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Candlewood Suites FT MYERS I-75 in Fort Myers, FL

Candlewood Suites FT MYERS I-75 in Fort Myers, FL

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.00

Address: 3626 Colonial Ct, Fort Myers, FL, 33913

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    Comments (7):

    1. David Y.
    I gotta say this was a great place to stay at.  We booked this two star hotel through Priceline ($35 pre/$46 post tax) and got a very nice room that seemed fairly new.  I was skeptical at first because when we first came into the lobby, a family was fiercely arguing with the staff about being given a room with a queen bed and sofa bed instead of two beds.  This goes on for about 20 minutes (the family was given a second room even though it sounded like they incorrectly booked a two bed room on their own).  A pleasant surprise was awaiting when we came into this room.  It had a very comfortable bed, nicely stocked kitchen, and a HDTV with dvd player.  Everything seemed in great shape and very clean.  There was also a comfortable leather recliner that made TV watching leisurely.  The towels were clean and fluffy.  There wasn't a pool but there was a nice fitness area and a library of dvd's you can borrow.  The use of laundry machines were free (didn't try since I had already paid $3 to use a machine the night before).  There was also wifi and a computer in the library but I didn't try getting online.  The hotel is a block or two from I-75 and in a commercial area but there was no traffic noise.  Highly recommend.

    03/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    2. Nick K.
    The room in our 'non-smoking hotel' smelled of smoke. We got shorted on towels, the elevator was broken and Internet went down. Free laundry, which was cool, but they didn't have any laundry detergent to purchase. Not a pleasant stay.

    13/10/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    3. Fern B.
    Definitely a place to stay and worthy every single time. For a little studio, full kitchen, dvd (with free selection of movies at the front desk), 100% smoking free facilities (smoking in the hotel will be fined) for average $75/night is always a "very good deal".

    10/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    4. Anthony F.
    Not clean, not safe.  Housekeeping was extremely poor and did not improve despite repeated requests to hotel management.  Several of us were extended-staying at the Ft. Myers North Candlewood on business, and it became a game to see what the housekeeping staff would "forget" to do during the weekly cleaning.  Sometimes they'd fail to restock kitchen and/or bathroom towels, or toilet paper, or paper towels; sometimes, they wouldn't change sheets (when the shape of your ham is still pressed into the sheets and they don't smell clean, you can kind of tell); sometimes, they wouldn't mop or vacuum (one coworker left a small bit of paper on the floor in a corner of the bathroom and it stayed there for weeks.  In my case, I could tell my bedspread was never changed, because week after week, the same faint cigarette burn marked one corner of it); sometimes, they wouldn't empty trash (the first week, I found a full bag of my trash tucked behind the kitchen trash can - seriously?!  We took to emptying our own trash daily after I was visited by a large roach and two coworkers' rooms were infested by ants.  When this was brought to the attention of hotel staff, the initial answer was, "oh, well, those are sugar ants."  And your point?  Those rooms were sprayed after a couple of weeks, and mine was sprayed after a few days, so they made the effort ... eventually.)  I can honestly say that housekeeping NEVER did a full and correct cleaning.  If they had a checklist of everything they needed to do for each room, they didn't follow it.  Several times, the hotel ran out of TOWELS.  How can a hotel run out of towels?!  Eventually, we stopped calling these issues to the hotel staff's attention and just accepted them as yet another "Candlewood Value!"   Mind you, this was when they actually deigned to clean the rooms.  Most of us had at least one weekly cleaning the housekeepers just blew off.

    As far as safety went, the property failed on this count too.  Shortly after we arrived, a coworker noticed about half the parking lot lights were burned out.  When he brought this to the general manager's attention, the answer was "well, those lights are really expensive."  A few weeks later, a guest's vehicle was stolen and two others broken into and burglarized (not ours, thank goodness.)  Even after that, it took several MORE weeks to replace the lights.  One of us had a room across from an individual (we called him "L'il Wayne" for his gold teeth and general demeanor) who was smoking marijuana so much it could be smelled across the hall and into my coworker's room. His roommate appeared to be running prostitutes out of a room on a different floor. A hotel employee told us this person was paying cash for his room/s.  It took a couple more weeks for him to be removed.

    Equipment and services frequently broke down.  Internet was often spotty and only upgraded because a large corporate client was filling the hotel and demanded faster speed; even after they upgraded the router there were frequent outages. For two days, all 3 on site washing machines were out of order.  On multiple occasions, the one elevator in the hotel broke down and took up to a day to repair.  For several days, it worked but made a horrible grinding noise that was finally repaired.  The BBQ grill, touted as one of the few amenities, did not light on its own.

    Initially, the "Candlewood Cupboard" looked like a nice on-site convenience store ... until a fellow guest noticed there were perishables in the fridge which had been expired for MONTHS.  It took a couple of weeks for those to be switched out.  Hope no one got sick off them!

    These problems were not necessarily a management problem.  This location was owned by an investment group that appears to be Mitt Romney's poor relatives, but with the same short-sighted, uber-cheap mentality.  It is obvious that the owners do not want to spend any money on preventive maintenance - apparently they like costly repairs and insurance claims instead, and even then only when a large corporate client demands prompt repairs.

    The one bright spot were the front desk clerks.  Jazmin, Esmeralda and Brittney were all very friendly and helpful and did their best to mitigate the many problems at this hotel.  They deserve a better employer, one that doesn't use them as cannon fodder for a badly-run operation and (if everything else is indicative) probably pays them minimum wage.

    If this hotel is NOT representative of the Candlewood Suites brand, the very best thing the parent company could do for themselves is to revoke their franchise.  This hotel has the potential to be a nice, basic extended stay.  Instead, it's unclean, often unsafe, and held together with duct tape and sweat (the general manager was in and out at all hours doing emergency repairs.)  It is a terrible example of whatever brand IHG is trying to build, unless that brand is Flophouse.

    28/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. Austin K.
    Not a fan.  Wouldn't stay here again.  Internet went down for the whole hotel and  the coffee machine was broken.  Stale cigarette smoke permeates through the entire place.  When we asked about the internet, albeit it wasn't the counter guys fault, the response is that "we have no idea when it will be back".  Three people all lost a half a days work of work.  Where is the general manager in a scenario like this?  In any case, my business will go elsewhere!

    11/07/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    6. Annemarie F.
    The price was only good because we had a discount, the room was decent thats about the best word i can use. The sheets didn't fit the bed, the dishes were disgusting,  the bathroom looks like it hadn't been cleaned in over a month, toothpaste stains on the mirror, NO POOL, the Internet doesn't work, only half the channels listed on the TV Guide actually work, the front desk waits until they are finished gossiping to actually help you even if you've been standing there for ten minutes, and the carpet is so gross I had to wear shoes in the room. DO NOT STAY HERE UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY! !!!

    25/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    7. Steph S.
    I got recommended by a friend to stay here. Stayed for a week and didn't have a problem. It is tucked away next to a small University. But, right across the street is Starbucks, a book store, Target! .. etc
    When I walked into the room with a full kitchenette I was surprised. It was nice and clean. The nice full kitchenette was a nice surprise.Plus, the TV came with a DVD player. The bed was extra comfy along with the pillows. The bathroom contained one large towel. I didn't have any problems getting more. Apparently they had a shortage of towels.
    The only problem was the guys right across. A bit noisy. The  front desk person had no problem switching me to a different floor and room.Nice prompt service!
    They also have a store which is called the Cupboard in case you need a snack or a meal.
    For the price of the room and what your getting is actually pretty nice.

    * No Pool

    *Here is a huge tip!!! This is a cheap way to earn points for not only the Candlewood Suites, but also for Crowne Plaza!!!! And Hotel Indigo!

    29/07/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0