotel doing that up front.  Usually if they discover you have taken a beverage or food from the fridge they deduct then.  

Other than the hotel room mess up, we had a really nice continental breakfast in the morning - from sausage, scrambled eggs, waffles, all kinds of bagels and bakery items and of course coffee, tea, etc.  

We might stay at this hotel next month for our friends birthday celebration, just to give it a second chance.

26/02/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
41. Melissa G.
I've stayed in several Best Westerns over the past three months and this one lands square at 3 stars -- a 4 for the room but definitely a 2 star for the high levels of noise.  It offers one of the better breakfasts (especially the Seattle's Best coffee), a comfy bed, free wifi, clean room and a central location for a fair price.

BUT...definitely try to get a room off the ground/first floor!! These first floor rooms surround the breakfast room/lobby, which is spacious and convenient, but wow -- be sure to close the blinds when you check in. Otherwise, you'll be sharing your morning hair and full view of your room with everyone seated in the lobby!  The walls are paper thin so if your neighbor (above or next door) takes a shower, you get to hear a really loud fan. Ditto with the toilet, the heater/air conditioner and housekeeping running the vacuums.  The traffic from the road was non-stop, there were sirens in the morning and my fiance didn't sleep because he could hear the tweeting traffic light all night long.

Overall, it was fine, but I'm not rushing back to this BW when there are much better ones in the area.

25/11/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
42. Jennifer L.
We don't get away often enough, and I wanted a place that fit the following criteria:

* decent - check!
* quiet - check!
* has a comfy king-size bed - check!
* affordable - check!

I researched Yelp and requested a quiet third floor suite with a fireplace like some Yelpers recommended. They took my request, but couldn't guarantee it, and didn't have it available when we arrived. We ended up with a second floor "suite" with a whirlpool tub. Folks, it's not actually a suite  - it's just a large room with a partial wall separating it. yelp.com/biz_photos/lP9F…

The whirlpool tub easily accomodated two (hubba-hubba). Our bed was comfortable. We had six pillows! That made Ms. Pillow Hoarder very happy.

With AAA discount, our rate was $89+tax, and it included breakfast yelp.com/biz_photos/lP9F… and free parking in their garage.

Maybe some of the other rooms are suites, but ours wasn't. 3.5 stars and rounding down for the misleading "all suites" name. Would I stay here again? Sure - it was a good deal.

06/12/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
43. Scott S.
Nothing great but good if you have kids. Plus: good sized room with fridge and microwave, comfy bed, free parking, close to boardwalk, free breakfast (if you can fight your way to it). Negative: some things are showing signs of wear (wallpaper peeling and mold in shower), tube TVs, odd smell in room, low shower head (not for tall people).

16/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
44. Maryam R.
My boyfriend and I decided to do a little get away at the start of March. We checked in about 3 hours early, and the staff was awesome about it. The room was called a suite. It had a large living room with a tv, couch, and desk. The bedroom had a king size bed and a tv as well. On your way from the living room to the bedroom, there was a sink. The bathroom (2 showerheads, bathtub, toilet) were on the opposite side of the sink. I really liked the room. Now for the cons: internet was not working, old wine stains on the carpet, so called "clean" remotes had some sort of sauce on them, and I found get this, lube; yes, an old bottle of lube, from the previous stayers in this room under the bed (yes, i check under the bed when I leave hotel rooms...what is something fell down?). This makes me question the competency of the cleaning staff...

The breakfast in the morning was basic, eggs, cereal, yogurt, waffle, coffee. I was happy.

Parking was free.

Kinda' hard to find the parking garage while driving though..

About a mile from the beach.

I'd stay here again.

21/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
45. John M.
Terrible customer service.  Called the front desk on several occasions and it rang for 45 minutes, then asked for different pillows the first night.  I was told they do not have anymore?  What -  it's a hotel? The next night made the same request, because everyone in my party did not sleep.  Waited  for 2 hours and was told the maid was cleaning more pillow cases, but was still waiting.  

Coffee was terrible, had to sign a  waiver stating I would not have a party in the room.  Waffles were good, hot tub is large enough to fit a car full of clowns in it, close to downtown Santa Cruz and all the rooms are spacious.  Overall, the place has seen better days.  Toilet does not flush correctly and TV's are old in the bedroom.  Had to sign a waiver for an extra blanket.

01/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
46. David D.
It was a room, not a suite.  

The meditation for Sunday was about being grateful for what we had, so in that spirit, I am grateful for the following:  

I am grateful for the entertaining, if somewhat bizarre indoor-outdoor architecture.  It looked like the roof over the common areas was built after the original motel.  

I am grateful for the clean, dry, warm place to stay Saturday night.  Except for the plastic bottle cap in the middle of the carpet, which had no underpad.  I am glad we got to sleep inside.  

I am grateful for the TV, in-room internet, refrigerator, microwave, ironing board and iron, the last two of which were easy to see, as the "closet" area had no door.  

I am grateful that it was a warm, dry night, so I didn' t have to sleep under the 1/4" foam blanket.  

I am grateful for the firm bed, which was comfy enough to sleep on for 10 hours straight through.  

I am grateful that spacious curbside parking was available in the residential neighborhood nearby.  

I am grateful for the vanity and sink, which I could reach easily by leaning over the towel rack.  

I am grateful for the spacious bathtub with jacuzzi jets and two shower heads, and for the free soap and shampoo.  

I am grateful that they had a free full breakfast buffet, although its "presentation" prompted My Lady to take out from a nearby bakery.  

I am grateful that My Lady had a soft pillow from home, and the next time I see her packing one I'm going to make sure I bring one, too.  

I am grateful that My Lady found an internet special and we only had to pay $120 for the night -- the guy checking in next to us paid $170.  

It's a Best Western, probably better than a lot of motels in Santa Cruz, and probably in the upper 50% of Best Westerns nationwide.

01/05/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
47. Leslie F.
Excellent!  Convenient location, spacious and clean rooms, and extremely friendly and helpful staff!  A special thank you to Amy, James and Lacey for making our stay a memorable one.  We will be back!  Thank you!

29/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
48. Kathleen K.
Staff was super sweet and helpful.  The rooms were large, quiet, and clean.  Only bummer was they didn't have a pool.  They have a nice hot tub and sauna but on a 100 degree day, that was not in my plan for the day.  There are plenty of eateries close by and the ocean, a mile away.  I like this place and would stay here again!

02/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
49. Candice R.
I stayed here while on spring break during a school trip.I had to roommate with two other friends and there were only two beds in the room. The room was very large, there was a sofa and a sink area in the room. There were also plenty of mirrors in the room. The bathroom was very nice, and the room was very clean. the beds were also really comfortable. there were plenty of outlets in the room for us to run our electronics. There was also a complimentary all you can eat breakfast waiting for you in the morning.  The staff was very nice and friendly, and this hotel is walking distance to downtown Santa Cruz.

26/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
50. Stephanie S.
Stayed here during our weekend of skydiving, touristy type stuff and ocean/beach frolic in SC.

Granted, the Best Western All Suites Inn was NOT my 1st choice (my 1st AND 2nd choices were both booked), but our stay here was pleasant nonetheless.

Here's what I found:

rooms- clean, (appeared to be) recently remodeled
complimentary breakfast- above average
parking in garage- tight, to say the least
walking distance to the beach- yeah, kinda
friendly, helpful staff- yes, definitely. Shout out to Makuria at the front desk

Overall, a decent place to come back to after a day of adventure and good times.

19/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
51. Stefanie B.
Our stay was very nice. We stayed here for one of the nights of our honeymoon and they were very accommodating. The upgraded our room too. The only thing I regret is our room didn't have a Jacuzzi but either way the room was very nice. Clean, comfy and modern. I'd happily stay here anytime. The price was great!

29/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
52. Ando S.
Hotel was clean. 5 min drive from a boardwalk. Breakfast wasn't that good comparing other best western. 2 things that bothered me the most was parking space. If you have large size SUV or pick up Good Luck. It's narrow and if you get back to hotel after 11 again good luck finding a parking. 2nd thing was rooms were small specially if your with 4 people in a room. Front desk was fantastic.

28/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
53. Laura T.
1 star for the service.  4 stars for the room. We were not greeted upon entering because the girl behind the counter was too busy chatting with her mom. They chatted for a good 3-5 mins. Then mom left and the girls customer service didn't improve. It was about 2:55p when we got there. Check in time was 3p. The room was not ready.  This surprises me being that they knew we were coming. As we waited for our room to be "cleaned" another couple came in and got their key right away. Once we got our room we were settling in and chilling on the bed when the maintenance man knocked but didn't wait for us to answer before walking in . He said he had a work order.  It was so awkward.  He apologized and left but the damage was done. I told the girl at the front counter and all she said was sorry and not in a very genuine tone. The view we had was of the building next door. It was literally a shingled roof less then 5 ft away from the window.  No sunlight. Aside from  that the room was  very nice. The tub was huge and had jets. The bed was comfy and the air conditioner worked great.  Flat screen tv. Fridge. Lots of lamps. The breakfast was good and thwre was plenty. Lots of parking and very accessible to everything in town. I wouldn't return though because of the service. When I spend my hard earned money I expect to be appreciated.

16/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
54. Rebecca F.
This is kind of a strange hotel.

The rooms are suites, however they made the part of the suite that was right next to the hallway into the bedroom, and the nice private, quiet part of the room toward the street (and away from the hallway) was the sitting area. It was VERY LOUD each morning as people would walk past our room to get breakfast.

However, the breakfast was good and the staff was very nice. Pretty good location as well, downtown SC is walking distance away.

Be warned, the PARKING SUCKS. Like really, really sucks. Its underground and there are not enough spaces. They seem to all be compact spaces and we happened to be staying with other guests who almost ALL had SUVs.

20/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
55. Enid S.
This place is great. I paid a very reasonable price and was treated like I was a guest at a fancy hotel. The manager, Mercedes, was so helpful.  I told her ahead of time that I had allergies and she had the rugs and upholstery cleaned.  The room is actually a small apartment with a living room, two tvs etc.  Everything is clean and modern and not run down at all. It is quiet and has a very nice large outdoor jaquzzi and a work-out room.  There is also a substantial breakfast with eggs, waffle maker etc.  I definitely think you can not beat this place.

14/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
56. Lisa K.
I've stayed at a number of places in Santa Cruz most of which, with the exception of the Dream Inn, were pretty grim. The Best Western was a pleasant enough surprise. My room (king bed with a living area that included a love seat, good reading chair and coffee table) was large, comfortable, and everything worked. The room was clean and the carpet looks as though it's pretty new. The bathroom was large. The deep whirlpool tub was a little challenging for someone who's 5'1" and has an arthritic knee, but I managed to climb in and out.

The television (new flat screen) was a little questionable. There was no channel guide in the room, but the front desk supplied one (a photocopy)  immediately. Unfortunately it bore no resemblance to what was actually on the television. Luckily, I don't really care about watching television.

The free wifi worked just fine.

The room was surprisingly quiet (it was right off the central atrium dining area). The breakfast was serviceable (eggs, sausage, cereals, make-your-own waffles, breads, juice, coffee, Tazo tea bags). The price was reasonable.

I'd stay here again. It's definitely better than most of the other places I've stayed in SC.

08/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
57. Hamed A.
Great place to stay in Santa Cruz. It's clean, not too expensive, centrally located, the staff is friendly, good sized rooms, and they provide a free breakfast buffet.

Santa Cruz city ordinances don't allow large hotels to be built, so they've ended up with a whole lot of dinky, filthy, overpriced motels. This place is a rare exception to the rule, it's not particularly big, but it is definitely of a higher caliber than the rest. Oddly, it was cheaper than many of those lower quality places, I guess since it's not on the water. We were still able to walk to the beach/boardwalk, downtown district, and other shopping/restaurants.  

The one drawback is the small, cramped parking lot. If you get back to the hotel late at night you probably won't have a place to park. And my car was almost scraped by someone trying to fit into a tiny spot.

16/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
58. aaron l.
Staff was very friendly. Room was dated and not worth the rate. Every channel in the tv was very very fuzzy.

The worst part was another patron took a shower at 1130 and the noise from the shower was insanely loud.  Seriously i had no idea that plumbing could be this loud.

01/03/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
59. Jeffrey R.
Stayed here for a night in Santa Cruz.

The room was ordinary, but comfortable. Big, firm king mattress. Clean bedding and towels. Nice, deep bathtub in the room too. Older television, but plenty of cable channels. Free Wi-Fi. Workout room and jacuzzi. Add in a complementary breakfast and this is looking like a pretty decent value at a moderate price. Our room overlooked Soquel Avenue and got some street noise in the morning, but nothing too obtrusive.

The breakfast was a decent spread - eggs, fresh made waffles from a self service waffle bar, fruit, cereal, yogurt, juice and coffee. The bacon was lousy and tasted synthetic but if you don't like it, skip it. Everything else was really good.

One more thing: We got absolutely first rate service on our visit from two of the desk clerks, especially the night clerk - I think her name was Annmarie? - in any case, they went out of their way to be helpful. Much MUCH appreciated!

10/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
60. Jon E.
A+ everything was clean, front staff was helpful, beds were comfortable! Great location and great value! We got the 2nd floor balcony room overlooking the pool. The pool was small but they offered us to go to another pool next door!

17/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
61. Emanuel L.
I was having a crises late night at the Ramada, (see my other review if you're interested), which was nearby and desperately needed a place to stay. I called up this place and a woman named Rose said they could accommodate me. Upon arrival, she greeted me at the entrance since their doors remain locked at night, and got me signed in. The entire process was seamless, and Rose was a total sweetheart. I was in town for a couple of days and enjoyed my entire stay at this hotel. The entire staff was great.

26/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
62. Pia L.
This hotel is Nice! They have a jacuzzi in the bathroom! Fancy! If you guys get a hotel here in santa cruz, this is the one!
Its called best western all suites hotel, the rooms are big! Has fridge n microwave. Also restaurants walking distance. Haha! This is my review!

21/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
63. Tiffany R.
My hubby and I were celebrating our one year anniversary and wanted to get away for a bit but didn't want to spend a huge amount of money on a room so we decided to find a best western in Santa Cruz.  We were super please with our find, here at the Ocean St location.  (There's another one further away from the beach, which looked like a dive)

Fist off, Cindy the staff member at the check in was super friendly and upgraded our room to a larger room with the sunk in jacuzzi ( the hotel was almost empty!). Needless to say, it was a nice surprise!  (We came at a real good week as there was nothing on the community calendar for Santa Cruz then)  additionally, Cindy was patient with my thousand questions about whale watching and about some other stuff. We wanted to be sure she got some kudos points for making our stay a very pleasant experience.

Although the room smelled a bit stale, we were happy with the cleanliness.  We had all the amenities expected and enjoyed the large flat screen TVs.  The only downside was the closed captioned feature had to be reprogrammed every time we turned the Tv back on. Ugh!

Breakfast was okay,  we did eat well except the scrambled eggs and the unidentified protein for a bacon and sausage were left untouched.  Instead, we had boiled eggs and other delicious items. My hubby wanted some sausage or bacon so that was a downer.   We would have changed those two things if it were up to us

Parking was a bit tight but somewhat manageable.  

We give this hotel 4 out of 5 because of the few things we mentioned.  Maybe our next stay/experience will generate a five star!?

01/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
64. Alicia H.
My boyfriend and I decided to go to Santa Cruz for our second year anniversary. I have stayed in many Best Westerns before, and choose to stay there because most of the time I am guaranteed a nice bed with a good breakfast.

The staff member that greeted my boyfriend and I seemed like she was trying her hardest to be nice, but definitely didn't go out of her way to make sure we felt welcome. Unfortunately, I had the reservation under my name which was a problem because this Best Western requires you to be 21 years old to make a reservation. Luckily, my boyfriend is freshly 21 and we didn't have a problem. But I've stayed in Best Westerns in Oklahoma, Texas, and California and have never had this problem before, it was embarrassing.

They have an outdoor hot tub! The only problem was that it was located right outside our window! Hearing children play outside your window is the ultimate mood killer! Not to mention a rude wake-up call. Definitely make sure that you are not placed by the pool, unless you have kids that you want to keep an eye on or you are fond of waking up earlier then you want to.

On the positive side, the location is nice. Beach boardwalk isn't that far away. I recommend ordering from Pizza My Heart, simply delicious. The breakfast was great. Eggs, bacon, waffles, cereal, and fresh fruits. The rooms were clean. Two flat screen tvs made it possible for my boyfriend to watch the A's game while I watched the Giants game.

The only reason this Best Western didn't get 4 stars was because of the 21 year rule and the horrible location of our room.

05/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
65. Thomas J.
I enjoy the free breakfast and covered parking.  The shower doesn't have good pressure or slip prevention and the suites are laid out somewhat poorly. No pets.

27/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
66. Gina G.
I would not recommend this place and because of the horrible customer service, I will never stay at ANY Best Western again!

At Best Western I expected average to mediocre, which is what we received. Having said that, the room was spacious and clean, in a great location and walking distance to Pacific Ave. for eating and shopping. They offer a breakfast, which we attempted to try on the second day, but there was not enough seating for all guests. We couldn't find any available seating so we went to a restaurant, therfore I couldn't tell you if the breakfast is good or not. Parking is the same, very limited!

It is overpriced for what you get, but it seemed that reasonably priced hotels don't exist in Santa Cruz.

Finally, they held the money twice on my friend's debit card, rather than processing the original hold to collect the payment. A week later, she is still awaiting the credit for their mistake. This was a huge error, which caused her to have much less spending money while on vacation miles from home. It was a major mistake on their part which caused her a huge inconvenience and made us cut our trip short. On top of this inconvenience, I left my phone charger and rather then mail it to me as a courtesy for all the trouble, they want to charge me more money to ship it to me.

18/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
67. Angeline W.
A very pleasant surprise!

-room is much bigger than expected with little seating area and two tv's ( not that we need two but it's nice)

-small bathroom but does have a whirlpool hot tub

-very comfortable bed

- super nice staff

- and we never heard the neighbors

- enough shops,bars and restaurants within walking distance

04/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
68. Adriana H.
Shame there is not a negative Star because this hotel would receive one .  Upon my  lovely check in .... (Paid and booked through Expedia) for a nice weekend getaway for my fiancé and I . We planned on spending the afternoon at the boardwalk and then staying at the hotel during the evening I was greeted by Cindy the apparent manager at the front desk . Rude disrespectful and get this one She said she has the right to REFUSE SERVICE TO ANYONE ! Charged my bank card 150$ was rude to the Expedia agent who called the hotel on my behalf  still waiting on my REFUND ....... And had to drive back home 2 hours away . Trip cut short Don't book at this Hotel . Period give your money to any hotel motel truck stop hole in the wall but don't waste it here!!!!!!!! SMH

07/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
69. Varsha S.
The interior is a bit dowdy, but the price and extremely helpful customer service makes this hotel a definite winner. My mom booked a room here for herself but asked if I could stay as well while checking in. We weren't expecting much, but without raising the already low price the front desk woman found us a room with two queen beds and provided me with basic toiletries. There's also a complimentary breakfast in the morning! It's walking distance from downtown.

As for conditions, the entrance is apparently through the parking lot; park first and proceed up the garage steps to the lobby. The hotel's hallways were dingy, although the lobby looked freshly painted and brighter. The room itself was a beautiful and clean suite, including two beds, a couch, two TVs, a well maintained bathroom, and free wifi. Downside? It SMELLED. I don't know if it was the past occupants, the remains of cleansers or just a room that hadn't been used in a while, but we had to open the window for a couple hours before the smell disappeared. The smell was my only really complaint; if not for that I would have rated Best Western four stars.

20/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
70. Vanessa M.
Probably one of the nicer, larger places to stay at while you're visiting the area. It's really close to Pacific Ave. (downtown SC). Rooms are kind of pricy. Free wifi although not the best connection. I took other reviewers advice and requested a room on the 3rd or 2nd floor, so we had less foot traffic. Most of the rooms are kind of facing the middle open space, which is used downstairs for their complementary breakfast (which included pretty much everything: wafflemaker, hard boiled eggs, cereal, coffee, teas, toasts, bagels, fruit, and even some scrambled eggs and bacon and/or sausage that had been made especially for the guests).

Staff was very nice and the room itself was spacious. It had a mini living room, flat tv, smal window that looks outside, etc. Our room had an incomplete coffee maker and not enough soap. The bed was huge and with lots of pillows. Also the ice machine on our floor was out of service so I had to go to another floor to get some. They have a fitness center, decently sized spa (although doesn't get very hot) and even sauna for their guests. Also a small internet station in the lobby.

The parking is horrible, as other reviewers have mentioned. The spaces are very tight and awkward. Overall (I'd give it around a 3.5 but rounded up here) it's decent and I'd recommend it over motels while staying in Santa Cruz.

22/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
71. Alexandria W.
My boyfriend and I had a booking crisis with Orbitz.com . We booked at Oceana which is right across the street. We left for Santa Cruz 2 hours late because they did not confirm our reservation. When we arrived at Oceana the only rooms left were smoking rooms. Entering that room was equivalent to walking into a pack of Newport's!! Blood Oren the curtains, hair and fibers in the shower and let's not talk about the toilet.
We called best western because it was across the street. I spoke with a woman name Rose. She apologized for our inconvenience and gave us the Bridal suite for the same price we paid across the street due to the fact that it was midnight and I was pregnant. She has amazing customer service and I will deff be back And tell everyone I know!

19/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
72. Mickey D.
Paid almost $160 for a night--practically double that of the other hotel I was considering booking. I booked this totel solely because I expected the King suite to be a real suite. Instead of having a separate bedroom,  my room was just a slightly larger than average studio room.

My window view (room 110) was a narrow walkway and of the siding of another one of the hotel buildings.  That isn't a good description because it sounds nicer than it is. Very little light filtered through it--even during the day.

The clock radio worked as a clock, but I couldn't get any radio stations clearly.

The refrigerator wasn't on. I had to turn it on and wait for it to get cold.

The bathoom didn't have the mirror which allows you to see the back of your hair. There was plenty of room for a bathtub, but instead the was an open shower.

The upstairs neighbors kept making so much noise that I had to repeatedly had to call reception. Each time I called, they must've done something because it was better for a few minutes.

Parking and wifi are free. The reception desk was extremely polite when they answered the phone.

17/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
73. Crystal V.
We had a pretty decent room, 2 full size beds, 2 TVs and a sofa. Perfect for a mini vacation 1 night stay. The parking structure is a little wonky and having to take the elevator to the lobby was off putting at first. The breakfast in the morning was actually a real breakfast. Of course there was the waffle machine, actually good coffee and cereal. The best part though was the bacon, eggs and toast machine. I was banks to make breakfast sandwiches which my son loved. The seating area was cute and spacious too, not a cramped little stuffy room. The only part I didn't really enjoy was the extremely loud ice machine across from our room, the clinking all night was annoying. Not sure if guests were getting ice or if it was just making new stuff. I'd definitely stay again but request to not be by the ice.

05/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
74. Stephanie G.
Stayed here again and it's still a great place! I know prices fluctuate throughout the year, but I got a nice AAA discount during low tourist season. They took out the big bath tubs I loved oh so much, but the fancy showers they replaced them with are alright. The front desk attendant, Cindy, was accommodating and had a great attitude. I will definitely be staying here again in the future if the price is right. :)

02/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
75. Mindy P.
I'd give them more stars maybe if I had actually gotten to stay here however I was emailed THE DAY BEFORE WE LEFT LETTING ME KNOW YOU HAVE TO BE 21 TO check in. I read a the print prior to booking and was.not notified on the page I wouldn't be able to.check in because I'm not 21 and my guest was a few days away from being 21. . I booked through hotels.com so I called them and they called the hotel to see if they could make an exception. The hotel did not answer we.both called several times before finding a number that worked. They refused to let us check in and we were not able to.get a refund because it.was too close to the day of the booking.

15/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
76. Mike W.
Free, parking, clean elevator in parking garage, early check-in, friendly desk clerk, clean lobby with television, clean room, jacuzzi tub in room, comfortable bed, clean carpet, continetal breakfast, internet. Driving on the 101 and this is the 3rd hotel we've stayed in this week. We booked on hotwire so this was a pleasant surpise.  Hotwire calls it a 3 star I would give it a very nice 2.5.

It is a few miles from the Santa Cruz boardwalk and closer to the town. There are a few restaurants across the street which is convenient, Thai, Italian and Chinese.

21/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
77. Basil S.
Spent three days and two nights here with the girlfriend and I must admit that it was really nice.

My review will be quick and simple:
Front staff: very nice and friendly!
Building: looks a tad old from the outside but the inside is a bit nicer. Currently they're doing construction.
Interior decor/lobby/etc: it was all really nice,IMO.  I felt comfortable there, the girlfriend thought our room was pretty cute also.

They have free breakfast from 7am-10am and there is someone there 24 hours if you need something.

The one thing I find awkward are the rooms on the first floor! Anywho, our room was pretty clean,great service and overall good price for all the things we got there.

30/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
78. Kris T.
I stayed here last month while hanging out in Santa Cruz. We got the place on priceline, so hopefully we didn't pay too much, $168 with a living room area... also had a mini-fridge and a flat screen tv.

It was pretty quiet in the hotel, I took the suggestions of fellow yelpers and got a room on the 3rd floor, away from the foot traffic.

We also checked out the hot tub and it was pretty relaxing. The security guard came out and told us to leave because they close it at 9pm.

Provided I wasn't spending over $200, I would stay here again.

13/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
79. Cynthia C.
I enjoyed my stay here!
Came a little late in the evening to check in, and I was immediately greeted by a nice man. He was joking about how he knows hair (he was talking to fellow workers about hair products ) I felt very welcomed because they were very kind. He let me know about the breakfast in the mornings and told me if I needed anything to let him know. The room was on the bottom floor, but I didn't mind... I thought the room was clean and beautiful. The linen was clean and soft. The bed was nice and comfy and had like 6 mini pillows which were very soft and fluffy. The shower was clean and nice. The only complaint I had was the parking structure. It's quite compact and small. The breakfast was delicious. You can make your own waffles, which I did. The lady working there keeping the breakfast going helped me make me waffles and she was very kind about it. I would definitely stay here again if I need to visit Santa Cruz!

27/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
80. Rogelio G.
We stayed one night. The rooms are clean and roomy, include a living room with a couch in case you have some additional guests. Everything worked well and the beds were comfy. Really no complaints.

Even though there's only bathroom, there are 3 sinks spread throughout: one in the bathroom, one in the bedroom, and one in the living room (bar). It's not the most esthetic design but it helps a lot if you're with a group and everyone's getting ready at the same time.

Our view was of the large jacuzzi, and we had a small balcony as well.

The parking situation here is a little tight, but we managed to find a space when we needed it. If you have a large vehicle, you may consider parking elsewhere.

Wish we could have stayed for the free breakfast, which I've heard many good things, but we had to leave with a quick quickness. I'd definitely stay again.

04/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
81. Vita H.
Recently stayed there for the christmas holiday.  We loved it!  Rooms nice and clean. Staff very friendly!  full breakfast 7-10am.  conviently located.  I would stay there again!

26/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
82. G T.
dirty room floor, dirty seat in sitting area, paint and wood chipped and worn in bathroom. Front desk person tried to overcharge us the tourist charge and charged an "incidental fee"  as she called it that she said would fall off my card after we check out and there is no damage to room-unheard of like a security deposit for a hotel, if we knew of that we wouldn't have booked the room but customer must cancel 24 hours before scheduled arrival per itinerary which the front desk person said was 48 hours. Owner has an Indian name.

11/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
83. S T.
Pretty great for this very modest price.

Our room was exactly as represented in the photos - king bed plus sofa bed which can fold out.  Very clean - recently refinished perhaps?  I'd call the room spacious. Desk, outlet for electronics, free wifi that works reliably. More than adequate closet with ironing board and iron. Of course there's a hairdryer in the bathroom. The gym is adequate, precisely as photographed, and it doesn't smell bad like many do.  

The hot tub (outdoor) runs very hot, which limits how much time anyone can spend in it.  

Cindy at the front desk was absolutely lovely to us and everyone else.  Shout out to her.

Breakfast in the morning included eggs, sausages, breads, cereals, make-your-own fresh waffles, juices and surprisingly good coffee. Eating area has a little fireplace and plenty of tables under the large skylight. This is a GREAT home base for a family trip if you're not aiming for the Four Seasons.

30/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
84. David H.
Nicely updated older hotel. The room was large and the furnishings adequate, if a bit dated. We found good dining within walking distance, a friendly staff, and a very clean room.  The breakfast room was one of the better ones I have seen in a BW hotel.

We found it a bit difficult to find the best way to access the lobby and ended up parking in the garage below and making our way to the lobby via the elevator. Maybe it was just that it was night and I was getting tired.

All in all, a decent place to stay when traveling.

19/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
85. Drey T.
We stayed here a couple of times on our most recent trips to Santa Cruz. I like to try out different hotels when in the area and luckily this place didn't disappoint.

Our room was pretty spacious and came with 2 queen beds as well as a pull out sofa bed. I thought this was standard until my friends came into our room and were hatin cuz our room was bigger than theirs. :p Apparently their room was much smaller and didn't have a sofa bed but we paid the same price! Lol!

The beds were nice and soft and the sofa bed sucked like every other sofa bed sucks! Why do they keep making those things? Seriously! I think i'd rather sleep on a jail cell mattress instead!! But a new one though cuz I've seen the perverted things they do on/to those things! :0

The hotel itself appeared to be well kept and clean, both inside the room and in the lobby.  I usually do a dust test on hotel furniture by writing 'Dreys awesome'  with my finger but it didn't work at this hotel so that's good! :)

This hotel also serves a buffet breakfast if you're interested in that. They had eggs, sausages, oatmeal, cereal, yogurt, fruit, toast, bagels, and various juices. You can make your own waffles as well. I must admit I was 2 seconds away from telling some okie lady off until she walked back to her room just as I approached her. Sorry, but it's not ok to come down for your breakfast with your bare, nasty looking dirty ass feet! At the very least get yourself a pedicure, take a shower & throw on some damn flip flops! No one wants to see that! Atleast I don't! Haha!

Overall we had a pleasant stay. The room can be a bit pricy at $157.00 but it was nice and quiet and sometimes that's all that matters.

28/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
86. Shingo A.
Spent two days here.

1. Room was bigger than I expected.
2. Staff was friendly and helpful.
3. Complimentary breakfast
4. Whirpool bathtub
5. I usually have problem with noise from neighbors when I travel
but my room was exceptionally quiet.
6. There are plenty of restaurants within walking distance.
7. There is a mini-fridge and microwave in the room.
8. Free parking
9. Free Wifi (but I didn't used it)
10. House keeping was good about replenishing shampoo
bottle and even gave us fresh set of towels after one night.

1. My room had a window but I had no view.  There was a wall
in front of the window.  My room was pitch dark all day
but all the bright lightings in the room helped.
2. My room didn't have a fireplace but my room was
equipped with heater/airconditioning.

I used discount travel site to book my room so it was 50% off.
Would I pay full price?  No but for what I paid, I was
very satisfied.

21/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
87. Kim T.
Santa Cruz really has two types of hotels: super divey or super nice. This one is probably the only middle of the road hotel in the area, and it's perfect if you're on a budget. Including taxes, we paid about $103 in January. Just make sure when you call that you don't book the other BW really close to the freeway. Not an ideal location.

The service on the phone and in person was great, it was easy to check in and they were more than happy to answer questions as well. After we signed our we're-not-partying waiver, we headed up to our room, which was on a floor with computers and printers, books to read, and overall, very nicely decorated.

The room was really spacious, there was a couch (I think it may have even folded out), desk, comfy bed, and shutters that opened out into the hall area. It also had another window close to the bathroom, which was nice to make the room really light and open. The bathroom was spacious, with a huge deep jacuzzi tub and skylight overhead. The room was quite nice for the price we paid. The only thing that we couldn't figure out was the TV--a TV is usually pretty easy to turn on, but it didn't work after both of us tried. We decided it was a sign to keep it off, so we didn't bother the front desk with the issue. There was also high speed wi-fi in the room.

The one thing that I always make sure my hotel has, is a hot tub. We got our suits on and headed down, excited that we would get to enjoy it, especially on a sunny January day. We were disappointed to see that the hot tub was closed. I understand that things happen, it just gave me a bit of a sad panda face for the morning. We wandered over to the small sauna inside the fitness center, but didn't have the time to let it warm up, because 15 minutes later we were still in our clothes waiting on the heat (it was kicking on, just slowly).

The breakfast we had in the morning was hot and plentiful--eggs, bacon, cereal, breads,yogurt and fruit. Coffee and tea was in the lobby for the morning and beyond as well. They had a pretty nice selection of teas also.

The hotel is a perfect location for you to park and walk downtown, or even to the Westside if you're up for a couple miles of scenery. If you're really looking for a fun night, the hotel is within stumbling distance to one of the best dive bars in the area--The Jury. Just past JITB on the same side as the hotel, and you're in windowless,smoky bliss for your favorite libation.

We'll definitely come back and stay here next time we're visiting. I'm sure the hot tub was a fluke thing, so I'll enjoy that next time as well.

14/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
88. Tough C.
I don't really think of this place as a "plus level" Best Western. Not really. It's a bit too ghetto to qualify. And, expensive? Yes, yes, and YES! I feel that it's overpriced. And, please, for the love of insomnia, stop deactivating the sleep function on the remote!

It's an okay place, but you'll pay out the nose for the proximity to the Boardwalk. Meh. Color me non plussed. Get it? Non. Plus.

22/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
89. Krash T.
Stayed here after reading reviews on this site and another, and took the tips - booked a 3rd floor room and made sure it was in the renovated section.
I had a double room on the third floor, and asked for one with good light.
Pros: Room was very clean, which is a big plus in my book (though I wish the lamp bulbs had been dusted at some point this century.) Staff are great - I arrived 10 minutes after breakfast had closed, and they not only went back into the kitchen area and brought me anything I asked for, they hung around to make sure I was happy. Good area for walking; felt pretty safe. Trader Joe's a couple of blocks away, fabulous Thai and Vietnamese just across the street. Good coffee in the lobby (not great, but pretty good. Beat the heck out of most Best Westerns.) Window opened. Bathroom had both a heat lamp (controllable) and a regular light + exhaust fan. Ice machine worked. Microwave in room, fridge in room with small freezer section. Comfortable beds. Wifi worked immediately and was easy to access.
Cons: Lighting is awful. The cheapest sort of ecologically correct bulbs. Way not enough outlets (though I understand they're replacing the desk lamps with newer ones that have two outlets on them.) Bathroom heat lamp should have been on a timer. Bathtub was incredibly slippery, really dangerous, and there was only one vertical grab bar on the shower head side. Should have at least one horizontal grab bar on the opposite side. You'd expect a recently renovated room to also have an adjustable shower head, but no. Yes, window did open but window screen was so bent it looked like it would fall out at any moment.
Breakfast was almost all carbs, all the time, and what wasn't carbs was sweetened yogurt (no plain), and scrambled eggs. Unfortunate, since my wife is allergic to eggs and doesn't like sweets. Wifi had to be signed into half a dozen times a day, which got annoying.
Saving grace: If you want a fabulous breakfast, take a 5 minute walk down the street to Solaire. Reasonably priced and the chef will make you a skillet on request (no eggs). Very good espresso, too.
I would stay here again, because the price was right - Santa Cruz is stupidly expensive, I must say.

23/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
90. Nicole O.
The hotel is clean and the breakfast was good...and free. That concludes the positive aspects of this hotel.

The hotel is LOUD. You will hear everything from any floor. Super noisy toilets. Our room did not have a bathtub. Only a shower. After a day at the beach my 2 year old needed that bathtub. For $245 a night...I think I should get a bathtub. Kids were excited because it said it had a pool. Well, if you count a three foot pool barely bigger than a spa, sure.

They said it was within walking distance to the boardwalk. Well, I suppose it is if you want a 1.5 mile trek to it. I envisioned it closer, again because of the price.

The bed was not comfortable at all.

This is not a hotel for a family with four kids. In fact, I'm not sure who this hotel is for. The worst surprise is the birds that started pecking at my skylight first thing in the morning.

Customer service was not that great either. We asked for more towels and never got them. I had to go to the front desk to get them.

Overall, 2 stars for the breakfast and cleanliness. For the price I will book elsewhere next time.

23/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
91. Michael M.
Great hotel with staff that can not be matched!

As a frequent visitor to Santa Cruz I have been to many hotels. Use to spend most of my time at the Holiday Inn Express however that location in Santa Cruz has dropped off and service is lacking so decided to stay at this Best Western.

Newly remodeled rooms were offered with tons of spaces and a huge walk in shower. Was able to get all the local deals as well from the awesome staff. Special shout outs to Maryana for helping us with dinner, Cindy for her warmth towards us, and Clara for all the easy around town info. When we needed to reach out to the General Manager Lacey she helped us promptly and helped us find great local winery deals.

Notes- huge walkin showers, clean spotless new rooms, and staff that make you feel at home are all the reasons to pick this hotel over any others.

16/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
92. Lisa W.
This is a clean hotel with suprisingly spacious rooms.  A standard room comes with two queen beds and a pull out sofa.  I was shocked that the room had THREE sinks!!!  Incrediblly ideal for a group of girls.  There is one in the bathroom, one in the vanity in the bedroom, and one in the living area.  There is a cozy dining table with four chairs and a mini fridge.  Overall, a very functional and comfy room.

There is free underground parking, but on the weekend it is VERY limited.  Also, the spaces are very small, even for compact cars.  Or perhaps in my situation, this struggle was a result of my entity as an Asian female driver.

05/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
93. Delaine Z.
Poorly furnished rooms. No where to put things. Our room had a jacuzzi tub, very deep and nice for soaking, but the jacuzzi part did not work. The room was quiet and we slept well the one night we stayed.

The hotel is in walking distance of the beach and Boardwalk, but it is indeed a long walk and not along the best streets. I would not recommend making the walk with small children.

There are a variety of restaurants within walking distance for lunch and/or dinner. The hotel serves a very nice breakfast in their lobby.

29/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
94. Queen J.
So first let me start off by saying I had a really difficult time on figuring out how to rate this... is it possible to rate it a 3.5 star???  My BF say 3 I said close to 4...  

ANYWAYS...I should also note, I'm a tad spoiled when it comes to hotels because I've been lucky to have friends and family that work in the industry at marriotts & Hilton's and have primarily stayed at these types of hotels.  I've never stayed in a best western, nor stayed at any hotel in Santa Cruz. Which I gotta say finding a hotel in Santa Cruz was hard, everything was expensive and looked ghetto.

So wth that said I was pleasantly surprised with this hotel. It could be maybe I had really low expectations with this hotel since it's a best western and since everything in Santa Cruz looked horrible from the reviews. We got a got renovated room so the room was super clean, which I didn't expect.  The beds were somewhat comfortable but I assume it's because they were new. I have a feeling in a year they probably won't be as comfortable. The pillows sucked though. They definitely need better ones. The other part I found odd was where the room was located.  It had an emergency exit on the opposite side of the room from the entrance that spilled out onto the hallway.  To be honest I was not sure how I really felt about that, other then it was just weird.

The bathroom was nice, but that shower stall had no door which looked really fancy but that's gonna cause problems later with all the water spraying outside the shower.

Having the room as a suite was nice because it allowed us to put our 7 year old girls to bed early and then let us watch tv with out having the tv blaring out loud while the girls are trying to sleep.

So with that said it's a really nice hotel if you got kids. Not to mention they have games and coloring books you can borrow for the kids. BUT NO POOL.  Just a spa?  We didn't get to test it out.

The breakfast was one of the areas where I was disappointed. The eggs were gross and the sausages were ok. The waffles were neat but didn't taste all that great and the coffee was really really watered down.

The real downfall about the place was the parking. Horrible parking.  I am hoping through the remodel they will fixe that.

The staff were super friendly, I had no problems with check out and whenever I needed anything they were pretty quick to respond.

& Its located in a decent area, close enough to the boardwalk and downtown.

Sooo All in all I think If I needed to stay in Santa Cruz again I would possibly book here again.

19/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0