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Sonesta Fort Lauderdale Beach in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Sonesta Fort Lauderdale Beach in Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.38

Address: 999 N. Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33304

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    Comments (104):

    1. L K.
    I've been to a lot of great hotels in my day and I do anything I can to stay away from the blah and expected Hyatts and Hiltons. With that said, I was very happy with the B Ocean Hotel. Actually, I'm still in the middle of my stay and wanted to make sure I remembered to get the word out.
    It's clean, modern, comfortable, accommodating, and an absolute great location. Every room is a beach view. When I got there, they immediately upgraded me and gave me two comped drink tickets. The pool area was great and I was so appreciative of how nice the staff was, and that there were none of those crazy strict rules about pool and alcohol times. I was in the pool 'til almost midnight, just enjoying the palms, breeze, lights, cabanas and beer in my hand. You can't really get that anywhere else. It was really reasonable (on hotels.com ) and FREE internet. And did I mention it's literally across the street from the beach?

    27/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. Franklin H.
    Really a 2 and 1/2 experience.  Room is very nice, clean and modern.  Front desk personnel was good to average... some were more enthusiastic and professional than others   Great location on the quieter section of Fort Laderdale Beach, walking distance to Water Taxi, Mall, places to eat, and beach right across the street.  Great view from room to beach.  Negative has to do with service, or the lack thereof.  When I found out that rooms should have a stuffed turtle in it (there wasn't one in our room) multiple requests were made for one... they say they would send one right up but that never showed up.  The turtle appears to be their mascot and it would have been nice to have one for the duration of our stay there (3 nights),  Thought about just buying one in the gift shop section in the cafe for $30 but who wants a constant reminder of bad service?  Door slams are loud in the hallway... sound travels in this place.  I think the place has potential but they need to work on customer service.   Some of the staff can use some training.  They do have others on staff that seems to know what they are doing and hopefully can impart their good attitude upon others.

    07/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    3. Marc W.
    Just came back from this pretentious 2 star (at most) hotel with a feeling of a wasted beautiful weekend that I spent in this dump. Where do I start... Yes, the rooms are nice and clean and have a good view of the ocean. But this is where the good ends.
    Service is so bad in this place, the waiters are rude and incompetent. Never heard "thank you" or "you are welcome".
    While the food in Quench was good, waiting for it for over half an hour (to the point that we almost canceled our order) was really annoying. It wouldn't be so bad if the waiter acknowledged us at least once. But not a word. After all he brought just one dish, no napkins, no utensils and disappeared again. 15 min later he brought the rest.

    At breakfast buffet you can have a pile of dirty plates in front of you, they will not clean it up. Forget about getting a coffee refill. My husband asked for more coffee, the waitress poured it in his cup and left. I had a bit left in my cup and it didn't even occur to her to ask me if I wanted more. We called her again and asked for coffee for me, she gave me a dirty look and poured half a cup and left.... Umm, excuse me? Did I bother you by asking you to do your job?
    No coffee maker in the room. The most annoying thing is they don't refill toiletries. I got into the shower and discovered there was no shampoo or conditioner or body wash. I get out, call the desk to bring me more. Wait an hour, nobody bothered to show up. I call again! Only then someone brought me some.
    No robe either. It turned out you have to request one. It's ok, I understand they are trying to be green and all that. But they should ask at check in if they would like a robe to be delivered to the room. Because when you get out of the shower and start looking for one and not finding it and then you read the fine print that you have to request one! It's frustrating.
    They did overcharged us at the bar (they charged the tip twice), which didn't surprise me at this penny-pinching place.
    The most annoying was when I actually complained about our stay at the front desk the person was completely not interested in any of our comments. Relax, I didn't want a refund, but don't you want to have a feedback to make experience better? I guess not.
    They said their competitor is the Westin Resort a bit further up. I am rolling on the floor laughing. Go to the Westin or any 4 star resort and please learn what customer service is about! Good luck.

    05/09/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Andrew M.
    Had a great experience here the first time I came but my recent visit they did not give me the same too bad they don't pay attention of  what was requested . I booked in advance and asked to be 9 th floor or higher and was put in an 8 th floor room that was nice but not as requested as it is my wifes b- day I would have liked to have had the rooms that are better being the ninth and tenth floor the room was not cleaned to are expectations too bad they neglected to keep there standards where expected as this would give them the fith star there lacking ! I was informed of a $1.00 stay on your birthday if available but not given that deal my birthday was in april and we stayed there then but never was informed about this deal so both times not given that opportunity. I tried ordering late night room service and was informed that they ran out of food ! The manager was nice and the staff also but was dissapointed about the stay if you intend on staying here check with the manager Omar Johnson for any deals he may be able to help .We like to stay here as we have friends who own buisnesses in the neiborhood but will ask for all deals as they dont devulge these.

    16/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    5. Amanda M.
    Amazing views of the beach!!! Very polite and helpful staff. I will stay here next time I'm in the area. Rooms are clean with a waterfall shower. Good location and offered discounts the day of booking!

    09/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Sunny M.
    The contemporary room decor and  "stunning" ocean view from the 10th floor was what made this hotel worth my stay.  The overall hotel facility is good, given a small yet functional pool area with bar and two onsite restaurants attached to it.  From an amenities perspective, I'll give it a 4/5, with heavy weight being given for the room's beach view.  The bar facility at the pool is a nice to have, although the drink selection is limited.

    Now, from a service perspective, I'll give the facility a 3/5.  A couple of front desk personnel were extremely courteous and friendly while a couple of others clearly needed a lesson in hotel/customer service management!  I won't go into detail but I did encounter a couple of issues which had to be addressed by escalating to the manager on duty which in my book is a no-no for a hotel that classifies itself as a 4-star establishment.)

    There is a great pizza place, ice cream parlor, and a couple of affordable sandwich shops right around the block from the hotel which make the hotel's location favorable for families as well.  Also, access to the beach is directly across the street from the hotel.

    Given the experience, I would definitely stay here again if I find myself back in the area BUT ONLY if the hotel's customer service ratings improve.  If you look at Trip Adviser or Hotels.com customer reviews of this hotel, you will see a common thread of criticism in this department.

    25/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    7. Brian L.
    Highly recommended hotel, fantastic staff, like staying at the Standard or W, but without all the pretentious attitude the guests and even staff seem to always have in those establishments, great food, great rooms, will definitely return.

    16/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    8. Laura D.
    My stay was good and bad. My flight was really early so I didn't sleep the night before. I called the hotel two days before and the day before to request early check-in since check-in is usually at 4pm. They said it shouldn't be a problem.

    When I arrived on a Sunday around 9:45am there were many people checking out. When I got to the front desk I was informed in a really nasty way that check-in is at 4pm and even though I called they would write my name down and I may be able to get a room later but not soon. I asked if I should call back and received a long explanation regarding how busy he was checking people out. Calm down man I just asked a question. I finally was told to call back later since he may forget. They do hold your bags if you can't check in and you can use the facilities while you wait or go across the street to the beach.

    I decided to go to the gym even though I was soo tired and just wanted to take a nap. Four treadmills, an "elliptical like machine" a bike and a small bio-flex all in one gym type machine is the ENTIRE gym. I went to the elliptical first, it make a terrible noise, was uncomfortable and worked terribly. I went on the bike for 40 minutes and saw a man try to use the "elliptical machine" as well and he had the same problem as I did and after a few minutes of trying, left defeated, same as me.

    I went to the pool for a while and even the beach. I called at 12pm and was told no room was available. Around 1pm I asked if there was a first come first serve policy because I saw many people come and go. To this I was informed, "NO, if someone comes up to the desk and a room is available they get it, right then and there". This was unfair and frustrating as I was at that point as already waiting for over 3 hours. After 4 hours of waiting I called again, was informed nothing was available in the room type I had a "Chic King".

    I called the manager, Steven. Steven was AMAZING with a capital A. He got me a room right away and it was even an upgrade since my room type was actually not available. Steven even said there IS a first come first serve policy which made me VERY happy to hear. This is when my experience went from terrible and rude front desk staff to GREAT. The room was beautiful very modern and exactly like the pictures on their website. Floor to ceiling windows and a beautiful view of the ocean. JUST PERFECT.

    A few minor blips. Check your basket of snacks that are $5.00 each when you arrive. Some vitamin or energy drink thing was empty and opened. I noticed this a few days into my stay when I actually wanted to have a snack. Joke was on me when I started eating and found that it tasted funny so I looked at the expiration date and 5/17/2011 almost 3 months expired GROSS. I went to the front desk to explain and they were very quick to ensure I didn't get charged for either snack. Lucky me it wasn't the two rude individuals that I tried to check-in with on Sunday.

    Overall a good location and good place to go if you aren't coming for the amenities as the pool and gym are small and nothing special. Rooms are beautiful, modern and clean with amazing views. Everything considered, I'd go back.

    02/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    9. Michael B.
    Booked B Ocean last minute through Hotwire.
    Valet is the only option and is $25/day - that is ok (I usually also tip, but the valets dont appear to be motivated for tips - no holding the door for the wife, no offer to help with bags, etc).
    Lobby was kind of cool - seemed quite modern.
    Got a room on the 12th floor - double beds (would have preferred king).  Best thing about this hotel, by far, is the view of the ocean.  Looks like all rooms have a decent view of the ocean right accross the road.  But the room was gross!  Beds seemed to be the only island of clean in the entire place.  Mystery splashes of an unknown fluid (old blood?  soda?) on the bathroom walls and side of sink, thick layers of dust on fan housings and thermostat, dilapidated shower and bathroom tiles, and banged up furniture.  Had to call down for more hangers (4 hangers?), and the in-room safe ran out of batteries on the 2nd day.  AC kept it cool... that was a plus.
    Now the walls: rice-paper thin!  If you are staying on spring break - dont expect to be able to sleep until after 2am!  From the noise in the adjoining rooms (you can literally hear every word of even normal conversations through the walls) - to the party in the penthouse - a quiet stay is out of the question!
    And what hotel doesn't have a postage stamp to sell you?  Front desk girl told us to walk a block to 7-Eleven for a stamp because "HR is closed on the weekend".  (7-Eleven didn't sell stamps either, btw).
    Needless to say, we ended up checking out and heading over to the Hilton as soon as they had an open room - even though we pre-paid for the entire stay (through Hotwire) at B Ocean.

    10/03/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    10. Brenda S.
    This is a middle of the road decent hotel.  It was clean other than the grimey shower, which was my only complaint about the room.  It's in an area of Ft. Lauderdale that has a lot of homeless people, and they hang out and sleep on the beach.  They weren't any trouble, but it's noticeable.  It's surrounded by a few bars and restaurants, all were decent and fun people watching.

    Don't be fooled by the pictures on their website, the hotel is not as luxurious as they make it seem and it's not actually ON the beach, it's across the street (very short walk) from the beach.

    The pool area and bar are great.  Really good strawberry daquiries and comfortable chairs.

    Not sure I would stay there again, only because of the surrounding area.  The hotel itself was nice enough to stay again.

    22/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    11. Kim G.
    Got my booking for Ocean B on Hotwire. They rated it 4 stars but as you my rating differs significantly. Ocean B is trying to be a 3 star at best but they need to understand that service in the higher end hotels is what sets them apart. I am not a snob but expect good service if I'm paying a hefty rate (even on Hotwire).  We arrived late on a Thursday night for a 3 night stay and got a room with a gorgeous view of the ocean on the 12 th floor so we were excited for our stay.  The room was nicely redone - a refurbished Holiday Inn I think. The problem is the infrastructure of the hotel is old - thin walls, no amenities like coffee pot or refrigerator and very loud AC. Our first day there we slept in a bit and left the room around 11 to head to the beach. When we returned in late afternoon around 3 our room wasn't made up even though we hung the door tag reminding them we needed housekeeping. Strike 1. I called the front desk and asked that them come after we showered but requested towels right away. They never came with towels - Strike 2 - so I found the housekeeping cart in the hall and helped myself.  Valet was mandatory for $25 a night which was pricey but even worse that they were very disorganized and took a long time to get your car,  if you're going to charge $25 the least you can do is hire a few more kids for $5 an hour to provide decent service.  Strike 3 for me. On a positive note food in their bistro for lunch was very good.  Nice sandwiches and salads but again service was less than optimal. Our checkout sent me over the edge. We left on Sunday morning and they evidently had a bus of cruise passengers leaving as well. It was all out chaos trying to get your car because all the valet kids were busy hauling luggage to the bus. Again - if you know you have lots of traffic - bring in more help.  Unfortunately as we waited endlessly for our car a young child started getting sick and throwing up all over in front of the front door. I quickly went inside to alert the front desk they needed to get housekeeping immediately and it took them 15 mins for someone to come and throw a towel over the mess. I realize this was unavoidable but with all the chaos their response was unacceptable.

    Save your money and go to a Days Inn for similar levels of service. Ocean B needs to improve their game if they expect to play in the higher end hotel market. Next time I will stick with the hotels in Hollywood on Hotwire where I got the Westin Diplomat for $99 a night which was a steal for excellent service.

    07/03/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    12. Mary B.
    I found this place on Priceline. Check in was easy and friendly. Our room had an amazing view of the beach, quality decor and bedding, and a stylish vibe throughout. Valet parking is the only ($25.00) option I could find but they were super quick and very nice guys.

    07/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    13. Kaila J.
    I stayed here during a work trip and loved the look of the hotel. This hotel is not far from Las Olas area. Great location across from the beach and beach shops near by. Clean rooms. Valet is $25 a night and is your only option. Two restaurants on site but there pricey. Cheap local eats right around the corner.

    09/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    14. Amber W.
    Aesthetically it is a beautiful place. The restaurant has only been open a month so I'm sure it will find it's groove but our experience wasn't great. We ordered a bottle of Veuve for $84 which is a great price for a resturant! We also attempted to order some sushi, a roll, maguro sashimi and the scallop/crab meat appetizer.

    We ordered at 10, it took  nearly a half hour just to get the edamame. Finally the app came, small in size, only three per plate but it was delicious. Literally melt in your mouth. By 11:30 we still hadn't been served the roll or sashimi. Although the table behind us which came in after us kept getting served their sushi?? By this point we cancelled out order. They gave an excuse that a large party cleared them out of rice buy i was confused b/c there is no rice in sashimi and it took an hour and a half to be served?! The manager gave us a small bottle of bubbly saki as an apology. Lame. Overall it wasn't a great experience and we all left frustrated.

    10/04/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    15. Jim S.
    Great place right on the beach.

    01/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    16. Anony M.
    great location. lots of food and alcohol nearby.
    across from the beach.
    i'm pretty sure all the rooms have ocean views.

    15/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    17. Joe M.
    Little further up the beach, but not too far.  Hotel feels brand new, room was very nice and there is a bunch of fun stuff surrounding the hotel - beach shops, bars, cafes.  Would definitley go back

    21/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    18. Khoi T.
    Place has nice beds, down pillows and blankets. Sheets are 400 tread count. The front staff are really nice and attentive. The bad: the universal gym was broken , tread mill makes a lot of noise so you better have head phones. During check out our car attendant left us once I tipped him, so we had to load our own bags.

    17/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    19. Dennis J.
    Pretentious, wanna-be trendy, with an OUTRAGEOUS and mandatory $25 daily parking fee.  fortunately, I scored a low room rate on Priceline, but the parking fee went a long way to diminish the bargain.  

    The property is new-ish and cute, but not all that.  It would be good for a vacation experience, but I was on a business trip.  Great views of the ocean but no balconies and the windows don't even open...the great view could have been a photograph on the wall of a cheap motel in West Virginia.

    Food cosmically priced, but there are a number of nearby bars and bistros, so was able to avoid being gouged too badly.

    I really wasn't impressed.

    01/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    20. Cas B.
    PLEASE READ THE UPDATE AT THE END!!!! Here for the boat show this weekend and the hurricane is reeking havoc. The streets keep flooding and bridges are closed as well as main roads.  That is no fault of the hotel, I know, but an email with a heads up with ways to get there would have been nice. Instead it took us 3 hours to get on, off, almost back on, off then on the island again.  The valet was very nice and apologetic about having to bring us in through the alley or what he called "the back way".  Walking in my husband and I had the same thought... A slightly run down W Hotel. Checked in and left our bags with bellhop. Worried at first as my husband had his IPad in the bag but it WAS there when we got back! We took the $8 shuttle(driver charged us $10 each btw) to show. Came back for dinner and to get keys for room.  Amazing views from room and the room was clean. Shocked that there was no fridge(didn't read reviews before going). But beware walls are PAPER THIN!!! I mean I swear if you're quiet you can hear the people in the next room breath thin! And our neighbors set their alarm and got up at 4 AM! And are very chatty morning people.  Ate at saia. Food, at best, was ok but street was crowded with locals checking out the flooding.  So I got to watch some family sit on the other side of the window and eat fast food and stare while I ate.  You would think the hotel would have asked them not to loiter on the property instead of allowing them to use it like a public park.  There's really nothing around the hotel at night except 3 dive bars(a woman kept flipping her skirt up with nothing on underneath and nobody reacted kind of dive bars)and nothing in walking distance so with streets and bridges closed we went to bed early(which was good since the neighbors I mentioned earlier....). Over all I would say this place is ok if you just need a place to crash and you're a heavy sleeper but other then that it's nothing spectacular I would spend my money on again.  Check out hotels closer to Los Alos; we will next time.

    Update: on our last night there someone tried opening our door. It woke me up and when I looked out the peep hole some guy in what looked like a security outfit was opening EVERY door on the floor!!!  I can't imagine why somebody would be doing that at 12:45!!! Even if the floor was empty except for us there was still no reason to do it. And what if I had been alone and forgot to put the security opener(that thing that only lets you open a little)!!!! I couldn't sleep the rest of the night and we checked out as early as we could! I would never feel safe going there again!!

    28/10/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    21. M M.
    Pros: Very fun close (across the street) from the beach.  You have to move either a bit to the south or north because directly in front of the hotel the traffic is a bit too noisy for my beach sitting taste.  Other fun (a little on the not so nice area) places immediately next to and behind the hotel.  Reasonably friendly staff.  The room was clean and beds/pillows very comfortable. Great air conditioning. The bathroom was not spotless...you could see that even though new, due to the lack of good cleaning mold is beginning to grow in the grout etc.  That's an easy fix..the housekeeping manager needs to get a little more involved. Small but very nice pool area.  Very modern.

    Cons: No Balcony!! Yes, I did have an ocean view but my bed faced I think almost every other room in the hotel's windows..why didn't they face the bed toward the beach?? No microwave, no fridge?? I asked for fridge in advance did not get it.  Rooms have paper thin walls...happily everybody on my floor was quiet...a baby cried a little entering their room one night...thank God the baby did not cry all night...that certainly would have been a disaster.  

    Another 1/2 star would have been given for a balcony, microwave, fridge and cleaner shower ( incidentally,  no tub and only half -wall of glass enclosed shower).  No chance of earning more than 3.5 stars due to the wall situation.

    If I go to Ft. Lauderdale again, I'll probably opt for the Pellican Grand.

    01/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    22. Julie T.
    I'm having trouble understanding the negative reviews on this place, however, most of them were things that only a nit-picky, uptight individual looking for a reason to complain would find. From the moment that we pulled up to the hotel, I knew that I was going to have an awesome two days. The valet staff were very friendly as well as the front desk staff. We arrived around noon and check in time wasn't until 4 pm but they allowed us to check in anyway and even upgraded our room!  Our room was beautiful, modern, and clean with breathtaking views of both the ocean and the palm tree lined A1A. The beds are super comfy and I wanted to sleep in but the beach was calling my name through the large panaromac window!  The hotel is located at the northern end of Fort Lauderdale with many bars and restaurants only being a short cab ride away. Also, the intercoastal waterway is directly behind the hotel and you can take the water taxi down to las olas blvd and see some of the most exquisite homes and yachts along the way. In my opinion, you can't go wrong with this hotel. I am already planning my next trip back!

    05/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    23. Ralph V.
    Gorgeous view guaranteed!

    This hotel has a guaranteed ocean view for every room. Its panoramic window stunned my family upon entrance, and we did not close the curtain at all. The room is very comfortable and stylish, but does not provide a coffee maker, microwave or refrigerator. We did reserve one, and the staff told us that every room will have a mini fridge by 2014. The staff is very helpful and courteous. Valet is 25 bucks a day, but you can check in-and out as many times as you like. The valet guys are very polite and professional.
    The outside pool is small, but big enough for a cool down or fast dip after the beach. The beach is located across the street, which is literally 1 minute from the hotel. FLL Airport is also only 10 minutes away. For fitness, go run on the beach or do your cardio in your room because the fitness center is really small, yet good enough for treadmill runners. For food, the bistro provides upscale bar-food while Saia is a fancier, and pricier, Thai/Sushi restaurant. The Saia does not have a kid's menu, but food may be ordered from the Bistro and served in the Saia. Ooh yeah, the bar continuously provides free ice water and fruit infused water to their pool guests, and free coffee for takeout during breakfast hours.
    This is a very clean and trendy family/couples hotel. I am very picky and I would definitely return to this beautiful hotel.

    20/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    24. Al S.
    The place is trying to be chic, but looks chintzy.

    The good: Close to the beach. Staff is friendly. Beds are comfortable. Rooms are inexpensive. Got a room on priceline for under $150 a night.

    The not so good: Pool is on the small side and the water was cloudy. Not enough chairs pool side.  The air-conditioning in the rooms are set only to go to 70 degrees -- no matter how low you set the thermostat. The neighborhood is pretty sketchy -  I wouldn't recommend for families.

    Though the experience here wasn't bad, but I wouldn't stay here again.

    19/03/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    25. David C.
    Amazing location, great restaurant and the service is excellent.    Top 3 best hotels in Ft. Lauderdale, the most reasonable priced.

    21/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    26. Joanna T.
    We booked it for 5 nights and it was way too long. The property is nice, the rooms are pretty but the walls feel like they're closing in on you after the first two nights. The only thing redeeming that fact is that it is close to the beach and to restaurants and bars, so you can escape.
    A huge negative thing about it was the noisy AC. I usually have no trouble going asleep, and I can't fall asleep without the TV on- I need some noise in the background. However, that was just too much. The low growl of the machine would wake me up in the middle of the night.
    The pool was all right in the evening hours, when it was empty. They also had some good poolside entertainment on Saturday. The restaurant was pricey but the food was good. The B-stro was all right as well, the cheese platter especially. Other than that, it was not as fabulous as it pretended to be.

    20/11/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    27. JW U.
    A bad start gets better. Check in at this hotel was not fun. Arrived at 11 am and checked in at 4:40 pm. They had a full house and had trouble turning it over. Joel the GM and Omar helped but not much they can do unless they clean the room for housekeeping. My guess is that they will hire more housekeepers as the hotel is only 6 weeks young and may not have ever had a full house. The rooms are spacious, fresh and beach savvy. A relatively small boutique hotel that has charter. Hard to believe this was a holiday inn prior to the extreme makeover. Don't expect the Ritz experience but a good alternative to the expensive W or the tired Westin down the street.

    24/02/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    28. Fiona K.
    The staff here is SUPER nice and helpful.  

    The rooms are a nice size and the beds are comfortable - like the others posted- the AC is pretty noisy, but not anything that will keep you up.

    The pool area is small, but fine. If you're coming to FL just for laying around the pool, you may want to go somewhere else.  Gym is also pretty tiny.  The area around the hotel is a little seedy (tattoo pallor) but safe.  

    Plus is that if you dont have a car you can walk to the mall, grocery, etc - which is super convenient.  

    I'd stay here again - the staff really made the difference.

    27/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    29. Dorcie F.
    Ok guys this really is a beautiful hotel!! Very nicely remodeled! All 4 of us would come back here every time!

    08/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    30. Alex O.
    Don't waste your money by booking unless you get a cheap rate. All rooms have almost the same view, so don't pay more for the curved section. Rooms don't have a window that open. The hotel lacks enough ventilation and there is an odor in the walkway's. What they call the observation deck which also lack any open area or open windows has a view but what for I am not sure.  it is a waste to be ocean front but not have any way to feel the ocean. I paid two months ahead and reserved and room high up at the curve with a king size bed.

    I arrived at 1:00 Am and the room was wrong, king was reserved I was given two twins. Phone in room did not work, so I  had to come to the lobby. They could not do anything till next day since manager was not there.

    Next day the manager said she will change room to 9th floor king size and she was sorry. She also said the room will be kept till I come back. I came back and the night manager/front desk said sorry no notes in the system. She called the other manager and after 1/2 hour my room was changed, but not the 9th it was on the 5th.

    Sunday we got up left the room around 11 Am, came back around 2 Pm. room was not done and towels not changed. Called the desk, they said sorry we will take care of it.

    5 PM we were going out and went to the desk, asked about the room cleaning. I was told no problem we will take care of it. 11 Pm we came back, guess what!! Room was not done and towels not changed. Called the desk, they asked if I left the sign out, I told him are you kidding!! The room should be done, we asked twice.

    This hotel is selling itself as a high end hotel and you lack a basic requirement of a 3 star hotel. He said sorry again and sent up towels. The pool is was too small in the back of the hotel, not a very attractive area. Room service is over priced with a room delivery and gratuity included cost. No coffee in the rooms.

    The hotel managers don't communicate. The valet staff is excellent. However, you can park behind the hotel for $10.00 per night if you wish, rather than the $25.00 at the hotel . The hotel is over priced and I would not rate it as any more than a 3 star.

    14/11/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    31. Mango J.
    it was a  cheap replica of the W hotel chain.. so just go there instead

    23/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    32. Carmen T.
    I agree with Kim's review below..."Ocean B is trying to be a 3 star at best but they need to understand that service in the higher end hotels is what sets them apart."  

    Upon arrival I asked myself, "Is this it?"   I was definitely expecting more.  Although the room was decent(comfortable bed and room size with A1A ocean view), all others areas failed to convince me this was anything better than a 3 star wannabe.

    My husband and I pre-booked a 1 night stay on their website under their "birthday celebration Package".  HUH???? Not one mention of this "celebration" throughout our whole stay.  We had dinner at  SAIA, where servers were attentive. However,  the service was a bit too fast paced for me. I prefer to breathe between courses and enjoy conversation with my date. Considering the restaurant was not very busy, I suppose they were keeping themselves busy.  Nevertheless, the overall atmosphere felt quite low in spirit for me personally. Not much Vibe, specially being I was expecting a more lively, higher quality environment. We ended up sitting outside with only 1 other couple at the bar, which BTW had no service attendant. You actually had to go back inside to the restaurant in order to order your drink.  Booooo!

    In tandem, our package was supposed to include welcome cocktails, breakfast, and some snacks at their b-day bash that never happened. And by the way, I had to go back and ask for the vouchers myself since they were not provided at check in. In ending, don't bother, breakfast was not worth it(old crusty cheese and day old hard boiled eggs with coffee that tastes like sink water). My recommendation is step it up or B FIRED! There are way too many other options these days, which include much better quality and price than B Ocean.  I will certainly not  B returning anytime soon.

    02/04/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    33. Jaire Q.
    This was our hotel of choice while in Ft Lauderdale. I thought the hotel was pretty awesome. It is across the street from the beach and the view from our room was amazing. It is a little pricey, but for the location it's a great choice. Valet is $25 daily, there is a lot close by, which will charge you $10 per night but you just wont have the flexibility of going in and out. The hotel's staff  was great and they have a restaurant downstairs, which I heard was good but never tried. Internet is free even in your room, they do charge for premium internet but regular wireless is free. I would definitely stay there again.

    16/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    34. Jessica M.
    Last week, I stayed at the B Ocean for 4 nights.

    Here's the scoop:

    The room:
    Pros: The room was nice and clean and a good size.  The decor was bright and fresh and the large window provided a beautiful view of the ocean and plenty of light.
    Cons: YA CAN'T OPEN THE WINDOW AND THE ROOM TEMPERATURE IS UNCOMFORTABLE. The room temp is odd in that it's air conditioned and comfortable for about 10 minutes... and then the thermometer allows the temperature to decline to "UNCOMFORTABLE" before the air conditioning is triggered to turn on again.  This didn't make sleeping easy.  The other thing that wasn't great for sleeping was the bed.  It was like sleeping on a pancake. Actually, it was exactly like sleeping on a pancake. In fact, now that I think of it, I'm pretty sure that if I had peeled back the sheets, instead of a mattress, I would've found a large pancake.

    Also, the walls are p.a.p.e.r. t.h.i.n.  ....Do you know what I mean?

    Pros: The bathroom was nice, clean. The sink was cool.
    Cons: The shower has no door? It has a glass wall that only extends halfway across the shower.

    The pool is cute - it has infinity edges, which I love.  It is quite small, able to hold just 28 people (a sign said).  It is right up against the hotel, but we were still able to get some sun.
    The pool bar was great - food and drinks were delicious.

    Loved the food. Nice sushi restaurant and nice Bistro restaurant.

    -Nice lobby. The style is cool, modern - great lights.
    -Great service - the staff is very friendly and very helpful with hailing cabs.
    -Great location - beach is RIGHT across the street.
    -The overhang outside -- protects you from rain while waiting for cabs!
    -No ATM in the hotel. Boo.
    -No umbrella chairs for the beach. Boo.

    IN SUM
    Overall, an OK hotel.  They need to make a few improvements (most notably, with the bed and room temp), but it's a good, reasonably-priced place for a short stay.

    03/11/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    35. Christy H.
    This hotel is really nice. Open air feel. Multiple restaurants and bars. Lovely swimming pool with cabanas and a lot of recline chairs and umbrellas.
    The reception is super swanky with rotating light colors projected on a wavy white wall background.
    The rooms are all white with a few blue and green paintings on the wall. It has a very fresh feel to it. The whole hotel is mostly white with some accent colors making it feel nice, fresh, and clean. The beds are super comfy with plush, light, down comforters. The hotel supports the preservation of sea turtles and they have a stuffed tortoise on you're bed. You can take it home for a purchase of $30.
    The bistro to the right of the lobby is nice. I had the breakfast Benedict. It was nice but the service was horrible. The food took forever! I waited so long for my check I had to get up and go to the counter.
    The hotel is nice but service is pretty lousy. That is the point to take home.

    13/05/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    36. Andrew M.
    Bewitching sun kissed short skirted front desk staffers welcome you to this Boutique.
    Beautiful panoramic ocean front rooms leave city facing guests Betrayed.
    Beware of drunken cruisers waking you up through super thin walls that are Bs.
    Blue flamed fire pits by the pool bar Beckon.
    Bewildering lack of a fridge, bathtub, and checkout bill at a high end hotel Beguiles.
    Bizzare insistant usage of "B" to describe hotel services is everywhere at B Ocean.

    27/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    37. Mel D.
    I've had a great stay with this hotel! We booked through bookit.com and got a pretty good deal. The staff were friendly. We got upgraded to a Junior Suite since were staying here for our honeymoon/birthday. Our room has a view of the Fort Lauderdale beach which is cool. The hotel is right in front of the beach. and close to the mall. I love their trendy lobby. The only downside is the expensive parking which is $52 for 2 nights.

    We enjoyed our stay!

    13/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    38. Jen R.
    Great hotel. We stayed when it was B Ocean before it became Sonesta. Clean, great atmosphere. I docked a star because the photos on their website are deceiving (especially pool). Objects in photos appear larger than actual size. The walls are thin, but the rest of our experience was great. We were on an upper floor with a spectacular view... King, curve. And only a road separating us from the beach. We expected the valet charge because we saw it on their website & reservation confirmation email. And it' a daily rate of $10 OR nightly rate (which includes day) for $25... you can pull the vehicle out as many times as you want & anyone staying at a somewhat upscale hotel, in a tourist city should expect a parking fee. Activities within walking distance, mall nearby, restaurants & bars in the hotel, and on the block. Excellent location. Decent food. I would recommend & stay here again.

    04/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    39. S S.
    I've been looking forward to visiting this hotel for some time now.  I was able
    to secure a room using my airlines miles.

    Lobby: Very trendy.  Bright red, green, yellow lights backlight the white
    textured walls.  Modern trendy lamps hang from the ceilings.  White sofas and
    tables make the lobby a nice place to have a glass of wine.

    Smaller than I thought.
    Great view of the beach --  large window on the side.
    All walls are white which makes it look very clean

    Had dinner at the onsite Japanese restaurant.  The salad was much smaller than
    I ordered a late snack from room service.    Turkey Club was very good.

    Parking: Only valet and ridiculously overpriced at $25 per night

    Location: Right across the street from the beach.  There are a few dive bars
    around the corner.  About 2 blocks from any other hotels and/or restaurants

    Hotel Services: Staff was very nice and always pleasant.  Major negative note
    for me was that they could not accommodate a late check-out on Sunday (checkout
    is at 11am).  Speaking of check-out, there is no express method.  You have to go
    to the front desk and sign your bill.  With checkout at 11am, you an image in
    the line during this mass exit.  Definitely an opportunity for them.

    09/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    40. Patrick J.
    Valet was harassing us since we checked in. Started hitting on my girlfriend as soon as we pulled up at mid night. Showed up at our room door at 3AM claiming our car needed to be re-parked. When we asked him to leave, he started shouting and claiming he will have our car towed. Hotel management did nothing to stop the crazy behavior despite complaints. We checked out at 3:30 AM.

    21/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    41. Dan I. C.
    Great Location.

    Interesting how they transformed this hotel back to where she should be. Did a stay-cation with the wife here and I was very impressed with all the upgrades to this place. When you walk in the lobby it has a color shifting backdrop on the walls that I thought was pretty cool. Check in was a breeze and we landed a room on the 11th floor .

    We walked in the room and the first thing we said was, " What a View!" It looked like a 3D picture of the beach, just gorgeous. The room wasn't that big, but since the place just opened (2 weeks) everything was brand spanking new. Nice fluffy pillows and crisp sheets. Just a nice room.

    We walked by the pool, which it looked the same size as before the remodeling job, but they had an outside bar and gazebos to rent. The upgrades gave it this area more of resort feel even though the quarters seemed alittle tight.

    Now for the best part, this hotel is walking close to some cool $hit. The Parrot Lounge, McSorleys, Primanti Bros, Cafe Blue Fish, and in the hotel the new ultra expensive sushi joint, SAIA. Oh yeah, let's not forget the beach is right across the street too. U really don't need a car. Come to think of it...what a great place for a damn Pub Crawl.

    Now for the negatives; the parking blows. 25 bucks a night! For what the staff was telling me is that's the standard price for hotels on Ft. Lauderdale Beach. That sucks. Also, the walls are paper thin. You can definitely hear what your neighbors are doing. I guess if your a voyeur this would be a positive...LOL.

    Overall, great place to stay on vacation, as they say, location location location! Remember to tell them Dan sent you. B and Stay Hungry!

    15/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    42. Charles E.
    Warning you will be charged $25.00 a day to park your car here and there is no other parking options in the area. So my 4 day stay at the hotel cost me a extra hundred bucks plus tips. You will be charged no exceptions, so I decided I wouldn't spend any additional money money at this place so I ate all my meals out.

    Room - wait till you hear all your neighbors, the walls are hollow. above and both sides, lots of late night excitement in this place. No coffee maker, but there is free coffee downstairs for a few hours in the morning but while I was there they ran out of lids so here I'm walking with two hot coffees back to the room with no lids splashing hot coffee on myself. . Also, minor but so annoying, this is a beach resort with a pool you would think they would put in those little devices in the shower with the string on it to hang your wet suit at least a hook someplace. No place for the ladies to put on their makeup, no mirrors except in the bathroom. One day, we left the room at 8:00 came back at 4:00, the cleaning lady see us go into the room and comes and knocks on the door and wants to now clean the room, I asked her to come back in 15 minutes, she gave me a dirty look and walked away.  we went out, came back at night, the room still wasn't cleaned. I had to call the front desk to get some clean towels in the room.

    Pool - The hotel pool has become the neighborhood pool and I guess management turns a blind eye to it.  While we were around the corner eating lunch, we saw family's coming down the street from another hotel, kids and toys in arm go around the corner into the side entrance of the B Ocean pool area. We go to the pool, no chairs to sit on, the families with the kids are all in the pool, including one with a newborn in a diaper. But of course there's no signs saying no infants in diapers allowed in the pool and nobody even supervising the pool, no lifeguard.   I went to get pool towels and theres a guy there at the towel cart and I  said do you need to see my room key for the towels, he said no we don't check that' just take the towels. so I guess the word is out, you want a pool to use, come fill up the B Ocean pool with your kids and take up all the chairs for the hotel guests.

    This place looks like a cool south florida beach hotel, cool music, cool lights, cute young staff, nice views out the windows. but not a clue about how to really run a hotel.

    28/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    43. Colin P.
    Writing a review for this hotel was truly a challenge. The property has a lot going on, and I experienced many different facets of what I'd consider to be, at the time, a fledgling operation. I really wanted to like it more than I did. I've included a number of photos as well, so feel free to check them out.

    The building, which was most recently a vacant hurricane-damaged 1970's Holiday Inn, has been completely renovated. It also retains all of its inherent structural flaws and limitations, such as thin hollow walls and a truly minuscule pool/patio.

    However, the place was (being new) clean all around, with comfortable rooms, attractive (though not always cohesive) design and fantastic views of the Atlantic Ocean from every window. The beds and bedding were especially comfortable. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the hotel's name, brightly painted closets and stuffed animal mascot are a blatant means of shoWing it.

    I enjoyed the simple, contemporary bathroom and the frosted glass wall panel that allows natural light into this otherwise cave-like space (the ceiling was only about 7' high to accommodate what I think was the air conditioning unit).

    Speaking of natural light, the curtains they use literally block it out completely. Speaking of air conditioning, the thermostat is one of the least intuitive devices I've used. It certainly looks simple to use, but it seemed to do whatever it wanted. Since I'm on a roll: speaking of "least intuitive devices," that award goes to the phone system in the room, if you could call it that. After toying with it for a while, I finally gave up and just used the speed-dial keys in conjunction with the speakerphone.

    The level of service you receive varies on a per-person basis, regardless of what department you might be working with. There are people who are giving anywhere from 0-200% effort. Particularly atrocious were all three employees I encountered at the pool bar, "Quench." Particularly exceptional were several of the valet/bellmen and one member of the front desk.

    I mentioned the minuscule pool/patio area, which includes the above mentioned bar as well as the small fitness room (accessible only from outside), a residential-sized pool (refer to photo), three cabanas and two cardkey controlled gates. With a pool area this small, service needs to be on the ball to compensate. Get rid of the giant bright blue plastic laundry bin! Replace the pool staff with people who care! The B offers nothing to do at night and from a noise standpoint, no rooms actually face the pool, so why does it close at sunset? That huge white wall could easily handle a movie projector. The pool area has some potential, despite its limitations.

    Food at "b'stro on the beach" was above average for lunch but disappointing for breakfast (coincidentally, the service matched the food for each meal). I've reviewed the "b'stro" separately.

    The property is located at an extremely busy intersection in a small, funky maybe four-block neighborhood, isolated by the Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal Waterway to the east and west and Hugh Taylor Birch State Park and Bonnet House to the north and south. Others have questioned the "safety" of this "run-down" area but it posed no apparent issues for me. The handful of blocks in question pack in a variety of "Jersey Shore" type tourist shops, such as a tattoo parlor, convenience store, ice cream shop, pizza place, Thai restaurant, "Irish" pub, t-shirts/souvenirs, etc, There are also two other resorts, one larger and one smaller. It's a microcosm that is different in character than the beach scene seven blocks to the south.

    I was able to secure a pretty good room rate by bidding for a four star Fort Lauderdale beach property on Priceline - your mileage may vary, of course. For the price, I suppose it was worth it, but I wouldn't be thrilled had I paid the rack rate (at the time, about $229/night). Valet is $25/night - more than the daily base rate of my midsize rental car - and consequently added $100 to the folio.

    The B bills itself as a four star property, but it lacks the amenities, polish and service that are expected of a four star hotel. However, it also provides more amenities, polish and service than what one might expect at a three star hotel. So, what is it? The nearby Westin, W, Hilton and Atlantic are considered four star properties. The nearby Courtyard, Doubletree and Sheraton are considered three star properties. B is too big to be a boutique and too small to be a resort. Completely B-wildering.

    With that said, I'd stay at the B again, should I have a need for conventional lodging in the future and should I once again be able to secure a good rate through the travel bidding process. However, I expect to stay at a four star property when I bid on one, and this simply isn't. The B is an *alternative* to nearby beach properties, but is of a completely different spirit and caliber.

    The B stands alone - literally and figuratively.

    21/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    44. Elizabeth L.
    This is NOT a 4-star hotel. The staff gets 4 stars but nothing else lives up to the hype of their website. The pool is tiny and offers none of the posh furnishings the pictures online boast. The rooms are ok, but some of them are in desperate need of a coat of paint. We were placed in one room where the bathroom looked horrible - dirty floor, corroded hinges on the door, old toothpaste on the wall.  We requested a change and were promptly given a new room, which was fine.
    The hotel is across the street and offers no services at the beach. No chairs, no umbrellas, no food/drinks. There are some other independent vendors who can set you up with these things, as long as you have cash on hand.  
    There seems to be an issue w housekeeping. It took about 2 hours to get into a room upon arrival bc nothing was clean.  On both days of our stay, we were out of our room by 9am. When we came back around 3:30-4 to shower up and take naps before dinner the room hadn't been cleaned yet. We spoke to the manager of housekeeping when this happened the first time and he said he'd make sure it was taken care of for the next day.  No such luck.
    I'm not generally one to complain, but this hotel was really disappointing. There are far better places to stay in FLB for this kind of price tag.

    25/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    45. Robin E.
    Oh how I love the B Ocean Hotel. I smile every single time I drive by it, longing to have an excuse to stay here just one more time! Since moving permanently to Fort Lauderdale, I can no longer call B Ocean my home away from home. I miss those days!

    The lobby is exquisite. It reminds me of those fabulous little boutique hotels in NYC. The rooms are luxe and the beds are so comfortable you are tempted to sleep in on the sunniest of days. You don't though, because you have a gorgeous beach view from your window, and you know you can just get up and walk across the street to sink your toes in the sand in under five minutes. You might choose to enjoy the private pool area instead, and you will have an equally relaxing time. They have poolside lounge chairs, and wonderful cabanas for those requiring less sun and more relaxation. The poolside service is top notch, and the drink and food offerings are way above par. I became simply addicted to the ginger soda made on premise, and my favorite alcoholic beverage was and IS still the Hello Kitty, a lovely pink concoction made with that same ginger soda.

    WiFi is fast and free for guests. The staff is friendly and very professional. I miss you, B Ocean. Until we meet again.

    08/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    46. Brian K.
    Great location across from the beach.  A quick taxi ride to alot of bars and restaurants.  The rooms were fantastic with great panoramic windows overlooking the ocean.  The meeting rooms were fantastic on the top floor overlooking the city and ocean.  The check in process was quick and the staff is very friendly.

    20/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    47. Josh A.
    Water is YELLOW... The hotel staff said all of fort lauderdale has this problem, perhaps a filtration system then??

    It seems they have the potential to be a decent hotel but they fall short...  Out of 4 rooms, 3 of them had broken air conditioning.  The maid busted into our room when my wife was indecent... No knock...

    I will say the valet people were very friendly and accommodating.  The hotel, since it is new is very clean.

    I would not stay here again.

    23/01/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    48. Heidi T.
    We only live an hour away....I took my fiance away for his birthday as a surprise....CRIS from front desk had been more then helpful...he should teach a class on etiquette...So helpful. Ty

    08/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    49. Jasmin S.
    We recently got married at B Ocean Hotel and we had an amazing experience and saw our Dream Wedding come to Life.

    Arthur Sands really is a pleasure to work, he is personable and he pays attention to every single detail and takes his job seriously and works diligently to deliver to your needs. He really is a great asset to B Ocean Hotel.

    Arthur and his wonderful team exceeded all of our expectations we'd hoped for. He went the extra mile to help us & make us feel comfortable and put our minds at ease, we didn't worry about a thing before or on the day of our wedding they provided the best service ever !!

    He also recommended Wedding vendors who we ran with and we were highly impressed with every single vendor that we worked with and my husband & I are very grateful to Arthur.

    The General Manager Eduardo Fernandez and the his entire staff were very professional and worked hand in hand with all our wedding vendors. They put in so much hard work and effort into our wedding and we are so happy and can not thank them enough, they were always warm and helpful.

    Our family and guests who stayed at the hotel were highly impressed and loved their bedrooms with the most spectacular views of the ocean and the high level of staff service. Thank you for making our guests and family feel so comfortable.

    Everyone who attended our wedding had a fun time and were full of compliments for the venue, the penthouse ballroom oh my gosh had the most stunning floor to ceiling views of the Ocean, wow !! Panache Style, Bobby created an ambience filled with love, romance, class and glitz.

    Our ceremony was hosted on The Terrace and Bobby created simple elegance with a beautiful chandelier Hupa.  It was so romantic and I was the happiest bride ever !!

    The catering for our cocktail hour and our reception was appeciated by all our guests the B Ocean Menu was so delicious and satisfied our taste buds fully. Our Wedding planner made sure we ate lol !! The presentation of the food and beverage was excellent., we were very happy. The entire experience was unforgettable & memorable and everything and more than we had hoped for.

    I highly recommend Arthur and his team at The B Ocean Hotel, Fort Lauderdale the venue was perfect for our wedding and I am sure you will also love it here.

    Honestly, make it your first choice in Fort Lauderdale you will not regret it !!  We loved it and we will treasure our very special day at B Ocean Hotel for giving us our Dream Wedding day.

    Thank you, thank you so very much Arthur, Eduardo and B Ocean, we will be back for dinner at Saia for your most delicious Sushi  and of course to say hi to you all !!

    01/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    50. Tim S.
    Amazing hotel, modern and super friendly staff. Had a horrible experience at the disgusting "ocean Mannor" hotel down the road, after walking out of ocean Mannor with no refund, I was welcomed at B-Ocean with amazing service and breath taking view of the ocean. Will come back for sure! Thank you B-Ocean !!!

    25/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    51. Norma M.
    So far so good very nice place. this is day one....

    03/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    52. Sherri R.
    B Ocean is an amazingly beautiful hotel right on the water . The rooms are a great size, styled great, and have incredible views. The hotel is stunning and the staff takes care of their guests. The hotel is a little further from town than expected however there are services to pick you up and bring you within a 5 mile radius. I would definitely go back to this hotel.

    19/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    53. Tara T.
    I just stayed at the B-Ocean for 5 days. Let me just say this, I don't think it should qualify as a four star hotel. If you've ever stayed at the Standard it's similar to that - only not as nice. The hotel is older, and you can tell the new owners tried to revamp it and make it trendy. The rooms were large, and the one nice thing is that that they are all ocean view. No fridge though, which is slightly annoying. The hotel pool is a joke, way too small and not facing the ocean - what's the point. Also I found the daybeds to be quite filthy.

    Good location - can walk to all of the bars/restaurants on the boardwalk. If you get a good deal it's worth it, but I wouldn't suggest paying full price for this one. The Atlantic just down the street looks much nicer.

    02/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    54. Lauren L.
    I stayed here in March of 2011. I visited during Spring Break (St. Patrick's Day week, to be specific) and was expecting all of the college students to be in the area However, the B is all the way up the street... far away from the bars. I figured it would be the quietest beachfront hotel I could select.

    The walls in the hotel rooms are very thin, though, and I was able to hear EVERYTHING. There were a group of girls directly above me... I heard their conversations, their blow dryers, and every single step they took in their high-heeled shoes. It was rather irritating when they came back in the wee hours of the morning and stomped around in their shoes for fifteen minutes.

    The pool area is an absolute joke. The pool is tiny with an inadequate number of lounge chairs. There were stagnant puddles of water around the pool, which were both gross and a hazard to people walking. There is a fence alongside the pool... with a dumpster directly on the other side of it. Also gross.

    If you're looking to be beachfront and save some money, the B was okay. If you're looking for a more attractive and enjoyable hotel, consider the Hilton or the Atlantic.

    06/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    55. Cynthia B.
    I stayed here for one night and two days on a job retreat, and it was a great experience overall. The rooms are decently sized, and the beds are amazingly comfortable. My only complaint about the room is the size of the shower/tub - it was a bit too compact for me. The room was extremely clean and very inviting, and there was a huge window facing the beach that provided us with a spectacular view.

    I had the opportunity to eat in both restaurants, and both meals were excellent. The staff was very friendly and attentive, and the entire hotel is very well maintained. The only reason I'm giving it four stars is because the pool is way too small for such a big hotel. I understand that the beach is very close, but a nice pool is always a great touch. Also, the pool area itself is very small, so it doesn't allow for a lot of people. This is a drawback if you just want to hang out outside by the bar.

    Overall, it was a great experience and is definitely recommend this hotel!

    01/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    56. Erin S.
    Just checked out of the Sonesta today. I spent a lot of time debating what hotel to stay at for my short weekend getaway with my hubby. What sold me on the Sonesta was the views from the room and it seemed very nice. I really didn't want to stay at an "old Florida", dumpy hotel. There was also a reasonable rate on one of the travel deal websites. I was a little nervous because there were higher rated hotels on the beach than the Sonesta for less money or the same. Upon arriving at the Sonesta, I was disappointed to see a $28/day parking rate. I was unaware of this and ultimately parked my car in a lot about a block away that was cheaper. Also, the check in process for me was a little bit of a hassle. This was because my husband was arriving later but I had his debit card and they would not allow me to use it. The hotel staff was not super accommodating. Ultimately, my husband had to have a credit authorization form faxed to him for him to fill out and send back. I was so frustrated at this particular point that I was thinking as I went up the elevator "I should've just stayed at the Ritz!" However, as soon as I walked in my room, I was super happy. The views were simply amazing - two panoramic views of the beach. The king bed was luxurious with a down comforter. And the room was clean and chic with modern, white furnishings. The bathroom included real shampoo/conditioner/body wash and the shower water had good pressure. The room also had a small fridge which was nice so we could bring in our own drinks. We had a couples massage at the Sonesta, which was mediocre. It was $210 for 50 minutes and left plenty to be desired. Ultimately, though, I really enjoyed staying here. I would stay here again but I would make sure my check in procedure was completely flawless and I would skip the massages.

    17/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    57. Geoffrey M.
    I'm glad I decided to check into this local hotel for a three day "stay - cation".  It is a fairly new property, and all of the guest rooms and suites face the ocean and beautiful Fort Lauderdale Beach.  The entire hotel has a clean, minimalist, modern feel.  The staff, from the valet to the front desk to the bartenders - are all extremely friendly and professional.  I was impressed by the food choices.  I didn't care much for the pool, which was small and set in a strange courtyard with no view.  I had one drink at the pool bar and I was over it.  My room itself was very spacious, on the top floor so it had incredible views of the Atlantic and the beach.  The furnishings were modern and crisp.  I didn't have housekeeping pounding on my door at all hours like I have had at several hotels recently.  The bathroom was small but sufficient and had a rain shower.  The king sized bed was VERY comfortable and afforded views of the endless ocean.  My only complaints are that there was no mini bar or refrigerator in the room.  There was also no ice machine on my floor.  Also, there was no coffee maker.  The room service menu was limited.  Those things aside I really enjoyed my stay and was impressed by the location - right across from a good part of the beach.  Service was great and it was a very relaxing experience!  It was a great value for the accommodations!

    28/07/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    58. Yuliana D.
    I booked the room for a vacation with my dad, it was great.  The room was clean and spacious enough for both of us.  We didn't stay in the room or hotel much, so we only cared about a nice place to sleep, which this hotel delivered and much more.  The view is definitely a fantastic bonus at this hotel.

    clean and new
    great view!!
    Windows are beautiful!
    friendly staff!
    nice hotel, modern
    great price you can find online.
    parking - reasonable parking lot right next to hotel, just go around the hotel. thank you to a tripadvisor reviewer for recommending it.
    lots of little places for snacking, smoothies and even bar right by the hotel

    restaurant inside of the hotel is not great, it's not bad, but it's mediocre food, so i suggest you drive to a place for a great food - that is if you are a foodie.
    valet parking is expensive
    i don't think this hotel is romantic, so i won't make it like a honeymoon destination, but for all other purposes it's a great place.

    09/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    59. Keith A.
    Recently stayed here because of the low rates we were able to get. The lobby and hotel look unique. The rooms have an excellent view!!   Rooms themselves were very small.  Would rate higher if they offered a few more amenities such as coffee makers in the room, or queen size beds.  The full size beds are a bit small.

    05/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    60. Dom D.
    Room 820 is perfect!!   Corner of sunrise, you see down Fort Lauderdale and the ocean with the big windows!!!!   Front desk was friendly, service from housekeeping and concierge was very good and quick to respond.   Lose a star bc valet needs work!   Not very friendly , don't offer help with bags , some times don't open door.   Would stay again.

    03/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    61. Tiffany N.
    The B has beautiful views of the ocean from the rooms facing it. It's also a little off the "beaten path" of the strip of Ft. Lauderdale beach, but that can be a good thing if you're looking to avoid loud parties and crowded beaches. The hotel sits right on the corner of Sunrise and A1A which makes it easy to get to from the airport, and easy to get from there to other places around the city. All of this is important if you're someone like me who is in town to visit many different family members in various places around Broward County.

    As for the hotel itself, I found a more than reasonable rate online and enjoyed the style of the place. It's going for a modern, party-ish kind of vibe and reminds me a lot of what you get with a W hotel, but in white instead of dark colors. The people helping us were always friendly, whether they were valet, front desk, or room service. And the rooms were clean and spacious. All in all it easily met my needs for a quick stopover in the Lauderdale area and I'd be willing to stay here again in the future.

    One last note - parking is valet only, costs $25 for overnight or $10 for one time in and out, and can be added to your bill.

    18/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    62. Jason N.
    Beach front location provides an awesome spot to go for a run or walk along the water.  Many rooms have water views.  This is a chic-feeling hotel with all-white-themed rooms and little nice touches like neat assortments in the dry-goods minibar basket, Aveda products in the bath, new flatscreen TVs, neat lighting, huge closets and floor to ceiling dressing mirrors.  The staff, in both restaurants and in the lobby, aim to please.  Air condition worked great, the bedding was comfortable and there was a nice variety of pillows.  The room was large and spotless.

    A bit of older (i.e., more trashy but fun) Ft. Lauderdale is literally behind the building-- a tiny dogleg street with t-shirt vendors (with all the latest LMFAO song quotes screen printed onto tank tops), popcorn, ice cream, beach beer bars, and Prymanti's pizza.  A nearby mall with a bunch of "upscale" chain restaurants (PF Chang's, steak/seafood places etc.) is walkable as it is less than a mile down Sunrise.  On site, the buffet breakfast was great (included in my room rate for $1) and I enjoyed the sushi-themed restaurant SAIA, where I got a complimentary California roll because I was a hotel guest.  

    Like with all nearby hotels, the only parking option is $25 valet; however, once you get here, you really don't need to leave.  The concierge recommended going to Las Olas for dinner, but I could not find a reason to go away from the beach as I was just here for an overnight business trip.  

    The only downside to be aware of... and it could be significant-- as other reviewers have said, some of the walls are PAPER THIN.  This is one of the most significant reasons I gave 3 stars instead of 4.  Twice over the course of the night I heard people coming back to their rooms before going to bed.  

    When I was here this Thursday night in the middle of Spring Break season, I found the guests to be an assortment of families and mild-mannered Europeans.  The wall issue could have been a real problem if anyone was intent on partying all night.  My rate was $229/nt (which seems to be the going rate in FLL this time of year) plus parking/tax.  This was a great one-time experience for me, but I would be worried about potential noise from other rooms if I were to stay here again.

    31/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    63. Kay C.
    Good value. Clean modern hotel with a  friendly staff. Great location right on the beach and walking distance to the galleria. Great for our weekend get away.

    19/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    64. Karisa N.
    I'd like to say in response to B Ocean's comments:  I was told by the front desk person that I would be contacted by a manager the next day, I was not.  I also have a copy of my reservation from Amex travel (our business travel account) and no where on it does it say I booked a wheelchair accessible room.  So 1, I didn't contact you because I was told you would contact me. 2, I was never told there was another room available (funny that one was "reserved" but no one ever told me about it - wonderful customer service) and 3, B Ocean has charged valet parking to my credit card for the entire time of my stay.  Ironic since I didn't even have a car.  Yes, I'm trying to get them to refund that money.

    15/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    65. Theresa R.
    Would never stay here again and would not recommend. Very deceiving website. Extremely poor management ! No fridge, coffee pots or microwaves in rooms. Paperthin walls , you hear everything going on next door, hallway n above you. Pool very small. Small lobby. One bar which opens late n closes early. During the world cup there were 50-60 people crammed in lobby trying to watch game n bar remained closed. Two wedding parties, willing to drink n party n bar remained closed. Terrible hospitality. Management couldnt adjust. Never enough towels for guest to use for beach. Front desk never shAred any info on amenities or anything.   5 terrible days here!

    17/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    66. Nicki B.
    Hotel staff was a dream! Close to all of Ft. Lauderdale fun. Right on the beach. Clean rooms. Not family friendly.

    06/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    67. Kay C.
    Okay I stayed here from 6/19-6/22. For the most part it was okay... as I read down I see one of the issues was housekeeping.  Yes, I would see the housekeeper's cart on our floor in the a.m. and we would leave out only to come back around 3-4 and our rooms still weren't clean. This pissed me off. On Friday afternoon I called the front desk to req housekeeping to come, well she didn't show up until about an hr after. She didn't really do anything except change the linen and rinse out the sink. We never had snacks in the room.  The room was decent, great view but a small bathroom. Nice pool with bar and cabanas. I never ate in the restaurants on site but in there are other places and a 711 near by. We walked west over the bridge near the Galleria Mall and there is a Publix, Starbucks, BofA, and few other stores. So I would say this hotel is good for the most part besides that housekeeping.

    23/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    68. Jared D.
    Cute hotel but lacks attention to detail. Stayed here two nights for a friends' wedding. Found the hotel to be comfortable, clean and had just enough flair to distinguish itself from other hotels on the FLL strip. However, the hotel does miss the mark in a couple of places, namely in attention to detail.

    The lobby, lounge and event spaces are immaculate but outside by the pool and in the rooms you see the hotel is rougher around the edges than a top-tier beach resort. Some of this is attributable to the age of the hotel, itself.

    Once upon a time it was likely a less-refined concept and they built the rooms with materials that don't insulate sound as well as they should. The hotel also lacks a totally functional/updated water purification system. The water that comes from the taps in the rooms is clean but has the taste and yellow coloring you see in older beachside hotels.

    I also found that my room had small defects like warn furniture and a front door threshold that left a quarter inch gap below the door, enough for the light, movement and sound of the hallway to come through all the way into the room.

    There's also a slightly odd housekeeping schedule that has occupied guest rooms freshened up in the mid to late afternoon rather than in the morning when guests might be out at the beach.

    Otherwise, the hotel is a great place to stay, you can't beat the location and the price is fair for the accomidation. If they address the attention to detail, they might be able to push themselves in the class of the Miami beachside hotels they try to emulate.

    22/12/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    69. Christina V.
    I stayed here this past weekend for my birthday and had a wonderfu time!

    The room had a gorgeous view and was clean, modern decor, and the shower had one of those huge rainfall shower heads which was nice after the beach. I stayed in Room 1212 -  Captivating Double Curve - it was spacious and bright. The furniture was mostly white with a beige carpet. there was a large closet on the wall adjacent to the door with plenty of room to hang clothes and store items - there was also a safe in there for valuables. There was s desk with a chair which useful for make-up station/bar area/phone charging table. it was a lovely layout and useful for many situations. The bathroom was a good size - it was not uncomfortable to get dressed in there after showering and the sink was very large with extra counter space around it for bathroom items.. also there was shelving underneath the sink in case you needed extra storage. All in all the room was great and I would definitely recommend for not only a couple of people - but for a family - lots of room. The room also came with the basics - Ironing Board, Iron, Hair Dryer, Tiny Shampoo, Tiny Lotion,Tiny Conditioner, Tiny Soap, Mini Bar (Everything was $5)

    The pool area was nice, a little smaller than I expected, but was well maintained - there was staff circling around and constantly tidying up and picking up cups/napkins that visitors left behind. I liked that allot. There were lounge chairs as well as couch areas for you to hang out. There was a well-stocked towel station at the far end of the pool area with a bin for used towels. Everything was very well maintained.

    Parking is $25 - pretty standard for the hotels in this area.

    Apparently the hotel is rated #1 on theknot.com for weddings - there were two there this past weekend. Lots of people in fancy clothes and taking pics around the premises. It was nice to see bridesmaids and brides and stuff.

    The hotel is pretty close to nightlife - Las Olas is about 5 minutes away by car. We headed out there on Saturday Night and i liked that it was so close.

    The beach is right across the street. LOVED THAT! Crossing isnt too bad - there will be traffic at certain times but that is out of everyones control.

    Check In and Check Out were quick and easy. When I arrived my room wasnt ready yet so they took my number down and called me when it became available -  We headed out to grab some lunch and they called within 20 minutes. Very efficient service.

    Thank You B Ocean!

    28/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    70. Ali H.
    Very convenient location despite the construction on the side of the road , the front desk was not helpful at all even thought when she knows I'm here to celebrate special occasion , ( birthday)  , she even gave me the "look" when I was check in,
    I was hoping to have a room with better view, and she refuse to offer anything,. horrible experience , the AC in the room was not adjustable, I felt cold at the night and trying to changed it to 70, it DID NOT work at all, got sick ( cold) on the second day of stay ( the AC temperature and the noise , keeps going on and off the whole night)   the waitress in bstrio was rude n coffee has no taste at all  ( I ordered latte )
    compliant it to front desk, was told that there was a big event ( wedding perhaps) , there is nothing they can do. overall , the experience was horrible, and if I have a choice , I WILL NOT spend my birthday at that place, making me feel like second class or worse , the  parking charge 28 plus tax / night and at the check out,  the bill had   three nights while I only stay for two nights, and I didn't have car parked on the second night AT ALL,  horrible experience ! Will not return EVER again
    don't stay there if you want your vacation to be GOOD n FUN.

    07/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    71. Tom B.
    Nice place & view for the price but it's a pretty far walk to beach place/most restaurants. Everyone was very professional. Construction/roadwork currently on street by the beach. Would go back but would prefer something closer to the nightlife.

    10/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    72. Danielle N.
    I'd give it 3 1/2 stars if I could, for the view and the location. The B Oceanfront is right across from the beach on A1A. About a 10 min or $15 cab ride to East Las Olas strip where most of the restaurants and bars are (aside from a few beach bars/ a pizza joint that are nearby). Stayed here for three nights and had a very nice weekend. Overall a reasonably priced, clean, modern hotel with nice rooms and a great ocean view. I'd come back.

    Bought a Living Social for Friday & Saturday night. Had some issues arranging the Living Social booking with the hotel. But 2 phone calls later- one of which took about a half hour, and I was set. Ended up booking one additional night for Sunday on the Florida Resident discount which ended up being a very comparable price to the deal. ($175-ish)

    I wasn't overwhelmed by the level of service. We had to stop by the front desk and specifically request that our room be serviced on two separate occasions just to have them come change the sheets and bring us new towels. And as mentioned above, the employees answering the phone should be more familiar with Living Social deals that they are offering, or at least admit that they do not know and offer to call back rather than keeping me on extended holds and going in circles with me on available dates.

    Every evening from 5-6 PM they do a wine & cheese happy hour that we took full advantage of each day in the B'stro. They are strict about sticking to a 1 glass limit however.  

    As other reviews have stated, you will hear your neighbors. It truthfully didn't bother me much, but you can definitely hear everything that happens in the hallway and neighboring rooms. The pool is smaller and not a rooftop pool, but it does the trick. It's also heated during the winter, which was a nice bonus. They have a small gym by the pool overlooking the beach across the street with mostly cardio equipment & one weight machine.

    Parking is valet and is $25/night . There are really no other parking options.

    On another note, if you stay here, I highly recommend eating at S3 (Sun Surf Sand) which is about a 10 min walk down A1A in the Hilton Hotel. Awesome sushi/ tapas place!

    05/12/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    73. Bella T.
    I had heard the legend of the hotel room booked on Expedia but had never experienced it until my stay at B Ocean. We checked in around 9pm and were given an accessible room. We had booked a room with a one-step upgrade but that really didn't seem to matter. We were in room 311. We could hear everything from the hallway, the elevators and the neighbors, but our first night was ok, then we woke up.

    The B Ocean charges a $250 penalty if you smoke in the room and our room stunk of cigarette smoke. It smelled like it was coming from the bathroom but when we walked into our room after breakfast, the smell of cigarettes just hit me in the face. We went down to concierge and then immediately assigned us to 211 which was also an accessible room. I did reiterate that we didn't need an accessible room and would take anything to be away from the elevators, but they claimed this was all that they had. The room was exactly the same except for the patio which was inaccessible as it was locked from the outside.

    This room was much noisier than the room on the third floor. Many people taking phone calls at all hours in the hallway sounded like they were right in our room. Then at 5am, the women in the next room, room 212 called "Breeze" started partying. They had their music on and were on the patio outside of our room talking, laughing and having a great time. We could hear everything from their room. At this point, our sleep was interrupted so many times, we decided just to get the hell out of there.

    For the cost, the B Ocean isn't worth it. The walls were way too thin and their inability to give us a room in a quiet place makes me think that they limited us because we booked on Expedia. I will say that B'stro down stairs has great food and Cary was very helpful and attentive. I will never stay at the B Ocean again.

    09/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    74. Sarai F.
    Located right across from the beach, the Sonesta Fort Lauderdale offers awesome ocean views. I believe every room offers an ocean view. We stayed in a king corner room and it was really nice to be able to look out onto the ocean from bed as the entire wall is made of glass. The hotel was very clean and quiet.  The pool area is a nice place to relax and have some drinks or a snack which you can order from the outdoor bar. You do have to valet park your car which costs $28.00. Also the room service is very expensive. I ordered room service breakfast for two and it cost $53.00 plus tip! P.S. if you can't find the blow dryer it is probably hanging on the bathroom door, I was looking for it and did not see it until we checked out.

    19/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    75. Nicole D.
    Really nice hotel. Gorgeous design. Great views. Perfect location. A bunch of rooms were not ready at check in but the staff were very accommodating.

    15/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    76. Lindsey O.
    Stayed here last year and can not wait to stay again! The hotel was very clean and had a great vibe. The room views are beautiful. The beach is right across the street and there are big padded beach chairs for rent if you want. The hotel food was our favorite part and the staff, especially the pool bartender, was beyond friendly. Great for the price !

    20/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    77. Nino B.
    Great place to stay. A bit pricey but you have to expect it when your on the beach. A great location a few bars and pizza places within walking distance. Your a little far from all the clubs on the beach but I'm over that phase of my life.

    Upon arriving we were greeted and check our car into valet. We were then greeted by the front desk. One you get inside everything has been modernized. A great feel and look to the place. We were promptly given our room keys and off to our room we went. Originally we were given a room on the second floor which a ocean view however with the trees on the property it was difficult to see the ocean. So I called the front desk and we were offered another room on 8th floor. Our view was amazing. Our room was very clean and up to date. Our mattress could have been a little softer.

    Waking up to the view was wonderful. The hotel has a great buffet for a reasonable cost. Food was great. Lunch was amazing, ordered from room service. Dinner was amazing at the sushi restaurant, then my wife and I enjoyed some drinks out by the pool.

    My wife and I already plan on staying there again.

    27/11/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    78. Bekah S.
    I am seriously disappointed with my recent stay at this hotel. I expected so much more from what I thought would be a boutique style hotel. Instead we were greeted at a tiny desk in the middle of a crammed lounge/lobby and hustled up to our "Deluxe" King Curve room. The "Deluxe" could be considered an overstatement. After finding the room dirty and next to a loud wedding party we asked to be moved and were transferred to a dirtier room on the fifth floor which had a giant bag of trash sitting in front of the door. There was hair everywhere, sand all over the bathroom floor and this is before we even put our bags down. We were exhausted and decided to make the best of it but for the price and the way it was described when I made the reservation I am extremely disappointed. Stay literally anywhere else, I've been in nicer Best Westerns.

    10/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    79. Barbara W.
    We stayed here a couple of days at the end of November and loved it! Beautiful hotel with magnificent ocean views!  The staff were all very friendly and would go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. The only reason I didn't give five stars was due to the very late housekeeping call. We vacated the room early in the morning and returned at 4:30, finding that our room had not yet been cleaned. We resolved that they must have forgotten. Getting ready for dinner after 5 p.m. We got a knock on the door from housekeeping to clean our room. However, this one little incident would not prohibit our return! Loved it and SAIA Sushi!

    07/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    80. Rhena F.
    I'm giving this place a 4 star even though because of the view, cleanliness, location, and excellent customer service. My boyfriend surprised me and took me here for our anniversary wknd. Even though I live in south FL and have been to Ft. Lauderdale millions of times I never took notice this hotel. Long story short its located directly across from the beach. We had a room on the 12th floor which was the highest just under the penthouse floor which is used for weddings.

    The view was breath taking. Seriously I have had a room with such a crazy view. The room was clean, bed was huge and comfortable. Furniture was gorgeous and clean. Room service was great and all of the staff were great, very friendly and helpful. I've stayed at the W, Viceroy, and even FountainBlu but this hotel had the best view and customer service compared to those. Only complaint would be the pool is way too small. They def need to expand it.

    If the pool was bigger and the parking was free I would have given them 5 stars.

    (They charge $25 a day to valet park.

    30/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    81. Dave B.
    Our room was fantastic with an amazing floor to ceiling window that offered a great view of the ocean. The bed a very comfortable and the rain shower was also a welcomed amenity. Got a rate on Jettsetter that was over $100 less then what they wanted to offer me at the front desk.

    20/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    82. Pam O.
    I stayed at Sonesta for 3 nights for my sister's wedding this past weekend and, although her wedding was beautiful and I enjoyed her reception in the side room off the lobby, this would not be a place I would ever return for a few reasons shared below.  

    This hotel charges quite a bit more than other hotels in the area.  I understand it has a beautiful view, and I don't want to take away from that (it is a great view), however, for a hotel of that price I would expect all the amenities to be offered for 100% of my stay.  The first day there the pool was closed at 3:30 by the hotel for a private event with no notice prior to booking; when I book a room at a hotel in Florida, I expect to be by the pool for however long or as little as I'd like - and limiting that access when I've paid for it as part of the amenities the hotel offers in a room stay is poor hospitality on their part.  Further, when thinking about amenities, coffee is not offered in the rooms - however, you can purchase it at the expensive breakfast restaurant downstairs (my recommendation if you choose to stay there, which you shouldn't but if you do, is to go next door to Primantis instead).  I've never been anywhere where it wasn't offered in at least the lobby for free (again, it is an expensive hotel).  

    In addition to my above concerns, this hotel discriminated against my dad and it truly ruined my entire day (and I'm still quite upset by it).   Prior to moving forward in this review I would like to share that my dad has facial deformities caused by a severe car accident he had several years ago - so he looks a little bit different and the day the discrimination occurred was extremely wet and windy so that effected his appearance as well.  That said, my sister and I were at the pool on a very rainy day hiding under an umbrella trying to make the best of it.  My dad, there for his daughter's wedding, had just returned from 7-11 joined us.  I had noticed two staff members from inside the lobby (we were on the other side of the pool) watching us and, at the time, I just thought they were thinking how ridiculous we were to be sitting out in the rain, but unfortunately, that was not the case.  Instead, they thought our dad did not "belong" and I know this because shortly after my observation a hotel staff member left the lobby, came outside, approached and asked my dad, and only my dad, for his room card.  My dad responded by swearing and aggressively pulling his card out of his pocket & showing the guy; I don't really blame my dad though for acting that way when being labeled and stigmatized in front of 2 of his kids; he paid this hotel a hefty price during his stay to hurt his feelings and discriminate against him - imagine going through an accident and then being judged in that way.  Then, after giving the staff member his room card the guy didn't even apologize but just said "thank you" and left.  How could you do that when you just insulted a guy in that manner?!  I get it - there are concerns people have when others look different than them or don't have an expected appearance.  My advice to the hotel if they are concerned about guests and feel someone who shouldn't be there is hindering someone else's good time: be discrete and observe the situation CLOSE UP - not from inside the lobby looking across to the other side - before jumping to conclusions and use the information you gather during that time to make a sound decision.  Don't want to do that or that doesn't fulfill your curiosity/concern & still want to see a room card?  My suggestion would be to not single out one person in a group but instead ask everyone in that group to see their room card.  

    Additionally, as I mentioned, my stay at this hotel was for my sister's wedding.  She got married on the terrace overlooking the ocean.  It was a beautiful ceremony, but it was difficult for me to not get distracted during it by the entrance drive for cabs, valet, and guest arrivals right below it making all kinds of noise as well as the fact that there is a stoplight on the corner where there is a lot of noise action (horns, ambulances).  The woman from the hotel who helped coordinate the wedding details, from what I understand, did a good job.  

    To be fair, I would also like to share a few positives I noted such as the view (stated earlier in this review), the delicious reception food, and the excellent bartending service we received.  The rooms were clean, the reception room set up beautifully, and the hotel even provided centerpieces since my sister didn't bring her own.  That was very nice of them.

    01/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    83. Mai M.
    Wow! Where to start? Arrived in the afternoon to this beautiful hotel and we were attended to by a lovely guy who checked us in, brought us our mail (we had bought some stuff online for our trip and shipped it to them for our arrival), sorted out our internet access and bags and we were on our way! The room was amazing! Having never been to ft Lauderdale before we had a fantastic corner room with ocean views, and the be was so comfy! A few moments after we had arrived in to our room, there was a knock at the door and we were surprised with chocolate dipped strawberries and a bottle of wine with a lovely card from the gentleman who checked us in wishing us a happy honeymoon stay!! We were blown away! Noticing what time it was we asked the young lady who brought the treats up what time the bistro closed, she said they were set to lose soon but she would tell hem to wait for us, again we were blown away! We rushed downstairs starving from our long day of travel (australia-LA-ft Lauderdale) and were greeted by a happy young man who assured us he was happy to wait and was there till we were done--again another wow moment! We had an awesome feed of popcorn shrimp and squid, a pasta and some other plates and it was awesome--he even chatted to us giving us hints of places to eat in the area. Later we headed down to the bar we we mingled with other guests and our fun hostess/bar tender. This was pretty much the same story every night of our stay--needless to say we loved it and will definitely be back again.

    24/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    84. Kelly P.
    Really enjoyed my stay. All the employees were so friendly. Beautiful room with amazing views. Very comfortable bed. Strawberry mojitos rocked! Definitely recommend Sonesta Fort Lauderdale!

    21/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    85. Leila H.
    My room was very nice and spacious but I personally think it could do with a little remodeling. Staff need a little bit more manners, specially when they first checked me in. Once they saw the Ferrari California arrive with my name on it, they acted more politely. Anyway, this goes back to 2012.
    I'm just remembering all the locations I stayed and providing them with reviews.

    25/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    86. Gavvin S.
    Just checked out from this hotel today. The hotel is directly across from the beach. The view from the hotel is spectacular. The customer service here is great.

    From asking the front desk for a spoon to getting assistance with my wi fi signal. All reps here go above and beyond

    The only thing I didn't enjoy was the watered down Pina Colada at the pool bar. But all in all it is a nice hotel.

    Miami Flair in Ft. Lauderdale

    24/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    87. Alexa V.
    Probably one of the better hotels on the beach trying to give a Miami vibe but many aspects failed.

    Granted we came on a busy weekend, we shouldn't have to wait an hour after check in to get a room. We had places to be and that's unacceptable. Get your logistics together.

    We entered a room reeking of cigarettes although we had no time to complain as we were late to our event we came to ft. Laud for.

    Came back later around 2 am and our ac was not working. Called and they said is was a situation in the whole building and said it would be sorted out within 20 mins. We went to a friends room to enjoy ac, came back to sleep around 4 am and it was 78 degrees.

    Very uncomfortable stay. We complained a bit more and got free parking. They were nice but come on, if you're trying give out Miami vibes and prices give Miami service.

    27/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    88. Rob B.
    I got this hotel on a priceline bid for a stay before our cruise.  Some of the reviews we read were iffy, but they must have heeded previous travelers advice, because this hotel was great.  

    A very modern looking hotel with comfortable beds and rooms.  Every room in the hotel has an ocean view (hence the curved building).  I recommend trying to get a higher floor.  We were on 5 and had a good view, but I bet they are much better higher up.  

    There are two restaurants on site, and the pool area is very nice (and also has a fully stocked bar poolside).

    The only complaint I had was that they didn't have coffee in the rooms.  It is a pet peeve of mine when a hotel doesn't have room coffee.  Even though room coffee can sometimes be tragically bad, it is still nice to have.

    There are many bars/restaurants/convenience stores in the 1 block radius of the hotel, and they are all good.  You can see my other reviews for the bars/restaurants that we tried in the area.

    01/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    89. Bradley R.
    There are no redeeming qualities about this hotel. I'll summarize a few of the reasons you should stay away from this place.

    1. Location - The hotel sits on a very busy corner with only 1 way in, making it difficult to get in and out of. This would be ok if the part of the beach right in front of the hotel was nice and there were a lot of bars/restaurants/shops within walking distance...nope, just traffic. The nearest places to eat/drink/go to a decent strip of beach are about a mile away.

    2. The lobby - The lobby has the feel of a YMCA locker room. It's small, right next to the pool (which is advertised to be heated but wasn't), and smells like chlorine.

    3. The room - We paid for an ocean view room. What we got was a room on the side of the hotel that could have an ocean view but in fact did not. In other words, the hotel is curved, so on the side of the hotel that is advertised as ocean view, half of the rooms face north and half face east. We got a room that faces north. There is also no coffee maker.

    In general, if you can make it to a different beach, stay away from Ft Lauderdale altogether. It's by far the worst beach I've been to, even worse than Galveston island in Texas, where the water is brownish and there are clumps of seaweed everywhere.

    If you must go to Ft Lauderdale, please stay somewhere other than Sonesta. I'd recommend the Hilton, W, or Westin. They are a little more but are in a much better location. The extra cost would be well, well worth it.

    01/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    90. Keith L.
    What a great place to get away for a bit and enjoy Fort Lauderdale Beach! While looking in the HotelTonight app for a quick getaway the Sonesta quickly caught my eye. I ended up saving a good amount on a last minute room and couldn't have asked for a more enjoyable experience.

    First possitive is the location. Directly across from the beach in a great area. It's a reasonable 15 minute enjoyable walk to the "strip" where there's a bunch of great bars and restaurants. Although there are great options for both right outside the hotels doors.

    Every room comes with a fantastic beach view and ours was INCREDIBLE. The rooms are decorated nicely with a white modern vibe, although it was a bit small. Bathroom had everything we needed and the shower was great--a surprise for a hotel! The pool was also great and the bar prices were reasonable and came with great service. All of the staff were very kind and accommodating, so kudos to them.

    My only gripe would be the paper-thin walls, which I've seen discussed in other reviews. It is shocking how well you can hear every word that is uttered in either of the adjoining rooms. But thankfully both neighbors were quiet and respectful.

    Overall the stay was a fantastic experience and I'll certainly be back.

    If you're willing to wait until the day of to book, the Sonesta is almost always available at a discounted rate in the Hotel Tonight app. Enter code KLONG106 in the apps promo code section on for an instant $25 off your first booking, regardless of whether it's here or not!

    25/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    91. Abby W.
    This place was nice. It was right on the beach and walking distance to some bars and restaurants. We enjoyed our stay. It was pretty inexpensive and still nice. Although, they kept making random charges to my debit card by accident, like $300 worth of charges, but I think they got my name mixed up with someone else and they refunded the money within a couple days.

    22/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    92. Marcia B.
    We were going into Ft Lauderdale for a special dinner on Friday night, so I decided to get a hotel for the night. I found this hotel on Expedia by putting in a price and location(ocean view). Hotels on the beach are very pricey during January so I knew we'd have to spend $225 a night. The Sonesta is very modern and beautifully decorated. The hotel is on A1A and every room has an ocean view. We checked in in the afternoon and really enjoyed the view as we got ready to go out for dinner. When I made the reservation, I told them it was our 50th anniversary so when we checked in, there was a complementary bottle of champagne in the room. The amenities and quality of bedding, pillows, etc. were excellent and waking up to the sunrise was wonderful! My only complaint was no coffee pot in the room, which would have been nice. We were on the 6th floor. Be sure to ask for a high floor.

    01/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    93. Rachel K.
    My biggest complaint about B Ocean is that the walls are paper thin. I could hear conversations in neighboring rooms, the hallway, and the street noise.

    On the plus, beautiful oceanfront views, and a pretty good location. Cute pool (which even has a bar!) and VERY easy beach access.

    Also I really didn't like the bathroom window. Every time someone in our group got up to pee, or the early risers got up to get ready, this lit up the whole room and was right in my face. While it looks cool, it's not the most practical.

    Overall a decent stay and would think of staying here again if in fort Lauderdale.

    04/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    94. Anthony A.
    Where do I begin...

    1.) Booked a 2 night stay at Sonesta through a travel website. The room was not as described or pictured online. Not a corner room with a panoramic view. A request for the room we booked was denied; however, we could "upgrade" our room for a fee. No thanks.

    2.) The room had a nice south Florida modern vibe, but the walls, baseboards, kitchen and dresser drawers were dingy/dirty. A deep clean and touch up paint go a long way.

    3.) I was in the middle of a mid-day snooze and woke up to 2 housekeepers yelling/arguing in the hallway. It carried on about 5 minutes until one got on the elevator. So much for a peaceful getaway.

    4.) The pool was a major disappointment. Considering the size of the hotel, it was way crowded and uncomfortable. We ended up leaving 20 minutes later.

    I received an email survey from Sonesta to rate my stay. I was candid about our issues and received a follow up email from John Leekin, Night Manager. I promptly responded but it's been 22 days with no response from John. It's obvious that service is not a priority of Mr. Leekin or Sonesta.

    Spend a few more bucks and go down to the Ritz, they value their customers.

    20/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    95. Tori N.
    Great hotel. Very clean, staff is super friendly, the beds and pillow are like clouds, and this place is literally right across the street from the beach. Only two complaints, which I will address at the end of the review.

    Room: beautiful full wall windows overlooking the ocean. Get anything above the 5th floor for a great view. Corner rooms have two-sided windows, I think. Room was a fair size. Beds were seriously the best I've ever slept on. Can't comment on the thinness of the walls because I brought a white noise machine with me (after reading other reviews) since I'm a super light sleeper.

    Bathroom: It's small. One sink with not a lot of counter space. Shower/tub is ok, the shower head is cool since it's kinda like you're getting rained on. No fan so the mirror will fog up. Comes with a hair dryer.

    Gym: is TINY. If you're a big gym junkie...this may be a turnoff for you. 3 treadmills, 1 elliptical, 1 stationary bike (I think?), and then some strength training torture machine I didn't even bother trying to figure out. Room is generally cool and lots of towels for you. I only went in once, despite my intentions to workout daily... I just couldn't make myself go into such a tiny room just to do cardio. And since you have the beach across the street, taking a long walk will suffice in the evening for a vacation workout ;)

    Lobby: Very cool with the lighting. Lots of cushioned seating so if it rains you can hang out in here while you wait for the weather to clear up. I'm actually typed my review in the lobby while it was raining.

    Pool: it's small, but it's heated. Lots of kids here during the day, but it's open until 11:30 at night. I avoided for most of the time until we experienced our first rainy day. Then sat outside under an umbrella until the rain became too unbearable.

    Elevators: there's 3. One wasn't working for the first two days we were here, which made going up to your room a huge pain during the middle of the day. If you can manage to avoid going to your room between 11am-2pm, then you'll avoid the longer wait.

    Bar: indoor (by sushi bar restaurant entrance/lobby) and outdoor at the pool. Bartenders are friendly. Mojitos are decent; lots of mint, kind of a bit sugary, but there's lots of lime. Booze is only slightly detectable, which is a plus. There's enough to get you buzzed. All-in-all, a decent drink, but not worth the price. A glass of pinot grigio was $9. I'd go elsewhere if you want a good drink.

    B'stro on the Beach: this is the place where you'd presumably grab breakfast if you're staying here and don't feel like going out anywhere. They give you complimentary coffee to go, which is great. Will write a more comprehensive review for that place on their page. We got complimentary buffet breakfasts our entire stay, which was great.

    Staff: very friendly and always greeting you. Totally different from other places, which seem to fake it. Maybe it's the Southern charm :)


    1) Housekeeping timing
    The housekeepers are wonderful people who always greet you warmly. No complaints about them; they do an amazing job. Just don't expect to have your room all neat and tidy before 3pm. This was a turn off for my mom and I since we're up and out of the room for breakfast before 8, and are on the beach by 9. We usually get back around 3 or 4, and our room is still a mess. Despite asking the front desk three days in a row for a possible earlier time, it never happened. Thumbs down for the wait. After a long day on the beach, the last thing we wanted to see were no clean towels for our showers, and messy, unmade beds.

    2) Prices of food/drink
    Vending machine drinks = $3; snacks in your room = $5.

    My advice if you stay here:

    1) walk over the bridge (about 10 min max walk) to the nearby Publix and buy your own water bottles. Or if you don't want to walk that far, there's a 7-eleven around the corner. Get a mini fridge for your room and stock it up with snacks if you have a tendency to get the munchies, and lots of water. You'll save so much money in the long run.

    2) there are no umbrellas or chairs; if you want, you have to rent. There's a guy on the beach, but for two chairs and an umbrella, you'll be spending ~$45 a day for that. Worth it on the first day or two while you work on your base tan. There's also a place across the street from the beach that offers rental chairs and umbrellas for ~$5, but they're cheap. Borrow towels from the pool and rent something, because if it's windy, you're gonna get covered in sand--and it sticks to you big time.

    All in all, highly recommended hotel!  Worth the price :)

    13/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    96. Tracie F.
    This place is not what it appears. The website pictures are very deceiving. The pool looked so luxurious with the cabanas. Once you see it in person it is the size of a jacuzzi. The outside of the hotel is grungy. Would not recommend this place to anybody.

    05/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    97. Neachelle N.
    Love love love this hotel

    Really cool profile in the small but personal

    David and Amber at the desk were just a delight

    John in valet was helpful and tentative

    The view was incredible the bed was super comfortable

    There was not a lot of counter space in the bathroom

    Tv was at a great angle in the corner so kudos to that it made the room just cleaner and more open

    Love this hotel and would love the return

    30/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    98. Stylishmiss F.
    Thought it was a great stay till our room was never cleaned on our last night called three times and called front desk numerous time no one ever got back .....

    10/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    99. Marqus R.
    Though I haven't stayed here, I have had plenty of business guests for whom I have made the arrangements, had them stay here, have been in any number of their various rooms, used their pool and other facilities, so I feel well versed and experienced enough to comment on it.

    The B Ocean is marvel and testament of how you can transform what was a broken down shambles of a Holiday Inn into what is really a top notch hotel. The rooms are spacious, clean, ultra up to date and the views facing the ocean breathtaking in beauty. Indeed one of the key factors of what makes the B Ocean a good hotel is its beachfront location. However, it also has a super nice pool with a pool bar and best of all a restaurant, SAIA, which is far, far better than any ordinary hotel restaurant. The foods served at SAIA are basically Asian or Asian Fusion, but some of the best to be found anywhere.

    Another asset I like is the neighborhood which makes for easy walking to the open 24hours/365days a year Primanti Bros., the rather famous Parrot Bar, and a number of other places, all of which sort of have a nice local friendly atmosphere about them.
    Though parking, which is basically by valet, can be somewhat of a hassle, everyone on the hotel staff is super polite, friendly, helpful and competent.

    16/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    100. Jacquelyn M.
    My boyfriend and I had the opportunity to stay here for two nights. We arrived on a Friday night and stayed until Sunday morning. When we pulled up, the valet staff greeted us and took my car away. We then walked inside to check-in, the rest of the staff warmly welcomed us.

    The check-in process took only a few minutes before we went upstairs to our room. When we first walked in, the room temperature was set to 50 degrees (brr!). The room was mostly white and very clean looking. The view was just breathtaking.

    We unpacked our things, and headed to the first floor for dinner. At the hotel restaurant, SAIA, there were many vegetarian and vegan options. This made the stay a little more awesome. Since we were in the middle of a cold front, we decided to stay indoors and enjoy the hotel some more.

    When we woke up in the morning, I was completely lost for words. I opened the shades, and the entire view was the ocean. Fortunately, we picked the perfect weekend. The sky was clear and the weather was cool.

    Even if I tried, I could not explain in words how in awe I was over the view.

    Another thing I would like to point out is the location of the hotel. I really liked that we were at the corner of Sunrise and A1A. Further down, towards the bars, the car and people traffic is drastically higher. This location was perfect for a relaxing and quiet experience.

    You can easily walk to many vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants. The ocean is no more than a two-minute walk from their entrance. There is a bike rental spot at the entrance area as well.  It had everything that we needed to make the mini-vacation that much better.

    When we returned to the room after a day at the beach and walking around, the room was cleaned and we had fresh towels.

    Overall, I could have not asked for a better experience. The hotel was clean, the staff was friendly, the location was perfect and the view was incredible.

    29/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    101. Steven L.
    [Fun in the sun]

    Stayed here for one night post-cruise. We wanted to be near the beach near all the action and didn't want to break the bank. Managed to get a room at the B Ocean via priceline express deals.                          

    [Room] All the rooms in this hotel face the beach which is across the street. We got a 5th floor room with a panoramic window and a full frontal view of the ocean. Rooms are tastefully decorated in white - furniture,  walls, tables, etc. Everything was very modern, chic, and clean. The bathrooms are nice as well. My main quaff is with the rain shower. It is a european style shower where there is no door or curtain so water tends to get all over the floor. The rooms are well insulated from outside noise but sound can be heard from upstairs units and adjacent room doors slamming. It's not that loud but if you're a light sleeper, it may bother you. The AC unit works great and isn't noisy.

    [Service] We arrived at the hotel 5  hours before check in time but the staff was happy to give us a room. Everyone was friendly and helpful - we were greeted by almost everyone as we walked through the hotel.    

    [Location] B Ocean is right on the beach. There's a few cafes and gift shops in the vicinity and the Galleria mall 1km to the west. It's a bit of a walk (maybe 20 minutes) to the hustle and bustle of the strip where all the mega resorts are but it wasn't a big deal.

    There's also a public beach volleyball court across the street but you jave to bring your own ball - or buy a cheap one from the nearby souvenir stores.
    We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the B Ocean. Given the price, location, and room quality, we would definitely stay here again.

    04/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    102. Silvia C.
    Love this hotel! Saying first that I loved Fort Lauderdale, I think that staying at this hotel helped too.
    Beautiful location, great view and rooms big and clean.
    The staff was friendly and helpful. Breakfast was average. Can't say more about the restaurant as we never had lunch or dinner there.
    We found a very windy couple of days, so instead of spending the day on the beach we stayed at the pool, much more protected and comfortable. Great drinks and sandwich at the pool bar too!
    I would recommend this hotel if you want to treat yourself.

    30/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    103. Jayne C.
    Love the hotel and location!! Would definitely recommend and it's cheaper than the other 4-5 star hotels. Excellent room with soft pillows and bed! The room was clean and had a great view! Every single room is ocean view meaning you can see the ocean. Not sure why people are complaining (I.e cl smelling pool? Bad beaches?? What?!) but ft lauderdale beach is great not too congested and decent restaurants nearby. Obviously the less pricey restaurants are deeper into town but overall the restaurants are decent. Cuban/Spanish food I find better in Miami but there are decent substitutions.

    In conclusion if you are Paris Hilton.. Kim k.. Or any other royalty out there please do go to the 400/night hotel :) I'll enjoy my well priced 4-5 star hotel with a beautiful room with an uber soft and fluffy bed! Love it!

    11/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    104. Cooper C.
    What a beautiful hotel!! It was great service, gorgeous place to relax the day away. Just across the street from the water, it is in a perfect location.

    The ice water with oranges and cucumber hit the spot after a warm day on FL. The pool was clean, very nice area. Rooms were spacious, I loved the pump shampoo, conditioner and body gel in the shower. Everything was CLEAN!!!!!

    I would come back!!!!!

    20/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0