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Welcome to the Rooftop Resort, conveniently located between Ft Lauderdale and Miami, in the white sandy beach community of Hollywood, FL.We are the only completely clothing optional (nudist) hotel in South Florida, and we mean anywhere and everywhere on our property. We offer an unparalleled and breath-taking blue ocean view and panoramic intercostal views from our private heated sky pool and sun deck. The hotel has been created to offer total privacy with a unique tropical-style courtyard.


Established in 2004.

Clothing optional, swingers lifestyle beach resort in South Florida. Rooftop lounge, minutes from a clothing optional beach.


Company Info:

Rating: 2.91

Address: 1215 N Ocean Dr, Hollywood, FL, 33019
  • Mon: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Tue: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Wed: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thu: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Fri: 9:00 am - 12:00 am
  • Sat: 9:00 am - 12:00 am
  • Sun: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

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Comments (11):

1. W F.
Well there are things in life that you tell yourself "I will try this once just to say I did"  This is definately one of those places.  It is a hotel, rooftop bar (BYOB), and a bit of a well... more adult place to enjoy life.  If you want a completely wild time where there is a sense of danger and the unknown and can handle that then I suggest checking this place out.  Nothing is mandatory and it is all up to you.  Have a Blast!

03/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
2. Steve E.
We visited the Rooftop for the second year from July 30-August 2. We really enjoy the opportunity to lay out and nude sunbathe then jump in the pool to cool off. We met some very nice people there. As with any lifestyle club, you have single guys voyeuring on the couples. We went to the Flirts party on Thursday night. There were a lot of people at the event, many very good looking. We went up to the pool deck and went skinny dipping then played on the pool deck. There were many couples up there playing and it was very fun. We hope to go back again. We hear that it is much more crowded in November...crowds mean variety...LOL

04/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
3. Angie M.
I love having a place to sunbathe topless and use the pool. Having the option to play there is also very appealing. However lets break down the pros and cons:
daytime hours
music by the pool
next to the beach
high price for a single female
the bbq lunch isn't worth advertising
no private play areas
rooms are overpriced
Don't get me wrong I do love the place. However as a single female the price is high.I would frequent more if the single female price dropped or if certain days were cheaper.  I can go to the Trapeze or Deenies for less money and get a very good meal. The bbq lunch I had here has been less than good. They haven't had the side items and one time they ran out of paper plates and never replaced them!  Once cooked it goes very fast so you have to stand in line if you want to eat. Best to bring your lunch.
The day rooms and regular rooms are very overpriced. If they dropped the price of the day rooms and extended the hours a little, they could be good sellers.

01/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
4. Becky K.
We are a couple in our 30's that book a room for a Friday and Saturday.  I have read other mixed reviews but kept an open mind when staying at this resort.

It is located in Hollywood, FL and a very short walk to the beach.  It is in a "vintage" hotel area.  Yes the hotel is old and random renovations have been made.  I had to laugh at check in when I was given the key to my room.  It was an actually key and not a key card.  You are given 1 key to your room and one key to the side door in case you need access in and out of the hotel after hours.  You are told about the replacement fess of $150 for lost keys.  You are also required to sign stating you understand the fee.  You are also reminded about the fee by a sign in the elevator as well as a sign inside your room door.  

But that not an end on the signs.  In my room (we had a efficiency room on the 5th floor) there was a sign stating there was a $300 charge for smoking in the room.  There was a sign in the kitchen area stating there is a $15 cleanup fee for dirty dishes left in the sink.  In all honesty I was afraid to use any of the random mismatched utensils, cups, and plates.  There were old, worn, and already looked dirty.  Went in the bathroom - yet another sign stating you would be charged for any soiled (sign went on to state dirt, makeup, blood etc) towels and sheets.  I was afraid to touch anything in that room!  

There are 4 levels of rooms.  Level two is the "club" level where the night parties are.  There is a bar area, 2 play rooms, couches, a few tables, pole, dance floor, and several themed hotel rooms.  They set up a "continental breakfast" here in the morning.  Several things like a bag of bagels, box of doughnuts, small boxes of cereal, pop tarts, English muffins.... There was cream cheese for the bagels that was sitting out for several hours unrefrigerated... coffee and a toaster.  At night Friday they had pizza and Saturday sub pieces.  

Levels 3, 4, and 5 were hotel rooms. The roof is on level 6.  There is another bar area, pool, lounge chairs, and 3 bed loungers that you can rent (I'm not sure of the cost).  There are signs to keep the pool clean by showering before entering.  Either the guests aren't following the rules or the hotel isn't cleaning the pool.  It was cloudy.  They advertise a BBQ on the weekends.  Burgers, hotdogs, potato and macaroni salad, and chips.  Be prepared to wait for food.  They cook on a George foreman type grill as well as a small electric grill.  

There was a window type air conditioner in our room.  It ran constantly loud and would never go below 74 degrees.  It is true that the rooms are old and outdated.  Our room had a good size fridge, but even on the max setting it didn't get as cold as it should of.  There was also a sink and microwave.  The dressers and nightstands were newer.  There was a gross stained square upholstered footrest in the room that I hid by putting my suitcase on it.  Small closet with random wire and plastic hangers, a desk and a TV.  The TV is a joke, there were about 50 accessible stations and half were Spanish.  You had to scroll through many "blank" channels and there was no guide of channels.  No porn channels either.  The bathroom was small and outdated.  Mold around edges and growing on shower curtain.  There seems to be a lot of mold around this resort because I'm allergic to mold and had to take sinus medicine all weekend and being in that room made me miserable.  

Friday evening they started playing music in the level 2 disco at 9pm.  By music I mean XM radio.  We went down around 10pm and there were two other men sitting at the bar.  There was a female bartender behind the bar and a male worker wandering around.  At some point of the night I asked him if he could change the station and he said some version of yes but never changed it.  It never did get any busier.  Every now and then a couple would come and go.  There was one couple at one point in one of the play rooms.  The bar and music ended at 2am.  

Saturday evening The music started at 9pm and there was a DJ.  I wasn't feeling well so I was resting in my room.  Well at least trying to rest.  The music and bass were so loud the bed was thumping and I'm pretty sure people in the next zip code were able to hear the music.  All the rooms look over to the disco on level 2.  Theres no escape from the sound.  We went down to the disco around 11pm.  There were about 30 people there.  It reminded me of a middle school dance.  Everone was lined up against the walls.  A sign by the elevator stated all sexual activity was to be contained to the play rooms on level 2 and your own room only.  Apparently those rules only apply to certain people and/or certain hours.  Keep in mind I mentioned earlier that there are several themed hotel rooms on level 2.  These levels aren't big and when I say people were against the walls around the dance floor this means some people were right in front of a hotel room window.

22/07/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
5. Jaye W.
Ooooooooh where do I start?? Lets just go pros and cons on this one. Take in mind that my wife and I are swingers and regularly hit up these type of places...
1) There is a pool on the roof.
2) It's 1 block from the beach.
1) The average age of people playing here is 50+.
2) The bar is BYOB.
3) There are a TON of single male gawkers.
4) The staff is rude, and look down on you.
5) Parking is scarce.
6) Day passes are expensive to deal with so much BS..
7) The bar area is hot, sauna style.
8) The average naked person there is not in shape.. at all..
The point is, if you're a swinger, save your time and money and try Trapeze or Miami Velvet because this place makes Deenie's Hideaway look good, andif you know how bad Deenie's is, you get it..

18/04/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
6. Chick C.
The only reason people like this place is because it's the only nude place around that has open sex and you can get a room there if you want to stay over. If this was a regular motel without the nude atmosphere the place would always have vacancy. When you enter and meet the guy at the desk, he could give two shits about you. Try and get a smile out of him... The place is dirty the burgers and hot dogs are just.... Well let us know after you have a few. They put them out after the cook who has no personality at all, places them on a small table and 20 people rush to get then and he only cooks about 10 at a time on a very small barbecue grill. The buns are all in the bags and everyone reaches in the bag to get there own. Remember these people were either just coming out of pool or giving a hand job or a finger job. Or rubbing on sun screen. No one's washing hands... Nasty...   The rooms some times still have dirty towels on floor when you check in. We didn't see that as we didn't dare stay there. But people around the pool were telling us some stories. The pool sometimes is so cloudy you can't see bottom. Oh I forget to mention, they let single guys in, and they think nothing of pulling up a chair and start strokin in front of you. I almost knocked out a guy as I told him to get lost and he still kept on stroking.
We tried this place 2 times as we figured the 1st time was just a bad day but the next time was just the same
Don't take our word for it go there yourself and check it out and then you can write your own review. This could be a million dollar resort with the right management, and a little up dating and a good cleaning all around, including  the playrooms
John and Mary M

23/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
7. Brandee S.
For me, life is about experiences and adventures so I had to visit this place, however I will keep this review G-rated and general. I went on a day pass, therefore did not stay in the hotel. I spent the day at the pool which has amazing views. I was disheartened to see that the monstrosity that is known as Margaritaville is being built one street over and it is so high that there were many construction workers who had a direct view of the pool area and there was construction noise which I really did not want to hear. (Obviously the building of this hotel has nothing to do with the Rooftop and will not factor into my rating, but it is definitely worth mentioning). A screen of some sort installed on top of the Rooftop will give the pool privacy again. Overall I found the pool area very clean. The pool water was clean and pleasant, the deck and chairs were very well maintained. They had satellite radio playing on the roof, it was Top 40. Those wanting to relax may not appreciate that, but most people don't really come here to relax. There were quite a few tiki topped tables which provided some good shade if you get there early enough to grab them. I was here on a Friday and at about noon A gentleman walked around the pool telling us that the barbeque was ready. The grill and food were set up in the corner of the deck. I had a glance at the food which consisted of hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and I think macaroni salad. Calling it a barbeque was quite generous and I did not eat any of the food. I did appreciate the fact that I could bring my own food and drinks. There were quite a few couples at the pool and a few single men. Most people were completely naked, except for a few men who I believe were just there to gawk. I found everyone to be extremely friendly and respectful. Many people were in the pool chatting and enjoying their beverages and the atmosphere was fun and light with a lot of laughter. Before I left, we took a peek into the playrooms on the second floor and used the shower. The bathroom was clean and I appreciate that they provide the shower as well as lockers. The playrooms were, uh, interesting, and I won't include them in this G-rated review. However they were cool and clean from what I could see. The location of the hotel is A++. Steps from a gorgeous beach, fun broadwalk, and about a hundred little beach restaurants serving your typical fare, pizza, ice cream, tacos etc. There is no better beach in the world than Hollywood, so much to do. The hotel is also steps from the open air amphitheater on the beach where they have many concerts in the evening. Across from the resort is Joe's Tiki Bar and sushi grill right on the intracoastal. Great atmosphere and live music as well.

10/14...Update...my friend rented a room at the resort which I had a chance to visit. It was the disco themed room on the 2nd floor. I actually expected it to be a bit seedy due to the previous reviews but I was pleasantly surprised. It was decorated with disco balls, two large manequins (?) a chair that was shaped like a high heeled shoe, and a few disco era music posters. This room had a small kitchenette and a little table. The over all cleanliness of the room was excellent, including the sheets, bathroom, floor and kitchenette.

11/08/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. Candace I.
This was such a BAD experience...I should have read previous reviews before going. Me and my partner flew in from out of state. We had booked a room for 3 nights....only stayed 2 nights (and they won't refund you for any reason) We waited with our luggage in the bar area for at least an hour, maybe 2! The room was so bad, we immediately lifted the mattress to make sure there were no bed bugs! The floors throughout were filthy according to the bottom of our feet. A kitchenette with 2 coffee pouches, but no coffee maker...We had a long flight and wanted to catch a nap before the evening party....but the music was so bad and so loud we couldn't even get a nap. We had to ask for clean towels the next day, of which took forever....they never changed the sheets....the maids took their sweet time in cleaning the rooms....if they did at all....they sure didn't do ours. We ended up staying 2 out of the 3 nights and cut our vacation short by a day and came back home.....We will never stay here again!

26/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
9. J C.
Parking is limited.  Double Parking is sometime required,
We were here for 3 nights.  Refrigerator did not close.  Then it leaked.  Each day we had to ask for fresh linens and toiletries.  Trash was not emptied.

11/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
10. Gerardo D.
Amazing place, there is no words to describe it I also read the reviews and I was kind of worried, but the real truth about that place is that is an amazing hotel! I will be coming back every year. The service is excellent, Robert was very nice to us and the place was fantastic, my room was very clean!!

29/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
11. Jesse M.
I stayed at the Rooftop Resort on Black Friday and the following Saturday night with my girlfriend who is a self described 5 star hotel snob.

Let me start off with the service. We were treated very well by the staff, Robert was very helpful and considerate. With him at the front desk greeting and helping us when we first came in and every time that we needed him, he really set the tone for a pleasurable experience for our weekend. The security guy at the roof top pool was really friendly and helpful as well, I think his name was Jeff.

Club Eden on Friday and Saturday night were both fun. Parting was fun because of happy and energetic people. Friday was the slowest night because it was Black Friday, Saturday night had more people.

The rooftop pool was nice as well. I think that it is AMAZING that the hotel provides free food for the pool party's every weekend. They served free barbecue hamburgers, hotdogs, and chicken. I don't know of any other hotel that does that, FREE lunch, very nice touch, Only at Rooftop Resort. Made me feel like they REALLY wanted my business.

The other guests were there to have fun just like us so it was nice to make connections with others.

Before I went to visit the resort I read reviews saying negative things about #1 the condition of the building and #2 the single men, and #3 the older clientale.

In response to those three concerns I will say that this is not a 5 star hotel, if that is the experience that you are looking for then there are plenty of other choices in Hollywood or Miami, Florida to choose from but this is not it.

With that said, let me say that the facility was just fine, it had all of the things that we needed and more. We stayed in the bondage room so it had a sex swing, sex table, and hand and foot restraints as well because my girl wanted to be tied up. This was great for me, I would much rather have these amenities then the amenities offered at a 5 star hotel. Even my girlfriend who is a 5 star hotel snob, was pleased with the hotel overall. She was happy with the tradeoffs.

This place is a swingers resort were the big draw is to be able to hang out naked, have sex, and enjoy yourself, the added bonus was being able to watching others in the nude or letting them watch you.  It is not about having crystal chandeliers, and ivory pianos in the lobby.

My favorite thing was being able to open our window curtains to let others watch our sex episodes. It made for a great experience and really turned my girlfriend and I on. This really made her feel really desired as we had a very interested audience.

There are other areas to to have sex and be seen as well.

The single men were part of the scenery, they had their place just like pictures do. They are necessary and helped to make the adventure just right. The experience would not be the same without voyers. They make you feel desired, I think every one likes that even if they say that they don't at first. Before I went to this resort I didn't want anyone to look at my body naked, maybe you feel the same. After going to this resort you will get more comfortable with yourself just like I did.

As far as the place having old people, I will say that it was a nice mix of ages. I am 38 and my girlfriend is 52. I am not caught up on age and I think that all ages made the experience real, and interesting. I will say that everyone there was mature, The youngest couple were about 27 or so and the oldest couple were about 65. Believe it or not the older couple were hot, so if you like real people of varying ages you will be fine. Don't go thinking that you are going to the playboy mansion, but you will see some beautiful sights.

So, because my girlfriend and I had a great time I recommend that you try it. Maybe I will see you there next time that I go. I just moved to Hollywood, Florida and finding this place was truly a great find.

06/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0