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Company Info:

Rating: 2.07

Address: 3520 Lake Tahoe Blvd, South Lake Tahoe, CA, 96150

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    Comments (14):

    1. Jen C.
    This is definitely a no tell-motel.  There's a sign at the front desk indicating that there are no refunds and the reasons for this are clear.  

    Some high/lowlights:

    There was lots of, um, forensic evidence on walls, headboard, windows.

    Bugs at the front desk area (yes, where they serve your free breakfast- too scary for me to even consider).

    There was a loud (and this city girl means LOUD) party below us until about 3:30am.  The front desk of course was closed, so the only option would have been to call the police.

    Yes, there was a fridge- no there was not an outlet into which the plug would fit.

    You're going to need to take a shower even if you only get close enough to this place to drive past it.

    08/09/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Matt K.
    I stayed here ONLY because my friends were staying here. In hindsight, it would have been worth it to stay at a different HOTEL and not an inn.

    None of the lights in the room worked when we first got there, then figured out that everything was unplugged. Then the bathroom light wouldn't turn on but my friend touched a screw on the side and it lit up!

    The heater was tiny and barely warmed the room. The bathroom floor was colder than ice. The shower was decent, but there was no where to put your soap or shampoo, except for on top of the rusted shower curtain bar.

    No sir, will not stay here EVER again! I'd rather stay in my car, which is clean!

    10/02/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    3. Amanda B.
    I wish there was a way to give this place more stars without giving it more stars.
    Let me start by saying that this was the cheapest place I could find. We were surprised by this trip and decided to go absolutely cheapest because we would be using out friends condo most of the time.

    For the price, it was fine. It was a little dirty, with NO space, and it was super hot inside the room. But to be honest, I have stayed at hotels that were a lot more expensive and not had *that* much better of a place.

    It wasn't filled with low-life scary people. All the other people staying there were pretty cool.

    If you want a super super cheap place that you are only going to sleep in, this is it. If you are going to use the room to lounge and relax, this is not your place.

    12/07/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    4. Monica S.
    This motel sucks ass! It got decent reviews on kayak.com but I really should've checked yelp first. The room was really dirty and the bathroom was disgusting. There were spiders in the shower area which was even more gross. The toilet did not flush and we even feared taking a pee in there, for fear that it would come back up (it did). I felt dirtier stepping out of the shower than I did going in, and it was even worse when I had to lay down on the grimy bed with gross sheets. Next time I would have paid a little more money to be more comfortable and not so disgusted.

    25/06/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. Michael B.
    its cheap....clean....the room I had looked nice...the bathroom..while spartan....was well decorated (in the home depot cheap) fashion....its right next to the main drag...so you can hear the road noise...not a problem for me...when I looked at my room, i went back to the front desk to tell them how nice I thought it was...its not the Ritz...but mid-week at Tahoe...u can't beat it....

    29/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Amanda H.
    You get what you pay for, and buyer beware! We'd never have stayed here otherwise. We got a stay here for sitting through a timeshare presentation. Granted, we weren't expecting five star accommodations, but we were not prepared for what we walked into. First, the Middle Eastern man at the front desk has terrible service; he is not friendly at all. The woman has a much better demeanor. The room was tiny and smelled of smoke (even though I told them that since I'm pregnant I absolutely could not have a smoking room). The carpet was threadbare, the tv was on its last wires, and the sheets.... oh the sheets. I personally enjoy the scratchy stiff feeling of overly bleached hotel sheets. These sheets were grey and dingy and have probably seen more than 10,000 dirty deeds. We could hear every footstep above us. The bathroom was a decent size, the shower stall will not accommodate a "large" person. The water pressure and temperature was pretty decent. Extras in the room were the hair dryer, iron/board, coffee maker, microwave, and refrigerator. There was no hope in using the fridge. Whoever used it or cleaned it, left moisture inside and turned it off. So it stank to high heaven to the point that my husband and I wanted to throw up. We just left it turned off and didn't open it again. When the woman at the front desk called to ask if we would be needing maid service (uh, apparently the Do Not Disturb sign on the door is for appearances only) I asked for more towels, and she brought over two body towels. That's it! I guess I should have been specific. Bring your own toiletries, the little packets provided won't get you through half a shower!

    Note: as of the beginning of February, there was a sign on the front office saying they were currently undergoing renovations for ADA compliance, so at the time of my stay, wheelchair accommodations were limited to parking spots in the lot.

    05/04/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    7. Dissa P.
    I booked a room here the day before St Patricks Day. So my options were limited.

    1. Price - $30, can't beat it. You just can't.
    2. Allowed dogs - $10 extra fee per night, other hotels wanted $25 per night.

    One cannot expect the Hilton when paying the price of a cardboard box.

    I stayed during the biggest snowstorm of the year. And the heater worked just fine. The bed was...a bed, no problems with it. There was a tv, microwave, coffee maker, and a fridge. The chairs and carpet were stained and had holes in the fabric. But were usable. all the furniture, desks, etc had chips, marks, etc from being very old and used a lot. The water didn't get very hot in the shower, but it was warm.

    Stay here if you want the cheapest place to stay in South Lake Tahoe AND you are willing to pay the moral price of staying in a room that someone made a profit on after letting you stay there for $30.....

    It's close to MacDuffs Pub and Mo's Place (bar/pub).

    I would stay again if I wanted to be in this part of town. But trying to catch a cab at night, with 3 feet of snow on the ground, and being told there are NO CABS......well I'll stay within walking distance of the casinos next time.

    28/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    8. Laura J.
    My friend and I stayed here for a few nights recently.  I didn't book the room so I don't know if it is the lowest priced in the area, which is what the the desk clerk claimed, but for the price it was overall just  a barely-ok place for a few nights, barely.  Here's the good and bad:

    Good- relatively inexpensive and quiet, comfortable beds, centrally located and on main road.

    Not so good- cranky front desk man (woman was polite), very low water pressure in shower that alternated between hot and cold, stained  carpets, discolored pillow cases ( I took  a clean white pillow out from the zippered pillow covers), rundown feel to it, not very clean- found a pair of dirty black socks under one bed, a plastic cup under the other,  and an empty soda can behind the TV cabinet. it also looks like the place is rented out to long-term occupants. Forget the pool, no water.

    I would not recommend to friends, and would not return, but hey, if you want cheap and barely decent this is your place. As for me, I'd rather pay a little extra for a more decent place; there are  plenty to choose from.

    28/09/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    9. Pubudu W.
    The best of the no-frills motels in South Lake Tahoe. The guy at the front desk (owner?) is great - not overly friendly, but is easy to speak with and will do his best to accommodate you. The rooms are comfortable and reasonably clean - definitely not 4/5 star clean, but excellent for the price. Amenities include a TV, nice-sized fridge, microwave, iron, board, and hair dryer. Great location and well worth the money. Clean towels/sheets. Convenient parking. Recommend the rooms on the side with only one floor (closer to the office)

    29/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    10. Mary P.
    So my friend booked this place for us so I didn't have any input. I looked at the Yelps and was a little apprehensive afterward. The taxi pulled up and it didn't look too terrible and then we got our room and after I did a quick inspection I realized that aside from some stains on the carpet this place wasn't near as bad as everyone has made it out to be. Maybe I'm just used to cheaper hotels.

    Don't get me wrong though. It's nothing to write home about but it certainly isn't the worst place I've ever been. Perfect for a quick place to stay on a whim. The only draw back was that there was no AC but it's Tahoe. It cools down quite a bit a night so that really wasn't a problem.

    There was a mini fridge which was clean and useful and the bathroom was clean.

    One last thing, there is a great brewery just a little bit down from the Inn that's fantastic. It's called The Brewery :)

    On a side-note: It doesn't look like anyone has reviewed this place for a year so i suppose it's possible that the problems others spoke of have been remedied.

    20/07/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    11. Halee K.
    One word : gross. The carpet looked like it was barley vacuumed. And we saw the maid walk into the room next to us only carrying in a vacuum. First day I took a shower, I turned on the water to let it warm up while I undressed and before I got in there was a pile of dirt gathered at the bottom of the shower THAT WAS NOT THERE BEFORE. I went in December so it was pretty cold, but the heater could only be turned on or off and the management had to come in your room and do so, it sucked though cause it would get super hot and we couldn't turn it off unless we wanted to walk all the way down to the office (no phones) and then get them to come to our room. THEY DO NOT HAVE WIFI EITHER LIKE THEY STATE. They also have AstroTurf-grass in the hallways that was all ripped and my boyfriend was carrying our ice chest and his foot got caught on the ripped carpet and he fell. This place is so torsos I would never recommend anyone staying here. NOT WORTH ANY MONEY

    23/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    12. Herb B.
    WARNING - This place is an abomination!  We had reserved the room through Expedia - it showed decent ratings.  First we arrive and boards are falling off the building.  But things happen so I went to the office to see a room.  The office is closed and people checking in are supposed to go to the Budget Inn to check in.  I didn't check in - but asked for a room key to look at a room - I got to see room 101 - dirty bed, dirty linen, dirty towels, no plug for the mini fridge to plug into, black mold in the bathroom and the pool is empty and the fence around the pool is falling down.  The rooms have old gas heaters but no Air Conditioning - it is summer now and no A/C!  Also, the Internet was down at this motel.  This is the absolute nastiest place I have ever seen.  I did report it to the health department.  PLEASE - don't believe the good reviews - it is NASTY!

    05/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    13. Stephanie N.
    I would leave zero stars if I could! This was by far the worst hotel experience I have ever had! The room was disgusting and dirty, the toilet didn't flush, the shower had no pressure what so ever, the sheets looked dirty and had holes in them. There were sketchy looking people, it looked like living in the rooms around us. To top it all off they charged me twice for the one night I stayed. I called to get a refund and they said they would credit me for the extra change but still haven't seen anything yet. DO NOT STAY HERE!

    21/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    14. Miika M.
    Cheap, inexpensive, and a place for your head.

    When I travel to Tahoe, I do it for the snow or for whatever activity takes place outside of a room with a door.  So I could care less if my rugs are plush, or the heating is central.  No spa needs to be connected and I'd prefer to be away from the casinos.  And if the price is less than the close to $200 the other nicer spots are charging, I'm happy to elect for inexpensive any day of the week.  Just give me my clean towels, clean sheets, clean bathroom, and a heater that can keep the room warm throughout the night.

    We got a deal at only $38 on a busy Saturday evening (because he booked it on the spot as a last minute reservation) and it made me even happier to notice that they had a microwave and a mini refridgerator.  Perfect since we usually travel with orange juice, yogurt, and other things that should be housed while awaiting hiking trips the next day.  The bathroom/shower area had been redone, so it was nicer than the last place we had stayed at.  The heater is gas and heats up immediately so it was warm and cozy within a span of ten minutes.

    The walls did a good job in blocking any excessive noise and decent parking, not to mention being close to CVS and other establishments down and across the street.  Free Wi-Fi despite random spottiness but who goes to Tahoe with all their electronic gear? Uh huh!

    Would we stay here again?  Absolutely.  In addition, we noticed a gentleman taking his dog out for a quick walk from the last unit.  I am a major supporter of establishments that allow dogs, so kudos!

    31/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0