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Tahoe Seasons Resort in South Lake Tahoe, CA

Tahoe Seasons Resort in South Lake Tahoe, CA


Tahoe Seasons Resort on Lake Tahoe's south shore offers an All Suite hotel accommodations and is across from the world class Heavenly Ski Resort's California Base Lodge.
While staying at Tahoe Seasons Resort, you'll enjoy our warm hospitality as well as Lake Tahoe's famous casinos, sandy beaches, superb golf, dining, shopping and all the recreational attractions that make Lake Tahoe America's All Year Playground.  

Here at Tahoe Seasons Resort, we have 160 suites jam-packed with the fun atmosphere of an all-season resort and the ambiance of a romantic honeymoon hideaway.  Each spacious suite features a private spa.  There are two color TV's, a DVD / VHS player, and most have a gas fireplace. Stash some munchies in the refrigerator for later on.  You've also got a microwave, wet bar sink and coffee maker for morning java.

Call today to make your reservations 1-800-540-4874 option 4


Established in 1983.

We opened our doors on September 8, 1983 as a premier owners ski resort.  Back then snow was endless, water plentiful and our large jetted bathtubs were all the rage.

Our owners come from all over the globe attracted by the world class skiing and year round mountain and lake sports.  Tahoe Seasons Resort has been the annual family reunion for decades.  Many of those reunions include Tahoe Seasons Resort management and staff, with an average tenure over twenty five years, making them part of the family.


Company Info:

Rating: 3.16

Address: 3901 Saddle Rd, South Lake Tahoe, CA, 96150
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Comments (55):

1. a a.
This place is walking distance to the Heavenly lift just outside the parking lot to the resort. The bar staff is friendly. This place also has a small game room with arcade. The food we ordered at the bar was ok. hamburger fries and club sandwich where ordered.

13/02/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
2. Dorthe G.
I can see this place is struggling, but I came 500 miles to enjoy Tahoe and it's not good enough. It would have gotten 3 stars if not for the following problems.
 The rooms are an out dated suite motif. There is a huge, past it's prime, hot tub in the middle of the two tiny odd shaped rooms. Mirrors every where, just too Cool (but not really). Micro wave and  refrig, good for a weeks visit, but NO amenities. You at least need coffee and paper towels;  BECAUSE you can't get any food on the premises..... oh yes, I just remembered. There's an on premises tiny store that sells coffee. $2+five cents for creamer! REALLY!
I hurt my back and the tub came in handy, on the down side I was going stir crazy and it was raining and freezing and I felt like we were held captive! All the windows are sealed, the rooms too hot. You must run the air conditioner so forget about the romantic fireplace you can't turn on.
There is a bar opened Friday thru Monday. I will admit the bartender was a friendly, pleasant person,  There was a massage on a chair person, if you were there on a Monday or Tuesday,and that was it for the whole entertainment. The pool and spa were blocked off.
It was very difficult to go out. The driveway was unusable and one needed to go out in the rain to the street, get your car from valet, and then venture out in pouring rain to find your way to casinos, or any life.
I made a mistake booking here for a getaway, I should have booked closer to the night life I was seeking forget the  low $$$. The pictures on YELP tempted me to a level of comfort that did not exist.
The Tahoe Seasons is wasted potential

26/10/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
3. Matthew D.
The only complaint I have about this place is that they did not have a bar, which wouldn't have been a big deal if we were not snowed in the first night there.  Thankfully, I managed to run to a local store to pick up a case of beer before the storm got really bad.  

The Staff - Everyone from the valets to the concierge were extremely helpful and friendly.  They gave us some great recommendations on places to eat, tips about Heavenly and things to do that were not skiing/snowboarding related.  

The Rooms - Yes, the rooms have a 1970's feel about them, but that was half the fun.  The jacuzzi is huge and probably could fit up to 6 people if you are cramming a lot of people in the room or planning on having a "sexy" party (yes, I stole that from Stewie Griffin).  Some reviews have complained about the mirrors on the wall in the bedroom, but I am assuming those people stayed in the room with some family members which might make the mirrors a little awkward.  Frankly, I thought the mirrors was a nice little way to spice up my GF and I's relationship.  I thought the split levels were great.  It allowed me to get ready to snowboard in the morning without waking up my GF.

Location - Heavenly is literally right across the street.  I got all my gear on in my room, grabbed my snowboard, walked across the street and was on the mountain in under five minutes.  You really can't beat that.  It was even more convenient at the end of the day when I was dead tired.  I was glad that I didn't have to drive a car back to my hotel or wait for a shuttle.  Also, the hotel is about a $10 cab ride away from the casinos.  Nothing better than going out gambling and drinking and not having to worry about driving.  

Etc - One of my favorite things about the hotel was the heated-outdoor pool and jacuzzi.  The first night we were in Tahoe, there was a crazy snowstorm (between 12-18 inches) and it was really fun sitting in the jacuzzi during it, having a few drinks and watching the snow fall.  

If you are looking for a fancy, five star resort then this isn't the place for you.  It's a great place for people that are looking to stay close to the mountain and want someone place to come back to at the end of the day to kickback and relax.

03/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
4. Melissa R.
Yeah, the place is a little outdated, so what. I still found it to be very cozy despite the mirrors everywhere and the unflattering lighting. The first thing I noticed was the crazy layout. A spa in the middle of the room! WHO ELSE DOES THAT? O_O I loved it though, big enough to fit a few of us. Taking a shower IN the spa is VERY awkward, I wanna know who the genius is that thought that was a good idea. The bigger rooms have a separate shower though (we had two rooms) apart from the spa. The "toilet rooms" are teenie. Oh yeah and the valet guys are really friendly. Um, other than that if you're looking for a place to sleep that's super close to the ski-lifts, this is a really good place to stay.

07/02/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
5. Mark H.
If you are going up to South Lake Tahoe for a ski week or weekend at Heavenly (during ski season) or a romantic getaway near the lake (any time), I think you can't go wrong with Tahoe Seasons Resort.

It seems many reviewers are freaked out by the room layout, design or decor. I'll admit it does have a shmaltzy 70's porno feel, with the floor lighting and whirlpool-centirc design, but it is a purpose-built design. Again, assuming you are there to ski all day and relax at night or are there to have a "boom-chicka-bow-bowww" kinda vacation, then it has everything you need; Bed, whirlpool, wet bar, fridge, microwave, spacious bathroom, 2 big TVs, DVD/VCR combo.  What more do you want?

It is also ideal if you have kids. You can plop them on the sofa bed in the front room (the room with the VCR/DVD) and enjoy the back bedroom!

They have mandatory valet parking (covered, underground garage) which can be annoying if you don't like surrendering the keys to your ride. Of course, if you are on a motorcycle, you get to self-park!

The Pros:
Everything you need in your room.
Only $1 for sodas in their machine (hey, I've seen $2 before!).
Close to the slopes and away from the (Hwy) 50-strip.
Restaurant and pub are decent.
Located very near the base of the Tramway.

The Cons:
Admittedly weird floor plan.
Awkward to take a shower.
Not good for 2 couples unless you are swingers or don't mind the lack of privacy.

The bottom line: This place is part of our timeshare and we would go back for a romantic getaway.  Also check out "Teaz & Pleaz" adult store located on 50, back toward the Y, near the Red Hut Waffle Shop.

24/08/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
6. Sarah L.
Hmmmm...kinda creepy.  I suppose if all you want to do is sleep and ski/snowboard, it wil work for you, but if you plan to shower - that's another story entirely.  And don't plan to share the place with anyone, unless you're VERY close.

WIERD layout - I've never seen a shower/hot tub in the middle of two rooms, with retractable bi-fold doors.  Talk about NOOOO privacy!!!  Not to mention the fact that you have to literally climb into the shower - over a 2 foot wall.

Oh, and the mirrors...they were everywhere...I couldn't get away from them.

And, what kind of place has no cell service these days?!?!  To get/make calls, you must stand next to the one window in the whole place.

Not recommended.

18/01/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
7. Diana Lyn Z.
The layout is sorta weird, well, for our room at least. You walk in and there's a living room. You take one step up into a bathroom that's centered in the middle of the room. It has a HUGE hot tub/spa with a shower. The hot tub area (which is fairly big) is pretty much covered by shutters, which allows for no privacy when showering. At first, I couldn't find the toilet, which was placed in a closet.

As you walk through the bathroom, you take a step down into the bedroom, which also contains the wet bar. The bedroom has a nice fireplace, which we've been using to dry off our clothes.

Overall, it's a cool place. There's a board shop and a repair sorta place where you can get your edges tuned and your board waxed. The concierge is pretty cool, and it's conveniently located next to Heavenly--except, we're not even going there. We're going to Sierra since I have a season pass...luckily for us, we don't have to drive and can just take the shuttles.

Weird layout, but cool place. Luckily it's only my boyfriend and me or else I'd be a little insecure about taking a shower.

05/01/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
8. Michael L.
Bom chika bow wow....

A HOT TUB in the CENTER of the room.
The SHOWER is in the center of the room...
The HOT TUB and the shower have NO WALLS unless you close the retractable doors.

Bom chika bow wow...

There are mirrors all over the room, and while laying in the bed, you can see whoever is in the hot tub and shower.

Bom chika bow wow...

WE (gf and I) booked this place more to just have a place
to crash as we snowboarded.   We had NO IDEA we had
booked the heavenly version of the Ron Jeremy/Peter North/John Holmes porn palace hotel!!!

We arrived from a 6 hour traffic laden drive from San FranciscoI(albeit it was all good because we ate at the incredible Los Hermanos restaurant at Pollock Pines)

The place looks like an old 70s log cabin(which it is)..and we were greeted to a very sleezy looking night front deskguy.  He looked like he owns a bunch of camcorders (this was BEFORE we knew what the rooms looked like...after seeing the room..those hunches seemed confirmed)

He gave us a glazed and sleezy smile as he handed over the room card keys and we were then walked into the 70s love palace
as described above.

DID I MENTION that the stairs in the room have track lights like on an airplane?

Bom chika bow wow..

200/day for these rooms...not cheap..but if you are having THAT kinda party...this is definitely the place to book.  

If you are NOT..then these rooms will be a cultural, visual and hypo-allergenic shock for you! =)

Remember to bring Lysol and some Purell!

p.s.  Do NOT get their breakfast buffet.   Somehow they manage to get eggs, toast and hashbrowns terribly wrong.  Everything tastes overgreased and stale.   ANd this was for 12 bucks per person...

31/03/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
9. Traveling R.
They valet park your car for free! LOVE, LOVE THIS. Another LOVE thing about this place is that the ski lifts are right across the street! Yayy!

The rooms have a cozy feel to them. From the booth styled dining table to the pull out couch-bed combo. I found the pull out bed to be more comfortable to sleep on than the regular beds for some reason. I was a little iffy about the step lighting and the mirrored bedroom walls but it was no big deal. The shutter-door full bathroom is something everyone must see and try out! I will admit that it is a little strange but it really is not that bad. On the super plus side, the resort supplies a ton of towels in the bathrooms. It might be because of the indoor jacuzzi? Who cares!? I could wrap my hair in one towel and dry off with the other! I was in Heaven...literally! More like, Heavenly!

The staff were extremely helpful and attentive throughout our stay. They even brought down and packed all our stuff into the car for us after we checked out of the resort. **Don't forget to take a picture with the cool bear statue outside the resort because it is fierce!

30/12/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
10. Chai C.
We had a 1 bedroom suite when we stayed here during the Thanksgiving Break 2012.  The resort itself is quite nice and they had free valet parking (although we would generally have preferred to park the car ourselves).  The layout of the 1 bedroom suite was strange as the bathroom sits in between the bedroom/dining room and the living room.   The 1 bedroom suite didn't have a kitchen but it did have a microwave.  One thing we had an issue with was the heater in the room.  It doesn't seem to turn on even after we changed it to the highest settings.  It gets a bit chilly in the room during the nights.  Overall, I think this resort is better than most places in Lake Tahoe.  We'll try some other resorts in the future but if those are booked up, we'll be back to this one.

15/12/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
11. K H.
I would go 3 1/2 stars if half stars were available. Went to Tahoe Seasons for the weekend and had a lovely stay. The place was clean and very quiet. The room was comfortable, perfect for 2 people but I wouldn't want to squeeze 4 in to the particular room we had even though there was a sleeper sofa. The staff was friendly and helpful throughout our stay.

I will say they could use some work on in room amenities. The in room kitchenette could use some work. Like actual cups for the coffee rather than the paper cups they offer which are not insulated and therefore the hot liquid leaks out of them all over everything. Paper towels would be nice, instead of kleenex hanging from the dispenser in the kitchen. Kleenex is for the bathroom, paper towels are for the kitchen.

The bathroom was fine, plenty of space, lots of extra towels, hair dryer, soaps, lotions, etc. The hot tub/shower is a bit of a hazard as the sides are quite high so anyone who is not long legged, such as myself, will find it interesting to get out of the tub while dripping wet. The hot tub takes forever and a day to fill so if you are going to want a soak plan ahead.

The bed was comfortable. While we didn't use it, there is a tv in the bedroom as well as in the living room area.

The resort offers a bar that is open weekends and a restaurant that is open for breakfast only. The bar was nice, we sat and relaxed and had some cocktails one afternoon. Prices are good, we also had the home made chips and salsa in the bar which were quite tasty. The breakfast was decent, everyone found something they liked and the service was good. Can't beat the view of Heavenly from the breakfast area either, simply breathtaking.

Some parts of the resort were closed, such as the rooftop tennis courts. Not that we were going to play tennis, but we wanted to go up and look around and couldn't. The pool was open though we didn't use it.

Valet service is the only parking option and it is free, except for tips. They have ample valet staff, they would always bring the car out quickly and even when we arrived back late at night there was someone there to put the car away for us so that was not a hassle.

Overall it is a nice place, especially if you like peace and quiet. If you want someplace more "happening" I'd recommend that you stay somewhere else.

10/05/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
12. Matt W.
Man, I was robbed!  I pulled up "hotels" in Lake Tahoe on my cell phone while driving.  I called the first hit, which had almost full stars on some rating guide (not Yelp).  I though I hit the lotto when they asked if I was an owner (no), and when I was told they had a room.  I told my girl, "oh yeah baby, this is like the nicest place in SLT" - we were excited.

Read the other reviews - it's old and musty, but has a nice, yet old and musty hot tub in each room.  It's a great place to jam a bunch of people into if you're playing in Heavenly, but other than that I wouldn't stay here.  Or, if you need some weed - you can prolly ask the stoner behind the front dest texting his buddy for a hook up.

Thanks for the free Valet - they are great guys.

31/08/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
13. Stephanie W.
I stayed here with a group of 4 girlfriends for my 21st birthday this past weekend. One friend's parents offered us their time share for 3 days because they weren't going to use it the entire week. Hence, we stayed at a resort for free.

Some people may complain about the creepy layout of the room. Certainly, there are full mirrors on every wall, but what better way to see.... yourself.... Yeah... And yes, there a jacuzzi shower in the middle of the room that opens out to both adjoining rooms and is only separated by shutters, but that should be acceptable when you're there with a boyfriend/lover/partner/whatever.

And of course, when you're with 4 girlfriends for a weekend, you need the giant jacuzzi bath tub and 40" TVs to take 5 person bubble baths with avocado facial masks and a couple bottles of champagne. All of this, of course, while naked and submerged in the bubbles.

So you see, it's not that creepy of a layout so long as you're open with the people who accompany you.


On a side note, they have shuffleboard on the roof, it's right across the street from Heavenly and the staff was quite nice to us. Of course, that's probably because we were a group of five 20something year old girls who pranced around in pretty dresses and went outside in lacy nightgowns for cigarettes. But perhaps those curious glances are to be expected when you're the youngest people there who aren't there on family vacation.

But nevertheless, a great home base for my birthday.

14/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
14. andrei f.
The resort itself isn't too bad, location is good. First thing I thought was odd, is the bar & grill is only open several days a week, so anything you want to consume you must bring. My biggest issue was with the manager and the mandatory valet. They managed to curb a wheel, damage a back up sensor and gouge the edge of my drivers door on my new truck I owned for less than a week at that time. I made a report with security, all seemed normal. When I talked to the manager, she blamed me and stated that I couldn't prove anything. I tried to go through their insurance, but they refused to accept liability for anything. The adjuster had stated that this a common practice with this resort and not the first time. I had to file a claim with my insurance and had the repairs performed ($1800+)! It has been in arbitration since August, now we are at the end of December and it looks like I will not be getting my deductible back. I really hope somebody sues the S*#@ out of this place. I for one will never go again, way to expensive when you consider the deductible for repairs, rental vehicle and hassle.

31/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
15. kevin p.
Despite it being a bit outdated, the staff was amazing and the location was PRIME.  Thanks

09/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
16. lisa s.
I was pleasantly surprised with this resort.  We stayed 2 nights and the condo was free because my husband's coworker couldn't keep their reservation.  Now, this is definitely not what I would pick for myself but free is free.  I usually stay at the Marriott in South Lake Tahoe for point of reference.  Tahoe Seasons was very clean and spacious.  Yes, the decor is circa 1980 but actually comical.  They updated the rooms with flat screen TVs.  We stayed in a one bedroom condo.  There was a ginormous jacuzzi that separated the front living room area from the bedroom.  Inside the jacuzzi was a detachable shower head so you can shower in the tub.  So weird, but I was happy to have clean sheets and towels.  The website is accurate for more info.  I reviewed the rates and felt it was a little expensive because it's a pretty outdated resort.  Location is great if you want to go to Heavenly.  Loved the free valet and overall I would stay again...if the Marriott was sold out.

09/02/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
17. Lacey S.
My family and I stayed 8 nights at this "resort". I looked hard and long to find a reasonable place to stay while in SLT, and we decided to choose this one based on booking.com's reviews. I have no idea why they have 5 stars on Booking.com , but it is clearly a mistake. First the maid staff is horrible! On returning on our third day from sledding, we got to our room and noticed the door was NOT shut all the way! The maid had left the security latch open so the door did not shut. Who knows how long our room was left wide open for someone to walk by and ransack our room. Thankfully nothing was taken! We called front desk right away and they did not care. Did not offer to come up and check it out, nothing. Also the maids do not come to clean or replace towels each day. We had a double room, and they did not even clean the two rooms at the same time. So we would have one dirty room, and one clean room. I ordered their Romance Package which consisted of an 8 dollar bottle of champagne on ice with two flutes for a whopping 50 bucks total. Was very disappointed with that as the champagne was very carbonated that we could hardly swallow. Towels are so old and bleached so many times that they scratch your skin when you dry off. The spa/shower is not closed off very well so your freezing when getting out. The thermostat you can't control past 68 degrees so your never comfortable. The pool that is outside is not 80 degrees as they claim. Had no problem with valet, they were very nice, yet they need to hire more as you can wait awhile in line to get your car or to exit. There is a restaurant in hotel, yet they only serve breakfast, in which they don't deliver to room, and are very expensive for poor quality. $3.50 for a small coffee, and 7 bucks for crappy oatmeal. Not worth it, don't waste your money. They do offer bagged lunches for 5 bucks though, BUT you can only pick them up after 12:30 pm. Why would anyone want to come back from their day out going to Emerald Bay or whatever just to get lunch? Would rather go to Raley's to get lunch and pack it in the cooler. No laundry service, even though it says on website and their own brochure they gave me at check in. It's the cheapest resort in SLT, so lesson learned, you get what you pay for. I would rather rent a cabin for cheaper with better amenities next time. The other guests who stay here act like they are somebody and entitled. Very rude guests. Would not recommend this hotel.

06/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
18. Helen P.
We just got back from our Tahoe trip and stayed at this resort for 5 days. The minute I stepped into the room I thought it was 1985. The decor left much to be desired and the liquid soap dispenser added that extra touch of tacky. The room layout is weird- lets leave it at that. The heater maxs out at 76 degrees, so if you're cold grab a blanket. What got me was the stupid snow moving equipment that went on all night on Thursday across the street. I guess to get ready for the weekend visitors that ski. The personal was friendly, but our car got damaged with the manatory valet parking. Being near the elevator didn't help much either with the noise level. Not to mention the ski shoe noise out in the hallway early in the morning. This place may be different in the summer season- perhaps less of a noise level. Never went into their pub or restaurant, the place looked lonely. This place seemed  more like hotel room than a resort. They were a bit pushy with this complentary breakfast if we had 1.5 hours to kill listening to some sales guy. We told them that we where not interested. Question is would be come back to this place, the answer is NO.

07/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
19. mitra g.
We absolutely loved staying at Tahoe Seasons Resort. The place is in a prime location. Rooms are clean, convenient and cozy. Price is right plus complimentary vallet. There is a heated pool and jacuzzi that my 8 yr old really enjoyed. Not to mention the hot tub in the room. Shower was heavenly with great pressure and the famous Tahoe water. We will definitely go back.

12/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
20. Amber E.
Wow, we got a great deal for a room here in April.  Even though it was basically the end of the season, we still felt our bang for the buck was exceeded here.  The heavenly ski place is right across the street so if you're into that (we're not), free parking included is enough of a selling point!  The front desk lady was friendly and even let us check in supppper early.  The concierge on the other hand (older, smoker voice) was not as...elegant?  She mislead us when suggesting things to do and not do...seems she may be a bit jaded.  Anyhow, the rooms are a bit dated, but personally, that's what added the charm.  Hubs and I came for an inexpensive weekend getaway, not a 5 star experience.  The room was MORE than enough for us - and could easily have accommodated another couple (on a pull out couch separated by the bathroom).  The room had an enormous jetted tub in the middle of it, something we didn't have time to use:(  We did take advantage of the hot tub outside and found that to be so refreshing!

15/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
21. Terry W.
This place was going through a remodel when we visited but we had a roomm that was redone. September the views were beautiful.
They have a cool little bar and our room was really nice.

We will be back.

13/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
22. Norma N.
I don't know what these other reviewers are complaining about.. Our 7 day stay was wonderful. The staff was helpful, friendly and accommodating. The room was clean and had everything a person would need. The valet parking was ideal. So you tipped each day Hey check the parking in other cities and you will find this place is a bargain. I loved the guys in valet. Polite, quick to serve and always friendly. The scenery is beautiful the location perfect. close to attractions and far enough away from the maddening crowds. I don't know where these dirty carpets are I certainly did not see any and the room size was great. maybe it's not the Season's fault so many of you are disgruntled if you want 5 Star service pay the price and stay at Four Seasons! .

17/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
23. D N.
The location is nice, even though it needs to be upgraded.  We enjoyed our stay well enough to make reservations a second time. On the second stay the valet damaged our truck by apparently bumping a wall.  While we were there, they were very helpful and assured me that they would take care of the issue.  Once we returned home we encountered a very different situation.  We contacted the Assistant GM, as directed by the resort, and didn't receive a call back.  We did however get a callback from her assistant who left us a message telling us that we damaged our own vehicle and that we were lying.  

The resort then decided to fight us on the claim and their insurance agency tried to intimidate us.  This forced us to contact our insurance carrier.  Our insurance resolved the issue quickly and without incident.  

With regards to the resort, we will never stay here again.  We have attempted repeatedly to get the resort management to speak with us and make this right.  They ignore our calls.  We stay in Tahoe several times a year and we guess this resort isn't suffering in this difficult economy.  We won't stay here again.

Remember if you want your vehicle back without damage don't stay here.

14/05/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
24. Barb S.
This is part of our time share, the place is in a good location, just across the street from heavenly ski resort. The room is okay. Our view of the slopes are perfect. The check was quick, the lady was not friendly nor offer any advice on the ways and out of the hotel. There is no parking, the attendant parks all cars, but the service is quick. Since we do not ski, it was cool place to rest with snow all around us was great! I'm unsure of the price for the night, but with it being so close to the ski, I thinking it pricey!

04/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
25. Juls C.
I think their renovations did not really change the place that much. Came back after 7 years, my last time up there, and was expecting a huge change, but well..

Their lobby, needs an uplift, so do their rooms still, I think. The finishes are dated in the rooms and out. Also, they really need to get their internet to work. They advertised wireless internet but there was absolutely no signal in the rooms.

Their floor plan, I love it. Nothing wrong with the split floors and spaces. It is super practical for sharing a room with brothers, parents, friends and it is the reason I picked this place in the first place. Their tubs drain really slowly, however, I like the idea of it being in the middle of the space, smart divider.

Their restaurant is just hard to fall in love with, because of the competition around town- too many lovely cozy places to try. Their bar..nonexistent. I feel that if they keep their bar going a little, it will help a lot, because no one wants to go out again after making effort to come all the way back to the hotel, have the valet park the car etc. Keeping the bar open and lively at nights (in the winter as well) will help tons..

I would say, just shell out the money for the Marriot or Embassy Suite nearby, until they fix the above.

However, at low season, fine place to stay if you have a bigger party. They are nice people too, them..

19/01/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
26. Man N.
BED BUGS! BED BUGS!  BED BUGS!  And rude, horrible staff.  I have just come back from a trip to South Lake Tahoe for the weekend of 06/14/14.  The first night  we were there, I woke up around 3am because the itch on my torso.  I scratched, and scratched.  I tried to fall asleep again.  But it kept getting worse and worse at different spots on my body.  I turned the light on and check my body in the mirror:  there are four series of two to three bug bite mark in a row - each space less than an inch from the other - on the side of my body, and on my back.  I googled it, they said it is a pattern of bed bugs feeding.  The next day, we asked for a room change and informed the staff of the bed bugs.  The hotel management called and told us to come talk to them when we check out.  When we checked out, the woman name Karen Srates, and then the GM Michael Presley told us that we might have had bug bites from somewhere else, because they checked the room and there were no bed bugs, and that their hotel has never had bed bugs.  When I told them that we came straight from home to check in to the hotel that night, they still insisted that I have had bug bite elsewhere, and not at that hotel.  And that they would not even apologize for the sleepless night that I had, and the itch that I brought home, and all the sanitizing work I have to do with our luggages.  They just simply denied any responsibility for it.  Rude and scrupulous people, from top down.  I am busy washing all our luggages, clothes, shoes in hot water right now, while I suppose to sit back and relax after a weekend away to Tahoe to get married to the love of my life.  By the way, this morning I was itching and scratching all the way to the altar, funny not!   I feel that I need to let others know so they can avoid this place!

16/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
27. Paul C.
The Tahoe Seasons Resort is a two block walk to the lift at Heavenly.  The hotel is all the way up Ski-Run Blvd and a left jaunt at the top.  

Jacuzzis in every room - fairly spacious, gas fireplaces, great location away from the mosh-pit on the highway near the casinos.  They require valet parking - but it's free (except tips) and they are quick - plus you can pay them to put chains on your car.    

Downside is the restaurant sucks - but who wants to eat there when South Lake has so many great places?  if you have or know someone with an RCI timeshare you can trade into it, so it can be a pretty good deal.  

They have a ski-shop in house - so you can rent gear at a decent price there.  There's the usual little store, and a concierge that can point out things in town.  I'm 90% sure the casino shuttle picks up there - if you want to party and not drive.  Don't try to walk there from the lake area unless you like hiking up large hills.

15/02/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
28. Kristin N.
This place gives me the creeps...kinda. It's a decent place if u need a place to rest in between hitting the local slopes. But it's no 5 star hotel. I have stayed here twice (time share). The first time I found a wad of blonde hair (not mine of course) after I slept in the bed! I don't like the jacuzzi tube in the middle of the room. Sure it's ok if you're with your lover. But when you're with your family, not so much.

19/02/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
29. Nick K.
It could certainly use a little renovating but overall it's OK.  My gf and I have stayed there a few times and have only had good experiences.  Some weekends it's way too pricey for what it's worth, but good value if you can get it at a reasonable rate.  Also extremely close to Heavenly which is nice.  The rooms are very clean, each room has it's own outdated hot tub, and the staff is quite friendly.

26/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
30. Ron K.
I was initially skeptical about the the place, and even more so once I arrived. The outside looks decent, and once we got to our rooms ah....We got a room w/my parents who thought it was supposed to be a 2 bedroom, but it turned out to be a queen bed and a fold out sofa, so with my wife, 2 kids, and both my parents we were a little cramped. The decor was very dated, but I must say the lobby and bathroom downstairs seemed to be renovated, so maybe soon they will do the rooms. I think the rooms on the floor we stayed on were pretty much the same, and I think they were made for romantic couples and such, which made staying with my parents very odd. The shower was in the center of the room, which doubled as a jacuzzi and there was no real separator between the jacuzzi/shower and the a joining beds. The only divider was sliding wooden panels, which you can see through even when closed, so taking a shower was a little strange and had to be timed of course. The highlight of the place was the customer service. The customer service from security to the bell desk was outstanding! Great bunch of people. I may stay there again, but just with my wife!

01/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
31. Joe G.
I read some other reviews and found the same problem we had with the valet service. We had some money and a wallet missing from our car. I completed the security report with the manager on duty and with security. After I got home, I called the general manager to discuss our situation, an assistant manager called me. She was surly and blamed me for the missing wallet. She said "we have no proof that the wallet was there".  She refused to reimburse me and said "we just can't give out 100s of dollars". I'm not a fan of valet and especially hate "mandatory" valet; now I hate it even more.

Other than that, the rooms were fine. Dirty carpets.

I think the hotel needs better customer service. I won't be staying here again.  Too bad, I would've during the winter to ski in and ski out at Heavenly

07/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
32. John G.
avoid, avoid

Just horrible don't fall prey to bad customer service

06/03/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
33. Rafaela S.
If you have to stay somewhere because you have no other options this is an OK place to stay.  My other half had a very hard time sleeping because the pillows and mattress are very poor.  Way too soft.  I sleep on anything so didn't bug me.  But if you are picky about your mattress and it being firm stay away from this place!  It was clean only person that was extremely friendly was John.  I took away stars because mainly they did not warn us prior to our arrival that the Pub and restaurant inside would be closed.  We had to figure out where to go to eat at last minute notice.  So that cut into our spending $ as well.  There is no free self parking.  Obligated to valet your vehicle.  It's more of a timeshare type of place than a resort.  IMO. But like I said in beginning if you have no other options this will do.

29/10/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
34. Trynh N.
I used my timeshare here, but the fees are still alot.  It's pretty decent, clean, roomy, not the most updated.  The shower/tub part is kind of weird if you're sharing it with another party bc it's in the middle between the rooms.  Majority of the staff are friendly except one girl that answered the phone, named Jennifer or Jessica, she was rude over the phone.  
The resort is in walking distant to Heavenly, and close to the city center.

08/03/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
35. Spicy T.
We are staying a week here via timeshare exchange and are pleasantly surprised.  We got the 1 bedroom sleeps 4 unit.  It comes with en-suite jacuzzi, mini-kitchen (mini-fridge, microwave, bar sink and coffee maker) a little dining area, enclosed toilet room attached to bathroom vanity, queen sized bed and queen sized sleeper sofa, 2 flat screen LG TVs, a couple of closets, gas fireplace, a few dressers, ironing board, hair dryer --- essentially a comfortable place to stay while we spend a week in Tahoe hitting the slopes.  

There's free wi-fi which is nice when it was working.  I found the service to be unreliable and would not count on having working service for business-critical need.  Although, disconnecting and reconnecting to the network worked about half the time.

The valet parking is mandatory but free.  You should definitely tip your valet guys.  They are super friendly and deserve a little something for their effort.  We go in and out at least 2-3 times daily and give them $1 each time.  

We needed to rent snow gear for our kids and after finding out what Heavenly charges for a day's rental ($35 per kid with no multi-day or sibling discounts, no discounts for season passholders, either!), we tried looking elsewhere for kids rentals.  No one else had snowboard rental gear in my 5-year-old's size but Needle Peak did!!   And their prices are great!  I will post a separate review for the Needle Peak Rental place.  Also, guests of Tahoe Seasons get FREE HOTWAX!  What a nice surprise.

Major CON:  the queen bed was extremely uncomfortable.  I can tell this is not a high quality mattress.  In my opinion, any place that charges more than $100/night should provide a quality mattress for guests.

31/03/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
36. Jennifer L.
We've lived in Tahoe all of our lives and always thought this place looked nice so we decided to get a room for a couple of nights for a mini weekend getaway. When we first got there we drove around the building for about 5 mins trying to find the public parking. We then realized that the parking is mandatory valet which I thought was pretty odd. So god forbid you forget anything in your car.

The check-in process was smooth and the hotel room is very nice. Not a family friendly room; it's definitely more suited for couples as the shower is in the middle of the room and there are only sliding wood panels to close you off. The air conditioner is right by the bed and is annoyingly loud and rickety. The mattress and pillows are of less than mediocre quality.

The worst part was the customer service! We got up at 430 am to go fishing and realized that we needed more creamer for the coffee so we called downstairs and asked if they had more and they sounded so annoyed at our request and told us to come down and get it. So we get dressed and go down to the lobby and ask nicely and the lady was so rude! She was so annoyed at every question we asked and to top it off, the bartender was standing there with an intimidating look as if we were out of line. It was ridiculous to say the least.

4 star hotel. 1 star customer service.

14/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
37. Alberto A.
Awesome hotel good location hot tub fireplace in room  24hr free valet parking is a plus!Very clean and nice. Comfortable bed too. Will definetly be back!!

12/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
38. Dharmesh D.
My stay was amazing. We had a hot tub in our room. Very big suite and very inexpensive.

14/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
39. C H.
A little late in my review....stayed here in February 14'.  If easy access to Heavenly is your thing, This Is The Place For You!  The slopes are just a short 5 minute walk from your room.  The hotel is a little old, but very clean and maintained.  The staff is Awesome!  The rooms are??? Let's say unique : ) If you are a family of 5 or less, there is lots of room to spread out.  If you are hitting the slopes as a couple, it's fine....If your along with another couple and taking advantage of the extra bed, not so good.  All that separates the two sleeping areas is a huge, VERY NICE, hot tub. Right in the middle of the room.  Actually, it is what connects the two bedroom areas.  No doors and little privacy.  If there is a snorer in the group, Look Out!  You should probably drop a few more bills and get some much needed rest for your adventure on the slopes.

11/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
40. Morgan E.
I have to say that the employees are the reason for the four stars! My room was nice..didn't eat there or check out the pool. But the valet, security and the rest of the staff was so nice and accommodating. The most amazing part was that I left my iPad in the room. I was four hours away when I realized it, called the hotel in a panic. They found it, and shipped it immediately. I received it two days later. I am so thankful!!! I would most definitely recommend this hotel!

03/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
41. A B.
We give this a 3 for the courteous and friendly staff but parking an oversized vehicle was a major ordeal that we had to handle on our own as it seemed to be too much of a hassle for management to handle. The layout of the rooms ... well ... we will simply say "just plain weird". It was a good place to stay for our daughter's wedding at Heavenly Lakeview Lodge, as it was in walking distance. It was clean and well-kept, but the weird rooms and the overly-dramatic management staff (2-1/2 hours to decide we needed to figure out where to park on our own when told before arrival it wouldn't be an issue ... really now ... terrible management tactics) have made it so we definitely wouldn't go again. It was however a wonderful place for handling a wedding at Heavenly or if you just need a crash place when skiing.

09/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
42. Lori M.
Ok the good: it is clean and close to the lifts and town. Service was polite and prompt. We had lots of towels and all the linens were soft and clean. The bed was comfortable. TV had tons of channels.
The not so good: valet parking which some might like...we are cheap and hate to tip every time we want to go somewhere. The "kitchen" in the one bedroom is a mini fridge that they turn off (learned the hard way and lost the milk), a tiny coffee maker with one packet of coffee, and a microwave. Absolutely no dishes, cutlery, paper towels, etc. no toast or toasted bagels but butter and bread and the butter we spread with our finger. Fun times. When you ask for any, they snap at you like you asked for a free night. Also, put out the do not disturb because she wanted in at 923 am on a Saturday to clean our room. The water was shut off part of our visit for maintenance issues. You have to have a pool key to use the tiny pool. We asked for a lake view and had a view of the roof and trees. We would not stay here again. Embassy suites at least gives you glasses and a hot breakfast for the same price.

18/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
43. Jennifer S.
Awesome staff, great getaway in the mountains, sweet in room hot tub, valet parking. I've compared prices of a lot of the hotels in town and for the price of this hotel it's definitely worth it over the motel prices in this town. Shame the restaurant isn't open all day or the bar more of the week but bring some drinks with you and get cozy in your room. Enjoy the rooftop activities as well! Walking distance to the Heavenly ski slopes in winter.

16/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
44. Jason K.
The location is awesome! The staff is amazing!! The inside could use a little updating, but it is very very clean..... I come here every time I stay in SLT.

14/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
45. Vishakha G.
Excellent staff!! I went here with my boyfriend for my 21st birthday and it was the perfect weekend getaway. The room is very romantic, we were the youngest couple there and the cute old bellhop always was like "be safe kids " take a cab home if you drink too much kids" he was so sweet and adorable. one star docked because the pool was really salty and when we used the spa there was black debri coming out of the ducts. We were EXTREMELY happy with our stay here. The room is really cool looking with a hot tub right in the middle. I would not share a room with my parents here though , its more a place you take your girlfriends or boyfriend.

07/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
46. Mooki x.
Was a little disappointed considering this is a 'timeshare'.  Comes with a small coffee machine and microwave.  They give you a small packet for 1 pot of coffee and then you don't get another one until mid-week when they clean!  Nothing is in the room as far as any kind of utinsels etc.  The room was clean.  The couch folds out onto the bed when slept in, it felt itchy and had a few bites in the morning. I wondered if they actually wash the sheets on the couch bed very often.  I felt better just sleeping on the couch, without pulling it out.  There was a big jacuzzi tub in the middle (which we didn't use).  They had put 'shower gel' in the shower which is nice but I think needs to be replaced.  It looks worse than the soap dispenser in the bathroom and when you go to use it, it just comes out in whatever direction that it wants.  The valet and bell staff were very friendly.  They had a very nice lobby area and I asked if we wanted, could we get some wine glasses for the wine in our room and bring it down to the lobby.  They said we can drink in the lobby but they do charge for the glasses!  If you want to use the pool, you have to go to the front desk to get the key.  They actually ask you to sign for the number of room keys and if you don't return them all, they charge you $2.50 for each key not returned.  Well, I returned ALL the keys and when I got back, there was a charge on my amex for $2.50!!  When I called to inquire, they said I didn't return all they keys.  I told them that I when I checked out, I showed the girl all the keys!  She asked which girl and I told her whoever was working when I checked out!  She put me on hold and came back and said I was correct and she was credit the $2.50.  It isn't the $2.50, it was the principal.  The concierge was helpful when there was someone there.  If you are staying for a week, make sure you stop by the store or bring anything you will need.  It does have a small refrigerator.  It was a nice location if you were going skiing at Heavenly as it is right across the street.

01/05/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
47. Lori A.
GREAT place!  Staff very friendly!!!  We loved the spa in the room and felt like we were on a 3rd honeymoon!!!!  I cannot understand why some previous reviews were so harsh. The resort warns that the rooms are not private enough for families. Works great for couples!!!!!  Loved the BBQ on roof & by pool!!!

14/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
48. Cecilia S.
Working long hours leads to one thing in my mind: a much needed vacation.  Unfortunately, I can't peace out for more than just the weekend, so we decided Tahoe would be a nice little getaway.  Since there's no snow yet, there was no traffic on the road, beautiful sunny skies, and no wait anywhere we went.  Plus, we were able to snag this hotel at the bottom of Heavenly for only $75/night!  Score!  So, it was a nice way to get the mountains all to ourselves.

Service was wonderful. The valet guys were really friendly and the front desk/concierge were both very helpful and informative.  They gave us some great recommendations for hiking trails and restaurants nearby (Eagle Falls Trailhead.. I'll talk about that in another review).  

The rooms are all mini suites I believe.  There were three compartments to our suite.  When you first walk in, there's a small living room space with a TV and the couch acts as a futon as well.  As you walk in a little more, there's the bathroom with the shower/hot tub right in the middle of the room.  You walk in a little more, and there's your bedroom with a TV and fireplace.  It's quite cozy, but it's also in much need of an update.  The AC/heating unit is right next to the bed, and that gets really loud at night.  There's also a little kitchenette with a microwave, mini fridge, sink, and breakfast nook.  Since the shower/hot tub is right in the middle of the two rooms (without a door), I can see how it can be a bit awkward if you're there with multiple people.  The suite is also quite large, so you can easily fit 4 - 5 people.      

Since this hotel is a little farther away from all the main attractions on Lake Tahoe Blvd, you do have to drive to most places.  However, there's a nice little German bar called Himmel Haus right down the street with a great selection of beer and brats.  We were also told the hotel has good food too.  

Overall, I'd give this place a 3.5.  Since it's so close to Heavenly, I'm sure this place gets packed during ski/snow boarding season.  It's in a nice location, service was great, and the room was clean and comfy.  It just needs a slight update.

25/11/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
49. Dia D.
Awesome! And let me first say that #1 valet and bell hop service was SPECTACULAR! Thank you especially to Steve who went above and beyond in helping us, and was super sweet to us and our kids.
Thank you so much to the wonderful staff at Tahoe Seasons! You all went above and beyond to accommodate our family of 7. Our kids loved every minute of the Hotel, especially the heated pool and outdoor jacuzzi. We had forgotten to bring a cork screw for our wine and called downstairs. We brought our bottles down and they opened them and had a bucket of Ice ready for the bottles! Awesome advice to where we should go for dinner and so much more!

It was an awesome experience to come back from snow boarding to an awesome Staff and very cool hotel suite. We booked a 2bedroom suite which was basically 2 rooms that had a had a connecting door. The room is a bit outdated but it was cozy, CLEAN, comfortable and felt like a home away from home! We even had Pizza Hut deliver us a late night snack lol!

Bell Hop and Valet staff were SUPERB and we can't wait to make the trip back to stay even in the summer! With heavenly Litteraly right across the street it's convenient.

***one thing I do recommend make things easier and book OVER THE PHONE**** and also NO STREET PARKING, it is VALET ONLY and truly they were sweet, nice *****

19/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
50. Brian B.
I booked this place for the in-room hot tub, and because it seemed like a pretty legit resort.  We used the in room tub once.  The water coming out of the faucet wasn't really hot enough to make it worthwhile (luke warm spa = what's the point...).

The pool is pretty small, as is the communal, outdoor hot tub.  The hotel itself is nice looking and well decorated.  The room has a kind of odd layout, with way too many mirrors.  Some of the technology systems (like the climate control) were a little funky, but worked well overall.  

I also booked the place because there are lots of pictures of tennis courts everywhere, and we wanted to play.  I didn't see any courts onsite, and when we asked where to play they sent us to a local middle school.

It's right across the street from Heavenly, so if it's ski season I could see it being a really epic spot.

Their parking situation is, seemingly, valet only...which was annoying because we came and went a lot and I get annoyed at tipping someone to park my car when I could just do it.

Overall, it was a nice hotel with a nice room, but I probably won't stay here again as there are better options in both other hotels, as well as AirBnB.

27/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
51. Julie A.
Checked out today.  Will never be back.  Staff is friendly but that is the only good thing about this stay.  The have their hand out constantly asking for money.  Wanted to even charge us $2.60 for each missing key.  Horrible management decision.  Don't stay here unless you have a lot of dollar bills to hand out to many hands.

22/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
52. Alex C.
Was given a night for a timeshare from a friend so my girlfriend and I came up on a weeknight. Place is so quiet. Bar/grill isn't open on week nights. Pool was closed, they have a lounge area with shuffleboard and a tennis court on the roof but that was closed too. Room is clean but odd setup. Toilet is on the other side of the room where the shower is. Hate valet and that's all that's available.... I hate feeling obligated to tip someone to walk 30 feet and get my car.  Only a 7 minute drive to the casinos though. Not worth the money in my opinion. Been to many hotels in Tahoe and this isn't anything special like their website claims.

21/05/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
53. Eva W.
Tahoe Seasons is a resort that is not your run of the mill hotel.  It's an older property and it's one of those quirky places that you either love it or you hate it as it does take some getting used to.  

The layout of the room is a bit strange as there is a humongo hot tub right smack dab in the middle of it.  It can get a little akward if you are sharing the room with friends.  In a one bedroom suite, the tub and the restroom area separates the living are and the bedroom.  There is no kitchen, so do not expect to do any in room cooking.  The do provide you with a toaster, fridge, microwave and coffee maker.

We have stayed there many times over the years as we love it!  The staff is always very friendly.  The bellmen have been working there forever!  It's great to see the same faces whenever we return.  It's like coming home. They have valet parking so your vehicle is always warm and toasty when they bring it back up to you.  

We love this place because it is kitty corner from the tram.  A quick walk across the street and parking lot, and a ride up the tram and you're on the slope!  So much more convenient than taking the goldola from town.  It is so packed down there and there is always a long snaking line (no, thank you!)

If you get tired skiing, you have the option of taking the tram back down (or skiing down Gunbarrel (yikes!), walking across the parking lot, crossing the street and going back into the room for a quick lunch before going back up again (if you're not too tired).

Just be careful driving down Keller Road (if you dare) after it snows.  That road can get icy and cars have gone sliding down the hill.  It's not unusual to have little pileups at the bottom because people don't know how to drive on it.  Consider yourself warned!

09/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
54. Mehreen A.
We stayed here over Thanksgiving week with the kids and had a great time. The staff members are all very friendly and helpful. They only have valet service which I was kind of iffy about at first but it turned out to be very convenient rather than dragging the kids around a lot to the car when it was freezing out.

It hadn't snowed yet when we stayed here but Heavenly is literally right across the street.

The room was nice with a HUGE hot tub in the middle that fit all four of us comfortably. We used it every night which was definitely worth it! The two rooms are separated by the hot tub/bathroom in the middle. If you are staying with friends it may become uncomfortable since the doors don't lock and the tub has shutters that can be pushed open. There is a microwave, fridge and coffee maker in the room with a table to seat 4.

My husband and I were both a bit shocked when we got in bed the first night to find the beds so uncomfortable. The pillows were like rocks and the mattress felt like it was from the 80s so sleeping at night was a challenge. This is the reason for four stars =/

We ordered food from the breakfast restaurant downstairs and it was fine, nothing spectacular but very convenient. We also ordered dinner from the pub one night and it was pretty good. Both had fast and friendly service.

10/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
55. Siobhan F.
My boyfriends mom's boyfriend had a few extra days in a time share room he booked at the Tahoe Seaons's Resort and offered us the keys to allow us to stay for the weekend since they weren't going to be able to use it through those days.

The hotel itself is pretty dated, but the TV's are all new and the beds are comfortable and that suited us just fine. In our room there was a huge hot-tub style bath tub/shower situation which was a little weird, but also kind of awesome in a really groovy 1970's kind of way (considering the vibe I was actually pretty disappointed they didn't also include complimentary bubble bath liquid)

We really enjoyed the proximity to the heavenly shopping center and the fact that there was a little arcade/pool table area that we definitely utilized a few times.

The down side to our particular room, which if you're located on the valet side, we heard cars coming and going all night and all morning due to the very thin walls, which was kind of a bummer seeing as usually no one wants to wake up at 8am on a vacation.

If you're not looking to spend too much time in your hotel, you won't mind the accommodations at Tahoe Seasons Resort one bit.

29/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0