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Barbizon Beach Condo in Miami Beach, FL

Barbizon Beach Condo in Miami Beach, FL

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.00

Address: 530 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL, 33139

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    Comments (6):

    1. Theresa X.
    we all stayed in 2 condo rooms here last weekend that my gf booked for us thru a vacation website. the rooms were great. just as good as staying at a hotel but even cheaper. both rooms fit 4 people and each included a mini kitchen and flat screen TV, etc. each condo unit is a little different and has its own owner which they rent out thru an agency. the rooms were super clean, the beds were comfy. the sheets were nice, and they even provided towels for all of us to use. each floor also has a washer and dryer which were really cheap to use. the location is perfect, you are right on ocean drive across the street from the beach. when we asked about late checkout since we didn't need to head to the airport until 6:30pm, they were totally cool about it and let us chill in both rooms til we had to leave, that would never happen at a hotel. I would definitely stay here again; it's like having your own apartment down there. No front desk to bother you, you have your own access key to get in and out of the bldg.

    22/07/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    2. Esther A.
    Originally we were booking with Joe's rental located in the Mercury Hotel, until I found out the room did not have a stove top. As we like to cook to cut down the cost of spending money on dining out all the time, then I found out the owner Joe owned another rental in the Barbizon,  so we decided to go with this one because of the full kitchen.

    Our condo selection was a hit (Apartment #206), located on 5th and Ocean (prime location) right where the action begins and across the street from the beach. And for the price this rental is a gem!  $70 a night

    Joe the Owner is very efficient with rental bookings from beginning to end. Everything went smooth sailing, even for our late check-in arrival for 1 am, providing us with detail instructions on obtaining our rental keys. Our deposit was refunding within 1 day after leaving.

    We were very pleased with our condo rental. Our first reaction was "wow this is nice, not bad'. From the pictures I was expecting the rental to look very old and outdated, but it definitely was not the case here.  The studio apartment is well kept, spacious to our needs, plenty of drawers and closet space. The bed is very comfortable to sleep in. Our fridge was stock with Coronas, complimentary from Joe the Owner, which was very nice of him. Towels/Linens provided.  The rental has a DVD/TV(not flat, but hey it has cable) and a stereo system. Bathroom was decent.

    I'll definitely  do business with Joe in the future and recommend his condo #206 in the Barbizon to others for those who plan to stay in Miami on a budget.

    30/06/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    3. L L.
    My boss is in Miami on business with his associates and they are not being allowed to check into the condo that he paid $2000 for! If I could give this place no stars I would. I have tried to call the property manager, leasing agent and even the concierge service and no one will answer. When the property manager answered originally she hung up in his ear and said sorry construction isn't finished nothing we can do! THIS PLACE IS TERRIBLE! DO NOT GO THERE!

    31/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Roy C.
    Roy's Top 5 Things to Know:

    1. What has this rental spot going for it, is its location. Right across the street from the beach and right by a parking lot and Walgreens. Basically right on the strip without the noise.
    2. It's fairly cheap to rent from there especially if you're renting with a group, if not, then it's probably not worth it.
    3. Rooms are clean, has a kitchen, bathroom, you should buy toilet paper, bounty, etc.
    4. If you want prime location, this place is it, if not go for something further from the strip, cheaper, nicer, and with your own parking spot.
    5. People that rent you the condos are nice to deal with but I've rented other condos in sobe and didn't even see the owners which I liked.

    23/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    5. Jenny D.
    I've been told every unit is different so my review is based on UNIT 215.

    I wish I did more research on this place before I booked it but this was a last minute decision to go to Miami for a long weekend.

    My first disappointment of this place was the person who rented this out.  Her name was Lucinda Jones - whoah...what rude and disrespectful lady.  It all happened when there was some misunderstanding about the room - I thought there would be a stove top because the pictures were somewhat misleading, I will take responsibility because I didn't do enough research as I normally would. Anyway as soon as I told the lady I was disappointed she lashed out at me that it's my fault and was basically yelling at me - my husband could hear her yelling on the phone and he was 5 feet away from me.  Let me say I did not yell first, anyone that knows me will tell you that I actually have a very low voice.  I simply stated my disappointment of one feature in the room.  Anyway someone who speaks like this to a customer is very unprofessional.  Even though it was my fault for not reading all the details correctly  - a professional person would have respectfully tell a customer that they understand their concerns and offer help in a fair way.  Lucinda should not have spoke to way she did to me.  My husband was upset to hear her yell at me and wanted to leave and find another hotel room just because she was so rude.  But I told him that wasn't a good idea since this room was already paid for upfront.

    The obvious pros of this place is that it's directly across the street from the beach, plenty of stores and restaurants close by.  It's on Ocean drive after all.  The place was also very clean and some cute decor.  The lady who rented the room out to me said he was a new unit. I could tell because the floor looked like there new, and partial of the bathroom was new.  The housekeeper was very nice and friendly as well.

    The room was very inexpensive for the location - $130 a night, with a $60 cleaning feel.

    Here were my disappointments.

    The one that affected me the most is the loud music all day and all night long.
    Right next to Barbizon building is a restaurant named Jalenpeno.  The unit I stayed in had a window almost just above the restaurants speakers.  The bed was placed right by the window and I really wish I had ear plugs.  I tossed and turned on that bed every night.  The music would turn off around 2 am and come back on at 9 am.

    The bed in this unit is a full size, which was very uncomfortable and would make loud noise for every toss and turn.  Honestly if it weren't for the hard floors, we would of slept on the floors.

    The air condition was also very loud, it goes on a off because it's temperature controlled.

    There is no couch to relax on.  We had to sit on the bed after a long day of hanging out the beach, walking around everywhere.  There are no actually chairs either, they have 2 stools with no backs you can sit on.

    If you decide to rent a car, parking can be expensive. I'm sure prices change based on the season - our visit was in March.  The closest parking deck was on 5th and Collins, which we parked here the first day because it was the closest.  They charge $20 every0 up to 12 hours, so we ended up paying $40 for a whole day.  Now there's another parking deck just one block further and that only cost $20 a day.  So make sure to go there, 7th and Collins I believe.

    This is the opinion of a married couple in their mid thirties.   We go on vacation 2 or 3 times a year, so we've stayed at many different places. My husband and I joked that the room would of been perfect if we were a couple of college kids because we'd be too drunk to care of the inconveniences.  But we have too much experience to believe that place was acceptable.  We found this condo on VRBO and we've rented 2 other places found VRBO, and loved those places.  BUT I can say unit 215 is the most uncomfortable place I've stayed in.  I am not one of those people who likes to complain. If you read all of my other reviews a majority of them are positive.  I only complain when things are REALLY BAD!

    15/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    6. Lisa G.
    We rented unit 305, which is not owned by the person with the horrible reviews.

    I love this location and the unit is very clean and properly fill with stuff. And a KING bed and the most comfortable couch.

    If you don't like the loud music then don't stay on Ocean drive!!!  Ocean drive even this far down is packed with people.  I also brought ear plugs and I don't hear a thing at night. :-)

    The restaurant downstairs is Mexican and has great coffee and food. The manager is very nice and the bar is sort of inside the building. Can't go wrong!

    Next to it is Italian food and tgi Friday.  And directly behind us is walgreens, very large walgreens at that. And never closes.

    This building and unit are perfect!

    Get ready to walk...It's like New York around here and most importantly if you rent a car the parking will be about another $150 a week to park it. Nix the car, bring proper shoes!!

    Thanks Alexander for a great apt, we would definitely stay here again.

    Age 45+

    14/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0