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Secrets Inn in South Lake Tahoe, CA

Secrets Inn in South Lake Tahoe, CA


Every room in Secrets Inn has a jacuzzi and gas fireplace - romance!


Established in 2010.

New owners rem-modeled Secrets Inn and Heavenly Inn in the last two years with all new beds and very comfortable furniture. Family run - you will not be disappointed in your choice to stay here.


Company Info:

Rating: 4.00

Address: 924 Park Ave, South Lake Tahoe, CA, 96150
  • Mon: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Tue: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Wed: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Thu: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Fri: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Sat: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Sun: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm

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Comments (89):

1. T C.
We spent two nights at Secrets and it was lovely.
-very helpful staff member working at the front desk. he suggested things to do and called to make sure they were open
-coffee cups, glasses, and wine glasses in the room
-fridge (you did need a key, but ours was already in the keyhole of the fridge, didn't feed to ask the front desk)
-great location. walking distance to ice skating, movie theater, casinos, restaurants, Heavenly, etc
-fire place, which heated the room very well (too well, we had to open the window in Feb!)
-large shower, bath tub with jets. between the two of us, we took 3 baths and 3 showers during a 2 night stay and we never ran out of hot water. however, we went midweek so it was relatively empty
-could hear other guests showers (we were on the 2nd floor)
-small room (but a nice sized closet to put luggage away
-MIRRORS! there was no full body mirror, which would have been nice but i can live without. however, at 5'3'', i could see almost to my chin in the one bathroom mirror that is over a tall, wide sink/counter. when my eye allergies were acting up, it was very difficult to get close enough to the mirror to see what was in it.
-the bath does not actually fully plug, so you have to refill the water often

20/02/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
2. Jenna J.
Went in 2007 for my birthday- found it online. They were offering a deal for the winter: $100 per night for all rooms. We booked online through a Lake Tahoe promotional website and had no problems with our reservation, it was in the computer when we got there and we were in our room within minutes of parking. We loved the place. You just need to know what to expect before you go. It is very obviously an old motel that has been remodeled. The Tahoe room (the standard room) is quite small. I would say Motel 6 sized. But it has lots of amenities- down comforter, flat screen TV, huge jacuzzi and slate tiled shower and a gas fireplace. It's within walking distance of the lake, casinos, and ski lifts. They have lots of promotions to fill the rooms in the winter- we are going back to stay next week for two nights for the price of one. I recommend it- just be aware before you go that this is not a luxury hotel- it's  what was once an old cheap motel that has been upgraded.

11/02/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
3. Bree W.
This place is amazing!!! My boyfriend and I stayed in a tahoe suite and we loved it! The staff was VERY HELPFUL & KIND!!!! They made sure everything was okay and offered us yummy cookies when we arrived.  The room was small but had a wonderful jacuzzi tub (perfect after a long day of skiing or snowmobiling), fireplace, flat screen TV w. DVD player and a little fridge. The location was awesome just minutes away from he gondola, Raleys grocery Store, casino, and many more restaurants.  My boyfriend and I rented a car but did not have to use it much since we walked everywhere. I absolutely loved this hotel and would definitely reserve a room there again.  This was my first time at South Lake Tahoe and it was amazing!!!! Oh yeah it was very clean and the window shades werent so much of a problem. If you plan on sleeping in then it might be but who wants to sleep in when there is so much beautifulness waiting for you outside!! lol

11/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
4. ashley m.
This is the best kept secret in South lake Tahoe! small rooms but super clean andd cute! loved the jazzie bath and fireplace! those where the two things i wanted! the only complaint is the windows are fairly thin so u could totally hear everything single thing happening out side!!! But defiently will be back when my husband comes back from deployment! Super Romantic! =)

14/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
5. Thao T.
We came here to celebrate our anniversary and even though we didn't stay in the room during most of the trip, it was still pretty enjoyable. The ambience was nice. It was within walking distance to a private beach and the downtown area, so there's easy access to bars, the casinos, and restaurants.

The room itself was nice. This place was newly remodeled and everything was new. We had a nice king size bed, widescreen tv, fireplace, and jacuzzi tub in the room. This place is definitely for couples tho which is clearly implied by the free dirty movies and see through shower (clear partition between the bedroom and shower) which my bf enjoyed more than i did.

If we came back to the area and it was just us two, i'd like to stay here again. It's esp nice if the weather wasn't as nice as it was because if you want to get some nice quality time with your significant other, you can definitely keep yourselves plenty entertained in the rooms.

I'd recommend calling in the reservation bc they will give you a discount, which they don't if you book online. And the owners were pretty nice. We also got some breakfast in the morning =)

05/07/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
6. May O.
first time in Lake Tahoe and i did make the right choice of staying at Secrets Inn...my hubby was impressed and the area is closed to everything! the room is so cozy...clean and fresh! the jacuzzi is the best part of the room, lol...at least it is inside your room and private! we will definitely stay here again when we go back to Tahoe!

30/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
7. April R.
We are SO glad we opted to stay here instead of some of the pricier places or casinos. It doesn't look like anything too fancy from the outside - just like your average motel - but the rooms, staff, and location proved you cannot always judge the book by its cover. We picked the place because it was affordable, well-reviewed, and looked very romantic. That it was! We got the basic room (Tahoe Suite I think it's called), and it was just right. Very comfortable & cozy king bed, a big jetted tub that was WONDERFUL, a beautiful glass shower, and lovely decor that really made it feel like home. The staff was super nice and genuinely seemed to care that we enjoyed our stay. We also loved the little outdoor seating area with the gas fire pit and the fact that it is just a short walk to restaurants, the beach, and places to shop. My only complaints - the shower is so powerful and gets super hot (which sounds great, I know), but the bathroom is not very well ventilated so it steams up fast and drenches everything. Even the mirror near the front door of the room was completely fogged over! Also, the shower is completely open (no door) and the spray is directed into the bathroom. If you raise the shower head at all (like if you are any taller than my 5 feet 4 inches) the water will actually spray out of the shower and on to the bathroom floor. Kind of a problem for my 6'1" hubby, but we made do. The other thing was the positioning of the TV. It is mounted on the wall so that it is totally off centered from the bed (the room's only place to sit), and the bracket is fixed so you can't angle it differently. Again, not a huge deal as you can still watch TV from the bed (or from the tub) - it just isn't the greatest angle. Those are the only things that kept me from giving it 5 stars. Overall, we really loved this place and plan to stay here any time we come back to Tahoe.

18/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. L. C.
I would give this place 3.75 ish stars. Here are my pros and cons about the place:

- The office itself closes at 6pm
- They lost my reservation (I called the day before to check on the details, found out and had to email the receptionist with a copy of MY reservation confirmation)
- The room was smaller than I had anticipated
- There was a missing tile on part of the area that surrounds the jacuzzi
- The mini fridge is locked and needs a key that you can get from the front office
- Our remote for the TV didnt have a battery cover
- The jacuzzi had a weird gritty (sp?) residue that went around the inside of the jacuzzi.. I dont know if it water stains from it not being cleaned but it kinda creeped me out so I had to wipe it away..
- If you have a downstairs room, you can hear the people above you walking around and fiddling with the jacuzzi/shower (this gets HELLA annoying at night when you're trying to sleep)
- The cleaning person doesnt come by necessarily every day (our room wasnt cleaned on Sunday and we were staying until Monday)

- One of the few places in Tahoe that I could find with a semi-reasonable price and an in-room jacuzzi
- They gave me the room I wanted (Tahoe Suite in Secrets Inn which doesnt have water heater issues)
- They tried to make things work for me since I wasnt going to be able to come in before the office closed
- Apparently the landlords live on-site
- The jacuzzi was very comfortable for one person and works without any complications
- They have a cute fireplace to heat up the room
- The bathroom supplies were nice (shampoo, body wash, soap bath/shower gel and body lotion)
- The room was very cozy and intimate
- The shower had nice warm pressure and heat
- The bed was extremely comfortable
- It's down the street from the Heavenly Village and nearby many casinos, restaurants and shops (walkable distance)

I would consider coming here again with the boyfriend.

11/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
9. R. K.
My husband and I stayed in Secrets Inn this weekend for a little getaway trip, and we enjoyed our room immensely.

It's pretty small, but the layout is intelligent, and everything you could possibly want in a hotel room is crammed into that space!

There's a huge, roomy shower with a rain-head showerhead: plenty of room for two people and great water pressure. The shower has one wall made of glass that looks out over the tub into the rest of the room. There's an enormous jacuzzi tub which you will certainly enjoy. Within view of the tub is a gas fireplace and a flat screen tv mounted on the wall. (The fireplace warms up the room very nicely and gives it such a cosy, romantic feel.) And then, of course, there's a huge king sized bed with plenty of lovely pillows and a cosy quilt. VERY comfortable. We slept like babies.

Also, the decor is modern and attractive.

FYI, there's a little mini fridge, if you have wine or food items that you want to keep cold. We found that very useful. No microwave though. Not sure where you'd put it.

So all in all, this hotel is a fantastic value. I believe we paid about $130 to visit the third weekend of October.

Don't get me wrong, this isn't a resort. It's a little mom and pop hotel. But it's everything you could possibly want from a resort style room, and for half the price (or less).

26/10/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
10. Stephen W.
A nice little inn conveniently located right down the road and within walking distance of Heavenly Village.

Everything is fairly new, and the place is nicely appointed with Kohler fixtures, a great shower, jacuzzi and HBO. Compared to most the other inns or hotels I've been at in Tahoe, the bathroom actually felt really nice. Don't expect much privacy though behind the glass window shower. There's a great view of whoever's taking a shower from the bed.

The Jacuzzi's nice too - but I'm starting to realize it's a bit overrated unless your a huge jet & tub person. I'd rather just take a refreshing shower or relax in a nice warm bubble bath.

Service was friendly and courteous, and check-in and out was fast and easy.

BTW - the rooms are SMALL, unless you go with the larger, less contemporary Alpine suites. There's not much room to put your bags at other than in the closet without tripping over them as you walk around the place. I guess it's fine if your up for just the weekend, but we brought a ton of clothes up for a wedding and they ate up much of the closet.

21/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
11. jenna r.
-1 star for the lack of hot water... We got this room because of the inroom jacuzzi.. we were only able to use it once.. after that the hot water ran out.  The glass shower is awesome.. I got to watch my babe shower.. which is always a plus.. lol.   The fireplace made it romantic.. but the room stays hot all day/night.. If I had a choice.. I would come back!

03/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
12. Sheri H.
Typically going to Tahoe is a last-minute idea for us.  I usually do a drive around to see what looks good these days in Tahoe...all the hotels are forever changing!! This one did for sure...for the BETTER!!  After hearing the very reasonable prices (same price for BOTH nights-not typical Tahoe...they jack-up Sat. night) and pictures of the room, we decided to stay.  I loved the room...yes it was cozy...but, it's TAHOE!!!! With walking distance to biking trails, casinos and lake...what more can you ask for?! We loved the decor, walk in shower and the bed was cozy and clean.  I will come back here again and again!!! Couple of things missing though...a hair-dryer and bottle opener...most people don't pack those things anymore?!  By-the-way...Tip:
Tahoe Travelers...drink. the. tap. water!!! It's good...don't feel you need to buy it in a bottle....

03/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
13. Tori C.
We decided to book this hotel based on TripAdvisor reviews and on the property's website. They were initially a little hard to get ahold of, but it makes sense when you arrive there in person.

The property is a Mom-and-Pop operation, run by a couple in side street off the main road. There are about 40 rooms (maybe more), made up of three types of suites. The only type available for our stay was the Tahoe Suite, where we stayed for three nights (Wednesday through Saturday). We had a great stay!

1. Quiet area
2. Plenty of free parking
3. Free wireless internet
4. In-room jacuzzi and fireplace = very romantic
5. Soft sheets and pillows, comfy mattress!
6. Low key owners live onsite, office is open 8am-10pm (they are available, but never interfered)
7. Lots of space to store packed items such as bathroom vanity with drawers and spacious wardrobe
8. Within walking distance of the stateline casinos, restaurants, Shops and Heavenly, and Heavenly Gondola
9. Staying here gives you access to a small private beach nearby

1. Rooms are small (ours was 158 sq. ft), but we found them adequate
2. No iron and board in room, but we were fine - just used the steam from the huge walk in shower
3. The outside is a little unsettling, but don't judge a book by its cover as they say! The rooms are gorgeous!

This was our first visit to Tahoe and already we are considering returning for the ski season - if we do, we'll definitely be back to stay with Secrets Inn again!

NOTE: As mentioned above, we booked directly with the hotel by phone. Their reservations system on the website said they were full, and expedia.com and hotels.com were giving me insane rates! The guy was able to provide a better rate, so try there first!

20/09/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
14. Amanda H.
We would have given this place just 1 star, but the hotel staff were apologetic about our experience here and refunded a portion of the bill, so +1 for that.  However, you can't wipe a truly disappointing experience from your mind with a little cash, so we still want to share with others who might visit.

We stayed one night (a Saturday) in the Tahoe Suite.

I'm happy that they post pics of the inside AND outside on the website, so you shouldn't be shocked by the run-down motel feel of the exterior.

The PROs:
- lovely decor and paint colors in the room
- large bed (cal. king) and enormous bathroom (for a hotel)
- nice location
- decent price for a romantic hotel
- appropriate response to guests complaining about their experience

The CONs (in the order we experienced them):
- the guy at the front desk (next door) when my husband checked us in was apparently really unwelcoming (my husband says he's going to give much more credit to staff at other hotels who *are* welcoming from now on, since it's no longer a given after this trip)
- in the room, the floor dips very noticeably right between the bed and the armoire.  It's disorienting when you walk across that spot from higher ground, not to mention it makes you feel like the building is unsound.
- the carpet is very visibly dirty/worn.  There is a gray/brown line all around the bed where people walk, particularly noticeable on beige carpet.  You don't want to think about who else has been in the room when you stay at a hotel.
(That's all we noticed before we rushed out.  When we came back, we noticed...)
- there was no way to turn on the gas log fireplace.  My poor husband searched EVERYWHERE, including crawling around on the floor.  Talk about unromantic.  We called the front desk (by now it's at least 11pm) and there was no answer.  No fireplace for us. (When we checked out the next morning, they said, "oh, that's just the pilot light," and we said, "well, it was 11pm, and no one was around to light it!")
- no hair dryer.  I've recently given up packing mine, because I've come to accept that all hotels provide them (Until now!  Although, this proved not to bee so important, because...)
- the shower didn't work.  I felt like I must've been missing something, so I made my husband try to turn it on.  Nope.  Nothing.  Not a drip.  No reaction at all.  No shower?!?!?!?! (The lady who checked us out was apparently appalled by this, and she confirmed that we weren't just 'missing something' because they had it checked immediately after we complained)
- the water ran fine in the bath tub, but given how dirty the floor was, I didn't want to risk the tub.
- no service from the front desk at night.  I didn't think that would be a problem, but it ended up being a real problem for us.

The recommendations:
- CHECK THAT EVERYTHING WORKS as soon as you get to the room!  That way, you'll have a chance to get it worked out with the hotel staff before you settle in (I know, you shouldn't have to do this at a hotel, but I would recommend it here.)
- Shy people should definitely pick another hotel.  There is absolutely no hiding from your roomie if you need to bathe.
- bring slippers, so you're not barefoot on the dirty floor.
- pack a hair dryer, in case you get to take a shower or want to risk the bath

The rooms have been beautifully remodeled, and it's a shame that they aren't being maintained well at all.  We won't be returning, because our stay was just too disappointing.  (Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.)

23/08/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
15. Amanda C.
We loved this place! We were looking for a place with a jacuzzi tub in the room. We got the smallest room which while it was small, everything was in the right place. I didn't mind the size. Everything is fairly newer looking and CLEAN. I loved the tub, the shower is great as it is glass and you can see from the bed into the shower. I liked the decor and the color scheme. Everything we needed including Starbucks and the Art Gallery was a short block away, closest to the Gondola. There is plenty of shopping, food, and casinos are within walking distance. They will also give you passes for the private beach just a block or so down the road. They are so accommodating. Dustin checked us in. He gave us great info regarding the room, recommendations for food and activities. There are no pets, no kids on the Secrets Inn side but there is Heavenly Inn which is kid and pet friendly at the same location, just on the other side. This is a great place to stay. We will be back!

29/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
16. Brooke C.
Lynn answered my call with a pleasure.  When asking what it was I was looking for in a room, I replied, "white crisp sheets...comfy bed...fluffy down comforter".  She asked that we drive the short mile from our current location so she could show us the rooms she had available.  She showed us two rooms that not only met, but exceeded, the requirements I had for our weekend away!  This sweet little room had been newly renovated - complete with a jacuzzi whirlpool tub, glass door shower, and gas fireplace.  Well appointed and clean, it was a great place for the romantic suite I had in mind.  We asked for a recommendation for a quiet spot with good drinks and food.  She sent us to one of her favorite spots, a great little Scottish bar nearby that offered us a wonderful selection and pleased out palates!  We will return to Secrets and it shouldn't be a secret for long because they are doing it spot on!

04/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
17. Laurel S.
My husband treated me to a romantic weekend in Tahoe via Secrets Inn. We had been recommended to this little gem by a friend. The rooms are incredibly clean and since the hotel has been remodeled, the features are so cozy and as romantic as it gets.

The first thing people think of when I say "romantic" is themed rooms (i.e. red heart tubs, satin sheets on cheesy heart beds). The only theme at this place is elegance. The jacuzzi tub is perfect after a long day of hitting the slopes or hiking the trails. The full glass shower adds a hint of sexiness.

All in all, well worth the price and the staff are very friendly.

We can't wait to go back.

25/05/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
18. Dan P.
We stayed at Secrets Inn the night before and the night of our wedding.  We were very pleased.  From the outside, it doesn't look that different from the numerous other hotels on that street and the neighboring streets, but inside, it's gorgeous.  Each room has a jacuzzi (awesome! we used it twice!), a nice TV, a very updated and large bathroom with a modern shower, and a huge king bed.  There's also a fridge and a microwave, which came in handy.  
The location is great - walking distance to the casinos and other attractions on Lake Tahoe Blvd and also just a block or two from the lake (note that there was not direct lake access in this area, but it was still pretty to walk along that road).
The owner was very friendly and helpful, with restaurant reservations.
I'm still giving it 5 stars because it didn't matter to us, but we did have trouble with the wifi connection (free wifi).  It worked for a few minutes and then would cut off.  Might have been user error, although I've used wifi in plenty of other hotels without problems.  We didn't really need it so we didn't ask for assistance, which might have helped.  Don't let this stop you!  We had a great stay and highly recommend it!

04/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
19. Larina M.
I made on-line reservations for the Alpine Suite and got a call that the room wasn't really available, but they could put us in a different room. This was disappointing, but we agreed. We arrived and were even more disappointed. The rooms were tiny and the glass shower was across the bed under the TV, WTH? They had us look at several other rooms, each no better than the last. The rooms were all small and dark. They get two stars for letting us look at so many rooms and for refunding our money without any trouble, but it was a zero star experience.

30/01/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
20. Alex P.
We booked this hotel from the online picts. The rooms were great. Esp the new hevenly suit hey have. Its large secluded and affordable. Yes the outside is not much to look out but the staff was sweet and helpful. No other problems

06/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
21. Natalie C.

Why...Because this place may not look the best on the outside but it is fabulous on the inside. I know a couple people say that the cheapest room here is too small, but my man is 6 Foot 2, and 225 LBS. and he didn't have a problem at all. Yes the bed takes up the most space as do the glass shower and AMAZING JACUZZI.

Okay so you ask why stay here, 1st because its AFFORDABLE! Its COMFY, (Down Comforter) and snuggly pillows! YAY! And after a long day of snowboarding or skiing you will thank god that you picked this HOTEL and got the one with the JACUZZI...LIFE SAVER!

But don't take my word for it, check it out...oh yes and Staff is VERY NICE and ASSISTING, If you are looking for more of a family place go next door and stay at HEAVENLY INN!!!

ENJOY... : )

P.S. No problems with HOTT WATER and we took 4 BUBBLE BATHS!!! TRUST ME!!!

01/04/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
22. Tracy S.
Our room was perfectly adequate and seemed clean on the surface.  It was not very well maintained, though, with sloppy patchwork on the ceiling and a broken, mildewy shower curtain.  I saw a couple other rooms that seemed nicer than ours, so it just might be a hit or miss kind of thing.  Plus, the picture that was screwed into the wall painfully crooked drove me crazy.  They should really be more considerate of their OCD clients.

19/07/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
23. Bonnie J.
We were married in Reno and spent a couple of days after at the Secrets Inn, it was totally awesome. Beautiful room, can't say eneough about it. We just received a thank you card from the owners, thanking us for staying with them, who does that? Super awesome customer service.
We walked everywhere, so very convenient. I looked at every hotel in the area online before booking one and almost passed this up as it only rated 2 stars on the website I looked at. When I looked it up on yelp it had 4 stars, so glad I made this choice.

16/03/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
24. Samantha D.
I went up and stayed at Secrets Inn for three days. It was a great stay I was so pleased with the condition of the room. The room is small but it has so much to offer for the space. A huge jacuzzi tub next to the bed, a glass shower next to it that is a large walk in shower. There is also a huge flat screen tv and a DVD player above the fireplace. The bed was also very comfortable. It's close to all the casinos and Restaurants. The people that work there are really nice and very helpful. A great place for couples to get away from it all. Definitely will recommend this place to people and will be back in the near future.

19/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
25. Shannon D.
We had a great time here for our five year annivesary.  The tahoe room was small, as their website indicates by square footage, but very nice.  We didn't need any more room than we had got.  We really loved the way the bathroom and hot tub were set up.  Gave us a little inspriation for own bathroom as we remodel it...

My only complaints here were the water pressure and temperature in the shower.  The pressure was never high and the water was always hot at first, but would get really cool for a few minutes and then really high again a few minutes later.  Really high isn't so bad, but showering in cool, almost cold, water really stinks.

The staff was very friendly checking in and checking out.  We had a fireplace issue upon arrival and someone came in immedietly to fix this.  We were provided plenty of towels.  They provided coolers for guests to borrow for ice, which was great for our champagne.  The bed was SO comfortable, I didn't want to get up in the mornings.

Also, not really a complaint, but more of a recommendation.  Provide tea bags, as well as coffee!  The air up there made my throat real sore after walking around the shops all day....luckily, I always have tea bags in my purse and made myself a nice hot cup to sooth the throat.

08/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
26. Carlyn M.
My husband and I used a Living Social deal for Secrets Inn, just this past week.  This placed was amazing! Although the rooms are a bit smaller there is ample storage for suitcases and small fridge, and were extremely nice.  The king size bed was comfortable and the jacuzzi tub in the room was big enough for my husband (6'3") to sit in comfortably and very nice to have after a long day of fly fishing and mountain bike riding.  

The staff were very friendly and helpful.  Most of them are from the Tahoe area and were very helpful in recommendations for fishing, hiking, biking, and anything else. Also, the location is perfect.  Right in the downtown area of South Lake but off the main road so very little car traffic and stays quite - but within walking distance to many places and riding trails are also very close by. All-in-all Secrets Inn made a for a great little get away for my husband and I!

26/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
27. Snow T.
After reading reviews on yelp, we pick this secrets inn for our stay in Tahoe. Here is what happened:
I was just stepping in to shower and having shampoo all over my hair, the water started to get colder and colder... And I had to ran out of the shower with bubbles on my head and freezing in front of the fireplace. I wasn't even in the shower for 5 min!

Still No hot water after 30min....
Never had this situation happened in any hotel I stayed before. This is truly unacceptable for any hotel especially for a so- called romantic inn.

Close to lift.
In room jacuzzi, very big, a big plus.
Water from shower is strong (if it's hot water....)
The king bed is very comfortable.

You could get ice cold water in the middle of the shower.
It's a motel style room.
The fireplace took 3 hours to heat up the room in a snowy day.
You can hear people upstairs...(you know what i mean...)
When the upstairs using shower, water drop from our shower too! Yucks!
No hair dryer in room.
The floor in the shower can be freezing in winter, bring slippers.

With this price I would pick the 968 Park (the Eco hotel) next door. Much quieter there.

23/01/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
28. BunnyQueen T.
We stayed here recently and were very impressed!  Staff were super nice and it was very comfortable and clean!  Would definitely staff again.

23/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
29. Tina S.
We went here for our first anniversary and it was really awesome. I wouldve given it five stars if the bedsheets werent all wrinkly and looked like it wasnt changed. Everything else was perfect. The jacuzzi was marvelous and we had a really nice stay.

22/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
30. Mark K.
I just got back home from a getaway to South Lake and have nothing but good things to say about the accommodations at Secrets Inn. The location was incredibly convenient. Walking distance to the casinos and shops, but not on the main drag with the traffic and noise. The rates were very reasonable for the area, especially considering the amenities.

The exterior of the inn is clean but unremarkable, and although the architecture seems a bit dated, the interior of our room had a clean modern feel. There are different room sizes and options, with names like Spruce and Alpine. Our room was a corner room, I don't remember the title of the style, but it was one of the larger options. The Jacuzzi tub was a favorite of my girlfriend, and we never had any problems with water pressure or temperature as were mentioned in other reviews. The heat was provided by a gas fireplace controlled by a thermostat, and was more than adequate to heat the entire room. There was a flat screen and DVD player, as well as a fridge, microwave and coffee pot, all as you would expect them to be.

Beginning with our check in, the proprietor was friendly and had a genuine and straightforward manner. He was very knowledgeable about the local area, having lived there for a couple of decades. He was also responsible for the maintenance there, and was very helpful in describing how to use the fireplace and other amenities in our room. Secrets Inn is connected with the Heavenly Inn, and is oriented toward couples and does not allow children, whereas the Heavenly Inn is family friendly. The business itself is family owned and operated, and has a very genuine feel to it. I feel like we were well treated, without that saccharine customer service attitude that some bigger places give off. I know I will be returning here.

16/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
31. Daniel L.
We bought a LivingSocial voucher and called before the "book by" date, but they weren't able to give us a room. If they sold more vouchers than they could handle within their original timeframe, then they should have extended it. They weren't willing to do that, so we ended up paying them for nothing.

14/05/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
32. Brad M.
It really is the best kept secret in Tahoe. It is a nice quite place to just sit back and relax and enjoy the the hole Lake Tahoe experience. The staff go above and beyond they are more like family than staff. Joe and Deb the management are always there with a smile a d to ask if you need anything. And for a very relaxing time ask Joe about kayaking. PS don't forget to say hello to Duffy the hotel dog and mascot.

23/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
33. Kristen S.
This hotel is very conveniently located, especially if you are going skiing at Heavenly, as it is easily within walking distance from Heavenly village. The rooms are very beautiful, and while I heard that most are really small, I lucked out and my wonderful boyfriend sprung for the larger room because he didn't want me to feel claustrophobic.

The larger room has a futon couch and plenty of room to run around in, not to mention the fireplace and the large jacuzzi tub and double showers. The bed was a very soft and comfortable california king size that I could have spent all day in. They also offer a large wide screen tv with cable.

I would stay here again in a heartbeat. One word of warning though... you had better not be shy, because there is no door or curtain to close you off when you are taking a shower or a bath. So I'd think twice about staying here with anyone other than a significant other. Unless you trust them to sit on the couch around the corner while you are cleaning up ;-)

22/02/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
34. Brian C.
A wonderful place for a couple. We had the honeymoon suite complete with heart shaped hot tub, two person shower and a mirror over the king bed. For only $120 a night in September we will be coming back!

12/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
35. Nikkie V.
The room was small, but for an Inn it was a really nice place to pay for the price, especially for a couple on a budget but still wanted to have a very romantic comfortable getaway. The manager was very nice. The room was so cute, but I don't think this will be good for big people tho, unless you get their Alpine room. Since me & my husband are skinny the Tahoe Suite was perfect for us! This is really a secret place to be :)

Our room was neat & clean when we came, I have no complains on this Inn at all =)

By the way our shower does not even have a curtain, maybe since most of the complain in this reviews are about the curtains..lol..maybe that's why they took it off.

I will definitely stay here again & try their other 2 rooms.

22/07/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
36. Melanie K.
Just returned from a weekend in Lake Tahoe and, based on Yelp reviews and my boyfriend's dislike of large chain hotels, we stayed at Secrets.

What an excellent choice!  We had a corner Tahoe suite, which was large and lovely. The bed was comfortable and the linens were extremely clean.  The two person jacuzzi was sooooo nice.  The knotted wood bathroom door was lovely.  The walk in shower was huge.

I made the reservation by phone and spoke with Joe, the innkeeper.  He was incredibly nice and helpful.  While there, I mostly interacted with Lynn, who I give 10 stars to (out of the maximum 5).  She's knowledgeable and kind and incredibly helpful.  And she has a great dog who goes to work with her and chills out.

We were one block away from the Heavenly lift and just a short walk to the casinos and big hotels.  It was romantic and delightful.

Our shower and sink drains were clogged, and when we told the front desk, they had it fixed quickly.  Great staff, great inn, the pride the staff takes in this place is evident.  We'll definitely stay here again.

22/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
37. Shannon G.
We had a night away on May 5, 13 and chose Secrets once again. I am happy to say that we were not dissapointed. We love this hotel to stay in even for just one night getaway. The beds are so comfy, I love, love, love the pillows and I always bring my own? Lynn is always so friendly and with a welcoming smile. The young man who greeted us when  we arrived early suggested that I could leave my personal item I was concerned about in the office.

I had one issue. I opened the door to our room and the cleaning solution fumes, scent almost made me pass out and was so strong made me choke. I will admit that I am a tad sensitive anyway but even with the door open my husband who is never bothered was having a hard time. As I came out of the room coughing I am so sorry I can't remember his name was in the parking lot and realized immiediately what was wrong and offered us another room on the spot. He then went to the office and brought us the key to the new room.

He did say that he had told his crew not use that cleaner, I wish they would have listened as I tasted that chemical for hours later. I think that no hotel, or any place of public business should use any cleaner with fragrences, strong chemicla odors, I know that I am not the only person with issues.

We enjoy our stay at Secrets each time and this will remain our first choice for a room in LakeTahoe. I appreciate all the hospitality shown us each time we vist. Not to leave out the jaquzzi tub in our room.

09/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
38. Inga B.
Pleasantly surprised! Small room but very well done, clean and the bathroom was incredible. Jacuzzi tub next to a large tiled walk-in glass shower...win win!

For $79, you bet we will stay again.

Conveniently located to everything.

26/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
39. Katlyn M.
I booked online, but the room I requested was not available.  So when the manager contacted me to inform us we got upgraded to her favorite room, I thought score!  We were pleasantly surprised when we got there that the room did look just like the pictures online.

So why the 1 star review?  Well, after a long day of snowboarding, the jacuzzi and shower ran out of hot water on both nights we stayed there.  After waiting 30 minutes, we would try again, and still cold water!!!  We tried calling room service several times, but NO ANSWER, ever.

Also, do not be fooled.  There are no secrets at Secrets Inn because the walls are paper thin.  We could hear people talking quietly and even whispering in the room next to us.

When you pay $300/night, I expect hot water at a minimum and someone to answer calls at the front desk.  I would never go back to this place.

04/08/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
40. Lolly G.

This place was very nice. Small, but nice. The tub and walk in shower were lovely. As was the giant king bed and the small fridge.

There was a standard sized window with standard horizontal blinds. Blinds that did a TERRIBLE job of blocking out the sunlight. My sweetheart and I were awakened daily starting around 5am when the sun came up.
Have you ever stayed at a hotel without heavy curtains?! From now on I will ALWAYS ask before booking.

Most people on vacation want to sleep past daybreak.

Also, there was a loud spanish speaking male that was barking orders at the cleaning women starting around 9am each day. I don't think he was aware of how far his voice carried (small hotel) and when I asked him politely to zip it he did immediately and we never heard another peep.

The location of this hotel absolutely cannot be beat. It's walking distance to everything including the gondola that apparently taked you right up the hill to ski/snowboarding.

The staff of the hotel is awesome, the directed us towards everything we were hoping to find and even gave us coupons.

If you stay at Secrets Inn Tahoe bring your own curtains and enjoy!

24/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
41. Brittany V.
My husband and I spent our honeymoon weekend here and had an amazing time. We stayed in the Alpine Suite. The room is exactly as the website said. Beautiful! The owners are super friendly. The prices are very reasonable and the suite was awesome.
If you stay there, I suggest you stay in the Alpine suite. I believe there are two available. Huge bed, mirrors on the ceiling, heart shaped hot tub, living room area, open shower, and basically all of the ingredients for a very romantic weekend!!! You won't regret it! Thank you Secrets Inn for making our honeymoon wonderful!!!

18/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
42. Joanna d.
My boyfriend and I went to Tahoe last weekend for our anniversary. It was the first snowfall so it was beautiful!

The Secrets Inn is budget friendly. We stayed at the Tahoe Suite. I did a lot of research before we got there and it is also one of the nicer inns. It's very romantic! The rooms come with a king size bed, hot tub with jets and a nice little fire place that keeps the room cozy!

However, the reason why I only gave this place 3 stars is because right when we walked into the room it smelled funky... imagine the smell when you open an antique closet-- that's what it smelled like. And the rooms were also really small. There was no place to sit, no place to eat if you decide to dine in.

I have to say though the hot tub with jets was really relaxing after a cold day in the snow! And the bed was really comfortable! i would probably come back here again, but definitely choose one of the bigger rooms (the Alpine Suite looks nice and big!)

27/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
43. Jane M.
Did not like the customer service; I've traveled all over the world and this was (sadly and disappointingly) the first time I've experienced an "unwelcome" feeling . We really did not feel welcome to the inn.... 2.5 stars only because the room was nice. I had much higher hopes for this inn. We booked this inn due to the good reviews, as my husband and I wanted to celebrate our 3 year wedding anniversary in a romantic way...

28/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
44. Andrea A.
There weren't as many nice hotel options as I'd hoped in Tahoe, so I was excited when I stumbled upon this place. We only stayed for one night because they were booked the other nights we needed. I'm guessing this place books up fast because it's one of the few really romantic looking places. The room was small (like the tub is next to the bed) and there wasn't a lot of parking. However, the tub and shower in the room were so great. Super sexy glass shower you can see into from the bed and tub...
I liked that there was a beach so close by as well. Would love to stay there again.

16/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
45. Aimee S.
Stayed at the Secrets Inn for a special birthday weekend. The hotel is close to everything! Our room was beautiful, romantic and cozy. The hot tub was nice and big for two people which made it easy to relax in. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Shot out to Debbie for excellent service. Thank you for having us. We will be back!

16/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
46. Christine O.
My husband and I booked the California Suite online about a month ago. We were really liking forward to staying here until we got here. First off the pics online made the room look a lot bigger than it is. We couldn't believe how small it was. We were so disappointed we checked out after the 1st day. We were supposed to stay for two days. When I booked a suite that's what I expected. I will say the walk in shower and jacuzzi was nice, but that's it.

24/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
47. Chad W.
My wife and I stayed here for two nights in celebration of our first wedding anniversary. It was quite a mixed experience. Let's start with the positives.


This hotel is actually quite nicely situated. It is centrally located amongst the majority of what South Lake Tahoe has to offer. You can quickly get to shopping, dining, the lake, the casinos and various other attractions either by foot or by short car ride. The convenient location definitely boosts the rating a bit. That being said, the scenery from your room will not exactly be awe inspiring. However, if you're only in the room to sleep, what's outside your window doesn't really matter.

The room:

Secrets Inn, like most purveyors of lodging, has several room layouts from which to choose. We stayed in the Tahoe Plus room. The room has apparently been remodeled at least somewhat recently. It has a large jetted tub adjoining a large glass faced walk in shower. These features, combined with the gas fireplace, add a bit of romance and/or sexiness to the atmosphere of the room. There is a flat screen tv mounted to an arm on the wall so it can be positioned for the best viewing angle. The TV has a variety of inputs, including an available HDMI input. We brought our laptop and happen to have had an HDMI cable so we were able to cuddle up and watch some movies off of the computer. The room also has a DVD player and they offer free use of a collection of DVDs from the lobby.

As I said, those are the positives. Nothing is perfect so here's the bad stuff...

Secrets Inn is actually combined with Heavenly Inn, which is the adjoining building. There is a lobby for Secrets Inn but they either do not use it or they simply weren't at the time of our visit. This means that if you need anything, you have to walk over to the building next door to get it. This wasn't a problem for us because we didn't need anything, but I would imagine it would be a bit inconvenient to REALLY want to grab one of those DVDs from the lobby when you are staying here in January and have to shlep your way in the snow to get it.

The buildings, although renovated internally, are apparently a bit on the old side. Sound proofing was definitely not high on the priority list when they build this place. It may well be called Secrets Inn because by the time you leave you will probably know many of your neighbors' secrets because you can hear a mouse fart from two rooms away! The first night I could hardly sleep due to being able to hear several conversations, several "intimate encounters" and the constant movement of our upstairs neighbors. If you are sensitive to noise, you will definitely have a hard time sleeping due to the walls that must be constructed from tissue paper.

Again, the renovation of the room made it fairly romantic. However, the room we stayed in was also quite small. There was nowhere to sit other than the bed. If you brought food back to the room, there is no table and no chairs to sit and eat. There is also no counter space. The sink in the bathroom is nice enough, but it is a hutch-style sink (if that is the proper design term), meaning it is not built into a countertop, but stands on its own. This means that there is nothing but a narrow, not very level area around the basin of the sink upon which to place any toiletries as you get ready. This lack of counter space carries into the room as well. There is so little counter space that they had to place the ice bucket and glasses on the fireplace ledge under the television because there is simply nowhere else to put them. If I had to do it again I would have chosen one of the larger suites with a sitting area. The glass faced walk in shower is pretty sexy. That is until you are using the bathroom instead and your significant other can actually see you doing your business through said shower if they walk to the far side of the room. That image can really sap the romance from your day!

All in all, I would give this particular room 3.25 - 3.5 stars. It was better than a seedy motel for sure, but the noise and the slightly cramped quarters knock the rating down a bit. It was nevertheless cozy and romantic. I think we would return to Secrets Inn and opt for a larger room and hope that it is a little more sound proof.

26/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
48. Alee P.
1) THE BED OMG .. SOOO COMFY..KING SIZE AKA PERFECT SIZE FOR MY BF AND I lol we didnt wana leave because of that

2) the hot water sucked -__- it lasted for 2mins when we first got into the lovely walk in shower. the next night, it lasted for 5mins in the HOT tub/bath. the walk in shower and personal hot tub is y'all signature!! how're you gona give us 10mins of hot water. MAKE IT WORK

25/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
49. Savannah J.
I was going to go with four stars because their online reservation system is a bit of a mess. But the actual staff was never anything but personable, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the actual Inn. I will definitely call in and talk to an actual person for a reservation the next time we go to Tahoe.

Boyfriend and I took a weekend trip for our anniversary. We got the Tahoe Plus Suite. Loved it for the following reasons: the room was small in an intimate, not cramped way. The bed was incredibly comfortable. both the fireplace and the two-person jacuzzi pretty much forces you to be relaxed and romantic. The giant shower was beautiful.

The inn is also situated in a perfect location: up the road from that big, beautiful lake, right across the street from Heavenly Village, and about a 5 minute walk from the Nevada border. Boyfriend and I couldn't have imagined a better weekend! I will definitely recommend the Secrets Inn to anyone who will listen.

13/01/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
50. Juan C.
Very romantic and cozy. Great for mini getaways and anniversary! Hot tub, fireplaces, flatscreen tv, snow outside, what more can you ask for! One minus i guess is the bed a bit close to the windows where guests are walking by. So you can literally hear people walking down the hall,, and yes the walls are a bit thing. I still had a great time!

04/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
51. April T.
This hotel is tucked away on a little side street, but don't let that fool you... It's not only a romantics & cozy hotel room, but the rooms are very clean, has a large jet tub, fireplace, and a comfy bed with new fluffy pillows. That's a huge plus in my book. This was the second time we have stayed and will come back again!!!!  

Devin & April

10/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
52. Anita H.
Pros: hot tub, fireplace, great service from the front desk, lovely decorations/stone designed shower for two, location!!!! this place is perfect for a romantic getaway :) My boyfriend and I wanted to get away for spring break and looked up this place and thought we'd give it a shot! When we pulled up the outside looked kind of deceiving but we remembered when we read the reviews that was to be expected. Once we walked into our room it was another world! It's also a 5 min walk to a nearby private beach, downtown restaurants shops, and the harrahs casino (go up to the 18th floor and you have a view of the lake!)

Cons: Only cons were the jacuzzi was a bit noisy, the bed was kind of squeaky, and room is not as big as expected but all is comfortable nonetheless! :)

the tv is situated for comfortable viewing from the tub which was a nice touch! we definitely enjoyed the tub! (used it at least once a day!)-ANOTHER PRO!!! :)

25/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
53. Neil R.
At best 3 stars. Why? Well for starters the rooms aren't very spacious at all. Maybe I have big expectations. Anyway... the Tahoe suite plus offers a full size restroom, hot tub jacuzzi, king bed, and a fire place and other standard amenities.

Has a very old feel to it. Doors don't open smoothly, if you're into the creepy door opening noise from an 80s horror flick. This is for u. I'm not. So it's not. Rooms need to be dusted. Swipe your finger and any corner of the room and you'll experience what I mean. For starters, the headboard, the blinds, and the rim above the fireplace had a thick layer of dust. No freakN go man.

Hector - at front desk was as rude as they could possibly come. So if you get connected with this guy during your inquiry of this place. Disconnect and try someone else. I would hate for you to have an initial bad experience.

13/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
54. Paul T.
Stayed here two nights, Oct 20 & 21, 2014. I was concerned about the lack of hot water mentioned by some previous reviewers, but it was not an issue at all. I stayed in the Tahoe Suite, which has a large jacuzzi tub, and it filled very quickly, with lots of hot water, and you can even watch the TV from the tub.  Room was small, but that was due to the amount of space dedicated to the great walk-in shower, and the oversize tub.  A worthwhile tradeoff, in my opinion. I could hear some sounds from the TV in the room next-door, but it was not a bother. Nice folks to deal with as well.  Good location, walk to Starbucks and the Neveda casinos, very easily. Room was clean.  I give it 3.5 stars. but the system will not accept a half star.  I would go back, just for that large tub.

22/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
55. Stephanie C.
Amazing. I have been meaning to post this review for quite some time. The staff was helpful and friendly. The room was so comfy it was hard to leave. The tub was the best! If you get a chance stay here. Walking distance to the brewpub, slopes, and casinos.

12/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
56. Monique A.
I loved my stay at Secrets Inn and would choose this place again. We stayed for 5 nights for our honeymoon August 5 to August 10! We chose the Tahoe room, which is the smallest, and we were warned about the size when we booked over the phone. It is small but we spent most of our time outside enjoying the beauty of Tahoe. The size didn't bother us at all.

The location is excellent and guests have access to the nearby beach, its like a 5 minute walk away. The beach has a small outdoor restaurant where you can enjoy some lunch and drinks. You can also rent kayaks and paddle boards. The hotel is also near Heavenly Village with lots of shopping and the casinos are right there too.

The room included a VERY comfortable king sized bed. I fell asleep almost instantly every time! The pillows were super soft and comfy, when we got home our pillows seem so shabby compared to theirs! The jet tub was awesome except on the first night when we turned it on some weird black stuff came out...possibly mildew? But after we cleared out that water it seemed fine for the rest of our stay. The fireplace was great, we just needed a staff member to come in and ignite it for us. The spacious walk in shower was interesting, it had a glass wall so you can see the person showering! There is also a mini fridge so if you want to store drinks and snacks you can. Just remember to plug it in, ours was unplugged and I'm not sure if all hotels do that. The free WiFi was good, I immediately wanted to go online and change my last name on several social media accounts. There is also a flat screen TV hanging above the fireplace. There is also dim "romantic" lighting throughout. Great for setting the mood not so great for putting on makeup. I just opened the blinds in the bathroom to get some extra light.

Like others have said it looks okay on the outside but the inside is very nice and everything looks new. Also, Dianne the manager is very helpful! She's friendly and gave great information. She's attentive and I believe she lives on the grounds. She let us borrow beach towels and a backpack to take hiking. She also offered us a cooler to borrow.

If you are going to spend some time out by the fire pit make sure you call or go to the lobby to ask them to ignite it for you. It was a nice way to relax after hiking all day!

The only negative part is the quality of cleaning. There was an old champagne bottle and melted ice in the holder from the last guests when we arrived. Also I found an old plastic fork with brown sticky stuff on the ground by the bed. On the days we hung the sign up for cleaning they came in and made the bed and refreshed the towels. They didn't windex any of the glass or mirrors. It all looked clean when we first arrived so maybe they don't do a thorough cleaning until you check out.

It's a great place, good location, great amenities, and reasonable pricing!

14/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
57. Amanda S.
We stayed at Secrets Inn for our honeymoon getaway 9/25-9/28. My husband booked the largest suite, Alpine. We arrived about an hour before check-in and our room was ready for us. Debbie was very pleasant during check-in and gave us some tips and ideas for activities. There was an issue with the reservation system and Debbie informed us that she would double check the rates for us to make sure we received the lower rate. She added an additional military discount which was a plus.

The room was rather large and had the Tahoe rustic pine motif. I would say that my husband preferred the room more than I did, but it was very nice for the price and basically was fine for the concept of being couples only.

The one major complaint I have is that there are no bathrobes. This just doesn't seem to be in-line with the theme of romantic accommodations. Here there is the tub, the fireplace, cozy living and sleeping area and no robes? Also, as you enter the hotel, there is a huge picture banner showing a room with candles and bathrobes. We asked Debbie about it and she told us we should make the suggestion to the home office to include robes since they are advertising it that way. So, here I am suggesting that they include bathrobes and maybe some candles for the tub. The other minor complaint I had is that since the room is not cleaned unless requested, the wastebaskets don't get emptied and you only get one pack of coffee, so to get another one, the office has to be called. Why not just include several pouches of coffee in the room?

Since we were staying during the off-season and mid week, the area was not crowded and it felt like we were locals! The only issue with this was some activities we wanted to do were not available. It was also unseasonably cold and so we could not go to the beach or do one of the lake cruises we planned.

We had a great time enjoying the convenient location (major plus), casinos, and restaurants. Since we did not have time to go out of the country for a honeymoon right after the wedding, this was a nice compromise.

I would probably stay at Secrets Inn again. Hopefully next time, there will be bathrobes and more coffee in the room!

01/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
58. C P.
My husband and I stayed at the inn for our anniversary.  We got to the inn late on a Friday night, 11:30 pm and retrieved our key from a lock box.  We were in the California Suite, room 120, a first floor end unit.  Our room was very comfortable, a large jacuzzi tub, 2 person shower, roomy bathroom, gas fireplace. Durning the night we could hear the occupants from the upper floor. The next morning I went to the front desk to check in at which the front desk attendant, Marzita asked how our first night was. I explained that it was a lovely room but we could hear the upstairs occupants.  Marzita apologized and asked if we'd like to upgrade our room to the Alpine Suite! The Alpine Suite was amazing, a heart shaped tub, mirrors surrounding the tub and over the cal king bed, a futon, tv, even a bidet. The bed was much more comfortable than the previous room.  The only downside was the room smelled slightly musty but what could you expect from the lovely jacuzzi tub!! We will be returning!!

06/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
59. Bao Tran H.
The definitely made good use of the space. A little bit of everything into one room which included a King size bed, a tub/jacuzzi, a walk in shower and a fireplace. This place is right next to Heavenly Inn, in fact, I believe that they are one unit. I like how they separated Heavenly Inn for families with kids and Secret Inn for couples. Feeling unsure about the location since it was my first time purchasing a groupon for a hotel, I called the day before. The guy who answered was very nice and informative. The girl who checked us in was friendly and welcoming. This place is in the middle of everything. Everything was in a walking distance. We rent our ski gears less than 3 minutes away and walked across the street to purchase our lift tickets and off we went!
Bonus: Upon arriving home, I realized that I left my charger at the hotel. Not expecting much, I called to check to see if they have it in their lost and found. The guy put me on hold, went to look for it, asked me to described the color and told me that he had found it and that he can mail it to me. I offered to pay for the shipping because it is my fault but he told me that it was fine and not to worry about it! Had to make the time to write them an awesome review!

05/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
60. Annmarie W.
Stayed here with my BF for his birthday weekend. We love the location and how close it is to the lake AND to the casinos. The room isn't huge, but we liked the coziness. We loved the fireplace and the jacuzzi tub. A big thing for us is having hot water - This place has no problem with providing hot water. We will be back for sure!

29/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
61. Jeremy L.
My wife and I stayed at Secrects Inn this past weekend for our anniversary and we loved it! Highly recommend this to any couple looking to getaway for a nice relaxing weekend.

Dustin went above and beyond for us and Debbie was very kind to accommodate for our special occasion. Left my wallet behind (with a lot of cash & credit) in the lobby and Dustin contacted us right away!!

Upgrade to the Alpine Suite to make the experience that much better. Arrive in your room to a bottle of wine and chocolate covered strawberry ice cream, a heart shaped jetted tub with a double shower, fireplace, futon and flat screen.

They offer a complimentary iPad 3, DVD checkout, and much much more during your stay!

17/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
62. Chris N.
Disappointed stay. The television at room 114 is defective and theres no one to call to fix it, we got here at 3pm and decided to go around, went home late and decided to watch tv  but it has no sound. its already late so office was closed and the only number they have is an in case of an emergency contact number, they should have checked everything first before a customer checks in. we werent able to use the television the wholeestay. we tried everything we can to make it work. wasted relaxation time for trying to figure out how to fix the television, then the jacuzzi theres this brown stuff flowing out of the valve things,,.  ill give 2 star for the nice people in the office check in and free wifi.

21/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
63. Amanda F.
I purchased a groupon For this place with very high expectations! Adults only, two person shower, jacuzzi tub in each room as well as a fire place. Looked at pictures online both on their website as well as on Yelp, its seemed nice. Well this place is nothing more than a glorified crack head motel. Our room was tiny, our bath tub had brown stains in it, our shower was tiny and made for only one person and well, Ya there was a Fire place but if you drive down the Main Street in South Lake Tahoe every motel advertises with a fire place! Oh also, at 10pm people were trying to enter our room and had a key! When you go to their website before purchasing the Groupon you would see very enticing and newly remodeled rooms that Do have nice large showers, tubs and a nice fire place. In reality, they put us in a separate motel area that was not as advertised, oh and there were children staying across from us. If you are reading the reviews here before purchasing the Groupon I strongly advise you stay elsewhere. I just hate false advertising, and that is what this place is.

16/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
64. Tonya M.
The "Secret" at Secrets Inn: the entire staff seems doggedly committed to being inhospitable. Take the same $ to the Hyatt Inn (in Incline Village); simply gorgeous, and the staff treats you like they are glad you came.

29/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
65. Brittany B.
My husband and I recently stayed at Secrets Inn for our honeymoon.  It was a fantastic experience!

I came across the Secrets Inn through their webpage.  They were running a promotion for 5 nights for $500 in their Tahoe Suite.  That was the perfect amount of time for our honeymoon, and an amazing price so I quickly booked the room.  However, the website said the promo code had expired, despite there not being an expiration listed anywhere on the page.  I called the hotel and asked about the promo.  The staff member explained that the code had expired, but since the hotel had forgotten to remove the offer from their site, that they would still honour the promo for me.

When I went to check into the hotel (the day before our wedding), I was greeted by the general manager and another staff member.  I explained that I was in town for our wedding, and the general manager was so pleased for us that she upgraded our room to the honeymoon suite (the Alpine suite) for free!  She was honestly the sweetest woman, ever- she even came down the day of the wedding to take pictures of me in my dress and of me getting into the horse and carriage that transported me to our wedding.

We ended up staying in the Tahoe Suite for the night before the wedding.  It actually worked out perfectly, because I stayed in that room with my two cousins who helped me get ready.  The Tahoe Suite was nice, if not a bit cramped.  There was a California King bed in the middle of the room, a big dresser, fireplace, bar fridge, a jetted hot tub, and a see-through shower.  Oddly enough, there was no microwave.  The room was a bit on the small side but the three of us slept comfortably in the bed and the room would probably be fine for a couple.

The Alpine Suite, however, was fabulous!  When my husband and I entered the room on the night of our wedding, I was blown away.  We did have a friend come in and decorate the room for us (with rose petals and candles), but the staff also provided LED candles around the hot tub.  The Alpine Suite was double the size of the Tahoe Suite and included a bar fridge, microwave, fireplace, a large dressing area/closet, heart-shaped jacuzzi tub, double shower, California King bed (with mirrors behind and above it!), TV with plenty of cable channels, DVD player, couch, and a separate room with toilet and bidet!  It was really a fantastic room and we LOVED it.  We didn't want to leave at all.  The only thing I could say I didn't like about the room was that the walls were a bit thin- we could hear people walking above us the first night, and every morning we heard housekeeping stomping around and cleaning.  But we really couldn't complain as it was a free upgrade and such an amazing suite.

I'd definitely recommend Secrets Inn to anyone looking for a romantic vacation spot in South Lake Tahoe.  The no kids, no pets rule is nice, and all the rooms come with the California King Bed and jacuzzi.  We looked at several hotels in the same area and this was easily the best price, even without the discount or free upgrade.  The hotel is also in a FANTASTIC location- close to Lakeside Beach, and a 5 minute (or less!) walk to Lake Tahoe Boulevard and all the casinos/Heavenly Village.  The hotel even offers things like free beach towels and chairs for a trip to the beach.  Everything was perfect, and the staff (especially the general manager) went above and beyond to make our wedding night and honeymoon fantastic!  I can't rave about this place enough!

20/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
66. Sicilia M.
Just got back from our vacation and loved everything about our stay! The hotel is right in the middle of everything we only used our car once the whole stay the staff is very friendly and helpful we ran out of towels and the maids were very nice and gave us a bunch more while talking to us for awhile about all the different types of rooms. I was expecting a small jacuzzi tub but was pleasantly surprised it was huge and defiantly my favorite part of the room besides the super comfy king sized bed  I enjoyed our stay so much that I booked it for my parents anniversary in December as a gift too them. I can't wait too go back myself in march !

18/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
67. Stephen H.
Recently stayed at this MOTEL with my wonderful wife for her 21st birthday and a romantic couples get a way. We stayed 3 nights. Immediately upon arrival we could not believe how small the room was. Maybe 10 by 14 with bathroom included as well as a small jacuzzi tub. Immediately the first day we were at this location we asked for beach towels and were sarcastically answered by the general manager to wait 6 hours before asking any further questions. Then a few hours later we receive a harassing call of the manager entering our rooms over my medical cannabis just being inside the room naturally they accused us of taking said prescription on premises. Cops were involved and of course the manager apologized even though she knew all this was happening on my Wifes 21st birthday. We saw a bunch of wonderful reviews but weren't as satisfied ourselves. I'd recommend to any young couple looking for a getaway or a 21st relaxing vacation nor medically prescribed prop 215 patients to come here. Thank you but no thank you. Very much overrated 1 star. Luckily at that.

24/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
68. Liz J.
We checked in on a Monday with plans to stay for the whole week (already purchased on groupon). We didn't last more than one night. We were in a downstairs corner unit and it was impossible to sleep. The hotel / motel is not soundproofed at all. We aren't picky people, but I've honestly never experienced anything like this. It sounded like a stampede above us until 2 am and we could hear people's entire conversations.

27/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
69. Mark F.
We're from Long Island and have never been to beautiful South Lake Tahoe so we always rely on yelp. I booked this place from home judging by the reviews and I really cant complain for the price. We also chose this place because its minutes to town and a private beach by foot or by car. Casinos and resorts were up around $200 + per night and we were just staying for three nights...you have to realize your paying for a room, not a suite so dont expect table, chairs and couches. We had a king size bed, comfortable...nice clean whirlpool tub next to the bed, gas fire place in front of the bed over the tv . Bathroom is nice and clean with a large walkin shower for one or two. An Armoire for your shirts with some drawers underneath.
**Caution The only down fall is space, no table to sit at inside, you just have your bed and two night stands, a window AC unit that is ok and entry carpets are worn and stained from use...but overall if your ok with that, its a safe resting place.

13/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
70. Lorraine T.
We stayed at Secrets Inn for our anniversary and although the outside doesn't look inviting, the room was so cute, cozy & romantic... We would definitely stay here again. The fireplace in the room was awesome & the led candles on the side of the jacuzzi tub was a very nice touch. I highly recommend this hotel for a romantic weekend away! The staff was all so nice which is a rarity these days!

04/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
71. Jacinda H.
Booked this hotel for about 150 a night (such a steal!) on NYE to be close to the Snowglobe shuttle. I loved everything about Secrets Inn. The staff was very helpful and let us drop off our bags until our room was ready. They were very organized and kept us updated so we could do an early check in.

When I walked into the room I could't believe I booked this room for such an amazing price. An extremely comfortable king sized bed, romantic dim lighting, a fireplace, flat screen tv, glass shower, jacuzzi, and the towels were even made into an intricate bow. This is the perfect getaway for any couples looking for a nice stay in Tahoe. Also, free wifi which is always a plus.

The location of this place is perfect. Off the main road in a more quiet setting, but still within walking distance from Heavenly Resort, casinos, shopping, dining, etc.

Long Story Short: Great price, Great customer service, Great stay.

01/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
72. Cole L.
We stayed here the past weekend and I'm happy our room had everything we needed in the room (jet tub/DVD player/mirror on ceiling) haha it was raining all weekend so I loved how cozy it was there. Staff was nice and accommodating.  It is walking distance to everything in heavenly. Great location:) the only thing we did not like (but we understand it's an old hotel ) is the smell.. It smell like an old basement we had to spray cologne all over to make it better. Also we did  run out of hot water Saturday night but other nights we were good... They should totally have a heated pool and jacuzzi like the place across the street it looked so amazing over there ! ;) but we loved our weekend ! Thanks secrets inn!

09/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
73. briana h.
My boyfriend took me herr for our anniversary.  It was a hotel he has been wanting to go to forever.  This was a grand thing since secrets inn rocked! The staff was super friendly. The front desk people were super helpful. The hot tub in the room was so relaxing! The fireplace kept ua warm on a cold night. Side note: you turn the fireplace on with the thermastat in the room. Even tho they were in a complete overhaul of the place we didnt notice. They had to tell us for us to know they are fixing some things. All in all great place to stay and we will surely do it again! Two thumbs up!

21/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
74. Vineeta C.
Birthday weekend getaway!!! I swear I have the most cutest and romantic bf ever!!! Surprised me by coming out to Tahoe for the weekend...and staying at the Secrets Inn!
First impression from the outside nothing to get excited about just seems like a really old hotel now the secret is once you get inside the room, its really cozy with a tub/jacuzzi in the shape of a heart, fireplace walkin shower with a see thru glass that faces the bed everything all in one room and when I say cozy I do really mean cozy there isn't really much space to walk around or to put your clothes I'm the type that I don't use the drawers (who knows whats in there) but again the small didn't matter it gave us a better excuse to be in bed :))
BF had everything planned wine roses bubble bath and he even ordered take out as we wanted to stay in the first night... and a few other things (ahem! Can't mention) that was just perfect for this place.

The reason for my 4 stars is due to the really small bathroom area which was the only place with a mirror and no counter space at all :/

For all the romantic couples this is deff the place let your imagination run wild and make it happen ;)

15/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
75. Danielle P.
Purchased a one night stay (Thursday-Friday) through Groupon. Pulling up to Secrets Inn, it had a bit of a dingy looking exterior - but don't let that fool you. The staff was SUPER friendly. I asked if we could check out at noon rather than 11:00 and the GM did not hesitate to accommodate us. The room was super cute and cozy. The lighting was pretty dim but it goes along perfectly with the romantic ambience. The jacuzzi left a bit of gray residue after we used it - not sure why because it looked spotless to begin with (the rest of the room looked super clean as well). Also, the inn was conveniently located near a lot of great places (within walking distance)! Overall, it was a quiet and relaxing overnight getaway. We had a pleasant experience and will return to Secrets Inn the next time we are in town! I recommend staying at this place.

24/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
76. Sam L.
I enjoyed this place! My boyfriend and I stayed here for our anniversary getaway to Lake Tahoe.

We arrived late since we were driving in from Los Angeles but the girl at the front desk called me and set up a late check-in for us, which was super easy. Yay!

I chose this place because of the tubs! It was between this and another place - but no tub there.. and I'm glad I chose this place! The tub was outstanding! It was huge but it was so warm (no lack of hot water here!) and so romantic! You could dim the lights above the tub! Ahhh! If we had a tub like this at home, I would never leave the house! And bubbles! Lots and lots and lots of bubbles!

Anyway, yes, the room is small - as it's basically just a bed and a armoire with a mini fridge and a smallish tv mounted on the wall. But the size wasn't an issue for me. We went out to eat (and didn't really eat in the room - so the lack of seating wasn't an issue for us). Plus, I feel like this this place is a couples only place - the only time I ever remember sitting on the couches at a hotel was when I was a kid waiting for my parents to get ready.. so it really shouldn't be an issue.

The bed was also really comfortable. Soft and gushy with lots of pillows and soft sheets and bed spread. Everything was also really clean when we got there, so no worries on that end.

When my boyfriend and I were debating hotel options, we were worried about the lack of a bathroom door to the bathroom - because it's kind of hard to see from the pictures. Yes, there is a bathroom door to the toilet area! (Although, I teased him for several days before!) but there is very little "privacy" in that regard. Here's the layout - there's a huge tub right by the bed and on the back wall of the tub - is a huge glass wall. This is the wall to the shower (which is located in the bathroom but right in front of the tub - so you can see someone showering from the bed). However, because of the setup and there is no little curtain or anything to the entrance to the shower, you could see the toilet from the tub (although not the bed) and see shadows and hear anything. Fine for more intimate couples - but is something to keep in mind. hahaha! Be sure that's something you're comfortable with!

Overall, I enjoyed the room! It's all about the tub after all and it was superb!

27/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
77. Olivia I.
Had such an amazing vacation with my boyfriend here ! We needed a little getaway and so happy we stumbled upon this place! It was seriously PERFECT. We stayed in the King suite and it was so adorable inside. Mirror above our bed, jacuzzi by our bed, TV right in front of the bed and jacuzzi, fireplace heater, fridge and microwave.... Sounds amazing right ? One of the most relaxing vacations we've had! Will definitely be returning

20/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
78. Jamie Y.
The pictures online made me really look forward to staying at Secrets Inn. When we pulled up and saw its motel-esque features I started to get a little worried. Right when I stepped into the room I was immediately bummed. I wanted a cozy and romantic weekend for my bf's bday and the Tahoe suite besides not embodying those characteristics was also very small.

We were excited for the hot tub so we jumped in, it was fine until we turned on the jets then we noticed all the dirty scummy gray bubbles it was creating which left a gross residue on the sides of the tub. We immediately jumped into the shower to wash off.

One thing that annoyed me a lot was the not bright enough yellow tinged lights which makes applying makeup in the bathroom or anywhere else in the room really difficult. The brightest light was the one over the hot tub, so I sat on the edge of the hot tub applying my makeup before going out for dinner.

The walls/floor/ceiling were pretty thin, in the morning we were woken by lots of walking/activity from the room above us.

Some of the highlights of the room though was the large walk in shower which seemed pretty clean, the fireplace which was quite warm, and the bed which was luckily more comfortable than expected.

19/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
79. Nick S.
Secrets Inn is perfect for a romantic getaway to Lake Tahoe. The General Manager Suzanne stops at nothing to make sure to accommodate your every need for any special day.

The location is perfect! A few blocks from the Stateline, CA casinos. You can easily walk while still being far enough that it is quiet and secluded.

The room is as advertised. The bath tub is spacious and comfortable, as is the bed. This inn appears older from the outside, but it has been recently renovated. The rooms are "cozy", but for sleeping and getting clean, it's plenty room. (No dining table or official closet).

I cannot wait to stay here again and am very happy I discovered this place!

19/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
80. Jessica H.
Romantic one night stayed in Secret Inn with my boyfriend, especially love the jacuzzi tub in the room with one bottle of wine. Great motel for couples to stay in Tahoe! Recommended!

14/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
81. Ashley H.
Absolutely horrible. We walked into our room expecting a nice romantic place, what we got was not even cloae to that. Estheticly it was horrible. The outside eas run down and in our room the plaster was chipped and the paint is missing in some places. Also the room was tiny and we got the largeat room they have. After we walked in and accepted it was a little rundown I noticed the toilet had rust and scrapes all over, just liiked dirty. There were tiny apiders and flying beetles all over the room! Needless to say we did not stay! The receptionist didn't apologize or even seem concerned that we had these issues. I do not recommend staying there.

06/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
82. Kristyn K.
We needed one night to ourselves to celebrate our engagement! I yelped ahead of time and the photo of the room did it for me. The normal lake Tahoe suite was with a king bed, jacuzzi tub, fireplace, TV and romantic shower!
This was exactly the romantic night we needed. The price was right and the staff Greg and Laura were  very knowledgeable and friendly. They recommended walking distance restaurants which we hit.
Came back after a nice supper and made use of the jacuzzi tub right away! Hot water filled that huge tub in a matter of minutes, the water pressure was great! We sat in there for a long time sipping champagne with the fireplace in the background.
The only thing that I noticed later, at 1am, was the walls and ceiling are a little thin. Could hear neighbors upstairs walking around for a bit but then finally everything went quiet. Can't hold that against this place. No kids, no animals , no smoking, perfect! No breakfast but that wasn't what we were their for. This place is the best secret around. Thanks for the romantic evening!

27/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
83. Bori B.
I would give this place a solid four stars. it was just what we needed. Granted, the space is a bit tight because of the mini fridge right next to the bed, but the shower was great and the jacuzzi tub is a nice touch as well. What we enjoyed the most was the fire!

It is very close to the shops and heavenly resort where we skiied. We walked everywhere and it was convenient to not have to find parking and the like.

Front office is polite- though they did leave their hotel phone in our room when I asked them to relight the pilot light.

The negative is that you can hear everything! I think someone was staying underneath us and you could hear them turning on their shower and the water running through the building- which was a huge turn-off.\\

It was clean and everything was in order. I would consider going back!

23/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
84. Roxxi E.
Stayed here again, a year later! And its still everything we remember! I love the jacuzzi tub and walk in shower. But that bed!! The size, the pillows, and the soft-soft sheets! They are to die for. Can't wait to come back.

14/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
85. Princess C.
Took my fiancée here for his birthday and we loved it! Room was excellent and so beautifully romantic! We used the jacuzzi, fireplace and shower and loved it all! So cute that they give you wine and chocolates :) Service was friendly and we would love to return someday!

18/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
86. Veronica C.
This place takes the cake on the most romantic hotel I've ever stayed in. My boyfriend and I came here for our anniversary and now he's saying we must come back for our honeymoon! The people are so friendly! We asked to upgrade to gfs room with the heart bathtub and we got it! The room was breathtaking! Please ignore all rude inaccurate reviews, I've never seen a cleaner hotel in my life and there was not one negativity I could point out. I was shocked at how reasonable the price was and how helpful everyone was. I feel like this amazing experience is just sending my boyfriend and I home more in love than when we got here. Thank you secrets in for this beautiful room and a beautiful trip. We will be back soon! There is no hotel I would recommend more!

22/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
87. Jarrett M.
I would first of all like to say thank you to Susan and her wonderful staff for going above and beyond. I brought my girlfriend up there for Valentines weekend and let's just say it was the perfect place.

We stayed in the Alpine Suite which lets just say is a rock stars dream love palace. It was awesome, heart shaped jacuzzi next to the king size bed, log cabin interior, fire place with mirrors all around including on the ceiling. Yeah, you can imagine how things went down after we want and saw 50 Shades of Grey....

Anyways, we got the Vday package which included a dozen red roses, red wine and then the staff wen and put rose petals on our bed I the shape of a heart while we were out to dinner Saturday night. Can we say legit!?

Not to mention Susan, the manager, she was great, and not for going above and beyond and placing champagne and chocolate covered strawberries in our room, but because she's a great person that was really down to earth and chill. Thank you, we will be back :)

28/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
88. Amanda E.
My husband and I stayed here for 2 nights in March 2015. The only reason we chose this place is because we're froogle and they had a groupon running at the time! While there was nothing particularly wrong with the hotel, I probably wouldn't go back.
-Nice TV and DVDS player in rooms. Good selection of movies in the office to borrow
-souvenir champagne glasses in your room for the taking
-they stock you room with plenty of towels.
- location.  You can walk to the village and casinos, you know, in case you plan on drinking too much! ;)
- the heater is bad ass. Works great.
- tub. While I didn't use it, my husband happily informed me it was big enough for 2 people. Lol

Neutral comments:
-bed was neither comfy or terrible. Just a bed.
- the room is VERY small, but the armoire makes up for the lack of room space for your bags.

-We had ants in the bathroom every day we were there ( which I know you can't control ants, but still. It was definitely a negative)
- very few outlets to plug things in.
- door made this absurd loud squeaking sound (like nails on a chalkboard) every time it was opened.
- it's definitely possible to take a bath in the shower since the drain hardly works.

15/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
89. Black Bird S.
This place was awesome! The room we stayed at had a jacuzzi, a fireplace, and a very comfortable bed (there was also a mirror above the bed :)). I highly recommend this place to any couple who wants to get away from everything and have a little romance back in their lives. Also, fyi kids are NOT allowed at this place, which is good!

PS if you go into the lobby, you could rent some movies (your room will have a dvd player) for free!

07/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0