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968 Park Hotel in South Lake Tahoe, CA

968 Park Hotel in South Lake Tahoe, CA


968 Park Hotel mixes stylish modern architecture with a classic Tahoe feel. Combined with an endless effort for environmental preservation, the hotel is in every way the quintessential Lake Tahoe experience.

968 Park Hotel is the perfect place to begin all of your adventures at Lake Tahoe. Nestled on the shores of Lake Tahoe, the Heavenly ski and sightseeing gondola, Harrah's, Harvey's and MontBleu Casinos, Edgewood Golf Course, The Shops at Heavenly Village and many of the activities the Lake Tahoe Region affords are just a short walk away. With style, genuine warm services and comfort, 968 Park Hotel truly stands out among Lake Tahoe Hotels.


Established in 2009.

In order to create 968 Park Hotel as a completely "green" environment, we had to start at ground zero--literally! By stripping the former structure to studs, we rebuilt our entire hotel from the ground up, meeting every possible opportunity to use eco-friendly, sustainable materials and green processes.

Using the standards set forth by the LEED Certification process six main areas are used to define the process of becoming a green building. These six main areas are Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy and Atmosphere, Material & Resources, Indoor and Environmental Quality, Innovations in Operations.

968 Park Hotel has also been awarded the by the State of California Green Lodging Program, "Two Palms" certification, the highest distinction offered. For more information on our green program please visit the eco hotel page of our website.


Company Info:

Rating: 3.70

Address: 968 Park Ave, South Lake Tahoe, CA, 96150

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    Comments (227):

    1. darrin l.
    front desk nice and laid back, piped music in the outdoor parking area.  the building may be green but the bones of the place still show through as a previous motel.   our stay in june was comfortable temperature-wise but i can see where it can get too hot in the rooms during warmer weather or on the sun side of the building.  loved the beds, great sleep quality.  wifi was excellent.  use of recycled parts for the armoire and dresser.  curious that the reading lights for the bed are not LED but halogen (perhaps due to when 968 was built).  no hair dryer so bring your own.  that piped music could still be heard ever so slightly in the room.  great location with walking distance to casinos, Raley's supermarket, restaurants, shops.  anyone can access the corridors as one entrance is completely unlocked/open.

    01/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    2. Judy G.
    I wasn't sure about his hotel - figured it could be a great boutique hotel or a dump.  I was VERY happy when we got there - the rooms were nice, beds were comfortable, linens were clean & soft, blankets were WARM!!  FREE parking & FREE internet is great!  Beers @ check-in (husband loved that).  Pastries delivered from a local bakery (NOT store-bought) in the morning - blueberry scones are awesome....!   They did a nice job with the lobby area too.  And so close to Heavenly gondolas - walk there in 2 minutes.

    04/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    3. C H.
    Was really excited to stay in this hotel, got a low rate from Expedia so it seemed to be a deal for a "green" hotel. The decor was warm and cozy and the furnishings, including the bed, were not only attractive but comfortable as well. Probably the most comfortable hotel bed I've ever slept in, and with back problems, I mean that! Only stayed one night, which included a refreshing dip in the spa followed by a conversation with knowledgeable front desk person Mark, who gave informed recommendations for a hike for my mother and I along with directions to a disc golf course that had a fun 27 holes. If I had rated the hotel at this point, it would have received 5 stars. I woke up the next day expecting a great continental breakfast. Unfortunately, the hotel's "green" and "eco" description only goes as far as its furnishings (or perhaps what the public can see). Being a "foodie" I was hoping for some great local and organic pastries,  coffee, fruit, etc., especially considering California has more organic farms than anywhere else in the nation. When I asked the staff about the food, I was surprised to find nothing was local or organic. They had store brand coffee in a big metal can, despite South Lake Tahoe having a local, organic coffee roaster, and didn't even have organic half and half, milk etc. for the coffee! And the pastries offered tasted like they came off the day-old break rack from the Safeway. It worries me when a place claims they are more eco or sustainable than others but neglects the food aspects of sustainability. It makes me wonder what other aspects of sustainable living they don't find important, profitable or marketable enough - if they're using harsh chemicals to wash their organic sheets or clean the hotel; if they're recycling; or if they're paying their employees a living wage. This may be the reason the hotel didn't pursue a LEED rating when they renovated. I ended up skipping free breakfast at hotel in favor of the Sprouts Cafe up the road, where I had gone for a great smoothie the day before, and got a yummy breakfast and local, organic coffee. The hotel also lost a few points when I returned from a bike ride only to find the room keys didn't work anymore for our room - even though they said we could get a late check out they still deactivated our keys at check-out time, so we had to go down to front desk and ask to be given access again to our room so we could get our belongings and check out. All in all, probably better than most others in Tahoe with regards to sustainability, however they need to go the extra mile with local and organic food if they're going to offer any food at all, especially with California having so much to choose. If you're searching for good local and organic food in S. Tahoe, check out Sprouts Cafe, Freshies Restaurant or just go to the Grass Roots Natural Food Store, but it's unfortunate there are no mini-fridges in the rooms to keep everything cold!

    05/10/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    4. Sue W.
    This hotel was a great find.  It's location is just off the main street and you are within a five - ten minute walk to lake, shops, skiing, casinos, and restaurants.   The staff was very friendly and helpful.  Very unique decor , spa, free internet, ipod radio and eco-friendly.  We will definitely be back!!

    15/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    5. G O.
    Helpful staff. Rooms with character. A secure store room for your bicycles or ski equipment. No air conditioning, so it could get hot in the room during a heat wave. I will deffinitely be going back.

    08/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Valerie C.
    I loved this hotel. Comfy bed and room. Very nice helpful staff and eco friendliness is a big plus for me. Perfect location as well.

    10/09/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    7. Felicia T.
    HIghly recommend.  No need to write out all the details of the place, as others have covered what we liked, although the rooms are fully furnished now - dressers, armoire, desk, cafe table with chairs.   We stayed here a couple of weeks ago, and booked iour king bed room for $80 a night on Expedia.  The room was very clean and cute, loved the reclaimed wood and the flat screen tv.  The window opened ALL the way!  The hotel not right on the main strip, so you don't hear traffic - people or cars.  Loved that it was walking distance from the Heanvely village, and the casinos across the stateline.  We were there during March Madness - I was able to place a bet in the sportbook at Harveys, and then watch the game in a smoke free sports bar back on the California side.

    05/04/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    8. Archie M.
    Good hotel if you are looking for a clean place to sleep.  The beds are fine but nothing special.  Good service.  We paid $125/night in January, and it was a good value.  The breakfast is mediocre and croissants are not very good.

    24/01/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    9. liz s.
    First time at 968 Park.  This is a "green" hotel which is a definately plus. Got our room on Groupon for a good rate plus a bottle of wine.  We had to ask for the wine.  The check-in process was super easy and the young woman who waited on us was very friendly.  They serve coffee and tea 24/7 and have frugal breakfast offerings in the morning.  There is also a bar that services beer and wine.  Our room was located on the second floor.   It was average size and very clean.  It had a rustic feel to it which suits the area.  The mattress was super comfortable.  The room is heated by radiant heat which took awhile (maybe 30 minutes) to do it's job.  Once the room was heated it was very comfortable.  968 Park is located  within walking distance of some great shops and the casinos, if you're into that, and about a quarter mile from the lake.  They have an inviting looking spa room but we didn't bring our bathing suits with us so can't comment on it.  They offer a repeat visitor discount.  We would definately stay here again.

    18/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    10. Eisl l.
    Stay away from this so call "green hotel".  There is no air condition, in the hot summer you can either turn on the loud fan (not green!) to circulate the hot air or leave the window and door open to adjust the room temperature. The only good thing is the location, but at night is very noise, with the window open which you have to in the hot summer because there is no air condition; don't expect you can fall to sleep at all.   We were fooled by their so call "Eco friendly" advertiser and paid $200 dollar a night on July 3rd for a family gathering.   Definably will not go back again.

    05/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    11. david s.
    excellent hotel.  best i've found in tahoe
    we only paid 100usd per night as the room wasn't fully furnished.
    it had an amazing luxury bed and a huge flat panel TV, the only item missing was a dresser.... i never hang my clothes for short stays anyhow, so didn't miss it.

    very cool, modern contemporary decor - but really tastefully done, not thrown together or cheap imitations...

    its also a eco friendly hotel so its natural wood and i assume heated through some eco fuel.

    lovely indoor spa.  couldn't get the suana hot enough, but didn't really matter too much.

    great staff, super friendly and helpful.

    very close to the gondala/ casinos/ starbucks for www, etc (about a 5 min walk)

    book direct rather than through any agent.

    enjoy it

    30/03/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    12. Jared A.
    By far one of the coolest places in South Lake. The rooms were super cool with re-purposed materials which made a very nice decor and a huge flatscreens in the room. The beds and sheets we're amazing! Super friendly and relaxed, the place has a unique feel, not like other chain hotels. We skied all day and hung out in the hot tub for hours. I heard that they do glasses of wine with check-in, but we didn't get that. We'll definitely be staying here more often and highly recommend it for anyone who wants something a little different than your run of the mill hotel.

    11/03/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    13. Rahul N.
    One of the better "values" in South Lake Tahoe.  Excellent location and very helpful and friendly staff.  If you are looking to be walking distance to most venues with acccess to a SPA and POOL, this is a great choice.

    26/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    14. Adrian C.
    I was here (sometime in March 09) because there's a deal in Travelocity which makes the room rate about 50% off.  I would describe this hotel as "cozy".   Let me just lay down what I think are the pros and cons:

    - clean, new, quiet
    - has a spa (sauna and jacuzzi)
    - great quality shampoo, conditioner and lotion
    - 42" plasma tv
    - bed is comfy (I was fine with it but my friends thought they're too soft)

    - sauna didn't work (couldn't turn the heat on)
    - inside the room there's no hairdryer, no fridge, no coffeemaker, no glasses or cups
    - sink and mirror are not inside the bathroom
    - pastries and coffee were not adequately refilled

    Also, all rooms are no-smoking rooms, don't know if it's a plus or a minus for people.  I like their green thinking though.  Definitely will not be back if I have to pay regular price, probably not even with a 50% discount...  not because it's bad, just because it doesn't have the things I need.

    26/05/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    15. Art C.
    Dishonest and Deceptive Avoid

    I stayed here for one Saturday night with a friend that had a groupon and decided to get my own groupon and stay here again.  I called minutes after checking their website to make sure they still had rooms available (one queen bed) for the weekend.  Their website said their was still a room available however, on the phone they said they did not have any rooms left including a single queen which the groupon qualifies for (this seems quite dishonest).  When I asked about the following weekend I was told that any stay over a weekend requires a two night stay.  This is not stated anywhere on the groupon nor is it stated anywhere on their website.  Basically they changed their policy when I called to make a reservation.  This is dishonest and false advertising.  I asked to speak with the manager but the manager had just left.  I left my contact info and asked to speak with the manager when they were available.  I received a call back about 10 minutes later from the same person saying that the manager confirmed that their policies had not changed and there was nothing they could do.  I again asked to speak with the manager and received the same response "they just left".  I have still not received a response from the manager.  

    The room might be worth the 79+10taxes however requiring a 2 night stay with the 2nd night running an additional $230 is totally unreasonable.  

    The place was likely once a small crappy hotel that a developer bought up and tried to make "green" themed, which I respect.  However the rooms are very small and cramped.  The rooms are so small they had to make custom furniture so you could actually walk through the room.  Otherwise the room was clean and the furniture was new and seemed to be made of quality.  The hot tub is indoors with very poor ventilation.  I felt quite sick after about 10 minutes because of the chemicals and the poor ventilation.  Actually everyone that was in the hot tub had to leave after about 15 minutes because they felt also sick.  

    My opinion is that after many people bought groupons, 968 Park didn't want to honor the groupons so they made up extra stipulations and claim that they don't have rooms available.  This is a poor business practice and shows a lack of integrity.  

    Additionally they state on their website that you can get a better rate than anything you find on the internet (including their own website) if you call in. I don't understand why they list room rates if they tell you that you can get a better deal by calling in.

    17/02/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    16. David W.
    I really wanted to like 968 Spa Resort but unfortunately for the price, it is just OK.


    1. Within walking distance to Heavenly
    2. The hotel partners with one of the local retailers to get your skis/snowboard rental setup in your room (Very convenient!)
    3. Front desk staff are very friendly
    4. Better than most of the run down hotel fare in Lake Tahoe
    5. Cool heating fixtures in the lobby
    6. The hotel genuinely has made attempts to be green in its construction
    7. Rooms are nicely done with free wireless


    1. The hotel is newly remodeled so it's still a bit of a construction zone. (For instance, wet concrete in the spa area prevented usage for one day.)
    2. The mentioned "spa" features really are underwhelming and the hotel name is misleading so don't expect much. The sauna was not working when I was there. (I also had a terrible experience with people who didn't appear to be guests smoking and drinking in the hot tub. Yuck! Better security is required.)
    3. Don't use the hotel web site to make reservations. It didn't appear to have a secure connection. Use hotels.com or travelocity.com
    4. Nix the complimentary bottles of Hungarian spring water. Surely using local companies is more eco friendly. (Minor issue I know...)

    08/04/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    17. Amy W.
    I stayed here a couple of months ago with my bf.  The place was gross all around.  First, the check-in process took about 45 minutes bc the person working the desk was incompetent!!  Next, there was NO parking and they charged a fee for it anyway- do they think they are in San Francisco now?  Next, the place was not kept up for the conditions- ice everywhere and large dangerous icicles hanging from 2nd story rooms.  My bf and I both slipped and fell at this place within 5 min of each other and I hurt my hip and leg pretty bad from it.  We reported the incident to the front desk and were basically told too bad it's the condition.  Well, we go to Tahoe all the time and understand "conditions" but we also understand liability for personal injury at a business establishment- apparently something these guys know nothing about.  In fact, the guy working the desk at this time did not know what to do- offered me an Aleive (good thing I didn't take it and have an allergy), and basically wrote my name on a piece of paper as his account of the incident  Every other establishment in the area puts salt on ice patches, signs on particularly slippery places, mats to add traction, etc!  The staff's cavalier attitude and toward things and borderline disrespectful/rudeness was shocking and I would NEVER GO BACK again nor recommend i to anyone!  There are plenty of other options in South Lake and I suggest you chose one of them over this dump!

    09/03/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    18. Anna-Lena P.
    OH MY GOD.... what a jewel!
    Went there for a weekend and absolutely LOVED IT!!!!

    The big marshmallow bed, the cute woody decor in the rooms, the fact that you can actually open the window......AMAZING!

    The folks down at the front desk were nice, cool and very helpful.

    I did not try any of the spa services but that will be next time because I am definitely coming back.

    The only tiny little thing that i did not like was that the towels were too think so i could not wrap it around my head and that my 32oz Nalgene bottle would not fit into the sink :)

    I would recommend this property to anyone that wants to stay off the beaten path in a great area.


    16/06/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    19. Josh B.
    My wife and I stayed here over the weekend and opted to stay an additional night in part because we liked it. Decor is rustic but modern. Service at the desk was excellent. Offered as a complimentary glass of wine and beer on arrival. Nice big flat screen tv mounted on wall though no (or very basic) cable and not hidef. Bed was very comfortable. Bathroom and shower were simple but nice. Loved the sink (it is actually outside the bathroom, which is nice). Spa was nice, though needed a little maintanance. Very convenient local. A little noisy at night and in the morning being near the main drag. Pastries and coffee on the morning but no actual meals served (no room service). Massages available by appointment. A bit pricy though. Didn't opt for it. All on all clean, comfortable, convenient, and great and friendly service. And on Sunday night we extended our stay for only $89.

    06/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    20. Natasha D.
    Went up to 968 Park Hotel last weekend to celebrate a birthday of a close friend and was surprised by how much I enjoyed this place. Right from the get go the staff was inviting and offered us a complimentary glass of wine or beer..major points right off the bat! Our room was just the right blend of rustic and luxurious, and more than comfortable.  We weren't able to take advantage of the spa services, but we definitely took advantage of the location. This place is right in the middle of everything in South Lake Tahoe--the Heavenly gondola is just a block away!  Couldn't have asked for a better place to spend the weekend.

    11/03/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    21. Sarah S.
    Really unusual hotel. I do appreciate all of the effort to be environmentally friendly, but there are some inconveniences that go with it. The room was really hot 24 hours a day, and even sleeping with the window open and fans on didn't cool it down. The only thermostat was turned all of the way down and the high temp outside never went over 65, so I'm not sure what kind of magic they're workin. This would be awesome in the winter, but not so much in June. Our room only had one bath towel. So we had to go ask for another. And then ask again for hot tub towels. The swimming pool was drained and closed. The hot tub was in a dark little wooden room with the sauna. There are a lot of tiles falling off into the hot tub, and it could use some maintenance. The decorations are mostly recycled and reused, so the style jumps around a lot from area to area. It's a little disorienting at first. We considered getting massages, but the prices are insanely high here. I did really like the beds, the location, the showers, the free wi-fi, and the New Belgium beer for only $3 during happy hour.

    14/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    22. Omar T.
    968 Park Hotel - an environmental but unreliable hotel

    Just minutes walking distance from Heavenly Valley gondola lifts, this recently renovated hotel boasts nice eco-friendly atmosphere with at least 3 different natural white-washed plastered and textured walls. The room also includes simple lights lit by energy efficient bulbs, bamboo etched and modern insulating windows, water saving toilet and shower and a simple but beautiful ceramic basin sink with an antique looking waterfall faucet. The room features simple furniture and décor hand constructed from recycled wood along with healthy environmentally safe consumable shampoos, conditioners, and soaps. Our king sized bed offered comfortable firm support with nicely soft linen and covers.  Each room is contains a 42" Panasonic television with unrestricted basic cable including local channels.

    The hotel itself has WIFI connection, however it is unsecured and the signal quality is poor to fair at best. The front desk personnel were friendly at first, at least the young lady that greeted us upon checking in. She informed us of the amenities including the spa and the pool. I was curious to explore my surroundings. On the first floor, I found the suite converted into a business center with just one small with a game room containing a single foosball table. The ubiquitous pine oil odor permeated the air as you walk down the cramped hallways and nooks a nice idea at first but eventually got annoying. Room cleaning was pretty much non existent, apparently it seems like their staff was part-time especially on non-peak days. We asked the front desk to just have someone to replenish shampoo, conditioner, and soap and to empty our trash. The guy said he would and even wrote it down. It was never done. On the morning we left. There was on one to check us out at the front desk. In fact the front desk and the adjacent kitchen were closed off from the lobby.

    Like most of us already know, eco-friendly accommodations aren't cheap, which is okay. To pay over $100 a night for a room on a weekday only to have an non-attentive staff, is just unacceptable.

    13/05/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    23. Mare R.
    I stayed at the 968 Park from April second to the fourth. And the staff was awesome. Christina and Audrey were especially helpful in scheduling and even upgrading my message appointment. By the way the hot stone message was amazing I'd recommend it to everyone. Also, there's a bunch of places and a lot of things to do within walking distance. I also appreciate the fact that it is environmentally friendly. I loved it:)

    05/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    24. Nitesh P.
    A very green hotel! Very comfortable! Great lobby bar. Very friendly and knowledgable staff. Would def stay here again on next visit! Also close to many places!

    03/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    25. Shandon G.
    This place is amazing- super comfortable beds, amazing shampoos and conditioners, a great bar, and excellent customer service.  Plus it is walking distance to tons of stuff!

    13/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    26. Donna W.
    Eco chic comes to tahoe in this quaint hotel furnished with reclaimed materials balanced with modern lighting and plumbing fixtures  The rooms are tidy and comfy.  The location is superconvenient to skiing, shopping and nightlife.  The lobby staff are laid back but helpful. You cannot beat the price guarantee.  I appreciate the tahoe vibe, not upscale but real.  Parking spots are tight but that was the only fault I could find.

    11/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    27. Kim S.
    My husband and I wanted a little weekend getaway and set our sights on South Lake Tahoe. We searched around for a nice, budget conscious room and decided to try out 968 Park based on a combination of the rate, location and generally positive reviews.

    On the positive side, the location is awesome, we walked to Heavenly Village and Stateline multiple times over the weekend, all within 10 minutes of 968 Park. The rooms were super clean and nicely, if not minimally adorned. I personally loved to whole concept of eco-friendly hotel and was really impressed the the reclaimed furniture and decor in general. The staff was friendly, and although we didn't ever make it to one, the happy hour and bar/lobby area are both very cool, concept and design-wise. Definitely seems like one of best options in terms of the small motel-like options in South Lake.

    Things that we weren't pleased with were the thin walls. It was really easy to hear people in the hallway and unfortunately, we were staying near a roller derby team who got in VERY late Saturday night. Also, no air conditioning, which is not as much of a problem for me as it is for my husband, who seems to run about 10 degrees hotter than I. I appreciate the concept of keeping energy usage down however, the little fan provided in the room could only be on if the connected track lights we're left on, which would make it impossible to sleep. So the window was kept open and the outside noise in the parking lot easily traveled up to our room on the third floor, both late at night and early in the morning. The final thing for me was that in an eco-friendly hotel, I never found a place to recycle. I grew up in a house where we recycled everything, even the cardboard toilet paper tube, and so I left all the items I would have recycled at home in a (neat) pile in the room, hoping the cleaning staff would dispose of them properly.

    Overall, if we were looking for inexpensive but nice accommodations in SLT, we'd consider 968 Park again, but only in the cooler months as I said, I think it's certainly the best option among the small, independent "motels". Otherwise, in the future, we'll probably shell out a bit more money for one of the bigger hotels, such as the Marriott, Embassy Suites or a few of the other resorts we're familiar with.

    14/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    28. Sheeni L.
    Stayed here for a weekend snowboarding trip in late december and loved it! I would say I definitely got more than I paid for. The room was great, a little small but cozy, the bed was sooooo comfy and the location is excellent. Everything you could possibly need is within walking distance. While staying here I also took advantage of their in-room couples massage. Due to the size of the room, the therapists had to really work and move things around to make the tables fit (which was a little awkward) but once they got settled it was very relaxing. The hot tub and steam room were so-so (the jacuzzi was a little dirty and overfilled). All in all I would say this is a nice place to stay if you want to be close to everything but also stay low key.

    02/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    29. Kristen K.
    We just stayed here for a second time and had a great stay! I think they've added more seating/decor in the 'lobby' or front area since the last time we were here and it looks really nice! Our room was bigger this time(major plus in my eyes)..pretty sure we had the same type of room as last time so I guess the room sizes may not be standardized? Unfortunately they have a pending liquor license so until they get their license there is no complimentary wine or beer at check in. At least they have water and coffee I guess. Also, this time around we did have a mini fridge in our room which was a plus. I got an insanely good rate through expedia so the price was definitely right in my case...and we will definitely be back!

    19/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    30. Ilana C.
    I had a really good time at this hotel. I was a groupon customer. When I mentioned this at the front desk, they told me if I ever see a "deal" for the hotel again, I should just call the hotel and they will let me book it directly and match the rate.

    The hotel was very nice. It was the nicest room I have had in the heavenly hotel area and one of the closest to the gondola ( I've stayed at about 10 hotels in this area). The staff was very nice, the shower was very clean and well decorated, the beds were nice. I had actually gotten sick when I was originally planning to go and they let me change my reservation on less than 24 hrs notice with no fees. They had plenty of parking and the hot tub was nice. The breakfast is very limited but very good. We actually bought some fruit across the street and ate it with coffee and the banana bread they served. We didn't actually have any beer after skiing but a lot of people were down there.

    14/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    31. Johnboy S.
    This place is so cute.  Beds are excellent and comfortable.  Kind of a rustic yet modern look. Nice staff.  Sauna pool and massages available.  A real good change after staying in casino hotel rooms for a couple of days.  The beds are worth it alone.  Free wifi and close to casinos lake and shops.

    17/06/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    32. Amy Q.
    I stayed here last month with a huge wedding party and it was a disaster.  First off, their website fails to mention that there are NO air conditioners.  There are little fans, but you have to have the light on to use them, which is no fun at night.  Secondly, their website claimed to have free continental breakfast, which they did not.  They also promised a complementary glass of wine or bottle of beer upon check in.  This was also a lie.  The pool was colder than the lake and my sister got charged 3 weeks later for a reservation that was canceled and they refused to give her her money back.  The only redeeming qualities this hotel had were really good coffee and great decor, having said that this place is definitely not worth the price.

    19/07/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    33. Jen F.
    968 Park, you're gross. -10. Dirty sheets in two, yes, two rooms!

    The lobby and our room were eco-cabin-modern and very nice style-wise.

    The 2nd floor hallway was filled with smoke. It's supposed to be a non-smoking hotel with filtered air, good for people with allergies like me, so much for that. We settled in and pulled back the blankets--the sheets were filthy! Visibly dirty in multiple places with lots of disgusting stuff. We went down to the front desk and asked for a new room. The lady at the front desk actually said "I'm sorry. We're in between housekeepers. This isn't the first time I've had someone complain about their sheets being unwashed. I'll move you to the honeymoon suite."

    The honeymoon suite was nicely decorated and big, but we didn't even have to pull back the sheets to tell they hadn't been washed. There was actually mac and cheese spilled on the sheet right next to the pillow.

    We cut our losses and 90 minutes later we were curled up in a clean, quiet room over at the XXX. ("XXX" used to be the name of the hotel we stayed at, but a Park 968 representative left a comment accusing me of lying to the point it likely was "competitor sabotage" so I removed the competing hotel's name.)

    31/01/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    34. Monique M.
    968 Park Hotel was such a great place to stay! Upon entering our rustic looking room, we checked in with the front desk which was quick and painless. When we got to our room, I quickly noticed that there was no air conditioner but two fans already turned on in the room, waiting for our arrival. Luckily the weather was absolutely perfect while we were in town, but the room was a little warm in the evening. I thought there was plenty of space in our room which had a good sized flat screen mounted on the wall. I liked the desk feature as my boyfriend had homework he needed to work on, so the extra space was appreciated. Like many of the reviews said, the bed was super comfy! I would definitely recommend 968 Park Hotel (not to be confused with Park Hotel right next door.) They offered metal water bottles for $10 which was a great idea for eliminating plastic bottles and they have water downstairs that you can fill up on which is a nice touch.
    The pool was somewhat small but served its purpose. They had these cute cabana like tanning areas which was nice and cozy. Music was playing throughout the parking and pool area which I really liked. One of the nights we sat out by the pool with the the lights changing colors listening to the music under the stars...can't get much better than that:)
    The location is perfect! We were able to walk around the majority of the time! Its close to the casinos, restaurant, grocery store, beach, and much more! Great place to go:)
    Overall, I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone who enjoys the simpler things in life. If you are looking for a swanky hotel with high end amenities, this probably is not the place for you. We were able to stay at the hotel for a good price on hotels.com so I would recommend looking for deals before booking directly on their website.

    19/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    35. Jules M.
    This is an unusual review because we didn't actually stay at 968 Park. However, they deserve five stars for customer service. Here's the story: We booked through hotels.com , which screwed up our reservation. When we got to 968 Park to check in, they had not received our reservation from hotels.com and were full. They found us a room at another hotel, made all the arrangements for us, then dealt directly with hotels.com to make sure we did not get overcharged as a result of changing hotels. They told us they would contact us when things were resolved, and they did. The fact is that sh-t happens, and the key is how the business deals with it. We are big on customer service and favor businesses that take care of problems that arise, putting the customer first. The people at 968 Park were not obligated to help us out at all, because the problem was caused by hotels.com , not 968 Park, but they helped anyway, and stuck with it through resolution. We will definitely keep this in mind the next time we go to Tahoe ... which we hope is very very soon!

    11/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    36. YoAdrienne L.
    I really wanted to like this place. It was just so so. I read a lot of reviews on this place and many reviews had complaints about the temperature, but I actually had no problem with this at all. Maybe only during the summer it's an issue?
    Look, I think they had the right idea with this place and its design, but I think it was somewhat poorly executed. I don't know if the owner ran out of money or he had a mediocre designer... The rooms were actually pretty good, but the lobby was a bit mismatched and very unfinished looking. They had SOME good elements to it, but the area near the elevators were completely off. The faux painting on the walls is so completely dated. Who even does faux painting anymore. Yikes. The lighting fixtures were also pretty bad. They have this awful modern track lighting above the kitchen area in their lobby. For christ sakes, they could have done something way cooler like the pendant light made out of recycled bottles or glass like the kind they have at  Hyde Lounge. You know, something with style and character and acts as a focal point for the lobby. If you are the owner, you should really contact me. I'm in LA and you could really use my help. Kind of joking, but not really.

    Don't even get me going on the indoor jacuzzi here. I won't even go there right now. All I have to say is, my boyfriend and I went across the street to some other hotel to use their jacuzzi.

    The only things I LOVED about this hotel was the location, the beds, and  this one guy who I cannot remember his name. All I know is, he is young, went to culinary school in Pasadena, and studied hospitality . He seriously had the best customer service training that I have ever seen. This hotel does not deserve him. He should be at the four seasons instead.

    02/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    37. A. W.
    I booked a night here using a groupon.  The 50% discount I got is the only thing which redeems my stay there.  There was an over-powering chlorine smell in the lobby and spa.  The WiFi appeared to be just a home-use router because we were not able to get any bandwidth during our whole stay...causing my friend to miss a business call being conducted over Skype.  The rooms are reasonably nice but not worth the standard price they are charging.  The one bright spot in our stay were the massages we got.  They were excellent!  So maybe book a massage here for after you hit the slopes, but book a room elsewhere.

    03/02/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    38. cali c.
    We stayed here on a weekday in the summer.

    The hotel is a converted Motel into very green environment friendly hotel. But basically after the novelty of everything being wood and recycled wears off you realized you are really staying in a fancy motel.

    The reviews are all right.

    There is NO air conditioning and the fan is so loud it is NOT usable. We stayed there in late september so it wasn't hot at night and this wasn't an issue for us.

    You can hear anything and everything including everyone in the hall way, the room next to you, the people on the street and the people in the pool.

    I did not use the pool or spa so I can't really rate on that.

    The rooms were clean when we first got them although there was a musky smell. The walls of the rooms and hotel are tell tale signs of it's previous life as a motel.

    The front desk is useless. Their food suggestions were awful and they were incompetent if we ever asked for something. Nodding and saying of course but never really doing anything. We had asked specifically for room service and clean sheets by 10 am but when we came back the room was still not done by 12. We left for the rest of the day and when we came back the rooms as cleaned, but the sheets which had an obvious stain on them were just put back on the bed and not changed. Seriously?

    I got bit my a spider in bed the first morning I was there! then I discovered the cob webs that the cleaning staff ignore

    The green products they use aren't really that good, bring your own shampoo etc

    The fridge is the tiniest thing ever, like a barbie fridge, don't think you can store anything more than a small water bottle there. The food in Heavenly is awful so if you think of bringing your own food this is not the place for you.

    We got it at a good deal and the location is GREAT, so it wasn't a complete let down. My husband says he would come here again with his buddies just because its so close to the skiing but he wouldn't stay for long. As for me, no, I wouldn't recommend.

    20/09/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    39. Alexandra R.
    So this place was...weird.  Although the location for hitting up the casinos and the slopes is perfect (and the only reason it got three stars) I can't say that I am eager to return here.  

    When we got there the place seemed nice and cozy, interestingly decorated with reclaimed and recycled materials which I liked, but I have definitely seen this look done better.  I did, however, appreciate the fresh water and hot tea/ coffee station in the lobby which was available free of charge for everyone.  

    When we checked in they told us that our room wasn't ready (arg!), and when I responded that I had requested early check in and was told this was OK, I was informed that they don't have early check in (double arg!).  I was about to start getting very upset when the bar manager (I think his name was chuck (?)) (who seems to be the only person working in this place who knows whats going on) swooped in and saved the day by giving us another room.  As we were taking our things up to our room I asked if there was a safe in the room or a hotel safe behind the front desk to which Chuck responded that it wasn't necessary because no one would ever steal at the hotel (Yeah, RIGHT, but OK, whatever).

    After we dropped off our bags we went back to the lobby for a glass of wine and though by boyfriend tried to pick up the tab, we were told that the bar could not take cash or credit and the drinks could only be charged to the room (ok,  a little strange again, but whatever).  Next we went to the hot tub and sauna, which would have been nice except the hot tub is literally falling apart and not very clean.  In the ads for the place they also boast a heated outdoor pool, which we tried to check out only to be told that it is not open as it's only heated in the summer (again, strange).  Next as we were chatting up Chuck after our second glass of wine he told us, "because we seem like nice people" that if you put on the heat in the rooms, the temp cannot be adjusted and it will be roughly 100 degrees in your room for the duration of your stay.  Isn't that something you tell your guests upon checking in, not just because you later decide they are "nice"?? Also, we stayed in the middle of winter, and we can't use the heat??! (it turned out to be an OK temp in our room so we just let this one go too).

    The final straw was when we went down to have some of the "continental breakfast" that they offer with your stay.  Apparently to 968 Park, an acceptable continental breakfast is a bowl of cut up fruit bread placed on the bar in the lobby.  No joke, when we got to the lobby all there was was a bowl of fruit bread and two very pissed off looking families quietly munching on said measly breakfast.  

    So, this is a great place to stay if you just want to crash here after taking the stateline strip or the slopes by storm, but if you want anything more, go elsewhere.

    11/05/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    40. Allison D.
    Not worth your time or energy.

    I purchased two groupons for this place. One I used in January and the other I gave to my boyfriend as a gift, which he tried to use but they made up a bunch of lies (I'll explain below).

    My first experience, the place was nice, cozy, and clean, but I'd never pay the full price (I think it was ~$170 that weekend). The rooms were small, and did not have all the amenities listed on the website. The sauna was amazing. The hot tub is a accident waiting to happen. The hot tub is located inside with poor ventilation, so the noxious fumes quickly make you ill. When I checked out I asked if I needed to pay any additional charges or fees, they said "no" so I left. Today, a month and half later they charged my credit card for taxes. The charges doesn't bother me because it's stated on the groupon, but the fact that this business is so disorganized and unprofessional that it occurs a month and half later is ridiculous.

    In order to use my second groupon I had to give it to my boyfriend as a gift (typical for groupons). When he called to make a reservation they said they had no rooms available for that weekend, but when I called 2 minutes later they did (i didn't mention I had a groupon). So they completely lied to him. They also told him he had to book 2 nights, which isn't true since we stayed there for one night in January. When he told the girl on the phone that neither the groupon nor their website have such stipulations she didn't know what to say. He asked to speak to the manager, so we're waiting to hear back.

    A close friend also got a groupon in which she booked a weekend in January. She ended up needing to cancel it a week or 2 in advance because she had to work. When she called, they said she had already used her groupon in December. It turned out the very "intelligent" receptionist had marked her reservation for Dec. 15 rather than Jan. 15th, therefore marking her as a "no show", and her groupon invalid. She left a message with the manager who never returned her phone call.

    Overall, 968 has a shady business practice. They tried to get their business off the ground by offering groupons, but now will not honor such deals. Either way I won't go back. The quality isn't worth the price and I won't support a business that treats their customers so poorly. I will ask Groupon for my money back.

    17/02/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    41. Shane L.
    I love this place.  Eco friendly, cozy, comfy, water to fill your bottles, coffee & tea and hot chocolate whenever you wanna go downstairs to grab it...a hot tub and massage area.  They did a nice job decorating with recycled and reused materials and it's across the street from the Heavenly Gondola.  They gave us a VIP card to use at various stores and eateries in the area which gave us discounts.  Me likey and we will be back.

    17/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    42. Sierra M.
    Friendly service, bartender welcomes you as you walk in. Amazing organic coffee in morning - but should user ceramic cups, not styrofoam.

    12/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    43. Glen R.
    Very cool green building with lots of reclaimed materials. Corn starch, compostable cups, etc. Extremely friendly staff serving New Belgium beer on tap in the lobby. Great rooms, soft beds, feather pillows, etc. Very nice showers/tubs. There were several cooperative deals around town as a result of staying there. The only flaw in this place is too few games for the kids in the game room. I had to teach chess to a 7 year old! ;-)

    30/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    44. Jo L.
    Stayed here the week between Christmas and New Years in 2009 and just got around to write a review.  Amenities of the hotel and comfort was just fine, but there's something seriously wrong with the management/booking/charge system.  

    I booked directly with the hotel.  Thank GOD that i saved the confirmation with the rate on it.  The hotel tried to charge me $50 more per night from the rate I was given when I booked.  Took 3 days of back and forth before they found out that there was a glitch in the booking system that my reservation was associated with (rack rate at the day I checked in.)  An explanation that was just ridiculous.  Meantime, I was checking with the front desk daily and sending the confirmation with the original rate to a different manager upon request because the last person I sent it to couldn't make the adjustment somehow.  

    After ALL THIS...I found on my credit card statement I was over charged from the check out statement I received.  Again, took 3 phone calls to receive the acknowledgement that they made a mistake.  This time, not only did I NOT get an apology, I also did not get an explanation of why the mistake was made.  I reported the incidents to Better Business Bureau and still NO acknowledgement from the hotel about the repeated issues I experienced.  Funny how the over charge and mistakes were not made in a way that's beneficial to the guests.  Unless you're ready to watch the hotel like the thief it has been to me and ready to provide evidence multiple times, I'd suggest going to a different establishment.

    08/12/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    45. Andrea B.
    This place was not what I expected.  As far as "green" goes, most hotels these days have gone "green", there was nothing special about this hotel's claim to "green" that I dont see regularly at other hotels.  Let's start with the booking, good customer service on the phone, was able to book my groupon room with no problem.  Even after 968 Park Hotel changed their policy of a 2 night minimum stay after they sold all these groupons, they still honored my 1 night since I had booked the room prior to the change, that was very nice of them.  However when you tell them you have 3 people, and then get to the hotel and they tell you they put you into a room with 1 king bed, and that they don't have any other rooms, NOT COOL!  Since we were already there, we thought we would deal and squish all three of us into one bed.  Rooms are tiny, hard to move around in.  Room was pretty clean for the most part.  The wifi signal was good in the room.  The only complaints I have about the room is that I went to charge my electronics overnight and the plugs kept falling out of the outlets and the walls and floors are too thin, all night we could here people walking around above us, and anytime there were people chattin it up in the hallways and the adjacent rooms, you could totally keep up with their conversations. Their continental breakfast consisted of beverages and bread, not much to fill you up with.  Parking there can be difficult, it is a really tight lot, if you park in the back, the only way out is to back out since it only goes one way and then deadends.  Location wise they are right across the street from a shopping center and very close to Heavenly Village.  I can't really recommend staying here.

    20/03/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    46. Mich R.
    Price was a bit high for what we got but an okay place. It was clean which is key. Rooms are small, not very quiet, hardly a breakfast.

    25/09/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    47. Meagan C.
    Great place!! REALLY COMFORTABLE BEDS!! And the staff was friendly and helpful! Can't wait to stay here again!

    It's a Green hotel too!

    14/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    48. Derek B.
    I recently stayed in South Lake and was looking for an alternative to the expensive casino hotels. 968 Park is within walking distance to all the casinos and all in all a great place to stay.

    The service was excellent. Clean, modern, spacious rooms.

    They even offered a complimentary wine tasting while we were there.

    10/01/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    49. Jenny M.
    Great place!  Quiet, warm, very nice staff and amazing value for the price. Much better than a casino. The location is good too. We will be back!

    05/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    50. Yolanda N.
    Great find! My husband and I really enjoyed our stay. The room was clean and comfortable.  This hotel is located close to everything. Jessica was very nice and provided excellent customer service. Her recommendations to places to eat were awesome! Actually all staff were welcoming and very nice! We will for sure visit again!

    07/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    51. Nicole R.
    This review is for the spa only.  I got a hot stone massage from Luisa, whom I highly recommend!  The reason I took off a star is because the actual massage room was quite cramped.  Luckily, most of a massage is spent with eyes closed, so it wasn't too distracting.  

    This was my first hot stone massage, so I'm unable to compare it to other places.  However, it was the best massage I've ever received -- while being one of the most inexpensive!  Before the massage, the spa has you fill out an intake form as usual.  But the second half of the intake form was unusual in that it asked about preferences in a massage.  I listed aromatherapy, and I was quite surprised when Luisa incorporated that into my massage!  It's obvious to me that she is not only skilled but also striving for perfection.  I would highly recommend this spa.

    06/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    52. Courtney Q.
    We loved it and will stat here again! It is really cute. I love how thet use all the reclaimed materials and they are "green".

    10/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    53. Jess S.
    We stayed here for one night. The rooms are small. The window was not sealed so there was a draft. There were ants that paraded across the bathroom in the morning and into one of our bags. But, the staff here was great as was the lobby/bar area and the location.

    23/11/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    54. Christine S.
    I had a fantastic time staying at 968 Park for my ski trip to Heavenly a few weeks ago. The location is PERFECT! I hate walking in my ski boots and I didn't mind the trek to the gondola at all. Plus, you're right across the street from all sorts of amenities like Raley's, Jamba Juice, a movie theater, and all the other Heavenly Village shops.

    The hotel itself is a renovated motel but it was done in an "eco-friendly" manner. The lobby was very warm and cozy and they had a breakfast buffet every morning with pastries, fruits and snacks. It's also home to the tiniest elevator in existence so get used to the stairs if you have a lot of equipment with you.

    As for the room, it was extremely clean. In fact, everything in the hotel smelled really clean which I really enjoyed. I also loved the shampoo and conditioner samples they use. My only complaint would be that the walls are SUPER thin. We could literally hear people's entire conversations but it wasn't a trip ruiner because I was so tired from skiing that it didn't keep me up or anything.

    Something to keep in mind for the summer months - keeping in touch with the green theme - there's no air conditioner. There's a fan mounted from the ceiling and a floor fan in the room, but I don't think I would stay here if it was hot out. The room was also pretty expensive, but I did book somewhat last minute.

    06/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    55. Cara L.
    SR and I stayed here for three nights (Thurs to Sat) during the height of tourist season.  I came with fairly high expectations, and the resort generally met them.  

    The service was good.  I wouldn't say it was stellar, but the staff took care of the few requests we had and were friendly enough.  The gourmet coffee (as part of the small continental breakfast) was a pleasant surprise, as were the expensive toiletries in the bathroom.  

    The bed and the shower can make or break my hotel stay, so I was pleased to discover that our bed was quite comfortable, and there was no shortage of hot water.  Even better, the towels and sheets were very soft.  Another perk was the free bottles of water in the room.  Not too eco-friendly, but you have to expect that any "enviro" tourist spot (short of staying in a yurt) is going to be a little greenwashed.  

    The decor of the room was simultaneously hip and rustic, as was the rest of the hotel.  The spa and sauna were nice, and the pool with its outdoor lounge beds was even nicer.  Little touches like the expensive flat screen in our room and the free drink when you arrive added to the experience.  

    So, with all these positive things to say, why just 4 stars?  Because our room was hot and stuffy, even with the wimpy fan turned on and the window open.  And hot and stuffy makes for a bad night's sleep.  I know that Tahoe was having a rare warm streak when we were there, but you have to be able to keep those rooms cool - the hotel didn't even have an extra portable fan to use.  

    And so 4 stars it is.  I'd certainly stay here again ... but only during the winter when A/C isn't needed.

    10/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    56. D P.
    I stayed at the 968 Park Hotel this past Easter weekend and overall had an amazing experience there.  

    I had no idea what type of place this hotel would be, and was a bit worried it would be another run-of-the-mill South Lake motel.  I arrived from my 6 hour drive from LA at around 5am... exhausted and hungry.  My girlfriend and I checked in, and the guy at the front desk was extremely pleasant and helpful.  We got our room and we asked for an upgrade.  He checked and happily gave us a larger room with a nice view.  

    After we checked in, he offered us water and also got us some snacks and toothpaste.  He definitely went out of his way at 5 am to help us out.  The next day, we met the manager of the hotel Chris, and he helped give us advice on places to shop and some good new restaurants.  His advice was spot on and more than helpful.

    Throughout the weekend, we had nothing but good things to say about the hotel.  Great location (walk to gondola), clean, HUGE comfy beds, and pleasant staff.  We also spent some time in the sauna and hot tub, and everything was nicely decorated and clean.  

    Staying here again is a no-brainer for me.  My girl and I had a romantic, perfectly accommodated weekend and will definitely be coming back.

    07/04/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    57. Good O.
    Had a bad experience recently while booking through my Groupon. They didnt treat me right. The people over phone should take their job seriously. Also, the moment you mention Groupon, their tone changes and a lot of other things change regarding what you'll be getting.

    Its time Groupon also does some background check on what type of people they are dealing with.

    EDIT: After my stay last weekend, I could relate my experience with the reviews having only one STAR.

    23/01/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    58. Brandy A.
    I was visiting a friend in Reno last weekend and decided to go thru Tahoe and stay at the 968 Park Hotel on my way back home.  I ended up getting in late Sunday evening, but check in was quick and the staff were friendly.  The rooms are large, modernized and very clean.  The bed was extremely comfortable.  The hotel is within walking distance to the casinos and restaurants.  Unfortunately I did not get a chance to enjoy the amenities at the hotel (sauna, massage services, hot tub) because my stay was only one night.  But I will definitely be checking this hotel out again.

    04/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    59. Michael M.
    Nice, helpful staff, new and clean rooms. Great amenities and free WIFI. I will definitely stay here again.

    10/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    60. Robert L.
    i just tried to book 2 rooms for February and i already had a bad experience. it was going smoothly over the phone but once i mentioned LivingSocial, they say they dont have the rooms available for those days/rate. and then the hung up abruptly.
    2 thumbs WAY down. and we havent even stayed there yet.
    lakeside inn, here we come!

    25/01/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    61. Jennifer F.
    I really enjoyed my stay at 968 Park Hotel.  I really liked the modern, yet rustic decor resulting from their creative utilization of recycled items.  

    The room included a great bottle of wine, a fridge, organic toiletries, big TV, plenty of storage, comfortable beds, soft sheets, free wi-fi, etc.  Downstairs they have a great little bar and always had hot coffee to keep me energized and happy.

    04/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    62. Ella Z.
    What a hoax! They say they are "green" but they are just stealing your green and excusing their crappy accommodations. DO NOT STAY HERE!

    I was one of the many fools who purchased the Groupon for this hotel. The only way I even got in was by calling and not mentioning the groupon until I had confirmed that there was a room open.
    I had planned on a romantic weekend in the snow with my boyfriend for our 6 year anniversary, this hotel was anything but romantic. or relaxing. or clean for that matter!
    We arrived a bit early because after two requests we were never given a check in time. They were nice enough to have the staff clean our room asap so we could get settled.
    In the meantime the front desk attendant showed us the amenities. She led us through a construction area to the saunas and hot tub. We did not actually poke our heads into the saunas to check it out but we did see that the hot tub had missing tiles and two of the pieces were actually in the bottom of the tub. I don't know about you but I don't typically think of broken tile shards as part of a soothing soak. When I mentioned the tiles to the worker she simply said "I'll let maintenance know." She didn't even seem surprised that the area could be broken and therefore dangerous.

    20 minutes later we were given our room keys and we took the shaky elevator up to the second floor. The elevator was scary! The doors opened before the lift stopped and the interior seemed to be glued together haphazardly.

    We finally made it to the room only to be fully disappointed. Keep in mind that we have stayed in quite a few "economy" motels so it takes a bit to shake us. For starters, the space was smaller than my college dorm room. I immediately did a room check for cleanliness and bed bugs as any smart traveler would. The bed was not clean! The decorative pillowcases were stained with something yellow (eww!?) and one of the bed pillows had mascara left on it. I thought perhaps the make up was just stained until i rubbed it and it smeared like it was fresh. When i lifted the sheet to check for bugs I was greeted with a clump of hair. YUCK.  
    By then we had decide to ask to switch rooms or have it re-cleaned. We should have known that 20 minutes to clean a room was far too fast. Before heading back downstairs my bf needed to use the toilet, which he discovered was also broken. When he lifted the seat it nearly swung off the bowl. If I had been the one to sit on it I surely would have been ass down on the floor!  
    That is when we knew it was time to leave. If the maids had not noticed the broken seat then the place was certainly not clean, and it they had and not fixed it then they obviously did not care for our safety. Either was it was a fail.
    We took the stairs back down and requested a refund to which we were told they couldn't do anything I would have to go through groupon. OK fine. Then the service manager asked if there was anything they could do to make it better. Before we could answer it was responded to by the former desk lady with "I think it's best this way" and took the room key. RUDE!

    We left and stayed at the Marriott across the way. Triple the price but we finally had somewhere to relax and enjoy ourselves. Plus it was clean and the pooper was safe!

    21/02/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    63. Charles H.
    I jumped on this deal when I saw the Groupon for an upscale Tahoe hotel for only $74.  Bottom line up front - this was a reasonable place to stay for $74, but not for the $150+ that they regularly charge.  

    Checking in - Other Yelpers and the website said that you get a free drink when you check in.  They didn't offer this to us and I actually wasn't thinking about it at the time, but when I remembered about it an hour later I didn't feel like going downstairs and asking for my free drink.  When we got to our room there was no hotel info book or sheet.  I guess this wasn't a big deal, but we immediately were wondering what the deal was with the Wi-Fi password, breakfast, and hot tub.  I tried calling the front desk and asking, but no one picked up the phone.  I walked down and the girl working there said that one of the owners didn't like the info books or something and removed all of them.  She gave me the password, showed me the hot tub, and told me that breakfast was just some sweet bread.  Cool cool.  

    The room - the room was simple, but fine.  The bed was supposed to be a queen, but seemed small.  Maybe I'm just used to king beds in hotels, but it really did seem small.  It was, however, very comfortable and high quality with good sheets and everything, which made up for the size.   The heat in the room was a little weird.  It is radiant heat, which means there are heating panels in the ceiling and radiate heat down on you.  I thought this was a nifty idea, but my perpetually cold girlfriend didn't like that she couldn't hear the heat coming on to warm her up.  It seemed to work a little slowly, which was only really an issue since they left it set on 60.  I get that they are being green, but if you have a heat system that works at a snail's pace, rooms that are likely to be occupied should be left a little warmer as guests are coming off of a long day on the cold ski slopes.  The heat also didn't seem to make it into the bathroom and the cold tiles around the sink area.  I think the heat panels were just above the bed.  There was also a giant TV on the wall.  Not really my thing, but it was there.  There was no refrigerator, microwave, or coffee maker in the room.  

    Hot tub and sauna - They were nice.  You can get more towels from the front desk.  The hot tub and sauna are indoors near the main lobby.  The hot tub is spacious and a good temperature for a nice soak.  The sauna wasn't quite as good.  It wasn't very hot and you could feel cold air leaking from the corners - not terrible though.  

    The morning - The lobby had hot coffee and tea available.  Their breakfast was indeed just some sweet bread stuff.  The girl at the desk didn't seem to be really keeping on top of it and there was only a small piece of banana bread on the plate when we came down.  I grabbed it and asked if there was any more.  She said there was, but it was in the fridge, so it would be a while.  A little while later on our way out, the plate was almost empty again, but we snagged another piece or two of the bread, which actually was tasty.  Just don't count on a nice filling continental breakfast here.  

    Even for $74, I probably wouldn't stay here again.

    24/03/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    64. Brittney P.
    My friends and I had a fabulous time at 968 Park Hotel! Audrey the front desk receptionist was fabulous! So friendly and had great recommendations for places to visit. We will definitely be back soon! Thanks for the wonderful hospitality!

    27/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    65. Ruth S.
    Did not stay at hotel.  Only went here for the spa services and experienced one of the BEST masssages ever (next to the spa at Cesar's in Vegas).  
    Arrival at a quiet and peaceful (zen-like) lobby.  Front staff very helpful.  
    Questionnaire upon arrival was important for massuese to perform work as it asked about specifics for what the customer is looking for in massage.  
    Room was small but did not deter therapist from working out all the kinks in my neck and back as I had annotated on my survey.  60 minute (or 50?) was extremely enjoyable and I will be going back (hopefully soon :).  Keep up the good work.  
    Note, the massage therapists are on call so be sure to call and schedule ahead of time.

    18/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    66. Melinda K.
    We also got the Groupon deal!

    The positive first - the use of repurposed wood and recycle materials was pretty cool. I thought that some of the decor was well done! The location was very convenient!

    Now for the rest of it - the staff was less than friendly and didn't go out of there way in the slightest to make you feel welcome. They spent most of their time on the computer! There was no direction or instruction by the staff. The lobby was cutely decorated but it was cold so we really didn't want to hang out there. The Business Center and "Game Room" was kind of a joke. There were no workable or useable games in there (a dart board with no darts!). The place definitely wasn't family-oriented.

    They also really missed the mark on providing some of the small conveniences. There were no restaurant guides or no television guide, no pens or paper. It would have been nice if they had just provided a little binder with some of the information like the towels for the hot tub were behind the front desk or how the radiant heater worked. There was no refinement in the room. There were so many ways they could have made it much better, especially since this is a "resort." Oh yes, the shower broke the last morning we were there too! They did give us access to another room though.

    So again, I was fine with the $160 for two nights. If I had paid $149 per night which was the going rate, I would have been really upset!

    22/03/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    67. Jeff B.
    Wow...wasn't as much of a fan as I thought I would be after reading the reviews.   I like the direction these guys are trying to go in, but I feel they are still a "Cheap Hotel off the strip".

    First the positives... this is an inexpensive option close to the action.  The hotel is clean and staff friendly.   Not a bad place to stay if you want to save some money.

    Now on to the negatives...   I was hoping for the cold beer one reviewer was given upon arrival.  after a long drive from the bay, this would have really brought the hotel over the top.  Second,  why wouldn't a hotel keep some needed toiletries in stock just in case?  After a late night at the casinos, we headed back to the 968 hotel and realized we forgot our toothbrushes and toothpaste at home.  I asked the staff if they had any on hand for purchase...  nope.   At 3am, I had to schlep up to Raleys (not far) to buy some.  Not fun.

    This place may be "green" and eco-friendly... but it didn't really have the vibe I was looking for or expecting.  I feel they could do more to really stand out.

    15/05/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    68. Kristi S.
    The Good:  Clean and great location.  The bad:  The beds were way to short, my 6'4" husband was hanging off the end of the bed.  There were no bath towels in our room and when we requested them they did not have any to give us until the next morning.  The bathroom light went out and the pool was closed.  We will not return.

    13/06/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    69. Victor N.
    Stayed here a couple times, Good choice when at South Lake Tahoe, quiet, close to everything.

    02/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    70. Doug G.
    Great little hotel, only a couple of blocks from Stateline. The staff is exceptionally friendly, and if you watch their site online, there are often some great deals. We got a 50% off rate that they were only running for one day.

    Quaint rooms with a rustic yet modern feel. Everything worked properly. The jacuzzi and sauna on the first floor is co-ed, so suits are mandatory. The only minus (not worth removing a star) is the parking spaces are very tight under the building. You can drive around back for the uncovered parking too.

    17/05/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    71. Glaciala A.
    I debated between 3 and 4 stars, but eventually kicked it up to 4. I like the green theme and that it's very eco-friendly. There are a lot of nice touches in the rooms from the furniture to hte sinks. Location was absolutley superb in being near the walking portion of South Lake tahoe and being able to walk to Heavenly. Only 1 minus. One was that the walls are really thin and noise travels across the hotel. For light sleepers, it's going to be very distracting. I thought the hot tub was nice and they have some covered parking as well.

    27/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    72. Adrian H.
    Nicely, comfy green hotel with very friendly staff.  Hotel is not much to look at from the outside, the lobby is small but free hot drinks 24x7 is a nice touch, plus there is a bar good for chatting with ski bums.  The rooms are very clean and very well designed, especially for drying out ski cloth & gears.  Short walk to the heavenly gondola, restaurants and shops.  Definitely first choice if going to ski at Heavenly.

    12/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    73. Katherine F.
    I wasn't optimistic about this hotel after reading some of the negative reviews, but I was pleasantly surprised.  I had a Groupon for this hotel and anticipated difficulty using it, but when I called the hotel to book for one night I had no difficulties and the service over the phone was polite--even after I said I had a Groupon.  Perhaps they've learned from their past errors?  

    Upon getting to the hotel, the hotel staff was courteous.  My mom and I stayed in a standard double-double room; it was small and basic, but very clean (a necessity) and did not have that chemical smell that a lot of other hotels have; strong chemicals aggravate my allergies, but I did fine here.  The beds were very comfortable.  The lack of an air conditioner did not bother us, as the weather was very pleasant (it was August but not too hot).  There was no refrigerator in the room, which would have been nice... but perhaps it would have been too inefficient?  However, we were happy with the room for the price we paid.  The tea selection in the lobby was good (Tazo teas), but the continental breakfast needs some work; it was just some coffee and OJ with a loaf of cranberry bread .  The bread was good but some more variety would have been nice, maybe some bagels or english muffins?

    Overall, it was a good stay with a clean, comfortable room.  I would return if I could get a decent rate on the lodging.

    04/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    74. phillip w.
    Steve goes out of his way to make sure everything is great while you are staying at Park Hotel.

    The place is clean, comfy, and you just feel really relaxed. And a very comfy bed~

    Had a beer at the front desk while chatting up with the guy workign at the time. Sorry I forgot your name..

    Everyone here was very polite, nice, and knowledgeable. I would definitely come back here again.

    03/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    75. Cheri W.
    this place is awesome. they were very friendly and accommodating. though I only stayed for 1 night I wish I could have stayed more. the bed was very big and comfy the décor was great, it fit in well with the south lake Tahoe surroundings. it was close to everything major, all the casinos in one direction and the lake in the other. even after we checked out the lady at the front desk said we could leave our car parked and if we wanted to come back and relax in the pool/hot tub after walking around Tahoe we could! then she sent us on our way with 2 cokes for the ride home. awesome hotel, loved it. will definitely be back.

    03/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    76. Mike B.
    968 Park definitely goes a long way towards rehabilitating the reputation of the lodging on the California side of South Lake.  Let's be honest, for most of the time that I can remember, the motels and travel lodges along Hwy 50 in South Lake have been dumps.  968 Park however is something fresh and cool, without being in your face about being cool.  

    Check-in was done smoothly and with a smile.  Ask about VIP services when you check-in.  The card I was given sent me to the VIP line at Vex and was honored there without hassle.  

    The room itself was small and spartan.  The eco-style of the hotel is different and comfortable. Nicely done, but small bathroom.  The vanity was "Dwell Magazine" worthy.  The bed was large and comfy.  Seating in the room was a bit of a challenge.  There was a bench that was too narrow for comfortable lounging and a desk chair.  A couple of things that didn't really fit with the eco-theme; the plasma TV (LCDs use less juice) and disposable plastic cups instead of drinking glasses.  The glasses seem so obvious!  

    Everyone at the hotel is very nice and for a short weekend stay, I'd gladly stay there again.

    22/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    77. Christine E.
    My boyfriend chose this place based on positive Yelp reviews and other factors, and he did very well!  For starters, it is an eco-friendly, green hotel...which I love since I am very interested in green practices and living.  The interior caters to that earth friendly, yet modern feeling.  It is very suitable for the progressive mind!

    Check-in was smooth and we were offered complimentary glasses of wine.  :)  They also offer beer and other beverages.

    Our room was spacious and the king-size bed was equipped with a very comfy mattress!  Large flat-screen tv and good-size, full-length mirror in front of the bed, included.  ;)  The interior of the room was beige and olive tones, which added to the earth friendly feeling!

    The hotel staff was helpful and accommodating.  The next morning, we helped ourselves to pastries...which seemed to be on the stale side, I suppose since there were very few people, but still decent.  The staff helped us get set up for our couples massage, which was very therapeutic and relaxing!  5 stars also for the massage therapy.  Our therapists concentrated on our tight areas and gave tips on how to stretch for the future.

    For a weeknight, the rate was $80, which was not a bad deal during off-season.  I think we'll be staying here again!

    13/11/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    78. Heather V.
    We had a great time staying here! The hotel and room was clean and had beautiful use of re-purposed wood and recycled materials. The lobby bar had a perfect happy hour(s) at lobby bar with an awesome evening bar tender (Tyler I think, thanks!). Loved the all natural bathroom products, cozy and comfortable room, fresh coffee, perfect location, and excellent staff. Will definitely be returning!

    22/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    79. Doug W.
    Awesome place! Great location,walking distance of the Heavenly Gondola,Casinos and shops.Very helpful staff.Love the Green Theme.We will be back!

    06/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    80. Kelvin Y.
    Keep in mind this hotel has no air condition. So do not plan to stay there in the summer! I thought maybe later at night the temperature would cool down. But then 10pm came, then 11pm, 1am, 4am and my room was still very hot and I couldn't fall asleep!

    10/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    81. Doray B.
    So, we didn't even get to stay here! And yet I feel compelled to write a review...

    We tried using our groupon for 3 months. Each time I got a different response:
    *No rooms left
    *Groupons were expired and they were no longer taking them (my exp date is in August)
    *Confusion on dates and still no rooms available
    *Have to book 2 nights, not 1
    *No one answering the phone!
    *Being put on hold foreverrrrrrrrr once you mention the groupon
    *Being told that they were checking people out and couldn't make any bookings, they'd call back...WHA??

    But luckily, groupon refunded my money :)

    07/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    82. T M B.
    I give this place three stars for the hotel; two stars for the spa for an average of two stars.

    NO AIR CONDITIONING.  The rooms are a little small but well equipped, extremely clean, and you can tell the whole place just got remodeled.  A local told us it was originally built as a TravelLodge, and you can tell that's what it was.  There are fans in each room but NO AIR CONDITIONING and it is too loud to leave your window open at night.  A fellow guest told us that even the penthouse does not have air conditioning.

    NO BREAKFAST.  I didn't see any promises myself  but my husband swears that the hotel advertised a continental breakfast.  If that's true, they failed.  They offer water, coffee, and tea and had a tray of cranberry-orange bread sliced on the counter.  That's it.  Not even cereal or bagels.

    POOL: Ok this is very nice.  Recently re-done and featuring about six little quasi-cabanas built into the fence, each with little curtains on each side (no roof) and a mattress with a clean white sheet on top so you can lie in mattressy comfort while exposing yourself to free radicals and skin cancer.  Bliss.  

    My husband and I each got massages.  The "spa" area is a redesigned room cut in half with a wall that did not go all the way up to the ceiling, meaning the next person over can hear you pretty well as you get your massage and also hear everything you're telling the masseuse.  Each of our massage therapists were late.  I was massaged by Marie, who I felt did a fantastic job.  My husband was massaged by Ti (female) who gave him a hell of a deep tissue massage.  We ended up having childcare issues and had to leave right after our massages instead of staying another night.   I think it was the combination of a too-rough masseuse and sitting immobile in a car for a few hours, without drinking enough water... but regardless of the cause, by the time we got home my husband was in agony with a stiff tender back.  

    Front desk staff:
    Another reason the spa gets docked points is the front office staff and their prices.  These are expensive.  Perhaps it's just the area but a 50-minute Swedish massage was $90 and a 50-minute deep-tissue massage was $100 (we found that out later).  We asked for Swedish massages but the therapists, after speaking with us, decided to give us deep-tissue massages.  We didn't really know any better until about two-thirds of the way through when they each told us that we were getting a different kind of massage.  This would be a complete non-issue for us except that the masseuse told the front desk that we had received an upgrade and the front desk insisted on charging us the additional $20.  I could have argued more strenuously against it but being that I was extremely mellow after the massage and dealing with rushing home for an emergency, I didn't fight as hard as I could have.  

    Regardless, it was unfair to charge us a fee for a service when we neither requested it nor agreed to the additional charge.

    25/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    83. Ladybird G.
    Amazing boutique hotel. Friendly staff, comfy beds and great bar. Jessica and Christina had fabulous ideas for restaurants and activities other than snowboarding. I would highly recommend this hotel and we will defiantly be back. When you book your stay be sure to ask for Jessica, Christina, Doug and Jake..they will help in anyway and will make sure that you have a spectacular stay. Thanks guys!

    19/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    84. Hallie K.
    I recently stayed at 968 Park for an extended weekend.  I thought that the staff was incredibly friendly and helpful and my room was beautiful.  My friends that were staying in the area that weekend came by and saw the room and hotel and were all commenting on how beautifully restored the building is.

    The hot tub and sauna, on site bar, and lockers for ski gear were all much appreciated as well!!

    Good value, a nice environment, and super close to the lifts.  Thumbs up.

    14/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    85. guenevere o.
    Great price : 50$/day via Expedia. I read several off putting reviews on Tripadvisor, so my expectations were low, but my husband and I were pleasantly surprised.
    The hotel/casino: a bit dated, but not a big deal. Casino area very smokey and kind of loud. There are maybe 3 eating places, only one of which is open regularly. Not much goes on in Montbleu till at least Wednesdays. Drinks seem to be watered down--after a couple of those, I just requested stronger drinks--which was fine. The food was cheap and very good

    The room: nicer than I thought it would be! The bed was ridiculously comfortable. The pillows were amazing. The shower was theatrical. There were little extras-- like a separate counter for girl stuff (makeup and so forth) the closet was in the bathroom/dressing area, so there was post-shower privacy. Not many electrical outlets. TV way old, but it gets major networks.  The room (6th floor) was quiet and cool (A/C). All in all--I've paid much more for much less

    Be prepared for the fact that there is no in-room coffee. But there is a tiny Starbucks. So you'll be hopping on the elevator and buying your a.m. Joe at 4$ a cup. But you don't have to walk far; it's steps from the elevator.

    If you like to shop, you're out of luck. If you like winter sports, you're set. If you like hiking/biking, you're good. The lake is gorgeous and swim friendly if you can brave the very cold water.

    29/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    86. Lea C.
    We stayed here for two nights just after the Memorial Day weekend. The room itself was great- love the reclaimed wood, the emphasis on sustainability, etc. The view weren't anything to write home about but the location was fairly convenient and the price was absolutely right.

    I'm compelled to write a review and rate only a "3" because the stated "European style" continental breakfast was a joke. The coffee was not good and the only food offered was some kind of breakfast bread- like blueberry or cranberry bread. Delicious but that was it- no fruit, no yogurt, no bagels, etc. Across my 10+ years of European travels, this has not been my breakfast experience.
    The other reason why it's only a 3 and not a 4 is that the walls seemed thin- we could hear a music and conversations more than it seemed we ought to have been able, particularly compared to the hotels we had stayed in before and after along our road trip.

    02/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    87. Mel G.
    when i first walked in the room, i thought it was really cute and modern.  we had two queen beds and the room seem spacious.  i tried using the free wifi and that did not work for 2 hours.  then i tired the mini fridge and that was non-functional as well.  i called the front desk and they said that if i want to keep something cold, that they are willing to hold for us and label our name.  how inconvenient is that? and that is what basically i said and everything else is not working.

    they gave us another room with two full beds rather than two queen beds.  to top it off, the linen had stains!  the bright side is the wifi is now working (since im able to write this review) and the fridge is working.  im glad i only paid half the price thanks to GROUPON. :)

    the hotel itself is in a good location.  it's about 100 yards away from the heavenly resort and other stores. so i find that a perk.

    so for future guests, if you plan on staying here... i suggest checking if your fridge is working and there are NO statins on your sheets.

    13/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    88. J E.
    I had a livingsocial deal to this hotel, which is why we stayed-I would never pay full price. I also experience problems redeeming my coupon because it was NOT stated when I bought it that it could only be redeemed Su-Th or would incur an extra night. We ended up switching our plans and stayed Su night. The decor is all updated in an earthy/lodge but trendy feel. They call themselves an eco-hotel and definitely have eco aspects, but I also definitely saw room for improvement there. The woman that checked us in seemed less than thrilled to see us, but the man that checked us out was very kind and outgoing. I don't know how people got complimentary drinks. We were told beers were $5 and wine $7 when we arrvied. nice.

    The rooms were comfortable and had a nice tile entrance to put all of our wet ski clothing items. The spa facilities were lovely, beautiful inside hot tub and sauna. The pool area looked really nice too, but too cold outside to enjoy. I do question the security a little though. There are back stairs to all the floors with outside doors that are left unlocked, which made me feel slightly uneasy. I would highly recommend either locking them at night, or putting key card access on them. No views from the room, but a great place to stay if you're skiing Heavenly because it's right across the street. They also have free covered parking.

    One of the reasons we booked here was for the complimentary breakfast, which was a total joke. A little cup of orange juice and some torn up pieces of sweetbread does not a breakfast make. Not even worth stopping in the lobby for. They do have a deal with a cafe across the street for discounted meals.

    The day after I got home I recieved an email for a free night stay with one full price night if I booked within a certain time frame. I also know they give discounts to returning customers, which may be worth someone's while. A comfortable place to stay, with minor details left out, not worth full price.

    31/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    89. Todd P.
    When I called to make reservations, they only had a double Queen Room available. I asked for a King if available upon check-in. In was noted and sure enough we get a King Bed room on the 3rd and the very end. I was nice, cozy, and we had a nice relaxing trip. We did love the Hotel and close to everything. The only down side that I found was with the drinks. Happy Hour for a $4 beer in a tiny plastic cup. We walked across into Stateline and could get the same beer for $2. The drink chips helped, but it just seemed like to me that it was more line a $2 or $3 beer. Don't get me wrong, if your just looking for a place to stay, because this is a great place with great staff. if you love sushi, please go to Sushi Pier over in Lakeview, Nv. Only a 1.5 down the road. Awesome Sushi with all you can eat. The weather was great on our stay.

    04/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    90. Mona B.
    I got a bargain with a Daily Deal.  BIG MISTAKE!  The room wasn't worth even worth the bargain rate.  My husband is 85 so I asked for a ground level floor months out.  We were put in a room in the 3rd floor, so had to drag all our luggage up a SMALL elevator with three trips and the same when we left.  Everything in this hotel is "used" stuff, making the place look very shabby.  The room is very dark, two small lights on a rod by the window, a "swing" light fixture on each side of bed, giving off very little light.  There is a $5 small fan on this rod thing that has the two small lights on.  I AM NOT KIDDING!  It's nuts.  The bathroom is so small, you open the door and have to step to the side of the toilet before you can shut it.  The sink outside the bathroom is on a much higher level than the SMALL counter space (old, old wood), so it is very impractical to put any of your bathroom supplies, i.e., toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.  There, the lighting above the sink area is so bright, you can't even look in the mirror.  There is a small refrig that is barely cool and no microwave.  There are two chairs that look like they came from the Goodwill... very uncomfortable and very USED, shabby looking.  Walking to your car, you walk through a DARK outdoor hallway... so unsafe.  THIS PLACE IS A JOINT!!!!!  Stay clear.  Nothing is convenient and everything has been done backward.  If there was any planning, it wasn't to make a traveler comfortable, it was on the CHEAP.  Oh, another complaint, I wanted to use my curling iron.  No plug near a mirror and you can't use the sink area because there is no counter room and the lighting is so bright, you can't look in the mirror.  Our second day, we were out of the room all day, got back at 4 pm to get ready to go to dinner and the room hadn't been cleaned.  The maid knocked and we couldn't let her clean that late so got some clean towels and sent her on her way.  LEFT THE NEXT DAY EARLY, couldn't get out of there fast enough.

    04/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    91. Maxyne T.
    At first glance - 5 stars. But then you settle in.

    When we first checked in, we were given a glass of wine. I drank it up, ready to enjoy my long weekend. Little did I know my fiance had planned to have rose petals on the bed and champagne in our room!

    We arrived to our room, and he seemed disappointed. I was excited about the "awesome touch" of the staff leaving rose petals on the bed, only to find out he paid for it. Well, the champagne was no where to be found. He called down to the front desk only to find out there was no champagne ever ordered, he paid $25 for rose petals only, even though he thought he reserved both like it said on the website. He even called ahead to make sure the champagne and petals would be ready when we arrived (we checked in one hour early).

    The rose petals were disgusting - they were yellow, not red, and they were old, wrinkled - giving the impression they used petals from an old bouquet!!! In another room, while they were cleaning, we peeked in to see they had beautiful, RED petals all over their room! In the words of a famous rapper: WHAT?!?!

    Also - the "hot tub" was more like a lukewarm bath. And they had people drinking in there, and kids splashing around, running, and yelling. Ugh.

    Our hot water stopped working. Great. We went down to the front desk for our massages (we booked in advance) and told them about the hot water - the lady at the front desk said she was on the phone with someone complaining about the same thing. They gave the other complainers on the phone a complimentary bottle of wine, right in our faces, and told us they're working on it. Hello? Where's OUR wine??? Rude!

    Our massages were pretty great. But then at checkout we realized they overcharged us for the massages ($10 each)! Nothing we could do, that's how the masseuses "wrote it" and they're "not in right now" to correct it.

    Like everyone said - their "eco-friendly" features only go so far. Their breakfast is lacking - just pastries, and they're store bought and gross! Coffee isn't local or organic - in fact, NOTHING is!!!

    Gave the housekeepers an extra $5 on the first day, hoping maybe they'd make our stay more enjoyable. Nope. They barely replenished our soaps/lotions - I had to go ask for more.

    Upon checkout - we were overcharged for our rooms! We paid full price, on THEIR website (even though, now re-reading yelp, we could have gotten some sweet discounts through other travel websites), and they charged us MORE on top of that. ILLEGAL!!

    I had to go back in, and the lady at the front desk argued with me until my fiance brought in our laptop and opened his E-mail to show our confirmation.

    I like to think eco-friendly places are better than the rest, but this place feels like a hollow shell.

    20/02/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    92. Tyler E.
    Decent hotel for a decent price. Rooms apparently have no air conditioning. They provide you with a fan if you get a deluxe room(woohoo...). The hot tub bleached the strings on my boardshorts. It's a good location and if it's not too hot outside you'd probably be okay without AC.

    03/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    93. Elizabeth B.
    I really wanted to like this place...but I couldn't.  And I really tried.

    First, the good. The beds were uber comfortable. Fresh, yummy linens, great mattresses, and wonderful cozy pillows make this girl happy. Super nice guys at the front desk, and a gal--Sarah was her name. They were all very helpful. (Of course there was one gal I'd like to toss outside into a snow bank, but more on her later). Good coffee in the lobby (but they had disposable cups--not so "green.") The location is great for skiing, golf, etc. I applaud their efforts to recycle all the lumber. The decor is cool, and there are some fun photos around the place. It is very charming to look at. A really helpful guy named Ted in Sales gave us all sorts of good recommendations for dining; I really like friendly people when I stay in hotels.

    Now for the bad, and the ugly.

    The elevator is tiny. If you lug your luggage upstairs by yourself, you will have trouble maneuvering their crummy cart into it. You actually have to turn the elevator off while you're parallel parking the thing or the doors will slam on you. There was no bellman (just a guy at the front desk), so I thought I would fetch the luggage myself (which was an error on my part. I really could have used the help since it was SO hard to maneuver that cart!!).

    The first night we were there there was a roomful of college aged kids who kept us up until 3:00AM. I was in a half daze and finally got up the nerve to march down the hall and curse at them at that hour. I think Night Shift ought to take a gander at the halls at least once at 1AM to be sure all's quiet.

    The hot water takes for-ever to get to your room. I complained to the front desk and they said it was because they have a tankless system, but all hotels have tankless water heaters (or they would run out of hot water!). It should not take 10 minutes to get the water out of the faucet (think of how much H20 is wasted!!). In 3 days there I had 1 hot shower.

    The hot tub had so much chlorine in it my skin got slippery (like when you pour bleach on yourself). I fully expected my bathing suit to be lighter in color after I got out. And it was lukewarm, like an old bath. So I hopped into the shower right next to it to wash off the bleach and warm up before heading back upstairs and guess what? It too was cold. I waited, but it never heated up.

    The halls were stiflingly hot, and it was snowing outside. I worried about how it would be in the summertime, since they don't have air conditioning.

    They said they are opening a BAR in the downstairs of the place soon. I am not sure that will add to the eco-chic nature of the place. The concept seems mixed, at best. The last thing this place needs is a bunch of drinking folks right down the hall from the ...spa...?

    When I went to check out, i went downstairs and asked for the luggage cart. The woman at the front desk was so busy chatting with some folks in the lobby that when I asked for the cart, she just hollered that it was over in the stairwell (nice service, eh?). I wrangled it out of there and into the elevator without her offering to help with our luggage. When I finally got downstairs with all our stuff and she saw that my mother was walking with a cane she offered to help, but it was halfheartedly shouted across the lobby. Snowbank, I tell ya. That's where I shoulda thrown her.

    For the price (($82 on hotels.com )), it was OK, but I'd give it 2.5 stars.
    Like I said, I wanted to like the place, and the rate was too good to pass up, but I don't think I would be very happy staying here again. It is the kind of place that promises more than it delivers. I would rather drop more cash and get a place that has the kinks worked out.

    26/04/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    94. C. M.
    We had such a fantastic stay here! We were fortunate enough to snag a Groupon for a two-night stay, but I certainly hope to return, with friends. Service was lovely all-around, in fact, we kept commenting on how friendly and helpful the staff was. We especially enjoyed chatting with the GM.

    The room was really wonderful -- very tasteful modern decor, but still quite relaxed. The bed was ridiculously comfortable, we loved all the bathroom products, and I especially admired all the great wood pieces in the room. And, of course, I appreciate their commitment to eco-friendly products and services.

    We also enjoyed using the hot tub and sauna; the refreshments in the lobby; and discount passes to local attractions and eateries.

    The hotel is centrally located, a very short walk to the gondola and several good restaurants/bars, as well as the casinos if that's your thing.

    Prices are exceedingly reasonable for a central boutique hotel. Looking forward to our next visit.

    10/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    95. Greg F.
    We enjoyed our stay here.  No AC, which is probably fine most of the time.  We went in Sept and had the fans blasting most of the time.  Cool little bar in the lobby where we tried some interesting beers.  Would stay here again.

    24/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    96. Stefanie L.
    I wanted to give this place 5 stars, but I feel like there are a few ways in which this hotel falls short.  Being an eco-friendly hotel is great in theory, but the execution of it falls a little short here.  That being said, I enjoyed my stay here and would stay again...hopefully someone from management happens to see this review and will take some of the negative aspects to heart in regards for areas of improvement.

    Let me start with the good:
    Environmentally friendly.  Love that.  The decor of this place is pretty much made with all reclaimed materials, and it really gives it a very neat look.  Organic wines and beers at the lobby bar, and a nice sitting area with several benches and little tables to set your stuff.  The hotel room itself was beautiful, very clean, and very nice.  Big TV, and plenty of places to put your stuff.  The hotel is within walking distance of Heavenly Village which has a bunch of shops and restaurants, and also within walking distance to the Heavenly gondola, which takes you right to the ski hill.  If you're planning on skiing at Heavenly, there aren't many hotels that get much closer than this one.  The hotel is also within walking distance of Harvey's and Harrah's if you're there to gamble.

    Now, for the negative:
    My boyfriend and I were just there at the beginning of November, and it was about 33 degrees there on average during the day, colder at night.  Our room was FREEZING.  All the time.  When we checked in, the thermostat was dialed all the way down to below 50 degrees, and it took probably 4 hours minimum for the room to actually be comfortable enough for us to take off our bulky sweatshirts.  The tile floors were like walking on ice cubes.  And here's the weird part...there were no registers on the floors or walls, and the floor wasn't heated.  The heat was coming through the ceiling.  How efficient can that possibly be??  To also add insult to injury, we had a room on the 2nd floor which is right above the carport/parking area, meaning there are no rooms below us, and given how cold our floor and room was, I have to wonder how well they insulated under the rooms that are above the carport.  My advice for cold weather stays?  Ask to stay on the third floor, or to stay in any of the rooms that are parallel with Park Ave.  But bring along some slippers just in case!

    Bring your own toiletries, as the shampoo, conditioner and lotion here do nothing to moisturize your skin.  I get that they're eco-friendly, but they were absolutely terrible.  We had to go to CVS to get some lotion as our skin was burning after the shower.

    The hot tub was very over-chlorinated.  Or perhaps there wasn't enough ventilation in the spa area...either way, with the jets on in the hot tub area, our lungs were burning from the chemicals, we couldn't stop coughing, and it was difficult and uncomfortable to breathe.  With the jets off (therefore no mist being thrown around) it was much more comfortable, but kind of defeats the purpose of a hot tub.  The sauna was nice, but small...probably only fits 4 people comfortably.  There were also no towels provided in the hot tub area, so you have to bring your bathroom towel, which I found to be a little strange.

    Our first morning there they offered a breakfast of blueberry coffee cakes and orange juice, which was good.  The breakfast offerings then proceeded to sit there all day long, and the remnants of them were still sitting out our second morning there.  Nothing like stale coffee cake crumbs and 24+ hour old orange juice to get a person going in the morning.  And to top if off, there were two people working the desk in the lobby that didn't feel the need to take away the old breakfast items, let alone set out fresh ones.  It just looked really bad and was very unprofessional.

    So yeah, with a few improvements, this place would be absolutely awesome.

    08/11/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    97. Maria P.
    I liked the location and the staff but I feel like it was way too pricey for what it was. I liked the hot tub and sauna but it wasn't enough to make me LOVE it or want to go back unless they had some super cheap sale.

    There was no beer or wine during arrival, and I went downstairs for breakfast and all they had was cake, in a pink box that had been eaten and only one little sliver remained.... I wasn't about to scavenge for leftovers, plus I'm vegan and can't eat that. I asked the desk staff if they had recommendations for breakfast and they sent me to the Bear Beach Cafe which was great, but it would have been nice to not have to go out and spend more money.

    The rooms were nice, but no AC, only 2 fans and it was a hot night in August. The rooms were clean and the beds were comfy, but I wasn't convinced that it was the best way to spend my hard earned money. We did get a pass for a nearby private beach, and 10% off of a lakeside dinner, but with the amount of money we paid it's the least they could do. I love that they are a "green hotel" but it doesn't give green a very good name. I was disappointed, especially since it seemed like a great place to stay when I looked online.

    17/08/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    98. Edwin B.
    Tahoe's first Green Hotel! Beautifully and artfully designed, this hotel is also South Lake Tahoe's newest hotel, built with recaptured and recycled materials, none were chemically treated. Its rustic exterior matches well with the mountain scenery behind it, and still seems to promise a warm and comfortable sense of home indoors. Built with the purpose of providing an environmentally friendly and welcoming environment, this hotel is paving the way for the fusion of Green industries and Luxury Living.

    The beds and linens are all 100% egyptian cotton, and you melt into them. The sinks are an elegant low flow, and the furniture is well crafted.

    They feature a game or conference room, a zen garden, dry sauna, massage rooms and spa, and hot tub!

    Radiant heat from the ceilings and floors keeps you warm without air conditioning or heaters, providing cleaner air throughout the hotel.

    New Belgium Ales are on tap in the lobby, and wine is available by the glass or by the bottle.

    The owners are incredibly friendly, as is the exceptionally friendly and professional staff.  You feel immediately relaxed in the hotels low key atmosphere, and enticed to return by their low web rates and great group deals and coupon rates. While regular room rates can be $180 or more a night, calling ahead or doing a short search can get you deals as low as $79 a night.

    05/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    99. Jessica D.
    My boyfriend and I jumped on the living social deal when we saw this place because we were planning on going to Tahoe to go skiing/snowboarding.  We booked this place for the second night of our stay because you could only buy one living social and didn't want to fork out the difference for the second night and we had friends to see anyway.  

    After our crazy first night and day that included the casino and Heavenly being shut down early due to wind, we were not in the best of spirits, since we only got to ski a small portion of the mountain. When we arrived at the 968 Park hotel we were pleasantly surprised by the parking availability and the quaintness of the decor.  We were also greeted promptly by the bar manager who offered us a complimentary glass of beer or wine once we got settled in, so check-in was smooth!

    We unloaded and headed up to our room to find quaint decor that fit nicely into the outdoorsy-ness of the Tahoe area.  They did a good job of updating this hotel, although the stickler who requires all new and fancy doors and door knobs might not agree.  It provided the simplicity, updates, and amenities we were looking for at a reasonable price.  The bed was comfortable!

    There were only a couple of things I would note (but they are not deal breakers for us).  We had to request a second regular-sized towel because only one was put in the room and when I put one on the floor to get replaced by housekeeping, it was not replaced.  Thus, I had to ask for a second towel again.  And, there wasn't a book or paper that said anything about how to work the wifi and the thermostat knob didn't seem to actually do anything (we couldn't figure out where the heat vent was!  It is possible, however, that that was operator error).  

    But, those are not deal breakers in my book.  The hot tub and sauna were great after both days of being on the mountain, and the room was big enough for us to move around in plenty.  I also really liked the lotion!  It was a necessity after skiing and a hot shower!

    The customer service was great.  The price was great, and when we requested to stay an additional day, they were able to accommodate us!  I would definitely recommend this hotel for couples or friends, but not families with kids.

    Thank you for a great stay 968 Park Hotel!

    28/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    100. Callie K.
    Great hotel--friendly and helpful staff, nice decor, clean, walking distance of the lake. I would highly recommend the massage! It was one of the best I have ever had!

    27/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    101. Jessica C.
    Looks great online, I wanted to love it, but in truth it sucks and I won't be going back.

    For as much as this place advertises as a "green hotel"  the only thing green about it is the decor and the recyclable key cards.  No air conditioning, only fans that run while the lights are on, good luck trying to sleep when your hot and the lights on.  Small rooms and there is definitely a hot water situation, as in no hot water.  

    No free beer or glass of wine upon check in like they advertise.  No continental breakfast either.   Old coffee, that wasn't local or organic.  Elevator is super tiny, 2 people with 2 bags fit, and thats if you cram yourself in.  Myself and friends also had payment issues, as in they overcharged me and some friends which was a nightmare to resolve.

    Won't be going back, ever.

    19/07/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    102. M K.
    I am not used to staying in luxury hotels when I got to Tahoe, so this place seemed more than adequate to me. I have definitely stayed in worse places. It was a unique hotel, for sure, with charming room decorations and motifs. The front desk-staff appeared friendly, and the lobby was spacious and inviting with comfy chairs and couches to sit on. The decoration was vintage-meets-rustic-meets-modern. Very interesting.

    Complimentary Wi-Fi in rooms (although slow), and complimentary coffee and water in the lobby. No continental breakfast of any kind, like previous reviewers have mentioned. Heavy unpleasant smells of chlorine surrounded the first floor and lobby (from the sauna and hot tub, I assume) for our entire stay.

    Rooms clean, with super comfy beds, linens, and pillows! I think i will look into a memory foam mattress pad for my bed at home because of my stay here! Bathroom towels scratchy, no tub in bathroom. There were some supplied toiletries, but some of ours were not new, as the seals had been broken and they had apparently been used by previous guests. There was very poor lighting in the room, as well.

    Our biggest problem was issues with the temperature control. I have read that there is no A/C so summertime can be brutal. But it is cold in Tahoe at night right now, and apparently their "green" heat was very slow to get going. They tried to describe to us how they use radiant heat coming from the ceilings, so there are no vents. They said it can take a while for a room to heat up in this way, and this was true! It took over 8 hours for our room to heat up, so the first night we had to ask for extra blankets. There were several other guests who we overheard complaining about their heat, as well.

    We never found the pool to check it out (it was cold anyway), but we did find the hot tub. It is in the same room as the sauna, which is unfortunate because a normal person wouldn't be able to stand the sauna heat while being immersed in a hot tub. Poor location for the tub, and heavily chlorinated (eyes burning, and swimsuit bleached!).

    I didn't pursue the heat issue because we only paid $70 a night here. I would definitely stay in this hotel again, due to its walking distance to casinos, restaurants, beach, and Heavenly Village, despite some of the unpleasantries. But I would not pay over $100/night for this hotel.

    15/11/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    103. Travis H.
    I admit, when my girlfriend first told me she booked this hotel for my birthday, I wasn't very excited; it seemed far from the casinos and didn't seem very big.  However when we arrived I instantly fell in love with the place, it was cozy, beautiful and seriously, a 5 minute walk from everything you could want.  In the early evening the lobby/lounge/beer bar was packed with snowboarders fresh off the mountain, and the mood is very mellow.  

    The room was WONDERFUL and the bed was the most comfortable one I've ever slept on.. I will definitely be staying here again!!

    10/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    104. Bernardette A.
    Due to crazy circumstances, my boyfriend and I have had to cancel and reschedule our reservation FOUR TIMES. Each time they have been friendly, accommodating, and very very helpful. I haven't stayed here yet but with customer service like they have, I'm sure it is going to be a great time when we finally do cash in our living social voucher.

    12/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    105. j r.
    We just returned from this hotel.  Very  nice location...loved the 'look and feel' of the hotel.  Cute bar area...wish it was a bit warmer and had a fireplace.  Also, had two ale's as beer choices...would have liked to see one ale and one Coors, etc...but, whatever...I drank wine instead.
    Downside of this hotel: HORRIBLE PILLOWS!! Bring your own.  Very noisy...thin walls...and room took a long time to heat.  Make sure to bring your own shampoo, etc...the in room stuff smells strange and isn't good quality.  All in all, it's an okay  hotel...I guess we are spoiled as we usually always stay at Embassy and I really missed the cocktail hour and breakfast.  They had cups a bit larger than dixie's for coffee and tea and no muffins, fruits or anything...which was kind of a bummer.

    19/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    106. Emily Z.
    I felt this hotel was better than ok but not perfect for sure. It is a green hotel so remember what that means no AC so very stuffy during the day if your still in the room. That being said very clean, nice staff, and cute decor. For the price it was great way better than the scary casinos down the street , welcome to south lake.

    13/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    107. Danielle A.
    Loved this cozy eco friendly hotel, the bed and linens were so comfortable, the room was simple and very clean. Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to use the pool, but we did star gaze in the cabanas. Christina ( I believe was her name) at the front desk was awesome, and had many suggestions on new places to eat and things to do. I would totally come back! Next time, I will get to the pool and the bar :)

    20/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    108. Uriah B.
    Great and reasonably priced hotel two blocks away from the strip. Nice sized rooms, 42' plasma TV, very clean and cozy. Everything has a rustic wood finish and of course the entire hotel is branded as "Green" and echo friendly. The gigantic king bed was incredibly comfortable. I loved that the alarm clock had a plug in for your ipod to rock some beats.

    The bar downstairs is sponsored by New Belgium Brewery and that have a great happy hours for beers. The Hot tub and sauna was a very nice addition. Just what we needed after a long night of raging.

    Fresh baked croissants, OJ and coffee await you in the morning. The service was great and so was our experience. I will definitely stay here again and would definitely recommend it.

    There are some incredible dumps nearby that go for the same price and for the great location and very nice new rooms, this place is perfect.

    31/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    109. Jenn L.
    Stayed here last weekend to go snowboarding at Heavenly, and absolutely LOVED the place. I only have good things to say about it.  First of all, it's walking distance to the gondola.  The resort has an eco-friendly theme going on, and many things are made out of wood or recycled material. The parking lot is covered. The personnel/managers (I met Mike and Craig) there are all real chill and fun to talk to. They offered me beer when I walked in.  :D  In the lobby there's a kitchen with a fridge stocked with beer and wine.  In the morning they bake fresh biscuits/croissants and provide fruit and coffee. The sheets are super soft, and the mattress is super comfy.  There's a large flat screen tv in the room too.  

    As for the price, they had a great deal going on since they just opened, but I think it's back to regular price now, which is a bit steep for my student budget. I'd definitely go back though. Best place I've stayed in at Tahoe so far =)

    10/02/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    110. Danielle A.
    No air conditioning! Dirty hot tub! Rude staff! This place is green, but only because of how much green money you have to pay!

    25/07/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    111. Melissa P.
    I thought this place was very welcoming!  Everything is eco friendly and "green".  They have a small little bar in the front where they have 3 or 4 beers on tap and wine and champagne.  Pretty sure that's all it was.

    Happy hour everyday all day?!!!?  Cant get much better than that!  I will take it!

    They have crumb cake and orange juice in the mornings.  

    There is a little jacuzzi and spa.

    Will definitely come back again.

    01/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    112. Christie J.
    Amazing location, super comfy beds, very clean rooms, extremely attentive staff, great hot tub and sauna, free parking, great atmosphere and I love how everything is reclaimed wood. I highly recommend 968 Park hotel. We were a group of 30 people and the hotel was fully booked and we all had a great experience.
    The water in the shower is not very hot when you first turn it on but after a couple of minutes it starts to heat up.

    12/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    113. Lindsay D.
    My best friend and I stayed here for two nights during our road trip. She found a groupon for a decent price online and snatched it in time for our trip. As part of the groupon, they gave us a bottle of champagne with our stay! Nice! My first impression of the place was that it was streamlined, classy and environmentally sound. Our room was adorable with very rustic-chic type decor. After a long hike, we settled into the hot tub for some much needed relaxation. It was awesome. I also really dug the little bar in the lobby that serves up Fat Tire on tap. As one last positive, the location was pretty great (even though Tahoe is pretty dead in October).

    I have two complaints really about the place. My first complaint was professionalism. One of the owners/supervisors was yelling at the maintenance man very loudly in front of guests on the 2nd floor one morning. He was yelling at him about coming in too early to work or something. He was REALLY talking down to this man. First of all, that sucks. I would hate for my boss to talk to me like that and secondly, the hallway was absolutely no place for a boss to reprimand an employee. It was uncomfortable.

    My other complaint was that the bedding wasn't quite warm enough for the cold nights Tahoe can experience in October. I was shivering all night with the few thin blankets I had.

    Other than those two points, it was a pleasant stay!

    26/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    114. Steve S.
    I found a great deal from living social. Made reservation and promised will send confirmation to my email. Sad to say, never received that email. Arrived at the hotel 2 hours early but my room was not even ready. Even though we don't see any cars park there, meaning there are no guests there. Walked to our room in long dark hallway. Reminded me of a ghost hotel.   We had to kill a fly in the room. There was no hot water when taking a shower. The room has fans and portable heater. The room is actually warm when it was cold outside.  The location is convenient to heavenly and stateline.

    11/06/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    115. Snow T.
    This is about the experience I had today with 968 Park Hotel when I wanted to book room with Groupon.

    I purchased 8 nights of groupon deals for 968 Park Place Hotel, groupon.com/san-jose/dea…
    and there is no other restriction on it except the following dates: 11/25-27, 12/21-1/1, or 1/16-17.

    I called 968 Park Place Hotel today and they have room for next weekend I want (1/28 and 29). Then I mentioned Groupon, that guy simply said the only room I can book with Groupon is in late March. He also admitted that there is no fine print on that deal saying there is very limited room for Groupon users even though they actually have room. It's definitely outrageous that the limit is not mentioned at all in the deal.

    As loyal Groupon users and 968 frequent guests, this experience is really bad that I have to give them 1 star in Yelp. It's basically a fraud to cheating our money. Who is going to buy a similar deal from Groupon in the future? (or even stay in this hotel!)

    if you cant work out a deal w/ groupon, then dont do it. why bother dealing w/ groupon when it's gonna ruin your customers?

    18/01/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    116. Garrett W.
    I'm an environmentalist so I can appreciate what they did here. We used a groupon for a two night stay. The staff were helpful and easy going. We got a free bottle of wine from the bar in the lobby which was nice and casual.

    The rooms were pretty standard in terms of amenities except they have only small fans in lieu of central AC (which is very energy intensive). So if you are a stickler for that then this may not be for you.

    Overall I really liked the decor using old building materials and the location was ideal (blocks away from Heavenly and state line and 5 min walk from the beach). Would recommend going and returning as they offered some pretty good discounts for return visitors.

    30/10/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    117. William B.
    During my stay at Lake Tahoe last week this is where, I stayed at the Park Spa Resort after staying at the Park Spa Resort for the first time...  My impressions of the Park Spa Resort, I have to say the Park Spa Resort is not that bad of a place to stay at while making a visit to beautiful Lake Tahoe!!!

    The Park Spa Resort  room, beds and bathroom were really clean at my 221 non smoking room which... I really liked the most because I really can't stand on how can some people can smoke in the Park Spa Resort room yuck!!! If I ever do come back to beautiful Lake Tahoe The Park Spa Resort is the place for me to stay at!!!

    24/07/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    118. Jannah M.
    I thought this might be a nice new place to stay at in Tahoe.  I bought a livingsocial coupon to go there.  We had issues with booking the room, because we were using a livingsocial coupon.  They said there was a room available when I first called, but then said there was no room available after all after we expressed that we were using a livingsocial coupon.  They also said it was a two-night stay minimum.  My boyfriend challenged them, and they ultimately let us book a one-night stay using our coupon.

    I thought one of the points of the group deals was to encourage folks who wouldn't normally consider a place to check it out and have such a great experience that they'll come back and pay full price. At this point, I can't imagine coming back in the future and paying full price or recommending the place to others even if our stay there this weekend is enjoyable.

    17/03/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    119. Bebe L.
    My BF and I love this place and we'll definitely stay again.  The front desk people are very nice and attractive. We stayed in the room with 2 queens. It was clean, spacious and very modern. There's a full length mirror, a mini fridge, an armoire, big flat screen TV, and modern light fixtures.  The shower has super strong pressure. It was a bit too strong for me though. There's an indoor sauna and hot tub near the lobby. The free breakfast consists of really good local bread, OJ, and good coffee.

    I'm docking off 1 star only because I found a couple of stray hair that don't belong to us on the bedding and on one of the towels.  This happen. The room is overall very clean and comfortable. No strange smell.

    07/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    120. Ellis Y.
    If you're looking for a cozy and laid back place to get away from your busy life 968 Park Hotel is for you.  It was a nice change from the usual hotel scene whenever I do go on trips.  It felt comfortable, a home away from home almost.  There was something very nice about the combination of Tahoe's amazing views and its natural beauty with the hotel's settings.  I enjoyed the bar/coffee pub in lobby as well.  Staff is very friendly and the gondola to Heavenly is only a couple of blocks away.  I went with a couple of good friends but I would highly recommend for couples.

    09/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    121. Jane Ashley F.
    If you are trying to book through a Groupon or Living Social Deal, good luck! There's no way I'd give these people any of my money... terrible customer service over the phone is probably an indicator of more disappointing customer service once you arrive.

    968 Park Hotel, boo.

    13/05/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    122. Valerie C.
    Hospitality Industry, take note: Service makes a world of difference!

    Friday night: Checked in late. (We're talking 1:00am check-in here, folks.) The double queen room I reserved was not available so I was given a double full instead. Normally, this is the part where I get hyphy on a motherfukkah, but given the time of day, the apologies, and the free bottle of sustainably grown wine, I decided to let it go.

    Saturday afternoon: After a day of sun, we return to 968. Taking our chances, we asked the front desk if they happen to have any spare iPhone chargers. 'Sho 'nuff, homeboy busts out with a lost and found box of chargers which not only has one for the iPhone, but for my friend's HTC. And get this: he lets us keep them! (Holllaaaa!) I also mention the room mixup and was given the new room's price at the current discounted rate. The total for the room came out to significantly less than what I had booked online. So far: Everyone is #winning.

    Sunday morning--err, afternoon: "Where did I read checkout was at 12?" Having gone to a late breakfast, I returned to a room of travel-mates who had informed me checkout was at 11:00/30 minutes ago. (oopsmahbad) The hotel was kind enough to let us check out later without any hassle. Yay!

    Our stay was filled with a very helpful and understanding staff. While not the Four Seasons (and we did not have Four Seasons expectations or demands) 968 Park Hotel is a quaint and centrally located hotel. The prices were great (many of our initial choices were sold out for the weekend) and it doesn't hurt that they've got Fat Tire on draft. ;)

    27/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    123. Joel M.
    It was not a resort.  The pool was closed - but was advertised online, the hot tub was very small and full of little children.  They checked us in late and then had to give a us  a different room that was nowhere near where our other party were staying.  And then check out was at 1100 the next day and that left very little time to enjoy the "spa and resort".  The website advertised cheaper prices for massages than the actual prices. The staff was unpleasant and did not do noise control - loud drunks in the hallway, children running the hallway and the walls were very thin.  The website advertised a European continental breakfast, but it only consisted of mini croissants, coffee and orange juice.  Overall I have enjoyed better hotels and even motels.  It was very disappointing.

    If it had been advertised truthfully, then I would have been okay with it--but it wasn't. On the plus side, the beds were great! Unfortunately, that was the only positive part of the experience... So I will NOT be back.

    29/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    124. Adam N.
    Like many other savvy shoppers on Yelp, we also got in on the Groupon deal. When my wife called to make the reservation for one night, she was told that the Groupon was only good for one night rate, and they required a two night's stay, so the second night would be at full price. We reviewed the Terms & Conditions of the Groupon, and they didn't state that at all, furthermore we only needed one night, not two. Armed with that knowledge, we called back, and talked to a different person, who had no problem with the one night stay at the Groupon rate. While the second person came through, it was pretty short sighted of 968 Park to not educate their staff on all the details prior to signing the deal with Groupon.

    So about two months later, we had our one night stay. Front desk staff was pleasant, and courteous. We quickly got checked in, and went to our room. The room was small -- clearly this place had been a remodeled inn that was probably built pre-1960. There was no closet, just a boudoir (though it was good sized). They did achieve some of the goal of being low-impact and "green," as the place smelled and looked clean, but didn't have any harsh chemical smells/residue. It did seem like they tried a little too hard to appear "green," such as rough hewn, unfinished wood strips screwed to the walls of the (tiny) elevator.

    Overall our stay was adequate for the Groupon price we paid. Would I pay their full sticker price? Never. There's a lot more choices at that price range, and while it was adequate, it was certainly nothing special.

    29/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    125. Seanna S.
    We stayed here for the first time this weekend. The location is awesome. 10 min walk to the beach ($5 a person) but worth it. Right across the street from heavenly village. 10 min walk to casinos. Super cute hotel. Yes a little funky but compared to most places in Tahoe under $200 it's fine. I love how everything is recycled and everything is Eco friendly. Super cool pool area with cabanas. Could be cleaned a little more. Our towels from hours before would still be out there and it would be nice to have a bathroom closer to the pool. The bar is nice with wine and beer. We did extend our stay a day and had to move rooms. We stayed in the one room on the first flirt which I think is the ADA room. It was very noisy and the double beds are small. They gave me a discounted rate so it was fine. Staff was all super nice and accommodating. The rooms did get warm at night but leave the window open and turn the fan on which is provided in the closet and its fine. Overall I really enjoyed our stay and will be back for sure!!

    26/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    126. RJ S.
    Love this spot. It's home on the mountain! Comfy rooms, great staff, great bar. Clean! Stay here and it will exceed all your expectations and at very reasonable cost.

    06/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    127. Nik N.
    Loved this hotel!  Next to the action, yet quiet for sleep.  Very welcoming staff.  The shower head is placed to accomodate very tall people.  The sheets are washed is a natural detergent that made my sensitive skin happy too.

    31/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    128. Samuel S.
    Like so many others, i fell for the groupon coupon and tried making reservations. Once the reservation person knew that i was trying to book a groupon deal, he was almost rude and didn't want to offer booking service.
    I have to believe that all the other 4 to 5 star reviews are by the OWNER's friends and family.
    Boo 98 Bark Hotel

    12/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    129. Joelle T.
    If you are looking for something SIMPLE and very reasonably priced this is the perfect place.  Quite a few people negatively commented on this hotel and I want to comment back because I just don't understand some of the complaints....

    -Some say 968 Park Hotel does not have the best resort like qualities, but guess what...it's not a resort and that's not what they are renowned for.  
    -People have complained about no air-conditioning which I can't understand.  Shouldn't you be out sightseeing instead of sitting in the room?!?  I visited during the hottest month in tahoe and didn't have any issues with over heating.  Once the sun starts to set, so will the air temp so it's a perfect time to open up your bedroom window if you think it's hot.  (it's not going to be loud unless you're going to bed before 10pm!).  Also, check out the hotels webpage - 968 is a GREEN hotel!  Hello???
    -The pool is cool, but the lake is way cooler!  Walk down the road and enjoy nature man, you're in Tahoe!

    1) This is an environmentally friendly hotel and there needs to be more like it!  Go GREEN :)
    2) Free wi-fi.  Usually the larger and more popular chain hotels charge by the day for internet.
    3) Really short walk to a private beach on the lake and a really short walk to the main shopping center and good restaurants.
    4) Super comfortable beds that make you want to sleep in and not sight see.

    1) Their free breakfast is just sad.  It consists of fake OJ, a tiny selection of tea and coffee, and not so great pastries.  On the other hand the hotel offers a discount to a cafe (can't remember the name) that is close by and is yummy/cheap.

    02/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    130. Nichole M.
    I was here for my one year anniversary, while the front desk staff were friendly the hotel was not friendly to those who have allergies. When I informed the staff that I was allergic to down and asked if I could exchange my pillows I was informed that they didn't have any other ones. As it turned out every pillow in the hotel was down. I spent the night taking allergy meds and miserable, trying to get some rest with no pillow! And it didn't end there the oscillating fans were covered with dust, the mirror was so low my husband and I had to bend over to see in it and the bathroom was so small you had a hard time closing to door without being right up against the toilet. Needless to say we checked out early!

    08/10/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    131. Matt G.
    Small enough to be a very cozy place.  But the hotel has all the amenities including a small bar sauna hot tub, etc.  The staff is very, very friendly.  If you do not want the big casino type hotel for a change, this is a nice alternative. Also it is a simple walk to heavenly Village and to the casino area... Less than a third of a mile.

    23/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    132. Chili D.
    968 is an amazing hotel! My wife and I love to try out places that are unique in their ways and this one was perfect. First off, we'd like to say THANK YOU to the staff of 968 for making us feel like welcomed guests. Jessica, Jake, Cristina and Doug...you guys are incredible and y'all are the reason the vibe at 968 is so solid!

    For those considering staying here...it's a very short (5 minute walk) from the Heavenly Gondola, it's .40 miles (thx Garmin) to the lake and its surrounded by great restaurants that are fairly priced.

    The rooms were perfect too. Just the right size and everything we needed to have an excellent stay.

    The lobby is great as well. The have a great wine and beer selection and the prices are very fare also.

    Check this place out and you'll be happy w/ the choice....if for some reason you stay here and need something, just ask...the staff is happy to help out if they can.

    17/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    133. David E.
    Amazing. First off, the steps this place took to get LEED certified are amazing. Heat is through the walls, reclaimed wood, lighting, etc. But that is just the icing on the cake. The staff was friendly, the bar cozy, live entertainment, free wine tasting, are just a few of the many reasons I loved my past weekend here. Highly recommended! I didn't want to leave... :) Can I give 6 stars?!?!?

    25/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    134. Betty C.
    We came here on a Bloomspot/Jetsetter deal so we didn't pay full price for this hotel but we did overall enjoy our stay.

    *Great location-right across from Heavenly and walking distance to the casinos
    *Hotel that tries to be ecofriendly
    *Good combination of contemporary/rustic design
    *Indoor hot tub and sauna
    *King size room was spacious

    *No airconditioning-it didn't really bother us as we weren't in our hotel room that much but at night it was a bit warm to sleep in.
    *Free wifi-but the connection is pretty lousy

    *Ask for the beach access pass
    *Ask for the vip card-they did not give it to us upon arrival but we read about it on their website

    25/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    135. Laura P.
    I have not yet stayed at 968 Park because I unfortunatley had an emergency and had to cancel my reservation. However, I was very impressed with my experience in booking a room, as well as the manager I spoke to today when I had to cancel. Everyone is very friendly and flexible. Pricing is also very competitive. I hope to reschedule my stay very soon!

    08/02/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    136. Marty D.
    Cool decor
    Wifi is fast
    Shower is amazing
    Friendly staff
    Bar on the main floor. Beer and wine.
    Access to Parking is easy
    Beds are comfy
    Will stay again!

    24/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    137. Monica W.
    Went here with my family and stayed in one of the suites.  The place was convenient to walk to Heavenly, the room was clean and well-furnished (its not a 4-star place, but it was really nicely done and the price was excellent), but the real stand-out was the staff.  

    We needed to change our weekends - no problem, no charge and excellent helpfulness in doing so.  

    My husband lost his lift ticket and since we purchased it through the hotel, they were able to simply read the numbers back to the Heavenly ticket staff and they replaced his ticket without charge on the spot. NICE!  

    On our last day, my husband and son were ill.  They hotel let us have a super-late checkout, offered to bring a special tea and helped me bring all of our bags and ski equipment down and load it when they saw me trying to do it alone.  YEAH, YEAH, YEAH for wonderful and decent people!

    We can't wait to stay with these guys again and again!

    23/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    138. Kathleen D.
    Nice hotel with a good location in South Lake Tahoe.  The rates were very reasonable and the Staff was friendly.  My only negative comment would be that in our room there were a few minor things that could have been fixed - hole in the wall near the floor and no towel hook on the back of the door.  Other than that, it was a very enjoyable experience.  The room was clean and the bed was very comfortable.

    20/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    139. danielle m.
    softest sheets I've slept in at a hotel. just across the street from the Heavenly gondola. very nice and helpful staff.

    08/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    140. lauren p.
    So far it's been a great experience. Made reservations over the phone with Jacob. He was not only accommodating with booking our reservations but offered his expertise on fun things to do in the area. We ended up having a great day because of his suggestions. Would definitely recommend this to friends and family!

    07/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    141. Stephanie R.
    We had a Groupon for this place so we drove on up to tahoe for a weekend. The customer service was amazing and everyone was very friendly. They were also helpful when we weren't sure what to do or where to eat. The rooms are very nice and clean with nice decor and also spacious. They also have a small bar and happy hour. This hotel is also right by the Heavenly Village area where there is a lot of places to eat and shop so we were able to just walk there. We would probably come back.

    & Kudos for being an eco-friendly hotel! =]

    10/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    142. Don C.
    purchased $78/night deal from Groupon. the room was ok but felt something was missing which i couldn't figure out. maybe smell? the worst part was the parking lot. had to park between the pillars which holds the building structure. if you are not good driver, maybe you have to avoid it and park other place.

    22/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    143. Lorrie M.
    Again this is one of those, too bad it was a Groupon deal, type of situations because it was only $79 a night from Groupon but now if you call in you will pay well over $190 to stay here for a night!

    I saw this deal and knew that I wanted to get the Groupon because of my awesome experience at a similarly themed, funky hotel called Ace in Palm Springs. I saw some pictures and was sold (plus great price!). The lobby is very unconventional and there are these interesting glass fire places that adorn the place.

    The staff is extra friendly and will offer you a beer or two if you're just hanging out in the lobby chatting it up. The rooms are nice, the beds are comfortable and best of all, you feel so green while at it!

    Everything, all the amenities, are organic or non-commercial, best hand lotion I've tried on in ages (I wish they had more!) hah and there is a sauna and hot tub you can use after a hard day of boarding right across the street at Heavenly.

    Conveniently located, if this place was cheaper, it would be one of the best in my book!

    04/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    144. Alain B.
    Room smells sooo dam good. I love the tree-hugging agenda and using recycled wood for decor and furniture.

    Very different and well executed.

    15/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    145. Caroline C.
    My Gmail currently has 4,184 unread messages, an unsightly number that I blame on my propensity to liberally add my email address to whatever site or list is offering a deal at the moment (and they all are offering deals..) and then never bothering to read or delete said emails. Such is usually the case with LivingSocial, except for one afternoon in April when this one caught my eye: "A Two-Night Stay for Two in a Deluxe Room, Sundays through Thursdays ($156) or Fridays and Saturdays ($196), from Now to June 15, 2012... $30 Massage Credit... [and most importantly, a] Bottle of Wine." That day, a Monday, we made reservations to head up to 968 Park that Friday.

    I've been vacationing in Tahoe my whole life, but always in a condo or cabin and always on the North/West shore(s). This was a completely different experience, but I was pleasantly surprised, and the price was definitely right. I loved the hotel's eco vibe (green chic decor), and the bed was big and plush and comfortable. We were a short walking distance from a number of restaurants in one direction (at the suggestion of the girl at the front desk, we tried Blue Dog Pizza (just decent); Naked Fish Sushi (pretty good); and Driftwood Cafe (very yum), and the lake in the other direction. I also appreciated the free wifi and the happy hour wine prices.

    Only real downsides: the indoor hot tub was too chlorine/chemical-y for us to bear for long, and the sauna was closed, but we weren't terribly invested in either of these amenities. I very much enjoyed my massage and masseuse, but my boyfriend's was deeper than he wanted and his masseuse constantly talked to him throughout (loudly enough that I could hear their conversation from my adjacent room). I prefer a serene, quiet massage experience, so that was a little bit off putting, and afterward, he felt it was a little strange as well.

    22/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    146. Andie N.
    Loved this place!  During my trip to Tahoe I Yelped local beauty spas as I wanted to get a massage on my off day. The hotel had good reviews and also has a spa so I decided to check it out. Ashley was beyond helpful; she scheduled my massage, offered help on places to have lunch beforehand, and ended up getting me an appetizer and glass of wine while I waited for my appointment. Masseuse was great too!

    18/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    147. Jill M.
    We bought a Living Social deal, $129 for two nights (we stayed Weds through Friday 9/26/12-9/28/12).

    When I called to make the reservation, the female I spoke to was extremely nice and helpful and I got my email confirmation while still on the phone.

    When we checked in, a very friendly blonde woman helped us. She was very knowledgeable, very warm and welcoming. We saw her a few more times during our stay and she was always chatting with someone. I am terrible about getting names, but she had straight blonde hair. She told us all about the room, local places to go, etc. She made us feel very comfortable and at home.

    When we checked out (around 10:30AM Friday 9/28/12), there was a different young woman there with dark hair. She was not at all friendly or helpful. My husband asked if we could use our free drink tokens at that time and she said yes. He asked because there was currently no one at the coffee bar/pub. We went over and had a seat. We waited. And waited. She could see me where I was sitting from the desk. I should add that there was literally no one in the lobby or pub area at this time. My husband went over and asked her if she could break a $20 (so we'd have change for a tip). She came over and gave us the change, took the coffee dispenser down to clean it, wiped the counter off, all while we were waiting to be helped, and then LEFT back to the desk. I don't know if she is just not very smart or just plain rude, but it was pretty clear we were waiting for help, sitting at the empty bar. At this point, my husband walked over and asked her to help us, which she did finally. We had waited about 10 minutes by this point, trying not to be rude and trying to be patient. She came over and asked us if we were "just getting our free drinks." At this point, yes, that's exactly all we were doing and she could forget about a tip.

    In summary, everyone we encountered except for the last woman was very nice and helpful and made us feel welcome.

    We got the complimentary upgrade to a deluxe king-sized bed from the standard queen, which was very nice for my 6'6" tall husband. The room was very clean, warm, and inviting. The bed was so comfortable we would have been happy to sleep in it for the entire stay. The decor is rustic, made from reclaimed barn wood. It was just the right size, not too big and not too small. Hidden away in the dresser was a mini fridge, yay! There was also a hair dryer in the dresser, which was nice since I forgot to bring my own. The toiletries are from MyOrganics, nice smelling, made my hair very soft, and good for the environment too. The towels were big and fluffy. A coffee maker in the room would have been nice, but with the coffee bar downstairs making delicious mochas for only $2.75, not really necessary.

    The first night we were there (Wednesday 9/26/12), there was apparently some sort of huge get-together and the pub area was SUPER LOUD. You could hear it in the elevator and in the hallways, but our room was silent. Another YAY.

    Very nice staff (except that dark-haired girl on Friday)
    Clean, comfortable room
    Portable fan in the room
    Amazingly comfortable beds
    Huge flat-screen TV mounted on the wall
    In-room mini fridge
    Great toiletries
    Affordable, convenient in-hotel pub/coffee bar
    Location, location, location!

    ONE rude staff member
    No coffee maker
    Only one ice maker (on the second floor)
    Water in the shower didn't get very hot even when turned all the way to hot

    We would definitely stay here again.

    29/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    148. Allison S.
    My friends and I stayed at 968 for a weekend retreat at Lake Tahoe. The hotel was incredibly clean and welcoming. When we arrived there was a wine tasting going on and they were prepping for live music..instantly pleased with the atmosphere. We even decided to spend our first night hanging out at the cozy bar in the hotel and enjoying a few of the awesome beers on tap. The Staff at 968 are awesome and very helpful. Being a morning person I especially enjoyed the coffee bar and good conversation with the staff. Barrett makes an awesome cup of coffee and went out of his way to make recommendations to my friends and I on must sees of the area. We were beyond pleased with his suggestions and were blown away by the breathtaking views. The room was perfect and I loved the details in the design of the hotel as a whole. Eco-friendly and very creative. I will definitely recommend this spot to friends.

    12/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    149. Jeffrey J.
    I love boutique hotels like this because they are slightly off the beaten path, aren't filled with families with young children, and you get slightly better service and attention from the staff. Another plus side of this particular hotel is that they seem committed to being a "green" business.

    While this place has been renovated, it still kind of shows its age when you take a closer look. It might be unattractive to some looking for a pristine hotel room, but I found it very suitable.

    I like that they have an indoor hot tub and sauna for the guests. Nice place to take a dip if you've chosen to book a massage with them.

    One downside of being a green hotel is the heating system. It's actually built within the walls so it takes some time to emit any noticeable change in temperature. Given some time, it gets there, but depending on the severity of your situation, it could be a problem.

    Overall, I thought it was a great affordable place to stay on the Tahoe Strip and relatively close to everything.

    If you're looking for a nice relaxing getaway in Tahoe, this is a good option.

    13/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    150. Joshua C.
    Great hotel in South Lake Tahoe. The staff were very friendly and accommodating. Walking distance to the beach, shops, restaurants and even the casinos. Nice pool with cabanas. The coffee bar/pub was great for happy hour.

    18/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    151. Jenna C.
    What a blast we had here! Organic veggies? yes. Organic fruits? duh. Organic hotel? WHATTT?? This is 1 of the 15 accredited Green hotels in the US. They have affordable rates, cozy rooms with incredible organic toiletries & large beams of stunning recycled wood. A sitting area by the window w/ a vintage wood table. Just LOVED the atmosphere and vibe... we were actually forced to stay in because of the snow and we were NOT disappointed. The room, unlike most hotels was home-y and lovely... comforting and warm.
    The staff kind & accommodating. Parking easy. Check-in easy. happy hour downstairs nightly. I wanted to steal all of the amazing furniture.

    We will def be back.

    11/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    152. Tim W.
    Clean, comfortable place although I did get a rash from the hot tub.  I suppose that can happen anywhere.  It could have used a cleaning.  Got a good deal a couple of times via LivingSocial.com .  Very convenient location.

    01/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    153. Manuel G.
    A very nice and new concept for a hotel.  A green hotel that done very well.  Competitive rates, nice happy hour, very freindly and helpful front desk staff.  Comfortable beds, clean halls and rooms, and a nice little bar.  Very small wine and beer list.  No hard liquir.  Disapointing.

    The Hot stone massage and reflexoligy were wortht he trip alone.  

    A couple of issues that subtracted stars from my review are that I left 2 messeges on the front desk phone that were never respopnded to.

    Rooms are a little small, which isn't a big deal if you're out and about having fun.Parking isn't to user friendly.  Small narrow spots.

    Now we come to the bartender.  I would discribe her but the property was small enought that there is likely to be only one female bartender..The most unfriendly bartender I have dealt with, in I can't remember who long.  Worth NOT going back to.  

    If you go there over all it should be a geat experience.  

    Good luck and have fun

    05/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    154. Sri Nithya P.
    We found this hotel through a deal on Travelzoo and I was surprised that there was no blackout for the Thanksgiving weekend. So we booked 3 nights. The hotel is in a great location, 1/2 block from Heavenly stores.

    When we walked into the room, we found the fridge was missing. A quick call to reception and within 5 minutes, we had a new fridge in our room. Awesome service!
    There was an ironing board, iron and hair dryer in the closets. We stayed in Room 325 which had 2 queen beds which were very comfortable.  Our room had a Keurig coffee maker, flat screen TV and a Clock radio with a stereo cable for plugging into your Iphone/Android phone.

    There is a bar at the entrance with a fireplace and very cozy area to hang out with the family or friends. My kids and I played a game of cards after enjoying the hot tub and sauna from a long day of skiing at Heavenly.

    The service was great. Gave only 4 stars because the rooms felt a little small for us. We just expected much larger rooms....

    03/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    155. Silvia C.
    I used to LOVE this place. Really, the rooms are clean, the atmosphere at the bar is really cozy. And I always got a Discount Coupon for it.

    This year I came with another coupon. Since I usually go with other friends and we want to save a little money, we get double queen rooms and share between 2 couples. For a night it's more than enough.

    I've been to this hotel at least 4/5 times with friends, family etc. Usually on Winter high season. This time I came in October, low season. I had reserved my room already over the phone, so we got there for check-in, I handed my coupon, and the guy saw we were in two couples and charged a $20 extra fee PER EXTRA PERSON to stay in the room. Seriously! This extra charge amount is not written anywhere in the website or the hotel. And all the other 4 or 5 times I've been there they NEVER charged me this extra person $20 dollars fee. I was really disappointed since I always recommended this place to everyone, and even told other friends to buy the Coupon when I saw it.

    End of the story, I had a $99 coupon for a night in a double Queen bed, but ended up being charged $52.90 (!!!!) on my credit card due to taxes, and the $40.00 extra fee I had to pay for having another couple with us. Never again.

    09/10/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    156. Michelle D.
    I wrote a pretty lengthy comment on trip advisor so I'll keep this one minimal.
    I loved the friendly girl over the phone when I called prior to our stay for info on their spa services. She was knowledgable, friendly, and offered extremely genuine suggestions that I appreciated.
    Jacob works downstairs at check in and was very professional and friendly. I liked that he was younger and able to suggest some places for my friends and I to go out to that we're cool and offered "ladies night".
    He was super accommodating and as a retail manager for several years he's someone I would consider recruiting to my own store based on his customer service skills that seemed very natural and not taught.
    I'd recommend this place for the boutique/cabin feel, the great pricing, and the excellent world class service.

    27/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    157. Denise S.
    Great Eco friendly hotel! This is my third visit and I will continue to come back

    26/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    158. Steven C.
    Found this great place on the Hotel Tonight app and it was a great deal! This is a small older hotel which has been renovated very well and just across the street from the village at Heavenly. Most comfortable and clean beds I've ever slept on in a hotel! It's a very simple place, but well done. I would only recommend visiting in the winter since there is no AC in the rooms due to their Eco friendly business plan. I would give this place 5 stars if it had AC and was just a bit more modern, but I love it just the same.

    13/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    159. Pai P.
    Me and my girlfriends took a road trip started from Long Beach,ca to SFO then Lake Tahoe. We found this hotel through the app called " hotel tonight " i called the hotel before we made reservation and "christina" who answered the phone was very kind and helpful. I would say that throughout the trip, she was the nicest hotel front desk i ever met :)

    16/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    160. Lynn M.
    5 stars for amazing recovery by front staff. I was a walk-in with no reservation and got a non a/c room that was very hot. Just for the asking, Ben quickly changed me to a larger room with great a/c for the same good price for 3 days. He was also willing to be convinced I could park my 24' RV in a single spot, which I did, and was happy to leave it there as hotel is an easy walk to water and shops/restaurants. He also gave me no problem for having a hearing service dog. Very cute boutique hotel with nice green touches both inside and out. Friday night wine freebie is nice touch. Would definitely stay here again next time I am in South Lake Tahoe.

    01/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    161. Jessica L.
    I've stayed here twice, and will continue to return. Here is why:

    Great area, only 2 short blocks from all of the casino's and right across from the popular Heavenly Gondolas/shopping area.

    They give you passes to a private beach, only for people staying at certain hotels (and they check when you get to the beach!). This is wonderful bc it isnt very crowded, and has a better vibe (more mellow and realxing).

    You are given a VIP card upon return, with deals to different restaurants! very cool.

    Great staff (Shout out to Doug, the bartender!), but everyone that work here is so helpful...it feels like home away from home!

    my favorite part of this hotel has to be the Rooms. They are large, and updated. Beds are comfy, the bar downstairs is a nice place to relax without even leaving the hotel!

    This is also a "green" hotel, which is very important to me. Cant wait for my next stay!

    18/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    162. Jessica M.
    My husband and I stayed here a couple weeks ago, just for the night.  We normally stay at the Stardust if we're having a short stay, but it was a little expensive at the Stardust just for one night, so I decided to shop around.  I decided to try out this hotel despite the really mixed reviews.  

    I'm glad we stayed here!  The front desk person was really friendly.  The room was very clean and the location is great!  It's walking distance from Heavenly Village the casinos. Definitely a plus!  A a couple other perks; they try to match other hotels and if they can't they offer 20% off your room & they offer two complimentary drinks for your stay!

    There reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because there are two draw backs. Since this is an Eco friendly hotel, there is no air conditioning.  That would deter me from staying here in the summer.   But I will definitely be coming back for the winter season.

    04/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    163. Logan J.
    We must have been here on an off week. While the decor was attractive and the eco thing is fantastic, the temperature was impossible to control and the hot tub was closed (which they failed to tell us when we booked it). The staff was not particularly friendly. I did, however, find some porn mags stashed by the vending machines, so that's good.

    All those problems aside, the location is great and it beats staying in a casino with a bunch of loud, boozy gamblers.

    10/02/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    164. Chris H.
    I enjoyed my time there with my friends. The whole staff was friendly and always helped us out with reservations for dinners, shuttle service, etc. The lounge is super cozy and they periodically provide fancy wine tasting. Natalie Coyne provided excellent recommendations on restaurants and other activities which exceeded our expectations by far.

    09/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    165. Joseph R.
    Great hotel! I stayed with my wife and daughter and they loved it as well. It's walking distance from a lot of great shops, restaurants and a gondola, perfect! They have nice bar area downstairs and the staff seems really nice. I would definitely recommend this place and for sure  staying here the next time I come to Tahoe!

    17/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    166. Christine C.
    Found a groupon deal for this place, well worth it! Awesome staff, jacuzzi and sauna, bar, super comfy bed. Smaller place than I expected but perfect for a pre/post boarding place to stay. Very chill atmosphere, would definitely come again.

    25/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    167. Julianne P.
    We rented a room at 968 Park not knowing the area well, WE LOVE IT! Myself and 2 friends came to Tahoe for the weekend for skiing and to relax for drinks each evening. 968 is a great location. Close to Heavenly and many bars/restaurants. Full bar in hotel is open 24 hrs + 2 free drinks. Spa and sauna, and comfy beds. Boutique atmosphere and very cozy. I recommend 968 Park for your next Tahoe trip.

    14/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    168. Hannah C.
    My husband and I found this place through Groupon. First of all, the location is amazing! You can walk to the lake, Heavenly Village is across the street and it's and easy walk to the casinos. The reclaimed wood on the walls and all of the furniture is absolutely beautiful! The room was so wonderful. The bed was sooooo comfortable! We have a super nice bed at home so we struggle to sleep well when we travel, but the bed was so nice that it was almost like home. The staff is super personable and friendly. There is a very nice indoor hot tub that we enjoyed! There is also a bar complete with wine, beer, and coffee! The hotel is clean and just creatively decorated. It seems like the owners have a lot of relationships with some of the local restaurants. For example, we went to Driftwood Cafe for breakfast and received 20% off just by showing our room key! We will definitely stay here again!

    25/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    169. Rosalind C.
    Lovely service. Green hotel with very nice rooms good beds. Quiet street near the lake right by Stateline. 2 safety issues. A ledge at the front door which people trip upon  and hallways that are way too dim. If those two things were fixed it would be very nice.

    13/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    170. Janice C.
    3.5 stars

    968 Park boasts to be the most green hotel in Tahoe and their efforts clearly show with the dual flush toilets, recycled timber for their armoire, recycled paper products, etc. A commendable undertaking for a hotel to do especially since they had to build this place from ground up, making sure to meet strict LEED certifications.  While the hallways are in need of sprucing up (new carpet please!) and the walls are very thin, this place served its purpose for our two night stay. Our room was on the small side, but not cramped.

    That being said, this hotel provides comfortable and clean accommodations with a location that can't be beat. It is within walking distance to the Heavenly gondola and village shops, Harrah's/Harvey's casinos and a multitude of restaurants. If you want to be near the attractions without staying at a busy, big name hotel, this is where you want to be.

    The free breakfast is an added perk and consists of bagels and muffins, hard boiled eggs, cheese and coffee or tea. Get here early because they don't refill past 9am.

    The staff here really made a difference, aside from being efficient with check in, they were incredibly nice people and genuinely welcoming. Great job guys! I will definitely consider staying here again.

    12/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    171. D. B.
    Checked in last night and really disappointed at how our reservation and check in were handled. We booked our room 4 months ago (on 3/20). We booked a "King Honeymoon Suite" which is supposed to be a two room suite with a King Bed and Sleeper Sofa. We are in town for a wedding, but it also happens to be our own wedding anniversary and we are traveling with our two young children so we thought it would be great to have a nice room with space for everyone. We were really looking forward to our stay. My parents also have a reservation here. A few weeks ago my mother called to confirm that our rooms have air conditioning as we read in reviews that only certain room have a/c. They confirmed that both of our rooms had a/c. We got checked in and found our room and while it had a king bed there was no a/c and more importantly, no sleeper sofa. There was only a sitting area with a small leather couch and glass coffee table. When we brought to the front desk's attention that this is not what we booked we were moved to a regular room with a king bed and a/c. No sleeper sofa, no suite. There was no explanation and no apology. The hotel could not accommodate us with a rollaway bed for our three year old (and they do not have cribs or pack 'n plays for babies). Since we booked a King bed with sleeper sofa I was shocked they didn't even acknowledge the fact that we weren't getting the room type that we booked. When I brought up the fact that we had reserved a King Honeymoon Suite back in March so that we'd have a King bed and sleeper sofa the desk person said "sorry that we cannot accommodate your request". I explained again that this isn't a new request, that we had in fact booked such a room and pulled up the e-mail confirmation to show this. I then told her at the very least they should be giving us a discount or something for their error. She shrugged and said that she had discounted our new room (which is not actually true). We were paying $200+ a night because we had booked a suite, but now we were just in a regular room, so we were being charged the regular room rate. When I told her that it wasn't in fact a discount on the room rate, but rather she is charging us the rate for the room we are in now (rather than the higher rate for what we had booked) she told me, "well yes, that's true." So that's not actually a discount, we are just in a less expensive room and paying that rate, which just shows that they really don't care, which I found disappointing.

    I've found the whole situation rather insulting actually. The hotel must have overbooked that particular room type. I understand that they cannot accommodate us for the room that we booked. If it's not available, it's not available. A sincere apology or an explanation would have gone a long way though.  Moving us to a less expensive room, saying that you're giving us a discount when there is no real discount, and giving me a shrug and sorry when we booked four months ago is really poor customer service. Like my husband said though, it's not like we can force them to feel bad. I can't help but think that a complimentary glass of wine may have even made me feel a little better, at least the hotel acknowledging there was a mix-up, or a glitch in their system, but I get the sense that it really does not matter what type of room that you book. Which makes me question why they offer different types of rooms at different rates on their website.

    They also charge you for the entire reservation when you check in, which makes me feel like this sort of thing must happen often and this way you have paid so switching hotels isn't an option if you don't want to lose your money. In other hotel weirdness they make you sign something saying you won't get their towels dirty with things like make-up.  Granted we are used to staying at large chain hotels, but this seemed really odd to me.

    The hotel itself looks really cute. The rooms are smaller than average. With our correct room that we booked I bet it could have been somewhat romantic for my husband and I.  The hotel location also seems nice having just arrived here. We walked around the corner to grab some dinner. The bartender was nice and knowledgeable about local places to eat.

    The hotel states that it's family friendly, however, to be clear it's not baby friendly. I think they mean they are friendly for older kids, but this definitely isn't an establishment for babies. I am disappointed that they advertised themselves as family friendly. There are no amenities for young children.

    I wouldn't recommend staying here if you want a certain type of room, since you don't necessarily get what you book. But if any type of room is ok with you it seems like it may be an ok place to stay. Poor customer service though and they clearly do not care about repeat business.

    25/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    172. Michael S.
    Love it here! Very friendly, caring staff; gorgeous rooms; unique, interesting, and rustic yet contemporary decorations- made from repurposed wood, metal, n glass...all according to an environmentally-sustainable ethos. Really can't say enough about this place. We'll be back for sure.

    11/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    173. Jeannie C.
    Brandon the manager is amazing. I felt like an old friend he was happy to see :)
    We walked everywhere. The hotel is conveniently located next to everything. The room is wonderful. It is soo quiet. You can't beat it. Living Social helped me find a tucked away gem at the lake.

    22/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    174. Nick O.
    So far so good, I'm writing this review from my very comfortable king size bed.

    We originally booked two nights in a king room but a few weeks ago they called saying they made a mistake and we would have to move to a queen the second day. Luckily the problem was fixed when we arrived so I'm rather happy about that.

    The hotel is right up my alley: it's green.
    You will notice a lot of recycled would that was used on the walls and the bar when you first come in. A lot of the amenities you will find to be "off" when you go to use them. What I mean is they will not keep the Spa boiling hot or the sauna fully cranked up. This is obviously to conserve energy and there are a lot more examples of this around the hotel. You will also find things like no A/C, low flow toilets and organic coffee in the room.

    Last night they had live music (I believe every Saturday) and it was a great alternative to going out in heavenly village or just watching TV.

    The one thing that is a bit of a bummer is the price. But I guess for the quality of everything and that by staying in this hotel we are making far less of an impact than if we were to stay in the Embassy Suites or something, it's worth.

    Staff was super friendly and helpful with everything. I did email the manager though to ask about a possible full refund (we were planning on not coming if it was too smokey  from Yosemite). The guy never even replied...

    01/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    175. Milan P.
    After riding in on our motorcycle from Sacramento, a friendly staff, a super comfy bed in a spacious room, and a hot tub was everything I needed. I am so in love with this hotel, not only because of how comfy and relaxing the atmosphere was, but also because of the discounts that they offer. They offer discounts for returning customers, as well as for people who come via motorcycle. This can take a trip from not being very affordable, or budget stretching, and make it a more financially relaxed mini vaca in Tahoe (more money for eating out and casinos, woot!).

    When we first came into the hotel we were greeted by the hotel receptionist, who offered us water that had limes soaking in it. As you can imagine, after getting of off a motorcycle this was magical elixir from the old gods. He then checked us in very speedily and gave us two drink tokens that were redeemable for up to $7 each in the bar for coffee as well as wine/beer/cocktails. We took the elevator up to our room, and found it to be just as spacious as the photographs presented it to be. No gimicks, no fishbowl special effects on advertisements. Just a large room, with a Queen sized bed, and a lot of comfy.  

    As I had discovered before there was no air conditioning. However, our room had a small ceiling fan, as well as a larger fan in the closet that we plugged in with the windows open. The room cooled off very quickly since it was such a nice, breezy day in Tahoe. We immediately went down to the hot tub (after checking out the pool with adorable cabanas) and soaked for a bit before heading off to dinner.

    When we returned from dinner the same hotel receptionist, a most gracious and personable man, redeemed our drink tokens for us even though the bartender had gone home early. He was very kind to do so, pouring my date a nice Zin and making me a mexican hot chocolate with a shot of espresso in it (much needed for the approaching casino perusing). I have to say, he made me want to return to this hotel. You can always find comfy beds, and a hot tub, but an amazing staff with a willingness to make your trip amazing and special is a much rarer find. So thank you kind hotel man, who sadly must remain nameless because I was a complete dork and didn't ask his name.

    Overall, after a long ride, this hotel was a perfect fit for me! I recommend looking into the spa (massages, etc), as well as the weekend events that occur regularly for your stay.

    11/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    176. Flower D.
    Stayed here for my anniversary & we absolutely loved our stay! Being hotel snobs for cleanliness & comfortableness we can strongly recommend this hotel for the following reasons:  
    1. Super clean rooms, floors, & bed sheets
    2. Wonderfully comfortable beds & pillows
    3. "Green" hotel with organic towels!
    4. Great convenient location/we parked & walked everywhere we needed to!
    5. Friendly & helpful staff
    6. Hot tub & spa with sauna
    7. Cute bar with great beer & wine selections

    Will definitely stay here again. Thank you so much 968 Park Hotel couldn't have celebrated our anniversary in a better hotel!

    25/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    177. Maria P.
    This hotel was a delightful experience, especially as a fan of modern and eco-friendly remodels.  968 Park is conveniently located within walking distance of the Stateline casino strip, a few blocks from a gorgeous Lake Tahoe beach and Lakeside Marina, and close to lots of great restaurants and bars.  However, it is also tucked in perfectly from pedestrian and street traffic, ensuring a good night sleep to the patrons.

    The rooms are comfortable and modest in size, with stylish and new interior remodels.  The beds and linens are brand new, with high tread count sheets (a bonus for us).  Our room had a Keurig coffee maker, flat screen and darling furniture. 968 is a perfect option for outdoor sports enthusiasts, like us, who want a cool and fun hotel to crash.

    Sara, Jake, Doug and the entire hotel staff were friendly, helpful and accommodating throughout our recent 4 night stay.  They were filled with great recommendations and ensured that we were familiar with the cool and unique hotel features including the sustainable local products (new and eco-friendly linens, natural bath products, etc.), the heated salt pool (GREAT for post outdoor activities), Friday night free local Nor Cal wine tasting, best use of the environmentally friendly fan cooling system, etc.

    Keeley was an awesome host in 968 Park's lobby wine bar. She had great knowledge of all their local wine and beer pours.  She, and all of the 968 staff, had great suggestions for dining and local entertainment.

    We will definitely return!

    14/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    178. Martin R.
    Really good, quiet spot near the state line and cable car attraction. Very helpful staff. Comfortable room. Didn't use the pool etc, too tired!

    18/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    179. L G.
    Overpriced, and a lot of minor issues. For $200/nt for 2 nights, we should have received a discount after all the issues. But it is walkable to downtown and the lake ($5 day entry).

    Our room was not cleaned. My bf did tough mudder that weekend so it would have been nice.

    One day, I came back to find our room door open. HUGE safety/theft concern. The housekeeper was two rooms down. The front desk said they were glad we told them bc they had a "new" cleaning staff.

    Maybe that's why a bunch of things were dirty/dusty, there was a huge cobweb with a collection of bugs by the lobby elevator, stale water with debris in our coffeepot, make-up stained washcloth, etc.  The sheets had sharpie marks and initials. Kind of tacky for a "boutique" hotel.

    The inside and outside surfaces were uneven, and I tripped more than once. Yeah, I'm clumsy. The 4 free cabanas were a plus but offered zero shade.

    The door wouldn't open bc it stuck on the frame. We had to kick the bottom to open it. The armoire was a nice touch but it creaked and didn't stay open. The drawers stuck due to poor construction.

    Outlets were impossible to access bc they were behind large furniture. Hence, every plug was bent and sparked when you plugged it in. I also ended up moving the king-sized bed to plug in my phone/laptop.

    Oh but the bed was comfortable so that's something.

    A pipe was coming out of the wall by the toilet complemented by yellow/sloppy caulking and stained floors.

    Worked 60% of the time.

    NO A/C
    Our room was so hot that I put the ice bucket in front of the fan and a wet washcloth on my face. I'm usually cold.

    The vending machine candy was completely melted. (ie. liquid). I told maintenance. He said he'd put a sign up. The next day, no sign. It's obviously too hot to run a vending machine without A/C.

    They fixed a lot of our complaints but overall the stay was more frustrating than relaxing. Complaing makes me uncomfortable, and we left feeling jipped.

    The cherry on top? They charged my boyfriend's credit card 3x (about $1500 with our massages). He called and they reversed it but c'mon.

    13/07/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    180. Keith M.
    This is a quiet and smaller boutique hotel just across the street from the Heavenly square. The rooms are comfortable and spacious all while being reasonably priced. The service was okay... Except for Benjamin! He was always extremely pleasant, friendly, helpful, and ready to help with whatever we needed. He saved the day more than once and made what could have been frustrating mistakes VERY pleasant. He deserves a HUGE pat on the back. Our honeymoon was very enjoyable because he was genuine, personable, and attentive. Thank you, Benjamin. We wish you the best with all your endeavors!

    18/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    181. Fabiana L.
    Great hotel - walking distance to restaurants, shops and the casinos. Best location!!

    The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. Always greeted with a smile.

    The coffee lounge / bar area is a nice addition and we spent a nice evening enjoying our wine by the fire.

    The decor is rustic yet contemporary. It's very charming.

    I love that the hotel is environmentally friendly and green. More hotels should follow in their footsteps.

    My only complaint - no hair dryer in the room. But I survived!

    30/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    182. Kammy F.
    Rustic & lovely boutique hotel. Great customer service.  Don't forget to use their key to get 20% discount on Macduff Pub nearby.

    26/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    183. LT B.
    The service is very good! The front desk woman is really helpful and nice, she help us alot! We had 2 free glasses of wine and enjoy the cozy bar here! One thing I really don't like is NO CART here and the elevator is small!

    28/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    184. Christy A.
    This hotel is so cute. I love how so much stuff is made out of reclaimed materials and they use eco friendly products for the most part. With how many people are in and out of Tahoe it is important that the business owners do their share to reduce environmental impact. So here were the highlights of my stay at 968:
    -The softest most comfortable sheets and beds I have ever slept on. Next time I stay there I will be asking where I can purchase a set of those sheets!!!
    -The indoor hot tub was very nice.
    -The pool area is nice, with little cabana beds for lounging.
    -Close proximity to the casinos, restaurants and heavenly village. My GPS said it was a .4 mile walk to Harveys and it took us maybe 5 minutes. But I loved being away from the chaos of the main drag.
    -Nice staff, there only seemed to be one staff there at a time so they were a little overworked with no help, but they were friendly and accommodating.
    -Delicious coffee at the coffee pub in lobby.
    -Free WiFi

    The few things that we did not like:
    -The shower was pretty small and the toiletries were awful. I usually bring my own, but ran out and had to resort to the shampoo and conditioner and it left my hair a hot mess.
    - No AC, but hey we were being eco-friendly by not using it. I have rented houses in South Lake Tahoe and found that a lot of them do not have AC either because you can get by just fine without it. It is a little uncomfortable for a few hours of the day, but that's why you spend those hours by the lake. ]
    -I don't think I will bring my daughter to this hotel for the sake of not bothering other guests because you can hear everything in the rooms above and around you. The people above me had a small child and we heard them a lot. It was not a big deal to me, but I feel like this place is more of an adult retreat hotel, and the rooms are very small so there is not much room for them to run around anyways.

    27/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    185. Jennifer M.
    I found a groupon deal for this place and stayed with my friend Wed. night. It's really charming and feels like you're hanging out with cool people instead of a stuffy hotel. Both ladies working there were really nice and Brittney recommended several things to us that were really helpful. Everything seemed really clean and the beds were comfortable. We enjoyed the spa, if it had been nicer weather it would have been nice to swim in the pool. The pool with cabanas was adorable. I heard that amazon local has deals for this place as well. And as a returning guest I can get 20% off bookings with them direct I was told.
    The only downside was that the elevator was not working. We were only on the second floor but my calves were really sore from overdoing it on stairs the day before so it wasn't very fun. Might be a pain for some people but I imagine they'll have it working very soon.

    27/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    186. Ashley L.
    I just wanted to leave a comment saying how amazing the staff is at 968 Park Hotel. I called about a question regarding a Groupon and a gentlemen named Jesse gave me so much helpful information. He also walked me through booking a reservation and how to purchase an additional romance package to surprise my boyfriend upon our arrival. He was super friendly and make me feel at ease knowing that everything was going to be perfect! I would book another reservation at this hotel just because of how impressed I was with Jesse. I plan on staying tomorrow night at the hotel and I can't wait!

    I also LOVE the fact that they offer wine and rose petal packages because I called multiple other hotels and they do not.

    05/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    187. T Bird W.
    Great customer service! Came here with a few friends when we were on a trip they didn't have the room we booked so they upgraded us to a suite, SWEET!  One drunken night we couldn't find anything to eat, the concierge actually went out to get something for us! How nice! Definitely coming here again!

    17/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    188. V. R.
    This establishment is god-awful.

    Useless staff, (it seems to stem from the egotistical GM who I had the horrific pleasure of encountering several times during my stay), awful, filthy rooms, just no.

    Coffee bar? What coffee bar? Waited and waited. Nobody and nothing.

    A run-down, ghost hotel.

    Spend your money elsewhere. I won't be surprised when I see this place closed in another year.

    31/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    189. Matthew S.
    I loved this hotel, I have nothing but positive things to say. From check-in to check-out, both staff and accommodations were a delight.

    The hotel has an interesting story as it was completely renovated from a low-range hotel into a hip and trendy spa/resort. The exterior of the hotel has a cool facade of rusted metal. The inside lobby is warm and inviting, the decor was rustic yet modern with a stainless steel/glass fireplace and plush seating. The entire hotel features reclaimed wood throughout.

    I was pleasantly surprised to find out the hotel featured an indoor jacuzzi and sauna, both quietly tucked away in privacy. The hotel also had a cozy bar off the lobby, however, the selections were limited to wine/beer/champagne as they do not have a liquor license. A bottle of bubbly left me with no complaints!

    The rooms were large, spotlessly clean, and the beds were super comfortable. I liked the small details like overhead dimming lights and small dining table/chairs.

    I definitely recommend this hotel for folks who want a small but trendy hotel experience with a boutique and almost bed and breakfast like feel. Did I mention the great location? Walking distance to all of Tahoe's point of interests.

    I will most definitely be back to this hotel.

    20/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    190. Spencer H.
    This place is a nice location to stay as it's a few minutes away from the Casinos and the Heavenly Gondola. However, it's basically a cleaner Motel (which there are tens of them in the area). Service was slow because the person that handles the checkin/checkouts also is the person working at the bar lounge. (It took 15 minutes to order 2 drinks of coffee in the morning with no lines). It's a nice place only if you get a travel deal due to it's great location, but don't expect much from this place as it's not much of a "spa and resort."

    19/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    191. Alex L.
    It's pretty hard to dislike the concept behind 968 Park. To me it was better in theory, but overall I enjoyed the experience and would be happy to stay here again on my next visit to South Lake.

    ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY CONCEPT: From reading the website, I understand that everything in the place is designed to be eco-friendly or lower the hotel's environmental footprint. Not all of this is noticeable - a lot of the exterior looks like they just nailed up wood paneling over an old Motel 8 and they still have things like plastic cups in the hotel room. Nevertheless, I'm impressed by their commitment to the cause and understand how difficult it can be to walk the line between a strict eco-friendly atmosphere and one that allows for creature comforts.

    WINE BAR: My friends and I loved sitting there and enjoying their tap beers and wines from Helwig while chatting it up with other guests during happy hour. Very cozy.

    LOCATION: You can't beat a place that is literally one block from the casinos. Part of the inconvenience of South Lake Tahoe (especially in the winter) is driving back and forth down the one main boulevard to get anywhere. Here, we only had to walk.

    Put all these elements together at a pretty reasonable price and you have one of the better stays you'll find on the south side of the lake.

    19/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    192. Henry Y.
    we had a great stay with our groupon. the location is great, close to the wedding we attended at edgewood, and close but not right on the main drag where we could walk to the casinos on the NV side, with shops along the way. the hotel itself was hip and stylish. the internet didn't work part of the time, but it didnt hinder our enjoyment of the place. the bed was very comfortable. with our groupon we got 2 free drinks which we used on coffee. They were great! parking was easy and the price was right...

    17/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    193. Greg M.
    We've stayed here a couple of times. The hotel is distinctive for its green ecofriendly approach, which goes into the toiletries, housekeeping, etc. The staff is friendly and helpful. If you're planning on going to Heavenly, the gondola is a short walk away, along with a lot of shops and restaurants.

    I recommend paying for a larger room as the standard rooms feel a bit small. Another bit of advice is to book via their website or phone as you'll find better offers and prices there than if you look at expedia. Lastly, be careful when you park in the lot, as it can be tight and slick in winter.

    03/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    194. Nicholas S.
    This place is really great. I much prefer the feel of a small hotel where there isn't a ton of guests that the staff is there to tend to. Everyone that worked there was very friendly especially the bartender Roewina, and the receptionist Christina. They were very helpful and made my stay much more enjoyable.

    The only downside about staying here was upon checking in, my room wasn't ready and I had to wait for about an hour after a long day of traveling from Florida. Since the staff felt bad about me having to wait for the room, they gave us a couple free beers.

    Other then that everything was great!!! Including one of the most comfortable beds I've ever slept in.

    05/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    195. Dottie L.
    Come and visit Stephanie and Linda. Its like hanging out with good friends by the fire in my livingroom.

    18/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    196. Jennifer C.
    This hotel is lovely.  So many things were excellent.  1) we had the first room closest to the street and the bar - we heard nothing.... 2) the bed, really great bed.  Husband and I slept great.  3) the ambiance - I really enjoyed the overall look of the hotel - rustic yet modern.  4) This hotel is really in the best location.  We could walk to the casino, lake (public beach access) or shopping.  Very easy.

    20/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    197. Bobbie F.
    Stayed here last week. Way too rustic for the price.  I was awakened at 0600 by my bed jolting several times. Frightened I call the desk and ask about earthquakes?rats?
    What the hell with the bed!!  I was informed that room 301 has headboard to headboard with the next room and it is a couple having sex. I am informed this is the only room this occurs in..like that makes it ok. They continued all morning and I had the worst night sleep ever.  I reported it to the desk again on  check out and am told they can do nothing about it.
    Left never so tired in my life........never again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    20/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    198. A S.
    Not what I expected-I imagined a lodge/cabin feel a bit tucked away vs. another hotel in a line up. We had a groupon deal for $79/night which worked out smoothly and was a great price. The staff was friendly, we got drink tokens (and got a hefty glass of wine and beer). The place is super clean, which is the most important part if you ask me. I wouldn't go at the normal rate, too pricey without the deal in my opinion.

    Right across from Heavenly ski resort
    A little walk to the casinos and restaurants
    Discount to driftwood cafe a block away
    Close to the lake/beautiful views
    Nicely decorated (lots of wood)
    Free parking

    Showers take 10 minutes to warm up
    Right next to a ton of other hotels/no views
    Expensive if you didn't get a deal

    13/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    199. R M.
    We just got back from a nice weekend in Tahoe and stayed at this hotel.  Loved how the hotel felt cozy...it rained and was cold the 2 days we stayed there. The place is Eco-friendly, the use of reclaimed wood is all over the hotel. Looked pretty cool in my book. Our room was clean, bed was super comfy.
    Downstairs we were treated to Molly Mae's cool music one evening. The bar and coffee pub was a nice touch to the lobby area.
    Last but not least, everyone that worked there was super nice...great service!
    We would definitely stay here again ;)

    29/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    200. Ashley S.
    This hotel was wonderful!  Rooms are nicely updated and very spacious. Hotel lobby has a great little bar with live music. Indoor spa and sauna. The bed was really comfortable and the staff is super nice. Walking distance to lots of shipping, restaurants, and ski lift in Heavenly. Will definitely come back here. Love it!

    15/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    201. Shelli H.
    I absolutely loved our stay here. Was sorta worried after reading previous reviews, but was pleasantly surprised.. When we arrived on the weekend of the 19th (our anniversary) we were upgraded from our groupon deal queen room to a king room with a view facing lake ( u can't really see the lake, but still not a parking lot view, Thanx Keri).
    Our room was spacious and clean. The fridge was freezing cold for our late night leftovers. The bed was so comfy I may buy a new bed at home, lol. Plenty of pillows. Not enough pillows is a pet peeve of mine and a nice down comforter..
    Everything is 'green', so I worried about soap and such but I actually loved it! They even had a makeup remover by the sink!
    The pool was 84 degrees! Can u say late night swim?? And the coffepub fed us latte ( although there is a Kurig in each room, which I couldn't make work right) in the morning and beer/wine at night with live music on weekends.. Thanks 968!

    21/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    202. Van N.
    My philosophy is to rate accordingly to what you pay for. I got this room for about $99 a night on fri-sat weekend. Upon searching for Tahoe hotels all $100 and under were crappy and sketch inns and the casinos were charging $150-200. For a green hotel, I felt it was worth the price for the cause. In addition, the special rate I got was "40% off if less than 6inches of snow" on their website. I also received 2 drink vouchers, we both got $10 valued glasses of wine. The customer service was great, but you could definitely tell they were running two positions but it didn't effect our stay. Some additional pros is they have a cool indoor hot tub and sauna. Now the negatives, which I am willing to overlook for the price, first, inconsistently with the thermostat. Second, the housekeeping, there was lent here and there on the confronter. I feel for the area, less than 5 minute walk to Heavenly, it's very difficult to find a hotel of this caliber in this price range,

    08/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    203. Tony C.
    Clean rooms, great little bar with various espresso drinks, pour-over brewed coffee, etc. the Mexican spiced latté was delicious. They also have a few micro-brews on tap and in bottles, a nice wine list (mostly Amador and El Dorado), and happy hour every day.

    Very nice staff. Helpful and friendly.

    Only very minor complaint, which is going to happen in any of these old properties, is the walls were a bit thin. Again, minor issue.

    All in all a recommended boutique hotel less than half a mile from the casinos.

    03/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    204. John S.
    I liked the fact that the place is green.  I think that's pretty cool.  I also liked the decor of the rooms and the place in general.   Location is good as it is near downtown and we walked to the Concert at Harveys.  
    Howerver, even with the nice decor, the rooms were fairly average and the service was equally average.   I also think the price was a bit expensive for an average room.  I will likely stay here again as it was clean and it had covered parking, but I would like to see the cost come down some.

    30/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    205. Nicole M.
    This place is awesome! Great for a romantic getaway. Walking distance to everything you could want, and there is a cute little pub right in the lobby!
    Great lattes in the morning, decor super rustic and stylish. Parking easy, quiet at night, comfy beds..  Everything very clean.
    We did stay on the Groupon deal. We definitely want to go back.

    They could use more hooks to hang coats and wet ski gloves, but that seems to be a universal problem.
    Tip: bring your own music player.

    03/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    206. Andrea S.
    If you appreciate unique décor, "green" efforts and character, this place is charming. Loved the décor and unique materials used, very cute lobby bar for coffee/beer/wine, super friendly/welcoming staff, convenient parking, excellent location walking distance from Heavenly village and various restaurants and retail. The thermostat was a little fidgety and you can hear other guests and noises through the walls a bit, but nothing that overly bothered us and we would definitely stay again.

    09/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    207. Taylor K.
    2 stars for a great location... Other than that I would advise anyone against staying here. Our experience was completely lackluster, along with a lot of other reviews on here. We booked our reservation a couple months in advance and when we got here the lady who checked us in mumbled under her breath "we have no room for them...." UM EXCUSE ME! Well they at least figured that out and we got a room had we not been so tired from the drive, I wish we could have found elsewhere.... Next we arrive to our room that has NO A/C which we called ahead of time to request, and they CONFIRMED we would have a room with AC. No apologizes there.

    The room was hot, muggy, & disappointing. We got to our room and realized it had not been properly cleaned from it's last users... Nasty leftovers in the mini fridge!!!! & to top it all off our sheets were stained and dirty, so much so we called to request a new set.

    All in all, I should have taken yelp's word for it and just stayed elsewhere......

    26/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    208. Julie P.
    The South Lake Tahoe Wedding & Honeymoon Association hosted a monthly mixer at 968 Park Hotel in January 2015. I was really impressed by the service, loved the ambiance and the cool rustic-modern vibe. The wines were delicious, coffee bar was fantastic. I'm looking forward to attending one of the FREE wine tasting events sometime in the near future!

    13/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    209. Jenn D.
    Got the living social deal. Was well worth it on a Thursday night before snowboarding at heavenly. It included 2 free drink tokens. The staff member checking us in was also the bartender. Very friendly and knowledgable about wines since the staff does wine tasting of the wines they have.

    Room was nice. Bed was comfortable. Clean & comfortable atmosphere. Keurig coffee maker in the room. Mini fridge as well.

    They were nice to let us leave the car there at no charge during the day even though we checked out that morning before snowboarding. Laid back feel. No stress, no hassle. Right off the main road, close to the beach and the Tahoe Rim trail, and of course Heavenly village & gondola. Very short walk from the hotel to the gondola/ ticket center. Easy to do, even with equipment. Shorter than the trek to the parking lots at North Star!

    04/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    210. Joe L.
    We loved 968 Park. Great hotel. Don't listen to any of these negative reviews. It is a great price, in a great location, extremely comfortable bed with really soft bedding. I also really like how they use reclaimed wood in the entire hotel and are Eco friendly about everything. Even down to the ink pens they provide in the room are recycled/reused materials. I definitely recommend staying here.

    25/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    211. Lisa S.
    I decided to take a last minute drive to "somewhere" looked on living social for inspiration and found this gem! I called and spoke to Natalie to find out if they had something available and told her I was going to buy the LS deal if they did. She was delightful to talk to and told me that with just my name, she'd hold a room for me.

    Upon arrival, I was pleasantly surprised. The place has a warm, rustic feel but isn't "cheesy lodgey" if that makes sense. The room Natalie held for me was spacious and the furniture was actually nice to look at. The king bed was extremely comfortable! The walls are a bit thin, but after 10pm or so, I didn't hear more than a few footsteps overhead.

    This particular evening there was a delightful musician by the name of Darren Senn who played guitar and harmonica for a few hours in their quaint little bar. I enjoyed a glass of local red wine, listened to the music, and chatted with the other hotel patrons until I was ready to call it a night.

    The hotel is located right in the middle of EVERYTHING you'd want to be able to walk to, with Heavenly Village right across the street. There are quite a few hotels and lodges right along the same street as this one, but only a few that have as classy an appeal from what I can see.

    I intend to visit again. Maybe the next time I get a spur of the moment need to leave suburbia in my dust and breathe the clear mountain air!

    23/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    212. Amanda J.
    This hotel is perfect. It's in a really great location, just a short walk to the beach and a couple blocks from the state line. We did a lot of hiking around Emerald Bay during our stay and it was only a 20-30 minute drive to the farthest trails.

    When we checked in, the maintenance manager was actually covering the front desk because someone was out sick, but he was great. Very helpful and sociable. He helped us find a great place for dinner and get settled with welcome drinks.

    The rooms are very comfortable and decorated with gorgeous recycled wood. It's really like smashing a luxury hotel and an eco hotel together. The pillows are the softest things I've slept on in my life. They have a sort of all-in-one heating and cooling system, so you just change the temp to whatever you like on the remote. (Great for the changing weather in Tahoe.) There's cable, Wi-Fi and coffee in the room. Outside there's a well heated pool and cabanas. Downstairs by the lobby, there's a cozy cafe/lounge where you can order beer, wine or coffee. Kind of a cool, laid back Tahoe vibe. Overall, it's just a really comfortable place to stay. Will definitely go again.

    08/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    213. RJ P.
    Clean, simple rooms with a cozy bar downstairs. Located just a block from the Marriott and pretty much the center of town, this hotel is reasonably priced and has a commitment to sustainability that I kinda dug. There's also a sauna and massage services. The heating is a little tricky to control but it didn't take away from our experience. I'd recommend 968 Park.

    19/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    214. K P.
    As close to home as one can be away from home...

    My boyfriend and I just stayed here this weekend, utilizing the GroupOn deal that was advertised - $79/night. We booked over the phone with Dane because GroupOn's site wasn't working and he still honored the deal, which was appreciated. In the deal, there was $25 towards massages and two free complimentary drinks in their bar.  I was surprised to see that there were carports for travelers.  As soon as we walked inside to check in, there was a cozy and relaxing vibe by the decor.  I felt like I was in a lodge, but actually in a hotel.

    We traded in our drink coins and both got ourselves a hot cocoa each in their hotel bar.  The wooden design, fire, and TV just made it feel like we were at home.  This cocoa was better with Starbucks, with a hint of cinnamon on top!  We enjoyed soothing live music by Lisa Marie Johnston, which created the perfect ambiance.  We didn't have a chance to go into the indoor spa/sauna.  By night time, our room was toasty and we hadn't even touched the thermostat.  I was not expecting the sink to be almost near the common area, which was a bowl shaped, and then there was a separate room for the toilet & shower.  Anytime we had questions, the hotel staff was happy to answer questions for us.

    I loved the fact that this hotel is close to the Heavenly resort, restaurants, groceries and gas, with just a 5-7 brisk walk.  I would definitely stay here again when I visit South Lake Tahoe in the future.

    14/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    215. Sophie L.
    2.5 Stars based on a stay in May.

    I needed a place to stay for one night in South Lake Tahoe and found a LivingSocial deal for 968 Park Hotel.  I'll have to say the photos and descriptions are a bit deceiving.

    I was excited to find such a great hotel at a reasonable price ($80/night), but the expectations that were set were definitely were not set appropriately.  Here are the key features of the hotel they advertised along with my feedback:

    - "Spa & Resort" - Not so much.  Yes there is a sauna, pool, hot tub, and massages, but this place is definitely NOT a resort.  The reality is that it is a gutted out motel where they added a sauna and massage rooms.

    - Pool/Sauna/Hot Tub usage - Prior to booking, I called the hotel to ensure the facilities would be open during my stay as this was the primary reason why I chose this location.  They confirmed all would be open.  Upon checking in, I was told that everything was under construction.  What a let down.  

    - Clean rooms
    - Comfortable bed
    - LivingSocial deal came with 2 drink tokens
    - Friendly staff

    - Older building (older elevators, aged plumbing, thin walls)
    - Over marketed as a full spa and resort hotel, which it is not
    - Poor communication about spa facilities & construction schedules

    Would I come back?  Maybe in the winter - it is a 5 minute walk to the Heavenly gondola and all the other restaurants in the area.

    05/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    216. Tanya S.
    Awesome comfortable place to stay!
    Decor- simplicity at its best
    Green hotel and the use of reclaimed wood from Barns and old Bridges.
    Bedding- the sheets were so soft!  
    Clean and fresh Smelling
    The fact it is a Non-Smoking establishment
    Location, location, location.

    We will definitely stay here again and will recommend to friends and family.

    25/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    217. William P.
    This hotel was a decent value at $150/night over the weekend after New Years.

    Pluses: service was great.  Staff was friendly and accommodating.  Decor and furnishings were stylish and sufficiently updated.  Live music in the nice little bar downstairs on Friday night.

    Minus:  room was hot without much recourse.  We had two rooms and in one I had to turn on the AC even though the outside temperature was less than 30 degrees.  The other room had no AC.  I did walk up to the third floor once and it felt cooler up there.  I never talked to maintenance about it so there you go.

    03/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    218. Nadia W.
    This hotel was awesome. The hotel itself is in the perfect location-walking distance to the Gondola and lots of shops, movie theater, restaurants, etc. The room was nice, bed was comfortable, had an awesome slower and staff was friendly! This will be my bfs and my go-to when we stay in Tahoe=)

    20/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    219. Karen S.
    It was a disappointment, we were really looking for a cool new spot rather than the chain hotels we usually stay at.

    Pros: Location, right on the strip near the Heavenly Village shops.
    Eco-friendly. Clean, new-er rooms

    Cons: No A/C. This boggled my mind when we came back to our room on the third floor at 11pm and it was hot~ this place won't work for the summer. It was too hot to sleep.

    Parking is limited, we came back at night and there we no covered or uncovered spaces available.

    Walls are paper thin. We stupidly got the room RIGHT by the elevator; it was a disaster hearing people come in and out til 2 am. This room location also happened to be right by one of the janitorial closets, so in the morning I heard what I think was running water etc.

    Not only was our room right by the elevator, our window faced the main street, so it was either open the window to try to cool the room; or close it to lessen the noise from the street.

    The lobby area is cool, and the staff was nice. They have coffee and beer/wine area down there.

    We checked out and explained that we didn't have a great stay. We weren't offered anything at all. I thought that the beauty of being a small business is to make those personal connections with customers? ANYTHING would have been nice at this point. I got about two or three hours or sleep. Nada. No complimentary cocktails, no stay-one-night get one free. No discount. Bummer. I guess I could have requested a different room, but we were staying here after going to a wedding. The last thing I felt like doing was re-packing my stuff that was scattered all over the room at 1am.

    For a $200+ per night hotel, I will absolutely not be returning to 968 Park.

    22/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    220. Meredith R.
    Just back from a fantastic weekend and part of it was spent at 968 Park Hotel. My friend got married nearby atop Heavenly and she suggested her guests stay here, for good reason. The rooms are very comfy and spacious (and clean), the beds are REALLY comfortable, and they have fun things down at the bar in the eves if that's your thing (live music, happy hour, etc.). The hotel itself is NOT fancy, more restored cozy (it's a motel-style layout with updated interior).

    Warning for those who require air con: only certain rooms have air con so definitely make your case when you call to reserve! The rooms can get stuffy if you don't have it, but thank goodness they provide big fans.

    And last but not least: every single employee was so nice and such a pleasure to deal with. Niles, Sara, etc.

    Thanks for a fun weekend, 968 PH!

    16/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    221. Matt W.
    I'd like to make this a fun and witty review with sparkling turns of phrase and amusing stories. But I'm tired from not sleeping and frankly I'd rather be anywhere than this hotel right now so I'll just do a bullet pointed list of what's wrong here.

    1. No air conditioning. Last night was so warm, humid and sticky last night it was like sleeping in Satan's anus.

    2. The mattress is either old or just cheap and lumpy, I'm a little afraid to check in case it's the former and I see things I won't be able to un-see.

    3. The room I'm in is designed for 2 people, but there's only 1 chair, and it's in the walk way from one side of the room to the other, so get ready to be disturbed a lot of you're trying to read or use a laptop.

    4. There's no headboard on the bed, they just screwed in some reclaimed wood to the wall. Nice idea but my pillows took a trip down the back of the bed to the floor last night. Fail.

    5. The door for the wardrobe randomly swings out to attack you unless you lift it and shove as you close it. I love a good workout in the morning. I got to practice self defense and weight lifting.

    6. The TV is awful. The speaker is either really quiet or super loud. The picture quality is not good. I know no one books a hotel for the TV, but the website advertises the big TV; it shouldn't.

    7. All the bulbs in the room produce an extraordinary amount of heat. It's like they've done it on purpose.

    8. The shutters don't keep the light or the heat out.

    9. The fan provided is loud, I've never heard anything like it. The motor is loud, it clicks and creaks, I think it's possessed.

    10. The shower screams like a banshee. So do all of the others in the hotel because I'm pretty sure I heard every other guest get their shower this morning.

    11. Two of the four coat hooks by the door are broken.

    12. The advertised "business center"  is a Dell desktop PC from about 2004 running Windows XP. The machine is suitably located in a dark corner of the lobby. Take this advise from an IT professional - don't type any passwords into it.

    13. The WiFi doesn't cover the whole hotel and appears to be saturated most of the time. So you get to play a fun game of hit refresh and wait.

    14. There's only 2 accessible outlets and neither of them are tight. One of them is in use by the haunted fan.

    I usually complain to staff when something is wrong in a hotel, but the majority of these issues are by design. We're booked in for 2 nights, but I think 1 is enough. I'm leaving.

    09/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    222. Bridget C.
    Cute smaller hotel in South Lake Tahoe by everything. I got a good deal through Travelzoo so decided to check the place out. There was free wine tasting Friday night from 6-8 and then you could buy a tasty bottle for $25. Then there was acoustic music too. Fun way to start the night then you can walk over to the casinos. Rooms have a cute rustic feel to them and I like that it is a green property. The hotel also has an indoor hot tub and sauna. The only complaint I have is that the pillows were a little to firm and fat. We would love to come back

    03/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    223. Audrey L.
    Awesome hotel after all the renovations! It's kitty corner to the Heavenly village, with easy access to the gondola. There is free covered parking that's quite close to the lobby door. It's a smaller hotel with only three floors, but it pretty much has all the amenities such as massage, sauna, hot tub, elevator, bar, pool (closed in winter), and lounge. They also had direct TV, HBO etc., and board games in the lounge. They just don't have a full service restaurant or a gym. Not a big deal as we were mostly interested in going out on the slopes during the day anyway.

    The bar tender was pretty awesome as she was able to create custom coffee drinks for us on the fly. They are decked out with coffee syrups and even pour over equipment. The hotel staff were all extremely friendly and helpful.

    It was pretty awesome that each room came equipped with a Keurig machine that they refill daily! Not that eco-friendly I hear, but still awesome.

    The rooms had a nice vibe to them with a mix of old and new. The walls and furniture were reminiscent of an old cabin, but the restrooms and beds looked more modern. Very interesting decor!

    TIP: repeat customers get 20% off rooms, 20% off drinks, and a couple of free drink tokens!

    08/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    224. Angel D.
    Nice eco hotel with full bar, espresso, massage, sauna and jacuzzi. Near to Heavenly Village (across the street) with reclaimed interiors and earth friendly soaps & shampoos. Repeat visitors get 20% off their next visit (so coming back) & 15% off meals at Driftwood Cafe.

    17/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    225. Dave H.
    Service at this hotel is awesome.
    Staff is friendly, especially the Bartender/front Desk girl Linda.
    Rooms were clean and beds were super comfortable.
    Happy hour bar was fun and they even had live music.
    Highly recommend this place to stay in South Lake.

    09/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    226. Aimee L.
    I love the location of the hotel. It is right across the street from Heavenly Mountain village area and a short walk down to the casinos.

    The lobby is very small but it makes up for the Coffee Pub downstairs. Great hot chocolate there and some board games to play.

    Originally we were in a room on the third floor but wanted to be close to our friends so they let us switched rooms to the 2nd floor no problem. There really isn't a view from any of the rooms so switching didn't matter there.

    Our room was comfy but there really wasn't a lot of space to put our luggage. Also there were no real closet for us to hang our clothes. We ended up having to use the hooks at the front to hang our dresses for the wedding. The bathroom was nice and clean but the sink area was smaller so it was hard for two girls to get ready there.

    A plus here was that the bed, pillows, and bedding were comfortable and I was able to get great sleep there.

    My stay here was great until check out through. They tried to charge me $126 more than what my confirmation is. The girl tried to tell me that I when I called to make reservations that the reservation person made a mistake. I never got a call or email saying otherwise so that wasn't my problem. She ended up honoring the price close to what my confirmation email had said. I paid $10 more than the confirmation but wasn't going to fight it since we had to head out to the airport.

    Overall the hotel was very quaint and loved the simple cabin decor of the place. It is very fitting for the area.

    12/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    227. Danny C.
    Not a bad place to stay at all when you're in Tahoe. The rooms aren't super spacious, but there's something to be said for a shower-head with such intense water pressure. I'm a little worried about that though because Tahoe is where much of our water comes from, but other than that, the amenities at this hotel are solid. There's always someone on staff, and they'll keep serving you at the hotel bar at all hours of day. There are also specials every day for discounts (retro days, half off for women ordering wines, etc.). Booking is easy, and when they've got massage rooms, a sauna, spa, pool, and business center.

    Right next to the state line so you can gamble and eat and drink within walking distance of everything in South Tahoe. Free parking, only one elevator, and lots of wine. Super friendly people here with live music. The rooms could definitely be bigger, and I wish they had a fitness center, but I'll be coming back., especially for the ridiculously fast wi-fi. Tvs don't quite work well though. You're not in Tahoe to watch tv though. You're here to explore, and snowboard, and ski, and drink.

    04/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0