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Embassy Suites Jacksonville - Baymeadows in Jacksonville, FL

Embassy Suites Jacksonville - Baymeadows in Jacksonville, FL


Choose Embassy Suites Jacksonville - Baymeadows for a hotel close to downtown Jacksonville and less than a mile east of I-95.  Every room is a two-room suite perfect to spread out and relax. With a private bedroom and separate living area there is more than enough room for family, work or both. Our suites offer all the comforts of home to make your stay more enjoyable with a TV in each room, living area with a sofa bed, armchair and well-lit work table, wet bar, refrigerator, microwave, and coffeemaker.

Begin your day with a free, cooked-to-order breakfast featuring omelets and a variety of healthy options. Socialize in our open-air atrium at the complimentary Evening Reception, serving cold beverages and light snacks.


Company Info:

Rating: 1.95

Address: 9300 Baymeadows Rd, Jacksonville, FL, 32256

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    Comments (41):

    1. Rob J.
    Cleanliness is bad and mgmt really doesn't care!!!  First time I stayed I found a hunk of mold that was about 2 inches in diameter floating in the water tank of coffee maker.  When I complained, they said they just got these coffee makers and they are still training their people to clean the water tank.  I understand mistakes happen so i stayed there again.  Guess what... stale water in the water tank of the coffee maker again.  I decided to run the coffee maker with no coffee grounds - bright yellow water.  When, I complained, it took 2 days to respond and when they did, they called to apologize that my room wasn't clean and for me to call them explain what wasn't clean about it.  I gave one star since I could have gotten sick and you don't mess up when it comes to what people eat or drink.

    11/11/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Pietro R.
    This is the loudest hotel I have ever stayed. I feel like I in a stadium.. Cant sleep.. closed the drapes and doors.. still If you are coming for business find another hotel

    23/10/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    3. Shane W.
    Nice and clean but for an embassy suites the walls are thin. You can hear the toilet flush in the room above you among other things.

    13/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    4. d k.
    The worst embassy suites I have stayed in...no competition.

    We stayed in 3 ES properties to and from our vacation in Florida...and I'm pretty sure I won't be staying in one again unless it's the only option.  I counted in one pass through the atrium...3 family reunions...and a wedding.  The hallway outside the pool (same that you have to use to get to the elevator) was slick with water from the children running (and yelling) in and out of the pool area.   Worse, nobody from the hotel seemed to care that the rest of their guests wouldn't find this entertaining, there was no attempt to curb the behavior.  

    Maybe this is the new 'target client' for embassy suites.  If so, then message heard...we won't be back.

    The AC in the room would not cool the room down...even as I sit here writing this after a night in the room, it's still hot in here.  

    The bathroom has yellow growths on the ceiling, and something is wrong with the water.  It tastes and looks wrong.

    For families, the rooms only offer 2 doubles.  I assume that's because the bedroom area is too small to hold 2 queens, but even so that's substandard.  I haven't seen 2 doubles in a hotel room since I don't know when.  The minimum is 2 queens.

    Worst of all...i wasted 35,000 Hilton points on this dump.

    31/07/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. Amber T.
    The good... Lovely & well maintained atrium and all suite hotel. Food and service at the Omaha Steakhouse was good.

    The bad. Rooms are a bit dated as is the building, staff is mostly young and seemingly inexperienced. We were there for a birthday party and the catering staff was not ready with the food that was ordered. The ceiling was leaking on the dance floor. The food and service at the breakfast buffet was awful. There was a slew of rowdy kids staying at the hotel and making a royal ruckus and mess of the place. Playing hide and seek across all levels and screaming and throwing food at each other. There were no parents or hotel staff attempting to reign in the little brats.  We would not stay here again and would not recommend this facility for events.

    24/08/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    6. Oz F.
    Stayed at this hotel for a work event - big mistake! Customer service is poor, they never answer the phone at the front desk. They also charge $10 for wi-fi per day despite Hilton's advertising free wi-fi throughout their hotel chains. I should have read the reviews before selecting this hotel. First and last time I stay at this hotel.

    15/05/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    7. K J.
    I'll go back because the wine is better than the Residence Inn. Overall, it is hard to find a reliably clean, well-serviced hotel in this part of Jacksonville. They're all iffy. Why?
    Overall - very comfortable. Service in the free happy hour is really good.
    Sometimes the rooms and hallways are clean, sometimes not. Sometimes there are plenty of towels and washcloths; this time I had one washcloth (for 3 days) and no bathmat. Sometimes there is a packet to make coffee, sometimes only decaf.
    Rooms in the #15-#10 area are noisy-airconditioning and other hotel machinery is outside that area. E.g. Room 310, room 711 - too noisy to sleep well.
    Rooms on the street-side get noisy early, Baymeadows is a major thoroughfare,
    Rooms in the "executive" area at the back are different, but it was nice and QUIET back there. That's what I'll ask for again.
    This hotel is a stopping point for young men and women on their way to military service. They are not allowed to frequent the free happy hour, and have a separate dining area. They generally are reserved and keep to themselves. But sometimes the quality of the rooms reflects this audience.
    Great sushi delivered from Sushi House!!!

    12/03/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    8. Mike S.
    Dirty and worn out, but at least the bed was comfortable and breakfast pretty good.  Not many choices in this part of Jax so this is the "best of the worst" in my opinion.

    17/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    9. Glen G.
    Awful.  This once proud hotel doesn't look like it has been touched by a renovation in a decade.  The rates were cheap which seemed inviting for a family traveling through the area and, yes, it was generally pretty clean.  However, I'll start with the pull out bed which had no blanket and no extra pillows.  Required two separate calls to the front desk.  Each visit by someone took 20+ minutes (for what should have been stocked already).  The room shows signs of wear everywhere you look but the biggest debacle was the breakfast.  You couldn't be any cheaper with their breakfast.  At 8:30, they were out of bacon, sausage and fruit loops.  The orange juice was so watered down that I thought my son was messing around with me when he asked me to taste it (never trust a 10 year who says "eat this" or "smell this").  They also had no forks.  Every table in the breakfast area was covered with garbage from previous diners.  It was truly terrible.

    01/04/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    10. Andrew F.
    Affordable. Clean rooms. Comfortable beds. Friendly staff. Lots of amenities. Easily accessible. Abundant parking. All you can eat breakfast, which I made liberal use of.

    We had a major water leak in our room when we checked in. They were not as prompt to move us as I would have cared for, but did so upon request.

    My cousins wedding was here. Everything went quite well. I would stay here again, given the option.

    16/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    11. Trupti T.
    This hotel is not up to the Hilton standards.  It looks grandiose when you walk in; they have good reception from 5:30 to 7:30 and a good breakfast as well in the morning.  The rooms however once you enter in are very dirty and look old.  It is right to say that they are similar to the ones you will find in Motel 8.  The hotel just seems very dull and depressing.  I will not be staying here again after my first visit.  The Wi Fi is free but only for HHonors Member or AT&T members, it is slow as well.  I would not recommend this hotel.

    11/07/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    12. M H.
    Rooms are large - Staff at front desk is great except Blonde older women with accent- She is unfriendly, not very willing to help and I think has been there too long to understand that she is the 1st impression. On the other hand the rest of the desk staff cannot do enough to help and the manager was very friendly and helpful. Someone needs to have a talk with this women.
    Great lobby, food, happy hour etc...  Thanks for the service

    16/09/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    13. Ashley N.
    This hotel is old and filthy. The TV remote was sticky, there were crumbs everywhere, and there was hair around the bathroom sink. I was itching constantly. The floor was sticky and left my shoes sticky. This hotel needs a major renovation.

    19/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    14. Kathy G.
    Extremely disappointed. We had to drive in circles to find parking, finally caught someone leaving. We tried to check in at 4pm after waiting in line for 30 minutes. We were almost sweating, the A.C must not have been working in the lobby area. When we got to the desk, the staff said 4 people called out, our room wasn't ready. We explained we had a concert to go to from 5pm-12am. The staff member at the desk said "Im telling you what the situation is, what do you want me to do about it" Which I thought was extremely rude. We asked what our options were. The staff then explained we have til 2 am to check in. There were dirty sheets in the hallway, only picture I was able to take. There was something splattered on the wall by the garbage, the ceiling above the shower was ripping. The odor in the room was awful, the towels smelt awful. I used my beach towel to dry off. The staff never gave us any information such as breakfast times, where the pool was at, check out time, absolutely nothing. When we finally got our room they said "She just finished cleaning you room" and handed us the keys. Never even told us what room we were in, we had to look at the keys. I will never go here again and I do not recommend anyone else does. All the bad reviews were right on and I should not have ignored them!

    17/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    15. Jack M.
    This place is dated to say the least, dirty broken old also describes it   Bad customer service even for diamond members.  Desk clerk just a kid.   Could be the night I got here but it was packed full of kids and noisy.  We didn't leave the room after we got in.  Deck was dirty. Bathroom put together with tape and rusty.  Think it is time to burn this place and rebuild.    Very disappointed in Hilton for this one.

    15/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    16. Pamela B.
    I was very unhappy and disappointed in this hotel.  My boyfriend and I was looking for a nice getaway place not far from Atlanta but near a beach to call our mini vacation spot and this was our first stop.  Based on this experience it will definitely be crossed off of our possible locations.  

    Upon checking in we're told that we qualified for an upgrade because I travel a lot and always stay at a Hilton brand hotel, when as soon as I open the door to our room I Thought I was at a Howard Johnson or Days Inn and not an Embassy Suites Hotel, it was that bad.  The furniture is outdated and poor in quality and the room smelled.  The carpet was dirty and the restroom didn't have enough towels for 2 people to shower.  We checked in early so we though we still had time for breakfast because at other Embassy's breakfast is served until 10:30, well this hotel stopped serving at 9:30am. So that was out!

    Later on that night we decided to try the manager's reception for cocktails and the drinks were awful and watered down, which was so unnecessary because they were already serving very cheap liqour to begin with and it made both of us sick. I have never had such poor service at an Embassy hotel and this hotel should just sell to a Ramada or Motel 6 because it is definitely not up to Embassy standards!!!!!!!!

    So we decided to just make the best of it because it was father's day weekend and we wanted to enjoy it.  Well that didn't happen either, we were up until 2am because some kids kept running down the halls and shaking handles then running away All night, we had to call the front desk 3 times.
    When we did finally check out and voice our concerns after all that they gave a $40 credit on a 3 day stay,  I guess they feel like that was doing us a favor, we Will Not Be Returning!!!!!!

    19/06/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    17. Mina L.
    Nice stay.  Clean room.
    What you expect from these chain hotels.

    I enjoyed the 5:30 - 7:00 Happy Hour.
    The Sangria was nice and helped put me to bed :-)

    The morning breakfast was perfect.
    I had my omelet made to order.
    Plenty of juices to choose from.
    A great way to start my mornings.

    One star off for not calling me for the requested "Wake Up Call".
    Good thing I'm not a good sleeper when traveling and had woken myself up anyways.

    I did take the tip to request a room at the new part of the hotel.
    The rooms were clean, but still dark.... cant' imagine what the older rooms look like.

    All in all a good stay at this conveniently located Embassy Suites.

    05/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    18. Adam F.
    Stopped here on my way back home.  Seems like all Embassy Suites need some major updating.  This one clearly has seen it's hey day.  Rooms just felt dated and old.  Somewhat cheap.  Main lobby area and open area was very humid as if the A/C wasn't working.  Breakfast was nothing to write home about.  Best part was the free drinks.

    20/08/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    19. Matt D.
    This hotel gets the job done. Happy hour from 530-730 is a nice perk. We stayed here for a week long business trip. There is a distinct difference in cleanliness and room quality between the old and new sections. Some of my colleagues were in the new section (7 floors) and I stayed in the old. Cleanliness was less than to be desired for a 90/ night hotel. Breakfast was pretty good with lots of variety. You have to pay 10/day for internet if you are not a Hilton rewards member. Bottom line is that If I was traveling to this area again, I'd look somewhere else.

    01/02/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    20. Nancy O.
    Checked in and had to change rooms 3 times at 1am. Rooms keep getting worse. From wet floor, leaking faucets, extremely noisy a/c ,bad smell, baby size pillow, etc etc you get the picture. Should have been given a full refund instead was offered 10,000 points, which help me how ?? I've stayed manyyyy times at Embassy around the world and this is the very worst. Excuse was construction, why don't they even mention that anywhere in the website so we can be informed? Either way what does construction have to do with offering a decent, odor free, adult size , leak proof  room? Disappointed beyond belief. Will be filing complaint with cooperate office .  Please don't stay there. You've been warned.

    14/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    21. Steve K.
    This is a large hotel conveniently located off I95 for both business and family.

    Overall, a tired property in need of refresh, investment and improved maintenance.

    Pluses: Breakfast made to order; complimentary Happy Hour, 5:30 - 7:30; and Wi-Fi at the hotel that works well.

    Minuses: Dingy, no outdoor pool, very few balconies you can use, no luggage carts in the back of the hotel, and overall a tired property.

    As a frequent Hilton guest, this property needs renovation and better upkeep.

    Proof:  Double door lock failed to lock twice, and emergency escape instructions on back of door were for a different floor and different room. Really!

    The Hilton standards inspector must have seen nothing. He/she could referee wrestling.

    Tip:  Stay in the back of the hotel for more quiet.

    If you think this review with photos is useful, funny or cool, I'd appreciate ur feedback by clicking below.

    11/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    22. Blake W.
    Outdated. Great prices. Paid 89 dollars on a Friday night on Easter weekend. Rooms were clean but old. Still can't beat the price with included breakfast buffet.

    19/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    23. Tim M.
    Good place for business travelers and corporate events.  The staff is nice and helpful.

    15/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    24. Glen D.
    Really? An Embassy Suites Hilton that offers no free wifi unless you are gold or diamond Hilton Honors?  In a mediocre part of Jax? Curt front desk staff?

    I travel about 80 nights a year, will not come back and recommend no one stay here. Oh yeah...it's a business hotel but breakfast doesn't start until 7:30am.

    Hilton is sliding fast on my charts.

    11/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    25. Elizabeth M.
    Yuck! I smelled mold in our room. My husband smelled saw dust. It's the kind of room you don't want to take off your socks in fear of what is hidden from the naked eye on the floor. The kind of place you question the top cover on your bed. Did I say yuck?

    14/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    26. Nick Z.
    We really enjoyed this place. The entrance was pretty bad ass. They had an open floor plan where all the rooms are around a big open area with tables to eat at and a gazebo. It was designed to look like you were "outside" when you inside. I like stuff like that. We booked on expedia and got one of the last rooms since we were there for the Jacksonville Bank Marathon. Our room was HUGE. It even had a 10 person conference table with chair which we didn't need, but was cool since we could lay our all our race stuff. There was also FREE breakfast (nothing fancy) and FREE Drinks during Happy Hour (house liquor). You can't beat the room and amenities for the price.

    That all being said, the rooms definitely need to be renovated. Nothing wrong with them, they are just due for a new look.

    09/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    27. Keshia T.
    HORRIBLE!!!!! THIS HOTEL IS DIRTY! I came for my family reunion so I assumed that the commity  checked the reviews before choosing this hotel.  Well you know what they say about assuming!  My sisters room had blood splattered on the curtains. My tub dripped water from the ceiling. Lastly, there are ROACHES CRAWLING AROUND ON THE COUNTERS BY THE OMELET STATION! To sum it up in one word, HORRIBLE!

    21/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    28. Joseph K.
    Not the best of Embassy Suite can offer. Yes the hotel is dated. Furniture is dated.. Bath room is small and cramped...

    But the bed is comfy... Too bad for the pillow.. Not sure why thd pillow is so small.

    Breakfast is acceptable... But i do wish thd beacon is thicker.. Its so thin.. You dont feel it at all.

    07/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    29. Mike W.
    I was in Jax for a week working, my boss picked this place. It is old and dated, had the option to play N64 through my TV. If your on the north side you will hear I-95 and Baymeadows most of the night. Beds were comfy, so it cannot be too bad. Managers happy hour was actually serving Shiner Bock so you don't lave to drink Bud/Miller light.

    Within walking distance is an Orlando favorite 4Rivers Smokehouse, but let's be honest, it's Jacksonville and you could throw a rock and find great BBQ. I was excited for a taste of home and no crazy line.

    When traffic is not aweful, easy access to I-95. And you are downtown rather quickly, again if traffic is cooperating.

    13/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    30. Thomas E.
    A bit disappointing.

    The atrium is nice although the water features were dry.

    The first attempts entering our room where frustrating until we discovered the door handle is broken and only works in one direction now. Hotel repair staff said a lot of the doors now do that and did not fix it.

    The first micro-fridge was leaking but was promptly replaced.

    The ceiling above the tub had obvious water damage and an active leak plugged by napkins.

    The pull out bed mattress is not recommended for use, even for children.

    Breakfast area had a wide variety and standard quality for free hotel breakfast. A positive.

    In case you missed it from their adds:  You have to pay extra for wifi.

    Staff was friendly and courteous.

    The staff indicated this hotel which is much in need of remodeling and repair will soon occur based on vacancies.

    07/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    31. Joyce T.
    I stayed here for a work trip and survived.  As a loyal Hilton member, I chose this hotel as Embassy Suites tend to have more room and a decent free breakfast.  Hotel is pretty dated and run down. When I checked in, right when I opened the door of my room, a whaff of cigarette smoke/mustiness blew in my face.  I called the front desk to change rooms, and my second one was better.  Apparently they don't have smoking rooms, yet they don't  implement the no smoking rule or check to see if the room smells like smoke for other guests.  Gym was your typical hotel gym- small with only 2 treadmills and free weights.  

    Because I shared a rental, the location is near some places to eat.  There's a barbeque place called 4 Rivers Smokehouse which was decent.  Breakfast was alright.  I've had better at other Embassy Suites. The coffee was pretty horrible; very weak.  If I came back to Jacksonville, I probably wouldn't come back to this hotel.

    14/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    32. Jackie G.
    The hotel should be closed during renovations. This place is old, musty & dusty.
    During a Girl's Weekend, 4 of us traveled 4 hours to find this hotel was very disappointing & does not fit our prior Embassy experience.
    We switched rooms 3 times. The 1st room smelled old & musty. The white comforters had obviously not been changed in months as there was red lipstick, food and daily handling stains on both beds when we folded back to check the sheets. There was what looked like dried splattered blood on the wall & door of the bedroom. The bathroom ceiling had attempted to be patched. When I asked the front desk how often they changed the linen, the response was "im not sure about this location, but it should be after every guest".
    We were upgraded to the "Executive Suite". After what seemed like a 10 minute walk through hard hat construction area to the otherside of the building, the room key did not work. Back we go to the front desk. It was suggested we use the house phone....the old yellowed, what was ivory gadget on the wall?
    The 2nd room was much smaller than requested, smelled of cigarettes and appeared clean until we looked up at the bathroom ceiling....mold!! I asked an unhappy looking staff in the hall how old was this hotel. His response "it should be brand new by January."
    After apologies and offered 1/2 off the stay, we were met by a staff member to open & inspect room 3. Although dark & still musty, it passed our 1night stay inspection. After we sprayed and used disinfecting wipes, lit a candle, we were ready to get our weekend started.  
    After a long evening of food & fun, we were awoken at 7am to a fire alarm. Startled, searching for our bras, we made our way to the door, towards the exit next to our room, down a flight of stairs, which led us nowhere. Back up the stairs we go towards another exit....but wait the elevators are working? WTH. So we load the 1 working elevator towards the door...the alarm stops. A hour later the alarm goes off and again 30 minutes later and once more 30 minutes later for the road.
    If it wasn't for the other ladies that wanted to stay in the area, didnt want the hassle of locating another hotel suite for 4 with Pittsburgh Steelers fans in town, I definitely would have found another hotel. Not even the free cocktails, free breakfast or $50 stay made this worth it. The dry water feature in the atrium has the potential to be nice though.

    20/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    33. Kelsi O.
    Unfortunately, we stayed at this hotel the week of November 10 at the suggestion of our clients as the proximity to their office was desirable. I was originally put in a room back in the "executive building" far away from the rest of my team, but decided to check it out before requesting to move. This back building is a hike from the rest of the hotel and you must go through a construction zone past all of the working and not working/smoking workers to get there. This building obviously hasn't been updated in a very long time and felt more like a retirement home/rehab facility than a hotel. The beds are very low to the ground, the cabinetry and furniture was very worn and dusty - not at all what I would expect from this class of hotel. After requesting to be moved to a room in the main building, I was very happy to find that my new room had recently been refurbished and while it still smelled of paint/chemicals, it was much better than the alternative. As for the rest of the main building, the lobby is very dusty and there are makeshift ramps and boarded up sections. After all of this, I really could have dealt with it, understanding that all that is part of the process of renovation...then I got sick. I came back to the hotel around noon on Wednesday feeling like death, fever, vomiting, etc... and just wanted to sleep. However, the construction was going on directly above or below (not sure which) my room. The noise was such that I was unable to sleep even with earplugs and my coworker who was attempting to speak to a coworker on the phone had to actually leave the building and go outside. I called the front desk and after being asked to hold three times, I asked if there was any possible way the workers could work on another room that wasn't right next to me and while they did offer to see if they could move me, I was in no condition to pack up all my stuff and move rooms. The jackhammering that literally felt like it was going to come through my ceiling was not a pleasant thing to deal with at the time, but I understand that most people are not at the hotel during the day. If you plan to be, stay somewhere else. A few other things to mention...

    My coworker came back to her room around 5:30pm only to find there was a maid who was just beginning to clean her room. We had been gone since 8:00am that day.

    Depending on who checks you in, you'll get wildly different service.

    I left the hotel around 3am to catch an early flight and there was no attendant at the front desk, so I called the next week to ask for a receipt. When I mentioned why I needed it emailed, I was very promptly cut off and corrected and told that there was always someone at the front desk and I should have rung the bell if I needed something.

    All in all, the hotel is in no condition to provide a restful or productive stay and the staff really don't care much. You get what you get and you don't throw a fit....that's what I tell my 3 year old (but then again, they aren't paying $150/night to live in my house).

    18/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    34. Del D.
    Heavy renovation going on. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else. It smells and it's not easy getting around the hotel.

    02/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    35. Robert M.
    Right off the highway. Ok on weekdays absolutely never stay friday or Saturday night. This hotel becomes a kids party zone with each room having dozens of kids. This has happened to me three of the last four weekends. Forget the complimentary breakfast when the line is a dozen deep. on the weekdays despite the construction this place is ok and well located.

    09/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    36. Tighe K.

    Haven't been to Jacksonville on business in a while.  As a loyal Hilton customer, Embassy Suites are usually pretty decent and this one is close to my office.  

    But this place should really be closed during renovations!  

    The room isn't all that bad, seems to have been renovated with some new things intermixed with some older things.  But there's a terrible smell throughout the place which I'm guessing is coming from the bright and shiny floor throughout the lobby and atrium.  Looks like some kind of sealer/polish they've put down on the tile.  You can see the difference between the tile floor and the tile on the steps.  It absolutely stinks!  To the point I thought about changing hotels tonight but it's late and I'm tired.  I'll definitely stay somewhere else tomorrow night.  

    Here's to hoping I don't wake up with a terrible headache.

    Update the next morning...

    Looks like housekeeping is questionable as well.  Someone else's hair in the shower, someone had a drink and roasted peanuts which was left in a very prominent garbage can, and one of the hand towels in the bathroom had clearly been used for something.  I'm out of here, never to return.

    22/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    37. Rick D.
    I arrived to learn that I would be shuttled between rooms during my stay due to renovations.  OK, I can live with that, especially since the conference I was attending was being held at the hotel.

    The room was damp and dank, with the signature crappy Embassy Suites ventilation.  A veritable Petri dish for Legionnaires' Diesase.  Oh, well, I've stayed in enough Embassy Suites properties that I'm used to their strange and inherently unhealthy HVAC systems.  Room decor of rust and yellow stripes was straight out of an early '70s porno.  The bed was lumpy and dingy with 3 tiny lumpy and dingy pillows that would only be suitable for a dog to sleep on, as long as the dog was small and not prized.  Exhausted, I nodded off, swaddled in stagnant dingyness.

    The fire alarm first sounded around 0445.  It shut down momentarily, but then continued again for another 15 minutes, rousting the entire hotel into the parking lot.  According to some conversations I overheard, it happens e-v-e-r-y night.  Shouldn't the Jacksonville Fire Marshall have something to say about this?

    Breakfast was decent and cheerily served.  In fact, the entire staff, from breakfast to front desk was top notch.

    I attended the conference, but it was a bust.  Poor sound reinforcment equipment coupled with the sounds of renovation made it difficult to participate.

    I know when to fold a losing hand.  I checked out at noon, never to return.

    Embassy Suites Jacksonville - Baymeadows is a pox on the Embassy Suites brand.

    06/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    38. Cathrine C.
    I came here before my physical prior to enlisting in the Navy and I had a pretty great stay. They are undergoing renovation, CLEARLY, because one of the elevators was blocked and there's a whole lot of wood walls everywhere.

    There's a restaurant, small gym (with lots of equipment surprisingly), and I believe a bar on the first floor. Not to mention a neat atrium with a huge area filled with tables, chairs, and benches for people to sit.

    The people there were very friendly and nice, the rooms were spacious and clean (I stayed with a roommated in a room with 2 beds, a kitchen, and living area). So really, can't complain.

    11/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    39. Meredith R.
    I pose these questions:
    1) Should a hotel's website indicate that extensive renovation is underway?
    2) Should the hotel close while said renovations occur?
    3) Should the hotel offer financial incentive, i.e. discounted rates, to those who stay?

    Answers: yes, yes and yes.  (Though -- to embellish question 2 -- a shut-down isn't realistic and would cause employees financial hardship.)

    If you read this review before booking reservations, I suggest you call to determine if the renovation is complete.  When we were there, the path on the main floor, from reception to dining room/bar was in essence a construction site, and dreadfully cold.  Drilling, pounding and other such noises start before 9 a.m. and continue till dinnertime.  They hadn't  worked out plumbing kinks and  throughout the night, we'd hear high pitched squeals.  (No!  Not the neighbors!!  The plumbing!!!)

    On a positive note, when renovation is complete, the hotel is bound to be beautiful. And from our experience, Embassy Suites generally deliver.  But in November?  Caveat emptor.

    30/11/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    40. Trish B.
    I'm giving them one star since zero stars isn't an option. This is the worst Hilton property I have ever stayed at.

    It stared at check in with an unfriendly front desk person. I'm diamond with Hilton so I should have received bottled water and snacks - got nothing. Gave her the benefit of the doubt thinking it was already in the room. nope it wasn't and when I called down it was like I was lying.

    Got in the room and it was very warm and the shower was dripping. Cranked the air down and it was still warm. Called down - she said there was a problem but they have fixed it so it should be better soon. Took til about 3am to finally get cooler - never cold. And the air conditioner sounds like a 747.

    And the dripping water? All night long. It's like some kind of Chinese water torture.

    The Saturday morning breakfast doesn't start til 7:30am and the line is huge because of course people are hungry.

    The place isn't even clean. I'm telling you I would rather be camping than stay at this hotel again.

    28/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    41. Amber L.
    Staying open during major renovations may not hurt the bottom line of this location financially.  Nevertheless, I'm sure the reputation of this location will take quite a hit for some time to come.

    Visited this location as part of a professional training.  I was very afraid of what I might find, having not read the reviews until the day before my arrival.  (As a result, I'd even looked up rooms at surrounding hotels in case I'd have to leave.)

    When I arrived, while it was less bad than I anticipated, it was still pretty bad.  Just imagine street construction in an enclosed hotel.  Yes, that bad.  As I checked in (as well as throughout the day during my stay, which included a great deal during the on-site training), an unseen drill sounded like someone was trying to get to the middle of the earth.  It was kinda silly, really, considering that people pay to stay in hotels for the purposes of being comfortable during their stay.   Not utterly annoyed.  Granted, construction occurs only between the hours of 9am-6pm, but the dust, disarray and alarms are 24/7.

    It's Mid-March and, apparently, the organizers of the training had been assured by management that these long-lasting renovations would have been completed by now.  They were not.  They will not be for a while either.  The entire atrium is less than half-complete and from what I could see (& thanks to my HGTV-given expertise), a lot of drywall remains to be put up.

    It's a shame to leave this hotel with such an impression, given that the rooms look gorgeous on the inside.  But it's hard to appreciate that when fire alarms are going off all throughout the day, you're bumping into construction workers constantly, paint dust (it's a thing) & concrete dust is flying everywhere.  By the way, dust and the overall smell of construction lives in the nice new carpets in the rooms after being tracked all through the hotel.  

    Pros: Huge suites w/ microwave & fridge as well as separated living area and bedrooms.  Many things appear to be upgraded, including tv's, interior furniture & carpeting.  Pleasant staff at check-in, decent on-site restaurant, great hot and cold food complimentary breakfast w/ omelette station, evening complimentary reception with drinks and snacks.

    (Huge) Cons: Indoor construction with dusty facilities and ridiculous amounts of noise.

    Cons:  Stiff beds with small, bumpy pillows.

    14/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0