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Company Info:

Rating: 2.00

Address: 700 Saint Vrain Ave, Estes Park, CO, 80517

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    Comments (7):

    1. Brenda G.
    I must disagree with the other reviewer.  For the price in the Rocky Mountian National Park area this was a great find for us.  With the apperance of a cute mountian lodge and quite a nice place for my kids and dog to play out back, we had a great time at the TO.  There are no bells or whistles, but we were very comfortable and rested for our trip to the park the next day.  We were told our dog would be an extra $10, which we didn't even get charged, and at AT LEAST $30 less that everwhere else, it was great!

    08/08/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. Barbara S.
    OMG!  I am so excited to review this place.  We didn't make reservations for July 4th in 2005 and ended up here with 2 kids and the weiner dog.  Thank goodness they took dogs, but I digress.  We requested a smoke-free room for an additional $30.  From what we got, I would imagine that the smoking rooms would have immediately required you to use an oxygen tank.  

    Room was shabby, smelled of smoke, dirty, and dank.  What do you expect for no reservations, so we sucked it up and hung in there.  Pillows were flatter than a pancake.  I went to the office to request another pillow being the high maintenance person I am.  The woman in the office grumpily exclaimed "Everyone is wanting extra pillows!"  It was some customer service like I'd never seen.

    Though it was past 5PM we had to wait for our room, so we strolled around in the crack pipe infested forest behind.  Speaking of behind, there was a hotel towel back there that apparently been used on someone's behind.  

    Twin Owls claimed they had a work out area.  It was a rusty 1970's exercycle by the pool  Awesome.  

    Guess what?  I'll make reservations for someplace other than Twin Owl next time.

    10/10/08 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    3. Aaron H.
    Decent value, but lacking in cleanliness and hotel basics. When I looked for an ice machine I realized that the only machine was broken. I asked the worker (I think she was the owner) for ice and she gave me 5 pieces from the back.

    The first room we were put in didn't have a working toilet and no one could be called to get it working so we had to change rooms. The second room was in even worse shape than the first.

    If you are thinking of staying here, do yourself a favor and keep driving.

    03/04/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Peter L.
    The Twin Owls Motor Lodge is unpretentious.  It is old and run down.  If it were better maintained it would be charming.  As it is, it is the perfect picture of decline.  It's only true assets are its location and price.  

    Our room had several problems.  The window was missing the drapes, so the light from outside wasn't able to be fully blocked.  The broken glass in the window was held together with a strip of clear packing tape.  The beds were very uncomfortable as they both had divots that must have taken decades to create.  My wife and I tried the first one, and immediately knew we wouldn't be able to sleep well in it.  We moved to the other and it wasn't much better.  

    The only reason this one gets a second star is because of the shower.  I'm guessing that the shower head was originally installed in the late sixties or early seventies.  As such, it has an extremely large flow rate.  The water was hot and the pressure more than adequate.   (That being said, another member of our party, who was staying in an adjacent room took a bath in the sink because there was no hot water coming from his shower).

    11/10/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    5. Erika G.
    Ya know, if you don't expect much, this place is fine. For $79 for a giant room with two queen size beds, and a passably clean bathroom, it's actually kind of a value.

    The pillows were flat and the grout in the bathroom had seen better days, but for the price? I'd stay here again.

    02/10/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    6. Jacob E.
    BEWARE!  BED BUGS!  I received several extremely itchy, raised, red bumps in chains while staying here.  I assume it was bed bugs but do not know for absolutely sure. The room was the smelliest greasiest room I have ever encountered.  It was a smoking room so I expected the cigarette smell.  What I did not expect was the rank body odor stench coming from the carpet that felt like it was full of decades of foot and nose grease.  To give an idea of the power of the stench, clothes that I had left in my bag smelled like the room a day after leaving.  I just hope I did not bring any blood sucking stowaways home with me.  Seriously book early and stay somewhere else in Estes, don't get stuck in the Owl Lodge like I did.

    14/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    7. Roseann M.
    Oh boy. When I chose a place to stay through the Estes Park Convention and Visitors Bureau reservation service, I wanted inexpensive and close to downtown Estes Park. Well, I got what I asked for. Diminished expectations, and all that. But still, I was surprised by Twin Owls Motor Lodge. I kept thinking to myself, what's the right word to describe this place? And I came up with the perfect descriptor: shabby. This place is completely shabby.

    Let me talk about the good things first. I think this place does deserve two stars. First is location, location, location. It's across Highway 36 from the Visitors Center and Lake Estes. It's less than a 10 minute walk from the edge of Estes Park. Since I really didn't want to drive through the craziness of downtown Estes, this was perfect for me. And if you can walk into Estes Park, you have access to all the free local transportation, all around Estes Park, and up to Rocky Mountain National Park. You really don't need to move your car at all.

    Second, the bathroom, while small, is clean, and everything works. The water supply in the shower (no tub) is strong and gets hot very quickly. I had to hold down the handle on the toilet to make sure it flushed, but it did work. It just took a minute.

    Third, the view of the mountains is nice.

    Fourth, the TV has lots of cable channels, and it works fine.

    OK. That's it for the good stuff.

    The place is worn down, worn out, and poorly maintained. Paint is chipping. The chairs on the walkway outside the rooms are the type you buy for $5.00 at Wal-Mart. And they are old. The furniture is scratched. The bed is lumpy. The pillows have seen better days. The sheets on the bed are el cheapos - the bottom sheet is not even a fitted sheet; it is just another flat sheet, and if you have a restless night, you will be wrapped up in your sheets and maybe get strangled. One of the three numbers outside my door, showing the room number, was missing. ("Hot L Baltimore", anyone?) You could get another number at any hardware store. Nobody bothered to replace it.

    Outside in front, there is an old-fashioned sign post with many different parts that once indicated distances to various cities. The paint is chipped away on some, and altogether faded on others. No maintenance. Looked run-down, worn-out. Shabby.

    There is a seating area out back of the hotel for guests. Broken, worn-out chairs. Debris. Yuck. A mess.

    When I arrived, I was looking around for a clock. I found one sitting on the table between the two queen beds. It was unplugged. I looked around for an outlet, but I would have had to move a bed away from the wall to reach the outlet. On the second day of staying there, I realized that the young man who did the housekeeping (member of the family that owns the place, I believe) didn't bother to plug it in. I unplugged the lamp by the TV and got the clock started. And the room smelled smoky. Yuk.

    The garbage cans in the room get picked up, but trash outside? Forget it. When I checked in, there were two empty beer cans outside on the railing. I wondered how long it would take before they got picked up. Answer: two days. Nice.
    No internet in the rooms. You have to go to the lobby to use free WiFi. Connectivity was pretty good. The lobby is jam-packed with potted plants in various stages of health. Some look pretty bad. There were dead leaves on the floor during my stay, and they never got picked up. I parked me and my laptop at a table with four chairs around it. When I arrived, there was a dirty rag in one chair. It remained there the entire 3 nights of my stay. The lobby is dirty. And once, while I was sitting there, a small chipmunk emerged from near the fireplace. I mentioned it to the owner, who was at the front desk. She said, oh yes, he lives around here. Oh good! Up close and personal with wildlife!

    While computing in the lobby, I saw how the Twin Owls gets most of its business. It's all drop-in. People driving by see the sign, and their total inquiry is "do you have space available?" Nobody ever goes to see the room first. And, if you want 2 nights, you pay the whole thing up front.

    You can't be too sure about other people who stay there. Again,while computing, I witnessed the owner (Mary) talking with a guest. Gentle readers, I worked for 5 years for a social service agency that served homeless people and drug users. The guest is question here was clearly a member of one, if not both, of these groups. She was negotiating payment with Mary. And Mary was insisting on getting paid. No criticism of that - people should be paying for the rooms they occupy - but oh my, do you want to pay $$ for hotel lodging with that population?

    And, by the way, security is piss-poor, too. You have a large window at the front of your room. One window, very simple lock. If you close it at night for security, you won't breathe.

    Stay away. Pay more for a better place. I should have read the reviews here before I booked.

    10/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0