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Located off Interstate 95, the Quality Inn& Suites in Jacksonville, Florida offers easy access to Jacksonville Beach, historic Riverside Avondale and more than 200 restaurants and shops. Other nearby attractions include the Avenues Mall, St. John's Town Center, Everbank Field, the Jacksonville Zoo and the University of North Florida. Unwind in our outdoor pool, whirlpool and exercise center and get work done in the business center. Our two meeting rooms can accommodate 50 people for banquets and 10 for conferences. Additional amenities include a free hot breakfast,free wi-fi and laundry facilities. Guest rooms offer a desk with ergonomic chair, a hair dryer, microwave, refrigerator and in-room tea and coffee. Some rooms feature a sofa sleeper, flat-screen television and living room. Reserve your room at the Quality Inn & Suites hotel in Jacksonville, Florida today and enjoy great value and service.


Company Info:

Rating: 1.67

Address: 8333 Dix Ellis Trail, Jacksonville, FL, 32256
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Comments (6):

1. Andrea M.
This place should be called don't drop inn it's gross need a new owner or closed down I had to rate the frickin place just to rate it

08/05/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
2. Ausão M.
This hmotel (no, not a typo) is located right off 95 and has 30 Mbps WiFi.  Those are its only good points.

When I checked into the hotel I was immediately greeted by 1940s revival Olde Florida.  I was wondering when Rose, Dorothy, Blanche and Sophia were going to pop out!  If a hotel ever qualified for franchise revocation this is it!

My first hotel reservation had prostitutes in the parking lot, it was swiftly canceled and I made a new reservation (blindly) over the phone.  So that you don't get this awful image of me, just know that I now have a rule of not spending much on a stopover hotel--especially when I check in late at night.  I just look for something clean and inexpensive--the newer the better.  All those savings usually go to buy 1100 thread count linens for my home or are seemingly directly deposited into the account of Whole Foods Market.

Back to the review...

The front desk man, who was quite the antique himself, was pleasant and fast but I can't help notice that an odd transaction was taking place before I walked in.  "Nahh man keep your money," was what the hotelier said as I walked in the door.

The check in process was easy and free of pain.  The front desk antique also said, "Now I'm going to put you in one of my best rooms up on the second floor."

As I entered the room, I couldn't help but think that the "best room" proclamation was a joke!  Just see the looooveeeeelllly photos for a fast explanation.  My favorites were the complimentary takeaway in the warm fridge, the dust encrusted illumination bulbs and the artistic ceiling complete with peeling, water stains and cracking.

There was also an odor of stale yuck in the room.  Luckily, I now travel with essential oils for these sort of would-be disasters.  15 drops of lavender on the beds and towels and four drops of grapefruit into the air intake and the room was freshened to acceptable levels.  Who knows what the housekeepers thought the next afternoon when they cleaned it!  "Mmm, lawwd Betty, this he' room sho' do smells good."

Skip over this hotel!  Desastre!!!!

23/11/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
3. courtni t.
Driving up, my husband and I became eery because the location doesn't seem that great and the hotel looks VERY rundown from the outside. We even considered cancelling and going elsewhere, but we didn't. The lobby reeks of cigarette smoke and that continues into the rooms. This is probably just a renovated hotel that was heavily smoked in previously, but the smell remains. Check in was simple and the room was clean. Coming back around 10, we saw a few questionable activities going on around the road and surrounding hotels as we drove up to ours, so we felt very uncomfortable. There was also people lurking around the parking lot as we got out. I wasn't satisfied with our stay, although the room was clean, I considered going to get an air freshener to cover up the smell! Will look for other options next time! Of course we will rate our experience, but we would never let it ruin our weekend!

29/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
4. Penelope B.
When you go to a hotel or resort, your only true expectations are for a clean room so it's extremely disappointing when Q inn and S can barely do the minimum. The bedding and style of the room, does look better than some resorts i have been to but the poor design( an average size person cannot go through the bathroom door normally ), lack of good service that provided false information when booking and dirty room makes me never rethink to stay at a quality choice hotel again.

01/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
5. Laurys B.
Trying to find a hotel is stressful. Especially when it's a last minute type of thing. We chose to stay at this hotel because the price was perfect for our budget, and it was "near" the venue we were going to. The receptionist also told us the pool was in working condition.

Turns out, the location was actually further away from the venue than we thought. The pool was drained and under construction, much like the rest of the hotel. The room we were initially given smelled unpleasant. We could not handle the strong smell so we asked to be moved to a different room.

The second room we were given did not smell weird, but was disgustingly dirty. We found splashes of blood throughout the room. I'm sorry - WHAT? I thought rooms were inspected?  What was supposed to be a 3 day trip turned into a one day trip. The breakfast (your usual powdered eggs, sausages, waffles, and more) was the only good thing about this place.

03/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
6. Jeremiah R.
This location has akward internet access - you have to try a few times; and there is a mix of old and new sections of the building. My room was very clean and new; and the staff were genuinely nice people... even when interacting with each other.

I saw, whom I presume to be the owner, checking little details and the cleaning man even came back later when I had to sleep late after arriving at an ungodly hour.

I will stay here moving forward while in Jacksonville.

21/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0