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Crowne Plaza Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Crowne Plaza Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.17

Address: 455 SE 24th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33316

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    Comments (6):

    1. Greg H.
    We got a card for two drinks (one per guest) if we ate in their in-house restaurant (Kiki's Lounge on the 5th floor) - we both had a Stella with a light dinner of a shared coconut shrimp appetizer and a fettuccine Alfredo.  The portion size of the pasta was pretty large and we never finished it all.  Good food, reasonable prices.

    29/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. Charley C.
    This place is great, especially if you are going on a cruise. It is literally just down the street from the cruise port! The staff is very helpful and the place is CLEAN. The room is spacious enough, and the Rate I got made it seem like a real Bargain. We rented a car down stairs - and it was 30 bucks cheaper per day the our best airport deal! The Restaurant is nice enough, but remember there are a bazillion restaurants in the area! The small things I needed changed the front desk fixed it immediatly, and the manager was so very pleasant in accepting a couple of my suggestions to improve his service! Very nice indeed.

    09/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    3. Lauren L.
    There are a lot of good things about this hotel: close to pier; close to airport, clean, nice rooms.  Everything about this hotel was great, except for the horrid service.  I will not stay here again.  

    We stayed at this hotel for a total of 10 hours on 2/22/14.  Arrived at midnight for a cruise leaving the next day.  After waiting 30 mins for the free shuttle at the airport, when I was told it would be 5-10, we arrived at the hotel.  The man at the desk didn't have our reservation. I showed him my confirmation email and somehow he found it, but not before telling us that, in his opinion, they canceled the reservation because they didn't receive a deposit.  Setting aside the fact that that reasoning makes no sense, there was no explanation for why I never received a phone call or notification about the reservation getting canceled. THEN, he had the audacity to tell me that when I travel I really should call a few days in advance to confirm the reservation.  It was incredibly condescending and rude.   I was ready to go into a Seinfeld tirade about the purpose of a reservation, but it was after midnight and I was tired.  

    The following morning we went to the restaurant to grab a bowl of cereal before heading to the ship.  I asked what cereals they have.  The waitress said Cheerios, corn flakes, etc.  I ordered Cheerios.  They arrived and my husband noticed that they didn't look like regular Cheerios.  We asked the waitress and she said no, they are Honey Nut Cheerios, "why, you don't like honey nut cheerios?" No I don't, because I am allergic to nuts.  Generally, I inform a server of my allergy, but it didn't seem necessary when Cheerios were being poured from the box to the bowl and nothing was being cooked.  Then she didn't seem to understand the concept of an allergy, nor did any staff in the restaurant apologize or care.  They made me feel like I was an enormous nuisance for sending back the cereal and asking for a clean bowl.  

    Then we went to the lobby to get a cab to the pier.  The man at the desk when we checked in said it would be no problem to get a cab, that there are tons of them around. That we didn't need to call ahead for a cab. Lies.  We waited and waited for a cab, while seeing the hotel give the two cabs that came through to other people who had been waiting for less time, and finally after 25 minutes, my husband went out to the street and flagged a cab in about 3 minutes.  We finally were out of there and off to our glorious cruise vacation.

    Also, when we checked in, he asked if we wanted to book the shuttle to the pier.  He said it was the same price as a cab, but with a cab you have to tip.  More lies.  The shuttle was $16 for both of us ($8 per person).  Our cab ride was less than $7.  And we would have tipped either way.  Now, $9 isn't a big deal, but after everything else, it was just the icing on the irritation cake.  

    I generally don't write Yelp reviews, but the 95% of our non-sleeping stay here was so infuriating, that I felt it necessary to warn others.  There are so many other hotels so close to the pier that, even though I have stayed in this hotel before, I will never stay here again.

    03/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. John H.
    The manager is corrupt. Today 2/17/13 I asked him about the incident 11/16/12 and he did nothing. Bradley tried to turf my family out of two prepaid rooms to the Best Western. Sam Hong and Chul Hong. He said there was a tech glitch. However when I arrived in the lobby with my vid camera (we checked in earlier) to meet my family, Bradley suddenly said Oh I have your rooms!  The African American manager whose name I don't know said he would investigate the issue and get back to us. He didn't and lied today saying he doesn't remember what he did. Then this morning he gave our can to someone else though we had called and the can driver said it was for Dr. Hong--that is I. If he continues to work there, we will never visit Crowne Royal again.

    Walter and the nice blond lady though at frog desk are wonderful. They need to get rid of their dictator

    17/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. Bogdan D.
    Perfect for a short business stay or on the go. Restaurant, pool and fitness center on the premisses. Clean and modern room with free wifi and 5 minutes from the airport. Friendly and professional staff.

    11/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Lilie N.
    We were just passing through.  We landed in Ft. Lauderdale very late and decided to stay the night and make the drive to Miami Beach in the morning.
    This is a small, simple, clean, and accommodating hotel.  
    - Offers a free shuttle to and from the airport.  
    - Walking distance to rental car services.
    - Free ice cold bottled water when you arrive.
    - Walking distance to a great late night diner.
    - Free Wi-Fi
    It is next to a railroad track that blocks traffic everyday for at least 30 minutes!!!
    We walked to the local diner down the street in the middle of the night and on the way back got stuck at the tracks for a very long time, in the cold.  Ironically, the hotel shuttle service was driving by and saw us! He turned around and picked us up. He knew a way around the tracks and took us back to our hotel.  He services multiple hotels and it wasn't his job, but helped us on his own time.  Love it.  

    When we drove back from our 5 day trip to return the car.  We ran into an issue where the rental service has a policy of not driving people to the airport.  We were stranded, but guess what?  The Crowne Plaza offered us their shuttle services at no cost.  

    04/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0