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Circa 39 Hotel in Miami Beach, FL

Circa 39 Hotel in Miami Beach, FL


Circa 39 is your home away from home. A charming place with a positive vibe, set to provide an authentic taste of the melting pot that is Miami. Fresh from a top to bottom renovation, Circa 39's globetrotting décor embraces an eclectic mix of styles, from beachside simplicity to tropical vibrancy, vintage charm and old world comfort.  Whether for business or for pleasure, our boutique hotel suits savvy palettes, modest pockets and colorful imaginations.

Conveniently located just across the street from Miami's white sandy beaches, in the heart of Miami Beach's "Wundermile" - a stretch of world-class developments just minutes from South Beach, the Design and Arts Districts - Circa 39 is passionate about service, quality and craftsmanship.

A Miami pad full of personality and inspiration, Circa 39 is a special place that will make you leave with warm memories, new friends, and the sense that you now belong to this magical city we call home.


Established in 1939.

Formerly the Copley Plaza, Circa 39 hotel was built in 1939 hence the name. Located in the heart of Miami Beach, Circa 39 Hotel's tranquil location plays home to the unpretentious and experienced generation of international and domestic travelers.

Circa 39 is just across the street from Miami's platinum-sand beaches - where each and every guest has access to the hotel's reserved beach area - and lucent-blue waters. It is just twelve miles from the airport and a short taxi ride away from popular attractions including shopping, art galleries, and cafés, the Miami Beach Convention Center, Ocean Drive and fashionable Lincoln Road.


Company Info:

Rating: 3.43

Address: 3900 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL, 33140
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Comments (54):

1. Jessie H.
Right across from the beach - nice! A little over priced. Breakfast is continental and not very good - think coffee, mediocre pastries and toast. The room was clean and staff was nice. The lobby was comfortable. Next time I probably wouldn't stay there - too many cab rides required. You can walk to south beach in about 20 - 30 mins.

13/12/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
2. Hillary K.
We just went down to Miami for WMC and were really happy with our stay here.  It is a bit of a hike down to South Beach, but totally doable (about 25 blocks).  If you're not too cool for the bus it's right by several stops that take you down to SB or into Miami really quickly.  We got a great deal on air and hotel off their website - way better than other places that weekend.  The room was clean and tastefully decorated.  The folks downstairs were always really nice and helpfully.  Even the cleaning ladies were amazing!  It's about a block away from a nice, quiet beach.  My only problem with it was that the location was the lack of restaurant selection - most were either too expensive in nearby hotels, not open late, or just mediocre.  (Except for Tropical Beach Cafe down Collins at 28th, that place had great Cuban food.)   Otherwise I'd definitely recommend this hotel to travelers who are looking for a place that's affordable, comfy, and kinda chic.

30/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
3. A. P.
Six nights in the Circa 39 hotel and I had very few complaints. This place is pretty bare bones and has a lighting set-up that is very David Lynch-esque, but it is also clean, staffed with nice people and a convenient six dollar cab ride or thirty minute walk to all the action on South Beach. It comes with the added benefit of somewhere quiet to sleep when you are done living it up. The price is more than right, around $220/night for a suite. Be sure to ask for a room in the back with hard wood floors as carpet gets nasty fast near the beach no matter how nice the hotel is. Also, those sand flea things are unavoidable. They have them in the Ritz and they have them here... Maybe it would be good to travel with some insecticide? I just decided to deal.

There are Aveda products in the bathroom and they are replaced everyday. Also, its thirty seconds from the beach, always a plus!

11/12/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
4. Morgan S.
Okay, Circa 39 had some good things and some bad things. Let's start with the good:
- Great music playing when you walk in (George Michael's Faith for us)
- Cool vibe in the lobby, restaurant, bar
- Nice staff
- Decent Bathroom & Bed
And now for the eh/bad:
- I can get down with the minimalist vibe but you need to pull it off. Circa 39 is just a bit too run down to pull it off. In my room, for example, the outlet was held to the wall with electrical tape.
- THE CARPET WAS NASTY. Definitely ask for a room without carpet. I was seriously grossed out
- Thin walls + Spring Break '08 = Little to no sleep

Overall my stay was okay but for $220/night definitely not worth it. They need to do some renovations, add new carpet, etc.

20/03/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
5. Emily T.
I stayed here last night, and although a good 20-30 blocks north of all the action on south beach, this is a nice, hip little non-chain hotel. The staff was friendly and accomodating, and I love the decor and feel of this place. The euro-lounge music in the lobby and small but inviting pool area was great. Loved the Aveda products in the bathroom! Plus- the price is right- you'll pay a lot less than most hotels on the beach.

My only cons would have to be: although modern, my room looked cheap. The carpet looked old and out of place with the decor- like they hadn't replaced it when they remodeled the rooms. Furniture was chintzy and my TV was mounted high in the corner of the room, which gave it kind of a Motel 6 vibe. Plus- I was on the 2nd floor right on the front/south corner of the building, and was treated to a neon blue light all night which lit up the outside of the building, though I can sleep through anything, so it didn't bother me too much. Also, there is a $10 "resort fee"- for what, I'm not sure. Use of the pool and breakfast? I didn't pay it and used the pool anyway, and to be honest- I checked out the cafe area, and breakfast didn't look particularly inviting, anyway. IMHO, that stuff should just be included.

Still, I would stay here again. I wish it were closer to the main Art Deco section of south beach, but you can't have everything. Plus, you're a stone's throw away from the water, which is really really nice- and I'm from Chicago, so I was just happy to be near the ocean, laying out for the day.

If you're looking for an out of the way hotel on the beach with an upscale look, but reasonably priced, this is your place. If you want to be in the middle of the South Beach scene, find a hotel much closer.

10/09/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
6. SisterMable S.

I live in San Francisco, work for a company in Miami, and they fly me out here about one week every 3-4 weeks.

I work evenings when I'm in Miami, so I want a hotel that gives me a quiet environment so I can sleep well into the morning, and it's Miami, so I want a refrigerator to keep my beer cold :D

3 weeks ago was my first visit to Circa 39.

It's a boutique-style hotel with a pool, really LOUD thumping music inside and out around the pool, a small bar, a small bistro area where they serve a continental breakfast, and wireless that's accessible only in the lobby.

There's a convenience store/deli next door that's open til midnight. There aren't really any nearby restaurants or anything else amenity-wise, so I picked up a six pack of beer to take to my room for later :)

The first room they gave me, the ceiling in the bathroom was rotting, and pieces of the ceiling were all over the floor of the shower. I asked them to move me. The second room it turns out was next to the laundry area, which gets VERY LOUD starting at 6am. (sigh)

I had asked for a refrigerator, but they told me there were no more fridges available... what?

They also had a REQUIRED $10 "spoil me" fee for services I can't use since I work from around 10am to 11pm.

Because it's so close to my office, I chose to try them again, hoping things would be better.

This trip, I called ahead to ensure I'd have a fridge in my room, and that I'd be placed somewhere reasonably quiet.

When I checked in, I reminded the desk clerk that I'd requested a quiet room and a refrigerator.

He said, "ma'am, you go check out the room, and let me know if it's okay."

Tired from the long flight, I made my way to the room, and find it's overlooking the pool, there's no escaping the LOUD pumping music, and no fridge.

Grrr. Why didn't he just acknowledge they weren't going to follow thru? To make ME do the work, and come back again just pissed me off. LOUSY customer service.

To frost the cake, the required fee for spoiling services that I cannot use is now $15 a day plus taxes!

I don't know what's more annoying, the lack of responsiveness, or the complete lack of customer service from the desk clerk (Julio!).

Either way, I've asked my company to NOT give business to a hotel that provides such poor customer service...

*** UPDATE ***

An hour after I wrote this review, Julio let me know they had another room available for me.

It had TWIN BEDS! Good lord.

It was, however, much quieter (in the back) and it had a fridge. Praises be.

So, other than almost rolling over onto the floor a couple of times during the night, at least I had a good quiet sleep after two nice, frosty beers (Peroni in case yer interested).

The next morning, I spoke with the lovely Elizabeth, who informed me the hotel had recently been sold and who apologized profusely for the mishandling of my reservations.

She hooked me up with a junior suite in the back (cute lil kitchen, huge deep bathtub for yummy soaking pleasures)

I added another star, because I really appreciate her efforts. She was very sweet and kind. Thank you Elizabeth.

04/05/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
7. Brian G.
Definitely not the nicest or the best hotel I have ever stayed at, yet I really enjoyed it a lot. The lobby is very decieving because it is very fancy. The rooms are not really. Although it is Miami Beach and a lot of the hotels are kinda run down and very beach-side like.

The pool was fun and open late. Just very loud one of the 3 nights at 2 in the morning.
Ask for an upgrade....if they don't give it to you, they will give you the Spoil me package free. It's free chairs at the beach, happy hour, and free crappy breakfast. So whatever, it's free..don't we all like something free when we're spending so much on vacation?!

-There were marks on the floor of the tub, eh it's fine.
-Pot smell every night with scary looking neighbors next door!!!
-Screaming girl called me a "weirdo for videotaping her" HAHA i was reading my phone looking out the window to get air!
-Parking is $17 aday, I hate paying for parking!

Great location!!!!!!!! The highway is off 41st street and this is on 39th!!!
Right by the bus stop to get to South Beach!
Definitely not as congested as South Beach.
Mid Beach is more calm and not as busy, I loved it!! A true vacation!!!!!

30/05/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. Kwan H.
This place reminds me of my college dorm. It's old. It's dark. And it's freaking loud at night. The room is probably 200 sq ft with a white chipped desk, a king bed with 4 flat pillows, a flat screen tv on the wall, a closet, and a tiny bathroom in which we found a cockroach on the first day. The room was clean, no funky smells, the maintenance guy came up to kill the roach within 5 minutes.

The elevator is labeled 'ugly red elevator' and that is what it is. It fits perfectly with the rest of the hotel: old, dark, but very very red, with red light and red walls. Egh!

The lobby looked very nice but smelled like cleaning products. There was a bar in the lobby with a friendly bartender which probably was our highlight of our stay. Continental breakfast every morning but this made it feel more like a dorm than anything else. The swimming pool was very tiny, 3 strokes and you get to the other end of the pull, maybe less than that. The beach was close by though.

Given that it was so cheap and I actually didn't have to pay for it, I really won't complain much more. Circa39 didn't underperform in anyway. It didn't, by any means, outperformed either.

22/02/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
9. Celia W.
We liked this hotel a little bit (partly due to the house music playing in the lobby).  It seemed like it couldn't really decide between being run down and being art deco.  

Our room was clean, the bed was comfortable and the comforter had a white duvet on it which you could tell was washed recently.  The pool was nice, we spent a good deal of time floating in it (the weather was pretty fickle while we were there so the pool was a better choice).  The staff was friendly and helpful.  The hotel also provided free beach chairs and beach towels to its guests.

The bar tender made a decent mojito but complained about it when we asked her to make it.

The elevator was scary (also lit in red and had the words "ugly red elevator" painted inside).  The "comlpimentary" breakfast was horrible; the coffee was weaker than weak and they had those nasty store bought pre packaged bagels and  some cereal (and considering we paid an extra $10 per day per person service charge that included the breakfast I can't really call it complimentary).  You also had to be in the lobby to use the wireless internet (though the lobby was comfortable and well decorated).

All in all, I might stay here again.  It was quiet and comfortable.

03/10/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
10. Deke K.
Plus:  Clean, art deco, away from noisy South Beach, short notice price $50/nt (including resort fee)--amid $200/nt hotels.  Breakfast, pool/beach chairs, towels, concierge, newspaper included, close to beach, boardwalk, deli, liquor store, restaurant, free street parking available, catered to international crowd/multi-lingual

Minus:  Small elevator (ran fine), dark hallways (pink/blue lights), unheated pool (brr).  As long as the price is competitively under the nearby hotels--this is first choice!

30/12/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
11. Jane D.
The staff: friendly and helpful.

The overall hotel: it reminded me of an off-the-main-drag "penzione" that you would find in Italy or around Europe - where things have been modernized but there's still a hint of "oldness".

The solution for connecting the main building to the two added-on, existing, buildings was ... "interesting". I can't explain it. You'd have to see it.

My room was a south-facing room in the third building with windows on three sides. Normally, this probably would have earned another star or two, however the heat from the sun throughout the day baking the room to a muggy 80-degrees or so, never allowed the small, ineffecient  wall-unit a/c to reach my intended 60-degrees.

Overall - the room was clean but there were subtle things that bothered me. (Like, when you sat on the toilet which felt like the leaning tower of Pisa because it was off kilter just so - and you looked at the backsplash behind the small and pressure-less faucet - you could see it hadn't been wiped down in quite some time. Unfolding the shower curtain for the small 2-foot opening, which had obviously not been pulled shut for awhile, found "lotion" or "shampoo" or other random substance between the folds.)

The hotel is up at 39th street so you're a little too far north to walk to all of the mainstream action down below 17th street... and not quite north enough to enjoy the North Beach atmosphere.

Breakfast was filling and adequate - and included with the room.

16/06/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
12. A M.
This place served us just fine. We wanted easy access to the beach. Check. A clean and comfortable room. Check. And easy access to the action at South Beach, while being far enough to enjoy some peace and quiet. Check. So more specifically the hotel is old, but sections are updated such as the pool area and lounge which we enjoyed very much. Our room was old (and carpeted! not like the picture) but we found it clean and the bed was comfortable. The breakfast was toast, cereal, and some danishes which was not very appetizing but we ate it because we payed $8.80 per person/per day  for it in the "resort fee." The hotel provides chairs on the beach which was nice. South beach is a hike but we figured out the bus pretty quickly and found it very efficient .

All in all we were happy with it.. Especially because many of the reviews made it sound like a dump. We found the staff accommodating, and if something was wrong they were pretty fast to fix it.

15/11/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
13. Melissa W.
The art deco rooms are clean and simple. Classy even if small. The patio between the back and front buildings is lush and romantic with lounge beds complete with mosquito netting for pretend privacy. The bed was comfy, the bathroom adequate, the walls can be thin if you get a noisy neighbor. We heard a yappy little dog in the afternoon but thankfully it was quiet at night. Happy hour excludes "premium" liqours. Didn't feel comfortable spending much time in the public areas of the hotel anyway. We wanted to see So. Beach and with a $10 cab fare we did. Got smoothies for breakfast at the nearby Smoothie King. We paid about 100 for the room. Good deal for the location on a weeknight.

16/06/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
14. Amber D.
Stayed here in Miami Beach for 6 days. Loved it. It's only an average hotel. Older style, but its in the art deco district. I have nothing bad to say about it. Everything worked, it was very clean, the staff was helpful and friendly. I would definitely return.

22/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
15. Christina E.
I would definitely stay here again. The staff is friendly, the decor is modern, clean and fun. There are two different buildings with a Melrose Place-style courtyard in between that is adorable, complete with string lights, rocking chairs and cushy beds. If you are looking for something affordable, well-maintained, and a quiet but convenient location, this is it.

02/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
16. katie s.
I thought Circa was a bad location and smelled of smoke. The people who work there were nice but not always friendly...Except Jose! Shout out to Jose!
The room prices are reasonable and some are very updated and nice. The pool is small and mostly shaded.

30/12/08 | Link | Rating: 2.0
17. Emily R.
There's a reason this hotel is much cheaper than other "boutique" hotels in South Beach. Because it's crappy. It's far away from the action of South Beach and the rooms are shabby. The hotel claimed to have free wi-fi for guests but it didn't work during our entire stay (3 or 4 nights). We tried to use the Ethernet connection with a borrowed cable and that didn't work either. The staff made no real efforts to get the Internet connection fixed during our stay. We had paid for Internet as part of a bundle of extra charges called "The Spoil Me Plan," which was a rip-off. The plan also included breakfast but no one was checking to see if you had this plan when you got breakfast. Breakfast felt exactly like eating breakfast at a hostel.

Hotel staff were very hard to understand, and I'm usually pretty good with accents. There was no door man. No one greeted us when we arrived or helped us carry our luggage up the narrow front steps. Perhaps we would have enjoyed the hotel more had it been warm enough to use the pool. The beach is a 5-min walk away, not bad I suppose, but you have to be very careful crossing the busy street.

This hotel does not qualify in my opinion as a true boutique hotel. I stayed here one year ago and doubt it has improved since then. The web site is very misleading. Don't be deceived.

13/03/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
18. Taresa S.
The front desk and concierge staff were great that is why I am giving them 2 stars.  Super friendly.

We arrived at 4:00 on a Saturday to check in, but there was no parking in their garage(although they advertise they have parking)  We were told to circle around and park on the street  as people come and go all the time.

Over an hour later we found a spot on the street with the abandoned building that had several naked women spray painted on it..  2 blocks away.   I was close to tears by then and ready to leave Miami!  I felt abandoned by the hotel.

We brought bikes thinking we could bike around, and  we didn't want to leave our bikes on the bike rack, so ended up chaining them to a pole in front of the hotel a bit messy as the road there was under construction.

The hotel was clean and deco.

Restaurant is a definitive pass.  Cold hot food, and warm cold food for the breakfast buffet.  Right next door is a market that has a nice menu with fair prices.

Food was hard to find in this part of the beach.  The Carrabas across the street was it for restaurants, they were busy as they are about it.  And....Mortons which I love, but it's not a place to take kids

Bartender charged me full price for a virgin drink saying he didn't have a button for virgin daiquiri....had to have the front desk take it off at checkout.  I am not cheap, but $24 for a margarita(one shot) and virgin daq is a bit stiff...he was not nice when I asked how much the drinks were, that's when I noticed the same price for my daughter's virgin daq.  The morning checkout person did take it off happily, but I hated asking.

Carry out Pizza slip under door had horrible food!  Took forever and was not edible.

The Pool was nice
Beds super comfortable
Bathroom REALLY small

There's nowhere to go at night within walking, you don't want to move your car because there's not parking, so you would have to take a taxi to south beach.

Very load street noise all night and starting early in the morning.
Again, front desk and concierge really were nice

ps It was a bit hard to find the hotel at first!  maybe because the road is torn up....

21/04/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
19. Andre N.
-clean rooms
-swimming pool area is very nice
-a block away from the beach
-very close to bus stops
-friendly staff
-very nice vibe

-hidden costs
-too far to walk to either south beach or north beach
-very cramped bathroom
-street can be noisy

23/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
20. Whitney B.
This boutique hotel was top notch-- my mom and I arrived super early and it was no big deal, they had a great non-smoking room ready for us at 11am.  The room was super clean, chic, and everything you would need/ flat screen, great air conditioning, strong shower, beach towels, and plenty of comfy pillows.

Next we find out that with our room key we get beach loungechairs at the beach across the street- nothing better.  The pool is also stellar.

Conveniently Starbucks is located across the street in the Marriott- I'm addicted so that was a plus...

In regards to parking, we had no problem finding meter parking for $10 per 24 hrs- right outside the hotel

The location isn't on the strip, but in my opinion that was a good thing!!  If you want a nice relaxing weekend with the beach across the street, staying minutes from everything, Circa 39 is for you!!!

09/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
21. Kairi S.
BEWARE OF HIDDEN CHARGES!!! Charges for nothing...

I booked a room for 1 night on-line at Circa 39 mid-October for stay at the end of February. Plans changed, and I cancelled the reservation in the beginning of November - exactly 112 (yes, people, that's ONE HUNDRED TWELVE) days prior to the stay. To my surprise, along with the cancellation confirmation I also received a notice advising me that $25 has been deducted from the refund. I called the hotel to inquire - and sure enough, they mandate a $25 "administrative fee" for all cancellations made UP TO 3 days prior - regardless of how many weeks, months or years are between the cancellation and the intended stay.

The hotel Policy on their website clearly states that cancellations must be made by 12pm 3 days prior to arrival to avoid being charged for 1 night. Same info is also on the booking confirmation I received. I have yet to find the small print anywhere about the $25 fee and I will be disputing the charge through Visa.
25 bucks is not going to put any kind of a dent in my budget. But it is enough change to piss me off for someone taking it from me without my consent and without having had provided ANY service! The only way I can possibly rationalize this charge is that the hotel management must really not like their own hotel and they must be convinced that 3 1/2 months is not enough time to find another sucker to book the room. Perhaps I should not complain and look at it as charity... Perhaps the only way for them to make ends meet is to penalize everyone who even thinks of staying there?

Moral of the story: reconfirm and triple check your dates and plans before you book this hotel.

10/11/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
22. Roger Y.
I stayed here for seven nights in August. This review is actually 3 1/2 stars. It is an average hotel, small and clean. The hotel is located in Mid-Beach, about 300 feet from the beach and about 600 feet from the ocean.

We arrived around 1:00 p.m., and walked into the hotel hoping to check in early. They said the room wasn't ready (come on.... all hotels/motels in Miami Beach in the Summer are at about 50% vacancy). So we waited around until 3:00.

For the room.....The bed was really comfortable, and the room had a 32" LCD TV on the wall. The bathroom was nice, but the water pressure was horrible for the toilet and shower. We stayed on the second floor, facing the courtyard. The room was pretty small (about 300 square feet). It did include a hairdryer, iron, ironing board, safe. They also lent us a mini-fridge, which really helped out, because we could visit the Publix supermarket and stock up on some food to save money.

I would love to give the hotel 5 stars, because it was pretty nice. However, there were several minor things that prohibit me from giving it such.

1. They were doing renovations. A crew would arrive around 6:00 a.m. with a hydraulic lift to bring construction materials through the window on the second floor. The walls were pretty thin, so it would usually wake us up.

2. The air-conditioner would make REALLY loud noises during the night, waking us up a few times out of a dead sleep.

3. The ice machine in the courtyard never had any ice in it.

4. The "free" Wi-Fi included in the "mandatory" $9.99 a night "resort fee" didn't work very well at all.

But for the positives, you can stay here and visit pretty much anything in the Miami area but bus. Several bus routes southbound board at 40th/Indian Creek, which is right around the corner. Also, several northbound buses board at 38th/Collins, one block away. Also, there is a small cafe and store located just underneath the hotel.

All in all, I would stay here again..

27/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
23. Christina S.
I would have to give this place 4 stars only because I got really ill on my last day in miami and phoning down for ginger ale or sprite and barely being able to speak the front desk girl rushed up with drinks to help me out.  I booked this place for my last night in town I wanted to move closer to south beach and explore another area. Now coming from the Eden Roc to here was obviously a big change but I liked it here. I liked the old Art Deco feel to it. The pool area was small but cute. I didn't take advantage of it because I took off to explore the Wynwood Arts District..

This place certain has it's charm but the only thing that got me was the smell. It was an overwhelming FreeBreeze smell EVERYWHERE..  Except the pool area. It was like someone put scented dryer sheets in the air ducts. I asked the staff what was that smell because it is not good, in fact it gave me a headache. I was told that they were testing out a new scent. PLEASE DON'T let the place be.  When I woke up in the morning vomiting ad feeling like death the smell made it worse. I had to cover my head in the blankets to avoid the "fresh" scent. Other than this little factor I liked this place.

It's simple,  nothing over the top other than that smell and if you are on a budget it's perfect. My room was like $140. It's nestled in the art deco area so there's lots to see..
The room was clean small but who needs a huge suite when you are hardly there.

There is a bar but someone in a review mentioned the adding of gratuity. Well, they are apparently "new".. Every bar, restaurant and such had the "add on" of gratuity. Yes, it protects the servers and insures them of a tip so there is no need to add more. The only place that I didn't see the add on was at the Wynwood Bar & Kitchen.

The bar is simple and small and closes somewhat early... I did teach the bartender how to make me a Hot Toddy.. Apparently these are not common in Miami.

29/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
24. Robert T.
Stayed here 3/14 /11 - 3/15/11 for a business meeting in Miami. Hotel is conveniently located one block from the beach. Has own parking lot. Lobby has funky decor and some terminals to check email or surf. There is a bar one one side and a room for noshing on the other. There's an unheated pool outside and a courtyard around back.

There's a fee for using the parking area and wireless service.

Room was clean, quiet. Mattress comfortable. Bathroom clean, well-appointed. No problems with wireless service.

Breakfast was chaotic. One staffmember who was frantically running around was the only source of information regarding utensils, tea, ice, coffee, etc. Scrambled eggs, potatoes, bacon, sausage, cereal, buns, toast were served buffet style and were tasty. Once we got our tea and coffee, the breakfast was fine.

Checkout was straightforward. We didn't have many questions for the staff, but the ones we spoke to were pleasant and helpful.

A-OK. Served us fine.

16/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
25. James S.
Really liked this hotel, was a GREAT DEAL FOR THE MONEY. I left the Clinton hotel and came to Circa 39.

-nice staff
-very clean rooms
-pool was small but not bad
-nice neighborhood, away from the riff-raff of ocean drive
-dog friendly

Definitively will stay here again!

16/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
26. Jack L.
Clean room
Friendly staff
Nice pool area (where u could drink your own drinks without hassles)
Easy to find and can use the airport flyer bus to and from airport
Beach chairs for free (umbrella was $10 if u need it which is a rip)
Liquor store across the street.

Auto gratuity on the bar tabs was a bit interesting but I guess with all the euros that stay there protects the servers
Freezing pool water, but refreshing after you get used to it
Quiet location but slightly noisy street out front

Overall a good hotel that is a decent price. I would stay there again and recommend it to others. Gotta try the Cuban cafe down the street next to subway (south on Collins) cheap, tasty huge portions.

21/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
27. Annie S.
I booked a weekend here for my hunny and I for his birthday and I'm so glad I chose this place! The reviews definetly don't do it much justice but I really didn't have ANY bad experiences!

Our room was decorated so cute! I loved the hang out area between the 2 buildings and the pool was so chill. It wasn't loud at all like some reviews I've read. The lobby is so cute too!

The only thing I wouldn't recommend is the restaurant they have there. Over-priced and doesn't offer much. We went to the little store next to the hotel that basically had everything you need (including yummy shakes).

It's definetly not part of the crazy busy section of the beach, which we liked. They have chairs set up on the beach for hotel guests which is awesome (even though we didn't use them).

We would totally stay here again and recommend it!

12/02/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
28. Sade L.
I had a great time at Circa 39! The hotel is very relaxing, resort style, the staff is friendly and it is the perfect distance from south beach. I plan on staying here again when I visit Miami.
(*BE Careful if you book the advance purchase rate because the reservation is NON-cancellable, NON-changeable and NON-refundable which caused me to edit my travel plans. I suggest the web rate because you have the option to edit you booking.)

27/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
29. Martin A.
ok, I'm mixed about the Circa39.

On the onehand side it's clean, the rooms are fairly equiped, the staff is helpful, the breakfast is ok, they have their own beach, a nice pool and a pretty nice courtyard.

But on the otherhand side you don't feel comfortable - it's kind of sterile.
And there are some few rooms that are noisy (a fan from the next building). I once had one of these rooms and it was like sleeping on the airfield of Miami International Airport. Go and ask for a new room. Normally they help you immediately - they know about these rooms very well - don't know why they don't  insulate the windows...

It's pretty much ok for a few days but it's nothing where I'd spend more than 2-3 nights.  Be aware that it's off the spot. If you want to be where the party is - go somewhere else!

24/01/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
30. Todd M.
We enjoyed out stay here, and give it an overall solid B. The rooms are average size and clean. New hardwood floors. I was initially assigned a room on the second floor but had to change cause I could here every step from the room above me. They moved me to room 321 which has no such problem being on the top floor. Nice view of courtyard. The pool is nice but small. No attendant to change towels that people leave on chairs. The staff was accommodative and friendly. The hotel is one block from bus line running up and down Collins ave. The boardwalk is kept up nicely and you can walk to Lumis Park, SoBe. One negative - don't get the breakfast buffet. Food is meager and of low quality. And a rip off. Almost 40$ for two, dry scrambled eggs, waffle, no omelets. So to sum up - good location to SoBe, clean room, close to beach, access to pool. Just eat elsewhere.

22/02/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
31. Tiffany D.
I stayed here for one night.  As many hotels in Miami Beach, this is another boutique hotel located in mid beach area on 39th street ( which is a bit of a walk ) from the hussle and bussle of Colins Ave.  

When you walk in the lobby it's small, intimate, but well decorated.  On the right is the restaurant, which I didn't try, but it didn't seem it was very popular.

I checked in quick, got into the elevator and was quite freaked out by the old and small elevator that was poorly painted in lime green.  

Walking out to the 3rd floor, I instantly noticed the scent, a hint of lemon , which was quite nice.

The room was perfect just for one night.  King size comfortable bed, 32' LCD mounted on the wall.  The bathroom was great! Newly renovated with a strong water pressure!

This is great for someone who wants to be away from the crowds.  But be aware, the neighborhood seems to be in construction ( which seems the famous Collins Ave will be extended).

27/01/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
32. James D.
It's not bad. It's a boutique hotel in mid beach (39th Street). The rooms were small and a little old but the bathrooms were recently renovated, still small but nice with great Aveda ammenities. We had a corner room with a view of the pool and the ocean so that was beautiful. The beds were not comfortable at all and squeeked. Don't expect much here but it's within budget and clean. Short 5 min cab ride to South Beach. There is a parking lot for hotel guests across the street.

26/12/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
33. Omy L.
Staff is super nice! This location is in the middle of Miami Beach, a block away from the water and just a stroll away from LIV (arguably the top club in Miami). To be right in South Beach would have been excellent but because this was an impromptu vacay, the hotels were sold out for Spring Break Weekend. Circa did not disappoint! A spotless room, on location parking, and free wi-fi made my sister and I very glad to discover this little hideaway. Another bonus? No car horns beeping in the middle of the night and not having to deal with drunk college kids wandering around the block. We took a cab to shop @ Lincoln mall or party in SoBe (about six dollars, we didn't mind this, vs. circling downtown for parking). I read someone's review which expressed his desire for a heated pool...but with the Miami heat, I say the pool is meant for cooling down. My only wish was that happy hour was a bit more enticing, as a short list was available and rail drinks made most of the selection, but come looking at this place as a refuge from the wild revelry of SoBe, your place to relax, apart from the sand. If you can't find a place nice place downtown, this is the next best thing!

18/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
34. Kayla S.
This review is really long but that's only because knowing your hotel is really important. So have a cup of coffee and enjoy.

We arrived about an hour before check-in which was not an issue thankfully as we were able to go to our room immediately. However, the receptionist did get a "deer in the headlights" look and said to my husband and I, "You only put that 1 person is staying in the room." I replied, "Hmm, I definitely remember putting 2." I had my reservation available on my phone to prove it, but was I going to have to really do that? She actually walked back into another room and asked someone about it as if she was going to deny us our room or something. Then she came back and said "That's fine." I hope it's fine because *both* of us need a place to sleep! Weird. I hope they don't make people from entirely different countries feel that uncomfortable when they arrive!

The room was really clean, bright and just cool. The bed was comfy. However, the pillows were the most ridiculous pillows ever. They basically dissolve during the night. Imagine a plastic bag full of cotton candy. Now imagine it's your pillow. And when you mess around with cotton candy, it messes around with you. You'd wake up and realize your head is resting on a small cube. In your dazed state, you must try to reconstruct the pillow back into a "pillow" shape instead of a rumpled, lumpy ball. Very uncomfortable. (When I got back home to my own bed, our pillows from Target felt like they were luxurious sacks of gold-leaf gilded goose feathers.)

The surroundings of our room were quiet except for random construction noises in the morning. No big deal.

The lobby of the hotel was really bright and cheery. That was a stark contrast to the hallways in the hotel. They were dark with very dim blue lights. And the air freshener they use is so heavy. You feel like you are trapped inside a box of those overwhelmingly strong Bounce dryer sheets. Apparently they do the dousing in the morning around 8 AM because that's when it was hardest to breathe. But it was more of a funny thing than a bad thing.

The hotel has a restaurant downstairs but we never went there - not into hotel food. Other reviews mention there is nothing to eat around the hotel. I don't know about you, but I am not a hotel hermit. The hotel is for sleeping! Primo Market is right next door and has good stuff. And you can drive a very short distance to reach the busier areas with restaurants. No complaints here about the location! The location in "Mid Beach" is why the beach was so fantastic - it was not crowded and the hotel even provided lounge chairs at the beach for free. (The group with the bright blue chairs/umbrellas are the guys you're looking for. Just show them your room key.)

The pool was a super small area. Never used it though because I like my space. Being half-naked and only a few inches away from the next person is not my squirt of sun tan lotion.

Now about parking. You can find parking on the street - eventually. We wanted our trip to be easy so we ponied up for the hotel parking instead. For $24.00 a day you can pull into their lot next to the hotel. That is steep but it was the only extra cost we were planning for - so we just did it for the two days we were there. At checkout, after the "daily hotel fees" combined with taxes, parking and my husband's one lone beer - the extra balance besides our room charge ended up being $77.

That was all fine and dandy but now there is a random charge pending on my debit card for a mysterious $45 dollars. I will find out what this possibly could be and report back. EDIT: The charge disappered the next day before I even called them.

11/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
35. Caleb E.
The good: The hotel was cheap, staff were friendly, beach was right across the street, beach has free lounge chairs for hotel guests only (umbrella is $10/day), there is a nice little grocery with good homemade food next door, plenty of restaurants/entertainment in the area, my wife enjoyed the Aveda toiletries, nice bar, food is good, and the pool area is quaint with cushions on the lounges and free cabanas.

The hotel is an older art-deco type hotel but has a modern spin. You can tell the building itself is old, but the owners of Circa 39 have really strived to modernize the facility. The lobby is very trendy and rooms are all wood floors with white updated furniture.

The bad: Housekeeping was slow to clean the rooms, window view of the road were extremely dirty. internet didn't work when we tried to print our flight tickets, but my biggest complaint: THE NOISE. We were on the second floor: we could hear the conversations of our next door neighbors, and the neighbors above us. When they came back from the bar at 3AM, we were awakened to their drunken singing and the pacing of heals across the wood flooring.  It was very annoying and kept us up at all hours.  Luckily the noisy air conditioner helped muffle out some of the drunken singing of Gangnam styles, "heyyyyyy sexy lady..."  

I understand no hotel is sound proof, but cmon guys...

15/04/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
36. Christopher G.
The walls and (uncarpeted) floors are thin and you can hear every footstep in the room above.  Request a top floor room or be prepared to listen to your upstairs neighbor's every move.

05/12/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
37. Olivia H.
I booked my stay at Circa 39 sort of by accident - I did a Priceline Name Your Own Price deal for Miami and this is what came up. It was a fortuitous booking, as we were on a budget, but still wanted something a bit on the hip side.

We stayed for 3 nights, over a weekend, and this hotel is a solid choice for people on a budget. It's walking distance to some of the more famed hotels on Collins Ave, like the Fontainebleau, and also directly across from free beach access. We were given free beach towels and 2 free beach chair rentals for our room. Beach umbrellas were an additional $10.

The room was clean, comfortable, and outfitted with Aveda toiletries. We booked a room that was ambiguous about the bed situation, but when I emailed and requested two double beds, the management made it happen with no problems.

The hotel is hip, with contemporary furnishings, a nice little pool, and clean, modern rooms. It is comfortable and well-appointed for it's price range, but make sure you come with the appropriate expectations - they do not have the big frills or overly-attentive staff of some of the swankier places up the road. Which was just fine for 4 adventure girls like us, out for a weekend.

14/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
38. Helene L.
The hospitality staff is so pleasant and our room was so cute! I love that there was on site parking (25/day) because we arrived by car and we felt confident where we were parked, one less worry. SoBe and the Lincoln shopping mall were a short ride or a brisk walk away from the hotel and a quiet section of beachfront is a block away. I appreciate that this place felt like a refuge from the madness of SoBe at night. I slept like a baby without car horns and drunken party goers rambling around the hotel. I only wish breakfast was included!

26/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
39. Heri425 ..
If you have allergies, this place is clean and really well kept. The breakfast was excellent with a very cozy set up. Theres a nice outdoor eating area and the lobby decor is very nice and comfortable. The pool area is very relaxing. As long as they keep it as clean as they do, I would definitely return to this boutique hotel. Across the street from the awesome boardwalk which is excellent for couples wanting a quiet night stroll. Room decor is SUPER..website represents accurately what they offer and how it looks. Air quality in rooms is good, perfect for people with allergy sensitivities. (The staff have apparently become nice, helpful and courteous..for those who had a bad experience in the past). Wish they had free coffee in lounge for late night partiers. Oh and no restrooms in lobby area.

19/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
40. drew v.
While the location in Miami Beach was ideal, the less then friendly receptionist was like going to a lousy-run motel on the wrong side of town. After paying $349 per night, continental breakfast was not available, a bottle of water was $5, parking my car was $25 per night and the pool was not heated--rendering it and its beauty rather non-functional.

The deodorizer forced through the air conditioning system was so strong was almost unbreathable in the halls and lobby.

30/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
41. Courtney J.
The front desk was very very nice and helpful. The hotel smells great! The rooms are large and homey. Hard wood flooring. King bed. Shutter windows. Electronic/remote control ceiling fan and lights. Glass shower. Everything looks new. Very quant! Would recommend for those that like class and not a lot of ppl parading around.

31/10/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
42. Shaun C.
This place is in a quiet part of the strip. So don't stay here if you want the club scene. However if you ar looking for a great place to stay that is right across from the beach this is the place. The stay was really nice. They went above and beyond whenever they could.I stayed here for a few nights before my cruise. It set the right tone. The restaurants served good food and had some crazy huge drinks. While things are a bit pricey keep in mind this is Miami Beach. If you are going soon please note they have a bit of construction going on. Not enough that it is in the way. Rooms are cute and a fair amount of space.

05/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
43. Mike W.
This hotel is exactly how it looks in the pictures it is quaint and wonderfully renovated. The rooms are really nice and the lobby is modern. Only complaint I had was that this place puts a partially non refundable hold on your credit card when booking which seems a bit ridiculous. There are things that happen in life that require you to change your plans. I am in the military and requested not to have the non refundable charge but no luck... It was a bit strange that with the $9.95 a night hotel fee that you should be able to take pool towels back to your room but you can't...

03/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
44. Kiara H.
The lightly weathered and pale blue steps to the patio of the old Copley Plaza at 3900 Collins were so authentically Caribbean in architecture that I actually forgot where I was.  Given the look and feel of the place, as well as the unrelenting heat, I could have easily been in old San Juan or even Havana. Just a short walk across the stoop, lined with old cast iron tables and chairs also painted blue, automatic doors provided a touch of modernity that reminded me I was actually in Miami Beach. They slid open, revealing not only some much welcomed cooler air but also the faces of concierges and bell staff as cordial and dutiful as they were beautiful and exotic.

Readily accommodating of my attempts to speak the preferred local tongue, Spanish, Alejandra de Colombia checked us in and instructed us on taking the elevator to the second floor and across a vine-covered outdoor bridge to our room. Lined with plush and colorful carpeting, Circa 39′s interior reflects a contemporary minimalist's re-envisioning of a tropical theme; the flooring highlights vibrant oranges, shades of royal blues, pale blues and mojito-mint greens just as one might expect from a beachfront property, but the clean white walls and cold, silver fixtures provide some chíc touches any urbanite would appreciate in a soothing contrast to the loud and visually violent clashes of neons normally expected of just about everywhere in Miami.

Swiping the key card across the front of the guestroom door led to a fairly modest room in terms of size. Three white walls and an accent wall extended in either direction to meet a baby blue ceiling and the wood paneling on the floor of the room. A full-length mirror hung on the wall near the door, and a flat-screen television hung on the wall above a wooden bureau, framed by several small canvas paintings and photographs. A king-size bed sat between two identical end tables and lamps. All of the rooms at Circa 39 were recently remodeled to a reflect more refined, contemporary island flair and included upgraded bathroom fixtures - a spacious glass shower, newly tiled floor and an extended counter top and mirror.

A short walk next-door to Primo Cafe and Market proved to be our saving grace; dining options on this stretch of the beach are otherwise limited to the Carrabbas Italian Grill in the Courtyard by Marriott property directly across the street, a Subway further down Collins and a Walgreens just across the Julia Tuttle Causeway bridge. The shop, half deli and half convenience store, is open from sun up to midnight and serves up a little of everything - eggs and bacon on gargantuan croissants as well as other other pastries, fresh squeezed orange juice, salads, sandwiches made to order and, what became my personal addiction, the cortadito, or Cuban coffee. I was unimpressed with the croissants; large they are, sitting in the display, and tempting, but they are also heavy - more like biscuits in texture - a bit sweeter and far less buttery than those prepared by a real pâtissier. Where Primo redeems itself is with its array of deli offerings and its perfect empanadas, flaky on the outside but soft and chewy to the bite. The counter staff there speak Spanish, and it's preferable you do, too. There was a marked change in the demeanor of the ladies behind the counter when I gave ordering completely in Spanish my best shot with, "Quisiera una empanada de pavo y queso y un cortadito con azucar."  By the fourth and final day of our vacation, I earned several smiles which are hard to come by unless you're  a cafe regular. Ah, and a word of caution - if you do stop by Primo, be sure to order first, pay at the register and then wait for your food, receipt in hand. It's a bit flawed by design, but failing to follow procedure here will win you a prompt scolding from the ladies working from behind the counter. Don't take offense. That's just the island way. Compliments and small gracious phrases like, "Muchas gracias, bonitas," even through clumsy American-accented Spanish do, however, go far.

There can be some challenges getting to your next meal or to your next party, but what Circa 39 does offer is a sexy and serene sanctum away from the spectacle that is South Beach. Plus, it's got a lot to offer guests on its own; it's clean, stylish and suitable for couples and families alike. It's conveniently situated directly across the street from the warm turquoise waters on the coast of beautiful Miami Beach where your room key scores you free beach chairs. Plus, getting to South Beach for a run at the nightlife is as simple as an $8 or $9 cab ride down Collins.

06/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
45. Keila G.
I really liked this boutique hotel!It was cheaper than most other places around and close to the beach . The room was clean and the decorations were very nice. Bathroom was small, but clean. Room has a mini fridge and safe.

There's a store/cafe(Primo Cafe) next door where you can find anything from souvenirs to bare essentials (like when you pack your toohbrush but forget the toothpaste-ahem) If you go to the beach just make sure you grab the towels at the front desk before heading there!

So if your looking for a quiet place around this area you should consider Circa 39! Plus the staff is very welcoming and nice! I would most definitely come back!

30/09/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
46. Lynette A.
Location, location, location...We stayed here during 4th of July weekend 2013. This boutique hotel was very nice and Art Deco.  The rooms didn't have a lot of decoration but they have since remodeled. The staff was very nice and accommodating. Anytime we needed a cab or directions somewhere they were very helpful. Everything was a short cab ride away or a short walk. South beach really isn't my thing (over crowded and over priced). so this was a perfect location not too far but not too close.

The beach is right across the street and the hotel has chairs reserved for their guests, Which is very convenient. It always seemed like we asked for a lot of towels and we were never told no. The only real complaint was the walls are pretty thin, so if you have a noisy neighbor you'll know it.  The pool and the setup was really nice. It was never busy by any means so it was nice to go down and hang out.

09/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
47. Alee R.
It sounds generous for a 3.5 star hotel but I'm basing it on my more than pleasant stay here. It's on the quiet side of sobe, which is good because I brought my almost 70 yr old mom and son. The hotel is charming and has newly renovated rooms. Art decor is stylish and modern. The cleanliness is next to godliness.   Very comfy bed, flat screen and fridge. Tammy at the front desk, is kind and always smiling. Douglas the concierge is more than helpful. Only drawback is no microwave, no biggie. Last day at circa then off to the Richmond hotel to finish our vacation before heading back to Kissimmee. We'll be back. #love the305 #peace,love&karma

25/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
48. Erica C.
Booked a last minute trip to Miami and found a great deal on Circa 39! Our stay was great, staff were very friendly, room was clean and comfortable, great happy hour at the bar in the lobby. Beach chairs & towels and being one block from the beach made it very convenient! I will definitely be back to stay again!

06/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
49. Michael M.
I would not recommend this place to my worst enemy. They have the worst customer service imaginable. They act like they are doing you a favor just by talking to you and they up-charge you for every little thing. Who ever heard of mandatory charges for the newspaper (which does not even get delivered to your door) and internet (regardless of whether you plan to use it or not). Typically those are optional charges not mandatory. I was here with a large group of friends (8 rooms total and we all had issues (from reservations supposedly lost, broken TVs, horrible rooms, and worst of all - yet another upcharge if god forbid you wanted two double beds instead of a king bed. Not everyone travels in couples and some friends do not want to have to sleep in the same bed with one another). Avoid this place like you would Ebola.

05/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
50. Brian E.
Just returned home from a four night stay at Circa 39.  Overall we were very pleased with our stay.  The staff was very friendly and professional.  The rooms are well decorated and were quite clean.  The bed was comfortable as were the towels and linens.  The pool area was fantastic.  There was always seating available.  The hotel courtyard was a great place to have coffee in the morning.  The hotel provides beach chairs/towels for their guests and that was a great bonus (umbrellas can be rented for $10).  The food at the restaurant was pretty good.  We only ate breakfast but it was reasonably priced and good quality.  The hotel is fairly quiet which I appreciated.  It's about a 30 minute walk to South Beach.  

The only negative I have about the hotel is the housekeeping staff was hit or miss.  Two days they did not make our beds until 5pm or so but two days they were there knocking at 9am.  Our last day they really wanted us gone because they came to clean four different times.  They also never replaced any of the used toiletries, which I thought was odd.

14/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
51. Laura R.
Book here last minute. Had a little trouble in the Annex part of the hotel getting our wifi. The room was decent and several of the previous comments talked about the chairs for the beach. We did not get to use that however but they do have a pool and we were offered chairs.

20/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
52. Thomas B.
Was so clean.  Had the miami part going for it and the courtyard was pretty!  Room was good and clean as was bathroom.  The Body cleansers were so good!  Parking was easy!  Pool was cold, and just a short distance to the ocean.  Wifi was good and the entrance was good.

06/05/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
53. Wendy S.
The staff is so nice and friendly, even starting at the point I made the reservation. I saved money by calling the hotel directly vs going thru a booking site...and she saved me more since I am a FL resident!

The hotel is soooo nicely designed! The rooms are very clean, and have super comfortable beds & pillows.

The only complaint is that if you want to sleep in, good luck! We could hear every step the people made above us! Slept like crap, even in the cozy bed. I would return, just ask for a room on the top floor.

07/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
54. John C.
Third time staying here but last time was way back in 2008. They've done some major renovations since then. More modern and cleaner now but I miss the all white decor, red elevator, dance music in the lobby and the ambient lighting in the hallways.

This boutique like hotel is very intimate and only a block from the boardwalk and beach. We really enjoy staying here as its location is perfect for a relaxing getaway in mid beach but close enough (rent a scooter or car unless you like to walk a lot) to the party of south beach.

* intimate
* quiet
* clean
* affordable
* courtyard is charming
* comfortable room/bed
* 3rd floor = better view and no noise from above
* liquor store right across street, primo cafe next door has food and small store, restaurant right across the street

* parking (lot across the street you can pay $24 a day to park in but there's not enough spots to score one consistently, especially on weekend nights
* thin walls - We could hear conversations crystal clear from both rooms next to us.
* loud a/c unit kept waking me up but better than no ac at all
* 32$ for two small mojitos at the bar??? Ouch

07/03/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0