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Mary’s Lake Lodge in Estes Park, CO


Established in 1999.

Don DeBey, Ron Noble and Frank Theis purchased Marys Lake Lodge in the summer of 1999 and immediately began the renovation process. After sitting empty for over twenty years, the Chalet at Marys Lake Lodge has been fully restored in its original rustic architectural style. The South Wing, which burned in 1978, has been rebuilt to its former glory. The current owner, Don DeBey, has overseen the growth of the lodge into a premier resort. The resort now features a variety of lodging options, from restored lodge rooms in the original building to newly constructed and beautifully appointed condominiums. The property features a full service Spa & Salon as well as two distinct restaurants featuring the offerings of our award winning chef. The ambiance of Marys Lake Lodge brings about a sense of serenity and feeling of nostalgia for a bygone era while offering the comforts and amenities of an upscale resort.


Company Info:

Rating: 3.69

Address: 2625 Marys Lake Rd, Estes Park, CO, 80517

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    Comments (32):

    1. Alice N.
    My daughter had her wedding At Mary's Lake and the food was incredible. Roast beef and salmon were beautifully prepared and very generous portions. The front desk staff is a little loose but otherwise everyone did anything they could to make the day everything we wanted it to be!

    18/07/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    2. Andrea H.
    Go on Sunday's for their brunch buffet. 11 bucks for all you can eat and the food is to die for. Best biscuits and gravy I've ever had. You can also snag eggs benedict, and made to order omelets. I also had a bloody mary that was decent.  Get there before 10am to avoid the larger groups.

    02/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    3. Ellen D.
    We were sorely DISAPPOINTED this evening at the Tavern at Mary's Lake Lodge.  We come here often from Denver and we have always counted on the food being as delightful as the views.  What a sorry state of affairs.  New menu is overpriced and our dinners were lackluster.  Service which was previously thoughtful and quite good has totally changed.  Maybe there is new management but our server didn't ask a lot of questions, the food was slow, and the manager/host on duty was too busy smiling out off the deck to notice what the guests and staff were doing.  Money and precious vacation time I wish we'd spent elsewhere.

    06/06/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    4. Ramon G.
    Let me say that I love Estes Park but you will not see me anywhere near downtown fighting to get through crowds of kids holding ginormous amount of cotton candy and taffy.  So when I do go up for the weekend I tend to venture out and see what is off the "beaten path".  This last weekend I discovered Mary's Lake Lodge.  There are 2 dining areas, 1 a tavern like atmosphere and the other a very romantic and classy restaurant.  (The Chalet Room)  The menu is loaded with wonderful shellfish dishes and appetizers.  It would be hard to order a steak here just because of all the excellent seafood choices.  Their baked clams were amazing. The wine list was loaded as well as the dessert menu.  Try to get a seat outside with a view of the mountains.  It is pricey but it's worth it.

    25/06/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    5. Donna A.
    We stayed here for our family reunion and decided to try the restaurant. It was wonderful!!! The ceasar salad was the best I've had with homemade "made at your table" dressing . Yummy! The pecan crusted halibut was the best!!! Of the 14 of us everyone loved their dinner. Great view and good service.

    26/06/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    6. amy w.
    Ate here on our week long trip to the Rocky Mountains.  We ate at the tavern part of the restaurant because it seemed more casual.  The food was excellent.  I had the chicken fried steak and my husband had a bbq chicken sandwich.  Both were very good.  Service was super friendly, loved our waitress.  Since it was my birthday we got cheesecake and chocolate covered strawberries to go.  They were awesome and prepared so pretty.  The only reason I am giving 3 stars is that in the restaurant they have a terrific view but they put up this kinda plastic see through tarp to I guess keep the wind out or cold out, and it ruins the view.  The plastic is so dirty and when you look through it your vision is fuzzy!  They need to fix this.  Everyone wants to look at the view in Estes Park.

    15/06/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    7. Eddie E.
    RE: The Tavern. Its hard to find a place these days with more character and a view that is simply ridiculous. I had the crab salad and a couple Colorado based beers and everything was tasty. Live music every night ( I played which is what brought me here) and an overall good vibe. I am just a fan of any place that has existed since 1913 and has the creeks in the wood floor to prove it. OK: One knock....the bar chairs need to be revamped as its awkwardly low compared to the bar but I'm "reaching" here.

    05/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    8. Bonnie G.
    Great cioppino and a yankees game on the TV.  My dream come true.

    05/08/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    9. Angie A.
    My husband and I were in Estes Park for Christmas and we found out Mary's Lake Lodge was serving a Christmas lunch buffet, so we decided to try it.  For a buffet it was wonderful!  Everything was fresh and so delicious!  The staff was friendly, although our waiter wasn't really on top of things.  We had to get his attention to ask for refills and our check, but everything else was great.  I am anxious to try this restaurant at regular times to see if the experience is as nice.

    26/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    10. Zach C.
    We did not have a reservation when we should have (our fault) but instead of placing us where they already said they have room, they asked how long it would take us to eat and acted really inconvenienced that we had no reservation.
    We were seated on the ice cold enclosed patio, where the overhead heaters were so noisy we could bare speak, and the overhead fans are placed in such a way in front of a light where you get dizzly looking at the menu.  
    After sitting unacknowledged for 15 minutes, we got up and left (despite the gift certificate we had).  Maybe appropriate for lunch, or dinner on a non-busy night, but overall they do not seem to know what they are doing.  Really a bummer because it is a BEAUTIFUL setting!

    14/02/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    11. Bethany G.
    So many bad things here:
    Server was not attentive or personable; didn't check in with me between laying my food on the table and when I had to track him down for my check.
    Bread had a solid coating of dry raw flour, which made for a very dry tongue.
    Butter was frozen and not spreadable.
    Filet mignon was tasteless and a odd texture - I believe it was either an issue of poor quality meat or it could have been freezer-burned.
    Vegetables on the side were simple frozen snow peas and baby carrots - fine for an Applebee's, but not for a restaurant that calls itself fine dining.
    The red skinned mashed potatoes were great; no complaints there.
    I called ahead to ask if reservations were necessary and a haughty hostess said yes. When I got there I was asked 5 times by two people if I was really dining alone. And then I was taken to a dining room (lovely setup and I'm sure an incredible view in daylight) with room enough for 20+ tables - 4 of which were occupied.
    Then, the big kicker. On the menu, the filet mignon has a 4oz option and an 8oz option. I ordered the small, noticed it looked a bit large, and sure enough, when I got the bill they charged me for the large. Given the quality I just described, I was starting to wish I had saved myself $30 and just gone to McDonald's! When I pointed out their mistake, he took the question back to his manager and she said the best she could do was take off $7 of the $12 price difference.

    Worst dining experience in my recollection. Honestly can't remember a time I felt this screwed over!

    Update - I was so fired up over this that I called to complain to the manager. She confirmed that she was the manager on duty the evening I dined. After my attempts to very diplomatically give feedback, she apologized a lot. She admitted that they were having a lot of problems with a changeover in management and some growing pains there. She ended up refunding half of my bill, which I respect. My advice - keep an eye on reviews before trying this place. They are hopefully going to be enacting some changes soon and the location and atmosphere is great, so they could meet with success.

    29/07/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    12. Scott A.
    We loved our stay here. We had room 104, which was a small one-bedroom with a pull-out couch in the living room, but it was plenty big for us and our two small children. The room was simple, but clean, with a modern kitchen. Our friends were just beneath us in room 100. The deck had a fantastic view of a lake and cool rock formation, and we spent as much time out there as we could. It is a very close drive to the national park, so it was easy to zip into the park for all the things it had. We were near the bus stop, but we didn't try that. Everything in Estes Park is pricey, but this was very reasonable relative.

    28/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    13. Allison C.
    The Chalet Room restaurant gets a 5.  It was so good!  I had Colorado Red Trout, with a subtle almond and butter sauce.  My husband had a juicy steak au poivre.  

    The views from the hotel balcony and pool are spectacular.  Nothing beats relaxing in a hot tub with a mountain view after a 4 hour hike.  

    There's live music in the Tavern every night of the summer.  Most of it is pretty lukewarm, but a nice touch.  A particularly fun evening we had was sitting on the balcony and listening to a Colorado Bluegrass Band.  They were awesome and very nice guys!

    We took a lovely morning walk to Marys Lake (artificial, but pretty).

    Now, on to the rooms...we stayed in the most economical room, which left a little something to be desired.  The bed was not very comfortable.  I requested a microwave and mini-fridge, pretty standard in any grade of hotel.  Upon check-in, I was told that the studio rooms do not have these, and we would have to upgrade rooms if we wanted these.  We declined.  
    So we were quite limited in what kinds of food we could buy for breakfast or snacks.  

    However, the room served its purpose, as we were rarely in it.  It was a sleeping place.  Condos or cabins - generally in Estes Park - seem like the way to go.  Mary's Lake condos/cabins are very expensive.  

    For spectacular scenery and evening entertainment, Marys Lake is wonderful.  Be prepared to pay big bucks for a more plush room.

    06/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    14. Michael M.
    I took my wife to Estes Park to propose and the night before we went to The Chalet Room at Mary's Lake Lodge. The food was spectacular. We had a seafood stew that was one of the best things I've ever tasted. The steak was phenomenal too; cooked perfectly with amazing flavor.

    The absolute best part though was our waiter. I wish I could remember his name, but this was a couple of years ago. He was a sommelier part time and had the kindest demeanor I've ever seen in any service industry. I left the biggest tip I've ever given and still feel like I should have left more.

    It was a truly wonderful evening. You really should try it.

    03/09/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    15. Renee L.
    We dined in the Chalet. The view was amazing. We were seated in the corner in between two windows so we could see the mountains from both sides. Perfect table for two.

    I had the seafood bisque which was delicious and the favorite part of my meal. My friend had the french onion soup which looked to be loaded with cheese. She said it was good. We split the Chalet Fresh salad, which was not worth $11. It wasn't crisp, said it had pumpkin seeds but we didn't see one and I think it might have had goat cheese instead of feta but it wasn't enough to taste it.

    We split a chicken special which was a little dry but good. The rice and veggies it was served with were unremarkable and could have been from Luby's cafeteria.

    Loved the french press coffee. The wine list is expansive and they had a 4-wine sampling for $15. The service was attentive, professional and accommodating.

    The Tavern had a small band and it looked like people were having fun but we didn't stay. They had a patio outside from the Tavern but it had already been enclosed for winter.

    I'd recommend going for the view and the seafood bisque if nothing else.

    05/09/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    16. Swensson E.
    Possibly one of the worst rooms I have ever stayed in.  Room number 208.  The room was incredibly hot, the air conditioner could not keep up with the heat.  The window air conditioner from probably the 1970's sounded like a freight train coming through the room.  It was the only window in the room so you could not open it at night because the air conditioner was screwed to the window.  The view was of a beautiful large green dumpster.  The room basically had a bed and one small chair.  The Internet never worked in the room.  I asked about the problems several times and the staff said they would look into it.

    Ate dinner at the restaurant with a large group one night.  It took over an hour and a half to get our food from the time we were seated.  I ordered the rainbow trout and what was served was a tasteless paste like white fish.  It was un-edible.

    We had a company event at the location and the only bright spot was the catered lunch and breakfast were very good and the banquet staff was very helpful.

    I will never stay or have another company event at this location!

    28/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    17. Phillip P.
    we have stayed here two times now.  Great views and great facilities.  The staff is very helpful.  Only wish the Wi-Fi was more stable.

    08/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    18. Laura Madeline H.
    I recommend the chalet salad, fresh and large, in the tavern at lunch. The French onion soup is flavorful. The cioppino is delicious! The trout is also good. Serving sizes here are large. I saw a table order a bowl of cookies with ice cream- haha!

    If it's a nice day, try out the outdoor seating.  The Tavern is more casual, with a lodge feel, and live music.
    The chalet is lovely. In the Chalet you can order off of either menu, except no sandwiches in the chalet. It has a great view as well and tends to be quieter and more relaxing.

    If you want a casual fun dinner or lunch in Estes, try the Tavern. For a nicer seafood dinner, try the Chalet.

    22/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    19. Steven R.
    I'm glad we went here. If only for the view. One of the best. The food, however, left something to be desired.

    This was mostly glorified bar food. We started with the touted seafood bisque, which was tasty but lukewarm. Next was the Iceberg Wedge. It was okay, but the wedge was way past it's prime.

    The kids split the Fish and Chips and the Tuna Melt. Both of these were quite good. Especially the Tuna and the Fish. The chips were actually kettle chips.

    I had the Filet Mignon, which was not so special. It was slightly overcooked but was still tender. It was served with some pretty good mashes potatoes and some rather dingy baby carrots and haricot verts.

    I would suggest this place for it's view, but not much else. It is overpriced for what it is, but still worth it of you want cocktails and appetizers.  It's also a bit hard to find, as the Yelp address and the physical don't match.

    29/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    20. Sara D.
    After reading several reviews, I was concerned about what we would find at this restaurant. However, we were all pleasantly surprised. The service was nothing exceptional and the prices were pretty high, but the food was very tasty. Between the four of us, we ordered a Caesar salad, the southwestern burger, the french dip sandwich, and the bison burger. Everyone enjoyed their meal. If you can sit outside, the views are really amazing.

    30/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    21. indigo s.
    This is our favorite place to stay in Estes. Get a room with a private hot tub on the deck - you can soak and look out at the beautiful mountain views!

    The Lodge is not within walking distance of town or Rocky Mountain National Park, but there's only a short drive to get anywhere and hikes in the area as well. The buildings are beautiful wood. The rooms are outfitted with art I actually want to look at, comfortable beds, and super fluffy towels. My son even thought the pull out couch bed was very comfy.

    Unlike a bare bones motel or hotel, Mary's feels like a true vacation home where we can cook in a full kitchen, play games, watch dvds on a nice TV, and generally hang out like we would at home (but with views and a hot tub!)

    This Lodge is on the pricey side, but they have a great winter special of 3 nights for the price of 2.

    26/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    22. John L.
    If you haven't been here in the last year or so, you need to try it again. Totally different; totally better! I will be back.

    23/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    23. Tiffany W.
    Dude and I stayed at MLL's for a couple of nights this summer, as Dude was a part of a wedding party and I was along for the schwag (that's a joke calm down).  From what I could tell, they have a range of basic accommodations to higher-end condo-like rentals that have their own private hot tubs on the balconies (wowsa).  On site, there is also a restaurant/tavern and a pool and hot tub.

    While our room was decent, it certainly wasn't worth the price paid.  I get that it's a peak tourist season (for the summer at least) and perhaps peak wedding season, but c'mon.  A shabby, oddly laid-out hotel room with a mini-fridge and a shower that didn't seem to have any temperature control at all (just spin the knob and hope for the best was all we could do) was kind of a rip.  I can only imagine what our friends must have paid for their condos -- which were indeed a lot nicer (I think maybe individually owned?) and with that lovely private hot tub feature.

    On the plus side, when we visited the pool closer to its opening hour in the mornings, there was hardly anyone but us there.  The pool itself seemed pretty clean and well maintained, and the backdrop of the mountains was an added bonus.

    I think Mary's Lake is an okay choice if you want to be that much closer to hiking, etc., but choose wisely.  Mary's Lake Lodge is also off the beaten path from the town-town of Estes Park, so a drive will be in order if you're looking to stroll its main street and/or dine at the restaurants in that area.  Also, in the winter, I imagine the view from here is just as splendid, for what that's worth.

    24/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    24. Ashley B.
    2012 Review #183 (over halfway!!! there):
    Just a few miles from Estes Park is Mary's Lake Lodge, which overlooks, you guessed it, Mary's Lake. I had never been here before, but came here to play a wedding. The first thing that got my attention was that the event planner, Ashley, called me a week in advance to make sure I was on the same page, and see what I needed.

    The day of, I arrived and found that this is a huge place. It seems to have a lot of these independent buildings that have little cabins/condos where people are staying. Those buildings are newer than the Lodge itself, which is where check-in and the restaurant are. I went to the front desk for the hotel, not knowing where lse to go. The employees were marginally helpful; I said "I'm here for the wedding." The employee, "oh. Ok." Me "Where is it?" "In there *points*". He actually was pointing to the reception, even after I told him I was there for the ceremony. Eventually I tracked down Ashley the coordinator, who seemed extremely surprised that I wanted to be shown where the ceremony was.

    The ceremony site is outside, (I don't know if an indoor ceremony is even an option). The site itself is breathtaking, but it is difficult to get there. You basically have to walk through the hotel, including some employees-only areas, before taking an exit into an alley and then walking up a steep, uneven walkway. Everything was setup when I arrived, and the process was pretty smooth. Although the weather cleared up just in time, it was extremely windy and raining as I was setting up, and it was clear that there was no backup plan in case of inclement weather. I'm always surprised when mountain venues don't have an indoor option.

    Probably the best part of this was Ashley. She brought me an umbrella, gave me my payment so the family didn't have to, and did it before everything got busy and crazy. She helped run everything smoothly, and that really helped. They do offer a golf-cart service to take less-mobile guests up to the ceremony site, and they also did this with the bride. Although the path isn't hiking exactly, it's not something I would ever do in a wedding dress and stiletto heels. So long as you don't have guests who are too sensitive to high altitude or the things that come with the outdoor mountains, this is a nice option. Pricing is very fair for a mountain town; I know this isn't Vail or Aspen, but thankfully it isn't priced like them either.

    01/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    25. Michael V.
    The beer and cider selections are great, but the service sucks.  4 servers, 6 tables no service.  Great view but you'll starve waiting on a server.

    23/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    26. Chris B.
    Great location and they have a wide variety of lodging options. It is far enough away from the main drag of Estes to be very peaceful but close enough to be able to get to the town quickly. The condos are great and are a better option than a regular hotel. I recommend getting one with a hot tub to relax in on those cool nights. I will definitely be going back to stay here!

    27/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    27. Shawn H.
    Awesome food we had the steak and also the chicken Oscar was the best I ever had. The bacon potato corn chowder was out of this world!!!!

    14/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    28. Dave H.
    Called this place 3 times to inquire about having my wedding event there and never spoke to a human. Left 3 messages and never received a return call. Also, their website is badly in need of updating. I wouldn't trust these people to provide good service for something as important as a wedding.

    11/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    29. Andrew R.
    Stayin here at Mary's Lodge as I speak. This place is outstanding I definitely recommend it to anybody that wants to get away. Hot tub, fireplace,  stocked kitchen, whirlpool tub, and the list goes on..

    01/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    30. Valerie C.
    We stayed here this past week for a destination wedding and our group booked several different rooms.  Our room was 203--- a very nice, updated room compared to some of the other rooms our group got assigned. For example, our room had 2 flat screen TVs, with digital dishwasher and cool cabin feeling bear/moose decor.  For example, room 205 looked like a room from the 90s complete with a tube style TV.  Despite the differences in decor, it was really the view that made everything perfect!  We had beautiful snowfall one day and the kids got to play on the mountainside of the facility and even built their first snowman! The back porch for room 203 was magnificent!  There was a grille and a small refrigerator along with some patio seating and a lovely porch swing.  I'm was perfect to sit on the swing outside with hot coffee in hand while enjoying the crisp breeze and view. The room was equipped with plush towels in the bathrooms while the kitchen was supplied with dish soap, garbage bags, dishwasher tablets and paper towels. Our unit's kitchen also had essentials gadgets like a blender, toaster, knives, cutting board, pots, pans, coffee pot, utensils, tableware and glassware. Pack less and take advantage of the stacked washer and dryer for the unit.  The drive into downtown Estes Park was shorter than 10 minutes--- there was a local grocery store--Safeway-- where you can stock up on perishables for your stay.

    24/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    31. Shawn S.
    This is a cozy place with booths and a large bar near a lake in Estes Park.  It's a bit of a drive from the town.  The restaurant is actually called the Big Beaver Brewery and Tavern.  I had the meat loaf, which was a little too rich for my liking - I should have kept it more simple with the pheasant or a burger...it was just too much game for my taste (but you should try it if you like those types of dishes)

    They weren't super busy as we were there off season, and it took a minute for the server to find us.  But once they did the service was fine.

    22/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    32. Sean T.
    We stayed here for a wedding and enjoyed our stay.

    The lodge is about a 5-10 minute drive from the main downtown area and overlooks a small lake (more like a pond).

    The staff here is very friendly and accommodating. The rooms in the main lodge are comfortable, but show signs of age. However, the private condos and cabins surrounding the lodge are all recently renovated and very nice.

    The rooms are not cleaned each night, although fresh towels, soaps and trash can be removed nightly.

    Overall, this is a great place to stay with family or take a date for a romantic getaway, especially for the price!

    17/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0