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Avalon Waterfront Inns Beach Resort in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Avalon Waterfront Inns Beach Resort in Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Company Info:

Rating: 1.16

Address: 521 N Ft Laudrdle Bch Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33304

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    Comments (25):

    1. Heidi M.
    I have received nothing but poor customer service with this company. When I tried to call this past weekend, no one picked up the phones. Because of the bad service my husband and I received and because of the bad reviews we have read on the internet, we have canceled our reservations. They should be ashamed of themselves. We will gladly give 200 dollars to someone else who cares about their customers. Staff are not knowledgeable and are very rude. I tried calling again to confirm my cancellation, and someone picked up the phone and hung up twice. The next time I was able to speak to Alex who confirmed the information. All the staff need to be trained on customer service! I have asked numerous times for the head manager in charge, and no one will give me the direct number. I find it hard to believe that the head person does not have a direct number. Good luck with finding customers. You are a horrible hotel and I haven't even stayed there yet! I am writing a bad review because with this poor service, how much more will it be when I'm actually there? I would give no stars!

    15/03/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. apple w.
    So I have traveled a fair amount in my life.  I've stayed all types of places in several countries.. from super posh to super not..  This is actually the first time ever that I have checked in somewhere and turned around and checked back out.. immediately.

    We found Avalon on line.  We picked them based on their excellent location (we used to live in Fort Lauderdale -so we knew what part of the beach we wanted to be on), the images on their web site and the price.  I believe with the AAA discount they were in the High $140's. Based on the pictures on their website it looked like a pretty good deal.  Smaller, slightly dated, clean, older place across from the beach.  With a swimming pool and a workout room to boot. It appeared older but with personality.

    When we arrived after a 5 hour drive and checked in- i started having that sinking feeling at the front desk. We were sent around to a back building that was not well lit and was frankly creepy. We went upstairs to our room and the door was already open (on an outside entrance).  The light switch did not work by the door. So it was dark. (It felt a little like the beginning of a horror movie) It smelled damp and musty.
    When we finally got a light on we were able to see that the place was really dirty and in disrepair. My boyfriend just looked around and said "NOPE". We walked back down and checked out.  In short, they REALLY misrepresented themselves on their website.  The majority of the place looks nothing like their website.. and its dirty.

    They get one star for location.  if I could I would give them another 1/2 star for not being jerks about us checking right back out.
    We ended up staying right up the street at the Bahia Mar.  Which was WAY cleaner and nicer. and even.... cheaper by a few dollars..

    08/03/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    3. Athena B.
    It was sad to see that in the last 5 years this hotel went from a cute cheap old school hotel, to a flithy bug infested prostitute hang out. Its so sad that such a prime location is in such bad shape. I used to stay at this hotel all the time, so when I saw the bad reviews on hotels.com I ignored them. DONT IGNORE THE HYPE. This place is a filthy dump. After three bad rooms, and customers in the same situation as us, all over the lobby, we finally just gave up and walked out. There was definite signs of bedbugs. I wouldnt recommend this to my worst enemy. They also try to charge the price of there ritzy neighboring hotels. STAY AWAY

    18/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Brian G.
    First off, this motel is fraudulent! I booked them as a two-star hotel on Hotels.com and immediately upon check-in I could tell something was wrong. The very rude and disgusting lady at the front desk refused to give me the king suite I specifically paid for and handed me a metal key for a building a block away (red-flag).
    The key was for an in-;aw building that had absolutely nothing to do with the building you see on their website. It was less than a one star, and the full-size bed was in a hallway, not evena real bedroom.  I went right back up to the front desk and handed the key back, and told her that I paid for King Suite and I expected what I paid for. She said no, sorry and refused to give me a refund for the room or even the $10 cash for parking I had given her not 5 minutes before. After 12 hours of travel to get to this place, this was the last thing I needed, and my girlfriend was extremely upset so we went down the street to the 4 star B Ocean hotel and got a room for only $60 more. They upgraded us to a King Suite for Free.
    Do not under any circumstances book at the Avalon Waterfront Inns because half the rooms are in unrelated shacks a block away, that don't in any way reflect 2 star standards.I complained to Hotels.com fiurst who refunded me, and I was close to calling the police as well. Total fraudulent merchant.

    06/03/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. Veronica T.
    Horrible experience. We arrived late on Saturday to be serviced by a miserable front desk woman who barely said two words to us except to say we are staying a block + down behind the hotel. huh? o k we made the walk passed Avalon, Tropic Caye (another adjacent hotel, and its bar with stumbling drunks outside) to walk behind it nto an old separate hotel with NO outside lighting! NONE! You could barely see the way across the pebbles near the pool, up the outdoor stairs down a dark outdoor hall into a dark room with 1 dim lamp. ONE lamp! it was so creepy and on top of that this "free wifi" hotel did not have a PHONE or CLOCK or working WIFI to even call the lady about. The room itself was very meager, unwelcoming and lacking. The TV had 4 channels. The kitchen was a joke. The bathroom was the most appealing part.

    Trecking back to the Avalon headquarters a block and a half away, we were livid. Sorry, I'm no princess, I've stayed in hostels all over Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, and D.R, but this is FLORIDA and $175 a night! I need me some outdoor lighting to WALK AROUND. The woman could care less and said we need a password for wifi to which I said thanks for letting us know, sorry the room has no phone and we had to make our way back in the dark to ask. She can't do anything about it being dark, take it up with management. No other rooms available, she said. BS! Her attitude made it worse. Completely uncaring, unconcerned, as if this isn't the first complaint she's heard, but no sympathy whatsoever. That did it! I never had to call Expedia before to cancel. They were going to charge me anyway for first night! but refunded the rest of the trip. It was actually cute looking retro hotel from the outside in the daylight, what a shame! We made our way to Sea Club a block north the next day whoo hoo! and they said, "Everyone always says that about Avalon!" Now, that's a bad rep.

    20/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    6. Jessica B.
    NICE LOCATION ... that is the only thing nice about this place..

    i checked in at night time my 1st night here.. when morning came n i really saw the room..i was in the office trying to find another cash deposit hotel since i lost my bank card a few days earlier my choices were slim,i noticed they had a suite sorta thing with all windows facing the water so i asked and decided to just move to a 'better' room($110)..the basic rooms($90) r disgusting and while u use the restroom u will see bugs marching from ur window NO ROOM HAS COMPLETELY SEALED WINDOW AND DOORS, AIR AND BUGS R FREE TO GET IN WHERE THEY FIT IN.. THE REPAIRS THEY NEED R SIMPLE THIS PLACE JUST DOES NOT CARE
    this place lacks everything u need to relax.. coming for a vacation to FL? please look elsewhere unless u r comfortable sleeping with bugs.. not just bed bugs different sizes.. and if u dare to mention it to the office they ALREADY know and will blame it on 'college kids bringing them from up north' real sickening for them to just let there guests fend for there selves .. oh if u survive the bug bites watch out for the 3 big haitian housekeepers who i think have nobody teaching them how to clean or act!! they will surely intimidate u if they feel the need to.. my run in with them was my final straw, it started when housekeeping came at 2.. i left..came back at 330 noticed room had been touched but not cleaned stuck around to charge my phone when house keeper came back i smiled and said its okay ill b back, while out i called front desk and said "i have not been able to leave any food out due to bugs so i would put my leftover containers in fridge can they please b thrown away?" .. he said "yes they will"..came back at 430 no housekeeper was in my room  n the bed was almost done but not... then housekeeper pops back in finished bed and left, 2.5 hours to barely do anything bc they for sure r not actually spraying or wiping anything!.. i then noticed the kitchen area had not been touched so i called the front desk he said housekeeping will b up again..but since i had a new trash can i removed the stuff from the fridge and put it outside my door with 2 plates that were in the sink...thinking i was actually helping..well then here they came..i heard them talking loudly coming up the stairs.. i just got back to my room to relax after not being able to b in it for almost 3hrs then theres a angry knock..
    i answer then am bombarded with 'y u call housekeeping' we dont clean kitchens' 'u clean it urself' tryin to hand me back the plates when i dont have a sponge or soap or broom they keep repeating 'y u call housekeeping' as if they r mad sum1 in the office said something..they didnt even need 2 knock i put my trash outside that i had called about so im confused to y 3 ladies came to confront me when i had only saw the 1 who didnt say a word while these other 2 r literally yelling at me asking me 'y my trash is out' mixed with haitian words.. then while im standing with the door 3 feet open the biggest 1 grabbed and pulled the door like she was coming in while i was holding on to it and then the other 1 is yelling at me in haitian so i said i have been out of my room for 3 hrs im not dealing w this n e more so i shut my door and they stood by my door for 5 minutes talking loudly, obviously about me. then stalked me when i then decided to go to the office 10min later.. I WAS NOT OKAY! it had me visibly shaken, it was way 2 aggressive..  u will not see a smile from 1 single worker here i think they all know that every1 coming to stay here will not b happy unless they r on meth.. which they have 3 buildings and accomodate the methheads in the back 2 at a weekly rate of 325*
    i think every bad business has a even worse manager...once i brought my issue to the very young lady manager  and told her i couldnt stay another minute and feel safe she just looked on like shes heard it all before then told me i could b moved to there sister hotel next door the tropicana so i could keep my cash deposit .... NO THANX im sure i will have to fight with bugs and thug housekeepers there 2! i think the staff here should b the new housekeepers and they need all new management before this place turns in2 a dump..a useless dump i mean...... this place needs a intervention!

    29/04/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    7. Shana S.
    Not fit for the homeless! All negative reviews are correct, possibly understated.  When we arrived there was a single senior woman who had tripped on a broken tile by the pool, her leg was scraped badly and she was bleeding, staff was barely paying her attention, a guest at the hotel went and brought her a damp cloth and band aides. That should have been a sign but I was very tired, and we prepaid for our room.  Our 2nd floor room despite asking for 1st floor due to my handicap mother, was smelly, dirty, paint peeling, thick coat of mold and dust on vents. It was lacking fridge, coffee maker, phone, working TV or a rod in closet to hang clothes, plus the windows did not close.  The front office was non cooperative in trying give us a better room. After 1 and a half hours on the phone with hotels.com they finally sent maintenance to try and close the broken windows. Maintenance was nice as he tried to close our windows, finally he went and got another key himself and gave us a slightly better handicap room on the first floor.  Pool is not maintained... Floating garbage in it.  The whole place desperately needs painting and care. Broken tiles, dead plants and mold everywhere.  All the pictures they have on there site are VERY outdated.  Not even the front office looks like that.  Not worth $40 a night let alone the $150 we paid... Even with the ocean view across the street.

    05/03/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    8. M 1.
    This motel except its a shame its next to a Hilton And in a prime excel in location its smearing to its community! Lets start with two factors that AVALON should be blessed Margarita and the finance girl I called Dallas were and ARE too high class personas for this DIVE! Starting with Jonathan the two day a week timer who is mean natured bully wannabe should go home he is rude and has issues all together!!!! Anthony this guy has to eat first has to do his thing and feels he is doing you a favor by speaking with you!!! Rose you ask her for a late checkout she says no recollection of such discussion!!!! She is nicer compare to Jonathan the bully and. Anthony helps when he needs to mode he left the hotel locked up an hour before its shift ended.....4 nice women from kentucky checked in late at 9ish after he checked them in HE goes MIA......these poor woman went to a room on 2 floor the lizard grated dead in its smelly carpet and roaching parading the bathroom! The moisture air in room the dirty walls the dirty mildew scum in bathroom the smelly sheets be it the MOLD dept of health hazardous situation they called booking.com and left to the hilton to recourperate from the drama entailed at the AVALON! The GM she you need to thank if you have issue with AC not working she wont apologize she gets in an attitude mode to stress you as a guest more and Jonathan the mere misery treatment after you paid makes you feel its bad investment in the Avalon Waterfront Inn you are not doing what those lovely 4 women did the night the horror checkin with Anthony who knew he gave them the Infested roach suite then went MIA....the moneys you paid you get bullied by the stooge Jonathan !!!! This motel is a mere .5 rating not worth the visit or the monies asked the AVALON should pay the guests just to enter this infested hell hole! The GM slogan WE updating the facility the shuttle costs $12.65 they charge $18.00 to fax to say hello you need to pay! The shops on premises as advertised is two vending machines one with water and drinks and one with chips chocolate!!! The laundry you pay $2.50 each load and go through the rat bush to find the  machine walk in there sure please RUN!!! The pictures of rooms DECEIT the sheets smell like a death the pillows OMG the dirty walls the stove top gas dont work if they do not full speed the fridge painted freak show and the handles yellow in its dirt. The vinyl floors coming off its corners the cabinet where the different theme cups and plates the pots OMG ewwww!!! The utensils flush please in toilet! The bathroom the cleaning women no gloves the put run down smelly towels in its bar and mop the floor so the roaches can parade some what clean floor and the window SHUT for no oxygen!!! Finally to end things the doors to open the handles the protection the maids try to break the doors to get in to clean!!! Should the bottom lock be locked on inside and clean they make a mother in law a justice!!! This motel needs to be gutted inside to out the only pleasant things the HILTON beauty and the patio somewhat a scape goat to its true HORROR!!! Oh and if you dirty the sheet with nail polish not your fault accidental You need to pay the smelly sheet and yo get an extra pillow or towel bring them from HOME the Housekeeping doesn't allow more dirty sheets or towels to its guests!!!!! Do Not visit its a bad aftertaste as you enter its FILTH mere keep looking or Hilton it !!!! As fir the WIFI and its internet you well mission impossible mode is the Waterfront Avalon a mere SHAME its GM a mere we are updating its DRAMA!!!!

    13/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    9. Amanda M.
    0 stars!!! absolutely disgusting!!! fraudulent definetely! the "rooms" are in the back buildings not what you see on the website. There was mold in the kitchen and bathroom. Our neighbors had blood on their beds. No lights or outlets. Window AC units. I don't recommend this place at all. They tried to give us a new room in the main building which wasn't any better. The manger tried to get us to pay for the first night deposit/cancelation policy and we said we are not paying that , and had to threaten contacting the health department before getting our money back.

    I would highly recommend B Ocean which is were we all ended up staying. They were very understand and accommodating with amazingly clean rooms. The views were breathtaking and have discounts.

    09/11/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    10. Brian M.
    One of the the worst...and scariest experience in my life. Pretty much every single review that is below mine happened to me and my girlfriend. Drove 4 hours from Tampa and arrived at 10:30 at night only to be greeted by one of the most miserable, unfriendly, and rudest "beings" on the face of this Earth. She didn't say hi or even look or acknowledge us when we checked in. The hotel and rooms are Not even close to what the website shows you. Absolute fraud and gross misrepresentation

    Was led to the back of the property which was not lit and felt like we were about to enter into the Bates Motel. Once we muscled the front door opened, we were immediately smacked with the pungent stench of musk, b.o., and mildew. But what made it even scarier is that the light switch didn't turn on any lights - making us feel like once we did turn on the lights we would find a dead rodent or worse - a body. The paint and stucco throughout the whole room was peeling and had water damage. The room was unbearably hot with the window unit on top of the door way blowing lukewarm air. The chairs had stains all over them and the beds reeked of god knows what. The "kitchen" was straight from the early 70's but not in a retro way but a camping style oven and old appliances that looked like the last time they were cleaned was...in the 70's
    The tv picked up 3 to maybe 4 stations but with snow and bad reception to add to that enjoyment. No clock in the room. Could only shudder and cringe to think about the bed bugs and diseases we would have picked up by sleeping on those death beds. And it looked like prostitution might be prevalent in these hotel rooms.

    Obviously we weren't going to stay there even though we knew it was very late and had no where else to go or money to spend. Ms. Personality at the front desk couldn't care less about our situation, was extremely rude, condescending, and refused to return our money. All she could say when we told her about the room and our situation was "I don't own this place, call the manager in the morning" - nice.

    An absolute horrible situation and hotel. I am completely flabbergasted that this place is still in business and is - and will - continue to rip people off. CAUTION: if you value your life and money do NOT stay here.

    15/04/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    11. Honey D.
    I booked a hotel reservation online for a Suite with a beach view right on their website only to be down graded to a King size bed on the first floor.

    Over the phone, the GM called me a few hours after waiting for a room to be available indicating that the hotel was overbooked and we would receive another room. I was fine with it since we would get charged less than booked (from $188 to $145).

    Once we got back to the hotel to check in, we were given a room in the very back of the hotel on the first floor. The room smelled like no one has stayed in it for some time. The window across the bed near the kitchen did not have blinds. The bed didn't have fitted sheets, just sheets overlapping each other. We went back to complain and ask for another room with blinds, only to be told that the window is 'Frosted' hence no one can look into. They mentioned that there were no other rooms available. That's it, no other help from the receptionist and the GM.

    They are lucky that Ft. Lauderdale was booked with no openings in any other hotels. I would not come back to this hotel nor recommend it. STAY AWAY!

    27/02/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    12. brian s.
    checked in - saw the condition of the rooms and left. Had been here 5 years ago - when it was rundown but passable beachfront.  The GM on the telephone told me about upgrades and improvements but the opposite is what has happened. here is a quick list:

    *air-conditioners that looked like they were surrounded by black mold, along with several of the doorways.  

    *The hot water heater was in the room and the wall behind it had corroded pipes and the heater itself looked like something had dripped down it and no one wiped it off.  

    *One of my main concerns was the overwhelming smell of bleach when I walked into the room which was strong enough that it burned my nose with my first breath in. This was to cover up the damp musty - or worse mold smells

    *The ceiling appeared to be water damaged and was damp to touch, with concern that it could fall on someone.

    *There was paint peeling off bathroom walls (which on it's own would not have been a big deal.)

    *There was  a chair with splashes of something all across the top - what it was we were not sure.

    *someone had vomited on the railing outside and no one had cleaned it

    *the kitchen in another room looked like someone moved out and never cleaned the kitchen First we though someone died there - but the only crime scene tape was wrapped around one of the poolside lounges.

    Do like we did and run away

    28/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    13. Nicole M.
    Gross and highly unprofessional! If you just need a place to crash and dont want to enjoy the place youre staying at, its fine. Otherwise, avoid and shell out a little more cash for a place that doesnt make you squirm just to look at it

    02/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    14. RJ D.
    For the Price it was a decent place to stay. We payed $59.00 and the other places are well over $100.00. No air conditioning just a swamp cooler. If you walk south down the beach there is a lot of places to eat, shop and go dancing. If you don't have high expectations, basic room, furniture you could find at a thrift shop. There was a bar at the hotel in front of us that caused a bit of noise. We would stay there again.

    18/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    15. Anonymous M.
    I booked this hotel through Expedia.com . When you book a room at this hotel on their web-site they don't specify that the room is going to be located at one of the other buildings behind the main hotel, and that is what happened to us. We booked a hotel room for the main building, not for the building behind this hotel. On top of that, the receptionist was very very rude, never made eye contact with us, and every time we asked her something she stayed quiet and started talking to other people that were in the same room. After a while she would answer the questions we asked as if we were an afterthought. The Hotel also tried to keep the deposit we made for the hotel room.  We told them that in this country you have money extorted for something you didn't use, wear, eat etc. When we found out that the hotel was going to give us a room  behind the main hotel building we told them that we didn't want to stay,  and we asked for the deposit back.  They completely refused to give us our money back. We almost called the police. We made a complaint with the office manager, some Indian young woman (I don't mean to stereotype, but In case you guys decide to go there, so you can recognized her) Anyway, she favored her employee over her customers. If any of you go to Yelp (something that we didn't do before booking a room at this hotel) you are going to see ALL the BAD reviews this hotel has.  Next time you are going to book something somewhere make sure to read the reviews, it is always helpful when booking  a room outside of your main city and especially at this hotel.

    This hotel is very dirty, mold smell everywhere you go. In order for this hotel to improve bad reviews management and staff needs to change IMMEDIATELY. Neither the staff or the manager knows how to manage a business. The pictures shown on their web-side is completely false that's why I say is FALSE ADVERTISEMENT and they should be sue for that. DON'T for any reason book a room at this HORRIBLE place. Not even a third world country has this type of hotels.

    23/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    16. Laurie J.
    Bed Bugs. Crime. Falling Ceilings. Broken Locks. This is the nastiest place I have ever been too. My boyfriend was bitten by so many bed bugs I had to call the Public Health Department. They should be shut down. We were robbed in the middle of the night by a stranger while we were sleeping! The door of the motel didn't lock and they have no security. I was surprised at how incompetent management were when I told them about the bed bugs they replied, well the cruise ships bring them in all the time. Wow. I would never recommend this place to a soul. Its completely disgusting and you will regret staying here. There are too many nice places around---keep going.

    27/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    17. Alicia M.
    I had hopes for this place, unfortunately it let me down, I wish I could give 0 stars.

    My boyfriend and I came here for the weekend while we took a 2 week vacation, and this was the worst part of our entire trip. We stayed one night, and then left. The "front desk" was so rude and couldn't even say "how are you"?  We felt very uncomfortable at how rude we were treated. We went into the room and was astonished at how filthy it was. There were stains on the chair, the floor, we didn't even want to sit on the bed.

    We were up all night thinking someone was going to break in because that is how flimsy the doors were. Needless to say, we did not get an ounce of sleep because every noise we heard made us paranoid.  I would not recommend anyone staying here, this place should either be remolded, hire all new staff, or shut down.

    This was a disappointment.

    21/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    18. Adrie D.
    Oh Dear Lord ... where to start?

    We wanted to go Ft Lauderdale for one night to visit some family that was staying at the W hotel. Eventually we couldn't afford those prices so we started looking for an affordable hotel.

    This hotel was charging about $100 a night and it was close to where we wanted to go so ... we booked it.

    From the outside it doesn't look that bad but as soon as you walked in to the "office" it looked like nobody gave a rats ass about this place. We were hoping the rooms weren't like that.

    We got to our room in Building B on the 3rd floor .... damn!!!

    The door looked like it had been beaten up. And up top you could see an old window air conditioner hanging from a whole in the wall. The door didn't even close right so we had to struggle to make sure we were safe leaving our things in the room.

    Inside, the walls looked like they have had some repairs and  had been patched but they didn't even bother painting them back. The mini fridge was old and Highly Rusty, the tv was small and old and don't make me talk about the furniture in general with all the stains and scratches.

    The bathroom was clean but looked dirty because of the rusted facilities; And the window didn't even close at all ... it was totally bent and cracked open.

    It seems to me that they probably have some friend that multitasks with the cleaning and maintenance of this place because if that were to be a company I would've sued them a long time ago.

    Thank God it was only one night and we didn't get to experience the pool or the common areas.

    The only good thing is that the beach is right across the hotel and the night life is a couple blocks away.

    Don't pay this price if you're better off staying at a Motel 6.

    22/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    19. Loren Z.
    If I could give a zero, I would. Sat there waiting for the desk clerk to decide she wanted to come do her job and earned a parking ticket for the effort. Then she had the audacity to charge me 44.00 for the privilege to park there. Took one look at the room. ( 239 ) and walked right back out. Black mold everywhere. Tin foil in the light fixtures and beds that looked like the sheets haven't been changed in months. Only saving thing was that there was no argument when I called the next morning and demanded a refund. ( we booked for 4 days) I think the refund wasn't a hassle because the manager knew it was coming and I was fully prepared to take them to court. This disgusting hovel was reported to the Broward county Sherriffs department and the Florida health department. Save your money and save yourself the hassle. Thier website and reviews are fraudulent.

    26/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    20. Jeri A.
    This was by far the worst hotel experience I have ever had. My room was disgusting! It was filthy and smelled like bleach. The first room they put us in the bathroom door wouldn't even close. We went to the front desk to change rooms and they put us in "the other" building. It was dark and kind of creepy and when I opened the door there were no beds! Just bed frames. The front desk person was rude and acted like she was doing us a favor putting us back in the original room. Ultimately we chose not to stay there for fear of what might crawl on us at night. Do not stay here! I will post pictures of my room.

    15/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    21. Melody O.
    We check in, saw the rooms, check out. Agree with all the bad reviews, the dirtiest hotel we ever saw, including bed bugs.  They gave us our money back, moved to a very clean nice hotel.p

    07/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    22. Cely B.
    Wish I could give 0 stars.
    Room extremely dirty, room smelled like mold, I was having a hard time breathing there. The carpet was full of holes, doors had holes on  them, furniture damaged, everything was awful! Tried to complain about it but all they did was to give  us keys to a room next to our that was even worse. Super over priced, ended up finding much better hotels for the same price at West Palm Beach. I strongly recommend not to waste your money there, don't know how a place like this can legally operate as a hotel, honestly!

    09/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    23. Vima G.
    What was I thinking staying here!?!?

    I was thinking I was willing to sacrifice luxury for location and would not be bothered by it's vintage motel charm. It would be fun I thought, just like in the movies...But you're sacrificing a lot more staying here.

    Where do I begin, the bad experience here is unreal, To begin...it's so dirty and funky, I couldn't breath...I kept sneazing...The beautiful water front view was tainted by streaky and dusty old windows...The Bed and Bathroom literally smelled like urine *vomits* I ended up sleeping on the sofa* When I went down to complain about the sheets...The maid got very clolse to my face saying she doesn't change sheets everyday, she was kinda scary...To top it off, she kept berging into my suite *while I was naked* without a knock...The doors weren't even working to my walking level balcony, and the bottom lock to the front door...So you can imagine I slept terrified intruders would be able to enter. &#!% *HELP! Get me out of here!*

    To top it all off, a few items were missing from my suite...Including my gold bangle from Dubai...Great, I lost thousands on that note alone trying to save bucks. I didn't bother, I was enjoying the beach and decided to move to a different location. Lesson learned, don't stay at dingy suites anymore. Not worth it at all...Oh what a horrid experience. Never again!!!!  This property is under contract to be bought by The Four seasons to be residential starting at 1.2 Mil...Obviously the location is a hit, but not worth the sacrifice of staying in a run down motel...My first and last time!

    30/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    24. Trisha G.
    This place is a sick joke. I knew it was not going to be good, heck, I knew it would be the worst experience I've probably had in a hotel but I could NEVER imagine how downright nasty these rooms are.

    I went to FL for a festival so the prices were absurd everywhere, including this place.  We did it anyway because I just couldn't imagine that it would be a crack house.

    The worst of it is just feeling like everything is always damp. I just felt like I needed to shower when ever I walked in. But then I saw the shower... I highly advise you to wear flipflops.
    The sheets are stained, the kitchen and the bathroom is filthy.  The air conditioner barely drops the room temperature. The door to the room didn't close properly. A service woman walked into our room when we left and told us that she was going to clean it. We came back and she did absolutely nothing. I can only assume she just went through our stuff. The beds were still undone and sheets not touched, so...?

    The second night I was sober and could just not imagine getting under those covers so I actually abandoned my room and booked the Red Carpet inn by the airport. I felt like a queen after the stay I had at this place.

    I give this a -5 star rating.

    13/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    25. Kristine D.
    Well, despite reading past reviews I was kind of frightened about this place. We got our room and it was fine, clean and bathroom wasn't dirty. It was great being across the beach and near the busy food/bar scene 15minutes by walking.

    My biggest complaint is no fridge!! It was hot when I was down here and had to continue to drink warm water. Also a downer when you want to buy a case of beer but don't want to drink it all in one night.


    otherwise, it was what it was, we were there to be out and about not hanging out in the hotel unless it was to use the bathroom, shower or sleep which made this place bearable for just that and a short lived trip. If staying more than 2-3 days I suggest paying more $$ for a better place.

    01/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0