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Beverly Lodge in South Lake Tahoe, CA

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Company Info:

Rating: 1.82

Address: 3480 Lake Tahoe Blvd, South Lake Tahoe, CA, 96150

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    Comments (28):

    1. M G.
    I stayed here for two months straight. I stayed in one of the rooms on the second floor. My room was remodeled, complete with tv, microwave, fridge. Not the fanciest place to stay in, but it was a good value and staff was friendly. At times, there were rowdy guests and you could hear them doing lots of stuff if you know what I mean. So the walls are thin, but what can you expect when you aren't paying a lot to stay in S. Lake Tahoe. Practically across the street from Safeway & The Lake so it was a lovely place to live for two months.

    13/04/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    2. John B.
    Good price for June and friendly owners. Old building but clean room and bath. Street noise. Good Internet single.

    24/06/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    3. Andrew D.
    Cheap motel near everything in S. Tahoe w/ free wireless internet. Friendly Indian family runs it. Awesome

    10/08/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    4. Liz J.
    We were looking to save some cash and everywhere was booked so we decided to stay here. That was a mistake. This is the worse room I have ever started in. The only thing that could have made it worse would be bugs. However given the candy wrappers and peanuts my son found when we checked in, I am sure there will be bugs this summer.
    The bad: There are holes in several walls in the bathroom. The tub doesn't drain while you shower so you end up showering in a puddle of the filth you're trying to get off! My son's blanket had cigarette burns and his pillow (which came out of the case while he slept) was yellowing, ewww! Three room also had an odor of what, I don't know. The tub has tiles and the grout.
    The better: The heater is waaaaay older than me but it heats like a champ. The live-in residents look a bit questionable, but one guy helped everyone dig their cars out, even pushing many  cars. Although he dropped several "f bombs" in front of my son.  It came with a mini fridge and a microwave, good for saving an extra few bucks. You can park right outside your room. The beds were queen size instead of double, so he had a bit more room.
    All in all, if there is no where else to stay, or you're really   looking to save some cash, at least there aren't bugs.

    29/12/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. Jennifer A.
    It has been almost one year since my friends and I staid at the Beverly Lodge.  My stay at this motel will forever haunt me.  I spent the New Years at the Beverly Lodge and the night before we staid I woke up with what appeared to be mosquito bites  on my shoulder.  I paid no mind to it thinking that it might be even a common spider bite. Not until New Years day was I woken in my bed to feel like that were bugs crawling all over my body and biting my shoulders and neck was I only to find that my bed and my friends bed next to me was covered with bed bugs!!! What a nightmare to have to wake up on New Years day and spend the day at a laundry mat washing my clothes and throwing out my suit case.  To top if off we called the head desk for a manager to come and observe the creatures in our bed and they refused to assist us.  My friends and I managed to capture a bed bug in one of the plastic cups they provide and bring it to the front desk to show them since they failed to assist their guests.  They refused to get the manager on the phone and refund our money. Not until did we call the police an hour later and threaten we would call the health department did the employees on site start taking action on calling their manager to rectify the problem of their hotel.  DO NOT STAY HERE! Their customer service is beyond awful and unless you want to experience getting bedbugs from a sloppy, dirty motel then be their guest. There are plenty of other CLEAN motels in walking distance from the Beverly Motel.

    22/12/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    6. Lydia L.
    This place is terrible. Anyone looking for a cheap place to stay should absolutely go elsewhere as they do not even have the cheapest rates. The room was tiny, and the bathroom was small and dirty. There were no towels. There was no housekeeping service at all apparently because it was new year's. The heater was extremely old and decrepit looking and did not work well at all, so the room was cold. The bed was terrible, you could feel every single spring in it. There was a microwave and minifridge at least. Also it advertises free wireless and inhouse spas but did not deliver on either of those - the internet did not work and they didnt even have a bathtub.
    I would not recommend this place to anyone.

    03/01/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    7. Sameen S.
    no AC, 18th century heater somebody has to come to lit it up every time,  ...... staff is okay..... in short  must not be preferred hotel unless somebody is extremely needy

    03/09/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    8. reggie c.
    Stayed here for New Years Eve, so the prices were at a premium.   So it wouldn't be fair to rate this lodge on rates.  

    Pros:  Proximity within casinos, Heavenly and places to eat.    Good rates on non-holidays.   Solid heater, good tv, microwave and fridge.    Decent showers with working hot water.  

    Cons:   Very thin walls can hear baby crying as I type.   uncomfortable beds.   Can basically feel the springs on your back.   Wireless is kind of hit or miss at times.

    This is a spot for snowboarder dudes who want a cheap place to stay and beer binge.   Not really a spot you want to have your family stay at.

    02/01/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    9. Tracy P.
    This was my first visit to South Tahoe, so not sure what the average rate is, but this place seemed way over-priced for what we got.

    Visited in mid-July. No A/C. Desk Manager said it never gets hot enough to warrant A/C, but high that day was in the high 80's and our room really heated up in the late afternoon. It was uncomfortable that evening without A/C. The pool was drained and out of operation.

    There were holes in the bed linens and holes in the carpet. The beds were not very comfortable and I could feel the springs in the mattress. The walls are thin and the voices from the next room sounded like they were right behind me.

    The management was friendly, and rooms seemed pretty clean. It's in a convenient and central location, though there's quit a bit of street noise. but for $135 plus tax, I felt the room was over-priced at half that rate.

    12/07/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    10. Alyson A.
    Good, basic motel in a perfect location. I stayed the weekend here. The price was cheap ($35/night) for a clean, nice room with good heat, a modern shower (looked like it had been recently updated), and a small desk with a chair. There were 2 mirrors though neither was full length. A small refrigerator and a microwave come with the room. There is free coffee in the morning too.

    There are lots of places in walking distance including the lake, many restaurants, and a drug store.  Everything else is within a quick drive.

    Negatives, the motel is right off a busy street. That puts it in the thick of things but also makes for traffic noise. The traffic dwindles to a minimum late at night. I asked for a room a bit off the street and it was fine.

    This is a basic motel. You won't get a hair dryer. There isn't a nice place for the hand towels (they stay on the sink), and I don't think there is an elevator to the second floor. The WIFI was slow but that seems to be a misfeature of the area rather than the motel.

    OTOH, for the great price it's a fantastic deal. A friendly couple manages the place.

    26/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    11. Zach G.
    Nice rooms, nice people at a good price.

    11/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    12. Tom M.
    This is Lake Tahoe, one of the most beautiful places in the world.  Sure, there are fancier hotels, but the Beverly Lodge offers price and convenience that can't be beat!

    Located in the 'Bijou' area of South Lake Tahoe, Beverly Lodge is literally a few steps from one of the nicest public beaches, piers, bistros, and watersport rentals anywhere on the lake.  Across the street is an Espresso Bar / Internet Lounge, a CVS pharmacy, an awesome Mexican bakery and taqueria, a souvenir shop, and more.

    Beverly Lodge is a short walk to Ski Run Blvd and Riva Grill, an amazing restaurant right on the water.  Safeway is about a one minute walk from your room.

    The staff and management treated me like family.  I do a lot of traveling in my line of work.  When I roll into town, I want a clean bed, a hot shower, and a comfortable place to rest.  Beverly Lodge gave me all of this at the LOWEST RATES IN TOWN!

    I will be back, and I will recommend Beverly Lodge to my friends!

    06/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    13. Toni M.
    I will not justify any of the other reviewers.  Unless you have been homeless and was offered this room, beautiful is so not a word to describe,  I don't think I can get the stank off of the night my husband and I stayed here,  I did not enjoy the image of bed bugs and other things out of my mind.  We checked into a "suite" and this room was such a mess.  The carpet, table, bathroom were filthy.  The bed spread was dirty and when I pulled back the covers, it was obvious to me that the sheets were not clean.  We should have demanded our money back, but it was late and knew we could not find a decent place. This place should be condemned,  the owners should have to sleep in these horrid rooms,  unless you are a crack smoking, drunkard do not stay.

    18/09/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    14. Mike J.
    It was $44.80 out the door on a Saturday night for a queen bed.  All the casinos were sold out and many of the other mainstream places wanted well north of $100.  The room was small, but clean.  Heat was good - we were there during a snow storm.  There is a liquor store across the street, you are about a mile from stateline, park in front of your room, what's not to like. This is an inexpensive motel, so set your expectations accordingly and you will be pleasantly surprised.  We had a good nights sleep and some cash leftover in our pockets!

    01/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    15. Alex I.
    When I saw the overall rating of this place on Yelp, it didn't even occur to me to sort everything by date. My best friend and I were in for a surprise when we arrived.

    Let's be honest here: For $30 a night, a room at the Beverly Lodge is tough to beat. It also is placed across a souvenir shop, a CVS pharmacy, and a liquor store. Those came to be essentials during our trip, so I was surprised how convenient it was to be around those places. The room had a microwave, a small fridge, and a TV. But that's about the only pluses I can give about this place.

    Upon arriving at the place, you'll notice that the floor boards, the signs, and pretty much a lot of the exterior and the heater are all old. This is a place in dire need of renovation, and the owners seem to be content with charging people the bare minimum to draw in business. The pool was empty, and a lone park bench feels out of place in a parking lot that needed in dire need of repaving.

    The room that I had had a smoke detector that's been pulled out of a wall, mildly clean carpets, and sheets that barely covered the bed. The bed is pretty stiff, but that's a personal preference, but the pillows might as well not have been there. They're comparable to airline pillows where the only difference between the filling and cotton candy is that you could eat the cotton candy... and that somehow feels much more useful than this sorry state of a pillow. The blinds are all installed the wrong way, so you don't really feel too safe and private in your room.

    Some people on here complained about the lack of air conditioning in the rooms and I am happy to report that you can cool down the room... with a broken electric fan whose head doesn't turn. If you can deal with that, then consider your solution solved.

    The bathroom has a shower and a toilet. The shower leaks in the area around the toilet, which makes me think that a phantom is just messing around with me, tossing all the water that's supposed to be safely contained in the shower stall over the door. Oh, and the shower heads cannot be turned.

    Housekeeping is non existent... so don't use those towels to wipe the wet bathroom floor or you'll wind up asking for more from the owner who's a sweet guy, but has to realize he's running a business here.

    While I'm typing this, the hotel's SBC Global DSL line can't handle the fact that 3 rooms are using the internet to their maximum extent. In an age where the Internet is prevalent, this is a bit sad.

    Overall, I won't recommend this place to anyone, but it suited my needs to an extent. I wanted a little bit more (sheets that fit, pillows that were fluffy, internet that didn't suck, and blinds that were installed properly), but for $30 I guess those were too much to ask.

    18/10/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    16. Jeremy M.
    A basic clean room with an in room hot tub for $65 a night....sure not the nicest or luxurious by far, but an in room HOT TUB after a day of hiking/snowshoeing/boarding/backpacking can not be beat.   It is certainly cleaner than the woods I've been in for days and its a quick walk to Safeway, Coffee and the Tahoe Brewery....all this AND and in room HOT TUB....I'm happy and rested before retuning back to the Bay Area.

    15/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    17. Lana B.
    HORRIBLE! I am haunted from our experience here and our visit was less than 20 mins. Drove up to Tahoe on a late Saturday night looking for a cheap place to stay while not expecting much without reservations. A few other dumps in the neighorhood were well over $100.00, The Beverly was $69.00, after seaching and searching for a place to crash we finally decided to stay here. Paid for the room, got an old school key, unloaded the kids and all the belongings all while inspecting the room.

    Bathroom- old gross, dirty, patched broken window
    Carpet- barely clean
    heater- looks like it was ready to fall off the wall
    pillow was the size of a postage stampwith black hair everywhere

    Told my poor husband to pack up the truck, marched over to the lobby and demanded our $ back. The only positive was that there was no arguement for our refund. Ended up driving an additional 30 mins and stayed at the Marriot in Carson City.


    21/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    18. Sarah R.
    As I'm sticking my key in the lock to open my door the people living there run out to stop me. Two sets of neighbors on each side bring their children to greet us covered in MASSIVE sores all over. They hold out their arms and beg us to help. They tell me about the BEDBUGS!!! I open my room and lift the sheets to find hundreds of little red bugs scattering. Do not go here! Call the health department!!!

    30/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    19. Forry L.
    DISGUSTING! We pulled down the covers and there was a DEAD MAGGOT, hairs and food crumbs! I immediately called manager up. The sheets obviously were not even changed! Not vacuumed, bathroom had soap scum and hairs around toilet and shower. The TV DID NOT WORK at all! The maid told us that the "regular" in this room was displaced in anticipation of our visit and whomever he was we got called at 8:00 a.m. by his homies who woke us up, then they pounded on our door at 9:00 a.m. looking for him. When I checked out I told the manager "you're not seriously going to charge us the full $99 for this room?!" He said, in his Punjab accent "what do you expect me to do?!" I said I'd be willing to do 50/50 and all he offered me was $25 off. DO NOT STAY AT THIS DUMP!

    02/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    20. Kevin L.
    It's worth it to spend $80-$90 dollars on a better hotel. Price here is $35, which is dirt cheap, but in turn you also get a cheap motel.

    Its cool that they included a microwave and fridge. But there are plenty of negatives to go around. Theres no A/C for the warm Lake Tahoe summer days. My door key didnt work. And the shower had a cheap showerhead, so the water came out like stinging nettles, unpleasant. I'm just glad there was hot water at all, it took me awhile to figure out, you had to turn it the other way than is normal. Towels feel cheap and thin like they were mass bought from China, Im sure theyre covered with poisonous powder and wiping them on my skin after the shower will be detrimental to my skin later on.

    The motel has a new coat of paint and there is new furniture inside which makes it attrative from the outside. The motel must have just reopened under new ownership. But you wont find the usual creature comforts youd expect from a nice place to live or from your own residence

    31/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    21. Drew B.
    Simply, just don't even consider this place. Not cleaned, black mold in shower and bathroom, lacked toiletries, towels. Extreme lack of customer service. Gives mom and pop establishments a bad name.

    01/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    22. Rebecca E.
    Do not stay here! It was the worst experience with a hotel I have ever had! It was disgusting! The floor in the bathroom was so nasty and I found a black hair on one of the "clean" towels.  The lampshade was busted, the bathroom door was falling apart, artwork wad coming out of its frame,  the tv didn't work and the pillows were flat. Its one saving grace was the bed was fairly comfortable for a drunk nights sleep. The was no A/C and found a fan in our hot room. So disappointing.   My brother said his bed was like sleeping on a box with springs.  They were storing old rusted kitchen equipment outside if his window and he found pubic hair stuck to the ceiling. People were living here. I wouldn't even call It decent, and I have stayed in some not so great hotels. This is in my top 2 worst ever! And then to top it off when I complained the person at the counter said "we'll look into it." The owners clearly dont care about this place or guests comfort. I wouldn't have paid half of the price I did! Keep looking!

    09/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    23. Sal G.
    Ewwww!!! I drove to Tahoe late on a Saturday night and most places were sold out. I stopped by 'the Beverly' and thankfully asked to see the room before checking in. The room smelled bad and was dirty so I bailed immediately. Buyer beware - this place is like a Mumbai slum.

    18/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    24. Michelle C.
    Worst place ever. This place needs to shut down immediately. It is not sanitary for guests to stay in this location. I don't believe I'm exaggerating when I say that everyone who stays here becomes susceptible of becoming a host to some disease or external parasite. My friends and I got here at midnight due to some complications with departing from our home in San Francisco. We checked in, dropped our bags and rushed over to the casino where our other group of friends were waiting to meet us since 10pm that night. We returned to our room at 2am, which had a slight aroma of decomposition of living matter. Due to the cold temperature of the room we turned on the heater, which happens to be one of those box heaters. It immediately started to smell like fire and gas. Something was burning.
    Let me just list what we examined in the room.
    The worst part about this place was the bed and the floors. We came into a room with trash still on the floor, short and long black hairs behind the pillows and in between the sheets. Slits in the sheets as if there was some knife fight going on previously. Box spring of each bed was totally exposed. Hospital pillows were maybe 4x bigger than these pillows. They only supply one pillow per side of bed and it's flat, The fleece blanket had maybe 14 dark stains on it. The "comforter" which was also extremely thin had close to the same amount of yellow stains on it. Carpet was filthy. The vent behind the toilet was rusted and detached. The curtain for the shower was stained at the bottom with slight mildew and hair. The window was patched up using black duct tape. The top shelf was sticky and dusty. Wi-Fi didn't work. While I was checking in, another customer was complaining that he Wi-Fi didnt' work in his room. He also looked very suspicious, leaving mid conversation as soon as I walked in the "lobby" which smells like armpits and curry. Once my friends and I took pictures of this room, which was $232 for two nights total, we demanded a refund at 3am after finding a few other hotels with better accommodations. He refused to give me a refund for the first night at full price because it was 3am. The only thing that happened in that room was we all washed our hands after evaluating the room. So it ended up paying $76 for that. He said he was charging me 50% of the first nights stay. Since our total was $232 with tax, that's $116/night, and half of that is $58. He was getting impatient with me and rolling his eyes when I asked for a proper refund and he was charging me more. Irritated I left with him charging the $76. My friends and I then proceeded to drive down the road looking for vacant hotels, most of them were all full or over our budget. WE then found a hotel a couple meters from Beverley Lodge. That had two queen beds, each with 6 GIANT PILLOWS, an electric fireplace, a flat screen tv, working wifi, clean bathroom, a patio to the beach, for $129 for two nights. That's almost half of what we were paying at the lodge and 100x better in quality. They were clean, staff was extremely kind, I couldn't wait to come back to this new hotel after a long day of snowboarding. I would've never wanted to come back to my room if I continued to stay at this dump, beverely lodge.

    I've also yet to get my money back and it's been four days.

    So you don't get what you paid for, you get worse.
    You'll get a disease.
    You'll bring that disease home with you and infect everyone else.
    You won't sleep well.

    Another thing was I booked this hotel through booking.com and they put their "best" review on top. It wasn't until I read the yelp reviews after I check in that I saw how much of a shit hole this place is. Booking.com wasn't even any help with getting my money back either.

    Best way to get a good deal on a hotel is calling the front desk yourself. Don't book through any online outsourced company. They'll trick you.

    20/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    25. Katie P.
    This by far is the most disgusting hotel I've ever encountered. My God, so this is my first time at tahoe and partly it was my fault for not going on yelp to find a place to stay, so we looked online instead and we came across this place because it was still open for ppl. 3 weeks ahead we booked two rooms next to each other and expect it to be polished like any other hotel should. After all we are not paying $$$ for a mess. We got here today at 1, like we called in and the owner had no clue or forgotten we were coming, so we came and one room wasn't ready and the other room was ready but not cleaned. that was okay, we left and went to find food, play around, for about 5/6 hours. we came back and our rooms were still a mess and we did not get the rooms we paid for. This place doesnt look clean as it did in pictures, and the service was terrible. We conplained and the owner yelled at us saying it doesn't always work that way. Overall, I am pissed and unsatisfied. DONT COME HERE IF YOU HAVE CHILDREN! (you can smell alcohol everywhere)

    01/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    26. George L. R.
    DO NOT RENT FROM THESE SNAKES. I was down on my luck with a  emergency situation the guy told me that he had a weekly available  the next day, and that if I stayed in a nightly he would deduct the money towards the weekly available the next day. Well next morning he told me that I could stay another night and that it would cost another 30 that I don't have but no weeklys and he lied took my money I have kids. they are a p.o.s. dont solicitate any business to these people please Tahoe deserves better!!

    07/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    27. Brian W.
    You know how the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

    Stayed at the Beverly as a last resort on Jan 2 and 3, as most places were booked up over the holiday weekend. Read the reviews, and noticed they varied wildly from 4 star to 1 star, and figured I'd brave it. Cost was $176 for two nights, and that was the only silver lining, as it was much cheaper than other places in the area with vacancies. Rolled the dice, and lost.

    Initial impression - Walked into the room, it was just filthy. Flooring was dirty, appeared it hadn't been vacuumed in some time. The walls were in desperate need of a scrubbing, and it appeared as if a coal miner had been shacked up there for a couple of weeks.  The mattress had a slump in the middle, and the bedding looked haggard and tired.

    In the morning, the toilet overflowed. We threw down towels to stop the flooding and called the manager. He came up with a plunger and went to work. Fixed the issue, but I had to ask for replacement towels. Also, I figured I'd ask about room cleaning and vacuuming. He said the maid would be up later, and left to get us towels. Upon his return, he brought a vacuum, and said I could vacuum myself if I wished. I wish I took a picture of this beauty, as it really summed up my whole experience. Frayed electrical cord, duct taped hose, and dirty all over.

    Other notable awesomeness - Shower head faces towards the shower door, and is not adjustable. If the shower is on, and the door is open, water sprays out of the shower and all over the toilet. Perhaps this is why it overflowed. Ice maker outside dispensed 4 ice cubes over a 48 hour period. I'm glad there was plenty of snow around to fill my ice chest. Door had two fortune cookie fortunes and an edible marijuana snack sticker affixed to the inside. See the pictures for the goodness. Water pipes in the building made a terrific howl any time someone used any water. This was a fine compliment to the road noise occurring all night on Hwy 50.

    I guess the takeaway from this review boils down to this - If you have no where else to stay in South Lake Tahoe, and have a tolerance for filth, this may be a deal for you. Else, stay far, far away.

    05/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    28. Tessa F.
    I thought far too long about whether I should give this motel a 1-star or 2-stars. Either way it's pretty bad. The only reason I gave it 2 stars was because the price was cheaper than other hotels. If you just need a roof over your head and don't really care about anything else but a good price, then this is your motel. My room was so dirty and something red was splattered all over the wall and heater. It was disturbing. If it wasn't for the late night, 10 ft of snow outside, and the fact that we were exhausted after snowboarding all day, I would have asked for our money back and gone elsewhere. I also must preface this by saying I was not expecting much to begin with and I am quite forgiving about this sort of thing. I had no disillusionment of this being the Hilton. But this was bad bad. We all slept in two layers of clothes just to make sure we didn't have to touch the bedding. So unfortunately I can't recommend it. In fact you may just want to stay away.

    Maybe if they remodel in the future I would consider it, but won't be going back as is.

    12/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0