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Budget Inn in South Lake Tahoe, CA

Budget Inn in South Lake Tahoe, CA

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Company Info:

Rating: 2.40

Address: 3496 Lake Tahoe Blvd, South Lake Tahoe, CA, 96150

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    Comments (15):

    1. Sam K.
    Nice comfy stay on budget. No regrets.

    16/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. Sarah W.
    You know what. This place was bomb. It's all a matter of choosing a "place of shelter" that gets the job done, keeping in mind low-to-decent expectations. This Budget Inn is indeed a budget inn!

    When my party and I were deciding where to stay after firstly deciding to head to Tahoe on a whim, we checked Expedia and then Yelp. How the yelp reviews lack in Tahoe! How they sorely lack. :( Anyway, with what little we had to deal with we decided the Travel Inn (like one block down from Budget Inn) was the place to go. It only cost $35/ night excluding taxes! We were like "sweeeeet." We didn't mind that they didn't offer free wifi. We figured we could just look up a cafe and go there for our daily fix.

    But then! On our way to the Travel Inn we spotted the Budget Inn, a free wifi sign catching our eyes in particular. We decided to inquire about the rate. At $52.50/night taxes included, we were like, "ya know what, $10 is worth readily available wifi." So, we jumped ship to the Budget Inn. What a good decision it was.

    Amenities include awesomeness!!! Mini fridge, mini microwave, a decent size tv + cable, a clock, a desk, a decent size bathroom and stand up shower, a working sink, a soft king sized bed (at least in room it was a king sized bed), two bags of shampoo and conditioner, two thin bars of soap, and a working heater!!! I guess as the one downside there was only one working outlet...the rest were broken, but whatevs.

    As I stated earlier, it's all about going in with the right expectations. When I saw Budget Inn I didn't see Bellagio or even Holiday Inn, I saw "cheap shelter." And that it was, that it was.

    I will go here again for the next snowboarding extravaganza! Also dudes, this place is super close to Heavenly. It takes like 3 minutes to drive to and fro. Awesome.

    Check in at 3pm, check out at 11am, per usual.

    20/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    3. Vivian K.
    We stayed here for a snowboarding trip because it was cheap (edit: actually after comparing to other hotels I've stayed at with similar pricing, it's not that cheap). It actually gave more than what we expected for a motel: Mini microwave, mini fridge, coffee maker, WiFi tv, heater, fan, and an AC unit, and great water pressure. Design of the place is super dated like what others have said, but it still works. Ok enough of the good, now here's the bad. I'm a slight germaphobe so this may sound excessive to some of you, but at least my opinion is out there for the ones who are too. I'm not expecting a 5 star hotel here, but I rather have cleanliness over amenities for a cheap motel.

    I don't believe they clean their rooms very well. They do change the linens, or at least that's what they portrayed when my group was leaving. How clean are they? No clue. But first look at our room for the one my boyfriend and I stayed in, our linens looked dirty. One of our pillow cases had little stains, and our top cover blanket had some brown/yellow stains underneath. The blue fleece blanket had what looked like a blood stain. There was a ring around our toilet (showing they don't scrub the toilets often), mold in the shower, hair all over the sink and floor, stains on the furniture and walls. I think they kept the lighting dim so they can hide all these stains. We didn't want to touch anything here. And surprisingly, there were less stains and hair at a Motel 6 I've stayed at previously last year. In addition, my friends had it about the same or worse. One had a big pink/red stain on their wall, stains everywhere, another had many strands of curly black hair in their bed and smelled of smoke (granted, he probably had a smoker's room).

    Oh, on the bright side, the heater in my room was awesome. Probably helped the bacteria in this place grow faster, but well, it kept me warm too.

    If you want purely a semi cheap place to crash for a night, this place will keep you warm in the winter, and if you're a germaphobe, I suggest bringing a sleeping bag, flip flops for the shower and to walk around in, and some sort of spray disinfectant.

    27/02/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    4. Kevin S.
    If the price was still what Sarah W. paid....it would have been a 4 star BOMB.  But being the summer tourist season, prices were jacked....and more so due to a Sat night stay.

    But I was back in the Sacramento area once again and I hadn't done Tahoe this year, due to my job taking me away for most of April, May, June, etc....then there was a rumor I moved to the Dallas, TX area in early July?  Who starts these things....

    Anyways, Budget Inn.  That is what you need to remember.  This is a CHEAP place, when compared to other available options.  You won't get great anything here.  But you will get a decent room for a reasonable price.

    Parking IS tight...and must be NUTS in the winter!

    Rooms are dated, but again, you didn't come here to stay in the room.

    22/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    5. Stephanie H.
    My boyfriend and I came here this weekend for a cute little get-a-way and we were very happy with our choice. The thing is, most hotels in So. Lake Tahoe are almost a hundred bucks a night so considering we paid $86 for Saturday and Sunday together this was a great deal!

    In the room there was a king size bed, a mini fridge, mini microwave, small tv (with fuzzy basic cable), a little coffe pot (sort of jenky but it did the job), and a heater.

    Basic other amenities and very friendly staff makes this a GO-TO spot for all of our overnight stays in South Lake Tahoe. It is also literally across the street from a CVS and walking distance to many restaurants, a Safeway and the beach (of Lake Tahoe).

    The best part is the free wi-fi that comes with the room!
    Thanks Budget Inn, see you again, soon!

    01/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Lily F.
    this place really speaks for its name, budget. if u r looking for a nice/decent place, or even just a comfortable place to stay, avoid this one. two stars for the Indian girl in the office, nice and helpful.

    31/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    7. Taylor M.

    While the Budget Inn is no Ritz Carlton, it certainly was a great deal. You cannot expect five star amenities from a motel, which goes without explanation that these poor reviews below do not understand that.

    The lovely woman and gentleman at the front desk helped me and my friends (around the ages of 20-22) get a decent room for the fourth of July weekend. All other hotels were booked and everyone who had an open room was trying to charge us ridiculous amounts of cash... to give you an idea, roughly 400 dollars for a one bedroom MOTEL room... No thanks.

    Instead of taking advantage of us young girls, the Budget Inn actually gave us a deal, as I had booked a room for my other friends a week earlier. They gave us the same price as a one bed room, for TWO beds!!!

    As I said before, the room might not have been everything I would want for a vacation in Hawaii, it was perfect for a getaway trip for fourth of july. Had a great time at the Budget Inn and the service and hospitality made the stay much more enjoyable.

    15/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    8. Sarah R.
    I would give it 0 stars if I could. The place was filthy and smelled like animal piss. Checked out two hours after checking in.

    30/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    9. Ingrid T.
    do yourself a favor and do not book this hotel i repeat do not book this hotel. most disgusting room i have attempted to sleep in. it was soo bad my friends and i had to book another hotel last min. the first room we got smelled like piss the second room was worse and the third room was ok until we stepped into the bathroom found hair on the towels and it smelled like wet dog. do yourself a favor and stay away and spend your money elsewhere and i wish i could give this place no stars

    05/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    10. Cindy P.
    Not bad for the price. And the owners are incredibly friendly! We tried calling for 30 minutes for a taxi and when we were unsuccessful they had their daughter take us into town! Such nice people! We weren't in the room much but I would stay here again if I had the same budget on another trip.

    20/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    11. Steve M.
    Don't stay here. This was one of those hotels where you want to immediately wash everything after.
    Dirty sheets- clearly some stains on them
    Dirty towels- the floor mat was black with dirt
    Dirty floor- crumbs and fingernail clippings near the bedstand
    TV didn't work. Fuzzy on all channels.
    Plastic wrap on the nightstand lights- a symbol of "seedy"
    And the kicker- there was "stuff" on the carpet next to the bed. Enough said.

    On the plus side, the woman behind the desk was very nice, sweet and genuine, but that unfortunately doesn't make up for a gross hotel room.

    11/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    12. Katey M.
    Checking in was easy enough, and for the price you can't expect much! It is owned by an older couple who was friendly enough at the beginning. Here were our problems.

    Our toilet was broken, we had to flip up the handle every time we flushed or else it would run forever.

    Our shower was small and gross, raised floor and lowered ceilings, I'm 5'8" and felt claustrophobic, my poor boyfriend who stands 6'7" had to duck for his daily shower.

    Poorly lit, the lighting was a joke, there were three lamps that each used 30 watt bulbs.

    Started their construction projects at 730 in the morning, every morning.

    Extension cord stapled to the wall then painted over for power

    Old mattress and flat pillows

    Thankfully we brought our own pillows, however we accidentally left two pillows! They magically "disappeared" in the time between checking out at 530 am and the next morning when we called.
    We didn't use their maid service during the week because we had our puppy with us and didn't always have somewhere to go, they called daily and asked if we needed maid service then sounded exasperated when we said no. When we called and asked about our pillows the women owner looked in room and said to us "wow, what a mess" Terrible customer service! We will be staying at the Motel 6 down the road for the next week and a half until our apartment is ready for us, surprisingly enough, it is significantly cleaner and the customer service is on another level!


    21/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    13. Darwin S.
    Location was good... that's where the positive remarks end.

    I booked 2 hotel rooms through booking.com . when we arrived they gave us 1 room that had a separate bedroom with 2 beds and a living room converted to a bedroom with 2 beds so total of 4 beds and 1 bathroom for 8 people. Tried to change it and owner was adamant it is what I requested, eventually the next day she moved us and comped us 1 room but we should have gotten a discount because the first night we only had 1 room and I paid for 2 rooms...  plus what if 2 separate independent families booked 1 room each, would they put us together?  the owner seemed to no think there was anything wrong with that she did putting all of us in 1 large hotel room with 4 beds rather than complying with my booking of having 2 separate hotel rooms.  it was strange she kept arguing with me on her point.

    Asked for towels and she said they gave enough.. 3 towels for each room.  I said we had four people.  she said don't take a shower tonight. I'll give you more towels tomorrow.... towels were dingy worn out grey while some were crystal white. inconsistent.  didn't even want to use it.

    they said it came with breakfast.. turns out it was a box of stale donuts, coffee in their lobby the size of a medium sized closet, what fake advertisement.

    rooms were dingy.. floors were gross. you didn't want to take your shoes off in this place.  bed sheets were even worse.. one of the beds had stains on it that looked like blood!  see picture.. no kidding.

    I'm not understanding why the owners even have this place, they obviously should not be in the hoteling business... they know nothing of just little minor things like, can we get extra towel and can you please wash your bedsheets?

    17/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    14. Jen O.
    I've secretly always wanted to write a bad review about a seedy motel experience. Well, the Good Lord answered my prayers. This place was truly awful.

        I can certainly appreciate the "we're only going to sleep there anyway" mentality, but I never really thought a motel could be so bad that we would actually dread coming back for the night.

        Here's what our life was like for 8 hours:

    -We never took off our flip-flops while inside the room.
    -My girlfriend slept with her street clothes on.
    -All of our luggage stayed on the same table and chair. We did not move them to any other surface for fear of cross-contamination.
    -The bed sheets were so stained that we had to ask for an extra one. We slept on top of it.

    Needless to say, we checked out WAY before 11:00am the next morning.

    One Yelper mentioned that she may have gotten ringworm from this place. That doesn't surprise me.

    I don't know how an establishment gets away with such unkempt, unsanitary conditions. Oh wait, I do. It's Tahoe. Finding a cheap room in South Lake Tahoe during the busy 4th of July weekend is definitely hard. But seriously guys, you'd be better off sleeping in your car.

    08/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    15. Brittany D.
    Okay, for the price it was definitely a steal. My bf booked it for Thursday night the week before President's Day weekend & ended up only paying $45 for a room with double beds.

    Because we weren't there the whole time, it really wasn't so bad. But it definitely would be rated on the lower end of all the hotels/motels I've stayed. Here's why:

    -Stained towels
    -Dirty floors/bed sheets (I was scratching when I woke up)
    -Shower head was way too low for even me (my height is 5'6'')
    -Very small sink space
    -Bathroom was very small

    But there were some positives, such as walking distance to local restaurants & grocery stores & very close to ski resorts. But I don't know if I would want to stay here again. I would want to try a cabin or lodge with much more space.

    20/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0