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Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Lake City in Lake City, FL

Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Lake City in Lake City, FL

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.60

Address: 213 SW Commerce Dr, Lake City, FL, 32025

    Address: 213 SW Commerce Dr, Lake City, FL, 32025

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      Comments (10):

      1. Rick G.
      I was pleased with the appearance and cleanliness of this hotel.  I went to the hot tub, my wife didn't want to go in, which was a very smart move by her!  In less than 15 minutes my blue suit had faded to pale yellow and I itched for three days and smelled of chlorine.  The hotel said they had the spa serviced that day.  They refunded my points I had used and gave me an additional 5000 points.  I think they owed me more after ruining three days of my trip.  I spend over two hundred nights in hotels  a year.  I won't be back here!

      28/01/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      2. Joey B.
      Great bartender ! Prices reasonable. Probably the only hotel in Lake City with a bar.

      26/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      3. Matt G.
      Call me picky, but for the hype Holiday Inns get, I wasn't impressed.

      From the outside, and even the lobby, this place looks 5 star. With the elegant staircase to the cozy indoor pool, this Inn looks top of the line.

      First of all, I'm not familiar with hotel policy. That being said...when you're traveling and you arrive at a hotel late 4am, and they say that the next hotel check-in day isn't until 7am but check-out for that day is 11am, I was less than happy.

      So, we slept in the car until 6:30am until they provided us with a room, and because they made an exception by letting us in early, we received no discounts, special offers, or anything complimentary.

      The room was cozy and about what you'd expect for a generic room. However, I feel like a few things, even with generic rooms, should be changed. Firstly, there was no fridge, microwave, or DVD player. Out of all of those, I'm pretty sure that a generic room should at least come with a DVD player, because I'm not willing to pay $15.99 (plus tax) for an on-demand movie (yes that was the price of the movies).

      Also, a Holiday Inn is meant to be prestigious, and some of the finer things should be offered to guests. A 32" Zenith TV from the mid 90s does not give that image. Also, I don't know very many hotels that don't even give you complimentary bagels in the morning.

      On a better note, the hotel room was clean and the staff was generally well-mannered. If you want a place that's high-priced with nothing complimentary, but is free of bedbugs, then this is your place.

      11/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      4. Bruce G.
      My wife & I just stayed 4 nights while we visited relatives in the area. We have stayed here before and at 2 other close hotels also. The staff was courteous and efficient. The room was nice and clean.  The TV was great for a hotel. The pool looked clean and well maintained although we did not use it. Access from Rt 90 and I75 were easy. My only complaints: The elevator was slow to arrive. We ended up always using the stairs since we were only on the third floor. The exercise room was hot and stuffy even after I propped the door open.  I exercised every morning and the lowest temperature was 75. The thermostat was covered and locked. There was no fan. Would I stay here again? Yes. Would I recommend it to a friends? Yes.

      24/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      5. Karen H.
      Fancy... Smancy! Especially for Lake City, Florida!

      My family of 5; two teens, two senior citizens and me spent Friday night, 12/21/12 at this "Inn" and we were all very impressed.  The entire hotel was decorated extremely pretty for the Christmas season.  The main lobby had a couple of decked out Christmas trees, and plush sitting area.  The "grand" lobby which was the bottom of a huge atrium was so homey and inviting it made me want to relax and enjoy the fireplace & Christmas music & scents.   Even the parking lot was decorated, the fountains, statues, and plants were decked out in lights.  Two giant toy soldiers kept guard at the front doors.  (Lots of photo opts).

      Our room was on the third floor and was a suite.  It was probably the best room we have ever had, especially for the price.  

      The dining room did not have prices that seemed to be reasonable for a hungry family Saturday breakfast, so we opted to go across the street to Cracker Barrel.  There was several other options of nearby restaurants to choose from.

      Would I return, YES.  And, if this place impresses me just as much then, I'll give them another star.

      07/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      6. Carey S.
      Absolutely fabulous customer service, clean, and safe.

      The restaurant/bar is closed on Sundays (Of course that's the night I stayed there.)
      The front desk explained I could call Ruby Tuesday's next door and have food delivered to the hotel.

      I left behind an expensive dog bed and the hotel called me a few times to offer to get it shipped to me... They're going to send someone to the local UPS facility and arrange the shipment.
      How accommodating is that?!!

      06/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
      7. L P.
      If you plan to get any work via the internet then you better have your own wifi hub because the wifi here is slower than dial up.  There are signs all over the room saying you won't pay for any part of your stay that you aren't satisfied with; however, I have complained about the slow connection twice and they just said "we get a lot of complaints about the internet.  Try this tech support number."  Tech support told me that only their Internet Service Provider can fix the speed.  The staff at the front desk didn't seem interested in doing anything.  Really annoyed that I can't get any work done at a hotel that complains to have "high speed wi-fi throughout the hotel."  

      The elevator is slower than molasses as well. At least my room is clean and the a/c works.

      03/12/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      8. Jordan S.
      Probably the nicest chain hotel in Lake City.  Got a nice deal on Priceline for this bad boy at just $67/night.  That's a fantastic deal.  This place has nice rooms, a surprisingly cool atrium, a bar, and a restaurant. The hotel is pretty nice, but let's be realistic: if you're staying in Lake City, you're not on a real "vacation."  You probably just want something clean & safe, and most importantly, you do not want to pay for breakfast.  Breakfast is not included.  If I had to stay in Lake City again, I'd probably book a 2.5 star (this is a 3 star) on Priceline for about the same price, but get my free breakfast.  It's the most important meal of the day.

      08/12/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      9. Robert L.
      Clean rooms with friendly staff.  I had both breakfast and dinner during my stay, while I would rate the food as adequate the service was exceptional.

      12/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
      10. Ken L.
      We stayed in a clean and well managed hotel.  The lobby area was magical looking based on the Christmas decorations they had displayed.   All the rooms have interior doors that look into the main lobby/atrium area.  I enjoyed how large and expansive this made the full structure feel.

      What impressed me the most was the breakfast.  Most hotel breakfasts are good enough to get you going but this location had a well run kitchen and service that was kind, welcoming, and hospitable.   Our server/host found us a nice table with a good view of the atrium area and promptly took our orders.   Two of us ordered coffee which came in a large carafe which a generous bowl of creamers and two already poured cups.  Perfect temperature and an excellent/fresh brew.

      Two people in our group got cereal which was served with ceramic bowls, a side of fresh sliced bananas, a pitcher of milk.  

      I got two eggs, bacon, english muffin, potatoes, and an orange juice.  Not only was it presented very nicely on a clean plate (aka no grease smudges plating) but the quality of the food was very nice.  Perfectly cooked bacon that was not to soft or crunch and it was thick sliced.   The eggs were exactly as I asked for them and reminded me more of organic eggs vs generic store bought (based on the color and flavor of the yoke).   The potatoes were cooked to ensure each cube was the perfect doneness and color like you would see on a magazine cover.   And our server must have read my mind because a lovely bottle of hot sauce was offered to me just in case I was interested.  

      During my week long travel, this was to be the best meal I was to have by at least two stars.  We also ended up staying here twice.  Once on the way and the other on the way back (this review).  

      If you are looking for a comfortable place to stay and dine, I can highly recommend this Holiday Inn.   After two stays I can say they are kind and consistent.

      11/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0