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Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel in South Lake Tahoe, CA

Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel in South Lake Tahoe, CA

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.66

Address: 4130 Lake Tahoe Blvd, South Lake Tahoe, CA, 96150

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    Comments (263):

    1. Bucky K.
    I am big fan of surprises and getting stuff for free. So, when I found out breakfast was free as were drinks after the slopes closed imagine my happiness. Technically it's not free, you do have to pay for the room. But it's not a continental breakfast either. There's a omelet station, warm tables, pastries, drinks, etc. etc... So, now the exciting part... FREE DRINKS. (that's right, caps are reserved for the good stuff). Drinking goes with snowboarding like peanut butter goes with jelly. And putting me in a room with free drinks for two hours after the slopes is like... well, I can't think of a good metaphor right now or even a simile but you get the picture. Aside from the free stuff, the rest of the hotel is great. The rooms are spacious and clean. The staff is overly attentive, etc. A little insider's secret now: you can pay 20 bucks a night for parking at the valet, or you can park at the casino next door.  The lots are connected and the valet will try to dissuade you from this, but trust your good friend Bucky, he has yet to lead you astray.

    11/02/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. Cindy D.
    I love this place.   It's about four steps from Harrah's.  It's got free wine and popcorn till 6:30 every night.  It's got made to order omelets in the morning and a nice variety of hot and cold breakfast foods. What's not to like?!   Stayed there two nights and the place is clean, service is good and the location is perfect -walking distance to everything.   Even their hotel restaurant is good.   The room sizes make you feel like you've got some space - not like a lot of hotel rooms where you feel like if you stretch your arms out they'll touch either wall.   One small downside - if you go to the concierge desk be careful - they're trying to sell time shares in their other building which is on the lake - after desperately trying to figure out how to escape the ten minute speech I was being given I finally said I'd sure think about it and get back to them (HA).  They get a kickback for every hotel guest they con, er, talk into going to the sales presentation thus their enthusiasm for the subject despite the "help I'm trapped, how do I get out of here" looks on the faces of those previous but never again innocent hotel guests who only thought they were getting a "welcome package."    Don't let that stop you from staying here though - it's a great place all in all.  Just avoid the "welcome package"!!!

    15/10/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    3. Todd F.
    nice place to crash while on vacation with the parents and the two-year-old. for some reason they were giving out two free drinks per room keycard b/n 5:30 and 7:30--how they make money on this is not my problem--but we certainly took advantage of it.

    if you are staying and get the free breakfast coupons, get there before 8:30 because after that the line gets huge, especially on weekends...

    10/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    4. Nancy K.
    This is one craptastic hotel.  The cost is high, the ammenities low.  The room was very dark and depressing.  We actually paid extra to have a "view" and fancy sheets and an "extra comfortable bed" - the view was a tiny square window in the bedroom of the suite of the construction going on next door (to be fair, it would have been a nice mountain view if the cranes weren't in the way, but the window was tiny and therefore not much of a view with or without construction).  The bed was SO uncomfortable.  The worst night of sleep ever.  We moved the very next day to the Marriott Grand Residence and LOVED it.  The inside was outdated and ugly in the common areas.

    30/08/07 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. Fiel R.
    we LOVE this Embassy!

    10/08/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    6. Lance K.
    again since I snore this is a perfect place for my and the ball and chain. it's a short walk to the casinos since it's located at the state line. and of course like any other embassy suites breakfast is free which is nice since I usually always lose when I gamble.

    oh yeah I forgot the free happy hour which for some reason I always miss.

    26/01/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    7. joanne t.
    We stayed here for memorial day weekend , it was a fantastic alternative to the casino hotels. Nice big airy rooms with 2 tv's sinks everywhere , bathrobes a nice pool and hot tub free breakfast , evening cocktails compliments of the hotel and it was just a hop skip and a jump away from the casino's ; that was the only problem but that's my own problem and I will deal with it ....... must not gamble when drunk !!!!!!!! Anyway the only downside to this place was the restaurant , it was depressing and the food was awful . They served clam chowder which was gummy and straight out of a can of campbells ( no offense to Campbells but in a restaurant ) , a gross cobb salad , and obviously we were dreading the arrival of the steak after the starters and rightly so but I digress . The hotel is fantastic DO NOT GO TO THE RESTAURANT but otherwise it was great !

    29/05/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    8. Bullet S.
    The location, rooms and service are top-notch here. In the bar, try the ECHO Drop, ask Jason at the concierge desk anything, and avoid the indoor pool during 3-day weekends when it is full of kids. The complimentary breakfast is delish, and the lobby decor is comfy.

    07/07/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    9. Robert L.
    Went during MLK weekend and the hotel was a full house.  My son broke his leg the first day on the slope and and the hotel went above and beyond to help.  Even though they were very crowded they got us extra pillows, sheets and even a wheel chair to use during the stay.  Whenever we called for supplies, they were up within a few minutes.  So the service we received during a crowded weekend was greatly appreciated.  The rooms are nice and location of the hotel cannot be beat.  We will definitely come back to this hotel next time in Tahoe.

    22/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    10. Tina H.
    Embassy Suites never ceases to satisfy! The feel of this hotel is definitely warm/cozy, it's also located amidst an adorable village/ town strip where you can just walk around. From the back you can see the hills where Heavenly is located which is also of great convenience. Free breakfast&snack hour don't hurt either.

    05/08/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    11. Janet P.
    I'm going to give this one four stars because although I am generally not a fan of these hotels (even though they are part of the Hilton chain), I was pleasantly surprised at how upscale this one was. They do need to put flat screen TVs in every room if they are going to charge these exorbitant rates, but then when great shows happen the hotels can charge whatever price they want. One bad was that in the middle of summer the pool was drained. What's up with that??? No casino, so there are lots of kids, but the place is just steps away from Harvey's.

    29/08/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    12. Wendy K.
    I like this hotel because they offer a lot of amentities for the price (which is more than a typical hotel, but so worth it). They offer nice breakfast in the morning and free cocktails before dinner. The Echo restaurant inside has terrible service, but otherwise everyone is very nice. I asked a cleaning lady for a bottle of lotion and she tried to give me a hand full of them! The only bad this is PARKING SUCKS. And they charge $20/day for valet! I hope in the future with such high pricing they could offer free wi-fi...

    03/09/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    13. C B.
    Awesome, on top of the casinos, free breakfast and booze, pool, business center, large rooms - minimally musty, and pretty close to gondola.  Walkable in snowboard boots.

    16/02/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    14. Francine L.
    You can't beat this location, it's right next to stateline so you can stumble home drunk from a late night of gambling/partying in the casinos.  It's right next to Heavenly which is super convenient which you just want to jump on the slopes right away.  Lots of great freebies such as the daily free breakfasts are fantastic - freshly made omelettes made however you like.  Happy hours are great, love using the gym and pool.  It does tend to get crowded during peak seasons but what else do you expect!  So we tend to go offpeak.  Suites are nice and big, bed could be firmer, never had problem with noise.

    22/10/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    15. Amy R.
    Beautiful hotel, great breakfast buffet!

    09/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    16. N S.
    Clean rooms, friendly service, reasonable prices. The bonus? Great free breakfast and free booze 5:30-7:30pm :) If you consider those factors the price is more than reasonable, it's VERY affordable.

    10/05/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    17. David M.
    I had a feeling this restaurant was going to suck.  After all, it is an Embassy Suites hotel restaurant.  Unfortunately, I was with a group and didn't want to rock the boat.

    I ordered a $30 NY strip medium rare.  It came out medium and clearly was a substandard grade of meat.  Tasted like something out of the week-old cooler at Safeway.

    I sent it back and got some $16 pasta with sausage instead.  Not surprisingly, it was a tasteless glob of penne, some sort of cream sauce, and some bland brown sausage of some sort or another.

    Let's see.. what else... service blew.. had to ask for water... bread was not served to the table...  the ambiance is old-school cheesy-ass tableclothes and napkin tents...

    But, what was I expecting.  It is a hotel restaurant that probably does the majority of its business catering to cheesy-ass Tahoe wedding receptions.

    This experience typifies why I never go out to eat with groups of people.  Wasted a good handful of cash on crappy food and service.  So lame.  So lame.

    13/05/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    18. Lissa o.
    We had our wedding reception here and the staff were fantastic, the food was good and everything went off without a hitch.  The best part: You can be so close to the casinoes without having to breathe in second hand smoke 24/7.  Woo hoo!

    24/01/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    19. Andrew W.
    We have  spent the last eight days here and thoroughly enjoyed the hotel. This was our second visit. A few reasons: (!) it is good value: Peak times is about USD300 a night and off peak about USD150. (2) The rooms are large and well kept, (3) the hotel facilities are great, - pool, gym, etc (4) it is close to everything - ski fields, restaurants, casinos, (5) it is very children/family friendly and (6) It is part of the Hilton Honors program and you get points, free internet, etc. Negatives - none really. It is a three/four star hotel and delivers on that well.

    30/12/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    20. Mikel T.
    The Embassy Suites in South Lake Tahoe is probably one of the nicest places to stay in the area. The room was largish, with a separate bedroom apart from the sitting room.

    The amenities and central location make this a great place. As most reviewers mentioned, the buffet is quite impressive. The inner courtyard is huge and comfortable to hang out in.

    The staff wasn't the most accommodating, while checking out I noticed a discrepancy in our bill and it took an inordinate amount of time/ complaining to get it resolved.

    As mentioned in other reviews, there is no casino, so a short walk across the driveway will bring you to all the gambling you may need. There is a gondola to Heavenly Ski resort within 2 blocks which makes it absolutely perfect for getting on/off the slopes. Shopping isn't much further away than that with lots of little shops dotting the main street.

    I would definitely recommend to others.

    20/09/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    21. Mike M.
    After living in California for almost all my life, this was my first trip to Lake Tahoe and snowboarding there. This hotel was a great hotel. Mainly because they offer free breakfast and they have a managers reception that offers free drinks!! YES, FREE DRINKS!!! As many as you want....lol. In this day and age, this is a great benefit and perk. The rooms are large and very comfortable. The breakfast is good, gotta get there early on weekends. if you are there on the weekdays, you don't have to worry. Not as bad as the other reviews tend to say. It's the weekend crowd that gives those other reviews the bad name, so to speak. The concierge desk though, that is true what people say. They really arent a concierge desk, they are bad, bad people!...lol. They are really there to get you to go and listen to timeshare sales at another location for Diamond Resorts. They will even tell you not to go on the mountain and give you lame excuses why you should wait so you can go to their thing. It snowed every day we were there and they they tried to tell us that the morning snow would be too icey, so we should go to the AM session at Diamond Resorts...lol. Give me a break. Then they tried to tell us that there would be too many college kids on the slopes in the afternoon, so we should go in the afternoon to listen to the timeshare speech. So when should we snowboard?..lol. So avoid them at all cost. Other than that, the stay was excellent. If you go to the Marririot down the street and visit Fire and Ice one night for dinner, dont bother, too pricey for what you get. If you like Italian food... TEPS is the place to go. Awesome antipasto bar and excellent food. Best in town!! Awesome staff and a local favorite. Prices will not break the bank and keep you coming back for more. Enjoy the Embassy Suites. It is worth your money and the free breakfast and nightly reception is an added luxury!!

    23/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    22. Nick H.
    I showed up at 5PM and my memory pretty much cuts off at 6PM and begins again the next morning...

    All I got to say is that happy hour is happiest Embassy Suites style because the drinks were not only strong, they were FREE!

    I have no idea why my friends and I didn't know about this when we were going to high school in Incline - probably a good thing really.

    Additional kudos for being close to the best club at Stateline - Vex.

    26/11/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    23. VC m.
    Great rooms, convenience and friendly front desk, concierge and staff! I would have given it 5 stars but the comp breakfast in the morning is a disaster crowd control. You need to wait 30 minutes in one of two lines  to get either eggs & pancakes or an omelet.  And, nobody told us we could cut ahead if all we wanted was a bowl of cereal and some yogurt.

    This breakfast is a poorly thought out concept that would probably have been rethought a long time ago had the Food & Beverage Manager been made to stand in line each morning and actually listened to his guests comments.

    03/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    24. B B.
    A free room at the Embassy Suites Hotel Lake Tahoe resort?
    A manager's reception from with free flowing cocktails?
    Two room suites with 2 TVs, 3 sinks, a refrigerator and microwave?
    Free cooked-to-order breakfast buffet every morning?  

    I just have one last question for you.. why didn't I stay here before?

    For those of you that like details, here's what to expect:
    - Breakfast buffet: 7-10am (M-F), 7-10:30am (S-S)
    - Manager's reception: 4:30-6:30pm (same place as the breakfast)

    Get to both early.. there are lots of families, but thank goodness they don't wake up until 30 minutes before each freebie ends. Got to breakfast at 8:10am with NO line and no trouble in finding a table. 30 minutes later, it was a whole other story. After breakfast, I grabbed a couple bananas and yogurt for later.

    Next door to Harrah's, kitty-corner to Harvey's. Next to Heavenly slopes, Raley's and the Marriott shopping center. Noon check-out time.

    WILL definitely be staying here again.

    Oh, and -1 star because I didn't get the full list of things Cynthia got with her suite.

    26/03/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    25. Cheryl S.
    Wow...we stayed the weekend here....and it was a little pricey, but I guess with the free breakfast, free happy hour, it makes up for it!

    One thing I must say though is...they have to really do something about the temperature in their indoor pool...it is below freezing..and even colder than the lake...which is really sad since it was Summer time! It was also pretty packed, so the pool isn't very accomodating to large groups.

    Unfortunately, I didn't have as much fun staying here because I felt like we never left the hotel, or the hotel area for that matter. Next time, I'll stay at the North Shore or Donner Lake that way we're not confined to one area.

    BTW, If you're bringing the little ones along, be sure to bring your own pack and play/travel crib because the white crib they provided us with was really dirty, I actually had to wipe it down.. And I swear the sheets were never changed, they were really dusty...they must have stored it in the basement or the garage, it was pretty ancient..so.. stay away from requesting their baby crib.

    08/09/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    26. Nathalie L.
    Free breakfast, free drinks and huge rooms! I stayed here over the weekend for a wedding and I always looked forward to coming back to the hotel after the day's activities. Bathrooms had all the amenities that you'd need (hair dryer, plenty of towels, toiletries, etc.) and the room service was prompt (pizza wasn't so bad and they have a deal where you can get 4 sodas and a large one-topping for $16.95).

    Oh, and you can get wireless internet access for $10 each day.

    30/07/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    27. W. A.
    I am a very picky person when it comes to hotels.  Some might say a little to harsh but I believe that hotels need to be top notch in order to make people feel at ease with there stay; especially if they are staying somewhere where others lay their heads etc.
    First things first, the 3 stars were given because the check in was very seamless.  The attendants were very nice and professional. During a certain period of time, the hotel had happy hour.  Free drinks..after all who doesnt like free drinks.  The room was semi clean.  Here is where the opportunities come in.  There was a hair on my bathroom floor, I didnt like that.  It was not my hair.  YOu could tell that it was from when house keeping was cleaning, it was stuck to the conner of the floor.  When we pulled back the sheets there was a dark brown stain on the sheets.  You would think that if house keeping saw it when they were making the bed, they would immediately of changed the sheet. Then, the towels that are supposed to be used for showering were the size of a dish towel.  I had to finish drying myself with the blow dryer.  Didnt like that much..an to top it off the towels were brand new and had not be washed, so when I dried off, I had little white balls all over me. Great! Lastly, breakfast was buffet style which was awesome but very choatic..there was no organization at all.  We waitied in line for about 35 minutes.  Good luck trying to find a table once you got your food...
    Overall, the hotel was very clean and as picky as I am I think that I would stay there again only because cleanliness is most important to me.

    09/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    28. patrick s.
    $89/night for two nights during ski season!! with a two room suite!!! free breakfast and beer!!! oh yeah the long lines but its free. the front desk hooked me up with a room directly in front of the lounge. opened door and breakfast buffet. thanks. rooms were great and roomy. bed was comfy but turn up the heater cuz the blanket don't do s**t.

    located just next to the heavenly lift and i had a blast.

    18/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    29. Appa M.
    I stay here again... I recommend reserving a room on the second floor, since everything is on that floor.

    Parking.... can be a problem, because they share it with Harrah's casino so there is not a lot of space available, just save yourself some time valet at the hotel. you can go pick up your car as often as you like, and have the final checkout when you leave.

    03/09/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    30. Pete S.
    My review is not from the hotel itself but for my experience with the sales staff. I've stayed at Embassy Suites a hand full of times and have had nothing but good experiences up until now.

    I have my wedding coming up in South Lake Tahoe in a few months and wanted to block 15-20 rooms at Embassy Suites for our guest. We had to call a 3 times and leave messages and nobody would get back to us. Finally we get an assistant on the phone who says, she normally doesn't handle this but we can block out rooms online and sends us a link. So we go through the motions and they have an online tool that creates a personal web page that you can forward to your guest and have them make their reservations. This sounds great but the page has to be submitted and be approved before you receive a link to forward to your guest and can take up to 3 days. We get an e-mail confirmation that states, if you don't receive your personal web page link, e-mail this address with your group name and number. So after 4 days I send my e-mail to inquire about our personal web link, with our group name, group number, etc. After a few days, I just figure I'd call and see what's going on. I had to call 2 times and left messages for the sales staff because no one else could help and without a return response of any kind. Ok, I'm obviously not a priority. After waiting a few more days I call a 3rd time and get a sales person who can only tell me that it can take up to a week to get approve.

    At this point I am pretty disappointed at the service I am getting. No return calls and left several messages. One sales staff member has a voice mail message that says, she's out for a couple of weeks but when I returned to the main directory and spoke to another person, she said that she supposed to be in. Ok, so you don't know if your sales staff is in or on vacation. Does anybody know what's going on??

    So after about a week I finally get a link to send to my guest. I click on it to double check everything is ok and it turns out to be for a family reunion in St. Louis. Sorry, not even our event!

    So, I'm pretty much done with Embassy. I call cancel my block of rooms and guess what?? I have to leave a message for the sales staff. This time i get the catering manager and she returns my call in a few hours. I pretty much go into detail about my whole experience and told her that their is nothing they can do to salvage what has already been done.

    Sorry Embassy but you are in the hospitality business and your failing at it. We are staying else where!

    14/09/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    31. Francisco B.
    To all my yelps:  this hotel was great. Its a relaxing place to stay if u wanna take a break from all the hupla from tahoe. Just a short walk to all the stores and casinos. The free drinks are wonderful. They don't cheat u. The complimentary breakfast is awesome. Better than a home town buffet. I would highly recommend this place to all. U can't beat the price for 99.00.  Cisco out!

    14/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    32. David C.
    When I was a Hilton Honors Diamond member, this was one of my favorite Hilton properties.  There is a casino about 15 steps from the lobby, the hotel is nice, the rooms are aight, you can walk to shopping, walk to restaurants, walk to several casinos. The scenery in and around Lake Tahoe is fabulous.  What more could you ask for?

    19/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    33. Ben H.
    I stayed at Embassy Suites Lake Tahoe for four nights with my family and skied for three days at Heavenly. The hotel is conveniently located near the Heavenly gondola, and there is free ski/board valet and a heavenly sports rental store in the lobby of the hotel. The suites are spacious, and the hotel employees are very helpful.

    That being said, they really try to nickel and dime you, which is disappointing when you are already spending over $1000 to stay for three nights. The valet parking is about $25 a night, and the Internet access is about $20 a day. The Internet situation really disappointed me - almost every other hotel in Lake Tahoe has free WiFi (even the crappy motels). Don't be fooled by their claims of "Complimentary Breakfast" and "Complimentary Manager's Reception" either. The "Complimentary Breakfast" was mediocre, and essentially consisted of fruit, cereal, cold potatoes/pancakes, and a really long omelet line. Ordinarily, I don't expect much from the hotels I stay at regarding breakfast, but for a sport such as skiing, a good breakfast is really important. By far the most pathetic display was the "Manager's Reception", which consisted of celery (yes, celery), pretzels, and popcorn. Anything else of substance had to be ordered and, of course, was not complimentary. If I were the "manager" holding this reception, I would be pretty embarrassed.

    Overall, the hotel is a great place to stay if you are traveling with a lot of people or young kids and you cannot possibly stay anywhere else. If I were to come to Lake Tahoe again, I would definitely stay somewhere else (probably the Marriott).

    31/12/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    34. Ralph O.
    I was very impressed with this hotel. One of my friends had a wedding here and so I got a hotel room here and had to bring the kids. The kids loved the indoor pool, plus really close to all the casinos, basically less then a minute a way walking. The manager reception was great with free drinks and free breakfast. I def will stay here again!

    22/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    35. Casey W.
    Amazing location!  Steps away from Heavenly Valley, casinos and restaurants.  We didn't even really need a rental car except to get back to the airport in Reno.  

    Free happy hour from 4:30-6:30pm, where we met other hotel guests and watched the bowl games.  Free continental breakfast, complete with omlet bar, fruit, toast, eggs & bacon.  

    The hotel concierge was super helpful - gave us advice on where to eat and what to do when we tired of skiing and gambling.  

    Hotel has a little 90s vibe - older Tvs, furnishings, etc, however that's pretty typical of Tahoe.  Big room (good for when you have lots of skiing equipment).  Only downside is parking - park behind Harrahs rather than paying the $25 for valet.

    11/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    36. Rev. Dr. Christopher J. G.
    Embassy Suites Tahoe. I've enjoyed you much. When I first stayed in you, I felt comfy waves of comfort coming from your comfortableness. When I later stayed, I was hassled by an uncaring staff who's only concern was getting me to agree to hold my event inside you. And the final time I stayed, on the house as they say, you were comfy and wonderful again.

    Your location, my word, it is beautiful. Even though the Tahoe Inn was once underneath your now nestled location, you are still a wonderful place to stay. I've often been failed by other Tahoe hotels, sometimes more than once, but you, Embassy Suites Tahoe, you are the one who has never let me down, even if those who keep you runnign were a bit pushy one time.

    08/09/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    37. Tatiana D.
    I've stayed at a few Embassy Suites during my time and this one is one of my favorites. It does have the advantage of being located in Lake Tahoe. It's close proximity to the other hotels and the Heavenly shopping area or whatever they call it. The concierge was very helpful in planning activities during our stay. The complimentary breakfast was mediocre again, it was complimentary. They were cheap during the free drink Manager's reception, yea sounds like an oxymoron but they won't make you certain drinks, like Long Island Iced Teas, because they're made up of too many kinds of liquor. They're conservative. The gym is pretty small. The staff is friendly. Like everyone else mentioned, you have to pay $20 for valet parking but wise up and park in the Harrah's parking lot which is right behind Embassy Suites.

    27/05/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    38. Serena V.
    My experience at Embassy Suites Lake Tahoe during Martin Luther King holiday basically caused me to cancel my Hilton Honors card: The breakfast buffet line was about 30 minutes, I suspect half of Lake Tahoe was in that line whether they were staying at this hotel or not.

    It's probably easier to get a meal in Haiti right now than from that Embassy Suites buffet.  I mean, really, $200 a night to wait in line for...eggs?!  

    Then I took a shower around 8:15 in the morning, the water was lukewarn to cold.

    The pool/jacuzzi room has no ventilation, is really hot and steamy and disgusting, and there are people larger than several blue whales I've seen hogging the pool and jacuzzi at all hours.

    To top it off, the "fireplace" in the lobby consists of a cheesy video of a real fireplace, on a TV screen.

    This is the worst-managed Embassy Suites I have ever stayed at.

    17/01/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    39. Chris G.
    Eff the Casino Hotels!

    One: Incredible rooms, all with separate living rooms and a television in each room. No cigarette smell in the entire hotel.

    Two: Indoor hot tub, spa and pool.



    Five:  On State Line.

    Six:  Don't be a moron...... you need to stay here. Actually, don't because the more people know about this great hotel, the more likely it will be booked when I go up next. STAY AWAY!!!! :D

    15/01/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    40. Dee C.
    After my parents sold their Cabin in S. Lake Tahoe and before I upgraded to the Marriott Timeshare next door, I would enjoy the Embassy Suites. It is steps from the casino and the full cooked to order breakfast is convenient.

    They also have a happy hour that got us riled up for the casinos. Great memories were formed at this location. Not to mention the staff is very friendly and accommodating.

    The suites are a good size for two. But if you are with a large group, I recommend the Marriott. Some of their rooms are 3bd 4 bath... and will all the amenities...

    22/01/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    41. H C.
    It's true - all the positive reviews.  I was extremely impressed by the morning breakfast buffet included in the stay.  Omelettes - cooked to order - potatoes, sausages, bacon, pancakes, french toast, watermelon, bananas, cereal, oatmeal, etc.  The beds were nice and comfortable.  The employees were very friendly and courteous.

    My only complaint - no self-parking lot.  $20 forced valet parking?  C'mon.  Also, no borrowing luggage carts - you gotta use the bellman, which means more tipping.  Tipping here, tipping there - at least give me a choice!

    12/08/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    42. Jonathan R.
    Great hotel, staff really makes you feel welcome. The bell boy worked hard to take all of our luggage to our room (we had A LOT) and was very friendly....of course he was working for a tip. Breakfast is busy in the morning. There are a lot of shops right outside of the hotel if you need any snow/summer gear.

    08/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    43. Natasha L.
    I like this location. People are all pretty nice (I had one woman who checked me in who looked like she really hated her job but she was definitely the ONLY one). Everyone in foodservice, bell hop, phones, room service - super nice. They have a place to hold your board or skis during the winter so you don't have to lug it around and so their rooms don't get mildewy (yay - I hate carrying things and I hate mildew). As with all Embassy Suites the rooms have plenty of room, you get the cocktail hour and a decent breakfast (made to order eggs, omelets, etc). The location is so close to shops, food, Heavenly. Nice match.

    28/11/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    44. Timothy O.
    Stayed here for a conference and was pleasantly surprised. First, the inside architecture reminded me of other Embassy Suites. That was kind of weird to me. The room was a suite - natch - with a office/living room connected to the bedroom. There were televisions in both rooms, which seemed a bit superfluous given the location next door to casinos, but if I was here with some kids, I'm sure I'd be overjoyed that I could plop them in front of one on them and let Nickelodeon serve them for an hour or two.

    The free breakfast is ample. Not gourmet, but a big time-saver. The happy hour is surprisingly generous. The servers seemed happy to pour me a Power's Irish Whiskey, even though they knew that my next drink would likely come from a Harrah's cocktail waitress.

    The meeting rooms were pretty standard issue, though there have to be few conference rooms in the country with more of a contrast between inside and outside than here. Inside - PowerPoint presentations, Outside - Lake Tahoe. It's almost cruel.

    14/09/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    45. Joel J.
    - two blocks from the Heavenly gondola!
    - walking distance from everything on south lake tahoe blvd
    - across the street from harrah's
    - they totally hook you up if you're diamond VIP

    - exterior is deceptive!  the facility looks brand new from the outside, but the rooms are kind of dated.  dated as in early 90's
    - the driveway is hard to spot ... and forces you to almost drive INTO harrah's
    - valet parking only?  really?  park in harrah's and walk
    - pricey, but totally worth the convenience for both skiing and places to eat/shop

    31/01/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    46. Jessica H.
    Beautiful hotel right in the heart of South Lake.... hence the price! We stayed in February during the busy ski season so it was hard to get a room and the room was not cheap. We also ended up getting stuck in an ADA room which was a zero-threshold shower, which means I pretty much flooded the entire bathroom when I took a shower. Other then that the room was pretty nice, we had a separate living room area from the bedroom which was good for having visitors. The spa and pool were really nice and indoors. Just like all Embassy Suites we got a drink pass for two free drinks on the night of our stay. The Embassy Suites chain are really nice hotels to stay at and this location is great! Really close for the Heavenly goers too,

    21/10/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    47. Juliet Z.
    Great location! Right next door to Harrah's (less than 1minute walk). 3 minute walk to Heavenly's gondola.

    Extremely reasonable prices (as far as Tahoe accommodations go).

    Free breakfast:

    Happy Hour: FREE drink reception, huge plate of $4 nachos and other free appetizers

    all suites. huge rooms. sofa-bed in living room plus a desk/table

    indoor pool

    park your own car or pay $25 for valet/night


    23/04/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    48. jenn w.
    I love this hotel!  I think the food and drinks is what makes this hotel awesome.  I love the Happy hour that lasts for 2 hrs daily.  And the breakfasts are so delicious.  I love the made to order omelets.  The rooms are also big.  The only thing that sucks is having to park pretty far away and dragging your luggage to the front.

    14/02/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    49. Paul P.
    The only thing one might find attractive about this hotel is its proximity to Stateline casinos. It is literally steps from Harrah's. You don't even have to cross the street. Just walk out the front door and you are there.
    Other than that, this place stinks. Literally.
    My room was dumpy and reeked of air freshener. The carpet was ripped, the furniture had a general shop-worn feel and the TVs were antiquated and hard to watch.The indoor pool/jacuzzi was no better. The pool area had all the charm of a middle school gym. The dry sauna was out of order when I was there.
    The only reason I didn't leave was because I thought the free drinks and breakfast might make up for it. They didn't.
    Management hasn't figured out a way to do those things without creating huge lines. I'd rather pay for my own beer than wait behind 30 people, only to come away with a glass of warm Budweiser. Breakfast was similarly disappointing. Cold eggs and the cheapest bacon money could buy.
    All for $160 plus $25 for parking.
    Overall? Don't do it. Find some place else.

    23/03/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    50. Heidi K.
    We just came home from an amazing weekend in Tahoe.  My Brother and his new Wife tied the knot at Embassy Suites.  The ceremony and the reception were all in one place inside the hotel, which was perfect due to the mass amounts of snow that dropped from the sky.  You couldn't ask for a better staff. So friendly and helpful.  The food at the reception was perfect, appetizers before were delicious.  They think of everything. All you have to do is show up and say "I do".   We were fortunate enough to stay in the Emerald Bay Suite that had a balcony.  It was so nice to wake up to a Winter Wonderland after the storm that passed through during our stay.   The ladies at the front desk granted every wish on our list.  The staff at Happy Hour as always were a delight.  Frankie and her staff thought of everything and treated us like royalty.  My only wish is that I thought to get married here, before my Brother.  I recommend this location to anyone who is looking for a flawless, amazing wedding that looked like it broke the pocket book, but in reality could not have been more reasonable. Thank you Embassy Suites for the Perfect Wedding!

    23/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    51. A A.
    If you are planning to ski at Heavenly the location is great. The rooms are spacious and what you would expect for a three star hotel: decent but not terribly comfortable or luxurious. This is a good place for families.

    If part of the attraction to staying here is the "complimentary" cocktail hour and breakfast, be forewarned: if the hotel is at all full the lines for breakfast or cocktails are so long as to render the "deal" meaningless. Do you want to spend 30-60 minutes waiting on line for mediocre breakfast? That said, if you do decide to wait on line you can have a full breakfast- we just decided it wasn't worth spending so much of our scarce vacation on line.

    The "concierge" desk (which I suspect is really not affiliated with Embassy Suites) gives you the hard sell on attending a timeshare presentation, at the conclusion of which you can get a $125 gift card. They seemed genuinely shocked when we declined such an amazing offer.

    Bottom line: location is good for skiing at Heavenly. It's also good for families or folks in the market for a timeshare. Bad idea if you are looking for a more upscale hotel, well-made breakfast, or a "resort" feel.

    08/09/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    52. Sunil D.
    Nice place, with huge suites. Makes it easy when you are travelling with kids. Breakfast buffet is nice too and was included. Minutes of walking distance from Heavenly and bunch of shops. Less than mile from a "semiprivate" beach and water activities center.

    The hotel gets booked and is quite popular. They messed up my room  reservation but comped me for one night. Great service in general. The valet for $25 seemed steep, given that neighboring Harrahs is free.

    21/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    53. Melissa T.
    YIKES - BED BUGS!  I stayed at this hotel to enjoy the amazing skiing at Heavenly!  However I got bed bugs. Although it was a year ago, I placed a note on trip advisor and apparently it was deleted.  I know these things can occur anywhere in the world, however the GM kept telling me it was not true. That is not what my doctor said when he counted my 175 bites!!!!!!  They may have gotten rid of them since, but really folks, do you want to stay at a hotel where people insinuate you are not telling the truth.

    17/07/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    54. Charlie N.
    Ideal location, rite next to the casinos and shopping area. Nice size suite, we were on a budget and was able to pack 8 adults. Free breakfast was nice good selection,  during their happy hours you can only get two drinks, any kind alcohol or non with your room key..but you can pass the room keys to your buddy and keep getting more drinks. Pool and gym area close at midnite, which is supercool, went to the pool both nite that we were there around 10pm and only a couple of people in there.

    Minus one star for the 25 bucks a nite valet parking and rooms not as modern as other hotel suites. But we got our money back from the free breakfast and booze. Definitely recommend this place for its location.

    12/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    55. Jason H.
    Okay, did I really expect things to be different less than two months later? No, but I certainly didn't expect things to go downhill either! The price would have been $100 more per night versus my June stay had I not used up my HHonors points for this stay. The rooms were in horrible condition. The tub spout was broken. The faucet fixture in the bedroom was loose. Fixtures and/or knobs on the door and furniture were loose. There was at least a week's worth of dust on top of the TV! Is there a vacuum in the house, maybe? You know, this hotel is booked fairly solid all year round due to its excellent location for a year-round getaway. Perhaps this is why housekeeping and maintenance cannot keep up with this place! The rooms are hardly ever vacant to do the needed repairs/upkeep.The breakfast is decent, but set your alarm clock for 7 am in order to beat the long lines for that omelet of yours. The Manager's Reception continues to be a small drawing card, as well. I'm thinking it might be time to check out Harrah's/Harvey's!

    15/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    56. Crystal R.
    Pretty decent place to stay if you want to gamble and ski.  You are right across the street from Lake Tahoe where you can enjoy the stillness of the lake in the morning.  Also you are a minute run to Harrah's Casino when it's a super cold night.  Literally 15 steps away... which is great if you are wearing a skimpy outfit to the nightclub.

    In the morning you can enjoy the complimentary buffet breakfast which has a variety of eggs, bacon, sausage and an omelet bar.  If you were as sneaky as we were, we were able to sneak our friends into the buffet too, but SHHH that's a secret lol.

    The location is prime, right by the casinos and right by Heavenly's shopping center.  The rooms are also pretty comfy and large.  Checkin was pretty intense though... we had to wait 30 minutes because the clerk couldn't find our reservation.  Other then that I give it 4 stars.

    23/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    57. Marla G.
    Wahoo!!!   My Hundreth Review.  Here we go....
    Great location! Right on the border of CA/NV. Only a few short steps to Harrah's and Harvey's Casinos.
    Valet Parking is $25 a night in their garage area. This sucks because "Embassy Suites" has no other parking options. Why would they do that? They could tack on an extra $10 to the room price to cover the parking. Minus one star for their greediness. But behind Embassy Suites is Harrah's parking lot which is outdoors. We could of gotten away with parking there. So if you don't want to spend the money for valet go ahead and try Harrah's lot.
    Your stay includes a breakfast buffet which is fine for the price you're paying for the room. It's your usual hotel breakfast buffet. I did not care for the scrambled eggs and the cubed roasted /baked potatoes. They were undercooked. Your stay also includes their Happy Hour. They have beer, wine and cocktails. Soda for the kids. Snacks were crackers, popcorn, pretzels and veges with dip. Cocktails were great. If I was a drinker, I would of had a second one but the first one was pretty strong.
    Our room was clean, quiet and the bed was comfortable. No complaints about the room.
    Staff was friendly. The concierge was helpful.
    I would definitely stay there again or any other Embassy Suites.

    26/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    58. Jessica L.
    This place should be called Embassy Suites for Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties Lake Tahoe Resort. It is PERFECT for large groups who want to be as close as humanly possible to the casinos and able to stumble home from Vex.

    Self parking is free and easy - because it is next to Harrahs it is a simple walk to park in their lot. Otherwise valet is available for $20. The hotel it self is sprawling and it always seemed to take awhile to walk in and get to our room on the far side of the 2 floor.

    For about $300 you can get a room that has 2 double beds and a pull out couch - sleep 6 easily. There are lots of mirrors and sinks too --- as though someone was really thinking about a jammed packed room of girls trying to get ready (thank you). ALSO, free breakfast - and its not the usual crap continental stuff - this is a full serve breakfast of every option imaginable. LOVE IT. Lastly, FREE happy hour - just what bachelorette girls need!!

    Side notes: the shower was very clean and had great water pressure. When calling for items such as more pillows and toothbrushes, they always came fast. Swimming pool is inside, but there is a small "sun deck" The front desk is strict and works hard to not let punks screw them by having 12 people in one room - they as for NAMES. And there were a good amount of Bachelor/Bachelorette groups staying there, so keep that in mind if you'd like a quiet place.

    07/09/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    59. Zakk D.
    I had a Free Stay Rewards with Hotels.com and President's weekend is a good a spot as any to get a free stay.  

    Getting in late, the valet parking was nice, but to stay overnight was $25 for parking!?  I might as well stay in SF!

    Checking in was very smooth and we had a nice room on the 7th floor.  The suites were huge.  a nice sitting room, massive bedroom, and a plenty big bathroom.  There was a free drink reception for a few hours and I got a massive pour on my whiskey.  The bar downstairs was nice as well.  

    Wandering around at night, the place was perfect.  Super close to the casinos, right at the Heavenly gondola, and nicely situated with all the amenities you could want.

    First thing in the morning there was a big breakfast, again for free.  and checkout was a breeze.  A really great stay that made a great weekend.

    19/02/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    60. Greg C.
    We took a short trip to Tahoe for a few days and decided to stay here because of the following......
    -Large 2 room suite
    -Next door to the casinos for easy access
    -no smoky smell while walking to your room like @ a casino
    -breakfast included each morning
    -conveniently located next to shopping, Heavenly, etc.

    To me, Embassy is usually a no-brainer.  One of the things that did turn me off was that I went to the concierge to ask about the gondola and he ended up trying to sell me on a time-share.  I appreciate the awareness of it, but don't keep trying to sell me when I've obviously told you I wasn't interested.  Other than that, I would definitely come back and stay again!

    04/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    61. Sole M.
    My family and I stay here every year for a few days around Christmas. I really enjoy it every time. The hotel is very family friendly and the location is great. The free happy hour is awesome and the complimentary breakfast in the morning is SO amazing. The pool is indoors which is nice considering its freezing in the winter and also makes it more child friendly being indoors. This last time we went I did notice the rooms getting a little old and needing to be fixed up pretty soon. The pull out sofa was extremely worn out and the springs were completely broken in the middle. Although I had some minor complaints this last time, it was not enough to bother me at all on my trip. I had a wonderful time and can't wait for next year!!!!!!!!

    03/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    62. Justine J.
    This is the best Embassy Suites Hotel ever. Love everything about this property. Breakfast is fantastic, I only wish the hours were longer... I'm not a morning person and feel like breakfast could go until at least 11.

    28/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    63. Mimi W.
    I got to say, this is one of the best hotel I've ever stayed.  The hotel itself is like at least double the size of other Embassy Suite. It located in Heavenly Village, and surrounded by shopping malls and restaurant.    It's definitely family friendly.  Free breakfast and manager reception, man, what can you ask for more?

    Customer Service: from Bell boys, to front desk to house keeping, everyone is attentive and friendly.  My check in process was simple and easy.  The bell boy was super nice.  We had a great conversation about spots to visit on our way to the room.  House keeping was quick on requests.  

    Rooms: We checked in on Friday, and were able to ask for a "quite and away from elevator" room. The room was very spacious and clean. The decoration and equipments are all updated.  Both rooms has flat screen TV.  It's a plus for having microwave and refrigerator in our room, so that we can prepare food for the little one.  

    Free food: the complementary breakfast and manager receptions is such a huge bonus! Consider this can actually save us time and money.  Just have to keep in mind that you have to be there on time.  For breakfast, we tried to be there before 8, and the line for order to cook breakfast is about 10 min wait, which is not bad at all. All other breakfast items were ordinary, but they are healthy and fresh, and have various selections.  I did see long line when pass 8:30 am.  For manager's receptions, it could be long when it first started, but if you were there around 6:30, there is nearly no one waiting in line, even on a Saturday night.

    I was glad to read other yelper's comments on parking.  We were able to park at Harrah's and save $25 a day.  The nightly room rate could be a little pricey for some people, but to me, with average $200 per night with free food and drinks, and spacious suite, it's totally worth it.

    Overall, we loved this hotel, and will definitely go back there for our next Tahoe Trip.

    17/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    64. Cynthia C.
    No casino here.

    Expect families and FREE breakfast buffet every morning.  MON-FRI ends @ 10.  SAT & SUN 10:30am.  We were struggling to get out of bed to collect our grub.  Guests are allowed to grab as much food as they want and bring back to their suite.  

    Freebies and LUX items:
    Neutrogena AND Crabtree & Evelyn toiletries
    Shaving cream
    Shoe polish
    Q-tips/cotton balls
    Men's & women's deodorant

    THREE sinks in the suite: bar, bathroom, master bedroom.

    Perfect for couples, and large groups because they have a bedroom, foldout couch, dining table, bar, microwave and EMPTY mini fridge.

    $20 charge/day for in and out valet parking.

    Walking distance to all the casinos on the strip, shops, lake and Heavenly Valley.

    02/01/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    65. g p.
    Embassy Suites - only if you have a tribe of kids in tow.  The hotel caters to families which is fine as long as you know this.  The hotel is crowded and the overall quality has declined with the years.

    Examples- dirty cups in the bathroom; noisy hallways in the morning and don't even think of trying the breakfast buffet- long lines and no tables as all the families have camped there and saved their spots while the rest go thru the lines.

    15/08/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    66. M E.
    The hotel management was not focused at making the stay a great customer experience.  A simple request for a quieter room, which was also requested during reservations,  was denied at check-in and we were given the option (by the manger) to leave the hotel if we don't like it.  What I got out of the experience here is, if you are not happy, leave.  Our room had a sink that would not drain well, a water pipe that leaked, and toilet that would not flush well.  I won't stay here again.

    29/12/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    67. chris g.
    All & all a clean hotel with rooms set up perfect for several people. The room is basically two rooms in one divided by an interior door. In one 1/2 we had two queen beds with a TV, and a separate sink.  The other half was like the living are with a large dining table, couch / hide a bed, dresser, flat panel TV, mini fridge, sink, and a full bath room. So you basically have 3 Queen size beds.
    But wait, there is a full breakfast included complete with omelet station and many other choices. It was much better than I expected too.  But even better, after a rough day of skiing there was a happy hour that included all the beer & well drinks you wanted (free) for a full 2 hours (4:30-6:30).  We got our money's worth on this I must say.
    The staff was friendly & helpful. They also have ski storage right inside the front doors that saves you from carrying your skis any further.

    21/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    68. René M.
    Nice accommodations. Check in was quick & staff courteous. Room was very nice & spacious.

    30/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    69. Julianne L.
    My hubby and I stayed here for 2 nights. When we first got there, we were told that valet parking was the only option. Again, I hate valet parking. But we valeted. However, you can park in the Harrah's parking lot that is right past where your car is parked for valet. That's what we did for the 2nd night as valet parking is $25 (and we noticed several people using Harrah's parking lot). On Sunday morning, the line for the omelet bar was ridiculously long so I didn't get an omelet but the line was much shorter on Monday morning.

    Everything else about the hotel was typical Embassy Suites -- large room, nice bathroom, comfy bed. Something different was the fact that there were 2 bathroom sinks -- one actually in the bathroom and one in the bedroom. That was a nice touch as I could use the sink in the bedroom when my hubby was in the bathroom.

    Honestly, I probably wouldn't stay here again b/c there are other hotels that are decent in the area that are cheaper.

    05/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    70. dani b.
    Wow! We really liked this place. Great service, nice suites and free alcohol from  5:30-7:30 p.m. Plus a decent breakfast buffet. What's not to like about that? Thankfully we didn't get bedbugs like the other reviewer.
    I would've liked to have given Embassy Suites four stars but they screwed us. What brought the rating down was that they had our checkout date incorrect and insisted on charging us $50 to check out early. If our flight left on thursday afternoon, why would we want to check out on friday? Doesn't make sense. And they refused to admit their own mistake...

    06/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    71. Mark S.
    OK, but . . .  Parking $25/ night. Pool shut down one day due to pump failure. Gave up on my free beer at managers special after line for single bartender didn't move for 10 minutes.

    04/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    72. Arleen A.
    Our entire family of 17 including 9 adults and 8 children (between 2 & 10yo), all from the SF Bay Area, just returned from Lake Tahoe yesterday to celebrate our parent's  50th Wedding Anniversary, a celebration weekend getaway planned back in March 2012. We had decided on staying at the Embassy Suites in South Lake Tahoe and after having completed our stay, were so glad we did! We all had a wonderful time there and will remember our stay always not to mention the memories it'll bring from our parent's 50th Anniversary!

    If you're looking for a great place to stay for a family reunion, a memorable occasion, or even just as a family hotel, this is the place in South Lake Tahoe.   We booked our rooms back in March and paid for the Easy Access Package which included FREE valet parking/WIFI Internet service and it was all worth it.  The location is perfect!...right on the state line bordering California and Nevada with a private beach accessible only by its patrons, minutes away from the casinos (Harrahs right next door and literally only a few minutes from the front door of the hotel), everyday delicious hot - full breakfasts to everything from coffee/tea/hot chocolate/ variety of juices, to scrambled eggs/made-to-order omelettes, pancakes/French toast, sausages/bacon, fruit, yogurt, pastries, breads (toasted or not), etc......YUM, and an indoor swimming pool for the kids to enjoy! The breakfasts alone are a great meeting place for the family in the mornings and a great way to start your day. The rooms which are all suites are also respectably clean and the staff are pleasant and welcoming. The hotel is minutes walking distance to/from the Heavenly Mountain Ski Resort / Gondolas accessed via Marriott Timberlake Lodge just next door and a ton of restaurants / shopping within the vicinity. For the location alone, you can't beat this!

    We've never visited Lake Tahoe in the summertime before (we normally go in the wintertime), but now that we know just how beautiful it is this time of year, we plan on returning next year around the same timeframe and know exactly where we want to stay - Embassy Suites - we are sold!!!

    20/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    73. Dan R.
    What is not to like? Free breakfast with an omelet cook that makes to order, free drinks from $5:30 to $7:30 the suites are large and clean with a really comfy bed. All of the employees were very nice and attentive. Valet parking is $25 a day but Harahs has parking behind the embassy Suites and in the summer I see no need to use the valet garage parking. Great location right on the Ca/Nv border.

    26/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    74. Nick D.
    This is an Embassy Suites on steroids!  It's about 2.5x the size of a regular ES, but still features the same amenities such as your two-room suite, Breakfast Buffet and evening Manager's Reception.  Here are a few tips:

    Breakfast Buffet - The early bird gets the omelet!  Went downstairs at about 8:45am and the line for the buffet food was only a few people long while the omelet line was 20+ people deep.

    Manager's Reception - It starts at 5:30pm but, unless you want to wait in line (longer than the omelet line) for a cocktail, then wait till about 6pm or later, when the line dies down.  Cocktails are eh, but I guess you can't complain since it's free.  As far as food goes, they offer pretzels, cut veggies and dipping sauce.  They also have a counter where you can order burgers, nachos, etc from $5 - $7.00 each.

    Parking - Alright, their website says they only offer Valet at $25.00/night.  What a rip off!  But shhh....here's a secret.  When you drive up to the hotel.  Just stop off at the porte cochere and unload passengers and luggage.  But proceed towards the back and there's ample parking.  I'm sure the hotel wants you do spend $25/night but come on, you've dropped enough money on the room, use that money to gamble!

    Location - AWESOME!  It's just literally a few steps to the entrance of Harrah's.

    24/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    75. Stephanie M.
    Hotel room nice, one person at check in took forever. Driveway hardly visible, valet parking only. Breakfast a HUGE cluster so many people, one person trying to guide people thru diff lines, no where to sit the lady wouldn't ask others to leave when they were done so others could sit, running eggs and uncoiled bacon. Whole hotel is a big cluster of unorganization!

    25/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    76. Yahnee C.
    Threw a bachelorette party in Tahoe last August, 12 of us ladies stayed here comfortably in 3 suites. Each room had two queens plus a pull out sofa bed. Had a little party for the bride in her room before we hit the strip. Spacious enough to play pin the hose on the fireman. I just feel sorry for the housekeepers that had to clean up after us! My family stays here as well for their annual ski trip. The hot made to order breakfast rocks and the manager's reception with complimentary beer and cocktails makes this place! Get there early because there will be lines and try the pinacolada OMG!

    14/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    77. Mike A.
    Excellent location for Skiing , Gambling and doing all w/o a car. Fly into Reno , take Tahoe Express directly to Embassy Suites. NO CAR NEEDED. 200' feet from Harrahs ! Hotel accomodations @ THIS Embassy Suites best of ANY Embassy Suites we have stayed in, thru-out Western US. Breakfast and Beverage staff offer things OTHER Embassy Suites dont . Managers Reception , "off the hook" to others.Concierge was always busy helping guestd find all the hot tips, from Food to Ski Rentals. Lifts/ Gondola  within walking distance of hotel . Lift Tickets sold at front desk. HELLO , no waiting , same price.
    Overall  5 STARS to all employees and Hotels. We'll stay here always !

    10/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    78. F K.
    My husband and I recently found out that we are to expect our first child in March 2012 which altered our previous vacation plans which included a New England tour. For financial reasons, we wanted to stay closer to home for our annual vacation. Since this would be our last vacation together sans child and also since my husband and my work schedules do not allow a single day off together, we were looking to have a very special last vacation for just the two of us. We discussed the topic and my husband spoke fondly of vacations he and his family had had in South Lake Tahoe, particularly while staying at the Embassy Suites Hotel and Resort. My husband recanted the then (early '90s) new building with its spacious suites and cavernous rotunda. My husband hadn't been to Embassy Suites in years and we thought this would be an appropriate venue for our last couple-only vacation.

    Upon our arrival, my husband immediately realized that the whole parking area (that my husband's family had used in the early '90s) had (apparently) been strategically blocked off in order to enforce Embassy Suites and other hotels around the area common $25 per day parking fees. We drove around approximately half an hour in an attempt to find reasonable parking in what should be a quaint mountain getaway to no avail. We succumbed to parking in the Heavenly Resort's parking garage and wheeled our luggage (mind you, I'm pregnant) the approximately 8th of a mile to Embassy Suites. (Embassy Suites only allows valet parking which my husband did not trust based on the appearance of the drivers).

    When we arrived at the desk, we received a warm greeting and were given a key to a room on the 6th floor. When we got to our room, the room seemed well made up but not as fresh as my husband recalled the building. Some fixtures worn, mild bathroom mildew, scuffs on the wall, etc. but nothing severe. Overall, presentable. During that evening we took advantage of what Embassy Suites calls their "Manager Reception" which entails an open bar, Pepperidge Farm cheese fish crackers, popcorn and a random assortment of 40-60 somethings apparently originating from Connecticut, New Hampshire, Northern Oregon and Vermont.

    The next morning, I awoke to find my husband in utter agony. Despite having what appeared to be 28 pillows on the bed, my husband, even after stacking several of those pillows, was unable to support his neck while sleeping. This caused a strain on it and had in turn caused a pinched nerve in my husband's back. I asked my husband what I could do to help but he shrugged it off because he is a typical male. As the day drew on, my husband's condition worsened. Him not being one to complain, seemed to try to conceal how much pain he was in but he often had a grimace on his face and I could tell his gait was unusual. Midway through the day while trying to enjoy a Tahoe Queen cruise that we had previously planned to go on, my husband, who is not a big drinker found that the only way to get some relief from the pain was to get completely drunk. In retrospect, this was the only relaxing part of our entire vacation. After returning back to our room, my sobering husband decided to have a nap. I not wanting his condition to worsen and knowing the culprit, decided to call the front desk to see if they had a more substantial pillow. They indicated to me that they did indeed have foam pillows.  I arranged to have to have 2 of these "foam" pillows brought to our room. With these pillows, my husband and I found that they were still the glorified Kleenex bags that had caused my husband's ailment the night prior. My husband was so frustrated that he told me he didn't even want to be conscious anymore he was in so much pain. So, against his better judgment, he still went back to sleep on the bed that was now his nemesis for the second night. After awaking from a second night on the bed, my husband was in even more agony.  I personally went down to guest services, told them that my husband couldn't even get out of the bed and that the "foam" pillows they had provided were no different from the ones before. They told me in a curt manner, there was nothing they could do.

    After getting home, the pain got worse to the point that my husband had to go to our local emergency room.

    Embassy Suites tried in no way whatsoever to help with my husband's situation, not even when they gave us a rehearsed "did everything go alright?" while checking out. I went into detail about what had happened and they gave me a mostly irrelevant response of "well, you don't owe anything else on the room. Thank you." We had plans and pre-paid reservations after this jaunt to go to Carmel which we had to forgo due to my husband's botched neck. Now we just have a hospital bill and a bill for accommodations we were never able to utilize. The spirit of hospitality is not alive and well at Embassy Suites, South Lake Tahoe.

    27/09/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    79. Cali L.
    So far this is my favorite hotel.   We stayed on a Saturday night for about $204 plus tax.

    Nice spacious room.  Separate bedroom and living room area.  

    Plenty of towels.

    Free late afternoon manager's reception:  free drinks and snacks (pretzels, carrot sticks, celery sticks, popcorn)

    Free breakfast:  Omelets made to order, pancakes, French toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, fresh fruit, bakery items, bagels, cereal...I'm probably forgetting some things but hopefully you get the point.

    Here's my tip for booking a room:
    They  charge $25/day for valet and $12.95/day for internet service.  When you book online, scroll down to find a packaged called Easy Access.  It's about $20 more/day but you get free valet parking and free internet access.  I was able to get wifi for two iPhones and my netbook for free with this package that would have cost me $38.85.

    The charges will appear on your bill but will automatically drop off when you check out.  

    There is this funny fake firepit in their lobby.  It's 3 flat screen TV in a circle playing a dvd of a fire.  I laughed at it at first but this Embassy Suites was here way before the big resort next door.  All their seating and activities are inside the hotel so honestly there is no place for a real fire...and no need for one.

    Why did I deduct a star?  The bedroom's radio volume button was broken.  I know most people don't even use the room's radio but I tend to touch and feel everything when I'm in a hotel room.

    Also, units has their own furnace.  It's located in the living room but right outside the bedroom door.  The unit is terribly noisy when sitting in the living room and even with the bedroom door closed, the rush of air coming from the vent into the bedroom was noisy as well.  We couldn't sleep with it on.  So my tip is to crank up the heater before you go to bed, toss on an extra blanket (stored in the closet) and then turn off the heater.

    This is my spot for Tahoe vacations.  I will return.  I will also ask for a room on the second floor because that's where the breakfast and manager's reception is held.  It was nice to walk outside our door and not have to take the elevator to these events.  BUT if you prefer some peace and quiet ask for an upper level room because we could hear the hungry, excited kids running down the hall at 7am.

    07/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    80. Gigi C.
    Good experience, good service and pretty good free buffet.
    We were there last weekend to a SOLD-OUT hotel, FULL, NO more rooms! So the breakfast line was as long as it gets.
    I expected the worst (after reading these reviews) but the line wasn't that bad as long as you get there before 10.
    The omelet guys were very friendly and took the time to great everyone with a smile and a "how are you today?" and then they waited for an answer, and then they actually conversed with the guests while they cooked. Very personal touch.
    The rooms were comfortable and convenient.
    My kids said that the pool was too small and FULL of too many little kids, but like i said  earlier, the place was sold out and my boys are teens and didn't want to play with other little kids.
    I would stay here again :)

    24/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    81. Troy C.
    I hated the regular king with it's tiny little window.  Very claustrophobic in my opinion. And YES YES YES just like all the reviews the furniture and decor inside the rooms are OUTDATED.  With this being said, It has it's pros.... nice atrium.  Decent breakfast, plus you can take some yo the room:) and mangers happy hour, although if you go to the casino and gamble drinks are free and better! I expected a tad more for the price, but it's ok.  Definitely great for family's.   One thing i get sick of in any larger hotel in south lake Tahoe is those pesky time share people with their cheesy line every time you walk by...."hey how are you"? with a fake smile...."did you get your comps yet?"   just say yes and walk through.  you know who they are because they are literally the only people that say hi to you.

    21/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    82. Alan L.
    This place is pretty nice, it was great to have a good amount of space to stretch out in.  The room was nice and clean, it was a little strange to have a brand new LCD tv in the living room and a tv that looked older than me in the bed room.  We had a room on the top floor towards the rear of the hotel it was pretty quite no loud noises coming from below.  Although I can only assume that on the 2nd floor in the morning or during the free cocktail reception it can get pretty loud (since breakfast/cocktail reception are literally steps from the rooms).

    The price seems like a bit more than other hotels, but keep in mind that you also get a breakfast and cocktail reception included.  The breakfast was pretty good, just standard stuff for a breakfast buffet, eggs, bacon, potatoes, waffles, pancakes, french toast, fruit, cereal, bread and omlets made to order.  The cocktail reception was nice but the alcohol they use is on the cheaper side.  The margaritas are pretty decent.  I recommend going a bit earlier for breakfast, don't wait till 9 or 10 or you'll be in line for days.

    Customer service was excellent, everyone was nice, check-in was quick and bell boy was quick to help unload and didn't just dump all of our stuff in the front room, but put our suitcase in the bedroom and our ice chest next to the fridge.

    All in all nice rooms, great service, good location (steps from shopping, Heavenly and the casinos).

    21/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    83. Claudia P.
    This is my favorite, go to hotel when there are no more rooms at the Diamond resorts, love all the amenities and staff.

    29/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    84. Crusader S.
    Plenty of space
    Indoor pool
    Breakfast & happy hour included
    Has a fridge & microwave
    3 sinks
    Lots of hot water

    High priced hotel
    $25 valet per day
    Small fitness room
    Old school TV
    Mildew smell
    Room heater didn't work
    Thin walls
    Carpet & sofa are dirty. Time for a replacement.

    10/05/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    85. Brian B.
    Arrived at noon... no room available.

    Came back at check-in time... still no room available.  Was told that they'd call when one was ready.

    Hung out in the lobby for 45 minutes... went back to the desk and asked again... a room was available.  I asked why they didn't call me, and they said "the room JUST popped up... we were just about to call you."  Uh huh.

    Valet parking was overpriced, with no self-park option available.  The room was pretty good... a little tired, but it looked like they'd made an effort to renovate it recently.

    For the price they charge, I expect more.

    26/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    86. Red Tail H.
    The spouse and I have stayed here a few times, as a starting off point for our "hotel camping" hikes in the Tahoe area.

    This place is fantastic.  The staff has always been friendly, the rooms are comfortable (though the beds can be a bit soft), and the free breakfast that always has both protein and carbohydrates on it is one of the biggest reasons why I love staying here for hiking trips.  Tip:  The omelet line always gets extra long during core breakfast hours.  Either skip the omelet's, or get there early!

    It's also great to have a microwave and fridge in the room, to make meal eating before/after hiking even easier.

    The pool & spa are comfortable as well.

    The negatives (aka why I took off 1 star): Valet only parking (tip: if you can find parking behind the hotel at the casino, that's for free and isn't time limited) and their thoroughfare for the omelet line can be annoying.  Then again, I guess it's a victim of their success?  They can have 10 omelet's going at once!

    12/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    87. Pritika C.
    A group of friends and I stayed here for a couple nights when we were in Tahoe celebrating my best friend's "QC" birthday.  

    Let's start with the service.  The service was great from what I experienced.  Everyone from the staff at the front desk to the concierge to the cooks and bartenders to room service were extremely gracious.  I also appreciated the fact that when they were informed of my bestie's birthday, they sent up a complimentary bottle of champagne.  

    Now onto the rooms.  Our room was nice.  Our suite was spacious for the amount of people to one room and I also liked the fact the bedroom was separated from the living/dining/wet bar area.  The room looked clean and warm.

    Onto my favorite part of the review...Happy Hour and Breakfast!  So, when you stay at Embassy Suites in Tahoe (I'm not sure if all Embassy Suites offers this) they offer a "Manager's Reception" from 5:30pm-7:30pm.  What this consists of is FREE drinks and snacks.  BTW...IT IS ALL YOU CAN DRINK!  You can get two drinks at a time as you go through the line.  You have access to pretty much all types of drinks...mixed drinks, beers, shots, etc.  From what I remember, drinks alone during the Manager's Reception more than paid for my stay.

    Onto my next favorite part of this review...BREAKFAST!  They offer complimentary breakfast every morning of your stay...as well.  You can have a special omelet made to order at the omelet bar, cereal, bacon, pastries, etc.  

    BTW, for those that love to dance...Harrah's, Harvey's, etc. are all next door.  We went dancing at Vex on Saturday night and it felt great to know that when our feet got tired we can just walk right next door to our hotel.  

    I am looking forward to staying at this place again.

    Ohhhh memories!

    29/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    88. Tim D.
    This hotel was unclean, unfriendly and expensive.


    1.  Found bugs in bed.  That's right.  Insects.  Not "bed bugs" but dead flies.  Absolutely disgusting.  Quite the ordeal.  Went to pull back the covers late at night (12:30 AM) and there they were.  The hotel sent security up to document the issue and they offered some reparations but it was overall extremely disappointing.
    2.  Expensive parking.  $25/day with no entry/exit privileges is excessive.  You can roll the dice (no pun intended) and park in the nearby Harrahs outdoor parking lot but that leaves you with an overall unsafe feeling.
    3.  Expensive WiFi.  Should be free.  Period.
    4.  Food is over priced.  20% fee for room service PLUS a $5 delivery charge.  Really?
    5.  Towels and sheets all had noticeable spots on them.  Yuk.
    6.  Hotel staff was not interested in customer service.  Clearly they were more interested in fraternizing among themselves than actually assisting me, the paying customer.  
      - I asked the front desk for a room service menu and was offered a curt, "we don't have those down here, you'll have to go back to your room."  Hmmm... maybe that's why they charge the 20%, for the menus.
      - Concierge was rude and not helpful
      - Parking attendant was a total jerk.  I asked him is there was anywhere else to park besides the $25/day garage and he told me, "Sure, if you want your car towed."  Wow, did I want to cuss him out.
      - The housekeeping attendant who came to our room to replace the sheets with insects in them wouldn't speak to me or look me in the eye.

    The bottom line:  Most hotels in South Lake Tahoe greatly lack the customer service and cleanliness you may find in other areas.  You take what you and get up here and I suppose Embassy Suites lived up to that expectation.

    26/10/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    89. Jennifer C.
    I stayed at this hotel with my two young daughters, my sister and my mother. We went up to Tahoe for my friends wedding and decided to stay here because most of the brides family was staying here.  We stayed in a king suite with a sofa couch. The hotel was beautiful. Big trees and a large fountain the the middle of the hotel was lovely.

    The room was nice and clean when we arrived. We all slept comfortably in the suite. In their efforts in staying green, the hotel provided a brown paper bag for recyclables such as plastic bottles, glass or paper. Thumbs up from me.

    The next morning we enjoyed the complimentary breakfast buffet. Yum. The line was long for the made-to-order omelets, but they had another line for scrambled eggs, bacon, biscuits and gravy, and pancakes. There was also another island of food that had fruit, oatmeal and toast. The beverages were served at other islands scattered throughout the dining area. I recommend going to breakfast early. The closer it got to the end, which was 10:30am on Sunday, the lines got longer for the omelets.

    The kiddies took a dip in the indoor pool which we enjoyed. The water was nice and warm. There was plenty of pool towels. No complaints here. Big pool for lots of people, but we were the only ones there.

    Overall, I would go back there again.

    14/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    90. Tom S.
    I've been going to SLT for 30 years in the summer and during snow season.  During this time I've had a chance to stay at most of the area's middle and upper-end hotel/motels one time or another.

    Embassy Suites is by far the best choice for anyone with a family.  The suites are up-to-date and always clean, service is first rate, and the 10-story lobby is a great experience for the kids.  

    The free breakfast is excellent... eggs cooked to order, juice, fresh fruit, bagels, and all the things that picky youngsters (and adults) enjoy.  In the early evening, they have a complimentry happy hour with snacks, beer, mixed drinks, and soft drinks for the kids.

    It's located next door to Harrah's and a 5-minute walk to the ski lift... What's not to like?

    23/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    91. Linda B.
    This place was just gross. First of all the price was ridiculous for what you actually get.  The room reminded me of a suite from the 80's.  Everything was out dated especially the bathroom.  The water pressure was terrible.  

    The only good thing was the free breakfast and free drinks.  I would have honestly paid $40.00 more per night and stayed at the Marriott up the street.

    06/03/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    92. Dina V.
    I love Embassy Suites! The only thing I didn't expect was that the Lake Tahoe location being a bit outdated. After coming from the Monterey location and having flat screen tvs, plush beds, and new furniture I felt a bit cheated, lol. But their indoor pool, spa, and fitness center as well as the free happy hour and free made to order breakfast will definitely bring us here again.

    17/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    93. Christine d.
    one of our favorite places to go in the winter.

    what we love (as a family with two small kids):

    indoor pool and hot tub
    free happy hour every evening
    all suites
    big, made to order breakfast buffet
    proximity to lake, sledding, shops, restaurants

    what wasn't so great the last time we were there:

    sofa bed was broken
    housekeeping was hit or miss
    restaurant in hotel is expensive with mediocre food

    nevertheless, we'll head back next winter break.

    09/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    94. Lindy B.
    Traveling with two snowboarding teenage boys, it was imperative we find someplace close to the gondolas; with two rooms and some nightlight close by...this fit the bill perfectly.  

    Up in the morning with breakfast vouchers in hand, the boys got a hearty fill of freshly prepared food, eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, biscuits and gravy...all there.  Filled up and ready to roll, they grabbed their boards and off to a day on the slopes.  Husband and I do not ski, so we walked through the nearby shops and then on to try our luck at the nearby casinos!  (No LUCK...oh well, it's fun anyway).   It was a perfect way to spend a weekend - no one had to be ready at any particular time...they could come and go, we could come and go...

    LindySez - it's close to everything.  Clean rooms and set up just like all Embassy Suites, you will never get lost!  But be quiet when they are having a wedding in the lobby...yep, in the lobby...gotta love that staircase!

    12/03/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    95. Jenn G.
    Perfect place for families. Free breakfast, close to attractions, polite staff and clean rooms. AC was broken on the first night, but by the time we got back from the day's activities it was fixed.

    27/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    96. Nichole C.
    This is one of our tried and true favorites when it comes to lodging. You can't beat the free breakfast (made to order on omelets, pancakes, french toast, oatmeal, bacon, sausage, potatoes, oatmeal, fresh fruits and pastries). Plus their complementary Managers Cocktail Reception each night. This location is centrally located to everything and most of the attractions are within walking distance. Tommy the concierge was quite helpful with discounts and information. We just wish they had an indoor/outdoor pool.

    01/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    97. Mike R.
    I think overall, this is a great hotel. Extremely friendly staff, even though the hotel was very crowded and sold out. The breakfasts were very good, and free happy hour was nice too. Room was generally clean, but furniture was starting to show wear and tear, and bed was too soft, as it appears worn out. Carpets were generally clean, but could use a vacuuming in hard to reach areas, such as under desks, etc. Valet parking is expensive, but there is free parking behind Harrah's, which is not even a 2 minute walk. Wi-fi was expensive ($13 per day) but fast and reliable. Overall, I liked this hotel, but they may need to keep an eye out on there furnishings, as it is getting on the worn side. I would definately stay here again.

    10/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    98. Sunshine S.
    We had a good experience the last time we stayed at the Embassy Suites in Lake Tahoe.  The rooms were spacious enough for our group and the beds were comfortable.  The furniture was starting to show signs of wear and tear but we didn't mind because we were barely in the rooms anyway.  Their free breakfast was pretty good and free happy hour was a total plus so we were all pretty happy when 4 ok came around.  Staff was really friendly even with all the guests there (sold out completely when we stayed here).  The only complaint is that we had to pay $20 for valet parking (you could park elsewhere but then we'd have to walk with all our stuff).

    16/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    99. Aaron M.
    Another good note that everyone should do if you haven't seen by a lot of the reviews is don't pay for parking! There is a free parking lot next door so unless you have a very nice car you need out of the elements (or you are lazy) then you are wasting $25/day for valet.

    12/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    100. Andres F.
    Must go here!!!

    10/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    101. Marion R.
    I had no idea what an ideal spot this was - you could literally walk from your room at the Embassy Suites (in CA) to a slot machine in NV within 3 minutes (if you used the side door to Harrah's.)   Awesome!

    Walk 3 minutes in the other direction and you're at Heavenly Ski Resort and village which has a bunch of shops, a grocery store (Raley's), a movie theater, Cold Stone, Baja Fresh, Jamba Juice, Seattle's Best Coffee - it has it all.

    This Embassy Suites is in the PERFECT location.  The room was perfectly fine  - not brand new, but can everything be brand new?

    04/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    102. Ahamdreza A.
    It's all about the location.
    Parking is a hassle and rooms are clean but dark.
    They don't offer Wi-Fi and self parking ($25/day) valet parking only.
    Staff are friendly and complimentary breakfast has huge lines no matter how early you go down to the dining area.
    Indoor pool only
    In overall, the hotel is over crowded wherever you go you have stay in line!!

    26/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    103. K M.
    Well I guess if you are here to gamble, it's walking distance (about a 10 foot walk!) to Nevada. Other than that, what a waste of a whole mountain of Hilton points. I was totally excited about passing through this part of town and getting to stay at one really fancy place out of like 19 nights on the road. (We were here early August '10.) What a disappointment. Not sure how a place like this stays in business in a market like Tahoe.

    I will start with the ONLY redeeming quality I can think of: The in-house restaurant, The Echo Lounge (lunch and dinner) was great. Expensive but great. Wonderful service from our waitress, who was super nice to the kids. (Some servers hate kids.) We sat outside and it was a bit chilly but they parked us under a patio heater. Food was great, fresh, healthy, unlike most of what we ate the first 2+ weeks on the road. Fresh food/produce was really difficult to find in a lot of the places we've been adventuring.

    As for the rest of our stay:

    "Upscale" hotels like this tend to nickel and dime you for every little thing and this hotel was no exception. ("Upscale" in quotes because this place might have qualified as upscale two decades ago...) Valet parking (mandatory) was like fifteen bucks or something, for so-so service, and wi-fi was something like another $13. Needless to say our Facebook family didn't get any vacation updates from us the night we stayed here.

    The management of this hotel should be EMBARRASSED by the condition of the suites. I would guess that they built this place in about 1992 and haven't touched it since. Old furniture, old TVs, tacky, tacky. Also of note: the temperature of the shower varied as a sine wave...hot...cold...hot...cold...hot... try showering three little kids in that. Plus I nailed my shin really hard on the shower door track trying to climb into that tub. Uncool. Also - bed - not very comfortable.

    On to the pool. It was FREEZING. And it had these weird colored lights. And it was absolutely packed...like maybe a gigantic hotel of this size needs a bigger pool or multiple pools. Hint. Hint.

    And on to breakfast - free buffet - but HOLY GOD it was packed, and the service was WOEFULLY inadequate for the number of people they were trying to cram through there. I think we waited in line at least 20 minutes - and that was the "short" line because we weren't waiting for made-to-order omelettes. I need to reiterate that this is a GIGANTIC hotel. It doesn't look like it from the street, but I believe it was a 9-story hotel and a sprawling footprint also. Translation: A lot of rooms times 9 = a lot of hungry people anxious for free food because they've been shelling out for parking and wi-fi and tips and everything else all weekend. Once you fight your way through that line, just try and find a table. I dare you. And then serve yourself your own drinks too. As for the food? Not as good as the food at the (much more affordable) Hilton Garden Inns we have stayed at.

    In general, service was mechanical and impersonal. My husband described it as a "people mill".

    To summarize: giant, outdated hotel with mediocre service parked on prime real estate charging way too much for what they are offering. We were really expecting to walk into this hotel and be blown away and totally pampered (that's what I would expect from a Category 5 Hilton.) In Jackson, WY we stayed at a kind of sucky old motel that was amazingly located. They charged half of what the nice places charged. Embassy Suites should take a hint from them. Either bring your "A game" or lower your prices.

    13/03/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    104. Casandra M.
    This is an older hotel in a great location.  Staff are all very friendly, happy people - and they have free happy hour and breakfast everyday.  Hilton Diamond gets lots of love here with a special HH at Echo, the onsite restaurant.  I was very pleasantly surprised that Embassy Suites has an very nice restaurant with interesting menu.  Would give them 5 stars if the shower wasn't so old-motelish and the pillows were nicer.

    20/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    105. Yahaira V.
    I was there for one night only was going to extend but changed my mind after many thing I found in the room, shower had lots of mold, pink slime on bathroom door rails, duvet cover had blood stains, since I had a connecting room I started to check my kinds shower as well there was hair inside the tub, furniture is outdated and carpet as well. Cleanness is very important for me if I stay in a hotel but after all the thing that I found in both of the rooms it was very diss appointing for the rate of $210.00 plus additional $25 for valet and another $12 for Internet it was way too much. Location is very convenient to shopping stores and casinos but definitely will not come back due to cleanness.

    28/05/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    106. Jackie R.
    I've been staying here since I was young and it still is great for kids and families.  It's still a great place to stay up in South Lake Tahoe and the location is great.  You can see Nevada from your room!

    No I'm serious, you can.  This place is in California and you cross the street and BAM! you're in Nevada.  There you can gamble and enjoy the casinos.  So location is perfect for that and close to skiing.  Oh and close to a lot of really good restaurants and bars.

    The hotel itself is older on the inside but it's still does the job.  The rooms are huge because they are suites.  Beds are OK and the bathrooms are clean.

    Two other good things about the hotel:
    1) they have a free breakfast every morning but be prepared for long lines and lots of families.
    2) they have a free "Manager's Reception" in the evening

    29/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    107. Anthony R.
    A very enjoyable stay.  The breakfast and Cocktail hour can have a very VERY long line.  It would be nice if they could figure out a way to handle the lines and the wait during busy days.

    16/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    108. Katrina J.
    My friends had a room here for NYE and I was so jealous! After walking into their room I wanted to cry - they paid just as much as we did and their room was actually nice! Our room at the Horizon looked like a damn Motel-6 but Motel-6 is nicer (seriously.)
    The bar had free drinks until 6:00pm, there was a NYE party and when you first walk up there was security checking to make sure you had the black light stamp on your had showing you were a guest at the place. (If the Horizon had that they could have avoided people getting stabbed in their casino, I'm just saying.) If only I would have known about this place - I would have stayed here!

    12/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    109. Kris S.
    On the weekend of 6/30/13 my friends and I stayed at this  hotel and loved the property.  It still is the same as when it was Embassy Suites and hope it remains that way through future renovations.  The staff is wonderful, the offering of the full breakfast and cocktail hour is great and the hotel overall is really nice.  It reminds us of a hotel that would be in Hawaii with its relaxing atmosphere and tropical feel.  I really enjoyed talking to this nice hotel guest, at the beverage station, that I believe is a 49er fan.  Bay Area people, like myself, are lucky to have Lake Tahoe so close to us!

    07/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    110. Christine H.
    Super alternative if you can't get a reservation at Harrahs or Havey's.  A little pricey but a very nice hotel.  A plus is the free breakfast and happy hour.  I would suggest you park your own car in the Harrahs outside parking lot and walk over.  You can drop off your luggage and then park.  Valet at Embassy is $25 a night with no in/out priveleges.  Other than that they were very nice and accommodating.  It is a very short walk to Harrahs to get your gambling on!!!

    14/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    111. Ryan C.
    This is a decent hotel.  It was in a good location, and I stayed here during the Lake Tahoe Half Marathon.  I thought the rates were a bit high (Around 150-180) a night. I used priceline and was able to get the hotel for around 50. I would highly recommend using priceline to avoid the higher rates the hotel is charging.

    The stay itself was great. The rooms are suites and large. The rooms themselves are a bit dated, and feel tired.  The restroom also seemed like it was due for an upgrade.  But overall I was pleased with my stay.  I was not able to extend my checkout without getting hit with  a large fee which was disappointing.

    If I had to return to the Lake Tahoe area I would come back to the Embassy Suites if I could get that great rate on priceline.

    23/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    112. Brittany S.
    THEY NEED TO REMODEL THERE ROOMS!!!! There rooms look like they haven't been remodeled since 1980s TV is crap maybe a 15inch screen at most, the bed and floors are horrible. You'd think with the price you pay for the rooms. Only good thing is the breakfast and happy hour

    24/01/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    113. frida k.
    This is not a real resort.  The only thing the place has going for it is the location and that's why they can charge such high prices.

    The front desk and management is rude, the rooms are pretty outdated, and there are no good restaurants onsite.  The happy hour from 4:30 to 6:30 serves cheap cliquier and cheap snacks.  

    They charge for the wifi and the parking daily.  The breakfast wasn't bad - except for the coffee, but that's about it.

    I would not stay there again.  Just not worth the price.

    04/01/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    114. hana R.
    I like staying at Embassy Suites when I travel,  their " Manager's Reception"  happy hour ritual is fun &  their free breakfast buffet , the two items that make them different from other hotels. However this particular one in Tahoe has disappointed us. We stayed there for one night. We were itchy the next day & had some sort of bug bites. Parking is a nightmare, you have to park by Harrah's and then walk all the way to the hotel or pay $25 for Valet, the hotel does not have it's own parking lot.

    09/06/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    115. Diana L.
    This is a great hotel centrally located in Lake Tahoe which is next to the gondola up to heavenly and near many restaurants, shops, casinos, and of course, The Lake.  I stayed here for a couple nights for America's Most Beautiful Ride ( i highly recommend this event as you cycle around the lake and it is absolutely gorgeous ).  

    We experienced wonderful and friendly service here.  The Manager's reception is awesome (2 complimentary alcoholic beverages of either beer or wine plus freshly popped popcorn and pretzels).  You can enjoy this in the atrium which has a large seating area and a large screen TV.  So it's almost like a bar only much more casual.  

    The complimentary breakfast in the morning is actually quite good and has a varied selection.  

    There is a nice indoor jacuzzi/pool/sauna/fitness area.  It's quite small though so you can't exactly do laps in the pool and there are only a couple of machines in the fitness center.  

    The only negative thing i would say is that the hotel needs some serious updating.  The TV's in the "regular" suites are still tube ( COME ON!) The decor in the room also needs some modernization.  One doesn't really get the feel of upscale-esqe and i think it needs to be done!

    Tip:  Skip the $25 valet and park it yourself.  There's plenty of parking in the rear.

    06/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    116. S. I.
    My experience with hotels in Lake Tahoe has been a bit of a crapshoot, and most I've stayed in previously have been horrible ... few, downright nightmarish.  However, I felt like I hit the jackpot when we arrived at the Embassy Suite, and granted my expectations were relatively low after having had so many terrible experiences, Embassy Suite surpassed all of my expectations.

    One of the best aspect of the hotel is the location, as it is literally steps away from the Heavenly gondola, numerous restaurants and shops in S. Lake Tahoe, and it was really convenient to be to walk to everywhere including the grocery store and the beach.  

    The appearance of the hotel is definitely stuck in a bit of a time warp and badly in need of an update; nevertheless, the rooms are spacious and are equipped with more than what we needed: microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker, even a separate livingroom and small kitchen sink.

    The housekeeping was impeccable and respectful of our needs, and when I called to request that the room be clean at a particular time, they were more than happy to oblige.  The full breakfast in the morning was perfect with great selection of fruit and cereals as well as more hearty items like eggs, bacon and sausage.  The complimentary reception in the evening is definitely a bonus, esp. if you've been skiing.  Although the selection of snacks is a bit limited ... some warm cookies wouldn't be bad ... considering that it's free, it was more than acceptable.

    The daily rate for the parking is $25; however, it's also possible to park in the outdoor parking lot directly behind the hotel for free.  Of course, it's not in a covered area, which may be necessary if there's a lot of snow, but we'd parked there for 4 days without any problem.  

    Overall, we had a wonderful stay, and I will definitely return again.

    28/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    117. Rhonda M.
    We always stay at embassy suites but this time we were very disappointed. The rooms are old and dark. They are really small compared to other embassy suites we have been to (Maui, Oahu, Anaheim north and south, New Orleans, Portland, San Diego, La Jolla and probably a few more I am not remembering right now) We were told we were in a newly updated room and it looked like it hadn't been touched since 1991. We would never stay here again.

    05/03/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    118. Tri V.
    Very good experience staying at this hotel for the weekend. First off, the Manager's reception is awesome. Full bar, any drinks you want, and you get to get 2 drinks per person every time you come up to the bar. Do not under estimate how much you can drink in 2 hours. I probably shouldn't have mixed light with dark. I had a semi "hangover" moment getting lost in the casino, throwing up on a escalator, doing a lot that night that I don't remember. I think I won some money too (had more in my wallet than I remember).

    Horrible horrible, hangover the next morning. The breakfast helped a lot. The food is actually GOOD comparing it to other free hotel breakfasts. Fresh omelets (options for egg whites only), bacon, scrambled eggs, french toast, pancakes, really good guava juice. There were other items but pretty standard breakfast offerings. After breakfast, we walked to the gondola to the heavenly slopes. Another thing I loved about this hotel is that it's nestled right between harrahs and all the shops in the gondola village. Great location!

    Checked out the fitness center, it had free weights, a sauna, nice sized indoor pool and hot tub. The rules are very relaxed. I got to bring drinks into the hot tub the next night for manager's reception. At 4:30 when my hangover just went away I toned down my drinking a little, only knocking back 3 old fashioneds.

    The rooms are pretty nice. We had a suite with a separate bedroom and a dining table. I think those are pretty standard. I love the architecture of the hotel with a wide open space in the middle with a pond filled with real koi fish. The staff were all great and our issues were attended to promptly. The only thing I thought was excessive was the $25 a day parking. It kept my car underground from the snow so I wasn't complaining.

    12/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    119. Patricia N.
    Good experience, minus one star because the bed & pillows are super stiff and uncomfortable.
    Word of advice take your own pillows.

    17/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    120. Nancy W.
    This was a nice hotel with good size rooms.  I would give it 4 stars but because of some safety issues, I drop it down a star.  The bars on the railings are too spread apart that a small child can stick his/her head through.  It's pretty scary when you're on the 7th and 8th floor!  We have two little toddlers and it was frighting to imagine what would happen if they were to stick their little heads/bodies out!  Other than that, the breakfast was yummie!  Service was good.  The rooms were well kept but the AC was a bit loud but it was okay because we were to tired to notice :-)  The garden and the flowers were really pretty!  It was close to the casinos and lots of restaurants so very convenient.

    One thing I need to add.  I booked the hotel through ROOMSTAYS.COM , which was a huge mistake!  They charged me as well as the hotel.  The hotel manager was very attentive to help me resolve the matter but not Roomstays!  The switch the blame on the hotel instead of taking responsibility.  When we later found out that they were supposed to pay the hotel, which they didn't, they still did not take responsibility and apologize.  After a few days of arguing back and forth, Roomstays.Com finally reimbursed me.  They also charged me a lot more than the hotel would have charged if I had booked through them.  Be careful when making the reservation online at the hotel's website because it will direct you to Roomstays.Com .  You think you are booking through Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel, when in fact, you're booking it through Roomstays.com !  So call the hotel directly to book after you've checked around for good rates.  DON'T EVER BOOK THROUGH ROOMSTAYS.COM !  THERE'S BEEN A LOT OF SIMILAR COMPLAINTS!

    25/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    121. Jim Chris U.
    We got a room in this hotel for a really really good price!
    and we were suprised that it had 2 queen beds and 2 tv sets and a dining/living room! also had 2 free breakfasts and they served popcorn,salads beers and cocktails in the afternoon for free! this was awesome! perfect place to stay when visiting lake tahoe!

    09/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    122. Ken L.
    Nice room.  Sizable.   Stayed 1 night with state government employee discount $154.00 on a Friday.  Seems like a good idea until we found out we had to pay for $25 parking per day!!!  Free breakfast (eggs made to order).  Not a bad place but we also had to pay $12.00 for WiFi.   Harrah's Casino next door would have been cheaper but not as spacious.

    24/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    123. Bob R.
    Former Embassy Suites. The rooms are spacious and the lobby is very nice. I like the Koi pond. They have a real good breakfast. The facilities and location are very good. Unfortunately they charge $25 for parking and also charge for WiFi. That is a one star deduction. Everything was clean and in working order. Staff was friendly and helpful. The tube TV's were quaint.

    17/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    124. Bill G.
    For those who aren't familiar with the brand, Embassy Suites has a lot of things going for it in general. Virtually all rooms are two-room suites. It's easy to accommodate a family or a bunch of friends. There's a free cocktail reception in the evening and a full breakfast buffet in the morning. If you've got a lot of people in your room, that's a big chunk of change you can save right there. This property is about par for the brand in terms of amenities and service.

    A big local plus is the location-- you're just steps from the casinos, the lift for Heavenly, and the most active parts of South Lake Tahoe.

    One downside is that this property is huge (for an Embassy Suites) and its buffets tend to be swamped. Count on waiting up to 30 minutes in line at peak times during high season. Another downside is that the room rates run fairly high. You'll definitely pay more for a room here than at nearby hotels of similar quality. From the looks of it, people drink enough at the cocktail hour to make up for it.

    13/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    125. John-Mark A.
    The convenience of this hotel is its location, right up against the Nevada state line, abutting Harrah's.  Be attentive when you drive here ,since the drive-up unloading area faces Harrah's, and is not visible from the road.

    You'll be asked if you want valet parking when you pull up.  Its an annoyance that the hotel charges an extra $25 a day for it, and its not clear that its even possible to self park at the hotel.  You might try the free parking across the street at the casino.  

    Similarly you will be nickel and dimed for internet access.  They advertise that it is bundled with the parking charges.  But be sure to ask for it when you arrive -- and you may need to remind them to give you an access code for the service. In this day and age it would be so much easier and less of a hassle for a hotel to just give unfettered access to a service whose marginal cost to them is nil.

    08/12/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    126. Chris B.
    Regardless of the $1800 price tag during "peak Season" this place kicks ass! They have not only a perfect location (nestled walking distance to Casinos, NYE festivites and the best of all, Heavenly) but also has great amenities such as a pool, gym, free cocktail hour and breakfast!

    The room was very nice and clean. I used my suite to accommodate 6 people!!! It was a blast :) . The lobby was pretty relaxing with the sound of trickling water and 4 flat screen TVs displaying the yule tide log.

    The staff here were super friendly and gave me some madd props for boarding and wreaking havoc on the streets in my big foot costume!  This was a trip to be remembered by all in my party!!!

    04/01/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    127. Jim J.
    I love to stay at Embassy Suites.  Location-Location-Location and this one has it.  The staff is also fantastic and they host one of the best managers receptions there is.  The only complaint I have about Embassy is the cost of the WI-FI.  You must pay for each device you want to connect in your room.  So if you and your spouse both have devices, it is double the cost, plus the cost of other devices.  Funny, I don't mind paying more for the room, however I hate paying for Wi-FI.  I wish they would fix this and I would stay with them more often,.

    17/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    128. Debra D.
    This place let's kids stand on tables eating as if he were an animal!

    29/09/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    129. Veronica S.
    This is the best Hotel in South Lake Tahoe! I love itwe willl be back in the future. They have excellent check in. Along with that they have happy hour drinks and breakfast. After a long night of parting it's nice to have breakfast. Although the breakfast is wonderful I would recommended adding vegetarian and turkey/chicken meat options. After being out all night its better to have healthy food. The only issue I had was at check out I pulled the car around to the front to load our bags the bell boy and thats what he was a little tiny boy yelled at me for not being in the perfect position. He was so rude  waving his hands at me to move. It was super early like 8:20am and no one was waiting behind us. I was so pissed to be treated badly after I had such a great time. It's hard to find good help, so it doesn't change my feelings about this hotel is a  great choice. But I want a discount for me next trip there ;)

    01/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    130. Ricardo M.
    The staff are extremely friendly and willing to address your needs on a timely basis. The place is great for kids. I like having the breakfast and happy hour options being included with the hotel rate. The breakfast has all the options you would want; however, the happy hour isn't the best. It provides you with cheap alcohol and wine options, but the beer options are decent. But that's my only complaint. This place is also very close to Heavenly's Gondolas, another plus. Overall, I'll be coming back for sure.

    12/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    131. M W.
    Took a short road trip to Tahoe for snowboarding and decided to stay here for the night. We booked a suite which came with 2 queen beds and a sink in the bedroom, a living room with a sofa bed and a small dining area. There was also a refrigerator, kitchen sink and microwave. The room was pretty spacious and the water pressure for the shower was just perfect.

    They had free breakfast but unfortunately none of us woke up in time for that. The sofa bed was soooooo uncomfortable. It was a Saturday night and we paid over $300.00 for just one night + an additional $25.00 for valet.

    The location was great. There were many restaurants/shops around the area and Harrah's is right next door for those who like to gamble.

    07/03/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    132. Great S.
    4pm room not ready to check in.. Day 2 5:15pm maid service to busy to get fresh towels and clean the room... WTF.... Day 3 Check out 30 minute for bellmen. And to top it off we are in the preferred club..... Place sucks

    03/01/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    133. Jeff C.
    Awesome food, had the echo burger and fries and my wife had the lamb chops. Very friendly service, our waiter was Derrick, very prompt service. Highly recommend this hidden gem inside Lake Tahoe Resort hotel. Not sure why others are hating on this spot. Be back for sure!

    05/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    134. Keoni G.
    Awesome service. Awesome hotel.

    PRO's-check in was less then 2 mins, free parking, free valet, free wifi, employees very welcoming, rooms were large but standard for embassy suites standards, fridge, microwave, wetbar, comfy couch, large dining table, comfy masterbed, large walkin closets, bathroom was really big and clean.  room was clean and fresh smelling.  hotel location was across the street from Harrah's so walking to casino was a breeze, room service was good, location in south tahoe is in the middle of everything.

    CON's-security deposit was $150 a night which is more then the daily rate I paid, parking lot is small, no 24hr restaurant, you have to walk next door. no late checkout.

    08/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    135. Grace C.
    I stayed here on a family ski/snowboard trip in December.  It was great!  The only downside is that you get what you pay for (i.e., it's pricey to stay here).

    - Less than a 5-minute walk from the Heavenly Gondola
    - Rooms are spacious and clean
    - Free breakfast buffet, with cold items (cereal, fruit, breads, yogurt....), hot items (scrambled eggs, bacon, oatmeal, biscuits...), and best of all: a made-to-order omelette station! There's usually a long line for the omelettes though.
    - Free manager's reception every evening - with snacks (popcorn, pretzels) and a variety of drinks
    - Harrah's is next door: Easy access to the tasty Harrah's buffet!

    - The business center has 3 computers with internet... but it's suuuuuperrrrrrrr slow, so you have to be patient.
    - Pricey.

    01/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    136. Lauren D.
    For an Embassy Suites hotel, I expected a little more.

    Long, long waits for the free breakfast, and luckily we found a table fairly quickly.  Many others not so lucky.  Same for the cocktail reception.  On the plus side, they serve Shock Top on tap so my hubby was happy with that.

    I am super sensitive to smoke, and after waking, I could definitively smell cigarette smoke in the air.  That was a bummer.

    The chlorine in the pool was so strong, I didn't want to stay in the enclosed pool room.  I let my husband take the kiddos swimming.  

    We upgraded to a premium room, and really, the sheets, beds and location of the room all seemed standard to me.  

    On the pluses, breakfast is complimentary as is the cocktail hour, the traditional two-room suite rocks and the location couldn't be better (right at Stateline, walking distance to the Heavenly gondola).  Great for families.  

    And, in the hotel gift shop, I found some really cool tiny dishes that were heart shaped and handmade from recycled glass for $7.  Perfect for my rings!  

    All in all, we'd probably stay there again.

    27/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    137. Jboogie X.
    Although the rooms could use some refurbishing...Overall the experience was very good for the first time with the kids in the snow. Prompt, courteous and helpful!!! Will return!!

    14/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    138. Elmo D.
    Let me start off by saying the staff are very warm and friendly.  Our check-in took about 2 minutes which was great.  When we got to our room the decor was a bit dated and the televisions both the front room and bedroom were the old tube tv.  Which was bad if you're a sport fan.  Tried to watch football and half the stuff you would normally be able to see couldn't because it didn't fit the screen right.  Another negative was that we had to change rooms at 1am due to the ballast going out in the restroom.  Had to wake up the kids to make the room change which was a bit inconvenient and we received no upgrade or apology.

    Let me list the pro's and con's.

    location - walking distance to everything
    free breakfast - great if you start early, as it gets later the lines get longer and seating is sparse.
    managers happy hour - great staff and great drinks.  shock top on tap.
    indoor swimming pool - stocked with towels a plus when you have kids.

    Parking is not family friendly unless you pay for valet
    no free wifi
    valet parking 25 dollars a day

    I would recommend this hotel to friends and family as long as they read my review. LOL

    03/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    139. Johanna V.
    I love the Embassy's huge rooms, free happy hour and free cooked-to-order breakfast.  The location is perfect, right next to the casinos and close to ski resorts.  I will be returning.

    The weekend we went to the Embassy, there were sooo many families who all seemed to have about 4 kids each.  We weren't able to get into the pool or hot tub during the day due the crowds and fear of the pee to water to chlorine ration.  The sauna was also out of order which was a big bummer and getting breakfast in the morning with about 1,000 kids was a major ordeal.

    10/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    140. Diana W.
    Stayed here 5 years ago and said I wanted to just live here haha

    Bomb free breakfast and manager's open bar reception for customers living here. Thank goodness for referrals, because I've visited this place still every other year to visit friends staying here.

    This place is best for families and couples, older folks that chill and take it easy.  You got some quiet nice tranquility going on here.  Service is always spectacular but yes the rooms are expensive.

    Stayed at Harrahs, and yeah less space here but at least you have a divider if you're going in a 2 couple group. Probably one of the most expensive hotels around the area.

    Parking: Valet

    Slopes: The gondola to Heavenly is right by you. Walkable distance with your board or skiis. They  have no special prices on the lift tickets, only easier access of having it at the hotel.

    Service: The best here.

    Room: One room with a view. The other room with a bathroom, dining table for 4, tv, couch (bed for 2) and small couch with a coffee table.

    24/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    141. Leslie W.
    We have stayed here in the past and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  The customer service is outstanding, the lobby & rooms are clean, and the hot cooked breakfast & manager's reception was a nice treat!

    The Valet: A bit pricey, but they are fast, friendly, and efficient!

    Front Desk:  They are warm and welcoming!  They explain the amenities of the hotel, and quickly check you in and out!  If you ever ask for room service or housekeeping service, they always provide a follow up phone call to ensure the service was complete!

    Rooms:  Clean and spacious!  They have a sofa-bed, small dining table with 4 chairs, mini-refrigerater, microwave, coffee maker (with condiments), minibar sink, hair dryer, complimentary toiletries from Crabtree & Evelyn, master sink in the bedroom, and window that over looks the parking lot or mountains.  The (1 of the 2) TVs were outdated, but we don't watch TV so it doesn't matter. The beds are horribly soft, so the front desk asked housekeeping to put a wooden board under the mattress.  It made a little difference, but not much.

    The Pool, Gym, & Sauna:  The pool & jacuzzi is indoors, and is maintained well.  There is a nice large deck outside with plenty of lounge chairs (a great place to relax and tan!).  The gym is small, but has a couple ellipticals, treadmills, and free weights.  The sauna was out of order when we went.

    Overall a great vacation spot for families, close proximity to the beach, shops, casinos, and restaurants.  The customer service is awesome and its very clean!

    19/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    142. Jan S.
    - No fitted sheets on bed, flat sheets that did not remain on mattress
    - Worst pillows I've ever experienced, were filled with hard foam chunks that you could feel against your head, actually causing a headache.   They did replace them with normal pillows after we complained
    - Air was so dry we couldn't sleep, kept guzzling water and waking up coughing and dry hurting sinuses, very weird.  The air did not stop circulating, as though it was always on, really had a drying effect. (We were on top floor)  When we complained we were given a humidifier that did help.
    - No free wifi
    - Long long lines for free breakfast
    - The happy hour was a great idea, but it was around 35-40min to get a drink when we were there,  went down the street instead

    - Free breakfast, good variety and not bad
    - Close to heavenly gondola lift, shopping, gambling, bars
    - Very friendly and helpful staff
    - Koi pond/streams in main lobby, loved it (Tip: They do give out Koi food on occasion so you can feed them)

    In all, the worst sleep I've had in a hotel due to the issues above, was thrilled to sleep in when I got home

    10/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    143. Wanugee N.
    This Embassy Suites has an ideal location for you Skiers, Gamblers, Shoppers and those with Families!

    Skiers: The Heavenly Valley Gondola is nearby, walking just about a block west, which takes you up to mid-mountain.

    Gamblers: It is right on the Stateline, so it is next door to Harrah's, and by underground tunnel from there, connected to Harvey's. There are two other casinos within walking distance.

    Shoppers: It is next door to the large Heavenly Village shopping mall, so there are plenty of boutiques, sporting goods, and other shops for you non-skiers, or skiers taking a break and getting needed supplies or gifts.

    Families: The Embassy Suites design make it perfect for families, with a double size sofa bed in the front room, and a king sized bed in the bedroom, and dual TVs. Plus, sink, microwave, fridge, dining table for 4, and lounge chair, all make it very comfortable for a family of 4.

    Other Pluses: Indoor pool and hot tub, sauna, gym, concierge. Plus FREE breakfast 7 - 10 daily, and FREE manager's happy hour with snacks 4:30 - 6:30 daily. They have 24 hour room service, too. For Gold and up Hilton members, they have a separate ballroom with your Manager's happy hour during peak seasonal times, like Christmas.

    Minuses: Valet parking only! And at $25 a day. They usually get your car in 5 - 10 minutes, but it can get hectic at busy times, like weekends. (Tip: You could try to sneak a parking stall in the back at the Harrah's lot and walk in.) WiFi is $12.95 a day, unless you are a Gold or Diamond Hilton Honors member, then it is free.

    Also, the walls are kind of thin, so you can hear the kids screaming in the rooms next to you pretty easily. Keep that in mind if you have your own screamer, kid or adult!

    This Embassy is 7 stories, and about twice as deep as most ES. But there are only 4 elevators, so sometimes they are jammed, especially during peak times, like breakfast and happy hour.

    Depending on room, season and availability, you'll pay about $200-$250/night or so here. But when you factor in free brekkie and cocktails/snacks, it is a good deal, in an ideal location.

    24/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    144. Troy W.
    My first stay at an Embassy Suites was around 1990 in Atlanta GA and I've stayed with them many time over the years, not much has changed. The interiors look as though they were transported directly from the late 80's and the 23" CRT televisions are the icing on top of the cake.
    One thing that is blatantly obvious is that these hotels have great bones, the size of the room is great, the construction was great, the atriums are always a pleasure but they're ridicliously outdated.
    I would have the same pro's & con's that others have mentioned, location, room size, breakfast/cocktail hour, valet is $25 per night & the cleanliness is average.
    Worth the stay, if you can find a good deal online somewhere, I'm not sure it's worth $225 a night.

    10/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    145. Donnie B.
    Stayed during Labor Day weekend and hotel is great. With 2 kids, free breakfast, kids happy hour, indoor pool open until 10pm (under 18 yo), large suite, fish pond and glass elevators, this place is a parents dream! TV's could be updated. Located on the State line, great for walking around to see the town. Ask for free late check out until 1pm. Parking is okay if you want to chance parking at next casinos lot. $25 per day for valet parking with hotel. Staff super friendly and Justin (Concierge) helped plan a day on a speed boat and Jeremy (Front Desk self depracating Red Skins fan) found my Raiders visor I left at breakfast!  Great place and will come to stay again!

    02/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    146. Joyce M.
    We rented the entire queen of the lake ballroom for our wedding reception on 6/30/12. Frankie Stone was a great event coordinator. Our wedding planning went smoothly from beginning to end. She was very professional and knowledgeable about weddings. After our first in-person meetup, we immediately sealed our wedding date a week after.

    Hotel - very nice & close to everything. It is located in CA & NV borderline and very close to our wedding ceremony, Lakeside Beach. Their breakfast buffet is great and tons of selections. The manager's happy hour is oh well, great too...we and our guests enjoyed it very much. We were at the 7th floor and the view was gorgeous except for the eye-sore abandoned building in-front but we were glad that hotel was not finished otherwise we won't have the lake view.

    Parking - they need their own self serve parking rather than vallet parking. The vallet parking is expensive, $25/day. So we parking next door by Harrah's.

    09/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    147. Cindy K.
    We planned a visit to Lake Tahoe, and knew we wanted to stay on the South shore.  Our decision to choose the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel was a great one.  The hotel is a lot larger than we anticipated from the look of it outside.  However, we were impressed with how well everything works...from the complimentary breakfast and Manager's reception to the super friendly desk staff and concierge.  The location is perfect. You can relax in a variety of spots at the hotel, and then a few steps takes you to the casinos, restaurants, and shopping.

    We stayed four nights and our balcony suite was spacious and super comfy.  It is so nice to have the extra space to spread out.  Everything was clean and well stocked. We had a newly renovated suite, and the water pressure was strong, the towels and bedding luxurious, and the attention to detail was appreciated.

    When we needed a bit of extra help, Yoko, at the front desk, took care of us quickly and efficiently.  Thanks, Yoko!!!

    We will definitely return to the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel.

    20/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    148. Jon Y.
    This hotel looks quite nice. Cool design and decor. Service was very friendly. Free hot breakfast in the morning and free happy hour every afternoon is a big plus. Rooms are nice, although the TVs are super old and small, if you care about that kind of thing. Parking is expensive (required valet parking). Also, there little white bugs in the room, wasn't sure if they were bedbugs, lice, or what... I made sure to shake everything out before packing it, and to wash it when I got home.

    08/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    149. Steven D.
    Good location, reasonably priced, very good customer service from staff.  Will stay here again.

    18/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    150. ranjit g.
    Nice hotel decor with fish pond. Friendly staff. However you cannot park your own car in their garage. I was told it's a locked garage. So if you need something from it, you have to get the valet to bring your stuff from it or bring out your car. The complimentary breakfast is okay. The eggs and potatoes were tasteless. But the fruit, yogurt, and cereal were good. They have happy hour with complimentary drinks with pretzels, chips and salsa.

    10/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    151. Monique A.
    I never written a review before, but this hotel REALLY NEEDS to be reviewed for the safety of others. Take it as a warning.

    I am a Hilton Honors member, and never in my life that I've stayed in a Hilton as putrid as this shit place. If I could give this place a zero star I would!! Cleanliness is imperative for me. This place is hands down DISGUSTING. When we checked in, the room was strangely warm, like the air conditioning was not working. The bed was disheveled like it was made in a hurry, and (this takes the cake)  the toilet wasn't cleaned! There were red yellowish spots on the seat and unflushed toilet paper inside. The nightmare didn't stop there. They did move us into another room but the manager did not apologize. The other room was also gross but I was so exhausted (I was 7.5 months pregnant then) I just sucked it up, showered and went to bed.

    The only pro about this place is the afternoon snack, which I quite enjoy. The breakfast was not bad too.

    Upon returning home, I realized that I left a couple of my toiletries. I called and the manager told me that the cleaning crew didn't find anything. I asked her to recheck and she told me that she'll call me back which she never did. This happened repeatedly as I kept trying to get them to find my stuff. I'm calling corporate/ customer service right after this. Disgusting.

    01/09/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    152. Candy C.
    Overall an okay hotel, but having free (yummy!) breakfast every morning and a manager's special with two free drinks in the afternoon makes this hotel fantastic! The indoor pool is  big and warm which my children love! They can swim all day, I swear! The hotel is within walking distance to restaurants, other hotels, etc. We stayed here in mid-October so we were not able to enjoy the snow. Zephyr Cove was a short drive away and we had a great time laying out, jet skiing, and making sand castles.

    Would definitely look into staying here again should we ever decide to venture off to Tahoe again.

    10/12/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    153. Nick F.
    I like this place! It was huge, the rooms were fresh, the ambience was very natural and welcoming. This place is an old Embassy Suites that separated from the business. I went here for a training and we all really enjoyed it. The happy hour bar served up some great known beer as well as some good liquor drinks, they had good drinking snacks and a TV for checking up on the games or news. The breakfast was great, plenty of options to choose from, the pool and the exercise room were pleasant to have there even though I did not use them. I'm ready to go back.

    29/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    154. Kevin L.
    I have stayed here with my family on four different vacations as it is a very convenient location adjacent to Heavenly Ski Resort.  That is by far the best part.

    The complementary breakfast is the same every day, week and year, while the evening snacks and drinks are... well again, complementary.

    The heated pool would be nice, were it not for the lack of a lifeguard who could save guests from out-of-control, screaming kids, running and jumping dangerously on the wet floor, while their distracted parents sit stewing in the jacuzzi.

    From there, the merits seem to diminish on a downward slope of nickel-and-dime-the-guest-to-death hotel philosophy.  None worse than the $13 per day internet fee.  In this day an age, is it too much to ask for "free" wifi from a hotel that charges $140+ per night?  It is also not a matter of the hotel upgrading to more accessible technology either.  The wifi was super easy to connect to but reverse-technology was implemented in maintaining an unusable speed for services like Netflix.  All so that guests can purchase a movie for $13 a pop.  All their televisions (as out-dated models as they come,) were stripped of cable connectivity.  If you brought along that portable dvd player hoping to watch some our your own discs on their t.v... forget about it.

    Room service, at first glance seemed reasonable, however, after $28 dollars worth of food and drinks were ordered, I was surprised to see a bill of over $50, comprised by almost half of surcharges and delivery fees.

    Concierge service is pretty bogus.  Want to sit in on a timeshare presentation?  Yeah, that's what the concierge tries to sell you.  Also their dining recommendations are to "sister" restaurants where they can tag-team you with more nickel-and-diming.

    Valet parking, on the other hand, was expensive at $25 per night (not including tips) but turned out to be a blessing as they park the car under a roof.  Whereas, non valet-parked cars were left out in the parking lot and by morning completely covered in snow to the point where they appeared to be indistinguishable bumps of solid white.  Good luck finding your car bud.  I'm a decent tipper, so each day, I spent an additional $10 getting and returning the car one time, just so that we could eat at a normal restaurant.

    I get and support the of concept of paying for luxury and service.  I'm good with that.  However, Embassy Suites Lake Tahoe, doesn't offer any thing more than a sub-par experience for their guests that merit the inflated fees.  

    Will I go back?  I may... simply because they are neighbors with Heavenly.  However, if I were given a choice with another hotel that offered something more and didn't make me feel like an open wallet with legs, I would never go back.

    28/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    155. Carne A.
    This place is OK.  I dont judge hotels by their typically mediocre breakfasts and low quality alcohol for "free."  They are not free as I paid 150 a night for an aging hotel that charges 13 a day for wireless access and has an outrageous third party vendor for parking at 25 dollars a day.  My room had grandma's furniture in it and carpet a microbiologist would love.  Again, it is not an awful place but I think in the future I will look elsewhere.  If I want a good breakfast and a bar it will not be at this hotel.  I will also skip the 4 dollar bottles of water in the room.  I am just not a fan of hotels that gouge you for things that other just as nice lodging places include for free.

    12/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    156. Rubi H.
    I love the embassy suites, i didn't know they changed the name..  Our room was beautiful, their pond was lovely and the breakfast was delicious. all of the staff are so helpful we are definitely coming back. ^-^

    11/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    157. Silvia R.

    27/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    158. Tim W.
    Good experience and location. Continental breakfast buffet was included every morning. Very filling and well done. Rooms were quality, simply didn't have a DVD player. We were happy with the suite. Parking on site was $25 a night, a rip off. But the staff were nice enough to suggest Harrah's next door where there was free parking (at your own risk).

    22/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    159. Lisa S.
    Yes, this is the old Embassy in South Lake. (I was confused as well when searching for the Embassy).
    I liked their Facebook page and ended up scoring one of their Thrifty Thursday deals for $109 that Saturday night. Drove up Saturday morning, parking in front to check in- Valet is not required! Park in the Harrah's lot directly behind the hotel. It doesn't get any easier than this so don't listen to the people complaining of valet. Check in was easy.

    Our room was very clean, and if you've stayed at Embassy's you know they are like mini apt's so I really don't know why you'd stay anywhere else in South Lake.
    The fridge is empty so you can put your own food in there. Plenty of space for luggage, food, and all sorts of misc things you end up with.

    Happy hour is pretty decent. The bartender will make you anything you want and he pours heavy. Happy hour food is not the greatest (popcorn, pretzels), but free drinks so who cares!
    Beds were comfy, rooms are spacious, ac worked, tv's worked. Yes all the hotels are a bit outdated but if you want new then I guess book a room at the Marriott and pay a lot more?
    I am not sure how anyone can really complain about this hotel. Close proximity to casino's, walking distance to restaurants, nearby free beach access.
    As with any city where you have mass amounts of people out and about, request a high floor room so you avoid the late night street noise of drunk people.
    Pool area is not that great, but you are in Tahoe, go to the lake!!
    Yes tv's are old but why are you in your room watching tv when you are in Tahoe!
    Breakfast buffet is great considering its included in your room price! Eggs, toast, fruit, pancakes, bacon, cereal, coffee, juices.
    Would definitely stay here again and recommend to anyone I know!


    10/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    160. Mercy D.
    Surprisingly one of the Worst hotel experiences I've Ever had, considering the price I paid, even if it was labor day weekend.  Their website makes it seem like a ritzy 4 star type of place. They've got some great perks like free breakfast every morning and a happy hour special in the evenings with free refreshments, including cocktails and beers! The pool is a nice size and they have a jacuzzi as well as a small workout room. For these perks, it might've earned 3 stars from me... but the comfort level and welcoming atmosphere at this place loses an extra star.

    The "ritziness" slows down with customer service and then comes to a grinding halt with comfort... Or maybe the brakes only apply when you get stuck on the 2nd floor.  While everything is situated on this floor (breakfast, happy hour, pool and gym) it would seem like you hit a jackpot by getting a room here but I really don't think the rooms are that great - more like supremely outdated.  First of all, I'll start with the GOOD about my room:  large, spacious, there's a full length mirror, ironing board, a refrigerator, a microwave and coffee machine (non-working though) in the room. The CONS: the moment we walked in it felt like a frickin Sauna (even the bellhop agreed).  The temperature was set at 85.  Why?!?!  So I turned it down to 74. The vents were still spewing out hot air but I thought maybe it just needed some time to cool down.  The carpets were old and grungy and when I kicked off my slippers it felt a bit damp (gross).  The TV and couch are old and while the bed was big, the sheets made me itch at night (I have sensitive skin though).  Anyway, we went to bed early our first night since I had to get up early to get ready for my friend's wedding.  At around 12:30am, we were - quite rudely - woken up by a very loud squealing.  At first, we thought the hotel fire alarm had gone off but a glance out the window in the hotel hallway told us there was no fire or evacuation and no one else was coming out of their room.  It took us a minute to realize that it was our own smoke alarm going off.  No smoke or fire, though.  We called the front desk.  "Well is there a fire there?" the rep asks, a little rudely, according to my boyfriend, who replied, "Um, no there is no fire, it just started going off while we were asleep."  Besides, if there was a fire would we be CALLing the front desk??  So a couple of security personnel appeared about 10 minutes later (I think the alarm had stopped abruptly right before they arrived).  They played with the temperature and tested out the air coming out of the vents.  About 10-15 minutes later, they had the temperature set to 65 before any "normal" air (felt like 75, not 65) was finally coming out.  They summed up the smoke alarm malfunction to the mixture of cold and hot air coming from the AC making the humidity in the room rise like no other. They told us the hotel was booked solid so there was no way for us to change rooms and they even joked about leaving the bedroom window open all night in order to let cool air in and make the temperature lower to 35.  Needless to say, my boyfriend and I weren't in a joking mood at that moment and by now their demeanor was turning into annoyance because we were such an Inconvenience to them.  I actually also just wanted them to leave because I wanted to sock them in the face.  In the end, while the smoke alarm was no longer going off, temperature was somewhat better,  we tried going back to sleep with the bedroom window (screenless!!!!) open.  Yeah, we weren't Uncomfortable at all.  :\

    Apparently the 2nd floor is jinxed. While our sleep was interrupted by the annoying smoke alarm malfunction, my friend probably had it worse in her room. as she slept in a room that reeked of vomit!!!  She tried to deal with it by sleeping with the covers over her head but at about 2 or 3am she folded and finally complained to the front desk.  She was also met with some rudeness instead of some kind of understanding from the hotel staff.  She was basically told that there was nothing they could do for her since they were all booked up.  Hm, couldn't they have offered to send a cleaning lady up to investigate???

    I might be inclined to say that we were put in crappy rooms because of the rates we paid... except rates had nothing to do with it.  My friend and I both made reservations online about three months in advance. I snagged an "Easy Access package" rate, which had included the valet parking and wireless internet access for all nights.  My friend booked at a standard room rate and paid a little bit more than me and she didn't have wifi access or pre-paid valet parking (she parked far).  Also, my friend's fiance had booked two separate rooms in this same hotel (both standard rates).  When he asked if he could do a late checkout for one room since the wedding wasn't until later in the day, he was denied and they were uncompromising.

    11/09/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    161. Katie R.
    Great room and location! Includes happy hour and hot breakfast. We stayed here for July 4th for 2 nights. The room we got was renovated 5 years ago & was overall a great room. Bed & pillows were great, water pressure was great, location at Stateline was great. I enjoyed the free happy hour from 4:30-6:30!! A small open bar with booze & beer on tap & friendly bartenders.
    Breakfast for me was...well... free. The hot items were mediocre at best. French toast was tough, re-constituted eggs were meh, hash browns were soggy, and turkey sausage was a kin to cardboard. Now the good things: fruit was delish, coffee was hot & strong, bagels & cream cheese were great, biscuits and gravy were edible, chicken fried steak was okay. The hotel service was great & friendly. We really enjoyed our stay overall.
    All rooms are suites so you'll get a mini fridge & microwave. Valet parking is not mandatory, so do what others have suggested & park your car at Harrah's & walk the few hundred feet to the hotel. This worked well for us & saved us $25 a night.
    Also, Bath & Body Works toiletries & free wi-fi !! Yay.

    09/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    162. Roita J.
    We stayed here for a couple of my friends birthdays.  It was a disaster from the very start.  We were moved twice because of the conditions of the rooms!!!

    The first room we were given had old food in the fridge, bottle caps everywhere, the painting on the wall had dirt stuff on it, and the bath tub...YELLOW TILES!!!  And not because that was the color they chose, but it's not cleaned well and and it's old!!!  And the televisions...seriously, does anybody still make the Zenith 19" old boxes???!!!  The reception on the televisions...blurry and the color...maybe red, maybe orange?

    My friend and her girlfriend talked to the manager and they decided to give us free valet for 2 days; and moved us to another room.  The second room...still dirty, bathtub....you don't want to take a bath in it.

    At this point, the manager is really apologetic, so they decided to move us to the 6th floor, to what they consider they're executive level.  The only difference, it's a bit cleaner, instead of having 2 Zenith boxes televisions for each room...one of them was replaced by a 32 inch flat screen TV; The reception was a bit better, the Zenith box in the master bedroom, hopeless!  And there was a leather like chair.  The sofa bed was still horribly uncomfortable!!  The carpet and the sofa decorations...I don't even think my grandma would've chosen the design.

    I could go on and on about the things that are wrong with this place...bottom line, this hotel needs to be renovated.  If they don't, then maybe they should drop their prices.  I don't think an almost $300/night price they have now is worth the rooms, amenities they have.  

    This hotel is a true, perfect example of false, web advertisement!!!  The hotel website makes it seem like it's fabulous, it's big, and it's clean and up-to-date.  Sadly and disappointingly, it is not.

    The $25/day valet is a negative also when Harrah's parking is right next door for FREE!!!  And you don't have to stay at Harrah's to park there.

    Please renovate, hire new housekeepers?  I don't know, but we will not be going back here ever again :(

    29/09/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    163. Jamie T.
    I had a wonderful stay this winter at the Embassy Suites! It provides a full two hours of complimentary drinks and appetizers at nighttime and a delicious complimentary breakfast in the morning. The location made it very easy to access Heavenly to hit the slopes!

    05/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    164. Scott L.
    Seriously, it almost took us two days before we ventured outside of this resort. Everything we needed and wanted is there, plus a few we forgot!

    We forgot toothpaste. They didn't; it was in the room. My wife forgot her loofah; again, one was provided for us. The shower head was huge and water pressure a delight. Now I'm thinking of changing the one at home.

    We had a view. We ate a custom breakfast each morning, and they easily accommodated the 'egg white only' request. We worked out in the fitness center, then went swimming before jumping in the hot tub before going back to our room to REST!!! And the afternoon manager's reception is easily the best of any of the 5 Embassy Suites we've stayed in.

    Staff was good, we had dinner in the restaurant one evening, and were delighted to be in a quiet and smoke-free facility that was a striking (and calming) contrast to the casino frenzy literally across the street. We could go play when we wanted, and could quickly get away from it by returning to our hotel and room.

    We LOVE the location, and after having stayed at several other properties in the South Shore area, we now consider this as 'our' place.

    12/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    165. Kasem B.
    I will always remember the Embassy Suites in Lake Tahoe as the first decent hotel I stayed at.

    It was amazing. The breakfast stood out most to me. A full out all you can eat breakfast for free. All their competitors charge $20-$30 for the equivalent.

    The room was awesome especially being a suite.

    The staff was as good as they get.

    The location is perfect in the middle of everything.

    I would elaborate on all those points but I'm lacking energy at this point. To sum it up, it's an excellent hotel at an amazing location. Oh and there is a Raley's supermarket a block away if you're wanting to cook your own food.

    30/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    166. Mrs M.
    When choosing a hotel to stay in with a two year old and four month old at Christmastime, location and indoor amenities were our deciding factors.  This hotel has an ideal location and its indoor pool and free breakfast were a hit with our family.  The cost, while pricy, is much less than the pretty, pretty Marriott next door.   This is not a luxury hotel but the location and services offered justified the $300/night cost.  The rooms are spacious but very dated with old fashioned furniture and popcorn ceilings.  The bathrooms are awkward and partially redone.  The bed was comfortable but the bedding was typical hotel bedding that never seems to stay on or be quite warm enough.  The staff is very friendly and professional.  The happy hour has a full bar but the liquor is cheap and the snacks were just pretzels and popcorn.   If we travel to South Lake Tahoe again on a busy holiday weekend we will choose this hotel.  If we travel during a less busy time, we will be heading to that pretty, pretty Marriott next door!

    24/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    167. Kate K.
    Great location and stay. Comfortable rooms although hot in afternoons. Ok breakfast in mornings and a cocktail reception in afternoon. Close to everything. Next to gondola, shopping, food and transit center. Price was ok but don't recommend visiting on a holiday weekend. Hotel staff a bit panicky with full bookings.  Guests were asked to get towels themselves from pool because housekeeping ran out. They only offer valet parking for $25 a day but you can park in Harrah's lot next door.

    11/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    168. Tim Y.
    What I like about Embassy Suites is the consistency. They all look about the same.

    Our two-room suite was spacious and clean. The mini fridge was convenient to have and the freezer portion actually froze our ice packs! It was nice to have the complimentary "cook to order breakfast" buffet downstairs. The wait for the food around 9am was around 15-20minutes. The left line was for the hot buffet (eggs, potatoes, bacon, pancakes, french toast) and the right line was the omelette bar which also included the above items. There is also cereal, yogurt, fresh fruits, muffins, bread, oatmeal, juice, milk... My routine was to  run down there by myself and bring back a few plates of food to feed the kids in the hotel room.

    The location was great! Walking distance to a lot of shops, restaurants, movie theater, etc...All the staff that I interacted with were friendly and professional.

    I had to dock 1 star because of the mandatory $25/day valet parking (or you could park at Harrah's next door) and the lack of free wifi. They wanted $4 for 3 hours and $13 for 24 hours. If you don't want to pay for internet, just take the 5 minute walk down to Starbucks in the Raley's shopping center.

    Will be back for sure!

    12/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    169. Stewart B.
    We got a great deal on Priceline to stay here for 4 days over Christmas.  We had stayed a this property about 10 years ago and remembered it to be a nice place overall.  Well 10years later and it seems the hotel hasn't changed.  I think they still have the same furniture, etc.

    We stayed in a one bedroom suite.  The bed was kind of broken down.  The sleeper couch was almost unbearable to sit on let alone sleep on.  The one lounge chair was also very uncomfortable.  The armoire had one broken drawer and one of the other ones broke while we were there.  (Maintenance did repair quickly).

    The good:
    Free breakfast with made to order omelettes.
    Free cocktails and light snacks 4:30-6:30.
    Right in the heart of all the action.
    Free ski and snowboard check at Bellman station

    The bad:
    $25.00 valet parking
    No indoor parking other than valet. (you have to park off property like Harrah's next door).
    There Echo lounge is overpriced.  $12.00+ Maker Mark Manhattan??  I thought Fire and Ice was expensive at $9.00....
    Off loading and loading is a real pain.  Only one place to do it, one way lane and you have to fight the valets for a place to park.  Plus the valet requires you give up keys to leave the car.
    Wifi is free with valet service.

    Overall decent stay, but I do hope the update there furnishings soon.

    Hint:  If you have ATT we were able to get free wifi ATT wifi towards the front of the hotel and in and around the Echo lounge.

    27/12/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    170. Peta B.
    This is your typical Embassy Suites.  The bathrooms could use some updating but otherwise, it's very clean and comfortable with a separate living area, mini fridge and microwave.  The location is excellent!  You can walk to the Heavenly Gondola, casinos and the restaurants/entertainment at Heavenly Village.  The free breakfast buffet and nightly happy hour is a great plus.

    Definitely a fan!

    17/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    171. Giovanni R.
    I really like staying here when we take our 4 hour drive to Tahoe.

    There are a couple of reasons why I did not give it five stars. For one, it would be nice to have other parking options. For such a large resort, there is only one small area where valet services are available, and it is $25 a night. Not extremely expensive, as I understand parking is limited, but let's be honest, there are other things I would rather do with $50 for two nights.

    Another reason I wouldn't give it five stars is because of the bed, pillows and couch. They are not the most comfortable, perhaps a furniture update is in order?

    Other than that, the customer service here is incredible. Their employees seem to enjoy their jobs, and every single person we encounter is helpful, and friendly. I cannot say the same about other hotels we have stayed in. People here actually want to engage in conversation, it's great! It reminded me of the service we've had in Mexico, where I believe the customer service is top notch.

    I absolutely love the free breakfast, as it is my favorite meal of the day. I have to admit I am picky about my breakfast food. I was very pleased. There is nothing like a satisfied well-fed body before a day of snowboarding next door.
    Another perk: free happy hour cocktails from 4:30-6:30 with pretzels, popcorn and goldfish crackers. I find it funny that people complain about this, and say it's "cheap" but hey, you're getting something for free. In my opinion, that is a commodity. My husband and I had a blast grabbing a couple of drinks to relax, and then going off to dinner. However, we did not try the hotel restaurant, so I can't rate it.

    It is amazing how free WIFI, two tv's, cozy robes, extra blankets, three sinks, refrigerator & microwave, hot chocolate, coffee, Q-tips & cotton balls, toothpaste, fluffy towels, etc, etc can all be taken for granted. I guess I have stayed in some really cheap hotel rooms where all of those small perks are non-existent.

    17/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    172. Amy P.
    This place does wedding receptions, which given the quality of the hotel itself and the rooms, you would expect to be held to a high standard. That's what you'd expect... don't hold your breath.

    After our friend's had an amazing, beautiful beach ceremony on Lakeshore Blvd., we wiped away the happy tears, parked our car at our hotel, and walked over to Embassy. A short walk, but we didn't want to be driving later.

    We were greeted with a roped off area marking the private party. Exciting!! A table with meatballs and cream cheese-filled salami pieces caught our eye on the way to the drink table. I enjoyed a complimentary Bloody Mary but there was nothing special about the "specialty bloody mary". No olive even, no fresh horseradish, no salt on the rim... "specialty"? *rolling eyes*

    Stopping for a plate at the food table was a great idea because as more people arrived, it became clear they weren't going to refill the snacks. There were a couple people who didn't even get a snack because the table ran out. Embassy: come on, now. You can do better. Maybe it was the last meatballs in all of South Lake. I'm not sure.

    Not much later, we stepped into the beautifully decorated reception hall where the fun really got started. The bride and groom were formerly introduced as man and wife, and then the dinner service began. It was a buffet style breakfast. What a unique idea! As with any wedding, the couple will pick what the food is and how it's served. I liked the idea of breakfast - who doesn't? But I think Embassy failed here too. I don't know how extensive the menu selection was but there was really no bread (other than a bagel and a  potato scramble thing). But no toast, pancake, waffle, nothing of the sort. And no syrup out - even though some people (me) like to put syrup on things like bacon :)

    I passed on the bagel but took some lox that was next to it. Smoked salmon is usually my favorite but this was slightly oversalted. It was a beautiful presentation though. The table had a lot of food and had an egg sramble thing that was very good. After taking your food at the main buffet table you waited in line for an omelete. Two people with 3 total burners slowly cooked omeletes for a line of 100+.  Hmmmm.

    Thank goodness the beautiful couple were a little bit of a distraction from the buffet table. I did like that the food was kept out for a long time. I don't like when places take it away very quickly, so that was awesome. Many people went back for more. I didn't - I moved on to dancing and meeting people. The room had a good sized dance and stage area (for the band) up at the front. It was a lot lot lot of fun. But I would think a hotel like this could kind of spruce it up a bit more for a day as special as this.

    12/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    173. Wella A.
    We were in South Lake Tahoe for our century event (100 mile bike ride) and stayed 3 nights at the Embassy Suites.  Because we had our gear and bikes, the living area separate from the bedroom quarter was so convenient for storage.  Our room itself was simple and provided the usual necessities and expected amenities, however because of our event, I was really appreciative of the extra space.  I was also impressed by the breakfast each morning, which was provided to all the hotel guests.  Unfortunately, I was not able to partake in the happy hour (again, available for the hotel guests), which included 2 drinks because I had to keep myself hydrated, but it was impressive to have that option.  Each encounter with any of the staff members was also pleasant.  I really did feel that they were so accommodating to all the cyclists as well as all other guests.  

    My only gripe: no fan in the bathrooms.

    24/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    174. Mariana E.
    Excellent Hotel. Comfortable, great service, very clean and with delicious breakfast and happy hour. The breakfast and happy hour (beverage and tasty snacks) is included.

    The location is excellent. It is near of the Casino and Heavenly Mountain Resort (3 min walk).

    The only problem is that the wifi and parking are paid. However, if you park your car at the hotel ($ 25 a day if I'm not mistaken), you have free access to internet.

    02/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    175. St F.
    Loved our stay here!
    Rooms are newly renovated, all suites. Everything was clean. Staff was friendly even during peak times. Extras included breakfast, happy hour and an internet/parking package. Will definitely return and highly recommend. Great location, near Heavenly gondola.

    20/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    176. Farid T.
    Hotel is very old and furniture in the room looks very tired. Employees at check in are not friendly at all. The only positive thing that I can say about this hotel is their rooms are good size  and clean. There are many better options in that area and they are close enough to use the casino at Harrah's.

    24/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    177. Timmo R.
    Great place to stay. Complimentary breakfast buffet,not just cold cereal and toast but a great spread. Also the complimentary drinks and horderves is awesome perk. Definitely will return. The rooms are super clean, bed very comfy and staff excellent.

    30/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    178. Irma H.
    Enjoyed our stay at the Tahoe Resort. The King size bed was comfortable, the room was clean and the service was great. Would stay again while in Tahoe.

    23/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    179. Daniela F.
    I thought this was a great stay in Lake Tahoe! It's less expensive than the other big name hotels near by, its literally next door to the casinos, and the Heavenly gondola and village are right outside.

    A few people mentioned that parking is expensive but we parked for free in the Harrahs parking lot directly behind the hotel. It was completely safe and the lot is full of other cars that don't move for days so we weren't worried about getting a ticket.

    The rooms are big and we were able to leave our skis and equipment in the living room area so we were tripping over stuff in the bedroom area. Like people mentioned, there is free breakfast and happy hour drinks! I will definitely stay here again and would recommend it to everyone!

    19/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    180. John A.
    This place was a good place to stay but the front desk was a little shady. I paid for my room through Travelosity and when I got my bill under the door the day of check out I noticed that they were trying to charge me again. I thought to myself, no biggie, I will just call down to the front desk and let them know of their mistake. Nope!, the girl was telling me that they do not charge us until the day of departure ( after I explained multiple times that I paid through Travelosity ), she was rude and she was talking to me like I was one of her siblings. She pretty much told me that I was lying so I had to go down there and show her my bank statement. What kind of hotel argues with their customers and doesn't know who's paid up and who needs to pay? All I can say is that the system that they are using needs to be upgraded because it is out dated. After I showed her my statement she told me ok, I will only charge you for the $40.00 French dip sandwich ( that my wife ordered the night before $$$$) and your parking. I had to make her give me a print out of what she was charging me because I didn't trust her and that was like pulling teeth ( what a joke). Off we went to head back home after all that hassle. Oh, that's not the end of it, two months later I was looking through my bank statement on my BofA app and I noticed a $149.81 charge from this hotel. WTF? I gave them my card for incidentals and they charged me without my permission two months after I stayed there! I was on the phone arguing with them for two days before I had to call my bank and file a claim. They couldn't tell me how they screwed up and charged my card without my knowledge or approval and all they could say was it was reversed back to my account once I called and they figured out that they made a mistake. They told me that they even reversed the $25.00 parking charge for my inconveinace, big wow ( they didn't reverse it but big whoopty whoop). I had to be an investigator, be on the phone with them biscuit heads and on hold with my bank for 2 days and your going to reverse $25.00? Funny and they need some serious change with the operations over there. I will never go back there and I hope that nobody else has to go through the heads that I went through and I pray to god that this is over. Who knows if they will try to pull a fast one again later on, I will keep my eyes open for sure.
    Frustrated guest!!

    26/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    181. La Mecha S.
    Nice place to stay when your snowboarding in Lake Tahoe. Only dislikes $20 a day for parking, you would think guest would be able to park free, other than that everything else was great.

    09/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    182. Barbara H.
    This place used to be an Embassy Suites hotel and the overall experience was better then.  Just got back from a 2 night stay with 4 family members.  We had 2 rooms.  The rooms were very nice and clean.  They looked like they had been recently re-done--nothing was worn.  The bed and pillow were comfortable, too.  The only "flaws" were the bathtub faucet leaked and the bathroom fan didn't work.  We could deal with that.   They still have the koi pond--it's nice.  The breakfast is not as good as it was when it was E.S.  No omelets, no sausage on Friday, and the egg stuff was horrible.  My dad thought for sure they were powdered eggs.  I actually went and asked an employee if the eggs were "real".  The eggs come in a bag!  They have been pasteurized or something and have a preservative in them.  Gross.  The coffee was weak.  E.S. used to have Starbucks or Peet's coffee--not this place.  They still have pastries, fruit, juice, bagels, bacon.  It's not terrible, but like I said, when it was E.S. it was better.  We were disappointed with the in-house Echo restaurant food/prices and with the concierge help.  Probably should have been tipped off to the restaurant when we walked in on a Thursday night and it was EMPTY.  The Echo restaurant is pricey--$11 for a hamburger (cheapest thing on the menu) and it comes with nothing--no fries, no pickle.  But I could be OK with that if it had been a good burger.  It wasn't!  It was dry, overcooked and the patty must have been pressed so hard that it was dense and not juicy at all.  The service was good in Echo, though--nice waitress.

    Two separate interactions with the concierge desk with 2 different female employees on 2 different days--one young and one not so young, were disappointing.  Rude, Rude.  They acted put out to be even asked a question.  My daughter who was on crutches and is a vegan, asked a question about the restaurant, and the employee didn't even want to call the in-house restaurant for her!  Told her to go over to Echo and ask herself.  Hello!  She's on crutches!  She does finally get on the phone to the restaurant, but then says "I know, I know!" to the person on the other end, and this is accompanied by an eye roll.  The other employee said she could help me if I had a QUICK question.  WTF?  Acted to be put out, when isn't her job to help folks?  I left and bought my MS Dixie tickets at the dock, instead.

    You only get one drink at the Happy Hour--they give you a ticket when you check in.  If you never stayed at an E.S. it's not so bad, but ES was better--no lame tickets, and I could get 2 drinks if I wanted during Happy Hour.

    Also, $25 for valet parking--those employees not so great, either.  Like, can't you even hold the door open for someone on crutches or an 83 year old man when you are 3 feet away from the door?  A $25 daily charge for wi-fi?  And no wi-fi even in the lobby?  Lame.  No free newspaper--not even in the lobby?  Come on--old folks want a paper when they are waiting.  They won't steal it.

    The location of this hotel is great.  I think for families with young children it's a good place to stay.  Indoor pool, the breakfast buffet (stay away from the eggs), but for grownups I would stay elsewhere--going to try Harrah's or something across the state line next time.  I'm giving 3 stars only because the room was nice.  Otherwise I would give 2 stars.

    29/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    183. Lisa C.
    Great place for a family to stay. Reasonably priced for the area. Spacious suite, nicely furnished. Starbucks coffee (Keurig) with half and half in room. Kids enjoyed the heated indoor pool & hot tub for year round use with extended hours (7am-10pm, adults only 10pm-12am).
    Free amenities a bonus. Free happy hour 4:30-6:30pm with snacks & an alcoholic beverage for adults while kids can have soda, milk or juice. Complimentary breakfast included a hot bar with eggs, bacon, sausage, 2 kinds of quiche, fried potatoes, pancakes, biscuits & gravy and more. Also, nice fruit bar available & cold breakfast options.
    A few minor complaints, our shower was lukewarm at 9am. Wifi is free if you have AT&T but an extra charge for other carriers. Also, Valet parking is $25. However, I think the other free amenities make up for these added charges.

    03/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    184. Shirley M.
    I stayed at the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel with my family prior to my wedding in August.  I was a little disappointed since I had made my reservations when this hotel was still part of Embassy Resorts & I was expecting a higher level of quality.  The furniture definitely needs to be upgraded but everything was clean.  They still served breakfast but the omelet bar was gone.  They were out of almost everything at cocktail hour but the bartenders were so nice and helpful that I almost feel bad even mentioning it.  
    Overall I was satisfied with my stay and would stay again.

    17/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    185. Megan M.
    My husband and I stayed here for one night this September and really loved the experience.  The best thing about this hotel has to be the location, it is literally steps from the casino, shopping, and restaurants, which makes it nice so that you do not have to walk far in the cold, rain, or snow or do any driving.   We did not use the valet, but rather just parked at the nearby casino which wasn't a far walk.  The interior and rooms are comfortable and a decent size.  Our room was a standard king and came with a separate eating/couch and sleeping area, a large bathroom, and a fridge/food prep area.  I could easily see a family staying comfortably in one of these rooms.  The price is reasonable and we had no problems with booking a room or the check in/check out process. I really really liked the gym and indoor pool offered at this hotel!! The gym had treadmills, ellipticals, medicine balls, yoga mats, and a surprising variety of dumbbells all positioned in front of a large mirror to check form. The hotel also offered two free drinks, a free breakfast buffet, and has a restaurant with room service (although we didn't take advantage of any of these offers due to time constraints).  We will definitely be back, highly recommend this hotel!

    02/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    186. Jen W.
    We chose Lake Tahoe to end our CA honeymoon and picked Lake Tahoe Resort hotel since I had stayed here back in the Embassy Suite days. I'll start with the good (it definitely out weighed the bad):
    - You can still park for free at Harveys, take Pioneer Trail from 50 and keep going until you hit the back end of the parking lots. Don't waste time on the $25 Valet ** (you may want to after my story though)
    - Microwave/Sinks/Bathroom were all nice, clean and well stocked. Very helpful to have in the room also.
    - Free Happy Hour from 4:00(4:30?) to 6:30 each night, tip only costs for drinks, hello!
    - Location to everything, super easy to get to all of the best places in Tahoe and even has things to do in walking distance. Not all places can offer that!

    - We paid for a romance package upgrade, eh it wasnt really worth it. we did get 9 roses in a vase in our room and rose petal hearts on the bed. That with a bottle of champagne and strawberries were pretty ok. But then the package offers $60 to the Echo Restaruant, YUCK at their food. We had calamari, fried veggies, chicken alfredo and a pizza, and they managed to take the flavor out of everything. I was pretty surprised at how awful everything was. How do you take the flavor out of fried zuchinni??
    - WIFI - $12.95 a DAY, are you kidding???? So stupid they dont offer free wifi for how much you spend a night at this place.
    - Parking, valet is $25, seems expensive so we opted for the free parking. However on our last night apparently someone hit my car, taking off the driver side mirror and banging up my door. No note and no way to find out who did it. May have been worth the parking fee.

    Overall the hotel isnt bad, but it isnt exactly worth the price either. Personally I'd rather save $70 a night and get a discount rate at a casino or one of the smaller places. The breakfast was awful and not worth the 'saving's you think you are going to get.

    15/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    187. Cody S.
    Very nice hotel and the staff was more than helpful. Parking in the back is free. 2 hours of happy hour which is free alcohol. I will definitely come stay again.

    11/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    188. Jeremy H.
    Stayed here during a Company Golf Trip to S. Lake Tahoe earlier this summer.  I was impressed with the Hotel.  My room was very clean and nice as well as the lobby and hotel grounds.  The bedroom in the back of my room was separate from the main room which can be nice.  Parking at this Hotel is valet only for a fee, but if you like to enjoy the freedom of parking yourself, park at the large neighboring lot behind Harrah's, which is free.

    The location of the Embassy Suites Hotel is very nice, sitting right on the CA state line!  Blackjack & craps tables are just across the side-street on the Nevada side at Harrah's next door.  The included buffet style breakfast was very good with all of the breakfasty fixings you can consume.  

    YAY!!! South Shore... So Much Fun!  I think it's time to go back soon!

    08/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    189. Kellee C.
    I will start with the good stuff: Location is awesome! Staff was friendly. Restaurant was good. Great outdoor seating area with a one man band. We stayed in a deluxe King room. (Don't pay extra for that. The only difference we could see was 2 very rough bathrobes and 1 pair of disposable slippers.) The room was very clean and the towels were soft. Which was a pleasant surprise. (Maybe that's another perk of the "deluxe" king room?) I liked that it had a microwave and fridge. Good place for a family. Not so much for your anniversary though.

    Now for the bad: The bed was TERRIBLE! We asked to switch rooms, which I've never done before. They couldn't switch us, but offered a "egg crate" bed topper. Ok, that's better than nothing. Well, they ran out. Um...really? So apparently we weren't the only ones sleeping on lumpy springs. They in turn brought us a thin comforter. We asked for an additional one and it helped a little. The complimentary breakfast was TERRIBLE! Omg I've had better frozen jimmy dean breakfast than that crap! Good thing there was a Starbucks in Harrahs. The whole hotel smelled like K-Mart. A combo of stale popcorn and dirty kids. Plus it was NOT CHEAP! $800 for 3 nights. Valet parking only at $25 a night.
    All in all, we will not stay here again unless we can get it for under a hundred a night because that's about all it's worth.

    12/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    190. Myrna Y.
    WE stayed here last summer of 2013 for my friends birthday. 4 girls and the room was more than spacious enough for us.  Pull out sofa bed also in a separate room so if you wanted more folks it would be very comfy. A little dining table, with fridge and counter space made this room even more appealing. It was very clean and the service of the staff...super friendly and attentive.
    The best part is the location, you are right next to Harrah's and made it easy for drinking,dancing, and gambling without having to get a cab. The free breakfast is very impressive, a lot of hot food and buffet style. It does get crowded so make sure you go early to get a table, one time we were left hauling our food to our room (which wasn't too bad) because the dining area was completely full.
    I would definitely stay here again if I had a larger party to come and wouldn't mind sharing space. I would say you can easily fit 6 girls in a suite, if you don't mind sharing one bathroom.

    10/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    191. Yvonne R.
    Your description of the room is deceiving. You stated you have a refrigerator and that led me to believe it was a full refrigerator when it wasn't . I don't think a so call resort needs ticket for breakfast or any meal. You know who's registered prepare according. Last but not least the quiche would have been very good if it wasn't cold.

    17/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    192. Keith A.
    As other reviewers have noted: formerly an Embassy Suites and we took the money saving advice to park in the nearby Harrahs lot for FREE.

    In fact, we last stayed here when it was still Embassy Suites and were here for our wedding.  That was about 15 years ago and combined with the change in ownership, the old girl could use some TLC.  What modern hotel doesn't have flat screen TV's?  Or wifi?  Be it free or not, no wifi?  Hello?  

    To be fair, I didn't ask about the wifi. We weren't given our little code upon check in and by the time we got back to our room that night, I wasn't going to raise a ruckus.  Only stayed for one night (just passing thru) so maybe they do have wifi and I just missed something?  Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Either way, the rooms are clean. Spacious. Great water pressure. Beds are a bit bouncy (a personal pet peeve of mine) but they had plenty of pillows.  

    The breakfast buffet was a complete disappointment.  I was expecting this from other reviews.  Back in the Embassy Suites days, they had made to order omelettes.  This buffet is Holiday Inn Express on steroids at best.  Pretty blah.  I didn't even waste time with anything but cereal & some cantaloupe.  I like food and love buffets, so that should tell you something.

    Elevators are a bit slow but I'm spoiled and compare all elevators to the speedy ones at Sheraton Waikiki.  With those being a 10, these are a solid 5.

    Price we got thru Expedia was $149 per night.  Thinking this might still be on par with the Embassy Suites of yesteryear, I thought this was going to be a great deal.  However, in light of our experience, it was just fair to high for what it was.  

    We'd stay here again but only if we got the same price or cheaper. Definitely not for the breakfast buffet. And the proximity to the state line casino action is fantastic.

    10/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    193. Darla A.
    Mixed feelings about this place.  First the good: large rooms, clean and quiet during our stay.  Beautiful atrium with nice pool and stream.  Complimentary happy hour with unlimited dinks, popcorn.
    Not so good: bed was too soft (I know this is subjective), parking $25.00 daily unless you park next door at Harvey's, comp breakfast rather bland (but what can one expect when its included in the cost of the room).

    07/10/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    194. Brett N.
    Nice suite-style rooms.
    Beautiful interior atrium.
    Wonderful hot breakfast.
    Hotel generally in decent shape.
    Excellent location.

    Room not cleaned upon arrival.
    Door between suites would not close (entire door frame warped).
    Walls incredibly thin; could clearly listen to neighbors' conversations; loudest hotel we ever stayed in.
    Valet-only parking (though the guys were incredibly fast and professional).
    Climate control was useless; thermostat was set to operate only when motion was detected, so it would only run 10 minutes before shutting down.  We were all sweating through the sheets despite me staying up half the night keeping the AC running.
    Few electrical outlets.
    No cooked-to-order omelets (formerly offered)
    Old CRT-based low-definition TV.
    Hot tub water was very grey; we skipped it.
    $65/plate holiday dinner with few options.
    Couldn't seem to get WiFi in the rooms.

    We stayed only two days.  After getting home I emailed the hotel our list of issues and never received a response.

    07/09/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    195. Stevi B.
    With this being my first time here, I must say I've been very pleased with the customer service. The Diamond Resort concierge staff was more than helpful in providing us with suggestions of great places to eat, in addition to discounts.

    The reason for the three stars would be that the bed was uncomfortable (too hard for me), valet is the only on site parking option, and while it's great that breakfast is complimentary, a large portion of it is indeed tasteless.

    During the complimentary happy hour, Ann is an awesome bartender and works to find what you like. Very friendly. I'd say this resort is a minimum of 3.5 stars. Great location for casino hopping!

    24/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    196. Lisa R.
    The pictures on the website look nice but in person the rooms look a little dated. It is convenient to the Harrahs casino which is nice, but there is very little parking available unless you want to pay $25 per day valet. The sheets in the room smelled musty but they were quick to come replace them. Friendly staff and breakfast is standard.

    25/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    197. Eri H.
    I should have read the yelp reviews before booking here but I just remembered how close it was to the village and the gondola and the package they offered seemed to be the perfect fit for our family trip with our friends.

    We came during the busiest time of the year and the bell service, room service and front desk were a little slow in responding to our requests.

    First impression was not good as we parked where the valet person told us to but other cars were impatient and parked right in front of us (almost hitting our car) and those car were served before us which made us to wait 20min. until we were being helped.
    Then they charged our friends' credit cards and when we asked them about the charge they couldn't give them an explanation and just said that the money will be transferred back if we didn't use any of their room services. (REALLY? You charge 170$ don't know the answer??!!)
    The heater in our room and our friend's room didn't work and it took them 48 hrs. to fix it. We weren't cold at night as we had lots of extra blankets but during the day we still had to be in layers in order not to freeze.

    All in all it was an okay experience as it was a nice touch to have a complimentary breakfast and manager's reception. I think we will try the marriot the next time instead.

    26/12/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    198. Beth B.
    They are getting this one star not due to the quality of the hotel, but because of the lack of helpfulness. They have seriously degraded since being acquired by Heavenly.
    I live locally and was getting married here in town. I contacted their group reservations to make arrangements for my numerous guests. I was told they don't do group bookings (so why do they have a group coordinator?!). Then, I wanted to provide welcome gift bags for all of my guests who are staying there anyway. I have done this at many hotels, but this one (a) wanted to charge me, (b) said they would have a mgr call me who never did, and (c) hassled my mom when she asked about the same.
    Then, they out very high pressure on my parents and other guests to pay for their covered parking when there is a giant free lot immediately adjacent.
    They have not made a good impression on me whatsoever, and I will not recommend them to my out if town guests in the future. They can ill afford poor customer service, especially  towards locals who can help sustain them during bad ski seasons and low bookings like the last few months.

    13/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    199. Gina G.
    Park at Harrah's.

    09/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    200. Chary P.
    Here for 2 weekend nights.  Decent.  Price worthy as they feature a full breakfast and happy hour daily.  Great arrangement for families and groups.  Not seeing the construction reviews have talked about nor the pushy salespeople, thank goodness!!!  Was prepared for that.  Every room is a suite.  Has a mini fridge and microwave but no plates, silverware.  If you plan to bring your own foods, plan accordingly.  Oh, the pillows are funky!  Small, too soft... They need to be changed for sure!  I didn't try the restaurant, pool nor spa.  They were all opened, too.  Lastly, I'd say they are in a great location for many activities South Lake Tahoe offers.

    29/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    201. Franky K.
    Pros and Cons.
    Pros first: Clean room. Quiet hotel even when full.
    Thirty seconds until you are at the craps table (might be a con depends on you!:)
    Two room suite is big enough for the wife and kids to each have their own space.

    Cons: Parking and internet they hose you down for $$$. PARK AT HARAH'S FOR FREE!, DONT USE THE INTERNET. YOU ARE ON VACATION.
    Pool is noisy and crowded, should be outside where it is nice.
    The happy hour is weak. Instead of waiting on line for a Coors I can grab a good beer from my fridge!
    Would stay here again.

    20/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    202. joanne j.
    I have stayed at this hotel two times and it is by far one of my favorite hotels. I have stayed at three other Tahoe hotels and they have been so dirty. The outside and inside of the hotel are beautiful and very clean, there is a nice living room with dining table, and a queen sleeper. I have never met an unfriendly employee, the pool and spa are indoor and perfectly heated, and the manager's happy hour is great for parents and kids. The breakfast buffet is great and they have tons of choices. Last year after a week here I left so relaxed. This year again, I am so happy to be back and feel so lucky to have found such a great hotel at a great price.

    10/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    203. Laurie S.
    I stayed here for Memorial Day weekend.  The valet guys were all super nice and helpful!  The price for valet was a little expensive to me but it was worth the service to be able to easily go in and out as we pleased with their help.  The front desk clerks were very helpful.  The hotel messed up the charges before we checked out and I was able to call down to the front desk and they fixed it right away.  The room was very clean and the bed was extremely comfortable.  The happy hour was great and I loved that they give you free drink tickets!  The big down side was breakfast.  The lines were incredibly long, which would have been ok with me if they weren't out of utensils.  I looked for 5+ minutes for a fork or a spoon and couldn't find one so I had to choose "finger foods."  That is why hey received 4 stars.  I will easily stay here again, but I won't plan on using the free breakfast.  The service by the employees and the excellent location (close to everything!) has me going back!

    03/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    204. Rebekah P.
    My boyfriend and I stayed here during the Tahoe Marathon weekend.  It was very nice and clean. The hotel is quite a bit larger than it appears from the outside.  It is located right next to heavenly.  With a short walking distance to shops, restaurants, gondola, and the casinos the location is superb. There is complimentary breakfast and happy hour cocktails daily.

    19/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    205. Philip W.
    Bill C at Tahoe resort hotel. You asked me for my room # 605 and the date of my stay 6-14-2014 I tried to email you at info@tahoereorthotel and my email would not go through.

    01/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    206. Jack L.
    This continues to be my preferred hotel in the South Lake Tahoe area.  The facility is getting a little old, but so are the majority of properties in the area.

    I love the proximity to the casinos and the Heavenly gandola.

    The free breakfast is a full breakfast buffet with hot food.  There is a happy hour reception in the evenings as well, and a lot of people eat there for a light dinner.

    28/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    207. John S.
    We got this one off orbitz for about 189+ a night, but we loved the hotel. Every room is a one bedroom suite which is kind of nice to have a small living space and a bedroom. They charge $25 for valet parking but we parked in the neighboring lot and it was free :).

    They had a really nice breakfast (free) in the morning. There was also a happy hour . Although we do not drink, we got couple of nice virgin drinks and some snacks. They also have a juice (pre-made) and coffee machine which is open for all guests all the time.

    It was pretty good for the price.

    22/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    208. Elly R.
    Hotel was booked through a third party source with an offer of a free upgrade.  Upon check-in, the receptionist said that they were not informed of the upgrade and she was only willing to honor it "because there were rooms available"... Not a good start.

    Conveniently located on the border (literally) with Nevada, it's quiet and easily maneuverable inside without the trouble of having to go navigate through the casino looking for an exit; and yet right across the street from a hotel with a casino.  Located in a good neighborhood with restaurants and shops (although most places close early - around 9 pm).  There is a washer and a dryer on site.  The pool area had a small jacuzzi.  The dining area is a bit small considering people take advantage of it at the same time given the hours of operation.

    The only parking they offer is pricey valet parking, however the Nevada hotel accross the street has free public parking and it's just a few feet away.

    25/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    209. Ihno L.
    One major gripe: No free public wi-fi. These days, most hotels offer free wi-fi in the lobby (at least). There's a small "business center" in the lobby with 3 computers for public use. But accessing the internet was next to impossible (slow speeds, browser problems, etc), and I gave up trying to check my e-mail.

    Avoid valet parking. As others have noted, you can park for free at the Harrah's parking lot, which is just steps away.

    The pull-out sofa bed (very thin and springy) may be uncomfortable for anyone 100+ lbs.

    Otherwise, a pretty good experience. Clean, quiet, spacious rooms. Kid-friendly. Free breakfast buffet (with many options, average quality). Helpful staff. Convenient location if skiing at Heavenly.

    24/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    210. Jocelyn's P.
    Very nice hotel with an ideal location.  Free hot breakfast was just as good as most 4-5 star hotels that charge $15-25 per person.  They also have a happy hour with a free drink each day per adult with popcorn and pretzels.  The pool is indoors, which is great for chilly mornings, evenings, and afternoon thunderstorms.  Overall great experience and friendly environment!  Park at Harrah's...

    11/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    211. Monica W.
    Our stay at the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel was ok, but it is not a 4 star hotel. It's an old Embassy Suites that is looking dull and dated.
    Our king suite was musty and damp, and the sofa bed was so uncomfortable that my sons slept on the floor instead. We cranked up the AC, and it helped reduce the dampness a little bit.
    The complimentary breakfast was a big hit with my kids because of the unlimited quantity, but the quality left a lot to be desired. It was ok, but not exactly good either.
    The staff was friendly and polite, but for the price we will probably stay somewhere else the next time we go to Tahoe.

    31/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    212. Yoyi F.
    If you've ever been to an Embassy Suites in your lifetime, you've been here. Thus every room is a suite with either a king bed and sofabed or 2 queens and a sofabed, both with a dining table for 4, mini-fridge and microwave.

    This hotel is perfect for my family of 4. We have 2 kids ages 7 and 9, and they LOVE LOVE LOVE swimming. Thus, the indoor pool and hot tub are a biggggg deal for us.

    Throw in the free happy hour with free cocktails, beer and wine from 4:30-6:30pm and the free hot breakfast buffet, and it's a SCORE!!

    It's also a big plus that it's literally right next door to Heavenly Village and the Heavenly Gondola which was perfect for me and my husband who ended up lugging the kids' ski and snowboard gear after a full day on the slopes. On the other side of the hotel, also literally right next door, is the Harrahs Hotel & Casino. Right next to that is the 24-hour CVS.

    Basically, we're in the thick of it all and it has all that we need for a great stay! It's not plush, but for everything it offers my family if 4, I'd stay here again.

    31/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    213. Judd W.
    We went back for our 17 yr anniversary. We were married in this hotel.  They gave us a complimentary bottle of wine 2 upgrades to our room because of bad A/C unit. $100 voucher towards the restaurant.  Everyone from the front desk, engineering, bell hop and valet were responsive and polite.  However, the breakfast in the courtyard could use some culinary improvements.

    21/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    214. Scott B.
    For the money, it only gets a Meh.  The upside is that the room we had was very large, with a door that you could use to shut off the kids later in the evening and still have some place for yourself to hang out and chat. The downsides includes the breakfast, the lobby, the atmosphere, the service. If you are looking at the website, realize the pool picture was shot with some distortion lens to make it seem large. The reality: it is indoor, small and dirty. The window from the room is tiny. The outdoor deck has been given to the smokers, so views from this hotel, in this beautiful setting, are non-existent. I won't be booking here again.

    30/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    215. roger b.
    This place used to be pretty good when it was an Embassy Suites.  Now the free breakfast doesn't include omelettes and the rest of the breakfast items are average at best.  The sausages were kinda gross.  Also, their new happy hour consists of one free drink ticket.  Pretty weak if you ask me.  Used to stay there a lot but probably won't be back.

    19/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    216. Yossi G.
    We stayed here for one night with our kids and we were very pleased with our choice. It's a great place to stay with kids - they make them feel welcome not a nuisance. The kids loved the lobby with the fish and turtles and the soda for kids at the happy hour is a nice touch. My kids can be a little loud and energetic but the staff didn't get annoyed with them and try to hush them. In fact they encouraged their exploration by pointing out all sorts of fascinating details.
    But that's all besides the point - the staff were, in my opinion, exceptional. There is no question that the management places an emphasis on their staff treating the guests in a courteous, respectful and helpful manner.
    First we were offered a slightly discounted rate from what we had reserved, then they made sure to let us know about the free Wi-Fi deal. Finally every little request that we had - from extra pillows and blankets to extra pens for our kids - was responded to in a prompt and cheerful manner.
    We will definitely plan to stay here the next time we're in Tahoe!

    22/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    217. Artie L.
    Stay includes breakfast.
    Stay includes cocktail hour.
    Stay in this hotel.

    Clean rooms with A/C.
    Flat TVs. Real, hot breakfast.
    Park free at Harrah's

    Oh what the heck, DOUBLE BONUS HAIKU:
    Be real with your hopes.
    This ain't the Bellagio.
    You'll be blown away.

    06/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    218. Kathy J.
    The Lake Tahoe Resort is where we stay now when we visit South Lake Tahoe.  Great location, non-smoking hotel with an indoor pool, daily FREE Breakfast AND Happy Hour.  They also have convenient one bedrooms which are the perfect size for our little family of 4.  One queen size bed for the hubby and I to share, one for my 12 year son and the sofa bed for my 14 year old daughter.  We've stayed on 2 separate occasions August 2014 and January 2015 and my only complaints (hence the minus 2stars) is the pillows and the parking.  TIP:  Save your neck, bring your own pillows.  After 2 nights of their god awful pillows, I need a trip to my chiro.  Their parking for overnight guests is valet only and it will set you back $25 per night.  I've seen a lot of LTR guests park at Harrah's lot but you do run the risks of getting ticketed and towed per Harrah's signage, though I am not sure if they actually can tell who is staying where. Definitely will stay again (and bring my own pillow).  So much better than the smoke infested Harvey's, Harrah's and Mont Bleu.

    22/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    219. Lissa G.
    Formerly Embassy Suites, fortunately everything else stayed the same. The ambiance is nice and the bell boys and valet guys were awesome as well. There is no public parking so there is $25 charge per day to park your car. Well worth it though knowing that your vehicle is safe and warm in their garage.

    If you're looking for a kid friendly hotel, look no further. There were so many kids at this spot, it looked like a zoo of children everywhere! There are plenty of amenities to keep them occupied as well. Plenty of board/card games, an indoor heated swimming pool, and a Koi pond that all the kids during my stay enjoyed looking into and throwing their pennies inside to make a wish.

    For the adults AND kids, don't forget the Managers Reception from 4:30-6:30pm. All you can drink alcohol, soda, and juice and all you can eat popcorn and pretzels. Don't be shy about getting as much popcorn or as much pretzels you want either. Since it is a self serve, people were not ashamed of grabbing 6 boat trays full of popcorn or pretzels, even though there were 20 other people in line waiting for their share of snacks.

    In the morning don't forget to eat at the buffet where the Managers Reception was being held. Why pay for breakfast elsewhere when it's already included with your stay. Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, quiche, pancakes, French toast, an assortment of cereal, bagels and bread to toast, muffins, should I keep going?

    Anyhow, make your next reservation here when you stay in South Tahoe, you won't regret it!!

    27/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    220. Jessica G.
    We had a wonderful experience at the Lake Tahoe Resort! The room was very clean, spacious & modern. We were very pleased with the amenities; Free Drinks at the Managers Reception, Complimentary Breakfast. The Fitness Center was also very nice & clean and had a few cardio machines & free weights.

    The location is great! Very close & convenient to Tahoe attractions.

    Overall a wonderful stay & I can't wait to go back!

    16/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    221. Mark A.
    We go to south lake Tahoe several times a year. Usually stay at the big name spots near by. Took a chance w a deal via groupon and were not disappointed. The staff was 100% welcoming- keep in mind we arrived near midnight. We were well aware of.the valet/ $27 charge.
    This hotel must have been an embassy suites before. I recommend reserving a room on the 4 or 5 floor- apparently they have been recently updated.
    If u decide to go out, the hotel gives high praise to a local babysitter who will watch your kids in your room.

    28/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    222. Lisa W.
    Love the free happy hour, great customer service and complimentary breakfast here! Ann, the bartender, is super friendly!

    29/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    223. Jason S.
    We have a group of between 15-20 people who have been coming to this hotel for the past eight years and have loved it every time. We know they changed ownership from Embassy Suites, but all this change has done was caused us to pay more for less.

    The Manager's Reception was always a highlight, and it was changed to be one free drink per person. The other drinks are $4 now. This would be fine if they were decent drinks, but $4 for a 3 oz well drink is ridiculous. I feel bad for the great bartenders who have been here for years. They deserve better.

    Also, we have friends who spend their anniversary with us each year during this weekend. We would send a bottle of wine and a cheese platter to their room for the past eight years. When we asked this year, we were told, "We don't do that anymore." So tell us, Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel, what is it that you can do?

    The changes would be understandable if the prices of the room went down. But paying the same price for less amenities is unacceptable. As much as we have loved this hotel in the past, this will probably be our last year. Our group will be moving elsewhere. Possibly checking out that new Hard Rock hotel next year.

    I just hope whoever makes these business decisions knows how much they are alienating some long time visitors. Bummed.

    10/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    224. Nyla J.
    Location is ideal. Very close to the major hotels,  food, shopping and the Gondola walking distance . Resort comes with free Continental breakfast daily , gym and pool is open untill midnight , and they give u free alcohol  drinks during 4 to 6 daiily , it's a kid friendly hotel, no smoking , and very clean. The mattresses are pillow top and the room has two flat screen TVs a with marble counters and dark cherry cabibets. I really enjoyed the room, very spacious and the wall are pretty  sound proof.

    I recommend this hotel to families with kids, couples that Don't want to be bothered , and maybe a gettaway for single person to woos ah. . Also I will recommend this to my job for corporate stays

    I will return.

    16/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    225. Gigi K.
    I feel compelled to update my review just to clarify some things.

    I'm not sure why the business manager was "very confused" by my initial review. When I reported the bed bug bites to the front desk, the girl replied that they do not have bed bugs and immediately assumed it was a spider bite (her conclusion). The manager reports they takes these bed bug claims very seriously but he did not even try to contact me until after I left my negative review.

    I feel bad for the future occupants of our room since it has already passed their tests. The manager called my report of bed bugs a "false alarm" but I think the photos of the bites speak for themselves.

    30/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    226. Clint R.
    I've been to Tahoe many times, but I have never heard of nor seen this hotel.  It is right by the CA/NV state line.  Excellent location.  The staff at the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel are among the friendliest I have encountered during my travels so far.  They rival the friendliness of the staff at the Disney theme park!.  I hadn't been to South Lake Tahoe in years, and staying at this resort made me want to come back soon.

    The room was very spacious and clean.  The free breakfast buffet had high quality food.

    26/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    227. Sarah P.
    It used to be an Embassy Suites (ES). The rooms are still Embassy-like. The furnishings and such were fine, just as you would expect to find in an ES. What was not like an ES at all was breakfast. They moved it into the restaurant. Clearly the waitstaff was VERY new. The food from the kitchen did not match up to the menu (for example: the yogurt parfait was listed as yogurt topped with fresh fruit and granola, it came out as a bowl of raspberry yogurt - perhaps this was a problem with our inexperienced server?). Also, the majority of the food from the kitchen was not good. And finally it took a VERY LONG TIME to eat. Bummer.

    23/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    228. Mike H.
    Nice place.  Would have given 4 stars but too early of a check out time.  Not cool   An extra $50 for a two hour later check out?

    02/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    229. Meme L.
    We expect traffic going up to Tahoe during the long weekend but the drive was very smooth.  So we got there way early.  I called the hotel front desk around 1pm to see if we can do early check in, and they have our room ready.  We left the car at the valet area for over 15 mins, they were cool with that.  We had the QQ standard room was nice and roomy, look like they updated their room.  The sofa bed look old but still pretty clean.  There is a bar kitchen that come in handy especially for people who travel with young kids.  There is another sink inside the bedroom which is a nice touch.  The bathroom looks dated and doesn't fit the room.  It looks more like a motel bathroom so I took two stars off.  

    The afternoon treats were good.  They have free items and items that cook to order, not free but decent price.  The lines can get long but the food or drink never run out.  The breakfast was good but be prepared to run into odd or rude people since it is free.  I happened to run into a rude family that can't even think if they are normal.  The daughter who is around 12 got in front of me while I was getting fruit drink and washed her hands with the drinking  water there.  I asked why she did that.  She didn't think that's a problem ... Actually she was pretty happy about her decision.  The Restroom wasn't even far.  Then I found her family was sitting next to us.  Her mom cut the buffet line to get food.  Their food where all over the floor... Saw them again on the next day.  :(

    Parking is not free and valet only.  Wifi is not free either but for $25 you get both.  We park at the Harrah's lot and the walk was just less than 5 mins even with the kids.  However, I suggest to pay the money for valet parking in the winter since it is indoor.  

    Location is good.  Everything is within walking dist.  They also give beach pass to the round hill pines beach which is less that 5 mins drive and good for the entire stay.  

    Check out was fast.  They accidentally charged me for parking but nicely cancelled the charge once I brought that to their attention.  

    Overall, it is a nice hotel and hope they can update their bathroom soon.

    26/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    230. Dana D.
    Watch your things as they steal your luggage!!!! They keep you distracted while they rip you off by their bellhop

    03/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    231. Travis R.
    My wife, kids and I spent 5 nights here last week. We lived it. We got a great deal on Groupon for our stay. The free breakfast is a great deal and saved us a ton of money. We also really enjoyed the pool. It was never too full and was very clean. We had the king deluxe room on the 6th floor. The room was everything we needed and more. House keeping also worked with us for what time we wanted the room cleaned and they did a great job. The happy hour drinks and snacks were also nice. The only complaint we had was the price of the WiFi. We just decided to go without.

    04/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    232. Danny B.
    Overpriced so called resort. No soap at the sinks, dirty toilet seat and toilet. Do not care for the exclusive valet parking only. Oh but we have breakfast right? Big deal, save the money and go to the IHOP down the block. The furniture is broken down and all hardware and hinges are loose as well as sagging. Air vents are covered with a thick layer of dust. I also got the oddest amenity ever, four cotton balls in a zip lock bag. Save your money and forego the tip. Mandatory bell hop also and an extremely pricey Wi-Fi. Even Super 8 has Wi-Fi.

    09/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    233. Cindy S.
    After a month of finalizing wedding details, wedding day and post wedding wrap up my new hubby and I realized we really needed some sort of mini getaway  to relax before our big trip to Hawaii in September.

    Our last minute decision to go somewhere (2 days before the weekend) lead us to check Groupon where we found a steal of deal for the Lake Tahoe Resort.

    We were able to purchase a one night (Saturday) stay for $136 after taxes and fees. (This was much cheaper than booking at one of the casinos and nicer than the other random hotels in the area.) The Lake Tahoe Resort is the old Embassy Suites right next to Harrahs.
    All of the rooms are suites with bedrooms and a living room equipped with refrigerators, microwaves, bar, couches and dining table. The staff was friendly and rooms were clean and well maintained. The room was spacious and bed comfy. There is a medium sized indoor pool, hot tub and pretty nice gym. The two major perks of staying at this resort are the complimentary happy hour (1 free drink, popcorn, pretzels and discounted food) and breakfast. Ann and the other male bartender were very friendly and provided great service. I thought the complimentary breakfast was pretty decent. It wasn't spectacular but it's more than you would get at some other places that only offer a bagel and cereal as their "continental breakfast." There are several hot food options, fruits and drinks. Who really complains about complimentary breakfast?!?

    My only knocks on this place would be no complimentary wifi and $25 valet parking. Then again, do you really need wifi if you are suppose to be on vacation enjoying yourself and everyone has a smartphone with data these days anyway. If you don't want to pay for parking,  just park at the Harrahs parking lot right next door. Oh yea, one more. For the most part staff was friendly and helpful except for the two guys at the valet entrance on Saturday afternoon. My husband was pulling his suitcase and carrying my duffle bag. I had 3 other bags with my hands full and the two guys just stood there talking rather than help open door. Come on guys at least offer to open the door if you aren't going to help with bags!

    Overall we had a great stay. I'm not sure what the regular rates are for a night stay but I'm definitely adding the Lake Tahoe Resort to my list of places to check the next time I'm looking for a rental in South Lake Tahoe.

    04/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    234. Benny H.
    Man, I really loved this place.

    The rooms are very big in comparasion to most regular rooms and it's very comfy and has all the amenities that you really need in a room. Place has a very jungle vibe/ with a touch of the German flair. Can't complain about that.

    They also give you a voucher per person for a free adult drink, which is something I've never seen so that's a big thumbs up.

    Beware of the free breakfast. That's really a jungle as everyone and their grandma's show up for that. I felt like I was being herded like a cow.

    Overall, a very nice hotel which exceeded my expectations.

    27/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    235. Shannon L.
    My family booked a stay through groupon for three nights. Our stay started with an arrival to discover our car must be parked by valet only and that we  could not unpack our own bags but were required to us a bell hop to have the things delivered to a room. With a ticket that stated the hotel was not responsible for loosing any of our items.
    Check in desk clerk was uninterested in checking us in. Also not interested in explaining the free breakfast or that the pool was closed. We were not given any information on how to use the pool next door.
    The bell hop was a friendly man indeed and covered everything one would expect from a front desk clerk. He filled us in on local attractions and how the hotel ran. Though spent a little too much time letting us know about recent upgrades and the cost of those.
    The room was average. I don't usually have allergic reactions though family members of mine do. In this room we ALL had issues. Running nose and stinging, itchy eyes. Upon investigation there as an inch of dust surrounding the air vents and heat system.

    We had left a couple of items in our car and called to ask where our car was we were told we could either have it brought up or they would bring us the items. Another grab at a tip. We described our items and were told they would be delivered to our room with in 10 minutes. After waiting 30 minutes we went to investigate to find half the items we had requested had been dropped off in the front office.
    The free breakfast was disappointing. I don't blame the staff as I am sure they were grilled to be hyper diligent about collecting people's tickets. However being asked repeatedly if I was permitted to access the food that was included as a part of my cost feels quite degrading. As well, the coffee station was often without any coffee. We felt unwelcome in this space.

    The cost of $12.95 a day for internet access is archaic and not mentioned upon booking or check in.

    My family checked out a full day early as the allergies were making sleeping a challenge. When I let the front desk know her first words were "I can't refund you any of your money." She did not ask why we were leaving early,  apologize for the lack of service or cleanliness or make any effort to encourage us to return again.

    From feeling unwelcome from the moment we pulled up and throughout the entire stay while breathing in allergens that had been presented before the "upgrade" this experience was dismal. I hope others will check out another hotel in the area as the surroundings in Heavenly were quite charming.

    24/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    236. Kirstin G.
    I was recently at this hotel for a one-day conference and, as a nursing mother, I needed a place to pump. There were no outlets in the bathroom, where I planned to go, so I asked at the front desk if there was a quiet corner with an outlet somewhere. They went above and beyond and gave me a room key for the day so I could pump in private and had a fridge to store the milk for the day. I was so grateful to not have to hide in a corner of the lobby! Thank you for being a breastfeeding friendly place!

    23/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    237. Jerry G.
    This place is beautiful. it's located right on the state line. it's nice and roomy, my room had two hd tv's a sofa w/a pull out bed for extra room, all granite countertops  and have a great breakfast Buffett in the morning (get there early it gets busy). a sweet pool and a a relaxing spa plus a gym, in room massages the works baby! haha. The restaurant in the hotel is good as well we had two prime rib dinners with a calamari appetizer two sodas and it was around 50 bucks. I'll be back for sure!

    20/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    238. Jay W.
    So my mother won a two night three day stay here and gifted it to my wife and I. I went in holding my breath at first.....then I almost choked on it. I have never been so impressed with hospitality as I have been here. Room is awesome, I mentioned to a bell hop that we finally get to celebrate our honeymoon, six years later....what does he do, surprises us with champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries left in our room. Completely satisfied and will definitely stay again. Big props to Ian, (bell hop) and Andy the concierge.

    10/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    239. Josh W.
    An update: my fiancé was getting ready in the room when the blinds fell down! She was standing in front of the window completely naked as people were walking by. Upon investigation, we found that the blinds were taped up. They sent someone up to fix it, but offered no real apology.  "Sorry, do u want us to send someone to fix it?"  

    Just got to Tahoe, and arrived at the hotel. Immediately was greeted by valet who was very courteous and professional. Meagan at the front desk was so nice. She went above and beyond to make our stay in Tahoe a great one!

    16/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    240. Correen B.
    This former Embassy Suites is a great value.  The all suite hotel includes free hot breakfast, and happy hour from 4:30 to 6:00pm daily.  

    The suites are spacious and clean.  All soft goods are in great condition. Thanks to fellow yelpers, I took the tip about the mandatory $25 daily valet parking charge, and parked next door at Harvey's for free.  Hey, that is what rolling luggage is for!

    11/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    241. Daniel K.
    Honestly I went to this hotel expecting what any 4 star $300 ranged hotel should provide. Initially I was impressed, I did my homework of the four 4 star hotels nearby, and decided to go here. I knew they would charge for wifi, did not have parking (valet only for $25/day which includes wifi in the price) and that it was the old 'embassy suites'.

    Initially I was quite impressed, first of all don't do valet as people wait for days to get their car, and harrah's open parking lot is literally 40 yards from the side entrance of the hotel and there's plenty of parking. When I walked in, I was greeted by friendly staff who even threw in a 'free complimentary king suite' which basically meant that I would get a higher floor free of charge. She also gave me the option of accepting that room which normally they charge $15 to upgrade since it is a higher floor or if I saw the room and changed my mind, could change to the normal king suite on floors 2-9 which were recently renovated. I decided to go with the 9th floor.

    The room was clean, but as soon as I tried to use one of the towels, there were orange stains on the towels, so I requested a new set entirely; in which they did within 5 minutes. The reason I docked them was because of my last night there. I came in after gambling around 11 pm, and asked the front person to send up a blanket and two pillows, because the housekeeping lady had cleared them out while cleaning; I said I would wait for her outside (niece and sister were sleeping) and she said she'd have it right on up. I was standing outside my hotel room for 30 minutes, sweating and tired, and finally decided to call the front to check on the status. She put me on hold, even though I said I wouldn't hold and so I hung up after waiting an additional 10 minutes. I didn't go in my room because my niece is a light sleeper and she's only 18 months old. I called again, and a gentleman picked up and I asked the status of my 'order' and he said he would check and hung up on me. I waited another 10 minutes, and was on the way to go down in the elevator when I saw the housekeeping gentleman, and he stated he had just received the request 5 minutes ago and was sorry.

    I called the front asking if this was true, and she stated
    I DIDNT REQUEST THE ITEMS BECAUSE I WANTED TO WAIT FOR YOU TO GET T YOUR ROOM, IT'S WHAT WE NORMALLY DO. First of all it takes 30 seconds to get from the front door up to the top floor (9th) and to my room. The housekeeping gentleman said he had just received the request, so her story doesn't add up. I asked for her name, and I'm assuming she told the morning manager Yoko what had happened or her version of the story as she stated she had heard what happened.

    Up to this point I'm hoping you can see why I'm agitated, but the biggest flaw was the last morning. While eating their 'complimentary' breakfast, my niece was chewing something and spat something out. She held it up to me and I noticed it was a large piece of plastic........I flipped......I kept my calm and told the floor worker and she said she would tell her manager. She stated her manager didn't have time to come out and that 'he extends his apology' and to talk to the front regarding the issue.

    I did, I spoke to the manager who waived our 4.95 internet charge and gave us a $50 off a future reservation if booked through their regular rate website. Honestly initially she offered the 4.95 only, and I actually thought she'd be courteous enough to extend some sort of comp for a future room as honestly I felt that the situation deserved something more. I've been to various hotels and if my 18 month old niece actually swallowed that piece of plastic, the size of my thumb with the ridged edges....they would have had a lawsuit on their hands. After receiving their $50 off coupon of a future regular rate room, I put it where it belonged, in the trash.

    I will not return to this hotel, and honestly don't recommend it. Their official site charges nearly $300 per night, while hotwire and other websites charge half that which is whys he specifically wrote 'regular rate' on a little business card. When you use their phone to call housekeeping you hear 'welcome to embassy suites', you'd think they have the tenacity and manpower to at least change their telephone recordings to the appropriate name.

    Last but not least, used the 'drink coupons' at the echo restaurant/lounge before we left, I ordered a couple margaritas and mimosas. They said they didn't have a person to make drinks in the morning (Front desk said you could get drinks anytime after 10am); eventually the guy who started making our drinks asked me what to put in the margarita and mimosa......I then asked for 2 cans of red bull and threw away all the drinks he made as it tasted like vinegar and sugar.

    I'm actually going back to Tahoe in 4 days with my girlfriend's family and I hope I don't even pass by this hotel. The reason I added 2 stars was because of the initial check in servi

    27/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    242. Monica M.
    I wanted a mini getaway so I decided to visit South Lake Tahoe for the first time last week. I booked this hotel on their website using a $50 off promotion code that they offered (Value2014) which still included a beautiful two-room suite, complimentary breakfast and happy hour drinks (one per guest). I also purchased an "Easy Access Package" that included valet parking and wireless internet access for an additional $25. Total stay for a night cost me about $139 after taxes and other fees.

    Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel is a nice hotel and worth the stay. With the value deal, we had a room on the 3rd floor with not a view of anything but I could care less. The room was very neat and it had everything; a fairly large refrigerator, microwave, couch, dining table and two TVs. Happy Hour included complimentary beer and top shelf alcohol, popcorn and pretzels to snack on. The two bartenders were kind and accommodating. Complimentary breakfast was great but the dining area can get really busy in the morning. There is an indoor pool and a little gym room with treadmills and free weights.

    The hotel is next to a shopping area and walking distance to Lakeside Beach. It also has a restaurant, Echo, which had great burgers and crispy fries but are a little pricey. For the valet parking, it saved me time from carrying all of my stuff too far. The valet staff did a good job retrieving my car very quickly. As for the wi-fi, I asked if they had a code (since I got that easy access package) but a man at the desk just told me to enter my last name and room number on the website. I tried but I didn't enter it in because it had asked me to purchase wi-fi on the page. Confused but managed to get through with 3G. It was no biggy.

    Overall it was a pleasant and comfortable stay and I would recommend this hotel!

    09/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    243. Crystal K.
    I can't say enough great things about this hotel. We got a fabulous deal on hotels.com , ($150 a night) and we stayed Friday-Monday.
    Rooms were spacious and housekeeping cleaned every morning while we ate breakfast. The free breakfast buffet was amazing, every traditional hot breakfast food was served as well as classic cold continental foods.
    Walking distance to all the casinos and the Heavenly Place shopping center.  Valet parking is $25. a night but we just parked at the casino lot which was just a few yards away. When we arrived the valet guys were nice enough to let us leave our car out front for about 30 mins while we unloaded and checked in which brings me to customer service. This place isn't perfect but every single interaction I had with employees here was very positive. Valet, Front desk, housekeeping etc, were all super friendly and helpful. Great job guys! Thanks!!!!

    07/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    244. Kay D.
    Lake Tahoe resort hotel is definitely good for family or big group. The hotel is not new however it is in good condition and the room is clean. what we love about it during this winter season is that the indoor pool is heated and open. My family and I enjoyed our stay. They serve continental breakfast which was okay. The price is reasonable, the room we stayed in is huge for a family/group of 4 (has dining table/living room, separate bedroom and 1 bath). The location of the hotel is in the heart of the heavenly village next to the gondola! The price for Saturday was only $169! The price is not too bad compared to harrahs $230.

    11/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    245. Chris B.
    Ann the bartender is great!  Fuzzy navel to drink.  We are here to ride with team in training - 100 miles !

    29/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    246. Karen D.
    We purchased a Group on for this hotel and stayed one night on a Saturday night for a total of $176.  For that price, it was a great deal!  Check in was super easy and we received two drink coupons (turn it in between 4-6 during happy hour or anytime the restaurant/bar was open), but we had no problem turning that in for two bottled waters.  We also received two breakfast buffet coupons.

    Indoor pool: (on the 2nd floor) Visited at 9pm at night.  It's heated and was very nice as it was an unexpectedly rainy weekend in South Lake Tahoe.  The deepest part was 6 feet.  It wasn't crowded though.  The pool is open until midnight, but kids are not allowed after 10pm.  It re-opened at 6am the next morning.  There is also a nice little spa.  There are towels available as well as a large shower, weight room, and restrooms.  Snack vending machine and drink vending machine 20 feet away.

    Parking: The hotel has a deal where you can pay $25 per night for parking and you'll also get free Wi-Fi, but we saved $25 by parking at Harrah's casino right next door.  It's a hop, skip, and a jump away.  Unless you absolutely need Wi-Fi, save your $25.  Common sense, don't leave valuables in your car anyway.

    Breakfast Buffet:  located on 2nd floor within the atrium.  Do not come down to eat in your PJs....it's not allowed.  Very decent selection of foods.  
    Hot foods: Bacon, sausage, quiche, scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy, pancakes/syrup, toast
    Drinks: coffee, milks, hot chocolate, various juices, water
    Other: Cereals, watermelon, cantaloupe, yogurt, bananas, granola
    There's more, but I can't recall everything.

    Bedroom: Two average clean queen beds on the 5th floor.  Decent view, but not there for the view.  Sink, mirrored closet, nice dresser, flat screen TV.

    Main area: Microwave, college sized fridge, easy to use thermostat (a little loud, but ok), dining table, 3 sinks, small coffee maker, paper towels, flat screen TV, large sturdy dining table with 5 dining chairs, sofa, pleather chair, pleather coffee table.  $4 bottled water for purchase, but ice machine and drink vending machine was right down the hall.  $2 for bottled water from vending machine.

    Bathroom: Clean. Clean towels, Bath and Body Works products, hairdryer.  Shower head could have less of a stinging spray though (when on that setting).  :)

    Lobby: Clean, fireplace, couches, chairs, sofas...very homey feel.  Nice fish pond.  

    Walking distance to: 24 hour CVS pharmacy, casinos, Heavenly shops and Gondola, Starbucks (in Heavenly shops or right in Harrah's entrance near parking lot).  One BIG block to Raley's and a decent strip mall.

    Driving distance: 10 minutes to the "Y" and then another 20 minutes up to Eagle Falls and Vikingsholm where we hiked to the beach.  Along the way is a nice fish stream profile (Taylor Creek) with flat paths to walk....you fell like you are in nature, but you have the comfort of going back to the parking lot easily.  All three of these places have GREAT photo ops.

    We'd totally stay here again!

    30/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    247. Ashton C.
    Bought this room for 2 night thru a deal on Groupon so that's always a little scary because it can really go either way. Arrived to find that I had infact made a fantastic decision. The lobby is very beautiful. The staff are super friendly. They offer free (delicious) breakfast every morning that contains eggs, french toast, quiche, sausage, bacon, biscuits and gravy, fruit, cereal, yogurt, danishes, muffins, annnnd I think that's it for the breakfast. They also have happy hour every afternoon from 4:30-6:30 and give you 1 free drink ticket per person per night of your stay for the happy hour. The indoor (heated) pool and spa are amazing as well.

    Now for the cons,
    They only have valet parking ($25 night) or you can park out back in the Harrah's lot for free which is what we did. We never had trouble finding close parking and our vehicle stayed totally safe.

    They charge like $12.95/day for wifi. Now this pisses me off so much because it is 2014! Even Denny's has free wifi, and they wanna' charge as if they don't make enough money off of the rooms?? So for this I shall be docking them 1 star in my review.

    The third thing I don't like is that they hold $50/day off of your debit card for "incidentals" which I think is crap to charge ahead of time for that. Why not just keep a card # on file then charge AFTER we check out and the room is trashed? Not everyone has an additional $50/day to be held out of their account with no problems some of us live on a strict budget.

    Anyways, overall the experience was great! We would definitely stay here again.

    Oh and last tip, stay away from the obnoxious Wyndham timeshare people.

    13/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    248. Mitchell B.
    Decent hotel, rooms are nice and spacious to relax and hang out.  public areas are spacious as well and has plenty of space as well.  it has a great location right next to harrahs.  however, mandatoy valet at 26 per night, no self parking but you can park at harrahs and walk.  luggage carts are available but again you must use the bell hop as guests are not allowed to use the carts.  lastly they charge 13 per day for WiFi, unless you pay for the valet then its free, yeah free!

    31/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    249. Allison M.
    Tried this place out after purchasing a Groupon.  Went during the week.  From start to finish a great experience.  The bellhop was super friendly and helpful.  Gave us all the info on the hotel and amenities while heading up to our room.  We asked for a recommendation on a hike.  The hike he suggested by Emerald Bay (only 20 min away) was amazing!  Exactly what we had been looking for.  The restaurants he suggested (within walking distance) where delicious and fun with live music.  Location is great, in between casinos and Heavenly Village, walking distance to both.  All the staff we encountered were super pleasant and helpful.  4:30-6:30 they serve drinks for $2 each.  Then really nice included breakfast buffet in the morning.  The room was spacious and clean. Ended our lovely night by dancing to live music at Cabo Wabo (across the street from the hotel).  The only downside was there parking.  Valet only $26.  I would take other yelpers advice and park for free at Harrahs next door.  And no wifi. Other than that, great place to stay, especially for the price.  Will visit again.

    07/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    250. Zabrina P.
    2 Stars

    We stayed the the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel after finding a Groupon for $99 a night. It was disappointing to find out that you have to pay $26 a night to park but this included wi-fi and there is no additional resort fee. The valet was very nice and check in was easy. We were given breakfast vouchers and went to our room. The room was exactly like it was when it was Embassy Suites and we had a tiny window on the 9th floor. We stayed 2 nights. I give the resort 2 stars for the following reasons:

    - The jets in the spa did not work. After asking someone about it, they said they would look into it. For the 2 nights we were there, it was never fixed or addressed to us.
    - We went to $2 happy hour only to find everybody had drink vouchers. We were given no drink vouchers as we were told they no longer do this. We were trying to charge to our room but it was not allowing us to so we had to use a card every time. The bartender was very friendly and personable.
    - The first morning we were there after our first night, a person opened our door without knocking while my husband and I were on the couch (luckily clothed). He asked what time we checked in the day before and if it was after noon (which it was) and closed the door. He didn't apologize for the blatant disrespect of privacy and left.
    - The same night, we were again at happy hour and I was trying to charge drinks to my room. Again, it was not working. The couple behind me asked what room I was in. When I told them, they informed me they were assigned that room, given keys, and when they walked in there were belongings. THERE WERE STRANGERS IN OUR ROOM WITH KEYS TO OUR ROOM!! Luckily they were good people and immediately left and informed the front desk. There was nothing stopping them from stealing my iPad on the counter or jewelry in the bathroom. I went to the front desk to express my concern and was told sorry for the inconvenience and everything was fixed. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. I wasn't offered drink vouchers or free parking for such a violation of privacy.
    - We went up to our room and the key no longer worked because they assigned the room to a different couple so we had to go back down and get more keys.
    - The following morning there was a charge from the Echo restaurant on sight that belonged to an entire different room! The front desk took this off along with the wifi charge that showed up.
    - Overall we were VERY disappointed with the customer service and invasion of privacy especially after learning the hotel was only 12% full as we stayed there on a Monday and Tuesday night.

    2 stars for the included breakfast, convenient location, and VERY friendly bartender at happy hour. Overall, I would not recommend this resort. Luckily this was a Groupon deal and we didn't pay full price.

    16/04/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    251. Holly R.
    Found the deal on groupon.  Stayed 1 night and the hospitality was excellent.  Clean room, friendly service taking the time out to highlight areas on the map we should visit.  The breakfast buffet was phenomenal for being free.  There were a lot of people staying there Mother's Day weekend for the Amgen Women's Tour.  Full of life.  Close to the casinos and shopping area.  The only con I would say is they tried to charge us for valet parking $26 when we did not use valet parking.  Watch your bill and challenge any charges.

    15/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    252. Dawn C.
    Stayed at the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel May 15-May 17, 2015.  The Hotel is lovely.  The fish pond with live turtles was really neat.  Everyone employed at the hotel was friendly and helpful.  Our room was perfect.  The beds were very comfy.  The free breakfast each morning was really good for a free breakfast.  There were many choices such as muffins, scones, toast, oatmeal, fresh fruit, two flavors of yogurt, dry cereal, egg casserole (2 choices), scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, waffles or pancakes, multiple juice options.  The location of the hotel was perfect.  It was within walking distance of anywhere you would like to be, plus there are no casinos in this hotel and no smoke.  My only complaint is regarding the parking fee.  $26 per night plus the tips for the drivers was pretty costly for what you receive.

    17/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    253. Ron L.
    We chose Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort hotel for our recent trip to Tahoe.  

    We actually thought we were getting a reservation at the similarly named Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort on Ski Run Boulevard, but when Google maps guided us to the location, I was like "Hey, this is the Embassy Suites!", now renamed...

    Anyway, as before when it was Embassy Suites, the staff is still courteous and helpful. The rooms seem to have been renovated and are nicer now.  Our King room #924 on the 9th/top Floor has a great view of the mountains!  The room amenities are great including a refrigerator and Starbucks coffee.

    The one downside is the terrible wifi. It doesn't work. I feel ripped off having gotten the "easy access package" which includes valet and internet. The wifi doesn't work. Then staff knows about it too and didn't offer a refund.  Do something about this!!!

    24/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    254. M D.
    Beyond amazing experience. Thank you for making our anniversary so special!! Robin, Miguel and Chance at the restaurant went above and beyond and provided the best service. The front desk and house keeping is the most customer oriented and friendly team we have ever had !!!!! This is a great place for a couple, kids or even to come alone !! No complaints!!!! Thank you

    16/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    255. Scott L.
    Great hotel. Great location, middle of everything. Friendly staff. I'll be back. Recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shsjs sjs shs shs shs shs shs shs shs shs shs s shsvs shs shs shs shs SBS shs shs shs shs shsjs s

    13/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    256. Patricia S.
    Pleasantly surprised at the service and room! The view is not anything to brag about seeing that it only goes up 10 floors and looks out at the Harvey's parking lot.

    We mentioned we were also celebrating our anniversary and were upgraded a couple floors and given a complimentary plate of cheese and crackers and bottle of wine :)

    Room was very clean and very comfortable.
    Morning buffet was good, we went late to avoid the rush. And there's an indoor pool.
    Kid friendly though we didn't have ours with us.

    Will definitely visit again and may even being the kiddos next time ;)

    27/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    257. D D.
    Nice hotel provides good complementary breakfast. Parking is expensive at $26.00 a night.

    Staying here now.  House keeping arrived and Attempted to remake the bed using original sheets that we're soaking wet from a spilled bottle of water. Luckily I caught the supervisor as I was leaving my room and mentioned to her.

    Room was dirty when I returned. Yes the bed was made but used paper drinking cups from breakfast were still on the counters and table. Bag for the extra. Blanket was in the middle of the floor with two empty water bottles.

    16/05/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    258. IceSnow N.
    3.5 stars

    I hv read some comments on yelp b4 i head there, so I didn't have a high expectation to start with; so, lower expectations means less disappointment...  

    Not a fancy hotel, typical embassy suites... Lobby was comfortable, has lots of tables and chairs to chill at...  complementary welcome happy hour drinks (not that they are very good, but nice to have)...  complementary breakfast was decent enough...  and had a good variety to choose from...    

    The room is good size, although the furnitures are kinda old, and saggy...  especially the mattress, pillows, and the sofa bed...  all needs to be replaced...  Nice thing is there is another sink inside the room, so no need to fight over the bathroom to brush in the morning...  

    the good part:  Location Location Location...  it's next to the Heavenly village and the Gondola
    and, no mandatory resort fee some of the other hotels charges...  

    the bad bad part:  no free parking...  all parking is valet, and cost $26/day...  no space for self parking at all...  well, we just park at the Harrahs parking lot next door...  it's not too far, but quite a walk when u r carrying all those luggages...  
    also, no free wifi...  wifi is so cheap nowadays that most other hotels/inns/motels provides it for free...

    17/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    259. Morgan M.

    There's some nice "Tahoe-y" decor in the lobby
    The registration staff was great
    Free breakfast (and it's quite good!)
    Decent restaurant/bar


    Allegedly renovated, but several marks of previous incarnation (a former Embassy Suites) remain
    A massive floodlight was on for no purpose--even during the day
    General feeling of a worn-out establishment that needs a lot of TLC

    Could do worse (walking distance to Harrah's!), but you could also do much, much better.

    13/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    260. Kristen J.
    My boyfriend and I stayed here over Easter weekend.  We are lucky enough to be able to take advantage of the federal employee rate.  For what we paid we were extremely happy with the hotel, the service and amenities.  Sure, it might not be shiny sparkly and new, but it is comfortable, clean, and in a phenomenal location.  The breakfast is good!  And the Easter brunch we had was excellent, and a good price at $30/person.  We would definitely stay here again - especially at the discounted government per diem rate.  

    Unlike some other reviewers, we did not have to valet, and there was no parking fee when we stayed.  

    Our biggest complaint is that the pool has posted signs that it is adults only after 10:00 p.m., but that was not enforced and both nights we went down there to use the hot tub there were children in the main swimming pool.

    13/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    261. Ashley W.
    Purchased a groupon deal  at the last minute, which I'm glad I did. I would be willing to pay $100-$150 a night, but not $200+ a night. Got in Friday at midnight, checked out Sunday.

    Room space. In ours we had the living room area including tv, couch, table and chairs and then the bedroom with a good amount of storage space (if you're staying awhile) and another flat screen.
    Location. We walked to the lake, took about 10 minutes. Walking distance to Heavenly Village where you can have a tasty lunch at Base Camp Pizza, a romantic dinner at Kalani's or shop a bit. The Gondola was closed when we went, but I'm sure that is fun to check out. It is also right beside Harrah's if you're looking to gamble and CVS when you have to get extra allergy medicine from inhaling all the smoke indoors.
    The bartender at Echo. His name was Reuben. Super friendly, attentive, quick and made some really tasty cocktails.
    Free breakfast. Well....kinda? We had tickets we were supposed to redeem to get the breakfast, but it wasn't like anyone was taking them so I'm not really sure how their system works. The food was acceptable.

    Valet parking. I appreciate a good valet parking option, but it was either valet for $26 or (in our case), attempt to park in Harrah's and lug all our bags in the dark, in the snow to the hotel from the parking lot across the way. So we opted for valet, found out it was $26 a night when we got the bill. (Did see afterwards online it is listed under "amenities"....just make sure you review the site)
    I thought the indoor pool was supposed to be heated? It wasn't when I was there. This was a huge factor considering it was a point in the reason for going with this hotel.

    Other notes:
    This "Happy Hour"....I still don't know...were the drinks free? No one reviewed this with us. I know it was posted in the book and the sign...but what was it? If its going to be positioned as this cool value add....I'd like some detail. We didn't bother because the line was so long and didn't know what it was.
    I would recommend to families on vacation. With the "breakfast", turtle pond in the lobby, space of rooms and general cleanliness, this could be ideal. If you're a couple looking for a romantic getaway at a high class resort....there may be better options. All depends on what kind of experience you are looking for.

    28/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    262. Cassandra P.
    Three things....

    Everything you read in the 5-star reviews are true. Nice staff. Great breakfast buffet. Huge rooms. Location. Location. Location. We would come back. But three things.

    1. Paper thin walls. My hubby is a deep, deep sleeper and the guy next door woke him up. I'm a lighter sleeper and I was woken up before 0600 to the neighbor's conversation about $25, Target, Walmart, and many other topics. To the point that I could actually pick him out in the breakfast area because I knew his voice so well. THIN walls.
    Recommendation to management: invest in a white noise machine for each suite. Place in the closet. Or even buy the white noise alarm clocks. People are using them more and more. Might be a great thing.

    2. The front desk was nice and helped me with this one. But this is a heads up for those, such as myself, who are allergic to down. The room comes with feather down pillows. I called the front desk as soon as I noticed. They kindly brought up foam pillows for us. But now I have a stuffy nose and drainage from my head laying where the down pillows were.
    Recommendation to management: mention this at check in (that was the bed has more time to air out) or place a few foam pillows in the closet (as that is where I always look first before calling the front desk).

    3. The parking fee. Mandatory $26 fee. They only have valet parking. Just heads up.
    Recommendation to management: suggest alternative places to park for those who might not mind walking.

    03/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    263. Silvia G.
    GREAT hotel in a great location!!!

    It was my first time in South Lake Tahoe and couldn't have been happier.  You can walk to the gondola and Heavenly village from here during the day and to Harrahs and other casinos at night.

    The lobby is very nice, with a koi pond, a cute bear welcoming you, lots of greenery, feels like you're in Tahoe!

    We got a spacious suite with microwave, fridge, dining table...

    Free breakfast buffet had eggs, quiche, bacon, fresh fruit, cereal, pastries...

    Happy hour had popcorn and pretzels, and a full bar with $2 drinks from 4:30-6:30p

    $26 valet parking comes with in and out privileges

    Nice for families if you want a peaceful stay. I saw families enjoying the pool even late at night.

    Front desk and concierge were nice and friendly.


    07/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0