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Candlewood Suites Ft. Lauderdale Airport/Cruise in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Candlewood Suites Ft. Lauderdale Airport/Cruise in Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Company Info:

Rating: 2.93

Address: 1120 W. State Road 84, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33315
  • Mon: 6:00 am - 5:30 am
  • Tue: 6:00 am - 5:30 am
  • Wed: 6:00 am - 5:30 am
  • Thu: 6:00 am - 5:30 am
  • Fri: 6:00 am - 5:30 am
  • Sat: 6:00 am - 5:30 am
  • Sun: 6:00 am - 5:30 am

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Comments (15):

1. EJ B.
Great place! Clean room & friendly staff.

17/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
2. Dwain C.
I stayed at this "Candlewood Suites" in Ft. Lauderdale, FL for four nights beginning on 3/30/2011 following my 15 night cruise on the "Island Princess" thru the Panama Canal.  Ft. Lauderdale is a great place to visit and this hotel is well located to do just that.

25/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
3. Gary H.
Stayed last night one night pre-cruise for $179.00!!! Apparently a suite means a small room with a queen bed and a frig, sink and microwave wedged in.

The room is musty and the musty scent is worsened by the overwhelming smell of disinfectant. Breakfast? Go next door to the Holiday Inn Express for $5.

The desk clerk on check in near midnight was friendly and accommodating. The clerk this morning couldn't be bothered looking up from his phone to say good morning. The place is surrounded by hotels between here and the pier--holiday inn express, best western, crown plaza--you'd be much better off to choose one of them!

02/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
4. P T.
We had a nice overnight stay.  The place was clean.  The staff was friendly and helpful.  The free shuttle to the airport was cool.

21/11/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
5. Lenore B.
A/C didn't work, over 80 in the room, they sent a tech who simply said it doesn't work, and that was it.

25/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
6. Angela Y.
Well I have mixed thoughts about the place.  First the hotel is a dog friendly hotel (giant dog breed might I add.)  This is hard to find in the Ft. Lauderdale area. A few days before arrival I searched and searched for dogs in the los olas area that allowed giant breeds such as my great dane, this was the ONLY hotel I could find.  

For cruise ship goers and people who want to stay relatively close to the airport, this is the place to stay.  It is only 3 minutes from the airport as well as ferry terminal.  Only downfall about the location is that there isn't anything walking distance except for the dollar store, groccery store, subway, and dive bar across the street.  It is located in a very industrial area.  Luckily there is always shuttles, vans, and taxis so it should not be hard to get from point A to point B.

Only complaint I have is the morning staff. There was a taller guy, medium complexion with glasses that was the least bit helpful and oh so very rude.  I needed help moving an extra large kennel in the storage room that was 150 lbs and he would not leave his desk saying "I am not allowed to leave this area." This was at 6:30AM in the morning, NO ONE WAS AROUND!  I am a female traveling by my self with a great dane as well as three large suit cases.  All I needed him to do was help me move the kennel that was inside the hotel storage room that the afternoon desk agents the previous day oh so very nicely helped me store. Besides the very rude and unaccommodating hotel receptionist in the morning, I have no complaints about the hotel.  

Oh and they have a full kitchen so if you are on a budget, you can go to the grocery store across the street and bring back food to cook!

07/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
7. Private M.
For what it is, they do a good job. The place is newer and my room had just been reprinted. The room was also very clean and in good condition. The staff is friendly.

I wouldn't hesitate to stay here again.

06/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. Tony W.
Bottom line up front: house keeping does not tend to your room everyday like a normal hotel.  For $130 per night, I would figure that I wouldn't have to take out my own trash and replace my own towels.  I might be a little high maintenance, but that's what I expect from my hotel.  

Pro's: Hotel staff was polite and tended to assisting me very professionally.  Dog friendly. Towels were yellow.  Bedding was close to being in need of replacing.

02/12/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
9. rita b.
Wasn't too sure about this from other reviews but chose it because of airport proximity and shuttle service (which was great).  As a restaurant owner, I am acutely aware of cleanliness. This place gets 4 starts for clean, even in obscure corners where no one usually looks.  Wooden furniture legs a little nicked, but beds comfortable, everything was very clean throughout the facility, and the shuttle service was exactly on time.  Do request it at the front desk, however. The desk clerk said it comes every hour, but the driver said he services several hotels and picks up people when they request service. So ask for it ahead of time. Location is ideal for getting to the airport in just a few minutes.

26/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
10. Damian P.
Actually I'm quite impressed. I was hesitant due to reviews but am really impressed at the rooms with kitchen areas. Even cutlery and dishes! I am disappointed in the no pool thing -BUT- if you go next door to the Holiday Inn Suites, they will let you use their pool and even give you a key you can use over and over to their locked gate. Hmmmm, did I use the wrong hotel?

If you decide to book them, make sure you book them on your own! Be very careful of on line "third party" booking. That's an extra $167 to pop up on your card! Something that really touched a nerve, but the problem is, I booked directly on line and I think that is "considered" third party booking. Now isn't that a fly in the Metamucil? But Price-line is a third party so let me stop!

The staff for the most part is really friendly and helpful, except a few times I had forgetful Franks and I forgot Phoebe. Made up names of course, but when you ask for something important (like call me when the room is available) that is a slight problem.

We got off our ship (cruise) at 8 AM, I requested an early check in, but when we made our way to the Hotel, early check in became 3:30 in the afternoon, hello we have luggage and were tired from cruise, but we were told that we could leave our bags and "walk around". Really?

If it wasn't for me really liking the Hotel, I would of given them a low rating, but all in all I would recommend their establishment, as I already see myself staying in another Candlewood for sure.

The fact that they have a 24 hour shuttle to the airport on the hour (vs certain times in other spots) is definitely a giant plus. The buses are ample and for the most part super fast. That can be the difference to waiting for hours or knowing when to leave. Our check out time was at 1:30 but I had asked for an extension since our plane didn't leave until 7 PM that night, and although at 3:30 am I was told by front desk it would be fine to stay till 3:30, it seemed there was a mix up and I was called at 1 pm and told, ummmm you have to be out of the room by 2 or get charged another day unless your Candlewood Elite. Meaning I'm here all the time.

I quickly got that bag ready and was downstairs faster than a virgin in a prison rodeo!

All in all, I recommend them and yes, you have a nice room with all the amenities of home.

12/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
11. KAREN K.
The worst motel we have ever been to - we would NEVER go to any of their other locations. Where to start?? Over priced - the rooms are musty and small - especially for the price they are charging! They mixed up 2 reservations of other guests while we were there and the manager left the desk clerks to deal - they called him but he wouldn't even show up. The lobby is non existent - there is no place on the premises to get a meal of any kind - a coffee machine?? The front desk didn't know whether they were coming or going. They sent a van to pick us up and had no idea that that area  of the airport was closed and sent us to another area, which was also incorrect. They ordered a van for us to go to the port, but failed to tell us there was an $8 per person charge, when a taxi was only $9 for two people. Stay far away - book early enough that you don't get stuck here - you will regret your choice, or lack thereof.

15/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
12. Subramanian H.
Terrible experience at this place. I reached there close to midnight after checking in online earlier to confirm my room. I called from the airport for the shuttle and they did not send one. I got a taxi Abs reached there to find that I don't have a room. They gave it to someone else. There was no apology but the manager was like 'you have free break fast at the new place'. He was not even sensitive about the time being past midnight he had let me dead in the water.

And I had to wait for the hotel shuttle guy to take me to the new place miles away. Lost my sleep and patience

14/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
13. David W.
Candlewood is my preferred hotel when on travel.  They have a good rewards program, predictable and consistent structure and rooms, and are in a sweet spot for price (not extremely pricey, but above the lower priced options that can range from dirty to dangerous).  And I really enjoy the kitchenette with full refrigerator and free WiFi.

This one was on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to Candlewood.  The building itself was less modern than others I've stayed at. It wasn't outdated, just not updated like ones I've stayed at in Austin.  The Candlewood Cupboard, where you can get some snacks in lieu of leaving the grounds, didn't have as many options as we were used to, either.  Nothing wrong, just not as good as it could be.

Probably the biggest downside was the price.  It was over $200 (most I've stayed at are closer to $100).  I booked anyway for the free airport pick up (saving on rental car) and I thought maybe it had more amenities or something extra, but it didn't.  It was on a busy street, which was okay for ability to walk to a grocery store or restaurant, but also meant a bit more noise and people walking near the grounds.  

I'll leave on a positive note, the staff was absolutely wonderful.  They had arranged for ground transportation to the cruise port, however to Ft. Lauderdale instead of Miami.  Not really their fault, I did not specify and most of their clientele go out of the closer Ft. Lauderdale. Once it was determined, they quickly reversed the prepaid charge with no problems.  All service with a smile.  Probably the best Candlewood staff I had been involved with.

If I were to go back to the area, I would probably shop for a better value than this.  Although it served us well on this trip, just a little more expensive than we were used to given the infrastructure.  It might be that this whole area is just pricey because of the airport proximity.

27/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
14. Sherry W.
The staff was very friendly. The rooms are clean and cozy. I would highly recommend this hotel. The price for Monday night was $109 before taxes.

The Candlewood Suites located at 1120 W State Route 84, Fort Lauderdale, FL has free hotel/airport shuttle service.

The hotel smelled very cleaned and sanitized. The beds are cozy and the pillows felt like I was laying on a big cotton ball.

20/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
15. Cassie G.
Stayed here for one night while attending Tortuga Music Festival. It was my first Candlewood property and overall, I was very impressed.

We knew we wouldn't be spending a lot of time in the room so just wanted something quality and at a decent price point, which is what we found. The bed was really comfy, there was a decent sized TV, clean bathroom, and kitchenette with an impressive array of amenities including a full size refrigerator, stovetop and microwave.

What struck me most about this place was the friendliness of the staff. From the moment we walked in, it felt like they were ready to attend to our every need from helping us get around the area to finding out where to dine.

This is super close to the airport, making it a good option if you need a spot for a trip/cruise layover. I don't think I would choose it for a vacation or longer stay but it got the job done for us!

29/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0