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Black Jack Inn in South Lake Tahoe, CA

Black Jack Inn in South Lake Tahoe, CA

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Company Info:

Rating: 2.04

Address: 985 Park Ave, South Lake Tahoe, CA, 96150

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    Comments (25):

    1. Ma.Ria B.
    stayed here. ehhhh! but hey, they are kind famous, if u watched the movie  "city of angels", (Nicolas Cage, Meg Ryan)
    this is where he was dropped off, as he was looking for meg ryan....lolz

    21/03/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    2. Joe S.
    Needed a place to stay because a storm made the Highway 50 pass over the mountains more treacherous than I was willing to risk. Being the week between Xmas and NYE rooms were scarce. The Black Jack had a room so we took it. This place is scruffy. If you're after luxury you won't find it. But the proprietors were wonderful. The manager came out and scraped the ice off my car windshield as we left for dinner and when the heater in our room was flaky he brought us a portable space heater to do the job.

    09/02/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    3. Wes S.
    Going up to Tahoe was a spontaneous trip and damn it was super hard to find somewhere to stay for the evening.  Stupid Valentines weekend.  Finally found the blackjack inn to have a room available, unfortunately it was for $150, once again, stupid Valentines weekend.  Funny thing is my buddy and I used to stay here all the time because we believed that if we stayed at the Blackjack Inn then it would bring good luck to our blackjack playing.  I know, sounds stupid.  Hey, what do you want from us!!!  Anyway, this place is fine with a great location all things considered.  It isnt overly nice and kind of old, but it did the job just fine.  I will always have a special place in my heart for you BJ Inn!

    16/02/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    4. LL C.
    convenience, its all about the convenience. dont except hotel type service and amenties, if you are looking for a place to crash at night, that is quiet (at least so far), and well appointed, this is it

    we usually stay on manzanita and stateline...so across the street (sort of) from harvey's. its a good location, but walking to the gondola would still be a good 15 minutes in snowboard boots, not to mention the walk back after a long day on the slopes

    i've never stayed at black jack inn, and never thought i'd be writing this review...it looks shabby, really, it does. BUT after weeks of waiting for a big dump, heavenly finally got one...so just had to come up for the weekend...unfortunately, all the usual spots i tend to frequent were booked up or had their prices jacked way up high...black jack inn was 44/nt, still not as cheap as i'd like it, but definitely better than 90/nt.

    pros: convenient, literally across the street and maybe 20 more steps to the gondola, raley is across the street also, MICROWAVE AND REFRIDGERATOR includes at no extra cost (unlike some other places), if you are creative, you can probably have all your meals in the room without spending any money on the expensive restaurants around here (except subway, 5 dollar footlongs!). i've realized, coming so often, that the food bill really racks up...so the microwave and fridge was a big plus for me. rooms are comfy, clean (clean enough at least), okay size,

    con: so far, its just the lack of internet, but im sure you can leech off a wifi hotspot nearby (how do you think i'm writing this review?). o yea and also the hot water takes a while to start flowing (but not really an issue)

    will definitely stay here again next time, location location location, and cheap cheap cheap

    02/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    5. Karen S.
    If you're simply looking for a place to sleep without any frills this place is fine.  

    The pros: The proprietor was one of the nicest people we met on our trip and was very helpful. Refrigerator and microwave in room. Free coffee if you go to the office.

    The cons:  The room didn't get warm enough without a space heater.  The bed was uncomfortably soft. No in room coffee maker or clocks of any kind.

    31/12/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    6. lisa h.
    Good spot to rest your head and not spend a ton of money.

    Super close to everything, casinos walking distance,heavenly walking distance.

    Bed mini fridge,micro, what else do you need. Not a five star hotel but who spends all the time in a hotel room when they are in Tahoe anyway And when you are here your eyes will be closed. The shower is 4ft by 3 ft so no showers for two. the managers were super nice locked my self out of my room in the middle of the night and they were happy to let me back in to the room.

    14/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    7. Anthony Y.
    I really can't believe that this place is not better reviewed.
    1.  Proprietors are awesome
    2.  Rooms are uber clean (though dated)
    3.  Microwave and a fridge in room
    4.  Literally across the street from the gondola and the Heavenly village
    5.  Uber cheap, I have stayed here midweek for $38 bucks including tax

    1.  It's dated, so what?

    If you are looking for a 5 star hotel on a 2 star budget then you are an idiot.  If you really need to stay in the nicest of digs when you are going up to the mountain don't stay here.  If you want a comfortable place to crash, a fridge to put your beer, and a microwave to cook your food, after skiing/snowboarding Heavenly, then this is the place for you.  
    It is also a little less than an hour away from Kirkwood which is nice as well.
    On side note last time I was there solo and checking in I could smell fresh homemade Indian food cooking.  Next time I roll up solo I'm going to see if I can get some for an extra $10.

    09/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    8. Glenn S.
    The room smells of many years of cigarettes. The heater is set at 85 and blowing cold air. I got an enormous headache 20 minutes after I checked into the room and I never get headaches. Could be a coincidence. The bathroom is so cold from the window draft that the door must stay shut so the whole room doesn't freeze. But there is a fridge and microwave. So I recommend this to summer visitors who smoke and like hot pockets. And wow, I just looked at some other reviews and low and behold; odors, headaches, freezing cold and cigarettes are all mentioned! What else...? The remote for the tv doesn't work. There's an amazing hole in the wall patched with a huge glop of spackle. The smoke detector is hanging out of the ceiling by it's wires. The sink would fill with water and drain very slowly. The shower kept fluctuating and burning me. The lamp shades have stains (yuck). The mirror has some goo smeared on it. But there's a fridge and microwave, free wireless and very close to the Gondola.

    30/03/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    9. Mike R.
    I was going to write a bad review for a few reasons but this place has been redeemed.  In the interest of full disclosure, the negatives are; a room that smells like chemicals, a heater that doesn't work, a cold water knob in the shower that doesn't work, a bath mat made of paper with "BATH MAT" printed on it, and a lack of shampoo.  On yhe positive side though, it's dirt cheap, has a great location, and by far most importantly, you can see the TV while on the crapper!  Big win in my book.  Don't fear eating China Express for woe of boring hours of sitting in the toilet if you're staying at the Black Jack Inn.

    27/12/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    10. Derek M.
    Over the new year eve and last minute I was forced to book a motel through Priceline.com in South Lake Tahoe near stateline and "Heavenly Ski resort". Never again.
    When the manager/owner came to lobby wearing her kids lunch on her shirt with them not far behind in tow I should of known. I tried to cancel right then but she said I would have to contact Priceline and would not cancel room.
    Then she spent a good 15 minutes trying to find a key for the room she wanted to give me. She proceeeded to hand me a key scotch tapping the plastic part with hand written number on post it note. Once I got the key and went to the  room, key did not work. I returned and was given another key to another room. This key open a room but totally trashed from occupant the night before.....so Not cleaned. I return to lobby looking for my 3rd room. Key in hand I went to my room that while it was clean enough, the towels were suspiciously dirty looking. I asked for new towels but never received them.

    06/01/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    11. Stan T.
    Wow, the price was cheap and room woundn't have been bad. EXCEPT for the hair  and snot on pillow cases. I hope it was just snot.

    29/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    12. Josh B.
    This place is disgusting and I'm not even a person who is all that picky about cheap ski motels. Upon entering the room, we noticed a very heavy odor of some sort of cleaner (similar to lysol). It was so strong that it quickly gave both of us a headache. It was fairly easy to tell that the cleaner smell was used to cover up the smell of cigarette smoke in what was supposed to be our non-smoking room.  After we got settled into the room, my wife noticed a smear of uncleaned barf from a previous occupent that covered part of the wall, refrigerator, and carpet next to the bed. This gave me little confidence that anything was actually clean in the room, even if it did appear clean.

    The owners of this dump are so cheap that they have never bothered to fix any of the built-in room heaters, and have instead bought cheap plug-in desktop heating fans as a half-assed fix. They are the type of heaters that you would buy at Walmart for $20 if you wanted to heat a small bathroom. It took well over an hour to heat the room up to a temperature where we were even comfortable enough to take off our jackets and beanies.

    Other issues included holes in the bedspread from cigarette burns, black mold all over the tiny shower, a broken branch used as a security bar for the window in the bathroom, the smoke detector hanging from the ceiling by a couple of wires, and a non-functional remote for the 20" tube TV.  This place doesn't even spare the expense to provide a towel or mat to stand on when you get out of the shower. All that they give you is a piece of paper to use instead.

    These issues were literally leaving a bad taste in my mouth and then...the power went out. We noticed the power was out when we came back from dinner around 9:30pm.  It looked like the power was only out for the Black Jack and for the gas station on the corner. We asked the front desk for more blankets due to the our now inoperable desktop heater and the forecast for temperatures to drop into the teens that night.  She brought us another one of the thin, cheap blankets that was already on the bed, but we quickly realized that the blanket was covered in holes and human hair. Basically, the lady brought us a dirty blanket. We set it aside and just bundled up in some our ski clothes, but my wife ended up getting too cold in the middle of the night and was forced to use the dirty blanket. Gross. Simply gross. Apparently the power did come back on at some point in the middle of the night, but our cheap heater did not (even though we made sure to leave it in the "on" position).  Besides, it would have probably taken at least 3 hours to heat up the room to decent temperature. As I mentioned earlier, we were planning on skiing the next day, but we decided just to go home because we hardly got any sleep during the cold night.

    I can't believe that the "management" of the Black Jack Inn wouldn't have a better plan for a power outage than just to tell their tenants to go freeze back in their rooms. The windy winter weather in Lake Tahoe is bound to cause a few power outages from time to time, and to not have some sort of plan to keep their guests warm during an outage in the winter time is dangerous. My wife went to complain the next day and the guy at the front desk basically told us to pound sand. There was never any offer to compensate us for our horrendously terrible stay at their motel. I wouldn't even leave my dog to stay at this place.  

    I had stayed at the Black Jack over new years a number of years ago when it was under different ownership.  While the motel was still dated under the previous ownership, at least the room was clean and the staff was very friendly and courteous.  My advice: spend a few extra bucks somewhere else and skip the BJI.

    24/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    13. Briceyda L.
    I don't know why this place doesn't have better reviews. The place is a bit dated, but if you go to Tahoe and are spending that much time in your hotel, then you have a problem. There were many pros to this place.
    1. Great staff who were extremely helpful.
    2. The location is conveniently located near Heavenly Ski Resort and within walking distance of the casinos.  
    3. Extremely clean rooms.
    4. Very affordable in comparison to other hotels in the area.

    We loved our trip so much, we decided to stay an extra night at Black Jack Inn. The new room had one bed and it was a little hard, but that was the biggest issue I encountered.

    16/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    14. Magdalena Z.
    We had a very bad experience here.

    13/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    15. Pierre W.
    WORST HOTEL I've ever stayed at. It was filthy inside and out. needed flip flops to take shower. drug users milling about, even BBQing outside. Ask for one queen bed, was given two doubles, told nothing we could about it. doors are left unlocked until you check in. Brought Gourmet cupcakes for my Friends Birthday, left them out for an hour when went to grab the cupcakes they were crawling with ants. Owner told us nothing they could. Only redeeming quality is walking distance to casinos. but spend the extra 10 bucks and stay a half a mile down at the Super 8, much better value. Black Jack inn is only good if you're going to spend your time in Tahoe shooting up various drugs. Locals call it the Crack Jack Inn an image they work hard to maintain.

    28/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    16. Emily M.
    We did a reservation over the phone and when we got here, we decided not to stay. There were people all standing outside because there was no AC, only ceiling fans and someone was on the balcony slamming the beers at 11:00. He was talking to someone who said "I've seen you working on your bike for a couple of weeks, that thing still isn't up and running?" So obviously they live there. The lady at the front looked sketchy and then when we went to cancel our reservation, she said she was going to charge the full $180 onto our card OR we could pay $40 cash to cancel. That just doesn't seem right but we paid the cash just so we could go look for a better place to stay. The woman wanting to charge us the full amount on our card or give her cash is enough to stay somewhere else. Save yourself the time, there's a lot better places in Tahoe.

    07/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    17. Steve L.
    This place gets bad reviews because it is filthy. Months old food and garbage under the beds, stained furniture, blood stains on the sheets, exploded beers in the fridge, no screens on the windows so anybody can reach in and open the door, broken furniture, drug deals in the parking lot in the middle of the night. Spend a couple extra bucks and go somewhere else. The town was booked so we had to stay. Luckily we had a sleeping bag.

    18/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    18. Brad L.
    If I could take away stars I would. We stayed for two night so we could take a motorcycle trip around Tahoe. Each night we could only get around two hours of sleep. There was drug dealers and a prostitute in the room next door letting people in and out all night long. Not to mention them fighting throughout the knight. When we asked the front desk to stop it nothing was done.

    The room smell so bad of weed that not even a whole bottle of Oder spray could take it away.

    Bugs run wiled over everything and there is mold through out the whole bathroom.
    Not to mention that the none smoking rooms had smoked joints and butts in them.
    I'm in a traveling band and have stayed in some dump motels however thee black jack inn has hit an all new low for me.  Would advise everyone who is thinking of staying here to dig a little deeper and pay the extra money to stay anywhere else. Really park your car on the side of the road and you would be better off!! And that's not meant to be funny in any way at all.

    24/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    19. Christa V.
    Arrived Friday afternoon for our visit to Tahoe as my boyfriend was there for the Tough Mudder on July 13, 2013. We had two rooms booked, #106 and #103. The location for hitting the casino is great. Not even a 5 minute walk to the casinos, and they have a pretty decent Taco Truck parked behind the hotel in the gas station parking lot. Asada tacos and breakfast burritos were our favorite.

    As for the hotel itself, not so great. The day we arrived, we had no hot water in either of the rooms we booked. We had to take a shower on Saturday morning in a vacant room across so we can take a hot shower. We also had to wait for towels, as the were drying. We finally got hot water on Saturday night around 6-7pm. No hot water until the night before our check out? Frustrating, yes!

    The woman at the front desk was nice, but for the price we paid, definitely not worth dealing with no hot water, room door not locking so securely, bathroom doors not locking, nor shutting all the way. Ants in the bathroom sink, no clear picture in the T.V, and ants on the 2nd bed we didn't use.

    Location is great! But we will pass on staying here again.

    19/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    20. Lenora W.
    I stayed at the Black Jack Inn over New Years this year with my boyfriend and two of his friends from high school. When we arrived, our friend who made the reservations went to check in and pay for our extra nights (the initial reservation had been made through a third-party site, but he had called to confirm our additional nights). He was livid when he came back a few minutes later, saying that the lady behind the desk was over-worked and delirious, and trying to charge us an exorbitant sum for our two extra nights. She kept referring to a printed copy of the original reservation that she had chicken-scratched on, saying that she had confirmed our extra nights for this scribble-price.  We drove around town looking for any other place to stay, but so close to New Year's Eve everything was booked or even more expensive. So we went back and all four of us stood there while she heckled, throwing out random numbers and trying to calculate taxes.  When we offered to pay in cash the price dropped substantially. Then we went to our room...
    Basic room: two fulls, a table in between, a desk, cum stains on the curtains, TV on a dresser, fridge and microwave, and a bathroom.
    We removed the duvets (as everyone should), only to find that the sheets had some interesting stains on them. So we pulled out our own blankets and sleeping bags and slept on those. Part of our bed frame had been broken off and propped in the corner, leaving a nasty edge sticking out that we all hit our shins on at least once. The carpet on that side of the bed had some seriously sticky stains. The smoke detector had been removed. There were stale french-fries lost in the heater vents--no doubt, we joked, from someone trying to reheat food once they realized the microwave was just for show. The light went on and the tray spun really fast, but it didn't heat anything. Luckily we traded with another room so we didn't have to keep bothering the owners every time we wanted another pizza.
    Our first-floor room was close to the parking lot of the neighboring gas station/liquor store, and a broken broom handle was provided to barricade the window shut. Unfortunately, it was too long and rested at a useless angle; fortunately, we had a saw and fixed it! Likewise, we got some electrical tape and fixed the shower head so it wouldn't spray water at the ceiling to then collect and drip cold drops of ceiling water into our shower-beers. The water took about ten minutes to warm up (what drought?!). The shower had a used bar of Dial soap with someone's pube stuck to it, and the roll of toilet paper was 2/3 gone and kind of torn up so we bought our own. When I asked for another towel so I could shower they told me they didn't have any, and gave me a hand towel to use. Also, our door was difficult to close, and therefore lock.
    All in all, The Black Jack Inn is probably the worst place I've stayed in the US. We paid way too much money for what we got, but no one got crabs or bedbugs... so that's good! I must say the mattresses were pretty comfy and the heater worked. And yeah, the location was nice.

    09/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    21. Mike M.
    If you're looking for an inexpensive place to stay this is the spot.

    Amazing location!

    $45 total and you get a bed a bathroom a small tv, pets ok, front row parking, a mini fridge and microwave and great customer service.

    Balling on a budget!

    09/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    22. Fernando S.
    Made a reservation over the phone 3 days prior to our arrival. She said it will cost $60.00 for a room with two beds. At the time of our arrival she doubled the price. I told her that was not what we agreed on the phone and that I wouldn't have booked the room for that price. She just said sorry and that she couldn't do anything about it. They need to stop lying to customers and playing tricks.

    19/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    23. Bill B.
    By far, the worst motel experience I have ever had.  
    -DISGUSTING Bathrooms
    -DISGUSTING sheets/beds
    -Smoking residents in the room next to ours made everything smell.
    -Horrible customer services skills (you do NOT get a nice feeling when you walk in)

    Only reason it gets one star (well two)
    1.  Great location
    2. 0 stars is not available

    30/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    24. Kaitlyn K.
    There were soooo many things wrong and scary about this motel! We paid $180 for 1 night for a 2 dbl bed room on the Saturday after Christmas.

    -The first clue to this sketchy motel was our room number on the door. It was attached upside down.
    -There were no knife holes in the door
    -The window had no screens and was open upon arrival. We could literally reach in and open the door.
    -The next door neighbors had crack pipes sitting on the table.
    -There was a clear mystery goo like substance smeared all over the picture glass above the bed.
    -There was a super old tissue holder hanging from the wall with no tissue in it.
    -There were about 10 squares of toilet paper left.
    -There was a piece of paper on the ground in the bathroom to use as a bath mat.
    -The room smelt like dirty diapers. We actually bought 2 car fresheners to hang in the room. Helped a little.
    -There were no interior doors in the room, leading to the bedroom or for the closet. Only a bathroom door that did not fully close.
    -There was not a closet rod in the closet inlet, just a broken part of it  hanging out.
    -The curtains were falling off the rods.
    -The electric outlets were loose and our chargers kept falling out. The lighting was horrible. Wires to outlets were also exposed.
    -There was no smoke or carbon monoxide detectors.
    -We didn't try the TV. We also were too scared to open any drawers. Even the bible was sitting on top of the TV, not in a drawer.
    -We stripped all the blankets and comforters off the bed immediately upon arrival and put on our own sheets and blankets. There were cigarette holes in the blankets.
    -The downstairs neighbors were blasting classic rock and singing all night long, until past 1am.
    -We were pretty sure there was mud or blood splattered on the walls and ceiling.
    -I'm not TOO picky, so the bed comfort was OK, but I can see how someone else could think they were horrible. They were super noisy whenever I moved though.

    The only positive things about this motel was that it was super close to Heavenly Village and the heat worked well for the winter cold. Not enough positives to negatives to rate more than one star. I definitely would not stay here again or recommend to anyone. We only stayed here because it was a busy holiday weekend and we booked last minute with a budget.

    30/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    25. Ryan P.
    Blackjack is not a 5-star resort...but for the cost, it's a 5-star value.

    When I ski, I simply like a clean bed, a hot shower, a heater that works, and a room with a fridge and microwave.

    For the rate, I got everything I needed at a cost that was way lower than any other inns in the area.

    Also, the inn is walking distance from the Heavenly gondola, which is huge.

    One other thing, the Inn is family-owned and the lady is super nice.

    07/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0