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Marriott’s BeachPlace Towers in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Marriott’s BeachPlace Towers in Fort Lauderdale, FL


Nestled between the beaches of the Atlantic & Intracoastal Waterway, Marriott's Fort Lauderdale beach villas at BeachPlace Towers are the ultimate seaside retreat. With spacious two-bedroom/two-bath villas situated atop three floors of retail shops & restaurants, these Fort Lauderdale vacation villas feature separate living & dining areas, large master suites with king beds and oversized tubs, full kitchens with cookware & tableware, utility rooms with laundry facilities and more. Just steps from the sand and surf, as well as world-class shopping and dining, our villas for rent in Fort Lauderdale offer guests easy access to all this exciting city has to offer. If your getaway is interrupted by work, our vacation villas in Fort Lauderdale also provide access to an array of business services designed to help you get back to your vacation in no time, including high-speed internet access and a fax & copy center. Discover the perfect Fort Lauderdale beach villas for your next vacation at Be


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Rating: 3.08

Address: 21 S. Ft. Lauderdale Beach Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33316
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Comments (51):

1. d t.
overpriced and bad service

08/01/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
2. Christine G.
I stayed there for my birthday over the weekend and i have to say i dont hate or love the place. I feel that the parking is wayy overpriced 14 dollars per night when im already spending 500 a night on a room?? and my guests would have to pay 25? i dont know i just feel like throw us a bone and give free parking if your staying there trust me i would understand if i was valeting my car i would have no problem paying it. i actually liked my room it was the 2 bedroom villa with a balcony... pretty big space i think about 1300 sq. ft with full kitchen and washer dryer. basically we ended up staying in the room to party since it was sooo cold outside and im not gonna lie we were pretty loud but from what i could tell they have very good insulation cuz i couldnt hear anything the second i walked out my room and no one ever bothered us about the noise so its a good party hotel lol. and i loved that they had a cvs and beachplace right below the hotel so anything you forgot you could just run downstairs. I had a great time so i guess it was all worth it and if i had a chance to stay over in ft lauderdale beach again i would have no problem staying there

02/02/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
3. Chanel F.
One of the grandest hotels I have ever stayed at as a poor college student.  The rooms are ridiculously expensive--about $300 or so for a 2 bed room, BUT the locale is amazing what with the beach RIGHT THERE and all.  Services and amenities are awesome with room service being absolutely delicious and worth every star.  They have a couple of different pools, hot tub, a spa/sauna, want a massage?  Don't worry that's available too.  How about a facial, pedicure, or a manicure?  Check that off your list cuz that's here too.  Hungry?  Don't worry, the restaurant downstairs can take care of you: chose the buffet, or chose ala carte.  Valet parking also available.   The interior of the lobby is amazing, and the rooms themselves make you feel like the 300 dollars you're spending for one night is worth it.

02/03/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
4. cindy w.
Whodathought Marriot had a timeshare villa at Beachplace? Well, my bf's family owns a timeshare here and I think it's worth every penny. I used to think timeshares were a crack scheme but this Marriot operation runs smoothly and the location can't be beat. I stayed in a 2bed/2ba suite (kitchen and washer/dryer equipped) that was within spitting distance of Fort Lauderdale beach with direct access to the shops of Beachplace and nearby restaurants and more shops to stroll past. The Marriot also had an ocean view pool, 2 jacuzzis, etc. There's nothing like spending a full day at the beach, walking directly back to your timeshare, and then having someone whip dinner on the spot. So easy, I could fall in love with the concept of living on the beach. I recommend this place if you can get into it.

Unlike other timeshare locales, this place is directly in Fort Lauderdale so its an easy 10 min. drive to the Galleria mall, Las Olas Boulevard, Riverside, etc. more things to do.

27/08/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
5. Megan M.
The best thing about this resort is its location. There are several bars and restaurants directly in front of the hotel. There are also several of your typical touristy t-shirt shops as well. There is also an ice cream store and a smoothie stand all within the Beach Place Tower complex.

We had a very nice stay overall. However, the hotel market was EXTREMELY overpriced and the staff were always slow and pretty much less than helpful. Every time that we went in to the store it was at least a 10 minute wait at the counter.

Otherwise, they have a little business center, where you can pay cash to get online. They have a little game room, and I found this to be fun for killing a little bit of time playing pinball.

There is a bar setup just near the hotel pool, which was nice, but somewhat overrun with unattended children throughout the day and night. That's why it is so great to be directly across from the beach! There is also a lounge on the 19th floor. Early in the week of our stay, we went up to the roof and had the room to ourselves. We cuddled up on the sofa and watched the Olympic trials for a couple of hours. It was very relaxing, and we were able to watch several thunderstorms from the lounge balcony.

Many people complain about the setup for the Beach Place Towers parking lot. The parking deck does not have an ideal layout, but you just need to have some patience, and for the love of all things, know the size of your vehicle. There was nothing worse than watching the bad driver sling his Hummer around blind corners.

The last thing I'll mention is that the complex has a piano bar called Howl at the Moon. There are variations on the piano bar themed bars all across the country, but this one was a lot of fun. The performers had a great sense of humor and really got the crowd involved. We had a great time!

02/07/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
6. Tim J.
We liked the Marriott Beachplace Resort, though it is not as good as one would expect from the high quality Marriott family.

29/11/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
7. Krishelle L.
As has already been said, this hotel is all about the location. It was an easy walk across the street to Fort Lauderdale Beach. Plus free beach towels for use was nice. The beds were very comfortable- what you typically expect from a Marriott. I was happy to have a nice fridge in the room (also in the room were a few cooking items such as a microwave). The gym was spacious and had plenty of good working treadmills and a few ellipticals. I didn't use the pool because I prefer swimming in the beach.
Why just three stars? The elevators. I think I might have spent half my weekend stuck in them, or waiting for them. I thanked our lucky stars we were granted a lower level floor (4) because it must have taken my entire weekend if we were on floor 20!
Also, the parking garage was another tedious chore.

19/08/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
8. Abe A.
Great hotel. We stayed in a Villa. It features a full kitchen, hot tub, balcony. Great place to purchase a time share. Downside no room service until after you check out. If you want your room cleaned it is $70. Rooms are very comfortable and large. Parking stinks. First, you have to obtain a ticket to enter the lot. Drive up to level P4, which takes 6 minutes, then insert the ticket obtained from the first level into the P4 gates. Then when leaving use the room key to obtain another ticket and use it at the lower level gate. Parking for resort guests $14. They have a 19th floor observation deck. Monday and Tuesday nights they have 1 hour of drink service at $10 per person.

15/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
9. Tiffany R.
while the elevators are super slow love this place. was there for second time in 6 months for memorial day weekend. right across from the beach, has plenty of bars &restaurants in the area.

30/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
10. Jessica D.
We stayed here prior to departing for a cruise. The location was conveniently located near the Ft. Lauderdale airport and cruise terminals. The rooms included kitchenettes and faced the ocean. There was plenty of shopping and dining in close walking distance.

You should know in advance that this Marriott location is part of a time share. This was immediately evident by other guests (families with small children, and spring breakers). There is much left to be desired as far as services and hotel amenities are concerned. The facilities are worn. The entry was very uninviting and the elevators were inconvenient....you'll see if you go. Not a value for the $300 per night.

22/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
11. Rod R.
This place is NO Marriott ! The furniture is from the last remodel of a real Marriott ten years ago. If you are not a Marriott owner you are not treated the same. The only thing it has going for it is the location. But if you are not a drinker and don't get drunk on a daily / nightly basis. This place is not for you. This place is a disgrace to the Marriott name & reputation. I can also assure you the staff has not been trained by the Marriott  corporation. There are some very nice staff here but not enough to make a difference . The furniture in the lobby is all but showing the wood beneath the cloth WOW.

13/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
12. A N.
If you are looking for a hotel with a great location, than this is it!

It's right across the beach. Under the hotel there is a huge CVS and lots of stores and restaurants. If I ever go to Ft Lauderdale again, this is the only place I'll stay.

I booked the room through Marriott's website but the majority of the guests are time share. The service provided to timeshare is different than the service they provide to paying guests. For example, they dont change the linen for time share guests everyday but they do for paying hotel guests, but I had to call housekeeping every day and tell them to tell the maid who was cleaning our room to change the linen or bring more coffee.

As for things being overpriced at the hotel, there is a CVS (which has everything) right under the hotel.

01/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
13. Tania G.
my perfect weekend took place in the perfect place...marriott's beach place towers.

my incredible clique and i stayed in a two bedroom suite and it was awesome. the room was comfortable, spacey, and we had a great view!

and talk about location!!! it's right on the water! marriott never disappoints.

28/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
14. Maria P.
if you are looking for a hotel with a great location , that will take you 15 min to get up or down ( until thee levators are fix in 2013), that you do not get any housekeping ,that they expect you to drag your recycling  to the garage level ( after waiting those 15 min for the elevator), that the besdheets are too small for the bed and keep coming off in the middle of the night, that unless you ask they do not tell you they will bring you clean towels, that the pool is soo small that when you get 5-6 kids doing what kids are supposed to do you get out of the pool, that they will rent you umbrellas and chairs for the beach- you have to haul them!, then this is your place.
in the case of the Marriott, you should get what you pay for. We are staying at the timeshare unit, not sure if they rent out and if the service could be different.
staff generally is friendly but that does not help your vacation experience.
Unfortunately we have another week here, planning to spend as much time away from the hotel and go to the beach after 5-6 pm , no need for umbrellas/chairs.
this second week it took 45 min to get someone to look ar our AC that is not working properly, It is in 60 withthe fan going to 1 hour and still not cold!

do not come here if you can avoid it, but if you must, know what to expect, this is not even a quality inn! we spent 2 days in Key west at the Silver palm inn and wished we could had stayed there!

29/07/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
15. Chris G.
I have to first confess that I'm a huge Marriott fan.  Their plush comfy beds have me at 'hello'.  But that said...

The suites at BeachPlace are wonderful!  The pool deck is nice.  Amazing staff, as I've come to expect from Marriott.  Would be better if they had a way to get to street level that wasn't quite so congested and wasn't via the garage, but otherwise a wonderful stay and great value.

I'm not a share owner.  It's so easy to book a stay online, I'm not sure I see the benefits.

24/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
16. Enchanted W.
Two Words: Whiskey. Tango.

Here's another word: Hooters.  

That pretty much sums the place up.  

If by some misfortune you find yourself staying here, go next door to H20 for dinner.

15/10/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
17. Jesse B.
I love this place! I have a friend that stays here frequently and we often find ourselves sloshed and unable to drive ... that means we crash on her sofa.

The place is huge, has lots of amenities and the staff is amazing. There are also tons of shops (including a 24 hour CVS), restaurants and bars at BeachPlace so you never have to leave the property if you don't want to. If you're staying on the ocean side, you're also going to have amazing views from your spacious and very private balcony that is accessible from both the bedroom and living room.

The rooms we are always in are always one bedrooms with full kitchens but I do not know if the entire property is setup like that.

01/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
18. Vanessa E.
You can tell this was an older hotel that was redone.  We arrived our room was very clean and we were impressed with the hotel. However the hotel as no main entrance  so it was confusing to find especially at night....basically we walked through a 3 level mall to the back into a parking garage and had to take the elevator up to the Lobby.  You needed your card to get into the elevator bank so they did have security in the parking garage, but often the card didn't work most of the time and I had to keep hitting the doorbell to get the lobby to buzz open the door.  It was a little scary at night.  The "mall plaza" has lots of security and doesn't bring the best evening crowd.  Also they do not have every day maid service you must pay.  The pool was crazy small and was in the shade by 3:00/4:00.  The pool bar has some really awesome drinks and they had a new work out center and business center as well.  Only one ice machine on the Lobby level....however they did have a steam room in the locker rooms by the pool.  Easy access to the beach as well.  The city owns the beach so you should borrow chairs from the hotel and purchase an umbrella from CVS (in the plaza)  chairs were 13 each, cushion 3 umbrella 18 = so much money.  If you are using your time share its worth it I would just never pay to go here.

28/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
19. Justin T.
My boyfriend and I stopped in Ft. Lauderdale on our way to Miami Beach. We figured that we should give the place a try and experience the city of Ft. Lauderdale, since we never had before.

The hotel was very nicely decorated, but the layout and location of the hotel in the high rise building was inconvenient at best. First of all, you have to enter through the public beach parking and drive up four floors to the hotel parking area, which doesn't even take you straight to the lobby. You have to park and drag your luggage to the elevators at the center of the lot. The elevators were malfunctioning and by the end of the trip, I assume at least an hour of our stay was waiting for and riding on elevators in the hotel.

Also, there was not direct access to the beach. When you were finally ready to venture out into the elevators again, you had to take them down to the first floor and walk to the beach.

Honestly, besides the beautiful decor of the hotel, there was not much to rave about in this hotel.

22/07/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
20. Tom C.
On July 1st, 2013 I decided to look for a hotel room on Ft. Lauderdale Beach for my daughter's birthday, July 4th. It has been a tradition for the past 4 years for us to rent a room at the Courtyard by Marriot so we can watch the fireworks display on the ocean then have some birthday cake.

I checked online and noticed that there was a room available at the Marriott Beach Place but not the Courtyard by Marriott. I then called the reservation desk for the Courtyard by Marriott on Ft Lauderdale Beach to see if there were any cancellations so we could continue our tradition; however there were none. The reservation agent said there was a vacancy at the Marriott Beach Place for July 4th and she transferred me to that hotel.

The reservation agent for Beach Place was a little rude and she kept making me repeat my information. I was promised an email confirmation, which I never received. My wife and I thought it was a little strange when we checked our bank account on July 4th and did not see a charge for the room. I also checked my email and did not find a confirmation.

When I called the hotel, an hour before our check-in time to confirm we had a reservation, I was told that I had no reservation under my name. The receptionist found my reservation under a terribly misspelled name. My home and email address were wrong as well as my credit card information. The worst mistake this reservation agent made however, was booking the room for July 5th instead of the 4th.

I told them when I initially called that I intended to book a room so my wife, kids and I could enjoy the fireworks for my daughter's birthday. I specifically requested the last remaining July 4th reservation. In fact, we have booked a room at Courtyard by Marriott for the past 3 years or so for my daughter's birthday. The first year we booked a room, there was an issue with our room and we had to wait four hours after check-in time to get into our room.

After learning that I could not get a room on the beach for tonight to see the fireworks, I spoke to a supervisor. The supervisor found me a room in the Marriott at the airport, 5 miles away from the beach! After I declined the room for obvious reasons, he said he would try to talk to the person in charge at the Beach Place Marriott to pull some strings but he could not get in touch with them because they either didn't come to work that day, were on a break or already left for the day.

The supervisor made it seem like he was doing me a big favor by cancelling my July 5th reservation for me without any penalty, as if they could have charged my card anyway without the right card number.

The staff at the Marriott hotels in question were rude and crass. My wife had to unpack our bags while my daughter cried in her room because of her ruined birthday. I wrote an email to the corporate office and never received a response.

09/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
21. James S.
Stayed here with the girlfriend February 21st-24th. Great location!! Walk to the beach and right in the middle of all the action. We had a villa with a great view of the intercoastal from our balcony. Will def stay here again!

13/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
22. Bill T.
I knew from the first that I would not like this place and my overnight stay confirmed that this is not the place for me.
The first impression that made me dislike this place was the elevator.  After going to the appropriate place in the parking garage, we had to wait forever for an elevator.  When it came it was packed with people.  I was hoping that was just an anomaly but it was shades of things to come.  
Finally made it to the lobby and waited patiently for the next service rep.  There were three of them.  There was one guy in front of us being helped and when he was done, rather than call us, the rep walked away to look at something else with another rep.  Finally, the third rep was able to help us.   My b/f is a Marriott silver member so usually check in is very smooth, but this time they asked to see his AAA card to get that rate.  He didn't have the card and they didn't want to give him the rate (although he always gets that rate on every Marriott stay and nobody has asked for the card before).  They did try to call but couldn't get an answer, so after 10 minutes, they finally just gave us the rate, along with a look like "we shouldn't be doing this for you, but we will".  
Next we get to the room.  The place has not been updated in years but it was clean.  The bathroom was dark and the toilet ran on and on.  Figured we wouldn't spend much time in the room so no big deal.  There was a sign in the bathroom that said "if you're wondering why our water is yellow, it's because of the minerals blah, blah, blah".   What's weird is that I stayed at a Marriott two blocks away which had clear water, so why does this one have yellow water?  Kind of icky.
Hit the fitness center which was nice and stopped to get a bottle of water on the way in the little store in the lobby.  We got a bottle of Fiji and a bottle of Aquafina and the cashier said "that will be $11".  We were like "WTF?" and she said the bottle of Fiji was $8.  So that's why they didn't have a price on it!  Really, $8 for something you'd pay less than half that for at the 7-11?  Needless to say, we didn't buy the Fiji.
Then back to the room...which entailed another wait for the elevator. We heard only 3 were working although I only ever saw two of the four actually work. They need at least six elevators.  The place was not crowded but the waits for the elevators were so long that there was always a crowd waiting to go up or down. It didn't help that the staff used the same elevators for carts and other large things, so that left even less room for actual guests. Guess they don't have a service elevator either.
On the positive side, the location is very good, across from the beach and near all the action (if you can ever get an elevator to actually take you down)

So, based on the poor service, awful elevators and ridiculous prices for a bottle of water, I'd say don't stay here.  Check out my review for the Marriott Courtyard a couple of blocks away, that is a nice place.  Go stay there.

24/10/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
23. Rick S.
This hotel was ok. The pool area seemed cramped, but lots of chases around. The lobby isn't much of anything, very small. I was a little annoyed the business office charged for 1 minute and 1 printed page. Plus I didn't have a room service menu, which would've been nice. The kitchen was just a microwave, and a college refrigerator.

I did like the free wifi. The gym was tremendous, and while i didn't have an ocean front view, the view of the city and, homes, and surrounding water was tremendous. The staff is very helpful and very friendly.

It's not my favorite hotel, but its not bad either. I was there for work but couldn't help but get caught up in the beach vibe and relax a little.

18/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
24. Christie D.
This hotel is a timeshare property. I do not recommend staying here on business. The customer service is awful. I had to call the front desk 15 times to get someone to answer. When I told them the wifi wasn't working they gave me the number to ATT customer service.

06/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
25. Steve P.
If you want to spend a third of your vacation waiting for an elevator then this is your place. Location is great and Marriott knows it. Because of that service is rough, staff is not terribly friendly, and yes, the parking situation is horrible. Think I am exaggerating the elevator situation?  Well I timed the last elevator ride and it took 24 minutes to get an elevator. In that time 4 stopped at my floor. All full. 2 of the 4 full of staff who did not offer to step off so my family, their customer, could step on.  I am a big Marriott fan, but I won't be back and I get the impression they really don't care.

21/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
26. Melissa D.
This place is unbelievable. I'm staying here with my boyfriend as I write this. The staff is super friendly and helpful. We stayed in the master suite villa and it has a jacuzzi tub, full kitchen with dishwasher,stove,oven,microwave and a FULL size fridge. They have a washer and dryer as well. The room is stocked with everything you need. Broom,detergent, pots pans plates, you name it, it's there. It's perfectly clean and in a great location. Right across from the beach and in the middle of all the shops and restaurants.

27/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
27. Patti K.
My husband and I stayed here for our honeymoon.  The hotel itself is nice I suppose.  But my biggest complaint is about the bar at the pool....is it ever open?? We received a paper when we checked in that said happy hour started at 3 everyday....and there is a picture in the elevator or food and frozen cocktails from this mysterious bar and grill. However,  every time we went here, it was closed! There was either no one there or we would wait for someone to come out just for him to tell us they were closed. Part of the reason we picked this place wad because we wanted to have a place to hang out at the hotel after we got back from the beach. Huge let down and extremely rude staff in the bar/grill area. The rest of the experience was OK but they also try to rip you off with parking by charging you $14/day when you can pay $50 for the week one floor down in the garage. I mean,  aren't they charging you an arm and a leg to stay at the hotel already?? Then they hold $50/night you stay on our CC snd don't return it for a week after you check out. You have my credit card info...charge me when I break something.  Not every night just in case I break something!

21/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
28. Ben T.
Can't beat the location.  Across the street from the beach and surrounded by restaurants and bars.  Villas are very nice and clean.  Beds are very comfortable.  Biggest con is the elevators are very slow.  Expect to wait 10 + minutes for them.  Also, expect long waits for your room on the weekends.  Guests tend to stay later than usual and most rooms aren't available till far after 4 pm.

30/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
29. Doug I.
Staff were pleasant and professional. Hotel was clean and well kept. Within walking distance to restaurants and bars as well as the beach. Poolside Resturant was decent but expensive for what you get. Bring your own booze or you'll go broke at the pool. CVS downstairs has apart everything you need from groceries to meds. Great place will go again.

14/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
30. Byoung Kyu S.
Not sure how much I like this place yet.

-- Awesome location!  The beach is just across the street and plenty of eateries and bars near by.  CVS is just downstairs as well as few shopping retail stores.
-- Large spacious room.
-- Great views from the room and from the rooftop.

The Not-So-Good:
-- Parking is annoying.  Takes forever to drive up to P4 level.
-- The elevators can be very slow.  
-- The room is very blah.  Nothing really stands out.  Some things like the bathroom is very dated.  

Love the location, wish the property was nicer.

27/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
31. Sho T.
I love to stay with Marriott, Except this one. The Decor was nice And the location was excellent - 5 star,

Parking was a nightmare, I saw many guest stuck at the gate not able to get out (me included), the instruction was not clear.  And they charge $14/night for parking - 1 Star.

Service of Staff - 1 Star,  No housekeeping service and at the staff was not helping at all.

Gym- Nice gym for work out except no head phone for tv (May they thought  i know how to read lip)- 4 star

22/12/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
32. Annamaria K.
Avoid this place!!!! The "villa" is the same size as a regular hotel room, the "kitchenette" has a cramped counter where not even enough space to put a plate down, our ocean view was Unenjoyable due to the constant noise of the ACS from the downstairs mall plus the three bars located just below The Marriott. Patchy internet makes life difficult. The parking garage, which is public parking until the 4th floor, is a total nightmare, be careful to avoid accidents every time you try to leave or come in...so narrow at the turns two cars can't be in it in the same time...and a mandatory 10am check out makes it officially the worst "resort-villa" ever. I have a platinum status with Marriott but this place is the worst I have ever stayed.

10/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
33. Ed B.
Not sure why there are low ratings for this place.  The rooms are nice, clean and spacious.  Ours had a balcony overlooking the Intercoastal.  The pool is nice.  It's not very big but the deck area is big with a functional little bar and good, for a hotel, Happy Hour drink prices.  It's at Beach Place so Fort Lauderdale Beach is right across the street and they have towels and even beach chairs for guests to use there.  There's also a little store and a big gym, locker rooms, sauna - again, no idea on all the complaints.  This is a nice resort hotel in a GREAT location.  They even have daily activities if kids are staying too.

11/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
34. Joan M.
While the Marriott is very nice with beautiful accommodations the first few floors of the Beach Place mall is sketchy. Cheap tacky stores dimly lit. The Marriott should buy the property, renovate and lease to better stores and dining options. With the Ritz next door upgrading the property would work. They really need to upgrade it.  The mall and restaurant options take away from the Marriott.  The villas are great comfy and clean.

15/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
35. Curtis H.
The Mrs. and I were here post thanksgiving for three nights in a guest room, the smallest of the three available sizes. Accommodations were well done and all aspects of room were tip top clean. Staff upon checkin and during all parts of the stay were cordial, welcoming and interested in their positions.

Parking is a bit unconventional here but realize that with reduced square footage in an expensive area (next door to Ritz Carlton) that the lobby will be on an upper level. Our elevator experience was good, but recall that early Dec is not a busy time here.

While our stay was mostly positive, there were some underwhelming aspects of the property. Pool placement should have been to the south of the building as shadows crept across the pool by 2 pm during our stay. While I hope that the larger suites had an ice maker refrigerator, our smaller room had a dorm fridge that did not. For the 198 rooms without an ice maker, there was one ice machine to service them! A visit to that solitary ice machine at 4 pm on a Monday found that it was empty. I was informed by the front desk that a nearby shop on the lobby level would fill my bucket, but this would be during their opening hours and not necessarily matching our needs. Much lesser hotel chains do far better on this count.

Another weak spot was the lack of use of the Overlook Lounge on the 19th floor. With a killer view of the ocean, this indoor/outdoor spot deserves more than a coffee and Danish social on Monday mornings.

Lastly, I want to cover the immediate area adjacent to the resort. It is called Beachplace as well but this retail/drinking/dining area is run by a separate company. Like a past reviewer, I wish that Marriott would take a stronger stand in who's in and who's out there. A grouping of entry level businesses does not enhance this property, given the neighborhood.

05/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
36. Sandy K.
Great location with a ocean view. I used my Marriott vacation club points for a two night stay that cost me only 300 points. The one bedroom had a separate living room, full kitchen, Jacuzzi tub, two separate bathroom sink areas and large patio. Here's a pic from the balcony: yelp.com/biz_photos/QJRw…

Within steps of the Marriott there's the Beach Place shopping center which houses a CVS, gift shops, restaurants, bars and a cigar shop. Right next store you'll find the Ritz Carlton where I dined at Via Luna Italian restaurant. Check out the awesome wine bar.

Parking was $14.00 a night for guest and wifi is included. There's a decent fitness center, outdoor pool on the upper lobby floor and even a small market in case you forgot anything or need to fix late night sweet craving.

Definitely would stay here again in the future and would recommend this place for a vacation stay or even a business stay.

18/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
37. Ashley C.
I believe others must have EXTremely(!) high standards because I thought this place was great. Plus you're in ft. Lauderdale, 30 minutes from Miami and less than 2 hours from key largo so PEOPLE you shouldn't be spending much time in your room!!!!
I believe the hotel must have been renovated recently because my room does not look like many of the older pictures. The room was very nice, the bed comfortable! My husband traded out timeshare place in Vegas for Florida. We had a full ocean view suite with a full kitchen, dining area, and seating area with a separate sleeping master room! We also had a adjoining room that we didn't even use.
I had NO problem with these said "trouble" elevators.
Fitness room is awesome with 5 treadmills with tvs, 2 reclining bikes, one upright bike, and 3 or 4 eppliticals all with their own tvs too. Full we

23/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
38. Mike V.
This hotel is one of my favorite places to stay in Ft. Lauderdale.  I've taken friends here for a little boozing and male bonding, and also family at separate times for some R&R.  Both groups had a blast.  To wit, it's one of the best places in the area.

The Pros -- location, location, location.  It's right on the beach and most rooms have at least a partial view of either the ocean or the intracoastal.  It's conveniently located right next to a group of restaurants, shops, and a CVS pharmacy.  The staff is nice, although a bit overwhelmed at peak season.  Suites come with jacuzzi tubs, separate shower, central air, an in-room full kitchen, washer/dryer, microwave, stove (even plates, cups, baking pans, and utensils), safes with electronic key pads, and a full balcony.  The room comes with two pretty large TVs, one of which has a DVD player.  The hotel even has a recereation room with activities for kids and adults several times a day.  My kids loved the free cookies.  The bed was really comfortable and I had no problems getting to sleep.

The Cons -- parking is expensive for such a seedy garage, and because the hotel uses the top 2 floors of the garage, it can take a full 5 minutes to get in and out of it.  The hotel does not have enough elevators to meet demand, so expect to be waiting at peak times.   Internet can be a little slow (they are in the process of upgrading it).  Finally, due to some recent renovations, we had a little trouble in our last visit with the jacuzzi tub, but it was worked out to our satisfaction.

All in all, its a fun property and a great deal for the price (except for parking).  To me, the pros far outweigh the cons, particularly considering the area.  If you want to be near the beach, this is the place.

28/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
39. Anton E.
beautiful hotel
beautiful scenery
beautiful beach front

would love to return!

31/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
40. Matt S.

Location: The hotel sits right on AIA, literally 60 feet across the street from the beach.  Hard to beat that.

Location:  The hotel sits right in the heart of the main beachfront drag.  You're no more than a 5-minute walk from dozens of great restaurants, etc.

Location:  The hotel is a quick 15-20 minute drive from FLL airport.

Staff:  we found the staff unfailingly polite and accommodating.  When we complained about noise at midnight on our first night, they promptly found us another room.  When the A/C in the new room stopped working, they promptly sent a maintenance worker up at 2:00 a.m. to fix it.

Security:  Given its proximity to Spring Break crowds, the building is comfortably secure.  Key cards are required to enter the building and to use the elevators.  

People Watching:  I'm not sure what we were thinking given our decidedly not-college age, but our stay was right in the thick of Spring Break.  I was alarmed when this dawned on me, but quickly realized my fear was unfounded.  The locals do a great job of ensuring that the thousands of college kids have their fun, but without getting out of hand.  We thoroughly enjoyed watching them do their Spring Break thing, and they were exceptionally polite every time we interacted with them.

Pool:  Given that the ocean is all of 100 yards away I didn't expect a full on waterpark.  But the pool is nice all the same.  Deckside bar caters to drink needs throughout the day, with Happy Hour specials starting around 1:00.


Location:  The hotel sits right on top of  Beachplace Mall, a place that as recently as February 2015 was in danger of being shut down as a public nuisance.  (According to the article I read, the Fort Lauderdale City Council has had it with late night fights and drug deals at that location.)  I was told the problem primarily stems from several establishments (Hooters, Fat Tuesday, Big Kahuna) holding 4:00 a.m. liquor licenses and not doing much to control their patrons.  The rumored non-renewal of Fat Tuesday's lease at the end of 2015 should help this.

Location:  In light of the foregoing, guests in ocean-view rooms are in danger of listening to the pounding noise from the establishments below.  (Beachplace Mall is open air.)

Location:  Given that it sits atop the mall, there is literally no street level entryway; rather, just a nondescript elevator lobby deep in the bowels of the parking deck.  It's odd to say the least.

The Elevators:  Speaking of which, heed the warnings of virtually every other review:  the elevator situation is a constant hassle.  This 19-floor building is serviced by 4 elevators.  One would think this would suffice, but alas, it does not.  Long waits are the norm.  Part of the problem stems from the necessary evil of requiring key cards to access every floor.  So using stairs is not an option no matter where you are or how few floors you might wish to traverse.  Just having open access stairs for the 5 floors down to the beach would alleviate the situation substantially, but one can only assume that's not an option.

Pool Shade:  Be aware that the pool starts getting shade by about 2:30 every afternoon, and is in total shade by 3:15 or so.  The northern half of the deck starts falling into shade an hour or so earlier.  The southern half of the deck remains in the light until maybe 4:00.  By that point all of the remaining sunbathers are gradually cramming into an ever-diminishing space.

Wi-Fi:  It's free, but terrible.  Don't plan on any high-volume video activity.


Check out rates on Redweek.com or some similar aftermarket timeshare rental site.  This saved me 30-50% off the official Marriott rate.

Don't rent a car, at least not during Spring Break.  Hertz quoted me something like $1200 for the week (which in rental car world of course would mean a final bill in the $2000 range).  Everything you need is within walking distance or a quick cab ride.

Ask around and get the name of a cabbie or driver.  We did and it seemed to help ensure we had transportation during high traffic times.  

When you go to the beach, bear north 100 yards or so until you're in front of the Ritz-Carlton next door.  Spring Break crowd seems to dissipate by that point and you'll have a little more room to yourself during peak afternoon hours.

When in the elevator, try holding your floor number and the "Door Closed" button simultaneously.  This appears to bypass all floors in between either going up or coming down.  (Or both?)  Believe me, by about Day 3 you'll be willing to try anything.

For probably 25% more, consider the Marriott Harbor Point, situated directly on the beach about 1.2 miles south.  Harbor Point is a more traditional "resort" setting in that it is surrounded by grounds, has a fairly extensive pool complex and isn't on top of a mall.

14/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
41. Spencer P.
All in all it was a very good hotel. I really have very few complaints besides the awkward parking situation. Rooms are very nice great views. You cannot beat the location on the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. It's great for large groups as some rooms can hold up to as many as six people. A few bars attached to the hotel which were convenient area wasn't really to crazy for aThursday night like I thought it would. But all in all a great experience would recommend this hotel to anyone that wants a beach view for a pretty reasonable price

30/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
42. Mike B.
The location of this place is great.  It a timeshare place though and you will not get the normal Marriott service/lounge when you stay for a few nights.  The parking was a bit confusing as you have to drive to the top of the garage to be the Marriott part.  

The rooms were decent enough though, they all seemed pretty new and clean.  The first room I had was crazy though, all I could hear was kids screaming next door.  I was there for work though and needed sleep and I asked them to switch the room after about 10 minutes of screaming, they did.  The second room was perfect and I would stay there again.  Luck of the draw I guess.

03/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
43. Chris J.
I recently stayed at this hotel when I was in town for business. The room I booked was sold out, so I was upgraded to a 1 bedroom suite for the same price.

The room was like a condo. Kitchen, living room, huge bathroom and a balcony. Everything was clean. Plus my rate was $140/night with AAA discount.

Parking can be a pain and the parking deck is very narrow, but I was never charged the $14/day to park.

28/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
44. K N.
This is a great hotel. You cant beat a place on the beach/strip in Ft. Lauderdale like this place. Or maybe you could.  Either way, the staff of this hotel are very friendly and hospitable.  

The pool are is neat, at first glance you'd think it overlooks the water, but not really. It overlooks the courtyard area, that overlooks the strip, that overlooks the water. Its still nice though.

If you have kids, I would think this hotel would be a great place.  They have itineraries for the days of the week and it seems like they have some solid activities for both kids and adults (mostly kids though).  

I have to take off a star for parking. I wish I could rate the parking deck separately.  Id give the hotel 5 stars and the parking deck 1 (or 0).
Hotel members and guests have to park on the top 2 floors. I think its level 5 and 6 (i dont remember exactly).  The first 4 are general parking.  we waited for 30 minutes at one point to leave the parking deck from the 5th floor member parking.

and the elevators are a huge mess. VERY VERY SLOW. They have 4, so you'd think it would be a bit quicker.

08/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
45. Lauren I.
The hotel was clean and all that, but we didn't feel particularly comfortable, especially when we were being intimate on a Saturday night and someone came pounding on the door in the middle of it & ruined the romantic mood. Eh.

26/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
46. Lauren K.
Although the resort is nice and the room is nice, having to wait 10+ minutes for an elevator is absolutely ridiculous. We even tried to take the stairs from the parking garage to our room and the door was locked. This morning we waited forever and you finally get an elevator and the door opens and its full. Would never stay here again unless they do something about this situation. Also very frustrating to find out after you book that the pool is closed and you have to pay 14 per day to park. Parking garage is horrible. Marriott can do so much better than this.

04/05/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
47. Jacob D.
This place is terrible. I get there and - unbeknownst to me - the pool is under construction. We came from across the country to enjoy the pool and ocean for a night and I was not happy about this. I expressed my displeasure with the front desk and they said the info was posted all over their web site and I should have known. I looked at their web site and no mention of it anywhere to be seen. I ask for them to do something about this...anything really. But they refuse and continually tell me I should have known. I show then them the website on my phone. That it doesn't mention anything about the pool being closed. They didn't flinch. They continued lying and telling me it was my fault. And they didn't help at all. Told me to go deal with it on my own since I booked through hotels.com . I've never experienced such terrible service. I ended up having to cancel and move to another hotel. There are plenty of other hotels near this one. This review is more about how they treated me then the pool being closed. Terrible experience. Awful service.

16/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
48. Jennifer A.
Came here from Chicago for one night.  All we wanted to do was lay out at a pool.  

Show up and there's no pool, it's under construction and best of all they said it's our fault because the website should have noted  it's closed.  It didn't.  Now they told us to figure it out because we booked through hotels.com so they can't do anything for us.


16/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
49. Keith H.
You will spend MORE TIME waiting for your room to be ready and waiting for an elevator.

Stayed here twice and both times it is the same song and dance. There are other options that would be better.

Sorry Marriott, you are dropping the ball here.

Its now 1hr 20min past checkin time and room STILL not ready. They have a serious house keeping problem. If you are booked to capacity, be prepared like other hotels do.

07/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
50. Jack K.
I am currently staying at the Marriott's Beach Place Tower Resort!
I am writing this review while still here in the hope of stopping anyone else from trading into, buying into or renting into this resort without fair warning.
I traded my three bedroom Villa at the Marriott Marbella Beach Resort for  a two bedroom Villa in Fort Lauderdale because I was invited to a wedding here and I relied on what I thought were my excellent experiences with the Marriott Brand Resorts. Since purchasing my beautiful Three Bedroom Villa at the Marriott Marbella Beach resort, I have either stayed there or 'traded' it for any number of excellent Marriott Resorts around the world. Just to name a few, Marriott Surf Club in Aruba, Marriott Ocean Club in Aruba, Marriott Resort and Spa in St. Kitts, and the Marriott Golf and Tennis Resort in Palm Desert, California, also a few more.
But I have never been so disappointed in a Marriott property as I am in this one in Fort Lauderdale. I hope someone from this resort contacts me so I can relate my personal disappointment to them.
In the space I have available here I can only hope to describe the reasons NOT to come to this Marriott Resort.
It is built on top of a shopping mall. It has very little dedicated parking available, only one vehicle per unit allowed to use the Marriott dedicated parking area and that will cost you $14 a day, if you have friends visiting the week with you as most do, they have to purchase a weekly parking pass for the public parking area at $60 per week to get in and out privileges. And then if the public parking area fills up they can still be turned away.  The parking area is multi-level, so at every two way turn to each level you face the possibility of a head on collision with a vehicle coming the other way, at crowded times you can wait in line for two levels and 10-15 minutes just to exit the parking area.
Next, the so called lobby MUST BE ENTERED by way of elevator from the garage. The lobby is not the traditional Marriott Lobby, it is more of a crowded stopping off spot between your vehicle and the slow, slow, so slow elevators which when you finally do get one, you likely have to share it with Housekeeping and Maintenance Employees and their equipment carts. You can honestly spend a good part of your vacation at this so called resort getting from your room through the elevator and parking maze to the street.
The pool is tiny for any place which calls itself a resort and it's only open from sunrise to sunset, as are the hot tubs.
One saving grace about this resort (?) is at least the Villas as they are are clean.
I have read many past reviews AFTER experiencing this resort and most seem to have about the same complaints, especially from anyone who has experienced the real Marriott charm at other resorts. The wedding we attended was at the Marriott Harbor Place Hotel about a mile from this resort(?), after attending the wedding at that beautiful Marriott Hotel it was even more difficult to return to this nightmare.
If I thought it were even a remote possibility I would ask for my 'trade' back on the basis of false advertising. This so called Marriott does not even have shops that remain open after 7 pm when most people are returning from the beach and other places. The lobby is shared with the desk where they arrange sales promotional talks, the same 90 minute talks you receive at all time share resorts. We usually take the talk to earn whatever gifts they provide for allowing them to show the property, in this case we had our choice between $120 in Marriott money to spend at this (?) resort, or 17,000 Marriott points on our cards. We chose the points because I didn't feel there was anything worth purchasing here. Usually I leave the presentation after buying yet another time share or in the case of the Marriott Surf Club in Aruba, just another one week visit. I can assure anyone here that will not be the case here.
I am actually looking forward to the opportunity to tell the person presenting the program just how disappointed I am in this property and ask just how they can honestly call this a Marriott property, much less ask anyone to spend another $20 to $30,000 to join into the Marriott Vacation Club Experience, it is better advertising for the Hilton Resorts.
Up until this week I had anticipated trading my Three Bedroom Marriott Villa in Marbella, Spain for Marriott Villa in Sydney, Australia next January, this current experience has put that idea on hold until I find out what I can have done by Marriott to help regain my personal trust in their brand once again. It will be a long time before I can get the memory of this resort out of my mind. In the past I urged friends and relatives to buy Marriott because 'if it's a Marriott Property, it has got to be good!" I even talked my brother in law into buying at the Palm Desert Resort.
Enough said for now! You have been duly warned about the Marriott Beach Place Towers, from here you are on your ow

23/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
51. Danny S.
I randomly picked this place for a business trip due to its cost and location.  Although there were some ups and downs with this place, overall, I think I chose a good place to stay and I would consider it again it I come back with the family.
Location: Great location just a few minutes (12-15 mins) away from the airport.  Made getting in and out very easy.  It is located directly across the street from the beach (which was important) and had many shops, bars, and restaurants located below and within a short walk.  
Hotel:  It is a timeshare type of hotel (if you already didn't know).  It is geared more towards family than business.  One of my gripes is with the parking.  I may be spoiled but I thought having to drive up and park on the 4th and 5th floor of the parking structure was a pain.  There was no valet offered.  So it would literally take a few minutes to navigate out of the parking structure.  However, parking rate at $14 a night wasn't so bad.  Second biggest gripe was the elevators (4 in all).  The elevators serviced both the parking structure as well as the hotel floors.  It took forever for an elevator to arrive...then a million of people would pile it and it would stop at every floor...Not good at all so be patient.  Check-in was ok, since I was the only one.  
Room:  I was checked into a 1 bedroom villa and it was really nice and spacious.  Very clean.  The kitchenette was nice to have.  There was a coffee pot brewer instead of a single serving one.  No water was offered.  Sitting area was nice a large.  The bedroom was nice and the bed was comfy.  The bathroom was large with a big jet tub.  There were two sinks, one near the tub, and one in the shower area.  Plenty of towels.  Nothing fancy about the room, but would be perfect for a family.  Internet was good (free).  My view was towards the back and there was a nice view.  The patio was small with a small table.  
Amenities/service:  I was really bummed that the pool area was closed for remodeling.  There is no restaurant in the hotel itself, you had to go outside and down (the slow elevators) to get some food.  The fitness room was decent.  There were 4-5 treadmills, some elipticals, and bikes.  Also some weight machines and dumbbells.  No bench.  Lots of towels and a water dispenser.  The locker room had steam rooms (didn't try).  There was a beach chair/towel check out in the lobby (free).  This was nice.  I grabbed a chair and proceeded to lounge on the beach.  The chairs were really easy to set up.  I'm not sure if this was there only because the pool area was closed or not...Service was good in general.  Everyone was friendly and helpful.
Value: I got the room for around $180 a night.  I thought this was a pretty good value for its location and size of the room.  ITs not a luxurious hotel by any standards.  

If you are looking for a luxury resort, this is not a JW Marriott.  But a great place for a family to stay in a great location.

19/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0