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Experience Jacksonville, Florida from the cozy accommodations provided at the Quality Inn hotel. This hotel is near area points of interest that include Orange Park Mall, St. John's River and the Orange Park Medical Center. At the hotel, take advantage of seasonal outdoor pool and barista coffee bar. Additional amenities include a free continental breakfast,free wi-fi and copy and fax services. Guest rooms are pet-friendly and come with cable television, down pillows, a coffee maker, refrigerator, microwave, and a pillow-top mattress. Some rooms feature a desk and sofa sleeper. Its perfect location and convenient access to area attractions make the Quality Inn a great place for business and leisure travelers in the Jacksonville, Florida area. Book a room with us today.


Company Info:

Rating: 2.00

Address: 6135 Youngerman Circle, Jacksonville, FL, 32244
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Comments (6):

1. Amy B.
This place is awful. I reserved a non-smoking room with a king bed. I got there around 5, two hours after you can first check in, got to my room to find it was a smoking with a full bed. I go to the front to sort all of this out, and that's when I met Vinny. The worst employee I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with. He offered me a room with two beds. No, Vinny. If I wanted a room with two beds, I would have RESERVED a room with two beds. I reserved a king bed, VINNY. And you GAVE AWAY MY ROOM, VINNY! What's the point of reserving a room, if it's not going to do anything, VINNY?! Besides that, this is your general run-of-the-mill gross hotel. Red Roof, that is right next door, is way better.

24/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
2. Amy S.
My parents were in town visiting a couple of months ago and they stayed here for two nights.  I feel really, really horrible because I'm the moron who found this place via the internet.  It was a spur of the moment trip for them because I had just gotten out of the hospital, but I still should have taken the time to research!  I learned my lesson!

Mom and Dad called as soon as they got into Jacksonville, so Hubby and I were already here at the motel when they arrived (notice I did not call it a hotel).  Check-in was easy enough and the person at the front desk was somewhat friendly.

We all went into the non-smoking room and the first thing that hit us was the overwhelming smell of cigarette smoke.  I am a smoker, so when the smell of smoke bothers me, I can only imagine what it does to non-smokers.  It was absolutely horrid!  It was like someone had been holed up in that room doing nothing but chain-smoking for months.  ICK!

I called the front desk and asked for another room.  It wasn't a problem and Mom headed to the front desk to get a new key.  

The second room still wreaked of cigarette smoke; although, not nearly as badly as the first room did.  I tried to convince my parents to let me find them another hotel, but they said it was "fine" and they'd be okay.  I felt so, so horrible!

Out-dated doesn't even begin to describe the furnishings in the room.  It was old, ugly, and tacky.  As if we aren't all petrified of hotel/motel comforters anyway, the one in this room especially gave me the heebie-jeebies!  Mom immediately pulled it off the bed.  ICK!

The room had a bed, a dresser, and a table.  Chair?  Chair?  Nope, no chair.  Nowhere for anyone to sit other than the bed.  I called the front desk again and about 15 minutes later someone arrived with a chair from another room.  They were nice about it, as they were about changing the room, but it was still a pain.  

The room just didn't seem clean.  My parents said they didn't dare take their shoes off the entire time they were there while walking around.  That's pretty sad!

My parents also initially asked for a room on the "outside" so they wouldn't have to walk so far from their car.  They were unable to grant this request because none of those rooms were available.  I'm still baffled because during the two days/nights my parents were there, they only saw one other couple.  

They got coffee from the continental breakfast both mornings, but were not impressed with the food offerings enough to even try anything.  It was Cracker Barrel to the rescue for them.

Luckily, there were no bed bug problems or anything, but I still couldn't bring myself to give this place more than 1 star.  I almost gave it 2 stars because there were no bed bugs, but the place absolutely disgusted me.  There is no way I would EVER stay there, there's no way I would EVER recommend anyone else to stay there, and had it have been me, I would have left and found another place.  Bless my parents' hearts for deciding to stick it out, but it made me really, really sad knowing I was the one who put them there.  Shame, shame, shame on me!  Bad daughter!

17/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
3. Stewart P.
At face value this Quality Inn is a fairly solid deal for travelers needing a very basic overnight stay. However when you plan to be here for more than one night, some of the things that are minor gripes for single night travelers become extremely aggravating.

Let me give you the good stuff first. For the most part, considering the price, this is a fairly well maintained and clean motel. The carpets and linens aren't disgusting like you find at most places of this price point. It's probably sad that simply not sleeping in someone else's body fluids upgraded this motel from 1 to 2 stars but I've stayed at some pretty shady places in my day so I have to give it something. The rooms are also a decent size and are decorated tastefully enough. The "free" breakfast is also not as terrible as I've come to expect from places like this. It was edible and warm and sometimes that's all you can ask for. The other thing I appreciate about this hotel is that the staff are very friendly. Most of the time at lower end hotel chains you are lucky to be acknowledged with a grunt from the thug behind the desk so it was nice to have someone actually be nice.

Now for the bad...

I should demand my money back simply for the fact that they claim to have wifi here. Oh sure, your computer will acknowledge that they have a network setup but good luck actually getting online. It is the slowest, worst connection on the planet. Kids in Africa are surfing at blazing speeds compared to this. In fact, the Internet is just unreachable most of the time due to network timeouts. I've heard at least 15 other people complain to the front desk about it since I've been here and their answer is "there's a lot of traffic right now so the bandwidth is high at this time of day". I'm currently writing this review at 5am from the 4G on my phone instead of my computer because I couldn't get online. I doubt that many people are busy searching the net right now so I call B.S.

That leads to my next problem. You may be wondering why I'm up at 5am since I don't really have anything to do today. Ah,  good question! It's partially due to the fact that the bed is like sleeping on concrete and partially due to the noise. I have actually been fighting sleep since 3am but finally just gave up. Between the fridge in my room, which I finally had to unplug due to the extremely loud rattling, and the loud, heavy traffic outside, sleep is impossible. None of my neighbor tenants are loud but there are plenty of other noises so it wouldn't have really made a difference if some redneck joined in on the fun.

Another major gripe I have is the parking. It is so bad that I literally had to park on the opposite side of the motel and walk all the way around. This is in part due to the low number of available spaces and also because they let a large semi truck park across the lot taking up 20 or so prime spots near my room.

And my last (but not least) complaint is regarding my room key. I have had to go to the front desk every single time I need to get back in my room so that they can re-set my key card. It literally only works once each time and then stops working. Before you go defending the hotel with the lecture about it getting demagnified by my credit cards or phone, let my just point out that I have specifically taken great care this time to put the card near none of those items since this issue is driving me nucking futs! And just to play devils advocate anyways, I have stayed at probably 30 different hotels over the last year and none of them have ever had key cards demagnified by my other pocket junk.

So my overall review of the hotel is this: if you're here for one night then you'll probably be more than satisfied... However once you stay on for a second or third night, you'll be chanting mantras to try to keep yourself from burning the place down!

02/05/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
4. Robert G.
Damn, some of the other reviews were funny, but I had mine etched into my head upon checking out.

Where to stay in the Jacksonville area?  If not staying in a nice hotel downtown for business, near the airport for convenience or some kind of a conference, or at the beaches in nice digs, it doesn't matter all that much.  J-ville is a car dependent city with a huge Beltway so, aside from rush hour, moving around can be accomplished quickly.  That said, I once stayed in both the suburban/mall-centric Baymeadows area and in one of the chain hotels in Neptune Beach.  

For this 3 day sojourn, I hunted around the Choice Hotel and Wyndham Hotel websites, couldn't decide between listed hotel properties, and then saw this Quality Inn.  I remembered that Blanding Blvd. was a major artery, the hotel was right off I-295, and the photos looked pleasant enough, though the property looked a little bit dated.  However, upon checking it a few times and inserting the AAA discount, the price was remaining constant and too hard to pass up ... plus they had a continental breakfast with a waffle maker.

Everything upon check-in was pretty cool, but the total price differed from the price on-line.  The front desk girl promptly adjusted that.  I then got to my room.  I wanted a wake-up call.  The phone didn't work.  I walked to reception and told them I'd manage, but I wanted the guy to come by tomorrow and fix it.  That was done.  It wasn't the phone itself and it wasn't the cord. It was the jack.  And exactly how long was this phone out of order, then?

My television didn't work, either.  I informed the front desk, they looked at my folio, and the girl said "Oh, let's see, hmm, but you got a good rate ..."  That was so damn funny that I couldn't even get mad.  Truth be told, I don't watch much TV, so I didn't care.  It turned out that a bank of rooms was having problems with cable service and they were trying to get that straightened out.

As for the room, it had no problems whatsoever.  It was fine.  The bed was comfortable, I slept well, the vanity area was wide, and the bathroom itself was adequate.  The air conditioning worked well.  In fact, with that short of a stay, I told the cleaning ladies "en Espanol" that I didn't need for them to clean the room.  They obliged.

The breakfast was marginal.  There was coffee and tea, limited choices for fruit, a vat of vapid biscuits and gravy, and the waffle maker.  There could have been more fruit and there could have been pastries but, for the discounted rate, I wasn't going to complain because a nice big waffle with syrup can be filling.

The lounge area was decent.  There were two couches and a computer station.  A lot of people were using the couches.  I assumed the couches to be rust colored, and I was told they were maroon.  I won't push this one any further.  But, for a short sit, they were acceptable.

A few of the ladies up front knew the score, and a few of the others seemed like they didn't know much about ANYTHING in the area (read:  deer in the headlights).  They didn't know where anything was unless it was in front of their noses.

There is a shopping center right across the street with a Publix, a Dollar Store, a Chase bank, and a Chinese buffet where they hemmed and hawed when asked about whether or not they use MSG, so I decided not to eat there.  The Dollar Store was perfect for stocking up on 6-packs of water, which I kept cold in the small hotel room fridge.

Lastly, one thing made this stay incredibly funny.  There was a youth sports team from Argentina with their coaches and managers.  You would hear them go on and on about stuff every morning at breakfast ... essentially Argentines acting just like Argentines.   Their inherent pomposity was on display.  However, it was so damn funny that I didn't mind, alternating between glancing at USA Today and eavesdropping.

For the price I got and a small dose of drama, I'd stay here again.  You can be across the Buckman Bridge on I-295 and in Mandarin (J-ville) in 5 minutes.  At a higher price, I would not.  Furthermore, the comment "Oh, let's see, hmm, but you got a good rate ..." is a keeper and I wish I could bronze plate that one.

18/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
5. Michael W.
This hotel is hosting a group of latino workers who at night keep their doors wide open and are drinking beer and  talking to each other loudly from their rooms to the person in the other room, or hanging over the balcony with their beer,  and I got stuck right in the middle of all of them!  To top it off there was a crazy man walking about with no shoes, maybe drunk, maybe crazy, maybe both but he would be calling out to everyone he saw and was and walking toward them. He was scary.

    There are places to initial at check in hotel isn't liable for this and that and signs posted warning about leaving valuables in cars.  Also some unsavory folks about the property and I am not normally overly worried but this place had me a bit worried.  I didn't even leave once I got to the room as planned.

    They appear to have no security whatsoever and the only worker I saw was the young lady at the front desk.  People were carrying in valuables from the car to room so I did the same.

  The room had a horrible smell from some cheap cleaning fluid and it was still on the desk and all in droplets. Some kind of cheap smell disguiser fluid I guess but it made the room really smell bad. If you walk on the carpet with no shoes and then step in the shower/tub you will see black.

  At breakfast bar the juice machine has a swinging door right next to it.  If you want cheap this is it, but it doesn't live up to the Quality Inn name which isn't all that good to start with.

10/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
6. David G.
The staff and accommodations were well in standard. Everyone was helpful and the room was comfortable. Breakfast was standard fare, I had biscuits n gravy all three mornings.

21/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0