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Ramada Fort Lauderdale Airport/Cruise Port in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Ramada Fort Lauderdale Airport/Cruise Port in Fort Lauderdale, FL


Ramada offers meaningful relaxation - an affordable, welcoming, and restorative experience.  All Ramada hotels offer free WiFi, free in-room coffee and are a part of Wyndham Rewards loyalty program.

Ramada Limited Hotel:
Offering high-quality accommodations at value prices. Guests will enjoy free continental breakfast and swimming pools at most locations.

Ramada Hotel:
High-quality, attractive accommodations for the mid-market traveler. Amenities include swimming pools at most locations, on-site restaurants or a-la-carte food service, plus business services, meeting rooms and fitness facilities.

Ramada Plaza Hotel:
Taking the Ramada experience one step further in terms of service and style. Designed for today's most discerning travelers, these full-service hotels are conveniently located near city centers and/or airports. Most Ramada Plaza hotels offer on-site restaurants and lounges, conference and banquet facilities, a business center and fitness facilities.


Company Info:

Rating: 2.10

Address: 2275 State Rd. 84, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33312

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    Comments (31):

    1. Debbie S.
    Disgusting! The pictures on the website are definitely deceiving. The linen on the bedding was dirty and stained. I stripped the two beds to use the less disgusting to complete one set, the towels were thin, worn and dingy, the chairs were so soiled and disgusting I would not even sit on them. I checked in around 10:00 p.m. There was only 1 desk clerk and about 10 guests checking in at once, before I got checked in another airport shuttle arrived and more waiting. The hotel is aware of the number of incoming guests, why in the world would they only have one clerk checking people in? I took at least 40 minutes, standing in line to get checked in. The internet was unreliable, only able to connect in certain areas of the hotel, which WASN'T in the room. They have a bar with a very loud band that reverberated loudly until after 2:00 A.M. Perhaps, my fault, but I wasn't aware from the pictures this "inn" had all exterior entrances to rooms- As a woman who travels alone a lot I would knowing never book this kind of room for safety purposed.   I would certainly recommending staying anywhere but here!

    25/12/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. dan m.
    Well, I'm not a big reviewer, but y'all deserve to hear the truth.  The rooms here are fine.  The location is close to the airport and cruise departures.  There is even a free shuttle from the airport.  That's why they get 2 stars.  On service, however, I would give them negative stars.  We arrive at the airport and called on the courtesy phone for a shuttle pickup.  Nobody answered the line until my third attempt.  Then the desk at the front tried to do two things: 1) shift us from our desired restaurant to one they said was better; and 2) called for a shuttle and offered us a flat rate of $30 RT despite the fact that the restaurant was only 2 mi away.  Their shuttle arrived a little late and the driver went inside for like 5 minutes before returning.  He took us to the restaurant, bit then demanded $20 for the one way 4 minute ride.  We did not use him for the return.  Instead, the restaurant called Yellow Cab which returned us to the hotel for $8.  Do yourself a favor.  Just avoid the front desk and call Yellow Cab at 954-777-7777.  Seriously.  This place is corrupt when it comes to transport.

    05/01/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    3. Amanda R.
    I chose this hotel sight unseen b/c I wanted to spend around $100 and have connections from the hotel and the cruise lines.  I chose this hotel because it was a Ramada.  I am sleep deprived and starving as I write this.  My stay here has been in a word, dissappointing.

    I think the hotel was bult well.  It must have been nice in 1985.  No one has replaced any of the furnishings since then, and it shows.

    The room had a broken sink, moist carpet, an airconditiing unit loud as a prop plane.  The bed had an oily bedcover, lumpy cheap pillows, and the cover had been "easten away" underneath.  and it smelled, a lot.

    The guests came in 2 flavors, loud and obnoxious, and in transit.  

    The restaurant had the worst complimentary breakfast I have ever witnessed.

    I don't know you reader, but if you are one to notice details do not stay here.  The details will horrify you.

    27/06/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Elliot G.
    It was great to have a free breakfast, although the cost of it was really included in the price of the motel.  I could have gone to other places, but I wanted to go to a hotel that picked you up from the airport, took you to the cruise terminal, and gave you a free breakfast.  Honestly, to charge $3 extra for eggs...come on now!!!  What was that?  Why are you nickeling and diming when you charge a price that was more than most hotels in Ft. Lauderdale in your quality level?  The pick-up at the airport was a bit slow.  We waited a full hour after we were told that we would be picked up to be taken to the cruise terminal.  That service was completely horrible.  It's not like there were others on the bus even.  How about trying to be on time.  For us to wait a full hour, that meant that we had to stay in line longer when we got to the cruise terminal.  What a way to start off a nice cruise, eh?

    By the way, we paid about $154 or so.  There were more inexpensive hotels of better quality by the beach.  Had we stayed at those places and paid for the taxis, it would have come out around the same price.

    26/01/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. Mac O.
    STAY AWAY FROM RED CARPET INN. The abundance of negative reviews were placed not only to vent but to rightfully warn others. Some ppl may get lucky and come off relatively unscathed, but why would you want to take a chance on your vacation/business trip beng ruined and also give such a bad experience to your companions.

    Unfortunately for me, I got this Hotwire hotel for $70 ($83.85 total) classified as a two star hotel. The room that we got was run down (infested with green mold, cracks between the door and the walls/floors creating draft and noise issues, broken alarm clock, spider webs, poor paint condition, etc), noisy as it was next to the pool making it difficult to sleep, and worst of all the service was atrocious. The one positive aspect was that it is close to the airport and cruiseline port, but there are many better options in this area.

    When I politely complained about the room and requested another room, the receptionist lady at the front desk rudely informed me that I would not be able to get another room if I had used my current one. I honestly replied that I used it as I tried to sleep but the noise from the pool area did not allow me to enter a sleeping state (please note that my primarily complaint was not being able to sleep). Therefore she concluded that since I used the room and it would cost money to clean that room, I would not be able to get another room. Therefore, I felt that I needed to add the other faults of the room that led me to be dissatisfied (I just wanted to sleep in a quiet room and because I was so tired I didn't have as much energy initially to thoroughly complain about the other issues listed above). She kept her no-way-that-the-customer-is-right stance. Since conversing with her was not fruitful, I asked her to speak with the manager. She got mad at me and told me that the manager would say the same thing (that part ended up being true). Then, she proceeded to call the manager, right in front of my face, and complain about me and how I was making up all these issues because I just wanted to switch rooms. The reality was that all of my complaints were valid and I did want to switch room because I just wanted a quieter room to sleep. The manager did not believe my complaints and began an investigation of my room to verify my complaints. Sure enough, he saw all of the points that I mentioned but stated that all of those issues would be taken care of by an engineer that he would send to my room at a later point. I was dissatisfied with this response because I was only there for a day and did not believe that all of the remodeling work could be done before the end of the day and definitely did not see how could he could "fix" all the noise from the pool and control the partygoers and kids that were there. He also added the lame excuse that all of the rooms were booked so he could not bring me in another room. This was an obvious, blatant fabrication as there were many rooms still being cleaned as it was early afternoon and many rooms were open (even later that evening, five rooms were open from the 1st floor of my section alone: I only inspected 1/24th of the entire inn so I'm sure there were a lot more vacant). Despite his  fully-reserved-inn excuse, I just simply pointed out that most of the rooms were not taken at the time and he could easily place me in another room and clean my room to give to another customer later that day. Then , he made an ultimatum that I should either keep the room or I can leave and not get my money back because I had used the room (albeit for only three hours). I kept my ground and pleaded for better customer service (any other hotel manager would likely have found it easier to apply good customer relations principles and give me a new room).  After 1.5 hours of this while I was tired and fed up with being treated this horribly, which is worse than what I expected from a two-star hotel, he finally agreed to give me a new room.

    Although I was able to maintain a calm, polite composure through this, this experience left a bitter taste in my mouth and began my vacation to a horrible start. I wish I would have paid another twenty or more bucks for a better two-star hotel or possibly three star hotel. I've never been to a hotel that lacked hospitality, public relations sense, and just plain relational IQ so much.

    Also, their restaurant named Diane has just as horrible customer service and literally left a bitter taste in my mouth. I'll inform ppl about that restaurant next.

    06/01/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    6. David B.
    Not a good experience here. The price was reasonable, but that's about the only positive thing I can say.  

    I came to check in at 12:30 AM, and there was one party ahead of me. The night clerk was having a tough time with their check in, and I had to wait 15 minutes to get checked in. 15 minutes may not be very long to wait at peak time, when there are many people ahead of you, but it feels like an eternity when you're exhausted after midnight.

    My room was furnished with old furniture in various stages of disrepair. One set of outlets did not work. The room was very damp. Noise from the parking lot and the air conditioning unit was constant. The shower head was positioned way too low, so I had to crouch to get fully under it.

    The free breakfast was mediocre, and the coffee was not very good.

    The whole place was shabby and run down. The room was neat, but I couldn't avoid the feeling that the carpet, bedspread and countertop were "unwholesome."

    I'd only stay there again if I were desperate for an inexpensive place close to the airport.

    10/02/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    7. Mitch L.
    I just checked in and I am impressed so far. I will do an exit review when I check out. This is a motel not a hotel and all the rooms are exterior. Luckily for me mine is right by the pool!!!!  Clean and spacious lobby and the poolside area is very tropical with a Tiki bar I will  have to check out. The room is nice and quite cool!!! I am very comfortable. I had a problem logging on to the Wifi but the clerk cleared that up for me quickly.. The room is very clean and even has a couple of free Cokes which I thought was nice. Well I finished my stay here and was very pleased. I have nothing negative to report and I am changing to five starts as this was a great hotel!!!!!!!!!!

    29/05/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    8. Dee W.
    For just $10 more a night, the Ramada is definitely an upgrade from Red Carpet Inn across the street.  We got a room here for only $51 a night off of hotwire.com and not only did it include free airport shuttle (starting as early as 5am) but a complimentary breakfast, as well.

    They also have free wifi and the room was comfortable.  Service was really great here - not only did they call about half an hour after we settled in to check up on us but they also did a personal wake-up call, too.

    They have a restaurant, bar, and grill attached to the hotel which was pretty decent.  Overall, comfortable, great service and at a reasonable price.

    13/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    9. Kyle S.
    A total dump. Awful rooms, bad food, minimums on credit cards to buy anything, and every part of the hotel looks decades old. The fitness center resembles a museum of dated gym equipment. Also in the middle of a seemingly industrial corridor, so nowhere to run if you don't have a car.

    05/12/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    10. Amanda C.
    Just Eh. Got off a cruise at Port Everglades and called for a shuttle to spend the night before flying out.  Was told 30-35 minutes, it took 55.  Driver was unapologetic, frantic, and rude, but we were tired and just glad to be en route.  Front-desk staff was awesome and super helpful and friendly, but we realized they were probably just compensating for the dumpy rooms. Don't let the nice shiny lobby fool you, folks.  They didn't spend any money on the rooms - that's for sure.

    The pool area seemed popular although we didn't visit it.  The "local shuttle service" was an outside company that wouldn't take you anywhere unless you paid dearly.  After the rep unsuccessfully tried to sell us $50 in tickets to the Hard Rock, he caved and told us about one of the few restaurants we could walk to for free.  (PS Rendesvous on the marina is great, check it out!)

    The "complimentary breakfast" was slim pickin's - bread items, some spreads, Frosted Flakes, and orange slices pretty much covers it.  We were greeted for breakfast with a "Good morning, if you want meat or eggs, it's $5," which almost made me feel duped since the hotel advertises complimentary breakfasts.  Anywho, we ate the free stuff and went back to Rendesvous for lunch afterward, where we ate three of the four meals during our stay. I suppose we got what we paid for, though, and the hotel is convenient to the port and marina, so there's the bright side.  Just Eh.

    21/02/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    11. Raghuraman K.
    Decent and economic place to stay near Ft Lauderdale Airport.
    Food at Sea n Sand restaurant was good.

    14/02/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    12. Jennifer M.
    This place was awful and if I could give it 0 stars I would.  We stayed here the night before we went on a cruise.  The location was very close to the port; however, I would have rather stayed down the road for a better experience.  The facilities were disgusting and dirty.  We arrived late and our key cards didn't work we proceeded back to the front office (quite a long walk from where are room was) and I was dumbfounded when the girl at the front desk proceeded to tell us we didn't know how to open doors.  We went ALL THE WAY back to our room, and the key still didn't work (this was now an HOUR and a half ordeal).

    I have other terrible stories about the 15 hours I was at this hotel it was full of terrible mean customer service.   All I have to say is, STAY SOMEWHERE ELSE.

    23/04/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    13. Victoria T.
    I'm a bit of a princess about where I lay my head.

    In my heart I know that there really isn't a major difference between the goings on in the rooms of the Hilton or the Sheraton or Holiday Inn or Rodeway Inn.

    People rent the rooms and either sleep and shower in them or they rent the rooms and get freaky, get drunk, sleep, and shower in them.

    I suppose I could see the same hoof patterns with a black light in any room in any hotel in any city.

    That being said, I actually found this budget motel to be reasonably pleasant.  It was mostly because of the staff.

    The desk clerk who hooked me up with the airport shuttle was very pleasant and very considerate regarding instructions to meet the shuttle.

    The shuttle driver was pleasant and helpful. He was also cool enough to crank up the Bee Gees on the radio. \o/

    Check in was quick and easy. The desk clerk made sure to get me booked for the shuttle in the morning, gave me tickets for the breakfast buffet, and gave me directions regarding the train.

    The room was a standard issue motel room and came with free wi-fi. It was clean and tidy and stocked with citrusy soap.

    It rained the entire time I was there so I didn't get to try out the pool or the tiki bar. The restaurant was crowded my first night there so I ordered a burger from room service. It took 30 minutes to get there and was rather inedible.

    The breakfast buffet was awful. The eggs were both dry and runny. (Please don't ask me how they managed that. I'm still puzzling over it.) The sausages were cold and the coffee was weak.

    The second night I walked down the road to The Rendezvous (review to come) for dinner and was finally able to get a decent meal.

    Check out was just as quick as check in. The business center was equipped with a broken printer so the desk staff let me pop into an office in the back to print a boarding pass. \o/

    I was again shuttled off to the airport by a pleasant driver with an easy banter.

    Overall, I'd have to say that I'd likely stay here if I needed to be in Fort Lauderdale again. And the price was right. I booked on priceline.com and paid about $140 for two nights (taxes and fees included).

    06/03/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    14. kelly t.
    Place sucks, the elevator is slow, service sucks, and the food sucks...... They gave us complimentary meals for our stay, and we've used it once. Not the best place to stay.

    Once you walk in, you can feel the Run-down ambiance of the place. It's old, and the paint is already fading away. If you're looking for cheap stay, this is the place to be. Unfortunately compared to other motels around that area, its not cheap and we were forced to stay b/c of it's vacancy.

    04/01/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    15. Fran H.
    This hotel really brings me back. To the 80s.

    22/03/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    16. Teri C.
    Looking for an inexpensive place to rest our heads before boarding our cruise ship, I turned to TripAdvisor for a hotel suggestion.  With lots of decent reviews for this place, it pretty much cemented our decision to stay here.

    Most, if not all, their guests are either headed on a cruise or returning from one.  There really isn't much else in the area, and walking around isn't really recommended, especially at night.

    Upon arriving, we called the hotel to arrange for the free airport pickup.  The girl who answered gave us good directions on where to meet the shuttle van.  (It helps if you're calling from a cell phone since you can keep them on the line until you find your pick up spot.)  

    Ramada Inn is relatively close to the airport, and you'll get the pretty quick.  Check in was a breeze.  Michele, a trainee at the front desk, was super nice and helpful.  We put our name down for the shuttle to the port the next morning and she automatically arranged a late check out for us.  We also let the staff know that we were expecting some delayed luggage and they put a notice down for whoever was coming on the night shift.

    Rooms are motel standards with a queen bed and the regular stuff.  The air conditioning unit is the old kind, so the room can get chilly quickly.  Our toilet was leaking, but nothing to keep us up at night.  The drainage in the shower could use some help though, so hopefully they'll take care of that room soon.  We were on the second floor and they don't have elevators.  So, hopefully you're fit enough to lug the luggage upstairs, or you should request a first floor room when you book.

    There's a free breakfast buffet available from 6 am to 10 am that I didn't bother with, but the BF took a peek.  They also had music and dancing the Saturday night we arrived, but we didn't get a chance to check it out upstairs either.

    The free shuttle to the port is effortless too.  They put your suitcase in and you're on your way.

    Overall, they make it pretty convenient for pre and post cruising options.  You save money on the cabs from the airport and to the cruise port.  They do have a restaurant onsite, but nothing really within walking distance.  (We wanted to hit up a store before the cruise, but the front desk didn't really recommend us walking around late at night.  She said it was best to take a cab.)    

    We paid about $76.50 plus tax with the Entertainment card.

    12/06/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    17. Jesper G.
    Stayed one night at the hotel with my family before we moved on south to Key West. After driving around in US for three weeks this has so far been the worst hotel we have stayed in. Everything smelled bad, it was wet on the carpet inside the room, service was very poor, cats were running around in the pool area, wifi only works with laptops (not smartphones or tablets) and I could continue.

    I would not recoment this place to anyone eventhough it is cheap it is not worth the money!! - FIND SOMEWHERE ELSE TO STAY !!!

    12/07/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    18. Sara A.
    We checked out the motel 6 but it was gross. The ramada was much cleaner n the pool is great! But don't get tricked into buying any food from the restaurant, the free drink won't make up for the horrendous meal!!  And the $5 breakfast upgrade was also a waste and a disappointment.  Wifi is weak in all 4 accounts.  Just go to swim n sleep and you will be happy.

    11/07/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    19. Sonia M.
    I've stayed in some questionable "hotels" and inns before, and so comparatively, this one is fine. It's not supposed to be fancy- it's a Ramada, after all, so I did not have high expectations. We needed a hotel that was close to the airport, and had a 5am shuttle to the airport, and Ramada Inn offered both those things.

    The hotel is dated, it's not fancy, but it has all the standard amenities, including a  free breakfast. I can't comment on the breakfast, though, because we didn't have any. The front staff was nice enough, and even let us use their printer in their office when we asked to print our airline tickets.

    Bottom line: If you're looking for a nice hotel in which to relax during your stay in the Ft. Lauderdale area, you'll probably want to look elsewhere. But, if you just need a place to stay for the night, the inn will work just fine.

    08/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    20. Aaron Jae M.
    Quite good for the price. Stayed here for an afternoon while I had a long layover at the nearby hollywood airport. The beds and pillows were quite comfy and the people at the front desk were very nice and helpful.

    24/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    21. Ronn C.
    I'm not sure how to review this property. Is this Ramada a dive trying to be an upper echelon hotel, or is it a premium facility sliding into mediocrity?

    There are several paradoxes throughout the facility; for example, the pool and court yard are very nice, but the old indoor/outdoor carpeting, along the breezeways, are old and warn out in need of repair or replacement.

    This Ramada does offer a free shuttle that runs a decent schedule to/from the airport on a reliable schedule. It also offers shuttle service to a local shopping plaza and to the cruise line ports.

    Some nice features of this hotel are the on site restaurant and bar, a free breakfast with a reasonable priced upgrade for a full meal (about $5), and a large in-room safety deposit box; it could easily hold a large laptop, purse, or medium sized backpack (this was very handy).

    I would stay here again.

    28/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    22. Michael F.
    This place is a disaster.  Money has not been put back into this place since 1983.  This is where old furniture goes to die.  The food for breakfast was disgusting.  The shower was either hot or cold.  The only thing interesting here was the tropical plants in the courtyard.  The place was cheap, and full of people waiting for their cruise ships.

    03/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    23. Priscilla Y.
    This place is pretty run down.  However, if you're just staying one night, it's ok.  It's very close to the airport and cruise ship terminals, and they offer a free shuttle to either.  If I had paid more than $70 for this place it would have been one star for sure.  But bc of the price per night, and plus I didn't get bit by bed bugs or see any roaches (which I totally thought I would), this place is a solid two stars.

    The lobby is ok looking, but the rooms seem like they haven't been updated in decades.  The edges on the mirrors are losing the silver in the back, the carpets are dirty looking, the carpets outside in the hall ways are pretty much shredded, the lampshades inside were tattered.  There's no fan in the bathroom, and the vanity area is separated from the bedroom area with a shower curtain.  Nice touch.  But you do get free extremely slow Wi Fi!  You do get five pillows on the bed, but the mattress was not very comfortable.  If you're sharing the bed, and if your partner moves or flips over, it feels like an earthquake.

    There is a tiny pool and a tiki hut bar thingy in the courtyard.  There's elevators too but they are so slow going up just one floor that you're probably better off taking the stairs.  I think this place would have been decent in the 70s.

    They include a continental breakfast but it's all carbs.  If you want protein it's $5 per person.  At night there is nothing really to eat around there if you don't want to eat at their restaurant.  There aren't even any pizza places that deliver to that area! However, there is a sports bar called The Reef that is across the highway (it is within walking distance) that's connected to the Rodeway Inns and Suites.  Review for that coming up.

    13/03/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    24. Sara Jane T.
    We stayed in this Ramada on a Friday night in early march, before heading to a tropical vacation in the Bahamas. Admittedly, we chose this place by price, but also believing that Ramada was a decent place. Upon registering in the lobby you'd have thought it was a lovely motel.  Walking to our room was like walking into a time warp.  The room was creepy. It smelled like an air freshener was covering up some foul odor. It felt like a cheap motel from the '70s.

    08/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    25. Suzanne S.
    It was horrible. It took 6 hours to check-in.  Not an apology, or even an offer of water. When we finally checked in, the room reeked of smoke.  They gave us another room, and it was so dingy that I used shower sandles and left socks on, and used a blanket that we brought with us.  We saw the low rating, but figured that being a Ramada that it couldn''t be that bad.  It was.  Trust me.  Spend the extra money to stay elsewhere.

    14/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    26. Caz O.
    They must have done some updating since some of these reviews and photos were taken. Our room was much more updated than the photos. As there was NO yucky comforter in our room, just fresh sheets, a light blanket and the throw at the foot of the bed! Everything inside and out looked like it had been freshly painted. The rooms didn't smell smoky or musty and the A/C unit worked great! And the area by the bathroom where the sink is had a curtain, which was also very nice as we were staying with my sister and her husband. So we didn't have to change in the tiny bathroom/tub part of the bathroom. And for you gamers, our room had a Game Cube! haha

    For the price, I think this place was great (as long as you're not high maintenence and expecting the Ritz Carleton) and you get more than what you pay for here as our one night stay also included shuttle from the airport AND shuttle service to the port where our cruise left. It also has a very nice garden-like area in the center by the pool which was very pretty and looked like it had been well taken care of. The pool was also very nice and maintained. We were however, a little disappointed that the tiki bar was closed on our stay.

    We had dinner at the restaurant and ordered sandwiches off the pub menu. The service was a little slow, but the food was decent, and it saved us from having to pay for a cab to go out and find something which probably would have been fast food. They also offer a breakfast buffet to guests for $5, which included made to order eggs, bacon, sausage etc. Or the Continental breakfast was free, which had a few varieties of cereal, orange juice, milk, toast, muffins, bagels and some cookies.

    21/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    27. Mark Z.
    2/5, 3/10
    First of all, the "Free WiFi" does not work at all. My friends and I all tried it, it just freezes up. Secondly, the Fitness Room was locked. They said you could go in anytime, but that was a huge lie. The rooms were actually ok though, nice and clean.

    26/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    28. Kathy C.
    While the location is handy to the airport and cruise port, it's become very run down and feels pretty sketchy! Would not recommend can't even get the door to open on demand with the key card.

    19/11/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    29. Lisa C.
    Like many others, we chose to stay here for one night since we would be arriving close to midnight and be leaving by 11am. Prior to booking this, TripAdvisor gave this a 3 stars out of 979 reviews. I didn't expect much from it. Just wanted a clean bed to sleep for the night.

    And now here I am writing this review from the "hotel" room because of the darn AC unit. It is so loud that I can't even sleep. It just goes on and off in intervals. I even made my very first Yelp video just so that people can get get a slight idea of how loud this thing is (and honestly the audio from the video does not even do it justice of how obnoxious  the noise is). The AC has to stay on not necessarily because it is hot, but because the room is so stuffy if the AC was off. And it doesn't matter if you adjust the unit to low, medium, high... they are all just as equally loud.

    And honestly this property should be more of a motel than a hotel. We paid $128 for one night for 3 people. Upon arrival there was a $25 "resort fee" (which I knew prior to booking). However this property is definitely NOT a resort. Just think of it as the $25 going towards the use of their WiFi and shuttle ride to the port.

    Yes breakfast is included. But this is the saddest breakfast I have ever seen from any place I stayed at. Your choice are bagels, breads, cereal, and self made waffles. As for your liquids, you have coffee, juice (cocktail), and milk. If you want any sort of protein, which are eggs and bacon, you have to pay $5 extra. That was a first for me as well. I have never seen a place charge extra for the the protein for a breakfast that was included!

    As for the room: lumpy double bed and just your basics. Don't expect the sleep to be good either. And if the AC unit wasn't loud enough, there is the train... And if you're like me who likes a dark room, don't expect one here. The curtain, even when fully drawn, just lets the sunlight in.

    -free shuttle from airport to the Ramada (last shuttle 12:30am)
    -free shuttle to the cruise port

    Those are the only 2 good things I can say about this place. And even that will not bring me back here again. This is my first and probably last time staying at a Ramada property.

    Would I recommend this place?  Yes... for the show "Hotel Impossible."

    02/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    30. Lisa G.
    This "hotel" only gets one star bc of the free shuttle, which we had to wait over 40 minutes for. Once at the hotel it took about 5 hours before our room was ready....and the waiting area was a completely crowded mess. so i decided to have a drink in their "restuarant", which was small, but fine, but had only ONE person running it. while the lady was super nice, im from nyc where one wait person can service multiple people in a timely fashion. i stood at the bar literally over 10 minutes, along with many others, without even being acknowledged. so i walked away and came back. after another 10 minutes another server acknolwedged me, i asked for a cosmo and she look at me like i asked for the moon. so i said forget it. i dont want anything. the hotel is super run down like they havent put any money into in in the last 30 years or so but the room was decent, bed was super comfy
    the wifi was HORRIBLE! Super slow.

    however....the overall look of it was pretty scary and the walls are super thin. ugh...only stayed 2 nights but ugh, never again.

    29/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    31. April R.
    Okay for quick overnight stay. Beds were okay. Bathroom wasn't the cleanest. Walls are thin do you can hear everything in the next room.

    14/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0