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Amberwood in Estes Park, CO

Amberwood in Estes Park, CO

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Company Info:

Rating: 4.86

Address: 1889 Fall River Rd, Estes Park, CO, 80517

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    Comments (7):

    1. S B.
    This is a great get a way motel/cabins in Estes Park. The owner's are wonderful, everything is spic and span (though it is shabby shic), and the atmosphere is relaxed and casual. Pets are not allowed. My boyfriend and I have only gone in the winter, and it has been really quiet. The winter rates are very competitive.

    08/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. Ethan S.
    My girlfriend and I wanted a place close to Rocky Mountain National Park where we could easily head out to the snowshoeing trails each morning. In addition, we wanted a place where we could look out at the mountains and stars. Finally, we wanted a room where we could heat up our dinner/make hot drinks.

    The Amberwood Hotel rooms (Sunday Rooms) met and exceeded all of our needs and expectations. First, the owner of the establishment is very friendly and soft spoken. At check-in he changed our room from the first floor (which many people like because its easier to carry their bags in) to a second floor room which had an AMAZING view of the mountain, valley, and sky from the balcony in front of the room. He also offered us toiletry items such as toothpaste, deodorant, and shaving razors, which was nice as I was running low on toothpaste.

    After check-in, we drove up to the Sunday house down a picturesque road. Parking is very convenient, right in front of the hotel. Inside, the room offered everything we needed and more: a comfortable bed, two lounge chairs, a coffee maker (with a can of ground coffee to make the coffee to taste), teas, a refrigerator, a microwave, television, DVD player, and ample space in the drawers. What really enhanced the room, however, was the fireplace, with the complimentary cardboard eco-log. It was very relaxing to sit in front of the fireplace on the lounge chairs and enjoy the warmth and light of the fire. In the evening time, we went out on the balcony and enjoyed the view of the valley (which is even better than the pictures on the website show).

    As far as location, it was perfect for our needs. It is one of the closest hotels to the park entrance (about 2 miles from RMNP; 5 minutes). Even though there were a couple feet of snow during the 2 days we stayed, the roads were well plowed, and access to the park was pretty easy as long as we took it slow. While the hotel is very close to the park, it is also quite close to the town of Estes Park (about 2 miles also). Because of this location, we were able to enjoy RMNP in the day and all of the winter trails it has to offer, and enjoy the town of Estes Park in the evening time (be warned though that many businesses close earlier in the evening in the winter).

    As far as prices, their winter rates are better than any other place in Estes Park (about 45 dollars per night).

    I very much enjoyed my stay here, and will definitely be coming back next time I visit Estes Park.

    08/01/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    3. Joshua F.
    Where to start!!!

    Seriously, Amberwood gave us some of the best service I have ever received anywhere. They were attentive and hospitable and were genuinely concerned with our enjoyment of our stay.

    We arrived on a VERY snowy night (2 feet of snow came down!!!), and our car got stuck in the driveway up to our cabin. The manager Dan called the groundskeeper, Bob, who turned out to be our hero.

    Bob dug our car out and went ahead and parked it for us. he then offered to carry our luggage up the hill to our cabin, in the middle of the night, in the snow. We declined, but were all dumbfounded that he offered!!

    The next morning, Bob stopped by to check on us, bring us towels and firewood, and swept the snow off of our car!!

    The cabin itself was nice. We stayed in the Hollyhock House, and loved it. The front porch was the main attraction, and where we spent a lot of time (even in the bad weather). The cabin had two bedrooms, a full kitchen, fireplace and bathroom. It also had a TV and DVD player. We pretty much had everything we needed, and the price was pretty great at $120/night.

    I highly recommend Amberwood to anyone staying in Estes Park. According to my wife, we won't stay anywhere else after the exemplary service we received all weekend.

    28/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    4. Elizabeth A.
    I contacted this place on Wed to arrive on Saturday, with such short notice they gave me a great cabin for a great price. When we arrived the place was super clean and very cozy. Unfortunately we only stayed for one night but the service was great. The check-in was super friendly, they offered a lot of information and freebies (toothpaste, bath gel, etc) Also offered advice on where to go eat and things that were going on in town. Definitely would love to come back!

    11/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    5. Thomas S.
    A great place to stay!!  The staff was very attentive and helpful and went out of their way to help with anything that you needed help with.

    We stayed in the Honeymoon Haven cabin and it was perfect. Had a nice kitchen area and all the needed things for a wonderful stay. The fireplace was also great. It was the perfect thing to end the day. Each day we got a new bundle of wood which was really appreciated.

    The upstairs area was cozy and had plenty of room to put your stuff and to sleep. The scenery is very pretty and there are plenty of things to do nearby from hiking to the national park to Estes Park.

    12/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    6. Alexandra K.
    My mom and I stayed at Amberwood for 3 nights in late November in unit #3 and it was our perfect homebase! The cabin was absolutely adorable. The amber-colored wood everywhere made everything feel super cozy. We loved our little gas range and we each had our own rooms (although they are tiny rooms, FYI - just enough room for the bed, a nightstand, and a dresser). Also, since the rooms are tiny, well insulated, and elevated by a step or two, they get HOT. The only way to get a comfortable temperature while sleeping was to keep the doors to the rooms open during the day with the fans on, and then turn the heat off at night. Once the heat comes on, the rooms are cooking you within 10 seconds.

    The owner comes by in the morning and drops off firewood, which looks like pine. Bring firestarters!!! They provide newspaper as kindling and it doesn't burn long enough to get the pine to catch. Dave at the front desk was so kind, helpful, understanding, and great to chat with. They have puzzles, games, and books for you to borrow! I stayed an hour at the office working on a puzzle. It was really fun.

    The location is great. There are dozens of cabins on Fall River Road and I can see why. The road is beautiful, plus it's just minutes away from downtown Estes Park and Rocky Mtn National Park. And you might want to stop at the Stanley Hotel, which inspired the book The Shining.

    SCENIC DRIVE SUGGESTION: I HIGHLY recommend taking highway 7 out of Estes Park, then turning right on 72 south, then heading east on 119. They are the most beautiful roads I've ever driven on. That's also the best route to Boulder, hands down! Just before you get to 72 while you're on 7, turn right and drive through Allenspark, where you can fill up your water bottles from the Crystal Springs!

    27/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    7. Daryle C.
    We had called for reservations and they told us the cabin we wanted was booked.  They called us back a day later and gave us an option to stay in their lodge for two nights and the cabin we wanted for three nights.  

    When we arrived we were informed we were quoted the wrong price, we actually paid less than quoted.  Our first two nights we stayed in their lodge, which is similar to a 6 room motel.  Our stay was very comfortable and the lodge actually had better views than our cabin.  We loved the free firewood for the fire place.

    On the last day of our lodge stay we were moving to the cabin, but we were also going to Denver to see the Colorado Rockies.  We asked that they move our groceries for us.  They said yes, they accidently threw some away, but they had left us an apology note and money to replace our food.  In my opinions they went above and beyond, most places would have given an excuse of how it's not their problem.  La Nelle, the owner is running a nice place, she has great employees.

    The cabin we moved to was very comfortable.

    Amberwood is by no means fancy, but very comfortable and quiet.  Makes you feel like you traveled back in time.

    Ps.  This is not an actual view from cabin, I added wrong photo and can't delete,  thus is actually taken at Estes Park museum.

    15/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0