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Oceanside Inn in Daytona Beach, FL

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Company Info:

Rating: 2.16

Address: 1909 S Atlantic Ave, Daytona Beach, FL, 32118

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    Comments (25):

    1. jennifer s.
    We had three different rooms over a 2 night stay.  The first room smelled like mold so we switched into another room.  Nothing worked in the second room but atleast it didn't stink.  They sent someone up to fix the DVD.  He couldn't but said that he would get us another one.  He never returned.  This seems to be common, the maid also did not show up to clean the room and no I did not leave the do not disturb sign on the door.  Even at rat-trap motels, the maid shows up.  I would have given it no stars if I was allowed.

    13/12/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Nick H.
    A decent hotel with an excellent beach-side location that loses points for lack of cleanliness an online reservations that don't work.

    The hotel is right on the beach which for $69.99 seems like a good deal. I woke up to a sunrise over the Atlantic which was pretty beautiful!

    The hotel is pretty quiet, but "shit-kicker" noise can be a bother; allow me to explain (warning, I am going to generalize and talk trash about "shit-kickers," "rednecks," and other Daytona 500 lovers):
    There is a busy road behind it that is populated with countless rednecks who love to rev their Harleys really loud to show how big of "rebels" they are. I laugh every time when I think how successful Harley's marketing campaign to clueless shit-kickers is! I have nothing against motorcycles, just the people who think that their Harley makes them super badass! And you get a lot of these types in Daytona Beach - I'm sure countless track-side leaded fuel huffing sessions hasn't helped the situation at all...

    The room itself was very nice and comfortable. The bed was huge and comfortable.

    I made my reservations online, but when I showed up, they didn't have them. Luckily I was able to get an available room, but that would have really sucked if not since I checked in at 11:30PM!!! Get your online booking together please!

    Now the BAD BAD BAD thing: 1 of the 2 bath towels provided was not clean! It had Pubes on it! NASTY! I can only guess its difficult to prevent pube adhesion to towels, but I have never seen this in a really nice hotel. Shit Oceanside Inn, have your people check towels for pubes, because if not for this, I would have given you a much better rating!

    I'm still giving them 3 stars, because other hotels I've stayed at recently had towel-cleanliness issues too.

    12/12/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    3. melissa m.
    We booked this place on expedia. Expedia used a different picture for the hotel. This place was kind of a dump. Expedia rated it 3 stars, hell no was this a 3 star hotel. The continental breakfast included was cereal and plain doughnuts. Continental breakfast my ass! They wanted you to eat at their crappy little restaurant which charged $3 for 2 eggs and toast. We ended up at Earls down the street.  Maids didn't get to our room until 4 pm only because we called the desk.  Towels were not restocked. No cream for the coffee maker. The only good thing was the beach access. Pool was decent. Put the $80 you would spend at this place towards a nice place.

    26/06/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Joe Z.
    where do I begin? Let's see, the photos online are really decieving.  They must have taken them when the hotel first opened because it looks run down now.  The windows on the outside are all discolored (photos made it look so clean).  The walls are so thin, you hear everything (including drunk college kids coming in at 3am yelling their heads off).  The exercise room? (exercise closet you mean?) has two pieces of equipment (photo on website shows 3, which looks like 6 by using mirrors), but in reality there are only 2.  The maids never leave more coffee (always had to go down to desk to get some).  The kitchenette sink has a small hole on the top of the faucet so it sprays a fine mist at you when you use it.  I thought a kitchenette might have a stove, or a hotplate, but all we had was a microwave.  Also the plug location for the toaster is so high, and the cord is so short we had to plug it in the bathroom to make toast.  There are salt and pepper shakers in the cabinet, but don't have anything in them (so we had to buy our own).  The sink in the bathroom has a faulty drain stopper (so if you shave, you have to hold it up with one hand while you shave with the other).  The first towel we got looked like it had poop on it, which we immediately left on the floor to get a new one (which never got replaced).  The univeresal TV remote didn't work, because apparently the last person decided to change the remote code (I figured out how to get it to work on my own because I really didn't feel like calling the front desk, again), but I never could get the DVD part to work, so I had to use the buttons on the unit to watch a movie (which meant watching previews everytime).  The free "redbox" machine they have in the lobby is nice, if they actually have a movie you want to watch.  Seems like a lot of older movies, and all the new ones are rented out.  Also this machine likes to break a lot (either doesn't recognize your card, or the software crashes leaving a windows desktop behind).

    Looking at the other hotels in the area, it seems like a lot of these hotels are run-down (many are closed down).  I would imagine the economy isn't being kind to the travel industry, but if this hotel wants to keep what little business it has, I think they should work a little harder (and invest $$).  Our room was $80/night.

    20/04/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. Rushalyn J.
    I'm going to give a mixed review. I can give you the pros and cons for me when I stayed. It was just me and my 2 young boys coming from Tampa for the weekend.  For 2 days the stay was not bad but if I rented the room for a week I would be upset.
    Pros: less then $100 a night,  my room was clean, right on the beach, plenty of towels in room, staff was very friendly.
    Cons: there is a $6 a night resort fee that they don't tell you about when you reserve, they make you put a deposit for pool towels, no balconies at all. The room i stayed in was very small 2 double beds and not much more room. the room also was a joining room and we heard the people next door doing things a 11 and 6yr old should not have heard. Are room always smelled like smoke because the neighbors were also smoking. Thee continental breakfast was the worst I ever had. The tiki bar was never open but it was rainy when I was there. The inside bar was never open and that has nothing to do with the rain.
    The stay wasn't bad but for the money I believe I could have found a better place to rent for weekend.

    23/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    6. Steve M.
    I booked this hotel at booking.com for a weekend away with my boys. The room showed on the website was different than the one we stayed in. The decor was dated, but the room was clean. A couple of things about the room. The drain in the shower was slow, like is was clogged, and when I went to set down on the foot of the bed, it nearly tipped over on me. The beds were on wheels and the legs at the foot of the bed were not close enough to the foot. At any rate somebody could have been hurt.

    The hotel offers free wi-fi in the lobby areas but for whatever reason I couldn't get any device to connect to it even with the password.

    A free continental breakfast was advertised, but it consisted of cold cereal and danishes that tasted like they had been taken out of a vending machine and placed on a tray. Buying breakfast became an unforeseen expense.

    All that said, it did serve the purpose. I had a clean place for me and my boys to sleep while we spent a weekend at the beach. They have a sundeck that is wonderful for watching the sunrise on as well as a nice pool. The hotel is right on the beach so as you walk out the back door you step right on the beach.  My main complaint was not getting what I thought I had payed for.

    26/04/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    7. Monica C.
    We just returned from a long weekend here with another couple.  We went on a voucher that we bought online and were a little worried based on some negative reviews.  We all travel a lot and typically stay at very good hotels and we were all impressed with this hotel.  It is very clean and the hotel staff were very nice!  It looks like a dump from the outside and the inside it a little out dated but it was very nice!  I am a germaphob and was very happy with the cleanliness!  the staff was always cleaning!  Chris who runs the tiki bar was awesome!  I would recommend this hotel to anyone!  Only draw back is that there are no balconies.  We had an ocean front and the view was amazing!

    11/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    8. Bryan W.
    This resort is very outdated. But on the other side, very cheap for oceanview. I was very pleased about how big our suite was. About the size of a 3 car garage, and we rearranged the furniture to have the sofa facing the nice ocean view. We had a leak all week in the room from the storm so our carpet around the window was soaked. But again for the price, you tend to expect these things.

    Front desk had free samples all weekend of razors, and toothpaste. Very close to some cool attractions. Breakfast provided by hotel was pretty bad. Stale pastries and cereal! Go to IHop a block away!

    15/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    9. Jennifer M.
    I was skeptical to stay at Oceanside Inn after having read mixed reviews, but I decided to give it a shot considering it's located right on the beach.  I was looking for a good location and affordable price and that's exactly what I got!  I have to say I was rather impressed with this place (again after having read some not so good reviews).  Yes, this is an older, dated hotel, but the location (being right on the beach) makes up for it.  Besides, the hotel isn't bad at all from what I experienced.
    I had a ocean view king bed suite that included a kitchenette.  The view was limited but it was still a nice view of the ocean and pool nonetheless.  The room was rather large and I was impressed.  It was clean, and the bed was very comfortable.  The kitchenette was nicely done as well.  Again the decor was somewhat dated, but the cleanliness and size of the room far outweighed the non-offensive decor.  
    Sure there were a few things that I noticed that needed improvement.  For instance, there are two elevators that are rather slow operating.  During the busy check out time, I had to wait 5 minutes just to catch the elevator because they were running slow or either completely packed.  That was a slight inconvenience.  When my boyfriend and I came back from an outing, there was a strong distinct smell of marijuana in one of the hallways (but how can you really blame the hotel for that).  Also the windows are beautiful and large but could really use a good cleaning.  The only other thing that bothered me was the DVD player didn't work in my room which was really disappointing considering one of the perks is free DVD rentals.  I called the desk and the person I spoke with was rather uncaring (borderline rude) about the issue.  I did mention this to the manager on my check out and he discounted my rate, so the good customer service made up for that.  
    Overall I would stay again.  Both my boyfriend and I enjoyed our stay.  The bed was clean, and very comfortable.  I felt safe- it was a family friendly environment.  I enjoyed the view and the location.  The pool was enjoyable and well kept.  This is a good place for the person on a budget.

    06/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    10. Alberto T.
    So, let me start by saying I did not stay here. Just attendees a salsa dance class that they have on Monday.  I also got a little tour of the hotel.

    The class was fun. The pool is nice. Tiki bar is cool. And it is right on the beach with a free parking garage.

    Again, didn't stay in a room. But it seems like a nice hotel from what I see.

    13/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    11. Julie A.
    There are positives and negatives to this place. I will give you the good stuff first...

    Location right on the beach and an ocean view from every room if you look out and to the side. They have unlimited DVD rental and a beach towel check out/exchange. The staff was extremely friendly and as helpful as they could be, I felt. (Especially the morning crew.)  The pool was large with a tiki bar and a kiddie pool. (No hot tub) 2 shower areas as you come in from the beach was convenient to rinse off the salt and sand. Both of our rooms had a kitchenette with dishes, coffeemaker, & toaster. The rooms were moderately clean and the beds were comfortable. Nice towels in the bathroom.

    Now for the negatives. When I booked the room I was told they only had rooms big enough to accommodate 4 people. We had 5. So I had to reserve 2 rooms and was told we could have adjoining rooms. Check in was a mess. There is a small drive through area and then you have to move to a parking lot across and down from the hotel. Not great when you have 3 kids to drag across 5 lanes of traffic. So we begin the check in and I'm told we have rooms on 2 different floors.  The lady checking us in was extremely nice and really tried to help us out. She got us on the same floor and across from one another.

    Room A smelled horrific! We were told twice they would try to deodorize it. Not sure they ever tried because it only seemed to get worse. It was a very strong cigarette and cigar smell in a non smoking room. The refrigerator didn't work in this room.

    Room B didn't have working AC for over 24 hours. After check in we reported it and they sent a guy up but it still didn't work. That evening they offered to move us but it would have been on a different floor and we had to have the rooms near one another so we waited. The TV was also messed up but they did fix that on the second day. The icemaker was in the hallway outside of this room.  There was very little sound proofing so it was very loud. We could hear the people above us.  The decor in both rooms was very dated.

    Overall negatives: towel exchange is nice when there are clean towels to exchange. They ran out and we could only get 3 for our 5 people. WIFI never worked. The continental breakfast consists of waffles, toast, & cinnamon bread you heat in a toaster, cereal, juice & coffee with no creamer. One of the 2 slow elevators was broken on the second day. It is a long enough wait with both working. One out was terrible! There doesn't seem to be AC in the hallways so the elevator and hallways are steaming hot. The outside appearance of the hotel is terrible. The windows which would otherwise be a plus are in dire need of a good washing. The inside is actually much better. Apparently they use to have a parking garage that has been demolished right beside the hotel. (The reason for parking down and across the street.) There were maintenance people everywhere which is good because many many people had problems but just proves that this hotel is in major need of an overhaul.

    I wouldn't return to this hotel but I didn't care for Daytona Beach in general and do not plan to visit the area again.

    14/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    12. Brian M.
    My wife and I stayed here for a wedding weekend, and overall were just underwhelmed by the whole experience.  The price was decent, but you really get what you pay for here.  The rooms were mostly clean, although a roach scampered across the floor the first night we were there.  The refrigerator in the room smelled like someone before us had left food in there too long and it rotted.  The couch in the room had multiple holes in it, and the curtains did as well.  Outside of the room, it smelled like smoke, even though we were in non smoking rooms.  All of the rooms do not have balconies, which is odd, as hotels on the beach typically do have them.  The WiFi here is non-existent, unless you are on the main floor.  Bottom line here is that there are other places you can stay in Daytona that are better for around the same price.

    19/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    13. Court G.
    Decent hotel.  Needed a place to sleep at night after drinking, baking in the sun, and drinking during the day.  I was surprised at the cleanliness, the attentiveness of the staff - really didn't expect my bed to be made after returning from the beach.  When I first checked in I had a problem with the TV so my friend called the front desk and says verbatim, "can we have a tutorial on how to use the television" lol within 4 mins someone came and showed us how to use it.  Like magic WALA!

    25/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    14. Bree L.
    There was barely any hot water we had to get a new remote for the tv because it was broken wen we got here it takes 20 minutes just I get the wifi on your phone to work here every plug in was in use no where to plug in your phone when it's dying and it's wasting our environment !

    18/04/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    15. Samer I.
    The quality of the hotel is moderate. Just like any hotel what u pay is what u get. It's cheap in both cost and quality. What really rubbed me the wrong way was how unfriendly the staff was. Some were ok but I ended up being treated very rudely and getting a lot of attitude from one of the room service ladies. I talked to the manager but honestly I am not sure if he did anything about it. It ruined my day. I don't really recommend this hotel if u play on staying for more than one night.
    Also they only change ur sheets if u stay longer than 7 nights...very cheap.

    04/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    16. Danny A.
    This place is horrible, everything is dirty from the outside to the inside yea I get that it's on the beach but comfort shouldn't have to be sacrificed for cleanliness. Here on the 9th floor when we checked in at 4pm left our stuff in the room and ventured on in Daytona to find food. Someone had left trash in the middle of the hall it was there when we got back at 6pm and there again at 6am as I walked by on my way to the continental breakfast I kicked the pizza boxes and a bunch of cockroaches darted out in all directions. Now down at the "continental breakfast" there is a juice machine a coffee machine 2 toasters some waffles (like the kind you pull out the freezer) bread and 3 kinds of cereal. That's some continental breakfast.

    03/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    17. Sarah D.
    This hotel has a lot going for it - but there are deal breakers that will not allow us to return:

    pros: microwave, fridge, free movie rentals, free breakfast
    -on the beach and the outdoor pool was warm for us

    cons: our room stunk like cigarette smoke :(.  We are not smokers and want to protect our children from the stench as well.  We called for a different room, but none was available.  Apparently there were smoking rooms down the hall from us :(.
    -the hotel is very outdated, the cigarette smoke is soaked into the walls and carpets
    -the NOISE!!!!!  Our room had a connecting door to the room next to us.  There were 2 doors between us with big gaps in them.  Our neighbors watched tv LOUDLY all of the time.  Their tv was on the wall right next to where our bed was against the wall.  I was woken up at about 3am to the sound of their stupid tv....I DID NOT sleep well.
    -parking down the street across from the hotel is a hassle, especially with little kids in tow.

    The stench and noise alone will not allow us to ever return here.  I have stayed in many hotel rooms and I've got to say that this one is one of the worst.

    12/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    18. John N.
    My boyfriend and I stayed here for a short one night getaway after he came home from his Navy deployment. I have to say that this place had amazing customer service. The guy at check-in was really nice and really helped me settle in quick.The hotel itself is a little old and outdated. Complimentary breakfast was nothing but toast, jam, fruit, coffee and juice. So I wouldn't book this hotel if you are looking into a continental breakfast since it's not worth it. Overall, I am satisfied with this hotel and would consider booking a room here again next time, though I feel like there are better options around the area.

    28/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    19. Derek A.
    I named my own price and got this hotel. I think this place was probably great, 30 years ago. If it weren't right on the beach it would be a $35 a night hotel. The WiFi was very poor to the point I was picking up better signal from a neighboring hotel. Skip the breakfast, Lego's, toast and very watered down juice. The fitness center has 3 machines. The kids pool is a broken hot tub. The rooms had clean linens and the pillows were better than most. The elevators are in high demand, we would take the elevator up and take the stairs down. I didn't like a resort fee that I had no idea about and to call this place a resort is like going to McDonalds for a fancy dinner. The a/c worked poorly, set it at 60 and I doubt the room ever went below 75. The walls are thin enough if you found the tv station your neighbor was watching you could mute your tv and still enjoy what you're watching. I didn't sleep well BC of all the noise. The doors don't close quietly. Parking across the street was interesting, and the location isn't really in walking distance to anything but your car. This is the only hotel I can recall ever staying in that I wanted to wash all my clothes and shower after leaving.

    03/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    20. Mark B.
    Wife and I stayed here for a little weekend getaway; what sold us was the location - right on the beach - and the price (paid $150 for two nights).  Staff was very friendly and helpful and the pool was heated and clean.  However the floor we were staying on was a "smoking floor" so the entire floor smelled of cigarettes.  The rooms were spacious and clean but our TV only had 7 channels (not a huge deal, but still...).  Parking was a nightmare; the hotel has a huge grass lot adjacent to their building across the street where they want you to park and it is lit at night, but anyone can access the lot.  Continental breakfast was OK, nothing spectacular.  I'd stay here again but only at the same low rate.

    04/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    21. Jessica W.
    Oceanside was perfect for what we were looking for. A place to sleep that's close to the beach. The pool is heated and sits almost directly on the beach--can't beat the view! Our view the room was amazing as well. We stayed in 922 on the top floor and it was a gorgeous view to wake up to every day. My only major complaint was the continental breakfast. It was oatmeal, coffee, mini muffins, and a toaster to toast the already-made waffles. Because it's such a large hotel, the line was literally out of the door around 9:30am during the continental breakfast and there was only one woman working to restock everything. She was working hard and kept things looking neat and restocked, but I was hoping at least for bagels or something as well.

    Location-wise, you are too far to walk to the Ocean Walk Shoppes or the boardwalk, but you're in a location where you can drive down to those and you're sitting directly on the beach. Just FYI, you're too far to be able to see the fireworks set off from the Ocean Walk Shoppes pier on the 4th of July.

    Overall it was a great say for a great price and we would for sure stay again.

    08/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    22. Jasmin E.
    Awful!!! Stinky room p, air condition is not strong enough to cool the room! Not worth the price! Disappointed

    03/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    23. Anne W.
    Just returned from a 2 night stay. I had never been to Daytona.
    I agree with the previous review, this hotel was probably nice 30 years ago.
    It's directly on the beach.

    The decor is outdated throughout the entire hotel.
    The breakfast is DISGUSTING.
    The exterior of the hotel looks like it's going to fall off.
    The rooms shower was more like a misting. No water pressure.
    The room made you want to shower.
    The chairs in the room were in desperate need of recovering, due to a ton of nasty stains.
    I was not on a smoking floor but you could smell it everywhere. I can't believe you can still smoke in a hotel!
    The pool, I was told by the maintenance man, had been through a fire and the heating element was now broken and since they are so close to warmer temps they were not planning on fixing it.
    The parking lot was across the street in a field. Horrible!

    This place could be such a cash cow if only someone actually cared. Instead it's a run down, bottom of the barrel hotel. Disgusting.

    I should mention this hotel was part of a groups choosing and I had no influence in that decision.

    19/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    24. Ashley C.
    BUILDING NOT FIT FOR SATISFYING STAY. Code violations!!!!! If it were possible, I wouldn't even give this place one star.
    1) Old, outdated building
    2) COMPLETELY UNDER CARED FOR. Windows not washed, exterior needs to be pressure washed, lobby smells, all floors WREAKED OF SMOKE.
    After checking in and entering our room we first noticed the sheet are soiled and the room is dirty. Even bigger is that there was a one foot diameter hole in the ceiling with water dripping!!!! There clearly had been patching near the electrical outlet as there was construction debris on floor, chair and air con unit.
    4) Costumer Service worse then violations!
    After fighting with the management for 2.5 hours stating that could not give a refund as we used a booking company all we could get from them was a written statement as above.
    5) Very little, inadequate, and inconvenient parking. State they are building a parking garage.

    HORRIBLE PLACE! Don't go!!!!!!!!

    10/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    25. Kevin B.
    Good news first...
    Hotel was at a great location. Front desk staff was more pleasant during the day than the ones who worked third shift. Beach towel service was great. Exchange dirty beach towels for fresh ones! We booked through TAN so if we wanted out room cleaned, hotel charges extra, but the cleaning lady named Sister was always asking us if we need anything or fresh towels! The room was very standard and clean. Does what a room does. Super nice. Parking was free and convenient. Pool was great!

    Bad news...
    Wifi was not strong connection. We stayed on the 4th floor. Air conditioner in our unit was not strong and didn't cool the room. Yes the lobby has a weird funky smell but you get used to it. Breakfast wasn't the greatest but we usually don't eat breakfast anyways. That's it.

    Personal advice, you are on vacation. Get out of the hotel and enjoy it. Go back to the room when you all are worn out and tired and sleep. It's not a perfect hotel but it is a great location and you get a lot for the cost you pay to be here. Drink a beer and relax on the sand and not in your hotel room. Geez...

    14/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0