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The Westin Fort Lauderdale in Fort Lauderdale, FL

The Westin Fort Lauderdale in Fort Lauderdale, FL


The Westin Fort Lauderdale is refreshed and rejuvenated, and awaiting your discovery.

Enjoy the afternoon in the warm Fort Lauderdale/Pompano Beach sun overlooking the beautiful three-acre lagoon. Or, get out and explore: our newly remodeled North Fort Lauderdale hotel is only minutes from all the local attractions that have made the area a premier destination. The Palm Aire Golf and Country Club, pristine Fort Lauderdale beaches, or the Isle of Capri Pompano Casino are only minutes away.

Business meetings, executive retreats, or conferences at the newly remodeled Westin Fort Lauderdale offer the perfect balance of location and ambiance. Located only fifteen minutes from Fort Lauderdale International Airport and near the business districts of Deerfield Beach, FL, Cypress Creek, FL and Oakland Park, FL our hotel boasts thousands of square feet of flexible meeting and event space ideal for functions large or small.


Company Info:

Rating: 2.72

Address: 400 Corporate Drive, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33334

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    Comments (65):

    1. Jerome W.
    I really enjoyed my stay here, but it suited my needs, and I'll try to explain that it may not suit yours.   First of all, Florida is a car-centric society and it's not like this hotel is located in a public transportation zone.  So, be aware they are charging for parking, there's negligible off premises parking and it's in a corporate park.  So if paying for parking irks you in an out of the way place don't stay here.  And again I ask: " if motel 8 gives free internet then how come a great outfit like Westin charges extra??"   But if you are coming for business in the area and your expense account covers the extra charges, this place is a good location.  Easy on , easy off the I95 both north and southbound.  Nearby to the west is shopping, banks, restaurants like Hooters, Sweet Tomatoes, the Moonlight Diner for late nite,  5 guys burgers.  The lobby area of Westin is good, with a small bar and they have a swimming pool that works, with a jaccuzzi, and a nice little waterfall for background.  The rooms were nice, the view was good from the 11th floor. And the typical comfortable Starwood linens and bedding.   Housekeeping was good about bringing xtra towels and stuff after they didn't renew the amenities or coffee after my first day. The front desk was nice to me, nicer that other hotels and made me feel special with my Starwood Gold membership.

    18/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. Kristine F.
    Stayed here about 4 years ago and the hotel is just not the same. Currently laying around the pool, still have not seen the staff bring out towels after I spoke in person to the front desk and called them. Its been an hour and I know I wasn't the first person to ask about towels since when I went in I was told someone already called. We are on the 9th floor and our room is nice but there is an odd odor when the ac kicks on sorta musty. Its not so bad that I have complained but its noticeable. The property is just not up to par with what you would expect from a Westin. We have been here two nights and this morning was the first time someone was in the lobby to greet people. The grounds are in need of an update, nothing oh my god but just tired, mulch needs re done, plants need TLC, stucco by pool is cracked, light poles are sitting akimbo just little things that show there is no one doing regular maintenance. Aside from the lack of concern about the towel situation the staff has been nice and not rude by any means. I did ask to speak to the manager on duty since that seemed to have helped a previous poster with their problems but when my call wasn't answered it came back to the front desk. Another thing to mention is they do not charge for self parking which is a nice change and the parking is close. I would return so I am not saying the hotel is terrible, but it is advertised as a 4 star and its more like a 3. When I was here 4 years ago it was a 4 star.

    23/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    3. Norbert W.
    stay here whenever on business in this part of the world.

    comfortable room.  quiet.  i like the restaurant.  good bar.

    easy to get to either with rental car or by taxi from airport (be careful with being an out of towner in a taxi that's used to carrying tourists/business people from out of town)

    it's always a bummer that it's a very early morning and a very light night when I'm there, so can't tell you more about the hotel.

    for my purposes, it serves its function perfectly.  And I'll be back.

    22/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    4. Simone T.
    Ok...I was so disappointed with this Westin. I LOVE Westin hotels! They are my favorite and that's why I chose this one. I stayed here for 8 days! It was awful.

    1. My roomkey kept deactivating. I asked the desk and they said it must be because I let it touch my cell phone (which I didn't). Now, I went to the desk at least 4 different times for this and each time the same guy asked for my ID. Really? You just saw me this morning and the other 3 times I asked you to recode my roomkey. FInally they sent the building engineer up and it turns out that the hotel computer had my card deactivate every day because they never changed it to read I was staying for 8 days. No apology.
    2. The hotel was kind of dirty and poorly run. There were stains on my bed sheets. The gym was DISGUSTING! The towels that were in there were not folded on the shelf and looked as if someone else had already used them. The towels for the pool were NON EXISTENT and when the hotel staff was asked for them from me and another guest, they never returned.
    3. The hotel staff always seemed annoyed and put out when I asked for the smallest thing. For example, no one explained the parking situation when I moved in. Apparently you have to have a guest pass to have unlimited in and out access to the lot. When I went to the desk to ask for this guest pass, no apology for inconvenience given, she wrote out the pass and put it on the desk for me. They didn't even look up.
    4. Ice machine didn't work on 4 floors! That's ridiculous. When I told the desk, again, no apology, just looked at me like "why do you need ice?"

    Although there is more, I'll stop here because you get the point. Rethink the stay.

    05/09/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. J. S.
    I read over some other reviews and I can't believe the patrons are talking about the same hotel. The Westin Fort Lauderdale I stayed at was fabulous. It was right on the beach, not 2 miles away as Tracy W indicated. The lobby was fabulous. The front desk was professional, down-to-earth and helpful. My room was outstanding. The pillow-top bed was perfect. My balony was clean and private with a spectacular view. My room service was delicious, fast and accurate. The in-room coffee was Starbucks and the best in-room coffee I have ever tasted. The water to make the second cup was waay over priced. I tried the sushi bar, excellet, the restaurant for breakfast, superb. The valet was sooo nice and speedy. I have stayed at the Ritz. We all know they set standards with award winner customer service training. I feel this Westin Hotel came close to the Ritz's level of satisfaction. There were some stained, overused sofas in the check-in area, but otherwise. All the staff was professional and friendly.

    When I book at hotel, I put the discriminating eye on every aspect of my stay. This was an excellent experience and I would recommend this hotel to others.

    I am also available to rate other hotel/restaurant facilities upon request:


    J. Spencer
    Northern California

    14/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    6. Kyle B.
    The location is not central; it is rather north of the city's downtown area.  Nice enough pool area, very small gym.  The room upgrade was nice, but the air conditioning was quite loud.  A perfectly fine option in a town with many options.

    09/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    7. S F.
    This is not an extraordinary  westin but it looks like it has been refreshed within the past 4 years. great for business travels. WIFI signal is a bit weak in the room.

    18/04/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    8. Jennifer C.
    If it were on my dime I would give it three but I didn't pay so they get a four.... The rooms were great and clean. Love the double shower head. Free starbucks every morning is awesome. Downside, too close to the highway you can hear the traffic. food was way overpriced..WAAAAAY over and not that great. The best being the 5.50 bowl of Haagen Daz. You pay for parking if you need it and you pay for internet, $10 a day! and $20 if you want the breakfast buffet. Heck you get both of those free at La Quinta

    03/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    9. Rene O.
    This hotel is just okay.  The cost could have been better.  It is not close to anything, so you can not walk form the hotel to do anything, you have to take a cab.  The food is okay, but a bit expensive.  The rooms need to be cleaned better.  The carpet is worn and dirty.  The beds were comfortable, and the lobby was nice and pleasant.

    24/02/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    10. Caitlin C.
    I'm a huge fan of Starwood and Westin in particular, so I'm always happy to stay at one of their properties.  This was probably one of my most "blah" Westin experiences ever, though.  While nothing was terribly wrong, I didn't experience much of what makes Westin usually so right.  

    A few things that weren't so great:
    1.  The rooms are definitely not in top condition.  Nothing gross or awful, but it just didn't feel even close to normal Westin look and feel.  Definitely getting to be time for a refresh.
    2.  The restaurant portion of the bar is bad for a few reasons:  It was open until 11, but when we arrived at 10:20 the bartender seemed really put out about our ordering food and kept hurrying us (we only took about 2 minutes).  The bartender was in such a rush (over what I couldn't tell - it wasn't that busy) that he forgot to bring us part of our order, with no apology.  It took forever to get a check, even when we were trying desperately to flag him down -- all because he was trying to clean up the bar before his shift ended rather than serving customers.
    3.  Wi-fi did not work in my room for more than 10 minutes.  I reported it, they told me they would check it out and never did, and yet I was still charged for it.

    One thing that was awesome:
    They put their money where their mouth is when it comes to supporting green behavior.  For every night you told them not to change your sheets or towels guests receive a $5 voucher or 500 Starwood points.  Very cool!

    20/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    11. Beth C.
    The room was nice as was the front desk staff. I had read reviews of this hotel about the lack of cleaning in the common areas. I did find that the hallways were messy. The carpet needed to be vacuumed and there was laundry and other housekeeping items in the halls at 4pm. But it was a good price and the continental breakfast was pretty good. Take it for what it is.

    09/11/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    12. The P.
    Nice place to stay.  Not perfect but light years ahead of the LaDumpa down the road.  Just stay one night at the La Dumpa and it will be very easy to excuse anything that you will come across at the Westin.

    29/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    13. Drew H.
    This hotel is REALLY Nice. It is clean and good rooms. Some highlights are the restaurant in the hotel and a nice hotel bar in the lobby. They also have a gym and pool and outdoor area. The parking situation is kind of weird, its free to guests but you still have to get a pass and ticket and go through a booth everyday. They dont really explain this to you at first and if you don't figure it out right away it could end up costing you. The staff here are obnoxious though

    30/09/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    14. Don J.
    I stay here more than a dozen times a year.  The location is not near the beach or other attractions in Fort Lauderdale.  If I stay over the weekend I prefer one of the Starwood Properties at the beach.

    The hotel does a significant amount of meeting and cruise business.  The restaurant and bar downstairs are good for dinner.  For lunch and breakfast they have buffet with many options to complement the menu.

    The work out room is small but due to the nature of the clientele you can usually access the machines.  

    As a Platinum member I have stayed in many of the Suites.  They are all very nice with extra space.  The normal rooms are standard Westin fare with sufficient space for a two to not run over each other as they move around the room.  Platinum members also receive free parking and significant food discounts.

    The hotel was renovated about 3 years ago, so while not newly renovated it is still in good condition.

    To the person that could not find beach towels they are kept in the foyer to the work out room.

    The staff from the valet, front desk, security, room service and restaurant are all very friendly.

    26/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    15. Jeff T.
    I was here for a business meeting, so I can't tell you much about the pool or the other amenities.  What I can tell you about though is my room, the conference facilities, the staff, and the bar (of course).

    Across the board, this is a solid place to stay.  A bit off the main strip for a place to stay if I was on vacation, but it was quiet, had a pretty good view, good service from almost everyone and a nice decor.

    The highlight though was my room.  I had the last room on the right on my floor which meant that I had a little alcove off on one side that was a great sitting/reading room.  It's funny how that little extra space makes you feel like you're someplace special.  I don't think the other rooms had that, space, but I'm glad i did.

    Is it the Ritz?  No.  Is it a nice place to stay and relax or meet with colleagues?  Yes.

    23/03/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    16. Cowboy B.
    I got mad at the Marriott for having crappy Internet one week and decided to spend a week at the Westin. The first thing I noticed was the hipster lobby where the bar is the center of attention.  Not for me but it seemed very popular while I was there. Located right next to I95 in Fort Lauderdale, it was unusual for a hotel in this area to charge for parking.  The fee is $10 a day. Wifi is also not free. The room I was assigned was clean, modern and large, though it was dark. Even with all of the lights on, it seems the room was designed to be relaxing. That's fine except when you need to work in the room. The LCD TV is nice but unfortunately had no VGA for use with a laptop. And why do some hotels insist on mounting the toilet paper roll behind the toilet? Boo!  

    The only other thing that bothered me was that my colleague was offered free breakfast coupons upon check-in and I was not. We're at the same level reward level so I'm not sure why he was favored. Maybe he was  better looking to the guy who checked us in.

    I'm still rating the Westin with four stars but have decided to return to the Marriott, which I prefer. I don't think I'm hip enough for the Westin.

    03/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    17. Mike R.
    Been here one day. While its not a new hotel, you quickly learn that the staff is above average for a chain hotel. So far, food has been just fine. Made friends with bartender Cory Garrison today... he is one hard working guy! Four more days to go...hope all stays as fine as its started out to be.

    15/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    18. Edgar V.
    Net effect of all factors:  Okay hotel experience in a luxury property.  Won this hotel via Priceline but it wasn't my first 2 choices of areas, if you're familiar with the process.  Expanded up here since the Fort Lauderdale area isn't that big compared to Houston.  You can be in the ritzy Las Olas downtown district in about 15 minutes or head north to Boca Raton in the same amount of time.  The airport (via interstate) or heart of Wilton Manors (arterial streets) is about 10 minutes each.

    My winning bid was $47 per night for 3 nights (Thurs - Sun) - $170.19 including taxes and fees for my annual visit to see one of my BFFs and his hunky husband at the end of October.

    The lobby is chic beach cool:  white marble floor, dark woods, and high open ceiling all combined to whisper "beach luxe" to you as you enter.

    More summary details:
    * Self-parking runs $10 a day:  Pull a ticket each time you enter the lot.  Show the booth attendant your hotel pass (issued at registration) and hand over your ticket to exit.
    * Internet runs $10 a day also.
    * Visitors can park for up to 2 hours in the self-park lot for $3.
    * Valet parking available but why waste your cash on that?

    Assigned room 816 by blank-faced front desk staff (Adam) despite my own friendly demeanor.  It was close to the ice machine (negative), close to the elevator (negative), and has some well-worn room carpet (big negative).  The carpet is showing its age and detracts from the other positives of the room such as a huge classy shelf/desk/dresser unit, beautiful bed linens and comfy down pillows and comforter, an in-room safe, good mirrors, lots of lighting, blackout drapes, and a well-appointed bathroom.

    How bad is the carpet?  I was scared to walk in my bare feet on it.  The bedskirt has some odd scuffs and stains, reminding me of those "Dateline" stories of what germs could be hiding.  Yuck.

    Over my stay, I did notice two successive nights of cruise ship guests staying the night before their departure.  While it didn't interrupt my mellow, its worth noting this "revolving door" guest aspect.  And, it probably explains why they accepted my lowball offer.  They have a gym, pool, and fancy Mediterranean restaurant onsite but I didn't find the first two items and the eatery always looked closed over my 3-night stay.  Don't know if it is yet another victim of the disastrous Florida economy.

    Would I stay here again?  For the price I paid, sure!  I'll just remember to bring an extra throwaway pair of socks for the room.

    08/11/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    19. Amber C.
    We stayed here on a deep discount... So, yes, for the money we got a hell of a deal. Three star hotel on a 1.5 star budget.

    Nonetheless, we were disappointed. My biggest two issues: the three-inch cockroach that darted across our room midday -- do NOT tell me it was a 'palmetto bug,' its the same thing and I do have photo evidence of what  creature this was -- the guy at the desk did move us as requested though. He moved us two rooms down the hall. The other issue? Oh, that would be the 18% gratuity charged to us automatically for our BUFFET breakfast. Which was not cheap to begin with, although again,full disclosure, we did get a discount. Also, the ice machine on our floor rarely actually had ice, which was a pain.

    The good? The shower was indeed heavenly. The city view was nice, and the location right off 95 was convenient for our coming and going between Laudy and Palm Beach. The rooms were good-sized. The pool was very nice although we didnt swim. And at least they no longer charge for self parking. I probably would have switched hotels if that had been the case...

    All in all, this Westin was just OK.

    16/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    20. Richard C.
    Just finished three days at this property and while the staff are very pleasant and helpful, the hotel is dated, frayed and the rooms I experienced are horrid.  After moving in and settling I realized that half of the carpet in my room was soaked (apparently from a faulty air conditioner) so had to pack up and move late after a long day of travel.  The next room was was in tatters but I'd had enough moving.  The hotel offers $5 dollar vouchers if a guest delays room service - but after two days of no service I only received one voucher and found that the store in the lobby does not accept them?  The one lunch I had in the restaurant was terrible - a hot sandwich that was cold and tasteless.  I travel constantly and this is not only the worst SPG property I've experienced but one of the worst hotels - ever.  I won't return even though it is very convenient to a client's offices.

    14/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    21. J J.
    Worst westin I've stayed in.

    04/09/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    22. Michelle H.
    Not impressed with this hotel. We stayed here for three nights and they would not allow us a rollaway in the room even although we asked before we booked and we have male and female kids, so my son slept on the floor with blankets   The final straw was coming back from a long day to find out that we had no towels in the room. So we called down to front desk about 11 pm and was told it would b at least 30 minutes.  After over an hour and several calls we finally got our towels.   This hotel has very limited amenities and is extremely overpriced.  Would not recommend.  Not a family friendly hotel.

    30/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    23. Kaaren D.
    The room was adequate, and was stocked appropriately.  We were able to sit at the pool the first day we got there, and it was pleasant, although lots of highway noise from the freeway so close.  The hot tub was a "cool" tub, definitely not hot enough to get into.  We didn't try the workout room, but it looked small.  
    Now, the restaurant.  OMG, so expensive, and not great at all.  The waiters working at dinner the night we got there were absolutely not interested in helping us.  It took forever to order, even though we were almost the only ones in the restaurant.  I had the tofu with fried rice, and told the waiter I didn't want the egg, and he tried to talk me out of that decision.  Weird, since it was served along side the tofu.  The rice was soooo greasy, not cool. Then came the kicker:  a 15% gratuity was included without our consent on the bill.  We would have never given any tip for the service we didn't get.
    Breakfast was a buffet, and when we weren't sure whether to get that or order, the waiter was nice enough to point out that we would save money if we got the buffet.  You had the choice of scrambled eggs or a personal omlette fixed to order.  Nice variety of choices of meat/fish for breakfast. We didn't mind paying him a gratuity.  He really went out of his way to take care of us.

    15/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    24. Jacqueline B.
    I'm so disappointed again in the hotel.  I've stayed several times here on business and it has been hit or miss on the service.  I will say that this present time has been the worst.  Starting with the check in...I waited at least 10 minutes.  I'd go into details but the gist is a room for another guest was messed up and that guest was taken care of by one of the front receptionist even though i had ben there waiting...which left me waiting longer.  I wasn't even acknowledged.  

    The second came when I had dinner with a business partner.  I order the swordfish...BAD decision!  It was hard and dry and tasteless...I missed lunch that day and ate it anyway.  I never thought I'd spend 30 dollar on something like this...did I mention the mashed potatoes seemed to be processed and from a box!  The waiter was slow, unfriendly and unhelpful.  We had to ask him to order drinks...he just dropped off water and walked away without a word first.

    Lastly...or at least so far...I order room service.  A dessert and a cocktail.  I was told it would be delivered within 30 minutes and an hour later I called the service line to see where it might be...I was told they were really busy with calls and backed up, then told it was delivered to another room and finally told they would call me back.  Once they did the  order was knocking at the door within minutes.  No apologies nothing.  This was a dessert probably pulled out of the fridge and a drink easily made by the bar and it took over an hour...this is and has not been a "better than expected" experience.  

    Very disappointed!

    14/02/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    25. Jeff B.
    Rooms are dated. Bed was OK but the rest of the property  was a mess!.

    The restaurant is, in a word, HORRIBLE!!  Dinner last night was lousy... the pasta special with supposed "jumbo" shrimp had 3 average shrimp and a sauce that had little taste and.was.more.like.gravy than cream sauce. Lunch...
    Forget the burgers!  No matter how u order it you get well done. Sent it back twice. No difference. Plus the.added benefit of service.with a shitty attitude.

    The outdoor spa was "out of service" and nobody seemed to know why or when it would be fixed.

    The door leading out to the pool and patio was broken.  The guest card entry device to get back inside the hotel after managing to get out to the pool was broken and hanging off the door frame.

    Green??  Really?  1) They offered a $5 discount if they didn't change the sheets on the bed, yet they use plastic glasses in plastic wrapping in the rooms instead of glass. 2)  In the horrible restaurant they give individual, single serving sized ketchup, mustard and mayo!  Ridiculous when a small single serving ramekin of each would eliminate the waste of all that packaging - PLUS is has to be much cheaper than the single serving bottles... something that  could help their bottom line and reduce their RIDICULOUS restaurant prices -- $16 for a burger and a few fries?!   3) Their "luxury shower head" added nothing to my shower experience and, to me, is just a waste of water!  Not too green there!

    $10 a day for wi-fi?  Seriously??  I think not!

    If this was a Holiday Inn or Hilton Garden maybe these things wouldn't be such an issue, but Westin is supposed to be a Starwood Premium property... again, at this property .....I think not!

    19/02/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    26. Mark C.
    Definitely nothing wrong with this hotel. It is no where near the beach, but for a quick corporate jaunt, I will be back.

    29/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    27. Alice E.
    Racoons all around the pool area in the daytime. Jacuzzi never went above 85. The hotel is 1 min from the highway and several minutes away from any beaches. The hotel is way over priced and is defiantly geared for business.

    03/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    28. Myke F.
    I will star with answering your only question... Do you want to stay at the Marriott or the Westin?  I've stayed in both a LOT on business, and without a doubt, the answer in WESTIN!!

    A lot is defined in that I've spent close to a total of 60 nights here... And yes sometimes you have a bad night like some of these reviews.  After all, a LOT of groups use this Westin.  If you're lucky, you'll get just a bus full of oldies spending the night pre-cruise.

    But, having such a large sample size, I think it's safe to say that for the most part, this Westin is a great stay.  You're not at the W, so don't expect the W.  but you're still at a Starwood Hotel, meaning it'll be clean and comfortable.

    The rooms are decently sized, with very comfortable beds.  The premium rooms are even nicer, with couches, chairs, and desks.  Complimentary water and Starbucks coffee is always nice too!  I love the way the shampoo, soap, and lotion smell... A fresh lemon zest!  Good times!  The showers are amazing to say the least, two different shower heads (their "Heavenly Shower") and awesome water pressure.  It's very refreshing getting ready at a Starwood Hotel!  Premium rooms also have a copy of USA Today waiting for you in the morning.

    Upon arrival, you might as well self park, since the lot isn't that far of a walk.  The valet is usually quick, and nice to have in the morning on a hot summer (just call down and have em crank the A/C).  Valet is $15 and self park overnight is $10.  Sometimes they're not even charging, and if you have an off road capable vehicle... Free parking!  

    The staff is very professional and courteous.  They'll do everything they can to make your night a better stay.  I joined the Starwood Preferred system since I'd get free nights, but even if you don't plan on ever coming again, you can usually get a better set of accommodations for your immediate stay if you join (for free).

    The lobby is spacious, with a bar and restaurant.  The food is good down there, I've had a lot of the menu items and I can't say I've been disappointed.  The room service is decently priced, and always the same good food as downstairsm plus some late night options.  Decent portions, always served hot and presented well... and just put the plates out the door when you're done! If youre tired or expensing, then you can't do better!  If youre on vacation or looking to go out, you're better off driving or cabbing to a better meal (see my other reviews, I've been to a number of places down there!  Again, LOTS of business trip!).

    Pool is nice, depending on the weather.  It's big and tucked away in the back.  The weight room is out there, for a Westin it's pretty small, and pretty out of the way, but it has everythingyou'll need for your workout.  Cardio and lifting machines, as well as free weights.  Everything is in pretty good condition, so if it's just you and you don't mind the walk, then you're in for a good workout!

    07/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    29. Pasquale L.
    Old and tired property.

    Nothing within walking distance.  Better choices around at this level.

    26/01/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    30. Eve G.
    I want to Thank Pat McCarthy and her team for being so kind and giving us so much assistance.  I had to plan a corporate event and was given very little detail.  Pat offered appropriate suggestions and helped with all the arrangements.  Then at the last minute my boss rescheduled the event.  I felt terrible but she made us feel like royalty when I called to tell her about the mishaps.  Pat was so accommodating and helped relieve the stress.  Thank you Pat for all your help!

    03/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    31. Greg R.
    I stayed here the night before our cruise ship embarked. The front desk service is AWESOME and they will go out of their way to make sure ALL of your needs are met with the reservation and room. The hotel itself is not very pleasing. I had a king size bed with room. The room was clean and good size. The bed is not what you'd expect from a luxury hotel. It was hard, stiff and very uncomfortable. The restaurant is not good value and food quality is very bad. . If you must eat do so before coming to this hotel or visit the barbecue restaurant located less than a block away which was very good. I would avoid this hotel at all costs. The Crowne Plaza located by the cruise port is way better and more convenient since they offer an $11 shuttle from the hotel to Port everglades and free Airport transportation to and from Ft. Lauderdale Aiport. From the Westin it is up to a $30 taxi ride from airport and Port everglades which can add up.

    06/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    32. Mark M.
    I have to preface that I've stayed at Starwood properties 130ish nights this year.  Quality of physical space, service and the like vary like night and day between properties around the world.

    I have no doubt that this Westin has some of the very best customer service that I have EVER experienced.  

    Now, the hotel will soon be in need of some love on its physical space -- rooms are en route to being worn down and yucky -- but not to the point where I was uncomfortable.

    - SPG Platinum members receive 50% off all on-property food (seriously and amazing amenity)
    - Had a fruit tray waiting in my room upon check in
    - Called for a robe and they didn't have one (apparently they were short bc people had stolen them from rooms) so they sent me a bottle of wine!
    - Shuttle took me to places, including metro rail, close to hotel

    Def recommend this place and hope to get to stay here again.

    19/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    33. Jamie H.
    I stay here often on business. The lobby is spacious and the staff is attentive. My only beef is that they over explain things...I mean you can see I stay here frequently so there is really no need to walk from behind the desk and explain everything to me. I get it!! I've stayed here like 50 times!

    OK...so the rooms are nice. They are basic rooms but relatively spacious. Walls are thin as others have noted. The workout room is good size compared to most business hotels I stay in. The pool area is very nice but you do pick up a lot of freeway  noise. The bar is OK. The food is good but the service, unless you sit right at the bar, can often be very sketchy, as in nonexistent. It is rather pricey for the quality of food but I generally eat there on my first night in town purely for convenience. I recommend the salmon spinach salad. It's a good salad but I'm pretty sure they are setting a record for world's smallest salmon fillet that adorns the top of the salad.

    Anyway...for the area it's one of the better hotels but it's nothing special.

    22/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    34. Brad G.
    Front desk was very friendly.  That's about where the "good" ended.  Rooms were reasonably cleaned but terribly maintained.  The WORST Westin I have ever been in - most are Amazing.  Stayed 5 days.

    Here's the bad:

    1) The gym is in disarray.  Their one piece of non-free weight lifting equipment (they had cardio - didn't use it) was poorly maintained and missing parts.  No labels on the weight levels.  Pull down bar was missing attachment mechanism.  Whole thing needed to be lubed up.  Terrible.

    2) The internet (I was using wireless) was ungodly slow.  I mean, ridiculously so.  Let's get an upgrade folks.  I would never host a meeting here for this reason alone.  Couldn't even have an online meeting over this network.

    3) Arrived in room.  NO SOAP.  Really!  Had to call down to get it.  From that point forward, over my five day stay, missing items continued.  One day it was towels, another it was the bathmat, another is was new coffee cups.  I know they have a checklist - the only thing I can assume is the maid ran out and was too lazy to go grab more.

    4) No availability of purchasable water in the room. Put some bottle in there and charge, I don't care, but put them in there.  Your minibar was empty and I had to ORDER water at $2 something delivery, plus tip.  Another nail in the coffin, folks.

    5) I ordered the workout clothes because the room key advertised it.  When it arrived, I read inside the bag in a note that I would be charged $5.  Why don't you go ahead and disclose that upfront, folks...everywhere you advertise it.

    6) Last, but certainly not the least... this is a WESTIN.  That means HEAVENLY bed and furnishings.  No Robe, No Down Blankets, Pillows were OLD and a mix between down and poly fill.  I complained, they looked at me like I was crazy.  I pointed out, IN THEIR HANDOUT, what a heavenly room was advertised to be all about.

    I will never return and neither will any of my compadres.

    Hope this helps you avoid my daily frustrations.

    07/12/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    35. Nicole V.
    I have lunch here every Friday with a networking group.  The hotel itself is very nice and the staff is pleasant.  They have a buffet lunch in addition to a traditional menu.  We opt for the buffet each week and the food is delicious.  There salad is always fresh and they have a lemon chicken that we have dubbed "the good chicken".  The menu changes each week but there is always something tasty.  An added plus is that you don't have to pay for parking like some other hotels charge.

    06/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    36. Ivy M.
    Everything is quite nice except for housekeeping service.  Whoever cleaned the room did not leave us new waters for the day/night & did not leave fresh shampoo, conditioner & body wash.  We had to call guest services 3 times to get what we need.

    19/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    37. Annie M.
    Grand lobby!! We checked in at mid-night when we arrived.  The front desk person was helpful and efficient.  He offered an Italian delivery restaurant phone # and commented the food was good.

    As a 4-star hotel, just a bit disappointed with the hotel room keeping!! We left the food on table and no one collect it.  No refill on shampoo, conditioners and lotion.

    10/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    38. Sarah S.
    Organized a lunch event at westin recently for a group of 60 - it was handled extremely professionally from start to finish - the 'crew' there really know what they are doing - top notch and very easy to work with.  Function Room was lovely with wonderful natural light and a water view!  The food was exceptional and  an amazing value. Based on price I wondered how good the food would be even though the menu had read great. I was so pleasantly surprised - food was excellent and very varied, not run of the mill at all. Serving staff were helpful , friendly but unobtrusive.  I will def work with the westin again on future events!

    15/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    39. Michelle M.
    I was here for a weekend stay. The room was clean, bed was comfortable, and the staff was friendly. I would stay here again. Very convenient to 95 and parking was easy and free. I have no complaints. When I come back to the area, I will stay here again.

    13/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    40. Charlie B.
    Eat here only if your have no ability to walk .5 miles. There are many alternatives close in that serve edible and moderately priced food. We had a dinner 60+ dollars (no alcohol) and a 50+ dollar breakfast the following morning. The wait staff are very kind and courteous but the food is nothing short of deplorable. How a hotel that caters to cruise clientele can offer this type of food is beyond comprehension. Won't stay at this hotel again simply because of the restaurant. Pitiful, just pitiful!

    10/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    41. Matt S.
    Stayed in room 901. I travel a lot and this was one of the most comfortable beds. Really nice lobby staff and everything was super clean. Bar was a little pricey but that's to be expected. Overall experience was amazing.

    19/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    42. Mariam D.
    A short drive off Cypress Creek Road and grounds with a luscious green landscape... trees a-plenty.  Friendly staff, valet, secure self-parking, and just a short drive from I-95.  The entrance is open and bright, and there is a bar/lounge on ground floor.  Televisions all around, as well as a business center, spacious conference rooms (I've attended two meetings here), and a pool.  Comfortable, modern atmosphere.

    09/06/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    43. El C.
    Just when we thought this dump couldn't get any worse, it did.  No toilet all night.  Nobody really cared.  No one offered a different room. Finally a guy came to fix it in the morning after some more complaining but that didn't even work because he didn't fix it.  Front desk idiots didn't care either.  Then, apparently every person in Fort Lauderdale who is going on a cruise stays here and only 2 elevators work so it was a 20 minute wait to fit on one just to get off the 7th floor of this shithole.  Never, ever stay here unless you have a lot of extra blood pressure medication.

    02/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    44. Laleh M.
    If I could give 0 stars I would! Horrible service. Rooms are ok but management is horrible. Had to wait in the lobby for 1 hour and half just to get checked in. Left message for the general manager of the hotel and didn't hear back from anyone. Called concierge couple times before arriving and no one could answer my questions. They would say that they are just answering the phone for the concierge and they don't have any info. They took my info and no follow up. Tried calling concierge from the room once I arrived and I got transferred over to Sheraton hotel!!! How could that happen I have no I idea! The lady apologized and said she would transfer me. I was put on hold for half an hour and no answer. Long story short I would not recommend this hotel at all!

    13/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    45. Tracey M.
    Not my favorite Westin that's for sure. The bed was sqeeky and it's a good thing that I was only on a business trip and not there with my boyfriend! lol

    The room service breakfast was average. Given the proximity of the Westin to my clients I might give it another try.

    01/03/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    46. K B.
    One of the worst SPG properties I've ever stayed in. I'm a platinum member so have seen plenty of hotels.

    - room smelled like smoke covered up
    - restaurant was awful!
    - service is really sub par
    - all the details that usually make the hotel a Westin was lacking here.
    - where is the green tea smell?? Not at this location.

    Just overall doesn't feel like a Westin. Would rather drive a further distance and stay at the diplomat westin instead.

    07/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    47. Sam C.
    If you're looking for a Ft Lauderdale beach resort, this Westin will disappoint.  It caters more to the business crowd as its relatively close to FLL airport and the wealth of corporate locations along the I-95 corridor. There are many technology companies like Citrix and Microsoft really close by so you'll notice a lot of business travelers.

    As a business hotel, this Westin does well.  Close proximity to highway and airport, heavenly bed for a good nights sleep, decent restaurants within a quick drive, room service and a solid breakfast buffet all at a fairly reasonable rate.

    26/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    48. Selena B.
    I came here for a seminar and was very happy with the experience.  A couple small issues but overall, very good.

    The room was comfortable with good lighting, and I was pleased that we did not have to pay for parking.  It is very close to the highway so easy access for those who have to travel to this hotel. Frankly, I would have been upset if I had to pay for parking because there seems no need to do so.

    We were served a really nice lunch, soup/salad (cesar with a generous portion of chicken) and key lime pie.  The salad had the dressing on the side and dinner roles, all fabulous.

    The restrooms were close/nearby and there were people available to point us in the right direction (given there was no signage for our room).  There was at least one other seminar going at the same time and we didn't feel packed/rushed, etc.

    The downfalls were there was a LARGE cockroach crawling the wall in the dining room which the manager happily killed (thank you - kind of grossed out our fab lunch but I do understand these are abundant here in Florida).  We also ran out of hot water for our teas after lunch and I'm not sure if this was ever replenished.

    All in all, I would definitely return here (unless I found more bugs!).  Everyone was friendly, nice, accommodating and overall - solid professional experience.  Thank you.

    22/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    49. Danielle S.
    When we arrived, we thought ok this place doesn't look bad. Boy were we surprised. The room definitely needed updating and the bathroom appeared dirty.
    One of the three elevators was out the entire time making it impossible to get an elevator. On different occassions, we found ourselves waiting extended amounts of time for an elevator.
    The food in the restaurant was terrible! The poor waiter and maitre d tried their best, but it fell short.
    The bartender was a complete JERK! He was rude and discourteous. We also found out from another family member staying as well that he charged them twice for a cheeseburger and pocketed the money on one of the charges He was subsequently reported to the hotel staff.
    We also wanted to rent a movie on the TV, but opted out once we learned that it was 16.99 per movie. That's insane! Sorry, we aren't cheap, but that's crazy.

    Good things:
    The shuttle drivers! They were great guys who really helped us out.
    The front desk woman was also such a sweet girl.
    It's a shame the entire place wasn't up to par, but hopefully they will improve.
    I can't say we'd ever go back. It was also kind of far from Port Canaveral, where we were picking up a cruise the day after our stay.

    13/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    50. Ms W.
    As a SPG Platinum Rewards Member and Westin lover I was INCREDIBLY disappointed as I think this is the worst Westin I have ever stayed at.... and I have stayed at MANY ... domestically and internationally.

    Positives-- The pool is nice and located off to the side of the property so very calm/quiet environment. I loved the breakfast buffet (avoid the omelet station because I think the cook is still learning how to make them LOL ) and I had the same host each morning (Georgette) --- she was great!

    Negatives-- Besides the heavenly bed and great sunshine... the room definitely needed clean carpet (lots of stains) and my water faucet had the loudest drip. Several times we had to navigate our stroller around mini fridges/microwaves that were abandoned in the hall way. I think the staff was in the middle of recouping or delivering them ?? Either way... this leads to my next point

    Customer service was non existent and when offered slow or not helpful. I could never get concierge to answer the phone and when I finally did get him ....he wasn't helpful because he was the only person working customer service (he was the driver, taking bags up to ppl, and the cityscape adviser).  I wanted a lift via the shuttle. When I was told I could come down no one knew where the driver was or seemed to care that I was waiting. After standing around I finally asked for an update. There was some scattering but no one was talking to me about what needed to happen. Finally I was told I could be dropped off but not picked up. This wasn't going to work as I was with my young child and didn't want to be stranded waiting on a cab in a city I have never traveled to. Westin staff could give two sh*ts about this. Just know I never got the ride to the shuttle.

    Forget working out after sunset unless you want to go outside. The fitness center entrance is accessed by walking outside and along the back of the property. I watch too many crime tv shows to deal with this crime scene waiting to happen.

    Overall... we should have stayed at another location and didn't check out early because it was a work trip.

    21/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    51. Loren S.
    To sum this place up, Pricey and gross. I'm shocked to read other reviews and find that some of the problems from two years ago, still are happening. In no particular order, Ice machines broken, Elevators pick and choose when they will work, 3 times during my stay I saw the door stop at the chosen floor only to close it's doors before anyone could get out of them. Called the front desk and they don't answer, No vending machine. Grossly overpriced and less than par food in the main floor restaurant. 3 people at my table ordered burgers, two well done, and one medium prepared. They all looked and tasted exactly the same.Completely inattentive waiters and staff, that from what I could tell had good intentions, but terrible follow-through.  Doors that sometime open and sometimes won't for the hotel rooms. Stained Carpet EVERYWHERE. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone. Especially, Not you!!!! Trust Me. STAY AWAY. SERIOUSLY. Stay Away.

    27/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    52. Lin K.
    We attended a group banquet. Our steaks were so tough I wouldn't give them to dog. The chicken Cordon Bleu was missing even cheese and was greasy and disgusting. Dessert consisted of breakfast biscuits and canned peaches. We would not sign there again even if you paid us. Ugh,

    15/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    53. Linda L.
    I had a voucher to eat lunch at this westin location. I called ahead to ask if they were open for lunch and the front desk clerk told me they was closed between  11-11:30 am to clean up and prepare then lunch is 11:30-2pm. So me and my mom went at 1pm expecting to enjoy the lunch buffet, which I had before and it was pretty good. But when I arrived the restaurant wasn't open for lunch. And the server told us to go across to the lobby bar,which was also closed. Unacceptable! I purposely called ahead to make sure it was open today and I was lied to. What front desk clerk doesn't even check before answering a customer and giving the wrong information?  I had met the hotel manager Lynn Morris before and she is a wonderful sweet lady. It's so sad to see a potentially good hotel be ruined by irresponsible hotel staff. On the way out I asked Lindsey at the front desk to take a picture for me and my mom in front of the lobby tree and she said "that'll be $10. I take card or cash." Though it was a joke, it was still very rude. And she didn't even get the tree in the photo!

    20/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    54. Ashley D.
    This was one of the most surprising (in a bad way) experiences I have ever had in a hotel. From the moment I arrived I was shocked being that I walked out of my taxi with three giant bags and no one asked me if I needed assistance, furthermore, no one was even there to ask me if I needed assistance. I walked in to check-in and from the moment I checked-in to the moment the lady gave me my keys to go to my room, not one person ever asked me if I needed help with my bags. I ended up bringing my own bags up to the 14th floor where my "room with a view" awaited me. When I got into the room the first thing I saw was the dark grey rug with stains ranging from large to small all over it. It was torn in areas and was coming up from the floor because it was so old. The room smelled like a musty attic and I was so afraid to walk without shoes that I literally put towels on the rug whenever I was barefoot. I don't think anyone from Starwood actually knows or cares to take a look at what is going on here because there's no way the same company that owns the St. Regis and W hotels could be okay with the condition of this property.

    22/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    55. Richard H.
    I'm here right now and what a hole. The restaurant is awful tho ;). I don't know who the chef is but he should be fired. Breakfast buffet was so cold Tuesday he had to remove all the eggs, sausages and bacon from the line. It's like they've never heard of ServSafe. The hotel? Wall paper peeling, stinky carpets, ice machines and phones (in the room) not working, gym closed (the equipment probably doesn't work), staff is friendly but terribly incompetent and in no way self aware their service is substandard. It's like some third world hotel. I can't believe how bad this Cypress Creek area has been run down over the years. Should've spent more on a beach hotel.

    02/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    56. AngelofAgony I.
    The Westin is supposed to be a luxury hotel but my present situation tells me otherwise. I'm currently booked in a "junior suite" before a cruise leaving tomorrow. What's the problem? The room has half its furniture missing! No sofa. No end tables. No lamps. No table and chairs for room service. Just a bed, two arm chairs, a floor lamp, and magazine table in a vast space (see photos). What the hell is going on?

    An update: I complained at the front desk and was told that "junior suites were outsized guest rooms and contained no extra furniture." So I paid extra for an empty space. Did they think I was Fred Astaire and wanted to practice? I feel scammed now. I'd take another star away but I can't.

    29/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    57. D M.
    Dear Westin Hotel Manager,

    Your hotel needs work.  If I were your boss I would put you on an action plan to better train your staff in the areas of customer service.  There is a certain lax, "I do not care attitude."  Checking in, I felt like I was at the DMV.  I called for room service at 11pm and no one ever answered.  When I hung up, the phone rang.  It was the front desk asking if I needed anything.  However, when I said I had been waiting on hold for room service, she was indifferent.  She could care less if I ate of if I didn't.  I said to just  forget it.  So, your hotel lost a sale, and placed a tarnish on the otherwise, excellent experiences of which I have become accustomed.  

    I have done your job is before.  Maybe I should drop off an application, not necessarily mine, but I am confident I could find a replacement who shares the vision of what the brand, Westin, means and to train a staff that has the shares those values.

    Or, you could drive 10 minutes to the real Westin in FL @ the beach, and see how it is done.  There is no excuse for shorty service.

    01/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    58. Britney C.
    WORST customer service I've ever had at any hotel and I have stayed in hotels all over the US, Europe, and Asia. Not worth it to be treated horribly and beneath their standards.I was upcharged and when I asked one question the manager stormed out and jumped all over me. I am humiliated and will never ever stay at another Westin because of this hotel and the way I was treated.

    06/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    59. Lou H.
    I wanted a nice place in the Fort Lauderdale area but didn't need a beach resort or anything super fancy because we had an afternoon flight out of FLL the following afternoon.

    This was a 4 star place on hotwire for about $85, which was perfect. Parking was free, although I think that might only be the case on the weekend because it's in a business park right off 95 and on weekends the area is dead.

    Our room was very clean and comfortable, two double beds. We had a good night's rest after a long day of driving from Orlando to Space Coast and down to Miami.

    After our noon checkout we hung out by the pool, which was gorgeous. You can order drinks and food from the hotel's restaurant to have by the pool if you'd like. Around 1:00 an employee came by and handed out free bottled waters and popsilces to everyone out there.

    There is a large lake behind the pool where you can spot turtles and other creatures. We saw some huge iguanas that came creeping out the bushes to lay near the pool area and we got some good photos of them. They're harmless and shy, so it you get too close, they'll scurry back in the bushes.

    When it was time to go, it was about 10 minutes from the airport so that was perfect.

    All in all, this hotel served its purpose. Nice property, very clean and great pool area. Would stay here again on a gettaway day for sure!

    29/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    60. Aisha A.
    This was by far the worst stay I have ever had in paying almost $300 for two nights at a "resort & spa". For starters we requested a non-smoking room. Our room reeked of cigarette. The beds looked like someone was already on them. Upon calling the front desk we were told that they are a smoke free resort and that someone would bring a new key card for us to change rooms. After waiting in the hallway for 20 minutes someone finally came up to take us to our room. Upon reaching the second room the carpets were horribly stained and the chair looked like it was about 20 years old and worn. The coffee cups looked like they were already used and just rinsed and placed back on the counter.  They were both stained with coffee markings on them. The wallpaper was so outdated and on top of that it was peeling off right next to my bed! Needless to say I will NOT BE returning to ANY Westin "resort & spa" nor will this be a recommendation of mine to anyone else.

    19/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    61. Kristy Y.
    I had a wonderful stay at this hotel with an ex boyfriend. I stayed here for 3 days before getting on a cruise to the Bahamas. The service was excellent and the staff were very accommodating. My room was spacious, clean, huge comfortable bed, and the lovely bathroom was as big as my bedroom lol. Breakfast here is delicious and cooked perfectly. The dining area is right by their beautifully constructed pool so you can enjoy your breakfast and people watch. The only thing I wish was different about my stay here was the time the hotel bar closed. I think it was very early so we ended up going to a liquor store, maybe it has changed. I will definitely choose this Westin as my first choice in stay if I come back to visit Ft. Lauderdale.

    05/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    62. Samuel D.
    Rooms were very nice and clean. The lounge in the lobby stopped serving alcohol at midnight, which isn't really all that bad, I mean, if your intention was to get wasted, either go out and do it or get it done by midnight. - Breakfast was not included with our booking price of $99. They're average rates are above $200 so I suppose they don't feel those booking at less than one hundred warrant free breakfast. The kitchen took exactly 30 minutes to bring out a salad and a calamari appetizer we ordered, that was pretty ridiculous. The hotels.com claimed vallet parking was $15, yet there was no vallet service offered on the Saturday we checked in. Not a big deal, just a little detail. Lastly, the complimentary Starbucks coffee in the room was great but please, add more than two measly packets of sugar to avoid a nice touch turning into a slight annoyance. Overall, nice little stay, and the hotel was very adequate for $99.

    17/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    63. Sam D.
    With the Westin being a corporate hotel I expected a bit more but felt like I got my money's worth.

    The front desk was very helpful & my check-in was quick and painless. I was asked if I needed assistance with my bags which I appreciate traveling with a family of 4. The hotel entrance was very clean & well maintained and the bartender made great drinks. My issues with the hotel:

    1. My phone was not charged so couldn't call front desk.
    2. Ice machines on my floor and the floor below me were not operational.
    3. A few stains on the carpet that I felt could have been cleaned.
    4. Several permanent stains in the shower and a broken granite on the sink that I felt the hotel should have fixed.
    5. My clock wasn't set (no big deal).
    6. Hand soap was not refilled.
    7. Housecleaning picked up our rags but didn't replace them twice.

    Overall our stay was fine all things considered. Our room were clean & the beds comfortable. Would stay again but would address my prior stay with them.

    28/11/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    64. Michelle H.
    We loved our stay here. Rented several rooms here for my wedding.
    Stayed in one of the suites. The room was large enough to fit all my bridesmaids, family and some friends comfortably while getting ready.
    The staff was helpful and had great customer service. I had a very pleasant time there, especially enjoying the beautiful pool the next morning.

    13/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    65. Vicki P.
    I typically stay at Hilton hotels because I'm a Hilton Honors member. I stayed here a few years ago and then stayed at the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina the last time I was in Fort Lauderdale and the stay was awful. The rooms at the Westin are clean, two free bottles of water, mini frig, coffee, fruit and snack mix in the morning for free.
    The hotel is just off the highway and next to a shopping center with various shops. The pool area is kept neat and clean. When I was there a couple had their newborn baby at the pool with them both days I was there and the baby cried the entire time I was outside. Annoying but I didn't say anything.

    Highly recommended!

    27/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0