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Sheraton Suites Key West in Key West, FL

Sheraton Suites Key West in Key West, FL

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.50

Address: 2001 S Roosevelt Blvd, Key West, FL, 33040

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    Comments (84):

    1. Robert S.
    I tried to book a room at this Sheraton through Hotels.com , big mistake!!! I had to cancel last minute due to a friend cancelling on me and they charged me $470 for a room I didn't use. After explaining that I am a major Starwood Preferred Guest junkie they said they wouldn't make an exception even though I only held the reservation for less then 72 hours. Buyers beware, this place doesn't care how loyal you are they are out for your $$!

    15/12/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Becca E.
    I stayed here for a destination wedding in April, four nights. While the rooms were very nice and it was incredibly convenient to walk across to the beach, I will not stay in this hotel the next time I go to Key West. For as much as I paid to stay there on my limited budget, I expected more. The staff was not friendly, at the point of being rude sometimes. The breakfast was expensive and not even very good. I think one of the people on trip put it best when they said, "even the Holiday Inn Express can give me a complimentary breakfast and this place charges me $5.00 for cereal?" I had a 6:20am flight out and so I asked for a 5am wake up call. And surprise, surprise no one called me. The other people who asked for one didn't call either. Also, the mini-mart downstairs doesn't accept cash and the ATM has the most expensive fee I had seen on the whole island. The only thing saving this place from a one star was the amazing shuttle driver Mr. Ed, he was the best! Rescued me more than once for an expensive cab fare.

    11/04/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    3. Brady L.
    I was pleasantly very impressed by this property. The rooms are amazing and large with large nice bathrooms !   It is a very relaxing laid back environment. Good Job Key West Sheraton!

    03/05/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    4. Ms.Kira L.
    Absolutely Wonderful!  Our concierge was very helpful and the front desk staff very friendly.  Nice newly renovated spacious room.

    01/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    5. Taylor Marie S.
    My family and I just recently took a vacation to key west and we stayed for four nights at the  Sheraton Suites Key West.  I was very impressed with the staff of this hotel.  Everyone was very nice and accommodating and the room service was fast and swift.  There were some college spring breakers staying there too but the staff did a great job keeping everyone inline to ensure that the other guest could have peaceful nights.  The location of the hotel is excellent.  It is across the street from the beach, and I believe that is as close as it can get to the sand, because I didn't not see any hotels on the beach.  Its about 3 miles away from Duval St. but the hotel provides a complementary shuttle to get you there.  All of the department stores are also close by.  The building is 4 stories high and has a courtyard in the middle with a pool and a bar.  The bar service seemed a little slow, however the drinks and the food were really good.  And if you order during happy hour, the prices are phenomenal.  Basically, this is a  great family friendly hotel.

    05/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Kate D.
    I have been to a Sheraton branch before in Chicago and I was very pleased. For the Xmas Holiday I went to Key west and stay at the Sheraton I was more than pleased. It is across the beach which made it very handy. The rooms are spacious and have radio, 2 TVs, sofa, fridge, table well everything you need. Even the bathroom is nice and spacious. The building itself looks nice. The pool is as it was mentioned before right next to the bar so if you are many you will sure have a good time. The way the pool is designed even though it is not that big it look very nice. It has a waterfall and next to it a jacuzzi. it is a very nice place to have a wonderful time with loved one.

    10/01/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    7. Jason J.
    I'm so surprised and disappointed in this experience that I need to share it in the hopes that someone from Starwood will remedy this situation.  Here it is-  I was scheduled for a 3 day stay at this property but due to a blizzard could not get a flight out of the NY area.  Refunds were promptly given for the flight tickets, but I was told by the manager of this property, Jitka P., that no refunds were allowed since I purchased through Travelocity.  She continued that if I had booked direct she'd be able to authorize a refund easily.  Travelocity of course is blaming Sheraton.  

    Why does it matter how I booked?  Shouldn't all guests be treated fairly?

    I find it incredible that I now need to battle like this over such a simple issue.  Time to step up, Starwood.

    29/12/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    8. Liam D.
    This place was pretty awesome. From the looks of the outside, I was expecting it to just kind of be a nice little beach hotel, but the rooms here are gorgeous and huge! Big couches, two flat screen TV's, massive bathroom that's separated from a massive vanity/sink area, coffee maker, wetbar, and a big dining room table. Couldn't have asked for a nicer place, and from the looks of it, you'd think you were inside a Ritz Carlton in a major city. Definitely recommend staying here.

    14/03/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    9. Trae R.
    This was our third stay at the hotel and we've always had an overall good experience. The highlights for us are, in no particular order: hourly shuttle downtown, nice pool with bar, large and very nice rooms, free WiFi, great restaurant, friendly staff and concierge(s), and ample parking.

    I would highly recommend the hotel to anyone visiting Key West.

    25/10/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    10. Clint U.
    Key West is a kalaidescope of environments:  From the empty expanse of the sea from a small island coastline to the crowded metropolitan feel of supermarkets and Home Depot.   On the empty expanse side of the island near the airport sits the Sheraton.

    This newly remodeled hotel is very Carribbean.  Close inspection of small details like the underside of the above floor walkways and the room front door hardware give away its decades old age.  However, all the facilities that are used by the guests are clean and "tropical" modern.

    The rooms are clean, functional with a decor matching the tropical environment.   An outside thatch roofed bar next to the pool makes pina coladas more appropriate than a Manhattan.  But being  here on a very quick and short notice business trip...I am unable to take advantage of relaxing in this nice environment.

    Overall, a very pleasant place to stay in Key West.....away from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan sides of the island.  An excellent choice for a weekend or longer vacation get away.

    05/06/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    11. Peter V.
    the staff is great, they are across the street from a decent beach & more importantly for my wife & i, THEY TAKE DOGS.

    a great value for the money.

    10/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    12. Zentinii T.
    The suite was well set up. Has a sofa bed and extra blanket/pillows and two queen size beds with sliding pocket doors for privacy from the living where the sofa bed is. Has a small refrigerator and microwave, but NO utensils or plates. The Pool is nicely heated and jacuzzi in the corner for some privacy. The price is competitive to other hotels in key west, however I had 3 problems with the key card.To enter the pool you must have your room key. Alot of trees and plants on premises. Free Wi-Fi in room or use the computer downstairs near the cafe and front lobby. Printer is available right there, which was convenient to print tour vouchers. The downside was my key card did not work 3 times and that was a hassel to go back and forth.

    24/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    13. Tracy P.
    I loved the setup of this room! So comfortable it was nice to come back after a long day out and chill here! We had a balcony oceanview room and it was great! Customer service was excellent and well as the cleaning staff. I also loved the Iguana's and the little lizards that live all over the property. The pool was cool and refreshing with the hot tub and the waterfall.

    04/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    14. Alex F.
    Nice rooms the only down fall is it is a little ways from everything that is happening in key west

    24/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    15. Amin M.
    Great from the beginning. The check in was fast and simple. The desk clerk was very friendly. I'm in the process of moving to Key West and he gave me some great tips and advice on locations to look for a home.

    The room was a great size! It had a king bed that can be closed off from the living area. Bathroom was roomy, shower can easily fit 2. The room is very clean, couch is comfy and bed is amazing.

    This Sheraton is also pet friendly. In the garden area they have a couple doggy stations to pick up after your pets.

    The location is great, it's in New Key West. Occasionally you'll hear a plane takeoff or land at the airport however it's not really bad or excessive.

    Overall the stay was great, the staff is wonderful and it was a great place to spend a week till i get moved in. I would definitely stay here again and recommend family/friends stay here.

    27/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    16. RIMA A.
    I don't even know where to start
    We stayed at the Sheraton for 2 weeks and in the begining of our stay I thought to give in a 3 stars rating (being nice and all)
    But toward the end of our vacation I was really happy that we were leaving this horific place SAD...after all the money that we payed for the hotel suite.
    the thing that annoyed me the most was that they never cleaned that rooms the cleaning lady fixes the bed and gives us 3 new towels every day knowing that there is 4 of us and we had to call every day for them to bring us the 4th towel. The room was so dusty by the end of the 2 weeks there was half of an inch of dust on nthe top of the suitcases.
    I was in the room on day when she came in she cleaned it and as she was leaving I felt something sticky on the kitchen tile so I asked her if she can mop it , her respond was we don't carry mops so she went it the bathroom and wet on of the towels and used it as a mop.
    I guess they have an issue wuth number 4 because every time we order room service for 4 they would bring us utencils for 3.
    The safe went crazy on us and it took the "team " 2 hours to get it open.
    The food is awful go out and enjoy the food in the island .

    02/01/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    17. Erika S.
    Great hotel! I was able to book this hotel through kayak.com , originally when searching I had gone through hotels.com but found that kayak was actually much much cheaper. We ended up getting the same exact room for 110 dollars less! Tell me that doesn't make the world of a difference? Anyway, the room was great.. well maintained and large. I believe all the rooms here are considered suites. Our room was no different it came with a large living room with a flat screen TV, comfy couch, dining room and small kitchenette. The bathroom was large and fully stocked with all toiletries and more than enough towels. The property was very well maintained and the pool area is really gorgeous. It has a nice rock like structure that has waterfalls coming down into the pool. The hotel is located at a $12.00 cab ride to Duval Street and also offers shuttle service there.

    07/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    18. Poyna L.
    I was a huge fan of the room set up. The suite was well designed and gave my husband and I more than enough room to lounge on a brief vacation. The hotel overall is modern and clearly recently renovated. I could tell though that there were remnants of the old, by an odd smell that just didn't seem right. Since we spent most of our time out of the room, it was only an initial offense upon entering.

    The customer service was excellent (save one idiot night front desk guy who just could not get off his high horse about how things were typically done - but that was just his bad personality not the hotel, and even he realized his mannerisms were not in keeping with the Starwood brand and shaped up). The hotel is located right across from Smathers Beach and made a great effort to keep the property for guests. Since its far from downtown Duval, the free shuttle to and from that area is a great option, and even better when it took us to the airport when our friends whose wedding we came for, decided they changed their minds about dropping us off.

    Its got a small, but interesting pool with a good bar and cool jacuzzi, which many of the other properties don't have. I know its Florida, but a late night Jacuzzi dip is just a vacation must!

    All in all, great stay. I rate it down one Star based on distance, and that hint of you used to be an older hotel. Also, because the price, likely inflated for the Spring Break crown was a bit more than I'd expect for a place not actually ON the beach.

    22/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    19. Kelly K.
    Very modern interior. Large bedroom (and super-comfy bed) that can be shut off from the rest of the room. Nice sofa with chaise, table and chairs, big-screen TV. The modern bathroom was huge, and that shower- it could have fit 10 people, if you are so inclined. It's right across the street from Smathers Beach, although we didn't go (we went to another beach). I don't think I have any complaints about this place.

    02/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    20. Jenny B.
    We stayed here in August to scout out a hotel for our wedding guests and to choose other venues. The Sheraton ROCKS! It's been completely remodeled (the lobby is gorgeous! Clean, cool, and very Caribbean).

    The rooms here are HUMONGOUS. Really. They're all suites, and they can sleep from 4-6 people. Granite in the bathrooms, a couch that pulls out to a bed in the living room area, and large bedroom areas with 1 King or 2 Queens.

    The hotel is right across the street from Smathers and there is a shuttle that goes downtown every hour. Who cares if it's 2.5 miles from downtown - it's away from the noisiness of Duval, and it's definitely a serene escape from the craziness of downtown.

    06/01/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    21. Diana O.
    Stayed here with family.  Had to request a room not overlooking the parking lot. Once we got that squared away, pretty happy with the amenities. Pool was great but it was filled with saltwater so not much different than the beach. Beds were EXTREMELY comfortable. Best bed away from my one at home!

    Concierge was very helpful in arranging day trips, recommending restaurants, and renting scooters!  If you come here, definitely rent a scooter. The town is made for them. This hotel offered the cheapest prices for renting them as well.

    Only downside was the stinky Smathers Beach across the street due to a storm that shook up the seaweed. Only smelled it on the street. Not in our room.

    05/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    22. Erica B.
    We had our wedding ceremony at Smather's Beach, and reception at the Sheraton.  Everything from start to finish was perfect!  Brandon and his team were flexible, accommodating, and everyone on the entire Sheraton staff was pleasant and helpful.  The reception area was decorated beautifully, and our guests were raving about the food.  We stayed at the Sheraton for the week along with our friends and family and couldn't have asked for a better hotel and wedding reception.  Thanks to everyone for everything!

    30/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    23. Julie P.
    My boyfriend and I decided to stay at the Sheraton after researching other places to stay in the area. The location is good (hence the 4 stars)  as the property is located directly across from the beach and a distance from downtown. The facility itself was clean, modern and the customer service was excellent. During out stay we hopped upon the free shuttle to where all the action was at, on Duval St. We did utilize the gym on our stay which had modern equipment and a suitable weight stack; though it lacked 5 lbs. for me.  The lady who worked the Concierge desk was very friendly. She assisted us in renting two bikes, which is the BEST way to see the island. The room itself  was amazing! A huge bathroom, little kitchenette and the Sweet Sleeper bed. You could easily fit 4 people in here!   We brought our own groceries and felt quite at home. It was a great stay!

    If you are looking for a place to stay, this might be it!

    05/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    24. Niki J.
    What a great hotel! My mother, sister and I shared a suite with two king beds and sofa bed. I slept on the sofa bed and it was actually comfortable!! The restroom and vanity sink area are separate which is convenient with three women in the room! I did love the vanity area - modern looking with lots of storage space. The pool is wonderful and the whirlpool is even better. The bartender was fun and makes a awesome rum runner. The beach is right across the street. The day we visited the beach, there was a lot of seaweed-y stuff, but it was still a very nice place to hang and relax. I highly recommend the Sheraton!! Enjoy

    26/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    25. Barbara S.
    I am a Starwood Platinum-level guest and stay frequently at Starwood properties and Sheraton hotels - this hotel does not live up to the typical Sheraton standards.
    Four Points Sheraton-level at best! I could hear my neighbors flushing the toilet and watching TV. The place felt dated and could use a renovation. One of the staff members was awkward during check-in and had an attitude (all other staff members were very nice). I am used to much better from Starwood and Sheraton hotels - this place doesn't deserve its rating. Best Starwood property in Key West? Go to the Westin Sunset Keys Resort if you can afford it or look for a non-Starwood property...

    20/12/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    26. Gustavo A. L.
    This place can be summed up in one word ... flawless ! Located across the street from the most beautiful beach in Key West - Smathers Beach and literally 1.7 miles from Duval street it is prefect!!!
    The service was fantastic, the grounds are very well kept, with a cool pool.... and the piece de Resistance ... the room - comfortable, huge, it is literally the size of a small apartment, with a small kitchenette, a dining table a huge couch and and super comfortable bed, oh yeah and the bathroom is also pretty darn big.
    We had a magical weekend staying here and every went on without a hitch, good laid back service at a very reasonable price. This is the place to stay in Key West.
    Since we brought our bikes, we did not have to move our car at all in the 3 days we were there, Duval street is just a short ride from the hotel.... don't own a bike? Or don't feel like shipping them down with you ? No problem, the hotel has plenty of them for rent as well.

    17/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    27. Moki C.
    At $500 a night for a handicapped accesible room there should have been better mattresses.  They were AWFUL!  I can't wait for my own bed tonight.

    There were some cleanliness issues here... dirty shower, floors, broken glasses... bed didn't made properly...could have and should have been nicer.

    Oh, and we couldn't get wifi in the room because the location of the router.

    15/04/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    28. Garrett P.
    This hotel is pretty well-kept and comfortable.  Had a few moments when the front desk was empty, but mostly the staff were friendly.  The hotel surrounds a pool with outdoor bar, as well as a walking area with trees and a hammock.  Rooms are quite large, and clean.

    One big problem I had with this place was the mold I found in the bathroom.  A large square of it, up on the ceiling, and it was clear that previous construction had been done in an effort either to fight the mold, or repair something above the area.  That ruined an otherwise good room experience.

    16/09/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    29. Yangfan X.
    If you're looking for a view, this hotel is not for you.  There are only a few rooms that face the ocean, rest are either pool view, or park lot view.

    With that said, all rooms are basic suites with a bedroom, sliding door that separates it from the living room and a kitchenette. There is a single bathroom with 2 entrances, one from the bedroom, one from the living room so it's convenient.  The living room couch is also a pull out bed, although like most, not the most comfortable.

    Hotel has laundry on every floor. You can rent bicycles at the concierge for $15 a day, or $12 a day for 2 days, she'll also give you a night light, and locks.  I encourage getting a bike to get around town.  It beats driving and parking.  The pool is whatever.

    The Sheraton is definitely more remote than the Westin.  So if you're looking for peace and quiet and close to the beach then go here.  But if you're looking for convenience to shops and food, then definitely stay at the Westin.   When we went, the beach next to the hotel had very murky water so not good for snorkeling.  Hotel is also right next to the Key West airport.  It's a 15 min bike ride from the hotel to the town center, definitely take Flagler and White.

    30/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    30. Mihir M.
    Overall, decent hotel for the price. We stayed only one night. Service was ok, but not great like the Hyatt Key West Resort. We did not have a special view. The hotel itself faces the ocean & is on the part of the Key West near the airport, so a long walk from Duval St & the port, but certainly doable. The hotel has a shuttle that takes you a few blocks from Duval St. Our room was a suite, clean, comfortable, with 2 tvs which we did not use, a microwave, refrigerator & good sized bathroom.

    23/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    31. Jeremy A.
    We stayed here once last summer to scout our our wedding and ended up enjoying it so much that we came back to have our wedding party stay here.

    The rooms are super huge and a great deal since you can really put up to 6 people in a suite if you really wanted to.

    The food at the restaurants here are actually quite good and it couldn't be more convenient to smathers beach.

    Rooms were clean and the people that worked here were all friendly.

    Its a bit pricey if you're going with just 2 people but bring some friends, save some money and have a great time!

    23/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    32. Adianys M.
    First time staying at this hotel and my family and I had the worst service ever. Specially from their security guard and front desk staff. We will  never book here or at any Sheraton hotel again. They need to match their costumer service to their room charges.

    02/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    33. Eugene L.
    1.  We had a hard time to check-in - upon arrival, there were no spots to pull over in front of hotel, I had to block the entrance road. There were no personnel around to greet us and take care of the luggage.
    2. Internet service did not work in our suite. When I complained to a guest service, they replied "they did not know how to connect with Mac" Absolutely irrelevant - there were NO SERVICE at all.
    I had to work in the car, at the parking lot. At the time of check out another clerk told me that our site of hotel should use special internet access. That was a great information, just too-late-to know.
    3 When we switched AC system from 70 to 73 it began smelled disgustingly, so we just switched it back and never touched again. Safe deposit box in the room did not work (we did not want to fight with hotel stuff after-all dissatisfaction, so we decided not to report and just ignored it)
    4.False fire alarm woke us and all other hotel guests at 3.30 am.  We do understand this might happened everywhere. But the elevators which weren't open back for the public 6 hours later.. Hmm...We carried all the luggage downstairs by ourself, bellman service was not available. Finally, no-simple-apologize-for false middle-of-the-night evacuation filled our stay with bitter aftertaste.

    09/12/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    34. Chuckie B.
    This hotel is in a great location if you want to get around Key West.  Right across the street from the beach, you can get your trip started off with a relaxing bang!  Just leave the parking lot and enjoy!

    The ocean view hotels were up the street and some off of Atlantic...but not this one.

    I can't complain because I wasn't looking for home away from home and I nearly got it...except I couldn't play my computer through the tv inputs...which the hotel won't let you gain access to....so points off in my books.

    All in all, it was a good stay.  I'd go back again.

    02/12/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    35. Scott B.
    The Sheraton Suites Key West did not let me down. It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of the Starwood Hotels, which include Sheraton and Westin hotels.

    After using my AMX points, I thought they would give me a crappy room. Nope, Sheraton never disappoints. There was actually a private hallway for Starwood members. Complimentary snack pack at check-in, and the usual friendly, accommodating staff you'd expect at any Starwood property.

    This property also has a complimentary shuttle (to & from) to the center of the action on Duval Street. Hmmm, just another excuse to drink a tad bit more!

    The grounds are also top notch. The pool is awesome, offering plenty of lounge chairs, a waterfall, and of course, a bar.

    The suite is where this property earns the majority of the points. Seriously, this suite was the size of a small condo.  BUT, the bed is what really counts, right? The 'Sweet Sleeper" bed is literally to die for! This bed is the equivalent of Westin's "Heavenly Bed", which, in my opinion, is the most comfortable hotel bed out there. Unfortunately, the wifey wasn't with me, so there was no action; but, my obese, 30lb. Pug gives it a "Thumbs Up." See pic...

    10/06/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    36. Nick T.
    So this review is LONG overdue. I was here last year for 5 days and at first it was great.  A few key things that are great was the shuttle service.  It ran early  and I highly recommend it. It's quick and free and drops you off at several different locations around the island. Their pool was nice and and everything was kept pretty clean.  I wanted to give more stars BUT here is what happened. First on the 3rd night there happen to be a bachelor party right next door. Ok no problem, let them have their fun. But when hey came back from on the town they were obnoxiously loud. I called the front desk and they said some one would talk to them. 20 minutes went by and nothing So I went next door.  After that encounter security finally arrived AFTER I had talked to them. The security guard looked scared and was maybe 120lb soaking wet.

    The next event was rather disgusting. Being in florida my girlfriend and I were still getting used to being eaten alive by mosquitoes. But when we arrived here the bites seemed to get worse. By coincidence, I accidentally spilled water on the ground so grabbed a towel to wipe it up. What I found was shocking. I looked at the towel and there was black dog hair. Not just a little, tons. Like it was a dog grooming shop. Now the bites made sense. We got an unusually high amount for being here and I suppose the place had fleas.  Now the closer we looked the more we found on the carpet All around the bed and even on the mattress skirt. This was our fourth day. House keeping had been there by obviously they did not vaccum at all.  We notifies the manager, who did not seem to care much and said he would  contact us so he could let us know how he fixed the problem.  Surprise surprise he never did contact us. I will post his name when I find his card. Also will post pictures if the dog hair. I hope. I one else went through any of this. It was unfortunate, especially since my girlfriend also works at a westin hotel ( sister company of Sheraton).  I hope they treat their guests better then they ( the manager) treated us.

    25/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    37. Carla L.
    I try to figure if its 4 or 5 stars... I mean, I couldn't find a SINGLE reason not to give it the full 5.

    Lets start with check in service.  Awesome.  Plus we got a really nice tip from one of the employees as we walked to our room,  thanks dude!

    The room was a supremely comfortable suite which included a kitchenette,  Perfect for us, we didn't have to deal with breakfast OR lunch.

    The bed was dreamy.  So comfy it was ridiculous.

    Location is perfect, the beach is across the street, just be careful crossing, but the beach is great and they rent paddle boards, kayaks, chairs, umbrellas, etc right there.  

    The think I was most surprised at was the restaurant and how good and affordable it was.  Seriously, its in a HOTEL in KEY WEST!  I expected a $20 chicken breast, but no, prices were just like at any restaurant here in Miami.  I paid $9 for a Mahi Mahi sandwich with the most amazing fries ever.

    All in all this has been one of our favorite places we have ever stayed at.  Was it because of the magical weekend we had?  Lets just say that the hotel was a huge factor in making it that great.

    17/08/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    38. Mike M.
    I will begin with the bad. Rooms could be cleaner and better maintain. Shuttle service could be more frequent and to different locations. Pool could be cleaner can see algae on tile. Internet very slow.

    Good points beds comfortable, restaurant service very good, ocean is across the street.

    I am sorry to say I will never be returning to the Sheraton here again.

    15/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    39. L L.
    We ended up with 2 choices in hotel when we were planning for the Key West trip - Sheraton Suites and Silver Palm that were within our budget.    We went with Sheraton due to the name - and the Silver Palm only had one room left.  

    Looking back, we should have selected the Silver Palm due to its proximity to the "center" of Key West.   It was a hike to to the center of town from the Sheraton and parking is a hassle in most cases.  The hotel itself was run-down with the old motel feel.   Nevertheless, we had plenty of space in our room and the A/C worked well in the hot weather.  

    I would only recommend this hotel if other hotels in the similar category were not available.

    03/09/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    40. R C.
    We are AMEX SPG card members, so we used our points to stay at this hotel, 5 nights. The room wasn't great, but it was ok. Two queen beds, sofa, and dining table. Nice setting for a family.
    It's close to the airport, but it's not walkable distance from downtown and nothing around it. The hotel provides shuttle service. However, It was pain in the neck. There is just one drop off/ pick up place. You can't really explore the island unless you have a car or rent a bicycle, golf cart, or moped by your own. Another thing is that they use vans(fits 13 people max) for shuttle instead of buses, so people don't care you are there first or not, they try to cut you off and get on as soon as it comes. If you miss it, you have to wait another 15 min at least. We waited for one hour a couple of times.
    The kicker was "No-see-um" (they call it). They are invisible bed bugs. We stayed room 211. Both of the beds had bugs. Even sofa. I shared a bed with my husband. Since my skin is softer (I guess), I got lots of bug bites. My two sons shared the other bed. My older one got lots, too. It was soooooo itchy, and I couldn't sleep. I sat on the sofa, and I got a bite behind my thigh. Only place I could sit on was a wooden dining chair. Anyway, that was rough stay.

    26/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    41. Jen L.

    I booked to stay in this hotel with my family as a package deal with Travelocity. What a mistake it was! I came home from Key West last night with more than 100 bed bug bites all over my body. And this is from parts of my body that I'm able to see. I'm so uncomfortable & miserable from the itching and looking at myself covered with polkadots.

    I brought it up with a hotel employee by calling the front desk & she told me that the head of housekeeping was going to be sent to our room. So the head of housekeeping, Anthony Abreu, told me that he was going to inspect our bed for presence of bed bugs. He came out saying that he didn't see any spots of blood which are telltale signs of bed bugs being present. Clearly he wouldn't see any on their white sheets, because my husband and I brought our own sleep sacks. Both of them were still sprawled on the bed, one was silver and the other, black. I brought it to his attention that we didn't sleep directly on their bedsheets. I even showed him my arms that were covered with the bites. He told us that he was going to have the Orkin man check it out while we were out.

    We came back from being out all day & looked like the maid just came to fix the bed. I barely got any sleep that night from being so itchy & feeling creepy crawly stuff all over me. So that problem never did get resolved, because I didn't hear from any other hotel staff after our encounter with Anthony A. I woke up the next morning with more bites all over my body.

    We're now back at home & I've done nothing but take precautionary measures to avoid getting our house infested. We even stripped down to our undies before entering our house. Had my husband spray our luggages with alcohol & leave it out to bask in the sun. I'm bringing in laundry little by little from the garage as I finish a load. Vaccumed the house too. What a way to come back from vacation!

    22/07/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    42. Rui R.
    Amazing hotel. Very clean hotel, very calm, very comfortable with an amazing service. This is the ideal hotel for people that look to do beach in Keywes. The front beach is the only one good over here, I will return for sure

    07/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    43. pranav m.
    Awesome place and location. Free parking in the hotel is a plus. Check in staff was very friendly and took a few minutes to check me in. The suite was pretty big with a seperate bedroom from the living room and the bath room was very spacious and super clean.
    There was a flat screen TV in the living room and one more in the bedroom. The king bed was huge and super cmfortable. The maid hooked us up with extra coffee (starbucks) and shampoos without any problems.
    Water bottles in the room were complimentary as it should be. Overall a nice location and great hotel with friendly staff . The beach is right across the street so you can just walk there and relax on the sand.

    13/11/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    44. Matt C.
    Even though this hotel may be a 10 minute drive from Duval Streets its totally worth staying here for the peace and quiet; not to mention beautiful pool and beach, a stones throw away.

    The rooms were spotless, the pool was clean and the free shuttle that runs every 30 minutes to Duval Street surely was a money savor. The room was massive and featured one of the largest bathrooms in a hotel room I've seen in some time. Some people have said the rooms are old and need to be updated but the 2 rooms my party had seemed brand new - flat screen TV's and all.

    My only complaints with the hotel was the breakfest was truly horrible - it tasted like it was made a week ago and just reheated (and they served spoiled milk to 2 members of my party) and the fact the employee's arn't overly friendly/hard to understand.

    If you're looking for a massive spot on room, free parking and some peace & quiet while on the Keys i'd suggest staying at the Sheraton. Oh yeah, every afternoon they put out AMAZING peanut butter cookies. haha.

    03/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    45. Nat W.
    I stayed at this Sheraton a little over 2 years ago...Feb 2009 for the road trip I made with my mother who came to visit me from Japan.  

    This place turned out to be a very positive experience.  
    Everything is maintained very well.
    The room was clean, spacious and comfy.  I definitely liked the shower room...large glass door and tiled.  

    When we needed something for the room, the maintainance guy came very quickly and he also refilled the starbucks coffee too.  Nice!

    The location is not bad.  They have a free parking lot.  You  have to take their shuttle to get to downtown.  You do need to book the shuttle at the front dest in the morning for that day, which was a kind of a hassle for me.  Also their last bus is not too late either so you kinda have to hurry to catch the bus at night.  

    Overall, great room and great service!

    13/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    46. javi p.
    This is my second visit to the keys and second time staying at the Sheraton Key West Suites.

    We had a wonderful time the first time and enjoyed it so much that we decided to try it again. Being it a special occasion, I sprung for the pricier ocean front room with balcony. I totally loved the view and the balcony was nice to come out to in the morning and late evenings after the partying, etc.

    Customer service was great as usual. The hotel lobby is lovely. No issues checking in and everything went smooth. Cookies at checkin were yummy!

    Room was clean as expected. No problems whatsoever and I like the room size. Not too small like most other hotels. Pool area looks very nice.

    Beach is literally right across the street. Having an oceanfront room, I literally walked across the street and I was there. Very nice if your in the keys to get some sun.

    Can't really think of too many negatives about this Sheraton.
    Price per night seemed higher than usual since last time I stayed. My oceanfront went for $379 a night. I'm just not used to paying this much per night at any hotel so this was a slight issue but I wasn't going to worry about prices this visit. I'd go for a standard room for $100 cheaper which is just nearly identical minus view and balcony. I hope the prices aren't this high next time I want to visit.

    Staying on the second floor, I did constantly hear loud footsteps outside. Perhaps this is a non issue if you get a 3rd floor room.

    No complimentary breakfast which is about norm everywhere.

    And yes.. The shuttles to downtown are a major plus. I did not need to drive all weekend.

    4.5 stars- Almost perfect if price was a little better.  I will definitely stay here again.

    Thanks Sheraton!

    21/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    47. Alison M.
    This is a great hotel. I want to stay at suites more often! The bed was super comfy, the couch was super comfy, there was a kitchenette and the bathroom was huge. Our hotel room in itself was relaxing, forget out being in the Florida Keys! We did the deal where you get breakfast included and were very satisfied by the buffet. There was a lot to choose from and it was well worth the price. In fact this hotel was very reasonable compared to others in Key West. Yes, it was 2-3 miles from the old town, but there was a free shuttle that came by every hour or half hour (I forget). You have to reserve it though and it fills up early. If it's booked by the time you get to the hotel I recommend just going out front and waiting for it anyway. We did this even though we didn't have a reservation and there was room for us

    The pool was also very nice, not super large, but it had a sweet waterfall. The beach is across the street and as others have mentioned, it's not that nice. Kinda mucky, seaweedy and brown. Beaches in Miami are much nicer. I would have liked if the hotel had lounge chairs or towels out by the ocean, but it didn't. Oh well. All in all it was great for our needs and I'd come back again.

    17/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    48. Mindy P.
    This hotel is pricey, but the rooms are beautiful and very comfortable.  The outside of the hotel is a little run down and can use some renovation, though.  The shuttle to downtown Key West was always right on time and a great perk.  The staff at the front desk are very nice and accommodating - Jonathan Carey let us have a 1 pm late checkout at no extra charge.  This hotel is away from the noise and crowds and near the beach.   I recommend it for a nice little getaway.

    11/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    49. Ruth S.
    Very nice hotel  across the road from the beach
    t.Good buffet breakfast for $17.You don't have to rent a car because they have an hourly shuttle that takes you downtown and picks you up (Don't forget to tip the drivers!) Nice pool area.Near the airport and they have a shuttle pick you up or drop you off when you leave.If you don't want to rent a car this is the hotel to stay in.

    27/09/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    50. Bern N.
    Worst experience in a hotel. Issues with the sliding door and the engineer said it was fixed. The manager confirmed that the gap is still there and the door won't lock but it's fixed.  Say whaaaaaat?????  It doesn't work and yet it's fixed. Amazing - this Manager Bia should not be a manager. She even yelled at me for making a point of saying that if it's not fixed - don't say it's fixed. $400 a night rooms and this is what we get. It's one thing if it was the first night but the issue has been for 2 days. I love the Sheraton - this location however is on the do not use list for sure......

    19/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    51. Nutflsh Z.
    The WORST 4 night stay ever!  Would have been more comfortable sleeping across the street on the beach!

    Not sure where to even begin with this AWFUL hotel that prides themselves in ZERO customer service (Except for Brandon, the Food and Beverage Manager but we will get to him later) I guess I will start with letting you know I stayed at this dump for 4 nights while on business.  I was down here with my film crew shooting a TV pilot, we had 4 rooms for 4 nights, so this is a completely unbiased review.

    Lets start with the lack of air conditioning in the rooms.  Keep in mind we stayed here in late July when the temperature outside was easily 109 degrees in the shade.  This hotel basically has NO A.C. as they have rigged each air conditioner unit in their rooms to NOT drop below 72 degrees.  Now maybe this is just a Florida thing, but in the rest of the country 72 degrees is HEAT.....NOT AIR CONDITIONING!  This was completely unacceptable!!  So for 4 nights I was sweating like a pig as I attempted to fall asleep in their uncomfortable beds with styrofoam pillows that even a dog wouldn't want to curl up on.  

    On to the breakfast and dinner at this dump!  Now keep in mind that we were here on business and our shoot days began early, but not too early in the hotel world.  However this Sheraton doesn't even serve breakfast OR coffee until what seemed like 9am!!!!  We were up and ready to eat at 8am and there wasn't a SOUL in the kitchen or restaurant!  .......just the sound of crickets.  What kind of hotel doesn't serve breakfast this early???  Most hotels want you to MISS breakfast and will usually schedule it from 4am to 6am, and it usually works.  This place doesn't even think about firing up their grills until after 8am.  So Waffle House it was for breakfast every morning, fine with me.

    Now for dinner, or lack of dinner availability!  This Cracker Jack joint of a hotel seems to CLOSE their kitchen around 9:30 pm.  You're kidding me, right?  A hotel....located in a vacation destination....closing their kitchen around 9:30pm?  What the F@*% is wrong with this DUMP??  Finally by the third night I had had enough and starting complaining loud enough for the Food and Beverage Manager, Brandon to hear me.  He walked over to us and for the FIRST time in 3 days, actually treated us like guests.  He opened the kitchen and cooked himself for the crew!  He went above and beyond in my book.  Thank you Brandon!  

    Again, we were here on business and this hotel experience was awful, I couldn't IMAGINE staying here for a vacation!  I don't know about you guys but I don't like hotels dicktating my comings and goings, that's NO vacation!  I would have more freedom vacationing at a Federal penitentiary!

    Next, the parking situation here.  Although there appears to be plenty of parking spots, looks are VERY deceiving!  Good luck finding a spot!  On more than several occasions we had to park in what seemed like a different zip code!  My advice, don't even rent a car in Key West.....the entire Key has a maximum speed limit of 25mph....I could walk faster!

    The last thing to mention here is that the Manager on duty didn't care ONE BIT that we were having problems with our stay, he never apologized or offered to help make our stay more comfortable.  In his eyes....the customer, or guests, are ALWAYS WRONG!  He even walked over to me while I was outside working and handed me 2 pages of a 7 page fax!  I had to chase him down in order to retrieve the rest of my fax!  He didn't even care that he overlooked this.  This hotel is just plain HORRIBLE!  

    We will be back to Key West to begin filming the TV series, and when we are, we will bring a much larger crew for a much longer stay, but one thing is for sure......we will NOT be staying at the Sheraton!  Enjoy.

    05/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    52. Sucre E.
    I went there last winter with my girlfriend. The location was great. It is located right in front of the street, you just need to pass the street for an easy beach access.

    The room was spacious, clean and nice. Their swimming pool is little small but shouldn't be a huge problem in Key West.

    12/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    53. Darlene R.
    The star is very friendly. As a matter of fact I had one of the front desk walk me all the way to my room which was pretty far from check in. This is a not a "hotel" where the rooms are indoor, it's all outdoor rooms.  It's an older building that looks like they have renovated.  They have a restaurant. A pool bar, a small gym that is 24 hrs, a mini store by check in,and a laundry room (for all guests).  I had to can it to the hotel but after I checked in they gave me a pamphlet saying you can arrange for the transportation.  They do have a shuttle service that takes you downtown every half hour or so, a beach (seaweed stinky) beach :) lol, but there is a pool that stays open until 11pm.

    The pool does have happy hour from 4-7pm and they also Have a few selective appetizers on happy hour as well.

    I had a cozy room and housekeeping did a good job keeping it nice and neat. Not that I'm not already neat, it is just myself, but overall a good job.  The supervisor even comes back to make sure that the rooms are clean.  There is a mini kitchen with a fridge and microwave, a couch. A tv for the living area, and a tv also in the bedroom.  They provided an iron and hair dryer in the cabinets too. I make coffee every morning and they always refilled it.  Even the bottled water, the ones that were free.  

    I only stayed here because work paid for it, a bit pricey when I booked, but none the less overall a great experience.

    14/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    54. German C.
    Front was very helpful
    Went above and beyond
    Room was clean and spacious

    Would definitely stay here again.

    Steps from the beach.

    22/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    55. JDavid G.
    Nice sized suites with nice view of pool. Pool area was very nice. Warm water, lights, and waterfall were very nice. Bar offered delicious drinks and we enjoyed the quesadilla twice. Staff was very friendly. Never have enough complementary cookies. Always gone by the time we got there. We would have appreciated more frequent shuttle service and more than one one stop. We enjoyed the chocolate covered berries in our room.

    26/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    56. Jose C.
    Solid place. Enjoyed our room and facilities. The only downside, there was an iguana walking around the pool area.

    23/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    57. Kolleen D.
    This place is luxurious. I don't want to go home!

    05/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    58. Penny Z.
    I've stayed here in the past and it was okay and this time I brought a group of 25 people, & I tell you what the experience was first class they really went above and beyond to make sure that we had a first class experience and I want to thank them for all their excellent hospitality and for working with us. I will definitely recommend them to anybody looking to stay in Key West and I will also be returning many times down the road

    22/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    59. Martin B.
    I must say I was disappointed with this Starwood hotel. The rooms were clean and spacious but old and worn out. The way to get to your room is like a maze and the room service didn't exist. It seems like the choice of good hotels in key west is limited. This would not be on my go to again list of hotels.

    07/12/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    60. Belle T.
    We came a long way to stay here and were not happy with what we found.  The beach is across a four-lane highway without so much as a crosswalk to help get a family with for children safely to its destination.  The lobby was pretty but apparently undersized as it was quite crowded each time we passed through.  The staff was pleasant but our room, while a good size, was not well-maintained.  The door to the bathroom, a pocket slider, hardly worked at all so that sliding it open and closed required a lot of effort.  To make best use of our rare family vacation we are checking into a better hotel for our remaining nights.  We did spend last night in the room and were reasonably comfortable.

    28/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    61. Chris S.
    This our 5th stay in key west and our third here.  I Travel a lot for work and this place is a great property.  We have never had problems with the staff, rooms are clean and comfortable.  We always bring our dog and they are accommodating with cleaning times and our pet.  If you don't want the room cleaned each day, and we didn't, you just mark fresh towels only and they will leave them on the door.  Free shuttle to downtown is also a big plus.  I would recommend this place to anyone.

    28/12/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    62. Russ C.
    Started out expecting an OCEAN Front Hotel, with Ocean view room.  Got neither but after further review, we had looked at too many hotels and got crossed up.   Front Desk was not helpful.  Asked for room close to elevator, got room furthest from elevator.  Hotel is not really accessible and the hotel is not close to anything but the highway and airport.  Have to cross parking lot and 4 lanes of traffic to get to beach.  This was our first stay at a Sheraton and will most likely be our last!  I have had better accomodationsat Holiday Inn's!  Placed order for breakfast and placed placard on room door.  Called front desk and they said they had no order for us!  Went to IHOP.  For dinner we were told there was a wedding and felt like they were accommodating the wedding and not taking care of our needs!  Oh well!  contact management and their attitude was non-accommodating!
    Would of had worse ratings but the rooms were fantastic, linens and bed great!

    13/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    63. Jessica C.
    As a Platinum Starwood Guest, I have high expectations of Starwood properties. When my boyfriend and I first arrived at the Sheraton, I had really high hopes for this resort because the resort staff was so friendly and the resort was beautiful. But by the second night, my hopes went down the drain. We had questions and wanted to talk to the front desk or guest services, and no one would answer our calls. We finally decided to walk down to the office (on the other side of the resort since we had an ocean view room) and the girl at the front desk couldn't have let us know more that we were a bother to her.

    Our room was really great (they upgraded us to an ocean-view room since I'm a Platinum guest) and the shower is really big.  Also, the restaurant is terrible. The food options are very minimal and they are flavor-less. We spent $80+ on two entrees and two drinks. We could have spent $20 at a local restaurant and had better food.

    Since I used points for our stay and it was way cheaper than the Westin in the "downtown" part of Key West, I can't complain too much about free. I just hope the Sheraton gets their act together so they don't get shut down from too many complaints to the corporate office.

    15/12/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    64. Sam P.
    For the price, I expected a lot more.  Stayed in the Ocean View Suite for 8 days.  WiFi was for all practical purposes unusable.  Really disappointed that a $200+ hotel cannot provide reliable WiFi.  Breakfast buffet was not included.  Service overall was hit or miss.  Gym was OK.  Swimming pool is excellent.

    Location was nice with beach across the road but had to go to Duval Street for pretty much everything.

    28/08/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    65. Marie O.
    Where should I begin? Coming to Key West for the first time and booking my stay at the Sheraton I thought would be an incredible experience but boy did I think wrong. I don't mean to be the bad news bear, I only wish I could say all positive things. Here it goes...Negatives: -Shuttle has no ac, could be updated, and could make more frequent stops/drop offs -Rooms are dirty/ac units need to be cleaned -Pool is dirty and small for the size of the hotel -Hot tub was broken and could not be used -Gym is all good looking but machines are dysfunctional and terrible -Housekeeping is slow (didn't come to clean my room until 2pm) -Internet is super slow -They allow pets -No continental breakfast -Restaurant is expensive -Outside deck is dirty and not attractive Positives: -Nice bathrooms in rooms -Right across from the beach
    Finally, it is not close to many stores if you are walking the only thing close is the beach! Unfortunately, it partially made my vacation a disappointment. Now I know for next time I will not be looking at the Sheraton! Parrot Key is a possibility. Parrot Key has four pools, all super clean! Hope you have a better experience than what I have just had!

    25/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    66. Laurie C.
    OMG!  I haven't been here in 17 yrs and STILL THIS PLACE ROCKS!  Still beautiful, convenient shuttle service to and from hotel to Mallory square.  Great hospitality!  Front desk staff awesome, shuttle drivers are super friendly and amusing!  I brought my two teenagers here for their first key west experience and so far so good! Will come back here again in a heart beat !  Great job Sheraton!

    03/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    67. Phelps C.
    Lovely setting; we had a suite with king sized bed which included a generous supply of towels and sundries, starbucks coffee bags and tea, a coffee maker, microwave and mini frig as well as a kitchen sink.

    The rooms were very spacious and had two televisions.  Everything was clean and the walk in shower was very nice.  The room layout was great.  It can be a bit of a maze to figure out and where to park sometimes in conjunction with your room.  Very nice landscaping between the building and the pool with waterfall looked and sounded lovely.

    15/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    68. Kristi M.
    The hotel is fine. Clean and near the beach... However I have been here for 4 nights and still can't figure out why there is a $20 per person per night fee....... We get nothing more than any other hotel in America. Also.... It's not close to ANYTHING key west is known for .. Such as Duval st. ALSO.. If u opt out of house keeping to "be green" just make sure u understand that you're opting out of any water bottles, towels, ANYTHING YOU NEED TO SURVIVE at a shitty sheraton

    10/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    69. David L.
    We wanted a QUIET room...and they delivered a top notch option.

    The Sheraton offers very good value in Key West specially when one books ahead. Being an SPG member we had a room upgrade, and the room was spacious overlooking a courtyard and we were blissfully quiet, slept like logs in a great bed with ultra the quiet air conditioning. If only the Azul B & B could have replicated this!

    The pool on the property is small and if you had a few family groups there, they tended to dominate the place and hog the sun loungers, but one could find quiet courtyards to sit in or go across the road to the beach. Parking was easy.

    The resort fee did seem a little over ambitious, minor observation for instance we only had one robe in our room, and whilst the hotel bus would shuttle you into town, most folks didn't seem to use it...so basically it was for bottle water and small extras. Why not put $10 on the room price and offer the shuttle bus for $1 or $2 voucher each way.....then one could choose the bits one wanted to purchase.

    The wi-fi in our end of corridor room was very patchy...step outside and wander 20 feet up the corridor it worked fine.

    We didn't notice noisy bedroom doors...for which we were truly thankful! Why oh why do some hotels fail with this and more importantly why are some travellers so inconsiderate when they allow them to slam?

    We would visit the hotel again and found the staff to be efficient, friendly and our breakfast foods were tasty and fair value for money..and you can get a QUIET room so ask for the top floor.

    05/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    70. Kim K.
    Considering this is a Sheraton and the price of the room, I expected more. It is a pretty hotel. It is directly across the street from the beach. It is pet friendly. It has a shuttle to downtown Key West.

    This was a last minute trip with pet so we were very happy to find a Sheraton brand hotel directly across from the beach with availability. When I made the reservations I was told they would do everything possible to get us an ocean view room once we arrived. We got there early in hopes that would give us a better chance but were advised at the front desk that the ocean view rooms had been sold out for months as it was Spring Break. Oh well.

    The parking is a bit tight so if you find a spot, keep it. Use the shuttle, walk and/or take a taxi.

    The room was pretty, spacious, pool view and looked clean. Food area had ants. We didn't use that area until the morning before we were checking out so I don't know what they would have done to correct. I left the cleaning people a note so they would hopefully take care of it before the next guests arrived.

    The resort fee includes: Parking (standard in most hotels), Shuttle (this was a bonus), Internet (barely worked and also standard in most hotels), local phone calls, 2 small bottled waters, bathrobes and slippers (not in our room but we would not have used anyway), coupons (none in our room) and some other stuff we didn't see.

    The hotel restaurant food was blah but there are plenty of great places to eat in town. I recommend that instead of eating at the hotel, if possible.

    We were given an hour later to check out at no charge.

    PLUS: Pet friendly with no extra charge and directly across the street from the beach.
    MINUS: Overpriced. For almost $500/night we expected better.

    08/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    71. Rashid M.
    We stayed here for two nights while on vacation in Key West, and really liked the hotel. I was surprised by the size of the suite. It was very big, with a separate bedroom and huge bathroom. The living room was also spacious.

    The bed was very comfy (as are most Westin brand hotels), but the pillows weren't comfy at all! Other than that, the suite was pretty cozy. I've stayed at a few different hotels in Key West, and this was my favorite (and surprisingly, the one I paid the least to stay in). What I didn't like about the hotel is it's location, since it's so far from Duval Street. The hotel does offer a free shuttle service, but even then, I wish it was closer to downtown.

    The restaurant at the hotel wasn't that good, so try to eat somewhere else if possible.

    24/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    72. Ali T.
    We stayed here for two nights in April 2013. It was a pleasant experience. The staff was helpful and pleasant. The rooms were clean and we had a nice view of the ocean across from the road and beach, and we had a balcony. The room was large, with a full bedroom and living room area and a small kitchen sink, coffee pot and microwave.

    There was a large pool area, with bar service, and with the beach across the street you never have to go into town unless you want to watch the sunset.

    I, personally, wasn't very happy with the location since we had to take a shuttle into town. We did take a taxi twice and that cost $15 each way with tip. The free hotel shuttle did not run often enough for me, and sometimes not everyone was able to get on due to the high volume of riders. Also, the shuttle only went to one place and riders could not get off, or on, anywhere else. It limited what we could see, unless we wanted to take a taxi.

    I would have given the hotel 4 stars, but the shuttle issue was major for me. Also, in the room there were three bottles of water: two small bottles, one large. I used those waters to make our coffee in the room. There was no coffee in the lobby unless you went to the restaurant. When I got home, I saw on our hotel charges that they charged us $4 for the large bottle of water. This fee was not listed in the room, so it was unexpected. It's not a big deal, but I wish i knew before I used the water for our "free coffee."

    If your travel plans include sitting on the beach or around the pool, then this hotel could be 4 star. If you want to sight-see, stay closer to the main attractions.

    25/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    73. Tricia H.
    Wow, I hardly know where to begin. What a disappointment. I have traveled to many different hotels over many years, and never in my life have I been treated in such an appalling manner. As a longtime Starwood Preferred Guest member I was particularly shocked that I would experience this at a Starwood property. I understand that not every property is a luxury property, but even at the world's cheapest roadside fleabag motel I would expect not to be abused and verbally assaulted by a hotel employee.

    At the start I was really predisposed to like this place, and I was truly looking forward to some much-needed rest and relaxation. When we checked in the room was large and comfortable, well-appointed, and had a reliable wifi signal and a nicely organized layout. As mentioned in some other reviews, the hotel is across the street from the beach, but I knew that coming in and had no complaints about it. The front desk clerk at check in (I think his name was Amine) was friendly, professional, and helpful. I appreciated him allowing us a choice of rooms, and we selected a lovely, quiet suite away from the pool action and facing the ocean. So far, so good, and while the property might benefit from a bit of an update, overall it seemed well-maintained without any major issues.

    The problem arose a couple days into our stay when I tried to return to the room in the mid-afternoon to drop some things off. The door was propped open and the cleaning cart was oddly positioned such that it was completely blocking the door to the room (it was obvious that the cleaning person had to have pulled it into this position from inside the room, since there wasn't enough room between the cart and door to get into the room). I tried to move the cart out of the way but it was somehow locked in position, so I reached around it and pushed the door open (it was already propped open). When I asked the cleaning woman to move the cart so I could get back into my room she came over and SLAMMED THE DOOR while saying, "No no no no no ... no come in room ... too much trouble, too much trouble!" At this point I was confused. Why wouldn't I be able to get into my own room, even if it was being cleaned at the time?

    I knocked on the door again, but the woman yelled, "No no, go away now!" I managed to force the housekeeping cart away from the door and used my electronic key to get into the room. As soon as I came through the doorway this employee came at me, waving a dirty cleaning rag in my face and shouting the same thing ("No no no come in room, too much trouble, you go, too much trouble!"), trying to physically block me from coming into my own room. When I told her in no uncertain terms that we had paid for this room and there was no reason I couldn't come and go as I pleased she went completely nuts and started SCREAMING AND SHOUTING at me, forcing me backward into the hallway. As I stood there, completely stunned by what was happening, she again retreated into the room, slamming the door. I again used my key card to get back into the room so I could call for assistance. Even as I was on the phone, this crazy woman kept up the, "No no, you go, too much trouble," routine.

    Unfortunately, as the issue was taken up with the hotel (including the front desk attendant, the head of housekeeping, the manager on duty, and the general manager), it became clear that stunning lack of professionalism and inexcusable rudeness and guest mistreatment seems to be the order of the day at the Sheraton Suites Key West. When we called the front desk and asked to speak to the general manager, the individual who identified himself as the manager on duty told us the general manager, a Mr. Grossman, wasn't working that day. Five minutes later we called back from a cell phone rather than the room phone, and when we asked to speak to Mr. Grossman our call was put right through. No matter whom we spoke with, no sincere-sounding apology was ever offered. The most we ever got was that someone would talk to the housekeeper to find out what happened. Never did we once hear any indication that the hotel considers this type of behavior unacceptable or inappropriate!

    At one point the housekeeping manager showed up at our room; I thought perhaps we were finally going to hear an apology, but apparently she only showed up to continue the confrontation. In attempting to justify the unjustifiable behavior that had just occurred, she stated, "She's just following the rule. You can't come in the room, we don't know if it's your room." I asked her how I would have a key to the room if it wasn't my room and she refused to answer, instead storming out like her predecessor.

    At this point we felt unsafe to continue staying in the hotel. Fortunately we were able to move to a different hotel that day and get out of this surreal and frightening nightmare. AVOID AVOID AVOID at all costs! If this were the last place available on Key West, I'd sleep in my car instead.

    02/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    74. Chantal B.
    We stayed here for 2 days and it was by far one of the best hotel. We booked an ocean view room and it was very relaxing to sip a cup of coffee every morning on the front porch. The room was really clean and plenty of white cleaned towels. I love the shower. It was really big. Everything seem to be very clean. They also provide shuttle to downtown every hour as well as free towels, umbrellas to use on the beach. They also give out sample size smoothie drinks by the pool.  This hotel is across the street from the ocean and you could also rent benches and umbrella for $10 a day. It's a really decent price. I'm giving this hotel a 4 star because every morning you could smell the awful seaweed gathering in the beach. The good thing is that the seaweed smell subside as time goes by. There's a seaweed tracker that comes every morning to clean it up.

    19/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    75. Sara M.
    Last Summer when I came to Key West, I stayed at the La Concha, right on Duval Street, and two weekends ago, I came back to the Keys for a girl's get-away and stayed at the Sheraton Suites. Let me tell you, when it comes to Key West, location makes all the difference in the world.

    Comparatively speaking, Sheraton Suites was cleaner, the rooms were bigger (suites duh) and the amenities marginally nicer than La Concha. But... having to drive to Duval street where all the restaurants/shopping/bars are, was a hassel and doing it over again, I would have given up the added perks like pool-side popsicles or complimentary starbucks coffee in the morning for the convenience of being centrally located. The rates are cheaper because you are   off the main treck, and you can fit at least 2 more people in the room which helps if you are splitting the costs, so that's cool, but in our case, we ended up paying the difference and then some in taxi fares and even ended up renting a golf cart (totally recommend- soooo much fun) to get around and not have to worry about driving back and forth between our hotel and Duval. They have a shuttle, but it stops running around midnight and bars don't close until 4am. So..yeah.

    Being that the rooms are suites, there is a pull out sofa bed in each room and they have the separate shower/toilet area from the vanity which is great when you have a bunch of girls in one room getting ready, so that all worked out well. All in all, the Sheraton was a clean, nice hotel with friendly service (minus the pool bartender, she was a crotchety old biotch), some nice added perks like mentioned above, and great for room sharing... but, it is not anywhere close to walking distance from Duval or all the bars and restaurants which is a big darn suck-o.

    22/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    76. Briana C.
    Hard to find fault with this hotel at all. Booked an ocean view room, which is the size of an apartment, full breakfast buffet was included and we had shuttles to/from downtown every day. Fantastic value for the price in Key West.

    Bedding: modern and comfortable
    Bathroom: updated and enormous
    Wi-Fi: Free, but unreliable
    Parking: Free & Ample
    Nightstand outlets: Yes
    Fridge: Yes
    Microwave: yes
    Coffee Bar: Yes
    Hotel Bar: Yes
    Make a Green Choice: Yes
    Other Amenities: Outdoor pool
    Other Comments: right across from the beach
    Would Return?: Yes

    17/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    77. I B.
    I have to admit at first I was a little surprised at how close to the airport the hotel was.  Now I'm happy for it.  The beach is directly across the street, with beautiful sand and sand bars.  The hotel itself was A+ in every aspect.  The staff was notably exceptional - from the concierge, to the front desk, to the restaurant staff - specifically our wonderful waitress Anita!  The rooms were huge and clean, and as opposed to many hotels I've stayed in - the cleaning staff in the morning were not noisy and slamming doors.  The shuttle runs at reasonable times, and always on time.  I've stayed on Duval and near Duval before, and will never stay there again.  It's just a shuttle ride away and a quick escape when you need to.  I can't say enough about our experience at the Sheraton.

    14/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    78. Karen V.
    the best stay ever!!!
    we got married through the Westin (a Starwood suite) we stayed with the sheraton accommodating  and super friendly wouldn't have changed it for the world!! the bartender carolyn was just phenomenal super friendly also while walking into sheraton Fabian was awesome as well!!  had the best time ever in the keys!! a little tip smathers beach is across the street  makes it that much more better (rent a mo-ped gets you around everywhere + Sheraton has shuttles!!!)

    05/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    79. Viorica M.
    This is the second time we stayed in this hotel on our trip to Key West. The rooms are very clean and the staff is friendly. The hotel is located across Smugglers Beach , which was pretty cool .
    The hotel is pet friendly, which is very important for me. I brought my little Pom with me and had an awesome vacation.
    I highly recommend it!

    08/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    80. P M.
    Loved the location of this place.  Just steps from the beach! The Suites were clean and spacious.  The grounds were well maintained.  Staff was very accommodating and met our all our requests in a friendly manner.  The pool was a little small, but we didn't spend much time there.  There was a shuttle that provided transport to the downtown area.  That was awesome as we didn't have to navigate the small streets and stress of finding parking ourselves.

    28/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    81. Lambert P.
    I received this hotel through a Hotwire online booking.  I had booked for 3 adults and one child and accordingly we received a room that was appropriate.  The rooms I'm guessing are all "suites" so the are not just your typical hotel rooms.  The room we had received had 2 queen beds as well as a common area containing another television, couch, wet bar, mini fridge etc.

    The property is like a big square and the parking is all around the perimeter of the property.  There is plenty of parking and yes it's free which is a huge bonus considering some of the other properties we've stayed at in Key West there wasn't free parking.  The drive through is one way so you have to always go all the way around the entire property to exit off Roosevelt.

    The pool area seemed a little small for a property this size that that was ok.  What I really liked was right across the street from the hotel is the public beach (Smathers) and it is really nice and quiet.  If you have a lot of things to bring to the beach like we did we actually drove to the front of the property near Roosevelt and parked there so we would be closer to cross the street to the beach.  We were ok since we had the guest pass hanging from our mirror.  

    This was a very nice, spacious and quiet place to stay in Key West.  It's not that close to Duval and all the bars and restaurants but we just drove over there when we felt like going out and it wasn't far at all.

    30/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    82. Brady J.
    The room in the hotel is okay. Spacious and beachy feeling. TV has no high definition. Pool is overcrowded and guests aren't allowed to bring any food or drinks of their own. Sorry but I'm not going to pay ridiculous amounts of dollars for less than average food, and watered down drinks. It is a good location and the staff is nice. The free shuttle bus is nice as well.

    21/05/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    83. Michael W.
    Very strange layout, has the look and feel of an old army barracks, almost no inside hallways, the gym is a joke and they are a bit rules crazy, no coozies? Really? Is there a coozie issue? Cut the shit and focus on fixing the fridge in room 101 and why are half of your channels on the tv out of focus? Oh and they advertise that they are 1.2 miles away from downtown, they lied. It's too far away from Duval Street, for the price it just does not meet a very high standard and shut up about your stupid rules! Try someplace closer to Duval or the seaport area (the Hyatt and Pier House look much nicer)!!!!!!

    The hidden "resort" fees are a major scam as well.  They have huge nuts charging a fee for the shuttle service when they lied about the proximity to Duval Street, and charging for parking in an open air lot is despicable! When my wife asked about what went in to the "resort" fee of $25 per day the clerk explained that the ice water and coffee was also included! The "green" no housekeeping option was supposed to be worth 500 Starwood points per day...here again they lied as we only got a one time 500 point credit!

    Hahahahahaha burn me once and I will make sure that everyone I can reach on Instagram, Facebook, Yelp, Booking.com and any other outlet I can utilize will know to stay far far away from this new town shithole!

    22/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    84. Tony G.
    My wife and I had a 6 night stay here and we're very impressed. The staff was very kind, very personal and very attentive. The hotel was clean and modern. I'd go back :)

    The breakfast buffet, although fairly expensive was delicious. Also, we ordered a Caramel Banana Xango Cheesecake through room service and ended up ordering that dish (as well as the Crab Cake Po Boy) multiple times throughout our stay. Excellent food!

    01/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0