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Chesterfield Hotel, Suites and Day Spa in Miami Beach, FL

Chesterfield Hotel, Suites and Day Spa in Miami Beach, FL

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.08

Address: 855 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL, 33139

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    Comments (40):

    1. Mimi D.
    I stayed there, and thought it was great;-)  Used to live in South Beach, for the location it's a great deal.  Nice bathrooms with jacuzzi tubs, huge comfy king sized beds, and very nice staff.  Alex was great with anything I needed, and his personality is the best!!  Miami has Art Deco hotels, it's what it's known for!!  If you are high maintenance, then spend the $$$ and stay at the Ritz.  If not, then you will do just fine at the Chesterfield!!

    02/10/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. Carlos G.
    I'm known for my honesty, fairness, and impartiality to experiences and events.  It is because of this that I do not exaggerate when I say that the worse night of my life has been spent in Miami Beach as a result of this hotel.  DO NOT STAY HERE.  

    We got to the hotel on typical summer night in July.  First of all, the pictures that appear on their site are deceiving, for the rooms are much smaller and rustic in appearance.  Upon entering the room we noticed a swarm of mosquitoes flying around in the room and the bathroom.  We called the front desk only to be told to buy Off, mosquito repellant, in the store and use it.  

    The worse part of the stay aside from the mosquito bites and the tiny, dirty room was the fact that the AC did not work.  This is Miami in the summer where the temperatures can reach close to 100 degrees!! It was brutal!  We called the lobby numerous times only to be told that they could not do anything about it because other rooms were having similar issues and they were overbooked.  We were forced to spend the night in a suffocating, stuffy, humid room.  It must have been 90 degrees in there! We could not sleep all night because of this.  The next day we told them we were leaving without completing the number of days on our reservation.  Out of retaliation, their impolite and disrespectful valet staff waited an hour to bring our car around.  We left and stayed at the Sheraton, where we spent a relaxing and cool night underneath Egyptian Cotton sheets.  DO NOT STAY HERE. READ THEOTHER REVIEWS UNDER 'CHESTERFIELD HOTEL'.

    27/07/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    3. J J.
    Great location.  Only a few blocks to the beach, and tons of restaurants and shopping and nightlife spots within walking distance.  There's a free happy hour.

    However, if you're looking for an upscale place, don't bother.  It is a facade--it looked nice until you looked closer.  Our toilet didn't flush properly, the sink wasn't connected to the wall/floor (wobbled), and the bathroom flooded when you took a shower.  (There is no differentiation between the shower floor and the rest of the floor, and the water doesn't drain really well.)  Our room was pretty much dark because of the lack of good lighting, and some of the few outlets were not functioning.  Don't get a room anywhere near the lobby/bar because they crank the music until all hours.

    But it was a nice place for a girls' weekend because we could walk to everything and didn't spend much time in the room.  :)

    17/01/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    4. Wajima A.
    This is a sweet little spot if you live in Miami, and don't want to take a long traveled vacation; it's even perfect for those who are coming into town.  It's right in the middle of it all, sitting perfectly chic in the heart of South Beach.  It has a full bar, and the food service is alright.  It's open till 2am which gives you plenty of time to get ready for the South Beach scene.  I mean what more could you ask for... there's an in house DJ who goes out of his way to keep you entertain...well not really... but his shirts do!

    23/04/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    5. Becca Clara L.
    Adorable boutique hotel. Fabulous little lobby and bar. Exceptionally friendly and helpful staff. But not practical for a girls' weekend in South Beach.

    No outlets - and the ones that are in there don't hold plugs - and absolutely no lighting. Those two factors alone make it almost impossible for a couple of girls to get ready for a night out on the town. The bathroom is tiny, and the shower water floods the entire bathroom floor. There aren't any mirrors in the room (only a tiny one on the wall). It was frustrating trying to get ready in there.

    This hotel would be great for a romantic weekend - dim lighting, cute decor, free happy hour, etc. But not for a gaggle of ladies! (Also, a bit overpriced)

    07/12/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    6. tom j.
    I will start by saying I would return but there were some problems.
    The $25 a night resort fee is a total scam, just charge what you need to charge in the room rate. I had purchased my room on Expedia, but when we checked in there was a mandatory resort fee which included happy hour, beach towels and some other bs.
    Rooms were clean enough, but you can tell there has been some past abuse. A/C sucked and the flat screen reception and condition were horrid.
    Free drinks at the happy hour sucked, and hey, they were not really free when you consider the resort fee that you were forced to pay. Well drinks only, so bring a friend and order two at a time. The bar tender was very nice and quick but with the thick crowd it was hard to get in.
    The location was tops! One block from the beach. Everyone working was pleasant and helpful.
    Stay away from the Cuban restaurant around the corner. You were warned on that one.

    22/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    7. Karim R.
    In the heart of South Beach Miami the Chesterfield Hotel is one of the best spots to stay. I didn't check out the Spa service but I definitely will the next time I stay with Chesterfield.

    Located in the Art-Deco district and a stumble away from Ocean Drive and the beach, this Hot Spot is definitely the life of the party. The lobby and patio stay busy with sexy people; especial during happy hour!
    The Chesterfield combines historical Art Deco Revival exteriors with an ultra-modern contemporary new interior design; its not CSI Miami but It's the place to see and to be seen.

    Room service is over priced and cleaning service is a little on the slow side but its definitely a worthy stay when its not to busy and definitely be nice to the Hostess and ask for an upgrade!

    30/04/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    8. David B.
    If you ever decide to visit Miami, whatever you do, DON'T stay at the Chesterfield Hotel in Miami Beach. I used to love the place and their large rooms, until their staff broke into my room and stole ALL my things! I stayed there for 3 nights from 5/17 to 5/20 at $275/nt in room 503 and, on my last night, while I was out, they entered my room with a key card. They stole my [work] laptop with my flash drive and wireless mouse, my ipod touch, 2 pairs of shades, my Bluetooth, all my chargers, 3 dress shirts, 3 pairs of shorts, and a pair of shoes. What bums! Who steals clothing? They did, however, leave me my passport so they could make sure I left town. The good thing is that there is a camera in the hallway that points directly to my room, so I'm sure they can see who entered my room. The manager, Darko Gjorgioski, agreed to look at the tape, but wouldn't let me look at it with him. He said he'll look at it with the police and will get back to me. Not only has he NOT gotten back with me, but he doesn't respond to my emails, nor does he return any of my calls. I'm beginning to think he sees the staff member who it was that entered my room and doesn't want the bad publicity that will come from it, so I'm sure that tape has been conveniently deleted or altered by now. I was still required to pay for my entire stay when I checked-out (around $900), even though they put me through this ordeal which also caused me to miss my flight. I don't anticipate any cooperation from the Chesterfield Hotel at this time, since they've failed to do anything up to this point, so all I can do is share my story.

    01/06/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    9. Dorian G.
    Since when did "boutique hotel" become synonymous with being a craptacular experience? Oh, it's not *bad*, it's just quirky!

    We booked the so-called "premium suite" for 3 people for a business trip around $300 a night. If you consider the price per person per night, it's pretty reasonable for South Beach. That's the only reason it gets 2 stars, though, as stay was pretty annoying:

    -Premium suite was smaller than most Holiday Inn rooms.
    -The 3rd bed (a fold-out couch) was actually broken and held together with plastic ties. Yes. Plastic ties. The ones the police use for crowds of people.
    -After complaining about the broken bed, they sent a repairman to fix it. Even though my friend tipped him $20, the bed broke AGAIN.
    -The bathroom is tiny and the window had no curtain on it. This meant that if you were standing outside on the balcony, you could totally see my lady parts while in the shower.
    -Lack of decent lighting! I guess it's good for random hookups and you're not sure about your partner's attractiveness...
    -They didn't replenish our towels one day and seemed rather annoyed that we asked for more.
    -And upon checking out, we noticed a $15 per night surcharge, which is supposedly the industry standard. WTF?

    Location is good, but it's really NOT a nice hotel.

    24/02/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    10. Lin H.

    The experience was terrible from the start. We arrived early evening with 2 big luggage and a stroller. However, there is no ramp. So we had to lift everything up to about 10 steps. What made it more difficult is that there is a bar area in front of the hotel - so very loud and crowded. At the front desk, the staff assured us that they have elevators. And we were informed that there is a mandatory $15 resort fees that we were not aware of and my credit card has already been charged. We asked if they have a room with 1 king bed instead of 2 double beds, the answer was no. But the staff offered to give us a free upgrade to a suite. We were pleased, not knowing that the nightmare was about to begin.

    Someone came to lead us to the room and help us with the luggage. He led us out of the building (we had to lift everything on more time to the street level) and walked to the building nearby. Then we followed him back and forth, as he tried to find where the room was. In the middle if this walking with luggage and baby in the stroller, we asked if our room is in the first floor. He said YES and we are relieved. 5 minutes later, he found the room and asked us to go UPSTAIRS. There was NO elevator what so ever. And in the middle of carrying the stroller with our daughter in it with husband, I realized that our room was actually on the TOP floor.

    Speechless. With all the questions about elevators and luggage and stroller, I cannot believe that the front desk staff "upgraded" our room to a top floor suite in a building with no elevator.

    Anyway, long story short, the room was barely clean. There are a dozen of big dark spot in the bathtub and the toilet barely functions. The AC was too loud so we had to turn if off. And they do not have any travel crib or bassinet. So our daughter ended up sleeping in the sofa that night. Also, the bar music was so loud and noisy, as you can imagine. Also there were drunk people coming in and out of the building constantly. At some point in the evening, police came into the building shouting "POLICE!" I was pretty terrified by all these interruptions, until I was too exhausted to stay up all night worrying about if someone will break in.

    I remembered I made the reservation because booking.com was featuring this hotel at that time. I wish someone could have warned me about this hotel. Overall pretty bad impression about Miami beach because of this hotel stay. This hotel may work for young singles or young couples. But for family, BIG NO NO!

    10/05/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    11. Sharon M.
    Yes, I've stayed at better hotels in my life,  but I will stay here again in the future.  This is supposed to be a 3 star hotel (I guess because of the amenities), but it feels more like a 1 1/2 star wIth a questionable resort fee when you are actually there. However, it's in one of the best economical hotel spots in South Beach. Its one or two blocks from everywhere you want to be. One Block west of the beach. They provide towels for your use. They have a free hotel shuttle to and from the airport at the top of each hour, which saved me money on a rental car or cab fare. They also have a nightly happy hour where guests get free drinks between 7-8...of course it's well liquor and only vodka, gin, & rum mixed/straight drinks.  When hanging out in South Beach, I really don't see the need to stay at an expensive room...most of my time is spent outside of the room on the beach or hanging out. This is the spot to lay your head when recovering from a day/night of straight foolishness.  Despite the $16-17 resort fee (still not sure what that was for yet), the room was still somewhat reasonable.

    03/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    12. Matt D.
    This place is slowly becoming my go to spot in Miami Beach due to the price to the quality of hotel ratio.  While this is by no means a resort, it is in the prime location of Miami Beach for usually under $100.  They do have a $16.25 resort fee that you must pay but it does allow for a 7 - 8 pm complimentary happy hour that you can get your money's worth during.  It's also a great place to meet other people since there are a lot of foreigners staying there as well as young traveler's on a budget.  I was lucky enough to get the same room both times I've stayed here which includes two double beds so if there were 4 of us, $30 a night for location is unbeatable.

    13/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    13. Christina F.
    *****These 4 stars are 4 stars only when compared to other SOBE hotels at this price point. In the real world, it would be a solid 2.5*****

    If you have read all my reviews most of you know I have a rather tumultuous love/hate relationship with The South Beach Group Inc, the real estate conglomerate that owns this property, as well as The Catalina, The Metropole, Whitelaw and several others which are cheaply trendified art decos. For the Chesterfield, I will again remove the gloves, and give a mostly glowing review.

    I paid $48 a night on Hotwire, and knew that this would be the property I would get. I went with it for the price, and LOCATION. On the corner of 9th and Collins, you can walk anywhere worth going in SOBE.

    We had made a pact to never Valet again in SOBE, and instead sought out only meter parking for the entire trip, and succeeded, even on Art Basel Weekend, saving ourselves about $65 in the process.

    Ok, the hotel. The guy at the front desk was very nice at check in, and helped mush my two reservations together so I would not have to check out and back in (This should not be considered a major feat, but considering some of the horriffic service I have recieved at other South beach properties locations, it is worth a mention). We went up the startingly old school elevator to our floor, where suprisingly the hallway was clean.

    The room was the least glitzy of any of the other South Beach Properties Inc hotels I have stayed at, opting for black and brown, and very little clutter, which is good because the room is about 10x12, but has a decent sized walk in closet. One thing I will always appreciate is the lack of carpeting. The room was very clean. The bathroom is just weird, I did not like the one room with a drain in the floor shower concept at all. We looked at an alley, and our A/C worked well. The room was cleaned well daily.

    I didn't check out the pool deck or anything else. They have free drinks from 7-8pm at the lobby bar, which was pretty.

    This would be the first of the South Beach Group Properties I would return to if given the option. Service and clenliness far excelled that of the other properties they own.

    06/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    14. Emily B.
    Hot tragic mess. Will write more when I get settled at my new hotel...


    First off, this is not a review. This is a warning. Do NOT stay here.

    This first problem began two days before arriving in Miami, when I tried to call the hotel and ask if they offered shuttle service. No one answered, so I let it go til I was sitting in the terminal about to board my flight. I called the hotel again, this time to let them know I wouldn't be arriving until 2am. No answer again.

    I got a little worried that the place may have burned down in the last couple days, so I googled it looking for a news story or something. The only thing I got back were reviews. Horrible reviews. Excited to get out of the Windy City, I figured, how bad could it really be?

    SOOO bad. So!! Bad!! That's how bad it really was.

    First and foremost, when my car service pulled up, there was a gaggle of people outside the place, loitering and boozing. After I skirted around the Menudo reunion, I proceeded to the check-in counter which is situated in the heart of a bar, next to a DJ and his turntable station. There were about 12 things wrong with this picture, beginning with the gigantic metal fertility god statue facing the desk...this thing was of a tribal man masturbating.

    WTF. Where's the Hyatt Regency when you need it?

    Then, there were several "women of the night" hanging out downstairs, shaking it to the Latin techno that was giving me a bigger migraine by the second. I told the man about my difficulty reaching them and asked if there was something wrong with the phones. He said no, and that their music was probably just too loud. How do they ever take a reservation over the phone, I thought? Whatever.

    We were then taken to our ground-level room, #419 (avoid at all costs) by the front desk man. To get here, we exited the hotel, walked down the block, up an alley, to the end of the alley, back down the alley (he didn't exactly know where 419 was....) and then arrived at a door that faced the back entry of a bar blaring music and was adjacent to a staircase that lead to the roof.

    And then, like John Cusack in 1408, sh*t started hitting the fan. First off, it was loud as hell from the bar. Secondly, since everyone accesses the alley to get the bar, it was as if we were sleeping on the sidewalk outside, listening to everyone's conversations about "getting f*cked up" etc. Thirdly, the sink faucet didn't work and neither did the shower...BUT as you can remember, you can't call the front desk to report such things because they don't hear when the phone rings. Lovely.

    The noise did not stop all night. At 3:30am when the bar closed, everyone stampeded up the stairs to jam out on the roof. At 4am, someone tried to open the door of our hotel room. I shot up and screamed and pushed all the furniture in front of the door and wanted to cry. At 5am, the bar staff took all the empty bottles outside for 20 minutes. At 6am my neighbor upstairs came home and clumped around in her heals before passing out around 7am. At 8am, the bar staff returned and made a personal phone call regarding the custody battle over his children while sitting on the steps to the roof outside my door. FML.

    In the morning, I was so happy I survived the night but can honestly say had never been so tired in all my life...not even after pulling an all-nighter in college. I have no idea how you could ever stay here unless you planned on a 48-hour bender and just needed a room to hold your stuff while you turned tricks in the lobby and did lines on the roof.

    I was supposed to stay here 3 nights, but I would have probably not made it out alive so I called my car service back and had them shuttle me to the Eden Roc Renaissance, where I peacefully stayed for the rest of my trip.

    Bottom line, if you're not a cast member of Jersey Shore Miami, there is no reason to stay at this place.

    29/01/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    15. Joe C.
    My friend and I decided to take a trip to see the Bears/Dolphins game recently. I was in charge of booking the trip and after much research, decided on the Chesterfield. Some of the reviews were pretty sketchy, some were good. Figuring that we're two guys who didn't plan on
    spending much time in the hotel anyways, I decided that we'd take a chance and run with it.

    I was not disappointed.

    The first thing to realize is that this is a boutique hotel. Remember, that in the South Beach Art Deco district, there is a limit to the way real estate can be remodeled. Most uildings have retained their original layout, but have been modernized. The Chesterfield has a beautifully decorated lobby and bar area that is ideal for lounging before hitting the shops and restaurants a half block away. It also has a great porch with tables and couches, great for sitting around solo or with friends, drinking and people watching.

    Our room was a standard double, extremely clean, stylishly decorated. The mini ironing board was a nice surprise. Large flatscreen and spacious countertop kept items organized easily.
    There's a dock (not for iPod though) that allows you to play music in the room as well. The comfortable beds made for a good nights sleep. (Which allowed for a fantastic 4 day bender.)

    Then there's the employees, the heart and soul of any hotel. We were greeted by Jose, the doorman, who took our bags. We had to wait about an hour before checking in, and I had forgot something in my bag, which had been stored in a room near the lobby. Jose took me to the room and let me rifle through for something, even though it was very busy at the time. Alex and Antonio, two concierges, were a fantastic help. Antonio filled us in on the best nightclubs and bars to hit in the area, and Alex helped track down a lost cell phone, and made sure that we were placed in a double room. Francesca set us up with VIP passes for Cameo (nice since there was a line on Saturday) and Marlin (I think that was his name, overnight concierge) made sure that we were up and ready to catch our plane, and had a taxi waiting for us when it was time to catch our flight.

    Overall, I would definitely stay at the Chesterfield again. Great location, clean and stylish, nice staff, laid back atmosphere and reasonable prices made for a great trip.

    Final note - I left my phone charger there. Will they mail it to me? I'll update when I find out.

    24/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    16. Scott V.
    I will start this review by saying that I am a very frequent traveler. In my job, I spend dozens of nights in hotels every year, and I have worked in 54 countries around the globe over my career.

    This hotel was the worst I have ever experienced. A total fraud. We decided to stay at this hotel because of the location. For my 40th birthday, we decided to take a cruise out of Miami. Having been to Miami many times in the past, I wanted to dine at my favorite Miami restaurant, Lario's at the Beach. This hotel was 1 block away. Then, we planned to dance the night away at the bars on the beach.

    When we arrived, the front desk clerk told us there had been a problem with the AC in the room they planned for us, so they were upgrading us to a nicer room at a sister hotel 4 blocks away, and they would pay for a cab to get us there. That wasn't my favorite idea, but 4 blocks isn't bad so I said OK.

    Then, I discovered there were 2 others in the lobby, all trying to make other plans because apparently they had been given the same story by the front desk clerk of the AC in their room not working.

    My spidey sense was tingling, telling me something wasn't right. So, I pulled out the iPhone and discovered that the hotel they were trying to send us to was over 20 blocks away, not 4 as they had said. I asked to speak with the manager. After 5 minutes he finally came to the lobby and told me that they just had an event there this weekend and they were oversold so they were moving us to the other hotel. Great, so thus far everything the front desk had been telling me was a lie. A little more research on hotels.com told me that the property they were trying to send us to was no upgrade at all! In fact, it was a condo/apartment building that they just rented rooms out, and it was (according to other reviews) not cool. Oh, and it was CHEAPER than what I paid to stay at the Chesterfield.

    Here's the only part that went right: I called hotels.com , and they took care of us. They saved the start of our trip from total disaster by booking us a room at the Marriott instead. So we didn't get to do what we wanted to do. No dinner at my favorite restaurant, no partying in South Beach. But at least we had a clean, safe room and can now go on our cruise and try and put the memory of the Chesterfield out of our minds forever.

    So, be warned: these guys are fast talkers, are doing unethical bait-and-switch business, and were completely unhelpful when a problem arises. If you book a room at the Chesterfield, you better have a backup plan, or you may find yourself like we were: standing on the sidewalk in front of the hotel with a pile of suitcases, no room to put them in, and a cell phone in hand trying to find a place to stay.

    13/11/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    17. Derek F.
    Great boutique hotel. Good food and drinks

    16/10/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    18. melody g.
    Loved this hotel!  Four of us came for a bachellorette weekend and had the most fabulous time.  The General Manager, Darko, took great care of us as soon as we walked in and we were upgraded to a beautiful 2 bedroom suite.  It's located perfectly in the middle of everything and super affordable.  Not to mention there is a daily happy hour with free drinks!  Can't wait to go back!

    25/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    19. Marc I.
    Next time I am in SOBE, I will always go to the Chesterfield. A block off of Ocean Drive, this place has small rooms but you don't need something big. The rooms are simple and stylish. The baths are very modern and provide a really good shower and comode.

    The price is awesome. If this place was on Ocean, they would probably charge us double. I think we paid $80 for the night (Sunday). Which is very cheap in SOBE. You are near the action and within walking distance of many bars and cafes for morning meal. The staff is great. They have knowledge of the area and are very helpful. The statue in the lobby gives a great feel to the place and the happy hour every night is a wonderful bonus.

    07/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    20. Jearim P.
    Nice location, close to everything! Decent rooms. However when check out comes around they have hidden fees and when you try to ask for an itemized receipt they act like they do not know what that means! Every person working in the  front desk person that helped guests was rude and very unprofessional. One gentleman was saying things about other guests that were standing next to us in his language which I happen to speak. I am disgusted, to say the least! They need to send the staff to etiquette class before they have them address the customers like that!

    25/12/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    21. Albert P.
    Stayed in penthouse suite, great for entertaining. Convenient location .

    04/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    22. Manuel A.
    My rating is during Winter Music Conference 2012. I stayed here from March 22nd through March 27th. We stayed in room 521, which we loved. It had a little deck that we shared with 3 other rooms. The location is prime, we found a pizza place around the corner, a liquor store, and a 7 eleven.

    One thing to remember during WMC is that all of the hotels are busy. If you feel that you aren't getting personal service it's because no one is. They have daily parties inside the lobby, and open bar for happy hour. The sushi place in the hotel is good, and cheap! Great place to grab something to eat on your way to the next party.

    I did have to walk down and get ice from the ice machine a few times, but I didn't mind. By the end of our stay we knew all of the people working the front desk, managers, and bartenders. We had a friend that needed to get from our hotel to FT Lauderdale airport and didn't book a van. We called the van service and they said the next available time was Wednesday at 8am. Our friend needed to be picked up at 5am Monday morning. Everything was booked since it was the last day of WMC. I called the front desk at 3am, and the front desk guy got a taxi driver to drive him to Ft Lauderdale.

    Considering we booked this hotel room 12 days prior to our arrival I feel that everything went great. We did have to wait a long time to check as everyone was still checking out and the room had to be cleaned. I will definitely stay here again, and recommend it for the relaxed traveler. If you want pretty, and sophisticated this place is not for you.

    13/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    23. Jennifer B.
    South Beach is my favorite place in the world!  On event weekends hotels book up fast!  We stayed at the Chesterfield on a busy week.  I can't really rate the main part of the hotel.  We were in a junior suite in the next building.  The room was huge.  It had 2 kind beds.  Definately more privacy if you stay in the suites.  Less noise.  The only problems that we had at all was 1. The lighting: this is not just this hotel.  Why do South Beach hotels keep their rooms so dim?!?!  2.  The bathroom.  It was clean.  It was spacious.  The rain showerhead seems like a good idea, but the entire bathroom floods for the next couple hours after a shower.  The staff here is great.  The food is wonderful.  We will definately stay again!

    21/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    24. Kody J.
    Stayed in Miami with 4 other guys for a bachelor party and stayed here. though we didn't spend a lot of time at the hotel itself, the bar had a happy hour for guests 7-8 pm, free drinks! place was clean and staff was nice. what else do you need?

    22/10/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    25. Peter K.
    One Night Was Enough    

    "Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well," Lord Chesterfield said. Sadly, the boutique hotel that appropriated the gentleman's name--Chesterfield Hotel and Suites at 855 Collins Avenue in South Beach--falls short of his counsel.  In curb appeal, with a wide and inviting front porch, the hotel holds its own among South Beach's many art deco hotels.  But the 92-room Chesterfield, three small inns that have been cobbled together, needs some serious well doing.

    Rooms in South Beach were quite scarce in mid-January, so we turned to Orbitz for help.  They found a king-bedded standard room at the Chesterfield for $227.99 for one night (plus $27 in taxes and fees, $15 in unexplained "local charges," and a remarkable $32 to park for one night, for a total of $301.99). Upon our arrival, the desk clerk announced that we had been upgraded to a "premium suite."  The room, No. 410, was nowhere in the structure overlooking Collins but down a narrow courtyard and up a flight of stairs.  

    With its curtains closed in mid-afternoon, the bedroom--the main room--was eerily dark, in part because of its dark brown, nearly black floor, muted lime-green walls, and a recalcitrant Venetian blind with brown slats that age or hurricanes had broken, bent and misaligned.  We pulled the cord to raise it, but the it got stuck midway up and fell back down. Worse, in our view, we could not crank open the jalousie window to bring in fresh air, although the window was slightly ajar.  

    As a suite, No. 410 had a second room of sorts, an alcove with a couch, and a television screen, a stocked refrigerator, but no window, tables or chairs. The bathroom, by contrast, was a decorative tour de force, with brown concrete tiling, dramatic lighting and a most attractive glass bowl, set atop the counter, for a sink.  But this was an instance of form leading function. We could not fill the sink because the plumbing does not include a means of plugging the drain.

    And so we complained, especially about the window and the blind.  A manager explained that the window should not be opened because the fresh air would encourage smoking. A maintenance man was dispatched to inspect the blind but could neither repair it nor replace it.

    We asked the manager for another room and were shown two.  We settled on 410's twin, No. 412, which was deeper down the courtyard and up a flight of stairs. The blind there was fine. The window in the bedroom was sealed, but the window in the bathroom worked like most windows. It opened.  We just ignored another issue: That chain that hotels install inside the doors to their rooms to slide into a slot to protect guests inside didn't work.

    Presumably the Chesterfield has better rooms. Maybe we just got the dregs that were left by the mid-winter crush of visitors to South Beach. Among the personnel, the white-coated men who managed our luggage were cheerful, quick and competent. But because of management's indifference to our and the condition of the rooms that we were assigned, we would suggest that visitors to South Beach could do better just about any place else, for a more suitable price.

    02/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    26. Brian R.

    The outside might look a little deceiving, but it is a boutique hotel. Lobby has an interesting style going on and there is a bar. The Rooms are amazing, marbel floor, clean bed, stylish looks and upscale appeal at all ends. I would recommend this place to anyone who is a hotel snob and does not want to settle for the trashy stuff some of the other hotels have going on there. It is withing walking distance to the Ocean street strip and if you do have a car you can valet park it. I wish we could have stayed here another night, but it was a last minute book on the hotel.com app and the following nights were more expensive since it was memorial day weekend. Next time I come back I would definitely come here.

    27/05/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    27. Nathan L.
    lowest price for the best accommodation of 4 people. Chesterfield is literally a 3 minute walk from the ocean. They provide Happy Hour and the staff was extremely friendly and provided PHENOMENAL service. Luis, Alex, and Maria made the hotel visit extremely comfortable in terms of service quality. The facility is a little older, but was in great condition for the price. My room came with two beds (queen and king), two tv's, and refrigerator. The rooms were very spacious. The bathroom was particularly interesting. There was a jacuzzi tub, and some very oddly beautiful water faucet.

    03/09/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    28. Michael C.
    Well I hate to make this review as I've stayed in the Chesterfield twice before and would return again but this last time. I had a tub in the room and went to go soak and take a nice bubbly when the water initially came out brown. Ok fine.. I'll just take a shower but then I woke up to a huge ass scary water bug rolling around the room in the morning. I'm terrified of these things so after about an hour battle with this thing leaving me standing in the bed scared for my life I finally threw a cover on it and checked out.

    26/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    29. Meghan F.
    The positives - the decor was cute. The location was great, especially if you're there to party. The food was adequate. The free happy hour is obviously a plus.

    The negatives - we were hit with a $15 per night resort fee upon check that was unadvertised and unexpected. The valet fee was also $32 per night and your only other option would be to park 3 blocks away and pay $24 per night at the public parking garage, which we would have opted for if we knew that the valet would take an entire hour to bring our car while we waited in the lobby with our luggage and 8 month baby. When we made our reservation 36 hours prior to check in I politely requested a room in the least noisy area of hotel, our room was directly above the lounge/bar area which is also the check in lobby. The dj started at about 7 and did not stop until midnight. Our entire room was vibrating, you could feel the bass coming through the floor and the beds. Not fun when you have a baby who is tired and cranky and keeps waking every time there is a change in the beat. The hotel staff were kind enough to give us a new room however I'm not sure why they didn't give us that room in the first place. The walls are very thin you can hear doors slamming and other disruptive sounds all hours of the day and night.
    If you're going to south beach to party and will not be in the room 90% of the time then this place is for you. If you're traveling with family and looking for a relaxing get away, I would not recommend the chesterfield hotel for you.

    02/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    30. Hayat R.
    We stayed here for 1 night and for the location, you can't beat the price. When we checked it, the front desk people could have been more friendly but our interaction was short so it wasn't a big deal. There is a $100 hold on your card for incidentals and an $18 per night fee that I wasn't aware of. The room was clean and really nicely decorated. The next morning I went to shower and the hotel hot water wasn't working. I called the front desk at 10am and they said they would send someone over. An hour later, checkout time was approaching and still no one to look at the hot water. Unfortunately I left unshowered and when I checked out I told the girl and guy at the front desk nobody ever came. The girl said I called someone for you, the guy apologized and said asides from the water, how was everything else? Luckily I was heading home so nowhere fancy to be but when you go to a hotel, you expect hot running water. Overall, I'd give it 3/5. Like other reviews said, the hallway and front lobby are really loud but we knew that going in so it wasn't an issue. Also, we valeted our car for $32 at the hotel, next morning, it took 45 mins to get it so be sure to call in advance.

    08/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    31. Jhia B.
    This is a cute boutique hotel... rooms were compact though. Take advantage of the happy hour or go out front on the lounge chairs to relax and mingle. This hotel is not far from Wet Willie's, maybe a 3 minute walk and seconds or minutes away from everything else.

    08/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    32. Mark J.
    I thought this place was great.  My room was very spacious, with a comfortable king bed, a nice patio area, jacuzzi, and a perfectly fine shower.  Not sure what else there needs to be.  The staff was very friendly and the two bars in the hotel were a lot of fun to hang out with.  Special shout outs to Anna and my favorite, Yana.  If and when I come back to Miami Beach, I will be staying here.  Thanks for a great time and location Chesterfield!

    29/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    33. Juan D.
    Went here to visit friends last august.  Place was good price online but if your booking extra day be prepared to pay double.  At night it is really loud because of the alley.  Rooms are beautiful and cleaned.  Great patios area.  Happy hour is hit or miss at the hotel. I honestly think it should be more hours instead of being too short.  Bar are is small and they should expand it a bit more since it gets crowded fast.

    13/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    34. Nathan L.
    Classic boutique hotel excellent for people watching on the patio and enjoying cocktails. Walking distance to everything in south beach very amazing location less than one block to the beach. Happy hour free cocktails are a wonderful amenity. I saw reviews saying they only have a few selections of liquor. Well, they have a full bar so for the beggars that are also choosers reach into your pockets and order whatever you want. Good music and nice staff.

    28/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    35. Sumi H.
    After reading all the negative reviews below, I think I see where the problem is.. Expectations.. I mean, if you didn't do your research before you booked, then maybe it's not the hotels fault. Me and my three sisters comfortably stayed in a double room suite, thanks to Danny E who upgraded us and who was extremely sweet (and cute). And guess what, the room wasn't perfect, but it was cute, and gave off a great Miami feel. FYI, this is a party hotel, helloooo you are in Miami. You're going to hear every car buzzing by, people in the garden chatting, the music from downstairs, and guess what that worked for us. We needed that vibe. I don't come to Miami to find a quiet spot, I come to enjoy. The bartenders were great, free happy hour, the hotel was decorated in crazy Halloween decor and the DJ blasted great music all night. Yep, there were fee's but they were clearly posted when you checked in..

    Two special names, Maria and Luis (bartender with the cool mustache), you both were great. Especially you Maria, the personality you have had me and my sisters laughing all through breakfast and we adore you. Luis those drinks with the Russian vodka were phenominal..

    Oh and I forgot, the SUSHI.. the sushi ( I kinda yelled a second ago), was so fresh, so yummy, and came quickly.. I'll be back!!

    21/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    36. Anaaa K.
    We stayed at this hotel last week mainly for the price and location. You can not get a better location for this price. We were right in the middle of everything. We also got great rate on hoteltonight app. Mark, the front desk gentleman that checked us in upgraded us to an "executive sweet" basically the same thing as a standard room but in the building next door and it included bunk beds (which we did not need lol) Felt like it was our own apt leaving and coming back to this room. It was decent, you can tell the building is old, but the rooms did have a modern look which we liked. And it was clean. We only needed it to sleep, shower and get ready in. We didnt spend time in the hotel room. Maids came everyday and cleaned room for us while we were gone which was nice. Wish we had a king bed instead of 2 queen beds. Valet here takes forever, so we made sure to call at least 30 mins in advance of needing our car. Hotel staff was friendly and accommodating. Woke up at 5 am one night because of people outside hanging out on one of the hotels outdoor seating areas. So it does get loud. We had radio blasted whole time we were there, and no complaints. We did not get to check out the roof top deck, i wish we would have though.Hotel does have a free happy hour between 7-8 pm. Drinks are disgusting though so dont get excited. And blonde spanish lady during this hour STOLE our bag that we had outside of snacks and drinks we had just bought. And threw away our pizza. We put our stuff down to hold the seats while we went to get drinks. Other than that no complaints. Oh year, hotel charged by bf credit card $100 for no reason, when we called, they were quick to fix. Would definitely stay here again for the right price. (bathroom was my fav part of this hotel, even though the shower knob was switched, so if you put it on Hot, it was actually Cold and vice versa)

    17/02/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    37. Rebecca S.
    I visited The Chesterfield for spring break. I have stayed in every type of hotel in my life including hostels and the Chesterfield had the worst customer service I have ever experienced. The front desk staff were both rude as well as incompetent. Our trip started when we were led to a 8x8 foot dark box at street level and were told that it was our "King" room. The room had a double bed and no room on either side of it. We had paid for a King room with a King bed and told the front desk that our room was incorrect. We were then argued at (in an extremely rude tone) that the room we were taken to in fact had a King bed in it. Armed with pictures or the room, we showed them to the front desk receptionist who continued to insist that it was a King room because it was labeled as such in the system. This continued for 10 minutes (again, the woman was EXTREMELY rude and argumentative) until she notified us that she had contacted someone and verified that we were indeed correct, it was the wrong room. Eventually we were taken to the correct room which was slightly more spacious with more light and would get the job done. Unfortunately we didn't receive maid service every day and on the days that we did, our room wouldn't be serviced (including fresh towels) until 5 PM. When we called the front desk to ask why the room hadn't been clean, the man who picked up the phone snapped at me and said that "the maids had to clean other rooms first and they would eventually get around to it". Sometimes they would meet our requests, like when we asked if the maid could clean our room earlier in the day, and the receptionist proceeded to take out a pen and write our room number on the palm of his hand amidst other scribbles. Oftentimes when calling the front desk they wouldn't even bother to pick up the phone even though they were at the desk. The hotel itself was very poor quality. Our sink's hot faucet produced cold water, and vice versa. The provided iHome speaker didn't work, there were no open outlets, and there were cracks in the wall of our room. The decor was very cheesy and poorly executed, despite an interesting vision. The clientele was very loud and rowdy, and this is coming from someone who visited the hotel while on spring break. It is certainly not a hotel for families. I believe the price point to be relatively high for this low quality hotel. I wouldn't recommend The Chesterfield to anyone.

    12/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    38. Marsha B.
    This location was over priced and dirty. We advised when we booked the room that we had four people, thus reserved the penthouse. The two pull out beds were in such poor condition that you could not sit down without falling through to the ground. We asked for bedding for the pull out beds and were advised that they were in limited supply and were not available. The floors in the room were so dirty that we could not walk around bare foot. The balcony hot tub and chairs were dirty and needed replacing and were out date. The final straw was when we found bug feces and a worm in the bed. After all this the hotel was resistant about doing any type of refund only wanting to switch our rooms. Thanks but NO THANKS! After much debate we were refunded one night and checked in to the Hotel Victor and left!

    17/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    39. Vince L.
    Crap. Literally anything you could come up with that describes a bad hotel experience. The valet would not take my car, told me to park it myself.  Beercans and trash strewn throughout the gangways. The smell of weed was everywhere. There was a fist fight in the hallway outside my room on my first night. After a riot broke out in a nearby restaurant, we left. The front desk clerk said " this is how it goes in South Beach"  They promised to refund the nights we abandoned, (fearing for our safety) but Orbitz was "unable to reach a manager" for the 4days i called. Furthermore even though we didnt stay, they charged my card "resort fees" for every night i booked. I wish i could erase the one star, they dont deserve even half of that.

    16/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    40. Fiorella F.
    Good price, good location, good staff and a free happy hour. Has ways to improve room but can't complain since we got a free upgrade to a junior suite-- I would stay here again.

    29/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0