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The Reach Resort, The Waldorf Astoria Collection in Key West, FL

The Reach Resort, The Waldorf Astoria Collection in Key West, FL


Escape to a refined haven, where royal palms sway with the gentle breezes of the Atlantic, gracefully silhouetted by every breathtaking sunset. The Reach Resort artfully combines the delightfully effervescent feel of the Mediterranean with a cultured, intimate setting.


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Rating: 3.49

Address: 1435 Simonton St, Key West, FL, 33045

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    1. Jaime J.
    Oh Reach Resort. How far you have fallen from your former days of glory. Having been a hotel of choice for my family, we will go elsewhere after this last visit left us decidedly unsatisfied. On arrival, front desk staff was not very helpful concerning transportation options (other than, "we can call you a cab") and were having loud side conversations about their recent drunken escapades. Lame. The room was adequate, although the carpet looked like something you'd find in a much-abused Best Western. The kind you don't really want to put your bags or bare feet on. Also no coffee maker (just a little sign that you can buy coffee in their store). For ~200$ a night, I want my damn coffee easy and included.  Pool towels run out fast and are not replaced until the next day. A few of our nights were free (from points), and on those nights we were apparently no longer worthy of shampoo refills or morning papers.  All in all felt like I was being nickled and dimed at every turn, and receiving marginal service to boot.

    06/10/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    2. Jan D.
    3rd hotel of the Waldorf Astoria I have stayed in in the last 2 years and the first that was worth spending all that money on. The room we got was the best and the only one with a large ocean facing terrace. Yet, I cant give 5 stars, several areas in the new room were dusty (the lamps) and the restaurant was not prepared to respond to any normal requests (e.g. honey mustard). Maybe minor points, but in a hotel of this class, everything should be done to service ther customer.

    03/05/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    3. Vicki F.
    Unbelievable! First of all I'm reminding everyone that this is the Waldorf Astoria! We ate lunch outside and the view was magnificent; however, it went downhill from there. The menu was so average I was astonished! I ordered a grilled mahimahi sandwich which did not even cover the bun...maybe 2/3s and cost $14 with cold french fries! We had to ask the waiter for so many things. He was pleasant but so spread out all over the resort...beach, pool and the covered patio. Wish he could of come by more often to check on us. Would NOT recommend this place nor would we ever go back. I would suggest elevating your food standards to the level of the Waldorf name...what a shame!

    25/11/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Todd W.
    Where to begin?  Well let's start with the good.  The bell staff/valet are very friendly and professional.  Probably some of the best I have seen.  Whoever trained/manages these folks needs to take a look at the rest of the staff.  Front desk staff were also very good, but as you go farther into the hotel, it get's worse.  The lobster tail at the restaurant was fantastic...perfectly prepared and the staff there get's a slightly above average rating.
    Now for the bad.  To begin, I needed to change the date of travel 2 days prior to arrival (most hotels require 24 hour notice), I was denied as this property has a 3-day cancellation policy.  We came anyway, because I didn't want to lose one night at almost $800, even though we were unsure of the brewing tropical storm just west of the island and the forecast for storms the entire time.  I booked the "Presidential Suite" and when we checked in, the front desk gave us our room number.  I asked, is this the Presidential Suite?  They smiled and said yes, all rooms go by numbers but this is the only Presidential Suite.  I didn't understand then what seemed to be so funny, but clearly it was an inside joke...this is not the only Presidential Suite and it certainly isn't Presidential...nothing about it was Presidential, nor even a Suite other than it had 2 rooms (living and bedroom).  The sofa was something that you would expect to see in a low end motel, complete with stains.  There was nothing in the room but a mini-refrigerator that was empty.  There was not even a bottle opener!!  The king bed, which was comfortable, was too big for the room, but they did manage to squeeze in one nightstand.  The televisions play the normal introductions that you see in high-end properties, with the latest selections of movies, etc.  But when we couldn't get a movie and called downstairs, we were informed that they had discontinued this service.  Really???  Waldorf Astoria????
    All in all this room was what I would expect to see at a Clarion Suites or equivalent...not a Waldorf Astoria!!  The only nice thing about the room was the balcony, which did have a nice view, but certainly not worth twice the cost of their next room grade down.  
    Then came the very strange moments.  When we arrived for our 2-day stay, half of the beach (which is less than 100 yards long) was closed for a wedding party.  The next evening we felt very awkward as we sat on our balcony and the wedding reception was directly below us.  Awkward in that everyone was looking right at us as if to say, why are you there?  Several times they would speak to our dogs, which were also on the balcony.  It was just strange and not what you would expect from a Presidential Suite, which is normally somewhat secluded.  I also didn't understand why the hotel wouldn't put us in the "Presidential Suite" directly above us, which would have at least offered some level of privacy from the event they must have had scheduled for sometime.
    I chalk this experience up to learning my lesson.  Just because they say this is a Waldorf Astoria Presidential Suite, it doesn't mean Waldorf Astoria as most of us think of it, or Presidential as most of us would think of it!!  KIMPTON, where are you when I need you???!!!!
    Given the comparable rates at this and other high-end properties on Key West, I thnk a fare rate for this room would be about $350, no more than $400/night.  
    Finally a few points if you have never travelled to Key West.  First, there are no real beaches.  If you want a beach, go somewhere else, like Miami.  There was a lot of seaweed, as with the other beaches on the island, but that didn't bother me, as I have been to the keys before and was not really here for the beach.  Also, do not trust your mapping software on this one...the drive may only be about 160 miles from Miami, but it is every bit of 4 hours, because much of it is 2-lane, 45mph and patrolled heavily.  It is a pretty drive though and if you are not in a hurry, enjoy!

    04/09/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    5. Tuff G.
    I have a mixed review on this resort. The location and overall appeal is perfect. Sitting on it's own corner of the Key West world, they have their own sand beach as well as a fantastic pool and lounging area. The hotel is that understated tropical style. Tile floors, cool colors, white trim. We stayed in a one bedroom suite. What we were put into was a converted ADA handicap suite. Unfortunately, there was furniture missing, and the place was pretty dirty. Not dust, but more like food stuck in the furniture dirty. We discussed the furniture issue with the front desk and they indicated that they would locate a dresser for the bedroom (there was only a bed and two nightstands in the room in order to accommodate a wheelchair). Nothing ever arrived, and no further response was ever received from management. :^(  So our clothes were put in the living room, and also stacked up in the closet for our stay. . . I'm on vacation to relax, so I'm NOT going to stress over this. . .
    We did have a really nice large balcony overlooking the pool area and out to the ocean. It was totally relaxing to sit out and just people watch and also watch the ocean.
    The Reach is located at 'the opposite end from Mallory Square", but Key West is so small that you are only a couple blocks from all the main attractions of Duval Street. Right on the corner is a place to rent bikes and/or scooters for those that don't care for a short walk.
    All in all, I would recommend The Reach Resort, and I would also stay there again. I did receive a letter of apology from the resort management after I had returned from vacation. A nice gesture, but why couldn't they rectify the issue while I was still there?

    27/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Nick C.
    HORRIBLE HOTEL AND HORRIBLE SERVICE.  I've been to Key West many times and always stayed at the W on the other side of Duvel St.  The W had much nicer rooms and much better service.  The Waldorf was one of the worst hotels I have ever stayed at.  Service was rude and my room had a bug infestation.

    14/03/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    7. Patrick M.
    Stayed here when they still had "Shulas" as the on site restaurant.  See not much has changed, excellent location but pricey.....but so is everything in Key West.  I highly recommend just renting scooters for any stay here......you can get anywhere in Key West and they are so much fun to buzz around with.  Rooms ok.......about the equivalent of lets say a non updated Flamingo Hotel room in Vegas....but much more costly.

    11/03/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    8. Denise R.
    I stayed here 3 nights  and thought the service was impeccable!   When the housekeeper discovered a couple of sugar ants at the wet bar, she reported it to the front desk and they immediately upgraded me to a boutique suite.  I loved the room and the view was fantastic!  I thought the location was great.  2 blocks from Duval street, and from mile 0 .  Nice restaurants all around us.  The hotel grounds were beautiful with the private beach,  the jet ski tours, the sculptures, the giant size chess board, etc.  They brought around drinks at the pool,  and even laid out towels on your chairs when they saw you approaching the pool area.  Everyone was so nice and made my experience great!  i would stay here again!

    05/10/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    9. Mike S.
    We just returned from the Reach Resort and we were very happy.  The view from our room was beautiful, they have removed alot of palm trees from the picture here on yelp and the view to the water was almost unobstructed.  The water is crystal blue green and you can easily swim all day at their beach.

    The hotel was very clean, they rake the beach every morning.  They landscaped Tuesday am, the noise was a bit of a bother but the grounds looked really well taken care of.  Oh - no bugs anywhere!  Its Florida usually you have a few here or there.  There were none.

    The staff was very helpful.  We ate breakfast, lunch and dinner at some point and it was all very good, it is expensive because you are at the resort but it was expected.  When we needed a full length mirror for the room to get ready for a wedding they found us one.  We rented bikes right from the front desk.  We spent one day at Casa Marina where you can go as a guest.  I highly recommend checking out their property as well.  The Reach has a gift shop under construction right now.

    They have an area to sit on the 5th floor to watch the sunset and it was beautiful and peaceful.  They should promote that more and put more furniture up there.  It was like a well kept secret.

    We got married out on their gazebo, took beautiful wedding pictures there and on their beach.

    So this was our vacation and honeymoon and I would return without hesitation to the Reach or try Casa Marina.  Their sister property.

    01/06/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    10. Jennifer F.
    This hotel is extremely overpriced for what you get.  The room was very tiny.  It reminded me of a room in a cruise ship.  It only had a tiny refrigerator that sat on the floor.  No microwave or regular coffee maker.  In fact, there was no coffee available anywhere in the hotel.  I guess that was due to the Starbucks in the lobby charging $4-5 a coffee.  The grounds were so-so.  The pool was mediocre.  The beach was full of seaweed.  The "pier" was quite small and therefore, inconsequential.  There was no hot tub or jacuzzi.  On top of all this, there was a daily "spa charge" that supposedly covered the cost of things even a Super 8 or Motel 6 provides for free.  Basically, this hotel room was smaller than a chain motel room, had the same amenities and charged for them.  We checked out after the first day.  It made me angry that so much money went for so little.  I felt ripped off.

    20/04/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    11. Chris D.
    There are hundreds of lodging choices in Key West and I don't claim to know most of them, but in our first multi-day visit to the island (1 week actually), we chose this Luxury Resorts hotel on the south end. I understand The Reach has been there for quite a long time (decades) and, like many other properties, was hit very hard by Hurricane Wilma. Well, they totally re-furbished the rooms and re-opened in February 2008. We stayed just this past week.

    Room/Accommodations: We took a one-bedroom ocean view suite. It was very  nicely decorated, everything was brand new and a comfortable balcony opened out from the bedroom looking out over the pool and ocean. Extremely comfortable bed. Nice bathroom but no door between it (toilet included) and the bedroom. The living room could have used a bigger window, and one that opened for fresh air,  but it was well thought out otherwise, with high table, small refrigerator, espresso machine and a sink.

    Beach/Pool/Grounds: The beaches on Key West are not of the soft sand, South Beach variety but The Reach has it's own private beach (rare for a resort on this island I'm told), and the unimaginative and rather small pool is adjacent to it. You'll see the covered pier on their website. Nice touch. The grounds are tasteful and beautiful to look upon from your balcony overhead.

    Dining: The oceanfront restaurant was only open for breakfast buffet and simple lunches. Given the limited buffet choices, combined with the $17 price tag, we weren't fond of this. And, for breakfast at least, they automatically charge you an 18% gratuity, then leave you the bill with an "additional gratuity" line (for a buffet!?). I'm no cheapskate when it comes to tips but this seemed a bit tacky. Once they open for dinner, the setting at least, will be very nice.

    Service: There did seem to be some rough spots in this area, especially when it came to front desk and housekeeping. The pool guys are great but if you have to get anything through the front desk, you're probably better off doing it yourself if you can (corkscrew, having the valet pull the car up for you, getting housekeeping to clean your room before 5P). In fairness, once we made it clear to housekeeping we wanted our room done earlier, they did respond, and did a very fine job. There were a number of unhappy people grumbling in the front lobby throughout the week, so I don't know what else was happening.  

    Bottom line, we'd go back. The location is close enough to the Duval Street "carnival", yet far enough away to escape it if you want quiet. But I think for the money I would try Luxury's other resort around the corner, The Casa Marina, first. Or the Coconut Beach Resort next door.

    19/03/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    12. peter j.
    I had a good on-line deal from this hotel which pretty much ended up evening out after the additional fees were applied, so that's unfortunate.  

    The hotel itself was nice with a variety of things to do including a pool, pool (the game with sticks), bocce ball, volleyball, and a weight room.  The main problem with these features is that there always seems to be someone else using them, so grab a beer and some popcorn and be ready to wait your turn.  The rooms were also nice, offering a privatized balcony, a very nice bathroom and shower, and above all, an espresso machine, of which I must have thoroughly wiped out their supply. The look and feel of the hotel was pleasant and welcomed you, kind of like a siren of the sea (see below).
    A few negatives:
    I never had a chance to eat at their restaurant, but if their drink prices are any indication as to the cost, then a baked potato would have cost about thirty-eight dollars.  I saw their room service list and a bowl of cereal was six dollars, which I suppose is about average price if you're staying at the Wakaya Club, depending on the strength of the Fijian dollar of course.  Needless to say, there is a very good bakery on Duval Street called Croissants De France that has very good breakfast items at reasonable prices.
    The various staff at the hotel were not mean, but they weren't the most friendly of people either.  The supposed concierge was a complete waste of space, and I tend not to insult people but I am still curious as to her actual job function since it clearly was not to help the guests.  One exception to the well-practiced lack of customer service was the male bartender (name?) whom I thought hated me, but turned out to be quite nice and gave me a deal on my drink.  
    The location of the hotel was decent, depending on what you wish to do in Key West.  They have their own small beach in the back, but I'd hate to be crammed out there during busy season.  The hotel is near Duval Street, but on the end where there isn't much happening.  Staying there encourages bike riding, so I guess that is a good thing so you can burn off the booze.
    The fees were pretty outrageous, but sadly not out of the ordinary.  There is a fee to self-park if you have a car, something like $15 dollars a day.  There is also the $25 dollar a day spa fee (which you may be able to opt out of, not sure).   Included in the fee is free wireless internet and use of the facilities.  
    Overall the hotel was very nice and I enjoyed my stay.  The location and prices are the two most dubious characteristics, however if I could stay there for free I would be willing to go again.

    20/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    13. Michael R.
    Great Resort to relax at on the beach and close enough to walk into town, I would definitely stay here again on my next visit to Key West!!

    12/06/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    14. mike r.
    Very nice resort, typical upscale Key West. Well maintained beach and pool/grounds with cocktails delivered to your chair on the beach. Very large property and its a good walk to town (1.5mi) and seems that long to find an ice machine. Espresso machines in the rooms instead of coffee which can be a plus or a minus; there is a Starbucks in the lobby. Beach and bar staff were gushingly accomodating with front desk folks cooly reserved (more like Paris than Florida), maybe the pecking order?
    Nicely appointed room, we had a suite with an ocean/pool view. Clean and serviceable if not brand new. I kept finding long dark hairs in the bathroom and both of us are bald, hmmm was Pete sneaking back for nooners? Only drawbacks were the cheezy $25 a day "resort fee" which was bs and the fact there is no shuttle service, so cab to the airport etc... you're on your own, toots. I nice place in general, we got what we expected but I would shop around when we go again.

    01/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    15. Andy S.
    On the small side but great beach front location and friendly staff.  Quiet and relaxing, just what you want when you visit Key West.  Clean, well stocked gym.

    24/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    16. Steve S.
    Location and great sandy beach is what makes the Reach perfect. I had expected more amenities from a Waldorf. The restaurant was just ok. The spa is at the sister hotel down the block. The rooms are ok, but hit or miss on the size and views. I would stay here again because it is jus the right distance to Duvall and has a great beach. Hope they make some upgrades.

    11/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    17. Todd S.
    Very disappointing stay.  The highs:  the staff was wonderful in every way.  The rooms were clean and checked twice a day.  The grounds were nicely manicured.  The lows: all those restaurants they brag about on their website?  They're not here - they're at the sister hotel Casa Marina.  Four blocks away.  This place has only one restauraunt and if you have kids, forget it because they have naked pictures on the walls (explain that one to my 12 year-old son).  The breakfast is a $26 buffet with soggy french toast.  My $300 per night "ocean view room?"  Ok, maybe if I stood on the far right corner of the balcony and leaned waaaay out could I see the ocean.  The safe in my room didn't work.  The shower had a black mold-looking substance that I really don't think could be cleaned off if they tried.  The trash was stored in a part of the parking garage that was probably 100 feet from my hotel door (hallways are exterior ala motel).  It was merely an "OK" experience that was NOT worth the $300 per night price - oh, plus the $18 self-park fee and the $25 "resort fee" PER NIGHT.  Spend your money at a true resort - like Casa Marina; we visited twice and were very impressed.   Yes, its the same price and the same owner, but Casa Marina was SO much nicer (grounds, restaurants, etc).

    14/08/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    18. Jack K.
    I've stayed at several Waldorf's and this property really lacks the characteristics, amenities, service and feel of a Waldorf.  It's unfortunate because the location is wonderful.

    07/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    19. Deb A.
    This is a nice resort, but is not what one usually expects from Waldorf.  I stayed at Waldorf in Orlando and this property doesn't meet that level.  With that said, the location is great, right on the beach, with its own private beach, the hotel staff were great.  Ricardo the pool concierge was very sweet and right there for us with whatever we needed.  We rented bikes for the week and used them to go everywhere we needed to go.  If you are into the whole Duval streeet nightlife party scene, then this hotel is a long walk to there, about 10-12 blocks, but its doable.  Most of the watersports are at the other end of Duval so having the bikes was handy for getting over there. We were there for fourth of July and we were able to go over to the Casa Marina for free as Reach guests and see the fireworks from the pier.  Very cool.  The negatives on this property, it is an older property, but well maintained.  Beds and pillows are very nice, Hilton standard.  Rooms were very clean, showers had no mold.  A/C was a little noisy but not terrible and worked very well.  Again, its older.  I had to ask hotel desk for coffee as they skipped us 2 days in a row, but when I asked, they brought us enough for 3 weeks!  I was a bit discouraged by having to pay $25 resort fee on top of the hotel price, but it included gym, pool, beach and wi-fi so it was ok.

    Can't wait to return next year.

    08/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    20. Jason R.
    My two night stay at the Reach was excellent. I really liked the simple elegance of the place, very key west.  The room was excellent, everything was decorated with a nice tropical feel with out being cheesy. Dark wood and white. The bed at this place was amazing. I wish I could have taken this bed home with me, I probably would have to get a job I can work from home.

    The beach area here is great, apparently they have the only natural beach in key west, which is a nice alternative to hanging out by the pool.

    The outside patio area is a great place to get a sunset drink.

    02/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    21. Fro R.
    I went to the Reach Resort last year...and it was AWESOME. The pics on this page don't do it justice.

    We stayed there for a weekend last year. And what I don't like about some hotels in Key West is that they're mainly like an INN vs a classy hotel. So we did our research and found this gem.

    We got there and the staff was very friendly. We went to our room and it was HUGE and with a great view. It's located in a great area of Key West. Everything was so close. We also rented some bicycles from the hotel and just rode around.

    The staff was great and friendly. The hotel has it's own private beach with plenty of water sports. We lounged by the pool while the waitress brought us drinks.

    There's a really good bar/restaurant in the hotel themed to classic pin ups called STRIP HOUSE. The food is great and the drinks and ambience is even better.

    Totally recommend this hotel...and it's where the wifey and I stay when we're in the keys.

    06/07/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    22. Boca G.
    What a great Resort. We really enjoyed a long weekend at Reach. They have the best private beach on Key West, very well kept grounds, service was excellent and friendly. Our room had a great ocean view (see photo attached). Only thing I did not like was jet-skis on the beach were noisy and you could sometimes smell the gas when they re-fueled them.

    25/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    23. David S.
    Excellent staff, very personable, caring, and very helpful.  Always willing to go the extra mile.  

    The hotel itself is somewhat labyrinth like, finding a staircase to get between floors or from the parking structure involved a bit of a hike.

    The rooms themselves are very well appointed and roomy, furnished in a simple but elegant, contemporary style.  A HUGE shower, and bathroom in general.  

    We also rented jet skis to do the tour around the island, and the staff there was also good for the most part.  Our guides were great, just one worker was a little surly when we asked if he was our guide, he snapped back in a rather sarcastic tone that it was the people we signed up with, which was wrong, since we signed up with the concierge.  I don't care for smart ass staff when I am paying close to $200 for 90 minutes of riding.  It's a service industry, provide service with a smile, leave the attitude at home.

    08/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    24. Leah C.
    Lesson #1 - Never again will I book a high end resort solely based in the brand name.
    Lesson #2 - Property photos are likely a) doctored b) taken when the place first opened and c) intended to draw you in and make you feel like the place is fabulous when you can't see it (i.e. the pier bldg is rusting and very weathered).

    I don't really want to spend much time on this as it really isn't worth the effort. The location is great and the rooms were nice so yeah, it was decent but we probably could have done much better. The key lime mojito mater they served in the lobby was delish though. Thankfully  their sister property served the same - would like to try the Casa Marina maybe but will have to rid my mouth of the bad taste towards Waldorf Astoria first.

    The beach was decent but the jet ski rentals that took over half of it were very annoying from the fumes to the noise. The service at the beach was either over the top with diatribes on the hilariousness of the Transformer movie (though the popsicle was nice) or coming down to the pool to be there are no towels, and no I won't be getting you any because this backpack I'm wearing means I'm outta here as soon as I go grab the floaties from the kids in the pool.

    The true icing on our stay was the near daily need to go to the front desk or call and get coffee, towels, return bottles of cleaner left in the room, etc. I have never had housekeeping make me feel so unwelcome. We hung up our towels, kept the place fairly orderly, and I even tried to pick up my shedding hair...but we would come back and find the room left 80% done - our stuff was knocked off the counter and left broken and oozing on the floor, toilet paper roll was left on the sink or the floor or the top of the toilet, we were left with one towel, but I digress - I said I wasn't going to spend much time on this. Of course when we checked out they had no recollection or documentation of any of these events.

    If you're a fan of the brand, don't expect too much and plan to spend more time at their sister property.

    28/08/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    25. Tina N.
    very cute room! big o bed! lots of towels and all the little trinkets: soap, shampoo, cue tips etc. free wifi! BIGGEST PLUS? PRIVATE BEACH WITH COMPLIMENTARY CHAIRS AND HAMMOCKS! omg, thats the life! they have staff who set up chairs and towels for you, RICARDO is the best! he is super sweet! make sure you tip him cause he sure works for it! the shores are beautiful, no rocks unlike the others on the island! they have their own jetskis and stuff if you want to rent. OH DID I MENTION? there pool is 5 steps from their private beach? we went back and forth for hours! the hotel also puts floaties and toys in the pool for guest use. so must fun! there was a wedding going on that weekend, so we got to view the wedding and got free band music! haha awesome! GREAT HOTEL! STAY HERE!!!!

    19/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    26. Mike F.
    Not the best experience. We brought our dog and had to pay a $75 PER DAY pet fee to stay in a room that already smelled like urine and didn't even have a working television. In all, the room was $330 a night in the middle of June, which is the off season. What's really upsetting is the $25 a day valet service left my car sitting outside for three days, and by the time it was returned it was stained with plant matter and tree sap. At least park the car in the garage for God's sake! They did refund us the cost of the valet, but I don't feel like we got out money's worth.

    28/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    27. Earlane S.
    I thought this place probably has the best resort in key west.  Great sized pool and beach front.  Make sure you get a room facing the ocean.  We had a room by the pool and the sound proofing was great.

    11/06/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    28. Allen I.
    I was expecting better. Was there for 4 nights. I used my Diamond HH points but as it turned out it was a waste.
    I was told that I was updraded to a Boutique room.It was a nice looking room but looking closer It was not very functional. Instead of a dresser of drawers to store your clothing, it was a TV entertainment stand with no drawers, just open shelves. It was difficult to put things in and see them.The bottom shelves had no backs so your belongings would slide out the back of the cabinet onto the dusty floor behind it. A foolish substitute for clothing storage.
    The patio was very tiny compared to every other room around us and I guess it was because we were in a corner room or something. You just didn't want to go out and sit there as it was so confined so we missed what could have been a nice ammenity.
    My wife was alone one morning and wanted breakfast and was directed to the buffet, no ala-cart menu offered, and all she wanted was some toast and juice. As opposed to bringing her juice. they told her where she could find juice on her own. The bill for juice and toast was $28 which was the cost of the entire buffet with taxes and forced gratuity.
    Had to have security and maintenance in on day one to get things to base one:
    Room safe had to be re-set,  , coffee maker was not working right, two light bulbs out. just aggrivating.
    If i had paid cash for this room, I would have been really angry. But I did use over 200,000 HHonors points which I consider a  terrible waste.

    19/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    29. Amador A.
    There are a lot of places to stay in Key West and I deiced to book this place with my girlfriend because of the renovation and the price.

    Location: Great location, one block to Deuval Street and roughly 2 miles to the end of Deuval Street. Pretty much you are where everything is.

    Rooms: WOW we had the standard room. I am not sure if they booked us the wrong room but we had a 2 shower bathroom, living room, balcony, LCD TV and very comfortable bed.

    Service: was good I would recommend that the front desk people walk through town to figure out what are good places to go to.

    Pool: very nice with a very friendly pool attendant.

    Beach: sand is not soft but there is a nice pier to go to at night with your sweetie!!

    Parking: This is where we parked our long beloved scooters and there is also plenty of spots for cars.

    To make a long story short if we were to go back again I would definitely book this place again.

    06/01/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    30. Courtney C.
    This is a very nice resort... we stayed here to celebrate my 30th bday and the staff did SO much to make our stay extra special, including balloons, bday cake and a bottle of wine to welcome us to the resort!

    The front desk staff was very friendly and concierge making good recommendations for restaurants, activities, etc. The pool attendant was a riot and really went out of his way to get you towels, samples of the drink-of-the-day and was always available for a good joke too.

    We had a one-bedroom suite which was very spacious with two balconies facing the ocean. An overall chill place to relax.

    Something I wasn't aware of is that, while it is walking distance to all the action on Duval... it's a LONG walk. Expect to trek 8-10 blocks to get to the first bars/restaurants and even further for the best selection. We rented bikes and enjoyed cruising around and even got a pedi-cab to take us home after we had too many adult drinks!

    I would recommend this, especially during the off-season... much better rates and there just aren't many people around so it's much more enjoyable.

    26/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    31. Sarah B.
    A lovely hotel! We stayed for five days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is on the quieter end of Key West, which we actually appreciated . You can walk to the nightlife on Duval street, though, in about 15 minutes, or cab it, but we walked and it wasn't really a big deal.

    The beach is small, but it's pretty quiet, and the gazebo on the pier is really lovely. (I read one review on here that it was rusty and dilapidated? I thought it was very well maintained.) There was even a wedding that weekend and looked really beautiful!

    We didn't eat at the Strip House (I'm from the Midwest, I can get great steak whenever I want, plus I had sooo many places to try that I bookmarked on Yelp) but we had cocktails and chips and salsa on the beach or by the pool a LOT. The Sunset Margarita was really good (and I'm a margarita snob) and my husband liked the Pina Colada with a dark rum floater. Cocktails are expensive, but we didn't care. We were on vacation.

    We had an Ocean View Boutique Suite, and it was quite nice. We booked online on the hotel's website and it was the same rate as all of the travel sites - cheap since it was still off season. The hotel isn't brand spanking new, so there are some minor signs of normal wear, but nothing to complain about. I didn't really care for the espresso machine, but it's coffee, so whatever.

    We would definitely stay here again. I wanted a nice hotel with yummy drinks and no kids; my husband wanted a beach, a cigar and good pina colada. Everyone was happy!

    21/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    32. Amy D.
    We are staying at the Casa Marina (sister hotel) but came to The Reach to check it out. No outside bar. Barely anyone around. Poor service at the indoor bar.  Will stay at Casa next time.

    12/09/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    33. Lois A.
    Not exactly what I expected but I am happy we stayed here because of the location. Being at the quiet end of Duval was a huge bonus at the end of the night. Our room was nice and large with a great view and balcony. The espresso machine in the room ended up being a godsend. The key lime water they served by the front desk was awesome.

    What I didn't like was the amount of sea grass on the beach and everywhere in the water. You seriously have to wade through a TON of seagrass if you plan to swim here and I found it pretty gross and freaky. You can see from a picture I took how much sea grass was actually on the beach - something that is missing from all official Reach pictures on their website. Another thing about the beach that was annoying was having to have a member of the staff give you everything on the beach, set up your chair, give you a towel. It kind of became a pain waiting in line and you know you have to tip them but since you are also paying an extra $50 in your bill for this service it starts to feel annoying. The gift shop closed very early so unless you visited before dinner you wouldn't get a chance. I also didn't count on the pool temp being pretty much the same as the regular temp which was very hot. It wasn't relaxing at all swimming while I was here because of the temp of the pool. The hotel really is like a maze so you walk a lot when you stay here just to get back to your room. We did come during probably the hottest time of year and if it had been just a little cooler outside maybe some of the things here (like the pool temp) wouldn't have seemed so annoying.

    28/08/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    34. Kathy C.
    My husband and I stayed at the Reach Resort for a birthday trip for my sister.  We got a really good deal because of the resort's renovation.  We had expected some noise/dust/construction, but throughout the whole stay, didn't encounter any issues.  We had booked a junior suite and was given a room with a balcony facing the beach.  The view was breathtaking.  Our room was beautifully decorated with a very comfortable bed and sleeper sofa.  We absolutely love the esspreso machine and enjoyed sitting on the balcony with a cup of esspresso every morning.

    The resort sits in a perfect location for me... within walking distance to heavy touristy attractions yet far enough to escape all the comotions.  On the days that we did not want to join the crowd, we simply lounged around at the private beach and rented the paddle boat for a relaxing afternoon.

    26/05/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    35. Cliff C.
    Here's my breakdown of the hotel.

    For a Waldorf Astoria Collection - the rooms were just okay, granted we got the ocean view suite, we weren't too impressed.

    Drove for 4 hrs from FLL to Key West, the valet staff greeted us, very friendly and hooked it up with valet parking and luggage.

    Check in was a breeze, flashed the hilton vip card, and was upgraded from island view room to ocean suite

    Got on the fifth floor, open the room door and found the room satisfactory, but no impressed.

    Bathroom check:
    Pet peeve, NO TUB!! the shower was just have closed, imagine glass shower door, but only half the door was there, that means the restroom floor gets wet all the time.  With the humidity, it doesn't dry fast enough.

    The bed was big enough and the sofa bed was a bonus for daughter to sleep on.

    I did find it useful to have wifi in the room, was glad i didn't have to pay to use it since we subscribed to AT&T uverse, just used the username password to log on.  Oh, the ice machine is hella far from the room.  I did find the mini fridge useful.

    let's talk about  the property, the whole hotel is like a maze, you have to go either use one of the two elevator located on opposite side of the hotel, or navigate through the stairs and hopefully end up at the right place, the only area that's truly air conditioned on the entire property was the lobby and your room.  It's hard to believe that for the amount you pay for the hotel, there's no a gift shop or vending machine where you can purchase soda.

    The on site restaurant Strip house was overpriced and service was lacking (read my review on it).

    The pool was quite small and a bit too warm, my daughter did have a great time learning how to swim.  The beach was not crowded at all, the staffs were friendly, you have ricardo, who's always there handing out the icy towels, the delicious popsicle, and a warm friendly smile.  Definitely ask Ricardo for food advices, see El Siboney review.  You have DJ, who's friendly but asked you to hook him up with tips and to tell all your friends to go to him if they need anything.  Apparently being out in the sun all day for 50 bucks is not enough to sustain his needs.

    The Beach:  

    The Reach Resort essentially have their own private beach, not too big and not too small, it does remind me of the corona commercial (pictures to come).  

    The water was way too warm compared to hawaii or the west coast.  For 100 yards, you walk on knee deep water, then you get to the great barrier, where all the sea grass is growing.  Pretty but crappy beach.  The gazebo is pretty, just beware of the mosquitos.

    the location from Duval St is definitely a plus, you must have the motivation to walk around in the july heat.  

    overall, the place is okay, i've would have preferred the grand wailea in maui.

    Maybe i need to go during the winter to have a better time.

    12/07/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    36. Jason F.
    Absolutely terrible staff and not worth it. Stay away

    21/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    37. Chris F.
    Very Expensive

    15/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    38. Melle A.
    Sixteen years ago, my fiance and I visited Key West and stayed at a B&B. While exploring the island, we drove by the Reach resort on the beach and decided to stay there the next time we came. I think it was run by Marriott at the time.

    We just returned and have mixed feelings about our stay. The major plus is that the resort is on a private beach and I loved swinging on a hammock between two palm trees watching the waves as the sun came up. That alone was worth staying there! But if you go expecting more than what is essentially still a Marriott, you may be disappointed.

    As it's now a Waldorf Astoria, I feel like the service could have much better. The guys working on the beach were awesome, but we were less satisfied with the front desk. Our iHome player was broken and when I spoke to the fellow at the desk first thing the next morning, he promised it would be taken care of right away. Hours later, it hadn't. It took me having to bring the unit down to him for them to do something. We did finally get it replaced with a brand new model which worked perfectly.

    Housekeeping was lax on water bottle and coffee refills, and there was no turn down service unless requested. One day we didn't get our room serviced until way late in the afternoon.  The room itself was nice but situated too far from the beach and overlooked some people's backyards. The balcony was loud due to the air compressors next door so we didn't spend much time out there. There was only one mirror in the room, our son found that the sofa bed was uncomfortable, but the room was large and the king bed comfy. Tough luck, kiddo! (he slept on the sofa cushions instead).

    If we return, I would request a beach front room for sure. It's the best thing about the Reach and I have lovely memories that will carry me through the rest of our blazing hot summer.

    04/07/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    39. Chyna D.
    Life size chess and Bacci ball!
    Fabulous place to stay. Super friendly staff. Not cheap, but they have the best location!

    07/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    40. Philip W.
    The room & property are clean and very-very pleasant. The outdoor bar & casual restaurant is very nice But gets cool when the sun goes down and breezes come up, not a great spot for dining in the evening, though the food & service were very good.

    There is NO indoor dining (of any sort) is on property.

    A big disappointment was the only breakfast option, other than room service. The breakfast buffet, which was really a cattle call, pure and simple. It was GROSSLY understaffed with marginal steam table food, not worth the time, $$$ or EFFORT. Room service has to be a better bet whatever the cost.

    The name Waldorf Astoria and this beautiful landmark property is poorly represented. Hopefully someone will re-evaluate the F&B situation.

    By the way their website needs a lot of work too!

    29/03/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    41. J N.
    Beautiful, quiet hotel on the beach. Don't try to get a room with a view without paying the upgrade, and even then, I'm not sure if they would have given us one. Also, if you book on priceline, don't expect to get a king sized bed. You will get two tiny doubles instead and you can pretend that you are characters from the Flintstones or Leave it To Beaver. That was paying around $250 a night with the resort fee beginning Jan. 1.  (If you'd like to share what you paid, please message me!)

    Coffee was awesome although they forgot to refill one day. They brought more upon request though so I was sufficiently (over-sufficiently) caffeinated. I plan to buy a Nespresso now; yes, it was that good!

    Chairs on beach were heavenly although I would not recommend eating the conch fritters. (Cured any curiosity I might have had about them, certainly). But you pay for the service on the beach. If you are less lazy, go to Louie's, the restaurant around the corner instead. Same beautiful view and $$$ prices but in an awesome place. (See my review).

    Longchair guy from Texas on the beach was sooo nice, but as others have said, they expect tips. Jolly Rancher freezies were a nice touch, even if it was not quite warm enough for them.

    So overall, almost a five star. After touring the rest of the island, I felt that we couldn't have picked a better place, and this certainly made me never want to leave. I loved the guys playing poker, too. Talk about dedication. If you look carefully, you will see them place their cards on the table....

    14/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    42. Levi S.
    If your looking to get away and are staying in key west, I would highly recommend The Reach hotel. The staff is more than accommodating, will go out of their way to make your stay enjoyable. Everyday at the pool around 2pm the staff come by with very large Popsicles. Breakfast is good for the buffet a bit pricey but well worth it. The rooms are nice with balconies amazing soft beds, clean rooms very well maintained. All in all stay here if you can

    22/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    43. Marcel S.
    we had a lovely stay in this nice hotel.
    there was always enough place at the pool and at the beach; no need to reserve chairs in advance.
    staff was very nice and helpful.
    our room was good and enough big, only the air conditions was a bit too noisy.
    free newspaper each morning, appreciated.
    but, pricing was quiet high, especially for additional services, like breakfast, small store (good but very expensive espresso, ice creams asf.)

    06/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    44. Tina T.
    The Reach Resort is now my go-to place in Key West. With a private beach, sumptious pool area, attentive staff throughout the resort, excellent fitness center with premium equipment, and nice rooms, we have had such a wonderful stay that we cancelled our plans in another part of the Keys to stay here extra time.

    I'm not sure why some of the reviews are negative. Having been to the Keys before, I am well aware of the higher prices here in Key West for what you get. Other hotels we've stayed at in prior years were barely functional and acceptable for a very high nightly rate - I could get a beautiful suite in downtown Chicago for some of the prices of fleabags here in the Keys, especially Key West.

    I did a ton of research, reading extensive reviews on Tripadvisor, Yelp, Hotels.com , and finally the bedbug registry to make sure we got a nice, clean, and bug-free room. Our room is beautiful.

    And the staff has gone above and beyond our expectations - I booked our hotel online with a travel website, and the dates got screwed up because I was booking several trips at one time. Paul, the desk staff, and Cindy, the manager, got the whole thing worked out and even upgraded our room to a gorgeous suite, and were polite and professional about it the entire time.

    The pool staff is absolutely attentive - they'll come running out with towels for you and walk around with fresh fruit during the day. And the concierge was incredibly helpful with planning our activities for the stay.

    And, you are in a great part of town - if you are looking for a romantic, upscale area close enough to the hustle and bustle of Duval Street, but far enough away from the craziness. On our stay, we've met other business professionals, couples, and families. This is definitely not a place for spring breakers.

    The Reach Resort and their sister property, Casa Marina, will definitely be the place we stay at every year and recommend to friends. Thanks for a wonderful vacation.

    19/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    45. Stacy W.
    Wow!  Can't begin to say how we really feel...$400/night & my husband and I were kept awake by a live band outside our balcony that we were told not to attend!?!  A
    wedding or wedding reception perhaps?  When we arrived here & were told the "Ocean View" room we had reserved (or apparantly thought we reserved) was not available but they would gladly put us in the "Garden Terace" corner of the hotel we should have known there was a catch...  We now know that was because we would have a Cheesy Wedding Singer basically in our room (our that's how it sounded since it was so close!)  Seriously tried going to sleep many times & the noise of the band, people yelling, whooping it up was so loud there was absolutely no way to tune it out!  After a long day of traveling and then being in the sun we just wanted to get some rest & relaxation in the room we paid for.  Will Never Stay Here Again...Horrible!  Just wanted someone from the staff to recognize what was going on was not right intead of telling us "You are already going to get some money off...the band still has 10 more minutes!"  Oh Really?!?  We didn't want any $ off just wanted non-rude personel to assist us with moving to a quieter room.  But...we are still laying here trying to relax\sleep all while the 10 minutes has way come and gone!

    Can't even go to sleep & have gotten no empathy what so ever from the staff!   $399.00 + $25 per night "Resort Fee" + $25 per night valet...Really???  Happy Birthday to me...Thanks Reach Resort, your Staff may need to attend some Customer Service classes to help them to understand that "The customer is Always right".

    20/04/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    46. Ty L.
    I enjoyed my stay there. My first visit to the Key West. The hotel is convenient to Duvall Street. The staff is friendly. My suite was a great size with a huge bathroom. The bed and sofa were comfortable. I love how the rooms have direct access. The hotel has direct access to the beach as well as nice size pool. The pier right on the beach was the scene to wedding at sunset. This is where you stay for comfort and luxury.

    08/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    47. Kelly B.
    The location is so convenient.  The staff seems friendly.  

    Service to rooms seemed really slow to get new pods for the espresso maker.  

    Beds were comfy.  Bathrooms were clean, but tiny.  

    The Strip (the onsite restaurant) has overpriced, unimpressive food.  For $10, I would like some fancy guacamole and chips..not a tiny bowl of bland guacamole.  For $16, I would expect a fancy cheeseburger that would make me want to come back again.  I would not eat onsite if I were to stay here again.  

    It was not as luxurious of a hotel as I thought it would be.

    17/03/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    48. Patty F.
    I have stayed here several times and have always loved it. However, on this occasion my experience was very disappointing.  I booked an ocean view/balcony suite, when I arrived my room was extremely small & I could only see the water from the furthest corner of the balcony. I have stayed here many times, paid the same price and have been very satisfied.  I've always had a spacious sized room with beautiful views of the ocean.  Therefore, it was clear I was being ripped off, the room they gave me was terrible!! The shower curtian was broken, the curtians didn't close properly, the room was tiny, the a/c didn't cool & the elevator was broken the last day of my stay.

    I asked to be moved and they didn't do anything about it, not even a credit or a simple apology.  A very unhelpful employee even had the audacity of rolling their eyes at me. I was so insulted and I'm very disappointed because I have always loved this hotel.   I look forward to staying here everytime I visit Keywest, unfortuntely I was displeased & dissatisfied with the customer service.

    29/05/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    49. Marissa A.
    I don't really think I would consider this resort a Waldorf Astoria.

    Service was fine and the grounds were okay. They do offer a nice array of resort amenities - like a giant sized chess board, bocce and beach sports (corn hole and another game that escapes me). They have the jet ski service and more available.

    The hotel did have it's own private beach that was nice. However, the seaweed took over during the first few days of our visit. In the smack dab middle of the beach day, they would take out the tractor and push the seaweed aside, driver with cigarette hanging out of the corner of the mouth. I would think under the name of the Waldorf, they would be a tad more discreet.

    I did like how we had the winter special of breakfast included and a $50 resort credit everyday we stayed there. So free drinks on the beach. Lovely.

    The staff who set up the beach chairs were always pleasant and very helpful. They would deliver samples of drinks of the day and even popsicles to cool us off. Another nice touch was the frozen facecloths which were fragranced with eucalyptus and delivered with cucumbers to place on the eyes.

    It is a quick walk to Duval Street and about a 20 minute walk to Mallory Square.

    The gym was fine. The room was fine. Overall, we were satisfied.

    26/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    50. Kimmy R.
    The absolute only reason this place is getting two stars is because of Gary and Stephanie at the front desk. They were very pleasant, welcoming and helpful. Otherwise my stay would get zero stars. Not even the view could redeem what happened during my stay.

    This place by no means should be called, "The Waldorf Astoria." I would possibly give it Double Tree status at best. The rooms seemed worn. The pull out sofa in our suite was like sleeping on a bunch of dead sea coral.

    Saturday night we were heading out to a cruise Gary had booked us. We were down in the lobby in plenty of time to get a cab. When I arrived at the concierge desk there was a couple planning out there whole entire sea adventure. The woman behind the desk did not even look up and acknowledge me. I waited for 15 minutes for her to call a cab. It just would have been nice for a little eye contact and a, "I'll be with you shortly." I got nothing.

    The next day we went to the pool and decided to cash in our free welcome drink coupons. I was given four since we were celebrating my birthday and the status I hold with Hilton Honors. After waiting another 10 minutes at the bar, we were greeted by a very rude woman. She yelled at me and told me, "only two." I thought perhaps thought I was getting them for myself and I could only have two at a time. Then she handed me a bill for two drinks. I thought she misunderstood. After she was very rude with me, I just told her I would take care of it at checkout.

    At checkout, I went to check my bill and was charged for two of the drinks. I explained to the front desk agent what had happened and she went over to the restaurant to check things out. She came back and took it off the bill. As I walking out the bartender ac ousted me in the hotel lobby with the receipt shoving it in my face with the drink coupon. I seriously had to put my hand out because she was very close and made me feel very uncomfortable. The check out staff ignored what happened. It left an awful taste in my mouth and if I return to Key West, I will stay at the Casa. I was essentially verbally assaulted by the staff for no reason and no one stepped in to do anything. I asked for a manager's card and they were, 'out."

    The staff really needs to be better trained to Waldorf standards.

    15/02/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    51. judy n.
    Nice boutique resort.

    Winter special online on their website. Weird about resort fees, items were unclear on how we were going to be charged.... Had to complain but after a bit of talking, they waived the fee.

    I don't like the shadiness with the resort fee. but the fact that they rectified the situation was nice.

    we got a quick bite at the restaurant downstairs one of the nights. that was good.

    the back patio there is a dock over the water that is great for picture taking, and romantic.

    breakfast buffet was alright, nothing special. but the view from the patio dining was amazing. aside from the attacking birds that came to steal toast off your plate when you weren't looking (but still at the table!) Danger!

    our room was gorgeous. white boutique like, and very modern. I liked the amenities. AC worked great. and the bed was comfy although very squeaky.

    13/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    52. alexis h.
    Unfortunately we were not staying at this hotel- but I will write a review on the pool bar. We were driving our bicycles around Key West and decided to stop in for a drink- seeing it was the Waldorf Astoria. We nestled up to the pool bar and ordered a few 'pool mules'. Delicious concoction of ginger beer and vodka. The service was a bit slow- and the staff seemed a bit pretentious. The atmosphere was delightful and the view was spectacular.
    We expected to pay a lot seeing where we were at- it ended up being ~$15 a drink.
    All in all this is a good stop if you are on that side of the island.

    22/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    53. Sandi C.
    Very un happy with the front desk manager Bilai Merjan, he is the kind man who smiles at u while u know he could careless! We we're suppose to have a beach view rm, we'll they were booked ! Then they gave us a rm with a ok view, but while unpacking, the air compresser went! I called spoke to Jimi was so sweet & funny sent a man Mike up ASAP! He couldn't fix it, told his boss So I spoke again to manager Bilai Merjan he told me to go have a drink while they fix it! I said no please just put us in another rm! He said he'd send some one up to help me move again' waited 45 more mins in the hot rm. I called again Bilai said they are trying to locate a compresser! I was in tears at this point, I said I asked u to move us and I'm sitting here sweating while u lie and could careless! And finally the young man comes asks me if I need help with my stuff. Lol u have to laugh now, I just start putting my stuff on the cart , while he watched me !  Ok we're in our rm which now is on the street with the taxi's and trucks back up noises! Lol yes really from beach view to the street, anyway try to let it go, next day I asked Bilai why he just didn't us our friends rm since they weren't checking in till today? He say, "oh they checked in last night 3 rms !" I said really? Long story short, my friends checked in Saturday around4:00 not. Friday at11:30 pm!! He lied with that'd smirk again!  Also he gave me a card and box of candy for our anniversary , I said thk u , but our anniversary is in June! Lol he said well it say so on your reservation ! I said will see another screw up! Also had sent a gift to my friends thru the front desk, they never said who or what is was for, like happy birthday Trey! Another big screw up! Lol what could I say ! Not coming back good luck

    29/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    54. Ethan T.
    WOW!  I was here the other night after the Ragnar relay, where I needed a comfortable bed and a nice shower.  I was beyond words happy with this place.  Check in was smooth and quick with a very friendly and helpful staff.  Valet took and parked the over size van we came in (and even ran out to get something I had forgotten in the van without hesitation). The grounds are beautiful and well kept, there is a pool, an over sized chest board, lawn bowling, a man made beach over looking the ocean.
    When we walked into the room we all wanted to cry with happiness after a couple days in a van.  The beds are firm, the pillows are as good as the ones I have at home, the bathroom was huge and clean, THERE WERE TWO SHOWERS!, a balcony over looked the pool and the ocean, the bed room was seperated from the living room, I just.
    I cannot think of a nicer hotel that I have stayed in.

    10/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    55. Jason E.
    Is it a nice hotel? Absolutely. Is it worthy of being called a Waldorf Astoria? Not even close.

    My wife and I spent our unfortunately short honeymoon at The Reach after getting married on the beach in Key West. I was looking for something with a good amount of onsite amenities so we didn't have to leave the property if we didn't want to. For that, this place was great.

    We spent most of our time relaxing the onsite beach, overpaying for drinks without a care in the world. Although, I would say I think the $12 top-shelf margarita was worth every penny. The beach really is the highlight of this place, and reason we stayed here. Everyone working down there, both the wait staff and the "H2O Concierge" were good, friendly, and attentive people. We enjoyed playing baggo, pool, and chess on the giant chess board. All-in-all this place is great for the amenities; we really enjoyed everything available to us.

    But, and you know there is always a but, this just isn't worthy of being called a Waldorf. We stayed at the Waldorf Astoria in Orlando in the summer of 2011. That hotel, is an absolute dream. Perfect in every possible way. Using that Waldorf as an example makes this stay very disappointing. Typically I wouldn't do such a thing as compare one location to another, but for a brand as prestigious as Waldorf, I think it is acceptable to make the comparison between properties.

    A 5-star resort should not make mistakes. It is more than a smile at the front desk or a box of chocolates waiting for you in your room when you check in. Where The Reach fails, is in consistency. We drank champagne our first night in the room. The replaced our wine glasses with clean ones the next day with the service. We used the glasses again that night. When housekeeping came back the next day, they took the glasses again but never replaced them. Another day we were left without fresh water glasses. And for a couple of days we were not restocked with fresh water bottles. Consistent underperformance by the housekeeping staff is annoying to say the least. Not to the standard of a Waldorf.

    Key West is a well-known party town. You go out, you drink, you get back to your room late at night and you will likely have some drunk hunger cravings. Better plan ahead if you're staying at The Reach. Why? They don't offer 24-hour room service. No, I'm not kidding. Not even a limited menu. They close up shop at 10pm. Probably the only place that isn't an art gallery that closes up early in Key West. They gave us some numbers for a couple of local delivery places. We ordered and it took us an hour and a half to get 1 cheesesteak and some fries. That isn't the fault of the The Reach, but how do you not offer 24-hour room service? Ridiculous!

    Finally, inconsistency in the food. I had a total of 3 burgers while I was here. All three times I ordered it cooked medium. Twice it was served well-done, and the third time I stressed medium and finally received a medium-cooked burger. My wife had a pizza and they sent the wrong one. They fixed that, but they did try to argue when I said they sent up the wrong pizza. Know your menu, guys, and learn how to pay attention to your customers when they order. Our less-than-great experiences with room service dissauaded us from eating at the on-site restaurant, Strip House. Paying $45 for a steak that may or may not be cooked to my specifications was a chance I simply was not willing to take.

    As I said, it was a great stay and we very much enjoyed relaxing at the on-site beach. Don't let the name on the stationary fool you, though. This is not a Waldorf. It is a nice hotel, but don't expect the level of service you would find at a Waldorf.

    22/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    56. M C.
    Stayed here for three nights. All was ok. Casa Marina the sister resort was more stately.  Had drinks at the hotel and hated the "art" at the bar. Lounge seating was uncomfortable.  All in all, we had a great time;)

    07/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    57. Amy Y.
    Very nice rooms...great little private beach and the service is excellent.  Only down side was the price of food and drinks...you can get a much better price if you walk into town.

    02/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    58. Neil B.
    Stayed for 3 nights at the Reach, so looking forward for this. I've been to the Waldorf in Manhattan but I have to be considerate since it is by the beach so indeed the carpet was grainy, raw concrete hallways (really?), ceiling fan has dust accumulation over the edges, perhaps it's the busiest time of the year, not sure, we were there last month. Housekeeping were very polite but unable to keep up... Sadly our robes and towel doesn't smell right, funky if I may say so. Management needs to review their laundry procedure or change laundry service company to make it smell clean & fresh to keep up with the Waldorf brand. Breakfast have good, fresh choices, scrambled egg wt all the fixins done per person while you wait or he would bring it to your table himself (very pleasant fellow. Really good scrambled egg. This guy deserve his own tip(s) basket). Amenities like pool, beach, parking, rentals etc were all decent but considering the price parking should be free, talk about hotel hospitality. The staff are very excellent with customer service... I will still consider the Reach for Staff and location hoping that with this review the management will address the mentioned issues.

    07/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    59. Amir P.
    Nice location and nice beach!!!!!

    25/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    60. Elizabeth F.
    Location is the very best in Key West. Far enough from the party area to be peaceful but still able to walk to Duval and other areas.
    Beach and pool services and the staff were great.
    Strip house restaurant was not a great experience. Ate there one time and would not go back. A steak house that runs out of rib eye cuts is unacceptable. Great breakfast and sandwiches at corner store at end of block. Better to go there for meals.
    Room was terrific. We had an ocean front suite with amazing views.
    Housekeeping was inconsistent. No wash towels two days. No water one day.  Overall we would return

    21/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    61. Kevin V.
    We just got back from our vacation to Key West and could not wait to leave a review after our stay at the Reach. I can't say enough about this place as soon as we got there we checked in and as a joke I said "how about those room upgrades I hear so much about" and without missing a beat they upgraded our room to a suite. All the people that work there were so friendly and inviting, we had dinner on the property the last evening and I can say the food was some of the best IWeb have had and coming from Chicago I know a good steak when I have it. The staff was friendly and took the time to talk with us and seemed truly interested in us having a great Time. Loved the room and it seems almost ass the rooms have an ocean view. The beach and the view alone was worth the trip.

    10/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    62. Lilly V.
    Love the location....  and the rooms..  and the linens.   The services from the staff is not on par with Cass Marina...  we had particularly poor service from Gheorge at The Strip House. Very inattentive.   We will be back....    to Cass Marina....

    03/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    63. Allan S.
    The name says it all - Waldorf Astoria.  Terrific service quite literally everywhere (although we tend to tip service people well).

    The negatives? No drawers in the rooms; we had to live out of our suitcases.  Also we had a to wait a few minutes for the valet when we first pulled up; two were on duty and both were inside.  It took the porter 20 minutes to bring out suitcases up after we checked in.

    It's pricey, but worth it.

    28/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    64. Michelle M.
    I love love love The Reach.  Just stayed there for the 2nd time, and loved it just as much as the 1st.  The lobby is open and clean, the rooms modern, the beds comfortable and the staff friendly.  The only somewhat negative thing I can say about this place is that the elevators are slow, and I wish there were a more casual restaurant onsite.   If you sit at the pool for a few hours, you will see hotel staff come around several times with some sort of treat.  Fresh fruit, a cold frozen washcloth, an offer to clean your sunglasses, a popsicle, etc.  Great location on the island too - only 1 block over from Duval St.

    05/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    65. Tom G.
    This is a beautiful (very expensive!!) property that is well maintained and in a great location.  We arrived at 3:45 PM and all we wanted to do was check in and change clothes.  Apparently there was some confusion at the front desk about what rooms were available and released by housekeeping.  The wait seemed forever because we had been travelling and just wanted to get settled.  Once we got into our room and were settling in with the "do not disturb" sign on the door, someone from maintenance walked right in without even knocking.  We were startled to say the least and he apologized and quickly departed.  We didn't spend much time at the property because we did the trip to Dry Tortugas and spent time in the center of town.
    I used to be a Hilton Honors member a while back but switched to Marriott Rewards where I've been a Platinum Premier member for years.  Since Marriott wasn't available, I re-joined Hilton Honors during this visit and enjoyed your welcome gift.
    I'm not sure I'd stay again, although it's a beautiful comfortable property in a good location but very expensive.

    26/01/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    66. Mary K.
    First time at The Reach due to a special event. The entire staff from the hotel itself to The Strip House restaurant were top notch. Beautiful location, & quiet. However the room was small, furniture needs replaced, outside needs renovations, no exhaust fan in bathroom & elevators were nasty. The wifi worked well & was fast. Restaurant & drinks WAY TOO pricey for what you get. I did not see handicap access in front of the hotel.  All in all a good time, would stay again & continue to keep our own food etc in the room to save costs.

    08/10/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    67. Stacey T.
    Nice enough hotel. Having a beach by the water is a definite plus. Staff was very friendly.

    Check out is at 11 AM, at 11:02 you'll be getting knocks at the door.

    18/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    68. Stacey M.
    This is a nice resort and we had a great view from our room. The room is a tad small but who stays in their room when you are in key west!  

    The staff have all been very nice and helpful. We didn't eat here but the drinks were good.

    I would stay here again for sure.

    16/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    69. Danielle C.
    I must say... Our room is beautiful!! We checked in only a few hours ago and we could not be more elated! JOSH the front dest manager has made our day- he was so amazing in so many ways! We traveled from Dallas, long trip; wow. I've never felt so welcome or so comfortable on a vacation. We had a few questions and he was  available at all times. Highly recommend.

    08/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    70. Matt R.
    The Reach definitely went above and beyond for us. We went to celebrate my sister's college graduation - the hotel left a bottle of champagne, a box of chocolates, and a card congratulating her in our room. She also has a shoulder injury, and after she mentioned that to management, they brought her a microwave for her heating pad.

    The rooms were nice, modern, and clean. The pool was gorgeous and the beach was directly outside of the hotel. I would recommend The Reach to anyone visiting Key West.

    21/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    71. Kathleen D.
    The Reach is in a great location on the island.  It seemed to be one of the only hotels that has a beach and since Key West is so small, it's really easy to walk to just about everything.  

    For the money we spent, I would have expected a cleaner room.  There's no excuse for it.  Cleaning products don't cost very much.  Someone just has to do the work.  The lobby, courtyard, pool, and beach all seem beautiful, but the room didn't feel particularly clean.  It didn't even smell clean.  Like the cleaning service had tidied and changed the linens before we got there, but didn't clean any of the surfaces - yuk.  I shouldn't have found dust and water rings on the dresser and bedside tables.  You never want to see remnants of the previous guests in your hotel room, am I right??  It makes me wonder whether they even bothered cleaning the shower and other areas if they didn't bother to wipe down the bedside tables!  The carpet, towels, couch and chair in our suite were dingy and stained, too.  

    To close on a good note, the person helping us get checked in, Jennifer, was a pleasure to deal with.  She was so personable, we wanted to stay and chat with her.  She gave us a warm welcome to the island and we are appreciative of that.

    14/02/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    72. Brandon R.
    This was our first visit to The Reach. Overall, my girlfriend and I were very happy with the hotel. The rooms were small-ish, but nicely appointed, with amenities such as Espresso machines, Ferragamo toiletries, and complementary bottled water. The beds were very comfortable and the room was very clean and well maintained.

    The pool and beach were very nice, with attentive staff and great watersports on-site. The jet ski tour around the island was a great time! The location could not be beat; easy walk to Duval St, but a fairly quiet property.

    I give four stars only because of the relative value of the rooms. As hotels on Key West go, this is very nice. But they are very much "Waldorf" prices, if you are expecting the opulence and luxury of a Waldorf hotel like in New York or Chicago, you're probably going to be left wanting. If you expect a very nice hotel by Key West standards, you'll be happy with the Reach; but for the price of the rooms, I was expecting more of a signature Waldorf experience.

    26/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    73. Christine L.
    We stayed here for our honeymoon and had a great time. The staff was friendly and the beach was the best compared to the other beaches nearby. If you're on a budget plan your meals elsewhere-we made the mistake of having breakfast there the first morning because we slept in and it was $50. Everything was clean and pretty, our bathroom had a huge shower and our balcony had a good view of the ocean and the pool/courtyard. It seemed like most of the rooms had a pretty decent view of the ocean. We were walking distance to Duval and had a nice jet ski tour one day.

    18/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    74. Chantell L.
    I'm not gonna lie, we snuck into this resort.
    We didn't plan on sneaking in but after accessing the water via the public beach inlet (which was seriously nasty) we noticed white sandy beaches just right next door and there were LOUNGE CHAIRS! So we very innocently wandered over and found 2 unoccupied chairs to set up shop. A minute later a lovely man came over and brought us a stack of fluffy white towels. It was at that moment that we realized we may have trespassed onto private property.
    Screw it! I was pregnant, we were on vacation and it was my birthday weekend. I just took it as  a freebie from the universe and didn't ask questions.
    For those that don't know, beach sand isn't naturally occurring in Key West and actually needs to be shipped in. The sand at the Reach was lovely and soft and everything that beach sand should be. We swam, we tanned and my husband had some beers. Overall, it was a lovely afternoon!
    I checked out room rates afterwards  and they were really steep. I called the front desk and asked if a day-time pass could be purchased for non-guests. She said you had to be a "member" and that membership was a year long commitment.
    Resorts in this area should really take a cue from Vegas and sell day passes to their pools and beaches.

    11/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    75. Michael G.
    This hotel has a perfect location, but boy is it tired and in need of renovation. You could do a lot better for this kind of money around Key West. Casa Marina is one block away, I have stayed there as well, and it is phenomenal.

    We reserved two rooms at The Reach months in advance and only one was ready at 5pm. Heh, 5pm. I can clean my entire house by 5pm. It took until 6:45 for the other room to be cleaned, not that it was noticeably cleaner. I sent a few pictures that I snapped around the hotel to the corporate office of moldy walls and cracks in guest areas. We had to call maintenance twice before going to sleep because the toilet was broken and then the refrigerator started leaking all over the floor. Fortunately, the entire room was tile, tile and more tile so no permanent water damage. 1986 called, it wants its interior decorator back.

    I want to point out that the service here is still top notch, clearly a Waldorf experience. We met several incredible employees, most notably the maintenance guy that visited us several times. However, the building is simply succumbing to its environment and management has been too cheap to undertake the work necessary to preserve a luxury experience.

    If you are spending your hard earned money, or in my case, 160-freaking thousand HHonors points, you should expect more. Take my word for it, stay elsewhere.

    08/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    76. Sean M.
    Nice resort, awesome views and people. Rooms were a bit small for the price but the view is incredible. Ask for room 342, 442 or 542. Great view and just enough sunshine from the patio.

    16/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    77. Virginia G.
    I didn't stay here, I stayed at the sister resort but I came here almost daily for dinner at the Strip Club, a New York based steak house. Walking through the resort you could see how cute it was, with a nice pool, a nice beach and a life size chess set.

    The food at the Strip House was to die for! OMG, I fell in love with the gorgonzola fondue with garlic bread. That stuff was addictive and paired with one of their excellent wine choices it was pure heaven on a plate. I also had the tagliatalle bolognese and it was even better then Armanis in tampa, which is the best I've ever had and here I was in a steak house in Key West having the best bolognese I've ever had in my life! It was that good!!!

    Service was spot on, from the dining room and the bar, It's very dimly lit and romantic with crushed red velvet and nude photos of 1920 starletts. Super cool place to enjoy some well spent time at. I'd go back to Key West just to eat here!!

    And Zack the bartender was really nice to talk to

    03/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    78. Howard A.
    I splurged and picked up a room at The Reach on Expedia for about 300+ which I thought was an unbelievable price for a Waldorf Astoria resort. Boy was I wrong. The inside of the hotel feels like finding an apartment in a slum in Mumbai. When we got there there were garbage bags all over and clean sheets sat directly on the floors. I might expect this from a Motel 6, not from a Waldorf resort.

    The room was incredibly unimpressive. The bed was ok and seemingly it was the only redeeming factor. To be fair, I was in Key West to experience Key West, not the full resort, so I didn't make use of all the amenities. However, to me the resort comes second to the room itself -- the room should be beautiful and then the resort should compliment it; not so in this case.

    Worse yet, we noticed a big red stain on the carpet in our room. It looked like a blood stain to me, my wife thought it was probably only vomit. VOMIT!?!

    In the end they upgraded us to a nicer suite right off the beach which was quite nice. Nice enough for a Waldorf? No. This felt more like staying at a Best Western that was trying it's best to impersonate a Waldorf and failing miserably.

    I should mention that the manager was a real class act when we brought the stain to his attention. He apologized and personally took us around the hotel so that we could choose a room to our liking. He was apologetic and did his best to make sure that we would be comfortable. If it weren't for him I would never stay at a Waldorf again.

    Maybe I expected too much, but next time I'll stay somewhere else.

    27/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    79. Ruth C.
    I've stayed in this hotel more times than I can count. As a hilton diamond member, it was my favorite hotel to cash in my free points during my weekends off back when I was working in Miami. I was very pleased with their service. Their goody bag upon checking in (due to my customer status) included water bottles, chocolates, and a mini Chandon bottle. The parking fee was waived every time. They allowed me to book a room when the rest of the island was sold out and gave me upgrades when possible. They're near Duval Street, so walking to all the fun places is very do-able, and they also have bikes for rent at the hotel (talk to the concierge). Their private beach is pretty small, but a cute spot none-the-less.

    20/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    80. Marta N.
    I have stayed at both this property and the Casa Marina sister property.  I honestly do not understand how they can justify charging very similar amounts for both.   Yes the Reach is closer to Duval (If you bike, this is no problem).  Yes, it has a nicer beach.  But that is it!!!  Casa Marina is gorgeous, the rooms are updated, the grounds are amazing, more than one pool, service is better.  The Reach has the most awkward layout of any hotel I have ever stayed in, the room are ok, the bathroom shower was strange.  Small, with just a curtain as a door.  One smaller pool (good luck getting a spot)  The only reason I gave it three stars is because they put a bottle of champagne in our room for our anniversary.  Other than that.  No way.

    21/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    81. Tai M.
    We splurged and stayed at this place and were disappointed by the size of the rooms, cleaning service and slow wi-fi. Another thing, when I booked the place, I didn't expect to be charged an extra $25/day for resort fees (games and free popsicles and fruit on the beach). I was there to see Key West and not only stay glued to the resort so I hardly used their resort to make it worth the $25/day I was basically gifting them.

    I was also disappointed by the cleaning service. I would expect there to be some difference between a Waldorf hotel and the 2 and 3 star hotels.

    25/07/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    82. Betsy K.
    Horrible experience. I am not an angry person and have never felt compelled to write a review before. My teenage daughter and I were just going to enjoy a couple of days in a nice Waldorf Astoria resort. Not meant to be. From the guy puking on the man made fake beach, to the waiter telling us he was "off" so couldn't bring us an iced tea. The blaring music until 11pm on a Sunday and the room service that never answered the phone. Do not let the pictures of this resort fool you. Perhaps the sister location is the way to go, but we didn't stick around to find out. Awful in every way.

    24/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    83. Jane B.
    WE LOVE this hotel: it's my happy place. We've stayed here twice, once in 2012 for 6 days, and this time for 10 days. A few things:
    1.) their scooter rates are competitive with everyone else's on the island. How do I know? We checked. We ended up renting one through them.
    2.) Their beach and pool are gorgeous. This is not a huge hotel. This is not a huge beach-but it's the only natural one on the island. Private, lovely, and pristine.
    3.) The rooms are sparkling clean and elegant. We sat outside on our balcony and watched the lightning storms over the water on several evenings, and it was truly beautiful.
    4.) Our WIFI worked fine. This is not New York City. Key West WIFI is slower than most. If you need fast wifi, and a "rushed" atmosphere, you probably don't belong on the island.
    5.) The concierge and all the staff were lovely and helpful. The concierge recommended several restaurants we ended up loving (Blue Heaven! Amigos! Antonia's) and he was very kind. The cleaning staff was polite, and i have to say, we left a few bills on the counter one day by accident (over $50) and it remained UNTOUCHED after they had come in and cleaned. Thank you.
    6.) The Strip House is a fantastic restaurant! Sit out on the veranda and enjoy the views. We were told they just got a new chef and it was truly outstanding food. The wait staff is very friendly as well.
    7.) Casa Marina is their sister hotel, right next door. If you stay here, you have full access there, and vice versa. Casa Marina is a little bigger, louder, and hosts a lot of big events (weddings, meetings, etc). Different feel-and may be more child friendly. We saw a lot of kids over there.

    In contrast to the rest of the island with loud people, music and a lot of heavy drinking, this is a place to come and relax in luxury. Quiet, elegant, and frankly, you never need to leave the property unless you want to. We felt it was a world away from the touristy feel of Duval and Mallory square.  This is not a place to come if you are expecting a fraternity party in an Olympic sized pool or cheap eats and a room the size of an Atlanta Best Western.  It's a luxury resort. Period. Treat as such and you will have a wonderful time. One final note: the other guests we met here were lovely too! It's a great place.

    11/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    84. Tim R.
    Very disappointing. They call it a Waldorf property...it does not do justice to the name. I've stayed at the Waldorf dozens of times...not even close. Poor service. Smallish and run-of-the-mill room. Restaurant service qas good, but the food was awful and overpriced.Now I know why they call it The Reach.

    13/02/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    85. Mark D.
    We were with a large group. 6 rooms. The cleaning staff were rude. the Bathrooms by the pool were not maintained well. Dirty... Not what one would expect from a Waldorf

    11/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    86. Justine B.
    Nice classy rooms, very clean beach and pool area, cocktail and dining options, everything is open everywhere so it's nice and breezy, super friendly maids.

    Pay for parking, water everywhere in the open corridors when it rains, awkward corridors setting (lots of walking from one end to the other), really grumpy and unfriendly male desk clerks.

    04/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    87. Chris F.
    My wife and I have traveled the world and are very particular about where we stay, and let me day we won't consider any other hotel than the Waldorf in Key West. We stayed here for the last 3 days on a 10 day trip. We can both agree that we should have stayed here the entire trip. It's in the absolute best location - just 2 blocks from Everything, but hidden enough that it's very private. The rooms are surprisingly beautiful and updated for Key West - anyone who's stayed in key west knows 9/10 hotels looks like your grandmas house. Practically connected to the absolute best restaurant in Key West - Louies Backyard, you don't even have to change your shoes to go grab lunch. Also, I cannot say enough about Riccardo who works at the beach. He made our stay memorable and even more enjoyable! Two thumbs up from Mathew McConaughey!

    22/02/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    88. Steven O.
    I went down to key west for my wedding and decided to stay at the Reach. I'm glad I did. The experience was wonderful. The staff was extremely nice and helpful. We had a nice bottle of champagne waiting for us when we got in the room. The room was really nice and had a great view. I visit key west a lot and will now only stay at the Reach as this is the best hotel for your money. I have stayed at other hotels but the reach in my opinion is above all. The hotel is also located on the quiet end of town which is real nice.

    25/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    89. Kat T.
    For being a Waldorf property.. It's Ghetto. The reach & casa marina were Not the standard I was expecting. At all. I'll be staying at the Westin in the future.. The staff, service, and location is impeccable at Westin.

    20/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    90. Bee G.
    Once again the Reach has outdone itself for us - gorgeous spacious room, wonderful staff who are always ready to help and get the job done right, excellent powder-sand beach, delicious food and drink, and so convenient to Old Town. This was our second stay, and even better than our first. We'd like to thank the entire staff - they were lovely - and especially Diana, who gave us a lovely welcome. Thank you, Reach!

    28/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    91. Ginny M.
    Well I must say. . The resort is perfectly located on the beach as well as  next to the southern most point landmark and the hotel is VERY accommodating. We had a minor issue checking in and they went above and beyond to rectify that issue. Customer service is definitely on point here.
    I don't recommend coming in august as its SO HOT.. and I like heat being a swfl resident but this is def more of a winter vacation spot

    13/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    92. Martha monica R.
    I really love this hotel, it is super clean and well taken care of, they treat you like gold and they let me stay with my baby Zoe! What else can a girl ask for? Fun, fun, fun!! :-D

    10/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    93. Katerina B.
    Very nice hotel, but standard rooms compare the price I would say. The guy at the desk was very helpful try to show all interesting places here and advise good restaurants. Outside heated pool is nice and hotel beach too. Both are small but enough for relaxing. I went to the beach in the morning and there was nobody. The access to the sea is very flat but water is clean and clear. The only disadvantage is the price but that's problem of whole Key West.

    25/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    94. Greg S.
    Great experience outside of the room.  A/C would not drop the room below 77 degrees, hallways and decor needed updated.  Staff was just plain stiff.  It seemed to me like no one was happy working here and us out-o-towners were a disturbance, funny considering Key West economy is based on tourism.

    Lighten up a bit folks.

    Jet ski tour and guides were awesome.  Take off right off the beach and 2 hour tour around the island.  Definitely fun.

    Strong mixed drinks by the pool.

    Strip/Steak house could use some updating.

    24/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    95. Angelo R.
    Well my expectations were pretty high and this hotel deserves a decent review. Its located about couple of blocks from Duval but at the very end of the strip...the quiet side. The pool was right on the beach and also had nice restaurant called Strip House which has an outdoor dining and pool table. It was very relaxing to have a Margarita and Rum Runner while watching the waves :) The other plus side was Ambrosia is right next door...one of my favorite dining spots in Key West.

    As I walked in, the receptionist and bell person immediately greeted me and had my room already prepped. They gave me room 419 facing the courtyard overlooking the oversize chess. Wish I had a little a view of the ocean but the palm trees were blocking the scenery. I suggest to ask for a room at the very top floor for somewhat an unobstructed view of the beach. The room however was comfortable and what I expected from a reputable hotel:

    1) Modern simple furnishings
    2) Modern bathroom with high end bath fixtures
    3) Toiletries were Ferragamo branded
    4) Desk, Lounge Chair, LCD, Fridge inside dresser
    5) Robes, Iron / Board in closet
    6) Best part was the bed. So comfy, fresh, cloud like pillows :)

    The only downside was the size of the room. Definitely not as big compare to several Bed & Breakfast hotels I've stayed at but substantial enough cause I was only there for one night. Another weird thing I noticed was the elevator wall. It was so full of greasy hand prints from the day I arrive and same, on the day I checked out. I guess the cleanliness was overlooked by housekeeping but by Waldorf standards, public areas including elevators should be spotless..daily.  

    Overall, I'm not too crazy about staying here again. I've stayed at other historical hotels and prefer the Key West design / vibe during my stay. Check out my pics.

    07/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    96. Ashley C.
    We have stayed at the Reach twice - on our honeymoon and recently returned for a 4 night stay to celebrate our anniversary. We made a note we were celebrating our anniversary during our reservation and they had a bottle of chocolates and Chandon in our room.  Nice touch.  We also had a welcome package for being HHonors members.

    We love the location and the fact that it has a private beach.  It is close to Duval Street but on the quiet side so it is nice and relaxing while you can walk to just about everything.  The lobby and common areas are not as high end was some other Waldorf properties, but I think it fits in with the Key West location.  It is not the most updated resort but is still a nice property and the location really seals the deal for me.  

    The room was nicely appointed.  We liked having a fridge in the room and the espresso machine was a nice touch. The bed was very comfortable and the pillows were nice.  It is a small thing but free bottled water in the room is nice. We loved the balcony and had a nice partial ocean view through the palm trees in the courtyard.  Our room was clean when we arrived.  Our room was cleaned well most days we were there.  However, there was one day where housekeeping slacked a bit- it wasn't bad but was not at the same level as the other days.

    We spent a little bit of time at Casa Marina, which is larger than the Reach.  Casa Marina seemed a bit more pretentious and we preferred the more laid back atmosphere at the Reach. We got a bloody mary at Casa Marina- they were good but not $12 good. There also seemed to be a lot more kids at Casa Marina and it was quieter at the Reach.  (Casa Marina appears to be pricier than the Reach which I don't understand).

    The first day we were there our keys did not work.  Every time we needed in our room we had to get someone to let us in.  It was a frustrating way to start our stay.  I understand that things don't always run smoothly, but the real test is how the staff and hotel handle it.  They handled it with the service that you would expect. Jenn at the front desk was friendly, helpful and kept us updated on what they were doing to fix it.  They also appropriately compensated us for the inconvenience and provided a late check out. We were also able to still enjoy the resort our last day and spent it at the restaurant at the Reach on their patio. (Restaurant reviewed separately).

    The staff was very friendly and helpful during our entire stay.  Concierge helped us book a sunset sail that took off from the Casa Marina (their sister resort).  The sunset sail was awesome - George and Cassidy were great guides and the sunset was beautiful as you would expect. Included is also wine/beer and some appetizers.  I'd highly recommend it.

    01/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    97. Carlos V.
    If there was a sixth star this hotel resort should get it.
    Everything is perfect from the room to the pool, passing by the bar the beach the pool.
    I'm overwhelmed.
    They also made us the big surprise of the champagne and chocolate welcome gift for honeymooners.
    And to end, it is perfectly located at the center of all bars and restaurants.

    06/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0