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Baltic Hotel in Miami Beach, FL

Baltic Hotel in Miami Beach, FL

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Company Info:

Rating: 4.17

Address: 7643 Harding Ave, Miami Beach, FL, 33141

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    Comments (6):

    1. Jack C.
    The hotel is located very conveniently only one block from the beach. This beach is very nice and nothing like South Miami, which means: you can actually layout and not bump elbows with a stranger.  The hotels Hostess and owner is very nice and caring lady. She maid our stay very enjoyable and fun. Parking was defiantly tricky so be warned - street parking is not free, especially by a meter. The hotel it self has 3 parking spots in the back. You can park across the street for free but it's only 4-5 spots. If you park late (after 7pm) and get up early enough (before 8am) you can park free by the meter and be OK. The price of the hotel is very reasonable and the owner is more then willing to work with you. The room we had was a smaller one but we didn't plan staying in it and only used it to crash and shower. The rooms have TV's, the bathrooms are nice and have all the toiletries. They do serve breakfast every morning and it is served late for people like me who like to wake up after 10AM. I would describe it as more of a bed and breakfast experience than the actual hotel stay. I would defiantly recommend it to anyone who likes to travel on a budget.

    11/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. Zack A.
    stayed here during Art Basel Miami Beach, and it was GREAT at less than a hundred a night - it's about a fifteen minute walk north of the NADA fair at the Deauville so up beyond the craziness of south beach in a fairly quiet neighborhood, the room was clean and very comfortable, it's directly across the street from the bus stop so for $2 you can either take the bus down to the island side fairs, or across the causeway to the mainland fairs (beats the heck outta dropping $35 to get to the wynwood district fairs or hoping that the fair shuttlebuses won't be packed), it's right around the corner from Walgreens at 74th and collins plus several small markets which makes getting sundries for the fairs much easier, as well as a handful of fast food places and a great burger joint called "burgers & shakes", also at at 74th and collins - for the price you are NOT going to find a better hotel on the island side, just hellishly noisy places further south

    now, this is NOT the place to stay if you are going to be going out every night in south beach or if you need to go back to the room to make several costume changes during the day - it's a bit far from that crazy drunken scene, and only two blocks from a section of the beach which is just as nice as south beach without the trashy hoochie types fighting and screaming. if you want a good night's sleep after a long day at the fairs without snooki types screaming at each other outside your window all night long about how much their implants cost and don't want to spend a fortune on the room, this is the deal. I shopped around heavily and asked people doing the fairs what they had paid, and we all agreed this was a great deal - I'll be staying here every year from now on.

    12/12/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    3. Kelli B.
    The woman who runs this bed and breakfast is described as "eccentric" by other guests but I would say she is more "difficult."  My main complaint with this place is that free parking is offered on the website but when my friend and I arrived we were told we had to park on the street. She said our car was too big and she had to park 5 other cars in her lot. There were no other cars in sight. Also, we had booked 2 rooms, which would beg the logic that we would get 2 parking spots.  In any event, she told us that the street parking was "free 24 hours." We gamely took a quick tour around the block to find the "free" parking but it does not exist. This hotel is 1 block from the ocean (the main positive aspect, considering the price) and so of course there is not any free parking.

    What there is, is Master Meters.  Which I am sure an out-of-towner may confuse with free parking because there is just one machine posted per block -- you print out the ticket and put it on your dashboard -- and I feel sorry for a vacationer that may have taken her at her word and then received a parking ticket the next day.

    In any event, we returned and she relented, allowing us to pull the car waaay over to the left to allow room for the non-existent cars.  *Side note - we went out for the night and when we came back at 3 am there was only one other car in the lot besides ours with room to spare.

    Besides her bad first impression the other complaints are: hair balls in the bathroom, no soap in the bathroom, and the owner lady announcing over breakfast that she rents out the whole hotel to a drug dealer every once in awhile, she just closes the whole thing down.

    For families:  the hotel is convenient to the beach but keep in mind it is still Miami Beach and it is not the main beach area so you will definitely see some nudity.

    25/05/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    4. Scott B.
    I live in South Beach and I've stayed at the Baltic twice while living here.  I was initially drawn in by it's quaint and vintage Miami exterior.  And really, the reason I first stayed there was because I was specifically searching for a hotel AND room to use as the backdrop for a photoshoot.  My criteria was that it be clean, have that classic Miami feel to it, and be economical.  Always having been curious about it, I stopped in to see it and its rooms and the owner was gracious enough to show me around.  The Baltic fit the bill perfectly.  Fell in love with it from day one.  Stayed for one night on a weekend.

    The second time I stayed there was simply because of a mechanical failure on my scooter, the lateness of the evening, and the closeness of the hotel to where I was at the time of my breakdown.  Granted, there ARE cheaper choices on Miami Beach (though not many), but what you save in dollars close by, you lose in comfort, cleanliness, and safety.  And that isn't to say it's pricey, either.  Both times I stayed at the Baltic, it was under $80.  (The first stay was in the corner suite that sits above the hotel lobby with windows overlooking the corner of Harding Avenue and 76th.  Great, great room.  Room #6.  Nice detail in the bathroom.  All of the rooms are unique and have their own charm.)  My point being that it's a great value on Miami Beach.

    Both times that I have stayed at the Baltic, I've been entirely pleased with not just the hotel and the rooms, but with the warm and friendly demeanor of the owner.  My stays at the Baltic have been pleasurable experiences, for sure.  The beds have been comfortable, the rooms have been spotless, the bathrooms superbly hygienic and the rooms in general are cozy.  And with it's small number of rooms, it's a very quiet stay.  There are any number of older hotels scattered around Miami Beach for which you won't pay a fortune, but you'll either have to deal with loud, vacationing tourists, absolute filth, or the feeling that perhaps you aren't staying in a particularly safe place.  At the Baltic, you will deal with none of those issues.  Just a very comfortable, quiet and economical stay.

    I can't speak about the parking as I drive a scooter and parking is never an issue, but the beach IS only a block away as the others have noted and there is a lot of convenient shopping and restaurants within walking distance.

    Definitely recommend.

    06/08/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    5. Josh P.
    Christine is an odd one for sure, but she is very accommodating and friendly. She let us borrow beach towels before our rooms were ready and after we checked out. Older, but clean rooms. Free wifi.

    Parking sucks, try to not have a car. Seems a bit unorganized so I would double check on reservations the day before

    Easily the cheapest way to stay on Miami beach without being ghetto.

    04/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Gina R.
    We generally go to Miami every 3 months for personal and business.  I love this hotel, i feel like I'm coming home when I'm there.  Christine, the owner is lovely, and extremely accommodating.  I look forward to our next visit in April.

    09/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0