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Company Info:

Rating: 1.50

Address: 966 La Salle St, South Lake Tahoe, CA, 96150

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    Comments (6):

    1. jamie m.
    do not go here there where pubic hairs in the sheets and crumbs on the beds and when i asked them to change the sheets the women brushed off the filth and walked away oh my f-ing god so unsanitary and its the same price as motel  down the street and there is  a buss to take you to the  casinos so save yourself the vomit and do not go here

    23/03/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Lou S.
    The worst!  We went to Tahoe for our first wedding anniversary. My husband had the bright idea of lets "just wing it". We found that the casino hotels were way too expensive,  so this place was in our budget.  I should have known how bad it was going to be when I walked into the office.  I felt desperate,  so we took the room. The place had real keys,  no water in the pool - 2 more bad signs.  The room was awful,  something from a horror movie.  I could totally see a murder taking place in this outdated room. It smelled moldy and there was a dry rot hole invthe bathroom.  We walked out and laughed instead of crying.  We checked out some other hotels on our way back to the car. Most were full, but we decided on our walk that we could find something better. We came back,  said we had to cancel and they were nice enough to void our credit card payment.  I would not recommend this place to anyone other than some 20 yr olds that just need a place to crash.

    29/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    3. Suzann S.
    This was a terrible facility! DON'T TRUST HOTWIRE!!!  
    Dirty and Disgusting! Broken things in the room!
    This "motel" was terrible. I took pictures. The fire alarm detector was missing on the ceiling, there was no A/C, the bathroom door wasn't on hinges, the shower head piece that attached to the wall would spray straight out at you for a few seconds before coming out of the shower head itself. The bottom of the shower floor had tons of dirt or dirt stains on it. The bed was broken, stains on the floor, very dirty and disgusting. The fridge had something that looked like mold in the edge of the inside of the door area. The pool was empty, dirty looking, and very much dry like it had been empty for a long while. The "breakfast" offered started at 8AM and was two different kinds of cereals with a milk jug next to them in the main office. There was coffee next to the cereal also. In the room was a little coffee pot, with no coffee to make or coffee cups. Not even close to being worth what we paid for one night in this "motel." The paint was chipped off some parts of the walls as well. The towels that were in the bathroom looked very dingy and yellowish and were mismatched on the colors. They looked old and one was white the others dingy yellow. Only good about it was that it was very near where we needed to go, which was the Harvey's within walking distance. Was in a great location. Was very disappointed with this facility.
    Do not trust Hotwire, because their customer service lied to me while making the booking. They said if the motel turned out to be a dud they would fix the issue for me and because they promised that, I booked the room. Once the room was revealed I was highly dissatisfied with what the reviews said. I tried to get Hotwire people to honor what they promised about fixing the issue and they refused too. They said I needed to go in person and check-in on the day of the event I was attending, which was during a holiday weekend plus the event was for sure causing the area other hotel options to be over booked too, but Hotwire said, sorry, we can't change your buy until that day instead of honoring what the first agent promised from the beginning to get me to book in the first place. This hotel was a waste of $100 and dirty and disgusting. Hotwire and this hotel have 2 very unsatisfied customers.

    03/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Skye C.
    This place was a bit disgusting. The bathroom, although understandingly small, was dirtier than my own bathroom! The least they could do is make sure to scrub off the tiles to make sure it stayed smooth and white. I agree with the review down below that this place seems like a motel out of a horror movie...

    The sinks seem a bit outdated, because I had to stretch my arms a lot to be able to reach the faucet.

    The walks had black marks and occasionally a few bugs! The beds don't feel or smell very new or clean...

    For a room so small, you'd expect it to be manageable and easily kept cleaner.

    And relative to the previous reviews, the pool really is empty dry. Relative to the first review, it's been 4 years that that pool has been empty then. The motel's sign says "Pool" and "Spa" but there really isn't any.

    The wifi is slow as well.

    My family booked this place because we planned to go to Tahoe just a week before actually going. We didn't bother to check the reviews so being UNSATISFIED is our consequence.

    I really hope this place tries to renovate sometime soon. Just a bit of modernizing or cleaning out some furniture could make the hugest difference. But the fact that so many motels and hotels are so quickly booked means many people wouldn't have a choice but to come here.

    If you're not looking for a nice place to stay and just need a quick stop for your Tahoe adventures, this place wouldn't be too bad. (Just don't go alone because again it's scary)

    09/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. Vivian D.
    2 star hotel. you can't expect much right? If you just want a place to crash for night, its sufficient.

    5 stars for location. So conveniently located to the strip, you can walk to the casinos. That's really the only reason to stay here.

    The inside was actually a lot nicer looking compared to the exterior. It was clean enough and we lucked out getting the handicapped room so it was a bit more spacious.

    Their "breakfast" included is a choice between "corn bursts" (corn pops knock off) and another cheerios knock off. And their coffee pot looks like it hasn't been washed in awhile. You can avoid these.

    25/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    6. Greg M.
    Anybody looking to make their hotel part of the experience in South Lake, steer clear. Anybody looking to spend little money for a hotel in a perfect location and use it to simply sleep and shower, this place serves its purpose.

    The interior of our room was a lot better than the exterior. Everything was as clean as a dated hotel can be. It had a few drafts and the water took forever to heat up. When it did there were waves of ice cold followed by scalding water. It had cable and a refrigerator which both actually worked.

    Overall this place served its purpose of a place to sleep and shower in between trips to the mountain or the rest of what South Lake has to offer.  That's all we needed and at dirt cheap prices it was expected. I think this place needs to be looked at for what it is. A good place to crash for cheap. It's not trying to be the hot new spot or provide an amazing experience. It's trying to keep you comfy and warm while you sleep  and ensure you have a place to store your skis or board while you're out.

    07/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0